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PM Abiy What Does An Agent of Peace Mean To You?

We Eritreans condemn the Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy’s recent statement where he made an outrageous claim that “the government of Eritrea is a power of peace, and not only Ethiopia, but this fact is acknowledged by the whole world.” He continued further and made a false statement that, “wherever you go in the world, there is a belief that the government of Eritrea is an agent of peace and prosperity.” This is not only untrue, but it is also unconscionable that a “Noble Peace Prize” recipient can knowingly perpetuate such an outrageous claim.

Here are the facts for Mr. Prime Minister, which I believe he knows: the Eritrean government is an authoritarian regime that for decades has been killing, imprisoning, enslaving and starving its citizens. There is no democracy in Eritrea, no freedom of the press or freedom of assembly, and no due process of law, civil liberties and rights, no human rights, no national assembly, no economic freedom, no institution of higher learning, and no election for high public office.

International agencies report that over 10,000 political prisoners are in jails facing harsh prison conditions in Eritrea. Almost half-a-million of Eritrean youth are serving unlimited national service under slavery-like conditions in Eritrea. There are over a million Eritrean refugees languishing in various regions around the world; over 200,000 of them in Ethiopia.

Just 13 days ago on July 16, 2020, the Human Rights Council, the United Nation body with 47 nations (ironically, one of them is Eritrea) demanded that Eritrean government stop enslaving its youth and release the thousands of political prisoners it holds. Thus it approved the extension of the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea.

Just two months ago, on May 21, 2020, Amnesty International sent an appeal to the world, on the conditions of the Eritrean political prisoners. The reports stated that the prisoners are:

“unable to shower or wash their clothes regularly, denied access to toilets or forced to relieve themselves in the open, thousands of people locked away in Eritrea’s crammed detention centers have little or no defense against COVID-19.”

“With overcrowding and general lack of adequate sanitation, healthcare and food, conditions in these detention facilities are inhumane and a cause of major concern in the face of COVID-19. No one should be held in conditions that can have disastrous consequences on their mental and physical health,”

According to the US government data of the Global income index, Eritrea with a $1600 per capita ranks 176s out of 181 nations of the world. That is hardly a sign of a prosperous nation.

The Eritrean government is known for its economic mismanagement and corruption, not for economic prosperity.

In June 2020, reports showed that the people of Dankalia in the south east of the country are in the brink of starvation due to neglect and corrupt policies of the Eritrean regime. Nothing has improved in Dankalia since the report was issued. These are the facts that the world knows about Eritrea.

The Eritrean regime led by the dictator Isaias Afwerki, has never been called a “peace maker” or “peace lover.” In fact, the Eritrean government is usually equated with the likes of the government of North Korea, and Isaias Afwerki is equated with the likes of Kim Jong-un. It is known for starting wars with all its neighbors, including Ethiopia which resulted in death of over 100,000 lives, 70,000 of them Ethiopians, the country that PM Abiy leads. But as unimaginable as it is, the prime minister chose to betray the Ethiopian and Eritrean people by making such an irresponsible statement in the face of the families and parents who have lost their loved once in those senseless wars.

PM Abiy can an opinion and he can love “Issu” to death if he so wishes, but unfortunately for him, he can’t make his own facts. Let alone a leader of a nation of 110 million people, no person with basic intelligence could make such false statements that he made.

There is a saying attributed to Billy Sunday: “hell is the highest reward that the devil can offer you for being a servant of his.” Thus, I believe PM Abiy Ahmed just delivered his graduation speech; he is now graduated from the Isaias Afwerki School of Dictatorship.


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  • Samuel

    Selam ALL,
    Watch the following videos, Getachew Reda discusses with Awlo Media.

    1. This video is about the election in Tigray and Federal government

    2. The relationship between Regional States and the House of the Federation, EPRDF final hours

    3. The genesis of Abiy and his PP party, the spirit of the “change” and what went wrong.


  • Samuel

    Selam GitSAtSE,
    Since the thread got too narrow, I brought to the front.

    after listening to General Birhanu Jula I thought to myself what we are witnessing in Todays Ethiopia are multiple parties, not just two but a lot more like a handful of parties playing different games with different rules.

    Do you remember the discussion we had last time about the POWER RELATIONS in our region, mainly IA/Abiy/TPLF? When I shared those details the generals were part of the overall equation, thus there is nothing changed on that. I still believe that ENDF will protect the constitution. The reason why his interview looked different for some people is because what he said seems to confirm what Abiy wants to hear. Abiy is his boss, so what do you expect him to say? Not only that, I am also aware that he is part of the “change +” package. Thus, I don’t think his interview makes any difference. Think if he wasn’t interviewed, what will happen? Nothing, he will do whatever he has set to do anyways. Don’t forget that there are many silent generals too.

    PM Abiy Ahmed on the other hand could very well be playing Raumschach.

    What made you to believe/think that he is playing 3D chess? At least try to describe your perspective that persuade you to believe that way. In my books Abiy has neither capability nor capacity to play 2D chess game not alone 3D. If he was that kind of 3D player he wouldn’t have done the missteps he has done in the last two years. We have a PM who can’t even move freely in 20Km radius of 4Kilo not alone Ethiopia. I am serious, he can’t move outside Addis Ababa freely, thus there isn’t nothing hidden capability and capacity with Abiy.

    No specifically you but I don’t think some people in diaspora are out of the 8 months Abiy honeymoon, they are still seeing the same guy who lectured the world a new democracy in horn Africa. The first 8 months were the craziest months ever recorded in our region. Abiy was seen as a special leader who came from another planet, everyone was expecting magic. After two years the balloon has deflated to its natural position. What’s left is just collect the balloon and put it into trash-bin. Look at the mess in Oromia, Amhara, South, etc. More that 60% of the country is under military force.

    So, another end to an excellent Chess game is a DRAW. So, I am wondering Samuel, with PM Abiy Ahmed’s moving his Knight, General Birhanu Jula, in three dimension movement, to control the center, is there a slight possibility you will agree he is an expert in Raumschach?

    What does DRAW look like in real-world or Ethiopia context? Does DRAW mean Abiy will agree to release prisoners, share power and reinstate the election? Anything less won’t suffice the people in many part of Ethiopia. People has to elect their leaders, at the same time leaders should have the legitimacy of their people.

    Ethiopians deserve election as soon as possible. As we all know the reason for the postponement of the election was COVID-19, but was it really? We were told that COVID-19 cases will be at its pick in August (election moth), we are in August, is that the case in Ethiopia? Is COVID-19 really the greatest issue we have? Ask yourself if that is really the motive.

    • The total COVID-19 cases in Ethiopia is one third of the daily cases in America, Think about it, 34% of the daily cases in America is the same as the Total case in Ethiopia so far.
    • The total death as of today is 380, which is 1.7% death rate. How many people has been killed by Abiy special force since COVID-19 started? Thousands. To tell you frankly I worry more Abiy’s special force than COVID-19.

    Thus, if the prime mister is worried about the people he should release political prisoners, share power and reinstate the election. When we argue we should argue based on PEOPLE interest and the reality on the ground. Can the PM use force? yes, but to what end GOAL? Is the goal for sake of building democratic institutions? The “7th King” prophecy isn’t enough reason to use every possible means to fulfill one person dream.

    My message for today will be let’s focus on the greater end GOAL. So far we have discussed the different possibilities and capabilities, today let me focus on the end GOAL. The reason for that is, it will help us to predict the outcome based on the GOALS of each chess player.

    What is the end GOAL? What are the MEANS?
    This is the most critical question that we have to agree on, because the MEANS will justify the end GOAL.

    Every game/fight has an end GOAL, so before chess players take any action (force or no force) they need to have a set of GOALS they are trying to achieve. They need to have a set of values, principles and goals set ahead before they start their fight. Setting your GOAL will help you not to lose your resource for unjust cause.

    If any of the parties (Abiy and the opposition) are interested in one of the following GOALS then we can see what MEANS they will use, and we can predict who will win.
    Why does one party need the federal POWER more than the other? In my opinion there are two reasons:
    1. Democratic Ethiopia (relatively speaking)
    To build democratic order based on the rule of law and to build economic development.
    2. Personal ambition and dream

    If Abiy is interested to build democratic country then the means should be ELECTION. If Abiy is interested in personal ambition (7th King prophecy) then means will be EVERYTHING. If the means is going to be everything, it will be PEOPLE vs DICTATORSHIP. Abiy’s acceptance has dropped into few groups, as we have discussed before Abiy has already been politically defeated. I think he will be tempted to use force, but it will be difficult to get-out. I have no doubt that he will lose .

    Generally, the Birhanu Jula interview doesn’t move the needle in any direction, it was already calculated as part of the POWER Relations.


  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ብሩኽ ሰኑይ ይግበሮ

    ሱቕረን ጠፊኡኒ…..’ልካ እዝኒ ምቑራጽ
    ጨጉረይ በሪሑ…… ‘ልካ ንሰብ ኣፍሮ ምጭርጋፍ
    ሓምሳ ሜትሮ ጎየ ‘ልካ…እንቅዓ ምርሃጽ
    ስልጣነይ ተጠማሚትኩም ‘ልካ ….ቅዋም ምርጋጽ
    ክንድዚ ዘይበሃል ጌጋ ሓቢእካ …..ንሰብ ምንቃፍ
    ህዝቢ ምድሃኽ
    ታሪኽ ጀጋኑ
    ካብ ማህደር ምሕካኽ
    ስድራ ስውኣት ምንብርካኽ

    ድንቁርና ድዩስ እከይ ግብሪ
    መን ‘ዩ ኾን ንዓኻ ዘብሪ
    ከይተጸዋዕና ……..ኣብ ናይ ሃገር ቀብሪ
    ንስኻ ተተኣሊኻስ …..መን ‘ዩ ክኹሪ
    ኤእ! ነውሪ

  • Enda Awate,

    Endtayy deA kulla seb bietcrstiann dia keyda ktmahlell? Every body must be in church paying. Unusaually quite for a Sunday.

    How else can one understand this other than a declaration of war? Go back to politics and democratizing your country. How long can you use power to subdue people and rule?


    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      ሰላማት ጻጸ
      ቁጽሪ መላጸ!

      ሃብታም ኴኑ ትራምፕ ተደጊፉ
      ሓምባሲ ኴኑ ኣብ ባሕሪ ተንስፊፉ

      ነዊሕ ኴኑ ቆጽሊ ንተርጊፉ
      ሓርገጽ ኴኑ ቆርበቱ ንተርሓፊፉ
      ንቡር ዩ

      ፈሊጥ ኴኑ ፒሮ ንተግጂፉ
      ፔለ ኴኑ ጅማት ዝሰለፉ
      ተባዕ ጀነራል ኴኑ ሰራዊት ኣሰሊፉ
      ይርደኣኒ ዩ

      ተባዕ ኴኑ መሰለይ ዝበለ
      ርህሩህ ኴኑ ዝስገደ ዝተማህለለ
      ትኩር ኴኑ ኣብ መትከሉ ዝሸኸለ
      ከመይ ዘይርደኣኒ

      ኣነ ዝጽልእ
      መንነቱ ዝሓብእ

      • ሰላማት ሙሃንድስ ምዕባለ፡

        “ኣነ ዝጽልእ
        መንነቱ ዝሓብእ

        አንታይ ኢየ ሞ ክሕዘልካ
        ሓባአ መንነቱ ባዕልኻ

        ሙሃንድሳት ዳኣ ኩላትና ቡዙሓት ከም ናይ ርአሲ ጾግሪ
        ሙሩቓት ወነንቲ ክልተ ሰለስተ ድግሪ
        ኣብ ቃልዕ ነስተንፍስ ሓሳባትና ብሽምና ሽም ኣቦና ብኽብሪ
        ስጋብ ዛ ሎሚ ካብታ ፈለማ ቃልና ቦኽሪ

        ስለዝስ መን ኢየ ‘ሞ ክብልኪ ክብለካ ምህንድስ
        ናበይ ድኣ ኢኻ ትሞጥሞጥ ናብ ጻጸ ተላግስ
        ስም ብርዒ ተኸዊልካ አንዳ ደጋገምካ ኢሳያስ ኢሳያስ
        ዓሰርተ መዓልቲ ከይረብረብካ ተሰልችው ተልቅስ
        ኣልግስ ደኣ ኣልግስ ኣልግስ

        አንተ ኣነስ ወዲ ሃይለ ሰለሙን ኢየ ክትፈልጥ
        መንነተይ ሓቢኤ ነይፈልጥ
        ኣይሕባአ ኣይተሓባባአ ኣይጉስጉስን ብበጠበጥ

        ኡምባአ! ኡምባአ
        ባዕልኻ ሕቡአ
        ን ባዕልኻ ትጸልአ
        ን ባዕልኻ ዳኣ ብላ ኣይትሓዝለይ……

        ከምዚ ናትካ ግጥሚ ወይ ዘረባ ምስ ተሰምዐ ኢዩ ክምዚ ዝስዕብ ዝበላ ኣዴታትካ፥
        “አቲ ናትስ ን ሓማታ”

        or look who is calling the kettle black?

        I am GiAnt. …. do you see the Ant Gi or the GiAnt = GitSAtSE
        Also an Engineer ECE so to you sir that’s Engineer

    • Samuel

      Selam GitSAtSE,
      You seem to be questioning the self-defense of Tigray —

      Think this way, Think Tigray during Menelik, HS and Derg. You have a community (Tigray) who has been oppressed for 100 years by three previous regimes, the community has been killed, imprisoned, air bombarded (HS and Derg), villages burned, worst living condition, the poverty level was over 64%, the worst education system, without any college, without any university, without any industry and factory, without any land management, without any justice, horrible famine, etc.

      After such years of horrible oppression, we fought for 17 years, we sacrificed over 60,000 martyrs, and over 100,000 wounded, we adopted new constitution in 1995 that can give us a protection, that protection is self-determination. Remember, we fought for self-determination!!!! If you take my basic right to self-determine, what else is left?

      A little reminder, After 27 years, Ethiopia has made significant progress in every economic development sector:

      • Built thousands of Kilometers of asphalt roads
      • Ethiopia – Djibouti electric railways
      • Over 15 big Dams and GERD dam
      • Many industrial parks
      • Telecommunication Expanded
      • Airports Expanded
      • Ethiopia airlines became the largest airline in Africa
      • etc

      • Built over 45 new Universities in the last 27 years
      • Many colleges and training centers
      • Thousands of high schools and primary schools
      • Many technical and vocational education and training (TVET)
      • Hundreds of private colleges and Universities, etc.

      Health System:
      • The life expectancy of its citizens improved from 45 years in 1991 to 68 years in 2018
      • Maternal mortality has declined significantly
      • Primary Health Care has improved significantly

      New technology, many private and governmental industries and factories, etc. the list goes one.

      Take Tigray for example, compare that with 57 years of HS and Derg:
      • Tigray today has four University and one special university (MIT).
      • Over 256 high schools (compare that 5 high school during Derg), and one special high school (Kallamino)
      • Over 1300 primary schools
      • Many private Universities and colleges
      • Many industry and factories
      • One industrial park
      • Dams and irrigation
      • Tigray mountains are more greener than it ever been in the last 130 years.
      • Even though drought occurs but famine has been avoided
      • Roads, health, mining, technology, etc.

      Of course we have many challenges, but we are in the right direction, we are way better than Menelik, HS and Derg, not even comparable.

      After 27 years relative peaceful and economic progress, Ethiopians demanded for change, long story short EPRDF voted Abiy to be the next prime mister of Ethiopia. Abiy came to power by VOTE (important), not by gun.

      Having this in mind, prime mister Abiy has been part of the system all his life, EPRDF gave him every possible chance to grow and to become who he is today. EPRDF elected him to lead the country into better Ethiopia. In the first few months he was great unifier, he brought everyone into hopeful mindset. Ethiopians hoped he will bring jobs, development, and relative democratic process.

      After few months of his rise to power, his economic and political position became way off EPRDF position, he lied a lot, he deceived a lot, he dismantled EPRDF, he created a new PP party illegally, he postponed the election indefinitely, thousands killed, thousands imprisoned, political space closed, etc.

      If that wasn’t enough, Tegaru has been targeted specifically because of his speech, Thousands of Tegaru evacuated from Gonder and other places, many bad documentary about Tigray elites has been released, Addis Ababa – Tigray road closed for over two years, etc.

      He told us elections are not important, he advised us to build hospitals instead of doing elections. He said we can’t do elections, because it is unconstitutional.

      Let me ask you this, having this in mind , tell me in your right mind, if we can’t do our election because of one man incapability. Why did we fight for 17 years?
      You know, knowing the history of Menelik, HS and Derg, I would rather die than see anyone to dictate me my basic right from Addis Ababa. Self-determination is the core value of our struggle. As Eritrean yourself you should know better.

      The election we do in Tigray is the vote of confidence, vote of legitimacy, it is the vote of responsibility to defend the constitution. Thus, the election in Tigray is constitutionally legit. In Africa if you miss an election for lame excuse, you will lose it forever.

      Last but not least don’t forget that in this part of the world (horn Africa) — “Might makes right”.


      • Selamat Samuel,

        Believe my I am very sympathetic with the sufferings of Tegaru. I am familiar of the economic neglect Tigrai region has suffered from the previous administration. And I can relate with the all sacrifices the Tegaru children made in order to restore the dignity of Tegaru Ethiopians to its rightful place.

        I do not believe the issue is the election at all. In my humble opinion, the election whether it is held or not pales in comparison with very high priority issues that all of you Ethiopians must address immediately.

        There are legitimate concerns Tigrai region must address and ask of all Ethiopians and all Ethiopians should give a just resolution for and meet Tigrai region’s necessities. There are also legitimate concerns the rest of all Ethiopians, including Tegaru, must ask of the Tigrai region and the Tigrai region should give
        a just resolution and meet all of Ethiopians necessities. Forgive me but as it is my sincere desire the best of all the worlds for Tegaru and all of Ethiopians, to me the insistence of emphasis on the elections in September in Tigrai region is eerily familiar to me as it feels like and I believe it to be the same kind of overemphasis
        on Badume by Eritrea in 1998 that lead to the catastrophic disaster.

        I will save you how much I have educated myself in the past week, nearly all of 24 hours for Seven days learning as much as I can about all of Ethiopia. I have been reading, watching documentaries and visiting the numerous outlets both in Amharic and Tigrigna and thinking about all Ethiopian perspectives. Your last response to me and the video link of Tegaru muhuran and TPLF leaders meeting you shared, of which I watch for three hours, alone gave me deep insight from which I can write volumes and I intend to do so in the future. However, right now allow me to tell you what it is I see.

        1. PM Abiy Ahmed grave miscalculation moves to consolidate power by relegating the TPLF persona non grata by isolating them in Tigrai and putting them in a very tight corner. His founding of Prosperity Party and destroying EPRDF and all the way to his current moves of arresting political party leaders who opposed his authority on very strong and sound political basis, postponing the election in order to satisfy his power is a huge mistake and unforgivable sin against Ethiopia. It needs to be addressed immediately. I can be thorough but in the interest of time I will just say that I still believe he has a big part to play in putting Ethiopia back on track and avert disaster. I certainly hope and pray it is a case of Kumbuw bellle ‘mberr aytekhuaEwenn.

        2. All the justifications including the history you gave me I am very very very familiar with. Eritreans and Tegaru have experienced the exact same history. Tegaru and Eritreans suffer from the same exact xxLF party bosses. The same exact military parade and hyping up the Tegaru people choreographed by DebretSion and the TPLF bosses with the women wearing netSela and ullinatijg/Elllillill to send their children into the slaughter house could be repeated exactly the same in Eritrea’s Asmara tomorrow by Isaias and the EPLF bosses. And either myself or any Eritrean who has experienced the self determination war, i.e. Sewra, would be writing the same exact post/letter Samuel wrote back to Samuel and say as a Tigrawai you should understand. Of course I understand.
        I understand that the TPLF was making countermoves to every move PM Abiy was making because of his personal ambitions for power. I understand the TPLF knew his strength and weaknesses as you have said in your earlier post. I understand the TPLF was always two steps a head of his every move and they were leading him into this very trap in order to get out from the tight corner he thought he put them in. It is very obvious, and I might add out of dire need and necessities, that the TPLF out maneuvered the PM Abiy and goaded him to make all the moves he made and waited patiently to pick the right time utilize a strategy that was designed long ago. As far back as when Ethnic Federalism was proposed. The TPLF top brass have all justification they need now to grab the PM Abiy’s ROOK. I do not believe it is the case of an election or self determination. The framework of Ethnic Federalism already provides the self autonomy as things are right now. And TPLF brass knows self autonomy or independence does not solve all the problems of Tegaru. Returning to 4Killo does. Maybe the TPLF bosses and you know the Ethiopian people better than I do, but not only do I think it is wrong on ethical grounds alone but I also believe it will not be a successful strategy for the TPLF bosses and a catastrophic disastrous cost that will be incurred by the Tegaru and all of Ethiopians.
        Believe me I have as much criticism for the all of the xxLF bosses be they on the north or south side of the Mereb river.
        However, I do believe the TPLF does have a very important and big role to play in righting the wrong and putting Ethiopia back on the right course.
        Do not allow the fat cats play and squander the dignified historical achievements of Tegaru. There is and can only be a political solution to the crisis at hand.
        I have a lot to say but here start by listening very carefully to one of your own your fellow young co leader of Ethiopia to greatness. His proposals and rational makes the best sense to me. You will be able to find parts 1 and 2. Here is part 3.


        • Samuel

          Selam GitSAtSE,

          TPLF brass knows self-autonomy or independence does not solve all the problems of Tegaru. Returning to 4Killo does.

          When I said self-determination I wasn’t advocating for independence, I am talking about all self-determination rights short of secession. I think you miss understood that part of my message. Generally, we don’t want to be dictated our basic rights by the one man dictator in Addis Ababa, who is the messiah of conflict resolution 😊😊. Prison places are full, Schools are becoming prison places, However Abiy is considered as master of conflict resolution 😊😊. ፅምብላልዕ ስያ **** ዘይኸደነት መድሪ ኸደነት.

          The purpose of the election
          As I said earlier the election in Tigray is about defending our basic right, VOTE. However, that vote will give the winner legitimacy to protect Tigray interest, at the same time the vote gives the winner legitimacy to defend the constitution.
          Generally, I am not advocating secession, what I am saying is we are determined to the aspiration of Nation Nationalities in Ethiopia. The Nation Nationalities of Ethiopia are looking a leader, thus we are giving the winner vote of confidence to lead the struggle to defend the constitution. In order to defend the constitution you have to be elected by the people based on the constitution.

          Regarding “Returning to 4Killo does” —
          In my opinion TPLF Returning to 4Killo doesn’t solve the problem either but it can play an important role. What solves the problem is to get back on track to the aspiration of the majority of the people, that aspiration is the “2018 change” slogan, that “change” should be democratic and developmental. We believe TPLF should be part of the lead but TPLF shouldn’t dictate the Nation Nationalities interest. The immediate goal is either Abiy has to resign or he should share equal power, and then “reinstate country wide election schedule”.

          The election is going to be pro ethnic federalism VS pro geographic based federalism. I have full confidence that Nation Nationalities will win. Always remember the 98% of the Sidama vote, it tells you a lot about Ethiopia. The narrative is all set.

          As of now (until September 30), the ball is on the PM court (4Kilo) not on Tigray/TPLF, the solution is simple he should follow the constitution and reinstate the election. After September 30 the PM has no legitimacy in the country, None. You need to understand that carefully. ማንም ትምክህትኛ የሚፈነጭበት ኣገር ኣይደለም.


          • Selamat Samuel,

            There are reports that the TPLF forces are on the march and inside the Amara region. As they are marching they are being joined by volunteers. EPRDF2 is being formed it seems. The election in Tigrai region was not and is not the concern. It is to get rid of the unelected government in 4Killo. The federation committee and 4Killo is in conference for the proper response at the moment.
            Amazing theatrics and the forensics that lead up to this point will preoccupy us for the next 40 years.


          • Paulos

            Selam Tsa-Tse Arkey,

            For a reason I don’t know to this day, we used to say ጋማን ወዲ-ዑስማን every time we saw a military parade when the leader says fall-in and fall-out. The sort of show of force in Mekele the other day has left us speculate for the real reason has remained illusive if not a mystery. That said, it is more likely fake news when the trolls say the military has marched to the Amara region. War is not a video game when it is an outmoded where peace is the way forward. Only the dead sees the end of war, they say. How true! No to war!

          • Samuel

            Selam GitSAtSE,
            Those are part of the fakes news that gets fabricated by fanatic supporters, I am sure you don’t believe them. Having said that, considering the conditions we have, we can discuss the most important variables that can define Abiy’s fate.

            1. Public acceptance and Political legitimacy
            We can conclusively say that Abiy is politically defeated, there is no way he will recover from it. Most Ethiopians has now recognized him as a killer, dictator, liar and deceiver. The only exceptions that are supporting Abiy are —
            • Few diaspora supporters (The Unitary camp)
            • Few supporters in Addis Ababa, may be Bahrdar and Gonder too.

            2. The confidence of his sponsors and advisors
            This is the most important factor that is now left that can extend Abiy’s ICU life. Many Ethiopians are working hard to convince his sponsors to advise him to resign. Who are the sponsors?
            • The gulf States
            I don’t think his gulf sponsors will tell him to resign, they will advise him to use force. They have granted him billions of dollars, thus they need their investment back. Thus, they will advise him to do everything.

            • Western countries (mainly US)
            The hope is the Western countries will force him to resign. I’m hearing that they are following the events in Oromia and other places through their Ambassadors and special advisors in the region. Many Ethiopians are also lobbying Western countries to interfere to stop the killing, imprisonment and force Abiy to resign. Some has come to believe that Abiy can’t continue to govern like this for extended period of time. Thus, they will advise him to resign or share his power and reinstate the election.

            • IA
            There is no doubt that IA will advise him to use every resource Abiy has in his disposal, because Abiy’s end will be eventually IA’s end.

            3. Last resort force
            If he couldn’t listen his Western sponsors, he will likely start all out force to stay in power. His chauvinist advisors (Derg remnants) and IA won’t let him to surrender without a fight. They don’t care how many Ethiopians they die, they will create excuses for the killings (Oromo extremists, TPLF, OLF, etc). I am sure you remember when Derg declared its most barbaric and savage policy towards civilians, that is, “drain the sea in order to catch the fish”.

            Precedence:- Derg fought all the way till the end regardless of the loses and public opinions, thus those groups have history to use every bullet they got.

            Back to your point, In my opinion there won’t be any kind of conventional war (going thru Amhara region, etc, NO). There are other options.


          • Selamat Samuel,

            Thanks for the detailed response. Yes I can see other scenarios or the other options as you put it. Like Abiy Ahmed packing a briefcase of dollars and seeking asylum in Zimbabwe. There is precedence for that as well.

            Now, I have this nagging question that is arising in my very imaginative brain.

            Was Abiy Ahmed a mole in the employ of the TPLF? Considering Qero has now been discredited and considering Qero was the force that dislodged the TPLF from Arrat Killo.

            From your calm and controlled description of what we should expect, implicitly we are to expect the return of EPRDF2 in the not distant future. I wonder if you can describe to us how that may look like.

            Another thorn on the TPLF foot has always been Isaias Afeworqi. So my imaginative brain continues to ask the following: If Abiy Ahmed was in fact a mole placed by the TPLF, therhen what kind of mines might have buried under Isaias nose to complete the sweep of obstacles for EPRDF2? Surely we are allowed to indulge in our imaginations the questioning of the TPLF developing a Colonel in its ranks to be accredited a Phd in conflict resolution to be fluent in Amharic, Oromigna and Tigrigna rise to become the PM then create the ease in which EPRDF2 will return back into the driver’s seat.

            Either way I am glad to learn there are other than a conventional war options for Ethiopia. Your statement above the ball is in Abiy Ahmed’s court is my only disagreement. I think you meant to say Check mate Abiy Ahmed. It is Abiy Ahmed’s move. Or is he still in check? I don’t think so. I recognize a check mate when I see it. Later I shall describe the chess board at the commencement of the game in the beginning circa 2018.

            Finally Samuel, what do you suppose the slogan “game over” will be replaced by?


          • Samuel

            Selam GitSAtSE,
            Sorry for the late response.

            what do you suppose the slogan “game over” will be replaced by?

            “ክቑነናያ ከይደንስ ተላፅየን መፃ” ===> “ፀጉሯ ልትሰራ ሄዳ ተላጭታ ተመለሰች” እንደማለት ነው።

            Two years ago IA said ናይ ወያነ ኣሽካዕላል ኣብቂዑ “Game Over” ተባሂሉ። After two years he said the border issue is still not resolved, which means the the game wasn’t over to begin with.
            I would say “game over” will be there but what will change is — who should say “game over” now? IA or TPLF?
            Just because an object has moved against law of gravity momentarily doesn’t mean the law of gravity has broken permanently.

            Was Abiy Ahmed a mole in the employ of the TPLF?

            Your question seems to raise another question — Was Abiy a mole or a double agent? It is anyone’s guess. He could have been TPLF mole but he probably sold himself to the highest bidder (gulf state) and became double agent? We don’t know, what we know is he had a prophecy to be the 7th king. We will see how things end up to connect the dots. Everything is possible.

            To solve the puzzle consider this, where is Lemma? Where is Jawar? Where is Fano? Where is G7/Ezema? Where are ODP and ADP? Where is B.General Asaminew Tsige? Where is OLF? Who is left to challenge Abiy?

            One thing seems against the above trend, when all opposition forces (EPRDF1) got weakened, TPLF got strengthened. We don’t know who Abiy is, but whatever he does it is helping TPLF to strengthen. Just as you said there are many questions unanswered.

            We may have discussed it before, note that inside Abiy there are three forces (Separatists, Unitary and Federalists).

            Your statement above the ball is in Abiy Ahmed’s court is my only disagreement. I think you meant to say Check mate Abiy Ahmed. It is Abiy Ahmed’s move. Or is he still in check?

            There are three ways to lose chess game — checkmate, resignation and timeout. I agree with you that he isn’t in checkmate yet, however it is his turn to move, he has very limited moves to do which could lead him to checkmate, if he doesn’t do a move on time (September 30) then he will be on timeout.

            To strengthen my case above let me add few scenarios, hopefully this will make things clear. I usually like to categorize possibilities, forgive me for doing that. Let me divide Ethiopian politics into two main groups —

            A. Those that are federal power challengers —
            Amhara, Oromo, Tigray

            B. Those that are not federal power challengers —
            The rest of Nation Nationalities, Afar, Somalia, Sidama, Gambella, Gurage, Wolayta, etc. Those groups are not essentially fighting for 4Kilo, their main struggle is self-determination within Multi-nation Ethiopia. They want to administer their own land, society, wealth, etc. by their own elected leaders, at the same time they want to have some role to in the central government as well.

            The question you need to ask is where does the politics of group B fall into compare to group A? Meaning are they closer to Amhara political narrative, or Oromo political narrative, or Tigray political narrative? I have done a lot of analysis on my own, I would say that group B are more or less comfortable with Tigray political culture than the two political cultures, Somalia (maybe). This is my own analysis, but anyone is welcome to share theirs.

            Remember that Oromo political narrative and Amhara political narratives are two opposite political narratives, it can only be reconciled by Tigray political culture, its my opinion. Thus, I think the western sponsors will realize that considering the 27 years relative peace and development, the better organized force is TPLF.

            I am happy to hear if there are plausible options to be discussed. Based on the current situation in the country, Abiy is near to dead end (checkmate or timeout).


          • Paulos


            You’re too smart for your own good and if you’re expecting any other plausible scenario, it will likely be a suggestion to listen to a certain disgruntled Araya guy. Really!

          • Selamat Samuel,

            “Based on the current situation in the country, Abiy is near to dead end (checkmate or timeout).”

            If there is truth to the report, how do you interpret the rejection to dialogue or shemgilina by the federal government and the ordering of Atto Addisalem Baliema, Atto AtSbeha Aregawi, Dr. Kidanemariam Haile, Wzro Mulu Gebrezgabher and Atto Alemseged Kidane back to Mekkele? The Abiy administration states until the Tigrai region conforms to the rule of law, there will be no discussion what so ever.
            Is it safe to say Abiy is digging his heals?

            The TPLF forces may have already neutralized any armed resistance in the Amara region which has been stoked for sometime under the pretext of Wolqayit and Raya subregions. I suspect also that the TPLF has deep reach within the Ethiopia’s federal or national forces. Atto Lema Mergesa disappearance and vacating the post of Defense Minister does raise curiosity.

            The Ethiopian parliament must have been dissolved when Abiy created PP and killed EPRDF1. It is either that or they recognizer their five year term is over and they no longer have a mandate to govern. Their current silence when the country is in crisis can be an indication that they may follow TPLF’s narrative as you said and am sure TPLF has taken good measure of which way their loyalty may lean.

            Finally I do not believe Isaias of Eritrea may ultimately be the one to decide for Abiy which I am sure it weighs heavy on the TPLF. I highly doubt Isaias has any appetite for an EPRDF2 lead Ethiopia and another stalemate.

            Can the Ethiopian parliament convene one last time and make demands of the current government or has the parliament essentially been replaced by the PP? Pardon my ignorance.
            It is going to be a very very long month or two in Ethiopia. As it is this month of August is already the longest month of August in over 850 years.
            There is this feel of a power vacuum in Ethiopia not to mention the question of who is in charge of Ethiopia’s security forces.

            I suppose the only question you may answer for me is the rejection of the shimgilna negotiators and order for them to return to Mekkele.



          • Samuel

            Selam GitSAtSE,

            how do you interpret the rejection to dialogue or shemgilina by the federal government and the ordering of Atto Addisalem Baliema, Atto AtSbeha Aregawi, Dr. Kidanemariam Haile, Wzro Mulu Gebrezgabher and Atto Alemseged Kidane back to Mekkele?

            I disagree on that report, I am not sure who reported it (ESAT? or other Unitary camp media)?
            I agree that there is “shemgilina” going, but I disagree on the rejection part of the report. I don’t think the issue will be solved by “shemgilina” because the issue is political in nature. May be “shemgilina” used to work in the 19th century but I don’t think it will bring any solution. May be it may help to bridge to seat down to have political solution.

            The only political solution I see at this point is — Abiy has to release all political prisoners, share power, and reinstate the election. The Ethiopian people should decide their leader.

            Finally I do not believe Isaias of Eritrea may ultimately be the one to decide for Abiy which I am sure it weighs heavy on the TPLF. I highly doubt Isaias has any appetite for an EPRDF2 lead Ethiopia and another stalemate.

            This is what I said last time about IA advise to Abiy —

            • IA
            There is no doubt that IA will advise him to use every resource Abiy has in his disposal, because Abiy’s end will be eventually IA’s end.

            If there is going to be EPRDF2 Abiy has to divorce from IA. Abiy’s weakness is that he is not the one who calls the shots, the ones who are calling the shots are his sponsors and his advisor (IA).

            Until September 30 the ball is on Abiy’s court, that is how I see it. I don’t think TPLF has to do anything at this point. What TPLF should do is defend their position firmly. However, continue the dialogue if Abiy can agree on releasing political prisoners, share power and reinstate the election. This solution is against his sponsors (gulf states) and his advisor (IA) interest.


          • Selamat Samuel,

            There are Wereda issues and Atto Seyoum was delegated to look into the Tegaru peoples demands from government. There is that certain disgruntled Araya guy describing the TPLF as a Mafia organization, there are those youthful fenqil folks and the plausible narrative of the TPLF and or Egypt being the forces instigating ethnic warfare or genocide between the Amara and Oromo.

            But the one that stood out most from my hours of news and pseudo news feeds from Ethiopian sources today was an interview of General Birhanu Jula.
            Though the object of the gamesmanship is still to check mate your opponent, after listening to General Birhanu Jula I thought to myself what we are witnessing in Todays Ethiopia are multiple parties, not just two but a lot more like a handful of parties playing different games with different rules.
            Where as I believe Isaias Afeworqi still insists of playing his favorite game which is the Chinese Go of encircling your enemy ever since his return from China in the late 60s… numerous examples like encircling the ELF…
            Sebhat Negga, Ato Seyoum, Getachew Reda et all are playing the traditional two dimensional game of Chess… They are experts on sacrificing pieces, Pawn blitz, Castling, capturing en passant, and making kings of pawns or exchanging pawns for knights, bishops or castles.
            PM Abiy Ahmed on the other hand could very well be playing Raumschach. It is a five by five cube. On the uppermost plane White King, flanked by two nights to his right and left and on squares 1 and 5 two rooks and in the second row five pawns. On the second to the upper most plane the White Queen on her immediate right, the new piece, a Unicorn, then a bishop and on her immediate left a bishop and next piece a unicorn and on the second raw white pawns. The middle plane has no pieces at the start of the game. White moves first.

            Similarly the bottom most planes are set up for the black pieces accordingly.

            “Ferdinand Maack (1861–1930) developed Raumschach (German for Space Chess) in 1907. He contended that for chess to be more like modern warfare, attack should be possible not only from a two-dimensional plane but also from above (aerial) and below (underwater). ”

            Never in history has there been a reality as we are witnessing that is more fitting the circumstances in Ethiopia.

            “”Three-dimensional” chess is used colloquially to describe complex, dynamic, systems with many competing entities, interests, including politics, diplomacy ands warfare. To describe an individual as playing three-dimensional chess implies a higher order understanding and mastery of the system beyond the comprehension of their peers or ordinary observers.”

            I believe what we have in Ethiopia today is analogous to Raumschach. Two extra pawns and two unicorn pieces with a dizzying ability of three dimensional movement.

            So, another end to an excellent Chess game is a DRAW. So, I am wondering Samuel, with PM Abiy Ahmed’s moving his Knight, General Birhanu Jula, in three dimension movement, to control the center, is there a slight possibility you will agree he is an expert in Raumschach?

            Are TPLF brass familiar or experts in playing Raumschach? Any possibility of a DRAW? And do you think Isaias is a Unicorn?

            Just digging for an update as well as your enthusiasm for the near and far future of the body politic of the region.



          • Dongolo

            Selam Samuel. Where is General Hailemariam Molla? Just look at His recent trips and who he has been talking to lately. Does he make you a bit nervous? Mola use to be one of your boys but obviously not anymore. If Isaias and Abiy were to crash & burn in a Mars spaceship 2morrow, you would still likely have more than 99% of Eritreans and more than 96% of Ethiopians that totally hate the guts of TPLF. And still you have Tigrai Online stringers, paid by propaganda metric tonne volume, putting out unbelievable crap about how great things were during 27 year TPLF dictatorship and how strong they remain. Go anywhere outside of Tigray these days and wear a TPLF T-shirt and just see what type of luv Ethiopians have for you. I believe that real estate is still cheap in Harare and that some TPLF are now slowly moving there.

      • Samuel,

        Also listen to this part as well as part 1. The issue of creating an agreed on government between now and the national elections after the necessary adequate preparation is very important and the TPLF should be part of it.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Samuel,

        These are a brief account of EPRDF success. The Ethiopian social forces who saw these success by their own eyes including self-administrating of themselves. The majority of the “nation and nationalities” will not make a U-turn from the success they have tasted in real time and space.

        Abiy who said it shamelessly that he kicked them out and sent them to their kilils can not be a United leader of “multicultural society Ethiopia”. He aggravated and deepened the mistrusts to hatred and made them at each other’s throat. It is time for him to resign and allow the Ethiopian parties to a “negotiated solution.” Other wise he will face the same like HS and Derg regime.

        A government that could form on the negotiated solution, will definitely be the friend of the Eritrean people that could understand their oppression. Abiy and his cliques who married to the view of our despot are on the mission to continue the plight of Eritrean people. That is why I abhor Abiy and his intention and make it my fight against Abiy and his friend.

        To the surprise of peace and democracy loving people, Abiy went out of his way and told us publicly in his interview that Issayas is a peace loving leader who work for peace, while recent history proved otherwise. In the last 30 years, he instigated wagged wars with our neighbors – that includes with Yemen, Sudan, Djibouti and Abiy’ own country, Ethiopia. How could you trust for a leader who invested his daily political life to lying.

        Second, Ethiopia can not be administered by homogeneous party. The only solution for Ethiopia is a multiple of national “front-parties”- an alliance of parties, like EPRDF – preferable two or three “front-parties” that could compete nationally for the “national parliament seats.” The Oromia people, Tigray people, Sidama people, and the Afar people are defending the current federal arrangements and “developmental economic” policy. The fruits on the ground on the nature of governance and economic policy of EPRDF is testimony for all that truth matters for them. You can’t cling in power by lies and divisive political rhetorics for long,

        So Simon, stick to your guns and bring the truth both the “negative and positive sociopolitical and socioeconomic policy of EPRDF and the current bogus PM.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Brother Samuel,

        Nice and very well explained, This is very brief and please go ahead for an article. Please do that and let the people know please.

        At the beginning we all thought he (Dr.Abie) will unite Ethiopia when he call all from outside, take out those in prison, but then he all return to arrest and all was upside down to it day one.if you notice i was also writing in Jebena about the development just to say only, collect the information from different pages and go ahead make rich your article…You have enough knowledge about this very wise people..I am sure. We all will support you if you need help..


  • Selamat,

    So much for economical development. The video link is for all those war profiteers out there and in here.

    Who does it give great advantage this philosophy of Ethnic Federalism? Sixteen years of suffering isolation destroyed Eritrea. The TPLF is very aware of this. And in two years isolated in the Tigray Region, the TPLF had no intention whatsoever to repeat the Eritrean experiment and so meticulously was preparing for this very moment. TPLF2/EPRDF2 in the making to get rid of Derg2 who is Abiy Ahmed.

    Was Ethnic Federalism a military strategy drawn three decades ago?
    It is nearly impossible or at least extremely difficult for the TPLF to meet the economic needs of the people of Tigrai in a completely isolated Tigray Region. The people of Tigrai would at least have to have opportunities in all of Ethiopia and an un hindered free flow of goods and services to and fro Tigrai and the rest of Ethiopia. The people of Tigrai were on the verge to challenge the legitimacy of the TPLF governing the Tigrai region. The push for the election in a couple of month is for the purposes to promote new blood and leadership from the Tigrai youth so that they own the TPLF2 possible and very likely march back to 4Killo. The top brass of the TPLF are poised to rewind back. to 1991 and replay the video. So again the question stands: Did Meles Zenawi prescribe Ethnic Federalism as the Tigraian Trojan horse gift for Ethiopia to be applied when this very event thirty years later was to threaten the gang up north?

    The forensics analysis play by play will follow…. setting one article aside given the current build up of a very fast moving chain of events in the regions body politic.

    War Profitering… of course why did’t you think about it?


  • said

    Eid Moubark.
    Eritrea is a failed state that wreaked havoc across the Nation . The failure of PFDJ regime to deliver solid benefits to society. IA regime from 1990 began to target Eritrean presumed opposition mercilessly. Thousands were arrested illegally, tortured, put through sham trials, or no trial and received harsh sentences, including the death penalty . from the get go IA clear message to Eritrean is that democratic politics does not was clear from get go. The one party PFDJ of one man dictatorship rule continue to spout a radical, intolerant, narrow-minded, communist system applied in all Eritrean economics and business and absolute control of politics. The Atheist ideology emanating from IA. succumbing to hatred and convictions in one’s failed supremacy. With his cohort Eritrean atheist crusaders , small but dangerously pseudo-intellectual that has heavily contributed to his rise and eagerly joined their brethren of the same political ideology and ethnic cultural orientation . Some clearly they might have a hidden agenda ,but they are indeed very much the product of the Nehanan Al-Manan based on crusader tradition. it is quite clear from the writings of NUS. It purports to be a religious and secularism in name only , it is , by what he meant. and everything to do with hatred of the other half segments of Eritrean is not lost . His hateful, toxic excluder. His deadly Ideologies, they feed in ignorance and barbarity of his blind adherent . The vast majority of Eritrean Christians, Muslims and even atheists who really who cares for all Eritrean and have paid with their lives, IA ,was easy to Figure him out ? he was clear he was against those perceived as backward , inferior and uneducated , the ideological foregrounding of IA is abundantly clear . It used the fanatical secularism to suppress the other ethnic , and to extends the racist logic of one group supremacy to rule at expense of the other Eritrean collectively . A distractive Political policies They are all part of hand selected tiny hardcore part of EPLF /PFDJ trusted and cohort secret group, long time associate and today they are in full power and they are in charge of the state . Called it devil PFDJ . IA primarily fear from the opposition, because it speaks out for equality ,justices human rights, political participation, and the rule of law and equal equity the very opposite of PFDJ . the PFDJ regime will never reform, nor give in power, the PFDJ military Junta is really most interested in self-preservation, at any cost is short sighted and counterproductive. The PFDJ is spread deeply throughout the state institutions and entrenched in every aspect of society, the regime is known in crashing and suppressing Eritrean independent political parties from day one and from the start they have excluded many segment of Eritrean ethnic groups from participating in the government jobs and opportunity was clearly was obvious and by any means not justified . Respecting and Participating all ethnic group at the table and taking their opinion seriously is at the heart of building real democracy. The real challenge is how to get rid of hard core PFDJ military Junta and how manage Eritrean change peacefully and inclusively. To contribute to democracy building. Eritrean must make serous case for an inclusive policy in rebuilding society after regime change. A policy that carry positive message of Peace, harmony ,reconciliation, Equality and Equitability . Eritrean are united and are loudly calling for a pluralist society. In the name of pluralism, all ethnic groups must be in table , respected, listened to, and given a chance to participate in serving the Eritrean state. Eritrean will have to find common ground policy for the new democracy for Eritrea . Today what makes Eritrean politically resilient is their ability to mobilize public opinion against the injustice of stagnant and oppressive PFDJ regime and regime being in bed with the self-serving policies of external powers the new found friend PMAA ,the new enemy of Eritrea ,. Eritrean will be encouraged legally to establish political parties to engage in politics through elections and legislative compromises.

    The progressive elements of the Eritrean Intelligentsia. And human rights activists, the new developments are a strong evidence that a grassroot movement is building up among diaspora Eritrean demanding Justice for all. Eritrean giving momentum to such a movement among Eritrean ,we all need to chip in vigorously joining in the this strong trend as it becomes urgently incumbent on the Eritrean to develop their political discourse and an agenda to clearly develop a well-thought through consensual program to cause the coming together of the Progressive Eritrean a program that its objective is the ultimate forging of a Non-Sectarian Secular State and respect religious faith and where all Eritrean would enjoy full equal rights along with the full respect of Refugees return their right and their land back and restitution of the full rights. Let us all unroll our sleeves, get to work for all to start thinking under a new different paradigm, right outside a very stale Box.

  • To all Eritreans including Consolation,

    Aren’t Eritreans going to start discussions collectively on how to avert the very possible significant crisis that may befall our nation very soon? Are we simply not going to start a list of all possible scenarios and how to proceed to solve them? Are we resigned to leave it to one single individual to decide and lead us yet to another futile adventure? I so envy all the Ethiopians on how 110 million strong are actively discussing and planning for all eventualities to save their nation. I have faith on the Ethiopians that they will not only prevail for themselves but will save Eritrea for Eritreans as well in the process. I am witnessing the most wonderful political and cultural maturation of a very strong nation in Ethiopia at the moment not an incoming disaster and difficulty. As an Eritrean I have a healthy envy of Ethiopia and how it will reach justice and fairness for all of its people. While I am sad for the absolute silence and active participations of Eritreans to demand having a say in where their country travels from here. Roots indeed.

    Selamat Consolation,

    Thanks for you earlier suggestion and I have already starting digging for the real data and information regarding the health of Eritrea which I care a lot for. I am sticking around in this forum in order to measure the temperature and level of preparedness by Eritreans in the event of a major crisis suddenly falls on us due to the rapidly changing instability in Ethiopia as well as the region due to the GERD simmering disagreement.

    I am addressing you because I am lacking confidence in the ability of Eritrea to survive the imminent sunamy fast approaching from our neighbors in the south. I believe that the TPLF has in fact pulled the ground from underneath the feet of PM Abiy by practically dismantling his Prosperity Party within month of his founding to replace, sideline or subdue the TPLF to submit to his power. The power move he took to isolate the TPLF by founding PP as well as the perception he was projecting of a stronger alliance with President Isaias no one can deny has been dealt a devastating blow in the past couple of days. The significant and more powerful partners of the new PP have divorced themselves and have gone their separate ways. That includes his secretary of defense Lema Mergesa and his power base that brought him to power. He has jailed a large number of his PP members as well

    as a large number of local government officials as well as security enforcers of the military and police under his command who did not dispense their duties and let the chaos unabated for the sole reason to show that the PM Abiy does not have control of his government. The TPLF are further egging him by disobeying the federal government authority of law by daring him to try and stop the election. With a fragmented political party where even that were not jailed are party of the his Prosperity Party can defect and a federal armed forces he can not trust full and is does not know how much control he has of them, his is in deep thought thinking of his next move which he has said to go on a full fledged purge by arresting a lot more which will eventually alienate more that will go against him. PM Abiy then would have to mobilize and arm a new force while he is being pressured by both his supporters and the TPLF to take action against the TPLF. Which he can’t without a his defense minister who has practically opted for top power in an independent Oromia as opposed to playing second fiddle under federalism.

    To his credit the PM Abiy is conferring and accumulation any and all ideas from his Prosperity Party so that he can formulate a successful exit out of the crisis and avert disaster. Ethiopians in all of their respective corners are assembling and discussing how to proceed forward and lead their nation from darkness and onto the light.

    The TPLF and Tigrai do also assemble with many representative voices and have charted to foil the very real siege and encroachment they were feeling from DIA and the PM and are continuing to assemble with numerous voices giving input on how to overcome the pending obstacles collectively.

    Ethiopians are doing this in every regional administration’s congress halls and the federal assembly in the diaspora all over the world while at the same time informing their people by transmitting live all of their collective thoughts and efforts for the sake of their country. That collective and active participation of the Ethiopian people, their representatives and heads of their regional and federal government is reassuring and gives confidence that Ethiopia will indeed overcome the crisis and prevail in spite how difficult the current circumstance may look like.

    On the other hand we have no collective conferences or assemblies actively discussing the clear and present danger thet threatens the fledgling peace that was made between a single Eritrean an IA. Eritreans have no idea or the legality of the one man agreement, the terms of the agreement and what the future holds as they are denied to have an input or discuss for possible solutions to the possible crisis because as always that one single individual will make all the decisions for the nation. Eritreans are witnessing how rapidly this single man’s decision and his “game is over” for the Weyane’s premature victory lap is unraveling en rout to crumbling. His single one man’s decisions and strategy is a failure as with all decisions and unilateral actions he has taken in the all the years he has lorded over. Eritreans have very little confidence on over coming the eminent obstacles because they don’t hear Eritreans planning and strategizing for any eventualities because that one single individual will be making yet another disastrous decision for the entire nation.

    There is no defeating or game over for the TPLF. The PM Abiy who has resurrected DIA his grip of power and control of the Federal government of Ethiopia is taken a significant hit. At least five very huge internal crisis he is facing and each one quickly splinters into a thousand crisis with each and every single day. And the TPLF has given the PM Abiy an internal deadline of one month to take a decisive time. The PM Abiy will not be flying to Asmara any time soon unless it will be his last one way flightier where he will ask for political asylum from his best friend DIA and really take the post of Eritrea’s foreign minister.

    I think DIA has to start worrying about what mines the TPLF and General Mesfun Hagos have been planting deep inside in and around Rook and how many of DIAs bishops and knights have been compromised by Debretsion and Mesfun. Now that his Chineese Go game of encircling the Weyane and premature game is over victory laps has been snatched from his reach….. is DIA experiencing the ghost of SebHat Efrem and his wrath… House of card is in danger and the winds are picking up fast.


  • Selamat Denmarkino Phil,

    PM Abiy is put on check and the TPLF are exposing the Queen for him take with his Rook, though he does have the option to take with the Knight but it seems TPLF’s Bishops have long pierced deep without touching any Pawns and destroyed PM Abiy’s Bishops and Rooks. Does PM Abiy tilt the King and do the same as PM Desalegn Hailemariam and allow the TPLF to return to Arrat Killo with out check mating PM Abiy?

    Egypt’s Asisi, it is reported, has also landed on Somali Land perhaps to conduct a surgical air strike on the GERD. More reason for PM Abiy to dismantle his PP and go back into the fold of EPRDF. Ethiopians, within the exception of some Oromos do want a united Ethiopia and when Ethiopians realize the TPLF military, who are very prepared and on alert to hear the command march, to face Egypts who is poised to disrespect ennat hager I think they will rally behind the TPLF.

    The scenarios and the dynamics of how the bottom fell out for the PM Abiy all at once is amazing. He is at odds with Lema Mergesa his defense secretary, the Oromia Region is not interested in PP, onegg sacked their chairman, and the Amara without the Oromos I don’t think want to face TPLF though they are sending statements to stand with Abiy.

    PM Abiy’s Knight piece with a chance to take out TPLF’s Queen piece is DIA. You know the only piece that jumps as in jumping the border and possibly as equally or closely matched to the TPLF’s with regards to mechanized infantry. Certainly better than Ethiopia’s Federal forces.

    From the time the TPLF retreated to Mekele, the greatest smokes screen was keeping the Ethiopian Defense forces at the border with Eritrea in Tigray because they feared attack from Eritrea. The TPLF knew there would be no attack from Eritrea. The only reason they kept the Ethiopian forces hostage in Tigrai was because they always had every intention to return to Addis Abeba and Arrat Kilo.

    Now you know Isaias Afeworqi is an excellent player of the Chinese game go. You know each player with white or black stones facing one another. And the object of the game is to surround completely your opponents piece and you get to take it of the board. As you are surrounding an opponent’s piece you have to watch out also that you are not being surrounded. So what was IAs recent shuttling diplomacy to Egypt as well as his general’s Sudanese trip. What role did IA play? Did IA betray his young protege PM Abiy and give Asisi the go ahead to land on Somali Land? And did IA move his stones in Oromia to go against PM Abiy and surround him with only the Amara also another of IA stones? As the TPLF was surrounded it seemed with IA’s Chinese Go stones, the TPLF Debretsion was plain chess……

    It is entirely up to the Ethiopian people to stand up in unison against Egypt’s disrespect of their sovereignty and national honor.

    What thinks you? Kinda like Mel Gibson and Tinna Turner in Dune. The water wars… Ethiopia will prevail.


    • Denmarkino Phil,

      TPLF’s exposed Queen piece is The election to be held in Tigrai
      TPLF Long Bishops deep in PM Abiy’s turf are the military police, city majors and the airborne crises response force commander who stood by and let the Kerro burn Shashemene and other cities. The military commander when asked why did they not intervene and protect people and property, he responded he did’nt get the command from higher ups. City mayors just let their cities burn and did not order the police to stop the destruction. PM Abiy arrested whole city administrations, PP party members and a whole lot more because though they joined is PP they were still getting their marching orders from the old coalition and the TPLF had deep pockets. Now if this was coordinated to pop the PP balloon, the killing of Wechalo Oromo singer to spark the anarchy and then the governing instruments to fail PM Abiy who do you suppose we can say had the best motive to take out the innocent life.
      PM Abiy’s rooks are the city administration buildings and the military airborne response brigade that simply did not respond.
      PM Abiy’s King side Knight was Lema Mergesa who was PM Abiy’s best friend and he baled on the PM because he does not wish to take TPLF’s exposed queen in the AM.
      PM Abiy’s queen side Knight is DIA who rather likes to play Chinese Go instead of Chess.

      Does Abiy tilt the King and give up on his mother’s dream. Does he do as Desalegne does for the sake of national unity and sovereignty,
      Or will we wake up to an August Rush by the TPLF and witness the Check Mate by Dr. Debretsion?

      Stay tuned…. Debretsion Vs Asisi // Egypt Vs. Ethiopia followed by River Dance by Irish performers.


    • Samuel

      Selam GitSAtSE,
      Your chess analogy is well-put. Few weeks ago this is what I have told Horizon about the retreat of TPLF to Mekelle — “Losing a Rook (4Kilo castle, metaphorically) isn’t the end of the game, it is part of the game that you sacrifice to win the overall game.” What TPLF did was a calculated risk, they sacrificed the Rook. They had internal discuss with Abiy but PMAA screwed up himself, he shouldn’t have dismantled EPRDF prematurely. His second mistake was election postponement indefinitely. የጅብ ችኩል ቀንድ ይነክሳ።

      One of the strength of TPLF is “know your enemy well“, they knew who PM Abiy is, they knew his strength and weakness. They knew that “OroMara” alliance was just a fake alliance because they are two opposite poles. Amhara elites politics isn’t in the same bucket as the Oromo elites politics.
      • One is against ethnic federalism, and the other is pro ethnic federalism
      • One is pro Menelik legacy the other against Menelik legacy
      • One is pro developmental State, the other is against developmental State
      • Addis Ababa issue. etc

      Regardless how much anyone talks about UNITY, you can’t reconcile those two ideological positions. They are two opposite poles, it is not 19th century anymore.

      Regarding “intention to return to Addis Abeba and Arrat Kilo“, it depends whether the interest of Tigray and Tigray investors is respected by whoever seats at 4Kilo. As I always say politics is all about interest.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Samuel,

        The contrast between the two forces is so clear that they have irreconcilable ideological stand, unless one of them has to “give in” its position. Don’t you think so? The federalism in place wasn’t the problem, but the politicians are. They are not in the mood of talking. Instead making it a workable document, they are at each other’s throat, and put the nation in unforeseen quagmire. If they don’t sit in a round table to resolve their conflict of interest, to come up with a negotiated solution, the alternative is blood letting.

        • Samuel

          Selam Amanuel Hidrat,
          I agree, the federal arrangement isn’t the main problem in Ethiopia, even though the so called “Ethiopianist camp” are campaigning hard against it, but the problem mainly emanates from ideological differences. Take Sidama’s referendum for example, the Sidama people voted 98% for self-determination, what does it show you? it shows you that the Nation Nationalities are still happy with the constitution. Thus, it isn’t good to have an ideological position against 98% of the people.


      • Dongolo

        Salam Samuel. TPLF connected investors have already vacated properties/holdings in many parts of Ethiopia. Half of all land within a 100 kilometer radius of Assosa use to be held by TPLF connected but most of those properties & investments have been taken back by the regional government, 51 land tracks have already been taken back. TPLF bank accounts in-county have withdrawal limitations and are actively being tracked. Once Tigray become independent, the Ethiopian Government will become far more aggressive with regards to major investment holdings with TPLF connections. You will then be treated as foreigners. TPLF investment & land holdings in and around Addis Ababa these days are as nervous as a 200 kilo ice skater on thin ice. What port you plan on using in the future bro? Tekezze? LOL…

        • Consolation

          Selam Dongolo,

          An independent Tigray will not have the good will of its neighbours. It will certainly have to go to war to keep large tracts of land that is now nominally included in its jurisdiction. Welkait, Humera and Raya will be claimed and expropriated by Amharas. Eritrea will evict Tigrayan settlers from Badme and other Eritrean lands. But why should it stop there. Who would stop us from grabbing the Sheraro triangle as compensation for the crimes the TPLF has committed against Eritreans. What the young Tigrayans who have been brain-washed by the TPLF don’t understand is that an independent Tigray is not viable. For example, they seem to imagine that the over 60% of electricity that flows from the Amhara region would continue to do so and that their access to ports would be guaranteed. They have been so used to the free lunch for 27 years of TPLF supremacy, they cannot imagine the alternative. One would have expected that the past two years would have taught them a little humility.

          • Dongolo

            Selam Cosolation. You are correct. An independent Tigray would translate into certain long-term economic impoverishment and massive relief dependence for the vast majority of Tigrayans who have not benefited from scaled TPLF corruption and theft. Correct steps of action for the TPLF to take are vividly known by all. However, they appear adamant on skuttlebutting matters/playing games in effort to enjoy the fruits of their corruption for as long as possible. Sad thing is that it is known that they have for long financed certain Eritrean opposition groups & individuals who are easily identified by their constant unwillingness to ever criticize the TPLF to the extent that they become shameless & passive members of the woyane propaganda machine.

          • Selamat Dongolo,

            You must know and have respect for your adversary. Do you know what the people of Tigray are doing this very moment? The are buying bonds issued by their regional government. The reason is, well why do any governments want to raised hard capital? To undertake a large infrastructure project or to prepare for a possible war. And the reason the people are sacrificing their dollars and saving it for use in the distant future is because the people of Tigray can speak out loud and give their input on how their country should proceed forward and are able to hear clearly the loud thoughts of their leaders and assemblies which reassures them they are on the right path and if need be they can advice for corrective measures. It is a collective representative effort by a people much healthier than our Eritrea suffering great malnutrition to participate in the decisions or to have knowledge of how the decisions are reached regarding their nations future.

            Okay I will criticize the TPLF with all sincerity. I hate the TPLF for not allowing the EPLF to share in the looting of Ethiopia’s riches because if they had done so maybe the EPLF would have build Dongolo to be as large of a city with Dongolo University a large sports stadium with high rises and all paved roads much like Mekkele. I wished they would have let the EPLF take part in the free for all theft of Ethiopias riches. Then I wouldn’t see my fellow Eritreans like Dongolo stuck with envious emotions and debilitated from finding other means to be as healthy as the people of Tigray under the leadership of certainly a better participatory representative TPLF than the PFDJ. When was the last time Eritrea’s peoples representatives convened in a National Assembly to meat their Eritrean people’s necessities?

            Please wake up and return to IA his real reason to keep hating the Weyane because that emotion does not belong to you Dongolo.


          • Dongolo

            Selam GitSatse. I am more than happy to discuss hard-core Eritrean issues amongst Eritreans that I know and/or trust irrespective of opinions or differences. However, I am not willing to wash dirty clothing in public on the online virtual forum which is knowingly populated (at least in part) by digital Woyanes, TPLF sympathizers, those that have or continue to receive TPLF support, Unionists, Agazians or Ethiopians with archaic and unrealistic dreams of obtaining an Eritrean port. Really, it would simply be futile and a waste of time to do so. Significant efforts (seemingly not known here) are currently ongoing inside of Eritrea (I cannot & will not go into details) to exert change in Eritrea’s Governance and I am absolutely convinced at this stage, that change can only occur from within Eritrea, as outside efforts however genuine they may be, are simply riddled with too much mistrust to gain an iota of real traction.

          • Selamat Dongolo,

            You must know and have respect for your adversary. Do you know what the people of Tigray are doing this very moment? The are buying bonds issued by their regional government. The reason is, well why do any governments want to raised hard capital? To undertake a large infrastructure project or to prepare for a possible war. And the reason the people are sacrificing their dollars and saving it for use in the distant future is because the people of Tigray can speak out loud and give their input on how their country should proceed forward and are able to hear clearly the loud thoughts of their leaders and assemblies which reassures them they are on the right path and if need be they can advice for corrective measures. It is a collective representative effort by a people much healthier than our Eritrea suffering great malnutrition to participate in the decisions or to have knowledge of how the decisions are reached regarding their nations future.

            Okay I will criticize the TPLF with all sincerity. I hate the TPLF for not allowing the EPLF to share in the looting of Ethiopia’s riches because if they had done so maybe the EPLF would have build Dongolo to be as large of a city with Dongolo University a large sports stadium with high rises and all paved roads much like Mekkele. I wished they would have let the EPLF take part in the free for all theft of Ethiopias riches. Then I wouldn’t see my fellow Eritreans like Dongolo stuck with envious emotions and debilitated from finding other means to be as healthy as the people of Tigray under the leadership of certainly a better participatory representative TPLF than the PFDJ. When was the last time Eritrea’s peoples representatives convened in a National Assembly to meat their Eritrean people’s necessities?
            Please wake up and return to IA his real reason to keep hating the Weyane because that emotion does not belong to you Dongolo.


          • Selamat Consolation and Dongolo,

            Gentlemen you can’t predict the future to be what you desire? And I don’t think it would be your desire for who would want a troublesome future.

            There will not be a splintered Ethiopia. There will not be an independent state of Tigray. What has just been accomplished is the guarantee of the continuity of a united Federal Republic of Ethiopia.

            TPLF’s brilliant political counter maneuver of weakening significantly PM Abiy’s Prosperity Party and demonstrating TPLF’s significant strength and capacity over that of PM Abiy’s ability has paved a very wide boulevard for the TPLF to triumphantly return and occupy its fair share of power in running the affairs of the central government of the Ethiopian Federal Republic. It has not killed the infant Prosperity Party nor has it totally written out the young ambitious Statesman PM Abiy because the acumen of the TPLF politics does recognize the value in continuing to develop the young man into a stronger leader as it knows the PM Abiy does posses an arsenal of skill sets where he will be utilized to advance Ethiopia’s national interest on the global stage.
            After all PM Abiy is Ethiopia’s Desmund Tutu.

            Again you too gentlemen are in error of your independent Tigrai. Learn to study the correct positions of your adversaries. If you are on duty as officers in defense of Eritrea’s national interest then I assure you too gentlemen as an Eritrean I do not feel very defended. Okay maybe you can point me to the recruiting base because I think I need to join you sincere effort to defend our country’s interests. So which way to Dongolo the consolation prize for TPLF loosing the race. Surely TPLF deserves access to the Sea now that it is back onto the Federal level of Ethiopia. Next move for Eritrea would be to open the border with Tigrai with great enthusiasm. Neighbors we are bound for eternity to live next to Tigrai.

            Please pass on wisdom to the YPFDJs fro the game ain’t over. The game just went to overtime.


    • Paulos

      Selam Tsa-Tse Arkey,

      Not sure if you’ve read “The Grand Chessboard” by Zbiginew Brzezinski, the Polish-American and fierce rival of Kissinger where the former was Carter’s advisor and the latter was Nixon’s. In it, he argues that, who ever controls Central Asia, controls the world. But one can also extend the Chessboard to the Suez-Canal and Bab Al-Mandab strait where it is the key gateway from Europe the the Indian ocean through the Red-Sea. And that is where Isaias and Abiy by extension are pawns either to be played or bought through overtures.

      That said however, Isaias the master of brinkmanship is playing the neophyte Abiy for his own pawn as well when the former is contracted by the indispensable Egypt. Isaias owns a licence to do as he wills precisely because the Eritrean people are the missing link when they failed to rein-in on him, instead, they opted to leave the country in droves. On the other hand, Tigrai or TPLF is playing Prussia of the mid 19th Century when it frustrated the ambitions of France and Austria when they competed to control Europe. In the end, Bismarck through shrewd political and diplomatic acumen unified not only the German speaking kingdoms and principalities into the Germany we know today but came out as a power to reckon with as well. It is tempting to conclude if that will be the case with Tigrai. It is tempting.

      • Denmarkin Phil,

        Let me call on our AArkina Berhe_Y. Alekha doH?

        Yes, the Prushians who soon, after young Candide after his master chased him out of his French castle home a way from young princes, sacked the castle and Candide flees into the open world quickly meeting Panglos. They suffer numerous times as they are ping ponging from one horrible experience to the next which was even worse. If that is intact the case with Tigrai, I will ask you now what Candide repeatedly asked his teacher Panglos.
        Denmarkino AArkey, Is it all for the greater good?

        Now Berhe_AArkey, when Sire Amde returned and suggested that we start envisioning a massive economic integration of the economies of Eritrea, Tigrai and Amara regions. He asked as to envision the new new flower or Addis Addis Abeba of the Northern region. Which consists of letting Oromia set it’s own course and become an independent nation with Finfine as it’s capital. I believe the physics and all the forces are making this scenario very possible indeed. But Berhe_Y AArkey in your response to Sire Amde you said to him that he was sent by Isaias Afeworqi. And I said I thought Amde was commissioned by PM Abiy as he and the Admiral SAAY7 were commission by Hailemariam Dessalegn. However, I think and replay a few years of video and conversations and reconstruct it all in a hologram in front of me, I believe now we were both wrong. Sire Amde was neither sent by Isaias or PM Abiy. Sire Amde was sent to us by non other than Dr. Debretsion.

        So Denmarkino Phil and Berhe_Y yeErukhtey as you can both appreciate the physics and all the forces that interact to and create all the motions and commotions of the Body Politic of our region and without breaking the laws of nature of the forum to attach a link only on holidays, allow me on your behalf and all Awate forum to graduate the PM Abiy from arithmetic to the multi dimensional lessons of physics.

        The character that is in free fall in the video the PM Abiy will surely relate to immediately. Dear PM Abiy, Medemer ytrefeka, miQuimas ygdolka… hiji fisics temehar. It is all relative and
        Happy Eid Minister Abiy – lessons on Generals and General Relativity:


        • Paulos

          Selam Tsa-Tse Arkey,

          Thanks for the link. If Albert Einstein was a Tigrinya Eritrean, what would he have called his General Theory of Relativity? ሓፈሻዊ ተዛማዲ ስነ-ሐሳብ?

          • mad mullah

            Hello Paulos,
            I don’t think the cultural capital could produce Einstein. It took the Jewish 3000 years of culture of scholarship to produce him.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear GitSAtSE,

          Sorry I have been busy at work and the kids home nothing to do and trying to balance and keeping busy.

          My comment to Amde, I was really joking, and I was relating to IA said (Eritrea is not a viable nation in its own) and what Amde was after, creating another economic engine in the north (Eritrea, Tigray, Amhara) to works towards. He is not under no reason to see Ethiopia disintegrated and hand over Addis Abeba and walk away.

          It’s not a bad idea if we focus our attention to development and improving the lives of our people. Borders and counties can stay where they are and there is nothing that stops us from trading.

          I don’t think TPLF and PFDJ can co-exist.

          I believe both people of Tigray and Eritrea have to take over their counties and relieve themselves from the chokehold these two regimes have put to these people.

          Don’t buy Paulo, Aman and others thinking on partnering with TPLF in destroying Isayas. The TPLF do not want our support they do wish, but they wanted to use the opposition (Eritrean) as a cover to hide themselves so they do not want to been seen by the Eritrean people as aggressors but instead the Eritrean opposition to take the blame for it.

          I say this is worst risk than what Isayas is able to sell Eritrea to Abiy. If this happens, it’s easy to reverse it but if we bring TPLF / Opposition alliance war to Eritrea, the war is going to come to Eritrea and there will be nothing left for Eritrea to recover from.


      • mad mullah

        Hello Paulos,
        Please wake up and smell the coffee. There is strong coffee called Reality.

        “Isaias the master of brinkmanship”… I don’t know how you can see the neighborhood drunk anything but an a delusional old warlord. You got a drunk savimibi… one highest producer of refugee and poverty… this is France, Austria…

        How do you turn some of poorest countries not in Horn but in the world into France and Prussia… they can’t even feed their own people…
        Before you can compare those countries to Prussia and France and Germany.. maybe you can start with countries like Rwanda or Botswana or Ghana… something with some perspective…

        I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time…

        • Paulos


          Glad you laughed for as they say laughter is the best medicine. More often than not when something is beyond us, it appears as a joke but again glad it didn’t make you cry. Read it again everytime, you are down so that you laugh.

  • Hello Madrater,
    Sadly, Eritrea falling under tyranny stimulated by the old-oppositions, religious case and the availing tyrant- it proved incapable to run itself. simple example, the madrater here could have removed my website, as it excercises editing what I wrote is shabby. Simple evidence of the resounding negative state of the country. That leaves me to conclude it should go back to its origin, being part of Ethiopia (but where Tigray is a part)

    • Saleh Johar

      Selam Yosief,
      The rules forbid sharing links during week days. The moderators also have the responsibility of rejecting links for many reasons, spam, marketing , etc.

      The moderator removed a link you repeatedly include and is repeatedly removed. Because of that, you feel Eritrea should unite with Ethiopia!!! That should be enough reason to delete your links if that was the reason. It’s not. Try to assess your attitude because I believe the next step would be to block your account. I advise you to change your attitude and not to take the managers and moderators of this website for fools.

      • Paulos

        Aya Saleh,

        That is so funny. In a poof the guy says, Eritrea should unite with Ethiopia because you removed his link? I didn’t know you were that powerful.

      • In harmony,
        The statement you made, “the moderator removed a link …” is completely untrue as the whole article was edited.
        It is time to be honest to your instinct…
        I am sorry for Eritrea that is defunct by your ilk.

      • ምስሌ ባእሲ ብካ፣ ያዓሚ?

    • Yoni

      Selam Yosief
      I was baffled why a real Eritrean feels “Eritrea should unite with Ethiopia.” So thanks to google this what I read about you apparently written by you or your representative:

      “… had an active life that went bizarrely to a different direction,
      following a drastic accident that involved a train. The major results of
      the accident were brain damage, amputation, and blindness in one eye.
      spent a lengthy time in different hospitals and rehabilitation
      centres. Considering that he had to be trained to learn the basics, like
      his name and date of birth,…”
      That explains it. I feel sorry for what you went through as you have to re-learn things all over again.

    • Abi

      Selam Yosief
      Whether Tigray is part of Ethiopia or not, Eritrea is not coming back to Ethiopia.
      ጌታው ጥግህን ያዝ !!
      ይህችን ጠጋ ጠጋ አልወደድኩልህም::

      • Saleh Johar

        Ras Abi,
        On this one I am your ally. Count me in 🙂

        • Abi

          Selam Ato Saleh
          It is always an honor to find you on my side in promoting peace through “separate but equal “ banner.

          It always surprises me when some confused Eritreans equate Ethiopia with a Starbucks where they can come and go as they please.
          በምን ቋንቋ ላስረዳቸው? ኧረ ጎበዝ እንረዳዳ እንጂ!

  • Dongolo

    Howdy folks. Isaias has Abiy on a dog leash. If Abiy further delays really hard action against the TPLF, Isaias will then align with larger and less patient Oromo elements who will put a quick finish to the TPLF and finally allow for truly peaceful relations between Ethiopia & Eritrea. Clock-watch is now ticking: Abiy please take action against the TPLF before it is too late. Otherwise, bring in the Oromia brotherhood & Queerroo to properly cap the TPLF.

  • Yoni

    Hello prof MB,
    This is no way a defense of IA; however, this kind of writing is eerily similar to what you find in Aiga or Tigrai Online. Maybe our views of IA is converging with Tigrawot because of Isaias foolhardy ways: my ways or the highway. As far as PM Abiy, what can I say he is acting like a “zemari” or worse an “aTari” and not as a statesman worthy of a national leader with 100+ million people? He is an overrated leflafi.

  • Dongolo

    Howdy all. Meaning of agent of peace? No Total Recall here…but has there ever been an article posted here that assailed Meles Zenawi or the TPLF at the same wicked veracity by which you are constantly gong after Abiy? Just look at the number of anti-Abiy articles recently posted most of which like this one do not even mention the TPLF elephant. If I want to read anti-Abiy articles, I can easily read the same on Tigrai online. Why not more articles that specifically focus on Eritrea?

  • mad mullah

    Hello MBS,
    I think we can file this article as an opinion.
    I believe Dr. Abiy is doing an amazing job on the peace front in the Horn.
    His specialty is conflict resolution. He is approaching old conflicts and issue using Modern tools of conflict resolution.
    He is in process just like Trump was with Kim Jong ill.. I remember they wrote love letters to each… Bush “saw” the soul of Putin, etc… when you are in peace process you have to promote the role of each participant.
    In terms of peace in horn- There hasn’t been a more trans-formative figure like Dr. Abiy. We can even say there has been anyone of Dr. Abiy caliber since the Abuna Salama.
    As an agent of change, he has taken bold initiative and setup the framework for peace…

    In terms of the Eritrean denqorocrat… he is a feudal lord like his ancestors in the royal house of Tigray… he has been isolated for 20 years while putting the Eritrean people thru the worst suffering of any people in the world. The Eritrean people need relief and I think Dr. Abiy will bring much need relief.

    • Brhan

      Hello Mad Mullah,
      ” The end justifies the means” Niccolo Machiavelli.
      The end = PM A. Abiy to stay in power
      The means= Even at the expense of tarnshing IA, because IA is sure he is able to keep his power than shaky IA.
      (This reminds me of pro-IA asylum seekers in the West. They are ok to tarnish IA and IA is ok to tarnish , because once they are accepted , they will serve him.)

      • mad mullah

        Hello Brhan,
        To be honest, I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t about discredit writer or website- I assume this is a free forum and people share their view and speak their mind.
        I don’t know about any Macchiavelli technique that is all in your head…

        • Brhan

          Hi mad mullah,
          Well, my concern is about your pattern. I saw other commentators speak about it one way or the other.

  • Samuel

    Selam Prof. MB,
    Very well-articulated, Thank you for exposing the lies and deceptions of Abiy and IA. I will focus on the Ethiopia part.
    The fact that the core of your message is based on the current interview the PM did, it will help the readers to unlock who PM Abiy really is. The lies and deceptions of the PM are becoming intolerable, he has betrayed the hopes and dreams of many Ethiopians who were looking to see relative democratic Ethiopia. Slowly but surely his intentions are to go back to pre-1991 Ethiopia.

    We all know politicians lie to certain extent, but he has taken it to a different level. Ethiopians have now labeled him a well-known pathological liar who say anything at any time as long as it helps his evil agenda. Part of the reason why he keeps lying is because he has supporters and media outlets who can defend his message and deny his lying. If you look his actions in the last two years it is an evidence that Abiy is choosing the footsteps of Menelik, HS and Derg. The fact that his main supporters are now those who identify with the old regimes it shows you how much backward we are regressing.

    Who would chose Menelik, HS and Derg era Ethiopia in his right mind? We may have few groups who have big media outlets that have fondness to the previous regimes, but the majority of the people are against this regression. Abiy has betrayed the hopes and dreams of many Ethiopians who were looking to see relative democratic process. The Election was the hope of the people but he has indefinitely postponed it with lame excuse.

    Abiy is using the Hachalu’s killing as a pretext to jail his political opponents. EPRDF used to use “the anti-terrorism act” to mass arrest citizens, Abiy is using “encouraging terrorism” law to mass arrest citizens. What was the aim of the 2018 reform then? To go back to pre-1991? The lines are now well drawn.

    Some of the PM lies and deceptive messages from his recent interview —

    Tigrigna: መንግስቲ ትግራይ ምልዮናት ቕርሺ ኣውጺኡ መረጻ ካብ ምክያድ ሆስፒታል ምስራሕ፣ ካዕቲ ማይ ምውጻእ የሐይሽ።

    Amharic: የትግራይ መንግስት በሚልዮን የሚቆጠር ብር ኣውጥቶ ምርጫ ከማካሄድ ይልቅ ሆስፒታል ማሰራታት፣ ጉድጋድ ውሃ ማውጣት ይሻላል።

    Tigrigna: መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ናይ ሰላም ሓይሊ ምኻኑ ኢትዮጵያ ጥራሕ ዘይኮነት ዓለም ፈሊጡ እዩ ዘሎ። ኣብ ዝኾነ ዓለም ተኸይድካ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ንሰላም እዩ ዝሰርሕ፣ ንልምዓት እዩ ዝሰርሕ ዝብል እምነት እዩ ዘሎ።

    Amharic: የኤርትራ መንግስቲ የሰላም ሃይል መሆኑ ኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ሳትሆን ኣለም ሙሉ ኣውቀዋል። በየተኛው ኣለም ብትሄድ የኤርትራ መንግስቲ ለሰላም ነው የሚሰራው፣ ለልማት ነው የሚሰራው የሚል እምነት ነው ያለው።


    • Paulos

      Selam Samuel,

      This is a pivotal moment for Tigrai as the people go to the ballot box to put to power they deem competent and who puts the people’s interest first as well. Moreover, what makes it a watershed is that, it will be the moment where the Front is transformed into the people’s government in its true sense and it will be seen if TPLF will still hold on to its name or if it will drop the “Liberation and Front” part.

      It will be a major political blow to Abiy and perhaps the end of his reign as well precisely because legitimacy will take the center stage for it will be an uphill struggle for him to convince the people otherwise.

      The British introduced us to an open society when political parties including trade and labour unions mushroomed in Eritrea between 1947-52 but that golden experience had its shortcomings for illiteracy was prevalent when Eritrean college graduates were scant if not none existent. That said however, we look back with pride and nostalgia where the excitement the Tigrean people have at this point in time is not lost in us.

      • Samuel

        Selam Paulos,
        I agree, there is high enthusiasm and excitement in Tigray, it will be historic moment when the rest of Ethiopia is regressing back to one man dictatorship. Today the PM discussed with the submissive opposition leaders about the situation in the country, they asked him about the unjust incarceration, he told them “ኣሁን ኣስሮ በሃሏ ይቅርታ መጠየቅ ይሻላል”, just his own words.

        He is very worried about the election in Tigray, even though he pretends as if he doesn’t but he is very worried. He knows he can’t use force because it doesn’t favor him, thus he will try to illegitimize the election result. He knows that after the election the fight will be “legitimate vs illegitimate” government.

        By the way, if may this is directly related with IA, because IA has been using the the border issue as excuse for not doing the election. Today, even though Tigray is facing challenges from federal government and IA, Tigray declared to carry out the election. Both leaders couldn’t cope with this fact.
        With regard to IA, it will be another fight between Ras Alula vs Ras Hagos (battle of Shire 1897), I hope you got my point. This time democracy vs dictatorship.


        • Paulos

          Selam Samuel,

          When he said about Debretsion as the guy Tegaru should listen to in his last Tigrinya interview, most people took it for a political ploy to wedge a division with in TPLF. That could as well be the case but my reading is that, he was hinting and sending a signal where he is ready for a political solution to the impasse. I think.

          He knows by now that TPLF is not only there to stay but it can be not only a power to reckon with but it could be the force that can remove him from power as well. Not certainly by means of violence as such but by gravitating the public opinion to their favour. Moreover, Isaias is precarious where investing in him is bad news for Abiy for the former is racing against time. The guy is old and not in a great shape.

          I say, rapprochement is the way forward where the Weyanes should let up the attack through their media outlets and he should to the very least release all political prisoners including Tegaru and he should find A sort of mechanism that a guarantees to go on with election in a year or so. Otherwise, the nation has reached a political breaking point that can be translated into social and political breakdown.

          • Samuel

            Selam Paulos,
            The political ploy to divide TPLF is just an old Shoan elites tactic, I would say it is not 19th century anymore. They say “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.”

            One of Abiy’s great mistake was dismantling EPRDF prematurely, he could have waited until the coming election but he thought it will be a cakewalk deal. Note that EPRDF has more than 8 million members, to assume all members will join PP is just hallucination.

            The solutions I see are:
            A. Avoid force —
            1. Release all political prisoners
            2. Share federal power after September 30
            3. Do election within a year

            B. Some kind of force —
            This is Darwinian. This could result many outcomes, the winner may have the following choices —
            1. Total Balkanization
            2. Confederation — most likely
            3. Continue the existing federation with some kind of EPRDF like vanguard party — this is less likely


    • mad mullah

      Hello Samuel,
      I actually don’t know what you are talking about except you say that Dr. Abiy has evil agenda. I think as Ethiopian you should be lucky to have someone like Dr. Abiy. Most of your response is just hearsay and ranting.. I am not sure what to say to you.

      • Paulos

        Selam Mad Mullah,

        I would say, the most relevant question is–as Eritreans–are we lucky to have Abiy for a leader in Ethiopia for Ethiopian politics affects us one way or another.

        Moreover, there are certain parameters in place where you measure against if a nation is in the right direction, more so if the people are better off or worse off than when they were say, during the previous regime. These are practical and fundamental questions.

        To give you an idea, just a week ago or so, the IMF predicted that the Ethiopian economy will grow by only 2 percent this year down from 9 percent. The economic downswing got nothing to do with the Pandemic but with lack of confidence of investors as the nation is strife with social upheaval. Moreover, law and order are breaking down where people are constantly worried if they are going to make it home safe when crime and killing are rampant. The Southern part of Ethiopia is under Command Post where essentially civil liberties are off limits. Now, if you are saying Ethiopia is lucky to have Abiy for a leader on account that he is a Ph.D of some sort, I say, there is something wrong with that picture where governance has absolutely nothing to do either with Ph.D or KFC.

        • mad mullah

          Hello Paulos,
          I don’t know what to tell you except peace and demarcation with Ethiopia will lead to some relief for Eritrean people and if the border opens up and there is free movement it can lead to the demise of denqorocrat in charge. I don’t see any other alternatives.
          On Dr. Abiy give him time… and after a few years you will see a transformative figure…
          He has already brought some relief to Eritrean people just his quick master class on conflict resolution in 2018 already set the right tone in Horn.

        • Dongolo

          Paulos. U should be very happy with a weak and insecure Abiy in power for his replacement will likely quickly put TPLF in ‘Poof’ status. Calculate your playing cards closely for Abiy’s replacement will not likely be so patient or kind to the TPLF.

          • Paulos


            When Tigrai is headed to the ballot box, Abiy is boxed-in and Isaias is rusted in the gutter of his own making when he pathetically laments when he says, ሎሚ ባጽዕ ኣበይ ኣለ? የላን! When the run down and shambled buildings which gave an aura of Piccola Roma in the yesteryears of the Golden Era.

          • Hashela

            Selam Paulos

            Do you seriously believe that TPLF will carry out a regional election that has no acceptance by the federal government? What is the purpose of this announcement other than a bargaining tool to extract more concessions from the federal government?

          • Paulos


            It is the people of Tigrai demanding for the election to be carried out on time and that is a clear testament when people are sovereign. This is a pivotal moment for Tigrai for the election is the ultimate prize of what they had fought against the Dergue. As it happened, just yesterday, when Abiy convened the Opposition parties for a discussion, he said the following verbatim: “Every time I travel to Eritrea, I realize that the 30 years struggle was for nothing!” One can not say the same lament about Tigrai including Abiy for again the people of Tigrai are sovereign.

          • Hashela


            So, TPLF will carry out the election as announced? Is that what you are implying?

          • Paulos


            Absolutely! I don’t have the slightest doubt in my mind.

          • Hashela


            It will be August/September 2020, correct? How is the organizational preparation going ?

          • Paulos


            If you’re really interested, you can follow the process and up to date info pertaining the election on the regional media outlets as in DW International and Tigrai TV. Or maybe Samuel can fill you in.

          • Samuel

            Selam Hashela,
            Yes the election will take place as scheduled. Note that the election isn’t about TPLF, it is about the Tigray people, thus TPLF has to do based on the interest of the people. At the same time it will give TPLF a great leverage for its next struggle. You can’t just continue indefinitely by creating excuses, considering COVID-19 situation in Tigray, it shouldn’t be a reason to postpone the election.

            As you know VOTING is one of the most important power the public should control, thus you can’t take that away by creating excuses.
            FYI, TPLF used to do elections even during the struggle period, in those place that were controlled by TPLF (ሓራ መሬት). Yes it wasn’t modern as today but it is a long tradition.

            Tigray has now its own regional electoral commission established, it has already completed registering political parties. There are five political parties and 7 independent individuals registered to run.

            If you want to follow the process, debates, announcements about elections you can use (DW TV, Tigray TV), or on YouTube you can search (Dimtsi Weyane, Tigray mass Media agency). Sometimes important announcements can be posted on aigaforum website.


          • Selamat Samuel,

            Is it possible, maybe just maybe, the TPLF has side lined all other than Tigrayan Ethiopians to be an peoples elected governing body and ruled all of Ethiopian by moving the center of Ethnic Federalism from Addis Abeba to Mekele. Maybe the TPLF does not have to go back to Arrat Killo and can resurrect the EPRDF government sitting comfortably in Mekele then Addis Addis Abeba the AAA of Ethiopia leaving PM AAA wondering ha what happened?

            I don’t think the TPLF is holding the Vote because the Vote is important to the people. It is going to be the TPLF who wins the vote by 100% margin which would be the same as postponing it just like the rest of Ethiopia’s regions.

            There is movement of the the earth’s magnetic fields in Ethiopia and the Center Addis Abeba will revert to the name Finfine and Mekkele will be Addis Addis Abeba.

            I have always felt the quite and barely audible when he speaks Dr. Debretsion to be very dubious indeed.
            We are about witness DebretSion Vs. Assisi in a Chess game
            M. Hagos Vs. I. Afowerqi in a gome of Chinese Go.

            So DebretSion gives the Go to the General Mesfun Hagos.


          • Samuel

            Selam GitSAtSE,
            They say “You hit the nail on the head”. This is the most important question that Tigray elites are discussing. I think after 2018 “change” most elites has come to believe that Addis Ababa is against Tigray interest, specially from Menelik camp. In the long run Addis Ababa can’t be stable city, thus there is a serious discussion about it. In the long run I believe there will be political center shift, I don’t think Shoan elites has learned from their mistakes. Their politics starts by eliminating or weakening Tigray, which is not going to happen anymore.

            By the way I laughed (surprisingly) when I saw your comment, it seems you are discussing serious things on your part. In Ethiopia when you understand Tigray political culture, Amhara political culture and Oromoi political culture, you can see the political chess game and its outcomes.


          • Selamat Samuel,

            Well there are two things that I am trying to predict or see how they may play out considering the Tigray, Amara, and Oromo political culture. We know Oromos, if not all of them, have had visions of an independent state of Oromia while the Amara’s are vested to Andd Ethiopia and Andinet. Oromia nationalism and support of Oromos for independence by invoking Article 39 is at it’s highest peak. So, it all depends on the Lema Mergesas and possibly the Jawars, when released, to either stay with the Ethnic Federalism in cooperation with the TPLF or leave all together. The Amara on the other hand may have to compromise and allow the return of the Crown north to Mekele and give-up on the Shoan obsession. That is get back into the Ethnic Federalism and focus north word.
            So, having said all that (and no I am serious and not to serious at the same time)

            These are the two I would like you to give thoughts on:
            1)What are Dr. Debretsion’s TPLF and the Tigrai think tanks considering with regard to Egypt’s Asisi landing on Somali Land and the Sudan (with or without Egypt is poised on its borders with Ethiopia)? Though relegated to handling only the affairs of Tigrai, I am sure Tigray is vested on the GERD and does feel the burden of being the vanguard of Ethiopian sovereignty. Not to mention the armed forces and all the armaments are in their possession. Will it be a negotiated peaceful settlement with Egypt or will Debretsion take on Asisi by any means?

            3) Is Eritrea part of the Tigrai, Amara and Oromo culture? What will be the policy towards Eritrea after it is determined who controls the Federal Government of Ethiopia with the possible change of the location of the center From Addis to Mekele? Will the agreements signed between PM Abiy and Isaias remain valid or will it be back be back to square one?
            How does General Mesfun Hagos and the Eritrean opposition recent closer rapprochement with the TPLF play in the short and longer term strategies of Dr. Debretsion and the TPLF?

            I am asking you this because I know you are very close if not inside the war room HQ in Mekele as well as the lecture halls meeting of the think tanks at Mekkele University? Because as far as I am concerned with 0% of the precent reporting the vote count I am going to declare the election’s winner are Dr. Debretsion and the TPLF. Expect Dr Abiy’s conscession speech real soon. Things will be change for sure in the next a couple of days.


          • Samuel

            Selam GitSAtSE,
            Regarding TPLF and Egypt, I think historically Egyptians know that they are more comfortable with Shoan political culture (Abiy is leaning into) than Tigray political culture. If you try to put all historical events related with Egypt in our region (Eritrea and Ethiopia), they know that the Eritrea political culture and Tigray political culture doesn’t comfort them. Egyptians know that if Tigray-Eritrea issue is solved permanently, it will be the biggest challenge/disappointment for them, the future of the horn mainly lies what happens between the two relations.

            Thus, Sisi’s travel to Somalia isn’t going to make much difference in our politics. Ethiopia politics isn’t that much impacted by Somalia, at this time (Abiy in power). However, if Abiy is against them they will start instability at the border.

            Missile strike the Dam? I don’t think Egyptians will try to damage the Dam, because they know that it will cause serious consequences afterwards, there is no doubt that TPLF will defend the Dam at any cost. It is not only important to Ethiopia economy, it is also a historic legacy.

            Regarding Sudan and TPLF, I know that TPLF has strong relationship with Sudan elites (military and business elites), thus I don’t see Sudan engaging against Tigray interest. I could be wrong but I do think that Sundanese prefer strong Ethiopia than strong Egypt.

            Your second question “Is Eritrea part of the Tigrai, Amara and Oromo culture?” I started writing about this subject few weeks ago, I haven’t posted it yet. Here is the portion of it:-

            Eritrea’s political axis:
            Eritrea should define its political axis undoubtedly as soon as IA is gone., it is very important for the economic and social development of the region. Eritrea is a gate to over 160 million people, thus it needs well-thought-out political axis. In other words, Eritrea is a bridge between Arab political culture and Habesha political culture. The question is, will Eritrea be completely part of the Habesha political culture OR Arab political culture OR somewhere in between?

            For thousands of years the civilization of the region has been based the Red sea, Eritrea has been at the center of it. In order the region to revive to its heyday, Eritrea should remain with its roots. Eritrea issue isn’t a Nation state issue, it is Civilization state issue. At the same time Tigray issue isn’t a Nation state issue, it is Civilization state issue. Thus, Eritrea’s political axis should remain with its roots.


          • Selamat Samuel,

            Thanks. You have just clarified a variable or two in the equation for me. Egypt not desiring the problem between Eritrea and Tigrai to be solved permanently and IAs shuttle diplomacy with Asisi of Egypt and TPLF’s commitment to the GERD leads me to think of the scenario that IA may push for Asisi in order to assure his triumph over the TPLF. And in this scenario if I were the TPLF, Asisi’s recent trip to Somali Land and Ethiopia’s Federal Government, i.e PM Aboy, registering their disapproval and warning to Egypt’s Indian Ocean I would conclude to be a distraction or a smokes screen. And as you explained the close ties with the Sudanese, the recent Gen Philipos trio into the Sudan may also be a distraction. So I suppose the anti aircraft defense missiles in Tigray are facing north.

            Again, I am just thinking of scenarios only scenarios…. I certainly hope for a peaceful end to the crisis. But it was long ago predicted that the wars of the future will be over water. And it doesn’t get any bigger than Abbay and the longest river in the entire world the Nile possibly pitting two great historical civilizations that are Egypt and Ethiopia.

            Maybe we should dig for a Tom Clancy novel and see if he hasn’t already imagined this possible war of civilizations over water.


          • Consolation

            Hi Hashela,

            This is what a Tigrayan FB blogger says:

            ሐዚ ሐዚ ብግልፂ ከምዝርአ፣ ህወሓት ነቲ መረፃ ተገዲዳ እያ ኣትያቶ፤ ክሳብ ቀረባ እዋን(ምናልባሽ እውን ክሳብ ሎሚ) መረፃ ዝካየድ ኣይመሰላን ነይሩ።

            ኣብዚ ክልተ ነገር ኣሎ፤ ብወገን ህወሓት “መረፃ ምክያድ” ዝብል ዛዕባ ምስቲ ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ዘሎ ሓይሊ መዋገዪ ክትጥቀመሉ እዩ ነይሩ ድሌታ፤

            እቲ ብሄርተኛ መንእሰይ፣ ገለ መናእሰይ ኣመራርሓን ገለ ኣመራርሓ ሰራዊት ትግራይን ድማ እቲ መረፃ ጉዳይ መሰል ዓርሰ ውሳነ ትግራይ ስለዝኾነ ክካየድ ከምዘለዎ ፀኒዑ ደፊኡ።

            ህወሓት ኣብ ኽልተ ወጥሪ እያ ኣትያ፤ ሓደ እቲ ካብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ተስፋ ዝተገበረሉ “እንካ ሃባ” ከይመፀ እዩ ተሪፉ፤ ብኻልእ መንገዲ ድማ እቲ መረፃ ንድሕሪት ከይምለስ ገይሩ እቲ መንእሰይ ደፊኡ።

            ክልቲኡ ተደሚሩ እቲ ጉዳይ ናብ ንድሕሪት ዘይምለሰሉ ብርኪ ወሲዱዎ ማለት እ

            If what he says is true, then the TPLF is indeed in big trouble. The Abiy government is not going give them a face-saving way out. The youth who have been intoxicated by the false narrative of Tigrayan exceptionalism view the election as a test of Tigrayan self-determination. It is “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” for the thugs. If they do, then Abiy and his parliament will take decisive action to bring them to their knees. It isn’t very difficult to do so. He can designate them as an illegitimate gang. Freezing the assets of the thieves; cutting of electricity until they surrender; cutting off budgetary support; cutting of fuel supply are some of the many soft sticks he has available. If the thugs don’t, then their supporters will revolt and hang them from the tallest trees. We shall see how these worthless thieves get out of the quagmire of their making. Already, there are believable rumors that they are split into two sects and that Debretsion is a virtual prisoner of Gebrewahid and his side-kick, Getachew Assefa!

          • Paulos


            You’re a funny dude. Trust me, they are not going to give you a split as much as you salivated for it for over 20 years at your ህዝባዊ መኸተ clap-trap. As for the Face-Book mini ሓተታ–common sense would do–what do the majority of Tegaru think of TPLF? The answer is on the wall when disgruntled with an axe to grind al’a Aregawi or nUsawi say this or that. Tigrai goes to the ballot box when Abiy is boxed-in. Bitter pill and live with it Fratello. Live with it.

          • Consolation


            I admire your tenacity in holding faith with the TPLF thugs. You have, of course, no choice but cling to that tiny hope that the Weyanes might just survive. You have invested too much of your self-respect to let up now. But unfortunately for you, the split is real. But it will get worse. All criminal organization in the end cannibalize one another.

          • Paulos

            Consolation [Cool nick, love it],

            Thing is, it is not about TPLF anymore. It is about the people. Remember, when TPLF was kicked out of the rest of Ethiopia particularly from Addis about two years ago, they were at the mercy of the Tigrean people but luck had it that, the man the Tigrean people consider an enemy started saying “Game Over” when Abiy rubbed the wound with a salt when he brandished የቀን ጅቦች and ሃያ ሰባትኣመት ጨለማ and siege mentality set in in Tigrai to the political boon for TPLF afterwards and went all the way to the bank with it so to speak. If it wasn’t for the strategic blunder on Isaias and Abiy part, TPLF would’ve been history if not limping like a wounded animal by now.

            Here is one of my fav songs. Enjoy!


          • Abi

            You are definitely trying hard to convince yourself.
            Try harder.

          • Selam Abi,

            Tplf is consumed with its toothless roar from its isolation, the dam is filling despite the commotion, Oromo extremist criminals are behind bars and their leaders are beginning for mercy through the elders, which shows their cowardice, and Ethiopia’s way towards democracy is gradually opening.
            Tplf is going to elect itself as usual. ‘ዉሃ ቅዳ ዉሃ መልስ’. The elections will be contested between tplf 1,2,3.4,5. We have seen this scenario in the past. It was eprdf. Because these are cloned parties, it will not be the infamous meto-be-meto if the fake elections take place. Tplf will throw them some bones, in order to hoodwink the people and to say that it carried out democratic elections.
            As said, tplf’s term has been extended already by the Ethiopian parliament, what then is the logic behind electing itself when there is no contestant other than its cloned self? In addition, what is the reason for throwing away millions of birr, when even mekele is thirsty for water and hospitals are needed, as the ethiopians pm said. Politics that in no way serves the interest of the people of tigray, but only serves tplf’s interest to stay in power is more important for tplf.
            My other question is what would tplf say when elections come after 10-12 months? If it says it has already been carried out in tigray, no one is going to accept it. Tplf can have its way in tigray, but not in Ethiopia. The day after the election, nothing will have changed, and the problems remain the same, and a mafia style politics has been played on the back of the people of tigray.
            Can tigray under tplf, free itself from the ethiopian pull factor and fly away, or is tplf going to condemn tigray into being a satellite of ethiopia, instead of part of the body politics of country? It can’t go away and it can’t stay. This ambiguity will in the long run frustrate the people, and they will be forced to rise up against the mafia group. The people of tigray can’t remain hostages of tplf forever.

          • Selamat Horizon,

            I have to admit I was noticing your absence and missing your presence all day. I figured you were either celebrating Eid with friends and family or you were in a very serious wuyiyit, conference of discussion and strategizing on how to proceed forward with PM Abiy and the what is left of the very thin Prosperity Party.

            From what you wrote above I was able to deduce, even earlier, that the very thin Prosperity Party has decided to go with the only option the PM Abiy made in the PP conference. To not take any action and accept begrudgingly what ever it is the TPLF has decided to do.

            The only thing that I do not understand is, well maybe I do, why you, the PM Abiy and the PP congress assembly are failing to see the real purpose of the TPLF plans for an election. With a significantly weakened Prosperity Party and projecting for all Ethiopians to see that the PM Abiy does not have a grip on power and cannot secure and maintain law and order, the TPLF has put itself in a very strong position with a huge leverage to negotiate significant power share and re insert itself to be an active player in Ethiopia’s Federal Government.
            It has out maneuvered the power move of PM Abiy’s founding of the Prosperity Party which also has negotiation leverage to share power with the TPLF in running the affairs of the Federal Ethnic Federalism central governments. With two suns and numerous moons orbiting the two, if you will. No Ethiopian wanted Tigray gone and now the TPLF has paved away to return into the sharing the center of gravity. Im a month or two with more shuttling back and forth between Mekkele and Addis Abeba you Horizon, the PM Abiy and all the heads of various political parties in the PP, after exercising their voice to give input to glue the nation, the resolution and settlement reached to share power will be owned by all.
            The sooner you realize the value of the Tigrai elections maneuver and cease to diminish it as something silly will be the sooner you start to solidify Prosperity Party’s position of strength in the near future mutually respectful partnership with the TPLF Party or Parties of the Northern regions. How beautiful it is to see Ethiopian political maturity in action. Now all that remains is to see how Atto Lema Mergesa will lead Oromia back into the unity and fold of Ethnic Federalism of a united Ethiopia.

            Thanks for the first hand excellent news. There is very strong possibility of a fair political compromise. This is where the Prime Minister Abby’s Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s expertise in conflict resolution and skill sets will shine. Expect him to distance from all the megalomaniac push towards authoritarian dictatorship horrible advice DIA has been whispering in his ears. Also, Ethiopia should respect the rule of law to its fullest and dispense the justice deserved to Jawar. Jawar should be presumed innocent until proven guilty without absolutely a single shred of evidence. He should not be the escape goat even if his politics was divisive. He will just have to be defeated in a fair and transparent national elections in 10 months time.

            Better a united Ethiopia preserved than destroying the TPLF. You don’t have to like your political partners but you will have to learn to work with them.
            Indeed with your news I can certainly see a very bright future and an acceptable peaceful end to this crisis.

            God Bless Ethiopia! I am certainly looking forward to my retirement in Mekkele.


          • Selam GitSAtSE,

            It is impossible to take any actions against any regional state that may renegade from the federal arrangement one way or the other. That is what tplf is doing by confronting the federal government and destabilizing the country. Declaring that it is above the law while hiding among the people is not enough reason for any punitive measures, military or economic. It will be the people who will bear the brunt of both, and not tplf.
            Appeasing with tplf doesn’t of course mean that there is no red line. No, there is. I leave that to the government. When push comes to shove, ethiopia will not be lost without a serious fight.
            Moreover, tplf believes that ethiopia is between a rock and a hard place, between tplf and extremist oromo nationalists. The person you mentioned above, jawar and bekele g., and others had believed that they were above the law and Abiy may not dare to bother them whatever they do. They believed that the extremist part of the queerro under their control would come out and burn the country, although they did to a certain extent, if the government dared to bother them. This has been disproved. Jawar and others are in prison and the country is more or less calm.
            This miscalculation tplf has made, may force them to rethink their position that at last they may remain alone, with no help from extremist oromo ultranationalists.
            The reality is that PP and Abiy have lost no power and tplf without its trojan horses cannot stick out its neck out of tigray. It thinks that it can remote-control olf-shennee and ultranationalists oromos from a distance. As they see it is not working, and therefore, tplf has no significant power outside tigray.
            Nobody forced tplf out of the central government. It was tplf’s childish act, either you give us everything we want or we leave. That was tplf, and the federal government told them ‘መንገዱን ጨርቅ ያርግላችሁ፣’. They went, they roared, and acted like poor players who strut and fret for no serious reason.
            There seems to be a schism in the tplf. It was said about a month ago that there was a pro- and anti-DT group. The first seems to be, as i understood, Dr, DT + young educated tigrayans, and the other, the old guards, that are dragging the people and the region backwards. Moreover, as we heard, pm Abiy indirectly sent the message to the people of tigray to support Dr. DT and to the old guards to retire from power and give over to the young. This shows that the door was not closed from the federal government side, but from the tplf side, and cooperation was always possible. The problem was that it was not to be on tplf terms, and will never be.
            Elections in tigray have no sense other than as a political stunt. Tigray has nothing to gain nor has ethiopia anything to lose. As things have developed secondary to tplf’s irrational reaction to the coming of the PP, tplf has become the 6% party and will remain forever as the 6%, which gives it a guaranteed place far from power. It will be near power only if it joins the PP. With the so-called radical oromo parties, it will never come to power in any form imaginable.
            Ato Lemma was hijacked by oromo ultranationalists jawar, bekele and others at a certain point, and for the time being he has chosen to remain silent. I am sure he will come back to the PP fold on Abiy’s side, unless he wants to end up irrelevant. He became famous standing for the unity of ethiopia. If he renegades on that, he will have no other cards to play. Playing the widely played card of independent oromia as oromo extremists are doing, he should know that he would be following the already trodden path.
            It takes two to tango. The ball is on the tplf side. It is about a renewed tplf of young and educated tigrayans and not that of the dilapidated old school of 50 – 60 yrs ago, with the ideology of the old guards, that should come forward to the center.
            Dictatorship coming to ethiopia under Abiy, and IA influencing the decisions of the ethiopian pm, is simply out of the question.
            Jawar has become the harbinger of crisis, death and destruction. He has become the reason for the death of many ethiopians, about 86 when he falsely said that he was surrounded, more than 160 now, plus the destruction of property on both occasions. He is the same person who was agitating by saying ethiopia out of oromia, oromo is islam and islam is oromo, thus inciting religious conflict. He also said in front of many people carrying a machete in his hand, that muslims are the majority in the area and they will cut off their necks (christians’) if they dare raise their head. Therefore, the law should have its way in his case as well as in others.
            Finally, as you said, if there’s a will there’s the way forward. Ethiopia is endowed with a big population, which is an economic asset, resources, fertile land, abundant water and she could be a strong nation of the region, if it were not for a dog eat dog dirty politics.
            Thank you.

          • Abi

            PMAA has already told the Tplf thugs that the upcoming Tigray election is already null and void. It is not going to be acceptable by the election board.
            The thing is these thugs are so full of themselves they don’t get it.
            “ውሃ ቢወቅጡት እምቦጭ ነው” ሆኗል የደናቁርት ተግባር::

          • Teodros Alem

            selam paulos
            In interview 3A said “he want you(tigrai) guys to support doc debresteion and tplf”, he clearly said it,
            election or no election all ethiopians support tplf to rule tigrai and stay in tigrai,.

          • Paulos


            They say, ፈቲኽን’ዶ ንጉስ ትምርቓ!

          • Teodros Alem

            selam paulos
            They also say “deha behelemu keba bayeteta men yehon neber, meaning something like, if poor people don’t eat batter in thier dream,……

  • Ismail AA

    Selam all,

    Prof. MB has articulated a damning case beyond doubt indictment of regime, and an equally degrading statement of a false witness. The witness has become a proven opportunist who, with awareness and intent, seeks to extract benefits from our people’s tormentor. The worst thing, here in this forum, is that there a few who try to apologize for both the offender and t,he false witness. They defy conscience and come out to argue: YES, there is injustice in Eritrea, but it can be overlooked (!) so long the Woyanes are there. It’s strange times that history shall grudgingly record just for the sake of posterity.

    • Dongolo

      Selam Ismail AA. I simply do not see the people you are talking about when you say ‘The worst thing, here in this forum, is that there a few who try to apologize for both the offender and t,he false witness. They defy conscience and come out to argue: YES, there is injustice in Eritrea, but it can be overlooked (!) so long the Woyanes are there.’. Rather, I see people saying/arguing that criticizing the TPLF should not automatically imply that one supports PIA/PFDJ. With the same logic that you are inferring, is it not therefore fair to assume that individuals who never criticize the TPLF while they illegally occupy Eritrean land and connive to harm Eritrea are TPLF supporters?

  • Peace to all,

    “Peacefulness starts at home!” As the saying goes in Tigrigna language, a language spoken in both Ethiopia and Eritrea goes.

    A peace agent! It may well be negative political perspective from the king wannabe, a Dictator in training, moldy Abiy Ahmed Ali, Prime Minister of Ethiopia. a person that is said to have come from Changing his name, his religion, his political group, proclaiming peace, love, forgiveness to only end up as a distinguished pal of a despot, that of Eritrea.

    That being said, a renowned tyrant Isaias Afwerki, President of Eritrea, is no agent of peace either. Abiy Ahmed in a fortified training by Isaias Afwerki.

    Here is me, who believes that the growth of Isaias Afewerki as a Dictator was fostered by the negatively established entities, the originators and the old oppositions in play to date. Since the arisal of Isaias Afewerki and Shaebia EPLF, the ruling entity in Eritrea to date, has been blaming him from the inception of the independence movement as being a Christian entity. Is that a fault?

    Furthermore, alienating a sector of Eritrea’s makeup. in Tigrina language there is saying that goes like, “woyo natas, niHamata” meaning “what is hers, to her mother in law”. It could only have come from the deep seated heart of the old opposition Jebha ELF as a Muslim skirted entity.

    Isaias saw this, and believed that he will not be discharged from the hate filled perspectives, noting, believed to date, I feel to have made Isaias to flourish as an illustrious tyrant, who believed he will never ever be accepted in any circumstance, “if you can’t join them, beat them.” The peace needing people in Eritrea taking the thrashing.

    Coming from this observation of realities Eritrea cannot survive as a country, hence the option left being to rejoin Ethiopia as a part, but this has to come from an Ethiopia that has Tigray as its part.

    Please check Peace Agenting… on

    Yosief Tewolde

    • Abi

      Selam Yosief
      There should be a better option for Eritrea than joining Ethiopia.
      As you clearly put it as a requirement, Tigray should be part of Ethiopia for Eritrea to join the Union.
      Last time I checked, which is a minute ago, Tigray is still part of Ethiopia.
      What I need you to know is that Ethiopia is not a Starbucks where you come and go as you please.
      Stay out!
      Build the Wall!!!

    • Nitricc

      I don’t pay attention idiots like you but how many times are you going to post your freaking tweeter and your worthless wordpres’s?

    • hi,
      I can, but only surprised by the powers you endow.
      Let’s just imagine in the absence of the tyrant in Eritrea, the country being left to be lead by you mad rator and your ilk, the old oppositions.

      I rest my case.

  • sara

    selam all,
    few days ago there was heated discussion , when some one was saying he doesn’t see Eritreans with PhD, like those in Ethiopia to expect good future for Eritrea, now we see here
    an Eritrean with PhD, and nick name with a timely article rebuking a comment by an Ethiopian PhD .
    interesting times..

    • mad mullah

      Hello Sara,
      I was person that was involved in the social observation. Again I was impressed with political system of Ethiopia and climate that produced someone like Dr. Abiy and gave him power. I feel Eritrea is about 30 years behind if ever of having a political system that can produce someone like Dr. Abiy. This is not just in Eritrea… you don’t even see it in Opposition in the diaspora.

      Of course, you have study the history and social development in Eritrea to understand the reason. However it is beyond IA it is partially the culture of Gedhli generation where the lack or distaste for educated folks comes from.. you need to have civil society to produce PhD and have a solid education system. Gedhli generation was in the mountain. That is why Eritrea is probably the only country closing universities in 21st century. It is also probably the only country run by college drop out also. An American equivalent are the Hillybilly of Appalachia.
      This is a glaring contrast with current Ethiopia.

      I don’t think the article rebukes anything. It is emotional release piece or of venting. If the Ethiopian play chess… the Eritrean are playing reactive checkers.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam MM,

        I quote: “….you need civil society to produce PHDs.” Wow!

        Are civil societies institutions of higher education? What is the role of civil societies? Can you write a thesis on how civil societies produce PHDs?

        • mad mullah

          Hello Amanuel,
          I don’t know how to respond to your comment. The reality is the Gedhli generation were a product of conflict and war zone where civil society norms were not present.

          Unfortunately, IA and his entourage which run Eritrea are closing university and opening military base. Eritrea is becoming capital of Denqorocracy. You can ask all the refugee in Ethiopia and Sudan.

          We who are in the west can afford to write thesis and have debates…

          Denqorocrats produce denqorocacy

          Gobezocrats produce Gobezocracy… A generation of Ethiopian have planted the seed and benefiting from it.

          You can even see Gobezocracy in Rwanda… Kagame and his group have planted the seed and already benefiting from it..

          You don’t see in Eritrea or in the opposition… who doesn’t plant for future…

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam MM,

            What is this halowlow? Answer to my question. What is the definition of civil society? What are the role of civil societies? How do civil society produce PHDs?

          • mad mullah

            Hello Amanuel,
            I don’t know what halowlow is so I can’t respond to that. Civil society take different form.. but the highest form of civil society is govern by rule of the law.
            I don’t understand your second question it is vague.
            How do civil society produce PhD the develop the best educational system like Singapore or Finland or …. or they create an institution like ( … Institute for Peace and Security Studies…

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam MM,

            Civil society do not produce PHDs. They are not institutions of higher education. Civil society are an advocacy organizations to promote democracy, rule of law, and human rights …etc. They teach civic education. In civilized society, “Civil society” are the third pillar of a “state”’. The other two being the “government” and the “private sectors”. Remember a “state” and “government” are not the same and are not interchangeable. Take it as a class

          • mad mullah

            Hello Amanuel,
            I don’t know what you are attempting to point out. That is quote of century “Civil Society do not produce PhDs”.. it is a vague statement that doesn’t say much. I can tell you one concrete fact- Eritrea is not producing PhD. Excuse the definition exercise. But it is great at producing a solider. Givic or Guerilla Society? Gedhli producing Gedhli. Should I say denqorocrat producing Gedhli. I don’t know if our debate will end up at Locke’s door or Rousseau’s fence.
            But it is interesting.

          • Abi

            Hello mad mullah
            Like Rousseau, you are leading the enlightenment movement at Awatenation.
            Civil societies produce PhDs. Civil societies encourage higher learning. Civil societies encourage female education, female leaders…
            Civil societies encourage gobezocrats while eliminating denqorocrats.
            Thanks for letting me use the words you coined.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam MM,

            Read it again your comment. It is GIGO. You said “civil society produce PHDs and I said civil society do not produce PHDs. Where is the vague? Pls read literatures pertinent to it, before you start to write about the role of civil societies in the politics of a nation. An advocacy organizations are not the places of higher institutions of education to produce PHDs. PHDs are produced from collages and Universities. Could my Knocking to your head opens the doors of your receptors sites in your brain?

          • mad mullah

            Hello Amanuel,

            You seem to be stuck… Yes- I said civil society produce PhD. The reason why I say that is because in Eritrea I don’t believe we have anything resembling any civil society on Earth. My contention is that Eritrea resembles more like guerrilla society. It is not rule of law it is rule of leader. Something like Pol Pot Cambodia. That is how I am using the term Civil Society.

            What are you actually debating with me? What is your point?

          • Aligaz G


            AH is being kind to you. Your main point about Eritrea turning into a guerrilla culture incapable of minting phd’s etc is lost because you overelaborated and confused civil, civilian, civilization with “civic society”. And then you attempted to hide your limited knowledge behind vagueness and the skirts of Locke, Rousseau and Pol Pot of all people.

          • Paulos


            Well, Communist Soviet Union produced thousands of competent Ph.Ds particularly in Mathematics and Physics where Rule-of-Law was arrested for almost seventy years—if we are to pull the meaning of civil society as a society governed by Rule-of-Law but certainly the Soviet people were not Barbarians so to speak If we are going to mean as such when we talk about civil society as you intended to imply.

            If I have understood Professor A. Hidrat’s position correctly, it is the mandate of academic institutions to produce Ph.Ds where civil society doesn’t have a direct relevance at all. By the same token, Eritreans are cultured people with set of values and traditions and one can argue that the society is civil but again with in strict political definition of civil society, one can also argue that may not be the case for Rule-of-Law is nonexistent.

          • Aligaz G


            There are many layers to this civil society discussion. In fact mullah is correct but his imprecision brought down AH’s ire. You see Academia fall under Civil Society Organizations which fall under Civil Society. But mullahs main point was the degeneration of Eritrea because the state has completely suffocated Civil Society. The PhD discussion was just an illustration. Rule of Law was not the main point.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Aligaz,

            Academia as such does not fall as “civil society“ until they are organized in “specific advocacies” in various think tank to give “civic education” and other educational deliveries. Hence, you can not justify MM’s baseless and misguided argument. No Assumptional explanation needed to his baseless statement that says “Civil society produce PHDs.”


          • Aligaz G


            Check your definitions. Academia includes in the most part academic institutions which are themselves civic organizations. Civic organizations are not limited to just advocacy or pressure groups. Also stop discounting ideas from people who might not agree with you.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam MM,

            Eritrea don’t have civil society is one thing and civil society produce PHDs is another thing. The former statement does not make it correct to the latter statement.

            Second the number of PHDs does not necessitate the existence of civil society, if you understand what Dr Paulos told you.

            Third, you are a confused individual. Who does not know what he is talking about. As Aligaz indicated to you, you confuse civil, civilization with civil societies.

            Fourth, our Ghedli had many with PHDs credentials. Having PHDs credentials does not make you necessarily a democrat or a progressive leader. There are many thing to it. With that, I close my case

        • Saleh Johar

          Mahatma Ghandi Tefiou! He had no PHd 🙂

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            አንታ ሳልሕ ጸኒሕናስ ጉድ ክንሰምዕ ኢና:: ዘገርም’ዩ::

  • Brhan

    Thank you Prof. MB for your article,
    Your artice is the right response to Ethiopia PM A. Ahmed’s claim that the regime in Eritrea is a power of peace.

    ኣቢይ ኣይደለም መምህር
    ሃቅን በውሸት የሚቀብር

    እረ ኣዋቂ ያለህ በኣገሩ
    ምን ኣለ ኣንዴ ስለ ኤርትራ የማትመራመሩ
    ኣሊያም ግድ የለሽ ነው ነገሩ
    ምን ኣለ በቀና መንፈስ ብትመክሩ
    የኤርትራ ችግር መርሳታችሁ ነው ከስሩ
    ኣይስማችሁም እንዴ ምንድነው ምስጢሩ

    ካለማወቅ ነው ወይስ ካለማስታወስ
    በሉ እንግዲህ ሁኔታው እንዳይባባስ

    ሕገመንግስቷ የውሃ ሽታ ሆኖ ቀረ
    ምድብለ ፓርቲም ተሰወረ
    ተቃዋሚው ጋዜጠኛው ጉድጓድ ውስጥ ሳይቀር ታሰረ
    የነጻ ጋዜጣ ብዕር ተሰባበረ

    ወጣቱም ካገር ተባረረ
    ከ1960ቹ ስደተኞች ተደመረ
    የቀረው በባሪያ ኣገልጉሎት ታጠሮ ሲኖር
    ሽማግሌው እናትና ህጻናት ኣጡ የሚጦር
    ለዳቦና ውሃ ሁሌ ይለምናሉ ፈጣሪ
    ስላልታደሉ ሩህሩህ መሪ

    ኢሱማ (እሱማ) ሰው ያሰራል ያለ ፍርድ
    የት ኣለ ብሎ ሲጠይቅ ዘመድ
    ኣንቅም ይላል የሱ ሳጂን ጓድ
    መታሰሩ ማን ነገረህ ተብሎም ይጠይቃል
    መስኪን ዘመድ ችግር ውስጥ ይገባል
    ባገሬ ስወ ሲታሰር በየዕለቱ
    ዘመድ ይመረጣል ኣፍን ዘግቶ ቁጭ ማለቱ
    ሰላዩ ካድሬው በየቤቱ
    ለህይወቱ ብሎ ሲሸጥ ኣንደበቱ
    ሁሉን ያሰቃያል ሳይቀር እናቱ

    ኣሰብ ሲያከራይ ለኢማራት ኣሚር
    ቢሻ ሰዉ እንደ ባሪያ ሲቆፍር
    ገንዘቡ በካዝናው ሲከምር
    ስለኮሮና እርዱኝ ይላል ያ ኣሻጥር
    ገንዘብ ከዲያስፓራው ይውስዳል በማጭበርበር

    በምኑ ላስረዳችሁ ስለኛው እምባገነን
    ሰው በላ መንግስቱ ልበል ላስታውሳችሁ የቀይ ሽብር ቀን
    ወይስ ግፈኛው ንጉሱ…. የመሬት ከበርቴ ዘመን

    ከእነማን ጋር ነው የምትተባበሩ
    ለዲሞክራሲ ፍትህና ነጻ ሃሳብ ብለው ከሚሰሩ
    ወይስ ከጠቅላይ ሚንስትሩ ጓደኛ ከዲክታቶሩ

    ነገ ሕዝቡ ማሸነፉ ስለማይቀር
    መሄዱ ይሻላል በትክክለኛው መስመር

    • Kokhob Selam

      Yep Dear Brhan (Light),

      Bright light,

      You start by stanza
      “ኣቢይ ኣይደለም መምህር
      ሃቅን በውሸት የሚቀብር”
      And end it
      “ነገ ሕዝቡ ማሸነፉ ስለማይቀር
      መሄዱ ይሻላል በትክክለኛው መስመር ”

      Perfect. Nice

      Please come to Jebena page..


      • Brhan

        Thank you Kokhob Selam
        It is posted now in Jebena page as well.

    • Simon Kaleab


      When you stay on topic, you are truly talented.

      ኢሱማ (እሱማ) ሰው ያሰራል ያለ ፍርድ
      የት ኣለ ብሎ ሲጠይቅ ዘመድ
      ኣንቅም ይላል የሱ ሳጂን ጓድ
      መታሰሩ ማን ነገረህ ተብሎም ይጠየቃል


      • Brhan

        Thank you. I hope you like my Amharic poem.
        The stanza is about the difficulties familes have when their beloved disappear. Many anecdotes will tell you that when they go to jails, the gurads , instead of giving a yes or a no answer, they will put the families in danger by asking that kind of questions. Lucky are the ones who are told by the same gurads who tell them to look for their beloved in the Sudan. I thought you lived in Eritrea and aware of it.

        • Simon Kaleab


          Your poem describes the Eritrean reality and fake Abiy (the show man) like a picture.

          I lived in Eritrea from 1991 to 2000. The regime can be callous, cold, with an iron heart. Typical guerrilla outfit.

  • Sultan

    Selam Prof MB:
    Am not sure if this is an opinion or Article!
    Either way, you are entitled to it and I respect it.
    I am not in a position to counter-argue against your “FACTUAL ARGUMENTS”, which are facts for the most part, when it comes to PIA and his chaotic and reckless policies and actions on Eritrea and Eritreans,at least from “An Eritrean Perspective”!

    My take and opinion on this:

    While I agree with (you),for the most part of what you narrated in a brief way but is/ are to the point,I have to add few “facts” also at least as my opinion.

    -Dr AAA is a Politician and a Diplomat besides being PIA’s “ Partner in Peace”;and as such, he should talk as a Diplomat, as a Politician and as a Partner-in-Peace of/ with Dr AAA.

    -Based on the facts on the ground, even though Eritrea as a nation and Eritreans as a people have, as of yet, to benefit from the Ethio-Eritrea Peace Deal, for accepting Dr AAA’s peace offer and working hard to create a Peaceful Horn, which is an UNDENIABLE FACT / Truth considering the peace in the S Sudan and Somalia,PIA and his Eritrea/The GoE should be labeled as the Peace Forces( Nai Selam Hali), at least through the eyes of Dr AAA and even most Ethiopians considering the practical personal efforts of PIA to reconcile the Armed and Political Orgs/ Rebels of Ethiopia with Dr AAA’s Govt!

    -Of utmost importance, Dr AAA’s positive speech about the GoE/ PIA seems to do with PIA’s personal efforts to “ reconcile the Regime of the Sudan and Egypt”!

    -Finally, I would like to emphasize that Eritrea and Eritreans shall benefit , at least by default, if Dr AAA’s and that of PIA’s efforts of making the Horn peaceful becomes successful!

    You, the Good Prof, deliberately ignored what PIA and his Eritrea and/or the GoE have gone through for the last 23 yrs;worse, you confidently declared by repeating the TPLF Litany that Eritrea/PIA alone was responsible for the conflicts and destabilization in the Horn in general and with Yemen, the Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti in particularly when you fully know the facts and the details as an Eritrean, if you are one ,and as an Intellectual and Professor!

    There is no need for me to mention the details other than reminding you that Eritrea as a nation and Eritreans as a people, in fact, have been the victims of the worst evil agenda and tsunami but ONLY, not only to have survived all the evil agendas and acts and tsunamis, but to also/even STAND TALLER , FIRMER , STRONGER and WINNERS, irrespective of PIA’s chaotic and reckless policies…. and against all OFDs including against the real and the alleged destructive policies of PIA!

    We are talking about a current and present LIVING Eritrea, which was NOT supposed to have existed as a nation by now, not “ only coz of PIA”,but mainly so by the external interferences, where I don’t have to mention the well known facts .

    The ALLEGED enemies of PIA have never targeted PIA as a trouble maker but TARGETED Eritrea and Eritreans as a nation and as a People, a fact no one including our very real and perceived enemies can deny or refute let alone the well informed Eritreans and Intellectuals including your likes.
    Am saying this not, coz I am a sell out PFDJ Apologist but as a WELL INFORMED and CONCERNED Eritrean Citizen, Intellectual and Professional!

    As far as the approaches , measures and procedures taken by the GoE on the COVID-19 crisis are concerned , unless we don’t believe in them,I think the facts on the ground should justify the end results even though the over all poor economic and related infrastructure are bad including the water and energy resources issue.

    This is NOT to justify and “ sympathize” with the “Crimes Against Humanity” you listed, which me myself and my families are the victims but to argue for the sake of it based on your “biased,partial and incomplete Article”!

  • Selamat,

    Those of you Ethiopian and Eritreans knowledgable I need your help.

    Here in the USA bills are proposed and passed by the legislature. Is it the same with the parliamentary system in Ethiopia?

    1. Do Ethiopian Parliament representatives propose a bill in parliament and vote for it to be passed into law?

    2. Given that the GERD is and will be a reality and it’s hydroelectric economical benefit to Ethiopia and other neighboring nations, including Eritrea and given Ethiopia’s welcoming of the very large number of Eritrean youth migrants, and given the close friendship between the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments:

    A) What is the level of Eritreans attendance in Ethiopian Universities who have been afforded scholarships by either the Eritrean or the Ethiopian governments or both? Has there been an increase of Eritrean High School graduates applying to Ethiopian Universities? Does the Eritrean government lobby Ethiopian Parliament to propose a bill and pass into law that includes the allocation of funding to finance the acquiring technology know how, such as the construction of the infrastructure of electric power transmission lines from the GERD to Eritrea and its continuing maintenance.

    B) Do the Eritrean Opposition or the Eritrean Civic societies have representatives on the ground in Ethiopia to lobby Ethiopian Parliament representatives to propose bills and pass into law which include the allocation of funding to give access to Ethiopian Universities and higher education institutions to the high number of Eritrean youth migrants? As this would be beneficial to both Eritrea and Ethiopia and those Eritreans who acquire the necessary technical knowledge would be the natural peace ambassadors between the two nation’s peoples.

    C) Are there established institutions or organizations advocating and or funding the development of large number of Eritrean youth migrants in Ethiopia? Encouraging and financing entrepreneurs where the Eritrean youth migrants can thrive by conducting trade between the two nations and make their residence in either of the two countries or both? And discourage the Eritrean youth to waste their time waiting to the only alternative for their future to be further migration to the western worlds?

    Presuming there are regional legislatures in the Ethiopian regional administration, apply the above questions to Ethiopian Regions particularly the Tigray and Amara regions?

    3) Are the Eritrean youth migrants left to fend for themselves in Ethiopia without any governmental or NGOs active investments for their future?

    Your help in pointing resources of data and statistics concerning the above issues is greatly appreciated.

    Next, based on the history of specific forum contributors I will direct questions directed to specific persons.


  • Abi

    Hello MB
    You can condemn the PM until kingdom comes. You are not the first one and you won’t be the last one.

    • Nitricc

      Hey Ras Abiy; do you know why i respect you while i can’t stand you? You stand for what you believe, the best interest of your country. regardless my liking, i will always respect people of principals. On the same token, look at PMAA, he is doing what is good for his country, why is being disposed because he stood for his nation? it us troubling to see Some lazy Eritreans criticizing PMAA. What is he supposed to do? PMAA is leading a country on a verge of civil war, a country facing enormous challenge from Egypt, worst there is TPLF thugs breathing on his neck, what exactly is he supposed to do? The thankless Eritreans forget what PMAA played the role in lifting the sanction. That huge favor for any country. PIA knows what PMAA did for Eritrea and being a man of principals, he is trying to do what is right. i ask, what is the problem? I don’t get it?

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Private Nitricc,
        Have you ever thought it is because you are Gojame at heart?
        You have soft feeling for Ethiopians compare to Eritreans.
        You degrade for those who fought and bled for Eritrea, while you respect for people like Abiy.
        You may not realize it but you are indeed Ethiopian, just like Isayas [I am not sure what his reason is]

        • Nitricc

          I have been on this forum for a long time and i have never seen someone declaring that they engineer. This tells me how low-life and attention seeker you are. Yes, i respect Abiy before i ever respect you. I will never respect a digital weyane, ever. when did you stood for Eritrea? get lost, please. Engineer my foot, get the F@#&*()&^% out of here.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            when my family paid 50% of it in life for my beloved country, you and your useless family were in Ethiopia, you parasite.
            How about that, you low level foreign country, low paid soldier?

          • Nitricc

            when my family paid 50% of it in life for my beloved country

            The question what have you done? Fine, they have done theirs, your family, but what have you done? if you won’t a pig from Zimmerman farm-land, you could have aske that very question for your self. instead, you are kissing every TPLF’s stinking azz every way you get the chance. If you have a shred of decency, you could have respectd your fallen family instead of kissing TPLF’s azz.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Sole-cell [now, some of so called Profs will jump in here]
            You have no a shred of decency.
            If you have no respect for my Martyr brothers & sisters, I don’t expect you to respect for what I did. No wonder you are a soldier here. ሂወት ቀጺዑካ ስለዚ ኣነ ተውሰኽኩልካ ትርጉም የብሉን።
            Go make your bed, soldier.

          • Nitricc

            Dear respected Engineer, my foot. lol. it should come honoring respecting from you but you are here dehumanizing the fallen heroes instead you are 24-7 disrespecting them. If you are what you self declared an engineer, then you are only engineer because they paid the freaking price but too dumb and stupid to understand that. Why are you in here defending the TPLF thugs? answer that for me.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            I feel like I am talking to my dog. ብሰላም ዕረፍ። ተማሒርካ።

          • Nitricc

            My point is, have the decency to respect your and mine fallen heroes. You are here disrespecting them every time by siding with the stupid TPLF thugs, by the way, your fallen family my heroes too but you are too self contained to understand that. get of your high horses and start respecting your family. When you are siding with digital weyane, you are denying them the respect they deserve.

          • Dongolo

            Selam Nitricc. Sorry but I don’t agree with you. I don’t give a hoot about Abiy’s ‘complications’ in Ethiopia. He has had 2 years to get rid of the TPLF and has clearly not been capable of doing so. Eritrea does not need continued lies from Ethiopian leaders…..We have heard the same song of lies from them forever. Abiy needs tomtake action NOW against the TPLF or get off the roost.

          • Paulos


            Do you sport stand-up comedy by any chance? Those punch-lines are pretty hilarious. If you haven’t, you should definitely show-case them, say, on Late Night shows. Really!

          • Nitricc

            Hi Dongolo; You are right PMAA could have avoided many critical headaches had he acted swiftly. He was too soft, too religious and simply too naïve. He should have went after the TPLF thugs right from start. He should have controlled Jawar and the other worthless Oromo elites way back then. So, I see your point. However; now PMAA seems to be awake. I have to believe the reason for TPLF thugs to send a messenger for peace talks with the government of Eritrea and the federal government of Ethiopia, it means TPLF thugs knew something is up and final. the biggest clue came from PMAA himself when he had the Tigrigna interview and when he said ” Tigryans should back and support Depretsion” he was telling the world that TPLF are split and not united. It is obvious that Deprestion supports making peace with the federal government while the others they opposed. either way; TPLF is dead for good. Soon there will be a celebration transferring Badime to the rightful owners, the Eritreans while TPLF thugs and their supporters cry in shame with the heavy heart.

      • Abi

        Thanks for the kind words. Nothing comes before the country.
        All these weyane stooges around here don’t have any idea what peaceful coexistence means. These Starbucks back room warriors are still waiting for the Ethiopian tanks to get them to ጎዳና ሓርነት. They are blaming PMAA for helping lift the sanctions that their handlers orchestrated. These fools were expecting PMAA to wage war on Eritrea.
        I have got no words to describe these people. Sorry.

        PMAA was thankful for Isu’s involvements in providing a workable solution between Ethiopia and Egypt.
        Every little help is appreciated.
        Those barking from Starbucks parking lots can continue condemning everything PMAA is doing.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ኢሳያስ ‘ሲ ሓይሊ ሰላም
    ከመይ ‘ሉ?
    መንድዩ ግዲ ንዓና ዘእተወ ኣብ ጸላም?
    ነገር ምፍሓስ ነገር ምእላም

    ኢሳያሳን ሰላምን
    ኣምላኽን ሸይጣንን
    ከም ማለት ‘ዩ

    ኮለኔል ኣቢ
    ዓቢ ሓሳዊ
    መደናገሪ መዳለዊ
    ብሰንኪ ሓሶት
    ብማዕዶ ጨናዊ
    —–እንኳዕ ኣይሰምዓካ
    መለስ ዜናዊ
    ሞይቱ ‘ንከሎ ከእዊ

    • Paulos


      It is just a matter of time till Isaias gives an interview in Amharic in a bid to win the hearts and minds of Ethiopians sans Tigreans. Abiy maybe in a race with other notable Oromos who surprisingly speak Tigrinya with considerable ease. But if he really wants to reach out to the Tigreans, he could fly directly to Tigrai and speak to the people up close and personal. The thing is he doesn’t have the guts and that is the reason I say he is neither Mengistu nor Meles. He is his own man neither here nor there but somewhere in between.

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Let me borrow my once good Ethiopian friend and class mate at college [he switch sides now, after Abiy that is]
        Abiyi is a ጩጬ

        • Abi

          Definitely your friend is a እንጭጭ

      • Abi

        Those with guts are self quarantined themselves in Mekele.
        As a car salesman you and your friends are extremely busy at the end of the month.

        • Selam Abi,
          There is this rumor that tplf has sent an envoy to addis to meet the federal government. I do not know for what purpose. Do you have any idea?

      • Dongolo

        Selam Paulos. And if he gives an interview in English maybe he can win the hearts of the English and Americans? So what? Duh…Maybe he should speak the language ‘Thievery’ to win the hearts of the TPLF? Does the TPLF pay you on contract or hourly basis? Duh…

  • Paulos

    Selam MB,

    I believe, Abiy had two audiences in mind when he strategically did the interview in Tigrinya–The Tigrian and Eritrean. The former was the intended audience where the latter was a collateral damage the risk worth taking, precisely because what ever is taken for an offence doesn’t mean anything as long as it means something to the Tigreans. So much so that, he said about the peaceful overtures of Isaias–is meant to ease the anxiety the Tigreans may have if at all Isaias is going to attack or invade them.

    ንሕና ኤሪትራውያን ማዕረ ኽንደይ ከምተናዓቕና ዝዘንጋዕካዮ ኣይመስለንን!

    • Consolation

      selam dotore,

      እቶም ንወያነ ትልቕልቑ፥ ምስ ወያነ ወዲቕኩም ትንዓቑን ፈረቓን፡፡ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ግን ብምስክርነት ዶር ኣቢይ ከቢሩ፡፡

      • Consolation

        selam moderator

        ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ተናዒቑ ዝበለ፡ ለቕላቒ ወያነ ተበልክዎ፣ በየናይ መርትዖዩ ኣነን ዝውቀስ ንሱን ናጻ ዝኸውን፡፡ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ክቡር ህዝቢዩ፡፡ ብከደምቲ ወያነ ክጽረፍ ከሎ፥ ዓገብ ክትብሉ ኣሎኩም::

        • Paulos


          ታምራት ነጋራ ኣብ ቃልዕ እንታይ ኢሉ ተዛሪቡ መሲሉካ፣ ናብ ኤርትራ ስንና እንዳ መወጽና ክንኣቱ ንኽእል ኢና፣ ንሱ ከምኡ ኢሉ ብዘሕዝን ንዕቀት ዝተዛረቦ’ኻኣ ድሕሪ’ቲ ምፍራም ናይ ሰላም ኢቶጵያውያን ንኤሪትራ ምስ ከዱ ኤርትራ ዋላሓንቲ ከምዘይብላ ምስ ራኣይዋ እዩ፣ እኳ ዳኣስ ሽዑዑ ናይ ቢቢሲ ናይ ኣምሓረኛ ጋዜጠኛ “ኣስመራ የኣዛውንቶች ከተማ” ኢሉ ኣብቲ ድሕረ ገጽ ናይ ቢቢሲ ጽሒፉ። ስለዚ ዓጀውጀው ዘረባ ግደፎ ነቲ ዘንዓቐና መራሒና ትብሎ ወይካኣ ነቶም ሕርሕራይ ጌሮም ዝናዓቑኻ ጸርፍኻ ደርጓሓሎም።

          • Consolation

            ኣየ ዶቶረ

            ወዲ ጦር ሰራዊት ኣቡኡ ኣብ ባጽዕ ዝሞተ ከምዚ ኢሉ ኢልካ ከተውግዕ ከለኻ፥ ንነፍስኻ ኢኻ ተፍኩስን ተንዕቅን ዘለኻ፡፡ Have a little self-respect!

    • Dongolo

      Paul…LOL. No need for Eritrea to attack TPLF. Not now at least. Let the other happy campers in Ethiopia who luv the TPLF first have their chance to feast on woyane meat. Rare, medium or well done?

  • Amanuel

    Thank you Pro MB
    It is an insult to the more than 100 million Ethiopain to be led by complete moron. No one will buy his lies even IA won’t appreciate it. He thinks he is street smart and knows it all but he is exposing him self just as an another douchebag.

    • Dongolo

      Selam Amanuel. If you are an Ethiopian you may care if Ethiopia is led a moron or a genius. For Eritreans, Somalis, Sudanese & S. Sudanese, even a dumb Ethiopian leader is OK if he/she is not a habitual liar and respects all neighbors. Major problem with Abiy like his predecessors is that his actions do not match his promises. In his case he is simply too weak of a leader to control control the TPLF. Time for Jawar to take control of Ethiopia to include complete eradication of the TPLF.

    • Aligaz G


      What happened to the vows of civility we all took just last week?

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Aligaz,

        I think you misunderstood Amanuel Hidrat (AH) for Amanuel. Two different forumers. Pls accordingly correct it.

        • Aligaz G


          Duly noted and corrected. My bad