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North Korea and Eritrea: Two Pariah States, Two UN Resolution Violations

The United Nations Security Council yesterday unanimously passed a resolution imposing new sanctions on North Korea, the toughest the UNSC has ever imposed on any country. The sanction was prompted by North Korea’s continued intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) testing and violations of UN resolutions.  

The sanction aims at reducing North Korea revenue stream from exports and joint ventures in foreign lands estimated at $3 billion a year, by a third.

After North Korea’s latest tests which successfully demonstrated its capability to develop ICBM missiles that could reach the US coastal regions, many US defense analysts concluded that North Korea, after menacing the Far East region, now poses a real and immediate threat to the US national security

A UNSC appointed panel of experts to monitor sanction on North Korea, reported that a shipment of 45 boxes containing ‘military radio communication products and related accessories, including high-frequency software-defined radios, crypto-speaker microphones, GPS antennas, and high-frequency whip antennas shipped by Globcom, a North Korean front company based in Malaysia, destined to Eritrea were seized by a third country. The shipment was consigned to Eritech Computer Assembly & Communications Technology PLC, Denden Street No 28, Asmara, Eritrea, a few meters away from the presidential palace.

The shipment was in violation of UN Resolution 1874, passed in 2009, that prohibits North Korea from exporting arms, and UN Resolution 1907, passed in 2009, that imposed a first of its kind two-way arms embargo on Eritrea.

The US has imposed sanctions on the Eritrean navy effective March 21, 2017, after it determined Eritrea has purchased military equipment from North Korea for the second time in the last 12 months. Asked if it “is notable for the navy of a country to be sanctioned like this?” A senior state department spokesperson declined to elaborate and said, “I really can’t get into the specifics of why entities were sanctioned.” He also said that “30 foreign entities and individuals in 10 countries…from Burma, China, Eritrea, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, North Korea, and Iran.”

In a statement it issued last April, the Eritrean Ministry of Information reacted to the sanctions by issuing a statement in which it said that “fallacious reports are first floated and illicit measures subsequently announced by the same architects who act as the plaintiff, prosecutor and judge.” In a clear reference to the United States, the statement said the sanction was based on “misguided policies that emanate from this malicious standpoint have failed in the past.”

According to VoA, Hugh Griffiths, coordinator of the U.N. panel monitoring sanctions on North Korea, said that “sanctions are being flouted in some parts of Africa.” He further said that North Korea has “been supplying far more sophisticated air-to-ground guided missiles that use GPS, satellite guidance systems and that those are being constructed and sent to Sudan together with longer-range ground-to-ground missiles as well.”

In light of yesterday’s tough UN resolution against North Korea and given the real and perceived threats to global peace  by North Korea, it remains to be seen whether the US and the UN will crack down on these illegal arms trade and  impose further sanctions on Eritrea and other countries and entities that are in violation of UN resolutions.

Meanwhile, California Republican Dana Rohrabacher wants US-Eritrean cooperation to fight terrorism and has initiated a bill to support his move. However, at a time when  the USA is studying counter measures against North Korea whose IBCM are believed to have developed to reach the American heartland as far as Chicago, his bill is not expected to gain any traction in the congress.


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  • Yosief Tewolde

    Dictatorial countries, eg. North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, etc…

    Countries ruled by religion, eg. Arab countries.

    Socialist or Communist lead countries, eg. Russia.

    Have incontent circumstances in themselves.

    Just like self-disgruntled, self-incontent, unhappy people who try to blame others and find excuses for their lack of achievments—–

    Similarly, Dictatorial entities, Religion manipulated countries, Socialist manipulated parts try to find excuses and others to blame.

    In such cases, the thing or process to blame and find excuse of is Western Democracy, despite its positive achievments and despite being the best positive option of ruling and practice we have available.

  • KBT

    selamat kulukhum fake news
    the ethiopian have many times acquired weapon from north korea they sign also last month some kind of a deal
    if justice exist really the finger point should to ethiopia not to eritrea .
    any way sanction won t work and if it is true about eritrea buying weapon from north korea then well done eritrea so what next fake justice seecker ,beg the american master to help you for sanction kkkkkk
    you guys are irrelevant anymore and eritrea don t really care about the united state

    • Peace!

      Selam KBT,

      You must have missed the latest real news: ናይ ከብቲ ቆርበት ንደገ ምሻጥ ጠጠው ኢሉ ብምኽንያት ሕጽረት መድሃኒት (chemical).


      • KBT

        Selam peace
        Don t understand what you mean? ?
        What that have to do with what we’re saying? ??

    • Mez

      Dear KBT,

      Don’t forget: Ethiopia is American interest servant in the region; while Eritrea is a country with an independent foreign & home grown internal policy.


      • Selam Mez,

        Let me ask you, is Eritrea’s foreign and internal policy really independent, when she participates in the genocide of the people of Yemen by the GCC with the KSA at the head of the coalition? Eritrea is providing a military base at Assab and more than 400 fighters.
        Not even strong nations, let alone poor third world countries like ethiopia and eritrea, do not have independent foreign policy. Simply, both ethiopia and eritrea have chosen different masters, ethiopia the americans and eritrea the oil-rich arab sheiks, and we will see where that will take both countries. Ethiopia and eritrea wanted to provide their services to the USA, and it chose the bigger of the two.
        The regime in Asmara is accusing the US simply because the latter did not choose Assab and chose Djibouti as its military base in the horn, and in addition, it did not force ethiopia to abide by the eebc decision. What else could be the reason? I doubt that eritrea is fighting American imperialism.

        • KBT

          Selam Horizon
          Where did get that information that Eritrea wanted American to settle in assab but they choose Djibouti,really????
          Remember at congress the American woman said we have no military to military engagement with Eritrea and that was sad ,American wanted that alliances but Eritrea refused kkkk
          You are clueless about Eritrea you so blind by your hatred.

          • Hi KBT,
            It will help you a lot if you read, ‘Warships In Asseb: The agony Of Irrelevance (, Nov. 2015)’, in which it is mentioned that in the early 2000s, the eritrean ambassador to the USA was pleading with the United States to establish a base in Eritrea’s Red Sea. You can have your own alternative facts and truth, nevertheless, the truth is that if the PFDJ is ready to lease Assab to the UAE, it would have been more than happy to lease it to the USA.

          • saay7


            The PFDJ is not ready to lease Assab to UAE. It has already leased it for 30 years. And no it wasn’t the PFDJ doing the leasing because there is no such organization: it was the Presidents Office and his flunkies. (read the detailed report of the Crisis Group which came out this month. In addition to leasing the port, Isaias has given UAE and Saudi Arabi hundreds of Eritrean soldiers in Yemen.)

            As for the alternative facts pushed by KBT, well, in this day and age of post-Google and post-Youtube, it is very easy to unearth:

            * news about the late Girma Asmerom pleading the case that Eritrea is a good choice for the US because even its landscape looks like the one in Afghanistan (so he said);
            * an American lobbying firm hired at 50,000 per month to do nothing but convince the Bush administration to choose Eritrea for its Central Command Africa (and failing);
            * defense secretary Rumsfeld touring Asmara and Isaias greeting him with two hands and offering eritrea on a plate

            People are free to live with their alternate universe but google won’t cooperate.


          • Selam Saay,

            Thank you a lot for bringing to our attention the article posted by the crisis group. I think that it is possible to draw certain conclusions about the future geopolitics and trends of the gulf-saudi-horn area.
            It seems that what these countries are doing today in Yemen is an exaggerated knee-jerk reaction to the fear that the Iranian factor is becoming a dominant power over the region, which may backfire in the long run.
            In addition, beyond the military conflict, which I believe is going to end with no winners, because most probably the warring factions will be forced one day to find a solution of one sort or another due to exhaustion, it look like that the interest of the KSA and the GCC seem to lie mainly in their long term strategic interests for the horn in the post-oil era.
            Three things stand out: food security, cheap unskilled labor and seaports as gateways to the rest of Africa, for the future trade with China. UAE seems to be interested with the sea-ports of the horn with the aim China’s one-belt-one-road strategy functioning hand in hand with UAE’s possibly one-belt-one-port strategy, as the author seems to say. KSA on the other hand is interested in the fertile lands of ethiopia and the sudan to feed its population, and of course all of them look at the horn as the source of cheap unskilled labor. All the above require some level of cooperation and not confrontation, and i hope that at last they will go for the first.

          • Mez

            Dear KBT, Horizon, Saay,
            Facts vs. alternative facts are the thems of the day.

            Generally, facts for government businesses are those which are stated officially; that for any government to government OR government to citizen business.

            Regarding foreign policy, the Eritrean government said routinely the biggest trouble maker in the horn of Africa is America; it reads further between the lines: if it were not for American help–Ethiopia, as we know it today, would have been gone.

            Observing from the news releases of the Eritrean government, leasing of the Assab port is a sovereign (homegrown) decission–it didn’t even acknowledge that the lease exists.

            On the other hand if you go around and open your eye, you will quickly discover that the GCC countries are glued (GEO -politics, -economy, -security , -Intel, -governance….you name it) with America than any country in the world.

            If the GCC countries (under the curently prevailing regional circumstances) could some how bring Eritrea close to the American decission makers circle, that is going to be seen.

            The ever widening INTRA-GCC rift (together with the arrival of China) is creating a more structured security regime (and new macro-ecomomic alinement opportunity) across the greater horn of Africa. It will be interesting to see how cleverly the Eritrean government is going to navigate and make best out of it.


          • Selam Mez.

            “if it were not for American help–Ethiopia, as we know it today, would have been gone.” If this is equivalent to saying that eplf could have undone ethiopia, if it were not for America, then……..

            If foreign powers (the Soviet Union and the US), who were fighting their cold war through proxies in the third world were not around and some arab governments did not play their games of geopolitical strategic interests in the region, eritrea would never have become an independent country.
            True the soviet union armed and supported the derg. At the same time, we should accept the fact that the US armed and unleashed somalia against ethiopia, supported directly and indirectly the so many liberation fronts that mushroomed all over ethiopia, and undermined the ethiopian military through cia agents, refused to deliver purchased and paid for fighter air crafts, etc. These were not minor things. All the above added to the inhuman actions by the derg against its own people brought its downfall.
            If you believe that eplf alone could have brought the independence of eritrea, and could have decided on the future existence and non-existence of ethiopia, it will be far from the reality that existed on the ground then, and the 1998-2000 war testifies against it.
            If the superpowers and some arab governments did not meddle in the affairs of our people, they would not have found themselves in this quagmire they are in today. If your point is about the chances lost for each country to destroy the other, be sure there were many chances for both countries at different times, but that should not be the point, not even remotely.
            Finally, already the eritrean regime has shown to the world community that it has not changed its modus operandi in its international relations by occupying the contested lands at the eritrea-djibouti borders, soon after the qatari soldiers left. This is not the way a country behaves if it wants to play a role in an international arena to the advantage of its people. It is as if the regime suffering from some sort of curse, to turn into burnt charcoal whatever it touches with its hands.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Horizon,

            So many ifs to go into.

            Will you deny that Ethiopia was at its weakest in May 1991, a lot of bad things could have happened? But, thanks to the cooperation between the EPLF & the TPLF, Ethiopia had a lucky escape.

          • Selam Simon Kaleb,

            I am not denying that ethiopia was at her weakest point in 1991. I was trying to explain how and why things came to that level. Be sure that the whole region could have gone on fire, and no one ethnic group would have come out of it a winner. What we fail to understand is how much the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea are interdependent and interconnected for better or worse.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Horizon,

            Both Ethiopia and Eritrea are multi-ethnic and multi-religious with many fault lines.

            My point is that, as leaders of the bigger country, the ruling elites in Ethiopia have mostly shown irresponsible behaviour on many occasions.

            In the past, the economic, political, social and diplomatic policies of Ethiopian rulers were disasters. At the present, a major problem is TPLF’s reluctance to accept the rulings of the border commission which is having a negative impact on both countries and peoples.

          • Selam Simon Kaleab,

            The issue of the eebc decision is with us since 2004, I think, and we have discussed it a million times. Nobody can really give it a new life, at least for the time being.
            As much as I can, I try to see the issue in two perspectives. I really do not know if the so-called “final and binding” agreement is legally binding under international law. Moreover, I do not know if there are guarantors who would force the decision to be implemented, whether the other party likes it or not. If there is such a thing, why is that nobody wants to carry out its responsibility of forcing ethiopia?
            Secondly, if there is no such a thing as legally binding or a guarantor, then there is no other way than the good will of the two governments, to solve the problem. Last time, if I am not mistaken, it was Saay, i think, who told us that if both parties want, they can discuss to overcome minor issues of implementation. This means that after all the decision might not be legally binding 100%.
            I personally do not know more than the superficial things (i think the same holds true for most of us), and i believe that whatever we say here nothing is going to change, and we have to leave the issue to the two governments to find a solution.

          • KBT

            Selam Horizon
            We some sold their soul to the west and our land to our swear enemy, the Alger s agreement was final and binding aknowledge and endorsed by the african union, by the Arab League, by the EUROPEAN Union .
            But the cheap self called opposition had negotiated with the enemy some how it is for them to give poor soul
            Sooner or later it will come back to it right owner

          • Mez

            Dear KBT, Horizon, Simon, Kim, Peace

            This summer two interesting opinions surfaced from the policy and decission makers in Asmara. 1) the statement by PIA regarding historical Askaries and contemporary global politics; and saying the present Horn geo-politics is uninterrupted continuation of the past, 2) the super charged Mr. Presidential Advisor saying to journalists…abandoning, by Italy, of its former colony is astonishing,…..we need Investment from Italy and no aid,….we need Italian investors in Eritrea,….Eritrea is the (best and or the only) gateway for Italian to the Horn of Africa (specifically) and to the larger African markrt;…..the list goes on.

            When one observes the Eritrean -American diplomatic interactions over the past decades, it is not difficult to see a similar pattern; the Eritrean top politicians beleive, this across the board i would say, that “Eritrea is an important (fundamentally critical) gateway to the Horn and the continent at large.”

            This fuzzy way of thinking, one could also call it cult, is putting the nation in a state of eternal intellectual poverty–hence lack of self-correction.


          • saay7

            Selamat Mez:

            This summer’s claim by Yemane G (our consigliere) that Italy is not showing sufficient interest in Eritrea as a trading partner can only be seen within the context of summer 2014’s visit by Italy’s deputy minister to Eritrea where the two nations pledged to reboot and to reengage which was seen (and advertised by the PFDJites) as more evidence that “Eritrea was coming in from the cold.” So the question is: what happened between July 2014 and July 2017? As with the rest of Africa, in Eritrea, China has replaced the former colonizers to be the # 1 trading partner (for both export and import) so I don’t understand all the crying about Italy.

            On IAs view of the role of Eritrean Askaris in colonization of Libya, Somalia and the occupation of Ethiopia, do you really think that was a calculated statement or something that he just sprang up because he had no answer to the precise question of why would the UN and US target Eritrea for punishment?


          • Mez

            Hi Saay,

            …precise question of why would the UN and US target Eritrea for punishment?….

            A very important question.

            If you look around the region, a lot of countries are trying to make a measurable economic growth outcome. See just the countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Djibouti, even Ethiopia and Sudan.

            The only common thing of the above countries with Eritrea is: Their import/export with China grew rapidly.

            As in regards to my narration above, those ideas were stated (by them) in one or other way in the past two decades, or even earlier, as part of their convoluted important messages. I don’t think that these statements are a one time blast or a placebo for other more important messages to come forth in the near future–which may have a policy correction relevance. I would add also: no aid (especially bilateral based, even though that are inherently tax payers money of the respective donor countries) is accepted by Eritrea; and Eritrea is self reliant are the other badly abused and sold concepts by the government to the Eritrean people.


          • saay7

            Selam Mez:

            I am confused by your message as I don’t know if you are paraphrasing and trying to make the PFDJ policy understandable or if you are interpreting it.

            Is there any consistency in a policy that says never, ever, ever will allow any part of Eritrea to be a base for foreign power one year and lease one of your two ports to a foreign power the next?

            Is there any consistency to saying we have signed bilateral agreements and investments galore with Qatar for 10 years and then when you feud with them to say the only investment Qatar had was marginal and related to tourism on year 11?

            Is there any consistency to saying we are opposed to any alliances or blocs as they tend to polarize nations one year and then to join an alliance of brutes (the Saudi alliance) the next?

            Is there any consistency in preaching to the world that nations should solve their problems without foreign interference for decades and then join a foreign intervention group in Yemen?

            Is there any consistency to saying that all Somali political groups even those accused with evidence of being terrorists are stakeholders who should be participants in charting their nations path one year and then saying that all Eritrean political groups should go to the moon because there is no space for any of them in Eritrea?

            Is there any consistency to a policy which says all Ethiopian political groups should have the right to determine their future in Ethiopia but the Palestinians should be absorbed into Jordan?

            Yet all these views reside, simultaneously, in the mind of Isaias Afwerki, the alpha and omega of PFDJ, an org which believes in nothing except making money and being accountable to nobody for it. There used to be a time when PFDJ, love it or hate it, had a coherent worldview. Now it’s just survivalism. Which would be ok if it didn’t spend half its time lecturing people and the other half wondering why nobody is listening.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Horizon and Simon Kaleab,
            What I am going to say might be looked at as an exaggeration and or political. It is not. It is my observation.
            The interdependence nature of the two nations broke down in 1998-2000. At least for the last 17 or 19 years only negative relationship in various spheres was cultivated and ushered in, and it is continuing.
            This toxic relationship to move from the negative to NEUTRAL will take a long time if handled carefully. Finally from neutral to interdependence and interconnection does not look visible to me anymore. ALL connections and interdependence has moved to the east and south.
            The INVESTMENT made on borrowed money to accomplish this is HUGE, by anybody’s standard. A growing usage of what this investment produced is required in order to pay for it. In the very near future whatever Mekele needs and produces will be shipped through Djibouti at less cost than Massawa even if that port is available and free. That is Ethiopia’s northern point.
            The possible connection I see in the future when things become neutral might be security matters and cross border small trade.
            The plan Meles devised to forge a lasting interdependence and interconnection died in 2000. Prior to Plan B being formulated Meles himself died.
            There will always be a cultural connection but then we have that with Kenya, Somalia ..
            BTW, I have said similar sentiments when the plans and the agreements were being signed between Ethiopia and China( Turkey,India etc).
            Mr. K.H

          • Selam Kim Hanna,

            “The interdependence nature of the two nations broke down in 1998-2000……. interdependence and interconnection does not look visible to me anymore.”

            For all practical reasons, and as things stand today, it is true. Nevertheless, is it possible to say that the present generation of eritreans and ethiopians will continue to define the behavior of the future generations as well. The changes we saw in the world over the last decade or so are tremendous, and more or less unexpected. The world is in a continuous motion; old enemies become good friends, and friends could turn to deadly enemies.
            Two points here are really important; why do eritrean refugees still go to the country of the enemy after so much brainwashing by the regime, and why does ethiopia allow thousands of eritreans in ethiopian universities, although those who revolted against her were mainly people educated in ethiopian universities? I believe that this shows that the people to people bond is not yet completely broken.

            Ethiopia has shown over the last two decades that she could do well without eritrean ports. But I think that the relation of the two people is more than the ports. I say this because I always believe that the ordinary people are different from the elites.

            Therefore, i believe that the wall between the two countries can still wait for sometime before it divides completely forever the people to people relations. This relation has nothing to do with returning to the previous situation of union or similar arrangement of federation or confederation, or whatever, but living side by side as two peaceful countries and good neighbors.

          • KBT

            selam mez
            yes they will ,this is pfdj
            zemen akahida muluq ila kheyda kebehal yu

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Mez,
            I remember what PIA was saying to the Americans at that time. It was only a decade and half ago, you know. He shook the hand of the then, Defense Secretary, Rumsfeld with both hands (in our region’s custom it is a show of servitude) said a lot of things. The one line that he said that bothered me then and it bothers me now even more was…..”The Sky Is The Limit ” about his offer.
            I prey that he didn’t make the same offer to the Saudis and Co. I am sure they will take full advantage of it, including the availability of “special forces” for their adventures.
            PIA was boasting about the Askaris of the past recently. PIA’s boasting is sometimes a window to what he is thinking and doing at the time.
            Please, please don’t talk about foreign policy of Eritrea, there is only a foreign policy of PIA. Remember, Qatar.
            Mr. K.H

          • KBT

            Selam Hanna
            So you read sign so you are some kind of tanqwalite like those from the other side ??
            Well well well awatista fantastic

          • KBT

            selamat kulukhum
            well both saay Horizon can dance together well known professional fake news
            at time of 9/11 every country participated to help the united state even russia allowed all the bombardier cross it airspace ,iran cordinated and gave map and inteligence ,
            who like terrorism ? ,so yes eritea gave it fare share as every country did .
            but loobying to bring the wolf at home really ????
            saay stick to your somalia lie my friend as for eritrean we don t care

          • saay7

            Selam KBT:

            I am operating on the assumption that even supporters of the Eritrean government can still use Google. If that is true, then google a Washington Post article entitled “Eritrea Pushes To Get US Base.” This included writing a white paper entitled “Why Not Eritrea”, and hiring an American lobbying firm (Greenberg Trautigand paying it 50,000 USD a month to beg the US to establish a base in Massawa. Of course everything the PFDJ touches turns to ashes and the chief lobbyist of Greenberg Trautig, Jack Abrahamoff, would eventually be indicted.

            As for Eritrea in somalia, I know logic is in very short supply but if a gambler stops gambling because he ran out of money, it doesn’t mean he never gambled or he doesn’t have a gambling addiction. What a lot of people (including my cousin Blink) confuse is two things: (1) SEMG saying there is no evidence Eritrea is supporting Al-Shabab in 2014-2017 with (2) SEMG saying there was no evidence Eritrea was supporting Al Shabab in 2006-2013. They also keep getting confused with this: Somalia and Djibouti were the reasons for the 2009 sanctions, but more were added in the 2011 sanctions. And the biggest one: the Gov of Eritreas refusal to allohave the SEMG access to Eritrea which is a precondition to lifting the sanctions.

            Those are the facts: read them, study them so you can spare yourself false hope every year. And yes Blink it is the job of the opposition to continuously hammer home the point is that a eritrea was sanction not because of some international conspiracy but the gambler nature of the Isaiasists and that sanctions won’t be lifted not because of some international conspiracy but because the Isaiasists refuse to comply with the terms of lifting the sanctions.


          • KBT

            Selam saay
            ,lots of confusion her ,you are a professional in that domain, you have you information from an American media that is destabilizing and dividing American itself against trump. Give me a break
            Begging? ?? For what? ??
            America (the wolf) come get us at home ??,?
            No one gamble more than the so called opposition on our sovereignty ,integrity ,no one more gamble than them by doing all evils think than them ,how many times they wish and said eritrea soon will collapse .
            Semg will not get one feet in our country, it didn’t provide any evidence for that matter but all world know thank to wikileaks how it was instigated they worked hand to hand with ethiopia, they been twice in eritrea and leaked all the military information to the media, I don’t know what relation is yours you so fun of them but we know who they meet for regime change.

          • saay7


            Did you read the Washington Post report I asked you to google? Now let me guess: it’s “fake news”? 😂 Ala enda hgdef mesHaqat. If it was fake why didn’t the Eritrean govt say it wasn’t true then?

            As to why would IA and his band of thieves ask for a US base, it is for the same reason they were dealing with Ahmedinejad before they dropped him for Qatar before they dropped Qatar for Saudi Arabia: money. These are people that will traffick an Eritrean out of the country (money), fine the Eritrean youth parents for the youth abandoning his post (money), then ask for 2% money for the Eritrean youth once he has his asylum papers (money), then get funding from Europe so more people don’t escape (money) then come to its supporters (including welfare recipients by the way) and ask them to share part of their income to “defend the country” (money.)

            As for SEMG, it has more evidence against Isaias and company than Isaias has against the people he has thrown in prisons. And unlike Isaiasists, SEMG provided those it accused with a chance to defend themselves and present evidence to exonerate themselves.

            By the way, the SEMG has never been to Eritrea. The SMG was to Eritrea back when only Somalia was being monitored. So you can look that up to unless that too is “fake news”


          • KBT

            selam saay
            again by friend ,I think we know where SEMG got his information
            when did eritrea dumb iran for qatar ???
            so iran was in assab too with it missile and israel in dahlak right ,and also eritrea provide
            weapon to hesboallah and hamas ,and more eritrea support the tamul; tiger in srilanka and many many and that is your evidence because maybe you are one of those who provide such fairytale
            about african they never supported sanction against eritrea it djibouti ethiopia somalia if we can call it a country anymore those are the african group united state supported make it look like it came from all african countries , eritrea never been rejected my maybe misinderstood nothink else
            even about qatar did you heard aljazirah saying qatar left because djibouti downgraded it diplomacy not eritrea while your delusion and blind hate cant let you see of course
            if eritrea wanted to prostitute itsel as many countries do you wouldn t existe and the endowment for democracy fund woudnt reach you no he choose dignity ,it prefer stand on its feet than crolling on it knee for living ,we all know who will do anythink for money and prestige my friend
            you need an exorcist to expel all your malevolent mentality so you can heal

          • saay7


            1. Isaias visited Irans Ahmedinejad and after telling us of the long relationship between Iran and Eritrea (because, said Professor Isaias, Ayatollah Khomeini used to pray for the success of the Eritrean revolution in his Friday sermons), he pledged that the sky is the limit for Eritrea-Iran relations.

            2. In leaked documents, Sudans Omar Al Bashir bragged that it was he who introduced Isaias to Ahmedinejad. When Sudan and Eritrea joined the Saudi coalition against Yemen, they both chose Saudi Arabia against Iran. When Saudi Arabia broke with Qatar, Isaias did what his new bosses (the Saudis) told him to do: write a statement supporting the Saudi campaign to isolate Qatar. This despite the fact that Qatar was the single life line to Isaias for nearly a decade. Simple put there hasn’t been a single year when Isaias didn’t need a rich benefactor: whether that’s Libya, Qatar, Emirates or Saudi Arabia.

            3. You do know that IGAD is made up of more than Djibouti and Ethiopia. I hope you know that Djibouti and Sudan have no veto powers over AUs Peace and Security You do know that every security council has an Africa Bloc made up of African countries and that these African countries voted for every single resolution/sanction against Eritrea.

            And let me guess: are you one of the guys who have been told that Qatar withdrew from Djibouti but not from Eritrea?

            Look, KBT, I sympathize with your problem: if you had an organization that is accountable to its members, you would take it to task for all its blunders and screw ups and you would have even elected new leaders. But you can’t: you are simply another powerless Eritrean. So you rail against the world. Good luck with that.


          • KBT

            selam Horizon
            you make me laugh kkkk
            you mention awate fake news as evidence give me brack

    • Yohannes Zerai

      Selam KBT,

      I have read nearly all of the comments you have been posting periodically at this website. But I never was able to get around to responding to any of them mainly on account of time constraints, and I am glad I have somehow managed to do it this time around.

      Please allow me to share with you a few basic ideas which I believe will help bring the two of us closer to each other in our thinking regarding our shared concern for the well-being of the country we both love. I hope you will reciprocate the goodwill on my part by sparing a few moments of your time to genuinely evaluate the veracity and/or moral values of the ideas I have outlined below.

      1. No government (or country) is perfect, far from it! Hence, even in countries that are considered the “best”, conscientious citizens keep a watchful eye on their respective governments’ actions and protest against any failings they discover. They do so out of a desire to make their governments better and more responsible because they know that a government shielded from public scrutiny can advance only in one direction – downhill!

      Individuals and groups who play this role in their respective countries are appropriately honored by their societies for protecting the interests of their people and for love of country. It is thus not a crime – but, in fact, a sacred responsibility of patriotic citizens – to criticize one’s own government’s weaknesses, errors, misguided policies and ill-advised actions.

      2. When you think of writing (or saying) stuff that you think will make the Eritrean Government look good, please stop and seek the counsel of your own conscience. Examine with an open mind if what you say/write has the truthfulness to bring you internal satisfaction, give you peace of mind, enhance your self-respect and earn you the respect of others. More importantly, keep in mind that the future will be shaped by the realities and facts of the situation, not by our individual biased wishes and claims.

      3. If you can bring yourself to respect and defend the Eritrean Government, you surely cannot find it difficult to respect and uphold the traditional wisdom of our forefathers: “Kibur yeKHbreka bmeTen nebsu ……” This forum has opened up an opportunity for you (and for the rest of us) to freely express our views on issues. Go ahead, take advantage of that opportunity to advance your views and interests. But, please remember that you owe it to the forum and its participants to do so in a deferential and agreeable manner. Nothing is served – least of all your own political agenda – by showing up at the forum from time to time just to hurl nasty remarks at respectable forumers who are only exercising their right to express their views. In this regard, you can benefit from noting the manner in which Peace has responded to your not-so-nice comment above.

      Thank you.

      • KBT

        Dear yohannes zerai you just remind me that if I don’t follow the flow I might be banned, I don’t care
        if you so professional maybe you should stop spreading fake news, and for government responsible accountability I am for it but the same shiukd apply to fake news spreader accountability for the damage against our country , tell me did my comment hurt? ??
        When you spread horrors against my country without providing any evidence don’t you think that it hurt too, my nasty comments are nothing compare to your garbage articles .

        • Yohannes Zerai

          Dear KBT,

          Thank you for your rejoinder.
          Unfortunately, you did not give me much to respond to or to discuss about. So, let me just try to answer the question you put forth as: “…… tell me, did my comment hurt???” My answer to you is: No, not at all! You must know that, for reasons that are best left unsaid, neither I nor anyone else at the forum could be hurt by anything contained in your comments.

          But as a matter of general impression, I thought that you take time and effort to post comments at this website because you want, at the very least, to explain your views to other participants and even convince some of them of the correctness/value of your ideas. However, from the nature of your comments and the manner in which they are presented, that does not seem to be the objective of your posts – never mind the desire to learn from others, which is what brings many of us to the forum. So why do you bother? Why waste time and energy for nothing?

          I had genuinely hoped that you and I will be able to engage in a meaningful exchange even if we may not agree on many issues. Sadly, that hope has now been dashed, but I have no regrets for having given it a try!

          Good luck to you!

          • saay7

            Selam Yohannes Z:

            If Comprehension was a State, it would have withdrawn its ambassador from KBT. And sadly KBT is not unique: most of those who still support the Gov of Eritrea have a mental block–a brew of paranoia, irrationality, rage against the world order–that renders them incapable of logical, rational thought process. KBT has no intention to learn or to teach: he is only here to post his incoherent stuff so his incoherent friends can say “AsmiEkayom!” When you declare news that is unflattering to your heroes as “fake”, then it’s impossible to reach common understanding when there are no common facts.


          • KBT

            Selam saay
            Flattery is not mine , I am no one I don’t think KBT is a popular person that can change the course of history
            But just one question in which way did you contribute for your country so today you can claim ( representing the people justice seeker or whatever) when did you run away from Eritrea ????

          • saay7

            Selam KBT:

            I could tell you but you have given no indication so far that you have the ability to process the information. It would not be a productive use of my time.


          • Yosief Tewolde

            It seems my comment to KBT was discarded as a spam. I tried to contact Awate, but no success.

          • KBT

            Selam saay
            I think I know the answer ,never contributed in any way
            Thank you saay

          • KBT

            Selam yohanes
            The problem my friend We are bored of the continues vilification of our country
            I don’t deny that there is some challenge as a poor country ,but you have also to understand
            The hostility that Eritrea challenge,and a the time in need you guys was busy undermining our sovereignty
            By colluding with western power ,issayas is mortal man but if we loose the country that will be a great disaster for all of us ,so what is to debate or to engage with me ,I am nothing just someone who lost many and don’t want my country to become Iraq ,Libya or Syria ,we need a strong man that can face all difficulties trough his experiences we can learn a lot
            the only country stable in the Horn of Africa is our country with all this difficulties but you the so called opposition
            Didn’t achieve nothing at worst you guy are stabbing each other on foreign soil because you leaderless
            This is a clear image of what will happen god forbid if you guys take power in our country.

          • Yosief Tewolde

            Peace KBT,

            Your statements I quoted them by You say…{{….}}

            You say…{{but you have also to understand The hostility that Eritrea challenge,and a the time in need you guys was busy undermining our sovereignty}}

            I say…You probably mean Susan Rice, Jendaye Frazer, The boundary Commission, UN entities, Africa Union, and none left, but the ultimate thing is that Eritrea hates itself.

            You say…{{and don’t want my country to become Iraq ,Libya or Syria ,we need a strong man that can face all difficulties trough his experiences we can learn a lot}}

            I say…Well the current conditions taking place in Iraq ,Libya or Syria does not justify that Saddam Hussien, Muhamar Gadaffi, Bashar Al Asad ruled good. They RULED BY FEAR, which is why the situations unfolding now did not take place then. Taking Eritrea, If Isaias passes today, I have no doubt the circumstances in Eritrea would unfold negatively BUT that does not justify the RULE BY FEAR is acceptable

            You say…{{the only country stable in the Horn of Africa is our country}}

            I say… The seemingly stable state, you refer to is RULED BY FEAR.

            You say…{{but you the so called opposition Didn’t achieve nothing}}

            I say… I agree with you wholly, that the so called oppositions failed Eritrea miserably, as their approach was based by hate to the rulings in Eritrea even during the rule by Ethiopia.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Hi KBT,

            Respect begins at home. Respect the citizens of Eritrea; give them the rights they deserve. You respect yourself before you request others to respect you. Eritrea is a sovereign country, no one can intervene in her internal issues, unless the regime opened the doors wide others to have a say in the Eritrean national issues. The freedom fighters utilized all kinds of detergents to wash you clean, but I think the mind stopped reasoning properly and distinguishing between things a long time ago. My friend, your negativity is the most dangerous to Eritrea and her people than any external power. The problem is inside Eritrea and the guy who has authority and power to solve it is the one who resides at Adi Hallo. Direct your attention to that guy and press him to solve the problems of Eritrea. At present the keys of solving our problems are in the hands of Isaias, but the moment our people make a unison move the guy will lose all the keys in his hands. Isaias still has space to make a positive history, and any delay to take that action will throw him to dust bin.


          • Yohannes Zerai

            Selam KBT,

            Thank you very much for your latest post. I am glad you cared enough to share with me your concerns about the well-being and the future of Eritrea. Not surprisingly, those happen to be the very same concerns of the overwhelming majority of Eritreans although we may have differing views on how to address those concerns and on how to achieve the results we seek.

            So you see, what bind us together are more powerful than what divide us: we all agree in the things we wish and hope for our people and our country, but we disagree on what kind of a leader, what kind of government, what political system and which path we should choose to achieve our objectives, i.e., to actualize those shared hopes and dreams we all have for our people.

            Most of us here at the forum too are simple, ordinary Eritreans just like you; and many may have experiences similar to your. But if we – you, us and others – all work together focusing on what bind us together while tolerating, compromising and accepting what separate us, we can be the power for good we all want to be.

            In that spirit of tolerance and unity-in-diversity and for the good of Eritrea and its people, I urge you to stop believing that some Eritrean brothers and sisters are “undermining Eritrea’s interests”, “selling their soul for personal benefits at the expense of the country”, “conspiring with foreigners and enemy forces to hurt their country” etc. simply because they differ with you in the mechanics of getting to the “Promised Land” to which we all want to take our country and its people.

            Again, thank you for engaging.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Hi KBT,

          The difference between a human being and an animal is in intellect. The moment a person loses his intellect alterd to an odd person.

          You said, “When you spread horrors against my country”. You seem to love your country, but your love is killing your lover. ومن الحب ما قتل


          • Selamat Hameed Al Arabi,

            Wua mnn al Hub ma QeTTel is like the idiom of one cutting your nose to spite your face. Well, after after hibernating a little in kiflitat, or as my Brother Gheteb would say “DeQui WushaTe”, it is Tebeges Time this August “Rush” of 2017. And combinatorics and permutation of n Choose i formulations, factorials as well as current and future liabilities, asset valuations etc… will be the arsenal– Not to mention the discounting factor which is based some what on the Thirty year mortgage rates….

            I anticipate some unintended cross fire exchanges between you Hameed and I but not between Brother Said and I…. and though we are digging the trenches on the same side, I am sure you will agree, I do suggest that you put on extra armor as I will be doing the same. It is like Morpheus asking Neo, would you like to know how deep the rabbit hole is Dorothy?

            I have appointed myself to be on guard watch for my Platoon sort to speak. I am avoiding the rude interjection of the pending dialogue between meMhrey Mez and my Captain Saay7. Notice the question Mez has asked the Captain? Ahhh…. LOOK AGAIN! said Morpheus to Neo on the simulation and the lady in the red dress. I think it was at the base of One Penn Plaza… though it could be Oakland because a lot of the fight scenes in the Matrix was filmed in DA BAY.

            Yeah… wua mn alHub ma Qul or Qettle…YZ will be guarding KBT… I need you to carry the Weapon X for the X>YZ Imperative Narrative. Yes, It is an ORDER!!! 😉

            Memhr Mez is on board for – Awget August Rush… Abu AAshera Weopon X – Evolution.


        • Abraham H.

          Hi KBT, the problem of your likes is that you always are looking for excuses in others instead of looking inside your own house first and foremost. Mr KBT, no one is spreading horrors to ‘your country’ as it is the epicenter of all forms of horrors and a deathtrap from where its sons and daughters are running away in their tens of thousands. Mr. KBT, the Betemengisti in Asmara, or is that in Adi Hallo, is the headquaters of horrors, not in films, but real world horrors.
          Let alone to live a normal life, Eritrea is a country whose citizens are scared to death to talk to foreign journalists on camera, have you seen how the people reacted when they were approached by foreign jouranlists to answer simple questions? KBT, you must be one of those who enjoyed life under the inhumane Derg regime.

          • KBT

            Selam Abraham
            You region the other side need you my friend the blood of innocent Amhara and Oromo will follow you to your
            City of Makele . You people backstubber forget what Eritrean have done for you they rised from the dust ,trained you ,feed you hold the hole Ethiopia until you strengthen ,how was your thank you it’s well known, now Ethiopian also know you real face ,you wished our collapse and who is sinking collapsing slowly ,
            As God the mighty said prepare your sword and horse but victorie is mine .only the true will win
            You will pay for suffering.