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Negarit 62: ትሕትና – Humility – التواضع

The following is a rough transcript of Negarit #62, a video program published on tNov 28, 2019

1. Now I have proof our culture needs revamping—in some aspects it stinks.

2. “Meseta Abeyuti, mezena naashtu“—friendship among older and younger people  is shameful in out culture, they say

Someone who tells you the shortcomings you need to improve, he should not be insulted because he makes you uncomfortable, but be thanked.

A developed culture is not built on illusion, it should be based on reality, and tangible qualities within a given culture.

If you missed it, I always say I am not here to increase the level of arrogance, therefore, expect critiques that may make you uncomfortable. I will never offer pretentious praises, because I am not running for election—and if you misunderstand my intentions, in time you will understand it properly. Faqd alshi’e la Y’aTih–What we do not have, you cannot give simply because you do not have it—but let’s aspire to achieve what we lack.

Many people are so protective of their culture and they are up in arms the moment it’s questioned or criticized. Sorry to say this, but we are arrogant, violent, and disrespectful. All of us? Of course not. But think of it as a stain on the pocket of a clean shirt. We do not say, the pocket is stained, but the shirt is stained. A drop of poison in a barrel of water makes the water poisonous—it’s not the water that neutralizes the drop of poison. Don’t try it at home.

But we have a poor culture, and though a bonafide Habesha myself, there is nothing that makes me proud of that culture. If anyone thinks I am wrong, go ahead and explain it to all. We have such a poor culture I think it’s a Saudi culture without petrol. If we have the Saudi petrol, no one would see the difference. I have lived in the Arab world enough and I know my people—our culture is almost cloned. I can prepare a long list to show the similarities, beginning with the way they treat women. If not for that culture, one man wouldn’t have oppressed us for three decades with impunity.

But I feel sad when I hear of different sections of our population being identified by the worst individuals among them. “Tseyaq Alet”, as they say back home. It is heart wrenching to see noble humble and respectful people being criminalized because of a few irresponsible rascals among them behave in unbecoming manners, are fond of foul words, and claim they behave the way they do on behalf of a certain segment they claim to belong to.

Have you seen, over the last two decades, how Eritrean Muslims were victimized by what 19 insane extremist Saudis did in New York? Are you seeing how Eritrean Christians and Highlanders are being victimized because of the malicious outgrowth within their communities? That I despise. Noble Eritreans have nothing to do with what the foolish, arrogant, the disunitying street boys are doing and propagating.

So, we should fight those cancerous outgrowth on all fronts, wherever we see their destructive, violent, and archaic behaviors. We should stand together in fighting this malice. If any Eritreans is victimized, we are all victimized and we should be able to protect our dignity, integrity and our good national character. We should also remember such unknown alien behaviors are not Eritrean, but implanted by the scum among us. We should not provide them victory for their damaging campaigns by staying quiet. Fight it back. Spread the feeling of camaraderie, patriotism and protect the Eritrean name—all Eritreans from all corners. We are all facing an assault by those who grew among us, those whom we considered part of us, and who are now planning to throw us in disarray and splinter us along unimaginable cleavages. Don’t offer them cracks to sneak through—and they are good at finding cracks like warms that find their way into our bodies. We have to fight parallel fights: one against our tormentor for the sake of freedom and justice, and another against those who are hindering our struggle for a just cause.

Now let me give you an example of one of the worst aspect of our culture.

“mezena Abeyti, maHaza naaShtu

Do you know the saying, “mezena Abeyti, maHaza naaShtu” See what that means? It means a compartmentalized society segregated along age and generations. No continuity, a broken chain of history, a faded sense of identity and a crooked path that hinders the proper passing of our legacy.

Today I can confidently state I have friends of all ages and among them are friends who are the age of my children and they are my friends, though it’s a no-no according to our culture. But I am very proud of them. I weigh their addition to our long struggle a huge jump forward.

They are the energy that would carry this struggle to the end. I can see it clearly.

A few days ago, my young friends presented me a rewarded—I am glad it was not a Noble prize—Noble prize has become so cheap, unattractive because you shake hands with someone and they give you one Noble coin. A friend came to my rescue (so I hear) and he suggested to my young friends to give me an original prize fit for the occasion. Here it is and I feel very proud of it. Thank you.

For my young friends. Strive to be the best at what you do. Aim for excellence in your life and never forget your less fortunate compatriots at home. Work hard to bring their sufferings to an end. But here, you need wisdom… and don’t believe anyone who tells you wisdom comes with age. Not necessarily, we have many examples of people who lose wisdom with age—look at the PFDJ! Wisdom is something you learn and you can learn it quicker if you are humble enough to learn while maintaining your integrity—and most importantly, stay clean of archaic, medieval thinking. You have better eyeglasses to see the times, and how the world is advancing and living while the foolish among us are busy building narrow, suffocating fences. You can do that. Have clarity and espouse natural progressive, modernist views, make those views part of your character and attitude. And pursue clear goals with tenacity, with integrity, with care for yourself, your people, and humanity at large. And you can hasten the time of the relief for all our people.

Thank you my young friends

Temahirkm alekhum

About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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  • Haile S.

    Selam Saleh and Awate people,

    Saleh, for those who tend to read only your written material, I strongly suggest them to also listen to your audio message. The salty liquid part of the sauce is in the audio. Reading only gives the dry part that need to be masticated more to extract the juice by adding saliva.

    ዝገደፍካልና የብልካን፡ ግና ንጥዕናና ኢልካ ኢኻ እሞ፡ ንጥዕና ይግበረልና! ኣውሎ ዝለመደት፡ ጠሰስ ልቢ ዝለመድት፡ ውነ ሓበሻ፡ ኩርማጅ ኣይትኽእል እያ። ዝኾነ ኮይኑ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ንዝሓለፉ 20 ዓመታት፡ ብኢሳያስን ብደቀ-መዛምርቱን ብጎረቤት ጸላእቱን፡ ቆርበቱ ይምለጥ ስለ ዘሎ፡ ናትካ ትኒዕ፡ መበራበሪ ክኾኖ ተስፋ እገብር።
    ሳልሕ, ኣውሎ ትፈቱ ዶ? እስኪ ኣውሎ ክብለልካ። በል ሓዝ፣

    ወዲ ቃዲ የ ወዲ ቃዲ
    ኩሩዕ ሓበሻ
    ተቐባል ጋሻ፡ ዳሱ መንእገዲ
    ቆፉኡ ዝመልአ ብሩር ወርቂ ሶልዲ
    ሰሊዑ ዝህብ ናቱ፡ ናይ እንዳማቱ ዘየናዲ
    ኮፍ ዘይብል በይኑ፡ ጋሻ ኣብ ዘይብሉ መኣዲ
    ኣብ ውግእ ዝምድር
    ገዚኡ ዝሓድር፡ ኣብ ርሻን ዘውዲ
    ስጋ-ቅዓዮ ዝመልአት ኣላቶ ከብዲ
    ወዲ ኸረን ወዲ ማእከል ዓውዲ
    ኣቦሓጎታቱ ዘውፍሩ ቁጽሪ ዘይብሉ ጽምዲ
    መታሕት ከበሳ እናኸዱ ዝህቡ ፍርዲ
    ባጽዕ ወሪዶም ዝሸጡ ዘእትዉ ንግዲ
    ረድረድ ዘብሉ ዝነበሩ ንደቂ ኤፈንዲ
    እንሆ ሕጂ ወዶም የእንግደና ትሕቲ ዓወታዊ ጽሕዲ

    Talking about Keren including Anseba and beyond, these people have also their version of the Saba (Makeda) legend. In fact Anseba (ዓንሰባ), according to the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha who visited Mens’E, Keren and the region of Bogos with a large group of people including one if the Effendis as an interpretor from Massawa, he says the name Anseba is AinSaba derived from Queen Saba. He says people in the area claim they are descendents of those ancient Ethiopians. Throughout the chapters he writes the name of the river as AinSaba.

    On another note, an Italian who wrote a book about Eritrea in the early 1900s says queen Saba gave birth to Menelik in Anseba river in contrast to what most of us know as being in Mai-bella (ማይ በላ)። ኣንትን ኣንስቲ እስኪ ማይ በላ፡ እስኪ ማይ ኣምጽኣ፡ እዚ ቆልዓ ወጺኡ እኮ! እልልልልልልል!

    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      ኣነ በዚ ጆሃር ዝብልዎ ሰብኣይ ሓሪቐ ‘የ ቀንየ። ‘ዛ ታኪን ከይበልዓ ከማን ብሕርቃን ተሓሲመያ።
      ሎሚ ቁሩብ ይሕሸኒ: ዝሒለ መስለኒ።
      ስማዕስከ: ንሓበሻ ‘ሲ ምስ ‘ዞም በደዊን ዝፈላልይኩም የለን ይብለና? ኣይደፈረን ‘ዶ?

      ‘ዛ መሽረፈት ምስተሸለም ‘ኳ ሸቢዑ።
      ንሕና ሓበሻ ‘ኳ ክንደይ ነገር ዝመሃዝና: በላሕቲ ሰባት: ዓቃላት: መወዳድርትና ውሑዳት ኣብ ዓለም: ዘነገደ-ሳባ ኢና።
      ሕጂ ድማ ንግሰተ-ሳባ እምበር ንግስቲ-ሳባ ትበሃል ኣይነበረትን ይብለና? ኣነ ‘ዶ!

      በል ክነግረካ ስለምንታ [ክንደይ ነገር ዝመሃዝና፥ በላሕቲ፡ሰባት፣ ዓቃላት] ኢና ኢለካ:
      • ዓቃላት ኢና። ሓደ በለለይ! ጥራይ። ዓቃላት ተዘይንኸውን ዝኹሉ ዓመታት
      ኣይምተጸመምናዮን ኔርና። እዚ ዓቕሊ ይበሃል።
      • በላሕቲ ሰባት ኢና። ክልተ በለለይ። ክልተ ዶ ‘ልካ? በላሕቲ ስለዝኾንና: ዓለም ብዓለማ
      ስድተኛታት ተመሲልና ብዘይ ጥይት ወሪርናያ!
      • ንሕና: ክንደይ ነገራት ዝመሃዝና ሰባት ኢና። ሰለስተ በለለይ ዶተረ። ሒዝካኒ ዶ?
      ስማዕ በል ክዝርዝረልካ ዝመሃዝናዮም ነገረት።
      o ሃበኒ ስከ ሽሙ ረሲዐዮ ሽሙ ትጥፋእ……ኣታ ‘ቲ እንታይ ኢኻ ትብሎ? ምሽ ኣሎካ
      ‘ቲ…..ሓሳዳት ወያነ! ኣረሲዖምኒ ዝኹሉ ዝመሃዝናዮ።

      • Haile S.


        በል እታ እንኮ ሓበሻ ዝመሃዛ ክነግረካ
        ሓንቲ እንኮ ካልኣይቲ ዘይብልካ
        እያ እምበኣር
        ምብ’ላዕ ምብ’ኣስ ምቅ’ታል ነንሕድሕድካ
        ብጓና እንዳተጠቐምካ
        ወጻእተኛ ብግዲ ብውዲ እንዳዓደምካ
        ሃየ! በል ካብ ታሪኽ ክጠቕሰልካ
        ኣኻኺበ ካብ ዘንበብክዎ ክነግረካ

        ካብ ቐደም ጀሚሩ ካብ ዘመን ኢኒ ኢኒ
        ነጋውስ ሓበሻ ምግዛእ ካብ ዝጅምሩ ንበዓል እምኒ
        ሰራሕ-መሳርያ ወዲ-ወጻኢ ጥራይ’ዩ ዝኣምኑ ይመስለኒ

        ባዕሎም ክሰርሑ ክመራመሩ?
        ዕደ፡ ዘበት
        ፍጹም ክስንዑ ኣይኮኑን ዝተፈጥሩ!
        ወጻእተኛ ተጠቒሞም ብጻዮም ክኸትሩ

        ጸዕዳ ዝበሃል እንተኣትዩ ኣብታ ሃገር
        በቲ ነጊሱ ዘሎ ንጉሥ ተደልዩ ይህገር
        ከሰልጥነሉ ኣነጣጢሩ ዝቐትል ወተሃደር
        ብሕልፊ ጠመንጃ ዝበሃል መሳርያ ካብ ዝፍጠር
        ኩሉ ጻዕዳ-ዓሌት ሰራሕ ጠመንጃ ነበረ ዝጥርጠር

        ነፍሲ-ወከፍ ኣብ ሓበሻ ዝነገሰ ዝመርሕ
        ‘ተውሓደ ሓደ ጻዕዳ ነይርዎ መሰርያ ዘዕሪ ዝሰርሕ

        ክሳብ ሕጂ እውን ኣሎ እዚ ሓሳበ-ተግባር
        ኤርትራ ነጻ ኮይና ኣብ ክንዲ ንሰርሕ ብሓባር
        ወጻእተኛ እንዳእተና እንሆ ንዋዳእ፡ ንኣኻ ኣይኮነን ኣኽባር

        • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

          ፕሮፌሰር ሃይላት:

          ሠን ፀን ኀን ከይትጥቀመለን ተባሂልካ ኔርካ ግን ኣይገደፍካን። ትእዛዝ ቤት-ጽሕፈት ዓዲ-ሃሎ ከተኽብር ተነጊሩካ እዩ።
          ኡስ ኢልካ ዝዕደላ ፊደላት ኣይ ኮናን።

          ዘን ክቡራት ፊደላት: ን ንጉሥ ኃይለ ሥላሤ: ሃፄ ዮውሃንሥ: ንግሥቲ ፀሃይቱ: ምናልባሽ ከኣ ምናልባሽ ዘልኩ ንመሃንድሥ: ወዘተረፈ.. ‘ምበር ንበዓል ሳልሕ: ሰመረ: ስዒድ: ጻጸ: መረጸ [ከይተስተማስሉ ንምባል ኣስማት ተዛኒቑ ይርከብ] ወዘተረፈ ዝዕደል ኣይኮነን። ንርሂጾም ሓደርቲ ዝዕደላ ፊደላት ኣይኮናን።

          ናይ መወዳእታ መጠንቀቕታ ጌርካ ውሰዳ።

          ቤት-ጽሕፈት ዓዲ-ኃሎ
          ኢሳያሥ ኣፈወርቂ
          ንጉሥ-ነገሥት ዘ ሃገረ ኤረትራ

          • Haile S.

            ሰላም መሃንድሻ፡

            እንታይ ድዩ ሃገርና ዝቐትላ ዘሎ?
            ካብ liberation ናብ forced imposition
            ኣብ prononciation
            ኣብ administration
            ኣብ education
            ኣብ living condition
            እንታይ ዝዓብስ እዩ እዚ ኹሉ ‘ሽንሽን’?
            ኪዱ እንተደሊኹም ስገሩ emigration
            እንዳበሉ ጥራሕና ከትርፉና PFDJ-nation
            ኣይትብከ እንድዩ ዘብክየኒ ዘሎ ተባሂሎ፡ መሃንድሽን
            ኣይትጽሓፍ እንድዩ ዘጽሕፈኒ ዘሎ, self-liberation

      • Saleh Johar

        You are actually cruel. You missed the Turkey and I missed sleep listing all our inventions–but how would you forget the Meshrefet that we invented? I am mad the Japanese stole the idea and made the folding accordion fan from it, which they have been selling all over the world making millions for many years. It’s time we sue them for copyrights.

        Thank you

        • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

          ኡስታዝ ሳልሕ:
          ኮፍ ኢልካ ኣንባብ ‘ዛ መልሰይ።
          ናይ ፓተንት [ሰርች] ጌረ መሽረፈት መሃዝታ ካልኦት ዓሌት ኴኖም ጸኒሖም።
          ጻሕልን ጀበናን ከማን ናትና ‘የን ኢለ ከም ውዱእ ወሲደዮ ኔረ። ሕጅውን ኣይቀነዓንን።
          ሓንቲ ሓስባት ግን ብልጭ ኢላትኒ: ኣብ ግዜ ዓመታዊ ምውጻእ ነዛ መሽረፈት ኣብ ጨረታ ኣውርዳ።

          • Saleh Johar

            እዚኣ ኢድ ወያነን አመርካን ቀጠርን መንግስቲ ማርስን ካኦትን ኣለዋ:: መሽሪፈት መሽረፊትና ንኻልእካ በሎ::

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ኡስታዝ ሳልሕ:
            ምናልባሽ ‘ታ ናይ ማርስ ክቕበላ ክፍትን ‘የ።
            [ተቓወምቲ] ድማ ወስኸላ ነታ ሊስታ።
            ብጻይ ቻርሊ, ሚኒስተር ታህዲድን-ምግቡዕባዕን, ተቓወምቲ ምባል ኣፍቂዱ።
            ግን: [ደለይቲ-ፍትሒ] ምባል ኣይነፍቅድን ዝብል: ብብጻይ ብሩኖ[መቓልሕ] ጌሩ ሓቢሩ።

    • Saleh Johar

      Hail S,
      Sorry for the belated reply, you know the reason….

      I am saying, everything we know (or we think we know, including European Africanists, actually Ethiophiles in our case) comes from Kibre Negest. No short answer will do, so I extracted a part from my book “Of Kings and Bandits” as a gift for you, Mehandis, and the others who showed interest in the subject. It’s published on the frontpage and here is the link: Kibre Negest: . AytestewaHduwo 🙂 The mai-Bela legend is actually part or a shoot off of Kibre Negest. You can guess why the Kibnrte Negest had so much currency in shaping our psyche! Of course, it was taught and promoted for 700 years by the clergy and the dynasty, which was actually the one and only entity holding the entire population captive to its propaganda.

      As for the flattering Masse, kbret yehabeley. Thank you

  • iSem

    Hi Saleh:
    Very good piece and tells truth to power (in this case the power is the entrenched in the culture
    About Sheba: Excellent for telling people that there is no name called Sheba, it is queen of Sheba, so they mistake it with Nigisti Saba (Queen Saba). I have a loved one called Saba and I always kid her that there was no queen named Saba:-)
    The culture is filled with mythology like the Greek mythology, but at least the Greeks myths enriches our English vocabulary:
    Achilles’ heels: unprotected part
    Cassandras: someone who is can forell the future but no one believes then.
    Aphordiasc: from the Goddess of love and now it means something that increases someone libido
    On slavery: Many ignorant Eritreans do not know that there are former slaves still alive in Eritrea now. The Habesha were slave owners just like the Americans and we have many proverbs about slaves just like the Arab poet who said, “never buy a slave without also buying stick. “
    Let me share this story about slavery. In Adi Tekelezan a girl from noble family (mesfint) was married away to a rich man in Seraye, he owned had many cows, but he milked his cows and his white clothes were stained with milk so she though he is devoid of nobility: ‘shuumnet” and one day she packed and went home. Then she was married away to Senaafe and was given as dowry a husband and a wife slaves. The man to work out doors and the woman in the house. The slave wife is still alive. Her kids were freedom fighters and when they returned, one follows villager commented that so and so married “seb”. The slave wife given as dowry is still alive.
    I think the proverb you mention about befriending younger people is attributed when a person does not act his age, like is old but is not mature and I never considered it as ageism?

    About Habesha’s discriminatory attitude, I think ghedli perpetuated it too. Manipulatively .
    Like it did with misogyny but I know it paid lip service to it and created programs that perpetuated it. Women’s org is good example, it never worked on women’s issues, it never addressed prostitution seriously and even FGM. Like culture like organization

  • Selam All,

    The eritrean regime is accusing qatar for destabilization and planned political assassinations.

    The new PP (Progress Party) has been formed in ethiopia. The so-called helper parties have unanimously voted to join the new party. Tplf is the only exception among the eprdf coalition that has refused to merge.

    What is you take on these? i hope you discuss it on the side line with the main topic of the above article.

    • saay7


      Excellent topic… but we should stick with Negarit message: a critique of the Habesha culture. He called Habesha culture as clone of Bedouin culture and the Habesha people as “bedouin without oil.”

      Maybe he should translate it to Amharic so all the Zeraf Zeraf ከከከከከከ dudes can show up 😂

      Happy thanksgiving day!


      • Teodros Alem

        Selam Saay7
        When i was in egypt i noticed a lot of behavioral and expression similarity between “fellah” and rural people in ethiopia. even the language in a real rural ethio(not abi language, it is not real) has more similarity with “fellahin”. I think it is good if Saleh Johar translate it to amharic and see what they(zeraf zeraf ke, ke, dudes) has to say about it. the problem is those dudes in here don’t want to talk about other stuff outside of thier assigned topics.

    • Teodros Alem

      selam horizon
      1st, it is prosperity party, not progress.
      2nd, tplf refused to merge is the usual eprdf game to shape the narration but in reality tplf is part of it from the beginning until now.
      3, maybe it will be a little bit good for those who lives outside of thier ethnic group “land”(the so called none natives), it might give them a chance to participate in politics in any corner of ethiopia, other than that nothing much will come out of it.
      4th, the 4 members of eprdf and all the “agare” parties were under one command from the beginning untill know, so no change there.

      • Berhe Y

        Hi Horizon and Teodros,

        The prosperity name doesn’t really sound a good name. It sounds like, the “prosperity gospel” of those habes qedes pente qonte:). But may be that’s what Abiy believes.

        I think progressive party would probably have been better choice, would have better choice…

        Progressivism as per wikipedia, As a philosophy, it is based on the idea of progress, which asserts that advancements in science, technology, economic development and social organization are vital to the improvement of the human condition, which all Ethiopia needs.

        I don’t know what’s the big deal if TPLF doesn’t want to join the new party…political party does not equate to a region or boarder or what ever, it’s just an ideology where anyone from anywhere should be allowed based on the party rules.

        It should never be an issue of make or break the country because some political parties decide to merge, to split, to rename, reform etc..this happens all the time, every where.

        I think it’s a good move by the PM, because other real rivals will emerge and in the hope of contending these party, they will also create another grouping opposition this party and that will force them to unite..that’s how parties get narrowed, not for anyone else by for their selfish interests first.

        TPLF, Tigray does not really have the numbers (population) the wealth (no body really depends on) to dictate Ethiopian politics for a long time. What TPLF/ Tigray people need to focus is to build on their future and find their economic advantage, niche to progress. It could be education, it could be health care, it could be manufacturing, it could be business, it could be anything really they put their minds on…it could be technology etc..


        • Teodros Alem

          selam berhe
          What up, i think u don’t like the name? For me it doesn’t matter if they name it progress, prosperity, Abiy , communism or whatever. what matter the most is the police, ideology and what the party stands for.
          yes u r right tplf don’t have the economy or the population to impact much on ethiopia politics( outside of tigrai) but the reality is , eprdf executive committee r acting both as a board of directors of a company and as a CEO of a company
          the executive committee of eprdf decide on behalf of the whole of ethiopia, as executive committee they r the one who decided everything for the whole of ethiopia, including how to implement policies from region to region.

        • Selam Berhe Y.,

          You are right in most of your points. Nevertheless, in my opinion, tplf will not join the new party, not for the sake of the people of tigray which has nothing to lose, but to serve its own political interests. Tplf’s position will be downgraded in the new party, because the population size will play a major role in representation in the executive committee. In the past, there was equal representation irrespective of the number, which gave tplf a veto power. In addition to its military power this gave it the upper hand so that it could rule the country with authoritarianism. Tplf’s ethnic federation and constitution will have no merits, and most probably ethnic federation and the constitution will be revised, and a new type of federation and an amended constitution could be the result.

          Maybe you have read that in neighboring sudan bashir’s party has been dissolved and its assets confiscated and made property of the people. Tplf may have this fear in mind as well. The result of looting over the last three decades has made it a rich party.

          Therefore, tplf as it is today under the old guards, (hence they did not bring new blood into the top positions of the party in order to protect the politico-economic interests of the group that created it), has no other choice other than to fight tooth and nail the new party. Any new development in ethiopia that brings the people together condemns tplf into irrelevance and oblivion. Today it is on let’s save ethiopia rhetoric, which in reality is nothing else but saving tplf.

          Finally, i don’t think that there is any similarity between catalonia, quebec and scotland on one hand and tigray on the other. The first group want their independence for historical and economic reasons that is supported without any coercion by a large number of people, and in the second case, it is mainly due to tplf party interests and its survival that doesn’t serve the interest of the people of tigray. On the contrary, the people have a lot to lose. A free referendum will show that the people of tigray will vote overwhelmingly to stay within the ethiopian federation, and secession is only a tplf agenda.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Horizon,

      Are you sure the only opposing group is the only the TPLF collection? Just now I heard that ለማ መገርሳ has opposed the principle of Progress Party..see the link bellow,,

      And what are you trying to say about the PFDJ group ? isn’t normal for every one of us regarding the nature of “Eritrean regime ” blaming every external nation when ever instead of checking internal ? .


      • Selam KS,
        Lemma Megersa’s stand seems to be a new development. It will be interesting to learn how he voted in the odp meeting, or if there is a rift between the duet, LM and pm Abiy. The first was saying ethiopiawinet is an addiction and the second was saying ethiopia and Abiy are the two sides of the same coin. It looked as if there was unity of opinion between the two.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Selam Horizon,

          Yes, but this is only one example I understand that people around Dr.Abiy are divided in to two supporting and opposing …you You will learn more rejecting the idea “Medemer” soon..Just watch those days..Don’t be in hurry to judge..Just some more days..I know that complete party is also opposing. Some day more to be announced..

          I am strictly following the development and I am sure this will be experienced very widely. The developments in horn are very fast and you should always hearing the latest news and updated the information.. on the spot..I am following in every second just every development..Just on bed..Watching the TV..Computer..and my mobile ..

          Dr.Abiy day by day is going down now he is no more lovely among the people of Ethiopia. Even now he is no more the top man of IGAD. Just follow this man..


          • Teodros Alem

            selam kokhob
            but before u strictly follow the development, i think u need to know what is party means , how it organize, how it function and so on .

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Teodros Alem,

            Just let us wait and see Teodros ..I am sure this will be true and materialized..

            “party means”,group..a political party. Nothing new about..


          • Teodros Alem

            selam kokhob s
            Yes, but we r talking about poltical party, african poltical party, ethiopian poltical party, communist lean poltical party. It is not like Democrat or Republican parties in the U.S.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Selam Teodros,,

            Why you want to expose now? Let us wait some more days..Even the entire populations will oppose not a single party..the main Ethiopian people will not accept the idea ..


          • Teodros Alem

            selam kokhob s
            so u telling me based on something or based on youtube and facebook, the ethiopia people will not accept the idea(prosperity party) ? and u will prove me wrong and ur facebook /youtube will be right.
            even ur youtube or facebook is right, ethiopian people never elected thier representative even for once ,
            This is one of eprdf ideology “power comes out of the barrel of a gun”.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Yes Sir,

            “and u will prove me wrong and ur facebook /youtube will be right.”

            Not at all.

            Please understand me that I am not going risk my divinity in such way..See, it is me, who fought under EPRP for the sake of Ethiopian people and ELF for my country..since I have almost long experience of those sisterly people..just you can imagine now how expert I am..Let me tell you that I am no more interested in politics..I am more interested in spiritual for higher dimension, in this 3rd dimension of illusion ..Just think about it..Let me promise you and every one reading this…


  • Kokhob Selam

    Yes Dear Saealeh..

    I really wonder for your continuous energy to change our society..Really you should be appreciated..

    ነብሱ ዘይቀየረ ሕ-ስብ ልውጢ ክጽበ የብሉን ::ጸልዩ ኣሕዋት በብሃይማነትኩም ይቕሬታ ንሕተት::


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Saleh,

    Your advice and your pointblank-socio-cultural criticism is very admirable. If not now to fight against it, then when? Second to break the relay-of-lies and bad socio-cultural attitudes is also time-sensitive, and you are right we have to face the challenge. From my end, I found your criticism very bold that makes to scratch our heads of not doing our parts in that aspect of fight. However, I have a question to you. If the story of Maybella and Saba are folklore then the story of Saba and Menelik first will be folklore. What was the itinerary stops of Saba when she was returning from Jerusalem? Can you enlighten us on the alternative story of her round trip?