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Negarit #14: Rehus Gama – ርሑስ ጋማ

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  • Ismail AA

    Hayak Allah SJ,

    Negarit 14 harvested more grain than chaff (the humor). By the way, the little flag that playfully and leisurely wanders between your fingers says much more that than the number of words Negarit 14, and 13 before it, uttered. When I listened to 13, I thought it was casual one time thing. But when I watched closer at 14, I murmured to myself and said, boy, this is serious. It reminded me the late Seyoum Ogbamichael and his story with that flag. Once upon a time it near costed him his life. Where ever he went, that little flag was in his bag. I think it reminded why he had embarked on the mission he committed to until the last breath of his life. May his soul rest in peace.

    • Saleh Johar

      Dear Ismail,
      A while I ago I spoke with a very close friend, and in giving me his feedback on #14, he said, “the flag makes you appear stuck in the past.” That comment really hurts and I had to end the talk nicely because if I didn’t, I might say something and hurt him. I do not want to do that to a friend.

      Back to your comment.

      My position is, the struggle that started under that banner is not yet finished and I will do my best to keep the real meaning of the struggle alive as long as I breathe. True, flags are just symbols, but I do not see anyone who would drop that symbol for one designed and imposed by a dictator of who all seem to be complaining. I do not fancy struggling against Isaias’ system using his “avatar” as our Saay once said.

      In times like this, I do remember steadfast, committed combatants that we lost–including Syoum Ogbamichael.

      Now be ready, there is a possibility the old labels will be revived. Take care, my Werebela friend 🙂

      • Abrehet Yosief

        Selam Ustaaz,
        There was an elderly Italian priest (he lived his entire life in Eritrea and gave sermons in Tigrigna) in Sanata Antonio church in Godaif. When tegadelti arrived in 1991, he brought out a tattered Eritrean flag. He had kept it hidden for 30 years! It was a joyous day. When you think how many times those places were searched and what would have happened to them if derg soldiers found it.

        • Haile S.

          Selam Abrehet,
          Were your family members or acquaintances that you said were imprisoned for their faith released with the group we heard about couple days ago?

          • Abrehet Yosief

            Selam Ayay,
            None of the ones I know imprisoned for religious reasons are released. Another two, in Adi Abeyto one (a National Service) from Hailitat for no known reason and another for “bidguday sherfi” are not released. Adi Abyeto is supposed to have released all “te’aremti”, but family haven’t heard if these two have been transferred to a different prison. bitefa nitsbe alena is all I hear.

          • Haile S.

            I hope you will soon hear they are safe, sound and free. Best

          • saay7

            Selamat Abrehet:

            I am sorry to hear that your family is not released.

            The ONLY confirmed releases (confirmed by family members and church) are about 35 Pentecostals who were sent home on probation.

            The rest—all sourced from a Facebook page “Eritrea Press”—are unconfirmed. Some big name media (AFP, Reuters) are using it as an authoritative source, which is amazing for a Facebook page whose contact info is a personal gmail account. I expect a retraction from these media outlets.

            And of course it goes without saying that FishMilk was spinning PFDJ propaganda but we should believe him because apparently nobody else has family in Eritrea or knows how to use this new invention called the phone and he ocassionally says “I don’t support PFDJ or PIA”. 🙄


          • Abrehet Yosief

            Selam Saay,
            Nai fishmilk gedifka tezareb. Qch memtsi’i. The government officials had a hard time deleting religious songs from work computers. The pentes share the songs on memory sticks and then use work computers to listen to them. The security guys were busy making sure such songs are deleted. It amuses me to see the profit as many of them call him (God bless them, he does look like profit if you ask me.) To see him listen to his songs in a country where they are forbiden. Yigerm eyu. The haimanotawi gudayat people in dehninet must be having a stroke.

          • saay7

            Selam Abrehet:

            Today, BBC Amharic interviewed Eritrea’s Minister of Information and asked him if he can confirmed the release of those arrested for religious reasons and he answered that he doesn’t know about that. This is the Minister of Information whose single job is to provide information.

            So what does he know? He knows that Islam and Christianity were practiced in Eritrea for hundreds of years harmony coexistence and Jesus and Mohammed were classmates or whatever it is these guys says when asked to comment about today. They can’t so they talk about the past. Remember the Secretary of the ruling party was most comfortable talking about the one million year old Afari Eritrean woman who existed before the concept of ethnicities and nation states existed.

            And, oh, that Eritrea Press FishMilk has been pimping to the extent of challenging us to prove it’s not an Eritrean government page? Mesherfet is saying it’s a fake news site based on Ethiopia.

            So, same-o same-o.


          • iSem

            Hi Abrhet and Sal:

            Abrehet, I hope your relatives get released soon
            All PFDJ supporters are not created equal, some support it because they have invested and they want go deeper and some are genuine, they think whatever we are paying now is for the sovereignty of the country created out of ashes and some are outright mercenaries, paid for their shameful services. The genuine onces hearts are broken, I did a poll Sal, they are crying, confused and now we have to embrace them, modifying your no one left to no one is left hurt broken:-)
            We have being saying (borrowing from IA to UN about Saddam) that PFDJ will release those who were arrested as nay hadera prisoners, those who were arrested when found praying in their homes, and criminals and the mercenaries and willfully ignorant because IA is from their village or his son went to school with their nephew will peddle it and some of hurt broken may be appeased But until the leaders of the faiths, the journalist, the spouses of politicians like Aster, the heroes like Bitweded, and some one is accountable for mass graves is revealed the struggle to unseat, to weedout, to name and shame,to eradicate PFDJ must continue.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Abrehet,
          Yes, you are right. There are thousands of stories lik the very representative one you told us, the honorable priest. But I never imagined it will be exiled this long until I saw the flags that were displayed all over Eritrea for the reception of the Medemer “Monte” 🙂

  • Rule of Law

    Greetings Saleh,
    Entertaining satire as usual. On a different note, Australia has the largest feral Camel population in the world numbered at 2,000.000 (just a bypassing remark)

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi rule of law,
      Thanks for the note.
      The top three are Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia. Every other country, including Australia, are not equal to Ethiopia. Google it and you will find out. I also included a graph.

      Thanks again

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Saleh,

    Good compiles of the extravagant wedding and excellent message for the public at large. You gave us something to laugh early morning, before we jump to our routine work. Thank you.

  • Haile S.

    Selam Saleh GJ,
    As you mentioned, this marriage is original and interesting in many aspects.
    It is a marriage between:
    – two men, an original for our countries 🙂 🙂 🙂
    – An old and a fresh (a septuagénaire and a quadragénaire).
    – የቸገረው እርጉዝ ያገባል, it is a marriage between two pregnants.
    – between multidivorsed and a vigin.
    – one invited his whole family, the other his best men only.
    – the later is bringing his whole family to visit his partners village, the other is reserving his family to be the servers and door keepers.
    – one saps his family’s energy, the other radiates and distributes his energy.

    But both are ready to danse together. Lets appluad them. Do we have an immediate choice? Lets do like a smart husband/wife driving with his partner. Instead of shouting saying why she/he turned at that intersection at the risk of ending in the ditch. Lets be the one who says, I thought we already bought the gift, you are heading to the supermarket.