How About Now?

The seed that was planted last year in Addis has germinated and has started growing. It is growing healthy and robust. If I were the farmer or the Gardner I will be a satisfied person. That is my answer to my question.

Will this satisfy the curious reader? I don’t know. But again I shall reiterate my true belief by saying the congress of Awasa was an affirmation of my anticipation (and to be honest, my expectation).

Some of you, with good intention and pure heart, might have expected “higher” and “loftier” result or bluntly, “a perfect” result. I confess, in my life I know not what “perfect” result is.

Personally, I do not like “perfection” especially when it comes to things that deal with human beings, communities, societies or national affairs. Perfectionism is the cousin to absolutism and absolutism is the foundation of Tyranny. Perfection is the enemy of life. Need for perfection is subconscious wish for “death”. Perfection is a sure venue to death. Life is imperfect thus beautiful and mysterious so are human beings. Instead, I am an avid advocate of positive improvement, progress and growth.

If you are one of those (with ill intention and tselim Libi) who insist on “perfection” or “perfect” result (whatever it means) then by no means go and cross the bridge or the river to Adi HGDEF or Adi Nsu and witness firsthand the work of “perfection”:  Work-In-Regress. By that I mean go and witness ongoing and incessant anti-life activities.

What is anti-life? Is it death?  No, it is not “death” because “death” is natural, just like life. Actually “death” is the other side of “life”. Anti-life is unnatural, manmade (aptly demon made) social engineering (by other name) and who is a better example in the world right now than Eritrea?

The Congress of Awasa was a meeting of wounded people. Five hundred and ninety of them! They were elected by their peers, from all over the World, covering their expenses, came (or went) to Awasa to start the process of healing and to transform their healing to future Eritrea. That is what they call the power of collective consciousness.

Can you the reader describe such a feat? Meeting of wounded souls under one roof?

The “expected” result from such a scenario should have been similar to that of a lunatic asylum, with abundant chaos; mayhem; bloodletting; screaming; finger pointing and all other frightful human experiences.

Instead, those wounded souls received one another, not in the reception compartment of their brain, but with their heart. Because, at heart, they are the same and they found it easy to recognize what ails them and also helped them search for a cure.

I said wounded people!  Not of the physical (or flesh) type but the insidious one; the one that chews you alive; the one that possesses you; the one that mocks you day and night: the one that turns you into a day dreamer; the one that suffocates you with nightmarish dream: the subconscious; the psychological, the one which is hard to fathom.

I am a keen observer and sure enough I have witnessed improvements not by leaps and bounds but step by step: the way it should be. I have a psychological explanation that I learned and I want to share it with you. But first I will pose a question.

Do you the reader believe in “born loser” or “born winner”?

If you do or are inclined to do, please slap yourself, for there is no formula to “win”. It is all work, work and hard work; repetition and repetition until “winning” becomes an ordinary result or outcome. In psychology, there are four stages that one has to pass before winning becomes ordinary. These stages apply to individuals; communities; societies and nations.

The first stage is called “unconscious incompetence” meaning you have no clue whatsoever what you are facing or what needs to be done. It is your first experience. For example, if you come face to face with a hyena for the first time, you freeze. In historical terms we (all the wounded souls) were in this stage in 1980. We were emasculated with a psychological defeat. Frozen!

The next higher stage is called “conscious incompetence” meaning you have tried it once and found it hard at that time but unfortunately you also encountered the same task once more or numerous times. For example if you came face to face with a hyena for the second time, even though you will be scared, at least you will try to do something similar to what you did last time that caused the hyena to leave you alone.

The next higher stage is called “conscious competence” meaning you know what to do but you are not completely free of little doubts.

The last and the highest stage which is called the winning stage is called the “unconscious competence” meaning you know what to do without even thinking. How many times was Mohamed Ali knocked but he ended up winning the match?

So, a question to you dear reader: Where are we now?  Compare our situation in 1980 with now! Isn’t it easy to decipher? Now you know there is nothing called “born loser” or “born winner”.

Study in contrast is a good practice that should be utilized by all who crave knowledge and truth. Its secondary benefit is sobriety and calmness. Good, looks very good in the presence of evil, as light looks brighter in the presence of darkness. So if you compare the demonic and dark situation in Eritrea with the achievement registered at Awasa, for sure you will have a sober judgment and a positive outlook from the result.

The congress is also a Revival of our rich tradition which trumpeted the reinstallation of hope and faith. This particular congress can be baptized as the rebirth of our ancestral democratic traditions that was cherished by Jebha but was trampled and left for dead by the demon and his chifra. If the defeat of Jebha was the beginning of the end of this tradition, the Awasa congress in contrast shall be the reverse. For this alone the congress can be described as wholesome and successful.

What does HGDEF say about this congress? Nothing! But should I even ask this question?

There are entities (organizations, pseudo-organizations and individuals) who, as wounded as they are like us, sound not only comfortable with their sickness but rather than join us in finding cure, they are making pact with the cause of their sickness. Poor souls!

They remind me of the character, in Dante’s purgatory, who carries a  torch in his back at night that will not help him light his way but helps those who follow behind him. And those who lurk behind him are the cause of his sickness. They are not in the business of cure but exasperating it. They might sometimes promise alluring rewards but what is there alluring about hell? What can one hope from anti-hope entities? It is a complex psychological phenomenon that will be beyond the scope of this article.

Can tolerance be a crime? Yes indeed, if it tolerates evil. And carrying torch on your back to light the way for the evil masters, is a crime.

There are also few chatter boxes. What these types of individuals do not understand is that there is a limitation to what you can and can’t say. Most of them are afflicted with never ending Hillkh, even though the cure is to grow out of such infantile habit. Instead of active listening they talk and talk. Their talk is empty because it is not supported by listening. The worst among them are the reductionists. These individuals suffer from monochromatic vision. Holism is foreign to them. They reduce human beings who are created by God into mere names. But I have an irrefutable answer to them:

Without September, 1961 there could have been NO May 1991

Thomas Mann, in his masterpiece novel Doktor Faustus said “…it is a fact that chewing of a dry rusk fills the ears of the chewer with a deafening crunch, shutting him away from the outer world.”

What an apt saying from a wise man.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the participants who made our congress enviably fruitful.


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