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Ethiopian Rebels Release German Tourists

The Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF), a rebel group whose goal is to unite Afar nationalities of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti under one political entity, announced today that, on Monday,  it released two German citizens it had been holding since January 17, 2012.

In a statement obtained by Gedab News, ARDUF stated it had “handed them [the prisoners] over to Afar elders sent by the local Afar Leader Darassa Abdalla Aliyyu in the presence of German Embassy representatives led by Mr. Michael Biontino, Deputy Ambassador in Ethiopia to send them back to Germany to meet with their loved ones again.”

ARDUF apologized to the released prisoners and blamed the Ethiopian government for making it impossible to release them sooner: “the Ethiopian government who declared war on us not only made all movements impossible in [the] area for the last one month but also brought our attempts to naught.”

ARDUF accused the Ethiopian government of hindering the release efforts because it was more interested in “incriminating the neighboring Eritrean government” as a terrorist outfit.

The statement from ARDUF stated that its main grievance is that the Ethiopian government is taking “Afar ancestral land” and using it to settle “Tigrigna speaking people from Tigray Region” or giving the land away to “Indian, Canadian and American Commercial Companies [sic.]”

ARDUF’s statement made no mention of the two Ethiopians who were captured along with the Germans.

In previous kidnapping cases, the Ethiopian prisoners were released weeks after the European tourists, and only after the campaign to release them was given wide publicity.

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  • Woyane never hide their dirty agenda behand the Abay Tigria then or now on their false screen fm Gash Barka to Erob and fm Afar Ethiopia to the whole Redsea and I say now the Rebel have any right to defend their people Afar Ethiopia and keep their Land to Afar People from their invanders.

  • haile

    The prostitute PFDJ mafia is apparently busy expressing RIP to the late Congressman Payne. Exactly a month to the day, it still has to acknowledge the passing of the veteran fighter Naizghi Kiflu in the UK. Well, I think the prostitute only cares about cash values not moral values. Haben if you still are supporting this prostitute, at least you have to tell them not to do it in public and in broad day light.

  • Look now what the weyanes political agenda is .They make impossible to realised the foriegne hostage as political play ground to put eritrea in hot water deplomatic relations.this cheap political play ground on behalf of forienge trustses.they think that to creat more confrontation the entire world with eritrea what childis behaviour of ***** politicians are they.Now the world must take the irresponsible regim of weyane to the court of low.

    • Soira

      higdefawian, weyane kitblu eko meriet ariba, what do you think of the criminal regime of isaias afcherki?

      • Samuel

        They dont think, they just talk, talk and talk….

        • ahmed saleh

          Poor Eritrea, these sold outs betrayers have put ordinary Eritrean people’s cause as hostage . It is disturbing to observe some fellows who withdrew from facts but rather prefer to position themselves as obstacles and barrier to reality. They know next to nothing about Eritrean politics but only blind support to the dictator and that revels in their ignorance. Immorality, selfishness and decieveness is the factor of their self enslaved thinking.

          • haile

            Dear Ahmed:

            I think the commentator you are responding to is actually referring to part of the news story above. It would be fair to address his specific concern than trampling him with high handed lashings. We need to guard against appearing and sounding as ‘my way or the highway’. It is a new dawn, and a new era. History is unfolding before our very eyes. Let’s seize it for emancipating our embattled people.

          • ahmed saleh

            I think it is important to make sure not to hurry on conclusion. My comment was in reference of my disapproval in general to those HGDF supporters ideas and their inner sight of possesive manners and contradictions. Unless I direct my reaction clearly to the individual, it is up to you how you may interpret it.

    • Hagerawi

      Dear Haben Hager (Guahi hager)

      Do people like you understand that Woyane is Ethipian Governmnet and its employees are paid for by tax collected from Ethiopian people. What is wrong to persue the inetrest of your employer. Every one does that. What did Eritrean governmnet did to its tax payers. But Eriteans pay their lives not only their belongings and get nothing in return.

      Can we try define our selfs other that our relationship with Ethiopia

      We h

    • Kokhob Selam


      If you are talking about tactics not principle, then Ethiopians are playing it right and perfect. that PFDJ already fail on handling all his problems and is challenging even God. He couldn’t solve even it’s internal party (PFDJ) problems. no one in the world is attracted by its style.

      If you are talking about principle, you can’t see the end target of PFDJ as they are just burning everything including their own key men.