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Did Gov of Eritrea Really Dodge UN Accountability?

Since June 8, when the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on Human Rights in Eritrea filed a report concluding that “there are reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity” have been committed and are still being committed in Eritrea, there have been questions on how the UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC) would deal with the report. Now that the HRC has issued its resolution, the new controversy is on whether HRC supports or rejects the conclusions and recommendations of the CoI. Some, like a criminal who celebrates when his case is referred to a lenient court, are considering the alleged absence (based on draft copies they reviewed) of five words from the resolution–Security Council International Criminal Court– “as victory for Eritrea.” They may want to hold off the celebrations: the version that is posted in HRC’s website and available in six languages, specifically requests of “the General Assembly to submit the report and oral updates of the commission of inquiry to the Security Council for its consideration and appropriate action.” But I am getting ahead of myself.  My purpose today is to provide a spin-free report on what each party–the Commission of Inquiry and the Government of Eritrea–got from the resolution.

One way to do that is by listing what each side wanted and comparing it to the language of the HRC.  We can do that by reviewing the documents listed in the footnotes.  Because there are three versions of HRC draft floating (the Djibouti/Somalia original draft, the one with the redlines, and the one that is now posted as a draft resolution in 6 languages) I am going to focus ONLY on what all three versions of the resolutions agree on.   If you want to know my biases, you can listen to my June 12 interview with medrek: translated to Tigrinya here, or in the original English here. (If you hate my image superimposed over HRC session, please send your hate mail to Tes @ asmarino.) In this particular column, I will try to be as objective as I can, given the general confusion that surrounds the issue.

UN Phrases and Verbs

To help us all get familiarized with the language of diplomacy, let’s begin with a glossary of UN English using the American Model United Nations (AMUN.)  A resolution has a preamble, with perambulatory clauses: these are the rationale for the action being taken. This is the part with phrases like “affirming”, “emphasizing”, “fully aware”, “warmly welcoming”, etc. Then there is the action taken (decision or resolution) with operative phrases such as “accepts”, “calls”, “notes”, “welcomes”, “condemns.”  There is a decorum for precise use of the pre-ambulatory and operative phrases used in UN resolutions because, as the editorial guidelines of the UN explain:

“Once adopted, these important international instruments belong to the world. Many of them will be cited for years, even decades, to come. For this reason, it is imperative that they be grammatically and factually correct, consistent and equivalent in all six official languages.”

The guideline also has this to say about a phrase that originated with Henry Kissinger, i.e.: constructive ambiguity.

“The editors recognize that “constructive ambiguity” is sometimes intentionally used to facilitate agreement on a sensitive text. In consultation with the facilitator/sponsor, editors can help to ensure that the message is identical in all the languages while preserving the desired level of vagueness. “

In addition to the need to get buy-in from everyone, the phrases used are carefully selected to (a) ensure consistency/continuity with prior resolutions; (b) to convey the precise emotional/intellectual state of the body issuing the resolution. The AMUN Rules & Procedures has this to say about the importance of selecting the right phrase and verb:

Diplomatic communication relies heavily on connotation and nuance, and UN resolutions and decisions are no exception to this rule. When resolutions are constructed, they often contain language which, although apparently innocuous, conveys the precise attitudes and intentions of their authors…The introductory phrases…also carry significant emotional and diplomatic meaning. Accurate use of these introductory terms is of paramount importance at the UN…

The AMUN Rules & Procedures gives further help with what the phrases means, which I will quote at length:

Noted a neutral word. But there are times when a neutral word is insulting: for example, a resolution ‘noting’ the report of the Secretary-General actually insults the Secretary-General’s work by not being more approving.
Noting with appreciation this is a the typical way to recognize a report or other document.
Recommends suggests that other organs take action
Requests suggests that Secretary-General take an action
Appeals suggests that Member States take an action, more emotional
Calls upon suggests that Member States take an action, very emotional
Urges strongest suggestion by the General Assembly
Demands rarely used outside the Security Council
Condemns rarely used outside the Security Council

With the above as our roadmap, let’s tally the phrases and whom the HRC directed them to. Here’s a helpful table where:

CoI = Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea
GoE = Government of Eritrea
MS = Member States
OHCHR = Office of High Commission on Human Rights
SR = Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Eritrea
SG = Secretary General
Biz = Business Enterprises
GA = United Nations General Assembly
AU = African Union

Taking Note 1
Noting 1 1
Welcoming 1 2
Welcoming also 1
Welcoming further 1
Commending 1
Expressing deep concern 1
Also expressing deep concern 1
Noting with deep concern 2
Noting with grave concern 1
Noting with regret 1
Expressing grave concern 1
Deeply concerned 1
Welcomes with appreciation 1
Welcomes 1
Condemns in the strongest terms 1
Condemns in particular 1
Expresses its deep concern 1
Reiterates its numerous calls 18
Encourages 2 2
Takes note 1
Urges 1 1
Decides 1
Calls upon 1
Requests 1 1 1
Strongly encourages 1


1. The Human Rights Council agreed with the Commission of Inquiry that it performed its work in transparent, impartial and consultative manner; that Eritreans are denied freedom of expression; that National Service is indefinite and that the abysmal state of human rights in Eritrea is the primary driver of migration.  It accepted the CoI’s report as it relates to torture, rape, killings, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearance and condemned “in the strongest terms the reported systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations that have been and are being committed by the Government of Eritrea in a climate of generalized impunity.” It also condemned  “in particular the arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, enslavement, torture, killing, sexual violence, discrimination on the basis of religion and ethnicity and reprisals for the alleged conduct of family members, as well as the human rights violations in the context of indefinite national service, including those involving forced labour, the forced military conscription of children and sexual violence.”

2. The Human Rights Council considered the GoE’s commitment to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) worth “noting” and its commitment “to protect and promote the economic and social rights of its people, including through the early achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals” as welcome.  HRC was silent on what the GoE calls “fundamental realities”–the so-called “no peace, no war” situation–probably because the GoE has not formally notified the Secretary General, in writing, that it is suspending civil liberties due to state of war.

3. While the HRC “welcomes with appreciation” the report of the CoI, it only “welcomes” the report of the Special Rapporteur.  Given that “welcomes with appreciation” is, according to UN protocol, “the typical way to recognize a report or other document”, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the HRC was not overly impressed with the SR report. But then the SR mandate was renewed, and the language of the resolution is gender specific: it appears that they want Sheila Keetharuth to continue in the same role.

4. While the highest honor the HRC could pay the CoI was to compliment its work and direct the concerned party to implement all its recommendations (and it did; and the CoI expressed its gratitude in a press release), there are parts of the CoI report that the HRC did not accept.   One of these deals with the “accountability” side, which I will analyze below.  But the other has to do with areas where the CoI was not just criticizing the GoE but, indirectly, the UN itself, as well as key actors within the HRC (the US and Europe).

(a) Given that, between the period of 1991-1997 the United States and Europe were highly complimentary of the Eritrean government; given that the US and Europe worked hard to stop the Eritrea-Ethiopia war of 1998-2000 (it’s hard to find any two African countries that the US and Europe would spend comparable effort for), the HRC’s conclusions that crimes against humanity have been committed in Eritrea since 1991 was an insult to the UN, US and Europe.  The CoI was telling them: all of that happened under your nose while you were busy praising the regime.

(b) Given that the Government of Eritrea’s achievements in meeting the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) are widely celebrated within all UN organs, the CoI’s decision that this claim is virtually meaningless because “Eritrea does not have the type of independent institutions that would permit verification of data provided by the Government” was a slap on the UN itself.  The CoI even questioned the inflated population of Eritrea, which every UN agency is happy to inflate for whatever reason, despite Yemane Gebrab’s assertion that it is under 4 million.

I believe this is why a member of the US delegation to HRC, Eric Richardson (who should know better), was quoted by Reuters as saying that the CoI Eritrea report, in comparison to CoI North Korea report, did not have “the same level of sophistication and precision.” I mean insult the GoE and damn it all you want and we will sign off, but don’t insult the UN, US, and Europe and make us look bad!  It’s hard not to be sympathetic to the GoE when it explains to the US, EU and UN with exacerbation: we are the same people we were in 1997, you were fans then: why did you change your opinion of us?  CoI Chairman Mike Smith is saying, for different reasons: exactly my point!

5. On accountability, the CoI had said, without giving its reasons, that neither a hybrid tribunal nor a truth commission would be a viable option in Eritrea.  The Commission “took note” of that.   The CoI had also said that it had created a case against a number of un-named Eritrean officials.  The HRC “took note” of that as well.   I think it is fair to say that “took note” in this context means “duly noted.”  It could also mean, “you make such a claim but you don’t explain why that’s not possible.”  On the other hand, the HRC did not comment on the CoI’s conclusion that the human rights situation in Eritrea poses a threat to the peace and security of the world.

6. So, does this mean the GoE or its supporters should celebrate this the way an escape artist would? Did it get away with it?  Did the Government of Eritrea dodge a bullet? Consider this:

(a) Even in the most “watered-down” version of the draft (the one with the red lines), there is a referral to all UN organs.  Yes, that could mean the General Assembly will “submit the report and oral updates” to the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and all its departments including FAO, WHO,  UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF and UNHCR. Or to the Secretariat whose UNMEE was sent packing by Eritrea. But it could also mean the UNSC. In fact some of us maintain it could only mean UNSC and the reference to UN organs is good old “constructive ambiguity.”
(b) The mandate of the Special Rapporteur has been extended for another year;
(c) The role of the High Commissioner on Human Rights has been expanded to include, just like the SR, giving reports to the HRC and the General Assembly of Eritrea’s level of co-operation including “information on the identity, safety, well-being and whereabouts of all detained persons and persons missing in action”
(d) Eritrea is due for Universal Periodic Review and it will be asked to give an update on all the open items (“reiterates its numerous calls”) including the mysterious constitution which is being drafted by the equally mysterious panel of experts.
(f) Not only did the HRC, unlike the CoI, not rule out a hybrid court, it said in all the versions of the resolutions the following:

Strongly encourages the African Union to follow up on the report and recommendations of the commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea by establishing an investigation, supported by the international community, with a view to examining and bringing to justice those responsible for violations and abuses of human rights identified by the commission of inquiry, including any that may amount to a crime against humanity;

If the United States gauged that the CoIE report, headed to the Security Council, will find the Wall of China and Moscow, just like the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea’s did for the last two and half years, wouldn’t an AU, or a hybrid court “supported by the international community” be an end-run?

While His Excellency Girma Asmerom missed this and is celebrating how Eritrea dodged the Security Council, I think His Smartypantsness Yemane Geberab saw the danger in this and that is why his rebuttal to the HRC following the resolution was particularly enraged, in stark contrast to his initial confident claim that the report belonged to a “three-person panel.”  Now it belongs to the UN (HRC.) He sees parallels with the 2009 sanctions that will never be lifted without US’s will: It originated in IGAD, it headed to AU, and then to the UN. China and Russia can say no to Djibouti and Somalia all day, every day, twice on Sunday, but they can’t say “no” to an entire continent. Same thing that happened with the sanctions in 2007-2009 can happen with the Accountability & General Impunity now.

We will know if the Gov of Eritrea has wised up since 2008 and will actually now try a charm offensive in Africa or if it will have Eritrea’s head of state on an insult-a-thon.  We will know because it has a card to play: Anglophone and Francophone Africa are at war as to who will be the the next chairman of the AU.  Of course, the Government of Eritrea can spend a fraction of that energy and speak with its own people–Eritreans–and draw a credible blueprint for constitutionalism and rule of law, that will render all UN resolutions moot. But I am not holding my breath on that.  It only appears to listen to Europe, the US and the UN.


Detailed findings of the commission of inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea
Preliminary Response of the Government of Eritrea to the Report of the Commission of Enquiry
State of Eritrea Draft Resolution on Human Rights in Eritrea
UN HRC Resolution A/HRC/32/L.5/Rev.1 on Eritrea
Statement of Eritrea’s Delegation at UNHRC – 32nd Session
UN’s Editorial Guidelines


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Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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    Hi Solomon ,
    Thank you for your kind comment .Trust me I come to learn from many capable commenter and writer ,including yourself ,we are all in the same boat. History shows that dictator, weak, isolated regimes have rarely been able to survive without making great significant concessions to all segments of their populations. For Eritrea, 25 years of sovereignty has been an abject failure. basically DIA run out of enemies and reproducing the horrors of colonial-era domination under the guise of independence and never to see our freedom.

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    Many Eritrean do not care to name unpleasant facts and truths as described above. They never lifted their voices to denounce DIA slavery services system and of mass prison and innocent life wasted put into endless incarceration. it is WIIDLY REPORTED. Many Eritrean don’t give moral support and they do not lift their finger nor their voice their voices thier grefiness , as usual now as in the past . They go right along with the oppression and repression. And they are paying for it. Already and ultimately end they will betrayed by their master.
    It will be no surprise there will be enough Eritrean will support Asmara regime no matter what and they are in different to anything that comes to criticize eritrean human right abuse by their beloved and adored DIA. They do not like to hear or know truth and facts. That they have a mind of herd mentality and collectivism, It matters little whether we refer to them die hard of the regime or by gone era cadre of communism, totalitarianism, Marxism, fascism, Maoist or Fabianism, or any of its other herd mentality names—the student and the followers of collectivist idealism of DIA. what matter to themand there is nothing new, they will worship totalitarianism and thier fascist leader is point and will go to the end, till the their master guru he dies or vanish .
    yet some Eritrean often fail to notice DIA crime. Even when they witness themselves or by their beloved paied the price or disapred . The one thing and something distrubing that would have been unheard to see some educated member behave in same manner as herd mentalty . You do not need to go that far .Interestingly some Eritrean in diaspora known what they already know are still in full support and in loved in the way DIA is ruling Eritrea very similar to the former Maoist China ,Soviet Union Bolsheviks , hand fist Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany as oppressive totalitarian jurisdictions that exist in number of countries or the remnants of communist Cuba today..
    lakely and to some of our enlightened and progressive Eritrean acknowledgeing the realty that their country leader DIA ruled with a despotic iron hand, crushing the individual rights of our downtrodden people. They are try to make change come. And yet, these same supporter of DIA don’t seem to recognise their own master DIA doing to them or their immediate families paying price .it goes further it is not simply being accepted, but demanded by many for the same continuation nature of rule.Their twisted mind of herd mentality and collectivism, will somehow hope by spirit of magic Eritrea will turn out to be better county than the present 25 year old failed state system .

    DIA is regarded as a Savior of our nation .As it was the same ,time and again and It was a tactic of Mao, Lenin, Mengusto, Hitler , Plot plot and Mussolini all being idolized by segment of their people.
    So what then, would it take for the champions and the cadre of DIA and hand selected and indoctrinated EPLF cadre so so called red Embaba in school of communism and totalitarianism of collectivism to finally recognize that the “rule of the DIA and proletariat have died and being buried long time ago ,and it is a totally false promise that miserably failed —one that is sold to the masses of Eritrea by HIGDEF, political leaders and to failed deliver on their impossible promises and offer a communist collectivist panacea. Those bunch of people of HIGDEF supporter .They do not feel nor see human suffering and nor they understand when the go hungry themselves nor do they now the dire economic crisis that occurred under DIA repeatedly and they still gravitate to DAI and after 25 years of misery and oppression and belt-tightening.
    Eritrea ceased to be free, prosperous and was never free to begin with. Unfortunately, there’s little anyone can do to avoid into more decline to come.
    It was quite understandable Patriotism and nationalism and the love and emotion for Eritrea, the nation is for all and everyone has an atavistic affinity for his place of birth place and the country at large. But not at expenses of Eritrean people never Every .Eritrean lives does matter greatly. And a real Eritrean patriot understands this clearly.

    The HIGDEF narrow and tiny ethic narrative taps into fears and stereotype Eritrean opposition group and the outside world IE America, western and Ethiopia what have you that is for more than two decades have being going nonstop ,it is same old story that Eritrea arrogant regime do want not see reality of Eritrea among world nation standing. the train have passed them and left them to dust .

    Realty of today Eritrean Isolationists regime tell the Eritrean people that the western political system meanly reactionary, European and American model has collapsed and that the DIA country will deliver a better system and to yet come.
    DIA will promise magically to find another solution and a model that better suits specifically to Eritrea that meets national character statehood and still dreaming of it on the drowning board, of course no democracy is need for Eritrea, we are not ready yet and not growing up yet to deal democracy .
    of course anyone or any Eritrean opposition are sell out .And those who dares to speak or write critically is regarded as a pawn of Ethiopian and western agent, an imperialist powers stooge is only langue HIGDEF they know best.

    For Eritrea regime knows how to put all its troubles and all stem from snooty failed democratic value, the idiotic and morally corrupt liberals and it’s snooty western and democratic and dogmatic western liberals value who are responsible for the messy poor Eritrea failed nation.
    and yet Adamantly in admitting there is a serious economical problem and it is hurting deeply, spicily for young Eritreans, feeling of despair and depression among our society is widespread. A vision of a scared, closed and insular nation. As if hate, arrogance, anger and intolerance should be our default state rather than optimism and openness that have always been our dream of the engine of our progress nation.
    Beloved Eritrea to all of us. sadly, Today Eritrea hell on the earth. its economy is backward, primitive, and humiliating for the self-proclaimed self help motto totally failed , final result is to ‘joining the failed countries .
    DIA from day one that ignored our humanity and own human rights and add the all the problem the nation and no light on the horizo no economy to speak about and social well-being,DIA only in favor of pursuing military glory and ignorant mass prop up dictator and vile regime.
    That’s why our beautiful nation does not works as efficiently as should be or we have been hoping for.

    To this end those who pay heavy price and these are our youthful Eritrean, at one time who were not always so lost and confused about their future and aspiration. In past at least they had better education and at least hoping to get jobs and peaceful life and hopeful future. They have none of those things today and it’s a problem that our society must deal with if we have any empathy at all for them at very least.

  • Nitricc

    Hey SAAY; first of all many thanks and props to you for service. it is very tedious and labor draining to come up with such to the point presentation. Personally i am very appreciative to read your article; Personally i can not read this long and confusing document. Having said that as soon as i read the UN delegates its finding to the AU; it did not took me that long to understand the whole thing is dead and it is all waste of time. when was the last time AU did anything? As the Arabic saying goes; if you don’t want to solve something; delegate it. I heard the adge from one of PIA speeches and i tend to agree with the saying. so, when the UN dump it to AU, what the UN are saying is that the issue is dead. once again PIA and Eritrea escaped the much hyped and worthless accusation. once again, PIA 1 and revenge seekers 0. thank you for your service, appreciated.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Nitricc,
      Ha ha ha the only PFDJ I love is Nitricc. No one can talk about PFDJ except Nitricc and if PIA wants to step down now the first thing he should do is dump those old useless guys and get advice from you on how.

      ነትሪካይ ነትሪክይ ፈተዊ ንትርኽ –
      ድሕሪ ሞት ህግደፍ ኣይገድፎን እዩ ህልኽ –
      ንሱ እንተደልዩ ብኽብረት ክንብርከኽ –
      ኣማኻሪ እንሆ ንትሑት ዘብርኽ ::

      • Nitricc

        Hey Kokhob; hahahah. I really felt bad for you guys and i was trying to take it easy so, not to be too hard. After all the screaming on the street of Geneva; after all the fake and lie interviews; after all the dramas and but kissing to the old white guys; all you get out of it is, AU? injury to insult, the USA is changing its tones.This is the very reason we keep telling that lets handle our own business to ourselves. I don’t this for a fact but I got to beleive that the USA used you to get what they want. once they got whatever they were looking for, they dump all of you and they dump the case in to dumpster. the lessen which i hope you guys learned is, no matter what external forces are never a solution. They will only use you to get what they want. I am not saying there is no problem; we do have a problem but till we decided to take our matters to ourselves; there is no solution. Let Our affairs be to us, by us from us.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Nitricc,
          in first place my understanding the US and your PIA relation is totally different and again my understanding regarding US administration and how they play it is also different. For now let us concentrate on our case. Just ask yourself what the hell this tiny PFDJ wants from our people, what after are they and why they are even telling us “victory to the mass” when they young is leaving the nation, why they want to govern us without rule, why they don’t want to listen the request of our people, why, why

          did they know what their aim is even leave as party but as individuals? you see it is not the man named PIA but the entire system is burning everyone who even work under such system and PIA will not escape ether.

          Ha ha ha the man is surrounded by domestic cuts after arresting the tigers as you have seen Yemane and Osman Saleh. why you are far now, this is the time you are needed badly to be around him at least the lion PFDJ I have ever known – you have a vision and here you should play your role.

          • Nitricc

            Hey Kokhob; PFDJ are fine; they got the so-called Eritrean oppositions to keep them alive and keep them in power. There are our friends who need help desperately. I am going there if I can, I will help them to stay in power if not I got to get my share; I see Semere Andom grapping the battery.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Hi Nitricc,

            So, opposition is also helping PFDJ to stay alive. I love this one. in this case you can also be part of opposition. But really that is an emergency and important task for you to move now to help IA. you see at least you know how to attract people in explaining things and also you could have PIA know how peacefully hand over the power he hold without surrendering to those toothless opposition of Geneva.. what do say!

          • Nitricc

            Hey Kokhob; Let me help you think. once Dr. Tekeste of Medrek; when he was given the last word about going to Ethiopia and smoothing out with the TPLF thugs; he has to say the following.
            ” at the end, i would like to thank the TPLF leadership for their splendid hospitality. the respect and interest they showed to us was truly amazing; of course i understand the respect and the hospitality they showed us wasn’t for us, we understand their respect was directly attributed to the people of Eritrea”
            BS! the truth is whatever respect and fund the weyane thugs extended to Dr. Tekeste and his Medrek has nothing to do with the people of Eritrea and has to do everything with the government of eritrea and PIA. Whatever hospitality and respect they received from the Weyane thugs was out of fear and respect of the government of Eritrea and PIA. the question Kokhob must answer honestly is, why is it this man, named PIA so powerful? why is he so feared and respected by his sworn enemy? despite all PIA and the government of Eritrea; why are they standing tall and alive?
            you see, Kokhob, what is missing from your toothless and corrupted so-called opposition is, facing the truth head on. perhaps you are brave one to start thinking and find the answer. so, when i told you the opposition are helping PIA and his government to stay alive and stay in power is well thought out reason for it. now, i gave you the way, think and carry on what the reason might me. be honest though and you shall find the truth.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Thank you Nitricay,
            thank you for helping me think. Yes, why is PIA so strong? I am going to think about it now and comeback to you. I told you, you have that gift and you should start working on it, what the hell are you doing out of our nation?

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Nitric,

            Tsemam Hade Derfu.

            I don’t know why I bother to read you.


          • Nitricc

            Hi Berhe; may be you are the Tsemam one. if not why would you read me? dude, all I ask of you is to think, how hard is it? i know, your weyane is crumpling fast and the stress you are feeling is understood but you should think for yourself. being a friend of Semere, i can understand the futility that is shared. ShaEbia for ever and ever! KNOWING THAT GO TO BED!

          • Thomas D

            Hi Nitricc,

            I always think that criminals or cruel people should not be allowed to be on the streets. I suggest an exterminator should be called to exterminate those annoying cockroaches. If I was running this website, I never had to deal with cockroaches like you. Criminals cannot be let to advertise their crimes and that is exactly what your doing here on this website day in and day out.

    • Solomon

      Selamat Nitric,

      Please do me a favor and YouTube Fella’s Zombie and dance your heart out. Because you are an imbacil and a Zombie. iSEM is right. Simply because Saay can read your comment does not necessarily mean he reards it. Saay knows your value and comprehension level to regarding this or any topic to be that of a mental retard. That you have not understood this yet and addressing Saay thinking he will read even your first sentence is proof. It is also very disrespectful to the man who for a long long time tirelessly mentored you with sincerely irrespective of your stance. Please search for that one sentence he reprimanded you with rendering you Bbbblllaaasshhhh for always.
      I should know, I got a similar reprimand from him a long time ago when I behaved retarded as you are now.
      Go march to your Sgts. Zombie drills because you have absolutely no clue to conclude the value and efforts put by minds you can not fathom to put value on, as in PRICELESS ART, in making Eritrea and Eritreans including IA and all PFDJ better and better. A little rug rat like you to conclude their effort as worthless is testament only to your being born a retarded Zombie.

      Ask yourself these questions and answered it for yourself with honesty:
      The Eritrea that you love sssoooo much, how long will it live? 40, 80, 150 years into the future?
      Did you personally screw up anything Yesterday and are you better for it Today?
      Which angelic part of Nitric gets credit for bettering Nitric?
      Saay used to read you on the premise that any man CAN NOT BE ALL BAD. Sory mate, he ain’t feeling ya no mo! iSEM has always been right as have been many others: You are the mascot of all the imbeciles that think like you. I still love you though, but I don’t like ya!


      • Nitricc

        Hey Solomon; since you are known to go off for no reason, I am not going to put any weight for what you are screaming for. Now, forget everything you said but tell me something. When you said I disrespect SAAY; can you explain or show me where I disrespect SAAY? Once you answer my inquiry; you got my authorization to go off as usual.

        • Thomas D

          Hi Nitricc,

          Don’t worry, I know saay reads your comment because he is doing research on you as a hardliner and supporter of the criminal regime. He wants to see your justification for the crimes the regime is doing and more. So, you are just his lab rat. It is just a mutual thing. You get his attention and he gets to write his research paper. Also, by studying you he gets to understand the rest of the supporters of the regime. You see Nitricc, saay does not have to search for supporters of the regime elsewhere online, you hare right are at his Territory:) Location Location Location and you know how it goes….

          • iSem

            Hi Thomas:

            No Saay is not reading Nitricc to do research research on you as a hardliner and supporter of the criminal regime

            Sal is reading him to find data analysis for his next article: “How I was wrong about Nitricc and How Cousin iSem was Right: The Diminishing Returns and Graphical Stipulation on What Makes Nitiicc insomnia” 🙂

          • Thomas D

            Hi Semere T,

            Hahaha, no one knows Nitricc more than you do:) What can I say I just cannot stop laughing at what you just said. I always enjoy the why you handle Nitricc. You have never taken this guy seriously and it is really funny the way you respond to his comments. Carry on with that, it is really entertaining that we sometimes miss in this forum:)

          • Nitricc

            Semere, I rather waste my time play Pokemon than responding to your nonsense. however let me tell you the truth. all that screaming in the streets of Geneva, NY and the rest was for nothing. final tally..
            PIA = 1
            Revenge seekers = 0

          • Solomon

            Selamat Gen. iSEM,

            I thought I could catch a trout, bass, you know bigger fish to fry for my lunch than the nuisance snack – Pussy Cat Fish size Nitric. Unfortunately, the waters are calm here down south, so I am thinking hitching north to Vancoover as I am developing an apetite for sturgeon size or even sockeye salmon for dinner.

            So General, I have my RandR papers and before I go AWOL, I would like you to sharpen your pencil and import your “Gentlemen of SaHil” dish here for the main course. We should take advantage of the lull as the majority, right and left of the CONVOLUTED integral Normal Curve Mean seem to be excessively sulking or celebrating. It is therefore opportune time for you to reintroduce it within the context of HTG’s CS Vs. JS as I feel the front lines have shifted from the Dejen to Awget Semainawi BaHri. Hence, the Asatat nay BaHri — Do utilize your Menfitler tool 007. Bell curve is ringing post COI16. The new pass word has been changed from Enigmata to Stigmata. When addressing the black ant, simply think of the wedeb Bay Area George Lucas and in a deeeep Warior73 voice announce your presence with this phrase: “Luke, Come to the dark side. I am your father.”
            Okay, now that I have provided you the parameters, would you be kind enough to reread HaileTG’s intro and reply to me this question:
            Do you think and believe the “Gentlemen of SaHil” were operating as Justice Seekers as opposed to Change Seekers in providing IA support and obedience to inevitably help him become DIA?
            Menfitler is in effect so Dear General iSEM, “The Force is with you!”
            Princes Hayat, your sister WILL follow. “Don’t think, just do.”

          • iSem

            Dear Solomon:
            When back in the days my friend Berhe was briefing me about your debates in one of my tea overdosed states I suggest that we write a an algorithm to decode your debates, as one day in the middle of political debates BY told me that this tsatse guy invoked Euclid and both of your being engineers you debated Euclidean geometry , then I was not a member, two friends would update me, BY regularly and Sal occasionally when the debate veered to language. And so a decade later, the algorithm to decipher “tsatsim” has not been written but BY and I are both better at getting through the “colony” of ideas:-)
            Also while I am at it before By lashes at you for misquoting Yoda, ” do nor not do, there is no try” correct it, he is a nice guy but t he gets antsy if someone butchers Seinfield and star trek:-)
            Now back to the gentlemen of Sahel, what I meat by that was the gentlemen lost precisely because they were gentlemen, the un gentlman was taking the “low road”. the less tenacious trek, while the gentlemen were taking the “high road”. As to if they gentlemen were or JSs and CSs, just like the Ghedli they were both as Ghedli was predicated upon the fact that justice could not be established with out seeking change. If you have different notion on those gentlemen, “as the humans say, I am all ears”:-)

          • Solomon

            Selamat iSEM,

            So BY gets “antsy”. Well then Let me do rather than not to make him “Tsatsy”. After all this trying trying to make an enemy a friend not knowing there is no foe to destroy. Just to prove the DO and to view his antsyness…
            Awlo awlo AWOl:
            iSEM: ” Sem zeyble Ayni ASA
            Wede mBesa..”

            Now you learned gentleme , HTG, iSEM, hmmm okay BY (and Nitric though not in this arena) avoid or are pulling back for various reasons. The sentence is there in plain English written by HTG. Your “Gentlemen of SaHil” is analogues though it is a call to the darkside in order to outflank and ensure victory. Princess Hyat is held hostage by Jaba in a JebelAgdo in Humera:-)
            Yoda I know…
            I am hunting with Stewy rather than fishing for my next meal.. R2D2 ‘s navigating has been the caviar fuel from sturgeon is in hold…
            I will provide my take shortly as soon as I tackle this elephant in the room.
            Luke: “Use the Force!” Use your MenfitFilter and DO REINTRIDUCE AGAIN. This time it is Yoda and OB ONE instructions on the LifeSaver.

        • Solomon

          Selamat Nitric,

          I need no permission from any one. Did you answers the three questions to yourself? And did you YouTube Fella Kuti’s Zombie? Saay believed you are a victim of your birth and respected your right as well as “keep it simple” logic. However, since his conclusion that you are so DUMB that you let yourself be used as a worthless tool by those you serve, he lost all respect for you man. Saay detests nothing more than morons who can not free themselves with their God given gift of of a brain and will to do good and stand on threir own two feet. He thought you had it but you are incapable of doing anything of your own approval. Your enlisting in the military or is it a military secondary school is for the purposes of gaining approval from your Dad and friends. Suppressing your true calling because you are nothing but a scared little boy.
          To answers your QN. You disrespected Saay by having the audacity to address him directly to score a goal thinking Saay is playing Madden or Pokeman. What a waste you are despite good your good parenting and ample access to opportunity.
          By the way, don’t let my anger and going of the handle fool ya! You are not fit to shine my boot camp boots! You were shook when I chased you once and Saay covered for you. All I ask is that you respect yourself. It pains me to see you be such a joke, imabacile and a Zombie.

          • Nitricc

            Hey Solomon; if it wasn’t your thing to go off the wall; what you have written could have surprised me. since you are who you are, lunatic, it is all documented. however; do me a fev; leave SAAY alone! you can spin all you want but i have said nothing to disrespect SAAY. I will never do that. he knows it. speaking of substances; can you share what the point was the one clip you went rumbling on youtube? do i have your permit to share it in here? like I have said your nut-case is well documented. you never even figured it out why people have hard time following you; do you?

          • Solomon

            Hello Nitric,

            Getting hot under the collar are we? Hmmm I wonder which one you managed to save? There are more black mailing or for defense attorney’s use just in case in your memory bank I suppose. Please share it. Not only do you have my permission, I personally would like to view it. You dim witted Zombie Nitricay. Indulge me.

          • Solomon

            Hey Nitric,

            What’s taking you so long? The video you have in mind, which I already know, could be used for me to teach you a lesson worth your life time. But true to your gutless nature, (don’t worry you will develop one — and NOT a beer gut mind you) you are running away as usual. But as for keeping “Saay out of it” DOHHH! Did I not rant about your direct addressing the man which unfortunately you and I will not match his contribution and worth if we were allowed multiple lifetimes. Don’t worry he is not reading us. And you can’t possibly disappoint him further as he has given up on you a looonnnggg time ago. And why “document” a lunatic’s activities dear Zombie? Is it because you are ordered to do so by Eritrea’s TomTom Mcut? Now Private Zombie Nitric! As I out rank you and you should recognize an officer on deck! Be a good Soldier and post the video so that I can utilize it in my WAR against Hayat Adam. As for you dear Nitric, you do have your Miranda Rights, so if you don’t obey the my orders I will take it to mean that you are excervising your Fifth Amendment Rights of no self incrimination. I will check back after I catch a trout or two or maybe a striped bass.

    • Amanuel

      Hi Nitricc
      UN process is like whij Mereb (Mereb River). There is a Tigrigna proverb goes like “ውሕጅ መረብ እናስሓቀ ይወስድ” If you need example refer to the process of how the PFDJ regime was put under arms embargo.
      This is not IA with his gangs against revenge seekers as you would like it to appear. This is IA and his gangs against the voiceless Eritreans who were raped, tortured and made to disappear by IA and his gangs. The process didn’t start out of blue few years ago. It started more than 20 years ago inside Eritrea. I recall one incident occurred in muddy hut in Sawa back in 1996 in the presence of senior PFDJ military officers. We were discussing generally the corruption & abuse of power in Africa and one junior officer said” you know what! The problem in Africa, including Eritrea is that the leaders don’t do what they preach, honestly speaking the rule of the law doesn’t apply to them” one of the higher ranking officer replied ” how can you say that? In Eritrea, there is no such thing” Junior officer “yes, there is, in this camp a member of the national service was raped by one of the top commanders, fell pregnant and the pregnancy was terminated at this hospital. The sad thing is that no action was taken against the predator, despite the fact that there is clear code of conduct. We all know that the written punishment for such crime is severe which includes capital punishment” After that the alleged rapist wanted to explode and a lot of threats were made against the junior officer. Now, is the case still confined in the muddy hut at Sawa like the PFDJ gangs wanted it? No, it is a document accepted by UN and the whole world knows about it. I call this a big FAT WIN for the voice less Eritreans who were raped, torture and made to disappear by IA and his gangs. As per serving justice mark my words it will happen in free Eritrea and I am confident we are capable of closing this dark part of history of Eritrea and move on.

      • Nitricc

        Hey Amanuel; you said
        “This is IA and his gangs against the voiceless Eritreans who were raped, tortured and made to disappear by IA and his gangs.” Well, if that is the case, let the oppressed people fight for their rights. The people are militarily trained and armed. There is nothing more a weapon for oppressed people to fight for their rights.
        So, your assumption the Eritrean people are raped, tortured and made to disappear is an insult of to the brave people of Eritrea who made sure their voice must be heard through 30 years of bravery. stop insulting the Eritrean people!

        your take…..
        “ No, it is a document accepted by UN and the whole world knows about it. I call this a big
        FAT WIN”
        Winning is defined by the magnitude of a challenge and the mentality of the losers; if screaming in the streets of Geneva and kissing the white man’s butt is a “FAT WIN” again you are displaying your mentality of losers. Good luck the corrupted AU handing your case and winning it for you. Good luck with that. No world problem ever solved by your corrupted UN and for you to think your internal problem will be solved by them is not only futile but stupid! Do you want to solve your problem? Then doit yourself.

        • Amanuel

          Hi Nitricc
          I guess you never been a victims, in fact you could be one of the perpetrators of this crimes considering your attitude and the variation of the writing style of the account you belong to (Nitricc account). Regardless, let me give you my piece of mind & tell you a story of a father i met in Asmara late 1996. It was one morning and a man was behaving like a mad in front of the office I was working. I just looked through the windows and recognise the man. He was indeed very dignified retired head teacher for a school my sister attended. I went out and asked him what is the matter? He said his daughter was member of the 1st round national services and about 6 months ago she came home for vacation but the next day hanged her self. Her suicide note said that she was raped by her commander and fell pregnant. She felt that she let down her parents and she has no choice but to end her life. He added that she always wanted to have a man of her choice but this was taken away from her. Adding salt to the injury, since her death no official has come to pay his respect or to comfort us for the loss of our beautiful daughter.
          Now, Do you think she is capable of fighting back? No, she is dead like many victims. Second, do you think her father (hope he is still alive) care much less about what will happen to the perpetrators of the crimes. No, however he will feel 10 inches taller when the story of his daughter is told to the whole world and is now a document belongs to the highest office in the world. Victims don’t care about revenge. What matters to them is if they are listened to and their story is believed. This is big part of the healing process and that is what matters as far as I am concerned.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Aman; every nation has gone through horrible things. for example Parise is attacked again but even France have done things..

            “”On October 17, 1961, during demonstrations by pro-independence Algerians in Paris and its suburbs, the French police killed some two hundred people, throwing many bodies off bridges into the Seine. It took forty years for France to acknowledge that this massacre had occurred, and the incident remains barely mentioned in schools.”

  • Desata Tella


    ኣፍሪካን ዩኔን ገበናት ህግደፍ ንኽርኢ ትካላዊ ብቕዓት ይሓሮ እዩ!

    ኣፍሪካን ዩኔን [African Union] ኣብ ጉዳይ ኤርትራ ብዛዕባ ገበን ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ንኽሪኢ ይኹን ዉሳኔ ንኽገብር “እኹል ተመክሮ” ኣብርእሲ ዘይምሕላዉ ከምኡዉን “ዲሞክራሲያዊ” ኣገባብ ኣሰራርሓ ስለ ዘይኽተል ነዚ ጉዳይዚ ርእዩ ዉሳኔ ንኽበሉ “ትካላዊ ብቕዓት” የብሉን እዩ። እዚ ጉዳይዚ ዉዒሉ ሓዲሩ፥ ብቐጥታ ይኹን ብተዘዋዋሪ መንገዲ ብኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂን ጉጅልኡን ተፈጺሞም ንዝበሃሉ ገበናት [ብምዕራባዊያን] መዕለቢ ከምዝግበረሉ ርዱእ እዩ።

    እዚ ካብ ኮነ እቲ ሓቂ ኣባላት African Union ብኣግኡ ካብዚ ጉዳይዚ እንተዝለቑ ወይ ነብሶም እንተገትኡ ተመራጺ ክኸዉን ይኽእል እዩ ዝብል እምነት ኣለኒ። ምኽንያቱ ዘለካ ድኽመት ኣብ ግምት የእቲኻ እትወስዶ ስጉምትታት ዝበለጸ ውጺኢት ኣለዎ ኢለ ስለዘኣምን ጥራሕ ዘይኮነ መዓቀኒ ብቕዓት እዉን ምኻኑ ከስምረሉ መሪጸ ኣለኹ።

    • Abel

      Dear Desta ,
      Are you saying Eritrean ruler’s criminal case is too big for African Union? I think higdef goons in this forum are suffering from acute Napoleon complex.
      fyi, AU might refer it to IGAD too, it is a step on the right direction.Many African leaders were openly protesting against IOC decision to prosecuting African leaders, now the ball is in their court. The rope is in fact tightening on higdef’s neck.

  • Kokhob Selam

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    Try to find the art within this poem to find the queen.
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    ዑቅባ ይኹነልክክ እየሱስ ክርስቶስ –
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    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Awate friends,
      17 hours since I post and no one was able to answer so far. I will still give change another 7hrs. and no one comes at least to try it I will answer it and the gift will be for me – the poem that explains deep the stand of my view. Try it before is late.

      • Dis Donc

        Querida kokeb,
        Intente lo siguiente mensaje y escribamelo si entienda.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Dis Donc,
          amigos, ኣታዮ እዚ ኸ ኣዩናይ ጽዋ እዩ ?

          • Dis Donc

            Dear kokeb,
            Very sad! The message was as follows:
            You asked why there was no reply and I wrote to you I did not understand the language you wrote. Yes, some of us do struggle reading ge’ez. No shame in admitting! Your reply was astonishgly sad! Very good to know, though!

            As for the alias, well you are well off the mark.

          • Lamek

            DD, why is it sad? Because he wrote it in Agame Tigrinya? That is sad that you thought it was offensive. Everybody should be proud of their language and heritage and knowing KS, he would never use it derogatorily. If I were Agame, I would be very happy someone from outside my region knows my accent and popularized it elsewhere.

          • Dis Donc

            Whoa Lamek,
            You either stop reading posts or stop thinking altogether. Hint: ge’ez is not equal to tigrigna, whichever one!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dis Donc,
            You never miss to understand things except on this one brother. The massage is ” I prefer to know more about Tigrnya deeper in all regions and what you have written is not clear for me” This time you are wrong my friend. Again I am sorry for not understanding you and I will take care next time.

      • Lamek

        Hi KS. I like Dr. Sara and Hayat but Tsigereda tops my list. She is usually quiet but she hits really hard with powerful comments and article (s) when she does show up.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Lamek, thank you.
          everyone has his qualities. all of them are important as you know. Rahwa T is also another wonderful sister. Papi is the other strong one etc. the reason I brought those two is because they are active reading this time . I noted Dr.Sara Oqbay is on line reading because she up voted some views here.

    • Amanuel Hidrat


      If I could read your mind, let me try. Could they be Hayat and Dr. Sarah.

      • Kokhob Selam

        congratulation Amuni,

        Here we go for new pages of poem on your stand. I am searching a space to put the 2 page poem. It might be on Jebana will be informed when posted. thanks

        Dear friends read the first letters down to get the answer.

  • Berhe Y

    Dear Saay,

    Thank you for all your hard work, in explaining the resolution and the procedure and diplomatic language of the UN.

    I got a couple of point that I don’t necessary agree in your analysis.

    “I believe this is why a member of the US delegation to HRC, Eric Richardson (who should know better), was quoted by Reuters as saying that the CoI Eritrea report, in comparison to CoI North Korea report, did not have “the same level of sophistication and precision.” I mean insult the GoE and damn it all you want and we will sign off, but don’t insult the UN, US, and Europe and make us look bad! It’s hard not to be sympathetic to the GoE when it explains to the US, EU and UN with exacerbation: we are the same people we were in 1997, you were fans then: why did you change your opinion of us? CoI Chairman Mike Smith is saying, for different reasons: exactly my point!”

    I don’t think the US reservation with the resolution is necessary because the CoI indicated crimes have been happening in Eritrea since 1991. Do you think, say if the report said starting 1997, that would make any difference to the US, EU position? Personally I don’t think so, because is an institution and as such it does take responsibility and actions of it’s past “mistakes” and in some cases, apologizes “as was the case in Rwanda” and in other times “it revises it’s decision, as seems the case in Cuba”. But I think the US is bold enough to say, we have worked with the Eritrean regime but we over looked the Human rights abuse because of many things…etc..etc.. If that was the case.

    I think it would good if you can find, using your own sources and means, what exactly does the US diplomat means when he said “the same level of sophistication and precision.” To me I think he is comparing N. Korea and Eritrea and may be the US is NOT convinced that they too can be compared, in case of the N. Korea for example if one deserts, they round up 5 neighbors and kill one each while in Eritrea, they jail parents or ask them to pay 50,000. In North Korea they have people who are put to jail and serve in slavery and their children who are born in jail also spend their time in slavery, in Eritrea it has not reached that level as yer. I am not saying Eritrea government crimes are justified, but I think may be the US feels that’s the case and has nothing to do with the position of the US/ UN prior 1997.

    Another more believable case of the US, I think is the current condition of Yemen and the role of Eritrea. The US always consider it’s own interest first and human rights is second. If Eritrean government blows up, brought to ICC or what have, who is going to fill the VOID in Eritrea. And what happen to that part of the world which on a very shaky ground. Does the US needs to see another Yemen in the region. Do the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states who are the US alias have something to do with the US position?

    My guess is, these is more the reason for the US reservation rather than their actions prior to 1997.

    And the second point is:

    “We will know if the Gov of Eritrea has wised up since 2008 and will actually now try a charm offensive in Africa or if it will have Eritrea’s head of state on an insult-a-thon.” Is this an advice to the Eritrean government:)?


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Berhe,

      If the report contains only the human right abuse after 1997, wouldn’ t they excluding the abuses that took place before 1997, such as the disappearance and killing of 150 Eritrean Muslims and the disappearance of the followers of pente? If we are justice seekers, we are for all citizens who faced human right abuse since the regime came to power.


      • Berhe Y

        Dear AH,

        I don’t think you understood what I was trying to say. I am making an argument on saay (assumption/conclusion why the US has reservation on the CoI findings) because it was supporting the regime (from 91 – 97) and CoI is saying crime against humanity was happening since 1991, then the US and EU to some degree are implicated in collaboration with the regime while crime was happening under their nose, thus they not agreeing with the CoI. That’s what I understand he is saying..then

        my question was rhetorical question, that is, “If CoI said crime was happening since 1997, the year the US and other start to criticize the regime (if that’s the case) would the position of the US be different with regards to to the CoI report? My guess is no, it doesn’t make a difference.

        As far as justice is concerned, I agree with you 100% everyone should be accounted for, and I am not suggesting that we start in 1997.


        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Berhe,

          I got it. Thank you Berhe.

    • Lamek

      Hi Berhe. Good points. That is the weakest part of Saay’s analysis of this report and the events in the aftermath. The EU, UN, and US care about what people think of their relationship with GOE prior to 1997? I know Saay knows better but sometimes you have to use “constructive ambiguity” lest you attract unwanted attention from agents of the US agency nay sillella. I can almost guarantee that Eric Richardson doesn’t know anything about Eritrea or its relationships beyond the current state of affairs let alone something with that much specificity of the 1991 – 1997 cozy relationship. In my humble opinion, the US is trying to work on some kind of deal with the despot in Asmara having given up on weyane, which they shouldn’t have allowed the despot to survive this long.

      • iSem

        Hi Lamek:
        First welcome!
        You maybe right that the US is trying to work on some deal, the telltale signs were there: Reopening the embassy or (some version of it) and maybe some deals, hidden from us in Yemen, with the country run by a family who thanks to the oil and US is emerging as a second supper power int the region, but if they do not smarten up, their oil maybe obsolete in 50 years and they will ride their camels to the stone age and becoming irrelevant. But US has not given up on Ethiopia or the Woyane, remember last year Obama visited Ethiopia, that is a big deal and then the FM addressing Obama’s comment about the repression as a friend’s advice, so no. Ethiopia has been an ally of USA except when MH run it. they are building on the relationship MZ built and it has made an impression, I may remind you that Eritrea was bending backward after 911 and Iraq war, US declined the offer to use Assab as a launching pad for the attack on Afganistan. Eritrea is a coalition of the willing. At this age and day USA is more careful associating with countries accused of crimes against humanity even if they do not vote for the COI report.
        US will choose Ethiopia over Eritrea any minute even with the access to the sea: untapped market, history of past relationship, proven track record on standing against terrorism in Somalia and even the fact that Ethiopia is more prone to terrorism than Eritrean given its sizable muslim demography, radicals like ISIS can infiltrate the few radicals in there, USA will protect Ethiopia for these and other reasons, not to mention its fledgling open market, huge population and Ethiopia is not accuse of rape, torture, and disappearance of its citizens by the world, not in systematic and widespread fashion.

      • saay7
    • saay7

      Selamat Berhe Y:

      Thanks for the feedback. We don’t know why politicians do what they do, until they write their (self-serving) memoir years later. So, all we are left with is to connect dots. So, its not suprising to me that you would see the same dots I saw and connect them differently. Here’s my rationale: whenever politicians, specially diplomats who weigh every word, speak, it was either a mistake, or carefully constructed. In this case, I am going with the latter. So that being the case, I ask these questions to arrive at the “why?”:

      1. Who said it?
      2. What did s/he say?
      3. Whom did s/he say it to?
      4. Did s/he say it on background or on record?


      1. The work of CoI Eritrea didn’t have “the same level of sophistication and precision” as the work of CoI North Korea
      2. Eric Richardson, deputy director of US delegation to HRC. The US delegation to the UN is headed by Ambassador Samantha Power, who made a name for herself dealing with the mother-of-crimes-against-humanity: the Rwandan genocide
      3. He said it to Reuters reporter Tom Miles, who is its Chief Correspondent in the Geneva bureau
      4. He said it on the record: he was quoted by name.

      What exactly does he mean when says CoIEritrea is lacking in sophistication and precision. Lacking in sophistication is euphemism for being heavy-handed, lacking finesse, undiplomatic. That is: too strong. Lack in precision is something that is too blunt. Using a sledgehammer when a hammer will do. Overkill. From the above, I read that he was not happy with CoI’s overkill, in contrast to North Korea, whose report was more nuanced. And the overkill is in denying GoE any credit, and extending the time-span of its crimes to 1991, when it was being praised as “new generation of renaissance men” etc by the US.

      As for your question if I am giving advice to the Eritrean government, well, not in that context. In general, I give advice that most of our problems would disappear if the government altered course, because nobody wants to go using the UN as our middle man to bring about change in our own country. It would be much more preferrable if the GoE admitted it’s on a disastrous path and altered course and engaged its own people. In this particular case–checking to see if GoE will go on a “charm Africa offensive”– I actually consider it stating the obvious, in the hopes that our side (which is even slower than the PFDJ) will wage a counter-offensive. In the words of the great philosopher Ludacris, “when I move, you move.” I am saying they are moving, let’s move. We (oppo) have to anticipate the GoE’s next moves if we hope to check-mate them.


      • Berhe Y

        Dear Saal,

        I am just reading your article again, specially this last paragraph.

        “If the United States gauged that the CoIE report, headed to the Security Council, will find the Wall of China and Moscow, just like the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea’s did for the last two and half years, wouldn’t an AU, or a hybrid court “supported by the international community” be an end-run?”

        If i understand correctly, are you implying the US prefer’s to send the CoIE report to AU with support from the UN rather than, go directly to the SC for recommendation to the ICC?

        I think almost everyone was skeptical if there would be support from China and Russia, specially considering what happened in Libya, Syria and other places. I think (JS) were for the most part optimistic but I don’t think people have really a game plan how this could play out. If SC refused to send to ICC, then what would the next plan?

        It seems to me, and thank for clarifying, that this approach is much more pragmatic and more realistic rather than going directly to the SC and risking the report is thrown out.

        Specially with the renewal of the mandate of the SR, the headache of the GoE is not over, it’s only the beginning. So over all I think this may be the best outcome now that I have some time to digest all.


        • saay7

          Selamat Berhe:

          The short answer: yes.

          The longer version:

          It’s not “either/or”; its “and”: the referral is going to be made to both the security council (one of the UN organs) AND the African Union (“strongly encourage….international…”).

          The referral to security council WILL face, imo, a resistance by China and Russia, just like the CoI on North Korea has been for the last 2 years. But, as I said in my interview, that referral alone will tarnish the GoE forever and ever: there will be no report ever written about the gov that doesn’t mention that it has been accused of crimes against humanity by a UN organ.

          The referral to the AU… Ethiopia and the US may not have the same influence they did in 2008-09 when they shepherded the sanctions language from IGAD all the way to the security council, but China has no veto power in the AU. Meanwhile, although IA is not openly insulting and antagonizing African leaders, he and his followers forget the AU is not the OAU: the principle of non-indifference is official AU policy replacing the principle of non-interference of the OAU. This is why of the entire African bloc in HRC, only Sudan opposed the HRC resolution.

          Those who celebrate the removal of the explicit reference to the security council have not considered the possibility that the revised language is not “watering down” but tightening the vise. In addition to the SR, the role to the AU, have you seen the stronger role given to the High Commissioner in the “watered down” resolution. Its role was actually expanded. And does anyone think the High Commissioner is going to report they were given unimpeded access to Eritreas prisons?


          • iSem

            Hi Sal:
            “……Israeli newspaper was shaming its government for calling the Eritrean victims of crimes against humanity whatever Bibi Netanyahu called them”
            And until now, we have not heard that the writers/editors of that news paper were not arrested:-)

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            You are right the role of High Commissioner is really strong.

            This mandate alone will create so much problem for the government even if the AU does nothing.

            “To provide the Office of the High Commissioner with all relevant information on the identity, safety, well-being and whereabouts of all detained persons and persons missing in action, including members of the G-15, journalists, those detained in the aftermath of the takeover on 21 January 2013 of the building of the Ministry of Information, and the 13 Djiboutian combatants still detained;”

            No I didn’t about the AU and Kigali, I read shabait says IA support for the leader to be east african but that will not mean much with Ethiopia influence over AU.


  • Haile Zeru

    Hi All,

    Very good SAAL (Nlebam amitelu kindey key sihito. nAsha derguaHalu kindy Key ….)

    HIGDEF, HGDEF-zombies and apologetics are the most despicable people. Their moral/ethical, conscience whatever makes them human is dead in them.

    -As if the thousands of Eritreans that are leaving the country they govern (mal-administer) is not bad by itself,

    -as if being cited by the whole world for committing criminal acts on the population they govern (mal-administer) is not bad enough,

    they are celebrating for not being referred to ICC directly by HRC.

    No amount of rationalization is good enough to make the status of Eritrean people, at present, good. But still I hear them celebrating. Just open meskerem to see what I mean.

    The way KELETA KIDANE (find his writing in meskerem) is disparaging Djibouti and Somalia is despicable. It is reminiscent the way people like him disparage the Agame. It is not only that. This educated, old aged, passed thru the struggle person is making no distinction between Eritrea, the country, and the leaders of HGDEF.

    HIGDEF disparages many people but the ones most ridiculed, enslaved, brutalized and raped by these criminals are the eritrean people. Foreigners can refer to SR report and eritreans know it already.

    Now after the SR report and the HRC resolution the only thing they care about is not being referred to ICC directly. If that does not happen they are in perfect shape!!!. They are making good progress!!!. Just listen Yemane’s discourse and rebuttal to the SR report. How could anyone come with such stupid analysis/conclusion given the facts in the ground in Eritrea?

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Haile,

      Yes really,

      ሕጂ ድኣ እሞ ንዝሞተ ምምላኽ :-
      ኣብ እግሩ ምንብርካኽ :-
      ምሕኳር ድዩ ሙስላኽ :-
      ድርቅና ዘይምሕናኽ ::

      ምስ ተላዕለት – ሎሚ ሃገር ብሃገራ:-
      ሓርነት ምስ በለት – ኣብ ሓንቲ ሰሚራ :-
      እንታይ እዩ ምህውታት ምምኽናይ ዕባራ :-
      ሽማግለ ኣይዓሹ ክብሩ ኣይቅበራ ::

      ኪዳን ድኣ ኪዳን ክብረቱ እቲ ቃሉ :-
      ካርሸለ ዝገዝኡ እምቢ ኣይፍል ኢሉ :-
      ማዕሪጉ ዝሞተ ኣብ ገነት ኣጽሊሉ :-
      ‘ታይ ወረዶ ወዱ ቀለታ ኮብሊሉ ::

      ንኽሉ ከተፍቱ ዝፈተነት መልሓስ :-
      ካብ ኩሉ ትተርፍ ትንጸግ ትኽሰስ :-
      ወይ ሓቂ ምሓዝ እዩ ሕጊ ንኽነግስ :-
      ……….ፍልልያት ጼርካ ኣብ ሰላም ምሕንባስ :-
      ወይ ውን ምስ ገባቲ ምስዕሳዕ ምድናስ :-
      ……….ታሪኽ ክዒቡካ ካባ ሕፍረት ምልባስ::

      ሰላም እዩ ድልየትና መትከልና ካብ ቀደም :-
      ፍርቂ ዘመን ከይዱ ክንመክር ክንልምን :-
      ጽጋበኛ ስርዓት ክብረት ነየፍትወሉ :-
      ብሓይሊ የልግስ ፍጹም ተዘንጢሉ ::

      • Haile Zeru

        Hi Kokheb Selam,

        You are brilliant!!!

        I do not know whether it is the linguistic ability or the clear thinking blended with experience?
        I have hard time putting sentences together, you come up with poetry for the same thing.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Haile Zeru,

          Yes in deed he is quite talented. I hope he get to post his poems on dedicated page here at

          Some day he will be our Pushikin, when the devil HGDF is searching for poets while real Eritrean poets like Dawit Isak are wasting their lives in HGDF dungeon.

          As to Keleta and meskerem, well if they can just focus in bringing freedom using the “only option of mighty EPLF”, please go ahead and do it. It will be welcom but we will NOT shy away using all available peaceful option to bring the PFDJ down. And it’s NOT because of Weyane or Ethiopia’s quite shameful to insult these tens and thousands articulate Eritreans as “they don’t know what they are doing”.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Thank you Berhe Y,
            This is too much for me Sir. I can’t just pass this without saying something.

            ….. ፑሽኪን ምገረሞ …….

            ሓንሳብ እንተዝመጽእ ሕጂ ናብ ዛ ዓለም :-
            እንትይ ኮን ምበለ ብዛንታ መስደመም :-
            ናይ ማንነት ታሴራ ህግደፍ ክትሓትም :-
            ፑሽኪን ኤርትራዊ ዝነበረ ቀደም ::

            ኣበይ ኮን እዩ ዓዱ ኣበይ ኮን እዩ ዓውዱ :-
            ከረነታይ ዶ ኣሰመረታይ ካበይ እዮም ወለዱ ::

            ኣቁርደት ዶ ተሰነይ ካብ ዓሰብ ምጽዋዕ :-
            ወይስ መንደፈራ ወይ ውን ካብ ጊንዳዕ :-
            ዛግራ ምስ በልካ እዩ ኣባ ጉንባሕ ዝብላዕ :-
            ገለ እንዶ ፍጠሩ ዝፍብረክ ዝስናዕ ::

            እምበር ዶ ሃገሲ ብሽማ እያ ነይራ :-
            መዓስ ከ ተባህለት እዛ ሃገር ኤርትራ :-
            ብመውጋትን መስዋእትን እንድያ ተፈጥራ :-
            ብመግዛእቲ ኢሮፕ ኣብ ታሪኽ ሰፍራ ::

            ዳዊቶም እንከሎ ገጣሚ ደራሲ :-
            መጽሓፍ ልዕሊ መጽሓፍ ኣንባቢ ጨራሲ :-
            ቃላት ቀናባሪ ሓረጋት ሃንዳሲ :-
            ንፑሽኪን ፈጠሩ ኣውጺኦም ካብ ጋህሲ::

            ሊቅና ተሞቂሑ ኣብ ጨካን ማእሰርቲ :-
            ሃገርና እንከላ ሃገር ቶም ተረኽቲ :-
            ሊቅ እናዳ ማትና ይስረሖ ሓውልቲ :-
            ተውሳኺቱ ፑሽኺን ኣብ ገበን መዝገብቲ ::

            ገበን እዩ ገበን ብዘይናትኩም ኣይትኽሩዑ :
            ሕሩመይ ኣይፋሉ ዋይ ዋይ ተጠሊዑ :-
            ሓውልቱ ምስ ረኣየ ሕሱም ተቆጢዑ :-
            ሓቂ ምስ ፈረደ ምስ ርኣና ሽዑ :-

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Brother,
          Wow ! thank you. What I gave so far is very small part of what I should. can I say something about your inquiry above.

          በጃ ዝሓልፍ እንተዝበካ ገንዘብ :-
          ብሚስጥር ብሕድሪ ንደቁ ዝወሃብ :-
          ወላ እንተዘየሎ ሓደ ዝጸባጽብ :-
          እንታይ ምገበርካ ናብ ገነት ክትቀርብ :: this is the question think about it.

          ሕድሪ እዩ ኮይኑኒ ዝወሃብ ንዓኻ :-
          ፍሉይ ክእለት ሃያብ ናይ ጀግና ሓውኻ :-
          ብዙሕ እዩ ብዙሕ ኣይትፈልጦን ኢኻ :-
          ገና ኣይሃብኩኻን ሓወይ ሃብታም ኢኻ ::

          የግዳስ እዚ ፍሉይ ሃብቲ እዚ ፍሉይ ሚስጥር:-
          ተቀባሊ የድልዮ ክብረቱ ዝምርምር :-
          ተኸታተል ወገን ብዙሕ እዩ ‘ቲ ነገር :-
          ውሰዶ ውሰዶ ብስውእካ ክበር ::

          ብዙሓት ኣለና ሕድሪ ተሰከምና :-
          ውሑዳት እዮም ግዳ መለስቲ ካባና :-
          ካልእ ዓይነት ጀግንነት ዝበሃል ሕልና :-
          ካብ ወርቂ ካብ ኣልማዝ ዝኸብር ማዕድና ::

          እዚ ረቂቕ ሃያብ መእንቲ ክትረኽቦ :-
          ገሊና ንገጥም ብቃላት ነኽብቦ :-
          ገሊና ንደርፍ ጎሮሮ ንጸርቦ :-
          መገዲ ነናዲ ነማዕብል ተውህቦ ::

          እምበር መዓስ በዚሑ ክንደይ ገና ኣሎ :-
          ክትሰምዖ ኢኻ ሓወይ ብጨፈራ ብኣውሎ :-
          ግዳ ዕሽሽ የለን ሸለል ከይትብሎ :-
          ፍንጫሕ መሰንገለይ ኣብ ጥቅሚ ኣውዕሎ::

    • iSem

      Hi HZ:
      Kelta Kidane is what our fathers call “ndhrit kem shinti gemel”. He wrote volumes about PFDJ, many of his writing were literal starting with a letter he found in a cemetery of Asmara, a letter from a father to his martyred son where he narrates to his beloves son how PFDJ betrayed their trust and the trust of all who perishe in the name of Eritrea. It was moving and when the G15 were arrest and he saw no mass opposition her wrote “melqes”, a master pience on its own right. He wrote litterally about “Adey Qudusan”, a PFDJ supporter in London, in a series of treaties he captured the essense of K
      But something happened, and now for intents of purposes he is a PFDJ supporter with a spin, just like the publisher of Meskerem has done and just like Hamdan, a man who was once a man has done;-)

    • Tewelde gebremariam

      Hi zeru

      All animals are equal but some are more equal than others, wrote George Orwell in his book, Animal Farm, in which all the pigs are by decree of the leader made superiors , powerful and rulers . Why? Because he himself being a pig trusts his likes more than his unlikes in order to retain his leadership position in perpetuity.

      When Eritrean Independence was achieved, EPLF changed its name to PFDJ—— people’s front for democracy and justice. But despite its long duration since it was established almost 25 years ago, there is no democracy and justice to speak of in Eritrea. Instead the people have been languishing under a brutal totalitarian leader.

      In the Animal Farm, the pigs keep the rest of animals on edge and thus divert their attention from looking inword into the unfulfilled promise by constantly swirling false rumours that the humans are coming to take back the Farm and that they have recruited spies inside the Animal Farm and therefore must guard against each other. This is how the impostor is frightening our population to submission.

      PFDJs, like the animals in the Animal Farm, are divided into two—- the insiders and outsiders–. The impostor totalitarian leader, isaias afewerk chooses the insiders not on their merit but on kinship. Like him, they must have tigrai heritage. This is not far-fetched in any way because the evidences are transparent.

      Hagos Kisha now control the economy of the country but did not earn that position either by educational achievement—– has Bachelor Degree— or intellectual superiority and he never took part in the of liberation. And the jacket of all trade and master of none, Yemane Monkey , is exact replica of Hagos Kisha etc. They are insiders because they have tigrai heritage

      Conversly, the outsiders are from the native population, chosen for their submissiveness , slavishness etc. They can be ministers or other ranks but have no power; they can speak in a meeting but only as scripted by the insiders. If they show any form of unhappiness with the statusque, the next day they are in the underground dungeons. They are all decoys installed to fool the genuine Eritreans into believing the Mafia is their government. By the way, no one with tigrai heritage is either in prison or escaped from the Mafia.

      Saleh Yonnus started his analysis by asking whether isaias afewerk dodged the bullet of the CoIE? But the question he should attempt to explore is as to what could be the motive of the United States to do the following:
      1. To send delegates to Asmera to meet the impostor isaias afewerk at the 11th hour—- on the eve of HRC final decision on CoIE recommendation.

      2. To instruct it’s delegate at HRC to degrade the finding of the CoIE as inferior to that of the North Korea was.

      The irony is that the USA did the above favors to the impostor despite the fact that he was loudly implicating her to be behind the sanction, CoI and woyane’s alleged border attack etc. Can this deed of the USA to save the impostor from the ICC be revelation of what we have suspected all along, that he is CIA agent? I think it is. If this is true, then the woyane/isaias controversy is also a sham as we said all along.

      Saleh Yonnus says that it might be the prospect of veto of China and Russia that prompted the HRC to stop referring the impostor to the UNSC. Be we must remember China and Russia did not vote against the resolution at the HRC, they only abstained, which meant there was possibility for them to do the same at the UNSC as well as they did during the two sanctions.

      Professor Tesfatsion Medhanye says that before the EPLFs and TPLFs attacked Abai Jebha, the impostor and Meles had a meeting in Washington D.C. with CIA agents. Paul Henze 1990 secret interview of Meles underscores that the impostor isaias afewerk does not believe in Eritrean Independence and that he was limping along waiting for opportune time to strike . He did in 1998.

      After Abai Jebha was routed out in 1981 and it’s tegadelti dispersed into the Sudan, the then CIA chief , George Bush, landed in Khartoum. Soon after, UNHCRs sprang across Eastern Sudan and former ELF tegadelti were accepted to resettle in USA, Canada, Australia etc. Could this be an act of goodwill, or an act of conspiracy against Eritrea? Time will tell but unless we explore it,we will never know.

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Dear Saay,
    We welcome with appreciation this great article. We note with deep concern the lack of such analytical work and strongly encourage you to continue this work. We welcome the relief from the debate we were having with pfdj supports as to whether crimes against humanity are being committed in Eritrea. We call upon them to reconsider their celebration of the case being referred to what they consider a lenient court. 🙂

    • saay7

      Selamat Abrehet and Haile TG:

      Abrehet, thanks, that’s funny. During the 98-00 war, one phrase used to drive me crazy: “decides to remain seized with the matter.” When one is obsessed with one thing, it is easy to forget that there are 191 nations and to the UN, your obsession is just one in a long list of things to deal with. If one reads the entire agenda of the HRC, its amazing how many issues are dealt with in those 3 weeks.

      I hear you loud and clear, Hailat. A lot of well-meaning Eritreans write me to ask why don’t I “help your country” as if the PFDJ’s problem is lack of knowledge when its actually a value system or “our way of doing things” even when “our way” are unfit for a government. Did you see the draft resolution Eritrea submitted as an alternative to the Djibouti-Somalia one? I know high school kids at UN Model projects who could have presented a better one. Predictibly, it had no co-sponsors and it was withdrawn and shows as “obsolete” in the UN’s archiving system (extranet.)

      The kind of change they need to make to join the family of nations as defined by the norms of the UN is unreachable for them. For example, the UN has already budgeted $500,000 for the Special rapparteur–it assumes she will have a staff of one, that she will travel to Eritrea twice, with each trip lasting 10 days, and that she will then report to the HRC and GA… Of course none of that will happen and we will have “regrets Eritrea’s refusal to co-operate…” Same thing that shows up in every UN monitoring group report when the PFDJ actually hopes that the US will vote to lift the sanctions just because Herman Cohen told them so.

      Anyway, your “noting” of my charm offensive possibility is warmly welcomed.


      • haileTG

        Hey saay,

        The “bad example of good” nation of ours is jinxed for bad diplomacy since the advent of the post 2001 IA era. The inherent contradiction being that whereas dictatorship is basically a means for controlling and increasing power and influence, diplomacy is there to “tame the sovereigns”. Diplomacy, the rule and codes of conduct among the society of states (considered to be an international institution) is stable, i.e. despite a volatile scenario that it may find itself in. e.g. PFDJ says the USA ALWAYS favored Ethiopia and Ethiopians say the Arabs Always have ulterior agenda on their country. There is a lot of ALWAYS from IGAD to UN and everything in between. But… IF IA scores in diplomacy now, well, well there is nothing as captivating to watch as a 90th minute goal 🙂


      • Haile Zeru

        Hi SAAY,

        Those who ask you, ” why don’t “you help your country” “…? did they ask themselves why GOE (DIA) did not let the likes of Haile woldetensae (DRUE), Petros Solomon etc… and previously Ibrahim Affa and others help their country?

        For HGDEF an intelligent Eritrean is useful dead than alive.

  • haileTG

    Selamat saay,

    We can only expect the level of rigour from one of the founders of Awate University himself. It was a foolproof analysis of what has been presented through the COIEs recommendations and subsequent resolution. Your implied suggestion to the GoE to play ball with a charm offensive in the African field is noted. However, IMO diplomacy takes time, it is painstaking and a relationship spanning many factors and actors. The GoE might be well late to make good use of that advice. If the rhetoric that came out of Asmara is anything to go by then they have No Plans! Looking at a picture of IA and OS with a Ugandan emissary in the Adi Halo Presidential Palace, all they have is grim (not charming) faces in their arsenal for the home playoffs 🙂


  • Samuel

    this is simply a brilliant piece of work, sal !!! thank you for breaking it down for us

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Saay7 I don’t have words to say about you and your work.. words couldn’t support me as they are limited. My respect bro. Can I have my Poem as usual! just inviting everyone including those in wrong side to peace…

    . .. . .ረጋቢት መክቱ . . . .

    ርግቢተይ መክቲ ከም ‘ታ መሓዛኺ :-
    ሕጂ ከይትጠፍኢ ኣብ ሓደጋ ኣለኺ :-
    . . . . . . . . .ርግቢተይ መክት ከም ‘ታ ናይ ዓርክኻ :-
    …. . . . . . . .ሕጂ ከይትጠፍእ ኣብ ሓደጋ ኣለኻ ::

    ሰብ ሰላም ሰብ ሓቂ እነሆ ስስኑ :-
    ይበዝሑ ይፈርዩ ዝበልዎ ኮይኑ :-
    . . .ኣስተብህሉ ረጋቢት ሓያል እዩ ዘመኑ :-
    . . .እዚ ገረብ ሃጥያት ግድን እዩ ክዓኑ ::

    ኣብ ዘይወዓልኩሞ ዓይኑኹም ከይኖቅር :-
    ሎሚ እዩ መዓልቱ ምስ ብጾትካ ምስፋር :-
    ምስ ገበን ካብ ምጽናሕ ይሕሸኩም ምንፋር :-
    ሓቂ ተበጊሳ እያ ንሓሶት ክትቀብር ::

    ረጋቢተይ ኣይትገረሁ ምሰሉ ብጾትኩም :-
    ኣብ ጽኑዕ ርገጹ ሕጂ ግዜ ከይሓልፈኩም :-
    ግዝያዊ ብልጭልጭ ሓቂ ከይመስለኩም :-
    ሒዙኩም ከይጠፍእ የብሉን ሓልዮትኩም ::

    ርኣዩዎም ረጋቢት ብሓደ ዝነፍሩ :-
    ዓዒንቲ ‘ቲ ተመን እናነቛቐሩ :-
    ብትስፍው ሕልና ሰላም እናበሰሩ :-
    ብጾትኩም እዮም ‘ሞ ሕጂ ተጸንበሩ: –

    ኣንቱም ሰኣልቲ – ረቂቕ ዝኽእለትኩም :-
    ኣንቱም ተለሃይቲ- ላዕሊ ዝህያብኩም :-
    ኣንቱም ገጠምቲ – ዓሚቕ ‘ቲ ሓሳብኩም :-
    ኣንቱም ቀረጽቲ -ሃናጺ ኣእዳውኩም :-
    ኮታ ሰብ ኪነ- ጥበብ ተዓደልኩም :-
    ኣትሪርኩም መክቱ ሓቂ እዩ ቦታኹም :-

    ኣብ ኩሉ መዳያት ትነብር ትነጥፍ :-
    ቦታኻ ኣለሊ ሕጂ ከይትሰንፍ:-
    ብሕማቅ ከይዛዘም ናይ ታሪኽካ ምዕራፍ :-
    ናብ ህዝብኻ ወግን ተኣንገድ ተሰለፍ ::

    እምቢ ኢልካ መክት ኣይግዛእን እምቢ :-
    ተጠርኒፍካ ኣፍርስ ናይ ዲያብሎስ ግምቢ :-
    . . . .ከይትልከም ወገን ኣይትኹን ተዓዛቢ
    . . . .ኣብ ደንደስ ዝምልከት የብሉን እዩ ዓስቢ ::

    ረጋቢት ዕጠቑ ግርህና ግደፉ :-
    ነቒሕኩም መክቱ ኣጉል ከይትተርፉ ::

    ረጋቢት ንቐሉ ብጾትኩም ምሰሉ :-
    ዘለኹሞ ገረብ ኣይፋል እንድዕሉ :-
    ግንዱ ናይ ድያብሎስ መርዛም እዩ ቆጽሉ :-
    ረጋቢት ሓደራ ኣብ ሰላም ኣጽልሉ ::

    ተኣከባ ተመያየጣ ኣብ ባይቶ ውዓላ :-
    ፍቕሪ ፍቕሪ በላ ዘምራ ዓልላ :-
    ስርዓትን ነዲፍክን ብስውእ መሓላ :-
    ሃገር ሰላም ትኹን ካብ ታሕታ ናብ ላዕላ:-

    ኩሉ ምስ ኣተወ ኣብ ሕግን ስርዓትን :-
    ጉጉይ ምስ ተታሕዘ ቀታላን በደላን :-
    ምሕረት ኣውጃ ንራህዋን ሰላምን :-
    ብዓል ክፉእ ንርእሱ – ንዓኽን ኣይኮነን::

    ኮኾብ ሰላም

    • Hayat Adem

      Dearest Kokhob,
      I don’t know how you manage to produce all these peoms, not just peoms but good ones? You really are great more then you are being appreciated here. You always have a positive story to tell. And you have all the necessary tools to deliver: good mastery of language, good heart and content. Thanks for all your contributions.
      Saay’s spin-free revisit of the report and the resolution is very very helpful. Man, diplomatic communication is so obscure.It is like you have to mine deep to get the gold (true) message.
      i would like to think that the COI report and the HRC resolution are more than contents. What thye don’t say- but point to- are more important than what they say. The fact there has been a COIE to investigate crimes of the PFDJ is more important than what actually comes up; the fact that there is report and there are resolutions and recommendations is more important than the actual contents in there. I mean, how many nations of the world 200+ members are being investigated by a UN body at this time? How many nations are being put under scrutiny and spotlight for state-level crimes? PFDJ and its supporters have no reason to celebrate anything at all. But as they say, the fool always wins by saying “no”, no matter what.

      • Kokhob Selam

        ክብርቲ ሓያታ :
        ከማኺ ዝኣመሰሉ ጥቅዋትን ውርዙያትን ኣብ ተፈጥሩላ ዓለም : ቁም ነገር ከይገበርኩ ክሓልፍ ዘይሕሰብ እዩ ::

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Sal,
    It is getting to be difficult to access Awate thru Disqus…..this is a test.
    Mr. K.H

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Awate,
      Now that I know I can comment. Let me just say, I enjoyed reading the intricate nature of diplomatic talk.
      On another matte, however, I have a thing or two to say to Tewelde gebremariam in a different place.
      Mr. K.H