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Dejen DC: Forto 2013 – Updated

Eritreans for constitutional governance and democracy demonstrate outside the Eritrean Embassy in Washington, DC.

Eritreans at Dejen DC

The Eritrean Embassy spokesperson, Freweini Abraham, overreacts (just a tad) and describes the peaceful attempt of peaceful people to ask for peaceful change in Eritrea as if it was somebody attacking Dejen DC. Read her instant classic below:

29 January 2013 – Today, a few hooligans attempted a copycat attack similar to recent incidents in Europe. Their attempt to enter the Embassy of Eritrea and “occupy” it was foiled.

The monkey see, monkey do, act was foiled by a swift combined efforts of the Embassy staff, law enforcement and the vigilant members of the Eritrean Community in DC area.

Three main culprits were arrested and the rest were documented (their personal information recorded) by the police department. This group of disruptive individuals was given a warning not to come close to the Embassy premise, lest they risk being arrested for trespassing. Many members of the Eritrean community in the Washington Metropolitan area showed in a matter of minutes ready to defend the Embassy and its staff.

It is to be recalled, that the very same group of people attempted to disrupt a peaceful community meeting in September 2012 and were humiliated by the Eritrean community members and Arlington Police department.

Embassy of Eritrea

Washington, DC
Received on Tue Jan 29 2013 – 19:18:36 EST

Update: Read below:

We are our brothers’ keepers…

The DMV change-seeking community has shown its unconditional support to its brave youth. This team has approached the Eritrean Embassy in DC on Tuesday January 29th, 2013 around 1 pm Eastern time, in an effort to present its demand for an all out CHANGE in our beloved nation showing its solidarity with the FORTO 2013 operation by our brave EDF members. Few minutes later, the federal police, secret service agents, and the metropolitant police were called by the embassy staff members, who reported on us an [un]lawfull entry – which was flatout lie. As you may see below a bunch of us had to go to court this morning which ended up with our VICTORY.

Don’t you love the LAW! Ah, I wish we had some kind of law in Eritrea that everyone abides by – a LAW that is above everyone – a LAW that governs but not governed.

Dear PFDJ thugs, please understand that we canNOT be muzzled at any cost.

FORTO 2013 lives forever! More to come!


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  • bilen
  • well done heroes , I am really proud of you, it is Irony when the Dictators and Blood suckers of innocent Eritrean people (pfdj) un civilized 21 century cruel Animals were seeking justice for them ,while they deny for their own people , well I have to say this no matter how long will be the dictators and their drum beaters will be down to the earth ,it is just a matter of time keep fighting Freedom lovers””’

  • shabia

    If you complain that the dministration is bad, why do you also be bad by saying bad things like name calling, etc.

  • Metkel Gedli

    So what’s the next move? Occuping houses and appartments Owend b PfDJ member? For sure in 2100, you will be in power…

  • Tahanur Yassin

    Mantile Zelila Zelila nab Meret.

    Iski Kinreyekin ina nabey kemtikeda.

    Ab teked’o yebelkinin.

    ‘Business as usual” in Eritrea!


    Dear Awateans,

    I was wrong in thinking that PFDJ cooked this scenario ,I was wrong ,I AM GLAD I WAS WRONG.It was a demand that put peoples´interest at the center of it.
    My heart goes with Wedi Ali..In my opinion THIS IS REAL MARTYRDOM ,FOR THE PEOPLE ;WERE THE PEOPLE ARE TRULY OPPRESED ,Politically ,socialy,religiously,economically ..etc
    Colonel Wedi Ali, I did not know you ,but my respect for you has no boundry !!!

  • haile

    i think what they did for freedom is what the heros do for the benefit of the society. They were heros on battle fields but the independence they fought for not grant so they now they devoted their Life again. They ignor their kids and they left them with heyna and his dogs. So the process of Forto is not easy, we have to remember for ever.

  • Papillon

    Hey Sal,

    Something seems to be amiss since the inception of Forto 2013. Of course, is under-the-knife for cosmetic purposes. Moreover, what seems to stand out missing is the ever heated debate about “Gedli-romantics” and “Unionist-bashing.” It has always been my “stand” that, the reason YG and his audience an-atomize Gedli to the point of reducing it to its less-than-the-sum-total is simply because they are frustrated about the dire situation Eritrea finds herself in not so much to re-invent the wheel of history if you will.

    As it happens, the issue of defaming Gedli has receded into the back-burner as Forto-2013 is practically knocking the regime out of its power base. As more of the regime’s pillars are to turn into ashes in the near future, the debate will almost be confined either to the few with curious imagination and academic discourses as well. There is nothing more to it. And you won’t have to rebut every article that comes out bashing Gedli.


    • zegeremo


      With all due respect that’s a plain “Monotony.”

  • ViVa Forto 2013!!!

    The arrest is a procedural thing on the secret service and state department issues…nothing more nothing less. Hgdefs are cornered more than ever. They end is near.

  • Duta

    great job

  • Zerai Woldai

    Good job. That is the way to go. Change is coming. Let’s keep it up.

  • ghezai

    good job ahwat deleyti lowti

  • Civil dissobidience evrywhere against the dictator is geering up hgdf agints are feelling the let us keep the heat finaly justice for our ppl will prevail; DEATH TO HGDF!!!!!!!!

  • Dag

    Such butterfly effect will create a tornado in Eritrea….Keep the good fight….

  • A Iyasu

    Well done Brothers and Sisters for standing up to say….We are our brothers’ keepers!

    This is a resounding voice that resonates beyond the mountains of FORTO, all the way to heavens, striking a melody with God the Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth.

    I am so pleased that we have climbed up all the way to FORTO, occupying the MORAL HIGH GROUNDS, from which it is easy to see that change is on its way.

    Fear has been defeated and it is no more….but standing up to say “We are our brothers’ keepers” is so overwhelming bringing joy to the heart and light to our mind. May the darkness that has befallen on us all be lifted very very very sooooooooooooooon….

    It is indeed time to stand up in defence of the human dignity of our Brothers and Sisters.


  • Wedi Hemberti

    Well done my people!

    Everything costs. We might have to pay some more sucrifice to get damn PFDJ “Hell” out of there. Standing on the court is the least! Go ahead! May be before we get the punnishment we get rid of the Regime. Lets intesify it!

    • wedi tihti-himberti

      Good point


    If you would be free, it is only because that you were stopped before you commit a crime. That is good both for you and the embassy.
    We were not at the court so we dont know what you were told there.
    But one thing was surely failed;
    The “Occupay thing”


      U thought it failed. Time will tell who failed. Weyto wahid

  • sara

    we are with you. it is funny the hegdf tags doesn’t want to see justice in eritrea but they practice and benefit from justice in other country.

  • Truth Teller

    Time changes and people change. There are driving and restraining forces behind those changes. In the past, the Isayas thugs used to have upper hands. These thugs used to badmouthing and stepping up protests against the opposition protests, any time the opposition takes to the streets to demonstrate against the regime. Because time is not on their side, the thugs’ supporting voices for Isayas are receding into distance and silence. And, on the other hand, because time is on the side of the opposition, they got to strengthen their driving forces as these thugs feel the force and retreat into their holes.

  • Andebrhan

    Good job Deleyti fthi .
    We are boiling more than ever never stop to shat down the human traffickers Embaciy all over .
    This is the time to finish the good job .
    Thenkyou DC

  • Helen

    so why did they get arrested if it was “peaceful”? simple question.

    • DemMelash

      To be arrested does not mean to be guilty. Isayasawian need to learn the ABC of law in the Free World.
      Like your Freshman Dismised and X-Mas graduate, the coward Isaias (your president), you are a person of emotion.

      Down with all of you, rotten iasaiasawians.

    • Tecle

      Good question, but then why were they set free by the court if it was NOT peaceful?

    • henok

      if this is simple question for you then what would be a hard question for you? I guess 2+2.1=x is a very tough question.