Eritrea: Peaceful Resistance Or Peaceful Surrender—The New Non-Violence Mantra

The term “non-violent” or “peaceful resistance” has a nice ring to it. It suggests that the person espousing it must

Reason And Faith: Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Since his debut back in May 25, Amanuel Sahle has enriched with several eloquent and highly readable articles.  In

A Critical Look At The EPLF/PFDJ/GOE Saga: A Half Century-10 Epic Drama

I want to begin with a series of congratulations… (skip 4 paragraphs to go directly to the topic) 1.  Congratulations

Nationalism and Democracy: Rhetoric vs. Reality

“I will speak to it”, Shakespeare once wrote in Hamlet, “I will speak to it though hell itself should gape

“Aslamay midri (adi) yeblun, semai Andi yeblun”

The inspiration for this topic came from Ali Salim who mentioned it in his last article and considers it responsible

Ethno-Tribal Politics, Religion, And Democracy

When discussing issues that touch upon region, religion, or tribe I think it is always a good idea to begin