Awate’s Critical National Service, The Public Duty To Help Sustain It

A Funding Proposal by Bereket Habte Selassie The Reason for this proposal I have been a regular reader of

Book Review: The Burden of Exile

This is a review by Bereket Habte Selassie of the recently published book, “THE BURDEN OF EXILE” by Aaron Berhane.

WOLDEAB WOLDEMARIAM: A Biography of a Visionary Eritrean Patriot, by Dawit Mesfin

Review by Bereket Habte Selassie He spent a major part of his adult life fighting for freedom and human dignity,

Omar Jabir: A Wise Elder Departs

The passing of Omar Jabir is like the disappearance of a bright star from the Eritrean Revolutionary Firmament. As I

An Open Letter To The Israeli Embassy

An Open letter to H.E. Mr. Ron Dermer, Ambassador of Israel to the United States of America Embassy of Israel,

Book Review: Paths To A Nation

Paths To The Nation: Islam, Community, and Early Nationalism in Eritrea, 1941-1961, By Joseph L. Venos. Review By Bereket Habte

Eritreans Must Unite To Overthrow The Dictatorship

As Eritreans, we find ourselves at a cross-road. Our nation is going through a traumatic time; our people are suffering

Un Peace Keeping Operations: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I. Introduction Peace keeping is one of the most important works undertaken by the United Nations Organization, involving enormous financial

Beyond Antipathy

Beyond Antipathy:  The Concluding Part of Religion, Nationalism and Ethno-regional Politics Much of the public discourse among Eritreans has been

State, Religion and Ethno-Regional Politics

Sign of the Times   On August 1, 2009, I happened to be in Washington DC, visiting a family friend