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A/Rahman Sayed (Bohashem)

A/Rahman Sayed – Human & Political Rights Activist. Born and raised in a multi-cultural and multi-ethno-linguistic family speaking Arabic, Tigre and Tigrigna, later on learned Amharic and English at school, graduated in Social Science (International Relations), and post-graduated in Comparative Federalism (combined with Conflict Resolution). He has been a human and political rights activist for over 20 years. He believes the two rights are intertwined and that they should be the main rallying themes for the pro-democracy struggle in Eritrea. He considers their achievement can potentially lead to a just and democratic society. He is a frequent contributor to Eritrean (opposition) and international media as a political analyst and campaigner. He has given regular interviews on Eritrean and African affairs to well established media outlets such as the BBC, Aljazeera English and Arabic, VOA-Tigrigna, DW-Amharic etc. He was the spokes person for the Brussels International Conference on Eritrea and the Horn of Africa held in November 2009. His political interests include: Federalism as a conflict management/resolution tool as well as a system of governance for plural societies, Horn of Africa confederation and economic integration, women empowerment and leadership in the public sphere.

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On Thursday 3 October, about an hour before mid night, I received a call from BBC World Service Radio asking if I was willing to give live interview during news broadcasting at 3am (2am GMT). As I was travelling to Germany early morning the next day (4th October), I agreed …

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The London Conference

It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it.  And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.  –Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) According to an announcement on, a peace conference has been organised by an ad-hoc group based in London and the group …

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