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Assab: The Eritrean Nose

Was he right? Paulo Neruda! In his verses (as re-recounted in the movie Il Postino) in respect to an aquatic-terrestrial symbiotic relationship? At least, one (I, for example) would subscribe to the imaginative bliss it engenders in the mind. According to Neruda, with each “Wefari Bahri“, with each washing of the waters to the shore, the sea tells its name. The sea tells the landmass its name repeatedly and repeatedly. In that case few lands, few nations lent ear to what they were told. One did that we know. Eritrea.

Red Sea. Erythrean Sea. Mar Rosso. al-Bar al-Amar. Qeyh Bahri. More relevantly, Asa Bade.

And this aphorism. Was he right? Pascal, Blaise! If Cleopatra’s (that crucible of three civilizations-Egypt, Greek, Rome) nose was a bit of a shorter, the face of the world would have been changed. Pascal mused. Bless Blaise! Sure, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony would have known better than being ogled and smitten by the sensual “Wuba of Misri” instead of moving to conquer the Levant. Or the Bactria.

Now the multi-billion Nakfa question is this: Had the Eritrean Nose, the Dankali strip been a tad shorter, the whole history of East Africa might have been different. The lives of Eritreans, Ethiopians, Djiboutis, would certainly have been different and even affecting the Somalis, the Sudanese and Kenyan.

If Eritrean history since (1869-2011) was to be reduced to one single critical word -crudely and just for a minute-, few would disagree that Assab might be the best candidate.

It stands uniquely as a port city that shoulders more than its share. Without discounting the worth of the whole Eritrea, no place is so important in determining the history (and thus future) of the nation than the place and the people that started it all. Assab. Afars. 1869. 2018. Has Eritrea come full circle? Is it dying? Is it going to be reincarnated?

Beyond Grievances

Eritrea is a land, so we learned in our past 50 years. Eritrea is also people, a dear and extremely important lesson we are taking deep to our hearts. In this recalibrated quest for finding elusive Eritrea, we pledge to listen to our nation, to our people. Today to Eritrean Afars.

In the real-life soap drama we are forced to watch, the Eritrean leader, ‘smu Qes yitrawNA’ who just visited Assab, with the main beneficiary PM Abiy Ahmed clearly showed the world that he was not ashamed to sell Assab to highest regional bidders. All that love and peace professed from South was meant to share Assab. Addis is now full of Assab-themed businesses. Colluli Mining Share Co., jointly owned by Danakali Ltd. of Australia and the state-owned Eritrean National Mining Co. are munching the potash deposits; Danakali is now ‘the potash province’.

But where are the Eritrean people? Where are the Afars? Yes, those who are not languishing in Ethiopian refugee camps are being bombarded by UAE air strikes. For all practical purposes except the map, Eritrean regime appears to surrender Assab to the regional actors.

In times of confusion and cacophony, we should first locate the basics as the basics, the fundamentals are the first causality. The basics as pertains to Assab and the Dankali is this: Assab is not Eritrean territory. Yes, it is not Eritrean territory. Assab, the capital of Denkali, is Eritrea itself. Assab is not Eritrean; it is Eritrea itself. It is absurd to talk of Assab without Eritrea, as vice versa. It belongs to Eritrea. In short, have you ever met a person without a Nose, barring Lord Voldermort? Ask Burhan Ali.

A Nation Without a Nose?

“If I had lost an arm or a leg, it would be less insupportable; but a man without a nose! “ Nicolai Gogol’s Major Kavalyov.

In Eritrea the nation, Dankali is the Nose, Assab would be the…It is the nostrils where the nation breaths in air, well, from its originator–its source, the Red Sea, and it breaths out life to it. It gives the beauty to the face, as in Regina Cleo. It is the centrality of the nation’s potential, image, worth, and future. When African countries were born by colonialists, Eritrea was made by its children. With Assab, as the finishing touch, on May 26, 1991. Now the Eritrean slave trader is turning Eritrea into a major Kovalyov. Soon we will awaken to learn the Nose is gone; followed by others.

Remember Osman Buri, “Sebar Nakura”

I would like to retrace back to remind of the basics, to be reminded of the basics I try to mine consolation, and inspiration from. In the corners of Eritrea, in the islands, men of valor, our common ancestors, from all over Eritrea, were detained together. Inadvertently, it is in these unlikely places, such as Nakura, Assab, and other Italian colonial prisons, the shared narrative of one Nation hatched that brought forth our Eritrea. They didn’t know each other, before their daring miscalculations or unfortunate mishaps landed them in Nakura prison. They suffered together. They died together. They broke the chains of, the Eritrean Alcatraz, ‘Nakura’ together.

Zemad Wedi Ekud from Barka; Degiat Mahray from Hamasien; Mohammed Nuri, Abubeker Ahmed from Saho; and the legendary Osman Buri from Afar.

Could we get the lesson? Any less would make less of all us. Could we break the chains of PFDJ’s Nakura together?

Eritrea is indeed a unique nation. Its existence defied historical logic. Its post-colonial present defies any logic. It was born on disproving the time-tested proverb; blood is thicker than water. And its torturous and agonizing life was presented as evidence of that.

Our great-grand ancestors, from Osman Buri, to Degiat Bahta to grand-fathers like Ibrahim Sultan, Omar Hakito, and Weldeab Weldemariam, had the mission of disproving blood is thicker than water. We are closer to our Ethiopian cousins, yes, yes we are closer to our Sudanese cousins. We have blood relationship of millennia old. Afars across both side of Bure, Tigrignas across both side of Mereb; Beni-Amirs on borders of Sudan. It is undeniable and cherish-able.

But, we decided our lot to suffer together as proud denizens and citizens chained to the Nation. At greatest odds, we gambled for glory or agony and gave it all, the passion of millions of our lives. Instead of the familiar road of choosing our cousins, we (who have known just little over a century) opted to travel on the road never travelled, leaving novel footsteps in sands of history, daring to mark a common destiny of believers in Eritrea. We believe in Eritrea even though the Red Sea god, our Poseidon, has been inexplicably cruel to us.

Are we being punished for the tears, sweat, blood and deaths on the Red Sea coasts from Italians of 1890s to Isaias of 2010s (Mieeter, Wia, Gedem, Gahtelay, Gelaelo, Bahraia-Naval Base, Nakura, Dahlak, Kilma, Assab)?  Is our Poseidon jealous because we haughtily took its name? Erythrea.

As this nation is destined to spectacular rise and POSSIBLY eventual homicide, shall we dare to remember that there was once an alliance made by our ancestors, in the pages of history? We bled for each other in the quest for our nation-hood and statehood. Hence in the search for commonality, wouldn’t the self-determination until secession mantra appears to be an obstacle rather than a uniting theme that better be jettisoned as excess cargo dragging our little boat (very little) boat as it traverses in these turbulent waters? I believe Eritrean Afar’s legitimate and equitable and noble demands would and should still be covered under clearly defined, decentralized system of governance which consciously seeks to adequately redress wrongs and protect minorities and their legal rights to share the wealth of their territories.  I suggest “Eritrean Afar State in Exile” (EASE), Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) revisit their stances.

Worth mentioning is it is very true most of us from highland failed to recognize and champion for the refugee rights of the most disadvantaged from the disadvantaged, the Afars and the Kunamas. Our two eyes usually are focused on the known Ethiopian and Sudanese refugee camps, (Shegreab, Hintxax, Adi Harish, Mai Ayni, Shimelba); rarely do we remember Assayta and Berhale. Bless these who remember them, like the perennial Eritrean friend and benefactor Dan Connell. For that and many of lapses, we owe you our sincere apologies.

The dangers to the survival of our nation and identity is real. Only unity of stake-holders of the nation can save it as was in history. It is our mission to prove, (as the disproving is done by our ancestors) yes, indeed water is thicker than blood and to show we could squeakily win against these turbulent and forbidding waters, even by a nose because that coast line is too long, its water is too saline, and too RED!

Aasa Baday,N’agata” (Red Sea is our homeland)

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  • FishMilk

    Hi All. The situation in Yemen is quickly deteriorating and the U.N and humanitarian community are now looking to move humanitarian cargo out of Hodeidah port and are actively searching for a nearby storage/transit port for both humanitarian and commercial cargo. Normally, they would use Djibouti but now cannot, given secretive arms shipment claims. At the same time, GoE earlier told the U.N. to postpone (by 2 months) a high-level mission planned for earlier this month, to allow necessary rehabilitation of Massawa and Assaab ports to take place. It will be interesting to see if Eritrea is called upon to avail use of its ports for Yemen bound humanitarian cargo.

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. Talk about timing. Reports now coming out on how Djibouti has emerged as an arms trafficking hub for the Horn of Africa. The U.N. and AMISOM are already doing somersaults.

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. A number of U.N. agencies now in the process of rolling out re-engagement plans with GoE. There have been recent discussions regarding the possibility of multi-purpose cash interventions in Eritrea which could assist demobilized forces. In addition to Eritrean ports serving humanitarian cargo bound for Ethiopia, there is also a possibility that they could be used as humanitarian cargo transit port for Yemen, Somalia and other countries.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei George.
    Ya, I know. That culture what we call it beggar culture. How many times we have seen woyanes pretending to be an Eritrean, Ethiopian, only Tigrians.

    During derg time though Ethiopians too have a chance to be accepted as asylum seekers tigrians were happy to camouflage as Eritreans. Maybe Eritreans got quicker response. The problem was that when Tigrians around the beginning of the 90s in Ethiopia considered as heroes the confusion with Eritrean identity was confusing one to say the least.

    When the war broke between Eritrea and Ethiopia (woyanes, now the dust is clear who wanted the war) in 1998 late alone a tigrian would call himself or herself Eritrean we came to an era of the color of their eyes mantra. The drama continued when Eritreans (the war woyane created or played the major roll was the cause for Eritreans to flee home) have been accepted by the international community as asylum seekers the Tigrians remembered their magic of how to be converted to an Eritrean. This massive tigrians converts made even the UN unsure about the population of Eritrea.

    But when it came to developing Assab or sharing the result of the victory over derg nope. We are only Tigrians. We are not Ethiopians. We are not Eritreans. We won over every one by our own. If we dont control Asaab port then forget Ethiopia, forget Eritrea we move our business to Djibouti.

    And now the temptation to be converted with the blessing of Eritrea is huge. But the fact on the ground shows there would be soon a huge acceptance of asylum seekers in the international community. What i am expecting is tigrians making demonstration opposing that an Eritrean has saught asylum in Nederland pretending Tigrian.

    • Reclaim Abyssinia

      Hello Mitiku Melesse,
      Last time, you were having a go on the Amici, these time you are having a go on the Tigray, and you are active participant on Eritrean discussion board.

      May I ask why you call yourself Mitiku instead of Dagmawi?
      I personally have no issue with your name being Melesse, but is “Mitiku” the newskol thing for Dagmawi?

      Just adding on Hydroelectric Station…
      Sor in Elibabur
      Gibe 1
      Melka Wakena
      Awash III

      Tis Abbay, “GERED” project and export to Djibouti was a project that was on the pipeline with a completed feasibility study during Derg time, with Team “Electrification”
      I think it was Lenin thing …
      It was all done with all the experience people but unfortunately, most of them were gone, when the new staff took over the office.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei Reclaimer

        Sorry i have done this without asking you the great liberator of mine. Can i continue writing or shall i stop? I thought the thieves woyane have no more power on me. Silly me.

        • Reclaim Abyssinia

          Mr Melesse,
          I don’t mind hearing more about it, if you don’t mind, but if you wish to stop.. Suit yourself.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei, Moderators.
      100% agreed and I apologize.

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam abi
    What r u talking about? U lost like the rest of wayane diapers. Have u seen what the people of addis said about the likes of u? Like sayfu fantahun? From now on what u have to say about ethiopia don’t bother anyone . so keep barking.

  • saay7

    Selamat Abi:

    What. The. Hell.


  • said

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    • Aligaz G

      Hi said,

      The international engagement in power generation in Ethiopia ranges all the way from ABB,GE and Seimens to almost every single Chinese power company in existence and even Indian transformer companies. Currently there are an estimated 200,000 Chinese doing God know what in Ethiopia so sometimes we feel like we are being colonized. In other words you are a bit late and the competition is cutthroat (sometimes literally) but you are welcome to join the fray if you have the expertise.

      • said

        Selam Aligas
        if you are serous and want to contribute in subject you have some back ground i will be more than happy to interact with.
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        • Aligaz G


          To begin with I am just a tera negade whom meles promised to remove fingers from (back when he thought inflation was good). But speaking of cookie jars the steal rate in subsaharan projects has been known to approach .8. TPLF managed a steal rate of approx .5 on gerd but slipped back in to heart of darkness rates at approx .9 on the sugar projects. But seriously, while there are a couple of operational wind farms and a couple goodsized geothermal projects in the pipeline in addition to many hydropower projects, I share your enthusiasm for solar projects even at Moroccan levels. But in order for you or your company to operate in Ethiopia there are minimum financial thresholds and a required number of completed projects at the global level you must show. We are big on “profiles” before dealing. But like I said before this area is wide open for competition and you are welcome. BTW vendor financing is a must at this time which is where China exim has had a key role.

  • ghezaehagos

    Selam seb Awate,

    I would like to thank everyone who got to read and comment. I felt and feel heartened by kind words, thoughtful comments and critics.

    As I told the publisher, SJG, this article on Afars, Asab and unity started a while ago. I reckoned the current attention on Assab would be fitting to revisit and finish it.

    My fear is that the geopolitical realities that have nothing in mind but avarice will have baneful impact on Eritrean Afars as well as the general Eritrean populace. No body asked them what they want and nobody cares.

    Another, ‘I didn’t do it for you’, version 2018 ….

    May God protect my people.

    Ghezae Hagos

    • Reclaim Abyssinia

      Dear @g@ghezaehagos:disqus

      This might be of interest to you:-

      Social & Environmental Management Plans agreed
      and finalised
      Danakali Limited (ASX: DNK, LSE: DNK) (Danakali, or the Company),

      Page 1 of 5
      Announcement Wednesday, 22 August 2018

      Social & Environmental Management Plans agreed and finalised
      • Social & Environmental Management Plans agreed and finalised following extensive review process
      • The Social & Environmental Management Plans are a cornerstone of the environmental, social and safety management system being developed by CMSC and provide the foundation for compliance
      • Numis confirmed as Corporate Broker for the Company
      • Development of LSE dual listing FAQs in response to wide shareholder and investor interest

      Danakali Limited (ASX: DNK, LSE: DNK) (Danakali, or the Company), the potash company focused on the development of the Colluli Potash Project (Colluli, or the Project) in Eritrea, is pleased to confirm that the Eritrean Ministry of Land, Water & Environment’s Department of Environment (DOE) has confirmed acceptance of the finalised Colluli Social & Environmental Management Plans (SEMPs). The acceptance follows extensive DOE Impact Review Committee review of the SEMPs in the context of the previously approved Social & Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA)1, numerous meetings, and extensive comments provided to and actioned by the Colluli Mining Share Company (CMSC).

      The Project is fully permitted for execution following the signing of the Mining Agreement between CMSC and the Eritrean Ministry of Energy and Mines2 and the subsequent awarding of the requisite Mining Licences in early 20173. The finalisation and acceptance of the SEMPs represents another strong milestone for CMSC as it prepares for project execution at Colluli.

      Background on SEIA

      CMSC commissioned a number of baseline environmental and social assessments to identify, characterise and understand the biophysical and socio-economic environments that potentially interact with and may be influenced by the development of Colluli. Results of these assessments formed the basis of the SEIA which was completed in March 2016 by MBS Environmental, and approved by the Eritrean Ministry of Land, Water and Environment in December 2016.

      The Project area is in a semi-desert agroecological zone of Eritrea. The region is sparsely populated, and the majority of the Project is located on barren land that is of little use to communities and wildlife; however, the proposed site access road and pipeline corridor cross an important rangeland that is grazed extensively by livestock and wildlife and this dynamic has been given due consideration in the SEIA and SEMPs.

      There are no permanent settlements within the exploration lease, and few settlements within the area surrounding the deposit area. The communities closest to the mine site are 20km to the north-northwest and 30km to the north. There are no communities immediately within the proposed pipeline corridor, though there are three communities within 5km. The closest of these is 1.2km away. The closest communities to the Water Intake Treatment Area are all approximately 6km from the proposed site.

      Stakeholder engagements have been held with representatives of local communities. A deep understanding of each community’s interests has been developed. The Project could create over 500 permanent jobs for locals and Eritrean nationals in Module I, and over 650 (cumulative) once Module II is online, and benefits from strong local support4.

      The SEIA showed a low environmental impact of the Project due to its remote and barren setting and identified significant beneficial social impacts. Risks identified in the SEIA are mitigated through the SEMPs. The SEIA and SEMPs have been completed consistent with the Equator Principles (a recognised risk management framework used to manage the environmental and social risk in projects).

      Background on SEMPs

      CMSC has developed a number of environmental and social management and monitoring plans to assist with management of potential project impacts. These mitigation measures are being implemented to ensure impacts are avoided or managed. Monitoring programs have been determined and will assist in ensuring impactss are consistent with predictions documented in the SEIA.

      CMSC will ensure the availability of all necessary resources, including personnel and financial resources needed to conduct all environmental and social management, monitoring and mitigation activities at the Project throughout the construction, operation and closure phases. CMSC are currently integrating the SEIA, SEMPs and the Sustainable Development Framework and associated policies into an International Finance Corporation (IFC), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), compliant Environmental Social and Safety Management System (ESSMS). CMSC will ensure all contractors and subcontractors involved with the Project develop and implement their own ESSMS that is compliant with the Colluli ESSMS.

      Colluli’s impact in Eritrea

      Eritrea stands to benefit from the long term economic, social and community dividends that Colluli will generate:
      • Positive impact through infrastructure, job creation, taxes, royalties, and associated economic development
      • Creation of hundreds of permanent jobs for Eritrean nationals
      • Long term training for trades and professionals
      • Potential for adjacent industry development – including infrastructure, mining services, transport and hospitality

      Danakali Executive Chairman, Seamus Cornelius, said: “We are committed to having a significantly positive impact in Eritrea. Colluli stands to provide significant social and economic benefits, creating hundreds of permanent jobs for Eritrean nationals and catering for community interests. Danakali has experienced significant community support and is focused on sustainable development for the benefit of all stakeholders. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the government and local communities of Eritrea and achieving long term economic, social and community benefits for the country and its people.”

      Confirmation of Numis as Corporate Broker

      Further to Numis Securities (Numis) acting as Financial Adviser for Danakali’s London Stock Exchange (LSE) dual listing5, the Company is pleased to confirm the appointment of Numis as Corporate Broker to the Company.

      4 Refer LSE listing Prospectus on the Danakali website,
      5 ASX announcement, “Admission to trading on the London Stock Exchange”, 24-Jul-18

      Danakali Limited
      Level 1, 234 Churchill Avenue, Churchill Court, Subiaco, Perth, WA 6008
      Tel: +61 8 6315 1444 / ABN 56 097 904 302 Page 2 of 5

      LSE dual listing and DI FAQs

      In light of extensive investor and shareholder interest in the Company’s recent LSE dual listing, the Company has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document (FAQs). The document can be found on the Company’s website at

      For more information, please contact:

      Seamus Cornelius Executive Chairman
      +61 8 6315 1444 William Sandover
      Head of Corporate Development & External Affairs
      +61 499 776 998
      Corporate Broker – Numis Securities UK IR/PR – Instinctif Partners
      John Prior / Matthew Hasson / James Black / Paul Gillam
      +44 (0)20 7260 1000 David Simonson / George Yeomans / Sarah Hourahane
      +44 (0)207 457 2020

      — — — ENDS — — —

  • Nitricc

    Good Sunday: This is truly learning point.I know i am going from Assab to Abay dam, but this is interesting. After i watched the Ethiopian police report and the link i will provide, i believe the Ethiopian engeener was assassinated. The Ethiopian government did the right thing. if they had to tell the truth, the country will go up in fire, so they had to blame the dead. It has to be done for the sake of the country. GERED is in trouble but for the sake of your pride please find a way to complete the freaking job. I think now i know why PIA is in Adi Hallo. The level of corruption is amazing, When PMAA said it won’t be done even in 10 years. Lesson number one; Ethiopian slogan, we learn while we work and we work while we learn, it doesn’t work in such huge project. this project was national project and national pride. Even Egypt dropped out from the negotiation table. Let’s see the guts of the Ethiopians. you must complete the project by hock or crook.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei Nitricc.
      The slogan was not like that. It was more like ” it is not only the woyane politicians and the Effort people suck the blood of ‘Nation nationalities of Ethiopia’ but the tigre generals too”. The woyanes has done the most ‘Koshasha Neger’ in Ethiopia.

      • Abraham H.

        Hi MM, you need to give credit to the Weyanes for facilitating the building of the first of its kind in Africa power generation that uses the ‘Koshasha Neger’ of Addis Abeba. This power plant could potentially generate 100MW electricity power, at the same time making use of the garbage of Addis.

        • Blink

          Dear Abraham
          Since when do weyane do things for the common good of the Ethiopian society? Weyane do things just for their own wicked souls.

          • Abraham H.

            Selam Blink, I believe that all the industrial parks, hydro-power dams and plants, universities, hospitals, highways, railroads, bridges, dry-ports, etc, are built for the benefit of the people.

          • Mitiku Melesse

            Hei Abraham.. You think the rest of Ethiopians around 96 million sitt and dance while woyanes building the country. What about those kushasa were stilling while the rest building their coutnry. What about the woyanes were busy silencing those who expose the theft while the rest working. Does that crossed your mind?

            Dont worry follow the coming 1 or 2 years then you learn more of woyanes and how Ethiopian can make their development without paying double, one for the project one for Tigray and tigrians first project.

        • Mitiku Melesse

          Ya, right, 100mw. God knows how many billion birr Ethiopia lost for this project too. Anyways it is too painful to talk about woyane be it supporter or opposition. Woyane is Kushasa neger.

          • Abraham H.

            Selam MM, it is money well spent. Addis gets rid of its waste in proper and useful way, recirculating essential metals, at the same time about 30% of Addis households getting electricity from this plant.

          • Mitiku Melesse

            Hei Abraham.
            This is one more woyane scam project. I dont have the exact money spent right now but it was the most expensive investment to produce 25mw. If 25mw covers the need of 30% of addis then that corrpted woyanes ripped Ethiopia more than i expected.

            Woyne scam is borrow in the name of Ethiopia, throw some meat for tigray and some bones for other killil corrupts the rest is in foreign bank. I dont want to spoil the mood in Ethiopia. Right now the kushasa woyanes are exposed to the bones. Poor tigrians who have to stick with this criminal tugs. The race based organization of Tigray spoils for tigrians too. Now it doent help that much singing ‘we all are woyanes’ or *we all are nor woyanes’. Too late.

    • Selam Nitricc,

      Thanks for the link. We were in complete darkness about the daytime robbery that was taking place by the tplf/eprdf mafia group. Metec an incompetent organization without the necessary know-how was after all meant to channel money through it and not to do the job. 80% of the contract money is already paid and the job done is only 25%, which means that most of the money is already stolen. Metec was unable to clear forests which after all was none of its business, let alone carry out complicated electromechanical installations. Ethiopia is asked to pay more than $300m to Salini in compensation for the delay, the dam is already two years behind schedule, and the money has already disappeared.
      Will there be justice for poor ethiopians, who paid for the gerd from their small earnings?

  • Abraham H.

    Hi Abi, because you have been looting us for decades, then what is the problem if we respond in kind? We would not have won over your gigantic military had we not looted and captured your military arsenal and use it to destroy you. BTW, I’m of the opinion that Ethiopia has sooner or later to pay a reparation to Eritrea for all the suffering, looting and destruction it has inflicted upon Eritreans for decades. Also I’m sensing that very soon Eritreans inside Eritrea are going to direct a rage towards the Ethiopians that are invading them with the blessing of the sell-out DIA, if the situation continues unchanged for Eritreans. Mark my word!

    • David Samson

      Selam Abraham,

      It is now over three-months since the peace-agreement has signed. Nothing has changed in Eritrea, it is business as usual. While Ethiopians can freely travel to Eritrea, Eritreans are still being denied leaving the country legally. There are still restrictions on money withdrawal. I am struggling to understand how this insane IA still thinks he can get away with impunity. I have inclined to believe that, I do not see any other way, but IA fate will end with brutal force— the same as Ghedaffi and Saddam.

      • Abraham H.

        Dear David S., it is just a boundless contempt the dicatator has towards Eritreans that has been accumulating for the last 17 years reaching its peaks these days. As you mentioned in the 3 months this so-called rapproachment has been taking place he didn’t even bother to speak to the people and give explanations about his plans. It is so weird, people in social media are lamenting about Eritreans to Sawa, while Ethiopians to Massawa. As you said, there is no way this criminal is going to step down peacefully. He will face the same fate as his former master and benefactor Muammar Gaddafi whom he didn’t even care to mention him when his time was up let alone offer him a help. I hope soon the Eritrean people are going to say enough and throw this garbage to the sewage of Mai Bela, just like the fate of his buddy Gaddafi.

      • Paulos

        Selam David,

        Have you seen the three and half minutes long interview where BBC Tigrinya did with Dr. Solomon Enquay? The guy is almost 90 years old and he lives in Meqele after many years of living and teaching in UK. He says, Isaias’ mother is his aunt. And guess what, the guy hails from ይሓ!

        To my knowledge, I have never heard of a tragedy of this kind of magnitude where someone destroying a nation and dreams and aspirations of the native people from with in for 50 long years by lying about his true blood line and identity!

        • David Samson

          Selam Paulos,

          With due respect, you and I differ on the issue of ethnicity.
          With regards to IA’s Tigrayan root, there is nothing new. It has known since the 60s. Growing up, I heard from ex-ELF the following: IA is ‘Wedi Berad Medhin’ and his object is to create Tigray-Tigrgni. It does not make any sense for IA to pass-by Tigray and make peace with afar land. Should not he embrace his blood relatives first?

          I also strongly disagree with some Tigrayan elites that the Tigrigna in Eritrea have hailed from Tigray. This is based on lies and false premise. I never bought this cheap politics anyway. I had a massive fallen out with Dr Solomon Enquay when he lived in the UK. The good DR had never raised IA’s ethnicity when EPLF and TPLF were friends. I do not like smear cheap shot, particularly by someone who is a flip-flop. I also know his views during the 98s war. This has also raised many unanswered questions: If Wedi Georgo knew IA’s agenda, why did agree to work with him, despite it was clear that IA’s agenda was against Eritrean struggle? Was not Wedi Georgo an Eritrean too? Or do you have to dig down to have found his roots as well?

          I have held the same view regarding IA for years: he is a typical text book dictator. He has been using religion and ethnicity for his own advantages. Mind you, IA did not invent Eritreans’ fault lines— they have been there since day one.
          Long time ago, IA felt that he was the undisputed leader of the movement. As with many dictators, he always wanted to be the king. What do Kings do? Expand their territories. He sees Eritrea as a tiny land which does not fill up his appetites. He has been looking for ‘ New green pastures’. Ethiopia comes naturally to him, but TPLF have been on his ways. TPLF have been blocking his dreams since early 90s.

          I have few Ugandans friends. One of them has been a supporter of Museveni but fell out with him lately. He has never raised the issue of Museveni’s roots until the fell out. He now argues that Museveni should be deported back to Rwanda since he is ethnically a ‘Tutsi’. His family settled in Uganda in late 50s. Needless to say, I always upset him as I tend to disagree with him.

          So, my point is, I see IA as someone who is power hungry and will sell everything the nation has to achieve his dream. The suffering of Eritrea people is inconsequential to him. I know it sounds evil, but dictators will sleep with anyone to achieve their dreams.

          • Abraham H.

            Selam David S., do you think the Ethiopians will give DIA his lifetime dream of power hegemony? I don’t think so; the man is down into his grave half-way, he is already expired. What he is doing today is to inflict as much shame and humiliation on Eritreans before his final demise.

          • David Samson

            Selam Abraham,

            “All political leadership end in failure”.

            Enoch powell: Ex-Conservative politician(MP)

            IA will never never achieve his dream. His dream will remain as ‘Pipe Line Dream’.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Dave,

            I tend to agree with most of your inputs in your comment. I do not have any problem with his blood link to Tigray people, because almost all the highlanders have blood link to them no matter how close or far that blood link it might be. I know the founders of many highland villages came from Tigray. So that is not the issue. The issue his character and his ambition that becomes detrimental to our people in particular and to the sovereignty of our nation in general.

            Second, you are right that the despot has exploited to his advantage, the social rift within our society, especially the Christian/Muslim mistrust that existed for decades.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Dave,

        There is nothing that remove DIA except brute force. Once we fail to recognize that, the “Eritrean estate” will go for the highest bidder and the money will go to the coffers of PFDJ leaders. There is no peaceful removal for an entrenched dictator to stop from his project. The first step to his big project is to give our ports to be administered by Ethiopians, and it is on the process. The Eritrean courage should revived to depose the sole enemy of our people DIA,

        • David Samson

          Selam Emma,

          Yesterday, I met a friend who just returned from Eritrea. In fact, he is Berhane Abrehe’s very close relative. My friend was warned not to meet Berhane, as meeting him would land him in hot water. They had a brief meeting. Berhane Abrehe is in a good, defiant mood. The talk in Asmara is, most high-ranking officials are well aware of IA’s intention, though the agreements with Ethiopia have been kept secret and only 2-3 people know the details. Some of them are openly saying that once IA crosses a red line, they will defy him and might end up in bloodshed.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Rad Abi,
    You have civilian Ethiopians in mind. But you forgot there were as many civilians and 200,000 soldiers there. You feel sad, as I do, the game ended after a million dead and wounded. Sane minded would do better without self ruining jingoism.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei all.
    Funny countries always. One has thousand meters of sea access and no shipping lines and the other has well established shipping lines without sea access.

    • Blink

      Dear Mitiku
      It is not funny as you think because the haves on sea access is permanently sealed while the shipping lines can be changed over night . Shipping line is completely business. Eritrea doesn’t need a 300 million dollar investment in to shipping lines as its economy does need not such . Ethiopian government has just be wise to believe that it is a mutual benefit for them to not look things from sovereign side. Ethiopia was land locked way way before 1902 . Ethiopia has been land locked over 110 years.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei, Blink.
        To make the funny more funnier we both have too plenty of stand up comedians like yourself.

        • Blink

          Dear Mitiku
          Yes I agree because I am just looking at your script which a trashy one. The mekele ship give a bidding at a very low price for the mineral shipment guess what why would Eritrea build one. It is known the Ethiopian past government didn’t play their card wisely , it seems their advisers were full of comedians like you . Surprise.

          • Mitiku Melesse

            Hei, Blink.
            And these comedians dont know that they are doing stand up comedy.

          • Blink

            Dear Mitiku
            Very hard for a guy who doesn’t want to look at his own too. Ethiopia needs a shipping line to feed its 100 million people. This is as simple as that . Eritrean import economy is below 350 million dollars a year and this amount does not need 300 million investment on shipping line.

          • Mitiku Melesse

            Sorry Blink.
            It is very funny. Your logic makes it funnier. Thanks.

    • Abraham H.

      Dear MM, I think this is not rocket science not to understand. Eritrea was under the illegal occupation of Ethiopia for more or less 40 years. hence it is obvious that in those 40 years, Eritrea couldn’t have its own shipping lines. For the last 27 years, Eritrea has been under a dictatorship that was not only preoccupied with making the lives of Eritreans miserable, but also, destroying whatever existed of economic infrastructure in the country. And of course, you mean more than a thousand km of coastline.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei Abraham.
        Still i find it hilariously funny.

        • Abraham H.

          Hi MM, it is hilariously funny for an unscrupulous Ethiopian like youself. But to me as an Eritrean, it makes sense what I’m telling you.

          • Mitiku Melesse

            Hei Abraham. Take it easy. Funny is good.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Melaku, don’t mind like Abraham lost souls and TPLF apologists. TPLF destroys Ethiopian education system, yet this lost soul will tell you as achievements. TPLF destroys Ethiopian social fabric, yet this loser will tell you how TPLF developed the country. Ethiopia has 70% unemployment, yet this gutless will tell you how TPLF opened so many industrial parks. Not to mention the hate and ethnic tension that was introduced by TPLF. Sometimes i wonder how people think.

          • Hope

            Selam Abreham Wed Hannibal :
            I thought u were being sarcastic ,but it turns out that u r seriously questioning things about the Weyane Corruption…Ye ken Jiboch ,as Dr Abiy calls them!
            The never-completed ambitious projects you listed are but cover ups to mislead the naive that:-as if the Ye Ken Jiboch were building the Nation.

            Thus far,more than $13 billon have been confirmed stolen,not to mention the locally stolen and mismanaged $$$!

            As far as the PFDJ misgovernanace and Corruption is concerned,well,we all agree that the PFDJ messed up but hey,no SANE Eritrean will buy your cheap shots since :

            -The TPLF “proudly and Confidently” told us that it did it’s best to destroy Eritrea as a Nation and the Eritreans as people by all evil means possible under the sun,FULLY supported by its Western Masters,a fact no one can refute or deny

            -Despite all these evil acts and conspiracies to destroy Eritrea and Eritreans,to see and witness that TINY and Zerai-Alba/defenseless)nation ,not only ALIVE but STANDING TALLER AND and even STRONGER than EVER,and even doing its BEST to rescues that big “ Elephant”/Ethiopia/ ,which has been struggling to survive as a nation due to nothing else but due to the same corrupted Janda,is but a MIRACLE beyond any imagination!

            Hence,I tend to give credit to the same PFDJ we have been demonizing for SAVING BOTH NATIONS and bringing the Horn Countries TOGETHER overnight and thereby giving the old IGAD a new life.

            Granted and having said all these,make NO mistake that I don’t mean to cover up the failures and misgovernance as well as the crimes of and by the Regime in question.

            The Eritrean Domestic Business should be of UTMOST IMPORTANCE and the PRIORITY of priorities for both the Regime and the Opposition .

            The challenge for the opppsition is how to unite and come up more UNITED and Stronger as the Regime has done so as to challenge the Regime and it “ allegedly” is doing behind the scene allegedly against the National Security Interest of Eritrea and Eritreans.
            We immediately need to have a well organized “Save Eritrea Task Force” to closely scrutinize and follow up on these allegations that PIA is making agreements behind the scene with Ethiopia against the Natonal Interest of Eritrea and Eritreans rather than crying like an infant and gossiping like in the Habesha Buna Ceremony Style or like we do it in the Bars and Coffee Shops.

          • Selam Hope,

            Nobody asks at what cost these industrial parks, dams, highways, railways, etc, have been constructed. All these left behind a debt of more than $40 bn on the shoulders of the ethiopian tax-payer, more than $12 bn to china alone.

            Fortunately, the chinese themselves constructed the infrastructures and they did not let the money get into the hands of tplf kleptocrats, Otherwise there would have been no infrastructures in ethiopia, and all the money smuggled out of the country (despite which about $10 bn were sent to secrete accounts all over the world since 2010). Here, one should thank the chinese for what they left behind and not the kleptocrats.

            The debt distress is not yet with the ethiopian people, and when ethiopia starts fully servicing the debts, that will be the time when ethiopians may find themselves in a difficult situation, unless the present government succeeds in its economic policy. .

            Look at the gerd that is being constructed with public money. Contracts worth 25 bn birr given to tplf officials who controlled metec, without the necessary skill and experience to construct a mega project like the gerd, and 16 bn already stolen and the work done is only 25%. What would one make of the 5 bn contract to clear the forest, and what they have succeeded up to now is again only about 25%. One may ask, how come a metal engineering corporation has anything to do with forests. The simple answer is that the thieving should remain within the tplf mafia group.

            In addition, they have the audacity to speak of entitlement, which they converted in to looting the country, and indebtment of the ethiopian people to tplf, with which tplf kleptocrats wanted to cash in permanent power and a neverending robbery. Thanks God, they are no more on the back of ethiopians, and Tigray may as well be soon free from tplf iron grip.

          • Abraham H.

            DEar Horizon, 5 bn birr for clearing forest? It sounds a lot; I think I know a very simple method of clearing the forest, namely put it on fire

          • Selam Abraham H.

            I think you should watch the video and listen to what the gentlemen have to say, and you will have a clear idea of the level of fraud that took place. These are people from metec and ministries as well, i think.

            The place where the artificial lake is to form should be cleared of biodegradable material like trees and shrubs, and surely they do not want to see floating dead tree trunks that could make major damages.

            Burning the forest? That is worse. The quality of the water of the artificial lake is very important. What is the use of an artificial lake that does not sustain fish, which is a source of protein for the people in the area and may be beyond. In addition down river countries are going to use the water for irrigation and for drinking, and ethiopia has no right to contaminate the Nile by burning the forest. Such contamination is going to affect the river for decades.

            The main point is why metec and not some other company, who could do the job? It is because there was an industry of corruption set by tplf.

          • Saleh Johar

            I can help but think how difficult can it be to clear a forest of trees! Have a look at the Amazon Basin 🙂
            If I can propose a solution: give free access to the villagers in the area (Kessel production) and they can clear all the trees in Ethiopia let alone in a relatively small area. If it was me, I wouldn’t pay a cent for that–in fact I might ask fees for the charcoal production, by the sack. This cry is too politicised, I think.

          • Selam SJ,

            Mentioning the misuse and mismanagement of billions of birr collected from the economy of the poor people of ethiopia, more than 50% of whom live in poverty, can hardly be said to be a political score that appeals to the common people. The money was paid and the job was not done. That is the fact, and there is cause and effect.

            Companies, especially flower companies and greenhouses, that use a lot of chemicals were allowed to function without studying their effect on the environment. The problem with lake Koka has been there for at least a decade, and it shows how much the previous government cared for the degradation of the environment and the health of the people and animals who drunk water from the lake.

          • Saleh Johar

            I see that Horizon, but the forest thing is a bit weak argument for me. If you are talking about corruption, I don’t see any problem. But just remember what I am finding reficulous is to pay for clearing a forest.

          • Selam SJ,

            The gift (the pandora’s box) that ethiopians received in 1991 contained hate and arrogance. In ethiopia one toxic situation was replaced with another. Hate begets hate; it is its result we are seeing today, and the chicken almost always comes home to roost.

            A harbinger of love seems to be in town, and let’s hope he is the genuine one. To tell the truth i hate to see those types who seem to be drunk with triumph. It gives me the impression of 1991, history being repeated. Some of them show their true colors, but others are still ambiguous to me, as much as what their true political position on togetherness happens to be. Some of the returnee politicians speak of inclusiveness, others still remain mute, and the situation is still fluid.

            Ethiopians have drunk from the fountain arrogance, hate, war and destruction, and let us all hope that this time they have reached the land of the fountain of love and togetherness. Maybe, too utopian by the cynical habeshan standard. God knows!

          • Saleh Johar

            Dear Horizon,
            I am relieved when I see sober citizens like you.
            Peace and normalcy are what people like me aspired to see since we were very young children. We have lived through a cycle of arrogance, bloodshed, mayhem and again arrogance. It is the euphoria, some people will not rest unless someone else is vanquished–they salivate to see others suffering and their animal instincts betray their humanity. Abi is your best example, never recognized what we went through because of people like him. Now he is at it assaulting us with his insensitive pronouncements with the sole intention to injure, a sadist inclination. Such thinking was the cause of past violence and I am afraid they have no qualms about repeating it. Just rub in your arrogance to inflict more pain and widen the rift. But if that is out=r fate, we will be forced to give equally to what we get. However, it is sorry state and I d not see enough people attempting to stop it. Do you think our crazy; lots are peaceful? I know they are not. And you have a large remnant of the bloody, crazy crowds. They gravitate to each other, mysteriously. And the rest of the people suffer due to that arrogance. We have both a huge assignment ahead of us–to tame out rabid elements.

          • Abraham H.

            Dear Hope, I really do not have the appetite to reply to your usual ‘halewlew’, but i want to ask you to present your evidence for your claim, “The TPLF “proudly and Confidently” told us that it did it’s best to destroy Eritrea as a Nation and the Eritreans as people by all evil means possible under the sun,FULLY supported by its Western Masters,a fact no one can refute or deny”, when did exactly tplf tell us this?
            The ‘yeqen jiboch’ have transformed Ethiopia from a vicious dictatorship, poverty stricken, one of the poorest nations, if not the poorest on Earth to a country that has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and still more to come. What have your Tembienay led pfdj done? Zero! They destroyed what was already there; more seriously, they have robbed Eritrea of its future-the youth, akin to cleansing of the people.

          • Alex

            Hi Abraham,
            Are you trying to tell us TPLF build Ethiopia that is a lie. All the stuff you included above is done with borrowed money up to 10 Billion from china. Now the reckoning is coming with the huge debt they left behind for PMAA. He was asking china on his visit last week to extend the maturity date since it is impossible to pay with the shortage of foreign USD currency in the country.

          • Hope

            Selam Abreham:
            Hope the Mod will release my detailed FACTUAL and EVIDENCE -based “ Halewlew” in response to Brother dawit so that u can read it and refute the facts if u have the courage and the gut to do so.
            Weyane transformed Ethiopia?

            I thought Ethiopia was on the verge of COLLAPSE 3 months ago until the PFDJ came to its RESCUE!

  • Selam Abi,

    IA was saying last time that the ports had been redundant and they were not benefiting eritrea. He wants to catch up and avoid further lost opportunities.

    Now, this has become a dilemma to many eritreans, due to the everlasting mistrust (hate) that exists towards ethiopia. They have no problem with a uae/saudi military base in assab, even if the locales have lost the right to move around freely in their own city, and the income generated yearly is less than $100m, while djibouti next door gets almost $1bn. On the contrary, seeing an ethiopian cargo ship docking at the port is a different matter, as if it is an ethiopian battleship entering without a permit.

    This is how it is going to be always, a relation of mistrust, which imo is better avoided. Some even say that future eritrean governments will annulle any agreement reached by the present regime (although i doubt). Is the whole thing doomed to fail at a certain point in the future? It is possible. It needs a change of mind before anything.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Horizon,

      These past few days I have read so many irritating posts that reminded me of the past. I used to hear : Ethiopia without Assab and Massawa would be chocked to death. Ethiopia without Eritrean managers and work force would collapse. Ethiopia needs Eritrea more than the other way around. These talking propaganda points must have been hatched and distributed in their underground “seminars”.

      I thought the last 20 years rendered a verdict to the contrary in the practical school of hard knocks. Unfortunately those that were taught already knew the lessons inside out. The other old roving professors are still at their old tricks.

      These very few philosophers have a bizarre business relationship idea. It is akin to someone opening a restaurant and hating the paying customers. They advertise by saying we don’t want customers in our restaurant. I don’t get it. Would you eat in such a place?

      It appears our naive leaders might not have learned the recent practical schooling in the hands of the same operatives. They should let the business people choose the least costly transactions and the least risks.

      In the final analysis, I think the people in both countries have learned the good lesson. It is the old and the irrelevant who stock the old insanity to continue. However, time has changed and the lessons are learned.

      Mr. K.H

      • Selamat Mr. Kim Hanna,

        You are being selective and adding exageration to what has been said in the past and by whome. And the tone of both yours and Horizons is that which stokes the fires of hatred and mistrust further. Whereas some and few Eritrean operatives allegidly said Ehiopia would choke without Eritrean ports and managers, some and few Ethiopian operatives said and implemented for the past nearly two decades a policy of choking the Eritrean economy with their no war no peace policy. This no war no peace policy you may consider as “school of hard knocks” and it is because such “school of hard knocks” and more important other pertinenet reasons, absolutley nothing to do with Ethiopia, that voices of Eritrean stating “proceed with caution” you are reading now.

        On the contrary Mr. KH it is rather you and the Horizons that are serving us half baked stingers after having your underground seminars, which quite frankly is very disappoining.

        With due respect which is mutual ofcourse.

        Hade NeTbi Shudushte Hade Shomonte bado selste…


      • Selam Kim Hanna,

        There are different actors, the regime that is above the law, the diaspora eritreans some of whom are still consumed with the fallacious beliefs that ethiopia cannot exist without eritrean ports, eritrean minds and the rest, even today after two decades during which time ethiopia not only survived but showed even some progress, while eritrea unfortunately remained stagnant politically, economically and socially, and the people who are the silent observers of the politics that is being played on their backs at their expense. The wish of the ordinary people and that of the leaders and elites do not coincide. That is the truth.

        The prospect of peace and prosperity on one side and the fluid concept of dignity on the other are in conflict. Dignity in poverty and in backwardness does not exist. What is the other choice, if any, that those who oppose the new situation have to offer? I wish they knew.

        The logical fallacy that ethiopia without eritrea is a lost case and other regional factors brought gedli and continues to block the way to peace and progress even today, after the odyssey the eritrean and the ethiopian people as well have travelled through. The scenario of saving ethiopia from itself (I think also mentioned by BB) is nothing else but self-deception. One has to save oneself first.

        I was expecting that the opposition was going to be the forerunners of the peace and reconciliation between the two countries. Unfortunately it was not meant to be and what we see is more or less the opposite.

        Ethiopia has at least other five non-eritrean ports to choose from, and she has done so over the last two decades. In actual fact it is up to eritrea to cooperate or not to cooperate. The ball is in eritrea’s court. Things have changed and the mantra our way or the highway is not going to work anymore. Elite eritreans should help by bringing forward positive opinions that serves peace, rapprochement and economic prosperity, and not oppose everything, simply because they are not at the driver’s seat. It is not that everything is satisfactory for both sides, nevertheless, it is a good starting point. It is better than the previous status quo.

      • Hope

        Selam Ato Kim Hana:
        Glad that u added the last paragraph but still u r misrepresenting few facts:

        -“ Eritreans cannot manage their Ports “

        -“….that the notion Ethiopia could not survive with out Eritrean Managers is proven to a myth”!


        -Eritreans could have done way better than just managing their Ports had it not been the PFDJ corruption coupled with the sabotage by the dying TPLF Janda!

        -Eritreans,indeed contributed to the over all development of the Ethiopian Infrastructure as history cannot lie

        -It was and has been,the Eritrean mind,genius and people,who and which liberated and now SAVED Ethiopia and the Ethiopians without any exaggeration!

        If in doubt,check it out!
        Consult Ato Endargachew Tsighe and Prof Dr. Birhanu Negga.

        Finally,NEVER question that the ORIGINAL IDEA of the Joint Development and Management of the Ports and even Economic Integration of both nations in particular,and that of the Horn Nations,aka, IGAD was initiated and brought up by none but Eritrea.

    • Shum

      Hello Horizon,

      Perhaps you haven’t been keeping up. Eritreans are questioning both the Ethiopian and UAE/Saudi deals simply because we are not informed of particulars. We don’t have an analysts debating this or experts on typical port agreements and how this measures up. Lastly, we don’t have any indication how it will benefit the local population. Don’t make it something it ain’t.

  • Raes Abi
    I am not sure if they are going to generate “more businesses for Eritreans”. We don’t know the terms of the deal and we can not be just wide-eyed optimist that it will be to our advantage. You people have more reasons to be happy and optimistic because you are daily informed what you will get from Eritrea without conceding anything. But we know scarce nothing. Hence the worry. And why on earth would a maritime country outsource the management of its port operations? It becomes more riskier when the country likely to win the bid is a country with historically gargantuan appetite for irredentism.

    • Hope

      Well said;but at least temporarily,I personally feel comfortable with Ethiopia partnering with Eritrea to do what Eritrea couldn’t do thus far.
      I mean thanksbto the TPLF both Ports have been literally idle for 20 yrs and from that perspective,let things go.

      But it is legitimate to be concerned and to question and even to challenge the Regime’s behind the scene decisions and agreements with third parties including the GCC.
      How can we do it?

      This is not a new Modus Operandi of PIA but as old as him….,, since he joined the Armed Struggle….

      It should not surprise us but what has surprised me is the muteness and ineptness of his walking dead Nominal Cabinet !

      But I don’t blame them as they want to live and take care of their families!

      I would rather blame “US”,the so called Silent Majority, specially the EriSpora/Eri Diaspora for doing not enough!

      Our COLLECTIVE FAILURE,that is!
      Me thinks.

    • Alex

      Hi Samuel,
      Do not believe what you read in a reporter newspaper. How can a shipping line that have zero experience running a port can even think running Massawa or Assab port. If I am not mistaken there was a response from Yemane Geberemeskel on twitter stating this a speculation after some Eritreans twitted to get more info if what reported is correct on twitter.

  • Selamat Purchaser of Joy at Thursday’s Market,


  • Selam Ghezae,
    This is a beautiful prose. Saay has told me how you are a wordsmith who spins beautiful prose with as much ease as one breathes. Thank you for the weekend treat.

    On a different note and to all Awatistas: have you seen the following report:
    I have forewarned on twitter in July that Ethiopia will likely take over the operations of the Eritrean ports and that is exactly what is happening. I am totally apprehensive of the whole process. Any word of consolation?


    • saay7


      The word of consolation is that Ethiopia has submitted a bid and it’s very competitive out there. Wink.

      But this is how they get you:

      After reaching a peace agreement ending two decades of hostility between the two neighbors, it is to be recalled that on July 9, the two leaders agreed that the ports of Massawa and Assab would be opened for Ethiopia’s shipments at cheaper rates.

      If you are saying “I don’t recall that at all. In fact I don’t recall reading other than the most perfunctory language about it” you would be technically right but relevantly wrong 🙂

      I taketh. I giveth. Let’s just hope Eritrea has more General Bitwededs and Wedi Ali’s in its ranks.


  • said

    Greetings Abdulworld
    You need to update your unscientific scoring point method . Abdulworld refree (Wolahim Score 0) , I do not where you being living not to know. United Arab Emirates (UAE) helicopter reportedly attacked an Afar fishing boat, widely reported.

  • saay7

    Selamat Ghezae:

    Well, you know how I feel about your prose: it is literary and smooth and un-put-downable. Well, it would be if it were a book. Which you refuse to write.

    Your story of Nakura reminds me of stories I heard from my family. Before I tell them, and I tell them to make two points (a) Eritrea’s geography; (b) Eritrea’s never-ending fountain of courage which some wrongly assume is dry.

    The Italians were infamous for sending anyone who resisted their colonial rule to Nakura. Aida Kidane, one of our indefatigable researchers, documented the list of prisoners, which can be found here:

    hade beleley

    So, for Eritrea’s administrators (Italian, Ethiopian and now Eritrean), Nakura is a synonym for exile. But not the only one. One of my father’s friends was exiled to….Gomu Gofa, in the wilderness of Ethiopia. Why he was exiled and why Ethiopia proper exiled him back to Eritrea is a story for another day. I mention it here to say if he is my dad’s friend he is of his generation. klte beleley

    Nakura is so distant from where the overwhelming majority of Eritreans live, it is where the bravest of the brave Eritreans were sent to be far removed from those they could influence. In spring of 1967, from the ELF cell of Musa Mohammed Nur (long before he became Haji Musa), a guy from my neighborhood in Asmara by the name of Mohammed Nur Ahmed Imam joined the ELF. He and his colleague named “Gilla” returned as part of the Fedayeen (Avengers) and killed Bezabeh, a very effective anti-ELF administrator in Asmara. The government of Eritrea busted the cell and the following were arrested:

    Jaafer Mohammed Jaafer
    Abubakar Abdulghani
    Saleh Nurhussein (Nylon)
    Faraj Gumuraloi

    They were interrogated; they denied everything and they were exiled to Nakura. For 3 months. (Remember always, the haile selasse government was more civilized about courts) At the time, Sheik Siraj (as Afar tribal chief) was administering the island (and thus the prison) and when their 3 months was up, he traveled to Asmara to ask Ras Asrate Kassa, “what next?” Asrate Kassa ordered their release. And of course most if not all joined Jebha… I probably should, but probably won’t, get around to telling their stories. Just wanted them added in our narration that it wasn’t just the Italians but the Haile Selasse gov used Nakura too…

    seleste beleley

    When the Derg came, Mengistu didn’t believe in exiling; he believed in killing: so Nakura had no stories to tell.

    Then came the EPLF (who, interestingly, named the son of Sheik Siraj as the administrator of Nakura) who added it to their very long list of prisons and made it what it was when the Italians built it: maximum security prison where lifers go.

    arbaEte beleley

    Keep the above in mind when you listen to this great new song by Abrar Osman, an ode to Eritrea and Eritreans: how we the people continue to overcome a series of monsters whose sole design appears to be to make us disappear from Eritrea. He calls it “Zegerm” and it is one of the most emboldening, uplifting songs Abrar has ever written. And, I am biased but I think the visuals of the video are also amazing.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Saay,

      From my own perspectives, this impeccable song does three things:

      (a) it radiates “National pains” to all true nationalist Eritreans and captivate their souls.

      (b) it reminds about our “rainbow” in its “artistic picture” of our cultural mosaic (as designed by asmarino). Well done.

      (c) It reminds the resiliency of our people when the singer says: “ካብዘየሎ ትህልዊ
      መመሊስኪ ተፍርዪ:ትጎድሊ:ተፍርዪ :ትጎድሊ”

      • Paulos

        Selam Professor A. Hidrat,

        I am at a loss. The lyrics seem to echo PFDJ narrative. No?

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          ሰላም ዶክተር ፓውሎስ,

          እዛ ደርፊ (መዝሙር) ብትዕዝብቲ አራዳድኣይ ነዚ ጉልቡብ ክድዓታዊ ጉዕዞ ኢሳያስን ሰዓብቱን ዝገብርዎ ዘለው ተቃልዕ ኣላ በሃሊየ:: እዚ ጉዕዞኦም ካብቲ unionists ናይ ሓምሳታት ዝገብርዎ ዝነበሩ ዝፍለ አይመስልን:: ዘፍልዮ እንተደአ አልዩ እዚ ተሸፈኑ ብዘይግልጹነት ይኸይድ ምህላው’ዩ:: ስለዚ እታ ደርፊ ትገብሮ ዘላ ጽዊዒት “ስመሩ” ንናይ ውሽጢ “ጸላእቲ ልዕላውነት ሃገርና” በቲ ፈልፋሊ ሰብኣዊ ሃብትና ንግጠሞ ትብል ዘላ ኾይኑ እዩ ዝስመዓኒ::

          • Paulos

            Selam Professor A. Hidrat,

            Thank you. Probably that is the case. But of course, as Sal put it, PFDJ may bank on it as they would interpret it in sync with their narrative.

      • saay7


        … actually, ትፈርዪ ትፈጥሪ. You blossom and you create. (Contrary to the wishes of those who want you to go extinct.)


        I see your point; with a different video, the typical hgdef can interpret this song as the “world vs Eritrea” and dance to it. Mahmuday will like the part where Abrar is giving us the litany of ኔው በሎ especially the “ዝዝውሮ ኣለዎ ኣስተውዕል ኣስተውዕል ኣስተውዕል ኣስተውዕል!” That’s the beauty of art: open to interpretation.

        Meanwhile, us justice-obsessives will latch on to the ይኣክል ንበል ኩሉና part where he verbalizes what “we” are demanding: ንልዕልና ሕጊ ንቅዋም ኢና:: Maybe the “teqawemti” should call ourselves “Qwamawian.”


        • Paulos


          You’re the expert. And as much as it could be subjective, one can only relate to the lyrics and interpret them with respect to Abrar’s political stand. No?

  • Paulos

    Selam Ghezae,

    This is good, really good. Thank you. As the thing for the sciences in me gets restless, I say, nose is one of the under-rated and under-appreciated part of our body. With out it, the very essential of life as in oxygen can not get in. One of course can say, breathing through the mouth but not as efficient. Before I get carried away with a run-away sort of ሓተታ on it, let me just say this, the vital essence of the nose is not only under-appreciated when we are awake, the only thing or sense we don’t dream of is smell. Have you ever smelled in your dreams ሓዳሽ ካብ ሞጎጎ ዝወጸት ናይ ኣዴኻ ሕምባሻ, for instance? I think not.

  • said

    Greeting Ghezae

    I do not know you enough, but the mere fact of your article is good window, you are humanist and respectable Eritrean intellectuals expressing about our forgotten minority. The Kunamah and Afar people. One need to speak for them in solidarity and brotherhood.
    Thank you for bringing to our attention our brethren Afar people. they being suffering and Considering the mountains of problems that they faced, and it is much worst today than ever. It is about time we give full attention to peope first and then Assab and the Dankali . clear majority of people of Good Will Eritreans will agree with your suggestion, to protect minorities and their legal rights to share the wealth of their territories.
    Eritrean need to be reminding that when we think about Eritrean diverse identity, we are often bound by recent history and some type of form of myths as much as cultural realities. Challenging prevailing notions of nationhood, creed, ethnicity and politics, and drawing on fascinating Eritrean historical tales. Presently Eritrea as a failed state, the communist ethicist sellers of forgeries, vicious ethnocentric, follower ethnicities myth, shallow regime, an unreconstructed political outfit, backward regionalist, bands of fanatical rogue regime and corrupt self-seekers. This punch of group supporters of IA, they seemed detached from reality, that’s because they perfectly reflected and mirror of IA and his cohort , uniquely ruthless when it came to advancing IA goals. The hard-core regime supporters will continue until long after the wild flowers dry up on their master grave. None of this apparently mattered to regime supporters’ creations fanatic, regime illegal assault on their minority on tradition and religious heritage encompasses all Eritrea. Do not mattered, regime enforced state atheism in Eritrea and ever-disorienting and fabricated and commodified existence do not mater. Unfortunately humanist and openminded Liberalism is in retreat in Eritrea , the rule of law is no exitance under threat and Eritrea is short of unity, political strong willpower and practical good ideas no where to be seeing .for 27 years the reins of power rest in the hands of IA / PFDJ Government , secretive, manipulative and one strongman ,very oppressive and abusive , vainglorious demagogues .Eritrea never seeing before ., this is extremely dangerous trend. Given Eritrea small population and size and geographical location, it should be a fundamental national interest to all peace-loving countries both not to drift from the human rights mainstream. That, after all, was an ideal at the heart of all Eritrean dream except the hard-core regime supporters. Asmara regime inherent cruelty that resulted in thousands of innocent Eritrean deaths an array of expendable people. Horribly and extremely Terrifying as they were, and were meant to be today countless victims made, Asmara regime they have many precedents, although much of this history is hidden in the shadows of master of regime IA.The names have changed from EPLF to PFDJ , but the meaning has not an updated euphemism for the old-fashioned never died. IA Killing Eritrean reformist started long before road to independence and other more recent atrocities have a long pedigree that is part of PFDJ an institutional structure. Eritrea being subjugated under the ideology of quintessentially devious and treacherous IA Nahan Alaman Doctrine which is roaring at full scale -throttle today. that exists to this very day and serves as a justification for some Eritrean supporting brutal dictators. IA still terrorize his own people for 27 years and counting. It is a very cruel, dark and very ugly history that confirms the demonic nature of IA actions and surrounded by his blood thirsty demonic people a core regime accomplice. If these regime cold-blooded massacres of innocent Eritrean civilians and the lies told to justify them don’t convince Eritrean blind mind reader that there has long been fact and something radically awfully horrible and evil at the heart of Eritrean short history of 27 years of atrocities, nothing will ever will. These are not revelations to any Eritreans. many Eritreans s are aware of this historical facts. For nothing could be further from the truth.
    When one defends human rights of Kunamah and Afar people. They are the people who keep reminding us about the exquisite uniqueness of each individual human being and the need to protect his or her rights and dignity regardless of whatever characteristic may be attached to that person, willingly or not. Human rights are individual rights.
    Eritrea as a nation is be going in the wrong direction for decades on a wide range of politics, social, economic and foreign policy issues and Eritrean people are justifiably upset and sad and angry. One question we are regularly asked is, what are we suppose to do and , without being pessimistic but who are we but spectators to this high drama. We new article leadership a humanistic, rationalist and progressive, who can be helping transform Eritrea potential and possibility into one of Eritrea most prosperous one who can pursue radical policy and an agenda of radical social reform and looking after every part of Eritrea and welfare schemes to end upper elite domination and lift up the poor soul of Eritrea .By making better changes and questioning the existing social hierarchy and weakening it, but a leader who can release potential new forces, bringing different part of Eritrea and ethnic group and classes into the mainstream,” be it highly professional and wise leader. A pragmatic decision maker, who can display formidable skills or A fiery orator who demand future Eritrean government respect the linguistic and cultural diversity of the country’s heterogenous population.
    Most important is Shaping your Nobile Ideas to Come to concrete reality, one tries to overcome this resistance by present Azamara regime and many deal soul interlocuter showing the sheer depth of futures consciousness within Eritrea will take time.
    You article hopefully is much more interesting in shaping the future Eritrea, futures of Eritrea, are open to pluralistic and democratic possibilities, Eritrean should be much more concerned with shaping rather than predicting the future Eritrea.
    To be sure, Predictions are difficult, especially about the future of Eritrea. I am not able, and I have no idea and not too interested in predicting the future Eritrea. In any case, The future is the best place to find whatever Eritrean looking for. We can’t change the past. We can interpret it, rediscover it, draw lessons from it, but we can’t change it. Neither can we change the present. In real life change is not as this moment instantaneous; it takes time. So by the time the present has been changed, it is already the future.
    The future as the only arena where real change – hopefully for positive– is possible. the future not one thing in the singular – as the future – but in the plural, as futures. Futures are an arena for numerous possibilities – where all kinds of alternatives to the present can be envisaged and developed., although forecasts and predictions are a very significant and important part in our world. Eritrean as a whole, are not very good at looking towards the future or exploring alternative futures paths. With all the respect. We tend to be very nostalgic about the glories of our recent Gedaly history and some are very fatalistic about our current Eritrean state dire problems. Some Eritrean are disillusioned by Eritrean scholars sellout to IA, they are arrogant and ignorant and absolutely incapable of receiving any fresh inspiration from modern thought and experience for better Eritrea .
    As Eritrean what we have is hope of the future and it is intrinsic in the very idea of future. The knowledge of the past and An awareness of the future can empower Eritrean people and open up possibilities where none existed before. The future is a frontier where all things are possible, including the possibility of breaking the power of present regime and the hold of the present over our future. But for that to happen Eritrean should see the future not as a mere political or commodity but as a domain of alternative potentials and promises for brighter future.
    Eritrean state should not be allowed to misuse religious authority. that the idea of human rights and citizenship are totally consistent with Christianity and Islamic values and norms. Eritrea would change in the future to meet the challenge of human rights, gender equality, and the rights of minorities, by developing a new ethical framework of rights and responsibilities.
    Often times I scratch my head in complete bewilderment when I come across articles, speeches and declarations by respectable Eritrean intellectuals expressing outrage and strong opinions over a passing event or a matter of consequence to perceived welfare and the wellbeing of the populous or their dearly enshrined national symbols or values as much defined by the herd mentality devoid of intelligent critical scrutiny as to visitation to the very source of recurring episodes.
    It seems, in line with the Eritrean Intelligentsia’s playing it safe sticking to the sidelines – avoiding to plunge head-on into the crux of the matter – Eritrean intellectuals dwell over peripheral and incidental issues pertaining to matters touching on the core and affecting Eritrean existence and the future Eritrea wellbeing; such as in the case of the present Eritrean phenomena lasting for almost three decade causing wide spread upheavals, destructions and threatening the whole future existence of the Eritrean as people and as surviving sovereign entities.
    This, as all carried out by the Eritrean Asmara regime as well as a slew of other misguided organizations in the name and under the banner of communist manifesto that dominates the Eritrean governing epistemology as it enjoys a poignant hold on the soul and mind of the average Eritrean mind.
    However, Eritrean intellectuals are – in a dereliction of responsibility – foremost steering away of engaging in a serious and disciplined critical scrutiny of the Eritrean Islamic and Christian Heritage and Eritrean Historic Narratives as a starting point in the long and ardours process that could lead to separating the wheat from the chafe, of debunking the vast accretions of layers and layers of Christian and Islamic narratives as to their true authenticity, origins and the circumstances under which such narratives were compiled and often contrived under the auspices of a self-serving despot .
    Eritrean intellectuals in their greater majority are found delinquent in assuming their duty as guiding intellectuals, leaving the field wide open to IA and his cohort to dictate their versions and visions of the interpretation of politics future much reliant on ill-scrutinized Eritrean Heritage and often distorted Eritrean Historical narratives.
    Thus, given the dour state Eritrean find themselves in as communities seriously falling behind the rest of the human race on the track of advancements – i.e. keeping up with a modern world – it becomes incumbent on Eritrean to energetically engage in the demanding arduous process of the “Profound Reform of Eritrean politics and it divers Heritage and as Historic Narratives.”
    The sense of urgency long stems from the need to shield Eritrean worlds from the vagaries of recurring seismic events touching on the very existence of Eritrean worlds and their future wellbeing. All by reason of leaving the field wide open to PFDJ to dictate their distorted versions of the false and failed political system.
    This, in response to the fact that much of the ills and inertia holding back Eritrean from achieving meaningful leaps of progress in the physical and the cognitive/intellectual spheres in line with consistently advancing world, lie in the misrepresentations of Eritrean cultural and political Heritage and the distortion of the related historical narratives as dictated and monopolized by the PFDJ versions.
    The dilemma of Eritrean is further compounded by many among them realizing the source of the problem compromising the potentials of Eritrean worlds’ advancement in a deeply competitive world; yet, fail to muster the courage of conviction to initiate the process and embark on a rallying march for profound Eritrean transformation.
    Except for a very few of Eritrean intellectuals possessing the intellectual integrity to engage in persistent drive at reform, begin the process of socio-political transformation, blazing the trial for future generations, however, a continuing unholy alliance of dictator state.
    When to come to Eritrea the past is not dead it is present in every sense; some of it is people who are deeply sleeping in coma. The current nightmare and daylight daymares that we are having arise out of present Asmara murders lodged deep in our past and present that have continued into the future. No amount of feigned amnesia will erase the bloody truth of IA/PFDJ HOROR history, understandably being human, the cheap grace we bestow upon ourselves. We been for long time being feeding on great tapestry of all kind of lies that surrounds us, hard to believe lies uttered by IA nihilistic and Era media mouthpieces for some time. Some have dead consciences for not acknowledging being active accomplices in the suppression of truth and the vicious murdering of Eritreans.
    Believe in hope that despite the enormous odds which exist today, unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as active good citizens, to define the real honest truth of our lives and our country, our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves and depend upon Eritreans all of us. It is a realty and in fact mandatory only then change will come

  • Abraham H.

    Selam Awatistas, now that the major powers of the world have established military bases in Djibouti, and taking into consideration the return to cold war, I think the Russians are going to seek building their bases along the nearby Eritrean coastlines in order to counter ballance the presence of the other powers in areea. Does this scenario make sense?

  • Amde

    Selam Ghezae,

    Welcome back.

    Beautifully written but I am afraid Assab is a cruel joke on Eritreans. The idea of “Assab IS Eritrea” invites interference by powers near and far. It also enables tyrants who would be seduced by the idea of being geopolitical wanna-bes.

    My guess is what we are witnessing now is more the norm going forward than an aberration.


    • Selam Amde,
      The bay of Assab and the whole region belonged to the afar people before the italians arrived in the region, before even the italian colony of eritrea was formed, and before an afari sultan was forced to sell it to an italian company. The afari people live in eritrea, djibouti and ethiopia, about 500k in eritrea and another 1.5 m in ethiopia (old census). This is a known fact that does not change.

      • Dear Horizon,
        What is your point? What are you insinuating? the Eritrean Afaris are not bona fide Eritreans? They have a loyalty higher than their national loyalty? Sans Europeans countries, the pre-colonial socio-political configurations in African and Asian countries is different from their contemporary political arrangements. What you said about the Afaris can be said about the Oromos,, the Somalis, the Tigrayans, the Sahos, the Ben Amir, etc. There is nothing illuminating about stating this boilerplate historical truism.

        If your insinuation is to question the Eritreaness of Afari Eritreans or to doubt that Eritrea is not Eritrea without its Dankalia, I am afraid that you know scarcely nothing about Eritrea nor your own country. I mean, you have a country where regional leaders threaten to invoke article 39 at the slightest of provocations, right? You have a country the legitimacy of which is hotly debated and its brutal “invention” passionately loathed. You have country which is amalgamated and sustained through unimaginably cruel instruments of violence and enslavement.

        Have you ever reflected how your own country is a crude invented, to borrow Sisai Ibbsa’s phrase? How do you digest the fact that its foundational moment was marked by massive enslavement, cultural conversion, religious bigotry and racism? Take Menelik’s war against and incorporation of the pastoralist Walayta in 1893 as an example where 15 thousand walayta captives, who would later end up as slaves, and their King, were paraded in Finfine for three days and branded. And one of Menelik’s foreign PR agents, Mondon Vidailhet, reported in European presses as the “victory of the cross over the crescent.” One also can talk about the Oromos in a similar manner.

        My point: “Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”


        • Aligaz G


          Horizon was attempting to be historically accurate in his post. In any case he just presented a series of facts which you didn’t even bother to disprove. So what triggered your completely pointless meltdown? Just curious

          • Blink

            I wouldn’t mind if Horizon truly believe the Afars in Eritrea are of 500,000 in the old times ?

          • Aligaz,
            Meltdown,it was not. But, I think I misfired against horizon or responded to a question or a comment which was not there. Paraphrasing Lacan, my comment was a sort of a response that comes before the question.

          • Aligaz G


            Lacan? Is this where I am supposed to tell that you need years of therapy :). But cheaper and healthier options are at hand. Weekend music by awatistas or even better a couple poems by Pablo. Maybe Ode to Tomatoes such a joyful piece to read and meditate on.

          • Aligaz,
            Years of therapy? Are you in the trade and is that how you retain clients? Your Neruda prescription is excellent.

          • Aligaz G


            I am not in the trade just a movie quote

    • Selam Amde,
      Would you care to explain why stating a mere truism “invites interference by powers near and far”? I am reading your euphemism “powers near and far” as a reference to your own country, Ethiopia, because that is the only country with incurable seasickness that i know of.


  • Haile S.

    Selamat Ghezae,

    This is a beautiful surealistic opera en-plein-air on the seashore beside the blue waters of the red sea under the blue skies of Assab. Assab, the Eritrean womb, navel, nose and spine, all at the same time. Reading your beautiful narrative, I visualize on the stage the chained Degiat, the chained Mohammed, the chained Abubeker and the Solato italian with his cravach waiting for the Nakhuda to take them to Nakura on one hand, and on the other hand, the landlords Isayas & Abiy with their cravate gazing down at the land and water interface and up at the sky thanking the allmighty for helping the allmighty. The people of the land are in the audience, spectators at their own stage, clapping their administrator of no-law and his guest. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!

    I liked your comparison of Cleopatra’s and Eritrea’ noses. Eritrea’s nose could have been for real shorter, but uglier. Had it not been for the briefly mighty king Theodros II of Abyssinia, Eritrea would have been probably names Adulis or Amphilia and probably just a little larger or smaller than Djibouti. The french instead of having a Djibouti around the Golf of Tadgoura, they would have had another at the Bay of Amphila. It was a time of choas, landlords, wars and missionaries with Bibles. The missionaries were despised because of their religious concervatism and wanting to baptise the already baptised, but also respected because they were the only means of European contacts and eventually arms and influence, all englobed in the name of saintity. The defeat of Dejach Wube gave rise to claimants of whom his nephew Dejach Negussie was the top. Negussie made name in his area Wolkait and surroundings. He approached the missionaries in Alitena and later in Hebo when the missionaries were forcrd to flee from Theodros to Hebo. Negussie was looking for a backbone, a french one. In exchange for help he promissed to give away a land that he never administered, never owned, to the french. It was the Bay of Amphila and surroundings. The french merchants of good fortune identified Negussie as their means to land grab and despised Theodros, the enemy of their far-placed hero they only know by name. They even sent him a medal-diploma entitled “Negoussie, Nikas Teguris, benefactor of humanity”. Unfortunately for Negussie, he was chased from all corners by the mighty Theodros and forced to stay in Akele-Guzai where he was not also safe at all. A chunck of the Akele-Guzai nobility were sympathetic to him. However, another chunck was resolutely against, headed by the mighty Degiat Hailu, a friend of Theodros, a man from Hamasien who had a great influence in Akele-Guzai, Hailu did not leave Negussie* have a hiding place except for a brief periond where he was hiding in the beautiful caves of Enda Aba MeTaE. Eventually, he went back to his country to be finally defeated without meeting the french deligates and signing the papers of the give-away of Amphla to the french.**
    *Just FYI, I strongly suspect the mythic Negussie figure sung as a hero in Eritrea (Akele-Guzai), whose heroism was narrated among others by Amanuel Sahle is this Negussie. Sorry for the long story.
    ** Information scribbled from memory of reading history books of that period written by Lejean, Russel. De Rivoyre, Kolmodin and others.

    • Milkyas Zekarias

      Selam Haile.S
      Where can I get the English translation ? I think they are written in French.

      • Haile S.

        Selam Milkyas,
        I don’t think they were translated except Kolmodin’s book written both in tigrigna and french and he could have been translated to english, but not sure. Haile BoKre could have re-edited and commented Kolmodin’s ዛንታ ሃዘጋን ጸዓዘጋን. I thought reading a mention of that during the good Dehai times.

        • David Samson

          Selam Haile,
          Am I right ዛንታ ሃዘጋን ጸዓዘጋን was written by Kolmodin( French) and translated in to Tigrigna? Do you know if Kolmodin spoke Tigrigna?

          • Saleh Johar

            Selam Haile and Solomon,
            I think Johann Kolomodin was German, am I wrong? I think that is the case.

          • David Samson

            Selam Saleh,
            I know you have nominated me to be the king of England. Who is this Solomon? Is he is going to be King of Germany as England could not accommodate two kings at a time?:)

          • Saleh Johar

            I never typed Solomon, baAla eya. And now I didn’t correct it, baAla eya… etta kombuuterr
            What would you do if you have such access 🙂

          • Haile S.

            Selam SGJ and David,
            Johannes Kolomodin was swedish orientalist. With the help of very knowlgeable people from Hamasien, namely Bahta Tesfahannes and Pasteur Teweldemedhin, he compiled the history of Hazega & Tzeazega. Based on the longue preface of his book he was knowlegeable in tigrigna and presumably french. He published his findings in orientalist journals, I think in french. Later in 1912 they were compiled into a book in tigrigna and french, known as ‘Traditions de Tsazzega et Hazzega, ዛንታ ጸዓዘጋን ሃዘጋን. He was helped by Anders Svenson, a swedish priest luving in Eritrea at the time, in compiling the book. It is the first comprehensive tigrigna history book to be printed. I don’t think it is the first tigrigna print, but the most significant. Most importantly, I think it is the first that excluded the use of ኅ፡ ፀ፡ ሠ…, that were considred to be doubles because their true pronounciations were lost.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Ghezae,

    You are a kind of “ዳዊት ከም ልበይ” as in the holy book is being told. It is this kind of essays and articles were badly missed from you to your readers. Welcome back brother with this mindful article, peppered with some historical facts, to make us aware about the past and the present of our nationalistic resistances. Though, the whole article is full of materials, I love these two reminders:

    (a) “Without discounting the worth of the whole Eritrea, no place is so important in determining the history (and thus future) of the nation than the place and the people that started it all. Assab. Afars. 1869. 2018.” And as such we have to listen to the grievances of the Eritrean afars who are badly neglected their rights more so than the rest of our social groups by the current regime.

    (b) The need of decentralized unitary Government to address all kind of grievances, keep the bonds of our social groups that made our modern Eritrea.

  • Nitricc

    Hi Ghezae; nice read and I am going reward you and awate brothers and sisters. this is it. enjoy.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hi Nitric,

      Thank you for the “song” that brought the nostalgic remembrance of the hospitable “Merhaba people” of Sudanese people.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Ghezae,

    No aware and patriotic Eritrean would miss the timeliness and clarity of message your call in this post projects. But the elusive question is: how many Ghezaes and Amanuel Hidrats would it take your noble ideas to translate to credible national consensus before internal enemies conspire with external stakeholders to severe Eritrea’s nose?

  • Aligaz G

    Dear Ghezae,

    The correct name of the poet is Pablo Neruda. I am forced to correct you because I love his poetry very much. 🙂

  • Filmon Gebreyesus

    Good article Gezae, I love how you put it together and very concise!

  • Reclaim Abyssinia

    Greeting to all,
    I posted the below questions in the wrong thread, and I’m reposting it here with some changes. I hope to hear your opinion.

    I’m just curious about what it means for Eritrean with the recent development that took place in “The Tripartite Declaration”?

    Do you see this as a Historic moment for the HOA, as the birth of the Triplet nation, without affecting the sovereignty of the nations?
    Is this means we are heading to the possibility of some sort of confederation, regardless of the consent of Eritrean people?  

    Do you see any living improvement/benefit for the local residents around the borders surrounding, such as Afar, Saho, & Tigrigna?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Filmon Gebreyesus

      Reclaim Abyssinia,
      If I may say few words though there are a lot to say with regards to the questions you raised. One shouldn’t assume whatever declaration, deal that is going on is by Eritrean people as its done single handedly (by a dictator in power) with out knowledge of parliament or people and this will have serious issue for the neighbors (This is from Eritreans perspective). So while the people are suffering, languishing in the camps, drowning in sea, attacked by UAE and other foreign agents (if you read the above article) its even hard to make sense about whatever is going on (esp. from the fact the details are secret).

      So any of the questions will be answered when the mass (the owners of land and sea) vote for a legitimate government. Speaking of improvement/benefit like I said there is NONE so far. What did Eritrea (Eritreans) benefit from whatever is going on?

      This are my two cents and I am sure you will get better sense if you see the situation of the local Eritreans or those that are refugees. If you happen to be in Ethiopia the first question should be why are the refugees still in camp ? Shouldn’t that be a priority before any of the current dramas ? Why the gov of Ethiopia can’t let them live freely as independent Eritreans rather than as refugees with in Ethiopia?

    • Abraham H.

      Dear Reclaim A., in my opinion, there is hardly anything to take out of these so called joint declarations. They are too superficial devoid of any details and mechanisms of implementations. Unless they are hiding the real details of these agreements secret from all the peoples of the Horn of Africa. When it comes to the Eritrean people, I’m of the opinion that nothing good could come from these agreements, as long as they are “represented” by the despot who doesn’t have any mandate of representation, and could potentially jeopardise the interests of Eritreans.