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A Response To Hailemariam Tesfay: “Ich verstehe nur noch Bahnhof”

Ich verstehe nur noch  Bahnhof” (pronounced ‘ESH Feshtehe nur nok banhof,’) is a German Expression usually uttered to show that ‘You don’t understand something and don’t really care either.’ In recent years, this expression has also been used to mean that one cannot understand acoustically what the other person is saying.

The expression stems from World War I when the train was the main means of transportation of the day. For German soldiers who were fed up with the war that took much longer time than anticipated, the train station became a symbol of returning back home. Therefore a soldier who hoped to return safely to his home would say, “ich verstehe nur noch Bahnhof’—meaning he really didn’t care about much else than going home.

I really don’t understand why Hailemariam is voicing his concern for Saleh Johar’s article. We, the puplic are waiting for the answer of how and why.  Moreover, what is the legal argument for Teklay Abraha to become a member of the Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change (ENCDC) without being elected? I don’t really care about Hailemariam’s role in the EDF or his role in the EGS issue because the question has been posed to Mr. Tessegai Yohannes, the chairman of NCDC. Honestly,  I care more about Hailemariam’s previous role as a chairman of North America for Eritrea National Commission for Democratic Change. What happened in the Commission was covered up in broad daylight though. Both Hailemariam and Teklay know very well what happened. 

I want to know how Teklay Abraha became a member of Council? How is that legal?

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant” is a well-known quote from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis; it refers to the benefits of openness and transparency. We should not only accept criticism and suggestions, but we should also embrace them. If questions from the constituents, the public, or the media make leaders or other responsible parties obfuscate, the questions are usually valid and the answers are not. People who feel uncomfortable under the bright light of scrutiny and criticism often have something to hide. A high level of openness is an identifying characteristic of democracy. Should Eritreans be proud that the Eritrean opposition groups, ENCDC, EDA, Eritrean political organizations, Eritrean opposition websites, etc. are not continuing to take strides forward in this direction?  In regards to openness and transparency, the public should know the number of paying members of our political organizations and civic society.

1. Hailemariam wrote:

Having an independent media probing and inquiring about questionable events in a democratic institution is healthy in itself and must be encouraged at all times. The role of the independent media is necessary to pressure “the state and its institutions”, thereby enabling us to correct any wrong doing and take actionable policy and resolutions, to help us grow institutionally and democratically as a society.

My opinion is:  We can all agree with this! And welcome to free media club! As Hailemariam said independent media “ thereby enabling us to correct any wrong doing and take actionable policy and resolutions, to help us grow institutionally and democratically as a society” If he believes that  independent media can correct  us from wrong doing.  I would like to ask him a question regarding his role as a chairman of Eritrea National Commission for democratic Change in North America because he is the right person to ask:

I: How many people did you select from North America to participate in the Congress? What were the criteria used to choose them and what makes you free from being biased?

II:  EYGM was represented in the Congress in two ways, as EGS and as also as EYGM members. Why?

III: The quota for youth in North America was five and you donated that to EYGM only. Why not EYC or other individual youth who live in the USA?

As the result of Hailemariam’s leadership and personal judgment, the youth in North America were not represented in the ENCDC. Even though EYGM is a youth organization and contributed their share in our struggle, at the same time they represent their members only, not all the youth who live in the USA.  I want to know why and the public want to know the truth.

2. Hailemariam wrote:

On the other hand we should be watchful and avoid over politicization, and stretching the issue beyond its limits which in turn can hurt the institutions we collectively envisioned to evolve into a bigger being.

What is he trying to say on the above paragraph? If he is saying government institutions should interfere with independent media when rhetoric is too hot, I strongly disagree. The truth will only come from a free and open debate.  People who suffered under the rule of oppressive regimes have discovered that a free political society cannot exist without free news media. Without a doubt, democracy encourages public participation in debates and decision-making, after an open and free exchange of ideas. And since information is essential to nurture such a democracy, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television serve as both forums for debate and sources of information on which decisions can be based.

I’d like to take a few minutes to explain what I understand about “independent media.”  I think it’s better  to think of independent media as media projects that are free of institutional dependencies, meaning truly autonomous institutions.  But in a weaker sense, we can think of “independent media” as media that is free of government or political organization influence. This is probably what most have in mind when thinking about this class of institutions. And there are plenty of independent media websites that exist and that are representative of Eritrean opposition groups which exhibit very weak independence in this regard.  Independent media  should serve public needs in information, culture, education, and entertainment and reflect diversity of opinion. Program content should respect the diversity of cultures. There is a basic right to communicate in conditions of pluralism and equality of opportunity among democratic groups and political parties. Terms like “objective,” “balanced,” and others are often thrown around when talking about the media coverage. I don’t think they add much clarity to the topic, at least not how they’re typically used. A better way to understand the character of media coverage, I think, is to just evaluate it in terms of what facts and perspectives get emphasized or deemphasized, included or excluded. This sifting process requires determining what’s important—in other words, determining what’s worthy of making it into print or online, and what’s not. Underlying all considerations of importance are values. Identifying such values offer an understanding then type of coverage of events by the media. (Something to think about: Media is never wholly independent it constitutes a power of its own)

3. Hailemariam wrote:

Out of the 66 seats EDA was given 38 seats, while the rest of Non-EDA political organizations took 28 seats .Out of the 28 Non EDA seats, 10 seats were given to EDF-a front consisting of 4 organizations. The other 18 seats were given to the rest 19 organizations (mind you, I am saying 19). No one noticed this numeration error until the next morning when the Council came in to session.

“Ich verstahe nor noc banhof” because this equation or the question is about how to distribute or divide 28 seats to 23 organizations, this is a simple and elementary calculation. First, What was the motive behind giving 10 seats to 4 organizations? If non-EDA organization received 28 seats for 23 organizations you have to know how to distribute the seats! You should distribute each one equally, and the rest should be distributed by consensus.

4.Hailemariam wrote:

“Twice the congress encountered with a discrepancy in its allocations of seats, EDF helped to settle the discrepancy by giving away from its allocated seats. It is unfortunate that this effort of conciliatory process of taking away a seat from EDF to give it to the Islamic Congress party (ICP) has neither been mentioned nor been made an issue by Saleh “Gadi” Johar or anyone else as they did in the case of EGS”.

You should not blame the congress for a discrepancy in its allocation of seats because, if you received 28 seats for 23 political organizations, you have more than enough seats for 23 organizations. Give me a break! You should blame yourself for incorrectly distributing the seats. The Islamic Congress Party (ICP) asked the Congress for their share of seats and has the right to do so. ICP didn’t demand for more seats like EGS. ICP has never walked out of congress. Also ICP has never asked the seat after the ballot box and the negotiations had closed and ended. Furthermore, it is a different issue and the two cannot be compared to each other; that’s why I am saying, “Ich verstehe nur noch  Bahnhof”.

 Saleh Gadi’s question is my question.  I am too waiting for answers!

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  • “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” is a well-known quote from U.S. Nice post.


    As this is a breach of trust which reflects the credibility gap with which the Baito started its work (even the way Daniel Tewelde’s case was silenced by the Baito may not be the first scandal), demanding an answer for the illegal act of appointing the non-elected Teklai as a member of the Baito, is not enough. The illegal appointment of Teklai should immediately be abrogated and the chairman of the Baito, who has committed this scandal and his close collaborators in the conspiracy, should immediately be demanded to resign. With these in mind, the rest of the 127 members of the Baito, except those directly implicated in the scandal and the evil brokers, are urgently urged to move immediately and do something about this terrible corruption that recently came to the surface. Furthermore, the democratic overplay shown by Hailemariam and his loyalists in the division of labour said to have been made within the so called, North American Committee (Hailemariam’s corrupt Empire) is another conspiracy that needs to be exposed to the fullest. Many Eritreans who know most, if not all, of the members of the Baito from North America are wondering, if that division of labour should be accepted by all members of the Baito from North America (the formation of the region by combining USA and Canada for the purpose of empire building is a controversial issue by itself) . If these issues are not seriously taken by the members of the Baito and appropriate measures taken, as Eritreans standing for social justice, we need to do something about the Baito that should lose the confidence of the people, if remained silent on these scandals. Is this the way free and democratic Eritrea should be built? Are we waiting until new “GABALAT” and Eritrea’s Karazi come to power in future Eritrea? The Baito is at stake and correction demands a collective action. Let us think of concrete measures, if no correction is made by those entrusted with power by the National Congress. Enough is enough! STOP THE NEW “GABALAT” and future Karazi!

    • Heffoon Battick

      Well said ATSE but as for injecting life to those who orchestrated the process of how to get rid of Daniel Tewolde (byt eh way Idon’t know Daniel but a point of principle) and now committing another blunder by electing illegally Teklai (again I don’t know Teklai btt a point of principle) is not just a waste of time but it would an insult to trust their credibility, capability, judgement and intention. I therefore, join whoever call for the resignation of Tsegay and whoever from among the 127 members happen to be part of Tsegay’s letter.

  • Heffoon Battick

    What a wonderful feeling to know that I am not the only one to be shocked by the grave mistake committed by Tsegay and co as reported by The Saleh Gadi and also not the only one to be shocked by Hailemariam’ss response to Gadi. However, I was extremely surprised to read people praising Hailemarial for his reply!!

    If what Gadi reported happens to be true then I would put a big question on the credibility of Tsegay and co, as this represent a grave failure on simplest procedural rules. They should have known better than just adding people into “The National Assembly” by whims invitation through the divine letter of Ato Tsegay! If they were really in need of the services to resource people they should have devised a mechanism to form an Ad hoc committee to carry out specific tasks selected by the assembly and accountable to it.

    It seems that Saleh Gadi opened a can of warm for ENCDC and Tsegay and Hailemariam Happen to be the first two to be trapped. The funny thing is when Hailemariam wrote “ The other 18 seats were given to the rest 19 organizations (mind you, I am saying 19). No one noticed this numeration error until the next morning when the Council came in to session.”

    If we assume that EDA represent the opposition umbrella and so deserve to get 38 seats! And EDF represent a power to be considered as a compromise! Deserves 4 seats, where on earth the 19 organizations came from?! (mind you this could be 18 as no one of the 600 conference participants were able to detect exact number of the randomly populated organization, a country that have 9-10 ethnic group managed to come up with 23 organizations + EDA!!). I don’t know who is who, at least we know who Esayas is. I would be happy to see what ENCDC have to say.

  • This is your problem not PFDJ or Isaias’s ,so don’t mix the mistak or error you made in congress or enda Mogogo.I wonder if I have any problem with my wife at home is it Isaias’s?com .on!! All we are over plus 40 and know alteast the little thing what is how and where is why.
    Who is Hailemariam or teclai? are the power (if there is ) into two persons, Who to who can cheat in this light world? PFDJ and Isaias have the work and let them alone to work and don’t touch them. Pls Folk:-)
    Daniel; Ich bin auch von Germany.You put “Ich verstahe nur noch Ban-Hof” It means the train is gone if I get it and it.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Sir, I am sure you know this proverb “NETI NATA N’HAMATA”
      I never heard any revolutionary complaining of the process till today ( I mean the real revolutionary ). What I hear always is PFDJ complaining for every problem the cause to be ‘Weyane” and US.
      PFDJ leaders complain even for their diabetic, Gastric, or Malaria all sickness main cause is Weyane. Even the opposition are Weyane.G15 are Weyane. I am Weyane.
      Even you are Weyane for giving your suggestion in Awate. The man who serves them and was equally criminal and died in London (NayEzgi) is Weyane. There are no toilets in most of apartments and those small houses and people are sh..ting in plastic and put in garbages bins and the municipality was crying yesterday evening (I heard it at 10PM in Er-tv serving the truth) and the reason is Weyane.

      I always face PFDJ supporters and tell them not to blame others as the enemy is right in their head. today you came and try to convince me that we have people who complain of their internal problems to be PFDJ? PFDJ is like devil so there is nothing to complain and blame for our sins. Arabs say it “LA ZENB BA’EDE KUFUR” PFDJ is not a party to be corrected and we don’t have to blame them. that is not a party to be criticized or corrected but to be removed.

  • Sorry Fagan, you seem to have tried to catch some fish in dirt water which I would not let you use my name (which you have misspelled) from the comment I offered. My take was not in the way you have attempted to spin. I have no problem with the legitimacy of the National Congress and what it achieved. I just wanted the relevant people correct what I thought was a mistake that needed to be rectified if those who have been put on the saddle to implement the congress’ decisions wish to have a clean start.

  • Dear Daniel,

    I think you were not in the congress. You don’t have enough info. You are trying to side on one side of the personal fights which is BTW a modes operand in Eritrean politics. ICP and EGS seats are given from the 6 seats pulled from EDA seats, 2 days after the participants of the congress are dismissed. It is legitimate seats unless this is a resistance cry to the success of the congress. Please don’t use your personal things you have with Teklai or Hailemariam during the “commission,”which by the way you might have legitimate grievances. And don’t try to imply the flaws of the “commission” to that of the council or congress. The congress might have its own shortcomings but not on the issue of ICP and EGS.

    Wouldn’t it be fair enough to have little courtesy to check with both sides to have judicious judgment. I am sure some one mislead you. If you are judging from the articles posted on the websites, it will be seen as unforced errors on your side to say the least. Salih was not there to the end. He was there when the names of the 61 councils that represent 7 regions was read to the congress. The names of the 66 councils was submitted to the election committee 2 days after the congress is concluded. You might ask why don’t the congress stay until the names of the 66 seats are submitted from the organization to the election committee? That in itself has its own problem. The participants know it well. So I would ask you to be cautious to this sensitive Eritrean politics; And remember what our priority should be at this time. Not personal grudges. Not at all. The process was not unity by subtraction. Indeed it was unity by addition. I wish the remaining forces were in the loop of Hawassa congress. Stay on the safe side of politics.

    • Daniel Mehary

      Dear Amanuel,

      1) I am sorry but your input are absolutely out of touch. I am really puzzled by your assumptions please reread it yourself once again… “I think you were not in the congress. You don’t have enough info. You are trying to side on one side of the personal fights which is BTW a modes operand in Eritrean politics. ICP and EGS seats are given from the 6 seats pulled from EDA seats, 2 days after the participants of the congress are dismissed. It is legitimate seats unless this is a resistance cry to the success of the congress. Please don’t use your personal things you have with Teklai or Hailemariam during the “commission,”which by the way you might have legitimate grievances. And don’t try to imply the flaws of the “commission” to that of the council or congress. The congress might have its own shortcomings …..” WOW! What are you trying to say? Are you saying those of as who were not in congress has not legitimate to ask about the illegal installment of Teclay Abrha ?

      2) It is not about what I think it what it is . Why we take criticism as a personal attack, as an insult to someone? We don’t have to take it as it is?. We have to take it as a criticism of our actions or our opinion. As I mentioned in my article we should not only accept criticism and suggestions, but we should also embrace them.

      3. I am asking a question, how Teklay Abraha became a member of Council? How is that legal? Your are not the right person to give us an answer, please we all respect you better wait with us with silence.

      4. You accused me taking side in personal fight of Eritrean politics. Is there any side to take ? I believe your answer will be yes please tell us what are the both sides? My answer will be there is no side to take in this case. There is an issue raised by Eritrean opposition communities a question, how Teklay Abraha became a member of Council? How is that legal? But in principle everybody has right to take side if ideas or opinions you share with. The universal declaration of human right article 19 said…..” Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

      5. What should I check both side? Everybody knows you know very well Telkay Abrha walked out from congress with his EGS participant, refused for candidacy, therefore, not elected and his name not mentioned among 61 councils. THAT’S’S WHY WE ARE ASKING HOW HE BECAME A MEMBER OF COUNCIL AND WHY?

      I am asking you politely to meet with your constituent how they feel about how Teklay became a member of council with out been elected and will help you to represent their voice. You became a member of congress not to represent your personal opinion but to represent your constituent opinion.

      So I am asking you and everybody to be courage enough to work hard to march towards democracy march to destroyed the totalitarian regime of Eritrea and the dictator attitude in side opposition groups.

    • Heffoon Battick

      With repsect Amanuel, It would have been better to say “Stay on the right side of politics” as “safe” might imply hibocracy/double standard

  • Fegan

    To: Daniel Mehary, Abdelhmein, Metkel, Ismael, at the outset let me say that I truly appreciate these kinds of dialogue.
    Dear friends, you and I know that the whole process of assigning, allocating, selecting, electing, etc. at the Hawasa conference was flawed to its core. The main mouth at the center of the Hawassa’s megogo, dancing, was Saleh Gadi himself. That is when the mogogo should have been smashed.
    Can anyone explain to us Eritreans why Saleh Gadi, the reporter, never reported the dissatisfaction and dissent that was exhibited at the Hawassa conference? Didn’t Saleh Gadi, the reporter, himself engage in some heated debate with some of the participants?
    In short, dear friends, via this letter I am asking Mr. Tzeggai Yohannes to dissolve ENCDC as nonrepresentative of the Eritrean People. Would you not join me?


    • Saleh Gadi

      There was no disatisfaction at Hawassa. If there is something you know, it would be better if you told us about it. And please do not act as if Saleh Gadi is your employee; if you wished I would report the failure of the congress and you are disappointed it didn’t fail, or I didn’t fake a story, then live with it. It didn’t fail and it is one step towards perfection. Please be specific and truthful when you make statements; general pronouncements like, “the Hawasa conference was flawed to its core” without any substance. It is of no use. Also, I think you should not throw statements like, “The main mouth at the center of the Hawassa….was Saleh Gadi himself” without any substantiation. Wouldn’t you agree it is an empty statement? Finally, I would volunteer one important point for you: Do you think Tzeggai Yohannes has the power to disolve anything? Do you think he is a dictator like Isaias whose word is law, and who can disband a council even if had created it, like Isaias did? And even if Tzeggai had the power to do that, would he do it simply because someone with a penname, FAGAN, asked him to? Please remember: a little humility and honesty is good.

  • Fegan

    Dear Daniel Mehary.
    You may not care. We, mollions of us, Eritreans who are very much concerned about the future and oneness of Eritrea care. I for one, who contrbuted financially for the success of the Hawassa conference am utterly digusted with what happened in Hawassa. Eritrea can not, should not, be built on conspiracy,
    connivance, ethnic, religious, based movement.
    Daniel, had the German soldier that you cite, and millons of his compatriots did not follow Hitler and his clique unquestionably, the outcome of Germany would have been quiet different. Millions of lives, German and otherwise, would have been spared; including the lives of our(Eritrean) grand parents. Daniel, I do not doubt your good intentions for Eritrea, but, I am afraid you may be taking the same path that the German soldier did. I do not Know, never met, Mr. Hailemariam Tesfay. I am going to assume that he was present at the Hawassa conference. I wish he and other fair minded like him walked out of the conference in protest. That did not happen; regrettably they may have been entrapped by the conspiracy. I understand group think overwhelms one in these kind of gatherigs. The organizers of the conference understood and planned the entrapment very cleaverly. Clearly, they knew what they they wanted. The outcome was a priori.The Fox outfoxed the Lion. Today is not too late for Mr.Hailemariam Tesfay and his like to repair the damage that was done to Eritrea at this conference. Unquestionably, they are party to this damage. I suggest that they detouch themselves from this unrepresentative movement to restore their credibility and for the sake of Eritrea that they undoubtedly love.
    Daniel I speak for the millons of us – the silent majority. Daniel, I will protect your right to follow Gadi and his clique. I hope you do the same.

  • Metkel

    If we have to blame PFDJ for corruption, is there anything less what was going on in the process that led to the ENCDC congress and after? The issue of Teklai Abraha is a small manifestation and reflection of the overall culture of corruption in the EDA and EDA alike. I commend Salih Gadi for his determination in trying to correct wrong-doings in the endeavor what he invested in. At the same time, there are a lot of facts that he failed to mention mainly about the process, representation, allocation of leadership etc… We, the public were told that allocation of the famous number of 66 which is composed of 38 from EDA and 28 from non EDA. They wanted us to believe also the 61 members of the council are non political organization representatives. My response to this is – Really??? This is a complete lie and it is an insult to the general public and to those individuals who pay attention in the politics of the opposition. As far as the latest figures that was researched, the number of members of political organizations in the council is greater than 100. Member Councils from EDA is more than 66 and not 38 as they want us to believe. The magnitude or the size of the corruption differs among the political organizations. The most beneficiary of the corruption who participated its members in the name of the people was ENSF/Ginbar Dihnet I and least cheater was Saghim with one member. Ginbar Dihnet alone cheated at least 9 seats. Now, they have at least 12 members of ENSF out of the 127 which is DR. Yousuf at the helm. Mr. Teclai Abraha and Hailemariam know this and that is the reason why he get upset and walked out the congress because the political organizations manipulated the process to take advantage for their position in future ENCDC. To cover the issue from being publicly Teclai from exposing all such issues, they try to mitigate and cover by giving one seat to Teclai to silence him. Could you all ask Hailemariam in how many members from his political organization participated in the Congress? The answer, they participated all the members that they have. In fact, he was shopping around non members to participate in the name of his political organization because the number awarded to his organization was higher than the number of members that they have.
    What also surprised me also was why Teclai Abraha wanted to accept the seat is to me is mind boggling? I had greater respect for him in the past and to fall to such kind of corruption scheme is beyond my understanding. I guess, I do not know him very well. The other important issue is the alleged involvement of Ethiopia through General Mesfin. Nobody wanted to answer this , but information coming from Addis is a common knowledge to them that Ethiopia wanted Teclai to be a member of the Council. If this can be proved with solid evidence that should be interpreted as selling your independence to external power and allowing others to do your dirty work. The other question that I have to Hailemariam Tesfai was why he volunteered to respond to Sailh Gadi while the main actor Tzeghai Yohanes what the person who was asked? Or, was it an agreement between you all that you wrote it collectively and your name was chosen to respond to Gadi? Knowing you and knowing your English vocabulary, it doesn’t appear to be your own writing or response. The lesson that we all should learn out of this is that if they can cheat and undermine the public while they are weak and not in power, it is obvious what they can do when they are strong and are in power. I am afraid, they could be potentially get worse than PFDJ. I hope they take my critics to heart and acknowledge their wrong doings and fundamentally correct by learning from their mistakes. I encourage Salih Gadi to get bold in advancing the truth and not falling to such kind of corrupt behaviors and act.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Some time I wonder when some people think the congress to be perfect and forever. This is only the start and we have to work more but we should not expect everything to be ready for us. Although, saying what you think correct is ok, but we got to see things from all sides. As for me Eritrea didn’t experience such a great development in history. Look, PFDJ and look at congress, the deference is very big. Where in history of PFDJ do you see such development? I challenge you if you stand in front of the crocodile and ask a simple question of your dignity. Unless you are ready to go to Era-Ero (Bermuda rectangle containers-containers that are supposed to be used for exporting county made tools)
      So, let’s not be so greedy to sleep in honey from nothing. As the saying goes “ZEHMUQO ALENI BETREY HABUNI”. Eritrea is under the worst mafia of the world and we should not search reasons not to participate in democratic struggle. “qemsha adey hankuiluni” will not serve us.

      • Heffoon Battick

        Dear Kokhob, Remember that relaticely speaking Tsegay and co have engagaed in an illigal activity by taking in Tekaly merily by a stroke of a pen! knowing that they dont Eritrea and also they are not the real representatives of the people of Eritrea but rather let us assume for argument sake hapothytically they are the represantatives how do you envisage an opposition consising of over 23 organisations goin to rule Eritrea? One wonders if the Devil you know better the DEVILS you don’t know

        • Kokhob Selam

          So why are you searching for the unknown “MELAEKA” when he is inside you. You see, you have been beloved by God to live free, you are still beloved by God and all your family and society, what is needed is to let the “Melaeka” within you to lead you. you must have your part in leading your country in new democratic Eritrea. you deserve to live in peace and dignified. The same is with me. But the devil on PFDJ leadership has become not only our enemy but their enemy too.

    • Hailemariam

      Selam Metkel, The reason I responded to Gadi’s article was simple. My name was mentioned in the article in conjunction to an event during which I was asked to meet the North America delegation. My response was written independently, and I represented myself alone and not ENCDC or its leadership. Besides … one should ask you to volunteer and write in this forum. You can join on your own free will; Like yourself …did anyone ask you to respond on his/her behalf? I don’t think so!

  • Daniel and others who are demanding an answer to the issue of Teclai do have valid case, under the circumstances of course. I do also join them to ask the same question because I think it should not pass to constitute a wrong precedent. The relevant people would do better to deal with the matter rather than wishing the issue to disappear with time. By the way, what makes the EDF people so generous to throw seats here and there!! Doesn’t this indicate a kind of hore-trading business, or is it an image improving venture?