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A Mercenary Army: Isaias Afwerki’s Last Stand

The Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM, known by its Tigrinya accornym De.M.H.T.) is one of half a dozen Ethiopian opposition groups stationed in Eritrea whose mission statement appears to have changed from bringing change to Ethiopia to fighting change in Eritrea by being President Isaias Afwerki’s last enforcement unit.

Over the weekend, TPDM was dispatched to Asmara to conduct routine roundup of Eritrean youth who have to be mobilized for military enlistment.  In previous dispatches, only TPDM members with passable Eritrean Tigrinya accents were recruited to conduct the roundup.  In this patricular mission, there appears to have been a breakdown and TPDM members with noticeable Tigrayan accents were roaming the Merkato neighborhood of Asmara and asking for “metawekia” and “mewasawesi“–Ethiopian words for “moving permit”– whose Eritrean version is “tessera” and “menkesakesi” respectively.

In the ensuing altercation among Asmara residents and TPDM, shots were fired near Hamasien Restaurant.

A TPDM soldier who was wounded by stone-throwing Eritreans was treated in Orota Hospital. When asked for his identification, he disclosed that he is an Ethiopian national and gave his address as Alla (near Dekemhare) and gave the name of his Eritrean handler.

Since the incident, the Isaias Afwerki regime has gone on full information-management campaign:

1. The area of the conflict was repeatedly visited by Brigadier General Teklai Kifle ( “Manjus”) and his deputy, Brigadier General Fitzum “wedi Memher.”   Both manage, among other things, the Ethiopian opposition based in Eritrea, and both are intensely loyal to President Isaias Afwerki.

2. Eritrean security officials locked down schools to inform them that those who conducted the round-up campaigns were Eritreans and the rumors that they are TPDM soldiers are not true;

3. In the neighborhood “zoba” (local administration) units, meetings were called with Asmara residents to tell them that those who conducted the roundup are actually members of Eritrea’s  “525” commando unit.


TPDM along with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) and Ginbot Sebat (May 7th movement) all have received a base and training in Eritrea for nearly a decade.

On December 2009 (resolution 1907),  and again in December 2011 (resolution 2023) the United Nations empowered a group (Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group) to monitor and report on Eritrea’s destabilizing activities in the Horn, particularly in Somalia and Ethiopia, and specifically forbade Eritrea to host opposition groups of neighboring countries.

Since then, many of the Eritrea-based Ethiopian opposition groups have either gone underground or have been severely weakened by Ethiopian security officials.

The one exception to this has been TPDM, which is now rumored to be Africa’s largest guerrilla force.

The “guerrila” force is a misnomer because it has been 4 years since it attempted any military campaigns against Ethiopia and is now essentially an Eritrea-based Ethiopian group with an Eritrea-based mission:

1.  Its base used to be at Harena, in the Eritrea-Ethiopia-Sudan border (Southwest Eritrea), near Humera, Ethiopia.  It has been moved to Alla, near Dekemhare.  This happened after Ethiopia’s March and April 2012 forray into Eritrea, where it conducted two raids and destroyed the bases of TPDM.  Now, the organization moves around Dekemhare, Mai Aini and Asmera–far from its alleged military targets: Ethiopian soldiers.

The move is also due to the Monitoring Group’s expose: officially, the Eritrean regime’s position is that there is “no evidence” that it hosts Ethiopian opposition groups.  Unofficially, it wants to assure its followers that it has managed to train a large Ethiopian guerilla forces capable of delivering what it has promised its supporters (and the Ethiopian opposition) for 12 years: the removal of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), or “Weyane”, the core of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, from power.

2. Almost all of the revenues generated from Bisha Mining were used to train, arm, equip, headquarter and maintain TPDM. There is stark difference between the living conditions of TPDM and that of Eritrea’s regular army, the Eritrean Defense Forces.  In meetings EDF officers had with Isaias Afwerki in Sawa last year, the Eritrean president repeatedly warned that EDF should not expect any change in its living conditions as revenues from Bisha Mining have already been appropriated.

3. As a fighting force, the Eritrean Defense Forces are practically non-existent.  EDF has been hallowed up by desertion by the thousands and what remains is a demoralized force and powerless officers focused more on self-enrichment than military cohesion.

4. The “people’s army” which was set up by Isaias Afwerki as an alternative to EDF is incapable of being his line of defense: they are the parents and grandparents of the youth they are ordered to “round up”–now considered a mortal threat–and they would not be capable of it: with little or no military training, they are not capable of doing anything more than protecting passive assets (banks, government buildings) and they are not part of any contingency plan to control crowds.

5. It appears that De.M.H.T. is Isaias Afwerki’s last line of defense, the same model that was used in Libya, Mali and Central African Republic: bringing foreign power with no hesitation of pulling the trigger against local citizenry.   However, the incident of last weekend appears to have been a miscalculation–the ground was not prepared to psychologically orient the people that “Tigrayans are our brothers”–and now, the security apparatus– Wedi Kassa, Simon Gebredengel, Tesfaldet Habteselasse, Manjus and Wedi Memher–is in full damage control mode.
inform. inspire. EMBOLDEN. reconcile.

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  • Thomas

    Hi Awate Team,

    I read some audiences here getting disappointed because and awate seem to pick up on this Demhit in asmara news. If Awate team is serious about bringing change in Eritrea which I believe they are, they must include even rumors and post it on their websites. It does not have to be always educational, it just to have to be informative and propaganda war against the oppressor. I strongly believe that is how we can win the brutal DIA’s regime. Nothing the regime says is true and that is the only way they are surviving. I can bring you a million exams to prove myself right on this. Your silence to be come more credible than assenna and asmarino websites is not adding up anything except doing a favor to the criminal regime. If you continue your current route, your website will be set to prolong the life time of the dictatorial regime. It will be like that garbage irrelevant and good for nothing website Where useless people dump their garbage to confuse others. Sorry I did not try to sugar coating.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Selam Thomas,

      If you are asking us to be a disinformation unity, we have been rejecting such calls since the day was launched. We believe there is enough tools based on truth help us fight against PFDJ. We don’t need to be deceitful and manufacture lies. As always, we work hard to own and stand firmly behind what we report. To defend our position, it is imperative that we are guided by truth. Only then we can defend our reports with confidence. Every website has its own strategy (we believe in pluralism) and we reject attempts to make us colorless, dull and and a copy of each other. We believe in specialization; if you believe in what you are asking us to be, then you should take the initiative and form an intelligence group. We reject temptation to turn us into a propaganda machine. But please, don’t ask a news and opinion website to turn itself into a propaganda tool or a disinformation unit. Those tasks are not for us, we have enough truth on our side.

      Finally, we do not try to be more credible than anyone; we just work to maintain our credibility, regardless. And in our fight, both websites you mentioned are our allies.

      Thank you
      Saleh Johar
      (On behalf of the Awate Team)

  • dd

    what did you mean when you say the following.
    “Here is the Tigray presence in Eritrea that I support:

    – Association of Tigrayans in Eritrea
    – Tigray Airways
    – Travel Tigray (Tour campany)
    – Asmara Chamber of business and commerce for investment in Tigray
    – Eritrea branch of Tigray Universities of Higher learning
    – Center of research and development of the History of Tigray – Eritrea branch office
    – Tigray sport, art and music cultural exchange center

    …. and many more”
    Tigray Airways of Tigray region in Ethiopia or what?

    • haile


      If you look at larger countries, they have many small local airlines. They don’t have to be national carriers – NasAir…

      The point is there is no reason why Tigrayans wouldn’t be in Eritrea in hundreds of thousands conducting their own and bilateral trade, business, education, transport, import/export…. There is no reason for TPDM to run around totting guns and conducting giffa in Asmara. And they are not doing this under Ethiopia, Tigray, Woyane… Just a criminal PFDJ.

      Hope this clarify my intent.

      • dd

        Thanks haile.
        I was just wondering what was in your mind when you were mentioning Tigrai without mentioning Ethiopia; you mentioned Eritrea in the list, twice. Now I got answer thanks.
        As to the TPDM, I believe the majority are from Eritrea (How can one easily distinguish Eritrean who live close to the border in the south from Ethiopian). It is hard to believe that large number could be from Tigrai region. If it is true it is scary. Anyway, TPDM or whatever they are called is not as free as Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia. we have been hearing that leader of Ethiopian opposition in Eritrea have been subjected for different kinds of abuse. The where about of some of the leader is not known? They cannot be considered as free Ethiopian opposition; rather they are hostage of IA regime. Whatever their intention is hijacked. Who can say no and get away with it in Eritrea, no Eritrean let alone strangers. It is cruel to call them mercenary as some dubbed them. They are not there in the first place looking for better living condition (economic).Ghadafi could have forced Eritrean refuge like other African in Libya to fight on his side, had he got the chance to stay longer after The Arab spring started. I wonder how the presence of a funny speaking soldier in uniform caused Eritrean to be outraged and pass the red line , in spite of the whole cruel things the IA regime has been doing to Eritreans for decades? Here, we should be cautious not repeat another reason for hostility. whether the TPDM thing is true or not they are going to be sandwiched one day; they are stuck , no way out.I am sorry for them too.

    • Nitricc

      Don’t worry we will put an Israel’s style barb-wires on the border, let the Tigryans, the Oromo and the Amara eat each other out. And you can have Badime too.if that is all it takes to for you to go away and leave as alone.

      • dd


        Shoot to kill did not stop let alone barbed-wire. Time will tell who will try to jump when it is built.

  • Binieam Mj Tyson

    These false accusation against Tigrayans using fake Eritrean maned organization called TPDM is a major insult. TPDM is not a guerrilla force,it is simply an extension of the Eritrean defense force,that is being used for a political propose; to discredit and undermine the entrenched Woyane in Tigray. If they are harassing the people, then It is Eritreans not Tigrayans that are doing it.


  • rahwa

    I used to hate Issais but recently I change my mind.after reading the articles on the opposition websites I want King Issais to rule Eritrea for life. I wish him a long long life.

    • Ermias

      Hi Rahwa,
      I realize you probably would rather hear from Haile, Saay or the like to coddle you for your frustrations with the opposition. But we in the opposition NEVER did the following things to ANY Eritreans or any other people for that matter but Isaias Afwerki did:
      Detain people incommunicado for years, decades in some cases, for simply calling for dialogue and change. The detentions are in explicably unbearable places – underground, cargo ship containers, Adi Abieto (building collapsed), you name it.

      Torture and humiliate young Eritreans for seeking a better life.
      Shoot and kill anyone who tried to leave Eritrea peacefully rather than causing an uprising against the regime.
      Disown Eritrean victims of Lampedusa.
      Use non-Eritreans to round up Eritreans in Asmara.
      Deny the burial of Eritreans in their homeland after a high official promised the wife of the dead that the body was coming home. This happened many times.
      Instructed Diaspora PFDJ operatives that anyone who has reservations with the GoE should be isolated – “ab hagosomn hazenomn ayt’tehawesu.’
      Started wars with nearly all neighboring countries and wasted precious Eritrean and neighboring countries lives.

      The list is endless.

      Now tell me why Isaias is better than us? All we are doing is exposing all their inhumane actions and making strides to uproot them completely and give the Eritrean people, the peace, justice, and prosperity they deserve because they paid dearly with their loved ones blood.

      • Nitricc

        Ermias you funny. Why are you wasting your time? Oh , shoot you are an opposition what better thing do you have to do, nothing, I get it but
        Do you know who Rahwa is?
        Here is what she have to say.

        ” Rahwa on October 29, 2013 at 7:52 pm said:
        I thought Saay was Arab. I didn’t know he was an average habesh.
        Reply ↓

        Can anyone get stupider than this. This woman is all screwd up mentally. I know those people are never bright but come on people.

        • rahwa

          Nitric the acid, I was been sarcastic.

          • rodab

            Hahaha. He got you rahwa.
            Bring Yodita for help. She is deadly and she will knock out Nitricc in no time. Lol.

        • Ermias

          21 questions for Nitricc:
          1. Are PFDJ and the Eritrean government two sides of the same coin?
          2. Is Isaias himself PFDJ, the GoE, Eritrea himself?
          3. Who coined nhna nsu…?
          4. Are you nsu?
          5. Is Eritrea better off now than the derg era?
          6. Do you know anyone in the Lampedusa tragedy?
          7. Does IA strike you as a healthy and vibrant person?
          8. If he dies, just like President Meles Zenawi, who will be in charge?
          9. Why are Eritreans so eager to leave the country, even those from remote areas with no information about Europe and America?
          10. Do you visit Eritrea? What do you see? Why have all your friends and relatives left?
          11. What is your most frequent source of information for Eritrean current affairs?
          12. Do you think the after independence generation made enough sacrifices for Eritrea?
          13. Do you have any family left in Eritrea? When was the last time you spoke to them?
          14. Do you worry about the mercenary army’s ominous nature as Ghadafi did the same thing before he was deposed?
          15. Did you know that the Ethiopians always held that IA was mentally unstable; we are learning this about him now?
          16. Ethiopia plays Nigeria for World Cup qualifiers on Nov 16. Who are you going to root for?
          17. Do you send money to Eritrea? By what means? What is the exchange rate?
          18. “I know those people are never bright but come on people.” who do you mean?
          19. A day of mourning has been declared by the African Union for the innocent Eritreans (and the 6 Ethiopians) on Nov 3. What are PFDJ’s plans for that day?
          20. If there happens to be a train wreck because of, say, engine failure and 6 people get hurt, how many victims are there of this accident?
          21. Who said, “seb nab may zelewo eyu z’keyd ember, may nab seb aymetsin eyu?” – when asked about the water shortages in Asmara?
          These are questions to check your sanity and how abreast you are with the state of affairs of Eritrea.

    • Dave

      I love God for what hè did for me and intends to do,not because i hate his opposition (Satan). The actions of Satan does not dictate my position on God. In Same token , Your new position on the Eritrean opposition should not change your old position on Iseyas Afewerki. If i push your argument to its logical end : you would again hate Iseyas should the opposition write something good. You dont need to mark the opposition as reference point: judge Iseyas only on principle. If you not happy with the opposition ,tell them off that they are worthless and leave them. it is possible to hate both camps at the Same time.

      • rahwa

        Rodab you don’t know what you are talking about. I wasn’t talking with little kids.I was talking with the big boys. Hash. I am a big fun of YG. If you know what I mean.

    • Selam Rahwa,

      Just cool down.Everyone can say anything from frustration. Do not take it as is – as the recent tragedy taking its toll on our conscience. Things will change as the fate of the despot is wrapping up to the dust bin of history.

  • Time for the Generalisssimo to leave.
    After alienating himself from everyone who came close to him, he is left with two Agames carrying his baskets for exile. No one but his two cronies will stand up for him.
    An Ethiopian observer from afar.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Teshe!
      isayas is on the run but he can not use Assab for escaping!

      Afar State shal not be divided by the war of 1998!

  • Nitricc

    Okey nice try. It happens the news about TPDM is false and it was a work of an enemy of Eritrean government.
    So, you have it. Who ever spread the false news, the timing was perfect. You had the accident on the sea, you had the wedi Tikabo thing and it was perfect time to bring the TPDM thing.
    However, this time did not happen it does not mean it won’t for future. Regardelles, this time, it did not happen. Take that to the bank.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      relax Nitricc and enjoy he singing in Tigray?

    • saay

      Selamat Nitricc:

      You said “take it to the bank.”

      The bank, which is guarded by a 70 year old man from the People’s Army, is closed due to (a) lack of electricity; (b) lack of currency reserve.

      But seriously, Awate (13 years of getting things right) will take our sources over the “I-just-talked-to-my-too-buzzed-to-notice-anything” YPFDJ source anytime. To the YPFDJ, Eritrea is a tattoo; to us, it is our home.

      This is not directed at you but to the Qoqahs and Merons. When they say what we reported is not true, well which part:

      1. DeMHT are in Eritrea
      2. DeMHT are in Asmara
      3. Regime reps had meetings at schools to deny the “rumors” that DeMHT are conducting gffa
      4. Regime reps putting that on the top of their agenda for their zoba meetings

      Now related to all of this, some people think that the objection to DeMHT is that they are Tegaru. That’s not the issue. I think Asmarinos would have had objections whether they spoke Tigrinya with Tigrayan accent or spoke Amharic, Arabic, English, French or Farsi. The issue is that a FOREIGN power is enforcing order.


      • belay

        Dear Awatistas,
        Trained,armed, the Eritrean gvt.and told what to do by Eri.gvt.what is this to do with Ethiopian gvt.which is looking to distroy them anyway.
        But this an oppurtunity not to be missed for the PFDJ supporters to have a go at Tigrians.
        But,this is bad start for TPDM and the rest so called opposition armed group.PIA must be after some thing as usual….will they last?(TPDM).not for long.
        I hope this will be the final wake up call to Eritrean people if this is true story.
        Why is ISAYAS so confident? Insult after insult to his own people?

      • Nitricc

        SAL, this time you guys got it wrong. I was duped in to believing it to, but there is always a law of average at play. When you are dependent for news from secracy, well ask they will tell you. and Don’t tell me in 13 years never been wrong?
        So, take this one as the wrong one because it is.
        Because EPDM has been for what ever years and they are presented in Eritrea it does not mean the false news is true. I told you, some one created this news at perfect timing to creat fear and anger at the government of Eritrea.
        The bank is guarded by 70 years old only indicates there is crime in the country. I bet you there is no security camera too. 🙂

        • Nitricc

          Please there is No crime

      • Semere Andom

        I know am vain, but FOREIGN power is not enforcing order, there was no disorder in Asmara by the people, rather they are enforcing PFDJ’s disorder

  • L.T

    News of Tegaru in Eritrea are not new like lighting falshes in the blue sky ,ok,1,happened in 40s “Belles,listro and carwash area)2,Experimented from battlefield to the table in 1998-2000 and rumor is true whatever the news,weyane always interpreted it’s as victory.For Weyane Isaias’s fall are Eritrea ‘s capture.3,from 2003-2013.Weyane Tigria’s crises become more acute.
    His lunch is hurry before his dinner quests at home.”qalsi hizbi Tigria kabeyN labeyN”to read it.Now,my awate is an elegant restaurant to them whom used as a gathering by the upper classes.I no longer exists.

    • belay

      First of all,thanks for taking my advice on board and started communicating properly.
      2.L.T,what is wrong with selling Beles,
      3.what is wrong with polishing Shoes
      3.what is wrong with washing cars?
      L.T,i bet,you have done all the above,and doing far worest than that now.but still a jop is a jop as far as it brings food to the kids at home.
      Do have some relatives in Arab countries?what do you think they do?So please have respect at least to your own people.
      I know PFDJ people are not concious to say the least,maybe Zombies is the right word.
      L.T,change a friend for a week or go to a different Cafe for a week and just listen.
      Hate is tool for weak and hoples,give your self respect,do not Sh..t with your mouth,keep it clean.

  • Kaddis

    ‘ This is an outright colonisation by the people from which we fought bloody war to separate from’ Semere Andom.
    Semere, Don’t you think you have abused this ‘ colonisation’ term enough during your struggle time? I can sense Ethiopians are watching how you (Eris) interpret this TPDM thing vis a vis the people of Eth. You seem to start on the wrong foot..

    ‘ the Eritreans are so brave at stoning a TPDM member or at demanding their right from the host country, but are impotent to defend themselves from the assault of PFDJ’ – Semere leave the brave part again please – there could be brave fighters but not brave people/ demonstrators. We all exercise our right with the level of freedom we are given. Do you remember any demonstration during Dergue be it in Addis or Asmara? Non. In Tripoli during Gaddafi. No. So don’t expect (or demand) the people of Asmara to do so …you could be calling for a massacre

    • L.T

      we used you before and why not now?It was so absurd to think that the question might come from you.

  • seo

    finally the strong and truthful honest Eritrean priests reviles the truth and starts to look straight forward the real root cause of Eritrean problem ,hope our brothers and sisters of Eritrean will wake up once and for all and stop walking blind folded . ‘[ the deceased bodies of Eritreans Lampadusa victims speaks louder than any Eritreans ,who are on the opposition camp or supporters of PFDJ’s ,about the Eritreans who lives a miserable life inside the country ]’

    Remembrance Eritrean Victims In Lampadusa.(EYSNS.G.Manchester) P1

  • haile

    Selam saay

    Here is mulaq ziena through my window 🙂 (again!). No, I can’t vouch for veracity, it was circulated in social media…

    “ንዝኾነ ኣብ ሃገርና ዝግበር ግፍዕታት ህጂ እውን ተሓታቲ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ኢዪ!!!።
    ብ ኣባላት ደምሒት ኣብ ሃገረ ኤርትራ ዝግበር ዘሎ ንኽትሰምዖ ምእማኑ ዘፀጌም ዘሕዝንዩ፥፥
    ግፍዒ ኣብ ሃገርና ክወርድ ባህርያዊ ኮይኑ እካ ተሃሌወ ከምዚ ናይ ህጂ ቅሉዕ ጌን ኣይተራእየን፥፥ ተኾነ ብዙሕ ኢዩ.. ብስደተኛ ዘዕቆብካዮ ክትረም ግን የምሪሮ።
    ነዚ ሓበሪታ ዓዚ ህይወቲም ከፊሎም ንዝሰደዱን ኣባና ክበጽሕ ንዝገበሩ ኣዚና ነመስግኖም።
    ኩነታት ኢዚ ኣብ ፎቶ ንሪኢዮ ወዲ ምስ ተሃረመ ኢዩ ጀሚሩ።መንቀሳቀሲ ምስ ሓተቲዎ ኣምሓርኛ ኸኣ ይዛረቡ ስለነበሩ ክርዶኦም ኣይከኣለን።በዚ ገልታዕታዕ ተፈጢሩ።ዋላ ሓደ ኣይገበሩን ጥራሕ ተለብጅን ይርኢዩ ነይሮም። ኢቶም ወተሃደራት ደምሒት ምስ ሰለስተ ወይ ኣርባዖተ ወተሃደራት ደምሒት ግድን ሓደ ኤርትራዊ ኣሎ።ንምንታይ ኢንድዒ።በዚ ድማ ገለን ተኣሲሮም ገለን ድማ ሃዲሞ።ዕግርግርት ምስ ኮነን ህዝቢ ድማ ኢዉይ ምስ በለን መንኢሰያት ድማ ኢምኒ ክርብዩ ምስ ጀመሩን።ደምሒት ጥይት ተኪሶም።ጥይት ተኽሲ ሰሚዖም ድማ ፖሊስ መፂኦም።ፖሊስ ምስ መጹ ግን ከምቲ ናይ ቀደም ኣሕዋቶም ኣይሃረሙን።ሃሪሞሙኹም ንስኹም ከኣ በሊዎም ኢሎሞም ተመርቂፎም ገለ ኣባላት ፖሊስ ድማ ኣብ ጎድኒ ኮይኖም በሊዎም ኢሎም ተዓዘብቲ ኮይኖም ውዒሎም ።
    ንቅድመይ ን ኣባላት ፖሊስ ኤርትራ ዝብሎም ተሊዩ።ትገብሩዎ ዘለኩም ኣምላኽ ይባርኽኩም ናይ ማንም ኣካል መሳርሒ ከይትኾኑ ድማ ኣማሕጽነኩም ይብል።ንሕና ኢና ተረፍቲ መንግስቲ ሓላፊ ኢዩ።ናይ ቀደም ምቅቲታል የብቅዕ።ጥይት ዝብሃል ናብ ኣሕዋትኩም ቶግ ኣይተብሉ።
    ቀዳም ሳዓት8።40 እዩ::ቦታ ኣብ ከባቢ ጋርደን ሆቴል ዕዳጋ ሓሙስ ንሓደ እርምይስ ሃብተ ዝተባህለ ኣባል ምክልካል (ማስታወቅይ እኔካ ድዩ )ኢሎም ሓቲቶም እወ ኣሎኒ ኢሉ ኣጋጣሚ ሞባይል ተደዊልዎ ክዛረብ ጅሚሩ ላይመን ልዕቀት እሎም ብበትሪ ርእሱ እግሩ ብጭካኔ ደምሒታውይን ሃሪምም ኻብኡ ኣዲኡን ጉሮቤቱን እይ እሎም በኣምሓርና (እንዳትጠጊ )እሎማ ነኣደ እርምይስ ካብኡ ልባ ስንቢዳ ፋንቲ ኮይና ሓደ እዳ ተሃሪማ ካብኡ ሓደ ምስ ደምሒት ዝተላእከ ኣገልግሎት እዚኣቶም ጨካናት እዪም እሉ ስለዝተዛረበ ኣብ ቅድሚ ህዝቢ ብበትሪ ሃሪሞሞ ካብኡ ሃለዎቱ ክንፈልጥን የብልናን ይብሉ ሰደድቲ ሓብረታ።
    ሆስፓታል ኦሮታ ክይድና ኣቶ እርምይስ ድሓን ኮይኑ ሓደ ወታሃደር ደምሒት ብክቢድ ቆሲሉ ሐደ ተጋዳላይ ሕዝዎ መፅኡ መን ሽምካ ገረፀድቅ ገረዝሄር እንዳ ክንደይ ኢኻ:ኢሎም ምስ ሓተቱዎ። 59ተይ ካብኡ ነቲ ተጋዳላይ ሕዝወ ዝመፀ ሓደ ስለሙን ዝተባህለ ዘመድ እርምያስ ይሓቶ እዚ ወዲ ትግራዎይ እንድዩ እሉ ይሓቶ መልሲ ናይቲ ተጋዳላይ እዚኦም ካብ ዞባ ደቡቡ ካብ ስመጃና ዝመፁ እዪም : 2000 ዝኾኑ እዩም በለ እም ሳዋ ከየከዱ ድዪም ብረት ተወሂቦም ተዋሂቦም፥ሕቶ ናይ ዓቶም ብ ኣሕዋቶም ዝተገደሱ ኤርትራውያን ኢዩ ነይሩ።

    እወ ኢሉ መሊሱ፥፥
    ንምንታይ ገፆም ተሽፍኖም ይኸዱ ተበሊዋ ድማ ክምልሳ ኣይካአለን ኣብቲ ሳዓት እቲ ኣጋጣሚ ጋዜጠና ኣዳላዊ ሞዛይክ ኣሰመሮም በርሄ ነቲ ቤተስቡ እርምይስ ዓረብይ ይደፍኦ ከምዝነበረን እቲ ወታሃደር ደምሒት ብኣካል ምሳና ከመዝራኣዪን ኣብቲ ሳዓት እውን ሓንቲ ጋል 16 ዓመት ካብ ኣባላት ቤት ማእስረቲ ከም ዝተጋስሱዎን ኣብ ሓደ ቦታ ክይዳ በረኪና ከምዝስተየት ኣብኡ እንከለና 3 መንእስይት ብታክሲ ሕዞማ መፂኦም ተምልስ ኔይራ ትበኪ ኔይራ ከነድሕና ምስ ቀረብና ሽታ በረኪና ጨኒና ክፍእ ርእና ሓዚና ወጺእና ይብሉ ናይ ዓይኒ ተዓዘብቲ ነዚ ሓብረታ ኣባይ ክበጽሕ ዝገበሩ።።:
    ስለምንታይ ግን ኢዚ ኹሉ በደል መንኢሰያት ኤርትራ ኣብ ሃገሮም። ኣብ ስደት ዝረኽቡዎ ዘለዉ ከያክል ኣብቲ ቀሲኖም ክነብሩሉ ዝግባእ ሃገሮም ኢዚ ክረኽቡ።ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ዝረኽቡዎ ዘለዉ ከይኣክል ብጣዖሚ የሕዝን።
    ምህራምን ዘይምህራምን ጥራሕ ዘይኮነ ኣብ ምንቲ ምንታይ ኢዩ ኢዚ ኩሉ መከራን ግፍዖን።ንምንታይ ኢዩከ ደምሒት ክገፉ ዝተደልየ!!??::
    ደምሒት ተቃወምቲ ተኾይኖም ኢንታይ ኣለዎም ኣብ ኣስመራ።ነዚ ሓብረታ ኢዚ ብሕድሪ ናብ ህዝቢ ከቢሎ ኢዩ ተዋሂቡኒ።ወሃብቲ ነዚ ዝረኣዩ ናይ ዓይኒ መሰኻኽር ድሮ ነዚ ርእይቶ ዝረኣዩዎ ኣብ ማዕከናት ዜና ቀሪቦም ክዛረቡ ፍቃደኛታት ኮይኖም ኣለዉ።ምሶም ቃለ መጠይቅ ክትገብር ትደሊ ማዖከን ዜና።
    ኢሞኸ ሎሚ ኢውን ዋላ ሓደ የሎን ዝብሉ ሰባት ክህሊዉ ዲዮም።
    ሓደን ሓደን ኢና ንብል ዘለና ንሱ ድማ መንኢሰይ ኣብ ሃገሩ ከም ዲላዩ ክነብር ክፍቀደሉ ኣለዎ።ደምሒት ካብ ከተማታት ኤርትራ ይርሓቁ።ንሱ ጥራሕ ዘይኮነ ዝነብሩ ከባብን ዝዊዉሮምን ድሩት ኪኸውን ኣለዉ።ብዙሕ ግዜ ምሢ ዝመሳሰል ይመጽእ ኢዩ።ኣይተዛረብናን ናይ ህጂ ግን ብኣካል ንፈልጦም ሰባት ኢዮም ነዚ ሪኢዮሞ።ዝነግሩና ዘለዉ።
    ስለዚ ኢንበኣር ስለ ሃገርና ክንጺሊ ኣለና።
    ሓደ ልቢ ኮይና ድማ ዓገብ ንበል።ዓገብ ሰብ ኣብ ሃገሩ ኢንዳ ተሾቅረረ ምንባር ዓገብ ግፍዒ፥።
    ኣብ ዝመጽእ ምስ ተወሳኺ ሓበረታ የራኽበና።
    ኣምላኽ ንሃገርና ይባርኽን ይድኣያን ንህዝቢና ይዘክሮን።ን መንግስተ ኤርትራ ኸኣ ልቢ ይፍጠረሉ።
    ቀሺ ሙሴን ሽሻይ


    • Rahwa G


      I am sad my people are being used as mercenary army and once again shading their blood in a foreign land.
      Having said this, please do not try to portray us (the Tigrians) as if we never know the alphabet “N”. Your fake story contains words like “laymen liEQet”. I understand they may say “metawoqia” as we have lots of influence from Amharic as you have many from Italy (tessera) and Arabic. But it is not that difficult to say “niEQet” and don’t through your fake words here. I thought you guys were matured. I could see that is always the case.

      • haile

        Selamat Rahwa

        The above text is what was circulated in social media as I mentioned. Not my own! I have nothing more I find offensive than debasing people on sectarian (race, religion, …) basis. Please check my own writings and see how I see such actions. It is ignorance to do so. Both our peoples have a long way to go to unlearn such backward social attitudes, ours is in much worse situation because PFDJ uses Tigray bashing as a refuge to justify its crimes.


        • Rahwa G

          Selam Haile,

          Thanks for the reply. I have always been reading your strong and persuasive comments and information and enjoyed reading many of them. That was why I said “…you guys were matured”. Remember it was posted by “Haile the great” as some calls you and I believe you deserve more than that. I never expect a low standard hearsay would be posted by you. Or else at least you could have summarized it in a way that fits your name. Any way, thank you once again.

    • L.T

      Ayate Haile;
      What do you mean,you don’t like Tegaru in Eritrea,are you afraid of them?I know you did’ not lose your suspicions so easy but I ‘ll tell you later,let me arrange matters.

      • haile


        Tegaru are more than welcome in Eritrea to legally conduct their business in Eritrea under legal grounds. What you have is a criminal regime bringing in criminals from al shabab, Tigray, Oromo, Amhara, south Sudan, North Sudan… to help it commit crimes. TPDM is not the official representative of Tigray or Ethiopia in Eritrea.

        Ayte LT

        Do you support your people (women and children) left at the mercy of criminals. Of course, diablos de’a entay ktmney 🙂

        • haile

          L.T. I actually looked at my response to you and and it looked like so thin on detail just like the report on meetings of cabinet of mafias (misters) you are used to watching. Here is the Tigray presence in Eritrea that I support:

          – Association of Tigrayans in Eritrea
          – Tigray Airways
          – Travel Tigray (Tour campany)
          – Asmara Chamber of business and commerce for investment in Tigray
          – Eritrea branch of Tigray Universities of Higher learning
          – Center of research and development of the History of Tigray – Eritrea branch office
          – Tigray sport, art and music cultural exchange center

          …. and many more

          IA thinks just like L.T. writes and that is why he brought you TPDM so that you can sing kumbaya wearing your underpants over your trousers 🙂

    • Ermias


      Let me try this in English. Moderator didn’t like the Tigrigna version.

      That is the surprising thing about the Eritrean army. We have corrupt generals in charge and they are too busy embezzling things and playing with young innocent girls and drinking their livers out.

      Most of the defectors say they would rather be in their country but it is too rough over there and there is no vision for their future. If that is the case then why don’t they man up and organize and take out these brutal murderers. Don’t ask me “why don’t you do it?” I have never been in the army and I am here in the USA and my personal status quo is not so bad.

      So I do agree with Haile that we can’t speak of a functioning army in Eritrea at the moment because if a group of tens of thousands of young men and women do not voice any objection whatsoever, then they are nonexistent as a force of change.

      • Awatestaff

        Please do not blame the moderator for the heck of it! Here is your Tigrinya version which you claimed the “Moderator didn’t like the Tigrigna version.”]

        2013/10/31 at 7:35 am | In reply to haile.


        እዚ እኮ እዩ ተስፋ ዘቑረጸካ፤፤ ሰራዊት ኤርትራ ዘይርደኦም ድዩ ዘሎ ኮይኑስ ወላ ፍጹም ስሪኦም ፈቲሖም እዮም እኮ ጨኒቕና፤፤ ግን ኩላ ጀነራል ወዲ ጀነራል ብብልሽውና ተጠላቕያ፤ ኣይ ንላዕሊ ኣይንታሕቲ ኮያና ኣላ፥ ደሓር ፤ኢሳያስ እዚ ግብሪ እከይ ንሓድሕዶም ከምዘይተኣማመኑ ስለዝገበሮም፤ ፍሕት እኳ ተሳኢናቶም ኣላ፥፥ እቲ ዝገርም ግን፤ ኩሉ ዝወጸ ዘበለ፤ ኣነ እኮ ካብ ዓደይ ክወጽእ ኣይምመረጽኩን ግን ናብራ ማራ ከቢድና ተስፋ ስኢንናሉ ይብሉ፤ ከምኡ እንተኮይኑ እሞ ኣብኡ ተወዲብኩም ባግ ዘይተብልዎ፥፥ ሰራዊት እኮ ንህዝቡ ካብ ባዕዳዊ ጥራሕ ኣይኮነን ዝከላኸለሉ፥፥

        • Ermias

          My apologies awate staff. I posted the Tigrinya version on a different comment section, later realized it. I am one of’s biggest fans since it’s inception in 2000, just for the record. Most credible and thought provoking Eritrean website, hands down.

    • abel

      It doesn’t exit in Tigray and it has nothing to do with Tigray,If it ever exitsts it must be one branch of EDF.It the same old politics as,Demarcation, Abay Tigray… those have never been a Tigrean issues, they were fabricated by Eritreans in Eritrea.
      Wake up and try to take responsibility and deal with it head on.No more lame Excuse ,Tigray this Tigra that…

  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas

    Let’s farewell wish the best to PFDJ sponsored Salina Band. Even if the artists are eventually an Eritrean asset in the free and democratic future Eritrea, no doubt they are willingly or unintentionally serving the enemy. But they are still Eritreans and their skills and hard work would add to the development of our cultural heritage.

    Another point is that in the following video of farewell party, wedi tikabo was not mentioned. So, what this tell you is that the pro regime, when arguing in support of the distraction of Eritrea by IA, they really are fighting for their existence. If they ever think critically, they are spat out like Mastica :-)Anything they might have done might as well be #$%$#^


    • Semere Andom

      You are catching Sal’s bug. If you drop a couple of water molecules on a glass and ask Sal, is this half full or half empty, he will tell you neither half full nor half empty, it is full. 
      These Sinai Band singers will be remembered in history as those who danced away during one of the worst tragedies that befell Eritrea. They will go down in the annals of Eritrean history as the artists who sung for the tormenters when Asmara was being patrolled by TPDM. They will for ever be associated with their celebratory mood, in jubilation of our mourning. They are a bunch of “watot”, who canonized the deliberate silence of PFDJ about the tragedy and who sanctioned the behaviour by dancing to their demonic tunes during our darkest hour. And we saw the product of the YPFDJ on the stage with the girl, who danced with a flourish of a stripper on the stage

      • haile

        Semere A

        You are absolutely correct. But wedi tikabo has revealed their exist strategy inadvertently. He said we sang for Eritrea and its history but never for the regime! They will use that because the regime is a shadow and will simply melt away when the time comes.


  • Kim Hanna

    Dear Awates,

    Assuming what is written here and elsewhere about the TPDM activity in Asmara is true.

    (Leaving the rest of the Fronts and Movements to fight Ethiopia out)

    A. Do you think they, TPDM, volunteered to do this job?

    B. Can they say no, hell no!, and run to the border?

    c. Is the life of a TPDM member worth a penny, and do they know it?

    D. Are they the demons, here?

    Just asking for a fair hearing.


    I am not a supporter of TPDM or the others

    • Papillon

      Dear Kim Hanna,

      The whole TPDM saga (for lack of a better word) as a mercenary entity bank rolled by the Isaias’ regime is taking me back in time when I was in my twenties as I immersed myself into Robert Ludlum and John le Carre’s thriller novels. I am not kidding you. As much as it is sad and what have you, it is fascinating to say the least. TPDM sure enough is turned from an auxiliary force to “imperial” guard privy to the otherwise highly kept secret Isaias’ daily activities. It is rather extraordinary the fact that a paranoid person putting a trust on an alien force to the extent of trusting them on his life as well.

      The fascination however ends when one looks into the ramification closely as it unfolds with a potential of total break down of the nation. Perhaps and it is plausible that, that is precisely Isaias’ intention. That is, the arming of the civilians, the deliberate marginalization of the standing army in tandem with bringing TPDM close to his chest is needless to say a ripe recipe of the unknown. One however would be too curious and hard pressed to find out how the Ethiopian government is following the rather new and heightened development in Isaias’ Eritrea as TPDM’s supposed political objective is to snatch power from the ruling party in Ethiopia.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Kim!

      a) No because in isaias’ Eritrea there is no refugee camp but only forgein military camps, remember Alshabab.

      b)Yes a small bullet hole at the back of their neck and a big one from their front. The shoot to kill policy is not race based.

      c)Not a single penny. If they dont know it then what a banch of loosers isayas has collected.

      Kim, you dont have to support no body. As long as they are ours and being used as mercinary soldiers for zero penny and not bay anybody but by the very person who sees them as subhuman. This hurts. Who knows as both rgimes spy one another may be an ethiopian who choose the final number ‘it is only one bullet away’ for all of us.

  • Papillon
  • rastaman

    Paul Henze asked Meles (in 1990),with the fall of Derg, if there was a chance that Eritrea stays with Ethiopia. Meles replied, Isias would accept but the people of Eritrea won’t, thus not at the moment. Isias has been working at the Eritrean psyche on how to make them long for Ethiopia. Folks, the border war was never about Eritrea, but about who rules Ethiopia, and still Eritrea is suffering to fullfill DIA’s wishful dream. Before his mental disorder, DIA got his ambition to rule the Horn from his royal lineage. After all, he is Isias Afewerki Abraham Hagos Mirtcha( brother of Kassa Mirtcha AKA Yohannes IV.) Any questions? Please don’t complicate the uncomplicated.

    • Crocus

      I did not know his Agew lineage was so recent. Be that so, most Habeshas descended from North Central Cushitic Agews!

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Rastaman!!
      Have you ever witnessed that meless’ ingenuity falctuate from a forth greader to a phd holder?

      That 1990’s speciall interview is the blue print of how meless supposed to lead the country With Clear denaunciation of theis albanian communism nonesens. That blue print is a speach to fit the New policy of Ethiopia after usa invested billions in removing mengistu. Both isayas and meless were approched by usa several times. Isaias knows why he hates usa because according to that blue print the two leaders must cooperate.


    Dear Awates ,

    Have you forgotten about my ¨bi-polaric prophesis¨ to put the title as¨A Mercenary Army: Isaias Afwerki’s Last Stand¨ ? .
    EPLF was & is Ethiopian ,so I do not see the mercenary analogy ,In 1980-81 TPLF /WEYANE (Ethiopian)with the invitation of EPLF (should be called Ethiopian Peoples Liberation Front)crushed a gennuine and authentic (not perfect) Eritrean front & now is using TPDM (Demhit).
    I see new mercenary Army here (TPDM)..but Eritrean Army was crushed in 1981.

    as always almost always brilliant
    Cyber Cure aka Mehretu Habte

  • rastaman

    The easiest way to understand politics is to keep it simple. DIA even way before he developed paranoid grandiosity,and once the fall of Derg seemed inevitabe (after the demise of Nadew, he had no problem of NOT seceeding from Ethiopia. The only problem he had was the people of Eritrea wouldn’t be ready for any thing other than secession. He has accepted the suggestion of Dawit W.G. that if he marches to Addis and challenge Weyane, the Amharas would be behind him. Meles knew this fac, and worked hard, very hard to secure Eritrea’s “Indepoendence” (read : keep Isias at bay) and wote a book in ? 1988 titled “Qalsi Hizbi Eritra AyQilbesin eyu” some thing like that with the cover picture of a rifle in up right position. Weyanes postion on Eritrea’s Independence stems from their fear of loosing power to Isias and not merely on moral or political conviction. Isia on his part has been working on how to not seceed from Ethiopia. Watch his 1993 interview with Journalists in Ethiopia and an exclusive interview to the Weyane Magazine “Weyin” in 1996. Meleses response to paul henze

  • saay

    Selamat awatista:

    From my Facebook feed:*

    DemHit (the one that is not, has never been in Eritrea, according to Yemane Charlie) and it’s concert in Barentu (Eritrea) and Akordat (Eritrea.)

    Yemane: never go full retard. The evil of hgdef, I understand: it’s when I consider how moronic they are that I say, “and these guys are in charge…how?”


    * hat tip (h/t) to Awate alumni Paulos Misginna for digging this up and proving that Yemane Charlie has “gone full retard.”

    PS: when Isaias Afwerki is overthrown, you will hear it first on Facebook.

    • Ermias

      Saay, I guess just like perhaps all of us, you don’t read every comment.

      Check on October 30, 2013 at 11:50 am said:
      I know this is a lie because Tigray people are not allowed in Eritrea. Stop lying say.
      Reply ↓
      Ermias on October 30, 2013 at 2:00 pm said:
      Hi Check,
      I was compelled to reply to you since you seem either genuinely uninformed or misinformed, perhaps not only with TPDM issue but across the specturm. Please check the video on the link below. Maybe that will help you learn what has been out on the open.
      If, as I presume, you are not up-to-date with respect to the dire conditions of Eritreans inside and outside the country, you have come to the right place to get educated. Please hang on here and visit often. We need people like you to help our people end their miseries of the Isaias Afwerki era. There are two categories of Eritreans who support the regime – one set is the low information Eritreans whowe main source of information is Eri-TV and they are happy with the status quo because of the morbid fear infused on them. The fear of losing Eritrea to ‘weyane.’ The other set is the ones who are benefiting at the expense of our people’s suffering for personal gain. You seem to fit in the first category so just patiently browse around and the truth will glare in front of your eys.

  • T..T.

    The Eritrean youth and opposition under attack, again. But care must be exercised.

    Isayas is known for taking draconian security measures to silence his targeted enemies, inside and outside Eritrea. Most of the time Isayas does not use the roads and skies to get to his targeted enemies to stop threats to his authority. Sometimes he establishes a coalition to guide his silencing actions on his targeted enemies. Isayas previously used attempts on his life to bring Mubarak to his side. In Sudan, Isayas used his protégé Sudanese opposition elements in Kassala-Sudan to wage his war against the Eritrean opposition.

    I call on all the Eritrean opposition to look into how Isayas did it in Sudan in order to guess what he (Isayas) expecting from his new Ethiopian partners, members of De.M.H.T. inside Ethiopia. Also, look into how is magnifying the Mai-Aini Eritrean refugee camp conflicts and De.M.H.T.’s case in Asmara. Don’t forget Isayas claims he has long arms that move around the world to reach his enemies, wherever they are. You might ask yourself, what arms? Does he mean people like Nitricc, L.T., Meron and others?

    To our youth, Isayas uses the strategy of infiltrate, weaken, neutralize, and crowd out the opposition. Unless our youths go that way against the Isayasist, he (Isayas) will keep moving his arms from side to side targeting the youth wherever they are, even onboard of ships

  • Which sounds more tigrina: Mewesawesi or Menkesakesi?

    I have read a similar report at Assenna web site. This news appears to be over-hyped, displaying editorial bias to attract readership. Awate needs to be careful not to be taken as a place where trivial, insignificant and tabloid news and articles are found.

    Tell us the source of the information so that readers can verify the stroy’s credibility other wise the story will remain to be an insignificant news aimed at appealing to readers’ emotions.

    • Zegeremo

      Obviosly, you do not seem to have family meber or relatives. No sweating!!!

  • dd

    What I see coming in Eritrea because of DEHEMIT. Convince me it will not happen.
    • The army will be deliberately weaken and demoralized
    • Dhemit will fill in and will have upper hand for some time.
    • The economy will be more paralyzed.
    • the veteran EPLF fighters raise their arms against Dhemit and PIA; the vast majority will be on their side. Even the die-hard supporter of IA will jump in the bandwagon as they get reason (Ethiopian)to abandon.
    • IA will take disparate action, which leads to blood shed
    • supply for the Ethiopian opposition force(DHEMIT) will dry up.
    • IA will flee to Middle East.
    • Member of the army who has been benefiting from the system will use the DHEMIT force as a shield. My facilitate easy exist to Sudan.
    • Eritrean who has been suffering in prison and military service will be free
    • The enslaved Eritrean will start to revenge
    • Ethiopian in the opposition from Oromia, Ogaden, Gambela will look easy exist to Sudan while the other to Tigrai and Afar/ or Eritrean will create alliance AND REALESE THEIR ANGER BY FINISHING THEM IN ERITREAN DESERT.
    • The kidnaping business in Sudan will increase , Ethiopian opposition fleeing from Eritrea will be also victim
    • The diaspora Eritrean will beg Ethiopia and Sudan to intervene
    • The refuge in Sudan and Ethiopia will go back to Eritrea following the Ethiopian and Sudan army.while those young who have been enslaved will flee the country in different direction looking for green pasture in the west.
    • More suffering and death
    What did I miss ? we should not always have a conference to predict the impending disaster in Eritrean in particular and the Horn Africa in general and come up for the solution. is a site where disciplined people with high caliber confers.
    what should be done to avoid the impending catastrophy?

    • Hyatt

      Are you inside me? Dorgi’Hkayo sikiftatatey!

  • Aster…


    You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but if you really stand by it, what is your real name.
    Come on, you can do it.

  • Tamrat Tamrat,

    Though i usually ignore you for the belief that i am not here to debate with an Ethiopian on Eritrean matters, but now i think that subject could allow me to break my rule.

    I think you raised a very necessary issue. According to the mercenaries of Weyane in this room the population of Asmara has K 47 at their disposal. That is confirmed by PIA few weeks back in Eri TV.

    Asmara has 600,000 or more residents. And every one from 18 – 70 has K – 47 according to the mercenaries of weyane in this room. Apart from them there are 200,000 or plus military forcess out of Asmara. So how come PIA defend himself with 10,000 demhit against the armed nation. Imagine that could be against half a million armed people.

    Tamrat, few days back i told Saay that he has one big problem with all his potential. That is he like to stick on lies. I gave him some clear examples then. And he proves me right now.

    Saay:- Monitoring group have you. They don’t need to rely on my information. They have sellouts people and websites in diaspora.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Meron!!!

      Imagine half of them use the AK 47 against isaias and his thousands body guards (i heard he walks in Asmara once in a while, so he has to have thousands body guards putting civil clothe around him in every hous and restaurant and bulildings around) then he may use thess ‘ethiopian liberators’ to save time to Reach Mitswa. After that he will follow the blood shed from Saudi Arabia. Then you come to the Picture now. You and People like you then start saying oh africa, People of africa dont know the right leader!

  • think

    Here we go again!!! Guys please stop the victim a..gain. It just became to much, if it were not Ethiopia we would have been Singapore, if … Would fly to the moon, if, if, ….if. Guys are you really saying that to make yourself better as you Eritreans would do such a barberic act like rounding up teenagers, or th through old people in jail because your son has left the country. It is beside you. How about chronic mass delusion with grandiosity personality for a diagnosis.

  • Papillon

    Dear Gebre,

    I am really taken aback by your otherwise blunt dismissal of the “art” of Psychiatry where it is neither a pseudo-science nor a sham so to speak but over particularly the last decades established itself as an effective mechanism and part of the larger area of Medicine in treating myriad of mental illnesses.

    The discipline of Psychiatry is traced back in the area of social sciences as the classic thinkers ventured to study social behaviour where the main focal point was understanding human nature. For instance, Rousseau believed that human nature is good but later on got corrupted when “Man” was taken from his natural habitat by the factors of civilization. In a sharp contrast, Hobbes subscribed to the notion that, “Man” is savage by nature with an intense proclivity to violence as he is haunted by the dread of death. Schopenhauer (read: the father of an intense pessimism) was of the notion that, it is the Will that is rendering people selfish and violent where he was pretty much influenced by the Eastern philosophy. Nietzsche as well in an extreme case put the blame squarely on Greek moral teachings and Christian ethics where he said, Man was born with all faculties that would sustain him to survive in the selfish and violent world but his faculties were weakened by Socratic teachings and Christian morality as well.

    The above stated varied notions on the human nature pretty much shaped up the latter day exponents and pioneers in the area of Psychiatry. Sure enough, the most that comes to stand out is Freud. What makes rather interesting Freud’s theory is that, he had an extensive training in Medicine. He was a certified physician. But again, his out look about life in general including about the human nature was Hobbesian at best when he famously said, “Homo Homini Lupus” meaning, Man is a wolf to his follow Man.

    That said, however, Psychiatry has gone through significant leaps and bounds as the trajectory was from a mere understanding of behaviour as it is to understanding aberrations in behaviour based on biochemical pathways and imbalances. The later gained more prominence and credibility when one of the most compelling theories in Medicine came to the fore. That is, the “Dopamine Hypothesis.” Dopamine as you know is one of the most vital neurotransmitters where it is ubiquitous ranging from behaviour, regulating nausea, controlling the level of prolactin and movement coordination as well. The groundbreaking mechanism of Dopamine is however manifested in Schizophrenia. Most of the Schizophrenics are found to have a high level of Dopamine where reducing or controlling the amount of Dopamine drastically reduces the symptoms of Schizophrenia. On the other hand patients with Parkinson’s disease seem to have reduced level of Dopamine. That is, if you increase the amount of Dopamine in Parkinson’s patient’s, the side effect turns out to be psychosis or schizophrenia.

    The other significant breakthrough in Psychiatry is in the treatment of Depression. For instance, it is believed that, a low level of another neurotransmitter-Serotonin causes Depression which as well pretty much plays a major role in sleep cycle and appetite. That as credible working theory, MAOI (Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors) (Phenelzine) and later on SSRIs (Serotonin Selective Re-uptake Inhibitors) (Prozac or Paxil) have played a remarkable role in treating depression among other things. The other note worthy of mentioning is Bipolar Disorder where it is effectively treated with Lithium even though its main mechanism is not completely understood. Having said that however, Psychiatry has its own shortcomings where most of the mental illnesses often times overlap in diagnosis and some of them are overwhelmingly compartmentalized. For instance, there are different types of Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia, Schizoid, Schizoaffective, and Schizoniform.


    • Dear Papillon,

      This is a classic argument for those who have back ground in medicinal chemistry and bio-chemistry including for those who bashes to the discipline of psychiatry. How ever this is complicate subject for the bystander to debat in this forum. I don’t know how Gebre will deep into it. Gebre should understand that there are critics to any discipline of study but that does mean to disqualify the field of study outrightly.

      • Papillon

        Dear Aman,

        It is just astounding to say the least. People are missing out the immense and fascinating area of medicine particularly in Psychiatry as it makes tremendous progress in treating mental illness effectively. Instead people invariably find a comfort zone in conspiracy theories where they don’t amount much. The biochemical mechanism as you well know is deceptively simple in scope that is. For instance, if you take away OH (Hydro-oxide ion) from Phenylalanine you get Dopamine. And if you still take away CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) from Dopamine, you get Epinephrine. Again, if you add CH3 (Methyl) to Epinephrine, you get norepinephrine. One can see how almost one and the same they are but they have a profound differences in action. Based on that rather profound understanding, brain-pharmacology manipulates the said biochemical pathway.


        • Dear papillon,

          yes indeed the game of medicinal chemistry is by switching radicals and substituting radicals in to the benzene ring or into the chain of hydrocarbons. That is how researchers do their study.

          • Gebre

            Dearest Sister and Brother Papollin and Amanuel,

            I am very sorry to open a subject of great controversy. This is by the way the wrong place to discuss this big, really big issue today. We have to deal with the hot issue of dictatorship, that has become a nuisance to the innocent population. We should really focus on that. When peace and harmony comes in Eritrea, we will open the discussion on the pros and cons of Psychiatry and find out whether it is real science or metaphoric science.

            Papillon: Here is the deal! I am full confident that you are a very capable and competent person to discuss and reach the truth regarding psychiatric diagnoses (diseases) and their treatments. As I read your commentary, you very well understand, in every detail I would say, all the traditional beliefs of the state, and pharmaceutical industries regarding psychiatry. Especially your field of study has helped you hugely and later, I hope, will help you understand very easily the other side of the coin, which is now missing in you. So if you have time please read about the great psychiatrist the late prof Thomas Szasz. He has authored about 25 books and over 500 articles on psychiatry. Believe me, you are going to wonder along a new additional dimension of life.

            There are two groups in the psychiatry enterprise. One is proponent as yourself and the other is a critic of psychiatry as was led by Thomas Szasz. Now I recommend you, again if time is available to you, to read about what the critics say. We three (You, Amanuel and me) will then discuss the topic at appropriate time in the future. Papillon, you may start with the following books at the beginning and then read more on the subject by reading more books or by googling on the subject.
            Here are some books:

            1.Thomas Szasz: The Manufacture of Madnes
            2.Thomas Szasz: Insanity, 1997.
            3.Thomas Szasz: Psychiatry, The Science of Lies, 2008.
            4.Allan V. Horwitz, Jerome C. Wakefied: The Loss of Sadness, 2007
            5.Daniel J. Carlat : Unhinged – The Trouble with Psychiatry- A Doctor’s Revelations about a Profession in Crisis, 2010
            6.Gray Greenberg: Manufacturing Depression _ The Secret History of a Modern Disease, 2010
            7.And many more …………

            Papi, here is another interesting book to read. Your field of study is perfect to help you understand everything in the book. You can even read this book before the others above.

            Joanna Moncrieff: The Myth of the Chemical Cure, A critique of psychiatric Drug Treatment

            Here is also a good (summary so to speak) article to read:

            I think this is enough for both of you for some time. But today as I said earlier we have to be with the people in East Africa.

            Best regard to both of you.

          • Gebre

            Hi Amanuel,

            You said in your commentary under the previous article by Younis the following:

            “One question, but correct me if I am wrong, did you somehow argue to apply mathematics in politics few months ago in this forum. If you are, it says something about you. If not I will take it back”

            Amanuel, I can guarantee you I am very well behaved person from early school hood. I am sorry to write like this about myself. But I have to do it to tell about my behavior. I respect people very much but when someone crosses the red line and denigrates me, then guess what Amanuel——-

            Now to the introduction of Maths into politics. It was Younis who started it not me. Here is the chronology of events one triggering the other.
            1)There was a discussion about some issue at first and I told Younis an issue has two sides and should consider both sides of the issue. In my language here two sides was simply an ordinary daily language NOT maths.
            2)He replied that an issue had four sides. This by the way was a mathematical answer, theoretically correct one (00, 01, 10, 11 are the outcomes)
            3)I replied that two of them were redundant and would not have been considered by Judge Judy. And we settled with only two cases.
            4)Later he indirectly degraded me by writing about cholesterol diabetic problems
            5)I replied by saying if he wanted to stay free of cholesterol problems, he should train his brain by solving problems and gave him some statistics problem to use to solve the Nile water distribution problem among the 10 countries. The issue of the Nile was talked about at that time.

            You see Amanuel, that was how we introduced (rather drifted away from politics) maths into our discussions. I had no intention to introduce any maths otherwise. Why would I do that.

            By the way the way there is a lot he knows about my private life, which he got from Eritrean informant. But that is another topic not for discussion here.

            Lastly about Saay’s Presentation and his argument of using psychiatric diagnosis. I believe that it is wrong in the first place to talk about the personality of a person (health , religion, age, etc) in a civilized discourse. Let’s leave that to the medical doctors to discuss it with their patients INSIDE THE HEALTHCARE CENTERS. We have to discuss about issues and not persons in general. We all know that a medical journal is kept under secrecy by law to keep the integrity of the patient. Especially to keep psychiatric information of a patient secret is crucial. You see Amanuel, labeling a person with psychiatric “diseases” in public is the worst thing you can do to a person. It is from this point of view I wanted Younis to refrain from introducing psychiatric terms (labels) into his otherwise eloquent presentation.

            Amanuel read the article , The lying truth of Psychiatry

          • saay

            Selamat Gebre:

            You said:

            Now to the introduction of Maths into politics. It was Younis who started it not me. Here is the chronology of events one triggering the other.

            and concluded with:

            By the way the way there is a lot he knows about my private life, which he got from Eritrean informant. But that is another topic not for discussion here.

            I am stumped. The thread you mentioned is available here: It is from July 2013–with the sorely missed Hayat, and Haile (when he was Zeno, before he became “The Great”), you and me, discussing math and probabilities. I remember it being a fun, summertime discussion but I guess you don’t remember it that way: I guess readers (if they have time) can browse through the first 4 comments and judge for themselves.

            Your advice that laypersons should not use psychological labels is well-taken. But, when you accuse me of knowing who you are (in a community where pen name use is rampant) and then I took the time to use an informant to know more about you and use it against you… well, the temptation to use psychological terms like “paranoid” is very, very, very high. I will just say: you are mistaken.


  • Asmerom

    Awate team,

    Keep up the good work, and those of us who still have relatives left in Eritrea were able to verify that what you wrote is absolutely true. I asked my relative how people could identify the DEMIT soldiers and i was told exactly as your worte: “asking for “metawekia” and “mewasawesi“–Ethiopian words for “moving permit”– whose Eritrean version is “tessera” and “menkesakesi” respectively.” So those of you who are questioning this story, why don´t you call home and show us that Awate is wrong?.

    • Ermias

      Injera ezghi bla’e wedey

  • Sami Equbay

    Long live TPDM punished non fearless GOD people they have no faith and they are full arrogance with empty pocket. Nothing with no something nation Eritrea.

  • Check

    I know this is a lie because Tigray people are not allowed in Eritrea. Stop lying say.

    • Ermias

      Hi Check,

      I was compelled to reply to you since you seem either genuinely uninformed or misinformed, perhaps not only with TPDM issue but across the specturm. Please check the video on the link below. Maybe that will help you learn what has been out on the open.

      If, as I presume, you are not up-to-date with respect to the dire conditions of Eritreans inside and outside the country, you have come to the right place to get educated. Please hang on here and visit often. We need people like you to help our people end their miseries of the Isaias Afwerki era. There are two categories of Eritreans who support the regime – one set is the low information Eritreans whowe main source of information is Eri-TV and they are happy with the status quo because of the morbid fear infused on them. The fear of losing Eritrea to ‘weyane.’ The other set is the ones who are benefiting at the expense of our people’s suffering for personal gain. You seem to fit in the first category so just patiently browse around and the truth will glare in front of your eys.

  • QoQaH

    The template for the dissemination of this “news” seems to be the same one that was followed to inform the world the “passing” of PIA. One website comes up with the story, this time it was’s turn, and harps on it for a few days. (the bold and the fearless – that meekly sat on the Ali Abdu story until Saleh Younis was forced to make a statement) resists biting into it for a bit and finally goes and gorges itself. In the mean time Asmara’s youth (and other towns) gather to watch the much loved cycling tournaments but mysteriously avoid using these gatherings to go on riots. Weirdly, the websites continue to swap their stories of, the one breaking the “news”, and the laggard. The stories as told by both are written in such a way that they seem to be written by the same person (the same can be said the PIA story of a few months back.)

    The other interesting thing of such stories is that they seem to come up when ever there is something real happening in Tigray. Little did we know Meles Zenawi was dying when they came up with their Issayas story. Now, this ridiculous story was preceeded by refugee riots in Tigray, where people were actually killed and wounded. Did the fearless report on this? Of course, not! In that case their “if doesn’t break the news, it is for us to report” policy applies. Who cares if some “ungrateful” refugees (as’s “Dr” Yebio described them) riot? Not, the bold!

    But why does jump on such stories on the fading end of their life cycle? There is a writer and a source of such stories that is powerful enough to push them to commit this idiosyncrasy.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Welcome back Qoqah, we missed you. A pitiful entity really needed someone to defend it. Very timely; you reached here just before’s life cycle ended 🙂

      • QoQaH

        Holy crap! [excuse my French] I feel humbled you would take time from your busy book tour to welcome me back! Phew! I am flabbergasted! Seriously, though how does a government on the end of its life cycle (by the way you got that life cycle statement totally wrong) and on edge let young people gather to watch a cycling event that could as easily go anywhere? Never mind answering the other accusations that I leveled at you – hiding and avoiding inconvenient stories, plagiarizing others and being a cowardly lion! 🙂

        At least, I called you a lion! 🙂

        • haile

          …ahhh Qaddafi managed a million man march in his last cycle

          Cairo was conducting normal capacity shows of any thing… before the tahrir square explosions… many many examples in that regard. It never stopped the inevitable 🙂

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      Dear QoQaH,

      but what is going on there? why someone has to be there even when he has a country like Eritrea? sorry but I am just asking you just to find out the truth.

      • QoQaH

        I am going to assume by “there” you are referring to Tigray. If you have failed to notice their demand as expressed by their angry protests, they are there because they were told they could be resettled to a first world nation. This has not happened yet as promised!

        The cowardly lion of course avoided the news of their protests.

    • Selam Qoqah,

      From long hibernation, you just came to defend the evil man at the eleventh hour. Where were you when all our young were/are dying in the deserts, dying in the seas, harvested their organs by human traffickers and you chose to be silent, now just you pop-up when the regime is almost cornered looking for help. It is amazing.

      • QoQaH

        I understand why you would think I was in hibernation as I am very bearish about the prospects of your chances of seeing a collapsing government and nation of Eritrea. Your statement on the victims of human trafficking tells me you got nothing but a desire to squeeze political mileage out of it. So, spare us your empty self-righteousness!

        • Semere Andom

          Hi QoQaH
          You are not bearish about the prospects of a collapsing dictator in Eritrea. You are piggish about it. And you know what they say about pigs in Wall Street: pigs get slaughtered.
          I am bearish about your prospect of creating a profitable business in Godena mendeQ in Asmara.


        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Hi QoQaH!

          Did you sell your house at the suberb of Asmara? I Guess the price was snot some thing to brag about. What goes around comes around. Those house were built anfairly cheap by conscripts.

          • QoQaH

            You are one sad Ethiopian who needs to get a life and stop dreaming about the impossible – “getting back” Eritrea!

  • rr

    When isaias began war against Ethiopia, I realized that he was looking to eradicate eritrians. I screamed the maximum I could, but were forced to silence. In may toughts I wished that I was wrong but it now turns out that it was precisely his plan. The worst is that he managed to do it with the help of Eritreans who adore him.

    The question is. Is there anyone who can name one leader who would gather us to help eliminate Isayas and his entourage?

  • Why are the ‘opposition’ cry about PDTM that the Ethio Gov. do?

    Why are the ‘opposition’ more concerned about PDTM than Weyane who is violating holding sovereign Eritrea’s territory for the past 13 years?

    Why are they not oppose equally Ethiopia’s military and financial back to some terrorist and ethnic factions?

    Over all why are they manufacturing unfounded issues and dis-inform the diaspora?

    Guys .. information is at the tip of your finger just dial to Asmara or massawa or Mendefera or……. you will have the truth.

    Relax … just relax and watch Asmara and Asmarinos enjoying their cycling ritual from the last weekend.

    Moderator: though i would love to see it again but fell free to block this attachment.

    Asmara in the last week end:

    – EPDM reflects their no where about in opposing Eritrea’s government.
    – To tell Weyane how bad they feel to see the growth of its enemies.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Meron: Here is informaiton on the tip of Our finger from a pair of clik from goe has extended learning materials worth more than 10,000 Nakfa to a total of 32 needy students.
      You can Guess how the nakfa is falling by the way.

      And on other title:87 martyrs families recieved 40,000 nakfa, almost Equal amount for excercise books and pencils.

      Instead of arming ethiopians just to make more war, dont you think the Money can be used for those families? Beside dont you think it is depressing to read such News from day in and day out?

  • Fev

    Director of the office of the President, Yemane Gebremeskel was tweeting this morning denying the involvment of TPDM in the recent round ups in Asmara. Now, for me, that is a tell tale sign that this news is true.

    • saay

      Selamat Fev:

      actually, his words were: “Demhit soldiers in Eritrea? A pure lie originating from ignorance or part and parcel of z malicious disinformation campaign.” So, he is saying that they are not in Eritrea, period. This means that “Alla/Dekemhare are no longer part of Eritrea” or “everybody who says he saw them is lying.” His audience is not Eritreans but the UN’s Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group. Yemane is the guy who didn’t listen to the advice of Robert Downey Jr (in Tropic Thunder): “never go full retard.”
      (R-rated, for language)


      • Fev

        Seems like our “Charlie” went full retard on this one 🙂 With all the TPDM videos, soldiers partying all over Eritrea on youtube, He had to be really desperate to blatantly lie like that. The irony is, i heard it said so many times that he is the smartest out the bunch…I dread to think how “smart” the others are.

        Great scene from one of my favourite movies. Thanks.

    • Abdo

      Fev : Yemane Gebremeskel is right. He himself is from Tigray and he obviously defend their long awaited strategy to unite Eritrea with Ethiopia. Eritrea is now invaded by Ethiopians and the so called Eritrean Defence Force is in a position that he can defend Eritrea sovernity.

  • Dear Awatistas,

    It is not new thing that EPLF now PFDJ when they are cornered they look alliances to find an exit to assure it’s survivability in a hostile environment. Our history is not deplete of examples (a) To Eject ELF they joined with TPLF to root out from the field (b) to dismantle Derg they form united front with TPLF. So tell or show me if any of our history free from alliance for any strategical success. So EPLF/PFDJ has never survived without the help of foreign forces. There is no problem to ask help from outsiders but when it comes to the opposition it is considered as crime. The only thing we have to evaluate is whether the outside help is to prevent the nation and its people or to protect a dictator who oppress and kills his own people. That is the judgement we have to make. From all the EPLF’s alliances, the one against Derg is the only reasonable alliance one has to appreciate. Now EPLF/TPDM alliance is an alliance to elongate the life span of a dictator. It should be condomned from its outset.

    In fact the opposition camp should look for an alliance from IGAD as the regime is the source of instability in the region.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Aman:
      This is not an attempt to elongate the life of the dictator, ii is an outright assault, humiliation from the PFDJ and under the watch of the Eritrean generals. This is an outright colonisation by the people from which we fought bloody war to separate from. It is not even an attempt by DIA to protect his regime from a strong opposition that is attacking him. In his delusionary confidence he believes he can do whatever he wants to Eritreans, rape their daughters, kill their sons and abuse their wives while they watch. He is literally daring Eritreans. The EDF is incompetent and impotent to do anything about it. It is an outright attack on the Eritrean identity that you, Gadi and many tegadelty fought for.
      This is what amazes me: the Eritreas are so brave at stoning a TPDM member or at demanding their right from the host country, but are impotent to defend themselves from the assault of PFDJ. They commit suicide instead. It seems that we have changed “ምብላዕ ምብልዑስ ዝብኢ ዓድና ይብልዓዮ” to “ምግዛእ ምግዛኡስ ወዲ ዓድና”
      When shove comes to push DIA will not hesitate to bring mercenaries from Congo or from India or Philippines, thanks to the equalizing nature of globalization. But the supports will still tell us we are fabricating as these dark skinned soldiers are from the Kunama tribe and the lighter looking ones are from the Rashayda tribe.

      • Selam Semere,

        I can’t agree more b/c history is a formal witness that he can’t survive without help. It makes me laugh when some ill equipped say “Bitsefrina” when in actuality are shaked by enormous fears to hide behind pen names. If you don’t trust your conscience and do not stand with your integrity (the unity of mind and the body person with his identity) then what is worth to live in this world.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      I was going to say it. but who can say it better than you do?

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Does Ethiopia have a right to come in and attack the the terrorists?

  • abel

    We gud!!!
    This people will never leave the Tigrean people alone.
    It seems for every Eritrean ill/problem,the most convenient and easy solution is to blame Tigray,It was Woyane before and now the so called De.M.H.t” Africa’s largest guerrilla force”

    • Sol

      The Eritreans have some growing up to do. They do not want to accept any kind of responsibility. unless Eritrea and Eritreans mend their way I am fearful the worst may come Eritrea. As a Tigrayan who wants good neighborliness with our Eritrean brothers and sisters with the kind of posts and comments that you see here God knows if peace is achievable in our life time.

  • Zegeremo

    Mewesawesi Wereket …. Lol


  • Berhe Tensea

    Call Asmara and ask about demhit.. Eritrea is not free yet it is under the control of Ethiopian president.
    The diaspora Eritrea is full of zombies, by the way happy Haloween to all of them.

  • henok

    Gadi and Younis: You boys have finally lost it completely!

    You have lost your marbles.

  • Zaul

    11. Even today, one only needs to shout in public “The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!” to scare off the Kebessa people.

    (The author, Ph. D, is a Professor of African Studies at York College, The City University of New York–CUNY.) posted by awatestaff May 18, 2012

  • Asmayt

    I think i can be a witness regarding the strong presence of DMHIT in Eritrea and specially in the surroundings of Asmara. You can find the heads of the org in Bar Babylon Asmara. On the Kudus yowhans day, I went to that Bar and able to witness many unbelievable things. When i asked one of the waiters she told me that they are Tegaru.From that day onwards i begun to regularly visit the Bar and was listening their discussions (bidea. so my Eritrean fellow do not cheat ourselves, little by little we are falling under the control of such alien organization. we will see together what follows.

    • Luna

      Asmayt: your observation is right. TPDM are merceneries who are exteremely dangerous with no loyality besides their money interests. They are paid for their service. With no emotional attachment, little care what happens to Eritreans their only presence is to guard the regime from the nationals from any disturbance and massive insurection.. Eritreans are the targets to be under control. A good example were the mercenaries brought to Libya by Gadaffi. We all know what has happenned to Libya. It has become lawless, land awash with guns. Many a time, we Eritreans pay little attention to issues which can later be devastating to the wellbeing of the nation itself. The issue of Demhit not a trivial issue and a problem to worry about.

      Under the guise of Ethiopian Opposition parties the regime has permitted demhi to infilterate Eritrea. These are IA’s trusted guards watching over him starting from the border check points all the way to the capiatl Asmara and extending to Massawa. Is that not another tragedy for our homeland? Wake up and see what goes on before the country falls into total disruption and mayham. It is a very scary scenario to think about and can happen too.

      Their presence in Eritrea is very dangerous.

  • daniel

    “In previous dispatches, only TPDM members with passable Eritrean Tigrinya accents were recruited to conduct the roundup. In this patricular mission, there appears to have been a breakdown and TPDM members with noticeable Tigrayan accents were roaming the Merkato neighborhood of Asmara and asking for “metawekia” and “mewasawesi“–Ethiopian words for “moving permit”– whose Eritrean version is “tessera” and “menkesakesi” respectively.” …..

  • Gedeb has most credible news most f the time.This one is absolutely FALSE 10000000% i just talk to my brother,who is not even creazy about issayas i just called him this morning in asmara,who visited from holland.we are in a good position to takle the dictator,and please,please..lieing and fbricated will not going to help us for the long ran..

    • Sami

      if he is not crazy about isias. What is he doing vacationing in Asmara?

      • luna

        People go to Eritrea for various reasons of their own. So, we can’t generalize by saying why is so and so visiting Eritrea now? The dire economic, political and social situations makes it a place not to be desired for any visit. But, it is good to be an eye witness to what is going on on the ground in the Eritrea of today.
        For now it is not one of the many vacation spots to choose from hopefully things will turn around soon.

    • Dave

      I don’t really know about the part DEMHIT played in the routine round up, but your assertion that your brother denies it, doesn’t prove anything. May be he is unaware of the situation, aware but don’t want tell the truth or aware but scared to tell the truth. The statement:” my brother says so and so” cannot stand alone to prove anything.

  • Semere Andom

    To some this is a shock, Tigrayans (non- Eritreans) asking us for permit in our home land. Sal’s humiliations theory proved.
    It shocks me when people especially those who know better are shocked. Now like the G-15 some well-meaning Eritrea leaders will go to DIA and ask him why and they will be slaughtered. We know now Eritrea has been sold in our watch, what we do not know is how much it fetched
    DIA is back where he started from, going back to his roots, not because he is cornered, but that was the initial goal. The likes Meron, who literally outsourced their thinking faculty will deny this, not because they are stupid, but because they have vested interest in the profits of the revenue of land and organs sales.
    huma Min Kanew wo ela Kanew rajeUn (they are from Kanew and to Kanew they return)

  • Truf Dhri Degim!

    I am really puzzled by this statement- “Meetings were called with Asmara residents to tell them that those who conducted the roundup are actually members of Eritrea’s “525″ commando unit.” To me, this sounds like outrage for mistreatment of Eritrean youth can only be justified only if it was done by TPDM or DEMHIT.But it was 525 so chill! Be outraged and angry only if “the Agames” took part! It is not the rounding-up and mistreatment of the youth at issue here but the actors. I smell an artcle coming from YG on this. Eziatom Tirah Aykonu ember Kalie’si zigebre ygber! How Pathetic!

  • Shibe

    This is part of Eritrea’s “blame it on Tigray” political culture. PFDJ blames woyane for every thing that goes wrong in Eritrea and the opposition are now starting to blame Demhit and some even attribute pfdj’s atrocities to IA’s alleged Tigrayan roots. As the tigrigna saying goes, Eti ashas lebi zeyblu.

  • Emun

    Awet team has a joke [ Moderator: please refrain from putting childish “kkkkkkkk” in your comments] That is why most opposition do not get support from the majority. When you see this kinds of none sense news, you wonder if it is worth to join the opposition.

  • Amin

    Here we go, In-short DIA is saying to the Eritrean people,

    “I created for you a country, and I can sell it anyways. You like it or not, I have no contract deal with you, I can do whatever I want.”

  • LT
    Important and delightful news from Asena?
    Check your information again.

  • Interesting disinformation.

  • This is very danegrous trial and error through the Eritrean goverment to keep the eritrean youth and elders silent,but on the long run independce will prevail no foreign body can unseat the Eritrean Freedom of speech,Laws and Orders through this bandit regime Awet for all Eritreans who are fighting sgainst this barbaric regime in Eritrea

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    So 300,000 soldiers are under controll of 10,000 ethiopian soldiers?

    What is NeXT?

    But isaias is still on his vision making his unfinished buisness he started in 1991 making useless multitude so called independent nations while he is building the strong United states of Eritrea With 300,000 ‘strong’ military froces.

    • Kim Hanna

      Tamrat Tamrat,

      I hope you have read the advice I gave you on your previous comment of Oct. 26, 2013 at 3:50 am. I hate to see a good advice go to waste. The article you were commenting on was “Special Rapporteur, Eritreans address root cause of their exodus”.

      If you read my advice and ignored it then you are on your own. What can one do.


  • L.T

    Hush,for heaven ‘s sake,Dem.Hayat’s coming:-)Important and delightful news from Asena. they ‘ll stay in and you’ll go out later.”Great love our cousin De.M.H.t”