A Break From Politics: Jebena Presents Fairuz

For decades, the Lebanese singer, Fairuz, has remained one of the most known singers in the Middle East. Her romantic and patriotic songs, her soothing voice and dignified performance has earned her the love of many generations.

To this day, very few singers have reached Firuz’s stature. Today we present to you one of Fairuz’s songs: Years Gone By, Comeback To Me.

Lyrics of the Arabic song was translated by Saleh “Gadi” Johar.

Years Gone By, Comeback To Me

We met before sunset 1
and sat by the old bridge
And strolled in the misty valley
Where the distance and roads blurred
And no one knew of our place
Except for the sky and the leaves of Fall
He told me of his love, I love you
And then the sad clouds descended on us

Oh years bygone, come back to me
Comeback to me, come back once more
And leave me at the doors of childhood
So I can run in the sunny streets

Oh years bygone, come back to me
Comeback to me, come back once more
Bring back the departed happiness
In some edges, of the open spaces

I remember what they gossiped about me2
When I waited and you forgot to come
And winter fell on me3
When I waited until Summer but you didn’t come.

1. could mean at sunset, or just before sunset.
2. talked, but contextually, it’s gossiped
3. Winter[ered], means “it rained” in Lebanese Arabic.


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