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22 Questions

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” Mathew 5 V13-16

I sense, smell and taste an onset of melancholia hovering over us Eritreans, no matter where we live; what we do; what age group; what occupation.

What was a latent symptom that took years to coalesce, I am concerned, is slowly becoming chronic. It is affecting us individually and as a group in myriad of ways. So unless we fight it back, our future shall be bleak. Our survival is at Risk. We are approaching (I assure you we not there yet) the ultimate survival stage: fight or flight. The alternative is grim and it does not need any clarification.

There is nothing wrong to be sad and angry when you live under, face, hear or see brutality, cannibalism and incessant injustices day in day out. It is just that, sadness and anger become problematic when they are internalized and misdirected. Internalized sadness and anger are perfect fertilizers for haplessness, low- esteem and apathy- bed rocks for self-destruction.

What can one expect from a dispirited individual or group? No one with a sane mind expects valued results from a helpless entity and who wants to associate with the afflicted? People run away from self-affliction not only because it is uncomfortable, harmful and useless but more because it is infectious.

We know the Principal Cause of our problems even though we might not fully know or comprehend the existence or the extent of effects by other causes that work in juxtaposition, unison or parallel to the main cause.

The good news is identifying and then standing your ground against the principal cause to your misfortunes, is the first and vital step to the road of recovery.

In struggle for Freedom and Justice, Clarity is paramount! Clarity is the window to honesty. Trust is paramount! Trust is the cement that holds and strengthens the structure. Simplicity is paramount! Simplicity opens wide the door to honest communication. Directness is paramount! Directness eliminates waste and is economical.

We have a resilient, flexible, strong, experienced, and vicious enemy. He is unique among the unique creatures of darkness. And worse, he knows us better than we know him. Even Satan is scared of him. Our enemy has become the competitor to Satan itself. To tell the truth, this beast has already controlled the physical and psychological aspects of the majority of our people.

The question then becomes is there anything left for the beast to control? Does our enemy possess any weakness or weaknesses that we should be aware with?

If you closely watch the beast, you will notice something is bothering him. Something is keeping him awake at night. Something is forcing him to be restless. Something is forcing him to be on the run. Something is making him tick and sick. He looks wasted and is withering away. He does not even trust his own waning shadow.

On the outset, this assertion (or call it good news) does not make sense. But if you ponder and utilize the immense capability of your brain and open your eyes and ears to it, you shall agree with the assertion because it is true. It is shrouded but it is there! (Are you confused with shall and will? I utilize shall on issues I definitely believe to be absolutely true. I hope this explanation shall eliminate any confusion on my selection/preference of words.)

To control the physical and psychological aspects of your subjects, what you need are the state and its coercive tools. You also need to use them arbitrarily, disorderly, senselessly, ignorantly and spontaneously. But there is an aspect in human beings which none of the tools could suppress no matter how brutally, efficiently and smartly or otherwise are used. This aspect is the spiritual benefaction of beings.

When we say we are created in the image of God, this statement of belief or assertion has nothing to do with our physical or psychological semblance to God. God is Cosmos and every individual being, possesses, an aspect of Cosmos; gift from the Creator to the Created.

The highest manifestations of this gift are Faith and Hope that are integral part and parcel of our life as human beings in this world. And the glue that holds Faith and Hope together and keeps them intact is Love. Faith and Hope are our umbilical cords that attach us to the space-less and timeless Source of our creation. While the physical and psychological aspects are bound by the confines of space and time, Faith and Hope are definitely not.

When The Sage said that “man cannot live with bread and water alone”, what else then is needed to exist, live or survive? The answer is clear: Faith and Hope. And this is precisely the reason why our beast is restless. He realizes, he like his subjects, is bound by time and space. By now he also realizes that he is not endowed to control the uncontrollable. After all he is god (taot) and self-made as such, and not God. But this does not mean the beast does not try.  Erroneously thinking that he will find and choke Hope and Faith in Churches and Mosques, he anointed himself Chief priest and Imam but to no avail. Hope and faith are individual’s born gifts.

What all these demonstrates is, his actions are futile. This is his vulnerability. If road to recovery start with identifying your enemy, knowing his vulnerability is the first blue print for the success of your journey. And that is why it is imperative that us, the victims, defend and cherish our Hope and Faith at any cost. They are sacrosanct and everlasting.  Do not even think to sell your soul to the devil.

Hope and Faith also signify that we are created to be immortals, by no means in physical or psychological sense. But immortality signifies we are not created in vain. The beast can beat and beat our physical and psychological being but he shall not even come close to touch what matters most: our Spiritual being. In this context, who do you think should mourn: us to mourn our martyrs or our martyrs to mourn for us? Or to put it slightly different, should we mourn or celebrate our martyrs?

Our enemy belongs to the category of people who believe that human beings are mortals. The pitfall in this belief is extraordinary. According to them, this life is on this earth is accidental thus Limited and has a beginning and end. So if one choose to or have anti-social disposition one is allowed to do anything he wanted to survive, to dominate, to stay in power, to abuse, to benefit at the expense of others. According to them it is free for all and the strongest survives. For them conscience is a waste and a realm of the weak and fools. That was why Dostoyevsky aptly wrote “in the absence of God, man becomes god and anything is possible”. Isn’t this articulate sentence from the lover of humankind obvious to us Eritreans for we are living witnesses to atrocities by the self-made god?

Now back to the question of melancholy. What is melancholy?  Why is melancholy considered affliction if it affects an individual but a plague when it affects groups or society at large?

I always equated melancholy to darkness. Have you even walked alone in pitch darkness? How did it feel?

In my time, metaphorically and realistically, darkness was a king. The force of darkness was compounded by the landscape, full of hills and valleys; mountain ranges and gorges; precipices and deep and scary shadows. Walking at night was akin to walking through the shadows of the valley of death, the most terrifying experience one encounters. Walking in darkness was a risky endeavor because there was no reference. Inhabitants never got use to it. I never got use to it. Who can get use to Death? And it was apt to recite Psalm 23 that goes like this….

“…Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever”

Darkness dominates everything that came to its grip. Its ego is out of proportion. Its ambition is behemoth. It causes disequilibrium. It has weight and is heavy. It unsettles inner peace. It neutralizes conscience. It blurs the boundary between good and evil. One can easily feel its claws. The mind is overwhelmed. Fear and suspicion take root and blossom. Anxiety bubbles. Hatred sets foot. In darkness one loses one’s control. Hope and faith are severely tested. And if the possessor is weak hope and faith can became the first causalities.

But I also learned that darkness was shallow thus easily defeated. I use to forget darkness and death in an instant as soon as I see a flicker of light somewhere in the horizon be it far or near: A shepherd lighting fire or a flicker of light that emanated from far away hudmos, agnets or caves.What did I learn from my experience waking in darkness?

1.     I am not alone,

2.     I am not defenseless. I am equipped with the everlasting and indestructible gifts of Hope and faith. Both are my shields much greater than my immune systems or the nuclear shields of the super powers,

3.     To act on my faith and hope. With faith I feel I am in solid foundation and with Hope I never entertain to give-up.

4.     Living in this tempting world I might not be Absolute. Living in this transient world I might not be able to be whole. But God will be satisfied if I play a part to the Whole; a part that will add something to making the whole. Parts which will make the whole wholesome, a part that will make the whole complete. Kindness is a part; humbleness is a part; trust is a part; respect my fellow human beings is a part; to fight for the meek and disadvantaged is a part; to oppose wrong doing is a part; to bring peace is a part; humility is a part; sharing is a part; sacrifice is a part; deference is a part; self-abrogation is a part; to fight for justice is a part; forgiveness is a part; to listen and learn is a part; prayer is a part but Love is more than one part because it is the foundation upon which the Absolute whole is built.

5.     To genuinely love myself first (not the hedonistic, narcissistic or materialistic type)  so that I shall be able to love my neighbor, my friends, my comrades, my people as I love my self.

6.     To stay positive; to spread positivity and embrace positivity,

7.     Never to succumb to Fear, Doubts or Temptations.

When did I start to notice the plague?  What are the causes of this plague other than the obvious? Did it start in 1980, 1998, 2001? Is it Srhit Forto? Is it the mushrooming of organizations? Is it the failure of the opposition organizations? Is it the lack of unity in the opposition? Is it the stumbling of our beloved ENCDC? Is it the unresolved issue of Badme? Is it the news of the false death of the living dead?  Is it the new format of our where it is allowing some beal afs to dominate beal tafs? Please help me fill the 22 questions that might help me find the other causes?

Or is it trivial to ask since I know the Principal cause?

Why would Srhit Forto cause melancholy? Did it matter whether it was “successful” or “unsuccessful”? How do we measure success? Who did it affect? How could the valiant effort and selfless sacrifice of Wedi Ali & Co. cause melancholy and not jubilation?

Wasn’t Wedi Ali our salt of the earth and light of our world? Didn’t Wedi Ali flicker the light to alleviate our doom and gloom? Didn’t Wedi Ali Acted on his faith and hope? If the beast represented darkness, didn’t Wedi Ali represented light?

Unlike darkness, light works on the background. Yes indeed. It is only in light that nature become magnificent; beautiful; vibrant; lively; attractive and wonderful. It makes nature shine while itself stay in the background. It does not say “look at me”..”hear me”..”do what I say”..”I am the only one”..”I am the state; the archbishop, the Imam” etc..etc.. Like salt, light is devoid of ego, pride and dominance.

Who knew Wedi Ali before Srhit Forto?

Wedi Ali was a wonderful, energetic, friendly and keen teenager when he joined our company in 1975. What I remember of him most was his eagerness to learn and neatness at handling his tasks. He was way too mature for his age and was endowed with highly positive disposition and pleasant demeanor. He took his duties and responsibilities very seriously. He was the first to raise his hand to volunteer for any task, be it mundane or risky. He covered his comrades’ sentry duties at night so they will rest. I never heard him complain. As a good learner, it did not take him time to be competent in Tigrigna.  He was social and loved by his team mates. How he loved and interacted with villagers! Village women loved and adored him. Simply he had magnetic personality. As part of a deal between Ibrahim Afa, Wedi Sheka, Beraki Ghebreselassie and I, Tesfay Temnewo, was tasked with literacy campaign as part of his “rehabilitation” (I call it brainwashing). Tesfay was Wedi Ali’s teacher and I might suspect that Tesfay might also have mentored him on Justice, freedoms, democracy and fairness. But I left EPLF in 1976 and never heard again about Wedi Ali until Srhit Forto.

I was not surprised of Wedi Ali’s involvement in Srhit Forto even though I was sad, angry, jubilant and ecstatic, all at the same time, afterwards. He was born hero and died heroically. He gave his life for just cause. He was created for purpose and he fulfilled his purpose. He did not sell his Hope and Faith. He made his Creator happy. His contribution to chipping away at the powers of the beast is significant. What was built methodically in decades cannot be expected to disappear in a moment but piece by piece.

When I was a child, growing up in Senhit ((few years during my formative stage but that left in-erasable memory on me) I use to love rocks, big massive rocks and gigantic boulders. Senhit is full of them and other natural wonders thus I always say “those who don’t know Senhit don’t know Eritrea”. I was curious especially on those huge boulders that stood precariously on a cliff; on mountain tops, on weak soil or on top of other boulders. In awe, I use to ask myself “how could they stand with little support?” By little support I mean, tiny winy pebbles; little flints; little wedges; little sands or the poor soil and nothing else! Being curious and rambunctious, I even use to try to nudge and push them if they could roll down to no avail. But there were times when they roll and tumble down from where they stood for ten thousand years. They rolled down not of their own volition (mass, gravity..) but due to rebellion of those little guys: the pebbles, the wedges, the flints, the sands and the poor oppressed and unrecognized soil.

Big things have humble beginning. Big things start with little things. Little things have the capability and potential to bring big things. Woe to those who disregard little things!!

For me Srhit Forto is an antidote to melancholy. What about for you? For me Wedi Ali & Co. are my salts of my earth and lights of my world. What about for you? For me Wedi Ali is the shepherd that lighted fire to alleviate my darkness. What about for you?

But if Wedi Ali is the cause of melancholia to the beast and his followers, may Wedi ali’s and Cos. names be blessed for ever and ever.

This summer, I crossed the Atlantic for the first time in thirty odd years. Paris, London and Stockholm were my destination. I came back home with mixed bags of feelings.

I did not like what I witnessed in Stockholm. On my first day, every one I met said “here in Stockholm, Eritreans don’t greet one another”. When I asked “what happen if I greet any Eritreans I see or meet?” They said “they will take you either as a fool, or a visitor or a new immigrant”. I said to myself “this is an onset of melancholia”, so for the duration of my stay in Stockholm, I greeted every Eritrean and who looks Eritrean (Deki Tigray; Amharu, Somalis) I saw or met. I don’t know if they took me for a fool; a visitor or new immigrant (probably or improbably from North America) but they reciprocated well and in kind. But the question still lingers in me “Why of all places in Sweden?”

In France, I met my good friend from H.S University in Addis Ethiopia, good comrade in ELF Kutsri 9 and my Best man when I wed my still beautiful and ever young good woman in Khartoum. How true when our fathers and mothers said “Zeimote Yrakeb”!!

Bitsay (I call him Bashai) Semere Fessahaie was and is a very positive and pleasant man. His energy and laughter are highly contagious. He had and still has insatiable appetite for knowledge. And he does not flinch from what he believes. He does not compromise on freedom, Justice, democracy and fairness. In some ways he reminded me of Wedi Ali and I was happy. He is a rare jewel like our reformists and renaissance men and women of He keeps in touch with everyone he met and they number thousands. I declare we need more people like Semere.

On my last day in Paris, at 9:00 PM in the evening, my cousin Goitom Amine asked me a Question. Mind you, not a question but a QUESTION: he said “Aklilu, don’t you think the Woyanies are holding us hostages by not abiding by the ECCB ruling?”

I asked Goitom “how are they holding us hostges?”

Goitom replied “If the Badme issue is settled once and for all, then change is imminent.”

I have a habit. Like what our ancestors said “amel ms megnez”, if I sense honesty and integrity in a person who asks questions, I hesitate before I give answers. There are times I ask the person to give me time and the time could be days. I ponder and take my time. I do this because I respect honest people and I want to maintain my honesty and integrity to them.

While I was pondering for what to say, I felt out of body experience, and traveled back to 1975. It was a good time and bad time in PFLF (Hizbawi Hailtat not Hizbawi Gnbar). Good time because the nasty civil war hadended. Bad time because the prisoners of conscience were still in prison. Everyone was antsy and anxious about the prisoners, the pros and opponents. But everyone wanted fair and just closure. The pros wanted absolution and opponents were expecting either light prison sentences or discharge (mrfat).  The situation was exasperated because of total secrecy. Only few knew the situation.

Rumors started to seep. No one knew whether those rumours were true or false. All of us were hostages at the mercy of very few leaders (no more than four) who knew everything and decided everything. Then came the bombshell news: The leaders of Menkae movement were sentenced to die and the order was enacted. Awe and shock overwhelmed the front.

But end was end. Chapter was closed. But did peace prevail? No!

As soon as the news of murdering the prisoners of conscience was announced, with no delay, action was taken against Yemanawyan and us the fools were made more foolish and such tactics never stopped. You the reader is a living witness and perpetual hostage.

Let’s say, today, the Ethiopian government announced that it abides fully with the ECCB ruling and handed Badme not in Sefii but in a Silver plate. Do you think everything that follows will be good and dandy? If your answer is yes then You don’t know your enemy.

What about the new format of our Awate.Com? Is it a culprit to our onset of melancholy?

I don’t believe so. But, when every time I open the site and see Tamrat-Tamrats and Hailes all over the product of sweat and tears of the farmer (the article and the writer) I wonder if it is adding something to the onset?

The old format was good and democratic. The forum was at the background. So those who want to see what was going on could, as per their choice, and peep. Not now when everything is mixed up. Saying this, I trust our venerable administrators, and I shall try to adapt.

But please help me with the 22 Questions.

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    Moses/Akhnaten was succeeded by his son Tutankhamon who was ten years, and who after ruling for 8(eight ) years was killed by one of the priests of Moses for restoring multi-god worship in Egypt; for that Mose’s uncle EPHREM, the second of Joseph the patriarch who was the head of the army, killed thousands of Jews and became PHARAOH , and then disappeared mysteriously after ruling for 5 years. Then Horemheb a general became PHaroah. This was not acceptable to Moses. So he came back from Sinai to claim his throne which he did by producing his STICK WITH THE SERPENT HEAD as evidence of his legitimacy. The priests bowed to MOSES on seeing his evidence and angered the new PHAROAOH who banished the priests and started looking for ways to destroy Moses who fled with his JEWISH relatives in EASTERN DELTA. So the PHARAOH followed him, and MOSED fled again to SINAI again. So the PHARAOH went after him, and sank in swamps while trying to pursue the JEWS and MOSES for whom it was easier to cross the swamps on foot. THAT WAS THE FICTION THAT RELIGIOUS BOOKS CALL AS SEPARATING THE SEA TO MAKE WAY FOR HIS JEWISH PEOPLE, AND CLOSING IT AGAIN AFTER CROSSING, THUS DROWNING THE PHARAOH. HA HA HA!!!!!!
    Moses once in safety decided to go to Gaza instead to occupy land to farm for feeding the thousands of his JEWISH FOLLOWERS, and while trying to occupy GAZA, SETI I, the son of the deceased PHARAOH, caught up with him, and killed him. That was in 1333 B.C. So the JEWS this time went to SINAI where they roamed for over 180 ( one hundred eighty) years at the end of which they entered CANA-AN from the JORDAN SIDE.
    By then ( around 1151 B.C.) WESTERN CANAAN got occupied by the PEOPLE OF THE SEA from CRETE in GREECE( the forefathers of the PALESTINIANS), and the struggle over land started between the PALESTINIANS and the JEWS.

    It was this struggle that created the fiction of TRIBAL DAVID in the 1Oth century B.C.

    Mind you there no historical or archeological evidence of a DAVIDIC empire in the 10th century B.C. as portrayed by the JEWISH fiction that was written while they were in captivity in BABYLON in the 6th century B.C.

    The Davidic empire between the NILE and EUPHRATES was created by THUTHMOSIS III( the great grandfather of SOLOM) in the 15th century B.C.



    CHAPEAU again brother.

    In a nutshell, SHEBA was a legendary figure about whom over 600( six hundred) books were written. What one would conclude from all the writings and claims is that there were people called SABEANS in the south the Arabian peninsula or SABA as you stated or even SABA’E as the Arabs would say.

    There are certain landmark dates in the history of our region that most reputable scholars agreed upon, namely 832 B.C. as supported amongst others by THE SABEANS and THE MA’ERIB DAM; 50 A.D. which is the date of the founding of the AXUMITE kingdom; 330 A.D. as the date of the conversion of king EZANA to CHRISTIANITY; 702 A.D. the fateful date for the AXUMITES on which they attacked JEDDAH PORT and BURNT SHIPS thus provoking the rising ARAB MUSLIMS into RAZING ADULIS TO THE GROUND and the occupation of our EASTERN LOWLANDS( SAMHAR and DANKALIA) by SUCCESSIVE MUSLIM POWERS until the ITALIANS took it from the TURKS that ruled us for 300( three hundred) years as the last of its MUSLIM RULERS; 1890 A.D. as the date of the creation of ERITREA as a political entity by the ITALIANs by combining what they took from the TURKS and their share of the partition of BIJA LAND( WESTERN ERITREA) with the BRITISH who took EASTERN SUDAN; 1889 A.D. the accession of MINELIK II to power in BYSSINIA ( TIGRE, GOJJAM, BEGEMIDR, and MINZ in NE SHEWA) following the death of Emperor YOHANNIS.


    Coinciding with AXUM’s loss of sea access in 702 A.D., there came to power over BIJA a CHRISTIAN KING called GEORGE who used to hate the AXUMITES whom he prevented from going to EGYPT by land. This proves to us that the AXUMITES power was merely over the strip from AXUM to KOHAITO to ADULIS.

    MINELIK’s occupation, with FRENCH and BRITISH arms and MILITARY ADVISORS, of 10(ten) quasi independent entities( WOLLO, SHEWA, KAFFA, ILUBABOR, WOLLEGA, GEMU-GOFA, SIDAMO, HARERGE, ARUSI, and BALE) and giving the name of ETHIOPIA to his newly-created ABYSSINIAN EMPIRE shows that there was no ETHIOPIA FOR 3000(three thousand) years.

    To be fair to the HISTORY DEPARTMENT of the HAILE SELLASSIE I UNIVERSITY, they were trying to give the real historical picture of the region WITH ALWAYS IN MIND THE RED LINES that were not to be crossed.

    Even the Ethiopian history professors like GETAHUN BOGALE used to speak of SHEBA and MINELIK I in a mocking fashion, because they knew that most of the claim were fictitious as JOHNSON and JOHNSON said in their HISTORY OF ETHIOPIA: PEOPLE WITH PARVENUE ANCESTORY HANKER AT PARVENUE ANCESTORS.

    The writers of THE OLD TESTAMENT produced their fictitious history document while they prisoners in BABYLON with the intention of lifting up the morals of their people. However, most of it proved to be EGYPTIAN HISTORY that they attributed to their people of ISRAEL.
    There could be found no archeological or historical evidence of the existence of an EMPIRE-BUILDER DAVID or SOLOMON for that matter.

    The greatest empire builder of the ancient world was THUTHMOSIS III ( 1490–1436 B.C.) whose name would give DWD on transliteration to HIBREW, thus being called DAVID .

    Even SOLOMON is the GREAT GRANDON of THUTHMOS III. His CORONATION name as the PHARAOH of EGYPT was AMENHOTEP III, and he was given the sobriquet of SOLOMON because he fought no battle except 1( one !!!) in Nubia to suppress an armed rebellion at the outset of his rein. All throughout his long rein, he focused on build and diplomacy. He built the TEMPLE in JERUSALEM because his great grandfather THUTHMOSIS III stayed there with the ARK that contained the IMAGE OF HIS GOD AMON-RA during the siege of MAGGIDDO at the outset of his rein( THUTHMOSIS III).

    Again the story of DAVID AND GOLIATH is a reproduction of the famous Egyptian AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF SINUHE at the time that the JEWS were in EGYPT.

    MOSES was PHAROAH AKHNATEN whose mother was the daughter of JOSEPH THE PATRIARC who explained the dream to the pharaoh. Since only those whose mothers were EGYPTIANS could become PHARAOHS, when his mother was pregnant with him, in order to avoid problems, his father( AMENHOTEP III/SOLOMON) told the midwives to kill the baby if it was a boy. The midwives told their mistress what they were ordered, and so delivering a boy his mother sent the baby to her JEWISH relatives in EASTERN DELTA where he grew up until of the age that made it difficult for SOLOMON to deny him recognition as his mother also grew in influence while his father aged, thus making him co-regent became. That is where the story of the PHARAOH killing JEWISH children came about. By extension, that is how the story of HEROD killing JEWISH children, and obliging JESUS’s parents to flee to EGYPT came about.
    On SOLOMON’s( AMENHOTEP III) DEATH IN 1367 B.C. AKHENATON/MOSES became PHARAOH until he abdicated 5 years later and fled to SINAI, because the ARMY threated to kill due to his having stopped multi-god worship and disbanded the priest whose livelihood used to be provided by the government.

    So my friend. thanks to archeology, EGYPTOLOGY, THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS, and the NAG HAMADI LIBRARY all the fiction has been exposed.


  • Michael, B.

    Thanks for reacting, and please do not bow to anyone, in any form. I think that one must take the utmost care when one is to attempt any criticism and to express anything about ideas and works of others. The others after all are the ones who own the ideas and the works. I feel guilty and uncertain to express opinion about opinion and belief, even those I did against the writing of the notorious YG, since we are liable to blunder, misconception and misinterpretation of our own. I therefore appreciate greatly your questioning.
    Honestly I based my critics on the content of ‘ The Sign and Seal’ only, and after so many years. Forgive my hasty formulation and incorrect English. I am not aware of some of his works and I do not have the book in question, here and now, I might commit some lapsus. About the book on the famine? Which was commissioned by the Derg? and co-authored with Richard Pankhurst, I could not tell anything either. For sure you could tell more than I could and better categorize the works you mentioned. What is credited for his other works? Again I do not know. One cannot question his writing gift or skill, I believe. It is his presentation of fact and research and the results that constitute problem for us to address.
    Many of his claims expressed in that impressive S&S are popular oral traditions, commonplace and worn-out. Without going far, we Eritreans have our own version or versions of the Saba tale, probably, in a more palatable fashion than other. The list of some Eritrean fictional places relative to the Tale and to the Ark or Tabote-Zion may interest some of our readers. They are ማይ በላ፡ ማይ መላጸ፡ ቀይሕ ኮር፡ ድግሳ፡ ዓፀንሓረ (እምባ ሰገነይቲ) … may or may not be related to the account of the Kabra Nagast.
    Recently I found that the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon story also incorporated in the 1001 nights! To tell you plainly, the fiction part of the lore or mythic tradition, is the most fertile and most valuable. Perhaps I am negative, but I believe that there is no clear historiographical identity proof of the Queen of the South, that I know of. Mind you the South of the ancients might not be our South. If you care to know what I feel about the whole narrative, I would tell you with no hesitation, that there was no Queen with real queenly power in Southern Arabia (present-day Yemen) on record. If there was one, anachronism may set in. More definitely, we may forget also all connection to Aksum and admit instead the huge anachronistic side of the cycle. No Menelik! No Son of Solomon. ergo no stealing of Ark! No Solomonic dynasty in Aksum, let alone in Amharaland! etc. Up to now, we the inheritors of the Adulis-Aksum legacy have practically nothing that we could ever relate to. There are also people who question the historical identity or even existence of the minute King of Israel called Solomon.
    The date 1367BC you mentioned would be, according to some scholars, about the age of Moses! We continue to assume and I hope we do not offend those of us who believe that the biblical texts as historical texts. In the age of Sheshonq, the Pharaoh of Egypt, Solomon, the son of David may have reigned in Israel and perhaps suffered Egyptian incursion or taxation. This would be in the 2nd. half of 10th century BC., again roughly in the 950s-920s BC. If it is not all scholarly joke.
    The age of Sheba conceived as Queen of Arabia, identified also as Bilqis, could not be synchronous to the age of Solomon anyway we see it. The civilization of Arabia flourished much later and constituted a wholly patriarchal realm, that is, no power or authority were bestowed to queens, as far as I could read. It is, however interesting that you mention Marib and its Dam. It represents real landmark of history also for us! However, the time of its construction and the many damages and repairs do not help us establish the origin of the kingdom of Saba uniquely nor identify any major female ruler. We should keep in mind that Saba is essentially a place name, at best perhaps an ethnonym, please, take the latter meaning as a long shot until proven otherwise.
    So you see that Hancock brought a number episodes, places and migrations we could take as interesting but could not deliver history where others including those eminent scholars who cared for our Adulis-Aksum things failed. The serious ones would proceed with caution about the whole affair of Makeda of Aksum, I suppose. On Adulis we have Hellenistic monumental evidence and inscription, at least since the reign of King Ptolemy 3rd called Euergetes (240s-220s BC). While we still cherish the legendary and unwarranted account of the origin of Aksum.
    On the other hand, it is customary to relate myth to history. And yet, Haile Selassie I University people should also care to distinguish historical fact from tale in any curricula, I guess. The Problem of the Amhara or their Solomonic elites had been, all along, to feed the commoner lies. They should not.
    Correnti, I ask when do those people going to tell us to learn and write and read, their history? How could they convince us to believe them when they dared to tell ‘our history’ when in fact they do not possess history, told or written. They are still wasting time and confusing the mind of their new generations.
    For our part. let us have and handle the hard facts of the human experience through the ages.
    At last, the Fatha Nagast is a translated code of law of the Arab regions. It is relatively late translation. If we can. we may search for and find the degree of relevance to our Hegi’ndaba. The book is mentioned in Adgena-Tegeleba, however I am not in a position to assess the bearing on our traditional laws. Whatever its importance as a legal text, I dare not to discard it. Besides, it may have a linguistic value.


    HANCOCK established his credibility with




    Besides, other sources such as the HOUSE OF THE MESSIAH, and MOSES : PHARAOH OF EGYPT proved to me that SOLOMON died in 1367 B.C. and so must have SHEBA roughly since she was his contemporary while the SABEANS , as per the ETHIOPIAN HISTORY taught at the HAILE SELLLASSIE I UNIVERSITY, came to our part of the world following the collapse of the MA’ERIB DAM that entailed a severe famine in 832 B.C. or rather over 500 years after SHEBa’s passing away.

    In short, HANCOCK did his homework although he did not definitely prove whether the ARK is in AXUM ; but he still showed plenty of TELL TEL signs of its being there.

    Added to that, he traced the ARK’s movement from JERUSALEM, to GAZA, to ASWAN, and finally to TANA CHERKOS.

    Please give credit where it is deserved and discard the FITHE NEGEST fiction !!!!!

    The above shows that SHEBA never came to ABYSSINIA let alone being its queen.


    CHAPEAU!!!! I bow to you brother for your decent scholarly approach of expressing your views about THE SIGN and THE SSEAL by Graham Hancock although I disagree with them!!!

    If you do not accept the FELASHAS version of the ARK’s history, why accept the version of the writers of the KIBRE NEGEST with ABYSSINIAN SHEBA, and MINELIK I with his father SOLOMON??

    On my part, I agree with HANCOCK because of his established credibility with


  • Salyounis

    To Ghezae Hagos With Love

    **Have You Tried The Soup?**

    Benihana diner
    The afflicted and enlightened
    discuss the long menu

    Scarcity of the rare
    Abundance of the common
    Alas, the Owner chef

    The raw food poisoned
    and the shaman, enlightened
    Blame praise the chef

    Enough please do stop
    Whispers a solitary man
    To no one everyone

    All eyes on the wise
    Pregnant pause in askance
    Heads tilted in wait.

    “Oh how he juggles his knives
    Oh the urgency in his art
    Dew for the famished”

    Patrons waited for more
    Surely there must be lots more
    For the food poisoned

    “Don’t look at me now”
    Whispered wise whisperer
    “I come here for the soup. ”


    • Ghezae Hagos

      Hi Sal,

      Somewhere you said you never wrote poems; the only one you wrote was about ‘self-reliance’ or sth. Poetry, you conceded, is not your forte.

      Your ‘haiku’ a spoof, fully adorned with satirist segue, ‘meet-me-at-the-camera’ a la Daily Show anchor JS, is not bad. Not bad at all. Except; it is not Haiku, in classical sense.

      ” Haiku in English is a short poem which uses imagistic language to convey the essence of an experience of nature or the season intuitively linked to the human condition.[1] It is a development of the Japanese haiku poetic form in the English language.

      Some of the more common practices in English include:
      use of three lines of up to 17 syllables,[1] traditionally in “5–7–5” form.[a][2][3)
      allusion to nature or the seasons.[4]
      use of a caesura or kire represented by punctuation, space, a line-break, or a grammatical break[1] to compare two images implicitly.[5]

      YG uses 5 lines, usually. Some of them:-

      … where no one dares to dig

      To keep their sanity intact,
      Eritreans attribute ghedli tsegatat to the dead
      and all the ills to the living,
      for fear of someone asking them
      where the evidence is …

      A generational voodoo

      The sound system in Eritrea
      is messed up:
      whenever people open their mouth,
      it is the voices of the dead
      that come out.

      In the name of martyrs

      How does one defile martyrs’ name?
      Fools: by desecrating their tombs.
      The sly ones:
      by invoking their names
      to silence the rest.

      The opposition’s activity

      The fly in the bottle
      circling on and on, non-stop.
      As the traveler with the bottle rests,
      it too believes it has done its part
      and rests on arrival.

      The fellowing is pure Dosteyevsian.

      Five-star captivity

      As Eritrea is readying itself
      to reap an abundant harvest
      from its gold mines,
      the Eritrean dream has arrived:
      containers will be made out of pure gold!

      • Salyounis

        Selamat Ghezae:

        The only other poem I wrote* in 1996 was inspired by an extraordinarily revealing book (Graham Hancock’s “Lords of Poverty“), so if you are not too crazy about my “Have your tried the soup?”, don’t worry, my next one won’t come for another 17 years 🙂


        * I should say “published” not “wrote.” My own Lavinia has to tell the world if there is a difference between the two. Meanwhile, ‘Because I could not stop for Death…”

        • Ghezae Hagos

          Selam dear Sal,

          Yes…it kindly stopped for ‘you’….I hope it stops for the ‘ganien.’

          I just came from a ‘selemawi selfi’ so a bit tired. I came home; saw the family; saw my son, Lew’hat sleeping, in that sofa..

          I was born in ‘needi’. I was told.

          I looked at him; at length. My son. As always I wondered, pondered, worried, lamented. The fate of millions born and unborn, children of freedom, in the dreams of one guy, Issayas Afewerki.

          My son looked beautiful.

          His ultra-super-uber-‘akher’ ‘waii” contrasts squarely with his nightime angelic disposition. ‘Bahiri!’ Some voice said, ‘entay gedesheka anta ghezae hagos hawey…’

          My son was asleep. Soundly.

          As, every demonstration been part of, I brushed the intruder. I know I am consoled and hopefully gave some consolation. We are as always magnificent losers.

          I know with all my heart that we are cursed with that ‘nay tinti temen’ of raee yohannes, the ‘ENEMY of ERITREA’ in the throne… ”We have a resilient, flexible, strong, experienced, and vicious enemy. He is unique among the unique creatures of darkness. And worse, he knows us better than we know him. Even Satan is scared of him. Our enemy has become the competitor to Satan itself…” Akilu Zere.

          Some of us could have been Emilys,,others failed Fydor Michayolvich.

          ‘Entay emo!’

          Sal, please be kind to haw Yosief Ghebrehiwet…We need you both for the demonstration against ‘m’lki of Isayas’ so that we can all drink milk..of ‘siyasa. LET US NOT forget our focus’

          I took my son to his bed. I looked at him. He didn’t seem to give a ‘damn’…good for him, I said…for how long though…

          17 years?

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Ghezae:

            “Sal, please be kind to haw Yosief Ghebrehiwet…We need you both for the demonstration against ‘m’lki of Isayas’ so that we can all drink milk..of ‘siyasa. LET US NOT forget our focus’”

            Ghezae, make a mental list of what you consider the unkindest thing I said about YG. Pause. Now make a mental list of all the hurtful things YG has said about Ghedli which some of us consider the calling-card of Eritrea, its primary achievement in its entire history but also Eritrea’s sole contribution to African liberation history.


            Then, lets measure things from the perspective of the damage inflicted on our efforts to persuade the people to join the movement to rid Eritrea of Isaias Afwerki and his parasitic machinery.

            I don’t think you fully appreciate the damage YG and YGism has inflicted on the cause and, with regret, you are not capable because of the blind spot I mentioned. Nobody is arguing about the things you repeatedly have told us you admire about YG: Haiku, his call for sanctions and the urgency of messages. Those three account, by volume, no more than 10% of his output. It’s the 90% poison sprayed that I have a problem with.

            With respect


          • Ghezae Hagos

            Selam Haile, Sal, and Beyan

            Haw Haile,

            Your take on the cynical manipulation of ‘Eritrean Diaspora festivals’ by PFDJ cadres is right one the mark. The hijacking of our ethno-cultural communities is one of the saddest chapters because as society we need real community groups that invest in education, integration, and investment in new comers, refugees and immigrants. As front-line worker, dear Haile, I have witnessed and witnessing heartbreaking stories of Eritrean new-comers struggling to integrate and sadly failing. It is tragic in may senses.

            Most African communities do suffer from similar challenges; as we all bring the ‘resilient past’ in our ‘luggages.’

            We, Eritreans, are faring very badly, thanks to PFDJ that enjoys schism and division of the hapless people on every possible artificial barriers.

        • haile

          Selamat Ghezae

          Let me say a piece in regards your quote “We have a resilient, flexible, strong, experienced, and vicious enemy.” Actually, whenever people demo, debate, or oppose in any form, an aura of, a make-belief or an illusion, of a non-existent power is projected. Those of us who know a thing or two on how such things work rather disagree and believe that the aregit-temen is just that aregit-temen.

          Suppose that 5000 Eritreans go to some cultural event. Now the organizing mekhte committee doesn’t only count and deposit the regime money (not community money.It also organizes 10-15 people to jump up and down with IA pictures and Nhna Nsu and other slogans. Now put this two images together. A normal people doing normal things to engage with their culture, dotted by flag totting, IA picture carrying and Nhna Nsu shouting members of haili emam shimagle mekhete and you can easily make it to Shabait and say “Eritreans in X city held an event in patriotic zeal…” “they pledged their READINESS to engage in an all rounded, unbounded, compounded…mekhete”

          An unsuspecting onlooker would be slaughtered by that, even think “gele alewo gele” like selam commented once. For us, it is just those 20 guys doing their thing, that is all…Nothing more.

          The “nai tinti temen” is really confused and getting agitated and less civilized by the day (as you can how its embassy staffers are debating with people here using callous languages”.


          • Beyan Negash

            Selamat Ghezae & Sal, and Awatawyan

            I must be having my senior moments, I dropped the ball by totally not reading the thread in this dialogue box in my attempt to keep up on what’s being said on the other two pieces that came after it. It is time consuming to sift through all of the responses to find the ones that one did not read on the previous visit to the site. At any rate, Correnti and Michael B.’s are quite interesting exchanges that I am getting the cursory historical views of our region.

            Allow me to interject on behalf of my friend Yosief that I feel I can certainly contribute a thing or two on. Sal, yaHabib Alsha’Eb, I am not sure where you get your numbers from about the 90% vs. 10%; it is, of course, entirely possible that you may have done some questionnaire type of surveys that I see your website conducts from time to time; on YG, however, I seriously doubt it.

            Be that as it may, your characterization misses some nuances that I would like to remind you of. When Yosief first started to write, if you recall, in dehai I used to post his articles, the first of which was on AIDS. This is a guy who was sounding the alarm about the AIDS epidemic that could possibly wipe the youths; little did we know that a decade later the government induced crisis would turn out to be worse to our youths than Yosief’s fears about AIDS. But, what the series of articles should illuminate is, if nothing else, how deeply the man cares about Eritrea and its inhabitants who was sending loud and clear alarm bell about the importance of prevention methods as viewed from public health standpoint.

            Later on Yosief challenged Eritreans and its government about their ill-conceived ideas in launching Eritrean Airlines. Now, only a person who cares about his people would go the extra mile to warn and challenge us with his ideas.

            Sal, would it be fair if I were to judge you by the series of articles that you wrote under Twgahmmo, in which you used your mighty pen in support of Eritrean government. At the initial of the border war, you and the late Dr. Tekie literally went to war with the avalanche of Ethiopia’s state media and various outlets that were attacking Eritrea mercilessly; who could forget their PR lady (Salome) who was effective propaganda machinery for the Meles government during the border war.

            Now, is it fair for anyone to accuse the mighty war of PR that you and Dr. Tekie undertaken, and the influences of which as still reverberating with those who now are supportive of the regime? How does even one begin to measure that influence, and the only measurement I can think of is the kinds of positive responses your articles of Twgahmmo received and generated – it was overwhelmingly and emotionally charged time, and it would not be a surprise to find some of Eritreans whom your mighty pen influenced aren’t avid PFDJ supporters still loyally supporting it today. There is no way of knowing that.

            I am saying all these in trying to make you see your own biases and the erroneous assumptions you seem to make of Yosief can easily be said of your contributions if one wants to misconstrue the important role you’ve been playing in the Eritrean sociopolitical landscape for almost twenty years, according to my calculations.

            Finally, I must disclose here for the benefit of other readers, including Gezae and Haile, who may not know this: that I was supportive of the war at its initial stage. The only person who seemed to me astutely saw the danger and offered the tablecloth for the two leaders to talk is no other than Saleh Gadi – kudos to him on that.

            The turning point for me was when our government took some nine months in dismissing any kind of settlement until the tides turned and Ethiopia punctured our defense lines, so many lives later Isayas threw the white flag for negotiations. That was for me a clear indication that the man did not care about Eritreans’ lives and I openly said it then why it was that I couldn’t support this government in good conscience. So, let us please try to see beyond these intractable positions we in the opposition seem to be holding against one another.


          • Salyounis

            Yahala Ya Beyan:

            Just when i had told Ghezae that the issues he mentioned–Haiku, sanctions, “urgency”– that he uses to endorse, and justify the destructive work of YG, you added two more non sequiturs– AIDS and Airlines– in his defense 🙂

            Ya Beyan. We are not writing a eulogy for YG and we are not writing him a letter of recommendation or writing his campaign literature. We are not being asked to be character references. We are (At least I am) discussing something that seems to occupy an ungodly amount of his time and talent( the “90%” was a Harfaf gimit) -reviewing Ghedli– and whether that is a net positive or a net negative for the movement that we all say we want to create and strengthen. Admittedly, you are a “part time” in this long-simmering feud, and you may not have the proper context for it. Just to get an idea, remember that something I wrote as a postscript half in jest (emoticon included) is what has provoked the ire of Ghezae.


            PS: it’s entirely fair for people to bring up stuff I wrote in the late 1990s (and people do that here once in a while) and I reply to some and ignore most depending on my assessment of how long it will take to bring them up to speed 🙂

      • Ghezae Hagos

        Dear Sal,

        “Haiku, his call for sanctions and the urgency of messages. Those three account, by volume, no more than 10% of his output. It’s the 90% poison sprayed that I have a problem with..”

        This is very good debate that can conceivably quantified because it boils down to braking down the oeuvre of YG. I contend given his long record from Dehai, to (in the mid 2000s, YG was the preferred and well-admired writer at, these ‘equality by subtraction’ and other articles..) to Asmarino, I think from his output, I can’t put my fingers, but ballpark figure 70-80% are NOT about the ‘de-romanticising the ‘deromanticising the Ghedli.’ It was only in the last three years, he started to write the controversial, some of them wrong, some cruel articles. If YG had only these articles in his belt, he would not be the YG we know of.

        On the issue of the ‘damage he and YGism caused’. I would like you dear Sal to expound on them. Do people leave the opposition because they read him? I would really, really like to know more about that before I proceed.

        All the best,
        Ghezae Hagos

        • Beyan Negash

          merHaba aHwatay Gezae & Sal,

          Gezae, I am sure you know this about Sal by now that he is a master of diversions when he does not want to answer directly to the questions posed, I can cite several examples but suffice it to say the following in reference to the subject at hand.

          Ya sayyed Saleh, you will be the last one I would have conversation with (God forbid) if I were to write YG’s “eulogy;” or during his wedding vow as you and SG did on mine, for which I am still grateful. But, please, Sal, we are not playing a chess game here where you seem to be too strategic to have a straight forward conversation…

          There is nothing more disheartening than diversionary tactics when people are really trying to have a dialogue. Since, I butted into the dialogue you were having with Haile – kaitAdemme zimeZes kay Tegebe weTe enduyyu negeru – I am going to leave the conversation in its emaciated state.

          • Beyan Negash

            sorry I meant to say I butted into the dialogue you were having with Gezae, Haile butted in somehow – Fredudian slip of a tongue -:)

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Ghezae:

          With respect, what you and Beyan Negash are doing is what PFDJ does whenever you point out its PRESENT mess: bring up ancient glory days.

          Again(sigh): I am talking about YGs calling card, what has consumed his considerable talent and time in the last 5 years ( since March 2008 to be exact.) Yes, this can be easily quantified.

          Ghezae, when I say his role has been destructive in our shared goal of creating a formidable movement, I mean this: if the sum total of your message is that the last people who were in your position (facing the overwhelming might of an autocratic ruler) were all wrong; and the very idea of arguing for Eritrean statehood was intellectually indefensible, that the idea of trading two identities (Habesha and western/lowland) in favor of a new nation state born from a revolutionary identity was wrong; and that the case of Eritrea is, at best, kab jemernayos nwedayo… Does that inspire people?


          PS: Beyan, no comment 🙂

        • Kidane Berhe

          I would think many will opt to stay on the sidelines when even the dead are not spared a ridicule. Of course,some won’t see it that way. But, by your own admission the last few years of his writing were wrong. How about calling them wrong and discuss their implications and methods to blunt the damage instead of trying to somehow mitigate his transgression. This equivocation because he has written extensively in the past is not helpful. We weren’t lucky when we gave the benefit of doubt to our learned men/women in the past. We should just call them out!

  • Michael, B.

    Sorry to contradict Correnti and others, but The Sign and Seal is not a history book and it is neither a work of fiction in the conventional meaning of the genre. It is, I guess, a category apart.
    If Kabra Nagast is rather rightly considered a fiction work, Hancock attempted to “do research” by quoting it, his own way and by misquoting it and drawing his utterly mistaken conclusion, ultimately adding the prevailing confused Ethiopian historiography. An unorthodox work by quite unorthodox way, one would add. Being a journalist not historian or linguist, he took the utmost liberty to write something of an aberration. It is perplexing that he could sell that stuff as a sort of history. Of course, he could not tell fact from fiction. He ended up proving nothing. He misled himself and many others, it appears.
    He went to Aksum about 1500 years after Cosmas Indicopleustes, another mad enthusiast of the Arch who had been to Aksum (in the 520s AD?) One thing he claim to have made there was to measure the shadow of sun. His behaviour is quite normal of one who would not find the Arch in that holy city. He does make no assumption about the whereabouts of the legendary object and happily he does not confuse it with our stone or wood tabot. He was probably more sensible than Hancock.
    Hancock did go to aksum albeit he did not see the Arch of Covenant, simply because there is none. And yet, he would tell us that there is a remnant Tigrinya-speaking group in the region of the lakes (Zuwai…)? Can you believe anything he attempted to say, when he made that group a descendent of those church people? who went down there to hide the supposed Arch during the Gudit age!
    The book is so misleading, it is pointless to try to deconstruct it. One cannot use its concocted content to prove anything that we call history! Everything in there is a pile of assumption. Anyone wishing to assess that quint work should take into consideration what the scholars make of it.
    The very mention of it in the context of Ethiopian history is just erratic. Anything Sheba-Solomon fiction in it may be confused with unsubstantiated facts of Falasha migration to Ethiopia through the Nile valley!


    Who told you that I like Arabs, and what has Somali Arab attitudes got to do with the topic that I broached when Daniel Yemane described Eritrea as fake??

    Your approach shows that you do not know the history of your Abyssinia and Ethiopia that are built on fabrications such as the QUEEN OF SHEBA being Abyssinian, and the ARK OF THE COVENANT coming to ABYSSINIA through MINELIK I the supposed son of SHEBA and Solomon over and above the wholesale fiction of the KIBRE NEGEST and FITHE NEGEST.

    You may read THE SIGN and the SEAL by GRAHAM HANCOCK who proved that THE ARK OF THE COVENANT came around 500 B.c with the hands of the ancesstors of the FELLASHAS through Egypt, Sudan, and eventually TANA CHERKOS in GOJJAN where it stayed for 800 years until KING EZANA of AXUM became CHRISTIAN in 330 A.D. Then the CHRISTIANS took it to AXUM where it is kept now in the church of ST MARY OF ZION.

    Again I challenge you to read THE INVENTION OF ETHIOPIA by HOLCOMBE and IBSA. Just have the moral courage and face reality to learn the truth because the authors give you plety of reference sources.

    My advice to you is to avoid stooping to lowly tactics of provoking sectarianism whenever people criticize what you think is CHRISTIAN such as ETHIOPIA which is not CHRISTIAN since about 60% of the people are MUSLIMS although the political power is in the hands of CHRISTIANS.

    Mind you, the fact that the ancestors of Tigres and Amaras used to be taught in the ETHIOPIAN HISTORY class at the HAILE SELLASSIE I UNIVERSITY .

  • G. Michael


    All it would take to transform the state of despair we are in into an Eritrean renaissance is for the youth along with the old patriotic tegadelti in Eritrea to reach the sense of an outrage, anger and passion that lots of the youth in diaspora feel. The problem with our sense of despair emanates from a mistaken notion that Eritreans scattered all over the world could some how wish away the unfortunate situation, our people are in. Even if we were a united opposition, our role in changing the situation in Eritrea would be rather limited.

    Issayas, it seems is prone to making mistakes that could bring decisive changes. If one looks at the decisions he makes since parting and jailing his close associates -g15, one after another it was nothing short of gambling.


    Why bring being MUSLIM or NO-MUSLIM into our exchanges???

    Please focus on what started the exchange between Daniel Yemane and myself.
    It started by his calling ERITREA fake.
    Proceeded to the origin of Ethiopian appellation of country.
    Followed by mention of Ethiopian fabrication of KIBRE-NEGEST and FITHE-NEGEST
    Then came the origin of GEEZ followed by what would help develop our area.

    WHAT amazes me is that you people run to insults and sectarianism instead of disusing facts.

    So please speak up facts or shut up instead of polluting the intellectual exchanges space..

  • Michael, B.

    ሰላም ደቂሃገርን ሕግዋን
    ኣብዚ ትሕቲ ዓንቀጽ Aklilu Zere (ኣክሊሉ ዘርአ) ዚምልከት፡ ዛንታዊ ቆዮቓ አንተዘይኮነ እሞ ካብ ኣርእስቲ እንተዘይዘበለና፡ ሓድሓደ ሓሳብ ንልቅም
    ቅድሚ ኩሉ ንባብ ዛንታና ኣይንጸይቕ፡ ከመይ’ሞ፡ ብልሓቱ፥ ዛንታ ንባብና ብምሕራይን ጽውጽዋይ ብምግሳይን፡ ርግጽ ጸገሙ ይርደኣኒ ኢዩ፡ ጥዑይ ሓባሪ ዛንታ አሪትራ ኮነ ኢትዮጳያ ምርካብ ንባዕሉ ከቢድ ጸገም ኢዩ፡ እንተኆነ’ውን ንዛንታ ወገናት ቀርኒ እፍሪቃና ዚምልከት ሓሳብን ዘረባን ከም ካልኡ፡ ካብ ዓይኒማዩ ኪቕዳሕ ዝተኣረመ ብልሓት ኢዩ፡ እዚ ገርሂ ነገር ንሳንየሉ ኢና፡ ካልእ ዝያዳ ኪዕንቅፍ ዚገጥም ነቶም ዘየለዉ ዓረብ ኣብ ኣፍሪቃዊ መኣዲ ክትዕ ምሕዋስ ኢዩ፡ እዚ ኣመል ኪውገን መንጽራትና ሕልፊ ይበርሃልና
    Correnti (ኮረንቲ) ዚጠቕሶ ጽሑፍ ብዛንታዊ ዋጋኡ ኪምስገን ኣሉታ ዛንታ ወይ ካን እኩይ ምልክታ ጽረ ኦሮሞ ከውግን ስለ ዚዕልም ግዲ ይምስገን፡ ኮረንቲ ዘንበብክዮ ተካፍለና ግዲ ነቶም ብትኩር ዘየንበብናዮ፡ እሞ ስለ እቲ ንኣና አሪትራዊያን ዚምልከት ደኣ ጽወየና፡ ክንኣምን ክንክሕድ፡ ግጉይ ንባብ ካብ ግጉይ ኣርእስቲ ከይኮነና፡ ንኡ ሰፋል መግለጽ ኪድረቦ ከኣ ንባብ ዛንታ ኣይነፍዕን፡ ኮረንቲ ‘ስከ ገለ ዚሓይሥ ጽሑፍ ዛንታ ጥቀስ እንተዚብለኒ፡ ካብቲ ተክለጻድቕ መኩርያ ስለ “ኢትዮጵያኦም”፡ ሚካአል ሓሰማ ስለ “አሪትራና” ዘመልክቱዎ ነገራት ሓሊፍና፡ ዝደልደለ ዕዮ ክንሕብር ኣይጥዕምን ምበልኩዎ፡ ካብ ብዙሕ ጽሑፍ ዓናቕጽን መጻሕፍቲን ኪቕረም ኢዩ ግድን
    እዚ ዕማም ከኣ ካልእ ሓቦን ትግሃትን ምህሮ ዛንታ ይሓትት፡ ስለምንታይ አንኮ መዝገብ አይትህብን፡ ሓቂ’ንተሎካ ምባለይ ክጽበዮ ይግብኣኒ፡ ብኣብነት ከመልክቶ ከኣ ሓደ ኣርኣስቲ ሓደ ፍሉጥ ኣመሪካዊ ምሁር (ሃ. ማርኩስ) “ዛንታ ኢትዮጵያ” ንሰድ ምበልኩ፡ ፈለማ ኣርእስቱ ምስ ትሕዝቶኡ ኣይሰመረን፡ ብኡ በይኑ ብቅዓቱን ኣበሩን የፍልጥ፡ ብኣጋኣኡ! ካልእ ብዙሕ ዝርዝር ከይመናጠልና፡ እንኮ ነቲ ጆግራፍ ጥንቲ ወገናትናን ዓለታትናን፡ ካብቲ Monumentum Adulitanum ዝመናጸሮ ንእመታ እመታ ብምልጣፉ ባዕሉ ማርኩስ ቀለለ፡ ምርኩስ ዘይብሉ ሰንከለ ንብል፡ ጥንታዊ ማፕ ኪስአል መን ገደዶ
    ፖሊቲካዊ ተልእኮ አንተዘይነበሮ ማርኩስ ርግጽ ጎናዒ አሪትራና ኣይነበረን፡ አንኮ መጽሓፍ ብትኩርን ንጽልን ዚምልከተና የብሉን፡ ነምሓሩ ኪጥብር ዶብ ኣዱሊስ-ቆሓይቶ-ሰንዓፈ-የሓ-ኣክሱም… ክሳዕ ናበይ ኢዩ’ታ ዝመጠጦ፡ ተገዳሲ-ት “ሶሎሞናዊ” መጽሓፉ ተወከሱለይ፡ ብትኩር እሞ ብንጽሕና ኣምሩዎ፡ ኣነ ኣብዚ ከየጋግየኩም ሓደራ አብለኩም
    ብርእይቶን መንጽርን Amde (ዓምደ) ቀጺልና አምበኣር፡ ዓባይ ጉሒላ ብሪታንያ ምስ ፈቐደት ወይ ምስ ገደፈትላ፡ ኢትዮጵያ ንኦጋደን ምስ ኣላተመት ኢያ “ኢትዮጵያ” ሃገር/ጆግራፍ/ዛንታ ወዘተ. ዝኆነት ወይ ዝተብህለት፡ ክንብል ኢና፡ እዋኑ ኪነጀው እቲ ሰብ አውሮጳ በቲ ነውራም ፖሊቲካኦም ዘካወሱዎን በቲ ወገናዊን ዓለታዊ ኣመላቶም ዘዳወሱዎን “2ይ ውግእ ዓለም” ዚብሉዎ ክቱር ዘለላ ጎንጺ ምኅዋኑ ዲዩ፡ ነዚ ነበብቲ ከመዛዝኑዎ ንገድፎ፡ ክትዑ ወይ ዕላሉ ሓያል ብትዕትዕ ስለ ዝበለ ሰንኮፍ ክንገድፎ ቅር ይብል
    ኣብ ዓንቀጽ Admas Haile (ኣድማስ ሃይለ) ዚልቀም ፍካርየ Gebru G. (ገብሩ ገ.) እሞ ብቀረባ ይምልከተና፡ እቲ ኣፉ መሊኡ ዘመልክቶ ነገር ባህጊን ዝንባለን ውሳነን ልማድን ትውፊትን? ወዘተ. ካበይ የምጽኦ ንብል፡ ብሃሰሰ-ለባምዶ ደገሞ፡ ህዝቢ አሪትራ ኣብ ዚብጻሕ ሃገርነት በጽሐ፡ ዋላክዋ ነቲ ሃገርነትን ናጽነትን መሰል ህዝቢን ዘዕኑ ጉጅለ (ሣዕቢያ የጥፍእ) እንተተገናዘዎ፡ አሪትራ ኢትዮጵያ ከም ዘይኮነት ኣፍረደት፡ ብጽኑዕ ጎንጺ! ንሕና ከበሳዊያን ጎድኒና ተበለጽቲ ነዓቕቲዶ ምስ መታሕታዊያን ጎድኒና… ከመይ ሰመርና እሞ ነምሓራን ተላኣኅቶምን ኣብ ዓውዲ ከኣልና፡ ነዚ ሕቶ ከኣ ኣይንምልሶን፡ ገብሩ ይመልሶ እሞ ምስ Gebremeskel ገብረመስቀል የጻርየልና፡ እወ ከምታ ዘምጽኣ፡ ባዕሉ ሓቦኡ ምስ ሃገራዊ ሓልፍነቱ ይሰከመልና፡ ዘምጽኦ ሓሳብ ቃና ነሠዋ ነስላምና፡ ካብ ንኣካላት ወይ ንጽል ብሓውር ንህዝቢ ብሓባራ እወ ነቲ committed unionist ዚብሎ ናጽነት ህዝቢ አሪትራ ኣምጽአ ክንብል ከመይ ይጥዕመና ሎሚ፡ ዝተፈናጥሐ ምሳላትን ባህርያትን ይልክም፡ ገብሩ፡ ገብሩና ዲዩ
    ብዓል ገብሩ ኣገዳሲ ሕቶን መልሲን ከጻርዩ ቢልና፡ አንኮ ሓሳብ ከም ምሳል ዛንታ ከይመንጦና ኣይንሓልፍን፡ ህዝቢ አሪትራ ቅሉም ምሉእ ብራና ዛንታ ኣይጸንሖን፡ ዛንታ ወራር ርሑቕ ዘበን ከይለከምና ነቲ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ 250 ዓመት (1760ታት-1850ታት ድክ.) ትግራዋይ ሚኪአል እቲ ስሑል ዚብሉዎን ኪነጀዉ ደግ. ውብየ ዚብሉዎን ዘውረዱሉ ኣደራዕ መኣስ ረስዖ፡ ንሱ ረሲዑ መኣስ ኣንድነት በለ፡ መን ትኩር ምስ ሓተቶ፡ መኣስ ትኩር ምስ መለሰ፡ ቆጽሊ ኣንድነት ምስ ኣውደቐ፡ ነቲ በላዕ ክትፎ ዲዩ፡ ኣምሰሉ ኣምሓራይ፡ ባዕሉ ሓሳዊ እየ በሃላይ፡ ቀንዲ ጸላኢ በዝባዚ ህዝቢ አሪትራ ኣመነ፡ ሓቖፈ፡ ገብሩ ከመይ ከንብቦ ኢዩ ነዚ፡ ኪድ ቅንጹብ “ዘናመዋዕል ዓዲ ንኣምን…” ንበብ እሞ ግፍዒ ራአ. ሚኪአል ምዘን ንብሎ፡ ካብኡ መነና ምሑላት መነና ዘይምሑላት መነና ሕሱማት ጸላእቲ ኣንድነት ከም ዝነበርና ኪፈልየልና ንጽበዮ
    ነቶም ሕሱማት ከበሳና ምሑላት ኣጽራር ኣምሓራ ከኣ ኣይጽረፈና፡ በቲ ብላይ ፀናዊ ባንደራ ኣንድነት ኣይጠቕልለና፡ እሩም አንተዘከርኩ፡ አቲ ረዚን ዚመስል ኢጣልያዊ ምሁር ኢ. ግዊዲ ይጥቕሶ፥ “ያማራ ውሠቱ፡ የትግረ ቅለቱ” ኪብሉ ከኣ ተጋሩን ኣምሓሩን ብሕልናዊ ዝንባለታቶም እውን ይንጸሉ፡ ብሓጺሩ ኣብ አንኮ ሃገር ኪላተሙ ከመይ ቀሊል ይኀውን፡ ልሳኖም ጥራይ ኣፈለለዮምን፡ ኢትዮጵያ ሆይ ደስ … አንተዘመሩ መኣስ ኣምሓራ በቕዑ፡ ክንደይ ወለዶ ኢዮም ዝሓየሩዎም፡ ኣንጻርና ዘሰለፉዎም፡ እምበርዶ ስርዓት ነበሮም አቶም አንዳሃጸያቶም፡ ከመይ ናናሳዕ ከባቢኦም ከናውጹን ኪበዛብዙን ኣርከቡ፡ ሠፋቱ ወይ ነዳያን ሓረስቶትዶ ነበሩ፡ ኣብ ኪነጀው መረብ ግብሪ ዘማቲ ዚሓቱ ሓሪሶም ዘይናበሩ ምሕታት፡ ገርሂ ባህለትን ሕቶን ኢዩ፡ ነዚ መን ይመልሶ፡ ኣምሓራዶ ትግራይ ይምልሱዎ፡ ኣይፋሎምን: ስለ ዘይደምዖም ብዕሊ ኪምልሱዎ ኣይንጽበን

  • asmara


    “…SeAbtu Hasadat……..”

    Now, who would mistake that for an insult?

    Now, who would also consider belittling the people, who you think or guessed, to be HGDEF or HGDF supporters is disrespect? Mind you these people are millions and millions, like 99% of Eritrea! Nah! Who cares about them, let us keep on calling ourselves an opposition, and keep on doing that forever.

    On the other hand, describing a tiny bunch of lost causes, selling out their nation, in the right way, like “Anatsu Nay Woyanie”, is a big insult or lack of mannerism. Perhaps the mention of Woyanie (Ethiopia) is the red line here. After all Woyanie (Ethiopia) is only violating our sovereignty, messing up all our life and also dictating our direction? That is nothing, right? Let us forget our brother Woyanie and its subordinates, and focus on the Regime. Haye, Haile, take it away, will you? Let us joke. Let us make fun. Simply Idiotic!
    Oh, so you been trying to bring PFDJities here? Ok, let me see if I get this right: You want the people you label as HGDF or pro-HGDF to come here and discuss with you on how to kill HGDF, right? Let us do it again. You want the people you label HGDEFITES (Which you changed into Issayasists, at some known point) to come here and help you draft a road map or strategies on how to destroy the Eritrean government, which you claim they are supporting?

    Nice. How is that working out for you so far?

    I definitely see some changes here lately though, but I know it has to do more with frustration and lack of direction and looking for different approach than being inclusive. More like scavenging. More like a cry to get out of boredom (“ewe Haqka, aman, aman, Haqka”, HGDEF this HGDEF that) Look how that dude, Haile is gloating now and getting cheaper and cheaper every day. And we already know where you guys look when you feel lost (Which, is always), you look for either HGDF to do or say something, for you to say something contrary to that (at times making yourself a third person, or placing yourself in an “observer status” position, like what you been doing regarding the border, or like what you are trying to do with the sanction and UN stuff. You always present it as “HGDF vs Ethiopia” or “UN vs Issayas” – and we watch and we say, ummmmm. Like what you do with the 2%, and the Eritrean people say, ummmm interesting. Who thought these people to lie? Are they really the children of Eritrea?) or you look for ex-HGDF, or for ex- hasadat (Your new-idiot, falls here, by his own admission) to come here mess up with your head, gives you false hope and play games with you sorry ass (Regime will fall in few hours dramas). Or in the case of lost souls, you look for Woyanie to work miracles for you. That is the sad part of your story. And you have been doing this for how long, like forever, right?

    On a serious note, on the topic of being inclusive, don’t you think you are looking at it in the wrong direction? I mean shouldn’t you guys be the ones complaining to be included in your country’s affair? Isn’t that what you been accusing the Eritrean government? Working hard to get included or even putting pressure on the government to allow your involvement would have made more sense here. I mean, do you really believe you are in a position to include and not include any body? If you do, then that must be the funny part. I mean the last time I check the same people lead the struggle for independence since 1981; the same people made history by leading Eritrea into an official independent nation, and the same people are leading the nation as we speak. And the same leaders seem to have millions and millions of Eritreans (Hassadat, to take your new term) on their side. The same people were and still are able to mobilize the whole bunch of Eritreans. Looking at the flip side, the same people have been moaning and complaining and criticizing anything and everything the Eritrean government and its “Hasadat” do. If the GOE and his hassadat chose to go to the right, you say they should have gone to the left, if the GOE and his Hassadat found it the right thing to go the left, you say “Heh, rikumom do Higdefite, hiji nitsegam yikedu alewu let us go to the right “ kolel. No substance. No good intention for Eritrea. The sad part here is the fact that you need HGDF for your survival. And you are people who always need someone or something to lead them.
    That is kind of sad.

    Finally, this is what your guy aklilu had to say in reply to my previous comments,
    o aklilu zere on July 19, 2013 at 1:48 pm said:
    Without too much ado, I say to you, “go and rot in hell”!

    Now, that dude must be a HGDF, right?

    • Salyounis

      Selamat Asmara:

      First, a confession, I stopped reading after the 99% thing*. I am always curious whenever I hear that number (higher than God’s popularity) cited: do you actually believe that or is it some sort of political strategy? 🙂

      Yeah, “hasadat” “kena’at” is name calling and if you are actually offended by that, I apologize. But it is of the most gentle kind, like calling your kid “dummy” and is tolerated in any lively discussion forum, particularly when it is not directed to the person you are addressing. The name-calling I have in mind is the daggers of “ke’da’At”, “sell out”, “treasonous” which your side uses and are designed to kill a conversation/dialogue. You see, Hasad or Kenae is a character flaw and it can be corrected with some counseling or opening the holy book once in a while; however, the names you guys use, on the other hand, are often capital offenses punishable by death. Your side also uses the most vulgar language design to dehumanize a fellow Eritrean. That’s what I mean.


      *speaking of character flaws, that’s one of mine. The minute somebody says 99% he is saying please don’t take anything I say seriously and I comply with the request.

      • Kubur Sal,

        We are told that 99.8% Eritreans voted for independence. Do you take that figure seriously? In other words, ” do you actually believe that or is it some sort of political strategy?” 😉

        • Eyob Medhane

          Damn it Dawit!,

          You are sooooooo smart! How came I didn’t think of that ? 🙂


          Thanks to Dawit, your argument about EPRDF’ s election or Ethiopian parliament has now been defeated. Defeated, I tell you. Or you have to admit that you had doubts about the “99% voted for ants natsnet”, during the referendum. 😉

          • Eyob Medhane

            Sorry damn iPad again please disregard the word “ants”

        • Dawit,

          That percentage (99.8%) is the percentage who voted for yes (for independence) out of the registered voters only.

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Dawit and Eyob:

          Do you want the short version, medium version or longer version? 🙂

          Short version: In 1993, the most interesting part of the 99.8% vote was: who the hell are are the 0.2%? If a hundred of you have been traveling across the desert for 3 days, and on the 3rd day, when you are hungry, tired and thirsty, you meet a man who offers you water the question is not “do you believe that 99 of us accepted his cup of water” but “why didn’t that one dude accept the cup of water?”

          Medium version: How we know anything is by relying on first hand witnesses and historians. Eritreans who are 35 years or older are first hand witnesses. So, ask any Eritrean over 35: do you know anybody who wanted to vote against Eritrean independence? Do you know anybody who voted for Eritrean independence in the referendum only because he felt coerced or pressured? You won’t find more than 1%, so, I suggest you just wait for us to die, then you can tell your alternative stories 🙂 By historians, I mean those who write the first draft of history (journalists) and those who participated in it (observers from independent organizations like: United Nations Observer Mission for the Eritrean Referendum (UNOVER), the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the Arab League, the Non-Aligned Movement.) Do they say things like there was an outpouring of jubilation after the vote? Check. (One headline said: African has never seen a jubilation this boisterous or something like that.) Did they say the process was “free and fair at every stage”? Check. (Good luck finding that after the 2010 Ethiopian elections, Eyobai. And good luck to the PFDJistas who claim that the people support the PFDJ 99.99% )

          Long Version: Here’s tales from the alternative universe: “The Eritrean armed struggle had no legal or moral basis for getting initiated. Its founders were clueless and confused Arabists and Islamists who were denying their Habeshaness in favor of an alien identity. The struggle was conducted immorally by conscripting tens of thousands of unwilling fighters, many of them children, who didn’t know what they were fighting for. There was no support for the armed struggle at all: the Eritrean people were threatened, bullied into supporting it.” Then comes the disturbing question that pokes holes in this narrative: “well, Mr. Theoretician, then how come, after all that, Eritreans voted for Eritrean independence even as they knew what independence would mean: rule by their terrorizers?” Well, is the answer, how do you know they did? How do you know it was all not just stuffed boxes, and votes made under duress?

          As I said, if you want to make that argument, you guys really have to wait for all 35+ Eritreans to die and, given the mortality rates, I say you guys have another 40 years to wait:)


          PS: for Yosief Ghebrehiwot’s next article, I have a suggestion. According to the Referendum Commission, of the 77,519 Eritrean combatants (EPLF fighters) who voted, 21 voted AGAINST Eritrean independence. I think he should write a 21-part series based on them and tell us why they voted how they voted, and why they are the true representatives of Eritrea. 🙂

          Source: Birth of a Nation (an unfortunately titled booklet issued by the Referendum Commission of Eritrea. Unfortunate, because there is a movie called The Birth of a Nation about the ku klux klan.)

          On 27 April 1993, the independent Eritrean Referendum Commission, the United Nations Observer Mission for the Eritrean Referendum (UNOVER), the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the Arab League, the Non-Aligned Movement, the National Citizens Monitoring Group and a host of individual observers issued their preliminary results following the three day vote on Eritrea’s future. These organizations fielded over 500 independent observers. They were unanimous in their conclusion that the referendum had been free and fair.

          The head of the UNOVER mission, Mr. Samir Sanbar, announced UNOVER’s findings on 27 April. He said, “On the basis of the evaluation performed by UNOVER, I have the honour, in my capacity as Special Representative of the Secretary- General, to certify that on the whole, the referendum process in Eritrea can be considered to have been free and fair at every stage, and that it has been conducted to my satisfaction.”

          The Referendum Commission issued a preliminary report on 27 April. The total number of registered voters was 1,173,706. Voters totalled 1,156,280. With tendered ballots still uncounted, the Commission reported that 98.52 percent of those registered had voted. Of these, 1,100,260 (99.805 percent) voted “yes” for Eritrean independence.

          • yegermal

            If I had to use my own little anecdotal data I can tell you who the 0.2% might be – people that did not believe in the Eritrean 30 year quest for independence but went ahead to register to vote ( and voted NO to independence)so that they could obtain an Eritrean “id”. I know many of them. Now they call me “weyane” and flock to Eritrea every year flaunting their “id” card much like the newcomer ST who talks about her love for “Eritrea and its people” ad nauseam while she brags about her childhood in Tanzania “down the street from Samora Machel’s family” and neglects to mention that her “love” for Eritrea began the day she secured a job as a top and shameless operative with DIA’s intelligence machine.

            My question to you SAAY is what percentage of the Eritrean population participated in the referendum voting? Do you happen to have the data?


          • Salyounis

            Hi Yegermal:

            Ideally, one would want four numbers:

            1. People who are eligible to vote
            2. People who are registered to vote
            3. People who voted
            4. People whose votes counted (valid votes)

            Enda hgdef (well, back then they were still Shaebia) are not big on census: what is the population of Eritrea is a national secret, to this day, and we have to wait on third parties (UN, IMF, World Bank) to tell us based on their extrapolation.

            So we while we have the answer for “people who registered to vote” (1,173,706), and people who voted (1,156,280), and the invalid votes (328), we do not have the total number of Eritreans who were eligible to vote based on the two proclamations: one defining citizenship (or nationality as the EPLF calls it) and the referendum procedure. So one has to get that number by extrapolation of the voting-age population of Eritrea in 1993.


          • yegermal

            Here is some data I found via quick googling :
            1990 3.2 0.5 0.1 2.6
            2000 3.7 0.5 0.1 2.4


            If we were to take the average of the two data points, the approximate Eritrean population size in 1993 was 3.5 million.

            Now if we take washingtonpost report:

            “Eritrean Referendum Commissioner Amare Tekle said provisional results showed 1,100,260 voting for independence and 1,822 against. Within the confines of Eritrean Ethiopia, and in the 38 foreign countries that are home to the Eritrean diaspora, the turnout was estimated at 98.5 percent of the registered voters. ”


            Even if the final report showed that 1.5 mil people voted, that leaves more that half of the 3.5 mil Eritrean that did not vote at all – the half that was enlightened ? And am one of those people that still is emotionally attached to the idea of independent Eritrea and won’t under any circumstances accept reversal of it. I just think we should never talk with absolute certainty about what transpired under DIA’s manipulative underworld.

          • Ghezae Hagos

            Selam Sal,

            “PS: for Yosief Ghebrehiwot’s next article, I have a suggestion. According to the Referendum Commission, of the 77,519 Eritrean combatants (EPLF fighters) who voted, 21 voted AGAINST Eritrean independence. I think he should write a 21-part series based on them and tell us why they voted how they voted, and why they are the true representatives of Eritrea..“

            In all fairness, we have not read YG contesting the referendum of 1993. I don`t think it is fair to put words (really cruel projection..strawman.) I have met some people who actually argued in exactly the same lines…but I don`t think YG is one of them, unless one can give us some proof. YG is way too smart and too Eritrean to put himself in such easily refutable position.

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Ghezae:

            It’s not putting words in anybody’s mouth to suggest an article to a writer that is entirely consistent with his favorite bogeyman. In fact, based on his premises– that the Ghedli was initiated by confused people, carried out by conscripts against their will, supported by a people against their will–that would be the only intellectually honest position he can take. There is no reason why they wouldn’t be his heroes. And, if past is a guide, a fairly good bet to make is that Ghezae and the amazing Serray would be explaining away, rationalizing, and defending what he said.

            All the best


            PS: where is Serray?

          • Ghezae Hagos

            Selam Sal,

            Doubling down and second-guessing, in this case, is off the mark. Seeing is believing and I will believe you and stop defending YG when I see YG taking up on your suggested article. Again YG may have attacked Ghedli, may have scathingly and obsessively criticized `Temekuro Meida`(and frankly whoever is complicit in producing the monster we call Isayas Afewerki begs some soul-searching, introspection and to some degree revisionism), but YG never has said the Eritrean referendum was a sham nor did he doubt the overwhelming support (yes 99.8%) of voters of 1993. That would be the job of a real `pro-Andinet` Eritrean. YG ain`t one of them.

            On referendum:- Never was there, but they say many Ethiopians were shocked to witness on the day of the referendum, Eritreans flooded Addis voting stations. Seeing is believing.

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Ghezae:

            Hmmm. Your blind spots on this issue are too huge to allow you to approach it with an open mind. So let me suggest something less Yossefy:

            If an issue about the Skunis culture of PFDJ came up, would it be unreasonable for somebody to say “hey, maybe Saleh Gadi should write an article about it?”

            If an issue about the impact of diaspora tax came up, would it be unreasonable for somebody to suggest hey maybe Ghezae should write an article about that?

            an issue about Eritrean human rights? Elsa Chyrum. Human trafficking? Meron Stifanos.

            And if there is something about our Ghedli, something that shows us that it’s even worse than we thought, that’s a YG franchise. Whatever he wrote before, whatever he will write after, “deromanticizing Ghedli” is the calling card of YG. And in the deromanticizing Ghedli, holy grail, you can’t get any more validation than to find Tegadlti who voted against Eritrean independence. That’s jackpot. That would be as big a blockbuster as Ghideon Abbay Asmerom (he has his franchise, too) finding an audio confession of Weyane talking about their intention to never abide by the EEBC.

            When I say that your blind spot on YG is too huge for you to see it, consider this: even the Eyobs* thought his imbecilic article about Ghedlis influence on Eritrean names went too far. But u were busy defending it and acting as its “friend of the court.”


            * no offense, Eyob. But u are the Ethiopian prototype of the Deromanticize Ghedli All The Way fan club, Ethiopian edition.

          • Ghezae Hagos

            Hello Sal,

            Well, you are veering away from YG and the not only possible but ‘intellectually honest’ for you; and impossible as he is not a ‘pro-andnet’ for me, article on Eritrea’s ‘fake’ referendum. I think you will probably agree with me if we rest it to ‘ok, let us wait and see’ as in ‘Nriee’, then, I would stand corrected or you would.

            On the other points you mentioned. May be you could be right about the other activists and their area of expertise; but I would quickly like to say on topic of the ‘impact of diaspora tax’, I think I would give it now Dr. Simon Mebrahtu. What an inspiration.

            I assure, which I think you know, but again, for me I am not that enthused about YG and his Ghedli articles. It bears repeating, (because we had to this periodically) he didn’t and may be couldn’t tell me about history of Ghedli that I was not aware of of. In this regard, his strength lies in making the connections of the atrocities that happened in Ghedli and that are happening in summer 2013 because Isayas Afewerki is still alive. In fact, I don’t consider YG a historian. The same applies to Aboy Tesfay Temnewo, or bloggers, such as Girmay Yebiyo, or Semere Habtemariam. They are not historians. I have special reverence for History. History is different plateau.

            I have said it again: my ‘allegiance’ to YG mainly predicates on his articles on sanctions, his sense of urgency, Nevsun and his thoughtful, well-written haiku poems on Eritrean (mostly Kebesan) culture and society.

            You said, I was ‘busy defending’ YG latest article. You could have asked me what my opinion of it was; but it seemed ‘you are putting words in my mouth.’ When I read that article, one of my thoughts was that ‘but YG had to explain away about his own name’. In our conversation, once, he told me that his other/first name was Andeberhan. Someone exactly asked him in Asmarino blog and he responded. And while thinking about this the man of the hour, Haile also brought that exact question in this forum and all I did was just quote YG’s response for everyone’s benefit. Same at FB.

            Anyways, as sucker for names, especially Eritrean names, I have forever being planning to write an article around that topic. But, it never materialized. I was to argue biblical names don’t necessarily mean Christian names. I prefer pure Eritrea names than biblical name; but not for reasons YG described.

            All the best,

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Ghezae:

            I can’t make my points any clearer without repeating myself. Maybe a metaphor? YG is our Melville and the Ghedli is his whale. And we are discussing Prophet Jonah. And Ghezae comes in to tell us about Melvilles less known work, Billy Budd.

            Wait, I think I will put it in Haiku poem style. 🙂 Catch you on top of the thread.


      • asmara


        Nah, keep your apology for another time or for someone else. Your name calling means nothing to me.

        As far as insults and name calling goes, some of us get extremely offended and aggravated when someone insults our nation our people and particularly bleed and take it to the heart when someone who claims to be an Eritrean twists and turns, lies and fabricates things to harm our nation and our people. Particularly we believe the biggest insult one can throw at us is when any one degrades our martyrs and our independence. That is what we call an insult. Personal or direct insults directed at individuals and groups don’t have that much effect, particularly in a cyber-world.

        Personally, if someone starts with “Dear Asmara”, goes on and trashes Eritrea, and closes with “Hawuka” or “Haftika”, what I would tell him is shove that “Dear and Hawka” up you know what….

        Just to show you what I am talking about, allow me to cite two instances when you happen to lose it.

        -You remember how furious and angry you (or the Gadi guy) and your team got when people were calling Awate all kind of names and belittling him? I am 100% sure you would not lose sleep if I call you a traitor or grudge driven, as much as that of our Hero, right?

        -Another instance was when one of the fine ladies, Lemlem or Selam, or Meron (do not remember clearly) mentioned “Collateral damage” in a contextual sense. Though it was obvious she did not meant it that way, you understood it wrongly and managed to twist it and gave it a personal meaning and related it to your family – but all the same, you were fuming with furry and all. That anger you felt, could not be compared to any hurt feeling you might feel if I call you an Anchiwa Woyanie.
        See what I mean?

        We feel our beloved nation is insulted whenever the 2% dude (Gezae) mentions the word “Eritrea” alone, than when you call people ‘Hasadat”, and all the names you guys seem to generate every day. We bleed like crazy when you guys start to play games in the name of the Sinai victims. That is an insult.

        Finally, if the people you call PFDJs seem to be throwing insults and all, it is because they lost or they don’t have any respect for what you and your website stand. It is kind of mockery. Having fun stuff, a place to talk none serious stuff. So what you need to do is correct your ways and try to be attractive to all kind of Eritreans, not just for anatsu nay wayanie.

        • Salyounis

          Selamat asmara:

          1. Let me begin with the last one. No offense, but I have been hearing that song-and-dance about how “they lost and they don’t have any respect for what you and your website stand for” since 2001. I have lost a sum total of 0.01% seconds sleep over it. Because I know otherwise. In any event, there are several pro-PFDJ websites (I think in your terminology, they are “pro-Eritrea” websites) for which I have no respect and I wouldn’t spend 1 minute browsing their pages. I suggest that those of you have no respect for this website find other more meaningful ways to spend your time. Life is too short to spend it being aggravated by something you have no respect for.

          2. Lemelem used this argument when Kassahun Checole took her to task for saying something imbecilic about Idaga Arbi: you have to understand we are very angry. You guys think you are the only angry people and that your anger justifies your rudeness and belligerence. It is quite immature, really. Anger does not justify a consistently bad behavior. We all lose our cool, when provoked, but it cannot be a running theme: they have a name for that: anger mismanagement. Manage your anger, man. Just read what you wrote: Gadi is “the Gadi guy”, Ghezae is “the 2% guy.” It is rare for you to address your readers by common courtesy of “Dear…” or “Selamat…” It is lumpen behavior. In the end, my point is, what gets your side banned from this website is not the strength of your arguments, but your ill manners which are off-putting to our readers.

          3. It is not insulting a hero (Hamid Idris Awate) that got Saleh Gadi or me to get angry. The Asmarino pages are full of that and the baden-kunama website has been saying that for over a decade, the Ethiopian websites have been saying that for decades, long before our friends at Asmarino disovered the banditry of Awate. It is that an opposition leader, Kernelios, chose, apropos nothing, a way to paralyze our already weakened opposition by a strange provocation. Otherwise, people are free to dedicate to themselves an “I hate Hamid Idris Awate” website. It is a free country. Don’t equate your hero worship with our defense of our movement.

          4. “Harm our nation”: you don’t have a monopoly over patriotism or concern for our nation. Most of the commenters and writers at believe that it is Isaias Afwerki, his functionaries, and those of you who unquestionably follow his policies, regardless of how contradictory and ill-advised they are, are harming our nation. Still, we are willing to engage you and listen to what you have to say (in the event that we may not know something you do know) and we are asking that you extend the same courtesy to us. If you can’t, just say I can’t, I am not capable of it: there is no shame in admitting a weakness.


          • yegermal

            1. Let me begin with the last one. No offense, but I have been hearing that song-and-dance about how “they lost and they don’t have any respect for what you and your website stand for” since 2001.”

            Lol! and no matter what they claim, they are ubiquitous here at awate and other opposition sites….hmmmm like anatsu?

          • asmara

            I can see my last comment did not make it here. I guess you have to say the last word.

        • yegermal

          just of the record, DIA and his organization were (probably still are) “anatsu weyane” way before the opposition learned how to spell “weyane”. Eti natkum nhamatkum meas ikum kitigedfwo? I hope you’re not one of those new comers that needs tigrigna translation 🙂

          • Yegermal,

            You said,

            Even if the final report showed that 1.5 mil people voted, that leaves more that half of the 3.5 mil Eritrean that did not vote at all – the half that was enlightened ? And am one of those people that still is emotionally attached to the idea of independent Eritrea and won’t under any circumstances accept reversal of it. I just think we should never talk with absolute certainty about what transpired under DIA’s manipulative underworld.

            Did you take out from the half those that were ineligible to vote. For example, people under the age of 18 years old.

            Sal, a very skillful debater, stated the following in response to your question

            Ideally, one would want four numbers:
            1. People who are eligible to vote
            2. People who are registered to vote
            3. People who voted
            4. People whose votes counted (valid votes)

            Remember also we had those fellow citizens who were not willing to participate in the referendum: for instance members of Jebha (abay) who were otherwise known as ” Koreyti


            I have to re-read your comment. I read it once and did not find a direct answer to the question I posed.

            Well to the referendum stuff. The choices presented for voters appear to have been crafted wisely. The choices were “ewe n’naxinet, ayfal n’naxinet”. God knows what the outcome would have been, had other choices been added such as: “Ewe n’federation, Ayfal n’federation”.

            Another case is this: let’s say Dergue had never brutalized the Eritrean people by the time of referendum. What would the outcome be? Again, I don’t know. Perhaps 50/50? Just a thought.

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Dawit:

            I thought you were making a rhetorical point, confirmed when Eyob jumped in with his taunts:) I will try a more direct answer.

            We are told that 99.8% Eritreans voted for independence. Do you take that figure seriously?
            Yes, I do. In fact, I don’t know who the 0.2% are: maybe color-blind people who couldn’t tell the difference between blue and red? 🙂 Even the “koreyti” who boycotted the election (because, ny metkel guday sle zkhone, we can’t have an EPLF-issued ID card) were yes votes.

            In other words, ” do you actually believe that or is it some sort of political strategy?
            The political strategy of the 99-percenters (all authoritarians) is to say that they speak on behalf of every constituency, so they can license themselves a power monopoly. Yes, the PFDJ did want a 99% vote and it did its astemhro–because it wanted the vote for Eritrean independence to translate into a vote of confidence for its type of governance, such as it is. But, I think, this is a case where they didn’t have to cheat: the people DID want Eritrean independence by that margin and they did not think that this was a vote of confidence for a government then calling itself PROVISIONAL.

            Now, to your new questions:

            Ethiopia was given an opportunity by a joint press release from ELF and EPLF (and you know that those two never had joint anything) to allow for a referendum to occur in Eritrea while the Derg was occupying it. Ethiopia rejected it flat. The outcome, in my view, probably would have been like East Timor: just as Indonesia tried to intimidate the East Timorese to get a different result, so would Ethiopia have, and the outcome would have been the same (78.5% yes in East Timor) even if the question was framed differently. I don’t think people remember how despised the Derg was in 1991 and, in 1991, Ethiopia was Derg.


          • yegermal

            SAAY and Dawit,

            Great points! The voting age within the population must definitely be factored in. But I suspect that even if the below 18 were to constitute ~40% of the population, it would still mean that ~half of the voting age population did not participate in the referendum. In the absence of real robust data, I guess we are left with a whole lot of speculation.

      • asmara

        oops, did I say 99% ? that can’t be right. Please correct that with 99.8%. That is more like it. Hey I am being generous here, ok?

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Mr.Aklilu,

    I can’t express in words my admiration on the ability you own.
    Aklilu what is your favorite book? I really want to know something about you and people like you. Do you know which question comes to my mind always…. “What about now?”

    • abe

      born again like mengstu

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear abe,

        what is your point?

        • Abe z minewale

          No point @all. Just getting tired of ???? End story

    • Dear Kokhob Selam:

      My favorate book of all time is “Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevsky. But like Sigmond Froid, you have to read it 3-4 times.

      The second favorite book/s (it is a tie) are “the castle” and “Trial” both by Franz kafka.

      But aesthetically no one can equal Leo Tolstoy and especially “Ana Karenina”.

      My favorite authors are Dostoyevski, Gogol and Franz Kafka.

      Thanks for your genorous comment.



    Instead of wallowing in blind prejudice, come up with your part of what would help in developing our area be it Ethiopia or ERITREA.

    I would suggest that we adopt ENGLISH as our MEDIUM OF SCHOOL INSTRUCTIONS across the board like, INDIA, PAKISTAN, and SINGAPORE instead of wasting our time on languages of NOMADS and ENDA SUWA SAKHRAMATS.

    Please read THE STORY OF SINGAPORE, and you will realize that ENGLISH the DE FACTO INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE OF OUR TIMES can help build up countries.

  • Nitricc

    Sal, that is not true, you banned me because on your own words, “ to give ( the worthless and dead opposition) “A home”, where they will not be challenged by me, a supporter of PFDJ. Is not true, Sal? No worries enjoy the tamrats.
    However, I do agree with Aklilu, bring back the old forum style. Writing is not only hard it requires time and energy; to see people vomit on your writer’s product; it will discourage writers from writing in the future. Let the front page a reading place and have a forum where people they can argue and fight on the back side of the forum, that way the writers’ product is reserved, respected and protected. You got to protect your writer’s product. It does not mean much but just may take.
    Wediere, what up? Stay kool.

    • Salyounis

      Hey Nitrric:

      Nah, you are mis-remembering. What you call a “challenge” our friend Webster calls “abuse.” 🙂 Plus, you actually thought that because you are special (one of the few PFDJ supporters), the posting guidelines do not apply to you. Lastly, back then we had a policy where the moderator was supposed to be completely in the background just quietly moderating, and you were, um, what’s the word? Yeah, pestering the poor moderators.

      Actually, we welcome somebody from the PFDJ camp to complete this sentence “I support my government because…” without using a single insulting word. By that I mean when somebody replies “Here’s why I don’t support the government..” we want you to continue that discussion without using the following words: traitors, sell-outs, treasonous, and any other variation thereof 🙂


      • asmara

        “….Actually, we welcome somebody from the PFDJ camp to complete this sentence “I support my government because…”…”

        You would love that, wouldn’t you? I guess from where you are standing, you would definitely miss the humor. But, that is kind of hilarious. It is like, that funny thing you cannot express in words, you just feel like laughing, but kind of shy-laugh, or kind of disappointed laugh. Oh, really? Kind of funny.
        Let us just forget that, shall we? Nice try though SAAY. You are not up there.
        Let us just throw a general advice here. May be you guys need to go back to the drawing board and revise the service you wanted to provide, revise your stand, and the way you present it. And above all you need to revise what you are offering to Eritrea and the Eritrean people. As it is, you have managed to attract Ethiopia-aititenkifuley, guys only. And boy, you got a bunch of them here!


    Apparently you are taking refuge in false accusations.

    Your friend Daniel described ERITREA as fake; and I responded to him by telling him how his Ethiopia was fake while admitting to him how ERITREA was created by the ITALIANS as a POLITICAL ENTITY in 1890.

    I told him that there was no country called ETHIOPIA before MINELIK came to power in 1889 following the passing away of emperor YOHANNES.
    Minelik inherited ABYSSINIA that consisted of TIGRE, GOJJAM, BEGEMIDR, and MENZ in NE SHEWA.

    Then the help of British and French arms and military advisors he conquered 10( ten ) quasi independent entities, namely WOLLO, SHEWA, KAFFA, ILUBABOR, WOLLEGA, GEMU GOFA, SIDAMO, HARERGE, ARUSI, and BALE thus forming the BYSSINIAN empire.

    Following that an Italian by the name of FRANCISCO CRISPI advised him to call his empire ETHIOPIA, and he did.
    Your friend Daniel instead of tackling the above realistically or rather learning the above history that ABYSSINIANS/ETHIOPIANS try to hide, started rambling about my being a stooge of Arabs, etc, etc.

    So I indicated to him that even the GEEZ alphabet is originally ARABIC alphabet that was brought by the SABEANS around 832 B.C.

    In fact Ethiopians’ claim of a history of 3000 ( three thousand years ) years is based on counting roughly from the time that their SABEAN ANCESTORS came from SOUTHERN YEMEN in 832 B.C.: 832+2013= 2,845. So they did not complete 3000 years yet.

    Regarding the formation of the ABYSSINIAN/ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE please read THE INVENTION OF ETHIOPIA by HOLCOMBE and IBSA.


    • bukretsion

      I know that a lot of anti-ethiopia/abyssinia fiction have been written by historical enemy of ethiopia/abyssinia for obvious reason. the question is why u want be ARAB instead of eritrean, no matter how much u want be arab they don’t see u the same way as u see them, u r eritrean and be proud of who u r.

      • bukretsion

        1 more thing, what i like about majority somalia is they r proud somali and a good Muslim, u don’t have to kiss arabs ass to be good muslim.

  • Eyob Medhane

    Oh Daniel Yemane,

    It has been a long time since I stopped throwing the fist at the Arab cultural imperialism propagators. I guess it is your turn now. 🙂 Some time ago, here in, one of the contributors of awate Dr. Mohammed Kehir, suggested that ‘…had he been an education minister of Ethiopia, he would mandate Ethiopian schools to teach Arabic to all students….’ That should give you a test what is being cooked for us, in order ‘sweep’ us with Arabization of our entire region. That effort is very consistent, persistent and has been taking so many different forms for centuries. It has succeed in North Sudan, so I guess they believe, it is Eritrea and Ethiopia’s turn now. They had from a mixed to very little success in Somalia leaving that country in anarchy. What saddens me is that some Eritrean Kebessa, compliance to be guided to this evil plan like a lamb to the slaughter house, because of the uncontrolled hatred that they developed to their southern kins for decades.

    • Daniel Yemane

      Dear Eyoba, those very Arab lands who tried to messed up the abyssinian land are atomizing one by one. The move and final goal of every moslim is to annihlate and destroy christians. What the best thing is they do not have any power and capacity. More over they are killing each other which is a frustrating moment to Mohammed Kiher and his likes.

      • belay

        Peace be upon him,the Prophet Mohammed told the Arabs,leave the Abysinian People alone,they have their own book.But the Egyptians are threathning to distroying us directley and indirectley by imploying our own cousins.If i was them i immidiatley follow what the Prophet Mohammed said.To leave us alone.

      • Eyob Medhane


        You see, Islam is actually not the problem. The problem is Arabs burning desire of imposing their culture and language on the entire world. Look at the non Arab Islamic countries like Turky. Most of them, are fine and thriving. They mind their business and just live their lives. Some non arab Islamic countries problems usually starts, when Arabs move in to their countries with their “everyone must look and speak like us” mentality. Usually, they use Islam to accomplish their cultural imperialistic desire. Hence they destroy historical artifacts Christian, buddhist and Islamic historical sights (Afghanistan, Mali). That kind of act has nothing to do with reliegion, but with thinking of “everything has to start and stop with me” mentality. In their case with “…the whole world has to think, speak and dress like an Arab….” way of thinking. They use Islam to that goal and they are very determined. I recomend you to listen to Ethioipia’s PM HMD latest interview. (I think it was yesterday) He said something very interesting. He said the reason why the governments response seems slow and not swift is because, the government wants to isolate those who are infected with the arabization deasese (my word)from those genuine muslims. And also to expose the behavior of the “we need to be arabs” (my word) crowed for who they are. That is a wise way to deal with it. Isolate deal with them…..

  • Salyounis

    Selamat Aklilu (Effendi):

    Here at, we got 99 questions but Aklilu ain’t 1* 🙂 In the Republic of, Aklilu is the Effendi, Mualimu, mawlana and Mma, all rolled in one. We wince every time some ignoramus writes something disrespectful or haughty to Aklilu. Yes, we stand in praise of Aklilu, we applaud, because of the richness of the content his articles provide, and it is only in the One Party state of Isaias that people actually get offended when anyone besides Issu or his designated apparatchiks and functionaries are applauded. Nsu Qenai, SeAbtu Hasadat, teteHahizom nab Xedfi

    Aklilu, your criticism was accepted in the constructive manner it was intended. There was no deliberate or conscious policy change when it comes to the forum. The old forum was a discussion board completely unrelated to articles. It was more of a bulletin board. And, to be frank, it was less engaging. Yes, there were substantive discussions but, most often, it was just a debate between two, at most five, people.

    We always want to welcome a diversity of opinion (the most boring discussions are the “ewe Haqka, aman, aman, Haqka” forums. 🙂 Our challenge has always been finding people who can defend/advocate the positions of PFDJ without having a profanity-laced temper-tantrum, a direct attack on people, or, often, just hate speech against Tigray, Ethiopia, etc. Sometimes, when we see pro-PFDJ posts that have less than the full quota of personal insults, questioning people’s patriotism, we let it through in the interest of advancing the conversation. This, in turn, encourages them to believe that their next post should have twice as many insults, etc…. then they get banned and complain about “free speech.” Basically, it is their orientation: they have never been in an environment where they had to debate issues. They only know how to follow memrHi, no matter how contradictory the memrHis are. It is like ta-te zbl quolA… So a little patience on your side, a little more diligence on our side…and we will get there. To borrow a slogan from Awate 1.0: To the east, to the east…


    * stolen from Jay-Z. Do not look up the lyrics of “I got 99 problems…” 🙂

    • wediere


      Usually as we are getting used to using a forum set up, bang! September comes and Awate goes on new dressing. I take it no surprise is expected this time.

      I think the new forum has worked well in connecting forumers with the article writer and has elevated the quality of discussion, I wonder how you manage with the multitasking.

      The provision of the Jebena section to allow forumers to discuss issues not relevant to the articles has not worked (kokhob selam may disagree). I think for September you can look into that section…menafesi for wu3ui shiro, with little supervision on the background and pruning with you scoba from time to time…Awate may engage more participant. Just a thought!


      • Salyounis

        Selamat WediEre:

        Your criticism of Jebena is very valid. That page was designed for people who don’t care about what is said in the front page; they just want to share their stream of consciousness irrespective of what is topical. But we haven’t promoted it well and it hasn’t attracted that many writers (Kokob Selam is drinking is boon all by himself and writing his poetry.) Maybe we should re-name the page “eneheleka d’asi…”


        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Say,
          “Kokob Selam is drinking is boon all by himself and writing his poetry”
          At the beginning I was feeling lonely and try my best attract. but I became used to it. I didn’t post my old poems and try to minimize. I hope you have being enjoying my poems.
          I expect from Mr.Haile a lot not only an ordinary poem but even the most sophisticated gold and wax poems. And I expect from cyber a lot.
          I will continue to drink my boon lonly and poor till further development. Today I will put my poem under the title you plan to put in place of Jebena. It starts with eneheleka d’asi…” and ends like “dhan kuni Jebena selam qdmi mfraski” it will be in Jebena soon. enjoy reading. TKS

          • haile

            Merhaba KS,

            I actually follow your great poems over at Jebena. A couple of times, I settled down to write a couple. However, I was getting bogged down here by saay and his friends 🙂 anatebarareyuly I had to put it away. I promise one will come, ’till then keep up the good work.


    • “…without having a profanity-laced temper-tantrum, a direct attack on people, or, often, just hate speech against Tigray, Ethiopia, etc.

      The above statement bears on Admas Haile ‘s hate speech against Andinet 2.0 and Ethiopia.

    • abe the MINEWALE

      just to say hello no substance
      ex cri- inals can not ring around innocent people their evil KHachIl.

  • L.T

    Wait a minat Daniel,Hansab’ske xinaH
    For my part it is best to share with Dahab(Arab) than Lamey Bora Amhara or Tigria.When Isaias closed the port of Asseb(You used 80%in that good old day and Massaw 50% to Tigria)Ask Awalom Weldu,Akilu and Ataklti Hagos)so you started the war and you lost.
    Fool Gebru Asrat asked to VOA 2008 “We lost Eritrea to Arab”He meant it from his heart and what does mean Arab for you?

  • Daniel Yemane:

    Whether in Sinai or elsewhere, we deal with our realities as they are instead of burying our heads in the sand as ostriches like you. Arabs are giving thousands of jobs to your sisters as maids in their homes; and treat fairly all who come to them through the front door AS PER AGREEMENT. As anywhere else those who come through the BACKDOOR are roughed up as it is happening in Australia or ISRAEL for that matter.

    The cipher code is FACING REALITY !!! and not hurling insults as children!!!!

    • Daniel Yemane

      No more Arab countries and their stooges. Thanx to America and Israel!
      We are witnessing the decimation of arab countries one by one. Lets Count 1. Iraq 2. Syria and …….. finally you and the fake.

  • Lemlem

    1. First off, happy belated Eid Al Fitr greetings to all. Eid Mubarak. I just watched the Eid Al-Fitr concert on Eri-TV. Eritrea is lucky to have such religious and ethnic harmony between its citizens. Very unique in Africa indeed!

    2. Haile’s head is getting so big he is going to explode soon. Taqeet beizuhwo sile zelo kitkos qeribu alo. Ajewjew yebizih alo.

    3. This UNSC obsession with Eritrea is out of control. Seb arebribu. Mama Mia!

    • Danny


      You mean Haile will have the same egoistic problem that DIA has? I hope he won’t be as ego drunk and go berserk like the idiot boss.

    • haile


      1. Lemlem (or Lemma in amharic:-)) claims ” Eritrea is lucky to have such religious and ethnic harmony between its citizens. Very unique in Africa indeed!” She cited her source as “I just watched the Eid Al-Fitr concert on Eri-TV.” 🙂

      Ciao Lemlem, how is your dog 🙂

      2 – “Taqeet beizuhwo sile zelo” nhawom zeyetaqe’u emo nmen? neti seraqi? If can manage it, you can listen to him from 21:15 – 22: 37 here

      Just to help you out, so that readers would take your advice seriously because it is given from experienced metaqeet, let’s put your resume out here:)

      W/ro Sophia T/Mariam “National service hager zhulun zhanxn zelo jigna eyu!” …Lemlem – taqeet

      Ambassador Tesfamariam Tekeste “National service nay qedem ilal eyu, kemU zbehal neger yelon” Lemlem – taqeet


      IA “Unless there is iclusive government in Somalia that include Somalialand, Puntland…we don’t recognize its external puppet government” Lemlem – taqeet

      Araya Desta “We fully recognize the Somali Federal Government!” Lemlem – taqeet


      Osman Salih “250000MGW electricity for dialog elomna, embley elna alona” Lemlem – taqeet

      Embassy Media UK “Nfelto yeblnan” Lemlem – taqeet


      IA “There is no longer hunger in Eritrea” Lemlem – taqeet
      UN aid chief “The delayed rains are becoming concern and MDG is going well” Lemlem – taqeet


      3 – “The UNSC and SEMG obsession with Eritrea is out of control” funny! whose control is that exactly?

      Police/SEMG: “Open the doors please! We have a court warrant to search your home”…

      Eritrean regime: “What are your ‘terms of reference’ which part of my home are you going to check? who among my family members are you going to talk to? I need answers before I open the door”

      Police/SEMG: “Open the doors! else we have no choice but to force entry!”

      Eritrean regime: “I am not home. You are either obsessed or possessed or something else, I do not know. Please leave my home alone”

      Police/SEMG: “We are warning you, were armed! We know you’re there, we have Satellite imagery, phone and email intercept, and the entire Western world intelligence apparatus at our disposal. Please open up, don’t make a fool of yourself now.”

      Lemlem: “You must be from Edaga arbi, arbe rebue, Tigray, welayta…” 🙂

      Bless you dog!

      • haile

        Correct: bless “Your” dog! and not “You”

  • Daniel Yemane

    Please read THE INVENTION OF ETHIOPIA by HOLCOMBE to learn how ABYSSINIA evolved to ETHIOPIA following Minelik’s coming to power.

  • To Daniel Yemane

    You speak of Ethiopia as CHRISTIAN in spite of the fact that the Muslims constitute about 60

    To Daniel Yemane

    You refer to Ethiopia as CHRISTIAN in spite of the fact that Muslims constitute 60% of the population. Yes old Abyssinia was overwhelmingly CHRISTIAN; but the contrary is true in Ethiopia although the Christians have the power of Arms thanks to Europe and America.

    So you are wallowing in fantasy instead of accepting your reality.

    Unlike you, we ERITREANS accept our geo-political reality that includes ARAB neighborliness.
    Arabs are our neighbors and we deal with them as such.

    • Daniel Yemane

      Arabs are your masters dear Arab stooge. Go sinai and make a deal.

    • bukretsion

      u need to learn how to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

  • To Daniel Yemane

    You revealed your ignorance by avoiding facts and instead attacking. It is in search of arms and support to fight your hypocritical claims of brotherhood that Eritreans resorted to the Arabs, and it worked.
    What you and your country men hide from is your Arab origin. When the Haile I University started teaching that the SABEAN ancestors of ABYSSINIANS( AMHARAS, TIGRES, Gurages, etc ) came from SOUTHERN YEMEN around 832 B.C. in search of food following the severe famine entailed by farming failure due to the collapse of the MA’ERIB DAM, you were surprised to learn that you were of Arab origin, because up to that time you were fed with FICTITIOUS HISTORY. Even the GEEZ alphabet is old Arabic that came to AXUM with the SABEANS although your forefathers shamelessly claimed and you still claim that you invented the GEEZ alphabet.

    For your information, the Arabic alphabet, to reach its present form, passed through seven stages, namely MA-EENI, SABAEE/SABEAN, SAFADI, LAHYANI, DADANI, THAMOODI, and SAFAWI.
    Thus, you can see that the REFUGEES from Southern Arabia brought with them in 832 B.C. the SABEAN form of the Arabic form which took the name of GEEZ in ABYSSINIA long before the creation of Ethiopia after 1889.

    You speak of Ethiopia as CHRISTIAN

    • Daniel Yemane

      Which sect are you from? Suna or Shia?

  • A Tribute to the Drowned young Eritrean in a Desperate Quest for freedom and Dignified Life
    As we all know someone related to us and often reading and watching the news Drowned young Eritreans, it is heart wrenching witnessing live another episode after another wave after wave , a recurring sad tragedy off the Italian coasts of scenes of recuperation of the dead corpses of so many youth drowned Eritreans and other nationality from closer Southern Hemisphere countries trying to smuggle their way to Italy after long journey escaping hell on earth of DIA Eritrea . So many of those Eritreans desperate flocking to closer European shores in desperate attempts to illegally enter promised lands of richer countries in search of better freedom and dignified life are faced with the high risk of prospects of death in desert and riding the waves of open-seas on way below grade floating boats, sadly crammed like tightly like sardines in most inhospitable sanitary and inhumane conditions.
    Escaping the spirals of oppression and subjection of DIA regime with no hope and aspiration with abject poverty; ravaging security nightmares, and a desire to itch a living to support beloved parents, children, espouses and kin condemned to eternal life of oppressions, poverty, servitude, malnutrition and unspeakable life of abject material deprivation, death yes death becomes a negligible token of inconvenience, the smallest price one could pay in the quest for deliverance of self and beloved souls.
    A day should be observed across Eritrean Diaspora around the globe every year marked the “Desperate Eritrean Day,” as a tribute to those brave souls, drowned Eritreans in search of Freedom and Dignified life ,a deliverance; a better life befitting God’s vicegerents, mortals created in the image of the divinity deserving the dignity of all men created equal.
    Perceived as outlaws in the convenience of the legalistic jargons of the economically prosperous; socially advanced and perennially politically ever stable nations of the Rich North, the arduous path full of thorn that the drowned our beloved brothers and sisters youthful Eritreans track to attain deliverance is synonymous with the savior’s dolorosa as the weight of the cross resembles in the untold sufferings and loss of prospects that’s of the nightmare and horrors of an ‘Eritrean s journey in quest of deliverance.
    Rightly did the Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis, to lay a wreath and offer a prayer a month ago at Lampedusa, Italy, in commemoration of the drowned young people trying to enter Italy, the unknown soldiers, in their desperate bid to get their just share of what Divinity primordially decreed of human dignity and security.

  • To Daniel Yemane

    Eritrea is a fake country!!!; but the fake of fakes is Ethiopia!!!!!!.

    We admit that Eritrea was created by the Italians as a political entity in 1890 by putting together what they took from the TURRKS in the EAST ( Samhar and Dankalia regions) and their share of BIJA LAND partition with the BRITISH in the WEST with Massawa as its capital. Then chased Ras Alula out of KEBESA (Hamassein, Seraye, and AkaleGuzai); and brought the capital to Asmara.

    Ethiopia on its part, was created by the BRITISH and the FRENCH through MINELIK after 1889 following the death Emperor Yohannes.
    MINELIK became emperor over ABYSSINIA that consisted of TIGRE, GOJJAM, BEGEMIDR, and MENZ in NE SHEWA. Then with EUROPEAN ARMS and MILITARY advisors he conquered ten quasi independent territories, namely WOLLO, SHEWA, KAFFA, ILUBABOR, WOLLEGA, GEMU GOFA, SIDAMO, HARERGE, ARUSI, and BALE.
    With his newly formed ABYSSINIAN EMPIRE, MINELIK was advised by an ITALIAN called FRANCISCO CRIPI to call his empire ETHIOPIA, and he did.
    Before that ETHIOPIA( land of people with burnt faces) was only in the BIBLE, and connoted BLACK AFRIC south of the SAHARA.

    So please spare us your baseless bragging when it is your country that is fake with its fabricated KIBRE NEGEST and FITHE NEGEST.



      The good book you reffered says ..¨the 3 important things are Faith ,hope & love ..but ,the greatest of all is love¨..(I am not quoting word for word)
      In the Eritrean national family ..the most important5 ingredient ¨LOVE¨has been missing ,now ,for about 43 years.The faith was based on hatred & the hope has changed to hopelessness.
      Most Eritreans are unwilling to the base of the Issue (Eritrean question) hindsight or even for logical people, since the early 70 s has been useless, Precious blood being shed for absolutely nothing,¨MARTYRS¨being forced to join banditry. People are afraid to say it loudly ,what ,I believe ,think it all the time…
      My relatives blood was shed in vain and to make things worse for Eritreans..only stupid people could not see this,unfortunately they run in millions.

      The only positive thing of being taken by storm is maybe the few seconds seem like fun..but ends in destruction.

      Eritrea is a country that prefers bankruptsy of ¨indepen DANCE, instead of a CEO of a neighbouring company.

      I feel sorry for the young generation for having retarded role models.

    • Daniel Yemane

      No need your your fake Arab political verification. Where were you learned it? Iraq,Syria,Eygpt or yemen? The only and critical solution which I arised is gorgeous. Isn’t it? East to Sudan and west to christian Abyssinia. No need Hadnetna. Would you please dismiss yourself together with your loser Arabs. Let me go and follow the news of Iraq, Syria, and Eygpt.

      • Daniel Yemane

        I mean East to christian Abyssinia and west to Sudan beja.

    • amde

      “Ethiopia on its part, was created by the BRITISH and the FRENCH through MINELIK after 1889 following the death Emperor Yohannes.”

      This is a false abstraction that by itself is responsible for many thousands of deaths in the “horn”. It constantly leads groups that have enmity with the Ethiopian governemnt du jour to assume it is a fake entity that will crumble at the slightest push. In the last forty years, it has lead Somalia to start the Ogaden War (assuming that Ethiopia is just an empire of seething malcontents arrayed against the Amhara overlords) , directly then leading to its implosion. It has seduced Issayas into the Badme adventure (assuming that Ethiopia is just an empire of seething malcontents arrayed against the Weyane overlords) – landing Eritrea into the existential problem it finds itself in.

      One can argue that the political entity called Ethiopia attained its current borders in the late 1800s, much like the US attained its 50 states federal configuration in 1959, when Alaska and Hawaii became states. If Ethiopia was created in 1880s then the US was created in 1959.

      Were it not for the consequent cost in human lives and opportunity, the age of Ethiopia should really be of no importance. Accepting the idea that the Ethiopian State is a much older entity encompassing many peoples of diverse ethnicitiy and many smaller political units doesn’t take away from the discussion of the legitimacy of the gedhli, or the possibilities of future Ethio-eritrean conditions.

      Unfortunately, the current emperor of Ethiopia (TPLF/EPRDF) also believes in the theory of the 1880s genesis of Ethiopia, hence their obsession with Ethnic politics. But that is a discussion for another day.

      Another unsupported assertion is the idea of Ethiopia being actually 60% Muslim. There have been multiple censuses (censi ?) taken, and nowhere is any number close to it reported. One can only conclude people who (I am assuming in good faith) are making this assertion are looking at a map and extrapolating with the assumption of uniform population density.

      • Salyounis

        Selamat Amde:

        I share with you a concern that bad reading of history leads to wrong conclusions and sometimes tragic conclusions. You argue that one of the biggest misreadings of history that has contributed to disastrous wars in the Horn of Africa is the assumption that Ethiopia is some artificial, patched up country with people forcefully made to belong to it. Fair enough. But, please also consider that the corollary to that is that the dismissal of people’s genuine aspirations for statehood by falsely claiming that this political entity–Ethiopia–has been around for 3,000 years and that any group that is trying to assert themselves is “denying their identity” or “creating a fake identity” or “suffering from an inferiority complex” is equally flawed and equally dangerous. I am not accusing you of harboring that view; I am accusing many of your countrymen of that.

        The facts are these:

        * The “3,000 years of history” refers to a relatively small part of present-day Ethiopia. It refers, as commenter Corenti has noted elsewhere, to Abyssinia: Shoa, Gojjam, Bege-midr and Tigray. The defining characteristic of Abyssinia, its pride (its rightful pride and heritage) is its Orthodox Christianity and Geez civilization.
        * The rest of Ethiopia, the whole of it, was (use a neutral verb here) annexed, incorporated, overtaken, conquered by King Menelik II in the late 19th century. By using European allies to do so. There is nothing particularly awful about this (by 19th century standards) but it needs to be stated that most of Ethiopia (just like most of, say, Italy) was patched together by a conquering king.
        * This is not, as you tried to note, comparable to the history of the US where there was a gradual annexation, East to West, ending up with the inclusion of Hawaii. We are talking of parts of Ethiopia that are “3,000 years old” and parts that are 124 years old and parts that are 60 years old.

        Why is all this relevant? Because, unless Ethiopia accepts the fact that it is, as a political entity, no older than the rest of Africa, including Eritrea, which were formed during the Scramble for Africa, or after Cold War political calculations, it will continue to have a falsely superior attitude that dismisses the rest of Africa, including Eritrea, as “fake”, “fabricated”, “artificial”, and it will continue to dismiss the genuine aspirations of Africans (including Somalis) to organize on the basis of their very own “3,000 year” myth, and it will continue to invite strife.

        Again, why is this relevant. Well, we now have confused refusenik Eritreans who identify not with Ethiopia but with Abyssinia and because they massage irredentist Ethiopian ego about what a great civilization it once had (once you go Abyssian, you can never go back), some Ethiopians (government officials, no less) want to use them as their allies in a future Eritrea-Ethiopia configuration. If Ethiopia does that, it will continue to be guilty of the same thing you accuse those who have learned the wrong lessons of history and it will court disaster.

        To restate a boring fact: the most sensible thing Africans can do is (a) to respect the damned colonial treaties that configured them into different states (artificial, fake, confused, minamin is not respect); (b) to create truly plural, representative, democratic states within their political maps; then (c) once they have established sustainable democracies, to work hard to voluntarily (people’s governments) make those borders as irrelevant as possible.

        all the best,


        • amde

          Selam Saay,

          I think what you are terming as “facts” are debatable. One of the things I would love to see in the region is that we free up history from being a political tactical tool. It is extremely freeing to understand events in the context of their time as opposed to comparing them to the standards of today.

          The “Ethiopia is a young country created by the British in 1882.. or somesuch” assertion is clever but shallow. It has the veneer of intellectual sophistry and might be OK for argumentation. However it doesn’t really stand much scrutiny. I don’t hope to convince you otherwise – I think you are a vested dead-ender in that respect (no offense).

          Let me quote you: “Why is all this relevant? Because, unless Ethiopia accepts the fact that it is, as a political entity, no older than the rest of Africa, including Eritrea, which were formed during the Scramble for Africa, or after Cold War political calculations, it will continue to have a falsely superior attitude that dismisses the rest of Africa, including Eritrea, as “fake”, “fabricated”, “artificial”, and it will continue to dismiss the genuine aspirations of Africans (including Somalis) to organize on the basis of their very own “3,000 year” myth, and it will continue to invite strife.”

          If you believe the problem is Ethiopia’s falsely superior attitude, then that should be what is addressed. You could have formulated the foregoing as …”It may very well be that Ethiopia has a 3,000 yr history, but unless it stops its falsely superior attitude it will continue to dismiss genuine aspirations of Africans and it will continue to invite strife”

          Ethiopian “superior attitude” is a problem. What is it based on? A claim of 3000 years history. How to counter it? Say it is false. Is it really false? It depends on how you count it, but we can make it appear false. Juxtapose Menelik’s expansion against his contemporaries (who happened to be Europeans). Create two entities out of the same political unit – Pre-Menelik Abyssinia vs Post-Menelik Ethiopia.

          Then you have this complementary formulation:
          Premise 1 – Countries in Africa were created by Europeans in the 1880s.
          Premise 2 – Ethiopia is a country in Africa.
          Conclusion- Ethiopia was created by Europeans in the 1880s.

          Of course the premise is false (some Europeans colonies were created in the 1880s), so the whole argument is shot. Throw in a pinch of salt and pretty soon you got something that sounds reasonable and even mildly sophisticated.

          This is well and good for argument’s sake, but problems show up when policy makers take rhetoric as reality.

          Let me ask you this – is it possible that there can exist numbers between 120 and 3000? The 3000 is a nice target for ridicule, but is 300 an unreasonable age? 250?

          The Age of the Ethiopian State is obviously important – that is why all this effort is vested in neutralizing it as a tool for argumentation. Is the Ethiopian state (which is what we are really talking about) older than the Scramble for Africa period?

          Since US history is invoked let us see. The US expansion westward was a much more ruthless and genocidal conquest, compared to which Menelik’s conquests were quite humane. Keep in mind the US’s ruling elite was the Eastern WASP establishment that had created a political entity from British rule in the late 1780s. The US used superior military technology to co-opt, conquer, assimilate, exile and exterminate native populations to become a two ocean continental power by the late 1800s. Yet no one questions that the US as a political entity is 240-odd years old, where territorial expansion was the dominant feature especially through the first half of its history.

          Menelik could never match the scope, breadth and human cost of the US expansion. Yet, he used superior technology to EXPAND the size of the state he took over from his competitors. How is his expansion southward different from the US expansion westward? There is a double standard here. The age of the US is counted from when its expansion started. Ethiopia’s age is counted from when its expansion stopped. There is no rational reason other than political expediency.

          Did Menelik do deals with the British, Italians etc…? Yes he did. But he did these deals because by his time, these powers were his neighbors. You do deals with your neighbours. One of the kinds of deals you would do is to fix your respective boundaries. As we know, if you don’t do good deals with your neighbors, you get many Badmes, Adwas etc….

          The other rhetorical device is to say – ah but Ethiopia and Abyssinia are different. Well, IMO that is a distinction without a meaningful difference. Most states have a geographic sub-region that is dominant culturally or in the various institutions of the state. The US was brought into existence essentially by North Eastern and Virginian WASPs whose dominance lasted well into the 20th century. Russia was birthed by the princes of Muscovy. Spain was fathered by Castile. And so on.

          Why would it matter if a country is old? Well, the longer an institution stays alive (political, religious, etc..) the more likely it is that there will be deep multi-generational affiliation and commitment to it. (Heck just look at stories of “3 generations of Fords” etc…) That translates into deep latent support and resource the state has available to it.

          This is the problem that Eritrea and Somalia face. They have rhetorically convinced themselves that – in essence – there is no meaningful history of a unified political entity in the densely populated Ethiopian highlands. This then invited them to be a little too adventurous, resulting in a debilitating repercussions.

          This has nothing to do with morality or a value judgement. I don’t believe the entire region is ready for “democracy” the way we who live in the west understand it. I am just stating reality as it exists.

          Sorry to bore you.

          • Salyounis

            Selamat amde:

            No, no, this is not boring at all; it is quite an interesting read, actually.

            But I think you got me tagged wrong. Think of it this way. You ever had a guided tour of a city? You know the three tour guides and how they narrate stories about famous places and events. The tour guides are either (1) true believers; (2) skeptical about what they are saying; (3) indifferent: it’s just a means to a living.

            Honestly, I don’t care who narrates Ethiopian history; obviously, the True Believers make for a fun target (and Ethiopia has had its share of True Believers/Prester John mythologists) but I don’t really care so long as that is not being used as a means to advance an aggressive and militaristic policy.

            And what I was trying to tell you is that just as you cautioned that a wrong assessment of Ethiopian history would lead one to conclude that it is a patched up country whose citizens don’t have loyalty to the nation state and encourage them to pursue a deadly policy; similarly, the dogged belief in the dogma of “We are chosen by God; we never lose a single war; we are always right; we are never aggressive: we are always going to war reluctantly and being victimized by foreigners” claim advanced by politicians and accepted by Ethiopians, even when the claim is clearly contradicted by facts, is deadly.


  • Dear Fanus:

    1.If you are bored, do something useful to alleviate your boredom.Boredom is not going to make you rich. As a matter of fact boredom is a symptom of something insidious and of psychological nature, so look yourself in the mirror (mind you: not see-through glass) and ask the image “Am I honestto myself?” If you get shy the first time, repeat until you are not shy anymore. and please let me know what you learned from the practice.

    2. I am not alcoholic and I have no problems with alcohol. I never been to AA and I never read the 12 steps.

    3. To clarify your subtle disinformation, I have posted the 12 steps verbatim that I googled; copied and pasted right now, so readers can judge. Here they are:

    1.We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.
    2.Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
    3.Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
    4.Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
    5.Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
    6.Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
    7.Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
    8.Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
    9.Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
    10.Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
    11.Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.
    12.Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


    • Abe z minewale

      Aklilu zere (deapt.of security adm#9)AmHarai
      I would like to apologize in advance for messing up with intelectuals
      This article took me 35 plus years back to reflect.aklilu was a Merci less and had no sympathy for human being.he was chasing all young people in the where he was assigned (gifa)that includes my immidate cousins.any young man walks in any village would be apprehended and be questioned if he believe in Jebha or not .since he had absulte power he used to send people to famous village Arawte modern day EraEro.aklilu told us about Wedi fenkel and his life history in brief. Aklilu all those youngsters you chase them out of their village ended up joining the epif and made sir hit fenkel real. Let me stop here I am shaking cu onother day

  • Fanus

    Dear Aklilu:

    Upon reflection, much of your article seems like it was lifted from some therapy group like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). You know, the twelve steps, i.e, the spiritual foundation for personal recovery from the effects of alcholism, not only for the alcholic but also for their friends and family. The 12 steps emphasize acting on hope and faith, spirituality, not being alone and defenseless, humbleness, humility, belief in God and yourself, staying positive, never succumbing or surrending to fear, doubts or temptations. Basically, all of the 7 steps you outlined are included in the 12 steps recovery from alcoholism. Very interesting! Anyway, there is nothing wrong with borrowing concepts from other disciplines as long as they are relevant and helpful.

    • Fanus,

      Have you been to one of the AA?

      Help you out finish your sentence in regards to verifying suspicion of plagiarism 😉 You said “… there is nothing wrong with borrowing concepts from other disciplines as long as they are relevant and helpful”, and as long as the writer does not claim the ideas of others as his own, as long as the writer gives credit where credit is due.

      If he or she uses others’ ideas, doesn’t he have to give credit? He may have appropriated the AA’s pillars of recovery yet he still needs to give credit to the author.

      For me, as I began reading Aklilu’s article, I thought the article sounded like a sermon to be delivered to a parish. What does God to do with our behavior anyway? Are we really beholden to God? As far as I am concerned, we all have different gods. No everyone agrees with one particular god.

      Aklilu and the other dude (The alarmist writer by the name of Admas Haile whose article would certainly be enjoyed in paltalk chat rooms) acknowledge their readers yet appear to underestimate them and at times vilify them. Akilu says “You the reader is a living witness and perpetual hostage” apparently addressing to Tamrat Tamrat, Haile, and other readers. Many readers, I think, have undergraduate or advanced degrees. These writers should be grateful that they are being read. Readers don’t ask what aklilu calls “farmers” to churn out articles. They write for many different reasons. Readers don’t owe writers (in this other similar sites) anything. Additionally, this site is not the only place readers come to read articles.

      • Dear Dawit:

        -I am grateful to any anyone who reads my article and that include you. Their and your time is gold.

        -I am grateful to all those who write articles and share their opinions. They are the salt of the earth (Eritrea) and light of the world (Eritrea). They are our reformists and renainsance men and women.

        -I am grateful to for it is our light house and beacon of hope. It is our University; our conscience and center of Hope Faith and Freedom
        -I am grateful to the administrators of for their scarifie. They are our role models and Eritrea and its people are lucky to have them


  • Fanus

    If I got a quarter for each time the opposition folks said “PFDJ is on its deathbed…The regime will fall any day now” I would be a very rich man. Probably a multi-millionaire many times over. May be even a billionaire.

    As far back as 2001, that is all we heard. The regime is on its deathbed…blah, blah, blah.

    Spare me please! It’s boring.

  • said

    In The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, the Czech novelist Milan Kundera wrote that, “The past is full of life, eager to irritate us, provoke and insult us, tempt us to destroy or repaint it. The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past.”
    It is an established fact that we do not own the choice of who we are, humans or other creatures, Muslims or Christians or others, that’s the will of God the almighty,
    But we own the choice of what we are and what we want to be, that’s destiny. So it is true to say we existed by the will of God and we are the owners and makers of our destiny. As we see in this argument, destiny is a destination. Unlike life or death, where and how, that’s the will of God.
    We always seek to philosophize who is God and to understand his whereabouts, and I say never even try to. You can see His glory through the Universe but He is too powerful in might that a human limited sized mind can absorb. You cannot fill the water of an ocean into a bottle, absolutely impossible.
    Unless the Eritrean is united into this sense, there will be no dreams, no aspirations, no peace, no logic and no truth unless through the Might and Glory that expected to reign over again at the end of ends. Some great Prophets succeed in their message other faired reasonably, some their message was not well received and did not go through or failed, to do so and each time they do, they get misinterpreted, killed and their principles misconstrued. The cruelty of mankind over-passed evil itself. God created us in a whole goodness of a child and we created evil in a whole awfulness of a devil.
    I believe that through complete detachment of all earthy egoism and void of personal might we can align ourselves with the WILL thus resonate our Destiny to be one with it.
    This can only be done by “the wisdom” of learned knowledge, principles, human values, proper unbiased absolute education and groomed discipline.
    In her novel The Cairo House, Samia Serageldin remarks that, “for those whose past and present belong to different worlds, there are times that mark their passage from one to the other, a transitional limbo.” Eritrea today is in such a transitional limbo road not yet clear. May its future be a different world from its recent past?

  • Dear Aklilu,

    I read your sober reflection on our house of depression – the great depression of our spirit, the omen, the sense of impeding evil on the well being of our people, the lugubriousness of our situation, as of now seemingly beyond consolation.

    Your artistic skills tastefully and aesthetically stimulate and gives light to the inner depressed spirit of Eritrean conscience.

    Dear Aklilu, to borrow Ghezae’s word, our “monastery websites” are infected by dispirited individuals and the only road to recovery is to disallow them from polluting the websites, which are the source of enlightenment and engagement to shine our lights. The dispirited individuals will eventually come sooner or later with a clean heart when their “marriage lease” expires with the despot. Until then my self will agree with you to reinstate the old format and send them to the background. With that, I hope the awate administration to reconsider your suggestion.

    • abe z minewale

      The jury is out

    • gebreab

      Amanuel Hidrat.
      I think you are well educated person but I use the term”wise-man”.’cause we always confuse intelligence with Western education and as the same time completely forget the God given wisdom man is born with. So Mr.Hidrat,you are able to separate wheat from chaff. despite Our forefathers not all but those who were able to read and write in their own languages and alphabets,today may be some of us would ridicule them as illiterates from the simple reason that they do not not go to western education and not spoken foreign languages.for some of us if we are not careful,western education could be very catastrophal.It can erase our god given wisdoms storage if we neglect it and completely rely on education for knowledge.
      To come to my point,as far as your article above reveals you are talking like a brute,merciless,dispirited dictator.Can you tell us please who do you want to ban from visiting and have a say and leave behind their opinion,those who do not agree with the content of your article you come up with,and have different opinions than yours?charity begins at home before going around and lecturing others about charity,be yourself charitable and good to others.You are in peace and harmony with yourself if you wish good to others the same you wish for yourself.aren’t you the one who is tearing apart the Eritrean government for the same reason you want prohibit others from exercising it?you are blasphemy to individual freedom of expression as far as your comments above is concerned.
      And remember is not your monastery website,it is it is not any name as far as Eritreans are concerned it is a name which occupies a huge space in the hearts and minds of Eritreans regardless of their political affiliations.

      thanks again for giving us this opportunity to have a say on your web-site.

      • Dear Gebreab,

        I am not undermining the knowledge and wisdom of anyone for that matter. If you are familiar the old format of the debate forum, it was behind the front page where the articles are featured. Just a simple question to you, how many people they debate on any given featured article taking as an issue for a debate?…very negligible. All we see is – debate on personalities or tangential issue that is not relevant to the article. So what I was saying was for those who want to such diatribe could have a place in the background they were set few years ago. if you feel offend by that you have my apology. But I sincerely ask you how many people are serious to debate about the subjects (issues) awate writers brought to share? I will leave to see it with your honest heart.


      • MG

        sixty and late eighty.

      • Selam

        Selam gebreab,
        Thank you for saying what was in my mind to Mr Hidrat.

  • Beyan Negash

    Interesting article, Zekere, oops,Aklilu, I meant to say (sorry domino effect from Admas) here. The invocation of verse from the bible is a curious one here. Particularly with the use of “city on the hill” I thought you were going to transport us to the early 1600s when the Puritans set sail in what is now known as the state of New England in the U.S. John Wintrhop who gave an impassioned speech to the Puritans as he appealed to their sense of religiosity; the title of the sermon (speech) was “A Model of Christian Charity.” The speech was given not in Mayflower but in the Arbella as they were about to embark and set sail in New England. The language is quite outdated, but is decipherable from the structure of the sentences. Here is an excerpt that I think can give those of us in the opposition camp a moment to pause and reflect.

    “Now the onely way to avoyde this shipwracke and to provide for our posterity is to followe the Counsell of Micah, to doe Justly, to love mercy, to walke humbly with our God, for this end, wee must be knitt together in this worke as one man, wee must entertaine each other in brotherly Affeccion, wee must be willing to abridge our selves of our superfluities, for the supply of others necessities, wee must uphold a familiar Commerce together in all meekenes, gentlenes, patience and liberallity, wee must delight in eache other, make others Condicions our owne rejoyce together, mourne together, labour, and suffer together, allwayes haveing before our eyes our Commission and Community in the worke, our Community as members of the same body, soe shall wee keepe the unitie of the spirit in the bond of peace, the Lord will be our God and delight to dwell among us, as his owne people and will commaund a blessing upon us in all our wayes, soe that wee shall see much more of his wisdome power goodnes and truthe then formerly wee have beene acquainted with, wee shall finde that the God of Israell is among us, when tenn of us shall be able to resist a thousand of our enemies, when hee shall make us a prayse and glory, that men shall say of succeeding plantacions: the lord make it like that of New England: for wee must Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are uppon us…”
    J. Wintrhope

    So, Aklilu, I thought you were going to give a speech related to the city on the hill being our Eritrea and we are in that elusive ship that has been ever slowly sinking in which we are all either about to drown or find a way to swim afloat.

    We can choose to attack one another which we seem to be really good at. Just check the juxtaposed articles that of Admas and that of Dr. Bereket, where our attention gravitates toward, speaks volumes, and I don’t need to tell you how misdirected our energies are.

    Aklilu, I thought you were going to appeal to our senses and say let us prioritize our intentions and separate what’s important and what is not. Of course, you dissected the regime’s ill intentions rather well. Indeed, the regime does not wallow in tangential issues; it knows exactly how and where to focus its attention.

    So, we all have a choice we can choose to take stock and evaluate where our failures lie and identity the fault-line or else we will be speaking of the same issues from here to eternity and the regime would not have flinched one bit and we will still be whining and complaining.

    Our energy so invested on petty and trivial matters it is just dizzying to read the shouting matches that go on endlessly in these dialogue boxes. Of course, it is optional to read or not to read, but so is reflecting and introspecting to judge whether what we have been doing is making any dent. Insanity said wise-man (I think it was Einstein) is to repeat the same thing over and over again and expect different results or some variation thereof. If what we are doing is not that I don’t know what is.

    Awate Team does a great job to keep the dialogue box “clean” and free of epithets and profanities, however one could not help but wish there was a mechanism in place whereby responses that do not comport to the topic at hand were also moderated. Of course, that’s a lot to ask of Awate Team. I wish we learn to self-restrain and stick to the topic; if and when we do that we are paying due respect to the writer as we show due diligence to stay focused on the topic that the writer is addressing.

    The disconnect between what the articles state and the discussions that ensue are just mind boggling; dare I add that that gives us an accurate gauge as to the undercurrent state of mind, a tortured and rudderless dissonance that the opposition is in.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Hi Aklilu!
    I think of myself as a pragmatical person. I reason on facts and their consquences. I have never simplified and reduced the eri-ethio problem to a King og crazy communist dictators. I appreciate it Badme problem solved then eritrea would have no problem.

    But there a good deal of people who believe Badme is the core problem and that is why isayas or any interested group milking it.

    And i dont think your strategy is adquate while pfdj is excuting day and night practical deeds to surveive 23 or more years.

    When eplf used tplf to unite the rest of Ethiopians, do you think it is an accidental choice? That far our problem is sofesticated. Now tplf and eplf using Afar people. What eplf and tplf planned did not work. period.

    So the oppostions in particular and all eritreans in general must come up with a practical solution to co-exsit with Ethiopia as a neighbour. Ethiopia and eritrea must negotiate how the ethnic groups live around the boarder must live together and a good reason for Ethiopia to have a sea acess without eritrean interference. And putting that in place have a normalization protocol which the internationla communtiy take part in forcing the two countries to respect the internation law once and for all.

    • Gebreab

      Tamrat Tamrat.
      “and a good reason for Ethiopia to have a sea acess without Eritrean interference”.As you know Eritrea is half desert and nobody has the power(at least for now) to stop the Sahara desert from becoming bigger and bigger .is Ethiopia then ready to swap sea acess for land,to give Eritrea arable land inside Ethiopia?in order to feed its people?

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        What i saw in practice that all eritreans could participate in political, economical, etc more than the average ethiopians in the period of 1993-1998. If that were normalized ie if eritreans (all tigres in North and South)treated equal, that could have been a good start. but thanks to tplf and eplf we blew it. I mentioned this just to show you the possibilities and potential the two countries hav. When we do Things in the name of Eritrea and ethiopia we must concider the responsibilty of Our actions With respect to the hundreds of ethnic Groups.

        Comming to Your answer yes in the normalization process, discussion, talks etc Eritrea’s sustainabilty as indpendent nation must be secured be it economicaly or a ‘threat’ from its nebouring natinons. We went through the WARs and i dont want even to think about it and no-peace-no-war- is a divastating solution for both countries but the effect on Eritrea is huge as the population is small among many other Things.

        Concerning the war between the two countres we do controll only how to start it the rest is not upto us. If we dont learn this from the last 30+23 years then we learn nothing. But the Peace between us we can very well controll it.

        I dont want to hear no more any ‘hero’ of ethiopia or ‘eritrea’ who killed so many of the other Group.

  • Daniel Yemane

    I wounder how and why christian highlanders infatuated with Arab Islam. Is it due to the cause of slavery?

    • Gebreab

      dear Daniel Yemane.
      ’cause the christian highlanders are of semetic people.their language,culture even their religion have more similarities to the Arab-Islam than with Negroit cultures or languages.but i do not mean that they are not related with Negroits,’cause i witness often some Habesha girls go to some shops around the corner to buy hair in order to put it on top of their head until the get bald-head.

      • Daniel Yemane

        That is why your relatives at Sinai welcomed you.

  • Daniel Yemane

    To all Ghedli/moslem/Arab romanticizers, Isn’t it the best solution to divide the fake country into two clear bold borders. The west to Sudan and East with mamma Ethiopia.

  • abe z minewale

    Dear writer
    would you clarify to me what position did you held when you were assigned to adminstration #9?