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Winds of Change… Are we ready?

“Unity of purpose brings purposeful citizens together and accords them leverage to effect meaningful change.”

A new reality is unfolding! Are we ready?

Winds of change are blowing… It appears the 20-year “no-war and no-peace” that defined the regime in Eritrea and its opposition is giving way for a new reality. The majority of our opposition (with due regard to the ELF and independents) and their platform only know this fading backdrop. A new reality is upon us! Are we ready?

We, at the justice-seekers camp, like the nation, is at a critical stage of transformation and prospects. Against the wider regional developments, this is the time we have to carve a niche that speaks for true peace which is introducing the rule of law in Eritrea, the mission we sacrificed so much, so much for over 60 years. Our voices is expected to hover above the ever-evolving machinations of bigger powers and bigger noises. Are we ready?

The undertaking is huge; so is our prospects and potential. We have to use every platform, mainstream and social media to echo the voices of the voiceless Eritreans; the victims of crimes against humanity; the implementation of the constitution. How can we get the leverage? Through…

Unity and Commitment.

Only unified and committed people invite winds of change. The recommendations refer to the justice-seekers camp, the forces of democracy.

  1. First of all, let us bypass blame game of who was right or wrong; who won or lost. No one has won until we introduce rule of law and democracy in Eritrea.
  2. It is time for justice-seekers to come together in a new alliance of citizens of this tortured nation that needs healing and justice. If the border issue is resolved, it is a great opportunity for us to focus on what we think of all the time: our people. The question will be about democracy and nothing else. And we are all on board on that. It is time to be prepared for the next step. It is high time to forgo our divisions and schism and focus on what unite us. I am convinced more than anytime we have an opportunity that presented itself for us to come together under the umbrella of justice.
  3. There are no nobler souls than the members of Eritrean opposition stationed in the neighboring countries, especially Ethiopia. We have to continue to advocate for them for their safety and wellbeing.
  4. In the issue demarcation, it is up to us to vocally impress upon both governments (especially the Eritrean government) to do the necessary adjustment to the border delineation. There is a clear miscarriage of justice in the Central zone that gave away our lands and made proud citizens of Eritrea aliens while giving us Ethiopia’s lands. For peace to prevail, both governments have the responsibility to rectify the situation that has grossly disadvantaged innocent border populace.
  5. Conserve the accomplishments. It was no mean feat to expose the regime’s horrible human rights records. Crime against humanity is not a mere label but the true face of the Eritrean regime. This and other diplomatic successes will come in handy in the next phase; the domestic arena.
  6. I can’t emphasize the need of immediate rejection of all superficial divisions based on region and religion. We are all victims of one regime; and that is it.
  7. Undivided focus on the Isaias regime. Let us pause and stop focusing on groups and individuals within the opposition. The only individuals we should focus on are Isaias and his clique. We at the justice-seekers camp have no spokesperson. We need one. No one has any constituency, or should claim so. This is the time to forge alliances and focus on the regime. Unity of purpose brings purposeful citizens together and accords them leverage to effect meaningful change.
  8. Let us use our diversity to our advantage. Who in the opposition has met with the Kuwaitis, the UA Emirates, the Egyptians, the Sudanese? We have experienced members who can appeal to their interests.
  9. The Ethiopian new Prime Minister is growing on all of us. He appears to be a genuine democrat and as a democrat, we have a potential ally.
  10. “I didn’t do it for you” is the mantra of the century. Regional developments define and make us, circa since 1890. We are either pawns; or puny side-kicks. We have to step-up this time. Our sacrifices from Adal to Lampedusa, shouldn’t be in vain. We should be prepared to secure our voices and invite the winds of change to the nation that deserves more than anyone—our beloved Eritrea. Are we ready?
  11. To this end, in all our cities, let us call for public meetings and come together as Eritreans and discuss the way forward.

In the unity of purpose, there lies the path of victory…

Of course, these are my personal opinion and hope to learn from others…

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  • Acria

    Selam Ghezae,
    We Eritreans have been ready for change since 1961. The jubilant independence in 1991, officially in 1993, was soon smeared with unjust arrest, the establishment of one party rule, and complicated by the 1998-2000 unnecessary war with Ethiopia. Since then, our country has seen nothing but stagnation. We did have few projects here and there; nevertheless, it was a dismal progress in all accounts. This is what happens when the ruling party has a militaristic state of mind. The EPLF then was supposed to hand power to the civilian population and never have control over all aspects of Eritrea. They, the EPLF, were supposed to control the defense of the country without political involvement!
    My Eritrean brethren, I am very excited about the new peace exchange that is happening between Eritrea and Ethiopia. I wish this could have been initiated by the Eritrean government so that they could have earned some good gesture of leadership; nonetheless, it is a good start. As such, most of us would like to see real democratic changes inside Eritrea better than what is happening in Ethiopia. I am a little bit less optimistic in this regard because the EPLF (PFDG) has never implemented any democratic changes since 1991 to prove me wrong otherwise. As I have mentioned it above, this is the nature of a militaristic leadership and thinking. It leads you to dictatorship and stagnation. As a result, we lost hope: we became prisoners in our country, we became refugees everywhere, and our primary goal, especially the youth, became looking for the next chance to get out of the country.

    Yes Ghezae, we have been ready for a change since 1961. I would say the need to effect change within Eritrea has died in 1991 by being complacent and by loosing hope in the 1998-2000 senseless war with TPLF, the then friends of EPLF. I am hoping that this newfound love with PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed will bring some semblance of peace in the region. That doesn’t mean there will be change in Eritrea. Reliable change can only take place in Eritrea only if the current regime will hand over power to the civilian population and removes its hands from any political activities. For this scenario to take place, meaningful challenge should come from inside. The only problem with that scenario is, we are not looking to bring change from within Eritrean, we are escaping away from Eritrea. On top of that we don’t have a youth challenging the status que in Eritrea. This is different from what is happening in Ethiopia. The only reason we see change in Ethiopia is because of the challenge the ruling party has been facing lately.

    Well, making peace with Ethiopia may bring some positive moral peace within Eritrea. That will not be translated into significant democratic change in Eritrea unless the whole Eritrean population, especially our brethren inside Eritrea, are united democratically to demand change. I am all in favor of peaceful transition of power to the civilian population. No more war! It is my hope that the Eritrean regime will make significant change inside Eritrea to make peace with the Eritrean people. We can only make peace with our neighbors if we can have true peace within ourselves. Count me in for this wind of change!

  • ghezaehagos

    Selam Awatisats,

    Though belated, let me first thank those who addressed me and took time to comment.

    As you all know these are momentous time in our struggle. A new chapter between the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea is opening; closing the dominant narrative of Ethio-based Eritrean opposition. For a good chunk of its recent history, Eritrean opposition knows (knew) and plays (played) within the parameters of no-war or no-peace. Now that is gone…

    I find it distressing to be honest we are spending our attention to what is going on in the rapprochement of these two regimes, instead what it means for us and what is next for us. If I gauge the interest by the 130 sth comments, negligible is said about the recommendations of the unfiltered notes; but a lot on PM Abiy’s charm and Yemane monkey’s grin….Demosthenes’ Donkey!

    There is no question it is hard to escape the irresistible drama unfolding 55 minutes from Asmara (by Air). It is as if a long-long dragged movie hurried to dazzling action sequence with improbable twists.

    Much conceded it should not be overlooked (used to love this phrase in law papers), we have huge task at hand. Uniting the opposition for a common purpose. Lessons to be learnt from Amhara-Oromo uprising and the enviable diaspora-based (read ESAT led) pressure. Setting priorities; eschewing divisions. Resurrection of the Eritrean constitution (with repeated emphasis on its bill of rights). Acknowledging the change of the rules of engagement. Only those who are ready, can face the future.

    Let the commentators do comment. We at the justice camp have holier pledge to keep.


  • Teodros Alem

    Selam all beloved people
    By any measurement the peace progress between ethiopia and eritrea is good and the beginning for the way forward.
    by the way, hayat and p , arecab was in the seen to receive the eritrean delegate, ellellllelll. Thank god.

  • Natom Habom

    selam all paper TIGERS

  • Kaddis

    Hi Abi –
    Jokes aside – there are Eritrean diplomats in Addis, young and old, with AU and UN mandates. And many come and go with the invitation of AU, UN etc…I am sure the resident diplomats long wait of hosting a delegate from their capital is ending is a relief –

  • Selam Abi,

    I have the urge to tell you this, you have not been paying attention lately.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Selam Abisha,

    ሞጥሟጣ፡ መሞጣሞጥ ተምረህ መጣህ? I welcomed you back a while ago; you didn’t see it. Welcome back.

    All of you wonderful people of Awate: I will be back full time in about 10 days. Put your best speculations forward until then.

  • Now inc.

    No defection is expected from these guys. Back home they sit on a sack of cash…so what more could they possibly need as such old age.
    By the way, find Negash Teklit video on youtube. He chats in Amharic about the national team during derg when he was one of the players. Great interview. I remember that 1980 championship. As kids, it was one of the happiest days. We didn’t know anything about politics and we were crazy about football, cycling and Indian films. Good old times.

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam abi
    What is going on? nomore lola.
    Tomorrow there will be ” fukira” by dancers at the reception of eritrea delegation at the airport.
    ” cegeseges adero yematal ceniga
    ya ba ment’er wondem Isayas aba niga”.

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam now inc
    They will drive through mekele on the way to addis soon(after ful peace), by than they will say what they think about woyanes, …

  • said

    Greetings .

    The Meaningful Measure of Friendship and Relationship with Others: One’s Commitment to the Principles of Human Rights, Justice & Freedom
    It is the duty of Educated and Learned individual Eritrean and Ethiopian to be publicly involved in human causes aiming at facing up the rampant western Imperialist designs and programs, as abetted by the our Reactionary forces, that are aiming, openly and flagrantly, at the destruction of the livelihood; the wellbeing and the future of the people of our region, as that affects humans anywhere.

    The Challenges at stake are existential, mutually exclusive and extremely imminent and high leaving no excuses for every Educated and Learned Eritrean and as an African
    to be peacefully involved, as must treat as priority the question of the present and future wellbeing of one’s folks and humanity at large.

    The Designs and Aggressive thrust acting in unison of the western Imperialist- Africa Reactionary Forces – increasingly flagrantly and viciously sinister and destructive – render it incumbent upon and falls on the shoulders of every conscious and a decent citizen to act; be peacefully assertively involved in public issues that impact the lives and the future of the people of the horn of Africa at Africa large.

    Each Eritrean and Ethiopian individual is required to chip in by whatever peaceful means available to openly resist the Imperialist- Reactionary forces’ thrust; this, as distinct from a passive or lukewarm involvement at times when the very existence and the legitimate future of the people of our region AND Africa at large are at stake.

    It is high times to call things by their name facing up openly and unhesitatingly the vicious flagrant assault of the dark forces of LOCAL Reactionary acting in unison with the Imperialist powers to undermine the livelihood and the future of the people of the REGION

    The Only considerations tying a Eritrean and Ethiopian to others ought from now on predicate on one’s commitment, advocacy and faithful adherence to the principles of advancement of human rights, justice and freedom.

    Ethnicity, Kinship, Religion, Sect and Tribal affiliation should never be the measures and criteria of affinity and relationship with others, being Eritrean and Ethiopian or any other humans.

    Accordingly, it is No more excusable or permissible that while the Imperialist Reactionary forces of darkness coalesce for the malaise of the people of the REGION that any single caring educated, learned or enlightened Eritrean and Ethiopian individual to remain passive and uninvolved.

    One’s assertive commitment to the principles of human rights, justice and freedom shall be the measures constituting the criterion of any decent human’s future connections and relationship with other humans.
    In our region the fact and truth remain distance to have democracy , justice, and liberty are in pipe dream. They can be resurrected and restored without knowledge, education and information. In Eritrea few people have that information. The young are born after independence into what exists dictatorship and they know nothing else , and as the cruel dictatorship unleashes and increases year by year, tyranny and dictatorship becomes the natural order to them. Indeed, they do not recognize dictatorship and nor justice, and liberty . Their midcore life for some having a gadget like cell phones, social media, and the Internet give them the illusion of freedom. The old generation some were lost in the controversies of their time: AND DO NOT trust the old bankrupt Russians are communists, In short, the vast bulk of Eritrean people haven’t a ask themselves to find the solution, what to do, my answer is that nothing can be done until enough people are informed. Informing. Support any efforts and those of a few others whose only agenda is to inform.
    In Eritrean , and throughout our region, it is harder and harder to speak the truth. Indeed, truth is such a devalued virtue that to speak it almost qualifies sell out ,

    This takes me to the most beloved of the lyrics, “Man of La Mancha,” adaptations from Miguel di Cervantes’ epic, “Don Quixote”:

    The Impossible Dream – Lyrics of the Man of La Mancha

    To dream the impossible dream
    To fight the unbeatable foe
    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go
    To right the unrightable wrong
    To love pure and chaste from afar
    To try when your arms are too weary
    To reach the unreachable star

    This is my quest To follow that star
    No matter how hopeless No matter how far
    To fight for the right Without question or pause
    To be willing to march into Hell For a heavenly cause

    And I know if I’ll only be true To this glorious quest
    That my heart will lie peaceful and calm When I’m laid to my rest
    And the world will be better for this
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage
    To reach the unreachable, the unreachable, the unreachable star

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei Georgi.
    I dont do praying. But i really wish that Eritreans experience what Ethiopians do right now. We did not get it free but it doenst matter how you get it as long as you dont hurt other. Eritreans passiveness hurt mostly eritreans, even you know it.

    When you say self-reliance i feel like you call yourself liar.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei, Georgi.
    You know when PIA starts a sentence i know the whole paragraph.
    Self reliance doesnt mean the three millions you pushed them abroad supporting the rest three millions.

  • Paulos

    Selam My Good People,

    Eritrean delegation is travelling to Addis next week. It sure feels kind of a stoned brain hallucinating. But it is real. Can’t wait to see who will be travelling. For sure Osman Saleh and Yemane Gebreab but the rest could be anybody. And curious to know who will be receiving them at the tarmac.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei, Paulos.
      They will be received by tigrians refugees who ‘pretend’ they are Eritreans :). Just kidding. I dont thin Dr Abiy will receive them. It would be too much even for him. But I wish PIA comes instead. That boasting young PIA in 1991 could have a chance to reflect on what he has done and said in the first golden opportunity period of Eri-Ethio. The way he spoke sounded as if he single handedly brought down derg and the communists.
      This is what he must reflect on:

      1) The Ethiopians that time including Eritreans too specially the EPRPs challenged derg and showed the true face of derg for all to see. I have never read or witnessed young students confronting a deadly military junta the way EPRPs have done. Why tplf and eplf wiped EPRPs. I know now why EPRPs or ELFs or any oppositions wiped out or surrender for tplf-eplf. No other ethnic group shall rule Ethiopia and Eritrea. (The Eritreans could have used EPRPs heroosm to shake the dictators in Eritrea).

      2) Derg collapsed a) The majority in Ethiopia doesnt want a dictatorial government, a government which has no respect for the Ethiopians value. Individuals and some 20 strong groups opposed derg in all possible ways. (Not the way tplf tells us it is only them, not the way eplf tells us it is only them)

      3) Wining a dictator is not a goal by itself but it is the way to make the path for development ready.

      4) The west paralized derg through boycott, sanction, propaganda, allowing Ethiopians specially scholars to mass exodus away from Ethiopia and helping tplf. (Eritrean government knows very well what the west doing against it now).

      5) The majority of Ethiopians before 1991 knew nothing about port or nevy. It is just a matter of sovereignty. When an Eritreans says Badme or death he or she doesnt mean the wealth of Badme. It is a matter of sovereignty, feeling of my mother land. It is the same what Ethiopians felt when Eritrea succeed.

      6) When you declare an independent country there is a consequence. For us all what we have seen for the last 27 years is the consequence. Most of the hardships could have been avoided but we havnt have that kind leaderships or power like the west have to cut ethnic groups into two and silent them or crush them to pieces.

    • Desbele

      Hi Paul,
      Eager to see how different the Ethio/Eritrea team look.

      Eri – gray haired , old 70+, communist khaki, plastic sandal, probably Arafat scarf, Nokia 1260 fold-able mobile,under constant pressure ….ኣያይ እንታይ ክብል እዩ

      Ethio – well , Abiy and colleagues, you know who they are and how digital they look.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dr Paulos,

      Sure Wedi Efriem or Wedi Kassahun will be in the team representing the security apparatus of the regime, and their Ambassador to AU.

      • Paulos

        Selam Professor A. Hidrat, Desbele and Alex,

        One only wonders what will cross their minds when they drive through Addis for the drastic transformation of the city stands in a sharp contrast to the narrative they have been peddling for the last twenty years.

        In any case, wish them all the best and hope this will be it as in the end of an era of animosity and the beginning of peace and prosperity. God bless!

        • saay7

          Hey Paulos:

          Is it true? I heard that part of the Eritrean delegation is Kemal Gelchu who has arrived in Addis Ababa same day.

          Back in the Final & Binding years (RIP), you can’t believe how much of a big deal shabait made about Kemal Gelchu and his soldiers defecting to Eritrea. Weyane Game Over clock was accelerated, and the decision to pursue the strategic blunder (of accepting essentially same deal it rejected 16 years ago) got reenforced in the echo chamber.


          • Paulos

            Selam Sal,

            Heard a cold joke where Gelchu is a token of appreciation from Isaias sans wrapped in a gift paper. The joke went on, if the young PM was a Gurage, Birhanu Nega would’ve been the token.

            The young PM is with mix feelings for Gelchu is anything but a token for he is for Oromo independence instead. Isaias the menace, adding headache to migraine. So much for Game Over.

    • Alex

      Hi Paulo,
      I think Yemane monkey, FM Osman saleh and General Sebhat are my three pick for the delegation representing Eritrea in Addis.

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Paulos,

      I think Haile DuruE was Eritreas (EPLF) last successful diplomat. I truely believe his skills is what help materialize the referendum and the boarder agreement.

      The rest, we have not seen anything they have achieved as far as Eritreas image or deplomtic maneuvers, in other words, they are just IA puppets and messengers. Under their watch:

      1) The UN left before finishing the job
      2) Involved in Somalia and got Eritrea sanctioned
      3) They got Eritrea referred to CoI and the AU Human Rights
      4) Eritrea become number one in almost everything there is as far as people’s rights and freedoms is concerned (freedom of expression, refugees export, lack of freedom, movement, worship, education, torture, slavery, human trafficking, you name it).
      4) All I can say is, they are going to say “eshi goytay, ngus Abi, yetazezeln enqebelalwn ena chimir). YeNa geta, IA decides and thinks and breath for us.

      They are dead walking souls. They have buried their commarades alive to death in Era Ero and they don’t do anything about it, what to expect of them.

      I hope he sends abc, civilians who have nothing to do with the crimes of the regime.


      • Paulos

        Selam Berhino,

        Well said. I absolutely agree. Glad you reminded us the true nature of the regime where we can easily get lost with in the ephimeral bliss.

        I suspect, he may free political prisoners possibly a day after the delegates announce the success of the meeting. He will do that in a bid to mitigate the tension between him and the people and to blur the ugly memory as well.

        As it happened, Dr. Berekhet [MD] gives a rather compeling perspective on what it means for Eritreans if peace is actually around the corner. I suggest you and Awatistas listen to the interview. It is on Assenna.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Berhe,

        Whether they are from the military or civilian they are messengers of the despot and they are not negotiators whatever it could come on the plate of negotiation. The despot will chose the loyal messangers and will give them the “talking point”. Anything outside his talking point, that could come in the round by their counterpart, they will not take responsibility to negotiate, because if they did, they know they will be reprimanded. There is no collective work and collective decision in the political house of the despot. Everything has to be originated from him and finds its closure from him.

        • Hope

          Selam Emanuel Hidrat:
          Let us wait and see.
          You might be surprised though that PIA and his Puppet Team might come up with a surprising negotiations/MoU):
          -Security and Defense package
          -Joint Economic ventures(Airlines,Telecom,Transportation,Tourism among others) besides opening Aseb Port for Ethiopia immediately
          -Lifting of the Sanctions
          -Joining the IGAD (the TPLF Agent is kicked out by IGAD)
          remember that PIA wil do everything that might annoy the TPLF…
          It is ONLY fair to be fair and reasonable and Optimistic for the sake of both Nations and peoples.

        • Berhe Y

          ዝኸበርካ አማን፡

          ሓቕኻ አለኻ፡ አይተጋገኻን ኩሎም ሓደ እዮም፡፡ ነዳይ ናይ ልቡ ይሓልም፡ እዩ ኮይኑ እቲ ድልያትና እምበር፡፡

          አብ አስመራ ከለኹስ፡ ምስ ንአሽቶ ሓፍተይ አገልግሎት ዝነበረት ንዕልል ነበርና፡፡ ብዛዕባ ሳዋ፡ ታዕሊም፡ መቅጻዕቲ፡ ጭካነ ናይቶም ሓለፍቲ ገለመለ፡

          ንዓይ ንመጀመርያ ግዜ ስለ ዝነበረ ገሩሙኒ፡ “እዚኦምሲ ንህዝቢ ኢሎም ተጋዲሎምሲ ክንድዚ ይጭክኑ ኢለ ተገሪመ ሓቲተያ”፡፡ እንታይ ከም ዝምህርዎም ክሎም ሓደ እዮም ኢልትኒ፡፡

          ቀጺላ፡ ሓደ ግዜ አብ ሳዋ፡ ሓደ መንእሰይ እንታይ ከም ዝገበረ፡ ብጣዕሚ ዘስካሕክሕ ገሮም ቀጺዖሞ፡፡ ደሓር ነንሕድሕድና ከንዕልል ከለና ትብል፡ ሓደ ካባን፡ እዚኦምሲ አሕዋትና ተባሂሎም ክንድዚ ይጭኩኑ፡፡

          ሓደ ካባና ድማ፡ እንታይ ድዩ መሲሉኩም፡ እቶም አስማሪኖ ተጋደልቲ እኮ ደሓን እዮም፡፡ እቲ ጨካናት እኮ፡ እቶም ፋራታት ሃገረሰብ ዝነበሩ፡ ዋላ ሓንቲ ዘይፈልጡ እዩም ይብል እሞ፡፡ ሓደ ትቕብሉ አቢሉ፡

          ክላ ግደፈና፡ ኩላቶም ብሓደ ከም ሕሩጭ ተለዊሶም፡ ካብ ሓንቲ መቅሎ ዝወጹ ቕጫ እዮም፡፡


    • Ismail AA

      Dear Dr. Paulos,

      I won’t envy the lot of those individuals.Those who were not picked might would feel great great relief. They know how risky it would be to carry and deliver the despot’s message tagged with arrogance. This time, it would be worse because he would attempt to sell his helpless wasteful waiting to the Ethiopian side as triumph as he did to his blind supporters. You ask me for the clue, I tell you his floating of concern for the unity and stability of Ethiopia: very hilarious, isn’t it?

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. Ethiopia’s Somali Region is at high risk of being used as a proxy by the TPLF to instigate problems for PM Abiy.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei, Fish.
      Ya, off course. TPLF is doing what western countries doing.The west only doing it against other countries. Not even to a member countries. The woyanes got it all wrong. They do it against a country they call their own, Ethiopia. But are they Ethiopians. It was not accidental that they join Ethiopia in 1991?

      Their Golden time was when they put the oromos and amharas in head on collision. Tplf uses Eprdf for poisoning ethnic federalism in such a way that people fight one another while Tigray development monopolize all ethnics wealth without lifting a finger. When the oromos and amharas declared no more hatred between them ,in any normal circumstances, the government could have said how happy it is that two big ethnic groups resolved their problems. Guess what their puppet Desalgn said ‘This is not possible. The two have a totally different politics view”. It is not only a humiliating surprise but the way he said it. He sounded like ‘IT IS NOT FAIR AMHARA AND OROMO ARE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Since the two declared no more drinking from tplf ethnic poison and that it is tplf the culprit for the instability of the two groups or since he said IT IS NOT FAIR then the tplf puppy couldn’t even read properly what tplf has given to him. It is just like he got stroke. That is why they removed him. They were confused then if they put Debretsion for that matter any tigre pm people start do campaign not only against tpfl but tigrians too (this i appriciate them). So it has to be from other killil.

      But that time even oromo and amhara eprdf on the way to make themselves free from tplf. What is they dont have woyane has? No poison. No hate for other ethnic groups. No more recruiting a retarded corrupt for allowing tigray development suck the wealth. No Badme for Assab. They can live with that. No problemo.

      That is why suddenly Somalis president acting wired. He and his people becomes the next tplf victims. And he started the calamity of both somalis and oromos. Oromos now know it is not somalis. They will pay the sacrifices and let all Ethiopians know the criminal thug how far and how low they can go. Woyane by itself has no power. What they have is how to make new friends and hit the old ones right between the eyes. Either they are with with shabia and bombing Ethiopia, or with Ethiopia bombing Eritrea, with Somali land bombing Somalia, woth oromo bombing amhara etc… What makes me sad about them instead of using their time and energy on this evil system they could have worked and get more than what they get now. And we could have worked and live in peace.

    • Hope

      Selam FM:
      Spot on!
      That is exactly what the TPLF threatened–even Dr Debretsion said it .
      Case in point “The Shigute of the Southern people” Plot and Formula.
      The Somali region and the puppet leadership have been on training toexecute this agenda.
      Simple solution:
      As he did it to the few mercenaries in Sidama,Dr Abiy should kick those Somali Mercenaries IMMEDIATELY before it is to late.
      Now we heard that there is some chaos in Asosa..,then there will be some in Gambella.
      Those TPLF Spy Agents and L:iyyu Police should be deported back to Tigray IMMEDIATELY.
      As far as the safety of the Eri Delegation is concerned, am worried that the TPLF Gang might try for Assassination Attempts. as some Tigreyan under Oromo nick names are threatening that evil act as we speak.
      Addis is a very big city and it is difficult to control and monitor the security….
      remember that the TPLF gang is fully equipped with every weapon–not just Hand Grenades but Long Range Snipers,RPGs,and Machine Guns..
      Hope the {PFDJ is reading me even though it was claimed that the GoE
      already sent a well equipped Commando elite/Security team but still that is NOT enough.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hie, Ayneta!
    Let’s forget the eri-oppositions which are out numbered by the supporters of dictaotrs in Eritrea. My question to you, what will happen if Eritreans oppose the Eritrea itself the way the Ethiopians have done? What are they afraid of which their counter part in ethioa dared to do so? The prison, the killings, the corruption, the ethnic war, loosing their wealth, work and better life?

    When G-15 thrown to prison I thought there was some thing going on Eritrea for change. But when i see the support the majority eritreans have both in and out i believed the governemtn has support by the majority. I dont mean the majortiy can oppress the minorities. No, i am just saying the majority supports the dictators and that was the reason the govrenmetn has stayed with out any significant protest.

    The first protest against EPLF ended only sending people to prison. In Ethiopia the first protest at least in Addis consumed 9 civilians. The rest you know it. Do you think people afraid opposing EPLF is consider as opposing the independence of Eritrea?

    • Abraham H.

      Dear MM, in my opinion trying to compare the situation in Ethiopia and Eritrea in terms of the possibilities of the peoples to wage protests against their regimes is almost trying to compare apples and oranges. In Eritrea, probably the worst police state, even when compared with North Korea, even those with nominal powers, the generals, and the cabinet ministers cannot protest the decisions of the dictator let alone the ordinary people. Ethiopia, even way before the ascent of PM Abiy to power, had, relatively speaking a lot of space for exspressing dissent, albeit the regrettable death of some protesters. Also, please don’t considerer silence due to the omnipresent danger and pervasive fear as acceptance of the bruttal pfdj regime.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei Abrahm.
        ”Ethiopia, even way before the ascent of PM Abiy to power, had, relatively speaking a lot of space for expressing dissent, albeit the regrettable death of some protesters.”

        That is my point. Ethiopians this ‘space for expressing dissent protest’ by paying the sacrifice. Tplf were more afraid than eplf in Eritrea at the beginning. A one ethnic group direct from the ‘wild’ (their condition in the civil war) who considered any opposition against them was a derg and they could shoot at the point. The first day opposition consumed 9 civilians. I dont waste your time how many not-tigre ethnic groups had been killed starting from Gonder in 1991, followed by Gambela, Oromya, etc. That did not stop the Ethiopians. Remember the terro derg left behind is still fresh for Ethiopians to be terrified by any government for that matter. Dont be fooled by the way Tigrians treated by tplf and tplf treated by Ethiopians. Not only that tigrians are minorities.

        My point is the Eritreans taking the enormous documentations how they had fought for freedom betterment of their peoples has done nothing or almost negligible against the dictators in Eritrea.

        The main difference is our tplf has had millions non tigre to rob from and satisfy its followers while eplf has minorities to rob from and too little to share with its die hard supporters. That where the main problem with tplf. Eplf wants the tplf’s cake just barbecue they are tigrians too.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei, Georgi.
    I and you agreed on many points on what is going on in Ethiopia. What has been in Ethiopia from 1991 until this ‘God-sent’ PM suddenly appear in Ethiopia is just like Ethiopia burning. That fire you felt in Ethiopia is a fire for saying no for one ethnic forward and let the rest go to ashes. The dead president was openly prioritizing Tigre from both Eri-Ethio until the tirge-leaders (woyane/shabia) disagreed how to share the wealth of the non-tigre property both in etiopa and eritrea. Since then even common non shabira-woyane tigre started to hate one another.

    But now the story in Ethiopia if you follow like that insignificant bomb attack (but the intention of woyane as i told you is to stay in power or else burn Ethiopia in civil war) woyane is done. And my point in Awate is also that the rest of ethnic groups say no for tigre-dictator in Eritrea. Did you get me or shal i explain more.

    The dictators in Eritrea is the same as before 1991. You people just changed amharic speaker Mengistu Hailemariam by tigrinya speaker PIA. He staid in power with any opposition only because his ethnic group is the majority.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei, Georgi.
    Sending the 3 million abroad to feed the rest 3 million what eplf promised in 1991.
    If both tplf eplf were promoting for the betterment of all ethnic groups by now it is not the time to discuss about the mass exodes of our peoples, the ethnic war, border war, sanction, splitting tigray into two, etc.

    If tplf and eplf had not a hidden ajenda ie tigrians first in eritrea and ethiopia by now the beautiful ports story could have been that Eritrea has used the ‘beautiful’ ports revenue to change the life of the peoples. Peoples who live arround the porst both in cities and countrys side now thanks for the two porst and the florishing business in ethiopa and eritrea have really a relative moern life.

    The cooperation of the two countries tourist commision by creating tourist package ancient church, mosques and beautiful beaches bring millions and millions of Tourists b

  • Mitiku Melesse

    I am happy with inrmous love from flourishing from Wello to Moyale, from Metema to Ogaden. Hate is the past thing. We are cleaning the hatrade you and your likes spreading. Yes i believe in reconciliation but not while you are still planing in your dedebit night school meeting halls how to keep the tigrinas economy control. That train has gone for good. That agazi soldiers kicking a woman face is over. Ethiopia doesnt mean TPLF, Eritrea doesnt mean EPLF.

  • lelom

    @gebremedin Yohannes,
    Thank you very much you told him my beat, BYZ Most of them in here are somewhere in corner of the earth But talking too much hate…

  • Mitiku Melesse

    The devils woyane they recurited OPDO immidiately after they disarmed OLF with the help of EPLF. Then they use opdo to do their dirty work.

    Some works of the devils woyanes in Ethiopia:
    They told their puppet OPDO that Oromos are free people and shall never use Amharic letters. Even accommodating the alphabet was not to think about. The very usage of the Amharic alphabet shows that the continuity of amhara’s oppression over Oromos. The same devils tell the amahra that there is no called Amharic letters. The letters are from Geez and Geez is the result of Tigray civilizaion. Geez belongs to Tigray. Both Tigray peoples, Georg would be upstate.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei, George.
    Tell me more about how you two crush ELF and subjugated the non-tigray ethnic in your part of the world, you and our tigreans put OLF and amhara something (i forgot the name) out of play in 1991-1998. I love that story. Tell me how you guard Meles’ office in the palace. How you helped him in the first election. The funny referendum in Addis, close your eyes about sending the Northern tigray people to North Tigray in Eritea. By the way when woyane sent ‘Eritreans’ by by guns home they did not send other Eri-ethnic groups. ONLY TIGRINYA PEOPLE as you call them, Proving my point, maybe…

    I understand what you mean when you say if you are Eritreans. You mean if you are Tigrinya people and the tigre in Ethiopia betray you. I understand your pain. But from my point of view, you did the same to them. Brothers and sisters dont do this to one another no matter. This is another proof what you think of your blood broehter. You accepted the non-tigre Ethiopia as a normal conflict between two counteries. But what your own blood have done to their brothers sisters is a betriayl. I got you. You and me think the same. But you still hung on this old woyane-shabia politics whic i call it manupulaitn.

    • @george

      Dear mitiku

      Himmm … lets start the beginning EPLF…which was run by IA realised that ELF was run by tribalistic and ssome religious backwards…their vision of eritrea was different. So he Used TPLF as he used the to defeat yr moma ethiopia. EPLF army was as diverse as you can get from afar to belin to rashaida to low lands…all nationalities were present. Ethiopias are so proud they are unable to believe any story about Eritrea. What eritrea was nothing short of miracle with not much on history of the World. Eritreans where very apprehensive about TPLF. Why because they have betrayed us before….like 150 years ago tricked an eritrean leader into coming for peace treaty abd arrested him….i told you you know very little about Eritrea. Why did we help them with all the stuff….well that is simple…stablised ethiopia at peace with itself is good for us….but look what watchout they have robbed you and they have a big dream to set up there own country called “aby Tigray”. Great Tigray..any way good luck yr ethiopia has massive problem…ethnic violence will definitely will come unless aome miracle happened. You have 100 millions people…no development…your debt is massive. We are only 3 millions with peace we will be very lovely…good luck…god help you but we cant we done

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hie Georogi.

        Ya, ya. Great tigray is crying for help for half of its land people in North. Sorry says mother tigray, it was the money thing blind my eyes. Something to that effect.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei Erta.
    You stuck in our tigraionline world. Follow Ethiopians media. Now, Now just now In the middle of Mesqel square wher the tplf bishop blessing the tplf soldiers and security people for kicking young and women right in their faces for opposing tplf; people are saying and waving TPLF Game is Over.

  • Selam George,

    You say that eritreans are peaceful, patriotic and united. As much as patriotism is concerned, you should not bring it as if it is unique to eritreans. No nation is unpatriotic, but individuals.

    When it comes to peacefulness, a cowed and intimidated people cannot be anything else but peaceful. Fortunately, ethiopians were not peaceful during the inhuman derg, and they deposed it albeit with a big price. Despite all the problems, ethiopians are positioned now in a better situation for a hopeful future. Waiting for what the future is going to bring without doing anything, either to expedite or abort it, is a sign of fatalistic approach to life.

    Why do you continue to see enemies on all directions. Why would the world be enemy to a small nation of 3.5m? If you have real enemies as you say, and the world were in the 18th century and beyond, you should know that they could have swallowed you within a day. Why would ethiopia want a known problem (eritrea) for a second time, unless she is crazy. Therefore, eritrea’s external enemies today are mainly the creation of the minds of the dictator and his enablers, and as much as the real enemies of eritrea are concerned, they are none other than the dictator whom eritreans created, nurture and defend and his enablers, and not ethiopia, the usa or anybody else.

    Indeed ethiopia has a lot of problems because ethiopians are never cowed or intimidated and they strike back. They are not people who accept easily their fate, but a living society in action with its ups and downs, and they move forward. This is the main difference. Fear of the future and complete inaction and surrender bring stagnation with an accumulation of simmering problems without a relief valve that is going to explode one day and that day could be a tragic moment unless something is done now.

    Economic hitmen are all over the third world. Exploitation, theft, tax evasion are in the nature of the capitalist economy. When you can’t do it yourself there is a price to pay. Otherwise, you close your door and windows and you live in darkness. Why is eritrea begging the usa to acquire a base on the red sea, while it is demonizing it day and night? This is the main reason eritrea hates the usa, because it refused to acquire a base in eritrea, which is a loss of income. All the other explanations do not hold water.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Every time when the number of Eritreans refugees discussed I hear that the majorities are Ethiopians. Some Eritreans get frustrated about the abuse. But the fact remains the tigrians who left for the waste are one and the same people. Which test identify who is who. One and the same people. Dont get me wrong as usual i am a hidden ajenda of uniting Eri-Ethio. Absolute Nooooooooo. Maybe if eritrea has another ethnic with a fresh thought like the new PM in Ethiopia. Fresh thought. We have enough of woyane/shabia government. Our greatness through the eyeglasses of Tigrians is not far sighted. They stuck in the feudal system. It was Amhara then and now it is we Tigrians kinda thing.

    What i am surprised over is that the Eritreans dont talk about the majority who left erirea for a better life in Europa support their regime. Meaning shabiasn are winning both at home and abroad thus the Shabian government ruled with out any substantial opposition.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    The majority in Eritrea are Tigre people. You lie when you say that you have nothing to do with Tigre in South. It is just like the eri-afar saying we have nothing to do with Afar in Ethiopia. Learn about your people first. Both Tigrians were one and the same until 1998. I dont want to teach you how they took power both in Eritrea and Ethiopia by excluding the rest of other ethnic groups. And you know very well that shabia has made it because the majority in Eritrea are Tigre people just like the ethiopians tigre the only difference is you call yourself by your language so that we could identify you better. But you make it worse. We are more confused. The north Tigre people control the Afar and other ethnic’s Red Sea and want to boss around that all Ethiopians must use their trophy ports while the south tigre people wants to take control of Red Sea by creating war on Badme because they know Badme is both of your properties. But this facts hitting you rght in between your nose so you choose to deny that the south tigre people has nothing to do with you. Why dont you dance high in the sky with you kebero that you crushed ELF so that you refresh you memory.

    This was exactly we here from your blood brothers and sisters of woyane government that the majority of Ethiopians support EPRDF. But even you know that tplf/woyane which created eprdf to control Ethiopia by the ethnic poison. Think of for a second if tplf’s (the 100 years homework given to us by ‘peace loving’ shabia) plan succeeded which is either we subjugate for the inhuman system of woyane or we must end up in a civil war worse than Rwandas.

  • saay7

    Selamat @george:

    The-UN-is-a-corrupt-institution is also part of the Great Eritrean Narrative that has contributed to arresting the development of Eritreans. Most of the people who say that either don’t know or don’t care that these UN orgs are considered partners by the Isaias regime:


    Or actually they are pretty good at talking out of both sides of their mouth: UN? Bad! UNDP? Good look at our MDG report! 😂. Of course it was the UN that authorized The Hague via its charter. The Hague gave us EEBC which gave us the famous “final and binding”, (F & B), the chant of Isaiasists until June 20, 2018. F&B was martyred on Martyrs Day, our thoughts and prayers go with it.

    Anyway, መስሓቓት ኢኹም እንዳ ህግደፍ ኣይትሳኣኑ:: The reason I like you guys so much is because you have so outsourced your critical faculties to Isaias Afwerki if he becomes my bff and builds my statues next to Pushkin, you will uncritically accept and pay your tribute. 😂


    • Beyan

      Hey Sal,

      At every turn of Greenblatt’s “Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics”, the reader is in confrontation with the absolute comitragidy [call it “comitragic”] nature of Eritrea’s predicament today. Particularly, the way in which some elements of the characters are juxtaposed akin to what you aptly characterized on your note above. That, the supporters of our homemade tyrant “have so outsourced [their] critical faculties to Isaias Afwerki if he becomes [your] bff and builds [your] statue next to Pushkin, [they] will uncritically accept and [would] pay [a] tribute” to your statue.

      Consider this as extracted from Greenblatt’s “Tyrant…” …He [the tyrant wanna be named Cade] shows the crowd at once: he attacks education (recall the shutting down of Asmara University] The educated elite has betrayed the people [ he tells the crowd].. They are traitors who will all be brought to justice, and this justice will be meted out not by judges and lawyers but in a call-and-response between the leader and his mob…The Frenchmen are our enemies…I ask but this: can he that speaks with the tongue of an enemy be a good counselor, or no?”” The crowd roars the answer: “No, no – and therefore we’ll have his head!” [Remember lock her up, lock her up…no wonder our homemade tyrant likes Trump].

      So, on a different note the reader is given a picture of Eritrea after the 1998 – 2000 war. He states that “the horrors of this war epitomize the breakdown of basic values – respect for order, civility, and human decency – which paves the way for the tyrant’s rise [Recall the wholesale imprisoning of Eritrean cabinet ministers (G15) and there is a scene later in which Cade who dreams of becoming a king…”Cade himself, for all we know, may think that what he is so obviously making up as he goes along will actually come to pass. Drawing on an indifference to the truth, shamelessness, and hyper-inflated self-confidence, the loudmouthed demagogue is entering a fantasyland – “When I am king, as kin I will be ” – and he invites his listeners to enter the same magical space with him. In that space, two and to do not have to equal four, and the most recent assertion need not remember the contradictory assertion that was made a few seconds earlier. In ordinary times, when a public figure is caught in a lie or simply reveals blatant ignorance of the truth, his standing is diminished. But these are not ordinary times. If a dispassionate bystander were to point out all of Cade’s grotesque distortions, mistakes, and downright lies, the crowd’s anger would light on the skeptic and not on Cade” (Greenblatt, Stephen, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics, pp. 35-39, Kindle Edition)

      So, Sal, the predicament is dire, the denial is relentless. May your energy to engage and expose the true believers never wanes. I have no energy to engage and when the comments are so outrageously out of this world, I just let it be. I envy your tenacity, bro.


    • Amde

      Oh Saay,

      “F&B was martyred on Martyrs Day, our thoughts and prayers go with it.”

      What a line!!

      • iSem

        Gash Amde:
        Sal is on fire today, stay away from him, I am. this is better:
        “…Isaias Afwerki if he becomes my bff and builds my statue next to Pushkin, you will uncritically accept and pay your tribute.” 😂
        It captures the essens of PFDJism/Isaiasism

    • halafi mengedi


      The very unfortunate thing about the IA fan boys and girls is not that they can’t think for themselves, but rather, the fact that they have very little, if any, influence on IA. Despite all their worship of him, they can’t make him do any thing or think in a particular way. And this makes the return on the time and effort wasted discussing with them very minuscule.


    • FishMilk

      Hi saay7. You are confusing issues. We are talking about the distrust of the UN that Eritreans living inside of Eritrea have and not the feelings of distrust that the GoE has for the UN. The fact is that the UN is a very corrupt institution which has royally put the screws to Eritrea over the past two decades.

      • saay7


        I know what you are saying. My point is the UN is a huge organization with many departments and some, like the ones I listed (focused on social and economic affairs of the UN) are the ones with direct interaction with the people. It’s the political and security arm that deals with the government and its elite. Again there is nothing unique about Eritrean population just like world population being distrusting of the UN: it’s the job of the political class to manipulate them when they rule in their favor (EEBC!) and when they don’t drop everything to work on their wishlist (EEBC.)

        In any event, you missed my original point: just like one arm of the UN was used for governments to negotiate their dispute (The Hague), another alem of the UN was used to chronicle the abuses and crimes one government committed on its people (HRC.) the people may mistrust hate the UN HRC in the abstract, but the information it contained in its report are testimonies of Eritreans that were only denied by the astroturf campaign of Isaiasist sending form letters in one of their ኽተት campaigns.


        • FishMilk

          Hi saay7. I am certainly not denying the findings of HRC. Nothing unique about the Eritrean population distrusting the UN? Well, certainly the reasons for mistrusting the UN are unique! By the way, while the PIA/PFDJ may be happy for propaganda purposes to cite progress made against MDGs (and now SDGs), Eritrea has had one of the worst records with the UN that I know. Out of the agencies that you mentioned, how many are physically present and for those that are, what level of operational presence do they have? Where is the UN’s largest specialized agency WFP? To recall that even in the early days following liberation that the relationship between the GoE and the UN was very rocky. UNICEF’s Head of Office in Asmara was thrown in jail the day after liberation. In 1992, the UN’s first Special Representative was declared persona non grata, closely followed by the UNHCR Representative also being declared persona non grata. I remember at one point in the mid-90s, that all of UNHCR’s international staff were declared persona non grata.

  • Selamat ዓሳጸባ፡

    Are you joking or are you still insisting on remaining asleep. Another Month without reforms and change of the old guard, then you have buried Eritrea, though it will remain forever in our hearts.

    “Hi All. Reality and strategy forward: PIA and/or the PFDJ will be needed for at least 3-years following finalization of the border issue. During this time, reforms which respect basic human rights will quickly need to commence to be implement, albeit in a gradual, very visible, and transparent manner. ”

    Stand on ’17
    Counter Narrative 2018 2X + Saay’s 7 = 27
    ወርቃዊት መጠን 1.618 ጎልደን ሬሽዮ ሓድነት ነጥቢ ትሽዓተ ዓሰርተ ሾሞንተ 9/18
    Abbu AAshera Weapon X – Evolution!

    • FishMilk

      Hi GitSAtSE. As mentioned before, I believe that you are manifesting symptoms of hyperlexia and hypernumeracy which are likely the result of a cerebral infarction in the left anterior cingulate cortex and corpus callosum. Again, I therefore suggest that you immediately take-up recreational use of sinsemilla (it’s gender friendly). I will even travel with you to Shashamai to participate in the partaking.

      • Selamat ዓሳጸባ፡

        You must be a grower and or distributor. I have no such technical knowledge nor the time and interest to look up the majority of your above words; Perhaps some day for trivial knowledge or for use in the event I find myself gathered in your circle. Here I thought you were utterly closed minded as those who restrict and stunt your growth and liberty to explore and innovate. These days I have advanced in age and have not the desire or capacity for these designer high potent hybridized herbs you youngsters are consuming with the unnecessary
        guilty and shameful feelings that are imposed upon you.

        Here is a thought why not you go on and have your weekend sinsemilla unlock the imposed inhibited mind of yours meditate on the following link I am attaching and contemplate honestly whether you and I have a difference of an opinion regarding that which you are finding irritating.

        I am hoping all awatistas will take time TO DO THIS… and ዓሳጸባ
        ዕበየለይ ሂጠረለይ። ማይ ኒጋ ፊሽሚልክ ኣይ ሎቨ ዩ።


  • FishMilk

    Hi All. Ginbot7 has announced that is is suspending armed operations. This is another sign that things are moving in the right direction in regards to the border and US tied lifting of sanctions on Eritrea.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei Fish.
      The evils’ blood vessels are cut in all direction. Now let’s make our politics and policies based on our hard work. No more manipulation.

  • Natom Habom

    selam le kulu
    this days of joys peace at last long life hizbawi ginbar
    like a rock against all odds never kneel down pfdj protected our sovereinity an d intergrity without any compromise /
    sorry my opposition no wind of change for you ,you acted miserably against the interest of
    your people and country ,you have no integrity and self respect your place is next tplf
    had you stand for your country instead compromising our soveirenity even by proposing Badime to our enemy in exchange of him let you sit in asmara palace how blind must you be to not see woyane have jahra he weak like you he can t take you to asmara but you can go and live with him makele .
    woyane used to lie so much he left without developing tigray ,they stool so much weilth
    it s not over yet they have to face justice,kissara kissara ,long life my country ,long life issayas afeworqi ,

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei! Two points to share.

    1) The Ethiopians non Tigre Ethnic groups were victim of the woyane ethnic policy. Tigray has been the winner if we dont forget how Tigray was 27 years ago. The woyane government made the Tigray development org the monopolist of all Ethiopians wealth. And to make sure how tplf depends on its ethnic poison policy with out no shame and tax has made the tigray development org the sole monopolist of all Ethiopians wealth. But this ingenuous PM explain only the crimes done but not the criminals. Every one knows the criminals but agreed with the PM that punishing the criminals is wedging war against one Ethnic groups. PM meless was told what his poisonous police woudl bring about. He is superman why he would care? So what the PM is conveying to all Ethiopans lets forget and forgive for the sake of peace. That is why he is crying every time he meets peoples who were vicims of tplf policies. He could have done the opposite of crying, like meless. Oh, God forbid the new PM has nothing in common with meless. God loves Ethiopia really.

    2) What if the exact copy of Dr Abiy comes to existence in Eritrea and does the exact same thing in Eritrea like G-15 free and all political prisoners free, Dawit the journalist free, all the religion leaders and members free, all Eritreans can exercise what ever religion they want, all opposition in and out are free to participate in the eritrean development, call Ethiopia for peace, let Badme people decide which ever this crazy unions they want to join, the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea is open, and ex-president shall rest from politics and ruling the country with decent pension. etc etc. If woyane coudl submit for the demand of the mass why not shabia?

    • Mez

      Dear Mitiku,

      Please take a note:

      1) Tigrians are primarily Ethiopians and Ethiopians are mosaic of people–tigrian included,
      2) Eritrean are neighbours of Ethiopia–with a bright perspective of peace and love with all their neighbours,

      3) don’t waste your time.


      • Mitiku Melesse

        Selam Mez.
        Your notice is on a head on collision with Woyanes principle.
        According to them Tigray is primerly Tigryr and secondary Ethiopian. can declare independence any time if they want. (I think they want it now because tigray first policy is declared dead in Ethiopia and you see the the agreement of the peoples yesterday accepted by the rest of ethi-ethnic groups)

        My grand Ma and Aunti were my neighbors and that doesn’t mean they are not my blood relations.

        What you call Ethiopia and Eritrea are a collection of families and neighbors.

        I am wasting my time on this forum willingly on the elephant in the room ie the tigreans dominance in Eritrea and Ethiopia. This issue is a taboo here. I am fearless like announces. Fearless is called in Eritea even writing on websites from as far way as USA. Do you understand why your dictators are so brutal and stayed in power with out any significant opposition? Do you think Ethiopians were oppressed by tplf more than Ethiopians by eplf? Nopp, but tigrians minority in Ethiopia. Think of 60% of Ethiopians were Tigrians.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Ghezae (Nebsi),

    Good to hear from you. And thank you for pulling us to focus in to our political house. I will agree with all you have to say, except I have a reservation on the implementation of the constitution that has many flaws in it. Please keep up coming.


  • Amde

    Hello Awatistas,

    Bronwyn Bruton has a piece in the New York Times.

    Money quote: “Mr. Isaias’ advisers have told me that at this stage ensuring stability in Ethiopia is more important to them than rushing to finally end the old stalemate over the border. Eritrea may be the least of Mr. Abiy’s problems. Now that he has made an overture, peace between the two countries might be best served by being delayed.”


    Yesterday we were all sure it is all over but for the unveiling.


    • saay7


      Well, suppose Isaias has a business whose job is to stabilize and securitize a country. You, a smart customer, will ask to see his CV. And he will tell you:

      1991-1997: Ethiopia (Results: its complicated)
      2006 – 2017: Sudan (results: its complicated)
      2006 – 2010: Somalia (results: its complicated)

      On of the most common accusations Isaias makes against the US is that it has a tendency to create a crisis and then jump in to manage the crisis (creative chaos). So Isaias was all along complaining of competition not making moral judgement on it. And the curses he poured on Weyane as “scavengers” apply to….drum roll: himself.

      Of course Bronwyn Bruton has chosen to be the uncritical conveyor belt of Isaias “advisors” so they are just floating their wishlist and not something PM Abiye has agreed to. I mean seriously every move he has made so far is smart and he won’t fall for Isaias sole product: mischief.

      I am interested in all the “Build The Wall” Eritreans who have outsourced their brain to Isaias so he can do all the thinking for them. I mean of course they will flip and praise (as usual) but I am always interested in their soundtrack.


    • Selam Amde,

      “…..ensuring stability in Ethiopia is more important to them than rushing to finally end the old stalemate over the border”

      ወይ ፈጣሪ! If true, where does this fit in relations to sending a delegate to addis? It seems that after all the no-war-no-peace situation is what keeps dia/pfdj in power, and the regime wants it more than ethiopia. Hindsight may have shown the regime that with peace comes demobilization, which may bring instability in eritrea, because the young will demand for jobs, democracy, freedom and all the rest. It is unfortunate that eritreans can expect only misery and hopelessness from this regime. What a pity!
      Can you imagine how the world will react to this? Of course, dia does not care. Ethiopia must be happy that there is a leader who has a softer heart for her than for his own country and people.

      • Mez

        Dear Horizon,

        When you follow the evolution of instability in our region over the past half a century, you would notice:
        1) destitution, hunger, extremely low FDI, no modern education, helthcare,…
        2) this was a fertile ground for “*lf’s” to mushroom…
        3) our region is full of hungry peoples who will let things go quietly–not to loose the weekly survival rations from who ever is the boss around there…

        My point is: unless there is a substantial flow of finance; that over the coming year or two (to Eritrea in the range of 3 to 5 bln usd, and to the war torn northern Ethiopia 2 to 3bln usd)–there will be no fundamental socioeconpmic change, and every thing will remain more of the same.

        The key question now is: will there be any one with money interested to invest the above sum, and even more? What would it take for that to happen?


        • Amde

          Selam Mez,

          Excellent insight.

          The staple answer is capital flows where it can maximize return and minimize risk. Definitively closing the Badme file would close a huge chunk of the risk.

          But this is assuming policymakers and politicians see it the way you do.

          If possible, I would like for you to expound on this a bit. The FDI numbers you sited looked rather specific so i am assuming there is some basis behind them. I feel it is even worthy of being an article.



          • Mez

            Good Day Amde,

            You are very good at guiding conversations. I love it.

            “…But this is assuming policymakers and politicians see it the way you do….”

            I hope so, Amde.

            1) I can assume the other extreme alternative (God forbid):
            There is a likelihood (albite slim), that we may see once more ” ሣልሣዊ ኅወኃሕት (third iteration of tplf) & ዳግማዊ ህግደፍ (second iteration of eplf)–that with all their allies everywhere.” If this happens, what had happned in the past 50 years will be like “kindergarten play”.
            1.1) to fundamentally eradicate such a scenario, FDI is the only alternative.
            2) regarding my numbers* for both of them: they are based on the population number, #of working force, indebtedness of the country, possible quick integration into national and global economy, and similar factors,
            4) for example if the Eritrean population is 4mio, your study may assume (700,000 to 1mio) are in one or other way seeking job.
            If you create ONE primary job (with FDI), then you will get around five additional jobs created–this is the core of the basic modeling approach.

            *This is part of an inception paper for a grant proposal being written; if you want to lose further some of your black hairs (working with grad students) there may be a possibility to join the team.


      • Abraham H.

        Selam Horizon, we have just to thank ourselves on what is befallen us Eritreans.

        • Selam Abraham H.,

          Why has pm Abiy become a phenomenon in ethiopian and regional politics? Simply because he did not come out to tell ethiopians the successes of eprdf as his predecessors did. On the contrary. he came to the people in humbleness and apologized for the failures and the crimes of the previous administrations of which he was a part one way or the other. We have been terrorist because we terrorized the people, we were authoritarians because we stayed in power with the use of force, we are corrupt because we embezzled public money, generally we betrayed your trust in us, and i am here to apologize for myself and for the previous governments. Let us work together for the future from now one with your participation. We do not know everything, you the people have a lot to teach us.

          Dia is too selfish, arrogant, power addicted, narcissistic and paranoid to say such things before the eritrean people. I am afraid that not even the ones who are going to come after him will accept their faults. For the eritrean regime, it does not matter at all if it is going to fail and even destroy eritrea, although if it knows that it is not going to succeed in what it says and does. But, what matters most is their ego is not shattered, they did not reconcile with the enemy for reconciliation in their book is accepting defeat, an enemy is there to be defeated no matter what the cost could be and not to be negotiated with for the good of the people, etc.

          It is anathema for them to work with the ethiopians after 30 yrs of war, victory and independence? It is equivalent to losing everything. Even if eritrea is in danger, to them it is not a big sacrifice when it comes to their their identity, nationalism, ego and all the myths of being an eritrean.

          How can you explain such minds. Eritreans may not have kown then, but they know to day. The mistake is continuing to accept the regime for what it is.

          The solution for eritrea could be just one man away, and you will see that eritreans are going to come out with him en mass. Eritrea has still hope provided some body brings her in to the normal world of living and working with the rest of the world, after a thorough self-appraisal .

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Amde,

      I never bought the idea that US has something to do with it. UAE with it’s cash injection, may be. But as someone who follows the current state of affairs of the Trump administration, in total disarray, Eritrea / Ethiopia it’s least priorities, not even at any radar. So I agree with Bruton on this topic.

      As to her conclusion, I actually believe it’s exactly the case. Meaning, no body is going to move any people out of their homes, and no body will see the boarder demarcation pillars will be put in place and no body is going to confirm that. In other words, what these advisers are telling, Eritrea will not force PMAA to pick a fight with TPLF and Tigray people in the boarder by insisting the boarder will need to demarcate.

      They will how ever will restore full relationship with Ethiopia including economic without touching the boarder issue, that will be dealt with at a later time or may be never.

      The only thing they will ask, will be demobilization of the Ethiopian military from the boarder area (on both sides of the boarder) so trade can start to flow…like Ethiopian to use Eritrean ports etc.

      Will IA demobilize the Eritrean army, I really doubt. He will just keep quite without saying anything for a long time….


      • saay7


        Just to limit this to US role:

        1. Only US can remove the sanctions
        2. Our deal making Trump won’t give that for free. He will get substantial and symbolic returns
        3. Substantial : military base. Let’s wait for Stratford to show us satellite images as it did with UAE hangars in Asab
        4. Symbolic: he got Isaias, who never has anything nice to say about anyone, praise him. On Martyrs. Day.

        Am surprised Trump hasn’t teeeted that “President Isaias said some very nice things about me. Africans love me.”


        • Berhe Y

          Dear Saay,

          Ok, let’s take it as you said.


      • Amde

        Selam Berhe,

        Good points.

        But don’t you think by making public statements, IA has raised expectations of the border resolution and thereby the prospect of demobilization in the Eritrean public’s eye?

        Your point on US involvement makes sense if one assumes policy is being driven from the White House and the State Department. But what if it is driven from the Defense Department? If the US is walking away from the Iran deal, the prospect of war becomes likely. In that case KSA and UAE might see addressing the Ethio-Eritrea issue as securing the south-western flank of the Arabian peninsula. There was a news item yesterday about the Saudis asking for bids to create a canal in order to make Qatar from a peninsula into an island – because of the Iran issue. That is permanent pettiness, but they have the money so…

        In general, your posts make sense to me since they presume the number one desire of the IA regime is survival and the number two desire is making money. They are the bottommost two levels on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


        • Berhe Y

          Dear Amde,

          Your point is valid the public expectation will be high. I think IA has figured out really well how the psych of the Eritrean people really works. Eritrean people are hopeful and they have been yearning for peace all their lives as someone said recently. If you look at all Eritrean generation that are alive today, be it those in their 80s, or those in their 20s saw nothing but misery and lack of peace to live in peace in this world.

          If you apply the same Maslow’s theory, the people need for survival is also of the highest priority of needs. So what does IA do, all his life, he gives simple rays of hope in his speech and people wait for it to be implemented for months and months and sometimes even years.
          For example,
          1) he said long time ago, people will be demobilized so a lot of people were waiting for it to happen and it disappeared.
          2) He said, the government will increase the salary of those in national service three or four times and people are still waiting for it to happen.
          3) He said, the people should deserve to have their own homes….nothing
          4) we are drafting new constitution…still waiting

          It’s endless promise, that he pops once a year and then the people spend all their lives talking about this endless promise and nothing happen. They just wait in HOPE.

          So he will do the same thing but not act on it and people will wait and wait in hope.

          So the real task for is, now that Ethiopia is no longer a threat according to them, then what is he waiting for?

          He will never do because of his own desire, but will need to be forced to do so.


          • Mez

            Dear Berhe Y,

            In your comments above, the time seems to be frozen. The 20 years passed looks like 2 years–the way you explained.


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Mez,

            It’s really sad, and when I responding to @george, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years (since 1998) that I started following events in Eritrea.


      • halafi mengedi


        This scenario will actually make PMAA very vulnerable. Already the tigrayans are mad, border demarcated/badme given to Eritrea or not. My feeling (based on what i read on social media) is that the other Ethiopians, like Amde for example, actually dont the see the need to resolve the Eritrea situation right away. Most seem happy to see him resolve the situation, nevertheless, even if it means giving back badme. But, under one condition, and that is that this will lead to resolving the border issue once for all, and hopefully address the other issues with long term solutions in mind. I think if PMAA messes this up with this untenable non-solution, he will lose a significant support and become even more vulnerable.

        Of course, we are all speculating…


        • Berhe Y

          Dear hm,

          What I come to realize is that, people in diaspora (which I assume) are the majority on FB and social media, have different demands than those inside the country. In Eritrea as an example, they do not mind to actually keep the countries with no peace or war situation as long as they don’t appear to be losing to “weyane”, no matter what the price, economic or otherwise.

          I can also guess it’s the same on the Ethiopian side, now those of Tigray. For them they probably see it tat they lost power and now losing Badime/boarder and worst they see Isayas Afeworki winning.

          Like we say ab kebdi Tsigub yelen Timuy. But if you go back few months back, and for the most video of people that discussion that I heard, majority were saying it’s enough and we want to make peace with Eritrea even if we have to give up land. They said that openly to the TPLF officials and the PM. And those in Addis are saying the same things. So I think those are the real representative of the people and what’s at stake.

          People can say it was not urgent to make peace in Eritrea but I think based on one report, Ethiopia foreign reserve was only left equal to 1 month of imports. And at the same time all the money they borrowed payment were coming (the PM) said it. So in this situation every savings counts, and the example he gave that, we went to SA to ask for port so we can fly our goods and ship it out from them. If we can ask SA port, why can’t use Assab?

          From Eritrea case, I think they will not rock the boat and insist on Ethiopia to leave badime etc, so not to upset the people of Tigray but will work on the normalization. I think the people of Tigray will be the first to benefi if there is peace so in time things will sort out.


          • halafi mengedi


            This part of your analysis is reasonable. But, first my observation on social media was actually mostly from those who live in Ethiopia. Second, if, per your analysis, resolving the situation with Eritrea is critical for Ethiopia, why not resolve it once for all. And again, if it is that critical, TPLF would be on board no questions asked, even about badme. I am not saying your analysis is wrong and that may as well be where we are heading, but whoever thinks this is going to make Ethiopia stable is kidding themselves. It actually makes active war between the two countries a very likely outcome. BTW, who is going to administer badme under the scenario?


          • Alex

            Hi HM,
            Your point above make lot of sense to me. The two countries can normalize their relationship for the benefit of the two countries but they can not put aside the elephant in the room which is the demarcation of their common border. Today Ms Burton has an opinion on new York times stating the border demarcation may be delayed so the countries can concentrate on normalization first. I disagree with her analysis .

          • Berhe Y

            Dear hm,

            I should qualify when I say Eritrea, I mean IA Eritrea, not a country which is run by rational people and rule of law.

            IA could care less what happens in the future or the future of the country. By his nature he does not like to sign or agree to anything that will be used against him when he brakes the deal. He has always the Wedini mentality that he knows he will take advantage at some time, no matter what. He did it with Qatar, no question asked. He did it with Sudan, the Red Cross, the UN, what ever you name it.

            If confederation or federation is the better choice for him, why tie himself with broader and demarcation.

            That’s what I mean Eritrea will delay and he will never raise it again, I will give my self 1 year, 2 year etc.

            Also if demarcated it means he needs to mobilize, so he will take his time to keep the people waiting for his next move, and they will get frastrated abd will creat a tier system, some will be mobilized (those who can bribe) and others will stay.

            In other words, it’s IA tool to always to control the situation.


    • Selamat Pillar Amde,

      I take this to be hypothetical squared. A square whose perimeter and area are equal is the square whose sides equal to two squared, 2^2. This is no hypothetical, for me the dialogue between the power brokers have began. I mean for sure there was lots of preparations and precooking but the seasonings wellllll….

      1. Weyane and ShaEbia are now sitting at a round table
      2. Weyane is feared to play the role of the spoiler by flexing some muscle and or greasing the AC, Bronywn whomever to regain its bearings…

      lets just jump to what are PM3A’s priorities. First and foremost should be PEACE WITHIN. We can live to ignore this stupid and feckless border issue weather it is demarcated or not. His should be Ethiopia First! Same argument as in vice-versa..

      Nigeria just scored, pardon me….


      • Amde

        Hahaha ጻጸ ዚ ግሬት

        But of course.. man has to have priorities.

        Viva Nigeria.

      • Abraham H.

        Selamat Solomon, aka tsaste, “We can live to ignore this stupid and feckless border issue weather it is demarcated or not. His should be Ethiopia First! Same argument as in vice-versa”
        ኢሳያስ ዝበላ ምድጋም ፍልጥቲ ጠባይ ናይ ሻዕብያውያን ምዃና ካብ ንፈልጣ ዓመታት ኣቚጺርና ኣለና፣ ምስቲ ገጻብ ብዙሕ ኣይትቕረብ በቲ ሓጥያቱ ከይልክመካ

  • Nitricc

    Hi Dormzero; I mean to ask this but I have never got to do so. Right now, from what I hear, African youth is invaded by the so-called Shisha. Is smoking Shisha allowed in Eritrea. I am hoping you tell me, no. The only African country to ban Shisha is Rwanda because people refused to work and were addicted.

    • Paulos


      I agree. A big issue everyone seems to ignore.

  • Beyan

    Selam FishMilk,

    This is sensible prognostication. It, however, begs several critical questions for the prophecy to work to a palatable and safe transition, some of which herein follow. Others can add their inputs as well. No harm in dwelling on somethings could conceivably help in concretizing ideas of change.

    1. The prophecy presumes Eritrea, in fact, has a professional Armed Forces, does it? I am not being facetious or flippant about this. I honestly do not know anything about the armed forces other than what I have seen on EriTV on national Holidays. Images can be deceiving.
    2. Models of successful transitional governance suggest that those who run the transition should abide by some sortof a disclosure clause, where they shouldn’t run for political office for at least five years or some numbers, thereby, preventing the country from slipping back to a transitional governance that runs the course of 17 years like Dergue did.
    3. Transitional governance should also have some sort of temporary constitution while other experts work on a permanent one. The latter would only be ratified after some sort of a democratic process was instituted.
    4. South Africa like truth and reconciliation would need to be established that caters Eritrea’s needs if the country is going to move forward without getting caught in the chaos, uncertainty, lest insecure environment reigns in where a population who knows how to shoot and kill will be tempted to take laws into his/her own hands. Thanks to SAWA, now, every Eritrean seventeen and over knows how handle guns.
    5. So on and so forth. FishMilk, thanks for this pipe dream that I genuinely hope will be the path we take.

    • Ismail AA

      Dears Beyan, saay7 and FM,

      Transition period specification is necessary when and if change would be a unambiguously real. That is when the old has substantively makes room for the new, which would allow introducing unanimously endorsable transitional arrangements pertaining to law and order, taking stock of legally accountable damages and offences, the economy etc. But these tasks cannot be pursued in reference void environment such as clear national program guided by provisional legal instrument. This would need foundational legitimacy that could rest in a charter approved at national conference.

      In regard to the army, I agree with Beyan that is more of a partisan than professional army. The army brass and command and control organs are liberation struggle era voluntary fighters turned soldiers. The officers got the stars on their shoulders and breasts for loyalty to the party and its man at the helm and not as rewards of professionalism arising from commissioning. The upper echelon officers stakeholders of power and its bounties as much as the man at top does. They cannot at all be trusted agents of change and democracy. Of course, this cannot be stretched to comprise the foot soldiers and junior officers.

      • FishMilk

        Hi Ismail AA (& Beyan) and thanks for the comments. After reading again Beyan’s Comments, I now see that there is some confusion in regards to what I was referring to. I think Beyan understood me to be referring to a transitional (oftentimes called a provisional) government, whereas I was actually referring to a period of transition. It is clear that there will be no transitionary or provisional government in Eritrea immediately following conclusion of the border as there is already a government in place. In regards to Eritrea’s Armed Forces, I would beg to differ a bit, as while they are partisan, they are also well organized and trained. It is not the upper echelon officers that need to be convinced that democratic reform serves the Armed Forces own self-interests, as they are already far too tainted. Rather, it is the younger generation of officers, NCOs and troops that have real capacity to be enablers of change. The Armed Forces of anycountry with an autocratic governemnt, has the ability to initiate positive or negative change and it is therefore necessary to make extensive efforts to sway them to the former.

        • Ismail AA

          Selam FishMilk,

          “I was … referring to a period of transition. It is clear that there will be no transitionary or provisional government in Eritrea immediately following conclusion of the border as there is already a government in place”.

          1. I felt a bit confused in trying to relate ending the boarder conflict, transition period thereafter and the sitting government to one another. Are you suggesting that end of boarder issue will lead the current government to willingly to accept political process to replace itself?

          2. Given you are arguing from vantage point of positive optimism that end of the boarder conflict would give way to transition to democratization, what would force the current government to behave receptive and engage in a process it has been resisting with every means at its disposal ranging from physical liquidation through banishment to presiding slow deaths in hellish prisons?

          3. Taking stock of what the country has been going through in the past over two decades, how could one persuade compatriots who endured unfathomable suffering that their grievance will be soothed and addressed by entrusting the transition to the “government in place” following settlement of the boarder conflict?

          With many thanks for engaging, sir.

    • FishMilk

      Thanks Beyan and saay7 for your comments. I am completely open to constructive ideas which can help in articulating a strategy that aims to minimize transition time and in the least painful manner for the Eritrea people.

  • saay7


    Your proposal is reasonable, except that, once again, it doesn’t consider the scale of injustice and cruelty that some within the military and ruling party have inflicted on Eritreans. If you believe the report of the Human Rights Council (and I do) it is an insult to add to the injury to have the people credibly accused of committing grave crimes to be in any position of power. The military should appoint an Inspector General to work with the hundreds of witnesses who testified to the HRC to remove the criminals from its ranks during this transition period you propose. And no we don’t need 3 years for that: 6 months shall suffice.


    • FishMilk

      Hi saay7. Sorry but this is where the opposition is in complete disconnect with a majority of Eritreans living inside of Eritrea who have regime neutrality: They simply have no trust (and with good reason) in HRC, the UN or African coordination/human rights bodies. It is therefore totally unrealistic to expect Eritrea”s military to agree to appoint an Inspector General to perform introspective investigatory review. Yes, the top echelon of Eritrea’s Armed Forces is far too tainted and culpable and beyond saving, but its more junior officers and NCOs are potential enablers of change.

      • saay7

        Selamat FishMilk:

        How do I say this respectfully: ummm, I am very suspicious of people who claim to know “what the majority of Eritreans living inside Eritrea” believe. I realize that that is Politics 101: make the views of your opponent that of the fringe and marginalize them, but there just is no way you can substantiate your claim other than an attempt to extrapolate the views of the people within your social circle.

        Now if you tell me that ordinary Eritreans mistrust GOs and NGOs, well that’s neither uniquely Eritrean who is not oppo (watch Saleh Gadis last video excoriarsting NGOs which he calls Delala) nor even Eritrean at all (trump withdrew US from HRC and most Americans rail against UN). But the stories the HRC compiled are from Eritreans and every Eritrean has a horror story to tell about what the military, as an institution, inflicted on a loved one. So that institution is like you said totally tainted and with no bogeyman of Weyane, it is very unlikely to have any standing given the contempt the people have for its generals and colonels. But nations must have standing armies so the sooner it sheds its ogres the better. And for that to happen an People-empowered inspector general must beginning the shedding. Then we will see how many of the Diaspora PFDJ constituency will remain loyal to the country after their corrupt cousins and uncles are sent to retirement homes awaiting Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


        • FishMilk

          Hi saay7. If you believe that it is realistic within 6 months following finalization of the border issue for Eritrea”s military to appoint an inspector general to perform introspective investigatory review against HRC findings, there is not much I can say.

          • saay7

            Selamat Fishmilk:

            Let’s file this and revisit it in a month. We are so used to turtle pace we no longer remember what normal pace is. Right now I am watching the livestream of normal pace: Ethio demonstrations in Addis in support of a normal person.


  • Hager

    Definitely interesting developments, for the better, in the Horn of Africa. Thank you Mr. PM.
    May be such development will bring economic ties between the two countries and bring down such as fuel price which currently is ….$11/gallon ouchhh

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Who has expected that Ethiopians struggle and sacrifice jumped the borders and affect Eritrea too positively? Since woyane started its ethnic poizon policy (shabians said we gave ethiopia 100 years home work) in Ethiopia til now each day has brought the mother of all civil war to Our beloved Ethiopa into reality. Even the passive eritreans who accepted the shabia government’s policy without fight has had some thing positive out of their passivenes. Thanks God we avoid the calmity in Ethiopia. And this miraculus leader single handedly repeated and loud clearly each ache of the whol Ethiopian and ERitrean ethnic Groups. The struggle in Ethiopa has paid not only for Ethiopians but for ERitreans too. The eritrans may not enjoy what EThiopai has been enjoying right now. Ethiopains paid in blood in hundred thousands.
    Peace for Ethiopia and ERitea.

    • FishMilk

      Hi Mitiku Melesse. You say that Eritreans may not be enjoying what Ethiopia has been enjoying right now. Well, I would not mind if you proactively and unofficially wish to start cross border trade by sending me nine cases of beer (St. George, Raya, Bedele, Habesha, Harar, Zebedar, Walia, Castel, and Hakim Stout) and a quintal of red teff. I will reciprocate by sending Asmara Beer and Red Sea lobsters, prawns, oysters and fish.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei FishMilk.
        I prefer Meloti.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Ghezae and fellow forumers,

    Nice for me to read you after a while of absence. Succinct and informative as usual. Awareness and purpose unite nations that pass through adversities where the knowns exceed the unknowns to fatefully impact the future. This involve deep reflection on life in nations where greedy rulers adopt division, confusion, manipulation and murderous police state tools of control as mainstay for continuity of power. Amid darkness and desperation some near or distant developments could re-direct rays of light to appear on the horizon.

    This is what the unfolding developments in Ethiopia seem to herald as we watch from our vantage point as Eritreans. This to say that the wind of change in Ethiopia under new leadership appear to have set dim rays of hope in the direction of the the dark horizons of our nation. These twinkling rays could brighten if the would close ranks and focus on positive and uniting legacy of despotism. It’s with in such a backdrop that I read your thoughts. Indeed, peace and peace-making shall only be meaningful when rule of law and fairness would inherit lawlessness and injustice.

    A nation set to redeem itself from despotic autocracy would mean its readiness to cope with challenges that would come with rule of law and fair play (democracy). Competence and maturity in this regard would entail the extent the vital forces of change of the nation have learned lessons from the past. Without reflecting on past mistakes that helped ascendance of forces of greed and ambition and thinking about safeguards enshrined in the rule of law for the ultimate purpose and intent the nation’s unity, peace could mean an investment for the prolongation of the current despotism.

    Here I am thinking, for instance, what the rule of law would mean for refugees who have been suffering in wretched camps in the neighboring countries or what it would mean for the youth afflicted by desperation and help them regain their unity out of social and religious enclaves and forge to national premises to get back their future. What shall rule of law and mean to those who suffered neglect, discrimination and displacement such as our Afari or Kunama compatriots?

  • FishMilk

    Hi Ghezae. I agree with many of your points which are with a forward facing camera. However, You say we must bypass the blame game, only to later, albeit nuanced, do just that. One must first honestly reflect on reality and mistakes made before moving forward, and this should include a clear recognition that the TPLF (supported by western powers) was indeed responsible for the no-win and no war situation that has prevailed over the past two decades. Oppositionists should also admit that they were wrong to: 1) Diminish/downplay the importance of Badme, 2) Failed to exert proper levels of attention on the West and UN structure to uphold Rule of Law, and 3) Engaged in travel to Ethiopia and met with TPLF members, while Ethiopia was illegally occupying Eritrea, which rightly or wrongly, projected an image of collusion with the TPLF. And, when you say let us use our diversity to our advantage, why do you only mention reaching out to Arab League nations?

  • Beyan

    Selam Ghezae,

    Thank you for bringing us back to the bottom line. The “wind of change”, its historical trajectory notwithstanding when Harold McMillan, former British Prime Minister gave a speech, essentially telling the White South Africans who built a white nation within a black nation. To help these alien entities reckon with the force of change hovering over the African continent, he said, among other things, “The wind of change is blowing through this continent, and whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact. We must all accept it as a fact, and our national policies must take account of it.” (3 February 1960).

    Indeed, the wind of change is coming in the Horn of Africa. This time from its bona fide son of Ethiopia leading the pack. So, the change that we seek this time cannot be anything but to end the homemade tyranny of our own making that swept up the nascent nation catching us unawares, for 27 years now. It won’t be a clean slate, but cleaning our dirty laundries will have to be the compulsory requisite. The eleven points you enumerated are right on target.


    • FishMilk

      Hi Beyan. Come on man. Don’t you know that Wind of Change was popularized by the Scorpions 🙂

      • Beyan

        Selam FishMilk,
        Remember, weekdays are meant for the written rods only – little rules of law we are learning before we begin to practice it in the homeland. Good one though. You know the moderators will not let it pass until the weekend -:) Hey, almost 13 million hits, I gotta give you that – you have a point, bro.


  • Selamat Atto Ghezae Hagos Berhe,

    I will tell you what I am ready for. I am ready to Purchase Joy Light at Thursday’s Market.

    Yes I am ready and it is a good thing you are arriving on time for Draft Day as we enter the wonderful season I call ወርቃዊት መጠን ሓድ ነጥቢ ሹዱሽተ ዓሰርተ ሸሞንተ። Add Seleste to Shudushte and you get Hade, (as in United) NeTTbi AAserte Shemonte. Unite.9/8 and the Werqawit MeTTen is along your alley — Think Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

    Tell your people to amend #1 I am quoting here:

    “First of all, let us bypass blame game of who was right or wrong; who won or lost. No one has won until we introduce rule of law and democracy in Eritrea.”

    You should also add “No one has lost.” Justice seekers should cease and desist, or at least agree on moratorium, to all prognostications and predictions that Eritreans will play a destructive role with regards to the new winds of change in our region, particularly the winds of peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    Yes I am ready ወርቃዊት መጠን ሓደ ነጥቢ ሹዱሽተ ዓሰርተ ሸሞንቶ — ወርቃዊት መጣን ሓድነት ፍትሒ ነጥቢ ዓሰርተ ትሽዓተ።
    ሕጂ ግን ኣገዳሲት ክትዕ ቆጸራ ምስ ደንማርኪኖ ዓርከይ ፕሮፈሶር ጳውሎስ ኣሎኒ። ብዛዕባ ጂኦመትሪክ ዕምበባ ሂወት፡ ፍረ ሂውት፡ ገረብ ሂወት። መኽንያቱ አዋን ምንንቅቃ ካብ ዕብጠት ነዊሕ ድቃስ ኣኺሉ ኢዩ።

    ወርቃዊት መጠን 1.618

    • Paulos

      Tsatse Arkey,

      ጂኦሜትሪክ ዕምባባ ሂወት ፍረ ሂወት ገብረ ሂወት sounds intimidating. No?

      • Selamat Denmarikino Arkey Professor Paulos,

        Not intimidating at all. With your permission I would like to pick it up from your last comment regarding scientists and politicians/politics. I would like to bring it to this thread under Ghezae’s or Mr. Purchase Joy Light from Eidaga Hamuse ….
        You are batter up and the power hitter at this juncture of our journey. One reason, no Eritrean, I think, has read The Mathematical Universe. And we will start by calculating the first derivative, the slope of change instantaneously. We can maximize gains or minimize losses. We are aware that change is coming which means a sober calculation of the sloe of change we must do and out pace it….
        No you are not intimidated. You are drafted as Fab5’s first pick

        ወርቃዊት መጠን ሓድ ነጥቢ ሹዱሽተ ዓሰርተ ሸሞንተ – ጎልደን ሬሽዮ ዪናይተድ ፖይንት ናይን ኤቲን 1! 9,18

        I am invoking and beginning with: The Separation of Science and State.

        ወ መ 1.618


        • Paulos

          Tsatse Arkey,

          Thank you. It is really comforting. It sounded intimidating to me.

          Well, I say, let’s back up a bit. Before we get to the instantaneous velocity [For it is a vector as opposed to Speed], let’s try acceleration instead. The derivative of acceleration is velocity. Thing is, we run into trouble if we try to do a derivative of velocity, for in essence, there is no such a thing called velocity much less an instantaneous velocity. What we have is RELATIVE velocity. As in velocity with respect to something.

          If you think of it, what is it related to or with respect to what? The earth you’re standing on, for instance? The earth is moving too! That means, we need to find a frame of reference that is absolute where it’s velocity is absolute and constant—-Speed of Light! We embark into the central tenet of Relativity.

          Science and Politics? Not sure where to start. Really. Science seeks the absolute truth, politics seeks possibilities. I would assume.

          We have a set of academic discipline where politics is investigated through the parameters of science—Political Science. Is it really science in the strict meaning of the term? I would think not. In certain areas maybe it is. Gauging public opinion about certain issues where they employ statistical tools to infer conclusions, for instance. It is compounded with the “Butterfly Effect” at best if you will. Human behavior and interest are unpredictable. So is politics.

          • Selamat Denmarkino Arkey P^2,

            A pedantic error, I believe you meant to say the second derivative or the derivative of velocity is acceleration. From Newton we were taught Einstein and his theory of relativity then Quantum Mechanics then followed String Theory. String Theory failed miserably to become the uniting theory and is on its way out. (an acidic Nitric will sayYEAH String Theory is on its way OUT just like Weyane TPLF is dead and on it’s way out.)
            I don’t believe Weyane deserves to be out and am quite sure that they are not on the way out. So let me suggest what yours and mine roles would be now. Our role is to calculate the second derivative and minimize loses due to destructive acceleration, Yes you are aware that String Theory for all practical purposes is Uniting theory non grata– It is done dead and on the way out PERIOD. What is in is is E8! would you kindly give us a scientific introduction to E8 the UNITING Theory of Quantum, Relativity and Newton’s fundamentals. Here I will get every body’s attention for you by asking them this: How many characters does it take to spell ERITREA? Admiral SaayVII let the others answer. Good now for UNITY ADD ONE and Pay attention to Denmarkino AArkey Professor Paulos as he gives us a crash course [new dimensions!!!!] on E8.

            Denmarkino… on the separation of science, church and state, in genesis in the empty space consciousness expanded its surroundings then God moved -MOTION- Then there was light.
            E8 please. ERITREA & 1

            ወርቃዊት መጠን 1.619 — ጎልደን ሬሺዮ ሓድነት ነጥቢ ትሽዓተ ዓሰርተ ሸሞንተ።


          • Paulos

            Tsatse Arkey,

            Oh is it? Thank you. I haven’t done this in a long time. Let’s do this Tsatse Arkey: Let’s wait till the delegates travel to Addis then we will pick up on the fun stuff in Science including all the crazy things in Quantum Mechanics and String Theory and it’s nemesis Loop Quantum Gravity. What do you say?

          • ደንማርኪኖ

            ሕራይ፡ ሰቡር ወድየ ኣለኹ። ሰቡር ዉደ። In the mean time think of the Zona Pellucid and the reasons for why the State allows not beyond nineteen concentric circles of the sacred geometric figure that is the Flower of Life ዕምበባ ሂወት (ሹዱሽተ ናብ ሓዳስ ዕምበባ ይጓዓዙ ኣለው፡) for us to see. Hence, separation of Science and State.The Tree of life is not from the Cabala or from the Jewish Cabala only.።
            Will await post your acceleration calculation.

            ወርቃዊት መጠን 1.618 ጎልደን ሬሺዮ ሓድነት ፍትሒ ነጥቢ ትሰዓተ ዓሰርተ ሸሞንተ 9/18.

  • Paulos

    Selam Ghezae,

    Many thanks for bringing back the focus to the unimaginable plight of the Eritrean people and the regime’s crime against humanity. No “Game Over” talk or handshake with the Ethiopian leaders can whitewash it. Again, the motto should be, focus, focus and focus!