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UPR: Eritrean Regime’s Abuses Reviewed

Summary presented by “Rodab” at Awate Forum:

On the hot seat @ the UPR gathering.

Nations from around the world are taking our regime to task. The following are some of the challenging questions (the complete list is at the UPR website):

The Netherlands
Can the government of Eritrea indicate how it will improve the rule of law, prison conditions and counter impunity? Could the government of Eritrea give the ICRC access to assess prison conditions?

Czech Republic
With reference to the Human Rights Council condemnations of severe restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of information in Eritrea, could you specify what steps has the Government taken to tackle these human rights violations?

Is the Government of Eritrea considering issuing a standing invitation to the special procedures?

United Kingdom
In your response to the 2009 UPR report, you committed to developing freedom of the press. What progress has been made and can you explain why there has been no independent media in Eritrea since 2001?

What steps will the Government of Eritrea take to end indefinite national service, to stop using national service conscripts as forced labor, and to demobilize those serving for more than the statutory 18 months?

Under which conditions would Eritrea consider the visits of the ICRC to prisoner facilities?

Could the Government of Eritrea kindly elaborate on the measures it is taking to implement the constitution of 1997?

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  • Rodab

    (the reply button doesn’t work on mobile devices)
    Tomorrow’s interview is already in youtube – all you have to do is search for the one from last year or from 5 years ago. The format, the q&a, the length, the medium…..everything is the same. Nothing new. Except this time its in massawa and Thank God for that, I was tired of watching the same building, the same background colors, the same chair.

  • Nitricc

    I do believe Eritrea is getting in to a new and progressive stage. PIA is giving interview tomorrow from the port city of Massawa.
    I am expecting a very interesting interview; an interview that will explaine a road map that lead us to the Eritrea we dreamed and intend to built. I do belive Eritrea is on a launching pad. The end of our misery is here.

    • Tesfu

      To Nitricc
      Come to reality ” end of our misery is here” I hope it ends with the IA and his cohorts dragged to the court of justice and you Mr. fodder of ridicule get a life.

    • Sami West

      wishful thinking, ur DIA is taking eritrea over the edge towarde a disaster

  • Nitricc

    “…Soon after Eritrea declared its independence in 1993, International financial institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF approached the Eritrean government with the aim of imposing harsh economic policies such as the Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) attached to all development loans given to Third World countries.
    “I remember in 1994 when experts from the World Bank came and said, “we’ll draw up economic plans and programs for you,” said Eritrea’s President Isaias Afewerki. “At that time, we were rather a young nation with relatively modest experience in economics, and the first thing that came into my mind was, why do we need someone else to write our country’s economic program? Why can’t we write it ourselves? We know our reality better than anybody else. We can identify our specific economic needs and determine the most appropriate solutions and strategies. We may not have the financial resources at the moment, but we have the ability to develop vital institutions and the capacity to write our own economic programs. If we feel the need to deal with economic issues that are beyond our capacity to resolve, then we can outsource expert assistance, but ultimately, we would be the sole proprietors of our own economic programs.”
    “An Economic Lesson We Can Learn from Eritrea

    Eritrea stands out, despite a strong grip on power by the country’s sole party, People’s Front for Democracy and Justice, for one distinct principle that has managed to persist above the pressure of both internal and global politics. This principle is a strong commitment to self-reliance and virtually zero debt.
    Given the unsustainable cheap price of credit over the last several years, this is of specific interest. But, if one examines the context of credit in Africa, a clearer picture emerges. Africa currently spends about $15 billion a year on debt repayments, mostly from loans given by international agencies. In addition, for every $1 that African countries receive in grants, they pay back $13 in interest on debt. Without going into the history of this debt crisis, it is sufficient to say that prudence and a long-term perspective on sustainable growth were not at the forefront of policy makers and government leaders.”

    By: Professor Mark D. Juszczak, an economist

    My Eritrea is on a launching pad; to shoot out like a missile

  • Thomas
  • Thomas


    Unfortunately, every single thing you write in this website is based on lies. However, you are excused and we took you for granted because it is them, not you. You are just a messenger. Sadly, you are programmed to transfer their lies. As a result, the entire nature of you is based on lies. We actually don’t see you, you are just a mirror image/reflection to them.

  • Nitricc

    Since we are worried with what a bunch of whites say; how about what Africans are saying? I get it white is better, right?

    “I remember the discussions we had with the so-called “experts” from the World Bank who couldn’t even explain or give honest answers to all the valid questions we raised. They simply told us, the World Bank writes economic programs for all developing countries, and African countries in particular, and that’s all there is to it! The heated discussion then turned into a full blown argument, and we finally affirmed our principled conviction that we have to write our own economic programs by ourselves”

    Eritrea is the hope of Africa: Kenyan MP.
    “The Eritrean people have learnt to do their own things in their own ways unlike most countries who despite having such unique features, they would prefer to adopt the West’s way of doing things which has ended up being a disaster.”
    Francis Atwoli
    What a bad day to the toothless opposition. This news must be eating the so-called opposition inside out. Even the toothless Africans are starting to pay attention.
    There are some gutless participants on this forum who drools with so-called Ethiopian economic boom. What kind of economy is an economy that subsidized over 80 by the donor community? The key owning your own destiny and making it happen by your self. Many people describe the friction of Eritrea the US and the west as if Eritrea being rigid or uncompromising, that is not the case. Right after independence; the US officials went on to interview the two newly nation leaders, PIA and PMMZ.
    PMMZ told the Americans that he will depend on them and he is excepting big AID from the US. Then the US knew TPLF was the slave.
    At the same time PIA
    Told them

    “Self-reliance is the order of the day. And it is valid in the present state of our struggle and for the future society that we intend to build. In saying this, we do not forget that during the war there will be much destruction. But already at this stage, the problem of construction of an economic structure is fundamental and cannot be postponed, as today’s struggle is at the basis for our society tomorrow. For this reason, the EPLF front works hard in the economic, social, health, political and military fields — everything being based on the principles of self-sufficiency.
    To resolve the economic problems of our people; to give them a prosperous and tranquil life; we must build a society that is free from exploitation of man-by-man and independent of foreign-aid. If we do not rely on our own energy and resources to solve our problems, economic and otherwise, we will find ourselves depending politically on someone, which will hinder us in waging our national liberation struggle. We must solve the economic problems of our society in order to reach a higher level and make greater effort of self-reliance. Our principle of self-reliance is based on these fundamental considerations”

    Right there the friction was born. The US knew that Eritrea is not going to be just like other African country. So, it becomes clear that Eritrea must be punished. nothing to do with democracy, nothing to do with human rights, everything to do with self interest.
    The war ignited by Ethiopia to humiliate and bend Eritrea; Eritrea stood better than ever. Sanction was executed to suffocate and to bring Eritrea to her knee; it did not work, the great and true children of Eritrea fought it to the end.
    Now, tried and failed everything; the world is knocking at Eritrea’s door. Old US officials are talking about Eritrea. The Russians have invited Eritrean FM. Who is next?
    Long live Eritrea!

    • Hayat Adem

      And for all those reasons you listed, PIA is begging Sudan for help towards reconciliation with Ethiopia:) You are an interesting piece of human being!
      You opened your statement by saying: “Since we are worried with what a bunch of whites say; how about what Africans are saying?” That line signals a sign of respect for African voice and opinion, right? Lala! You didn’t allow a single day to pass. A couple of paragraphs later, you said, “The US knew that Eritrea is not going to be just like other African country.” Back to looking down other Africans!
      Hmmmm, Nitricc, I’ve come to believe that besides “a blubbering idiot” by your own admission, you are a completely messed up joke!

      • Nitricc

        At least I don’t lie. Tata!

        • Kahsay

          I am enjoying your conversation brother!!!

      • Nitricc

        Hayat the TPLF agent said
        “PIA is begging Sudan for help towards reconciliation with Ethiopia”
        Ethiopian FA said today….
        “…….Eritrea still refuses to make any effort to respect and abide by regional and international obligations. It refused to accept that the normal way for states to act is to resolve disputes peacefully and by dialogue. This is not a choice. It is an obligation within the international community for all states to resolve disputes peaceful, either with the help of other states or handle the issue themselves, responsibly. Ethiopia has time and again reiterated its readiness to do exactly that with Eritrea. Eritrea has apparently yet to come to this same conclusion for any future peaceful resolution of its disputes……
        do you see how awate report was assena moment.


          nitricc time shall come when will hide behind your mother skirt

      • Nitricc
    • AboyTesfay

      Did Fracis Afwoli said it for second time this year?

      “A distinguished member of Kenya’s Parliament said Eritrea is the Hope for the African Continent


      The Eritrean people have learnt to do their own things in their own ways unlike most countries who despite having such unique features, they would prefer to adopt the West’s way of doing things which has ended up being a disaster.

      Cotu Secretary-General Francis Atwoli has called on the Kenyan Government to speed up construction of roads.

      Speaking during the commemoration of Eritrea’s St John’s religious holiday, organised by the Eritrean Embassy in Nairobi, Atwoli urged leaders to follow Eritrea’s example and focus on development priorities instead of dwelling too much in politics. “Eritrea is a small, but rich country that does their things on their own and does rely on donor funds,” Mr Atwoli said.”

    • Samuel N.

      Not a “bunch of Whites” they are representatives of States.

  • Thomas

    Jim or a coward who cannot even dare to come with his real name,

    Of course, that is what you get from listing to the serving lies of
    ERi-TV. You writing exposes much on who you are, you *** **** *****! I
    don’t expect anything less from puppets of the crazy dictator. With
    your ugly lies and everything you sure are the photo copy of your

    [From moderator: let’s stop the name-calling now.]

    • Rodab

      Is there a prologue to your message? It sounded as though you started in the middle. Who is this Jim fella anyway?

  • Rodab

    Dear AT,
    I am honored to have my summary been featured. Also thank you for the video below. I am watching it but… boy, is it long! One hour down, two to go. BTW, that little irritating Djibouti had the nerve to call for the accountability of the G-15. Kudos. Nothing ticks off PIA more than the issue of the G-15 and it seems Djibouti has discovered just that.
    Anyway There were recommendations made by the world and our government is to respond as to which recommendations it will accept. Thurisday that is (courtesy of Tesfa News). Peace!

    • haile

      Rodab the great 🙂

      Nice summary, it saved me going through the full thing. One interesting case is however, how must be T. Gerahtu feeling as a person and diplomat to be lying like that? Does he go home thinking “hmm..what a stupid lair must I been looking all day?”

      • Rodab

        ewa’e Arkey Haile gdef keynbi’as! ansi Abi seb (per Sal’s shabait-style translation)?
        Wedi Gerahtu is one of the articulate brains of the regime. entay’mo nblash!
        When one spends half of his life making excuses/deceits/lies, it becomes second nature. And so, no he doesn’t go “hmm” whenever he does his job. He would just be happy that the bell has rang and class is dismissed for the day.

  • Zegeremo


  • Ermias

    Awatistas, don’t you all miss L.T.? Well, rest assured he is alive and fine. He just switched to Assenna. I was reading the UN human rights review or more accurately Universal Periodic Reveiw (for each country every four years) on Eritrea. You guessed it – bleak review as always. Here is L.T.’s analysis of the report (verbatim):

    L.T on February 4, 2014 at 8:16 am said:

    Isaias is a heavy west country is with great happy spirit that many famous world leading people asking if he is alive,his liver,if he’s adrunk,how many and how old are his children..Isaias go with his on the street ..that kind of articles we are eagerly followed the 16 yrs..I mean he won in evry way without losing his one hour of listening to them..honestly Isaias subdued all..
    if we return again in the90s when he said “We will never leave Badme even if the sun fall from the roff:-)-Weyane was so annoyed and came with many donkeys to war then he said “Weyane has not the courage to come again”then got them with the horse..last say”Weyane is not the people that are worth to war”becomes silent!!

  • Amanuel Hidrat


    Good summary of inquiries. An exhibit-A for the regime at least in the court of public opinion in a very simplified way for digestion.

  • Kokhob Selam

    And look at this, the man is trying to say “unjustified
    sanctions.” Isn’t the same man who said
    let’s dance during the tragedy (the death of innocent Eritreans in Italy )?.

    • silent

      Are sure he said let’s dance? where were you when he said that dancing?
      kokhob hasot just grow up stop your nonsense.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Silent, yes I am sure. Be silent if you don’t know the truth.

  • Thomas

    DIA’s answer to each of the questions on the writing is USA, USA, USA. Of course, DIA cannot blame Ethiopia because he is a coward and he might get whipped again.

    • ermando

      It is because weyane driven by USA, telling you the US embassy in addis is giving order what to be done…if I am lying broadened your search…but in Eritrea it is the opposite at least one mans order how ever you call him…