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The Prayers Of Good People

Mr. Johar! Mr. Johar! It was Big Bird calling my name; I could see the bright red mouth when it opened its yellow beak. There was clamor, unusual  commotion for the calm Sesame Street Show. The noise became tense, and louder. Big Bird continued calling my name: Mr. Johar. Mr. Johar!

When I opened my eyes there was a pretty face of a nurse calling my name, “Mr. Johar! Can you hear me?”  I could hear her, fine. But what was she doing on the Sesame Street Show! Where did Big Bird go? I slipped back into a dark, empty tunnel, and plummeted down until I hit the bottom, a wide, bright space, and I found myself standing in front of a huge, luminous, shiny white creature staring at me with gaping mouth. Then the creature looked at a list he had and exclaimed, “You are not in the list! Who…. What, brought you here?”

I mumbled, “I am Eritrean, I travel aimlessly, I even missed Addis Ababa and ended up in Nairobi. Why are you surprised?”

The creature shook his head, “but you can’t come here on your own, you will be brought in when your time is up! Go away! NOW!” The echo of his angry “Now” scream reverberated throughout the valley and sent waves of jitters around. Then suddenly he flapped his wings and glided away to the clouds on the horizon. Someone  whispered, “that angel is the gatekeeper of the afterlife”. Then there was Big Bird, calling my name, again, “Mr. Johar, Mr. Johar!”

I woke up and the pretty nurse was still looking at me. “There! We have you back,” she said, with a big smile. This time something wildly pounded inside my chest, I saw wires of different colors stuck all over my body. Beads of sweat rolled over my forehead and cheeks; my heart was racing, faster. The nurse smiled again. Then something inside my stomach bothered me. I pointed to a bucket on the table and the nurse brought it over: Hoooouuuugh! Trying to push the thick yellowish, acidic thing out, I almost threw up my guts. The nurse pierced my wrist vein with the world’s sharpest syringe  and in seconds  everything looked blurry, and I went to sleep. Thereafter, I stayed seven days glued to a bed, hallucinating in a place they call ICU, and three more days in a less scary room. As you might have imagined, heart attack or panic attack, I cheated death and now I am back, clean. Detoxified. I gave up on the “Knot on my life”, the stinky stuff that was glued to my lips for decades.

Such miracle is a result of the prayers of good people, (Dua’a al Saleheen) and all of you good people out there, thank you for your prayers. Thanks to the Almighty, and thanks to you all.

Delayed Report

I was feeling guilty for not reporting about my last trip to Addis Ababa and Nairobi in November 2015. A little drama came in the way and my report was delayed. Then, after a few weeks I had to travel to Southern California to attend the GEAN meeting, see my son off on his trip to Africa for the final leg of his masters degree program, and  I couldn’t make it back home from my travel in time—it took me 13 hours of grueling train ride, one more hour of  driving, and I slept like it was my last sleep. The report was the first thing I wanted to write, but I couldn’t.

A day earlier I had talked to Yohannes Tikabo who wanted permission to use a Negarit edition of  “Scent of Lemon: An Example Of Refined Eritrean Song” for his website. Okay, that respect of copyrights is simply an inspiring decency the Internet is not used to.

I had planned to attend Wedi Tikabo’s New Year concert in Oakland but unfortunately I couldn’t make it—I spent the night throwing up and being poked by a million sharp needles in my chest, from the inside. Then when I was about to pass out, my daughter drove me to the Emergency Room from where they immediately hauled me away in an ambulance, to the Cardiac hospital, and straight to an operating table, where I learned a new word, and a cure: stents. Three of them on three of my arteries. It was nothing serious, only someone had to shave my groin and I was not in a position to object but swallow my pride. Humiliation! Now I am sure you will excuse me for the delay of my Africa travel report (NB: I was bitten by the Western ignorance bug; Africa is one big country, not a continent!) But honestly, I really do not know what to write about Nairobi. I stayed in one hotel for a day, and a dinner in an Abyssinian restaurant, nothing special about that. The venue was in a remote village, it was fine, but no adventure, no lions or elephants, just trees and a huge building in the middle of nowhere—I can’t describe it better than a Safari video on National Geographic Channel.

I Was Terrorized!

When the Lufthansa flight I boarded in Frankfurt landed in Addis Ababa, my heart was still pounding. To my surprise, the airplane made a stopover in Jeddah though no one had told me about it! I reached for the map on the in-flight magazine and saw the flight path from Jeddah to Addis passes over Asmara, or, so I thought. I screamed and made a scene. The stewardess called the captain and I complained: “You never told me you will fly over Eritrea? What happens in an event of an emergency—maybe you want to refuel—would you land in Asmara?”

Thanks to the notorious PFDJ, the captain was well informed about Eritrea and he asked me: “are you opposition of Isaaiz Afvekhki?”

My eyes popped out:  Yes!

He smiled and explained to me the flight path: “von Jeddah ve go saus, then ve tekhn vest below suvakin, then ve leave kassla to ze khite, and tessnei to ze left and ve continue saus until ve kkhoss tekezze khivekh,then ve tekhn east and finally saus to Addis Abeba. Ve do not fly ovekh Ekhitkhean aikhspace.”

Oh!  I was relieved, for moments. Once airborne, I looked out of the window and towards the horizon across the Red Sea, and to the hazy amber glow of the setting sun. Tears flowed down my cheeks. What have Eritreans done to deserve this? Why am I afraid to fly over the airspace of my country? What kind of fear is ruling my beloved country? Worse, while the young leave it in droves, the rest are tormented by nostalgia and longing for our country, but yet we are afraid to even fly over it! I put the earphones as an escape from reality, the audio system played a 1988 Bobby McFerrin song, “Don’t worry. Be happy!

The Spaghetti Eating Contest

In Addis Ababa they had a spaghetti eating contest at the hotel where I stayed and they forcefully made me sit on a chair. About a dozen Diaspora (I am not sure Ethiopians or Eritreans) contestants sat around the table. A man with a whistle stood on the side, he announced, “at the sound of the whistle, you start eating, the last three to finish will get a spaghetti eating training in Asmara, while the first to finish will get free spaghetti meals for one week: breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Piece of cake, I mean piece of spaghetti, for me. All the contestants except three tried to eat the spaghetti with spoons leaving the forks idle. They tried to load the spaghetti on the spoons and when it didn’t work, they used their fingers as forks and tried to win, over an Eritrean! Uffff, they never give up! Obviously they lost. And since then I have been praying they do not react by invading Asseb. You know, there are a few humorless Ethiopians who would threaten to invade Asseb for trivial reasons—for losing a video game, a school basketball game, any game to an Eritrean, even when they lose a spaghetti eating contest, the first revenge that comes to their mind is, “We will retake Asseb”. It is too bad for Eritreans, we cannot unlearn what the colonizers taught us, including a few other things, though I wish we could unlearn racism, arrogance and empty bravado.

But why a spaghetti competition, and why involve me? I am not sure, but I suspect it is a an attempt at a prank by a few of my Ethiopian friends who were so sure they will win. My advice to Ethiopians: stay away from spaghetti and tagliatelle. Do with other, easiet to handle types of pastas: Penne, Macaroni, Rotini, Farfalloni Ravioli, and many non-spaghetti-like long pastas.

My Friends The Mannequins

Before leaving for Nairobi, I went to the city streets to meet the bona-fide Addis Ababans: the mannequins. And now I am almost certain why the population of Addis Ababa is increasing exponentially; I suspect they counted the mannequins in the last census. So, from then on, unless I see a breakdown of the population—Diaspora people and mannequins—I will not take the census numbers at face value. Interestingly, all the mannequins are frenji, mostly blonde. At any rate, I hugged the living, paid my respects to the dead mannequins, those that died since my last visit, consoled the ones that were amputated and now relegated to the dark alleys and dumb storage spaces, the poor homeless mannequins. It was late at night when I bid them farewell, until next time: sleyachhu b’enba!

The human minority in a nation of mannequins

On the way back to my hotel I observed Addis Ababa has developed an impressive city ordinance; at  least on things that matter: pavements and walkways. If I was not afraid some touchy-feely Ethiopians will be mad, I would have told you about the height of the walkways from the street level: one foot high on one side and 6 inches on the other. Of course, who needs standards as long as glass buildings are lined up on both sides of the street—and the limping pavement. I would have also told you of the decorative manhole covers that stand one foot above the street or walkway levels, always prominent like a trophy. These were the big achievements that really impressed me. It must be that the fine architecture of the sixties is banned together with the motif of the Axum Stelae, Lalibella, Harer—today’s architects are infatuated with monotonous 15 floors, 60 apartment glass buildings with parking space, enough for only six cars! For instance, I stayed in a 150-room hotel and it can boast of a parking space for seven cars only—including the street side. Maybe they are discouraging the use of cars, maybe people should use the light rail, even in places the rail has not reached yet, maybe it is environmental loyalty.

I Do Not Do Boletika!

Fifteen years ago, days after was launched, a relative called and chastized me for not staying away from “boletika”. I had some respect left and I reasoned out with him. He wouldn’t understand my position but kept patronizing me: “look after your children, look after yourself, worry about your work, etc.”  I was not in a mood for a fight and tactfully I ended the conversation. Since that day I talked to the relative only once.

Over the last few weeks I received so many Get Well wishes from friends, colleagues and readers in text, phone calls, and emails—I am grateful. I wish I could reply to  each and every message separately, but as you can imagine, the numbers are overwhelming and though I have tried to do so, I am certain I will forget to reply to a few. This time, the messages were uplifting, “get well soon, you have an unfinished job and you have to reach the finish line.” Messages that reinforce the backbone, not break it. Messages that help you tighten the belt, not loosen it. I really appreciate the positive, encouraging, and patriotic messages. I cannot express my joy and gratefulness to all those who remembered me in their prayers, those who sent me Get Well Soon messages, called my family and friends. I also thank my dear friend Saleh Younis who acted as my chaperon for a week or so, controlling my phone. But Karma is bad: in a day or two he lost his expensive phone!

I am elated there were no, “now you have done enough, get away from Boletika” type of messages. Naturally some people are genuinely concerned about my health and they actually advised me: ‘if you do not take care of your health you will not be able to continue to struggle.” I am glad that the unfortunate days of “No Boletika” craze are being replaced by assertiveness and, at least, understanding. On this occasion I would like to reemphasize the following: I do not do Boletika, I struggle for the freedom and justice for Eritreans. I believe in what I am doing; it is the right thing to do. If every conscious Eritrean would do his part in the struggle, it would be much appreciated and it will hasten the end of the nightmare Eritreans are going through. Otherwise, please be careful not to weaken the resolve of those who are doing their part. And in advance, I offer my blanket apology to all those whom I offended in the past in this regard.

Finally, the floods of messages made me worry: have you saved something for my eulogy, after a long time, InshaaAllah?

About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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  • Hope

    Selam Gud!
    I wish things were that easy!
    Here is what I am requesting!
    Let us OFFICILLAY and LEGALLY. DECLARE a Genuine National Reconciliation with Legal Assurance of Amnesty!
    Then implement the Ratified Constitution!
    That includes that those ” Traitors” will fill a Taasa Forum !
    The PFDJ also should do the same by apologizing for its mistakes and thereby declare Amnesty unconditionally and release all Political Prisoners and compensate those,who needs it or deserve it!
    If we do not do this,we will be in a Status Quo for ever!!

  • Hope

    Glad you survived the PE!
    That was most likely,a serious misdiagnosis of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) for an ankle sprain that led to a serious PE with potential life threatening outcome!
    Unfortunately,this things happen but you survived it!
    Lucky U!

  • Dear Saleh J,

    Glad to hear from you and your witty pen on this side of Sesame Street. Who else can weave a story of illness, blonde Ethiopian mannequins, a thick accented German pilot and a spaghetti eating contest into a tasty read as you did here? The outburst of well-wishes, prayers and poetry your fans and friends expressed is a testament of how loved and respected you are and by extension the cause of struggling for justice and freedom is. May that spirit continue to lift you up to a speedy and full recovery.

    As Big Bird would say: this column is brought to you by the letter L. You are indeed blessed with Love and a second Lease in Life. Renewed, detoxified and resolved, I am sure you will continue to inspire your fellow Eritreans for generations to come.

    Welcome back!

  • SA

    Dear SGJ,
    I am relieved and grateful to hear that you are recovering well. There are some people that no matter what disagreements in viewpoint and personality one might have with them, one realizes that they are important enough that you want them to be alive for a long time. You are one of those people. I am glad we will have you for a longer time.
    Wishing you a more purposeful, productive, and healthy life.

  • dawit

    Selam Cousin Hope, Bekit Hadis Senet Lidelna, Egilkilna. Thanx for your positive and encouraging words. As Cousin Gud has put it there is no government on the face of this earth today that have stretched its hand to all its citizens inside and outside the country to reconcile. Let us be clear here what reconciliation with PFDJ means. No threat to their power base, or the national security of the people and country. After 100 years of sacrifices the country is in peace with itself and with its neighbors. If any one tried to disturb that tranquility from inside or outside, they don’t tolerate such actions, regardless who you are even if you were a hero of the liberation struggle. Who want to have a country like Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Central Africa, Burundi or Congo where a few individuals in collaboration with foreign powers held their people hostages under terror to change their governments by force? May be that explained why the Eritrean people inside and outside are content with PFDJ policies. Can you imagine any African or any country to mobilize hundreds of their citizens in support of their policies, except Eritrea? Look Hope, as Cousin TES put it ‘5000’ Eritreans are leaving Eritrea despite of the fiction of ‘Shoot to kill’ policies of PFDJ. Those people are leaving on their own free will to live in Refugee camps or take a huge risk to reach Europe where they expect to receive manna from the sky. Let us give credit for PFDJ which the first Eritrean government, that is struggling to keep the country independence politically and economically, in a hostile neighborhood, facing all sorts of sanctions. If Eritreans avoid this toxic opposition political discourse and instead trust PFDJ’s leadership and cooperate with the progressive PFDJ policies, they could create another miracle of economic independence shortly just like they did to achieve their political independence 25 years ago. All it needs is Patient or Aqli or Sebir! There is no problem that will not be solved with time. ‘Sebir’ as Alamin song concluded ” Sebiir wideyii be’al SEBIR ewwuuttu’. We need ‘Hope- Se-eyet -Tesfa’ and ‘Patience -Sebir’-Aqli ot Tegsti’ to move forward. ‘Megedi tienas Amet kido’. The English language ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…Patiently’.

    • Dis Donc

      Dear Davy,
      Tell me why do we have to trust them? They screwed up in many occasions and who is gonna stop them from doing so, in the future? These countries that you mentioned do not have a proper system and as such you shouldn’t use them as a barometer for guaging democracy and the rule of law. Please do not quit on me as you did last time with your Smart PFDJ parallel system econometrics….

  • tes

    Hi Gud,

    Did you write, “I don’t know any country or government who gives amnesty to any one by simply filling “Tasa form” which means nothing,…”

    Well if 5000 young people are leaving every year (about 400,000 now) then who is guilty?

    Rather PFDJ should be wiped-out from the land of Eritrea instead of asking those innocent people to fill this gibberish paper.


  • Ismail A. Ahmad

    Hi Saleh, keep the spirit up; it will be fine and recovery will soon be full. Just do what you have to do, and follow your doctor’s advice to the letter. And I am pretty sure, the loved ones around you at home will do their part. Quit the nasty smoking once and for all; it just needs steeled will-power. I used to smoke ,too; chainsmoker at that. When I decided to stop, I did it at once without any hesitation. I lit my last one at about 1:00 a.m on 5 Feb 1990 at Khashmelgirba, Sudan. Since, I never had any. So, be strong and keep your resolve strong. It will be a matter of few days, and that will be the end. I hope you will report in a matter of days 100% performance of your heart.
    With warm greetings,
    Ismail A. Ahmad.

  • Semere Andom

    Hi All:
    The best thing we can do for Saleh is to welcome him, wish him success in his new challenge, pray for him, tell him stories, inspiring stories. Many people did that here, but those who are dispensing nutritional advice, please stop it. He has heard earful from his doctors and from his loved ones and friends. It was all well-meaning but redundant an annoying.
    But the worst was dawit piece, as usual he started of nicely then cairned to his PFDJ mantra of politics is only for PFDJ, he did politicking and advise Saleh to stop politics and surrendered. dawit perceived the challenges that Saleh faced as weakness and started his punches. The statement superficially sounds innocent but it was punching when someone is in the lowest point, or so dawit thought.
    Saleh’s life is that of facing challenge and triumphing over it. He was a teen when he joined ELF, then striped of his Eritrean citizenship and made stateless. Then when he created awate, he was at the receiving end of Sophia in her ugly, low, un Eritrean, unhuman attack on his person. Now nature has almost sided with PFDJ and Sophia t put him down. If his past action are indications, unt he will be obsessed with running, walking and quitting smoking and following the professional advice to the letter so he can excel.
    Dawit also told us shamelessly that Eritrea never disappeared, never tortured its citizens, because for dawit disappearing, imprisoning and torture do not account until these crimes happen to his father, mother or daughter. If PFDJ stays longer there is higher chance that he will be arrested or his kids be detained while they visit Eritrea then we will see if daiwt heeds his good mother’s advice, sebir wde woliye

    Welcome Back Saleh Gadi Johar of Eritrea

  • abu adem

    asselamu aleykum
    my dear respected brother
    لابأس عليك , شفاك الله , طهور إن شاء الله , أسأل الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم أن يشفيك …

    here is some verse
    to keep reminding our self
    Quran chapter 32,verse21 ( and verily,we will make them taste of the near lighter torment (chastisement) prior to the greater torment in order that they may repent and return.
    but this minor penalty may realy a mercy . as it gives them a chance of repentance and amendment.
    Quran chapter 9 verse126 (See they not that they are put in trial once or twice every year ? yet,they turn not in repentance ,nor do they learn a lesson from it)

    • Dayphi

      Mashaallah ya aba adem!
      Indeed, very appropriate selection of verses and prophetic supplications that FIT the theme of the article: The Prayers Of The Good People. لاتنسانا من دعواتك.
      Thank you and may God Almighty exceedingly bless you.

  • Bayan Nagash

    Dear Saleh,

    You gave an Itinerant Wayfarer (IW) a new meaning. The IW’s interest is to go and have a swell by exploring and delving into the adventure of the wild. What does one call to the one who goes to venture where most of us wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, but you dared and we need a wordsmith to come up with a phrase that expresses such an experience and such a daring adventure into the unknown.

    One thing has become apparently clear: That is, no matter how vastly or how nominally Awatawyan or any Eritreans for that matter differ in their viewpoint with you they have the utmost reverence to the inborn fighter for social and political justice that they see you exhibiting day-in-and-day out toward the country Eritrea for which you have made your lifetime endeavor to fight for.

    There was not a single hint of schadenfreude from any corners within Eritrean opposition proper; this is rather a remarkable feat, one that will be remembered as uniquely belonging to the fighter that people see in you. Now, you know what people would say when the real day of reckoning comes and the jeremiad that will be delivered would, indeed, be full of sorrow and lament of extreme proportions. Well, we are not going to dwell on that now. You have a renewed lease in life. Let us start dwelling over and devising how to rid ourselves of the menace that is causing existential threat at home.


    P.S. On those mannequins, given that three out of four real human beings you see on the picture are busy with their little phones, it is surprising to see none of the inanimate objects are fiddling with their phones -:) That might just be what ‘modernity’s’ call will be on your next visit to our part of the world. Thanks for sharing of such jarringly lopsided image that captures the topsy-turvy world we find ourselves in. It actually looks like they are about to shoot Mannequin II, if anyone remembers the movie that came out in the late 80s with the same title.

  • Delayi Selam

    Brother Saleh,
    I am glad you are back in business! Keep the great work!

  • Saleh Johar

    Hi KeihKsad,

    You have gone through it and you would agree with me that such experiences soften even those with a stone heart. The spiritual experience is overwhelming. Incidentally, I was in a Catholic hospital.

  • Saleh Johar

    Hi Belay,
    Indeed I am blessed. I know I am blessed. Thank you for appreciating my story.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Mr. Johar,
    Glad to see you back on the saddle.
    A lot of people are sending you advice. I want to suggest, you cover your eyes every time you see the Big Bird on TV.
    Mr. K.H

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Kim,
      I love Big Bird, and the Sesame Street Show. In fact I watched all episodes and enjoyed it more than my children did, particularly the Arabic version of it which was being produced by a Kuwait production house which was destroyed when Saddam Hussein invaded the country. Thank you

      • Dayphi

        لله درّك يا استاذنا.
        ذكّرْتَنا بايام زمان. الحنين الي ايام النعمة و نُعمانْ وجري الاطفال مغنين: افتح ياسمسم ابوابك نحن الاطفال…افتح واستقبلْ اصحابك نحن الاطفال… تلك ايام طُعومْ زَمَنْ ، طعوم كَيْبَلْنايّو حَلِفُو..ولا اظن سيعود الينا مرة اخري

  • dawit

    Selam, Brother Saleh,

    Asenay Rebi Afgereka. and I enjoyed reading your latest article very personal and honest report of your near death experience. But before that you reported that you were terrorized to fly over Eritrean Air Space. Why? You also reported that your relative advised you to stay away from ‘Boletika’. I am sure he must be a relative who has the best interest of you and your family. You reported that you are detoxified and gave up on the “Knot on my life”, the stinky stuff that was glued to your lips for decades. I think consider to take you relative advice about ‘Boletika’. You need to detoxify yourself from that, for yourself, your family and your people. Take the “Reconciliation” slogan seriously. My friend there is no need to be paranoid about Eritrea or PFDJ policies. Think about it in 25 years of Eritrean government history, they never kidnaped their ciizens, never massacre unlike many of our neighbors in Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen, Kenya, etc. They only put people with whom they disagree in prison, feed you and take care of your medical need. I wish you make peace with the Eritrean government and visit Asmara next May when Eritreans celebrate their 25 years of Independence, under their own government for good or bad. May be you will have a chance to interview PIA and report it at AT. As my mother always advise me “sebir woode welye, sebir woode, midir egil beal sebir tsebih”.

    I also liked your latest experience in Addis especially the Spaghetti eating completion and I congratulate you for winning it. Yes we are #1. But I wondered if there was a Somali from Ogaden in that competition. I am pretty sure, if there was one, he or she would have beaten every one lifting the spaghetti with five fingers from the plate and directing it to the mouth like vortex tornado funnel, while you keep twisting
    spaghetti with fork and spoon.

    • Saleh Johar

      Selam dawit,

      Thank you for your generous advice, but do you really believe fearing the PFDJ is paranoia? You think they will be lenient with someone like me when they were not with veterans like Petros Solomon, Derou, or Sheriffo, or Aster and the hundreds of others who were made to disappear? Hesebelu da’a dawit.

      On reconciliation, mine is not a gimmick but a dignified reconciliation for the sake of the motherland and its people. The PFDJ and its supporters see reconciliation as surrender, sneak in and blend, bury your conscience, and live a timid life forever. To me that is akin to surrendering to the Derg or their predecessor the king. My type of reconciliation is one that requires identifying the criminal, an entire court system to clear people or sentence them, and a council of elders to reconcile the results. But for you to ask an exiled person like me to surrender, without even asking the regime to reconcile with its conscience, to right the wrongs it committed for decades, is ferde gemdil.

      See! That is why Boletika will be around 🙂

      Thank you

      • Dear SJ,
        Let me in my turn welcome you back to the awate family, your other family, the family you created. I wish you remain happy, strong and healthy in life now and in the future. If I may add my advice to the many you have already received, you might say to yourself; what is wrong with these people, everybody is practicing medicine on me? Anyway, it
        is this. It is possible that you might read some toxic comments, which might make you secrete more adrenaline than required, increase your heart rate and compromise the healing process of your myocardium by increasing its oxygen demands. Therefore, take it for granted that everybody wishes you well with all their heart, and you do not have to respond to everybody. If you have the urge to communicate, tell your daughter to read
        the comments first, and tell you to respond to the very few that will make you smile. Write short articles about things happy, you always wanted to write, but did not have the time to do so; just to help you pass the time. On top of this, don’t forget your daily walk, whenever the weather allows. Try to avoid parks where stray dogs frequent. You might be forced to run. I am not kidding, it is possible. As much as your diet is concerned, Nitricc has said everything to be said, although Abi does not agree in all. Love your stents. Surely, they will do the miracle. They wiil keep your heart in good shape for many decades to come. Feel free and live with a calm mind.

        Closing remark: forget everything we say, the clever people, listen to and listen hard and follow the advices of your doctors, who are responsible for your follow-up.
        Wish you good health.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Selam Saleh Johar,
    Congrats on fighting off your recent health challenge, wish you a healthy and long life.

  • Nitricc

    Hey Hope; don’t you worry about exercising; we will get there in due time. ____For the time being stop the protein___________ and limit the fruits. You can have all the vegetables you want to.
    Walk me through your daily diets. For example; what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I know it varies what you eat but I just want a generalized one, so I can have the idea. When you drink coffee or tea; do you use sugar? If so; how much of it? Do you drink soda? Any soda.

    • Hope

      Ok Prof!
      Are you Nutrion Major Student or an Exercise Trainer,by chance?
      This is a Classic Approach I Experiened with my Trainers but a bat customer due to my poor compliance!
      Am looking for a short cut wt loss and Fitness with less hassles and less home work for lazy ones!

  • Aklilu Hailu

    Welcome back Mr. Johar. Good to see you back.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    مرحب بك ابو لوام ( ابو صلاح بلكرانىه)
    نورت الموقع الله ىحفظك وىعطىك الصحه ولعافىه.
    الف حمد الله على السلامة

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Marhab Ustaz Saleh
    Good to see you back and, surprisingly, younger looking. AlHamdulellah Ala’salama.

    • Ted

      Hi GMS, he all GQued up put Addis Ababa maniques to shame.

  • Ted

    HI SJ. eulogy!! tell me about it, your pal Semere Andom made it appear you went to live on in a farm:-) Speaking of recovering a heart scare comfortably, I think you have a multimillion dollar case against Lufthansa for making you fly over hostile air space. Awate university is were you heal better and faster and those who want to keep you out wanted you for all for themselves hence Awate karma is good not bad.Good to see you and listen to your family’s recommendations in addition do everything Fanti said, read more of LT from the archive : avoid; Assab/Aba Nega/Ethiopia/weyane , IA speech, and tes;-)

    • Saleh Johar

      Ted, and who said I am not living in a farm, an Ashram? I read many of LT’s comments and it’s really a good therapy.

      • Ted

        Hi SJ, still got it, as sharp as ever. This is what the doctor prescribed, a song from your former colonizers to cleanse your horrific spaghetti exprience in Adiss until Abi(later colonizer) come up with a song to make up to you.

        • saay7

          Well played Ted:

          A teenager in Italy, trying to escape Barbara Streisands “woman in love” and Kim Carnes “Bette Davis Eyes” finds two Italian obsessions. One was embarrassing and one was eye popping: can u guess which is which until Music Novice comes and tells us they were completely useless:

          Riccardo Fogli: storied di tutti i giorni

          Heather Parisi, Cicale

          OMD, Enola Gay

          All together now: God bless the USA for saving us all from that.


          • Abi

            The one man team ( calves) fired there coach. Of course when a player is bigger than the team …
            Ted, you there? No wonder you love cows, calves, Kings,..

          • Ted

            Hi Abi, now you have it, i couldn’t put a finger on why the the King and his talented team are losing for nobodies like that. Forget GSW the SA Spurs are the one to watch. Anywho, It is your stubborn head that has made us drift apart, forget Cows and Kings, we are now in to lobster, Calamari, and oysters. Very soon we won’t be able to understand the love song you sing for us. To the EAST is the motto. Do you watch Australian open, as cycling we want to own Tennis in Africa too. Things we do just to break the tie off for good..

          • Abi

            Hi Ted
            The further and the faster you drift to the EAST, the better for all involved. Please do more to break the tie off. How can we help? A little push?

            ” Tewededkugn bileh atbel denber geter
            Egnam and semon endih argon neber.”

            Lobster, oysters, minamin is too fancy for me.I prefer dabo.Enjoy yours tilatil.
            That love song was a mistake. Big mistake!
            Yoqirta yidereglin. Huletegna aydegmenim.

          • Ted

            Hi, Abi, you did enough, thank you no further “Little push” needed. The I love you song, don’t sweat it, we both know you don’t mean it. We been there, done that,

          • Ted

            Hi Saay, i can guess the eye popping to be Heather Parsis. USA? Say what. If you take all the black foxes out what you have is Dolly parton and The King. You better thank your former colonizers the Brits for all good things in Music. Italians had flirted with America culture starting with western spaghet movies before they realized Americans lack sensuality and depth to reflect Italians all rounded personality.
            i like this song in the talented Mr Riply


          • saay7

            Hey Ted:

            Ummm…that neon light on the wall behind the singers says, let me put my glasses on…JAZZ. A music genre that is American-made:) By the way, that was one weird movie: it’s a horror movie without FX or horror movie music.

            All the Brits did was copy American blues. All the Brit legends–from Beatles to The Who and the entire British Invasion… Some, like the Rolling Stones, even admitted that their very name is from a blues song, as they sat in their rainy island and memorized Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson. Blues originated in West Africa, but jazz is All-American.

            In the words of Mel Brooks “it’s good to be the king.”*


            * abi, I think that also answers the question why a coach whose team has best record in its conference was fired. The king is shaking things up. Somebody had to be blamed for the spanking by the Warriors.

          • Abi

            Emperor James is showing his muscle both on the court and in the locker room. More power to the king.
            ( Ato Saleh, we are talking about basketball. Don’t panic.)

          • saay7

            Hey Abi:

            Was teasing Ted: the truth is much more complicated. The coach just didn’t have NBA cred and had no clue how to deal with press. Great piece on the fall of the coach from ESPN who was going to be fired after the Christmas game. (Wonder who the Cavs played on that day)?

            Also agree with Ted and Nitricc that the Spurs are a huge threat, specially with their new 3-point machine complementing the Great (but boring) Three. They are the Warrior-tamers and of course they routinely spank the Cavs.


        • Abi

          HI Ted
          There is no spaghetti eating competition in Addis. There is a competition of cow milking. The former winners are replaced by a new champions. As always, the reporter didn’t know which city he was. A confused and confusing reporters should be banned from Awate. I miss the old Awate where the reporters were aware of which city they are reporting from. I guess we took it for granted. Old good days!
          His mistake is flying Lufthansa. Some mistakes are fatal. Always fly The Legendary Ethiopian Airlines! You get to your destination without drama or heart stopping scary thoughts.

  • Hope

    Bilated Ahlen Wo Sahlen Your Execellency.Ustaz SGJ!

    Praise the Lord of the lords for beating up ” death”!

    Survived A-Three-Vessel-CAD Acute MI”????!!!!

    Glad U did not go through the Heavy Duty Bypass Surgery!
    Yes,indeed,you are a Hero!


    Expecting you to start a SHOW entitled LIFE AFTER DEATH!
    Kudos to you for giving up that ” knot”!

    This is NOT easy,but it is a matter of life and death choice!
    But, if U beat up death,why not the others and other stuff !
    I asked my Mom to say the Holy Rosary(to dedicate at least few of the SIX ones she says per day) for you
    after I heard your sickness!

    When I called her an hour ago,she asked me “How is your friend ,the one you asked me to pray for,doing now?”
    I told her the Good News that you are back to work!
    She ellulated in a Classic Bileneyit/Tigrayit style!
    Am not joking or making it up!
    Welcome back and all the BEST Ya Ustazna!
    Am sure you have gone throus “tons “of Advisors,Counsellors,etc.. on Life Style Modification and related issues including on diet,tobacco,exercise,Wt loss,etc.., and by now,you are the Expert on those issues and spread the WORD!

    BTW,this note is from the serious Hope,not the confused one you are familiar with /about!

    • Abi

      Hope Gerageru
      Sigeba bemeskot siweTa beberu
      Haqun yinageru
      Ende ebab tesbew ende wof sayberu
      Weqesa abztew lib sayashebru
      Yiqir endibalu tselot yiderdru
      Esti chewata yamTu Guad Abi tedeberu!

      • V.F.


        Simply brilliant!

        • Abi

          VF libe geru
          Misgana derdru
          Sim eyeqeyeru
          Wardiya adenageru
          Bizegabot beru
          Dingay wereweru
          Chuhet eyabezu joro adeneqoru
          EnToTo ladrswo eyalku eshiruru
          YalTereTeru temeneTeru!
          Neqe bilenal fitwon yazuru
          WedemeTubet ende wof bireru
          Belu dehna yideru.
          Abi yiwedotal ayiTeraTeru.

    • Saleh Johar

      Thanks Hope,
      Please pass my gratitude to your mother, and good listen to the prayers of good people.
      I am surprised by Nitricc’s comments about diet, aren’t you?

  • Meda Ethiopia

    praise to Mariam d Arit
    for making it possible

  • Nitricc

    All; Can Semere or VF translate this for me? I think it is Tigrgna? He said PIA was sent by CIA and Arabs? i think?

  • V.F.

    Selam Saleh Gadi, ምሉእ ምሕረት ይግበረልካ። You must have gone to the local library to write this. I don’t mean to spill the beans here but in case you are wondering, you haven’t lost your electronic devices and they didn’t steal them at the hospital; saay is hiding all your gadgets. He made it public here.

    • Saleh Johar

      No. My gadgets were at home and he only had power of attorney over my phone which he returned after I went out of the ICU.

  • Nitricc

    Hey SJ I never worried once you made it to the first few crucial minutes during the attack. Now you are here, let me suggest the way forward. The most important thing to do from now on is FOOD and to plan your daily diet. Avoid animal based diet and Go all out green! Get your best blender; such as NutriBullet hi-speed and start juicing.
    Throw everything together; for example; such as
    Pistachio and add banana to it, for a test.
    You can experiment with other fruits, vegetables and nuts too, to your test but you can not go wrong with this kind diet. For a drink, don’t forget the power of tea.
    One thing you have to watch is that you need to read your medications. Some of the fruits vegetables and nuts might interact with your medicine.
    By the way this kind of green food is not just for SJ but every one should adapt to it. if you don’t want see a doctor; then do it.

    • Abi

      Hi General
      Why all these green leaves? Feed all these green leaves for a goat and you eat the goat. A glass of camel milk in the morning will do the trick.

      • V.F.

        Abi, now I am beginning to think maybe tes and Nitricc are the same person.

        • Abi

          No way!
          One is arada, the other is fara!
          One is a goat, the other is a goat herder.
          One is entertaining, the other boring
          One is Netraka, the other menchaka
          One is noisy, the other Tusss……stinky!
          No one makes me laugh like Nitricc. Honestly, I like him. One day he called me “qoleTam”. Try to beat that!

      • Nitricc

        Hi Abi, Gojjam will be a perfect place to grow that green goat food. You will be amazed what is hiding behind the goat food, try it. Camel milk? I wonder what test would be?

        • Abi

          HI General
          I don’t want to taste your feed and Gadi’s drink.
          Min beweTagn ?

    • Hope

      Oooohhh Gen Nittric!
      I thought you are a Fourth Generation Stealth Jet Fighter Pilot only !
      An Expert on Nutrition as well!
      Yes,indeed,that list is the best stuff and love it!
      Am trying to lose 25 Lb or 12 Kg!
      Can u help?

      • Nitricc

        Hey Hope; if you are serious about it, I am very happy not only to make you lose weights but much more than that. If you followed the exact things I tell you to do, then you will live thanking me for the rest of your life. So, when you are serious and ready to listen, you let me know. Till then practice this, drink a glass of water before you go to bed and drink a glass of water right when you wake up. Cut if you can or limit if you can’t your sugar consumption. Beware!!!!!!!!!! Sugar is hiding behind 20 different chemical names in your food.
        Again, when you ready, let me know.

    • tes

      Selam Nitricc,

      It is good that you try to say something about food. Two things you forgot:

      1. Water

      2. Red Wine – the drink of the soul that pleases the heart.

      if you knew “the French Paradox”* you couldn’t miss it.

      Technically and traditionally speaking wine is considered as food in France.

      Don’t tell this to Abi.



      • saay7

        Hi Tes, Nitricc, all:

        The story of the French paradox (they eat wrong, live long) led to other paradoxes and a funny joke:

        Cheese and wine is not bad for you, because French consume it and never get fat or sick and live long;
        Beans are not bad for you, because Costa Ricans consume it and never get fat, or sick and live long;
        Cheese is not bad for you, because Mediterraneans consume it and never get fat or sick and live long..


        this goes on and then the punch line is:

        Being American is hazardous to your health:)

        Joke aside, i think just as important as the diet is a lifestyle that guards against stress. Can you find what these five places have in common?

        I have told this story before. A colleague moved to Japan, and returned 3 years later. He looked fit and healthy. All surrounded him to ask him what diet he was on: he said, “none, I just started eating Japanese-size portions.”

        Finally, the documentary “forks-over-knives” follows three generations of Japanese-Americans in Hawaii. The first generation are all slender; the second generation is fat; the third generation is obese. Conclusion, according to the documentary: give up knifes (meat) and pick up forks (vegetables and grains and fruits.) A year ago, reading this would have bored SGJ to death; now I think he would read it:)


        PS: If you are from the highlands of Eritrea and Ethiopia and you don’t run, you are essentially wasting a talent God gave you. God will not be pleased.

        • tes

          Dear saay7,

          First of all you mistreated what the French paradox stands for. It is not as you said [they eat wrong, live long].

          Here is the French Paradox:

          French dishes (not diets) is full of fatty materials.

          Some figures:

          Consumption per capita per year

          Pig meat – 29.9 kg

          Cheese: 26 kg

          Butter: 7.9 kg – average Fat content

          And these foods are potentially with high cholesterol content.

          Then why France experience the lowest heart related diseases in the world? This question was a puzzle to world nutrition and health experts. When they researched further they got some mystery. And this mystery was found in wine, specially Red Wine.

          Red Wine has an antioxidant characteristics. This antioxidant character helps cholesterol digestion by changing the cholesterol into useful nutrient ( lipoproteins cholestrol (HDL) and at the same time clearing deposits along the artery lines. This helps smooth flow of blood and eases heart work. In addition red wine has

          Then from this what they understand is that French people consume a balanced diet. Therefore it is not because they eat wrong food but a balanced diet.

          Another reasoning :

          French eating habits is also an added value. Normally French people spent more time on a table***. No hurry. Unlike the American rush eating habits, French enjoy their dining table and it the time where the most romantic discussions are held.

          This has an advantage of digestion while eating****. By the end of the meal almost 60% or more of the diet is digested already.

          I think it is enough here for today. I can write pages after pages on this food and food eating habits.

          Seriously though I would like to point this: what every human being consumes in his local area has a scientific reason to be proved right (exception to this is USA – as USA has lost its native eating habits and is today a state of junk foods and rush time eating habits).




          *** I remember spending 4 hours taking lunch with my hosting family. And when ever I spend my holiday with my French families, I need to prepare myself of spending at least 5 hours for the invitation.

          **** Not forgetting the meal diversification that is prepared on minimum of 4 dishes prepared one after the other.

          • Abi

            Prof Tes
            This is a great piece. Thanks.
            How is your description of the Fresh eating habits different from that of Saay’s ?
            I’m talking about the French Paradox.

          • Hope

            Prof Tes:
            You are making sense now and I agree for the most part with you!
            There are other factors as well,not just the wine!
            -American Foods are more processed than the European foods with less additives!
            -Americans are more stressful than Europeans-you indirectly mentioned it!
            -Over all,the European Life Style is way better than the American one!
            -Social Justice might be a bit better due to the Uniformity of the Race in Europe except nowadays where immigrants are flowing to Europe!
            The Red Wine Theory,despite its controversy,plays a positive role due to its Heart Friendly anti-oxidant content!

        • Nitricc

          Hey SAAY; well it is a very big subject but out of personal interest i studied nutrition while forced in school to learn the Chemistry of the body. it is amazing how the two work like a glove and hand. what struck me the most is the misinformation of about the food to the general public. I had a plan to share what i know with the awate- community but never materialized. i was hoping AT would create a medium for it so we all can participate and learn from each other. anyhow; i can tell you that the fat is not the problem. if Hope can stick with his desire to lose weight, then may be the rest of the awate community can see how it works, pay attention and learn. till then please know the kind of food you are eating is killing you.

          • tes

            Selam Nitricc,

            I can see why you try to define food based on nutrition. But the definition of food is far beyond nutrition. There is culture and service, there is safety and there is specificity. Plus availability.


          • saay7

            Hey Nitricc:

            Be patient about your hdmo, its coming. I have one very important question though:

            What kind of diet are the Cavaliers on and why do they suck?


            PS: Where are my manners? Speaking of running, the Ethiopians owned Dubai: first place – sixth place (men); first place – fifth place (women) are all Ethiopians. Phew!


          • Abi

            Hi Saay
            You look for Eyob ( he is on his ametawi gimgema) , I look for dawit . What? Are you saying Eritrea is not number 1?

      • Nitricc

        Hey Tes, water is no briner but wine, i have reservations about it. I agree there are few benefits about having a glass or two red wine but no one will stop at that or two glasses. The truth is wine an alcohol, a fermented one; for one, it does not work for the program i designed to help people. simply it contains sugar. my plan calls eat all fat and consume no sugar its all forms. however if you are fit and no high B-P and low cholesterol, like the French people; please be my guest and not a glass but a bottle; No problem at all.

        • tes

          Selam Nitricc,

          Well the sugar content in wine is a concern to exceptionally in diet control of zero sugar level label consumers. But in general the sugar content found in wine is low, specially in red wine.

          One thing that is most important is the type of wine. There are wines with sweet taste and there are with almost none. Therefore those who strictly control sugar level can still get a good type of wine with an unacceptable degree of sugar.

          For more readings:


          Tips for weight loss diet practice
          + I am more on heart – food topic. If Hope is concerned with weight loss a good practice can be drinking hot ginger juice.

          Preparation: just take slices of ginger and boil it in water. then drink white it is hot.

          +Another good practice can be drinking a warm water (as it is tea) with no additives. Chinese are famous for drinking warm water.

        • Kim Hanna

          Selam Nitricc,
          As some one has said, there is no conclusive science for each and every one of us with so many variables. Therefore in the absence of such knowledge and a convincing argument, what if I follow my own time tested wise, lazy and practical solution. Do it in moderation.
          Just in case the world is wrong and you are right. The choices then become A or B that follows.
          A. Eat and drink as you recommend and live to be 92 years old. (long, long miserable years)
          B. Eat and drink as you please in moderation to live to be 85. (84 year olds are disqualified to take the test)
          No guarantees in either case of course but I go for Ingera and Doro woT on occasions and Kitfo at other times and shoot for the 85 club. Anything wrong with this religion, Nitricc?
          Mr. K.H

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Nitricc,
      I was impressed by your comments on nutrition and checked the blender–I have the feeling it is all about weight loss. I have no weight problem, never had in my life. My diet is supposed to be heart friendly, fight bad cholesterol. My problem is this: I know sugar is not related to heart, but one can decrease sugar intake, no problem there. 1) How do you decrease salt? Am I supposed to eat tasteless food by avoiding salt? What is the alternative to salt (like sweeteners are to sugar) ? 2) Is there good oil, or good butter? Am I supposed to avoid oil completely?

      I heard from my doctor about the topic above, but I need to see your take.

  • m.kuflom

    ሰላም አቡ ሰላሕ።
    ዓፍየት ወጨሮት ያ መናድል።ሰነት ምንጽብሓታ ሰነት ሰማዕና

  • anyee raya

    wendme saleh.
    AlhamduliAllah you are back, the power of dua’ is amazing also la tensa’e zikr Allah abeden,
    your brother.

    • Dayphi

      well said brother anyee. The reminder not only to ustath saleh, but to all of us, specially those of us who have been tested with life threatening calamities, yet given second chance to repent and rectify our connections with our Maker. الَّذينَ آمَنوا وتَطْمَئِنُّ قلوبٌهُم بذكْرِ الله، ألاَ بِذِكر اللهِ تطْمَئِنُّ القُلوبُ. ” Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of God: for without doubt in the remembrance of God do hearts find satisfaction.” Ar-Ra’d / The Thunder ( 13:28 ).
      Jazakallah bro anyee for the reminder.

  • Kobor kahnat

    Good to see you back sir. We need you and your relentless effort towards our freedom and justice struggle. Your pen is worth than thousands of combatants.

  • G. Gebru

    Dear Saleh,
    Enquaa beselam nabgezakha abqaakha. Muluemehret yegberelka. Mesbezuhe selamta.

    G, Gebru.

  • Eyasu Mussie

    Good to see you back. I wish you all the best.

  • Ismail A. Ahmad

    What happy a moment! I just logged in and found a piece of happy news I was looking for during the last few weeks since word came that Gadi was ill. In fact, one of the reasons for going online for me the past weeks was just to see if Gadi is back. I hope you have recovered fully, which in fact I could see from going through your new posting. Al hamd li-llah ala awdatak mu aafa, ya Saleh.

    • Saleh Johar

      Ahlan Ismail,
      I am out of the danger zone and I doing better–in fact yesterday I have a check up and my heart is better by 20% compared to how it performed at the beginning of the saga. Thanks dear

  • Berhe Y

    Dear Saleh,

    Great to see you back.


  • Peace!

    Ahlen Salihom,

    Mash’Allah Wa’l Hamdillulah for the quick recovery. Welcome Back!!


  • aklilu zere

    Good day Good Brother Saleh.

    This day is happiest day in my life.You are alive because the Almighty God wants you to continue the Good work. He is pleased by your willingness to shoulder the burden of your oppressed people. And again, I shall pray to God to furnish you and your family with abundance of Heath, Hope, Happiness, Faith, Love, Peace and success in all your dreams and aspirations.

    • Saleh Johar

      Dear Aklilu,
      Thanks for everything, you have been a dear friend and thank you a million.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Saleh,

    Welcome back dear friend. It is quick recovery and you know what you have to quit, a resolution after this scary episode. Take care yourself to continue your fight.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Emma,
      I already quit what I had to quit. But the withdrawal symptoms is not easy, though I am beating that as well.
      Thank you

  • Music Novice

    Greetings SGJ,

    Well done on the recovery and welcome back!

  • PTS

    Mr Johar,
    Welcome back Sir!
    We will treat you to a nice Habesha coffee, Keren style.

  • abrham

    Dear Saleh,

    Welcome back

  • sara

    Dear ustaz saleh
    well come back, and take care of yourself. have a break go to Hawaii.
    tanks, good advice others to hid . about that stinky stuff….

  • Sarah Ogbay

    Welcome back Saleh! ብዝይበአኻ ዓዲ አይኹን! You scared us for a while! But we are happy your back and writing. Take good care of yourself as we all need you in this fight for justice and peace!

    • Saleh Johar

      Thanks Sarah,
      Tehsh’ou da’a. But Thanks, and I am taking good care of myself.

  • Dayphi

    My Dear Ustath.
    All praise is due to Allah, and Allah alone for showering you with His Blessings, Health, and extension in life; so you have a unique and more opportunity to continue serving Him first and foremost, and then your family and your people. Life is good. We can’t fully appreciate the for grant gift of health until we’re challenged at times. It is a wake up call for many of us. It was for me as i had to undergo an open heart surgery or Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting ( CABG ) due to blockages in 4 different places few months ago. I’m doing good now, لله الحمد والمِنَّة.
    May Almighty Allah bless you, my esteemed ustath, with abundant health, wealth, and long life for many many years to come, Ameen.

    • A.Osman

      Dear Dayphi,

      Wow, Welcome back, it is been quite a while.

      الله يشفيك ويعافيك ويطول عمرك


      • Dayphi

        Ameen brother Osman.
        May He Hears and accepts your supplications and good wishes.
        جزاك الله

    • Hope

      Ahlen Dyphi!

      Even way top notch SURVIVOR!

      God bless u man!

      We,”the Habesha People” in particular and the Africans in general thought that CAD is a White man’s or Western Disease but we are getting it!

      At least 50 to 60 % of Eastern Africans above age 40-the Somalis,Ethiopians and ERITREANS included,develop Diabets and Hypertension wthin 5-10 yrs of their arrival here in the USA!
      And we know that those diseases or morbid irises are Independent Risk Factors for CAD(heart attack or heart artery blockage),Stroke,etc… not to mention the other related organ damages like kidney failure!

      A Ghanean Prof of Medicine/Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseses ,from The Cleveland Clinic ,Ohio,USA,proved this finding scientically and published it in the New England Journal of Medicine few years ago and the study was based on West African Immigrants as VICTIMS of the Western Life Style-the diet and sedentary life,which messes up the metabolism easily!

      It has been a ” Wake Up Call” to all of us,immigrants!

      It has to do with the life style we are not used to – the junky diet and sedentary life style !

      To those,who might be interested in reading further:

      For basic info,just google to :
      -American Dietetic Association web
      -The American Family Physician
      -Mayo Clinic
      All of the above have plenty of info for the public in plain language !
      You will find every basic Health Info and ADVICE one may need to know!

      • Dayphi

        Hala ya Hope Akhooy.
        thank you for the prayers. May God bless you and your family too. You are right. Lots of ailments we thought are exclusively belonging to ferengies and haptamat are now crawling into many Hebasha housholds in diaspora as well as back at home regardless of the person’s income or social status. L3ul amlakh n’khullna miHretu yewrdelna. Sqayna kem rsHat me3ar yiHtsebelna, Amen.

        • Hope

          Amen,indeed big brother!
          Stay blessed and healthy!
          Give endless PRAISE to the Lord of Mercy!

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      الله بكرمك بشفاء تام وىعطىك الصحه ولعافىه.
      الف حمد الله على السلامة

    • tes

      Dear Dayphi,

      It looks that you had a serious health problem. Thanks to God you are well now. A million health to you.

      Missed a lot.


      • Dayphi

        Dear tes.
        thanks a lot for your good wishes and encouragement. May He Almighty bless you and shower you abundantly with Health from His unlimited storage. Amen.

    • Saleh Johar

      Ahlan Dayphi,
      Absolutely right, we take health and life for granted and such wake up calls are a good reminder that humbles us. I am glad to hear that you defeated a similar attack.

      Thank you again

  • A.Osman

    Dear Salih,

    Welcome back, you were missed.

    On top of the prayers, you must have have been blessed with much “Emrikha tinwaH” prayers from your mother. We were taught “Silatu Rahm” prolongs life, yours is extensive and may Allah give you health and bless your life to see and enjoy freedom and justice in Eritrea and all its neighbors.


    • Saleh Johar

      Indeed AOsman,
      The good wishes from many people moved me, I am convinced the prayer of good people is powerful Thanks

  • አዲስ

    Hi Saleh,

    Welcome back!

    About pavements and architectures in Addis in the past 10/15 years, It almost makes me cry whenever I think about it. It’s like the Architects are in competition of who can create the ugliest structures. It’s just amazing. The good thing is there’s a bit of a change I am noticing in the past year or so. Good observation.


    • A.Osman

      Dear Addis,

      I do not know the extent of the problem, but I can tell you that Ethiopian Roads Authority has an extensive design manual standard that was prepared around 2001. The authorities may be failing in ensuring compliance and enforcement, combined with luck of proper training of engineers/architects during education and in their practice. Similarly, I have noticed high Kerbs (Curbs) in Middle East not for luck of standards but to prevent people parking over the footway. If the authorities adapt new heights to cater for local issues, it is not a problem as long as there is consistency in practice throughout the city…….if you check the old part of Rome, you will see high kerbs, but it does not looks out of place as it flows with the architecture of the area.



      • አዲስ

        Hi A.Osman,

        It really is just bad. Check Addis’s section of skyscrapercity dot com and you will see what I am talking about. Huge ugly glass buildings, roads built not considering pedestrians, pot holes,…it’s a mess. The city is under construction so the easier problems will be solved in time but those ugly architectures will remain to be an eye sore for the city.


    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Addis,
      I think the problem in Addis (and other cities) is untrained construction workers who do not have the concept of aesthetics, safety, etc. It would be nice if hey pass a law requiring anyone who works of public works to be licensed. Licensing should include training on basic city ordinance, standards and convenience and safety of pedestrians–and handicapped. If you move on a wheelchair in Addis, you are screwed. Sharing space between glass buildings and cars at the expense of pedestrians is not nice.

      A few years ago I identified a job opportunity for store front decorators and decorators in general, I am more convinced there is a great opportunity to improve the taste of the city–as it is, it is unappealing.

  • tes

    Selam selam Salh Johar!

    Welcome back.

    Warm Greetings!!!


    • Saleh Johar

      Thanks Tes,
      Sorry for not responding to your messages. Thank you, all is cleared now and I appreciate it.

  • Abi

    Selam Ato Saleh
    Welcome back.

  • Amanuel

    Hi SGJ
    Welcome back fighter. It is great to have you back. What you went through is very scary and difficult experience, however you can take it as blessing in disguise that can help you to make some adjustment in your life style and look after your self more. I wish you all the best and each other.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Amanuel,
      Of course, food and other habits have to change and I am doing just that. Thank you for your care and likewise, it feels good to be back with you all.

  • Tzigereda

    Dear Saleh,
    Welcome back! You look great!

  • mustafa

    أستاذنا العزيز صالح جوهر
    الحمد لله على سلامتك, قد لا تتصور مدى سعادتي وفرحتي بمثولك للشفاء وعودتك الى عرينك في عواتي .حفظك الله لعائلتك واحبائك ووطنك ودمت فخرا لكل الارتريين

  • Semere Andom

    Dear Saleh:
    Welcome Back!!