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The Ethiopian Roar And The Weary Eyes Of Eritrean Mothers (P.II)

To start where we left off (The Ethiopian Roar… P I) – among other things, we said “if Ethiopia is planning to use this upcoming EDA National Conference (November 2011) as a launching pad for regime change….then EDA will shatter in pieces before Christmas of this year (2011).Well, the EDA Conference (Waela) was convened at Awassa with no problem; just a minor glitch: the Daniel Tewelde incident. EDA didn’t break up in pieces; it still is kicking. And that begs the question – well, what happened; did anything changed for the better during the Awassa Conference? Unfortunately the answer is no. EDA survived just for a simple reason: the Meles government blinked. The Ethiopian Roar – We will work towards changing Eritrea’s policies or its government…” threat from Meles Zenawi proved to be a bluff, a hoax, an empty rhetoric. The status quo in Asmara was never challenged. The reason: Meles is incapable of Regime Change Project. Let me make it very clear:

  1. Rhetoric and bravado aside, Meles will never invade Eritrea to topple the PFDJ regime. Not out of respect for the Eritrean people or the sovereignty of Eritrea, but for lack of power and resources to execute the regime change project.
  2. Counting on the fragile EDA, if Meles ever decides to remove the PFDJ regime, before EDA sets its foot on Eritrean territory, the Eritrean opposition umbrella will shatter in pieces; leaving him without any “credible partner” to work with.

Well, to be credible myself, I’ve to make a compelling case argument on the above two points. And – challenging the wisdom and questioning the capability of Meles’s regime change rhetoric, and arguing about – the absence of “credible partner” for Meles on the Eritrean side would be the argument of this article. Let’s roll:

Argument #1: The Wisdom and Capability Argument

When it comes to regime change, after twenty long years in power, with an apparent Meles fatigue in his nation, and his legs stuck in the muddy political quagmire of his Eastern project, Meles could only dream toppling the PFDJ regime. For him, any military adventure to the North would be suicidal; and Meles is not one. Don’t get me wrong – when I say Meles will not invade Eritrea, I don’t have any illusion about Meles’s wishes and dreams. Meles or not Meles, no matter who is in power in Addis, the Amara and Tigrayan-Elite obsession with the Red Sea and the constant Roar (Tuta, Zeraf, Gedai…) to have it their way, will always be there. I don’t have any doubt in my mind, before the ink is dry on the recent sanction-papers, under any pretext, the Meles government will start lobbing and volunteering to sell its service for another round of sanction “to punish the regime in Eritrea”. And due to its narcissistic and belligerent attitude, the regime in Asmara won’t have any shortage of “enemies” that would lineup with Meles’s Ethiopia to put the last nail on its coffin. But for now, just for now, Isaias can breathe a sigh of relief at least until another round of political drama starts on the diplomatic circles of Western capitals. And Meles now and for the rest of his reign could only wish and dream to roll his tanks across Mereb River, topple the Isaias regime, and mesmerize us with his ቁስልኹም ኣይትሕከኹ ….(don’t scratch your wounds..) speech from Asmara with “love”.

Those of you who truly believe Meles is going to remove the PFDJ regime to empower EDA – please, please don’t kid yourself. Meles, aligning himself with powerful Global Powers is good and all; but that is not going change Ethiopia’s limitations. Still Ethiopia will be Ethiopia – a poor African neighbor to our South just like us. If the Addis policy makers were capable of regime change, which they are not – if they were serious about sending a regime change message to the PFDJ regime, which they were not – they would have convened the EDA Waela at Zalambessa during the Abune Ambes festival. And at the end of the Waela, they would have taken the 600 Waela participants to the hill-tops of Zalambesa, to enjoy the view of the beautiful hills of Kisad Emba, Debre Shimejana, Emba-Metera, the shining port city of SenAfe, and the exuberant festive celebration of the dancers and spectators on the open fields of Shimejana. Such provocative move would have sent unmistakable message and a shock-wave to the Nerve-Center. But, The Addis policy makers refused to play high stake gambling. Not for lack of evil intent, but for fear our “irrational Mad-Man” might overreact and things might spiral out of control.

To avoid any mishap, the Addis policy makers chose to play it safe; so safe they chose to shoot the “scoring goal” from Awassa (Ethiopia’s Southern Town) by a handicap kicker. They played it so safe, in a way they told the 600 Waela participants and their cheering supporters, ‘the road to Asmara goes through Libreville, Abuja and New York’. And the EDA crowd accepted it with cheers and applauds; because they know full well, they don’t have the legs that could carry them to sprint the distance. Yes, alone or on the back of Ethiopian tanks. They know how many back-flips and somersaults they have to do before they could stand still to govern. After all, didn’t they reinforce the very self-fulfilling prophecy? Didn’t they perfectly fell into the narrative of the skeptics? Doesn’t their democratically elected leadership and theirfair representationof every ethnic every faith and every region on their leadership, speak valium about their post PFDJ “democratic” Eritrea? I don’t know if that was the intent, but the EDA leadership is as popular, as representative and as flawless as the Meles government itself.

So, tell me, unless coerced to do so, how could the Addis policy makers possibly open another War Front to their North to topple the PFDJ regime to empower EDA? They have already sealed their fate. They have already bit off more than they could possibly chew. They have already failed to lead their country and their people into stable and prosperous future. Their reign is already hanging by a thread. They are already in the middle of an explosive war that has Regional, National, Ethnic and Religious flavor. They are fighting a war they could never end. They are fighting a war they will never have a victory parade. Yes it is African war; yes it is African blood; yes it is African lives; yes war of poor African nations don’t make world headlines….but for heaven sake, in some shape or form – it is a Regional War that is involving Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, AU and the West by proxy. It is a Regional War that is claiming the lives of tens of thousands due to shooting war, starvation and mass displacement. The whole Horn Region is in flames. And Meles’s Ethiopia is at the center of this raging fire. Any sane person would tell you, the last thing Meles’s Ethiopia needs is opening another War-Front.

Ethiopia is a country of 80 million people, with about 3.2% annual population growth; yes Ethiopian population is going to grow by 25 million in the next ten years; and it is projected to reach 175 million in the next forty years (2050). For the next decade, Meles’s Ethiopian has to create at least 2.5 million new jobs every single year to keep up with its population growth. Not to prosper but just to stay afloat, yes just to keep the cost of living and the quality of services as is – Ethiopia has to double the size of its economy, the size of its workforce and the size of its services in the next thirty years. Now tell me, I don’t care whose side Meles is on, how could Ethiopia change the lives of its people from poverty and destitution if it keeps squandering its meager resources on regime change projects? How could Ethiopia remain stable when it is at war with itself and with its neighbors? How could Ethiopia prosper without having prosperous trading partners in its neighborhood?

Listen: it is a proven fact, when nations are at war their economy suffers as a result. And when nations face a declining/sluggish economic growth and an increasing population growth, their middle class shrinks dramatically falling into poverty each day. And the gap between the few haves and the impoverished majority widens so much so, it reaches a breaking-point where the status quo becomes unsustainable. War is the primary cause of poverty and destitution. Poverty and destitution are the primary causes of instability. As long Ethiopia continues to wage wars of choice – to suppress ethnics with dissenting voices and to remove “hostile regimes” of neighboring countries, Ethiopia will remain poor and unstable until it changes its policy. And if it fails to change its policy, its government will collapse as a result of internal violence.

But, just for the sake of argument, let’s say I’m wrong and you are right. Let’s say, economically, diplomatically and militarily Ethiopia is more than capable to topple the regime in Asmara. And I agree with you, removing the PFDJ regime is not that hard especially when you align yourself with Western Global Powers. Libyan experience has showed the world, with few ragtag militias that have lingering grudges, Western Media, and Western Air Power any third world country-government could be toppled at any time. But then what? How are you going to stabilize the country? Eritrea has about 200,000 armed men and women in uniform. To completely defeat the Eritrean Army and control the whole country (not stabilize), Ethiopia is going to need an army that is three times bigger (at least half a million men) for about ten years if not longer at a price tag of billions of dollars. And that is an expense Meles’s Ethiopia could not afford. To make matters even worse, the cost of regime change in terms of human lives and resources is only half of the problem. The other half: the war won’t be Addis vs. Asmara.

Eritrea is a buffer zone that could tip the scale of the whole regional politics – the Nile Politics (Sudan and Egypt), the politics of the Arab Israel conflict, and the newly emerging Arab (Muslim) Black Africans politics. If the Meles government dares to invade Eritrea with the intent to install Ethiopia friendly (puppet) regime in Asmara in order to flex its muscle to the Red Sea, then the Ethio-Eritrean war is going to attract the unwanted attention of many players in the region. And that would definitely make Eritrea a failed state. A failed state to Ethiopia’s North, will torch the whole Horn Region on fire from Tanzania, to Kenya, Somalia, Eastern Ethiopia, Yemen, Eritrea and North Sudan. Also a failed state in Eritrea would connect the Horn Region fire to the African Sahel through Sudan, Chad – and all the way to Mali, Nigeria and Senegal. Then to say the least, the disadvantaged Amara will be armed by Eritrean and Sudanese insurgents; and a third war front will be opened on Western Ethiopia; and as a result, Ethiopia would be destabilized and the Meles government will collapse.

Therefore, one could say with absolute confidence, knowing the consequence of war to their North, the current policy makers in Addis will never, never bend, aim and shoot their arrows to the North while butt naked in the South. They are already experimenting regime change project in Somalia hoping to flex their muscle to the Indian Ocean. Trust me, their Eastern project is going to give them so much headache, they won’t have any appetite for real military confrontation in their Northern Front. If you think about it, the political move for the Meles government is very predictable. The people to the East of Ethiopia have nowhere to go but to fight and die at home until they see fundamental policy change from Addis. By the same token, since the Addis policy makers are hostages of their own Eastern Project, they could only refrain themselves from opening another unprovoked war of choice to their North. Seems straightforward, doesn’t it?

But again, just for the sake of argument, let’s say I’m wrong. Let’s say Meles’s Ethiopia doesn’t have any problem to the East of its territory that it couldn’t handle. Let’s say Ethiopia is rich enough and powerful enough to open another war front to its North. Let’s say the argument that the Arab region is going to fight a proxy war in Eritrea is a bogus argument. And let’s say Ethiopia has all the diplomatic cover it needs at IGAD, AU and at the UN to remove the regime in Eritrea. But again the problem is more than Ethiopia’s economic strength, military might and diplomatic cover. Ethiopia’s ability to topple the PFDJ regime bears only one side of the political challenge. The other side: The Eritrean opposition.

Argument #2. The “Credible Partner for Peace” Argument

When I say with a very assertive tone, Ethiopia doesn’t have a reliable partner in the Eritrean opposition; and when I say EDA will break up in pieces if Ethiopia makes a serious move to remove the PFDJ regime; the first question that comes to mind is, how do you know?  Well, let me tell you how I know: in Addis we have sensors. These sensors are so sensitive and so accurate, they can detect the slightest presence of dangerous fume, light, motion, proximity and taste in a split-second with 100% accuracy. If Ethiopia makes a serious move to topple the PFDJ regime, not only we’re going to see a flashing red light from our sensors, but also a deafening loud noise that would be heard from one end of the world to the other. And our reliable sensitive sensors are none other than the Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic Warriors in Addis (please spare the Kunamas). Let me give you a little background to the story.

At one time or another, almost all Eritrean political leaders have fought against the current policy makers in Addis. As a result, lives of most Eritreans have been affected negatively due to the decisions made by the current leaders of Ethiopia. Therefore, it is fair to say, there is suspicion and mistrust between Eritreans in general and the current policy makers in Addis in particular. Also, the Eritrean opposition organizations are divided into two camps; those who prescribe violent regime change and those who believe on nonviolent regime change. At this moment, the only political organization that is working with Ethiopia to remove the PFDJ regime using violence is the opposition umbrella EDA. But, if you pay attention to the political positions of Ethiopia and EDA, forget about agreeing on the main issues that matters the most, they are not even on the same planet. Yes, beyond the temporary shallow relation to use each other, there is no common thread that connects the political objectives of EDA and Ethiopia. And let me show you the comparison between EDA and the Meles government – political objectives and political positions vis-a-vis the PFDJ regime and our Region. Good luck if you can make any sense out of it.

►Despite all the rhetoric against Isaias and his PFDJ regime, all things considered – if an election was to be held in Eritrea today, Isaias and his PFDJ party would win fair and square. If you disagree, tell me who would?

►The Addis policy makers and their Western allies don’t want Isaias; they want someone exactly like Isaias. The EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis don’t want anyone who would walk, talk, look, breath like Isaias; they want someone who fits exactly their image.

►The Addis policy makers and their Western allies love everything that Isaias does; they just don’t like him because he refused to stop flirting with the wrong crowd in the region: Kaddafi, Ahmadinejad, Omar Al-Bashir, Al-Shebab….. The Anti-Ethiopia, Anti-Israel, Anti-West Arab Region despises Isaias and everything that Isaias does; they just keep pampering and cuddling him to keep Israel off Eritrean Islands and to keep Ethiopia in the box.

►The Addis policy makers and their Western allies hate Isaias because he is flirting too much with the Anti-Israel and Anti-West Arab Region. The Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis hate Isaias because he is not flirting enough with the Anti-Ethiopia, Anti-Israel, Anti-West Arab Region (they accuse him of – abandoning our traditional Arab allies).

► The Addis policy makers and their Western allies want us to believe – Isaias is an Arab agent on a mission to destroy Ethiopia and Western Interest in the region by supporting Somali Islamic Terrorists. The EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis want us to believe – Isaias is a CIA agent with a mission to destroy Eritrean Muslims by denying them their God Given Ancestral Muslim Land and by depriving them from speaking and learning “their” historic Arabic Language.

►The Addis policy makers and their Western allies don’t see any difference between the EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis, and the Arab Region that despise Abyssinians. They are just keeping the EDA organizations in Addis because they are the only opposition to Isaias they could find. The EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis don’t see any difference between the Weasel Meles government in Addis and the “Chauvinist Isaias government” in Asmara. They are just staying in Addis because they have nowhere to go.

►Winking their eyes to the Arab Region, when the EDA Islamists and ethnic organizations in Addis say “Ethiopia is our strategic ally”, literally you can see the Addis policy makers blood boiling hot; because they don’t want anyone to insult their intelligence. And when the EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis hear people like me (Semere Tesfai) claiming to be an opposition to the PFDJ regime, literally you can see their blood pressure and blood sugar level shooting through the roof; because they think that is a mockery of their intelligence as well.

►The Signature Objective of the EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis is – to empower Eritrean Muslims by reversing Ethnic Tigrigna (Christian) Domination, to claim their God given Muslim Land as existed pre-1952, to restore the status of the Arabic language in Eritrean society, and finally to live happily ever after in the company of our traditional Arab allies. And the Signature Objective of the Addis policy makers is?/was – to build a Shining Economic Tiger on the ashes of “our” old dynasty – Axum, Bahre-Negash, Qohaito, Adulis…. Yes a Shining Black Jewel on the Hill for all to see and envy. And to guard their precious Black Jewel, their master plan is?/was, to build an invincible modern military fighting machine that could protect and defend their Grand Frontier that stretches from the Shining Sea to the river banks of Alewaha. Because they know full well, at the end of the day, no amount of hardware, no amount of resources and no amount of alliances will stop and secure their Shinning Black Jewel, when the inevitable long wave length,  high-amplitude Southern Tsunami rolls thundering with rage to hit their shores. I don’t know if their dream still lives on, but that seems to have been the original play-script for the stage performance. Well, you got the idea.

Now tell me – how do you bridge these diametrically opposing dreams? In all honesty, you can’t. You can’t reconcile the irreconcilable. If you believe the above stated points are wrong and want to challenge back, be my guest. If you believe whether the above stated points are right or wrong, Ethiopian policy makers will still topple the Isaias regime to empower the EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations, you are insane. If you believe EDA is not dominated by Islamists and Ethnic Organizations, you are in denial. If you believe, the Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic Organizations will reform EDA to become a genuine National Political Organization that would give hope to Eritreans of all faiths, ethnics and regions, you are hallucinating. And let me tell you why:

In a multi ethnic society, there is no common denominator that would lead to National unity and then Democracy when political organizations are trenched in Religious and Ethnic Politics. If there was success in such politicking, Lebanon would have been a living example of democracy and National Unity on this planet; but it is not. In ethnic politics, the mistrust is not limited against the sitting government but also against each other as well. On our home front, if ethnic politicking happens to be the preferred blue print for our politics, then one could dare to argue – Tigres don’t trust Tigrignas. Kunamas don’t trust Tigres and Tigrignas. Afars don’t trust Tigres and Tigrignas. Jebertis don’t trust Tigrignas. Sahos don’t trust Tigres and Tigrignas, Naras don’t trust Tigres and Tigrignas…. In ethnic politics, since the only ethnic you trust is your own ethnic, the objective would always be your ethnic to sit on the driver seat. Since there could only be one driver sitting on the driver seat, either your ethnic is sitting on it, or some other ethnic is. And if some other ethnic happens to sit on the driver seat, the rest of the ethnics would turn into porcupines: they will turn their back and they will raise their sharp quills. If anyone comes up with a national plan that involves the ethnic territory of the “loser” ethnics, it would be tantamount to declaration of war on them. Remember: all the issues that are being raised by our ethnic organizations are real issues that deserve real solutions. Issues of ethnic rights, fair representation, allocation of resources, opportunities, services… all must be resolved in a way that would give confidence to all stakeholders. But to argue – we have to divide ourselves into ethnics, clans and sub-clans to preserve our national unity, to protect our rights, and to become democratic nation is insanity beyond anyone’s comprehension.

By the same token, in a multi-faith society, when a political organization is carrying a gun to govern on the name of its God/Allah, there is no common-ground short of marginalizing or converting those with “the other faith”. There is no illusion about the objective of the Islamists in EDA. They are not carrying a gun to assert their right to practice their faith. They are fighting for a well thought-out agenda:  to grab state power in order their faith to dominate; and to legitimize the domination of their faith over other faiths using the power of the National Government. If you believe that’s not the case, then tell me – why in the world would they custom-design, produce, advertise and aggressively market to sell a political brand in the name of their God/Allah with the intent to govern us all? If they happen to win and govern the nation with their political brand, as they intend to do, the “others” could only have two choices: to buy their political product (Islam) or to remain marginalized. This is not rocket science. The writing is on the wall for all to see.

Again, the argument is very simple: we all should respect and accept the full rights of all the Faithful and all the ethnics, to organize and to fight for the narrow interest of their faith/ethnic, and to belong to any national political party of their choice as organized body. But to govern the diverse Nation as an ethnic or on the name of their God/Allah is insanity that should not be tolerated. And that applies to every ethnic and to every faith.

Well, with the majority of ethnic Tigrignas outside his fishing net, and EDA being the best playing card he got, one could argue – Meles doesn’t have a “reliable political partner” for his Northern Project. That being the reality, neither Meles nor his Western Allies would topple the PFDJ regime, to empower the EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organization to control the Red Sea. Accepting the fact that Meles is not in a position to pull the strings but to sell his service to milk the project, if those who call the shots ever decide to drop the last straw that would break the PFDJ back to land from our South, which is very unlikely, then without a doubt we are going to witness a major overhauling, restructuring and face-lifting project on the Eritrean opposition in Addis way, way – years before the last straw is dropped. And if ever – the groundwork for overhauling, restructuring and face-lifting project starts to take place, not only the Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic Organizations (who would lose the most) are going to show their strong objection, but also they will flee the scene in an instant (again please spare the Kunamas). And when they leave their current habitat, they are not going to leave the scene quietly. Their deafening alarm will be heard from one end of the planet to the other. Then our Region, smelling the fume of danger will react with its own signal: the Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic Warriors will be welcomed to regroup and to convene their MuAtemer Al-Weteny (National Congress) in some Arab capital. And you can bet your last penny on that.

Folks, you don’t need crystal ball to see how the Meles government, the Eritrean Islamists, and the Eritrean Ethnic Warriors would play their game at the eleventh hour. The Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic Warriors are not going to be outfoxed by the Slick Willies in the Meles government. They are not going to hand over the driver-key and sit quietly on the back seat. They are not going to take “everything will be discussed and resolved once we get to Asmara” for an answer. Because they know where they will end up if they somehow landed in Asmara sitting on the back seat – yes you guessed it right – Era Ero. And that is not going to happen; never. Either having full control – they will be driving all the way to Asmara or they won’t board on the train at all. But for sure they won’t mind relaxing in Addis until opportunity knocks their door.  

So please – unless there is a major overhauling restructuring and face-lifting project on the Eritrean opposition, unless some ethnic Tigrigna Ahmed Chalabis with a shady past are occupying key leadership positions in the opposition, unless Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic-Warriors are fleeing from Addis right and left, unless the regime in Asmara the Eritrean Islamists and the Eritrean ethnic warriors are screaming their lungs-out reading from the same note – saying: Agames, Weyane, Ethiopian invasion, foreign intervention…., nothing, yes nothing alarming will happen. Yes, the regime change objective is still there. Yes, there is a price you pay when you flirt with Ahmadinejad, Muammar Gaddafi, Omar Al-Bashir, Al-Shebab and the likes. Yes, sanctions are intended for one and only one reason: regime change. But if you look the pattern and connect the dots, so far the game plan for regime change has been very consistent: induce change from inside. The method for regime change: tighten the screws on the skull of the Alpha-Male until it cracks open. And if you think about it, how much pressure could possibly exert a Tortoise-Skull staffed with inflated ego before it cracks open? Not much. It is just a matter of priority for those who call the shots.

But the fact that there are so many blips on the radar screen, the fact that the Meles government rhetoric is only there to sell its service to milk the regional political restructuring nothing more and nothing less, the fact that there is so much uncertainty in the horizon, and the fact that the regional and global politics are evolving more rapidly than any time in our lifetime to shape the global power politics of our future – PFDJ Eritrea may not even be on the short list of the Regional Political Restructuring menu. If that’s the case, which seems more likely than not – again, against all odds, the survivor (Isaias) might ride the storm and still stand on his own two feet only his fate to be determined by internal dynamics; exactly like many of us are predicting to be the case. And there is testament to this argument:

If Isaias and his TV-ERI are busy analyzing “the truth” about the politics of Somalia, Darfur, South Sudan, Arab Spring, the Cold War, economic recession and unemployment in the West…..for eight long hours times three (Tigrigna, Arabic and English), if the Eritrean Islamists and Ethnic Warriors are lying relaxed in Addis praising the Meles government more than the Ethiopians themselves, if the Meles-Team offensive players are in the high rising building-corridors of Addis and New York waiting a phone call for their next assignment – please, please don’t wake me up with your nonsense false alarms. I’m sick and tired of you people screaming, every time Meles or one of his lieutenants opens his mouth – telling me Ethiopia is going to invade Eritrea, Meles is going to take Assab. Ethiopian official in DC said….watch-out… this time it is different…. blah, blah, blah…..

Listen: we all Eritreans are survivors; we know better than that. Our Tegadalay (Eritrean) survival instinct has thought us with perfection how to distinguish an Ethiopian incessant chatter from a real move. If you really want to differentiate real move from incessant chatter – please don’t watch the lip-movement of Ethiopian public officials; watch the movement of their logistics. And you’re not seeing any. If you are not seeing any, then the status quo has not been challenged (militarily); at least not yet. But that doesn’t mean we have to let our guard down. Let’s not fool ourselves, the timing might change but the main objective never will. The Amara and Tigrayn-elite will never stop salivating at the smell of the Northern gentle breeze; and the weary eyes of Eritrean mothers will never tire watching the dark clouds on the Southern Horizon. For the Amara and Tigryan-elite it is all about political power and economic lifeline, for Eritrean mothers it is all about the safety and the wellbeing of their children. Of course Meles would beg to differ. He would say the grapes are sour anyway; and if need be he would say “it is service rendered that could be bought from any neighbor without a fuss”; but I say baloney.

N.B. Time permitting, The Ethiopian Roar… P. III will argue about – a lasting solution to the Ethio-Eritrean political problem.

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  • daniel tesfai

    It is about time for Ali Salim to appear on the scene.

  • shoan

    As a scholar/hope i’m wrong, you know there is no match to a few choice words to drive a point home. Economy of words dispassionate analyses, increases the value of an article. Sir here you come like a machine gun, jamming emotion and/or words and fancy expressions. You were doing mildly ok until you inflate Eritreas geopolitical importanc in “Eritrea is a buffer zone that could tip the scale of the whole regional politics”. That beats me Sir. It won’t be a big deal to put gaping hole in that argument. I freely admit I could only manage a pargraph of reading after that. Pobably not exprienced writer. I could see you falling in love with the choice of words, fancy expression you managed to put up. It is usesless, the subject matter at hand requires sober analysis. If I was an editor I will cut out 2/3rds of what you wrote here with out dropping a single point you made. I can not help but notice Eritrean intellectuals love racy expression, fancy cliches and lots of superlatives. It is not good. Blieve me I have nothing against Eritreans. I see them as my brothers. What ever happent in the future, we should never hate each other. War is unthinkable. It might boil down to economics whether we stay separated or united.

    words are like money. It is the currency of language. Sedated, low sounding words will make your argument laser sharp. Many of the points you raise are good, it seems your’re experienced politician. You also have inflated claims and arguments way over the top, that is only in the 5-7 paragraphs I read.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Eyob Medhane,

    You ended your last comment with a rather rhetorical question where you said, “Would you think this may be a time for a volume of a different kind of voice to be turned up?” Time as they is the hidden factor. I specifically remember back in early 2000 as a student browsing Eritrean websites in one of the libraries at school where I had a habit of sharpening my synapsis in my brain before I hit the studying mode, running onto an interesting headliner which disparages certain Opposition groups for holding a conference in Gonder.

    Reading the otherwise appalling news item one would be tempted to dub it a high-tech stoning one to death. The Opposition’s bold move to hold a conference at the belly of the “beast” was taken for a treason of the highest caliber. A decade or so later people not only are not shy to talk about the faint heart of Ethiopia, the Opposition groups are openly designing a road-map from with-in Ethiopia on how to end the tyranny in Eritrea. Moreover, Eritreans who would otherwise bash the Weyanes or hit the H’zbawi Mekhetes would go to Addis to enjoy all the perks the city has to offer. It sure is an interesting time to live in.

    As we discourse with in the cyber world or meet friends in person in any social gatherings and not so friends with a completely rigid political persuasion (read: die hard PFDJ apologists), we see a trend of taboos. For instance, when the ever witty with an incredible analytical mind YG opened up the dam to gush out a flood of political and historical “heresy” as he questioned the validity and sanctity of Ghedli, people went berserk where they rushed to condemn him as if there was no tomorrow.

    But of course, as he remained unabated in his convictions augmented with incredibly compelling arguments, people started introspectively to reflect on the things they hold dear to their hearts. The question then becomes not if Isaias was a competent leader who can lead Eritrea, rather the question took a different turn where if our struggle for independence was a worth while given after the facts.

    As I see it, if Isaias and his posse hold on steadily with the erratic way of life they harbor day-in and day-out, in few years time, people will be talking openly (to the extent of carrying a political platform to that effect) about the possibility of joining Ethiopia in any form of political jargon one would want to tag the political process with. If there are certain things we pass with a complete silence at the moment, with the inevitable drift of time, they become not only loud and vocal, they would also need to be turned up for they will be the striking reality of the near future. Hope I reflected on your question.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam Semere and all,

    Correct me if I miss anything here; but this installment actually contradicts the first series. The first one warns of Meles’s upcoming invasion of Eritrea; thus gave rise to the title..”Ethiopian roar and weary eyes of Eritrean mothers…”

    In this article, now that Congress has passed and the dust has settled down, the author asserts that there IS NO Ethiopian invasion afterall..and in fact ‘predicts’ based on his analysis of EDA-Woyane relations (which he characterized as irreconcilable) and Meles’s political and military (in)capabilty to execute a successful invasion of Eritrea, that invasion WON’T happen…

    Here is Semere’s introduction:

    “Rhetoric and bravado aside, Meles will never invade Eritrea to topple the PFDJ regime. Not out of respect for the Eritrean people or the sovereignty of Eritrea, but for lack of power and resources to execute the regime change project.”

    He added,
    “For him (Meles), any military adventure to the North would be suicidal; and Meles is not one.”

    In Conclusion, Semere said, “please, please don’t wake me up with your nonsense false alarms. I’m sick and tired of you people screaming, every time Meles or one of his lieutenants opens his mouth – telling me Ethiopia is going to invade Eritrea, Meles is going to take Assab. Ethiopian official in DC said….watch-out… this time it is different…. blah, blah, blah…..”

    So what is the deal, now? If Ethiopia is not roaring and Eritrean mothers are having a weary eyes ( not on account of Woyane’s threats I guess), Semere should tell us more why the need of us worrying about Meles and EDA.

    I on my part would like to know if Eritrean mothers are having such weary eyes, if it is not Ethiopia’s Roar (Semere has ruled that out), then if it has got to do with but Sinai’s Wails.

    • zegeremo

      Excellent!! The ironic is that he, apparently, has been hiding from facing valid questions and constructive criticisms presented toward him by his readers.

      My advise to Semere: try telling the truth; just once.

  • sara

    I read Mr tesfai’s piece again, and found it interesting… the delusion the Eritrean government is about to collapse , and build a strategy on crude anti Eritrea lies and fabrications is both unwise and self defeating.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


    I am not sure if you said it for lack of a better word but I am not infatuated with Meles. But obviously I reserve the right to have my own reflection about his leadership and his legacy in his political life. Opining on a leader’s character, integrity, political will and vision is not “sticking your nose in somebody else’s business.” Of course, it is your prerogative to bash Meles or elevate him on a pedestal but if truth is to be told he has done far more better things to or for his country than his predecessors. And of course, he has been good to us Eritreans as well.

    His own fellow men and women might have an issue with him or resent him the fact that he doesn’t hail from the real deal Amhara blood line or enclave but again any person should be judged and calibrated by the ideals he stands for and the kind of enduring legacy he leaves behind for generations to come. And which ever way one tries to upend the present reality in Ethiopia, the man has done great things for his people. I say this not because I go on vacation to Ethiopia and meet with him as you seem to wildly insinuate (I have never met him even though I wish I could meet him) but I say it for I was brought up to be truthful to myself.

    As for the deportation of Eritreans of an Ethiopian origin, I sure don’t blame you for you were terribly taken over by the new found freedom back then where everything and anything lost any meaning including the inhuman treatment of those people as Isaias once condescendingly put it, “People who lack the etiquette of using a fork and a spoon to eat Pasta.”

    • kaddis

      Dear Lady Dragon –

      Even though I enjoy all your comments – I sense this fixation you have with the idea of Ethiopians perspective towards Eritrea. You are too smart to fall for the red sea stuff. If you ask me – when people think of Assab – they think war. And people are tired of war – EPRDF paid their price for going (avoiding) war with Eritrea in 98-2000 during the 2005 election.

      Ethiopian business men lost their fortune when their imports were confiscated in Assab when the war started. Tell me who is going to risk using Assab with their money ? Are we going to export our items with a covering fire? Give me a workable scenario of Eth using Assab after having it by force? And with obvious resistance from Shabia or Eritreans at large? Tell me which Eth business is in a loss because of not using Assab? Is it the coffee, flower, sesame? The only viable need to use Tsio/ Assab is the potash being explored in Afar – that – the Canadians already made their mind using road under construction.

      Yes people dream of sea outlet – but its not only Assab – its Lamu, Hargessa, Port Sudan, Mombasa, etc and there is no sentiment here except cost … Ethiopia is more interdependent with all of her neighbours now than Eritrea will ever be. Eritrea will never substitute IGAD states – and Eth will never risk IGAD states support by invading Eritrea.

      • Eyob Medhane

        Oooooooh Kaddis,

        You just risked a serious scorn from the lady for suggesting that Ethiopia and Ethiopians have moved on, and think very little about Eritrea these days. The lady is obviously a very smart woman with a splendid writing and language skills. However, it’s not only her, I am afraid that a significant number of Eritreans irrationally believe that Eritrea and Eritreans have to sleep with one eye open at all times to make sure Ethiopia doesn’t eat them up. There is this perpetually lingering belief that has been injected into Eritreans psyche mostly by the “Ghedli” generation that Ethiopia and it’s people would cease to exist, if it were not for the people of Eritrea. A very good number (I’d say a healthy majority of Eritreans) believe that now Eritrea is gone its own way, Ethiopia will have to be clinging to them for its survival. Their favorite scary ogre to emphasize of their point is the Amhara. Oh…the Amhara. Every time these type of Eritreans come up with a scenario how Ethiopia’s ambition for Eritrea never dies, their central focus is the Amhara. Well they have some adjectives to reference the people, but I just will refrain from dirtying up the forum. But they really believe every Amhara from Mendida, Jiru, Minjar, Tikel Dengay, Gonder,Gojam Seqota all the way to Metema doesn’t have much to do, but to dream of Eritrea and the red see all day long. Unfortunately, partly it’s such kinds of irrational fear and thoughts by many Eritreans that hinders the progress to go forward for Eritrea.

        • Kokhob Selam

          why even blame others when we have rule and system to follow. I think today’s Ethiopian government is very smart in playing it. today Ethiopian government knows he can benefit from Red Sea if Eritrea is under advanced government. Ethiopia can use simply with out any war the red sea by just following give and take style. yesterday Mengstu didn’t benefit Hailselse didn’t although it was under them. today PFDJ didn’t let Ethiopia use it and even didn’t use it for the advantage of it’s own. so both conditions didn’t work. it will work only when both countries own real awaken governments. Asab will be the best business city in the future with mutual understanding. that place will be rich, world known area under good government and benefit the world. I am sure it will serve us more than Jeddah a city serving saudi Ariabia.

        • Serray

          B’alti wqatto,

          No, I meant infatuated….you sound like meles’s PR. Take a break and come back and read what you have written on this thread, you will see what I mean….remember how we ripped, with perfect hindsight, SAAY articles about shaebia during the war on his Isais shrugged thread?

          Democracy is not about coming to power with guns and staying in power, again with guns, for decades pretending that a nation of 80 million lacks any other alternative. I think ethiopians deserve better than another african regime elected with 99 percent of the vote….even if some you eritrean believe otherwise. Even though it boggles my mind why you or ammanuel think meles is good is a definitive argument, i have to leave it there. I hate taking about ethiopian politics outside eritrean context.

          Stay truthful.

          Eyob Medhane,

          You chose a wrong target, the lady is the last person worried about ethiopian invasion. She actually thinks you guys should be happy with the way things are in ethiopia. I have a problem placing you, are you a proud ethiopian ashamed of his eritrea heritage or you just want to please your amhara friends and your ethiopian wife by bashing eritreans and the idea of eritrea?

          So your grandfather run to ethiopia to avoid serving the italian army and you were raised safely outside the hellhole we call eritrean struggle. That didn’t give you any depth to the eritrean psych, and it shows, you sound more like the amharas you imitate.

          • Eyob Medhane


            Take a chill pill. (I hope you understand what that means or else ask one of your children for translation)

            No. I did not choose a wrong target. I chose to respond to the lady, because I sincerely believe that she is knowledgeable someone I could have a pleasant conversation with and I loved the way she writes. By responding to her I figured I could learn a lot. Whereas responding to you…Nah…. Not so much. If I were interested to speak to your type, I’d watch Eri TV or read Shaebit. It would just be like throwing a ball to a wall. What I’d throw would have come back to me.

            You said you have a problem of placing me. What do you need to do that for? Who I am shouldn’t matter than what I say in this forum. But since you really would like to know, I am very much proud of my Eritrean heritage, because I you perfectly pointed it out for me that my grandfather refused to be an ascari (I hate to use the word, but you forced me to). You see, my family are a kind of Eritrean family who DID NOT teach me to be nostalgic of a colonial master that would never let them pass 4th grade. Or they never encouraged me to be excessively proud of a city that they have very little to do in building it. Therefore, No. I am not ashamed of my heritage. Rather I am very proud of it. Immensely! If we are talking about the country, Eritrea. I am only human. I cannot be attached to a place where I was never born and raised. I however talk about Eritrea and come here to Awate to read about Eritrea, because I am related to those, who actually are Eritreans. (Surprise!)

            About you asking me where I belong, do I have to spell it out for you?…Oh..alright…I’ll do it for you in a form of a song. There is this wonderful singer named Abdu Kiar, his heritage is Eritrean of Tigre ethnic group. (I know, I know. It was supposed to be “hade hizbi” right? People’s ethnic group should be kept unmentioned). Sorry. I kept forgetting the norm of how to talk to a PFDJ. He had this great song called “Merkato Sefere” I invite you to listen to it. It’s a catchy song and tells you exactly where you should place me.

            My Wife? You think it would make her happy that I bash Eritreans? Darn! I have been spending a fortune buying her flowers. You should have told me this a long time ago. I could have saved a bundle!
            About me escaping the “hell hole, called Eritrean struggle”, I’d just say not everyone was born to fight. I however have a great deal of respect to those, who did. They have contributed a great deal to remove a heinous regime like Mengistu Hailemariam’s. Though I do not agree with the outcome of their struggle, I honestly believe that we owe them huge debt.

          • Serray,

            Sometimes I like your argument when it comes to the rogue regime we have. But when it comes to evaluate the reality in Ethiopia, it is completely out of the mark. Sister arwe is only comparing the livelihood of Eritreans to that of Ethiopians under these two leaders, and the quality of leadership of Isaias to that of Melles. Her evaluation in those thread of arguments is absolutely correct. If issue of democracy is the only straw for evaluation to you, as I saw in you argument, then still they are ahead of us even in that area. At least the electoral process is in place, the cycle of election is taking place every five years and the rule of law is in practice. That in itself is one step ahead of us.

            The problem with us (Eritreans) is when comparison is an issue of a debate, we don’t want to admit our failures and shortcomings. Instead we have the audacity to regress and defend blindly as if the value of our identity is attacked. The one and only one that we always sung our “uniqueness” is proved hasn’t any element of truth. No more no less than the other African countries. I don’t see any character of uniqueness in our fiber that distinguish us from the rest in our continent.

            But as you have said, it is waste of time to argue out of the context of Eritrean politics where we can’t make any stride for decades even in defining the regime we have. Loll!

          • Serray


            What I said above, I meant it as an advice. Read it later and you will see what I mean.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

          Eyob Medhane,

          If stealing a show was an Olympic event, I am sure you would win a Gold Medal. You sure are an interesting guy. Of course no patronizing intended.

          The last person I remember who sent a shock wave of sorts into the pillars of the Eritrean myth, legend or the political rite of passage (read: from Y’kaAlo to Warsay) was Yosief Gebrehiwet. You sure remind me a lot of him where I fall short of literally taking you for him as your back ground says something otherwise.

          As much as legends and myths are part of the human element where societies shape up their collective psyche where the Homeric Saga of the Greeks and the Valhalla of the Nordic people come to mind, there are however myths and legends moulded by bigotry where Isaias’ enterprise comes to mind. Ghedli.

          I am absolutely cognizant of the gravity of the above assertion but it is imperative to distinguish between Isaias’ Ghedli and the common people’s Ghedli. As much as we are students of history, we can not escape the fact that, the driving forces with in Ghedli was not limited between Isaias’ enterprise and the military junta in Ethiopia, rather there was a third force waged by the common people in Eritrea where Isaias was equally determined to destroy it from with in.

          That is, the Ghedli that I know and believed in and still believe is not Isaias’ enterprise where it morphed onto PFDJ, rather it is the people’s Ghedli which is on a brink of taking Eritrea into her rightful place and a beacon of hope as it is meant to be.

          There reason I sort of digressed was to highlight the need where you seem to collectively brand us as you put it “Ghedli generation who believe that Ethiopia would cease to exist if it were not for the people of Eritrea”. That sure is the language of Isaias’ enterprise. Hope you got my drift.

          • Eyob Medhane

            “…If stealing a show was an Olympic event, I am sure you would win a Gold Medal. You sure are an interesting guy…”

            Ha..you should see me dancing 🙂

            I guess your flattery is sending me to the clouds 🙂 I really thank you for the boost. You know I love YG, and his cutting to the chase style of writing. It’s the greatest flattery for me that you even remotely thought I remind you of him. Thank you.

            I understand what you mean. There are so many myths perpetuated by Isayas and the gang (Sorry, I made them sound like a band) So many people refused to look into the voracity of some myths and generally to think calmly in realistic terms rather than taking a high ride with euphoria and emotion. I get very disappointed that many still allow themselves to be taken for that ride after all these years.

            I also am very much aware that there is a ‘ghedli’ generation that see things for what it is. Sadly, the very vocal ones are those, who Isayas tuned. It’s them that the world hears mostly from. Hence, take them to represent Eritrea and Eritreans. Would you think this may be a time for a volume of a different kind of voice to be turned up?

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


        I wouldn’t blame you for mixing me up with someone else for your acute sense of judgment is still intact and your otherwise terse comments are usually spot on. But this time around, either you’re reading too much into the lines or between the lines simply because, I don’t remember saying some thing that would throw me onto the tag of as you put it ‘fixation’. I thought fixation was a bit of a hard word to use with in the context of our discourses.

        My intention was to highlight the contrasting reality where the Eritrean issue takes a centre stage with in the Ethiopian political dynamics where it was a glaring fact as one cares to see under the cleavages of the past election issues in Ethiopia.

        To be more precise, the subtlety of the Eritrean factor is fine printed with in the platforms of the defunct Knjit and the much more disgruntled Ginbot 7 to mention but a few.

        Sure enough, due to the political structure where people are left alone to mind their own business, the common people might not be to much into the Eritrean issue but again, the issue surfaces as the old grudges are still there where Meles and his government is perceived as ‘sell outs’ by the old establishment.

        One striking point I tend to agree with you however rests on the notion that, for all practical purposes, it is Isaias who lost much than the Ethiopians when Aseb is turned into a ghost town where even Google Earth seems to be having difficulty to zoom on it.

        • kaddis

          Lady Dragon –

          I appologise if I got back hard on you – take it as my limitation for this Ferenji language.

          Cheers –

  • Dear Mr. Tesfay:

    As a writer do you know your mindset; your personality; your soul is encoded in what you write? As I read your article, I noticed that you have regressed to your lowest point and that did not amaze me. What amazed me was that you took your “readers” as simpletons who simply sponge what ever you present them.
    You are wrong because you are blinded by a psychological condition called fixation. What started as fixation has progressed to pure hatred and you sound consummed by it. But the worst aspect of it is you used the largese of this venerable website to disemminate and infect others with your ailment.

    Your articles are nothing but hate literature and they clearly reflect your tendency: you are a far right extremist and as a matter of truth far right than that of the dictator himself. I will not dare call you a Christian or highlander extremist eventhough that’s what you wish to be called deep down in your crenium. Christianity just like Islam teaches Love and not hatred. Nevertheless you have chosen to become an inquisitor and you have clearly and unequivocally chosen your victims.

    What did our Moslem fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children did to you? I shall not wait for your answer because I know: they did nothing wrong against you. You became who you are on your own volution.

    Dear Sir:

    Self interest is a very strong motive force for human beings and as I analysed your thoughts (and not merely your woven words, idioms, syntaxes , underlines, bold letters like some did) I suspect there is an omnious vision you want to espouse. Could that be power? Do you have aspiration to become the next dictator? Is what you write a signal to the rifraf who want to preserve the status quo and that is to continue supressing the people and pilaging the land?

    If that is what you dream you will never achieve your dream and you will be remembered as our Rip Van Winkle. It is a Twenty First century and do not fool youself. Eritrean people are smarter than what you consider them to be.

    At the end of your hate literature you wrote “..Time permitting, The Ethiopian Roar… P. III will argue about – a lasting solution to the Ethio-Eritrean political problem.

    Who dou think you are to present a lasting solution? You have already soiled your view and you still believe you are capable to present a credible solution?

    Not long time ago you wrote that you joined ELF at a tender age of 16. I am sad to say that even though you physicaly aged your thinking have frozen at 16. I could visualize that you were briliant young boy with potential to grow but you had Bad Mentors.

    I deeply apologize for my harsh comment.



    The first time I read Semere tesfai’s article, a year or so ago, I was amazed that after all the troubles we had in the past 60 years there are still people that think in this way. the way Semere is expressing his ideas.
    Now he did spill all his beans and the responses he is getting make me feel very good. He is in the absolute minority. No person in his right mind can utter this kind of garbage.

  • Delay Natsnet!

    This man is ONE of the modern ANDNETAWYAN, Mr. Semere you are one of the lost mind. You will never fool as two times like what you have done in the early fiftieth. We will never give you a chance as already gave a big chance to your black party called SELFI HIZBI. This party has been a headache to the Eritrean EDA. The reason for that was known, your party was a typical copy of the current Issais regime and there is no different at all.
    SELFI HIZBI (DEVIL’S PARTY) never agreed on the following categories:-
    1)The Current Constitution (Which is not implemented yet) They wanna it as it is.
    2) They don’t want to change the current flag ( The flag of PFDJ)
    3) They don’t want to throw the regime by using force.
    4) They don’t agree totally to be changed the demography, where as they need as it now.
    In fact, ANDNETAWYAN + PEOPLE’S PARTY+ PFDJ = DISASTERS … We will never give them any chance once again to play over our people. You are lost Mr. Semere and your idea with your worst party.

    Peace to Eritrean and its people!

    • Senafe

      “2) They don’t want to change the current flag ( The flag of PFDJ)”

      Are you out of your mind? The Eritrean flag is Eritrean not PFDJ. It is a mixture of ELF and EPLF flags. Don’t try to be like those who are blind sighted and want the flag of Eri to be the green and blue one, or any other flag. Because it is not. The current flag is the Flag of Eritrea whether you like it or not and it’s here to stay. If you don’t like it go and worship another countries flag!

  • correction,

    My dear Eritreans, Fighting to determine your destiny in the past and blaming Ethiopians for having denied you those rights was one thing, but wanting us to feel guilty for your paranoia over PERCEIVED ambitions is not only asking too much it is in fact a wast of time and energy on some thing you have no control over. Even if we have ambitions I don’t see why you expect us to feel guilty for the same ambitions Egyptians or any other countries may have..the fact that we were unable to pump oil money on you is irrelevant..but do not try to dictate our visions and ambitions for you have no right to do so…So what, even if we have ambitions over the entire region let alone Eritrea, I am sure you have it too? If you didn’t have ambitions why would a nation that claims to have fought a long bitter war for ‘ freedom’ prioritize war with almost all neighbors? but non of the neighbors you have ambitions over allow their leaders to indefinitely keep them hostage for the fear of Eritrea’s ambition. Let alone for the poor Eritrea’s obvious ambitions no Ethiopian leader has ever indefinitely locked us in military camp for the fear of Nile politics which an Eritrean Semere is now trying to terrorize us of. If any thing, our leaders are down-playing it and getting on with work. By If you Eritreans choose to keep yourself hostage to Shabia’s fear-mongering, and allow yourself to be exploited, then that is your damn problem and are questioning your own viability as a nation a very notion for which you have often blamed us for.. After all my dear, independence is all about getting on with your own life regardless of what others think of you as well as copping with what others do to you…Fair enough you have blamed us for having wanted forced unity in the past but you can not keep on blaming us for your own paranoia.
    As for people like Semere, all i can say is don’t you fool yourself thinking what you think or say about Ethiopia matters so much , as we have no plan what so ever to build our nation on the back of tourist inflow from Eritrea…If you really want to help us, please help us keep your people at home so that our over-population you seem so worried about would ease a little………thanks!

    • Hameed

      Dear Ethiopian,

      Don’t worry about these puppets who have put the entire people of Eritrea into a big prison. Semer and his ilks will not live long, the people of Eritrea will deal with them with the language they understand well. It is a matter of time, the people of Eritrea can rectify what has gone wrong. People like Semere are irresponsible individuals who spread hate among their own people and if they are allowed will do it in the region. They market fear-mongering to get supporters, but the people of Eritrea now conceived their tricks. The drums they are beating is a worn out drum.

  • haile

    This is not a related comment but due to its timely nature, I hope the moderator would let it through. The saga of the deceased veteran Naizgi Kiflu is developing into a mini time bomb under the nose of PFDJ. I have observed today a heightened sense of polarization in pro PFDJ camp. This is taking a life of its own and the PFDJ is diving into the mud head first. The family are getting restless and beginning to take panic reactions, which would undoubtedly going to harden the resolve of the stone heads in Asmara. With profound respect to the grieving family and relatives, this is rapidly developing in a very interesting direction (however insensitive that may sound!). Does awate.com has any more update on this????

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      That is a classic Isaias’ modus operandi. Twenty years on he still thinks he is in Sah’l. He is single-handedly denying the remains of Naizgi Kiflu from flying to Eritrea to rest in peace. Mind you, Naizgi is not alive any longer but the sadistic Isaias still wants to punish him for what ever grudges he has been holding against him.

      I might have read biographies of Stalin, Mao to mention but a few who might have shaped up world history in a negative way but I have never read anything sadistic, cruel and absolutely appalling like Isaias. As far as I see it, he is an evil spirit manifested in a human flesh.

      Of course I am not condoning what Naizgi did to innocent Eritreans during the struggle era and after independence as well. Moreover, he was Isaias’ close disciple before he fell of Isaias’ favour and he has as well left unlocked skeletons in his closet but as much as time is the hidden factor, the day of reckoning is not far where everything will fall into its place as justice reigns over Eritrea.

      As for the supposed rift with in the pathetic cowards PFDJ’s apologists, I wouldn’t hold my breath to see them standing up to Isaias. Simply because, a zombie can not come back to life and function on its own. They are useless.

      • soira

        i couldn’t have said any better, thank you

    • Kokhob Selam

      All what we are watching and confirming is that PFDJ is not even good for PFDJ itself. PFDJ will not serve single man in the world including PIA. we will witness when the fire of PFDJ burns the PFDJ creator even.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Eyob Medhane,

    Evidently when I said the collective Ethiopian psyche, I didn’t mean only the otherwise disgruntled personalities you pulled out of the dust bin of history. You could be privy to the highest juicy gossip where Meles resides but it sure doesn’t give you an edge to sort of gouge the deep-feel of the people. Simply because, through out Ethiopia’s history Eritrea played a pivotal role and it is still a major issue in the country’s political discourse. Again, I am not talking about Isaias rather I am talking about the statehood of Eritrea.

    As much as we share a common history, language, culture and a sense of destiny, there is a sense of gravitation where our commonality outweighs our perceived differences. To capitalize on the commonalities and narrow down the differences however calls for a strong leadership with a strong political will bereft of cheap political shots where scoring points steal the show.

    That is, as much as we are coming hard on the author of the article under discussion, you seem to be brandishing a condescending attitude where your blood line is getting the best out of you where the audience is tempted to take your input for a sheer arrogance on your part.

    Eritrea maybe is bleeding right now. Eritrea maybe is going through a downtime right now. Eritrea maybe is roughed up by a sick man but it is immature to highlight the economic take off in Ethiopia in a bid to throw a cheap jibe on Eritrea. As they say it in Tigrigna, N’faleT eina.

    • Eyob Medhane

      “… throughout Ethiopia’s history Eritrea played a pivotal role and it is still a major issue in the country’s political discourse….”

      You know what we’re very good at? Unmatched self inflation. With the risk of generalization, (which I know Saleh hates so much, but I am sure, he’ll let me make my point this time) Especially, the Kebessa Eritreans seem to enjoy making self inflation their Olympic sport, which they win gold medal every time they play it. So, I would never stop you from enjoying your favorite game. What I’d never back down from saying is it might be better to look inward and solve the problems of identity crisis, empty bravado with a little caveat of bigotry might be a better way to make the future for the state and nation of Eritrea. If that sounds condescending to you, I am sorry.

      Oh and also, you said something about my blood line getting the best out of me. I actually am very proud of my blood line. I was told that my grandfather chose to flee Eritrea rather than serve in the colonial army of the “..black..” division. That’s something to be pretty proud of don’t you think?

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Eyob Medhane,

        Going back as far as the reign of King HaileSellasie, Eritrea took a centre stage where every facet of Ethiopia’s foreign policy was designed with in the need of keeping Eritrea in the enclaves of Ethiopia-proper. One might as well be tempted to call it an obsession where the military junta geared up its military power to dismantle anything that even remotely entertains Eritrean independence. The rest as they say is of course history.

        You seem to wiggle your fingers to tell us that we need to deal with our supposed “identity crisis” as you put it empty bravado with a little caveat of bigotry. I admit, I sure agree with you with the latter where the former is misplaced as a diagnosis (identity crisis) gone wrong.

        Eritrean identity is based on a unique experience where it was borne out of a protracted colonial and later on a political turmoil exacerbated with a thirty year long armed struggle which ultimately realized Eritrean independence. That is our identity. That is Eritrean identity. If anything however, when the glorious struggle is taken for a source of bigotry, arrogance and an out right “empty bravado” as you put it, that is not Eritrean identity rather that is PFDJ and its followers identity.

        That is, the true Eritrean identity is based on humility, hard work, reaching out for follow citizens and leaving a lasting legacy to the next generation where the obituaries of our martyrs is nothing short of the said noble traits.

  • Viva

    Well written. Excellent Semere! I am a supporter of the GoE. but this is a great article. I am reasonable, you know!

  • After reading this article I was so dumbfounded, I did not know what to write. Then I remembered a short story by Franz kafka and I chose it as a reply.

    The Truth About Sancho Panza:

    “Without making any boast of it, Sancho Panza succeeded in diverting his demon from himself – the demon he later called Don Quixote. What he did was feed him a great number of romances of chivalry and adventure in the evening and night hours. As a result, this demon set out, uninhibited, on the maddest exploits; but since they lacked a preordained object, which should have been Sancho Panza himself, they harmed nobody. Sancho Panza thus became a free man. Perhaps out of a sense of responsibility, he philosophically followed Don Quixote on his crusades and had of them a great and edifying entertainment to the end of his days.”


  • can any one tell me how Semere’s assessment of Ethiopia and it’s capability is any different from Isais Afewrqe’s pr-98 perception of a divided and weak Ethiopia? and need I say the result?…a child can tell from his writing that this is nothing more than an Eritrean fighting a losing psychological battle to save his mythical Eritrea and Eritreanism..Eritreanism that has never been and will never be out-classed by Ethiopians. at worst says Semere, they can only be equal to us “they will always be another poor african country like us” mind you, not only he has declared his desire to see ethiopia remain poor, he has also some sort of complex towards the people of Ethiopia…..undercover Shabians’s like Semere often use things like GDP per-person and Ethiopia’s population growth to justify the growing economic and power gap between the dieing Eritrea and the rising Ethiopia (can be backed by facts and figures if needed to)..mind you, Shabia cries about Ethiopia’s influence in the region, yet Semere says otherwise. From his analytical bragging he makes it look like Eritrea is over- resourced but under-populated that it has an advantage over Ethiopia. fair enough even if it is true, t he is not bothered to analyze the reason Eritreans as a sociaty may be under re-producing despite the fact that population growth is a global trend..of course typical of people like him he would always have an answer for it ‘ because the world doesn’t not use condoms but only Eritreans do. it is definitely not because most able-bodied Eritreans lead abnormal military life or are busy immigrating in masses…..
    oh about the red sea…you are sooo genius that you have speculated how the Amharas and the Tigrians will always dream about the red sea but you haven’t speculated when they might stop dreaming and what you might do with it, cos as far as we can see 20 years on, the only heavy load we heard to have been unloaded from your ports were the 5000 sick Australian sheep….I must say I am so glad to see people like you being reduced to such a desperate low by the day!…xxxxxx
    (Moderator: careful with your words please, like the one that is x’ed)

    • haile


      you’re very pompous with your dead beat alms crazed arrogance. However, your 5000 sick sheeps stuff is funny. You must have missed the new machinery and buses and others being off loaded. Next time don’t switch off your Eri tv to early. Wait antil Haylom Bereke (funny dude) does his installments

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      It sure shouldn’t be a bashing game where scoring point on either side takes the audience onto a disinterested mood. Ostensibly, there is a serious fallacy in the article under discussion where the author seems to be carried away with unhinged emotions to the point off on a tangent as his flared up imagination can not be arrested.

      The solid fact that Ethiopians need to come to terms with is the irreversible nature of Eritrea’s sovereignty where certain quarters are restive about re-inventing the wheel of history as they are indulged in the archaic glory of proper-Ethiopia. Sure enough, Meles and his government are an exception for they root for the preservation of Eritrea’s independence and peaceful existence in the Horn in general. That is the reason I personally do not have an issue with Meles. In fact if I could step a bit further, I truly believe that, he is the only leader who seems to have a good heart for Eritrea and Eritreans. Thus far that is.

      That as it may however, if Ethiopians spent their energy on something (trying to reverse Eritrea’s independence) tantamount to chasing the wind, that sure will take them nowhere. By the same token, if Eritreans remain weary (if I could borrow the author’s misplaced term) about something that is not there, it would be losing a focus as we try to bring Eritrea to stand on her own feet as people with aspirations and as we pick up the legacy of our martyrs as well.

      With in this sad but dynamic political discourse, Isaias remains a thorn in the flesh where people like the author blur reality with their refined English where any gullible person would take them for bona fide Eritreans. They are not.

      If we are to remain true to ourselves, both people need to accept the striking reality where Ethiopia and Eritrea are one of the poorest nations on Earth. That is the reality. Ethiopia might be striding in the right direction where her economy is breathing after a long-haul slumber but Ethiopians need not have an illusion of puppetering Eritrea for neither nation is capable of influencing the other either directly or by proxy. In the final analysis, we are going to need each other if we are to remain true to the ideals of prosperity, peaceful existence, justice and passing on a healthy legacy to posterity.

      • Eyob Medhane

        Some of Semere’s assertions could make anyone pompous and lead to scream on the top of their langs. That’s how I’d take the Ethiopian’s angry response. Having said that, my lady, you said,

        “…..The solid fact that Ethiopians need to come to terms with is the irreversible nature of Eritrea’s sovereignty where certain quarters are restive about re-inventing the wheel of history as they are indulged in the archaic glory of proper-Ethiopia…”

        No No No No No No…That’s not a solid fact or reality, today. It may have been some 15 years ago. If your “certain quarters” are specifically describe a handful men, who work in several US Universities African studies department with plenty of gray hair on their heads, wide square framed glasses on their eyes, who may have left Ethiopia some forty years ago, you are absolutely right. Yet they have no sway of anyone these days they just left with their good old days memories, when people used to listen to them. Even the politicians that many of you guys believe they have such ambition for Eritrea left that ambition behind to attract the new generation, who the previous commenter described, as “a generation with a very distant memory of Eritrea” They don’t even pretend to care anymore. It’s not in their party agenda. I hate to brake it to you…They have forgotten us. The “certain quarters” that almost all of us universally paranoid about to “reverse” our independence are only there to kind of serve to be boggy men. That’s it. Unless we are free of a mentality of frightening someone our south of the border, that might have a nostalgia of a bygone era politics, we will never be free. Don’t worry. Your precious independence will be there. No one will touch it. The only entity that is a danger to the independence of Eritrea is Isayas Afeworki. Because he exacerbated so many kinds of sectarian differences among Eritreans, once he’s gone, that’s when the independence will be threatened.

        You also said,

        “…Ethiopians spent their energy on something (trying to reverse Eritrea’s independence)….”

        Ooooooooooh, if I tell you what Ethiopians spend much of their time these days, you’d be so disappointed to know that we’re not much of in their thoughts these days. They are very much busy in building up houses and setting up shops back home. Especially, those in Diaspora, where the “some quarters” many Eritreans seem to be afraid of, demonstrate in front of State Department to oppose, whatever the cause of the day was, then on their way home, they call to Addis or Adama to check on the new four story house they are building. In other words, there deep commitment to their “political opposition” , let alone to be “some quarters” to be afraid of to reverse Eritrea’s independence. The Ethiopia there is today is not the Ethiopia you used to know. Even those you used to know as threatening to reverse your independence, have come to terms with their children’s Ethiopia….

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

          Eyob Medhane (Medhanie),

          Isaias might be irrelevant in Ethiopia’s collective psyche but Eritrea is still the jewel in the sea where again certain quarters including the hard core personalities who parted ways with Meles a few years back where the main schism amongst them was the Eritrean issue. That is, Meles was perceived as fostering a soft heart for Eritrea when his opponents with in the party resented the fact that Ethiopia was left land locked and denied an access to the sea.

          Mind you, every time I have an extended time off work I go to Addis. I can see the country is taking off. It sure is cool and dandy. But one can not help but notice or feel the vibe where the old guards right at the heart of the country where you seem to confuse them with grey-haired academics in the West still wrestle the reality of today’s Eritrea as they gush out their bitterness towards Meles where he is accused of selling Ethiopia’s trophy. The Red Sea.

          Needless to say, they need to suck it up. Simply because, Eritrea’s independence is a foregone conclusion.

          Isaias is not a threat to Eritrea’s independence. Rather he is a threat to the very existence of the Eritrean people. Simply because, he created the Ghedli enterprise not to realize Eritrea’s independence but to satisfy his pathological ego.

          It is prudent to keep in mind that, when Isaias was never interested in the realization of the noble cause, the Eritrean people have never lost their role in history where their destiny is differed or stalled for the moment but not squashed.

          Don’t count them out for you will be biting your tongue as the others are doing when their transient success under the shadow of Meles is too intoxicating to the point of losing a sense of their past as they were children of the lesser gods (read: servants, gardeners, house maids, and labourers to mention but a few) when Eritrea was shining up on the hill.

          • Eyob Medhane

            Yes ma’am. If you say so….I am speaking out of a somewhat deeper connection and a unique experience, which that connection gave me. I was born and raised in the heart of that country (I am a grandson of one of the families of Shashamanne Eritreans) and ended up marrying my Shashamanne neighbor. I am telling you this because, I feel like I have a better advantage to survey the mood and what it looks like today better than some vacationing Eritreans, who go there, when they have “..extended off time..” I am privileged to speak all the three major languages of the country (Amharic, Tigrigna and Oromiffa) and I believe that would give me some advantage to eavesdrop undetected. What I found out is many don’t really waste that much time of whatever kind of jewelry that you think Eritrea is to them, which they have lost 20 years ago, except of course the nostalgic and real jewelry lover ones. (You can’t do anything about them, other than consoling them) I don’t believe they should be feared to harm Eritrea and Eritreans, though. They are powerless and all they have left is reminiscing their jewelry…About Gebru Asrat and Seye Abreha, Solome Taddesse or Tsadkan G/Tensai, when is the last time you heard them saying anything in public about Eritrea? Seye is not in jungle trying to amass fighters to take back Eritrea. He’s in Harvard to become an academic and educated statesman. Gebru is leading a legal political party that doesn’t even bother to mention the name Eritrea in its political program. Tsadkan and Adanech and the rest are in private business investing in Brewery Printing Press and Media consulting. Again, my lady, Eritrea the jewel the Red Sea queen everyone covets is easily forgotten like that. Isn’t that sad 🙁

  • khalid

    Thanks Semere,
    Do you have any Poll to suggest if an election was to be held in Eritrea today, Isaias and his PFDJ party would win fair and square? and On what platform will the elections will be conduct do you think?

    • Soira

      wedi abe the journalist told him lol

  • Soira

    semere is higdef mole. who is he trying to fool

  • Tazabi

    As an Ethiopian I am surprised by Eritrean obsession with Ethiopia. It has been 20 years since Eritrea seceded by now a new generation for whom Eritrea is a distant memory have come up. There is no appetite to go after Eritrea now. Ethiopia itself is in crisis of one sort after another. It is hard to say never but it is unlikely the current government in Ethiopia will be interested in a war with Eritrea. For conspiracy minded people yeah anything is possible.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Tazabi, please do not throw blanket accusation. Eritreans have our share of people obssessed with Ethiopia, and you have people obssessed with Eritrea. Please resist the urge to genaralize; both sections are a tiny fraction. The overwhelming majority of the people of both countries are moving on…in both countries there are more people who do not know the bitter experiences of the past. But those who are obssessed with it are preventing us from arriving at a civilized closure. If we let them define us by thier power rivalry, we are doomed. Don’t despair.

      • Tazabi

        May be I am, but it is a recurring theme in Eritrean political discourse. At any rate it is easy to blame outsiders for your problem and ignore the obvious. In my opinion these two countries have much to sort out internally without adding the complication of this bitter legacy. I am fairly familiar with the Ethiopian political scene – most are interested in improving the democratic process in Ethiopia. Those obsessed with Eritrean issue are at the margins and their number and influence is diminishing rapidly. The Ethiopian body politics has moved on.

        • phowwwwww as wonderful as dump site.well said tazabi. who told u that ethiopia is moving.what other else are u going to tell us, you ethi and we eri made us to give our back each other ?if u thought that etrhiopia is moving my question is to wards which direction ?on my side even though there are challenges right now between these sister countries they are keen to rebuild their infrustracture and break their economic yoke .eritrea is better with out ethiopia

          • Tazabi

            When I said Ethiopia has moved on what I meant is Eritrea does not have the center stage in Ethiopian politics as it did before. For the younger generation of Ethiopians who have come of age after EPRDF came to power, Eritrea is a distant memory. Ethiopians are worried about internal issues, stability, cost of living, opportunity for all, better governance etc. That is all. Ethiopia is facing tremendous internal challenges and that is where the political will is focused. Like you said it may be the case that Eritrea is better without Ethiopia. I do not know. In short Ethiopians are not that much interested in Eritrean affairs as before.

  • werkema

    Serray, you summarized Semere’s article to one sentence, “neither Meles government nor the collection of parties that make up the EDA are capable of overthrowing the regime destroying our country.” if you can find only that sentence from all, you have peoblem by yourself. first of all he is not honest, who is waiting for change from meles? why accuse all. he try to be more protecting for eritrea. that is dishonest. second he shows his hate for muslims in every sentence using sterotype words of jihad, eda and others words and he know and you know whom he means by that. third he accuses eritreans who believe Arabic is national language as wanting to sell eritrea to arabs which he says it in veiled language like the old prpagation of ethiopia. when people are offended they express it. what is the problem with that to you? if he believe sanctions why not support his belief without insulting others.

    you say, “stop showing us your bandage and tell us why you think either Meles.” you and him could ask the people who said that not everyone who is opposition. for EDA, it is opposition and Semere do not like them to oppose because he says they are ismalamists and jihadista and ethncities. he believes weyane is his natural ally and he takes it for granted. in his world isias can be elected today by landslide and by that he tells us where he is coming from.
    Serray, your condescending writing is very boring by the way.

    • Serray


      Okay, so Semere is very, very, offensive to Meles, the Islamist and ethnic parties within EDA. It still doesn’t change the premise of his article, that neither Meles nor the EDA has the stomach or the capability to change the regime in Asmara. Any comment on that or are you stuck with being offended by his characterization of these groups? By the way, read what he wrote in response to Ali Salim; if you are offended by this one, prepare to have your head spin out of its socket.

      I was hoping we are going talk about regime change on this one.

      • Soira

        maybe we should ask yg (your fav) to tell us how we can achieve regime change in eritrea or is it join mama aithiopia.

        • Don’t you think Ethiopian mamas are kinder than the Egyptians in Sinai?…

      • Mohmoud


        Mr Ali Salim changed the course of the internet discussions from the myth of hade hezbi hade libi to a higher level. He provoked for the truth and made it easier for semere and his likes to vomit their hate. Thanks to Ali that Semere is free and barking XXXX X XXX XXX.

        (moderator: Please help us. Do not use words as the Xed ones)

        • Serray


          Try to hung out with christian highlanders to understand how they feel about ali salim. You know, the neo-nazis and land grabers. Sometimes i am amazed we share a planet let alone a country.

  • yohannes

    mr. semere, live for ever with this regim, if we touch him the who africa will be in fire, then it is better to live him to burn the eritreans in eritrea. you are thinking like a guy of 1960 who finished 8th grade

  • haile

    The writer makes his point well and with many credible arguments. One area of difference I hold is that he seems sure with his hypothesizing. Needless to mention, the Berline wall had collapsed, the soviets were no more, Rwanda was gripped by evil, Iraqi war and Libyan revolts were conducted outside conventional calculations. Hence, the writer would be best served by leaving room for the unexpected. Those trying to muzzle him by calling him cheap names and belittling his opinion, are only making themselves known as a goat tethered on a rope tied to a post. It can only span a circular area of fixed radius. Obviously, the Ethiopian commentators here have a valid case of self interest (undermining Eritrea).

  • Bekele sil

    Are you mad ?

  • Serray

    Selam to all,

    Setting aside the rhetoric, Semere is saying neither Meles government nor the collection of parties that make up the EDA are capable of overthrowing the regime destroying our country. He is saying change is going to come from inside with the help of the sanctions and other pressures . If you disagree with him, you either believe Meles or the EDA will overthrow the regime. He makes compelling argument why both are in no position to overthrow the regime but he is not clear as to how change is going to come from inside…he sort of take it for granted.

    The guy is direct…sort of Ali Salim in reverse. It is natural that the supporters of Meles or EDA will be offended. I think that was his intention.

    To the offended parties, stop showing us your bandage and tell us why you think either Meles or the EDA can and will overthrow the regime. I can’t finish reading his article is not a good response when he hammers to death everything you believe about regime change is wrong. Honestly, I am finding the comments infinitely more boring than the article; I mean, really, how many versions of “I am offended”, can one take before one is bored to death.

    In real life, I find very few people who truly believe Meles or the EDA will overthrow the regime. When it comes to Meles, the question is alway why, why would he risk going to war when he has the dictator where he wants him, bound and gaged? When it comes to the opposition, it’s always…how? Aren’t the whys and hows important online?

    • Eyob Medhane

      It’s interesting to see that what is a “compelling argument” for some people could be a nutty conspiracy theory for some of us. Because I believe a rag tag insurgents of ONLF will tip the power of and influence the politics beyond the horn of Africa all the way to Mali, as Semer Tesfai seems to believe, I just say politely, “Sir, that is the wildest speculation I have ever heard”. I my saying that bores you, I say “..Meches mal godenii..”, as Oromos would have said, which loosely translated as “..What else could I do?..” (Sorry, I dropped Oromiffa in here, because I just felt like to show off my Shashamenne roots :-))

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      You sure are confusing a rather convoluted thread of “ideas” with a compelling argument. What I see and read if there is any between the lines as well is a rag tag of conspiracy theories where one is terribly compelled to exit the article before it gets dreadful to a curious mind.

      If truth is to be told, there is no reason for Meles to flex his arms in a bid to remove Isaias from power. Simply because, Isaias has regressed from relevance to a nuisance. As much as Isaias tries so hard to remain relevant and a headliner in the news media, he keeps shooting in his own legs where he is eaten up inside with bitterness and apathy as he realizes the very people or leaders he looked down to not long ago are stealing the spot light as time has always been the hidden factor.

      The author of the article has the temerity to tell us that if election was to be held in Eritrea, Isaias would win with a landslide. If that is not a wild imagination gone haywire, I wonder what is. Why would the Eritrean people elect Isaias when he is making their lives much worse than the previous day with no sense of hope and a purpose to lead your life. Why would they elect him? The author’s assertion is sure enough a nostalgia of the old glory when Isaias was at the helm before the hard truth unravelled itself as we woke to a bitter reality where we all had been fooled all along.

      • Serray

        Selam B’alti weqto,

        You are right about Isais, unfortunately, his regime is not going to self-terminate, somebody has to tie the bell on the enemy’s neck. The choices are limited to either the opposition or a miracle from inside if we eliminate (correctly in my opinion) the Ethiopians.

        Talking to Eritreans about how exactly we are going to change the regime is like talking about our death…it is going to happen for sure but nobody wants to talk about how or when. I give this guy credit for eliminating some of the options.

        In your response to ethiopian you said about meles that ” he is the only leader who seems to have a good heart for Eritrea and Eritreans”. I know a few thousand who disagree with you, people who lost everything they worked a lifetime for when his government decided to deport them in their pajamas.

        I can understand that some ethiopians are offended. But the ethiopian government is involved with eritrean opposition and any analysis that ignores ethiopia’s role is incomplete. Let me put it this way, Isais is sanctioned for his role in Somalia….right now, Meles is very involved with the eritrean opposition. Not only does his government plays host to opposition movements but meles actually played host to opposition minded eritreans back in october at ghion hotel. You guys should stop apologizing for semere’s nasty words…you sound like a black person apologizing to whites people for racism. Semere has probably a few bullets from Ethiopians lodged somewhere in his body; he more than earned to say a few nasty things to them and about them.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


          I disagree. There is nothing one would take home from Semere’s article. It is a non-issue. It is bashing-in and bashing-out with a touch of conspiracy theories. There could be a proxy war between Isaias and Meles but the former is spending pretty much all his energy and resources to topple Meles when the latter is engaged in improving the livelihood of his people.

          There is no denial that, Meles made a grave mistake as he summarily deported Ethiopians of an Eritrean origin right after the onset of the Badme war but to his credit he has apologized about it time and time again.

          However, when we make a fuss of the sad incident every time we encounter Meles, we seem to overlook the sad reality as Isaias deported Eritreans of an Ethiopian origin starting as far back as 1991. Simply because, as far as we are concerned, we thought they were lesser of a human not worthy of standing up to them when injustice was committed.

          And to this day, let alone Isaias the menace and his bigot extraordinarae followers, I have yet to see a single opposition figure addressing the inhuman treatment that had befallen on Eritreans of an Ethiopian origin when Isaias set his foot in Asmara.

          • Sister Arwe,

            Your argument didn’t give any room to make political spin for Serray. He has to acknowledge the facts you stated it in your argument. How nice would have been Serray to say yes, you are right in this case, to make our political discourse interesting.

          • Serray

            B’ali weqto,

            There is something to be taken from semere’s piece. You have to finish reading it first. About meles, I was responding to your “he is the only leader…who has a good heart for Eritreans” comment.

            I don’t do two things: I don’t apologize for others and I don’t forgive for others. Let those who are looted and deported do so. You seem to be infatuated with meles…he is “engaged with improving the livelihood of his people”? Leave that to the ethiopians, poking your nose in other country’s business works both ways. There are many ethiopians who disagree with you. I hated it when my ethiopian friends were praising Isaias for standing up to the west … when they were infatuated with him a couple of years ago.

            There are many things I fault Isais, deporting the occupying Ethiopian army is not one of them. The deportation of eritreans of ethiopian origin in 1991, where did you get that? Don’t get me wrong, it is possible. It is weird, though, this is the first time i heard it from an eritrean. Like I said, no eritrean should apologize for that, not now.

            Guys, you really don’t have to sing meles’s praise to vacation or have a meeting in ethiopia. I think they are better than that.

            Amanuel, you must be kidding? Yes to what? To Meles is good, isais is bad. To meles is the only leader who has good heart for eritreans? Come on…I don’ think he is pure evil but I draw the line somewhere. What’s with this clap trap you guys seem to suffer recently?

  • And I thought I was the only one who is an honest Eritrean opposition until I read the masterpiece authored by my comrade-in-ink Semere Tesfai. I, for one, out of respect for Oromia’s sovereignty, I had respectfully declined an invitation to attend the conference convened in Awassa, oromia. The road to Asmara is literally paved in gold and why should anyone settle for less?

    Looking forward to Part III.

    • Eyob Medhane

      Really? Where is Awassa, Oromia? I’d love to go there and visit, but as far as I very well know, there is no such a place. If you wish to respect someone else’s sovereignty, first know, where their sovereignty is. Awassa is in Southern Ethiopia, where there are more than 45 different ethnics live. (The most populous ones are Sidama, Hadia and Gurage) There hasn’t been a known “sovereignty” question in the area, as far as anyone can tell (…Oh….goody! It looks like you are creating one on their behalf….yay!!!!) Sadly, Part of yours and the writers dream is to see Ethiopia broken up into pieces, and glorify the invincible Eritrea on its grave. We all remember Isayas’ “homework” he “gave” to Meles, which he thought would take Meles to do a hundred years… How is that workin’ out for you guys?…Not too well, I presume…..Anyway, instead of looking into your own mess, when you dream to raise hell elsewhere, the world is passing you by…..

    • Hameed

      Seni Falu
      You are not the honest opposition, but the honest worshiper of the dictator. The beds and chairs in Asmara are not a comfortable place to lie on or sit; all around are the ghosts of the martyrs and those in the prisons of Isaias. Count Seni Falu, the chasing hour is not far. Inshallah, you will live it.

      • kabuk


        So if someone refuses to go to Ethiopia, he/she is a dictator worshiper now? smh

  • Musa Abdelrahim

    99% comment from Weyane. 1% like Kokhob Selam

    • Hameed

      Weyane to hgdfs is the angel of death. No way to escape from the angel of death. Be ware Mr. Musa from calling the angel of death weyane during your passing away; the man (angel) doesn’t know joking.

    • Kokhob Selam

      What do you mean? why don’t you make it 100% from Weyane? I like to be counted with my people.

  • habte

    Dear Semere
    with your extremely well written words you sound as if you are the expert of East African politics, to be honest you are a sick person consumed with hate, mistrust and suspicion . Your article is full of biased ideas, suspicions divisive thoughts. It shows your hate towards Ethiopia, Meles and EDA and that is your right, but to put it in public is something disgusting . Whether you like it or not no one can dismiss the historical ties between the two countries and with no doubt they will live peacefully as neighbors in the near future.
    Yes we do have weakness in our opposition, the only remedy is to work together with respect and understanding and patience and avoid the mistrust between us.
    Your article full of mistrust and suspicion is just a garbage.

    • Gerima

      Truth is bitter. Get over it.

      • habte

        You know nothing about the truth, your arrogance will take you no where. You are still living in an imaginary world created by your dictator wake up and find the reality.

    • Hamid

      Well said. This writer is egoistic and does not seem to see others are capable or have the right to lead or govern Eritrea. By his writing he intends to put us back into the erea of suspicion that costed us thrity years of agony and continuing. Eritrea is sufficient for all of us to equally and harmounsly live and enjoy its pounty, with real democracy and justic applied in a progressive manner……..100% achievement is no feasible initially.

      • Kokhob Selam

        that poor writer don’t know with whom he is dealing.


    The writer is one of the member of the SELFI HZBI party. As we know the so called PEOPLE’S PARTY s a copy of the current regime in Eritrea. These people has a psychological problems when it EDA, because they have seen the Eritrean united for the first time than any time before and they are trying to be obstacle and the reason is known why they are doing that intentionally. There are kicked out from the EDA due to their negative idea and they are the true supporters of the Issaias regime. This writer is one of them. Wirting his topics on be half of them. Down Selfi Hzbi for ever! Eritrean EDA will win soon!

    Death to the dictatorial regime and his blind followers!

    • Hamid

      I can deduce that the writter is attempting to delay the progress being achieved by the opposition against the regime with the aim to see a situation that better suits his dreams – a ruling party that is the other face of the coin, with no real democracy and justice on the ground (Class A and Class B type of Citizens).

  • This guy (Semere, a good name given to a wrong person, if it is his real name) is dreaming. As one said above, it must be the devil who wrote it. This article does not deserve to be posted in this respected www. If you (semere) are real Eritrean please preach love, peace, and development so that we can be one to eliminate any dictator in the region. And do not talk too much about Ethiopian agression over Eritrea for the deeds of Ethiopia proves differently. So please open your eyes and see what is going on in Ethiopia as far as development is concerned. Just think how Eritrea would have been changed if Ethiopia continued to use the ports of Eritrea. Ezi Wedahanka Halami.

  • Selam :- Aya Semere Tesfai. I think this time you shot in your own leg. I believe in the freedom of expression and I respect the opinions of all my Eritrean compatriots but what you have written now has nothing to do with solving the real problems of our country. In fact, one has to say that it is a clear incendiarism for causing hate, split and intolerance. You tried to conceal the truth to make our opposition responsible for the misery that was caused from your dictator during the last 20 years. The worst thing is that you are talking about Islamists and every one can see in which direction you are navigating. It is not surprising because you have always attacked our Muslim brothers and sisters many times before, so it isn’t the first time. Such things happen if one got brainwashed by the lyrics of the Ethiopian king Haile Selase or by the retarded author of “Nehnan Elamanan (we and our objectives)”. It is also irresponsible to make our neighbours like Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen responsible for the crazy behaviour of wedi Afom. Those countries didn’t stop to develop but they are on a good way to get rid of the poverty and they aren’t making a war drum. It aren’t our neighbours that are supporting the Al Shabaab, ONLF, OLF, ARDUF and EPPF. And it aren’t our neighbours that are kidnapping and killing tourists. We never knew what Weyane means, we never knew what deportation means, we never know what refugee means and we never know what human organ trafficking means. All of that misery has been brought to us by Isayas Afewerki aka wedi Afom. So, don’t try to hide from the truth and think about what happened to Muammar Gaddafi and his supporters. Even his green book and their chantings of Zenga Zenga didn’t helped them to stay alive after 40 years of totalitarianism.


  • zegeremo

    Your point is, pointless!

  • Berhane G Negus

    Selam Semere: I commend you for your mastery of the English language. I can also see from this and previous articles that you have the potential to analyze complicated political problems like that of Eritrea. Sadly, at least in this article, your contribution was not positive or constructive. I feel your it was not helpful in throwing some light and hope on ways to solve the desperate situation we all know we are in. Instead you were successful in adding more factors (some highly suspect and inflammatory ) to the confusion and paranoia that has suffocated most of us. I hope your intention was not to dramatize or demoralize your own people.

    Personally, I wish you skipped your part II and allotted your precious time to realizing what you promised in your :

    “N.B. Time permitting, The Ethiopian Roar… P. III will argue about – a lasting solution to the Ethic-Eritrean political problem. ”

    Semere I beseech you to direct your analysing and writing gifts towards finding a solution to the intractable problems that are denuding our nation of its productive youth.
    Kind regards

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Dear Editors,

    Ethiopia ain’t roaring and the eyes of the Eritrean mothers are weary for different reasons. It sure is your call whether to publish the impending third part of the series for the gist is already foretold.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Very old tactics of coward politicians in our history (out dated and expired). If a man died in 80’s and wakeup today he might (1 percent chance) be cheated on this article.
    Going back to your old articles, I learn that you are not tired still to say nonsense things. But Awate is Awate the mother of all. And mother love her children all even the dull one.

    Listen and read the articles of your fellow Awate contributors and go out of the prison you live in.

  • Hameed

    It is really a hallucination of a lost sectarian project. He dreams the Islamists and ethnic organization to flee Ethiopia and wishes Ethiopia to chase them. He thinks a war against Eritrea will cause instability in the region, because his military is composed of more than 200,000 soldier. It is a fear-mongering and sectarian article. I agree with Arwe that the article seems to be penned by Isaias. He is really an extremist and mafia.

    • Sele Haqi

      Dear Hameed

      The man Semere Tesfay is really hallucinating and paranoid with the soon to be aborted grand plan of demographic change planned in 70’s by neo nazi ethnic chauvinistic Tigrinya elite group.the man writes like those people you find in Enda Sewa who are good orators,albeit in a different language.He is wetting his pants with the idea that ethnic Tigrinya will be treated equally with the rest of Eritrean ethnic groups.He is desperately fighting for his ethnic group dominance of the eritrean politics at the expense of all others.For sure that will not happen,Eritrea will either usher freedom and equality to all or state failure will ensue soon after the fall of the brutal regime or not long after that.

  • Hagerawi

    This man is sick especially with the Islamist and the Weyane. Weyane has nothing to do with Assab. By the way the weyanes are the one who recognize Eritrean as an independence state and we should have to live in peace with this people as long as they are our neighbours. Long time back when Issayas fought the ERITREAN FIGHTERS with his blood and land brothers to kill them and kick themout from the Eritrean field no one from a people like SEMERE TESFAI talk about that tragedy. And now you are talking a trash can ideas here. Better to stop writing non sense topics. Awate admin should not allowed to such people to write such a negative idea that has no benefit other than diversity.

  • sara

    great work! it is about time we the people stand up to the bias of the ethiophils on Eritrean politics , assuming that no one can do it as well they can . i applaud semere well thought out, excellent piece.

  • Eyob Medhane

    Wow..Oh my God! …Just half way through, I was done. Lost all interest, just like the above commenter. Just to sound off about the parts I had the patience to read, I’d say, the recent activity in Ethiopia, which is dealing with South Sudan and Djibouti to have an oil pipe line to go through it..


    ..and Ethiopia finalizing a hydro Electric project to serve Sudan


    These news should be very good indicators that Eritrea is being left behind and forgotten, let alone to be a “..buffer zone…” for “…that could tip the scale of the whole regional politics – the Nile Politics (Sudan and Egypt), the politics of the Arab Israel conflict, and the newly emerging Arab (Muslim) Black Africans politics….” As Semere Tesfai has put it. And Semere, Did you say “..Nile politics?..” Are you kidding me with that? Please read this news, hawei.


    People in our area are stepping, albeit slowly, into the 21st century. It seems, it’s only Eritrea and Eritreans, who are missing the boat

    Meles may not want to invade Eritrea, because he may not want to disrupt some good stuff that is going on in his country. But I sincerely doubt it will be lack of resources. Oh..and in the East, he doesn’t have “..War..” as you seem to think…He has occasional insurgency, mostly some “..boys..” Isayas sends to do a little mischief. If you believe those “…boys..’ interference will be extended to entire horn of Africa, all the way to Tanzania, I’d just say…(Never mind. I had some choice words what I’d want to say, but Saleh wouldn’t let me)

  • werkema

    And Semere says:
    “And when the EDA Islamists and Ethnic Organizations in Addis hear people like me (Semere Tesfai) claiming to be an opposition to the PFDJ regime, literally you can see their blood pressure and blood sugar level shooting through the roof; because they think that is a mockery of their intelligence as well.”

    Talk about egoism. Semere come down to earth. You are just another chauvinist.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Hope I don’t sound rude but I sort of lost interest half way through. I wouldn’t be surprised if one was to argue that the piece was penned by Isaias himself. It is imbued with conspiracy theories where it teeters on the threads of schizophrenic clap trap. Again, we are reminded that, Isaias’ genius rests on his incredible knack in defeating his enemies at his own game. Every time, Isaias says the bogyman is roaring from the South, his would be opponents parrot it till Kingdom comes. Isaias sure was born with a political spoon in his mouth so to speak. Go figure.


      why is that when any eritrean intelect want to express his ideas have to include ethiopians.are we still psycologically colonized by ethiopians until the next life,even with united nations approved it existance as free state or as most intellect from north part of eritera (muslims) have been said for the last 50 years that we the christian will be the cause of the demiss of this great nation.

    • kaddis

      The writer got carried away with his petty facts gathered from opposition websites. But not all in vain. He is right – Nobody even the ‘ill intended’ Ethiopians do not want to see a failed state of Eritrea.

  • Sarcasm

    Eritrean ego, at its most inflated. This man’s arrogance is only exceeded by his ignorance. Unfortunately you’re psyche is the primary reason your people are in the state they are in.

    • N’egri Mengedi


      Although I agree with your depiction of the writer, it is utterly irresponsible and unfair to summarily describe the Eritrean people as arrogant and ignorant. The majority of Eritreans are humble, kind and wise and the writer is only representing himself or the interest group that is behind his views (if any). Please refrain from denigrating the Eritrean people!