Badme: Woyane’s Fraudulent Casus Belli To Wage War Of Aggression- P2

On part one of this article, we said – ok the Woyanes were constantly provoking Eritreans (the EPLF government and

Woyane’s Fraudulent Casus Belli To Wage War Of Aggression (P1)

If the Woyane spin-doctors and their Eritrean agents were to have the last word, this is how they would’ve written

Badme: An Eritrean Opposition Deathbed

[Editor’s note: we received a clarification from Semere. Comments are now reactivated. We will explain the issue soon.] There’s no

The Political Chess-Game To Tame The Woyanes

Well, well, well… Why I’m I not surprised? Deki-Ere – it’s happening again. History is in the making. It is

The Ethiopian Roar And The Weary Eyes Of Eritrean Mothers (P.II)

To start where we left off (The Ethiopian Roar… P I) – among other things, we said “if Ethiopia is

The Ethiopian Roar And The Weary Eyes of Eritrean Mothers (P. 1)

When Ethiopia roars from the South the threat is real. We Eritreans don’t take Ethiopian threat lightly. Generation after generation,

Challenging The Rhetoric & Hypocrisy Of Violent Regime Change

Today, there are two diametrically opposing schools of thought in the opposition camp: Violent Regime Change vs. Non-Violent Regime Change.

Regionalism, Identity And Political Organizations In Eritrea

This is a speech that was presented at The Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville Maryland on June 25, 2011.

Making A Case For Political Immunity And Nonviolent Regime Change

There is no nice way of saying it. You can’t put positive-spin to it. Advocating regime change using violence is

Tigrigna Domination: Myth Vs Reality (perspective II)

Politics is science. Not exact science but still science. In science and mathematics, if you collect a lot of data

Tigrigna Domination: Myth Vs Reality (Perspective Part I)

“If PFDJ is this evil even to the Kebesa, why is then it is SUPPORTED BY KEBESA people only? right?

The Eritrean Covenant And Nehnan Elamanan: Two Shady Documents, You Can’t Defend In A Mixed Crowd

“ንሕና ማለት እዞም ሕጂ ኣብ ቅድሜኹም ቀሪብና እንዛረብ ዘሎና ተጋደልቲ፡ እቶም ብመጋቢት 1969 ዓ.ም.ፈ. ካብ ምምሕዳር “ቅያዳ ኣል ዓማ” ዝተፈለና ኢና። እወ ንሕና ዳርጋ ኩላትና ክርስትያን ኢና። ብደገ ናይ ኩነታትና ህላዌ ዝርኢ እውን “ሃይማኖታውያን” እዮም ይብል ይኸውን….. መንነትናን ዕላማናን ክፈልጥ ንዝደሊ ንጽሑፍና ብምሉኡ ንኸንብቦ ሓደራ ንብል። ላዕለዎት ራእስታት ጀብሃ፡ ናብተን ብትካል ምስልምና ዝምርሓ ሃገራትን ድርጅታትን […]

It Is Not “Muslims & Lowlanders”….Its Engaging & Power Sharing Stupid

Ali Salim is not just a person – it’s a political pulse of a nervous, restless and concerned community –