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The Departure of a Good Man: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a Good Man. He chose to be Good and stuck with it. He lived Good. He practiced Good. He acted Good. He spoke Good. He listened Good. He mentored Good. He taught Good. He walked Good and talked Good. He even danced Good!

Mandela exemplified the presence of Good. He was a perfect testimony to the presence of Good. The Good Creator is very happy with the Good Mandela. The Good nature is cheerful with the Good Mandela.  The Good people of South Africa, Black and White and Brown and Moslems and Hindus and Christians and Animists  alike are happy and grateful to the Good Mandela. The Good people of Africa are thankful to the Good Mandela. The black race is proud and happy with the Good Mandela. Humanity as a whole is satisfied with the Good Mandela. The whole world and all ethnicities are celebrating the Good example of the Good life of the Good departed Mandela. The great religions of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Confucians are praying and praising the Good Deeds of the Good Mandela.

It is very gratifying to know, believe and realize the existence of and praising the presence of Good.

The Good Mandela taught us that it does not cost anything to be Good. Everyone is born with the seed of Good. It is just a matter of conscious choice to tend and grow the seed of Good or to destroy it. No extraordinary energy or effort is needed to be Good. No exceptional education or intellect is required to be Good.  No enormous wealth or economic advantage is essential to be Good. No blue blood lineage is mandatory to be Good. You can be anybody and choose and become Good.

The presence of Good is not alien to the Good people of this earth and in particular to the Good people of Eritrea. Actually we the Good people of Eritrea are endowed with it and it was generously and heroically exemplified by our Good martyrs and war disabled veterans. Our Good martyrs were Good men, Good women, Good children, Good adults, Good mothers, Good fathers, Good children, Good daughters and Good sons who chose the presence of Good and paid for it with their only and only one Good life so that their Good people would live in the presence of Good forever.

The absence of Good is also equally not alien to the Good people of this Earth and in particular to the Good people of Eritrea. Isaias Afewerki and the PFDJ have cowardly epitomized the absence of Good by declaring war against the presence of Good thus perpetuated horrendous and unheard of suffering, displacement and death to the undeserving Good people of Eritrea.

In the nineties, the newly freed prisoner Mandela [Madiba] and the victorious guerrilla fighter Isaias Afewerki [Nsu] were handed once-ina-lifetime opportunity to choose their destiny and using similar venues [soccer stadiums] both chose starkly opposing choices and the rest is history. But history also requires some highlights.

While the Good Mandela chose Forgiveness, Harmony, Reconciliation, Unity, Justice, Fairness, Peace, Education and Democracy, Isaias the epitome of the absence of Good, chose Vindictiveness, Division, Chaos, Disequilibrium, Torture, Enslavement, Ignorance, Famine, Corruption, War, Terror, Barbarity, Imprisonment, Murder and Mayhem.

While the Good Mandela will be remembered as exceptionally Good statesman, Democrat, Lover of Humankind, Peace Maker and Reconciliatory, the quintessence of the absence of Good, Isaias Afewerki, is and will be remembered as a Hater, Despot, Vulture, war monger, Divider, Black Hole, Disturber, Slave master, Human trafficker and Murderer.

There are consequences to what we choose and that is why reward and punishment are concomitant to what we choose. We cannot run away from the consequences of our conscious choices.

There was no Good reason for Isaias to choose the Absence of Good. In Truth, there was No reason at all for Isaias to choose the absence of good.  But he chose it anyway. There was also No reason at all for PFDJ and its members to uphold the absence of Good. But they chose it anyway. And they are not going to avoid the consequences of their conscious choices.

For those of us who are befuddled by the behaviors of Isaias and PFDJ members like when they partied while the dead bodies of Eritreans [do not forget the dead baby with its umbilical cord still attached to the dead mother] was floating in the Mediterranean Sea, we should realize their act was and is Deliberate and is rooted in their conscious and deliberate choices. They chose to follow and ameliorate the absence of Good, so none of what they do shall be Good.

To oppose Isaias and PFDJ is to oppose the absence of Good. To oppose and fight against the absence of Good is the Core Principle and Belief in The Presence of Good. So by opposing Isaias and the PFDJ you have deliberately and consciously chosen to be Good.

Doing Good is Good. Thinking Good is Good.  Walking Good is Good. Talking Good is Good. Mentoring Good is Good. Teaching Good is Good. Living Good is Good. Dancing Good [is an added bonus]. And the rewards are Good. So keep up the Good Work!!

May the Good Creator rest the Good Soul of the Good Man- Mandela.

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  • Dongolo

    Selam all. So much happening in Assab these days but very few talking about it. Power plays in motion as we speak.

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  • rodab

    Is the IMF ignoring Eritrea’s economic “boom”?
    Yes, if you ask our good friend Madote.
    Why? because (again, according to Madote) (1) Eritrea is the only African country to reject IMF loans and so it is trying to discourage others from following Eritrea’s path, and (2) an Ethiopian official at the IMF, who provides economic statistics to IMF for both Eritrea and Ethiopia, is cooking up Eritrea’s statiscts. Since he held his position, Eritrea’s GDP forecasts have been very low, so says Madote.
    Now, I don’t know if the claims have some truth, I don’t know if IMF has been downplaing Eritrea’s “boom”, and I don’t know how IMF collects info (input) and publishes results (output). I also know that my knowledge in the economics field sucks. But as a general simple observations, I know we don’t have the basic data to determine if Eritrea’s economy is indeed booming. The government doesn’t have or does’t disclose national badget, inflation rate, unemployment rate, deficit/surplas data, import/export of goods, currency exchange rate and other economic factors. So how does one come to a conclusion that the economy is booming in Eritrea? Madote was kind enough to ‘backup’ its claim by citing, “Perhaps a telling sign of the country’s fast growth is the rise in multi-million dollar infrastructure projects taking place” and proceeds onto listing some of them. The claim, if detemined to be accurate, could certainly be factored in. But then, there is no way for anyone to verify the accuracy of what the government feeds its media and affiliated websites. There is no any kind of economic institution to contact to, there are no published papers to look at, there is no freedom for individuals or firms to take intiative and gather data. There is absolutely nothing to go by! Put everything else aside, we don’t even know the size of the revenue being generated from Bisha and other mining sites. If you are ouside of Eritrea, Sure you can use the internet to somehow get rough estimate by following Nevsun revenue statements. But that is no replacemen for a timley and accurate info any government is supposed to provide its citizens with. On his interviews with his media, PIA was asked about the minining industry and revenues. He downplayed it and refused to provide an answer. So if we can’t have basics of the basics like this one, how in the world are we supposed to know what’s going on?
    Madote, it’s a good start in your part, but I know you know you’re not an inch closer to getting to the bottom line. Peace!

  • Papillon


    Please watch this.

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    have a good time in Jebana with …..ሁሉም ለክብር ነው…..

  • Dear Itibti Kokhob Selam:

    I read the Good poem that originated in your Good Heart; refined in your Good mind and written by your Good hand. It was so Good I had to read it again and again. It is Good to have such Good friends in this Good site.


  • Abinet

    In my opinion Eritreans have a funny way of thinking .If they like you ,you are one of them.If you are reasonable ,unbiased ,not a hater ,then they call you an need example?pappilon,Hayat ,haile,Amanuel …….you are also an ethiopian when they hate you .THE LION OF NAKFA can be a good as a nation worshiped him to the extent that he thinks he can sale you for any price he gets.why is he an ethiopian now ? You can keep him where he is loved .but,papillon,haile and the rest although I don’t agree with them all the time,if you somehow make them Ethiopians , that will be the best Christmas gift ever for me ever. I respect and admire unbiased people from your country.GUREGNA alwedim.
    Enjoy your day,Danny

    • Nitricc

      Abinet are you retarded or attention maniac individual?
      Why are you creating new sub thread, you are disturbing the flow of the conversation. You don’t even respond to your own thread, you keep opening new once.
      Do me a favor, just respond under what ever you started so we can follow your stupid conversation.

      • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

        Nitricc is always Destructive.

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    Selam Aklilu,
    …….ጽባቐ ጽቡቃት……….1st page good day with Jebena

  • said

    Judged a Non-Conforming Maverick Those Living the Contradictions of Existence!
    The curiosity for knowledge in the wide expanse of a very varied and colorful universe of myriad cultures; ethnicities; races; beliefs; religions; sects; genders; localities and non-monolithic human idiosyncrasies, equally colors an observer’s mind once coming in touch and interacting with the mosaic of the varieties of human experiences and expressions, collective and individual, as reflections of the wide and expanded human universe.
    The confines of parochial localities stifle the mind and the soul of an exposed intellectual, a knowledge seeker with a relentless quest for objective reality in the ever tricky process of the continuous recalibration of inherent pre-judgmental and preconceived thoughts and attitudes with freshly gained insight to the truth through the intimate exposure to new realities of varied cultures and humans’ expressions.
    Parochial settings exert the dual pressures on a liberal intellectual’s mind and the free soul of a curious seeker for knowledge by the mandatory requisites for conformity to social mores and social conditioning, on the one hand, and the suspension of human judgment and initiative to experience life and existence fully without infringement on the rights and free choices of the others.
    Labeled and defined, put in the category of the Mavericks, the others, a human seeking knowledge in its free float, suspended from the prejudice of a preconceived thought or a predetermined attitude.
    True, a labeled Maverick at times trample over generally perceived and mostly hypocritically observed taboos in the culture of a parochial setting; however, to a labeled Maverick letting free the expressions of human’s natural endowments is intuitively triggered by an innate subtle incentive for the furtherance of the enrichment of the mind and the soul through added exposures and knowledge of the others and of self, human nature in its unbridled, unfettered potentials and inherent contradictions.
    Some might be Alienated and at times socially ostracized by prejudgment and others’ proclivity to settle to the familiar and narrowly perceived, a Maverick while marveling in the world of discovery, nevertheless, opts for acceptance in a bid for survival in a parochial setting.

    • Tekle M. Woldemikael

      Dear Said

      Who is this Maverick? Can you develop this character and flesh him/her out? Where does he/she live? What is his/her life like? With your stream of consciousness style of narration, I think you can have novel on this character in the tradition of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner. That is not a bad company to keep. This is a long-winded way of saying I enjoyed your piece above that shows your ability to write creatively. You are able to let your thought wonder away from the predictable direction. I hope you keep writing more….


  • Abinet

    Typical Eritrean arrogance .What else is new?

    • DANIEL

      Abinet, why should you possibly think that we consider the smart comments belong to Ethiopians..? I just want to let you know the real fact..

  • Teweldino

    Can we agree that Mandela was a man of principle much like The Lion of Nakfa is?

    Both Mandela and PIA challenged the white man’s view of the world.

    Meles chose to be a servant and an instrument of the white man’s preferred world order.

    • luna


      What a wrong statement comparing two characters of opposing traits with wrong conclusion far from truth! Please, stop displaying your contempt filled with ignorance against what most Eritreans and Ethiopians know for truth. Can you admit stating straight facts first above everything else. One tends to waste time, space, ink and effort when failing short of contributing something thing worth while. Do you have anything which speaks to readers. Historical truths stand as they are and no one can change them.

      The sticker that you wrote “the Lion of Nakfa’ very shallow and hallow in meaning just becoming an empty slogan in face of failure, after failure seen in the Eritrea political landscape as we have come to know it! Breaking the dignity of our people by making them line up for bread each and every morning. That is the the worst it has come to be for ordinary citizens of our homeland.

      Slogans are for birds! what we need is a reality check of what the pursuit of an Eritrean life should look like and represent. We are part of humanity! what has become of the ‘Eritrean national character’ against the onslaught it faced for the last fifty years? This is the question each and everyone of us must ask ourselves in order to get a clearer picture of our nation.

      It is such blind following, I suspect with agenda’s of your own statement. After all we have experienced you have the audacity to write what you wrote. I am ashamed by the level of indifference some individuals entertain in their heads! Please, for just once stand on the side of truth!

      Now, the big news is that fifteen Eritreans including three children are stranded in Abuja, Nigeria for over a year and half by an Eritrean, named Abel Habte Micheal who had been trafficking humans for a long time. He is a resident of Sweden and running an illegal trade in humans making money. This is our tragedy! It says a lot about us as people. Do you have anything to say about such a sad story?

    • Belai

      Typical IA supporters,
      Isn’t Eritrea shaped and curved by a white men ?to say the least.

  • Abinet

    Let me be clear .I never take you seriously because ,in my opinion ,you have nothing interesting or informative .however,there are so many GOOD hearted and really smart people I like to read .some I agree some I don’t but still I appreciate their debating skills .i like to thank the website for the opportunity.i read your post for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.BTW,please don’t label all the smart ones as Ethiopians .
    you don’t have to be an Ethiopian to be smart .

    • Daniel

      Hahaha…Eritreans usually think the other way round. Stupidity, laziness and illiteracy very strongly correlated with Ethiopians…that is the reality my friend.

    • Nitricc

      Abinet lol
      You are real funny dude. Wait a minute, is Abinet boy or girls name? I think it can be both. So, are a boy or a girl?
      I don’t know and I don’t care. But if Ethiopians are smart why are they hungry while they have water tower of Africa. Do you know why, they figured it out to grow food is all you need is water.
      So how smart are they Abinet?
      Think about it, to grow food all you need is water and land and the Ethiopians are hungry and begging for food. Why? How?
      Come on Abinet, talk to me. Smart my foot.

  • haile

    Dear Aklilu

    Thank you for a GOOD exposition of GOOD through the life of a GOOD man – Mandela. As I read through your piece, I was also thinking where or when Mandela crossed the line into GOOD. In fact, we had a running debate on the other post as to the greatness of the GOOD of the man himself. So, wherein lies the boundary where GOOD starts, what does one has to do to cross that line? More relevant still, where do we see Mandela crossing that illusive line and become GOOD in his life story? Well, Mandela once said “I find racialism abhorrent, whether it comes from a white man or a black man.”

    The above belief in Mandela’s sense of right, evidently crosses that line into greatness, as in GOODNESS. You see, it would have been easy and intuitive for Mandela to look out for his “own” however narrowly defines that “own”. Yet, he had the GOODNESS to think of not only the future generations of black South Africans, but also that of the future white South Africans. Mugabe was average intelligence and only calculated based on the perceived gains by his “own”. In my book, those who do well for whomever they categorize as their “own” are of average caliber. Those with higher sense of purpose and able to see wholeness in divided parts and also act to serve in the greater GOOD of that whole are indeed GOOD and GREAT. There lies, in my humble opinion, the fine line that needs to be crossed so that one can begin in earnest the journey along the path of GOOD.

    Thank you my friend,

    And be GOOD 🙂

    • T.Kifle

      Dear Haile:

      It would be too early to conclude Mandela’s Goodness(legacy) endures. It’s pretty fine if the good is measured with the yardstick of the current take of the world citizens. But whether the good Mandela was really good to his people and his party ANC, and whether that good would gain momentum in continuum in the decades to come is a matter to be seen.

      • Nitricc

        T.Kifle, this is the first time i have ever agree with you.
        A legacy of a person, specially a leader, it takes at least 20 years to judge the impact of his/her legacy. people say PIA is this PIA that and they are burning the guy alive, at the same time, people are comparing PMMZ with MLK, really? Let’s wait and see what the impact will bring. One leader taught his people, discipline, work ethic, self reliance and pride, the other, left the legacy begging, indolence and dependence. Let see how it will turn out.
        So, Mr Weyane, you have spoke the truth the first time.

        • T.Kifle


          Feel good about your “good” IA. You only did make one silly mistake. In your love to IA you forgot whether his legacy of “self reliance” is subject to the same metrics of time test “at least 20 years” from a time he steps down. If I am uncertain about endurance of the legacy of Mandela, you know how it turns out thinking of IA’s. This is by no means to stand on your sense of pride in anything you believe in. Feel good about your president and that would make an enduring legacy of real morons and sycophants.

        • SA

          You make it sound as if PIA is our Daddy who “taught his people, discipline, work ethic, self reliance and pride”….
          As to his legacy, we already know one of his legacies: producing a mass migration of the youth. He has turned Eritrea into something like a plague in which the youth are risking their lives to flee from the country they love.

      • haile

        Selamat T.Kifle

        A fair concern, but the way I see it is that a leader puts his nation on a course much like a captain sets his ship on sail. The role and decisions of many of the other seamen onboard and many more captains to take charge after a while would determine if the ship would remain sea worthy and have longevity. The example that Mandela set by putting his nation on the course of reconciliation, unity, tolerance and understanding as a basis for a democratic and prosperous South Africa for all, is much bigger than the analytical value of individual policy decisions that passed his desk at the time he was on the helm of South Africa.

        Take the failed leader IA for example. He took a small, united Spartan, industrious and proud people of Eritrea by the hand on May 1991 and made an example of them in lessons of how people can fight for 30 years for something they wouldn’t mind certain death to escape from. The animal in the form of IA, set Eritrea that he got in one of the finest shapes on a course that is likely going to make it end up on a Somalia like trajectory. The question is the course that a leader puts his nation and the rest of humanity on rather than the likelihood of his/her policy choices being workable in the longer run. The latter is of a shared responsibility of those who come after him and can change if needing be.


        • T.Kifle

          Selamat Haile

          Your assertion of “… the way I see it is that a leader puts his nation on a course much like a captain sets his ship on sail.” is well considered. Now, the question is whether he, once a Capitan,put the nation in an irreversible path. Reversibility isn’t necessarily an outcome of failure of the leaders of the day to live up to the values of Mandela. The values themselves could be contentious, at times stumbling blocks to well-intended reforms that are being on demand from the grass root party operatives of ANC for some years now. The Hyper Idolization of Mandela by the white man and the complete acquiescence of the black man for fear of being ridiculed for holding different takes on some issues surrounding the political choices of this good man and their consequences give rise to a daunting task in bringing about the much needed distributive justice to deserving black people of SA.

          My gut-feeling is the white man’s “super man” in Mandela, more than anything, is a forward-looking agenda conveying the “right message” to the next generation leaders of SA that they have to follow the steps of Mandela that the interests of the powerful should continue untouched, that in case they failed to traverse the same trajectory what awaits them is the wrath befallen Mugabe.You see it doesn’t take a genius to fathom the lack of leverage of the government of SA when the essential resources are out of hands and even worse the political leverage is taken away in a dramatic course of events. I really could be terribly wrong, I would be glad that I am.


          • haile

            Selam T. Kifle

            I totally understand your cautiously suspicious outlook.

            You say ” Reversibility isn’t necessarily an outcome of failure of the leaders of the day to live up to the values of Mandela. The values themselves could be contentious, at times stumbling blocks to well-intended reforms that are being on demand from the grass root party operatives of ANC for some years now.”

            That as it may, one has to go forward, where to prudently do so requires to draw, somewhat reasonably, the line between cynicism and realism. The level reached in the former is essentially a function of the nature of previous dealings, whereas the latter, i.e. realism, is constrained by inherent uncertainties associated with any such like forward looking assessments. Hence, “trend analysis” becomes the preferred tool to ascertain which side of the line a given expectation has sprung from. Does the existing trend determine a downward movement from base year in sector by sector analysis of how black citizens are doing in general? I fully understand that such a determination is a vast undertaking and beyond the scope of what can realistically be addressed inside small comments sections like this. However, daily events tell stories that give a reasonable clue as to what might one find if they were to assess such trends. Take for example, Eritrea’s case; mass migration, political divisions, expanding poverty, impending chaos can generally give you cursory indicators as to what kind of trend you will determine should you try to investigate the direction (upward or downward) movement of things. What are the predictors for possible trends for Zimbabwe? Daily events point to greater poverty, higher likelihood of divisions and deepening social strife. SA may not be progressing at the desired rate, but (apart from health issues in HIV epidemics) what is the trend likely to be.

            If the trend is positive, albeit slower than desired, then our fears might be more of from cynicism, where as if the trend appears to be negative (which needs to be supported with independent findings) then those same fears may indeed be based on realistic surmise of the objective situation.

            I share your good wishes for the better in any case.


      • Selam T.Kifle,

        You measure the change he brought while he was alive. And I don’t think I need to list what change he brought to the people of S.Africa. Simply it is glaring fact on the ground and you know it more than anyone. The “would be trajectory success” from what he achieve and left this world is the duty of those who are in power and the young generation of S. African who gave them the tools to continue the struggle. I wish all African countries to have the kind of Mandela.

        • zegeremo

          what tools? could you be a bit specific??

          Well here are the facts, according to Naomi Kline,”since ANC took power, the number of people living on less than $1 a day has doubled,from 2 million to 4 million in 2006, Of south Africa’s 35 million black citizens only five thousand earn more than 60,000, 1 million people have been evicted from farms in the first decade of democracy” …even the ANC accepted the 30 billion apartheid debt, used to torture black activists and to terrorize townships,as legitimate debt….the list goes on…


          • Tell me anyone whom you admire more than him.I will tell you his/her failure by avoiding his/her contribution like what you are doing. Then you will understand what kind of argument is doing against this honorable man. His own people know what apartheid was and what so far they achieved because of him.

        • T.Kifle

          Dear Amanuel

          I wish God fulfils your wish of having Mandelas all over the continent. But what made Mandela Mandela is their absence. 😀

          You would understand that I was not expecting Mandela to change SA into Utopia in a term of one presidency. This is beyond the point. My concern is, as I have explained it to Haile, whether his legacy is solid, up to the level of what the white man dares to sell us. There is no need to hurry for judgement. Let us wait and see if time vindicates the white man. Personally, I am not enamoured by what the ANC has managed to achieve in post Apartheid SA.

    • Dibe Kulu

      Dear Haile,

      It is interesting that you bring MUGABE into the mix without mentioning the Lancaster House Agreement. You see, Mugabe too, was hailed as a hero and great statesman, even knited by the Queen upto a certain point. When the guarantors of the Lancaster House Agreement reneged on their promise, he upheld his own commitment to his people. The minute he demanded that the agreement be fully implemented, he was labelled as a “failed” leader.

      Mandela let white South Africans keep all their previledges as far as land ownership and other benefits were concerned. To date, black S. Africans are still living in abject poverty. By doing that Mandela was sved from villification. Historians will certainly look at these two African Freedom Fighters differently, each on his own merit. One understood the power of the forces that were arrayed against him and took a cautious, less confrontational road.

      The other one also knew what he would face if he were to take the road he took..but he just held his own and remained defiant! The most noticeable difference between the two is power hungry, the other was not. I think you can easily figure out which one is which!!

      Mugabe confiscated white owned land in the hope of re-alocating resources. He was(is) villified and his country severely sanctioned. His people live in abject poverty and blames the west for this predicament. I think each leader’s fate must be seen and analysed on its own condition and prevailing set of circumstances.

      • haile

        Hey Dibe Kulu

        It would be far from truth to argue that Mandela has completely transformed SA to the point of leveling the playing field for good. I wouldn’t go as far as that. My point here is limited to what he’s achieved within the reality that he had to work with. Mandela was a leader of SA at its turning point. So was Mugabe and so was IA.

        The best “turning point” leaders put their country on a course that would progressively lead to the ultimate aspiration of ALL the citizens. SA’s problems span long period in history and were utterly complicated at the time Mandela came to be at the drivers sit. Today a situation exists for South Africans to make irreversible changes towards attaining a fairer society. Peace was the earliest dividend of his policies and more educational opportunities, expanded role in national politics and greater access to means of production and equitable justice are burgeoning.

        Mugabe took the confrontational rout that heralded in deeper division, extended stand off and mutually assured undermining of each other’s interests by the opposite segments of his society. Land was grabbed from White farmers and given to his army commanders, he polarized his people but did not meet their aspirations, only his continued stay in power.

        IA also used such hallow slogans as “self reliance” to isolate the Eritrean people from the international community. Decades later, he didn’t achieve self reliance, rather the means to violate the full range of human dignity of Eritreans outside the view of the world. He managed to benefit few army commanders for instrumentality of his violations and strategically placed diaspora operatives to misinform and hide the torture and killing of the Eritrean people as well as conduct blackmail to silence the majority. The world is only waking up to the heinous ordeals that Eritreans are going through following the recent realities of their mass demise at high seas and deserts of Sinai.

        The Mandela type leaders are honest brokers of their people’s welfare and work within the limits of the realities that surround the objective situation. The likes of Mugabe and IA and many such likes simply become loud advocates of high ideals with the clear intention of misusing the popular sentiments to serve their own selfish interests. Hence, they are often the loudest and have no qualms to express intentions that they know they have neither the means nor necessary and favorable conditions to implement. Their final achievement is always invariably the extension of their stay in power and nothing else what soever. They are the living evidences to attest to that.


  • Inquirer

    Why would the good God create the bad soul? This is a question to the author.

    • Belai

      The good God gave you a good mind to know what is good and bad.
      If I was you,i blame Ethiopia for it,it is their fault again.(kiding).

    • The good God created good souls; but the bad gods made the good souls to misbehave or to act badly. God is always good. Thus, God gave man a freedom to make choices. Man makes rational or irrational choices and reaps the consequence thereof.

  • rodab

    The good Aklilu Zere is a good man who wrote about the good Habesha woman during colonialism. His goodness is also the one who coined the good word ‘Nsu’ (I thnk). I bet the good man Aklilu lives a good life with a good wife who loves to work and shop for good stuff to a good cause. We too are good people. None of us here has bad intention. None. We are and act like any ordinary persons. Among other things, it is our routine to visit this good forum of ours to get news and to interact with one another, regardless of our differences. We, who came from or live within the confines of Eritrea, are brothers and sisters. The word ‘diversity’ is erroneously translated to ‘bzuHinet’ when it should be ‘kes’ee(mahtsen) ade guramura’. We are good people with good heats for one another and the world. It is the crazy world out there that is creating day and night between us. So that’s us. On the ther other hand, we understand there are individuals who are doing harms to all of us as people and nation. Those that are creating all sort of problems, having led the struggle for independence, now feel that they are entitled to rule without rule. They have excused themselves from the law – the law they sooo loudly invoke when it suits them. ‘woyane Higi regitsu kitKeyid america afqidatlu’, ‘both countries signed the final and binding agreement, the law is the law and no one is above the law’ they would lecture us. They have zero tolerance of our rights to ask questions. Often times, citizens are stifled and yelled at. ‘aymlketekanyu’, ‘siraHka gber’, ‘ab politca ayti’eto’ have become the tandard treatments. Yet, those same tonques rotate 180 degrees when facing the foreign media. They would redicule ‘everyone is entitled to his/her view and people are free to speak their minds’. Call it kilte melHas! At the moment, the good time has become kind to them for it allows them to do just about anything they wanted to do. Yet we know everything has to come to an end…although that is no consolation to citizens under unprotective roof. Peace!

  • Abinet

    LT,what language is that? I love your puzzles although I’ will never be able to solve them.keep on entertain us .you are the best !

    • L.T

      Abenet;Let us be clear.I am not here to discussed about language structures develop in private communication networks.I have tried to argue here that the necessary defence and expanasion of the public sphere as an integral part od a democratic society requires us to re-rvaluate the public servis model of public communication and while being necessarily critical of its concrate historical actualization.defend it and build upon the potential of its rational core in the face of the existing and growing to its continued existence.

  • Zahra

    Senkim and all,

    The concept of the Tigrigna word “Lekimwom” signifies the phrase “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” Once spoiled, the whole bunch becomes something to be thrown away. The PFDJ members not only attested to the fact of being spoiled by the bad apple but they also claimed to be surrogating Isayas anywhere any place. So, if an Eritrean takes his life (commits suicide) in Eritrea, the cause is Isayas. And, if an Eritrean takes his life outside Eritrea, the causes are those PFDJ members. The question now is: how to stop his bad apples outside Eritrea? Whoever claims Nihna Isu, Isu Nihna should face a legal action over her/his political crimes for causing Lampedusa tragedy , Lampedusa like tragedies,and other tragedies.

    • Haile Selase and his regime had procured Israel to train and indoctrinate young Christian Highlanders as Commando-Crusaders to battle against allegedly ELF jihadists in defense of their religion.

      However, as Wedi Blanta, a veteran ELF fighter and a member of the Central Council recounted, ELF never took the Commandos as enemies but as deceived brothers that had to be persuaded through any means necessary to abandon the wrong notion the enemy had inculcated in them.

      According to wedi Blanta, the plan finally worked; the Commando-Crusaders began wake up and to abandon the enemy to join ELF and later, EPLF. The Fronts welcomed them with open hands without any prejudice for their past misdeeds.

      The reason I brought this up is for us to learn and apply the wisdom of the ELFs with the regard to the PFDJs, who, just as the Commando-Crusaders, are victims of the enemy, Isaias Afewerqi.

      If you see deeply into their educational background, they are not a lot better than the commando-crusaders. As we all know, Isaias Afewerqi had completely and purposely wiped out the educated EPLFs in preparation for what he is unraveling. They are whom he referred to as Cheguar Danga, a code word for peasants.

      The reason he chose these uneducated people is because he understood he can flatter them to do his dirty biddings without any question asked and without ever grasping his ulterior mission, the destruction of our country.

      By the way, ‘PFDJ, Peoples’ Front For Democrcy and Justice’ was created in the 3rd EPLF Congress, to reflect the end of the Liberation era and the dawning of the National Building. It was never the exclusive creation of Isaias Afewrqi.

      Some people, wittingly, such as woyane, and others unwittingly, tally it with Isaias Afewerqi. The unwitting are simply trailing woyane’s deceptive lead, completely unaware that in the end, the goal of Isaias Afewerqi and woyane is the same, the destruction of Eritrea, and the creation of Greater Tigrai.

      The reason PFDJ failed to deliver it promise is not because the principles enshrined in it are inherently evil but because it has been hijacked by the monster and kept it in his dungeon, where the Constitution, Baito, the Senior EPLF officials he has them locked up.

      We must also understand that as long as we lump all PFDJs as evils, we are affording the devil precious time to meet his goal. If we are to preempt his evil scheme and save our people and country, we must be able to drive wedges into PFDJs and create havoc among them; sow seeds of suspicion against each other . As house divided unto itself cannot stand, only then can we defeat the impostor. If the ELF could do it, we can.

      • welde

        Dawit Meconen,

        This must be yours dream,mate.Unfortunately the Ethiopians do not share your dream of greater….Any way you are not the onlyone it seems many of your country men/women share your wishes.As they say, can not stop a man from dreaming however rediculus it was, a man is entitled to dream

        “…lead, completely unaware that in the end, the goal of Isaias Afewerqi and woyane is the same, the destruction of Eritrea, and the creation of Greater Tigrai.”

  • Belay

    Why do we blame one person for all the misery in Eritrea? Is it not fair to say that all those who supported Wedi Afom for the past so many years are also guilty for what is going on in Eritrea? I guess everyone who was supporting ISU must first admit that he or she was wrong before putting all the blame on the heroic son of Eritrea. How can it be possible, a hero is turning into a coward? Is the problem with the perception of the viewers or is it inherently possible for the same person to be saint and evil at the same time? Just a question.

  • SenKim

    To bad mouth the Great Mandela especially at this moment say much about the silliness of the writer than it does about the ultimate Hero. To do this in a desperate defense of the indefensible shifta DIA is an outright madness. One has to live in a parallel reality to publicly utter such none sense. If nothing, the fact that Madiba renounced voluntarily another presidential mandate, the fact that he handed over power to the people of SA when he could have hang to it like so many in Africa and else where, would suffice to convince any human being with a functioning brain to salute the grandness of the Man. But hey in PFDJland thoughtfulness and decency are rarer commodity.

  • Zegeremo

    ……..but he was not “Good”at translating his vision into reality despite enormous capacity.


  • Hooray to the conscientious writer who,time and time again, beams a stream of hope, honesty and fairness to his country men.
    Good to hear from you, Aklilu.

  • bahlbi Haben

    appropriate for a 2nd grade grammmar lesson on the adjectives “good and not good”.

  • Belai

    Dear Mr Aklilu Zere,
    The hardest thing in life is winning or controling one self.As easy as it sounds only a few are close to be reall really good.
    Thanks for reminding the community of Awate to be good. Unless we should remind our selves atleast five times every day to be good,other wise bad or evil will take up the place.
    Thankyou mr.and God bless Mr Madiba.

  • L.T

    The rest of you will forgive but I will devote a few lines to a specific person .Abnet,and she is from Ethiopia.She asked me if I would have great confidence in Haile and Papillon and both are Ethiopians and she mostly to me to learned of those people she knoes well and she topped the list becouse… “Dink Yblu Adna”(Top)
    If you read her quickly you always come off when they stack the atomic rate broken sentences/….Salih Gadi has said sometimes/annoying!there was perhaps a little cheeky when some began,but it’s well most moth-eaten and childish.your list I threw on our fridge.
    For Awate thanks for a balance charity but the risk existes that intitiaven forward Tigria Weyane can recreate hatred tradition when their political influence is missing.
    Feel good/L.T

  • Thomas

    Great message for the supporters of the evil regime and who are on the wrong side of history. Contributing to human nature and passing the culture to the next generation while living and to the believers of supernatural power get go heaven and to avoid going to hell:).

    On the other note, for the regime in Asmara the rope more than any time before the self-inflicted rope on their neck getting tighter and tighter. Their futile attempt to have the sanctions lifted was counterproductive as the U.S. currently alleging them for their still going on role, training the Somali group. So, not more sanction is guaranteed or might be placed on the state sponsored stuff………… We all know that George Bush was almost there.

    In my opinion, this development might force the mad dog DIA to deal with anyone as a desperate attempt to prolong his grip in power. The dictator must surrender to the people as it sounds too late for him to find any other alternative. Rest assured, we will all meet in our beloved nation very soon.

    • Thomas

      So, adding more sanction is a guaranteed deal or they might even be placed on the state sponsored stuff. It is nothing but a suicidal.

    • Yonas

      You sound like a good little puppet.

  • Dibe Kulu

    Dear Aklilu,

    Thanks for the well written artcle. Mandela was indeed a great statesman,a uniquely gifted and consumated politician. A man who was humbled by the deservedly tremendous adulation, respect and admiration the world bestowed upon him. A man who chose forgiveness instead of reckoning, short term compromise in the hope of long term fairness and justice. He was not corrupted by all the favorable conditions time had presented to him! He chose to be a realist instead of an opportunist. What a great son of Africa he was indeed! May he rest in peace.

  • Nitricc

    Sometimes people just write for the heck of it. And this writer is a good writer but this one the worst is the worst one.
    First good is subjective
    Second PIA and Mandela are the product of two complitly different reactions.
    But the so called oppositions will find a way to tigh it to PIA.

  • Abe z minewale

    Dear moderator I have one question that can be my lever last question. Why my so called comment did not show up. I know am qualified to be in this forum but you are using the Awate. I deserve an answer so you can have a wonderful year after year to come. So long and all the best specially to Saay

    • Abe z minewale

      Abe z minewale, it’s so disturbing to read about Good by fomer Nazi style former Security officers. I could care or less if it makes to sewer line. TeMaharu GeBiRe TisdKi quote from combony

      • Nitricc

        Abe z minewale on December 12, 2013 at 7:18 am said:
        Abe z minewale, it’s so disturbing to read about Good by fomer Nazi style former Security officers. I could care or less if it makes to sewer line. TeMaharu GeBiRe TisdKi quote from combony

        Say what now? Move over LT now Sheriff is in the house lol
        Oh my, I thought I suck lol

        • abe

          I was reponding to the WRiter not to the comment giver bcz i know him in person when he was chasing young people in the field i am not interested in faking stories

  • Yemane

    Dear Aklilu!
    What a wonderful article. Your article has reminded me to stay Good and do Good stuff in this holiday season and days to come.

    I would like to give you a task, if you do not mind. Please prepare an article titled “The departure of an Evil Man: Issaias Afeworki Abraham”, for we all know this man will soon be gone.

    Again thank you my Good brother Aklilu!


  • Gebre

    Dear Aklilu,

    I highly appreciate for telling (reminding) us 99 TIMES the OBVIOUS thing to be GOOD in this hypocritical world.

    Wish you and all the rest in this forum including my unruly children Nitricc and Kim Hana and OBVIOUSLY my brother Saay GOOD (merry) Christmas and a GOOD (happy) New year.

    See you all in the next GOOD year 2014.

    • Nitricc

      Gebre what is good?

      • Gebre

        Telling the truth;
        Doing the right thing even if sometimes it needs sacrifices;
        Not being hypocrite;
        Speaking up for the weak and voiceless;
        Respecting others so that you also get back respect (culture , religion, age, race, etc);
        Not hating and insulting others;
        Not trying to lure people because you think you are smarter.
        Helping people who need your help;
        Living with your neighbor in harmony without high walls in between;
        Working for peace between nations;

        • Nitricc

          According your lists of good, is PIA belong in to category of good?
          Be carful, and think. I am trapping you, just you know.
          I don’t ambush, I tell you my intentions. Now, tell me.

          • Gebre


            You are asking the wrong person. Just be GOOd to yourself and find out the answer elsewhere. Imagine you had the opprtunity to ask every the Eritrean populace. What do you think the would have say about the president.

            One thing is, however, very certain. He was not GOOd to leave office at the RIGHT TIME handing over the token to the next energetic generation. African leaders like Mugabe never leave office even at the age of 89. There is really some sickness in Africa.

            The honerable president haven’t even GOOD at ensuring a peaceful

          • Gebre


            (I apologize. I pressed the wrong key before I finished writing!)

            You are asking the wrong person. Personally I don’t like to comment on an individual person. Just be GOOD to yourself and find out the answer elsewhere. Imagine you had the opportunity to ask the Eritrean populace. What do you think they would have said about the president? GOOD or BAD?

            One thing is, however, very certain. In Africa, leaders are not GOOD enough to leave office at the RIGHT TIME, handing over the token to the next energetic generation. Mr Mugabe is still in power at the age of 89. There is really some sickness in Africa. They do not create conducive environments for the smooth and civilized transition of power. Every time a new government comes in an African nation, it is the usual theatre: beginning from square one, if at all there would be a beginning. Now my question to you Nitricc: Has the president prepared Eritrea for a predictable and civilized transfer of power after him? Or is his philosophy that of our domestic animal: Kenye Behalla SarAibkel (Amharic) ( Eng: I do not care even the grass doesn’t grow after my death). Now you judge if he is GOOD to Eritrea in this regard.

            Look to Africa’s richest country in the heartland of the continent, DR Congo. A country with huge natural endowment and could feed not only Africa but even the whole Middle East. It doesn’t even have a functioning govt today 50 years after independence. What guarantee is there that Eritrea doesn’t go in the footsteps of the Congo or Somalia? Is the president GOOD in this regard?

            Finally if you would ask all the Eritrean youth fleeing their beloved country and families whether the president is GOOD or BAD, what would their answers be, Nitricc?

            Again wish you GOOD Christmas, Nitric

      • Yemane

        Good is the absence of evil. Now do not ask me what evil is, just visit Eritrea and you will see it.

  • Selam,

    Very naive and typical myopic analysis. Very futile comparison of a man who brought a country from the ashes and the man who come to power under they mercy of his enemy with a 100% compromise and betrayal to the struggle he fought. Very naive understanding of a mans history that traces history from the main stream media ululation of the last few days for a reason. Reason is required as much as immolation… otherwise the product is crab.


    * Mengstu Hailemariam is better than you in an understanding the real cook behind the Good Man – Madiba.

    • Semere Andom

      Someone who is devoid of Good can not perceive good, no matter what. DIA has everything to be good to us, Mandela has everything to be hateful, but years of reflection made him reach what he did, not at the mercy of his enemies, his enemies were at his mercy, he could have plunged SA to blood path if he wanted to. He chose otherwise, a giant man with a giant ideals. Your master belongs to the small men of the plant. Your lunatic IA changed Eritrea to ashes, Mandela raised his people from ashes.
      There is no guarantee in SA as well, any lunatic, and it takes a few can change SA to ashes, it takes one bigoted hate speech. The pain is still real, there problems are there and years of repression has ushered in poverty and destitution. But black South Africans do not get raped and tortured like your sisters and mothers in current Eritrea that you call shamelessly a nation because she hoisted a piece of blood stained cloth in the UN. That is the difference. SA is far from paradise, far from equality, some people are even worse off , but the tone that Mandela set, the man who has everything to hate, every reason to be broken, he was anything but, an gave his nation shot, a life time chance to succeed. IA, who is adept at sending people to parts unknown, gave our people a life time chance to fail. Mandela was old and frail, but his spirit was not. But that is the signature of YPFDJ and all supporters of the evil in Eritrea, they hate everything that is resembles good.
      Apartheid was very cruel regime. But personally if I am a political prisoners and my captures gave me the choice between the Apartheid prison and the IA prison, I will would choose the later with no hesitation. Even a YPFDj member can figure this out, it is simple: Mandela received letters from his wife and she saw him several times in the 27 years he was in Robin Island, he was able to write and I think passed the bar exam when he was in prison. He and Walter buried the first draft of Long walk to Freedom in the prison compound, yes I would choose Robin Island than the hell of Era-Ero, hands down.
      Eritrea and Eritreans have done nothing to the dictator, they had everything to revenge, but they forgave, they blessed him when he made himself a president, they serenated him, they were loyal to him to a fault, he has everything to be good to them. Even in the SA of the Apartheid there were people like you who celebrated the torture of their sisters and mother for a morsel of left over of the whites, so this is deja vu to us. The tussle between good and evil is here to say until Noah’s Ark cometh and drowns the evil and saves the good in Eritrea to cleanse the true nation, so no off spring of the Nephilms can roam our country.

      • Thomas

        I Applaud You FOR Pointing Out The True Nature of DIA That He betrayed Our People’s trust. Skint Meron leaves far from the true and he has chosen to live in a dark, truly a blind and donkoro person!!

        • Thomas

          correction: Skint Meron lives far from the truth….

      • Elihude

        I am sure you must have meant to write the former and not the “latter.” Two mistakes have been pointed out for you to correct.

        • Thomas


          hahaha, if I have to lie like you do, yes. They cannot avoid the next sanction either.

        • Thomas

          Whatever unknown teacher who comes with the nickname. I really don’t know to which mistakes you are referring to. I only wrote one sentence. Why don’t you rewrite and correct this sentence so I see where my mistake is.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም
  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    You are so god your article is good and everyone who reads it fills well and think good. My Jebena want to say more about good about this good world. Don’t forget to visit my good village to read good poem in this good day.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      Correction please read -you are so good.tks

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    I do not see any benefit from nelson mandela legacy however I see him like any other ordinary African. You may be following the international media so you are saying what they are saying. therefore you need to check out your own reasons why you treated him as international hero.

    • luna

      In your opinion who else deserves to be remembered for his/her legacy after passing away? If Mandela is like any other ordinary person what must be said and written about him different from what we have already heard? What have you done on this earth to make a difference? Bringing down others does not require much. How about telling an uplifting story to others. Yes, blind following is what you might know if at all. Sorry, I was a bit harsh on you.

      • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

        Whatever the media praise Mandela, people say all the good to him I am not change my mind – WaLa HanTi Qa WeQaH AybLenn, Qch’Ch AybLenn. I see nothing I can praise him like anyone else such as you. I am sure you have no credible reason to praise him, You are just following the media – NguS TereAku TraE’TraE YmeTseNi.

  • Kibreab

    Once again, a great one from AZ. Yes .. what a startling different path … Madiba and PIA. It is a wonderful reminder for all human kind to be, live and act in the presence of Good since we are created for Good purpose, not otherwise around. Let us all choose to be good in everything we do and opt for goodness of the human kind.