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Sudanese Source: Isaias Seeking Reconciliation With Ethiopia

Sudan’s president, Omar Al-Bashir, is the closest and, probably, the only friend that the Eritrean president, Isaias Afwerki, has. The leaders of the neighboring states, both shunned by regional and international governments, find solace in each other’s company. Now, according to our diplomatic sources in Sudan, Al-Bashir’s long-standing proposal to normalize relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia is being received favorably by the Eritrean strongman.

The relationship between Isaias Afwerki and Omar Al-Bashir intensified since Qatar’s Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani handed the reins of power to his son, Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, in June of last year, and the Gulf state ceased being the lifeline of the two isolated regimes.

After Isaias’ visit to Sudan from November 23-27, 2013, Al Bashir publicly stated his goals of reconciling Eritrea with Ethiopia. Now, according to our sources, Isaias Afwerki is pursuing this goal with a sense of urgency: in Al-Bashir’s visit to Eritrea from January 16 to 18, 2014, Isaias Afwerki asked him to push for normalization of relations between the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments.

A Sudanese diplomatic source informed Gedab News that “Isaias Afwerki looked desperate and needed normalization immediately.”

During his visit, Al-Bashir accompanied Isaias on a road trip from Asmara to Massawa through the picturesque Filfil-Solomuna road.

From Massawa, Isaias accompanied Al-Bashir on a boat trip to some Islands in the Dahlak Archipelago. A trustworthy source indicated that, several times during the journey, Isaias Afwerki asked Al Bashir, “do you see any Israeli bases here?”

The question is in reference to Arab countries’ long-standing allegations that there are Israeli bases in the Red Sea, particularly in the Dahlak Islands. Isaias wanted Al-Bashir to bear witness that there are no Israeli bases in Eritrea, a sign that he needed Al-Bashir to convince others of the fact. But since the diplomatic standing of Al-Bashir is not tenable in the Arab world, and he has little leverage to mediate or convince any government, it is doubtful that his personal testimony would change any minds.

According to one source, Isaias Afwerki’s apparent about-face is based on an assessment that “our calculations were wrong and we need to end this abnormal situation with Ethiopia immediately,” as he allegedly admitted to Al-Bashir. For over a decade, the Eritrean regime had predicted that the Ethiopian government was on the verge of collapse and it used to publicize defection even by low ranking Ethiopian soldiers as front page news.

Al-Bashir carried Isaias’s message to Addis Ababa on January 29 when he met with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Al-Bashir was in the Ethiopian capital to attend The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

According to our sources, the Ethiopians didn’t have a positive response to Al-Bashir, telling him that Eritrea’s problems are with regional and international entities, not with Ethiopia, and that Isaias should address it with them first.

The Ethiopians passed a threat to Isaias, “We don’t want the enmity of the Eritrean people by invading their country; otherwise, we can push Isaias to Dahlak.”

A usually-reliable Gedab source in Asmara dismissed talks of reconciliation as a head-fake by Isaias Afwerki whose “ascent to and grip of power is based on being unpredictable!”  Asked for clues, he said that who Isaias Afwerki names as Eritrea’s ambassador to the African Union and IGAD, to replace the outgoing Ambassador Girma Asmerom (now appointed as Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UN) may reveal his intentions.

inform. inspire. embolden. reconcile.

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  • Back Burner

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. Isaias said in 1996 interview to SBS Al bashir’s government is dangerous for the horn of Africa. Al bashir today is rosy.

  • sidiabdu

    Birds of the same feather flock together. One UN convicted criminal. The other one on process to be.

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  • bekele


    Please note that on the Ethiopian side, any reconciliation with Ethiopia simply means minimizing hostilities and
    addressing differences in a civilized manner. It does not by any means mean the unity of the two countries as federation, confederation or anything of that sort. We Ethiopians are not going to allow it period. Any peace deals are not going to happen with the present government. The leaders are erratic, unpredictable and their mode of thinking simply could not reset and change from their “meda” war time mentality. A government so brutal to its own people, can you imagine what it can do to Ethiopia? You remember what they said about
    Ethiopia when they first took power? “In seven years time there will not be any nation called Ethiopia” meaning by the initiation of the Eritrean government, we Ethiopians would have ethnic wars like Rwanda and we would annihilate each other. How can anyone ever have any reconciliation with people like these? The port issue, what do we have to do to show the Eritrean government, or anyone who shares similar thinking that we do not need any Eritrean port, we have lived without it and we are one of the fastest growing economy in the world. When there is going to be peace between the two countries, that is going to happen sooner or letter when a
    responsible government takes over, it does not mean an Eritrea can come to Ethiopia at will like jump in a bus and just come or the vice-versa. No, no. Peace simply means coexisting of the two countries side by side like Sudan and Ethiopia, or Kenya and Ethiopia. Eritreans will need visas to come to Ethiopia and the vice-versa. We use Eritrean ports, if at all, only if they are cheaper than their competitors. Competition here is not just price; it includes security, road convenience and above all assurance that no goods are stolen at port. Mind you, we are constructing railroads from Djibouti to the various parts of our country. The construction will next be from Somaliland that goes all the way to South Sudan and Uganda. The other Somalia is just a matter of
    time. Eritrean strategic importance to Ethiopia has phased out. As you, Addisgeremew, correctly put it, the old timers are stuck in time and they still day dream and think that Ethiopia is hopeless without Eritrea. This is not just ignorance, no. You remember when Eritrea was a major coffee exporter, in the first years of its independence? Coffee that warrants export does not grow in Eritrea. This attitude toward unity with Ethiopia getting softer and being discussed as a possibility on the part of the Eritrean élites, this subject of reconciliation, peal the onion skin and that is what you get: getting advantages from Ethiopia at the cost of its people. We will never ever let that happen. No need to waste time trying to convince some people we don’t want any port or anything. Why argue to open their eyes to the new reality. They might as well enjoy the nostalgia. Rest assured we Ethiopians will never, ever, ever let any unity, federation or confederation happen with Eritrea, never. We are not war mongering like the Eritrean government. No. It is illegal for one country to depose a leader of another country. Throwing Isaias to the Red Sea would be a half day job but that job is for our Eritrean brothers and sister and it is illegal for Ethiopia to do that. Moreover, it is not our business. In the mean time, it is very important to start building brotherly sisterly love between the two countries. We people from both sides should start thinking and talking positive about each other. We have intermarried. We have the same blood. We have to be kind to the Eritrean refugees here in Ethiopia, and as much as we can give them opportunities for education and work until the beautiful Eritrea gets better government. I know the beautiful Eritrea will eventually triumph and its great people will get the type of government they truly deserve. Long live Eritrea and its great people.

  • Nitricc

    Haqi, I am sorry to disappoint you but your team is going nowhere. Cheep Kelly had a window of opportunity his first season. He could have caught the entire NFL napping. His system is new to NFL and his first year could have caused some damage but all he got is a first round playoff. His system worked in collage but NFL and collage are day and night. So, Mr, Haqi, let me save you some agony and disappointment; your team won’t make a play off next season if your fat slop Cheep Kelly going to stay with what he did in Oregon and this last season. This is the NFL, you got to dig it and with a bloody nose. Now, give me who will be number one overall pick this coming NFL draft? It is going to be a tough draft, so many good players..

    • Haqi

      For gods sake do you even know anything about football. Kelly inherited 4-12 team and the team discarded 50 % of the team yet Kelly won the division; I was expecting a two or three year project but his system works. The offense proved they can play against any one in the nfl( the were ranked second on offense). The will fix the defense this year through the draft and free agency and they will have a chance bro. Kelly is smart offensive guru who toy with defensive coordinators but not sure about our defense.

      As for the draft, it will be flow ye from South Carolina, he is simply a beast. 6’6 260 fast dudes don’t grow on tree hence when you see an elite defensive end you draft him. If Houston draft qb teddy over clowny it will be a mistake.

  • This is for those who are violating the Awate Forum Guideline,
    Please help us;stop your racism and immigration officer role play. We do not tolerate racist remarks, but we appeal to you to stop it.

  • Rodab

    We all come here to read and make comments about Eri Adna (well sometimes about other stuff too, as you’ll see in my second paragraph 🙂 ). But that’s what we are here for. We need to quit this silly game of going after ppl’s identity. When ppl volunteer and talk about themselves, there is no reason not to take them at their words.
    Now tell me who is going to win the big game this Saturday: Arsenal vs Liverpool. The game will be tight but in the end Arsenal will come on top with a 2:1 win. Those who lost the bet last weekend, pick a winner and redeem yourself. Those of you winners stay out of predictions for a while unless you wanna risk gambling off what you earned.

    • Araya

      Rodab, hands down Arsenal. 3 to 1.

    • Haqi

      You are wrong. I will take Liverpool 3-2

    • Rodab

      Surprise, surprise! Liverpool overrun Arsenal. Araya and me lose, while Haqi now has double wins. In our defence, every great team has a bad day…
      Fast forward to year 2054. 40 years into their marriage, Nitricc and Rahwa are sitting for a coffee. He just doesn’t know how to treat her. At least he is trying.

      • Haqi

        I am actually shocked at final result. I thought it would be a good game but 5-1 is pathetic. Isu team got crushed lol I hear he loves arsenal lol

  • Thomas

    Now again, you are disappointing me. I advice you again to pay attention to your audiences here. Most of us are from Eritrea. We have brothers and sisters doing the military slavery there. What is in your mind, really? Why don’t you ask if you are not sure of something? You said, “There is no indefinite national military service in Eritrea as we speak. It used to be but not anymore” This is one reason for we suspected whether you are really an Eritrean.

    If you really are, you must have relatives back there to tell you about the events going as we speak there. May be your families are disconnected from their home land or you don’t have friends and families in Eritrean to update you with the facts. May be your sources of information are a bunch of Eritrean refuges who migrated in the 1970’s and 80’s. Some Eritreans who migrated during these period are easily deceived by the regime’s propaganda tactics. To take you seriously, I need to know who you really are. Need to know who the information providers are and why those sources are lying to you? Whether they know they are hurting or making look fool among Awate Team and all the commentaries. I still feel sorry for you, Nitricc. You are just one lost brother who simply is misinformed. I know it is not you, it is them:))

  • Nebri Adam

    Well done Hayat this guy called Nitricc so anoying I thing it is better to ignore him. He is obviously on the wrong forum. This website is for Eritreans that are concerned enough to speak of their grevances also for our people back home. I believe this guy should be kicked out to go to home, and the rest HIGDEF websites to park like a dog with the rest of the meaningless so-called nihna Nisu Nusu Nihna bahelti.They dont care anout the Eritean people. Period!

  • Thomas

    Hi Nitricc,

    Now again, you are disappointing me. I advice you again to pay attention to your audiences. We are all from Eritrea and we have brothers and sisters doing the military slavery. Why is in your mind, really? If you don’t know something just ask, how hard is to ask a question which you are not sure about? You said, “There is no indefinite national military service in Eritrea as we speak. It used to be but not any more” This is one reason that we start suspecting whether you are an Eritrea?? If you really are, you must have relatives back there or in which village where you and your parents lived? Of course before you arrived in the U.S. as a refuges? May be the entire village of your migrated and you have now one there to telling anything happening in Eritrea? Or you are hanging out much with your kind and you are not exposed to real diverse people? Whatever is holding you back, get out of the hole and visit the real Eritrea of today. Go visit and then you can converse with us!! Please stop you are sickening everyone here. Save yourself from a big embarrassment.

  • Thomas

    Hi Nitricc,

    I think I am going to leave you alone now. I see you feeling down and badly injured. You see we don’t want to see anybody getting hurt. That is why we are defending our people who are living under the oppressive regime. To witness all these, you should live back home (Eritrea) for one year. You will understand when you are made to carry guns and endlessly wait 24/7 for non-existing enemy to come for over 10 years. We Eritreans do not like soldiers and we don’t be one. No one has dreamed to carry a gun and live in a provocative environment for ever. That is really disgusting situation, unfortunately; that is the way of living in our beloved nation. So as stay in power, the oppressive of DIA has wisely created just this climate. Our young (qualified for sawa start at 15 years old and stay until 55) and our senior people (the militias until the die of natural or otherwise causes). This is the reason why we are crying here. We have nothing to gain, but as humans we care about the people who are part of us. What is your fantasy, Nitricc? Why can’t you open your heart? We have the same leader (DIA) since our country became independent (for 21 years). This leader is good for nothing, but killing, jailing, dividing; and for all of the worst things happening in beloved nation. We love our country more than you think we are. Equally, we love our people as well. Changing an oppressive regime is one thing and keeping our nation intact is another thing. The regime you are supporting is quite doing the opposite (military personal living the nation in droves and our economy is free falling). Remember, it is us, the people, who made a grieve sacrifices. Please think, act and behave like human. Have the gut to question the self-elected regime? Never worship a dictator!! Injustice to one is injustice to all!! Stand up and voice for those cannot voice! Seek for changes and see if that change serves to unite our people. I hope you become real and listen to yourself.

    • Nitricc

      “I see you feeling down and badly injured. You see we don’t want to see anybody getting hurt.”
      What do you mean I am feeling down and badly injured? Well, obviously you don’t know me. I can take 50 Ermias’s and put them in their place. So, don’t even go there.
      The point is, I see no point labeling me with different personalities. I have exposed about my self more than I should. What is the point going around giving me personalities? It is a waste of time, it is annoying, it is unproductive. I am just tired of this crap.
      By the way please don’t lie. There is no indefinite national military service in Eritrea as we speak. It used to be but not any more.
      After national military service, depending your GPA, good points you go to higher education, not so good points you go to vocational school straight F you leave the country. The truth!
      indefinite national military service is the excuse the straight F Eritreans they use

  • addisgeremew

    i am wondering what the big powers are up to . The recent articles in the African Arguments including those of Herman Cohen and Tony Carroll seem to indicate about some conspiracy brewing at the back of Ethiopian people. as far as the anti-ethiopian Eritrean clique is in power in addis there won’t be a genuine peace b/n the two people .But i have no more message to our Eritrean brothers to the ones like dawit below other than the response of Addis alem to Tony Caroll’s article.

    “Ethiopia providing raw materials so Eritrea can process and add value is a dangerous economics! I do not know what the author is smoking – but that thinking from Eritrean side is indeed one reason for the brutal conflict! It will never happen!!! Eritrea can process its own raw materials, if it has any! Ethiopia has its own industries, sufficient enough to add values to its own raw materials. Eritrea can only serve as a port – that’s all there is to it! Tigray region of Ethiopia alone has a lot more industries than Eritrea at this point! Eritrea is still mesmerizing about the old beer and shoe factories Mussolini built half a century ago! Let them live in their nostalgia!!!”

  • Zegeremo

    In Memory of Operation Fenkil, Happy Birthday Massawina!!

  • Debas

    It is amazing how Eritrea is like a psychiatric ward.

  • Rodab
    • haile

      haha…I remember the times when it was the justice seekers who use to fight for air time. ብቋሬጣና ዓንቲሮም ተርኒዖም፤ ነዛ ማይ ቤትና ክገብሩዋ ናይ በይኖም፤ ይኺዱ’ባ ሕጂ’ስ ይኺዱ’ባ፤ ክትርተሩ’ዮም ጋና፡ ክፍግኡ ከም ዱባ፤… ፡-)

    • Robel Yosef Kahsay

      Can Isaias do this : normalize relations with Ethiopia and avoid normalizing relations with the Eritrean people?

      Does Isaias want the border issue resolved?
      –> Yes, he wants the issue resolved.
      —-> Will he stop the indefinite national service?
      ——> No, he will never let the youth go home.
      ——–> What will be his justification for keeping the youth in indefinte service?
      ———-> Wefri lim’at, wefri warsay-yikealo blah blah blah “we shouldn’t give up on the collectivist ideology”
      ————> More people running away from the country.

      Does Isaias want the border issue resolved?
      –> Yes, he wants the issue resolved.
      —-> Will he stop the indefinite national service?
      ——> Yes, he will let the youth go home and Eritreans will start living a normal/free life.
      ——–> Can Isaias lead free people or can free people be lead by Isaias?
      ———-> ????????????????

      Conclusion: Isaias knows normalization of relations with Ethiopia will shorten his time in power and he will never let that happen.

  • Dawit

    It is likely that Eritrea is seeking reconciliation with Ethiopia. Hailemariam Desalegn, Ethiopian prime minister, has already shown remarkably keen interest to normalize relations with Eritrea.
    In an interview he had with Aljazeera, for example, the prime minister, said this: “If you ask me ‘do you want to go to Asmara’ sit down and negotiate with Issayas Afeworki? Then I will say yes”. This desire for dialogue without any precondition may have also sparked interest in PFDJ to respond in kind. The Ethiopian prime minister, however, insists that Ethiopian foreign policy has not changed since Meles died. If that’s the case, Eritrea needs to either drop or
    renegotiate its demand that Ethiopia withdraw from Badume, Bure, and Zalambesa-tsorona to the border established by Eritrea-Ethiopian boundary commission.

    Let’s assume that the news is true. What factors would be at stake? Who would stand to gain and who would stand to lose?

    Opposition parties (They would perhaps lose big time)

    There is DeMHiT in Eritrea and armed Eritrean opposition groups in Ethiopia. Both countries do not want these so called rebels to cause havoc. They would like to crush them like rotten applies because their existence are nuisances to staying in power for Issays and to lead a vibrant economy in Ethiopia for Hailemarima Desalegn.

    Access to the red sea,

    Ethiopia is said to be the most populous country in the world without access to the sea. According to African Trade Policy Center, more than 50% of the land locked countries are generally among the poorest. This is so partly because of high transit, and transportation costs land locked countries are charged as well as the degree of political stability of the countries with sea outlet. Consequently, Negotiation with Eritrea would likely bring the question of access to the sea to the fore. Ethiopia would likely use the power generated from The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a bargaining chip to secure free access to Eritrean ports.

    What would happen with National service Eritreans?

    Issay would not cut all national Service Eritreans lose. Freeing them from the bondage of slavery would obviously pose great risk of riot and revolution. What he would perhaps do is ask the donor community to fund repatriation of military personnel as well as the internally displaced Eritreans. Issays (and his stooges) are cruel but not stupid.

    Arab vis-à-vis Habesha

    Some Eritreans might resent the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia for it could bring Habesha and habesha closer together while at the same time such relationship could set apart habesha from the Arab world.

    The benefit for Eritreans

    Ethiopia will present a large market for Eritrean business men and women. Three to four million Eritrean consumers are not enough for a company of any sort to grow and compete in the global market. Access to a large market (Example Ethiopian market) is therefore a key to expand business beyond Eritrea’s border. In addition, Ethiopia is not only close but also relatively easy to do business given the shared cultural values, and language.

    • haile


      Your analysis is good for the narrow aspect of an otherwise large scale problem faced by the Eritrean regime. You have left out many component part of the whole problem and its inherent dynamic thereof. IMO all the Ethiopia card could have offered PFDJ is spent now. The regime is on borrowed time. The smartest move for IA to do at this time is to negotiate with the USA on exit strategy from the country. That is if he wants to live until his natural longevity is consummated. I have no doubt the CIA would cooperate in identifying safe location for him to flee the country in tact.

      • Thomas


        Amen to that!! Eritreans cannot operate under a mafia regime. DIA will always find some enemies out there If ethiopia’s problem solved, his going to ignite conflict with sudan using jihad as an excuse. We been there and done that. You cannot teach an old dog tricks. Eritrea’s number one enemy inside our home. We say no to the nekfa style living. Shekatai nab nigdu, harestay nab mahresu, temaharay nab timirty, kulu nab normal nabriu. These all cannot be done while DIA is alive, period. DIA and his cohorts must go, surrender power to the people!!

  • Rodab

    Two things to consider: on one hand hagerawi is right there was no sign of reconsilation in Yemane’s VoA-Tigrna interview. He was as dismissive as ever he was. On the other hand the State media has long abandoned bashing the Woyanes. Infact, these days, EriTV mentions the word ‘Woyane’ as much as it mentions the constitution – that is to say none. So mixed signal is what we have and with mixed signal we shall keep waiting. One thing is for sure and that is Eritreans inside and aborad are totally worn out of this so called ‘no peace, no war’ life and it is inevitable for the regime to feel the pressure.

    • hagerawi

      only because Ali Abdu is not there, there is a change of style in presenting information with regards to our neighbouring countries including Ethiopia and Somalia.

    • Henok Mekonen

      i think the monkey knew what the Ethiopians reaction was from the spokes person (VOA interview with ethiopia was days before monkey). If monkey’s interview was first, the answer would have probably different.

  • saba

    To me this is journalism BITINQOLA:) This contradicts what they have said, “we can meet him even in asmara”

  • haile

    Keep hope alive Eritreans in Israel…

  • Boku

    One thing to remember, the agendas of Awate and Asmarino are the agendas of their masters in Addis. They usually parrot what their masters say or do in furthering TPLF’s agenda. Actually Asmarino and them are the best barometers of where Ethio agenda is headed. I.e. the Ethiopians passed a threat to Isaias, “We don’t want the enmity of the Eritrean people by invading their country; otherwise, we can push Isaias to Dahlak.” This is the kind of rhetoric we can expect regurgitated by them in order tp please TPLF.

  • Hayat Adem

    It is just a news, it is not AT’s opinion. And the unpredictable Isaias may be playing some kind of game with that. Isaias might have asked for reconciliation for a million reason that he and only he knows. You don’t have to argue with that. You can interpret and analyze it the way you want or you can dismiss it altogether if you don’t believe any of it, but the AT is telling us what they got from a trusted source. You can’t argue they didn’t get it. And you cannot accuse them for posting what they got. Also remember, because they said they got it, there is no way you can disprove them on that and claim they didn’t get it.
    If you want to judge them on history and trend, the AT has never been known for sensationalizing news let alone for fabricating it. They don’t supply a lot of news stories but on the ones they did they have been mostly accurate and objective. If they didn’t want a story, they may have omitted it. But nobody would dare to say AT has ever been caught exaggerating or fabricating.

    • Nitricc

      Hayat; are you professional butt kisser? are human like every one and they are destine to do what humans do, make a mistake. It is not like they never reported false news. Yes they did, and this one is one of them. I know, they Tigryans never make a mistake; you said that so we know and no one gives a hoot what you have to say about it. If you have a shred of commonsense; it is in your face; the news that is written by the but you are what you are; a butt kisser. if you welling to kiss the Tigryans butt you are to do the same to the devil.

      • Ermias

        “In the twisted mind of an ignorant weyane, a civilized Tigrean is considered an “Eritrean”….. hence they wrongly label me as an
        I demand an apology !” – Nitricc 2010

        • Getch

          @ Ermias, This is a shallow twist to quench your old ideology of the we are the educated! Give us a break. Things have changed the other way round. Your tiny Eriland is far behind Tigray

      • Hayat Adem

        Nitricc, I don’t know many Eritreans whose vocabulary is totally infested with ghetto language. Mind your language and act your age brother. You are not about ideas, you are not of ideas. You are a miscarriage of maturity. melHaska kiHamiq! nisikhas ertrawi?

        • Teclay

          Nitricc is not your standard,so he did not deserve your answer

          • Hayat Adem

            May be he didn’t. I saw him growing more and more vulgar and wilder and wilder, I was trying to show him how far he is pushing the vulgarity which is totally against Eritrean culture. Apparently, nothing worked with Nitricc, nor this yelling from me…so I get it.

          • Araya

            Hayat, you are not Eritrean why do you care what nitric has
            to say. You are here defending the Tigryans day and night. Do you have a little
            shame? Once I asked you if you married one. I have never seen you defending
            Eritrea and Eritreans, never. What is with you and the Tigryans?

            Do you remember when you told us that you were introduced to
            Yassin; Yassin is who killed General. Hayelom of TPLF; according to you; you
            were introduced in 1993. At the same time, few weeks back, you told us that you
            have a seven years old sister. I did the math and they don’t reconcile. Can you
            explain? To meet those kinds of people
            you must be very much an adult at that time and it has been…… do the math.

            Come clean
            where is Zegeremo; he knows

  • MrBig

    It is clear that gedab has no information on the political dynamics in that part of the world. Dont stretch too much next time, you will lose what little credibility you have left!

  • Dan

    Now I understand that the so called Eritrean news organizations are short of news and needed to write fictions. Everyone knows that DIA stance with regard to Ethiopia is clearer than any other issue in politics. Now Awate coming out to let us know that that stance does no exist and the reverse is true? What is the political Benefit to Ethiopia? I guess I am expecting some compromises by the ethiopian government soon and they want to show that they are doing that not because they are weak but because Isaias is knocking their doors. Well Well, very interesting. One way or the other what we need is peace between the two countries. We also know that if there is going to be peace between the two countries the US has to tell Woyane pack and get rid your army from the Eritrean territories and start negotiations about diplomatic and economic normalization. that is the truth.

  • Haqi

    Pls don’t allow feven to insult our people. Omg

    • feven1

      I did not insult anyone for that matter, I just stated the fact for what it is…Isais Afwerqe and his party are the brain children of Eritrean people and you have yet to prove otherwise either by producing a better leader, or by fighting a real fight…prove that you defeated Mengistu, rather than Mengistu defeating himself…talking of Mengistu, some of you even try to consul yourselves by comparing Isais with Mengistu, but Mengistu Hailemariam did not come to power by consuming as much lives as Isais or Gedlhi did…he was just an opportunist who hijacked people’s dream, he did not break any promise cos there was non…….need I say more..?

      • Zegeremo

        If you are Tigraway, you need a blood transfusion, sorry.

        • Hayat Adem

          If you are a human being, you need a brain enhancement. Please apply some level of sophistication to your thoughts and the way you communicate them across.

  • AboyTesfay

    One of great song by Abrar Osman. “Kemzi elkas nabra Aykonen”:)

  • Thomas


    You are right, Nitricc must be a guy from tigray. I was thinking of him some kind of hegereseb from Eritrea. You have credible information about this guy, he is a tigrean by all measures. He is a relative of wedi medhin berad (DIA). The only reason he defends DIA is because this guy knows DIA has tigrian blood. Nitricc is very protective of his own. He is in conflict with the weyanes because they have betrayed one of their own (DIA). Nitricc = DIA = inferiority complex = zero game!!

  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas,

    (saay: I am growing my hair for an avatar, bear with me 🙂 )

    Normalization with Ethiopia, albeit good and natural thing for peoples of both countries, it too little and too late to save IA’s regime. At this time where Eritrean justice seekers are engaged in full scale onslaught on the dictatorial regime, the regional block completely blocked him off and the international community putting him under fire for mass violations of human rights, it is a full hardy thing for him to expect that normalization would do the trick. The regime is no longer capable of reversing the the current momentum and the time has come for IA take the bitter pill and abandon ship or face the music. No Kidding.

  • Ermias

    Dear Awatistas,

    As you read in this morning’s Nitricc posts, he despises Tigrayans particularly for inferiority complex. The most ironic part of this is that he is Tigrayan himself. I know it is hard for most of you to believe this because he almost perfectly embodies a typical PFDJ criminal but I have studied this guy as my guinea pig. I have no issues whatsoever with Ethiopians and Tigrayans in particular. They are noble people. But to deny your identity and insult your own people is the lowest form of human garbage.

    As you read, he uses the term ‘inferiority complex’ rather loosesly on this forum. Here is what he wrote on a certain Ethiopian forum in 2010, using that same term under a nickname “revolutions.” It is mind bogling.

    “revolutions wrote:

    I’m an Ethiopian from the Tigray region to be exact. What distinguishes me from
    my fellow Tigreans who blindly worship the apartheid weyane junta is, I no
    longer suffer from the crippling inferiority complex the weyanes rock as a
    badge of honor. In the twisted mind of an ignorant weyane, a civilized Tigrean
    is considered an “Eritrean”….. hence they wrongly label me as an
    I demand an apology !

    Revolutions uses the following other names.*
    Oromay at forum
    Temasek at forum
    Nitricc at forum”

    *This what the investigator wrote at that same website in 2010.
    Conclusion – anything this guy says on this forum has no credibility whatsoever.

    • Michael

      I am an Eritrean living in the west for the past 35 years and so proud of you my friend !! – I have so many friends from Tigrai who can not even proudly say they are from Tigrai.
      That is the shame – What inferiority complex?
      We are all dirt poor!!!

  • Nitricc

    Assena moment in
    How do you insult five million people just like that? Well, if you are a Tigryan; no problem. The people like Hayat and Aman are protecting the likes of Feven and horizon. take that hayat and Aman if you are an Eritrean?
    Five million crazy people?huh?
    That explains though; Tigryans are perceived as people suffering from inferior complexity. I did not made it up, you can ask a faithful supporter of Tigryans, a former US Ambassador to Ethiopia.
    Reading the post by Hirzon and feven, I bet you her real name is not feven, but it will bring her closer to be Eritrean.
    Now, reading their post one forgets their Prime minster died trying to make a deal and negotiate with PIA. Even his Battler; the current so called prime mister he said I will speak and meet president issaias any where and any place; I will even go to Asmara.
    No, don’t expect the likes of Hirozen and the likes of Feven to tell you the truth; they can not. They are incapable of telling the truth.
    Now, as credible as they are, it does not mean once in while they don’t act like; they do. This news by is one of those.
    PIA asked Basher several times about the presence of Israel?
    I guess you people don’t know and understand PIA
    Ethiopia refused PIA’s request for negotiations?
    Really? It doesn’t even make sense. Ethiopia is looking a way out of Djibouti’s ultimatum. The port fee is about sky rack in a few weeks; Ethiopia desperate to negotiate with Eritrea.
    Ethiopia can invade Eritrea but choose not too?
    Any begging army of Ethiopia to cross to Eritrea; it must be pass the buffer TPDM.
    So, I say to Ethiopia and weyane, just eat what you beg for and wait till next so-called election. Then you will eat each other. Just wait.
    for the record; I rather be crazy and in mental hospital than being a beggar.

    • asmerom

      a waste of valuable commenting space your text is.

    • Horizon

      Give to ceasar what is caesar’s. I have not insulted and I will never ever dare to insult the brotherly people of Eritrea, or any other people for that matter. As much as DIA is concerned, I cannot help but try to show that he with his cohorts, is responsible for the misery of Eris and Ethios. DIA could be untouchable, as much as you are concerned, but not for me and for many others.

    • ethiopia

      Nitricc do u mind if you say wayane or tplf instead of ethiopia specially when u say things like ”begging army of ethiopia” because vast majority of ethiopia is noting to do with it now days.

    • Taye

      you are already crazy and and begging for logic,,,

  • Thomas

    We can resolve our problems with ethiopia if and when the dictatorial
    regime within our country is taken out. Our number one enemy is the
    tumor/cancer within the body of our country. The solution to our
    problem removing the tumor from inside out……….

  • Thomas

    We can resolve our problems with ethiopia if and when the dictatorial regime within our country is taken out. Our number one enough is the tumor/cancer within the body of our country. The solution to our problem removing the tumor from inside out……….

  • sara…. where is my comment?

  • hagerawi

    I think your chosen field of writing should be comedy or novel writing. This is pure comedy. Did you listen to the recent Yemane Ghebreab interview with VoA. Did he sound like a person who was desperate to mend relationship with Ethiopia? From what I heard, he said that woyane do not matter. They are not an entity that we negotiate. Woyane are just servants of the US agenda.

  • AboyTesfay

    Where are the PFDJ supporters? Nitricc are you there?

    • Nitricc

      Aboy Tesfay. I am here. I just did not know how to respond. How do you respond when a person of inferior complexity comes out and insults the entire population? On your web-site? I bet you Hayat is dancing with joy.
      What can you do, the Tigryans are emboldened to insult the Eritreans because the likes of Papillion, Aman and Hayat are kissing their filthy rear-end. The likes of Hayat, gave all the respect to the Tigryans; they have none left for themselves. This is the reason why you hear Aman, papilion and Hayat defending the filthy once to death.
      Worthless people respect worthless people, so here you have it.

      [From moderator: how about we stop it with the name-calling right now?]

      • Hayat Adem

        anta guassa’ndo aytkHun. If you really want to protect the Eritrean people from being insulted, stop insulting other people. Even if, you are the best insult bearer, you are not helping the Eritrean people by insulting others. For you to simply open your uncircumcised mouth to loudly insult the sisterly people of Tigray in the way you are doing now is most depressingly unwise. And you have no shame to complain of foul when others do the same. Charity starts at home. Start behaving, and you will see others talking to you back in respect.

  • sara isias is alive and kicking, and he will as usual out wit the weyane’s, btw there is no ethiobia no more. there is amara-ethiobia.. oromo-ethiobia..and of course weyane ethiobia..
    as for eritrea… there is eritea and will be there always one eritrea and we eritreans wish the humble populace of etiobia as one– peace prosperity and unity were they could be one ethiobia.

  • feven1

    “We don’t want the enmity of the Eritrean people by invading their country; otherwise, we can push Isaias to Dahlak.”

    Instead we have chosen to push the people to Sinai, a cost effective way of educating Eritreans…removing Isias is like early discharging 5 million patient from a psychiatric ward..

    • Hayat Adem

      “removing Isias is like early discharging 5 million patient from a psychiatric ward”- that is way excessive and unwise statement. Removing Isaias is removing Isaias. Eritreans are done with him long ago. If they don’t want the Ethiopians to remove Isaias, it has to be because they want to do it themselves and protect their nation, not protect Isaias.

      • shiferaw

        i agree by not removing isayas ethiopia is weakening eritrea to the point of submisssion.

    • sole

      Agreed. But if 5m psychos discharged at once they may cause chaos to neighbouring countries.

  • Horizon

    “Wrong calculations”; that is the root-cause of Eritrea’s problems, of course, with its ramifications for Ethiopia. The Ethiopian state has not collapsed, and on the contrary, it has become the awakening lion, and those who dreamt of creating the land of El Dorado, are in danger of creating a failed state. If Eris want to climb the Everest, they better do it with Ethios, because, alone they will never be able to do it. I hope that Eritrean rulers have come to understand that past decisions are not dogmatic, and they can be amended, and even annulled. Better late than never. If Persians took a decision while drunk, they made a rule to reconsider it when sober. (Herodotus).

    The Ethiopian government was insincere when it said that Eritrea’s problem is with the regional and international communities and not with Ethiopia. Eritrea’s predicaments are rooted in the inability of Eritrean elites to come to terms with Ethiopia, as she is. Living in peaceful and cooperative terms with Ethiopia would have solved all the problems.

    If the Ethiopian government does not want to negotiate with a dying regime and wants to deny it a lifeline, that is another matter. Most probably, Addis has dismissed the idea of DIA as an equal and trustworthy negotiator, representing the people of Eritrea. Cornered as he is, and for the sake of his survival, he will give promises, which of course, he would never care to keep.

  • Diana Da Bolgna

    This must be a joke. the world can witness that the Ethiopian leaders says many times they can go even to the Asmara to nogaciate with the president of Eritrea.

  • dawit

    Is this ‘Seber News’ from the new Awate’s reliable news source? Just kidding!

    • simon

      hoe is Isajas first the mad man of eritrea he must reconsalion with hi poeple he must free all ertreanes from prison. and all ertreanes refuge in the hole world the are more than in eritrea the must reterned toe their countrey.the are refugee from 1967 until now the cant reterned toe their lot thing to be done. this mafia regime he killed and torterd lot of eritreanes from 1973 until now .a lot young eritreanes the born 1990 -1 the became refuge and the drewned in meditrean Sea. so first we ertreanes we must now our enemey is the president of mafia in Eritrea .