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Shots Fired, Stoning in Eritrea’s Capital

Black Sunday

On Sunday, April 3, in the Shuq area of Asmara, Eritrean soldiers escorting convoys of conscripts opened fire on young recruits and civilians, killing and injuring an undisclosed number.

The conscripts were en-route from training camps in Western Eritrea to Assab where they were, allegedly, to work as laborers in a planned Emirati construction of the Assab-Massawa road.

It all started at Bloco Keren (Mai Temenai area of Asmara) when two conscripts jumped off the truck they were on and were immediately killed.

The drivers had been given strict instructions to not stop under any circumstance and the convoy continued on its journey.

What appears to have been an isolated incident at Bloco Keren was followed by a planned escape in Shuq, in the crowded downtown Asmara: allegedly, some of the conscripts had told their friends and family to wait for them and whisk them away as they jumped off the trucks. A large group of families and friends cramped the Shuq area waiting for their loved ones. When they saw the approaching truck, young friends of the conscripted used the city’s red bus to block the convoy. With the convoy stopped, many conscripts jumped off their trucks, to join awaiting family and friends–and that’s when the guards opened fire at the conscripts, their families and friends.

The number of dead is unknown but assenna.com and erena.org, who first reported the story, indicate that there were four casualties.

What appears to have made matters worse is that the guards, who were operating under strict instructions to not stop under any condition, ran over a young conscript who had fallen face first as he tried to jump off his truck.

This resulted in an already-tragic situation descending into chaos: the gathered crowd screamed in shock at the sight of a truck deliberately running over an unconscious person and killing him.

An enraged crowd started throwing rocks at the convoys and the kalay medeber (2nd station) police were called to pacify the chaos. In the melee, a police van was totally demolished.

Many of the wounded were taken to Halibet Hospital.

The “National Security” office has begun an investigation and, if past is prologue, the investigation will focus exclusively on identifying and enforcing the disappearance of the “ring leaders”, many of whom are ordinary mothers from Asmara neighborhoods.

The incident has not been reported by government-owned media.

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  • irfan
  • Duanamaz.com

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  • A.Osman

    Selamat Awatista,

    There is a short clip out on fb that appears to be related to the 3rd April incident.



    • Abraham H.

      Hi A.Osaman,
      Thanks for the link. It is indeed shocking, but the video shows us that there are brave and courageous people inside the country risking their lives to document these kinds of atrocities by the regime. We also can see that the momentum is buliding, and the Eritrean people inside the country are slowly but surely standing up to their oppressors.
      I could hear the following in Tigrinya: ደው ኣብሎ፣ ደው ኣብሎ፣ ውረድ ደቂ ሸርሙጣ፣ በሎም! in between the disturbing sights and sounds of screaming people and gunshots.

  • Lito Save

    It is the only outcome one should expect if one tries to escape from ones duty. Death!! Long live Isaias Afwerki.

  • saay7

    Dear Awatistas:

    The BBC and Martin Plaut gave greater distribution to this horrible news which was first reported by our colleagues at Erena.org and Assenna.com.

    Today, the Washington Post has covered the news and cited awate.com.

    We thank all awatistas and all Eritreans, activists, opposition organizations, who have been alerting the international media about the massacre in Eritrea. To those who say that “massacre” is a strong word, in the “Boston Massacre,” five died and three were injured. Multiples of that were shot and killed or injured in Asmara on Black Sunday, April 3, 2016. It should be covered by many more news outlets if the culture of impunity in Eritrea is to change.

    The government’s version of the story, told after five days of silence, makes little sense: it says the death and injuries were caused by people falling off/jumping off military trucks. As usual, there will be no independent investigation to determine what went wrong: the government spokesperson, Yemane Gebremeskel, has already pivoted to blaming “Eritrea’s arch enemies.”

    Condolences to all the loved ones of the killed and injured.

    • tes

      Selam saay7,

      PFDJ is really a shameless criminal. For the last one year and half, PFDJ officials were denying for the existence of systematic crimes. The world was informed constantly about COIE report (COI Eritrea as it is “politically motivated”. Ms. Sheila B. Keetarutt and her colleagues as if they are for evil mission.

      As a cover-up, the regime tried to invite International media representatives and EU delegates. These moves were just to act as if everything is ‘OK’. UNDP country representative*(For more details click here is lobbied and acted a good ambassador of the regime in the UN meetings.

      These all could not cover the daily crimes Eritreans are facing. The tragedy of “Black Sunday”. On day hours PFDJ killed forced conscripts in the heart of Asmara. This tragedy has led PFDJ straight to the agent of Crime committee on humanity. I don’t think therefore COiE to go that far and prove PFDJ’s crimes. Now every embassy from Asmara has reported on this incident. And the world is watching/reading on what is happening inside the most isolated country called “Eritrea”.


      *Ms. Christine Umutoni – of Rwandan origin is a disgracing representative of the good office UNDP. She is constantly trying to cover-up the crisis of human rights in Eritrea.

    • Gogo

      Selam Saay,
      It is good the massacre of our brothers is getting the attention it deserves despite the despicable attempt by the regime and its blind supporters to bury it in oblivion and, when that was made impossible, to downplay it. To paraphrase what Marx said in his A Contribution to the Critique of the Right in relation to the German Ancien regime, the PFDJ beliefs it is right and demands the whole world to believe it. The point should be therefore to make sure that it does not get a minute for self-deception and should not be allowed to crawl back to its ugly cocoon. Its vampire self must be tormented with constant exposure to the the sunlight. “The actual pressure must be made more pressing by adding to it consciousness of pressure, the shame must be made more shameful by publicizing it.”

    • Nitricc

      Hey SAAY; i am trying to understand what you are saying not with pure reason and logic but out of Emotion and the nature of the tragedy that has happened. any time life is lost, indeed it is tragic but when you try to compare with what happened in Boston; you lose the credibility of the incidence that happened. you said; ” “Boston Massacre,” five died and three were injured.” well with due respect how exactly are equating losing my life or losing my leg in a sport event that i have no control with the people who decided to jumped to their death from a moving truck? i am trying to move on from this incident and you guys keep pulling me back. i understand all this hoopla is to get to the government of Eritrea and to make it pay for it. but aren’t you guys overdoing it? the truth and the fact is they jump on their own will from a moving truck how are you going to tag it with the people who have lost to an act of terror?come-on; SAAY!

      • saay7

        Hi Nitricc:

        I will give you a fuller reply, if nobody else does. If a bunch of people jump on you, like I said, I hate to pile on. For now, if I wasn’t clear, by “Boston Massacre” I wasn’t referring to the Boston Marathon bombing but to the one that appeared in your American History book: this one.


        • Ted

          Hi Saay,The riot that killed only 5 people was called “‘Boston Massacre” ,why?do we want to go that rout where we argue the validity or similarity of the label. It will be “Eritrea North Korea of Africa” all over again defeating the purpose.. Eritrean killing is tragic enough to stand by its own with additional investigatory reporting..

          • saay7

            Selamat Ted:

            I will answer it–but the last time I did, it was misunderstood by T.Kifle to the extent that he called me a fascist and then, when challenged to quote me, he went in circles until he made himself dizzy and fell off the Awate wagon.

            I have always respected the way Americans and Israelis value the life of their citizen. One way they do that is by calling the death of “a few” of their citizens as intolerable and worthy of a reaction befitting a meteor of death. I have compared what NY Mayor Guiliani said after 9-11 (casualty: less than 3,000 from a population of 300 million) with what Isaias Afwerki said after announcing the deathtoll from the Badme war (casualty: 20,000 from a population of 5 million.) To make it worse, in his last interview, President Isaias Afwerki casually said that those who died in the Badme War were “half” the number of those who died in the War of Independence. We all know we lost 65,000 combatants in the War of Independence. Well, half of 65,000 is 32,500. So, did we lose 20,000 or 32,500 in the Badme war? That is a difference of 12,500, but it doesn’t appear to matter because it is all a rounding error to our government which has no regard for the lives of our citizens.

            So now, if you read the MoI’s tweet of 2 killed and 11 injured, and how that was not newsworthy and not fit to be reported (when useless things like the Mayor of Nowhereville gave keys to his city to an Eritrean in Whocaresville are news published in shabait, Hadas Ertra, Eritrea Profile), the only way to reverse that is to talk of such huge casualties for what they are: massacre. And if T.Kifle is listening: that is because our population is very, very small; not because an Eritrean life is worth more than, say, an Ethiopian life.


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Saay;
            i agree, I do not remember what Guiliani said but IA said, “astat” 20,000,(about 20,000) when he announced the dead. He rounded it off.

          • saay7

            Hi iSem:

            Guiliani said, “The number of casualties will be more than any of us can bear.” You should know because that’s how we introduced the Eritrean Martyrs Database in 2005.

            I didn’t ask TK apologize; I asked him to explain. He neither apologized, nor explained. Actually, I think demands for apologies are, with rare exceptions, useless things designed not to rebuild trust but for score-keeping: you will never hear me ask for one:)

            I actually understood Ted (don’t introduce wholesale foreign concepts which have no relevance to Eritrea) and I am arguing they are specially relevant to Eritrea. Actually, with the Mai Habar massacre, Isaias ኣይገበለን ኔሩand he was forced to answer questions, in detail, in a meeting. The incomparable Aida Kidane has a video of it which you can find on youtube. Of course, everything he said was a lie (according to those who were there) but at least he was forced to explain, unlike now when he doesn’t feel the need to.

            To bring this 360 degrees, the person who was in charge of the Maihabar massacre, Wedi Memhr, was, according to Adoulis.com, just apprehended as he was trying to leave the Eritrea/Ethiopia/Sudan tripoint with a large sum of money. The same people who dismissed SEMG when it reported him as a criminal in consecutive reports will now congratulate their government:) After dismissing the story as false, of course:)


        • saay7

          Hi Nitricc:

          As promised, here’s a fuller reply and why I think you have been the “ultimate conformist” on this issue. I can say this because I have complimented you many times for being one of the few IA-supporters who says what’s on his mind without first having to check with the headquarters on what he is supposed to say. In other words, you are a maverick you often go off the the PFDJ-reservation unlike, say, dawit and Gheteb.

          That said: there have been three ways to describe what happened on April 3, 2016 in Asmara:

          (1) One, our (“toothless”) side has been to define it as cold-blooded murder of young Eritreans in front of their friends and family in the middle of our capital city;

          (2) Second has been to deny, deny, deny. Nothing happened, it is all lies.

          (3) Third has been to repeat, word for word, the Tweet Released issued by the Minister of Information.

          And where does Nitricc fit? :

          Hey dawit; according to the Eritrean officials; two were dead and 11 wounded. None of them were shooting by a bullet. The firing was warning shots to the air. That is the true story about the “ black Sunday” and the “ massacre”

          You repeated word for word what the MoI said and said that’s “the true story.” You never asked, like the kiddies at Tesfanews did, why did it him 5 days to say it. You never asked why isn’t this reported in Eritrea using Eritrean media as even meskerem.net did. You just repeated what the MoI said: warning shots, people injured from falling, people killed from falling from a military truck. Your sympathies were not with the moms from Aba Shawl who had to witness their sons (and one daughter) die and get injured; it wasn’t with the youth who were so desperate to avoid endless military conscription that they took extreme measures to escape.

          Now, why does our side report that there is a government that would deliberately shoot Eritrean youth for such an infraction? Because it is consistent with its predatory and violent nature. You don’t believe it is, and that is why you think we are exaggerating; we believe it is and that is why we consider those who justify its behavior as either ill-informed or confederates.

          On “massacre”: there is a wikipedia page that lists “massacres commited by Derg/Hailesellase regimes against Eritrean civilians. Do me a favor and check out how many died in the massacre of April 1998 in Aqordat by going to this page


      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi Nitricc,

        Nothing new here. All the WHITE noise about the sad and tragic incidence of April 3,2016, is part and parcel of the propaganda campaign of the ABI/EOG camp. The Anyone but Isaias and The Eritrean opposition groups are trying to cynically manipulate this episode to score some brownie points against the PFDJ/GoE.

        They are desperately hoping that this will expedite in the de-legitimization of the Eritrean Government and thereby in the realization of their pipedream of leapfrogging to power in Eritrea.

        A couple of days ago I wrote:

        ” Otherwise, the names were first cooked up in Tigrigna by U.E.D.F guys whose leaders have just completed a trip to Addis Ababa just at the end of march and then they passed the information to Martin Plaut to put it in his report in English which was hoped it will be picked up by the BBCs, the Guardians and the likes in international news outlets”.

        No wonder, then, another News Paper comes up with a report trying to even more sensationalize a news piece that is now over 10 days old. Here yet again we are deafened by the WHITE noise, pun intended! Hey, they are going to rehash many a story that they think will put the Eritrean body politic in bad light.

        For me, this is nothing more than a réchauffé ( a warmed-over dish of food or ዝሞቐ ሓዳሪ ጸብሒ) as there is nothing new to the news piece by the reporter of The Washington Post.

        Astoundingly, the report has absolutely nothing new to add even from a curating content. No new independent sources whatsoever were offered nor were there any new insights. Just the same old regurgitations with new adjective “ghastly” added to make the story look more appalling, more horrendous and more gruesomely monstrous.

        But that has been the modi operandi and the praxis of all the forces that are arrayed against Eritrea and they will leave no stone unturned in their vilification and demonization campaigns.

        And, not surprisingly Planet Illogic goes even more illogical. Just read below SAAY telling the whole Twitter world that “NOBODY is buying @hawelti fiction….”.

        NOBODY as in NO ONE. I have told you many times that the illogicality of the denizens of Planet Illogic knows no bounds.

        saay ‎@saayounis
        Nobody is buying @hawelti fiction of “fell of trucks”: gov of #Eritrea stands accused of murdering our youth. https://twitter.com/almazzerai/status/720346140839948288

        • tes

          Selam Gheteb,

          Oh my God, am I reading this (below) from you? How fast you are trying to show us your crooked swift?

          All the WHITE noise about the sad and tragic incidence of April 3, 2016, is part and parcel of the propaganda campaign of the ABI/EOG camp.

          Ok, since your sentence is full of compound and conspired messages, let me brake them into three:

          1. All the WHITE noise

          Here you are trying to ignore who reported first and how it was picked by international news media. The sad thing is, “your racism and hate of information diffusion is way beyond to comprehend.

          2. The sad and tragic incidence of April 3, 2016

          Oh, gosh! Aren’t you the one who literally stated that they deserve it as they were responsible for what they did (jumping from cars)? What then makes you to make an artificial sympathy?

          3. part and parcel of the propaganda campaign of the ABI/EOG camp

          Hmmm, telling the world on what happened “BLACK SUNDAY TRAGEDY” is a propaganda, right? What can you say the UNTRUTH twitted by the Minister of Information, Yemane Gebremeskel?

          Not a single information was displayed in the mouth piece of PFDJ (shabait) about this incident. However, YG went on twitting (Misinforming world community) from a country that barely have access to Internet.

          The rest of hallucination is just another gross denial of the incident.



  • AMAN

    Dear All @ Awate
    Greetings first,
    Anything, Anybody is judged by the work he/she has
    done and shows to others.
    The same thing with political bodies or Organizations.
    The problem we have here in Eritrea/Ethiopia is now
    there is nothing to show compared to the input we the
    people made or gave towards helping solve the problems
    despite our too many personal burdens and problems due
    to time, place and politics of crisis and mismanagement
    which heavily falls or rests on our shoulders ( the governed,
    the people ).
    Actually it looks we have been betrayed and always get betrayed
    time and again for our contributions, sacrifices and help. It all looks
    like all the resources of the people and the country ended up into
    personal and individual benefits of some few in the name of politics
    either in the ruling or opposition camps.
    Now how do…….. such corrupts who have been embezzling peoples
    time and resources mercilessly to secure personal places and positions
    in the corrupted political misfortune and materially enrich themselves
    while the many others are suffering with poverty, lack of education lack
    transport services, lack of work (source of income) and no peace to
    freely move around or tour your own country………..dare to blame the
    one who is innocent and a victim of their misguided leadership ? ? ?
    We the people have been betrayed by both the currently ruling and
    Opposition political parties and / or factions who put the insurance,
    securement or guarantee of their fiefdom and personal positions
    in any political organization to be formed as first priority , relegating
    the issues and business of the public into back seat all the time.
    This is exactly what happened the last two decades in Eritrea.
    1. Some few in the name of participating in leading the business of
    the people used it as a stepping stone to advance their own business
    and positions stepping aside the cry of the people and his sacrifices
    as a non immediate issue that needs to stay in the back seat ! True or False ?
    2. The last two decades the cry and demands of the people and response
    from so called political authorities of both camps were two opposing poles
    too far apart. While the people are crying for urgency, to form a formidable
    Opposition party that represents majorities needs and to quickly mobilize to
    stop the deterioration and destruction of his social, political and economic
    assets; the response of the two elephants was show their fighting skills
    and superior ideals and skills of political rocket science keeping the people
    in the dark and in precarious positions without any regard to us ( the grass).
    3. Now , Since I didn’t see any result ( officially given to the public ) either from
    the one Ruling or Opposing parties or factions ; I find it hard to endorse anyone
    of them. Neither do I endorse their current party ideals, organizational structures
    and works at this stage. Because, I have not seen anything that reverses and
    negates the fission reaction or reductionist process the ruling and opposition
    camps introduced unto themselves and had been going on through and through
    again. Let alone to expect them they are or will be into the next level or stage
    of their works that only comes after the deterioration process is only contained
    and then reversed and then wired or calibrated into the opposite process.
    So do not expect any endorsement yet before you show or unveiled the work
    you have done or accomplished and scrutinized for its viability and feasibility
    by the people first.
    Thank you

  • Kokhob Selam

    ክቡራት እንዳዓዋተን ኣንበብትን :-
    ኣይተ ስሌማን “ሓ ሶ ት – እ ዩ ” ንዝበሎ ኣስካሕካሒ ፍጻሜ ድሕሪ የማነ ገብረመስቀል መግለጺ ክፋል ናይ’ቲ ሓቂ ብዘይሕፍረት ተቀቢልዎ ኣሎ :: እታ ሓብቲ ዋዕሮን ብጾታን “ሕማቕ ኤርትራ ክሰትምዑ እትምነዩ – ” ” ንወያኔ ሓበሬታ ከተቀባብሉ ” ኢሉ ዘጥበቀሎም ብምዃኑ ተጎንቢሑ ይቅሬታ ክሓትት ምተገበአ : እዚ ኣብ ‘ታ ክልኢት ጥራይ ዝፈጸሞ ገበን እዩ : ምሉእ ታሪኹ ‘ውን ቦጅቧጅን ከዳዕን ወሽላኽን ምዃኑ እዮም ዝገልጹ እቶም ዝፈልጥዎ ደቂ ሰብ ምስ ቶም ህግደፋውያን ሓዊስካ :: ኣብ ‘ታ ሕሞት ካብ ‘ታ ኦፊሱ እናኣተወ እናወጸ “ውሕውሕ ” ዝብል ዝነበረ ሰብ ዝመስል ፍጥረት ከም ስውኣ ዝተፈንፈነ ኮማሪት ምስ ዝቀነኣትላ ብዓልቲ ሓዳር ጎሬቤታ ክትቛየቕ እንከላ እትገብሮ ምንቅስቃስ እዩ ኣርእዩ ፡ ትያትሮ !!! ብርግጽ ካብ ፍጹም ዝልፍልፍ ዝበለ – ዕርቃኑ ዝወጸ – ንያትን ተስፋን ኣልቦ – ጸረ ውሽጣዊ ዕግበቱ ዝገብሮ ምንቅስቃስ እዩ ነይሩ !ዘገርም ጽላለ ::

    መስኪናይ ኤስያስ ነዚኦም ከምዚኦምን ሒዙ እዩ ተሪፉ ዘሎ::

  • Nitricc

    Mizan; remember you telling us that you were a freshman in Asmara University in 1992? my man, Do the math; you are too freaking old to be at YPFDJ. like i have said; go to your church and stop beating your wife.

  • Lamek

    Dear AT. I hate to distract you because I can only imagine how hard of a job you guys have maintaining this website and keepin law and order.

    I have one question for your team.

    What are my choices? To simply take all the abuse and utter disrespect from some of your forumers or to not participate here if I don’t want to be childish and get dragged into name calling? But if I have to defend myself, I can go all out and it will be ugly. I can trash that animal you guys raised from his buchila years.

    Waiting for your reply eagerly.

    • Haile WM

      Hi Lamek,

      I understand your problem, this useless individual thinks he can say to whomever whatever. As for me, I would deconstruct him in matters of seconds but, I have to behave… A wana-be EPLF who has no decency to shut his mouth. Just have some patience. He is a teenager *, and has to pass his teenage rebellion stage.

      *He has being here for almost a decade… but as they say once teenager always teenager. Ask Sophia for reference 🙂

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Lamek and Mahmuday:
        Almost everyone here has been at the receiving end and some of us fell in the trap and Lamek has a class! Lamek did not say anything, he just mentioned Assenna’s report about the PFDJ spy that mere mention drove this guy nuts and attacked Lamek. Lamke and MS had disagreement, heated one but never went personal, and also many remember the guy Semere Andom and Mahmuday had heated debates but never want to personal, even when I attacked EPLF and MS was mad, never went personal, that is the way it should be and Lamek just reported the abuse and abuse should be reported.
        If this guy wants his PFDJ not to be attacked they have to stay away from public life, IA can go to Tselot and farm and run a shop, no one will mention him, public life like any occupation has hazards and scrutiny is one. I guess they do not teach that in the YPFDJ sessions.
        The fact that MS went this far to criticize this person says a lot, he was one of those who gave him the benefit of doubt, mentored him, held his hand to navigate the complex Eritrean history, encouraged him, rebuked some of us when we were harsh on this clueless, so this guy has lost one of his biggest endorsers and mentors. Accountability, apology and progress on his behavior are the only things he can win the affection, mentoring and endorsement of MS, if not he may slowly loose an other big one

        • Ted

          Hi Semere Andom, if Haile knew who Mizan/Lamek was, he wouldn’t say what he said but you know who Mizan is and as usual your soapy character wouldn’t let you be honest. Personal? phew , you be the last person preaching about personal attack and ethics, go back check your posts about Gheteb, dawit and all of us… . You have crossed every red lines in your argument as opposition that Eritreans consider dear and near , lucky for you, you are part of democratic “opposition” where everything goes. Your bad habit again, dragging people into your argument, give it up, it won’t give it any weight.

          • Semere Andom

            I said it before and let me repeat; You are telling untruth;-)
            at least rebuke you him, you think you are helping him. In a country called Eritrea we have something close to, “straight like arrow” but because of the abuses when I was wearing the jellabiya and fetching water it was erased.
            Ted. your guys are endangered species, so please do not preach, I never crossed any lines, I jsut learned from the past to fight u in the same manner cus that is what you understand, you meaning your gangs

          • Lamek

            Hey disgruntled Amiche. How much did you lose when PMMZ kicked you out of Addis? I bet you have been back a couple times since to collect your lost property, probably a bakery. You eat tire siga at Ethiopia restaurants everyday yet you hate Ethiopians. Get your acts together Mr. Identityless. Why hide your identity if you support PFDJ? You can get some deals to do some human trafficking or are you working as a paid agent by PFDJ in your area? You worthless crap.

          • Ted

            Hi Mizan, it is more like it, you are back-)

          • Semere Andom

            probably that is why he is hiding because he does not people to know his is a trafficker. But it should not be hard to find his dig in “enda kollalit”

    • Nitricc

      Mizan if you want to go that way; I will prove beyond reasonable doubt that in dead you are the same person as Mizan, Binyam, Ermias, VF, Bahgi and finally Lamek. Accordingly; based on the rules of this website using multiple names is against the very policy of this website i.e. I can argue that this devious individual who is violating the rules of the forum should be dismissal of this individual from participating on this forum.
      Now; Do you want to go that way? No matter how many losers support you; there is only one fact; you are who you are! Now, you said “it is going to get ugly” what are you going to beat your wife again? I have told you not to do that. Isn’t cool man!

    • tes

      Selam Lamek,

      Hopefully you are not addressing this to Nitricc. If you are, I will be disappointed on you again.


      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear tes,
        Lol, I 2nd you I hope the reason is the same.

        • tes

          Dear KS,

          Lamek is really a messed-up fellow. He tries from different angles and finally fails to hide his identity.

          Where is Novice Music by the way?


          • Lamek

            Tes, I guess you believe Nitricc or whoever that creature is. So I will return the favor. Stop drinking before you come to the forum. You make very unsound judgements. That’s the effect of alcohol even a fine French wine. Goodbye. You are SEVERELY ignored by yet another person.

          • tes

            Dear Lamek,

            The good thing about me is “I don’t care whether one ignores me or not. I am here for a cause and I will stand for that. You see Lamek, PFDJ thought that former ELF members were SEVERELY IGNORED. But those freedom fighters know their objectives. Whether they are ignored or not, they did not stop fighting for their cause. Stop therefore copying Gheteb’s style.

            Though you have a flip-flopping political stand, I consider you my comrade.

          • Lamek

            Tes, you don’t learn, do you? When I said, don’t drink and write etc., did you think I was writing seriously? I was trying to teach you a lesson. That lesson being this: has anyone seen you drinking or drank? The answer is a resounding NO. Yet, the worthless PFDJistas as in Ntarick, Ted (the disgruntled Amiche), dawit, etc. always refer to you ‘what time is it?’ How much did you drink? I copied from their dirty book and wrote you the way they write you. I was hoping you could learn to refrain from using these worthless peoples book by reflecting on why I would have said something like that. I am smarter than all of you combined together. You can bet your money on that. You don’t know my credentials. I come here to study my subjects just like Gheteb does.

          • tes

            Selam Lamek,

            Oh, Ok I will understand you anyway. Good luck with your studies.

            About me, don’t worry. I know who I am. On those bulky PFDJites, what else can say unless they go on inventing personalities and then fighting back with the personality they created. I am a free person, just like that of a white cloud.


          • Lamek

            It is all good tes. Keep punching PFDJ. Your punches hurt them really bad because you know their ins and outs.

          • Semere Andom

            You are bragging about credentials

            PS: You are not bragging, I learned my lesson:-)

          • Ted

            Hi Semere Andom, Mizan just called us dum-dums. If i were you, i would bring the IQ challenge you always threaten me with..

          • Nitricc

            Hey Ted; please don’t even bring the IQ issue with Semere; there is a reason whenever he needs to make a point, he brings SAAY or Mahmuday to the mix. he never stands his own. he needs a conformation from one of the greats. Whenever he is cornered; he brings SAAY or Mahmuday to the mix. The only time he stands his own is when he talks his favorite subject, Rape and anything sexual.
            the dude is stupidly toxic to any human decency and void to commonsense.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear tes,
            No this time the case is different. for me Lamek is Lamek if he called himself Lamek and unless he announces he is also someone with other names I will just say he is Lameutk ..

            The reason why I was disappointed is because I consider him more than that.. the post above really wasn’t that important from him.

  • Lamek

    Greetings. Teklezghi Ogbalidet zitebahale esub nay PFDJ ab Europe has been exposed. Good job to Assenna. This website can do much better too. All these great English writers are not helpful to Eritreans anywhere. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Nitricc

      Well; at least this website knows Mizan,Binyam, Ermias, VF, Bahgi, Lamek are all one sorry azz worthless individual. How about that for fine investigative work? My man; stick with your church and avoid politics. You are too clueless and bone-less for any stand to take.

  • AMAN

    Greetings first.
    Dear Awates
    I sometimes tempt to break my silence ( moratorium )
    before April 18, 12:00 PST as I announced it to you
    here; but again I kind of wonder how Awate admins.
    see it ?
    So I kind of choose to refrain from helping though I
    kind of do not like it to be indifferent when I see you
    in crisis and desperate struggle to survive .
    Any ideas or opinion to me ?

    • saay7

      Hi Ted:

      Now look what you done did, as they say in the South. You have forced AMAN to break his silence moratorium which you didn’t even know he was on. Shame on you Ted.


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan SAAY
        I know now. I felt something was missing; I just could not figure out what it was. ቅልውልው የብለኒ ነይሩ is how they describe such a feeling, by the way, understood on both sides of the border, meaning Fanti Ghana is also reading this (win,wink). Well, that’s a preliminary translation, until Semere Andom comes with a conclusive one. Welcome AMAN.

        • Ted

          Hi the Greatest, i heard through grapevine you are the founding member of DCC that seem about right intended to absolve almost all of your pals(serial killers as tes put it) from wrong doing. If that is a case, it is a good deal for us too with minor transgressions, then again, the translator SA might have different take about your innocence.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hi the great
            I think L.T. would probably say “ሰብ ናብ ሰብኡ ዝብኢ ናብ ገረቡ” እስዕብ ኣቢሉ ድማ “ሰርያል ኪለሩ ናብ ካርሸልኡ፡ ንጹህ ሰብ ድማ ናብ ገገዝኡ። You know why the great L.T. is not showing up, Ted. That’s because PFDJ bad acts took a tall toll on him. I mean, you can defend something to a point. I think he is railing agaist them in his closed door, and yes, translating Shakespeare’s tragedies into Tigrigna. Sunday’s episode of the series must have been extremely shocking to him.
            Speaking of DCC, you know, SAAY wants to sell to Amanuel Hidrat an old product in a new wrapping paper.

        • saay7

          Hala Mahmuday:

          iSem doesn’t use ቅልውልው; he prefers ቀጨውጨው. I have a young family member who doesn’t speak Tigrinya who made this observation: if a word in Tigrinya has repeated syllables, it is bad. I tested it with ሃረምረም: ቀበጥበጥ: ዓንደፍደፍ: በሮቕረቕ: ዓበድበድ: ሃተፍተፍ and other words I can’t use for this family medium and I think she is on to something.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan SAAY
            Semere’s (would-be) translation of ቀጨውጨው, or your “terjema belwakala” is accepted. I think the great L.T. state of mind could best be described by qechewchew, although ቅልውላው is not that far from it.
            Handef-Handef: People without leadership act ሃንደፍ-ሃንደፍ; that’s IA was admitting, subliminally, the lack of leadership in his Excellency’s proper.

          • Ted

            Hi, saay, you got it right the translation of “handef handef “but what is the subtext? IA is saying, People do handef handef while all they want is there in front of their nose. Removing him from throne(DCC) doesn’t include what is “in front of their nose” but patience, obedience and perseverance like a camel. What is wrong with that?;-)

          • saay7

            Nice try Ted:)

            The statement was made part of his six-hour interview in January 2012, back when he wished he could trade us for Somalia. The subtext was this: well, let me quote myself again, damn:

            He will sing hymns to the exceptionalism of Somalis (“Hayal hzbi iyu”); his voice will crack in agony regarding the ethnic federation arrangement of Mama Ethiopia (the way Gigi’s does over her Man’net Melekiya One Ethiopia ); he will shed tears for the fate of Native Americans (whom he cringingly calls Red Indians); and to all the marginalized and po’ folk who overcrowd the planet. But he shows no admiration or respect for Eritreans. Just pity.

            In fact, in the entire 6-hour interview, you will never find these words escape his lips: “Eritrea”, “Eritreans,” “Eritrean people.” It is always, “izi hager” (this country), “izi hzbi” (these people.) Go ahead, check it, if you got 6 hours to kill. And it is a habit with him: when it comes to Eritrea, Isaias talks like a consultant, as this column observed years ago when Isaias expressed amazement about people who speak of the private sector. abzi hager bHtawi kfal kblu ygermeni iyu (it is amazing to me when people talk about the private sector) and then mocked the meager capital of Eritrea’s capitalists. So, like a traveling consultant who has an outsider-looking-in vocabulary (this company, these employees), Isaias has the same estrangement (this country, these people)….

            There was a joke once that went like this when Eritrean were demonstrating in front of the UN demanding that Isaias be sanctioned: “Isaias is demonstrating in front of the UN demanding that they give him better people because we just aren’t good enough.”


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Saay (Aya Adi ‘U),

            Let me ask you a question -expecting to learn something from you. The question will be of course about the nature of internal conflicts and the structure of government that mitigate the conflict and eventually resolve the interest of the conflicting forces – the only issue I am interested in. To do that I will give you the full scenario of the conflict. And are as follows:

            (a) A country with multi -ethnic society.
            (b) Deep mistrust to the extent of animosty.
            (c) Reason, historically power of politics was dominated by one ethnic group and as a result the economic power remain in the ethnic that hold the political power.
            (d) the demand of the other ethnic group is either to grab the political power or equitable sharing.
            (e) all sides are persistent in the goal they want to attain.

            Now how do you approach to resolve the conflict of interest in such scenario? what kind of government (structure of government) will address the interests of the conflicting social forces? I hope you know which country is in my mind? Go and tackle the issue. You could use compare and contrast countries designated by A and B in order to avoid sensitivity.

            Senay MeAlti
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Selamat Emma:

            The short answer to every question you ask me is, “I don’t know. But you, and I, and Eritreans of good will, will figure it out.” But since this is a forum, and we are here to explore ideas, and to test them, and put them up for scrutiny, here goes:

            The first thing I noticed in your list of a-e is that you define Eritrea’s diversity by its ethnic plurality. In other words, you prioritize it over differences that may arise from religious plurality, linguistic plurality, and regional differences, tribal differences, ideological differences, etc. It might be that you see “ethnicity” as a set, and all other differences as a subset, or you don’t think it is the job of the government to address them, or you don’t think they are big enough differences to manage. It might be because you see ethnicity as the most potent form of identity, which Ethiopia’s EPRDF pioneered and which is now being considered by, for example, the Kurds.

            Ethnicity is one way to organize people? How about tribes? How about tribal federations? How about language? How about religion? Two administrators–the British (1941-1951) and the liberation organizations (1961-1991) found it useful for their purposes to organize people either along tribes/ethnicities or language groups.

            There is an excellent piece called “Making Tribes: Social Engineering in the Western Province of British-Administered Eritrea” which shows how the British re-organized the Tigre “ethnic group” (to use your parlance), into tribal federation by making one condition: for you to be considered a tribe, you must meet a certain numeric threshhold (3,000 members.) If you don’t meet that minimum, you have two choices (a) affiliate with another tribe or (b) fall “under the control of Wakil Hakuma” [government representative.] Well, nobody wants to be represented by a government bureaucrat so a lot of tribal affiliations were formed.

            When the ELF and later EPLF were established, their preferred method of identifying Eritreans was by language groups. The regions/provinces were rarely mentioned (it was almost taboo), as was mention of tribes, clans and ethnicity. The only halal way to group people was by the language they spoke. The only difference between the ELF and EPLF was this: The ELF did not recognize the Rashaida as a distinct Eritrean group (or even Eritreans, presumably) but recognized the Illit; the EPLF recognized the Rashaida but not the illit. Originally, these language names were prefixes (Tigrinya-speaker, Tigre-speaker, Blin-speaker, etc) but the EPLF eventually dropped the -speaker suffix and just went for Tigrinya, Tigre, Blin, etc. All of this was to de-emphasize tribalism and regionalism and heavens never use religion or elevation (highland, lowland:)

            Now, when the PFDJ introduced the re-zoning of Eritrea from 8 to 6 zones, I was supportive. And its recent re-classification of Eritrea into economic zones, vertical slices that redefine what “highland” means (yes, Nakfa is highlands) for purely economic reasons, I am supportive. What I like to do, dear Emma, is make sure that those who want to make those arguments are allowed to make them when you and other smart Eritreans sit in the roundtable at a fine hotel. I will be the guy next to the guy next to the guy who is holding a briefcase:)


          • Tzigereda

            Dear Saay,
            May I ask you if you will be holding an executive briefcase or? And what will be the content of your briefcase?
            (Sorry Emma, not meaning distracting from the topic).

          • saay7

            Hi Tzigereda:

            I don’t know, because I am not holding it; I am standing next to the guy who is holding it. The briefcase guy is next to the guy with the earpiece and dark sunglasses (which he wears indoors.) And that guy is next to Emma.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Say7,
            ኣንታ ሳይ፯ ሕጂ ድማ ጽብቅቲ ምህሮ ሕዝልዝል ዘበለት ረኺብና እናበልና ክንጽበ ብሓዊሲ ጭርቃን ዕብጥብጥ – ቅንጽልጽል ከተብላ ?

          • saay7

            Ato Kokhob Selam:

            I hope you don’t think I am saying በርጠንጠን and ፈሳሕሳሕ but our serious readers and our publisher don’t like it when serious subjects get ሕንኩልኩል -and this ሎቅመጽመጽ conversation leads to a lot of ሓርጎጽጎጽ and ዶርጎጽጎጽ as it is a form ቀጠፍጠፍ. So, off to Jebena. But we can all agree that Sem lost the debate and the little girl won:)


          • tes

            Hi saay7,

            ሸታሕታሕ አንዲዩ በዚሕዎ እዚ ናትካ ፍንጥሕጥሕ

            ስጥም-ግጥም ክኸውን ነርዎ እዚ ናትካ ብትን’ትን*


            *ንትንታነ የመልክት

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hey tes
            Guys, and who said tes is not humorous? I would really leave alone SAAY and Emma. Let the guayla get going. I have already secured a safe refuge. ብሓራምዝ ከይርገጽ!!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear the great,

            ኣንታ ማሕሙዳይ ! ደይናሶር መዓስ ኮይኑ ከምኡ ዝበለ እንቅሮዖብ እዩ : ሃ ሃ ሃ። ዓርከይ መዓረይ ንዓ ድኣ ኣይፍልካን !

          • tes

            ኣይተ ማህሙድ ወዲ’ቦይ ሳልሕ፣


            ሓሳባት ፍልፍል ዝርግሕ ግሕ ክብል ምስ ረኣኹ እንደኣለይ ጦብሎቕሎቕ ዝበልኩ።

            ኣብ ፍልስፍና እትው’ትው ዝብሉ ዓቢ-ዓበይቶም እክብክብ ኢሎም ወጃዕጃዕ እንክብሉ መንፈሰይ ፍስህ’ስህ ይብለኒ። ንሳ’ያ ታ ወኻዕካዐይ!


          • Kokhob Selam

            ኣያ ሳልሕ

            ሕራይ በል ይኹነልካ ! ኣነስ ጥርንፍንፍ -እርንብንብ ዘብል :- ምእክልክል -ምጭውጭው ዝበለ ሓባራዊ ርኢቶ ዕስልስል ከብለና እንድኣሉ እቲ ሕልመይ :: መድረኽ ድማ ኣርኪቡ ብግስግስ እንተዘይልና ዕጽፍጽፍ ኢልና ከይንተርፍ !

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Saay arkucha,

            Your acquiantance to various discipline of knowledge makes you to be one of the round table candidate to formulate and reformulate structured institutional system that assure equitable sharing. Not standing behind next to the guy holding the briefcase. Are you kidding?


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Amanuel,

            ዋዛ እንድዩ መሲልዎ ዘሎ ? ሃገር መን ከመሓድረሉ ይጽበ ኣሎ ? ተበገስ እስከ በለለይ!

          • Ted

            Hi saay, aren’t you happy there is no briefcase in a way of “weed out, DCC,reform,reconciliation, PFDJ forever” movement. AH or anyone else wouldn’t be as nice if the black briefcase were involved let alone allow you in conference room of ritz carlton. Marsellus Wallace does what it takes for the briefcase so will ,now, our buddies to protect it. We need a briefcase and i don’t know What it takes a person/group to trust us with it.

          • tes

            selam Ted,

            As far as you don’t have trust on others, do not expect it. You failed to trust us and we will fail to trust you. Let alone your briefcase, we don’t even trust your natural gift breath. All you have is polluted by your mistrust.


          • saay7

            Hi Ted:

            Maybe a Royale with cheese? On account of the metric system?

            We are losing Emma again with movie references. But Amde is paying attention. As far as Eritrean politics goes, man, we are a relatively easy people to reconcile because there are no prisoners dilemma lose lose situations.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Saay,

            Easy to reconcile? Yes indeed, but no commitment to reconciliation so far. It is “word of talk” only.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Saay,

            First when I ask you the question Eritrea was not in my mind. Thanks Lord the mistrust of our social groups does not reach to animosty. So Eritrea wasn ‘t a candidate to the formula I was looking for and to the scenario I set up to tackle it.

            Just take that scenario and assume it as reality on the ground. After all there are many African countries that are facing Ethnic strives. Now as an academician who want to be involved into “conflicts and resolution ” how would you approach it? What kind of governmental structure would resolve the conflict of interest of multi-ethnic society? I want you to play your academic exercise so that the awate forum could learn and engage in the debate. In the mean time to distingush ours from those kinds of contradictions. I am a believer that certain realities do need ethnic federation similar to that of India.

            Senay aga -mishet
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • tes

            Selamat Amanuel Hidrat,

            Let me interject here. Aren’t you the one who constantly insist forumers to focus on Eritrean issue? Why then focusing on academic issue? saay7* did a good take and it is up to you to generate an inductive discourse from a case presented hoping that you are not expecting an exhaustive explanation from saay7 only.


            *disappointed on you being near a holder of suite case. can’t you have a cappuccino around cinema Hamassien and chat with your asmarino friends? I hope though you are not caring the black-box which holds all secrets of the then newly born democratic country called “republic of Eritrea”.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Bitseyti Tsegereda,

            Yes you are right. But I am tired because most of the discussions start good then completely digress and turn in to chatting like “Elal ” and personal attacks. Therefore by pulling Saay to big issues we can divert the discussion into a inductive discourse. Sis Tsegereda, don ‘t you think so. That was my whole intention.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • tes

            Selam Amanuel Hidrat,

            You know what my call is for you. Do not get tired, do not lose hope. This is all my qualms with you is. Whenever I interject between you it is simply because I see some weak signs.

            Just be energetic as always though I understand why.


          • saay7

            Selamat Emma:

            This is the approach used by Harvard Business school, creating case studies and asking the class to solve it. Why do you want to send me back to school to review a hypothetical case when we have a real one that we have some knowledge of? I don’t think we can sustain the interest of our readers over a hypothetical case, do you? Let’s apply it to Eritrea, but not in this thread: let’s wait for Fanti Ghana’s blockbuster article which will tackle the issue from all angles:)

            For now, let me just say that all conflict resolutions begin with a person who has the trust of all to listen to all the actors, and it is best when you can listen to them when they are not in an agitated state. Guess what also creates a state of agitation? Sure, “abedien keybexHa” does. But so does, “Oh, man, I am coming after you!” Let’s wait for His Fantiness.


          • Tzigereda

            Dear Saay,
            I do agree with Habtom Yohannes. It is beyond any imagination that the trucks drove with a high speed causing immediate dead for those who jumped off. It would be a suicidal act. The logical explanation could only be that they were shot and killed as they tried to jump off.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            I really do not have knowldge and understanding most of the historical Eritrean politics. What makes me wonder is sometimes though, why is that we need to experiment with “new system of governmetn” and why can’t we use a time tested system of government that I think that would fit our country with little modification or change if needed.

            The reason I ask this, most of the time when organization are formed with good intention (when everything is working) all the mechanism in place works well. But when there is a conflict, the said mechanism does not have enough mechanism to break a stalemate or there is no higher body that can interpret the mechanism. I am going to guess and come give some examples if this make sense.

            For the past 15 or so years, each our opposition political organization some how failed to stay united, no matter how small problems arise. For example, NDA when they represented two members and revolving leadership and those organization with larger members complained etc..

            Or during the Eritrean Federation? How was that possible for Raesi Woldemichael Tesema who was not elected to have such high authority to change the course of history. Why was the Eritrean parliament (did not have a ruling party, a party that had won an election in the ballet box) to dictate the terms..and those who lost to challenge if a law is broken to higher body (like supreme court).

            So to me this excessive of party and organization come up with their own plan and try to implement something that will be of superior to those others, that perfected it over many years.

            Dr. when responding to question about the constitution (may be from you), I think he said, parliamentary constitution is messy? I don’t know to me, if that’s really a valid point…Or Israel and Italian parliament is messy, but it prevents them from killing each other and they will have election every couple of years..

            To me, I think British style parliament system would work really well for Eritrea. As long as there will be equal / representation in the parliament. For example if we go back to the old system of provinces (8 provinces) I think it would make a lot more sense to me, if we use British type of parliament system where the party with the majority seat holds power and elects it’s own Prime minster and forum a government (if it has a majority) or create a coalition government if it doesn’t. And the government will be accountable to the people and the opposition party (where the seating prime minister would be constantly challenged by the opposition / media) to do it’s work.

            So question is, why is this type of government would not work for Eritrea.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            Keep on that streak of argument please. If Dr. Bereket said parliamentary is a messy (if he said it at all) he should have chosen the alternative “the presidential”. But he entangled the “state of Eritrea” with the”hybrid system” that gives excessive power to the chief executive. That “constitution” is a fertile ground for dictators. The constitution was designed for a “guided democracy””** run by a single party and was drafted based on the charter of the party, what the good doctor one time hinted also based “on the experience of EPLF organization.” I have no doubt that the good doctor and his colleagues (the commission) are given directives from the “Kulu zikealo” Issayas Afeworki. They trust him very well till he started to jail his own colleagues.

            *** When Yemane Mankey and the good doctor argued on something , Yemane mentioned the idea of “guided democracy”.

            Senay Mishet,
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Selamat Berhe Y:

            With your permission, I would like to defer this discussion to the thread on His Fantiness’s coming-soon-article. Just quick notes:

            1. With respect to the Eritrea’s 1997 Constitution and what Dr. Bereket meant by “parliaments are messy”, he was talking of the examples you gave and in comparison to the “decision-by-consensus” culture that a lot of Eritrean political organization operated (and still operate) on. In multi-party democracies, the decision making process is messy in that there is a lot of horse and mule trading.

            2. The Eritrean opposition organizations differences have to deal with defining normality. Having come from a culture (armed struggle) where the only normal thing was whatever the self-described vanguard organization is selling–democratic centralism within a single, national, secular left-of-center organization–and everything else was considered a fringe view that should be banned or, if necessary, liquidated, when the vanguard is gone or discredited, then it is a free-for-all. Since we have no party-elders to define what is normal-and-acceptable, we continue to have free-for-all where every organization, regardless of its size of value system, feels it has just as much right as any other organization with whom it shares 99% of its values:) Thus, for example, 3 Islamist organizations.


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            Sure this can wait, more pressure to Fantiness.

            I think the way we think about political entities may need to change. First and for most we have to understand and accept that their primary objective is to hold on power and implement their agendas. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as they get the mandate from the people to represent them.

            I do think they unite for their own selfish reason when and if we have the mechanism in place. For example you gave the three Isamist group, I don’t know the reason why they don’t want to unite at this moment. But I think doing so will not give them any advantage at the moment. But if there will be an election (based on parliament system, I can confidently guess they will do so at the speed of light (knowing who ever have the majority will form a government).

            So a parliament system will defiantly solve this issue, let alone those with very similar agenda, it will even bring sworn enemies together, and stay to their principle but compromise to get to power, and that’s a good thing.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Behe
            It seems we are coming to the point where you and me discussed last week ( I was expecting you to come as you promised for last Monday) . Please keep it up till we reach the excellent understanding you have on solving conflicts – it is an urgent question which should be answered.

          • saay7

            Ahlen Berhe Y:

            I will say a little bit more because I forgot that His Fantiness is using the Ethiopian calendar and his article will arrive in 7-8 years.

            Excellent points, Berhe Y. And there you have the catch-22, don’t you. If we take freedom+order+equality as the ingredients of democracy, the dozens of organizations that exist have the freedom to exist, and what criteria you use to deny one organization its freedom to exist or at least to normalize it must comply with some notion of equality, that is, a benchmark that is applied universally (member size, organizational presence, democratic practice of elections.) Since this cannot be done (because organizations are loathe to disclose their size, membership), you have a free-for-all. The problem with this is that this creates a sense of disorder, and order is what the silent majority wants.

            So, basically, the PFDJ guarantees order, and has come to redefine what freedom and equality mean (free education, free healthcare, and injustice applied equally to all) and the Opposition never, ever mentions the importance of having order in future Eritrea, emphasizing instead freedom and equality.

            When it gets around to writing its platform, the DCC will talk about how to solve this riddle. That is, when it is not distracted by people like Mahmuday asking it to comb for Tigre lyrics for Waqt and Semere A forgetting that Abraham Afwerki also sang about Gize.*


            *For the benefit of Ted’s PFDJista friends:)

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            I guess the DCC platform is coming along well.

            I am not sure I agree that PFDJ guarantees order, I would think it guarantees FEAR, but that’s not a point worth spending too much time, because what we are talking about is POST PFDJ Eritrea.

            Before you spend too much time trying to come up with a perfect platform for DCC, I think it’s worthwhile to separate the political governing body and the bureaucratic system. The political governing body (the elected body), it’s job is to set policy, table budget, etc inline hopefully on a platform it got elected with. The bureaucratic organ of the government gets its mandate from the governing body but it’s job is to implement the policy of the governing body. So things like, security, education, healthcare, defence, etc are really things that do NOT changed much no matter who comes to power, there is the occasion change here and there. So as long as the different section of the government are run by competent and experienced bureaucrats, there is not much to worry about which party comes to power (at least in the long run). So for example of free healthcare, free education, competent police force and judicial system were there to begin with before PFDJ. Off course they may have made some progress in these areas (may be some region), but I tend to believe that those institutions become worse under the PFDJ system of government.


            I don’t remember people use to go from Asmara to Sudan / Kenya to seek healthcare, quality was relatively the same (Dr. Silas, Dr. Worku, Dr. Surur, Dr. Kibreab) were more than qualified doctors. There was no huge shortage of medication that people need to ask from Diaspora not sure they can claim those achievements.


            Time will tell if they PFDJ made education better or worse. But the fact that the close the only higher institution of learning, and every young person in the country including those with the highest potential are running for their lives and have little or no time to focus on education. May be they have expanded the access to the primary education in a lot of rural areas where war, conflict and priorities have prevented but in terms of quality I don’t know.


            People say if you are arrested in Eritrea by the Eritrean Police force (even today) you are relatively safe. They keep proper documentation, they do some investigation and your family know your where about. However if you are detained by the “security – enda TseTta, which means PFDJ), good luck.

            So what I want to say is, the bureaucratic system will remain the same no matter who comes to power. For today I would like to focus on the party formation / political representation, that you said:

            “If we take freedom+order+equality as the ingredients of democracy, the dozens of organizations that exist have the freedom to exist, and what criteria you use to deny one organization its freedom to exist or at least to normalize it must comply with some notion of equality, that is, a benchmark that is applied universally”

            Every time when one comes up with a law that will prevent individual or a group from participation (specially political participation) then we are calling for a disaster. So the requirement should be a minimum as possible, and we let the political process eliminate and refine the talented individual / group.

            In Canada for example, any individual can run in an election either as an independent or if he/she is nominated by a political party. There are very few exceptions:

            1) legal issue: such as age limit (at least 18 years old), person is not serving crime (be in jail) etc.

            2) conflict of interest

            Those who work for election Canada, chief of police and few others. Even those people can do so, if they resign

            So it’s pretty much open to everyone and to every political party.

            Election Canada sets the playing field, like how much money can be raised, how campaign money can be spend, how campaign rules are followed and investigate complains if arise and resolve conflicts. Election Canada also decides (I think) electorate boundaries, number of seats (per population) etc. Election Canada is independent from the governing body, it has its budget and its obligation is to make sure elections are held property, rules are followed and it’s done free and fair.

            Election Canada can also be challenged by the highest court (supreme court) , as well which is the highest legal authority of the land. The judges once pass through the nomination process are there for life (as long as they are capable of doing job, there may be age limit too not sure), but VERY independent.

            So in case of Eritrea, if we make elections free for all, individuals and political organization no matter how long their size is, and parties can organize base on religion, region, etc, what’s to prevent for this organization to create chaos, fear and even conflict. Now most people in Eritrea are afraid of these scenarios, which is a very valid concern specially when we see similar example in other parts of Africa / third world.

            That’s why I think the British parliament system is a perfect for our country and the main reason I really think it will work for us because it will prevent this type of scenarios…

            To be continued…


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Berhe,

            If you can write this long, why don ‘t formulate it in to an article form? Your argument deserve the front page status.

            Ananuel Hidrat

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Emma,

            Let see if this gets to pass the test of Saay, you and SA.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Berhe,

            In the market of ideas you do not go by the taste of some or discourage by the detaste of others. Since the pool of your market is the general population, there are always buyers to your ideas as far as your argument plausible and your conceptual basis are applicable. So my advice is go ahead and grace us with your thoughtful articles.

            Senay MeAlti
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Semere Andom

            Hi BY:
            here is some incoherent comment
            Indeed, PFDJ guarantees fear and terror. It may think it guarantees order and security and that has been its selling point at least since the war of 1998.

            Think of the beauracric as the court, the body that interprets the laws set by the legistraltors. The beaururats, some are political appointees and some are professionals empoyees, if the government changes and there are some policy changes in health, education and defense, they will implement and work at the pleasure of the elected government. That is why we elect to change a different government so we can change the health care, defense and even education, be it funding or others (education in Canada is provincial jurisdiction, that is why we do not have minister of education federally) So all these thing change with new government, even sometimes entire ministries are dissolved or created, eg the ministry of industry never existed before the second term of Chretien in Canada.

            I think whatever the measure people are using to say Eritrea has made improvements in health, education after independence are wrong. When you say improve, there should be comparison to something else and in this case the Dergi and you have to factor in war, desire and quantify it. The fact that PFDJ built some rooms brought nationals service people, and hired unmotivated Indians and ask them to teach in villages that did not have schools before may seem improvement may seem good and that is what the UN is correctly measuring. But too truly keep find the truth of PFDJ willingness to empower or cripple the people,

            We can only measure willingness, Ethiopia was willing to allow Eritreans to go to school given the war situation, you cannot blame it for not expanding the school system while was raging in the same manner you cannot blame Ghedli for not expanding its schools systems during the war. PFDJ is in better position to the open some rooms and staff it with unpaid forced labor

            The same can be said about healthcare and child mortality.

            If you lived in city or any place where there were schools and if you have the means you can send your children to school during the Ethiopians rule, no one will take them to the jungle after grad 11, they can sit for the leaving certificate, and if they pass they can attend Addis Uni, Asmar uni, and other colleges, free of tuition and free of any persecution if they “behave”, that is if you do n ot get involved in the Ghedli. But now you cannot do that, you are snatched (kidnapped) at 16 to attend a military camp and then shot at if you escape. The UN measure of healthcare, education, child mortality, mosquito killing spree does not factor in all this. How come they do not measure or incorporate mental health, anxiety in the healthcare.

            Now to the obsession with the parliamentary vs. presidential sytems. We can mention strong and weak points about both and when I debated this with Ismael Omer a while ago, he told me that there is evidence that suggests that parliamentary systems succeed more than the presidential in fledgling democracies. Notwithstanding that evidence both systems offer checks and balances, accountability, vetting mechanisms. Both limit the power of the executive, no one will come at night and arrest for criticism of the PM or president. To see the PM on his feet responding to questions, and keeping the PM on his/her toes does not really add to the accountability measure, it is just a tradition. The president who does not debate in the congress in the USA for example his life is made harder as he can preside over when both houses are the majority of the opposition party. In the parliament systems, as you said the party with the majority elected mps gives us the PM and if it does not it will be a minority government (I love minority government, the life of the PM is even harder).

            I think the presidential vs. parliamentary system is a matter of taste and if they are implemented with true intention and refined over time, both will bode well for us. The goal should be the following;

            How do make the life of the executive hell, limited (both systems have the mechanism to do that), with both freedom of speech and empowered citizens, who are nurtured in the education system.

            For the government to leave the people alone. We have a government that tells you what to study in school, a government who wants to know what religion you belong to and who you worship

            Nothing is sent in stone, so with time we can refine amend the const, a succinct document that informs the laws we enact

            Expanding free thinking by basically re-introducing renaissance and enlightenment in the dark-ages that Eritrea is in

            You will always have “intellectuals” who will advocate for benevolent dictatorship just like there are a few professors who deny climate change (one of them is in Canada), but I think we have the most dishonest intellectual class in the word in Eritrea. Eritrean romantics, please do not ask me for evidence, if you want do your own empirical study by talking to Eritrean, Ethiopian, Somali, Sudanese and other African intellectuals. There was an article in Asmarino in 2002 by a Ugandan writer who said that the critical thinking of and Eritrean with a master’s degree is equal to a Ugandan with grade 8 education. I bring this to highlight the need for the fostering of intellectual environment and the role they play in shaping how people think

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Sem,

            You said that the issue between parliamentary and presidential is ” matter of taste”, otherwise they wiill do the same. Absolutely wrong. (a) The power vested to a president and the power vested to the prime minister is completely diffetent. (b) The relationship between the PM and the parliament on the one hand and the relationship between the president and the parliament on the other is diffetent.(c) The PM is aacountable to the parliament while the president is acountable to the people for the mare fact that she/he is elected popularly. So it is easier to depose the PM than to the president. Now make a little research and you will find the Power of the president is greater than the PM. Adjust your understanding on the concept and the power vested on the two leadership structure.

            Senay MeAlti
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Emma:
            Without going deeper
            Do both Pred. and par systems offer checks and balances?
            Are both are accountable to the people that is why the same people in the same election year will elect a president from one party and a congress (senate and reps) from the other party, making the president to deal with a majority from the other party. President is the head of state and government. In Par.system the head of state is a ceremonial figure, sometimes called president sometime queen or king.
            If we compare the Canadian Par.sytem (which is almost a copy of the British systems) the PM has the same or some times even more power than the USA president. Example a member of Par cannot vote against his party, if he does he will be kicked out of the cocaus. In USA there is crossing a floor, more complex systems affording them a limiting factor of the president.
            Also the senate in the USA is elected, it represents states, the house, also elected represents the population. In Canada, the senate also reprs states (provinces) but they are appointed by the PM, he can appoint he lackeys from each province for life, so if PM has a majority in the parliament, and he appoints his lackeys in the senate, he can reign with less limited power. In the USA, even if the president’s party has majority in both houses, there are different shades of them, they do to have to vote with the president, more complex, harder work for the president. Look at the GPO, they have the extreme right wing, the moderates and the left. In the dems, you have the same, that is why even if the they the white house, the house and senate, it is hard for them to pass the universal healthcare and stricter gun control because there are wider spectrum of “liberals”. In Canada if you have the majority you can pass whatever you want. I know am brushing with broad strokes, assume every presidential system is like the USA and every Par.sytem like Canada for simplicity
            At the end of the day both are accountable to the people, not directly both through the elected members. Both systems accomplish the same

            I know why Berhe like the Par.sytems, he enjoyes to see the PM to be grilled, standing on his feet to answer the questions, but in Canada the question period is just that, question period, not answer period and the Pm does not answer it, he wears you out until your time is up, in British, they have to answer. The preriod question in Canada mostly is a joke, the party in power makes the question period, a spinning period as if the are talking to the press.
            But we are talking about like we say, securing the best man before finding the groom 🙂

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Methaba Sem,

            I will not utter like the despot “tigage aleka ” but I will say this: make more study about it that the structural function of the two chief executive and the degree of power vested on them. Remember I am not talking about cerimonial presidents that is part of the of the parliamentary institutions. But again institutionally the President is more piwerfull than the president. Second the PM is acountable to the parliament not the people. The parliament as a whole that includes the PM are accountable to the people, though the parliament could delegate him to speak on behalf of the parliament. Now I will leave it for you to find out that president can not br xepised

          • Berhe Y

            Dear SA,

            I know you are going grill me on this, and I know you have soft heart of American Political system, I know how much your “romanticize” with Lincoln letters and history. So I know where you are coming from and I think you all the valid point.

            Nobody is saying the question period of Eritrean future parliament will not be like that of the British. My whole point of argument is, we should look around and copy, revise / edit, modify the best that we will offer our country, our people and our population composition.

            Even to see the Prime minster questioned in question period is a pleasure and I love the British way of doing things, just in your face…BUT that’s a side show not really the main reason. Off course SA is turned off by our last PM and his way of handling questions, but I am sure the parliament had its heydays… (during Trudeau vs Crosby time, baby:) inside jock).

            I like the Parliament system because, it’s NOT a system that works PERFECTLY all the time, but it’s a system that Never fails all the time.

            I will give you an example, most Eritreans are afraid of when it comes to elections, chaos etc. they are afraid a moran can come and incite people into violence and people like herd animals will follow. For example the recent rise of Donald Trump and all his campaign plan and how he is getting support. Now the US population is mature and it has ways and means to deal with this, but one can use campaign of hate to get to the top job.

            In our case, if we have a presidential system of government, then it will be possible that one can use politics of hate, race, religion, region to incite people agaist each other.

            However the Parliament system will not allow you to do that. Because the Prime Minster (per say) his influence is limited because he his party needs to contest at every region in order to get the majority.

            I don’t know why you love minority government so much but you do prefer the presidential system.

            Canada has a lot of similar composition as that of Eritrea and there is so much we can learn from.

            English and French Population (may not be equal but you know as well as I do that, you will never have a majority government if you do not win in both of these populations).

            Eritrea, Muslim and Christian population. You will never become a majority government if you do not win in both populations group.


            French and English. Also the multi-cultural where other minority ethnic groups can develop their culture / language. Eritrea can learn a lot in how Canada managed to achieve these.

            Indigenous people (land issue).

            Even though Canada is NOT a model example in how it dealt with the Native Indians, I think there is similarity one can draw with Eritrea’s indigenous population where their lands have been appropriated (Kunama, Afar) and others. We can learn something there.

            Rights and Freedoms

            Rights to free speech, assembly, association, religion, privacy, human rights and others things that we can learn from.

            Food for thought:

            Here you will find list of countries with the system of governments.


            Essentially we have the (Presidential system and Semi Presidential system) and Parliamentary system in it’s different forms (Republics, Constitutional monarchies, Federal).

            Look at the countries in each system and list at the list of countries in each system. Look at the number of countries that are considered or known for their peaceful existence, developed human capital, robust government system, good education, good living standard. Compare it and figure out why is the case?

            I personally think it’s because it’s better system of government which is prone to manipulation (at least in long term) and it manages to work out it’s differences peacefully.

            What makes me wonder is, looking at the list of countries and the system of governments, I do NOT know where the Eritrean government (even after the implementation) would fall under. It’s NOT presidential and it’s not Parliament system. I think it is more like ONE party system in reality. All this election, president system is just a facade…and NOT practical at all.


          • Semere Andom

            Hi BY;

            No I will not grill you because all this make sense, but here are some quick points. First, I think you and Sal are discussing if we will have parties based on ethnicity along with the pre.vs.par. systems ( correct me)

            Here is what I am saying:

            your remember the Reform party red necks before they were reformed by the conservative party, remember the alliance red necks, how did the parl. system allow them, with only one province they were the official opposition, a spit away for Manning to become PM. I know party it was the non-proportional system, but you know what I mean. Also remember that the provinces elect their houses (parliamentarians congress/reprs whatever) so the president if he is working under the letters of his powers he is limited. But your issue is the likes of Trump, but if Trump is so bigoted and he fooled the people and got elected, that is why we have the electoral colleges, this colleges always stamp the will of the people, but they do not have to. Bottom line both systems offer the checks and balances and auto control. Even in a parl system, weirdos can sneak in as the Reform party did

            On Eritrea, well, I agree, we do have to invent the wheel and that is why the drafting and ratifying of the IA const was a waste of time and a sham. To your point, even if PFDJ implemented the const, we would be having a corrupt system with elections of reps like they do it now

            as you said, our systems if it was implemented would be useless, still better than PFDJ’s system of abduction. But think of it, one party elects the reps, the reps gather and elect a president, just like they did in Sahel and the president hand picks ministers not only from the elected but from anywhere. This was Dr, Berket getting creative with the system. You remember, you are not big of appointed ministers in the USA (secretaries), I am agnostic about it, because they go through vetting process and conformation process by congress. The advantages are talent pool is wider, in Canada ministers are appointed from parliament, they are elected but the talent pool is limited and they also consider region, in the USA since that is taken care in the senate and house, the president can appoint any one, who is qualified in the area

            Both systems can be abused of course, manmade systems, but both do offer the checks and balances, vetting. accountability. Dr Bereket’s creativity is enticing but would not work for us because the house is elected and since it by majority, the majority would elect its president and there is no regional balance, the president will try to appease them by appointing ministers from different regions, unelected and unvented, lackeys, unless you have laws that speak to that like laws against nepotism.

            In summary: For Eritrea if we do a good job in drafting (amending) the const, that reflects the diversity of the people and we create healthy laws that spring from the document, and we have an enlighten electorate any of the systems will work work for us.

            You know how much I like to torture the PM or president, what I want is to stay away from the Saleh experience of electing a government and a parliament and the so called hybrid system was like the Sahel system with some sugaring (MS is sleeping, right?)

          • Berhe Y

            Selam SA,

            I am not saying the parliament system in better than the presidential system. But for the size and population make up of our country I think the parliament system works better.

            Ok a red neck can come to opposition/even power but it’s hard to form a government because he did not have support of the majority. But if we elect the president by popular vote, I think it may creat a problem. For example a Christian guy will be supported by Christians because among others, the religious institutions may endorse him. And the Muslim guy will do the same then you have, a conflict that can get out of hand.

            What the parliament system guarantees is that the Christian guy most likely will run in his place of birth or his parents village and he will most likely will run with someone of the same religion or faith but of different political member. And a political party will most likely nominate a person who would likely win an election in his riding. So for example, is Segwneyti is one of the electoral region, it make sense that someone from Segwneyti would be a candidate. So if there are 10 political parties, then it will most likely they will nominate someone from the same region.

            So the contest becomes a contest of the best candidate from Segeneyti and for sure who ever gets elected, then has first and foremost to represent his constituency.

            Same can be said in the other region, aqurdet, etc. By doing so you completely eliminate, politics of division, hate etc. If someone outside the region chooses to run , he can absolutely do so, but will he gets elected or not is a different question.

            So the party that wants to form a government would make a careful calculation, and vets the candidate that will give it the better chances. In Eritrea for example, say you divide the region based on population, then these party will make sure it has members from all region. By doing so each party becomes a national party which has members from all parts of the country, so you create balance and equal representation.

            So to answer Saay comment, about having 20 or so opposition members becomes NON issue. Since no single party has a chance to win in its own, they will either merge or create a coelition for their own selfish self first.

            Then the party with majority would elect its leader. The reason I think it’s better the party elects its leader than by popular vote is simply will avoid conflict. You would not want a guy wins a popular but his party decimated. If this pure guy becomes the president, how good can he really be? Who is going to work with? With the same people who fundementaly oppose him and they do not have any incentive to support him, that’s the reason they belong to different party in the first place.


          • saay7

            Hi Berhe:

            Quick notes.

            When I talk about “order” I mean it in its simplest definition. One of the definitions of a stable nation state is one where the government has total control over all its territories and it has monopoly on use of violence. That is: there are no armed militias roaming the country putting demands on the citizens; there are no areas that are outside the control of the government. That is what I mean by order. Order without law (that is why the phrase law-and-order is always conjoined) is tyranny. And law without order is anarchy. What I was trying to say is that just like the PFDJ has never introduced a nation of laws and all its focus is on maintaining order; our opposition has not talked about its formula for order; all it wants to talk about are rights and laws.

            There are nearly 20 Opposition organizations. Either we are fine with this, or we are not. If we are fine with it, we haven’t adequately explained why that is not a danger to tomorrows Eritrea and we have let people use their imaginations to envision what it will be like. If we are not fine with it, we haven’t done a good job at convincing them to consolidate.

            I don’t hear any discussion within the opposition on whether we will have presidential, parliamentary systems outside awate forum (I call it Amanuel Hidratism:) The discussion is on people wanting a seat at the table. I can’t find it (maybe A.Osman can) but there was a very revealing article about this by Awate writer Mohammed Ahmed: that the opposition doesn’t want to work so hard that it uses up all its resources and goes extinct–it wants to work just hard enough to maintain its continuity so that it can be seated at the negotiating table in post-IA Eritrea. But virtually no activity in how to create a post-IA post-PFDJ Eritrea.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            O’ Saay (Aya Adi’U),

            The reason I am raising the Issue of “Presidential” and “Prime-Ministerial” leadership is in order the public to distinguish the two models from the “Hybrid One” – that the good doctor and his colleagues have designed to entangle us with one party system. The system is designed to elect the president from the parliament and hence a hybrid of parliamentary and presidential. You see Salehom the good doctor when asked, he told us similar to the French type. But the presidents of France are elected by popular vote. As the PFDJites are trying to deconstruct our society and remodel us with their own political construct that constitution was part of the reconstruction of the “New Eritrean Society” of their image. If you call this argument as “Amanuel Hidratism” I will take it my friend. In any case if I was not familiar of “Hybrid system” before it hits our nation, can you please help if such kind of system where a president ( chief executive) is elected from a parliament anywhere in the world. Doctor Bereket will be remembered for good or bad by this “constitution that depict a hybrid institutional structure” that breeds dictators. I have a clear stand on this unhealthy Constitution.

            Senay Mishet,
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Hi Emma:

            Anta seb’ay, please leave the good doctor alone. The PFDJ has killed his baby, the 1997 constitution, after accusing him of selling out to the Afar and sullying the sacred document (because he met with an intellectual); and the proto opposition never adopted the baby because they had no say in its conception. So the PFDJ and the Proto Oppo can have a joint “The Constitution Is Dead” bonfire party:)

            As to its hybrid nature, think of it this way: it is a parliamentary system where the boss prefers to be called “Mr. President” and not “Mr. Prime Minister.” That’s it:) And no, Eich embley, I won’t discuss the fine points of the articles:)


          • Kokhob Selam

            ክቡር ወ ዕዙዝ ሓው ሳይ፯

            ኣነን ህግደፋውያንን እንራኸበሉ ሓደ ባህርይ ኣሎ – ንሱ ድማ ኣዘራርባ ክቡር ፕሬዘዳንት ምድጋም :: እዚ ብተሞክሮ ዘመዕበልናዮ ፍሉይ ክእለት ድማ “ዓሻ ሓደ ደርፉ “ዝብል ምስላ ክምሰለልና ገይሩ ኣሎ :: ግን ክልቴና (ኣነን ህግደፋዊ ዓርከይን) መንቀሊና ሓደ ክንሱ መዕረፊና ሓደ ኣይኮነን::

            ስለ’ዚ ቅዋም ክንብል እንከለና እንታይ ማለትና እዩ ? ኣቃውማ ናይ ሓደ ነገር ክኸውን ይኽእል – ዓንዲ ናይ ሓደ ኣግዶ ክኸውን ይኽእል : ኣብ’ዚ ሃገር ብተግባር ቅዋም ይኹን ኣቅወምቲ ወይ ቀወምቲ ወላ ተቃውምቲ በሎ የብልንና ::እዚ ንስለ ፖሎቲካዊ ሃልኪ ቀጻሊ ዝስማዕ ሃተፍተፍ ንዓይ ትርጉም ኣይህበንን እዩ :: ቅዋም ዝብል ኣምር ካብ ዝን ካብ ትን ቆናጪልካ ንጥቅሚ ናይ ወጻኢ ሓይልታት ብዝተፈላለየ መገዲ ኣዋቂዕካ ከተካይድ ምፍታን ባህሊ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ኣይኮነን :: ንዓይ ከምዝመስለኒ ኣብ ቃልሲ ዝናደዩን ዝኸሰሩን ለይትን መዓልትን ዝፍሕስዎ ከም ንፋስ ዝነፍስ ትርጉም ዘይብሉ ፖሎቲካዊ ሕንቃቐ እየ ክብሎ ዝኽእል ::

            ሕጂ እቲ ዝሓለፈ ቅዋም በርዒኑ ሞይቱ ኢልካ መደምደታ ክወሃቦ ይኽእል- ኣብኡ እንከሎ ብድብድቡ ማለተይ እየ :: ገለ ከም ኮኾብ ዝ ኣመሰሉ ‘ውን ዝ ህብዎ ካልእ ትርጉም ክህሉ ይኽእል እዩ :: ዘይተወልደ መዓስ ሞተ ? ዝብል ኣዝዩ ሓቂ ዝኾነ ሕቶ እንተሓቲቶም መላሲ ዘይብሉ ባዕሉ ዝተመለሰ ሕቶ እዩ ::

          • Tesfu

            Selamat saay7,
            Your last paragraph,” …..the re-zoning of Eritrea from 8/9 to 6 zones, I was supportive’
            The brute regime used to divide and rule mechanism/tacit applied, thus u did not see that? how do feel now? do not tell me it was done with good intention. Anafra kokah zefelt si aihadenain { hunter}

          • Haile WM

            Hi saay can you please email me the PDF ?

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Sal”:
            What are you guys talking about ቀጨውጨው? About the brainy young family she is mostly correct, but your test is not valid:
            ወረር ወረር: if used for tears it bad, if water is ወረር ወረር on your back during hot Kassala sun, it is good, if sweat is ወረር ወረር on your face it is bad
            ፈለኽ ፈለኽ: it is an ant in your shirt, it is bad:-)
            ሸታሕ ታሕ: if you are walking on slippery ground, it is bad,if you are playing on
            snow, it is good
            ጃሕ-ጃሕ: if your blood is ጃሕ-ጃሕ,it is bad, if your fountain, main-jah-jah is doing ጃሕ-ጃሕ it is good is good
            ወጃዕ-ጃዕ: is always good, drinking habesha coffee with family and frineds
            ኪር-ኪር: laughing hard
            ፍል-ፍል: water springin from the ground
            ዲም-ዲም: after grueling work on the trenches, Mahmuday will be happy to hear the sound of kobor
            ውሪሕ-ሪሕ: twinkling eyes for your kid when he cannot sleep:-)
            ሰለምለም: the beautiful girl rolling her eyes: tihawarer as Mahmuday says

            There are also those which do not make sense like ዕዳን ዕንዳድን and there is no such thing as ሰጋእ: ሰጋእ,i t ሰጋእ መጋእ, is one of those that do not make sense like ዕዳን ዕንዳድን just for the purpose of rhyming, just like your favorite Fihira song, “Romay the moon emerged from through Sky”:-)

          • saay7


            Fine!:) But for every single ክምስምስ there are 10 ሸምዳዕዳዕ: ፈንጠርጠር and ሃመመም. And leave Fihira alone:)


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Sal:
            በቃ ትግርንኛ ቆርጠም-ጠም
            this thing is a field in it self, if you sit down and think about it, a lot of the words like in Tig are made up of this pattern, I cannot prove it though, it is just ትሒም-ትሒም;-)
            በቃ ትግርንኛ ቆርጠም-ጠም

            እም ብሩኽ መዓልቲ አወል ቡነይ ፊት-ፊት እና በልኩ እታ ጸሓይ ድማ ብምብራቕ በሪቃ ኣላ ሎሚ

          • saay7

            Hi Cousin iSem:

            ok, I have heard some ቁርምርም and even some ኮርነፍነፍ that there is just too much ሃተፍተፍ going on in this thread, which they see as a sure sign of ሸምዳዕዳዕ. It is time for some ግልብጥብጥ


          • tes

            Selam saay7 et Semere Andom,












          • Kokhob Selam

            Hi Semere Andom

            እታ ጸሓይ ካብ በለት ብርቕርቕ :-
            ከም ኣመላ ብምስራቕ ብምብራቕ :-
            ተበግስ ወገነይ ኣደልዲልካ ዕጠቕ :-
            መዝገባት ጸላኢ እናበልካ ስንጥቕጥቕ ::

            ለይቲ ኳ ሓሊፉ ዝበለ ጸልምለም :-
            ብርሃን ኣብዘይብሉ ክንብል ሃተምተም:-
            ዝብኢ ክበልዓና እናበለ ሃሮምሮም :-
            ናይ ወኻሩ ፈኸራ ጭደራ ጨሮምሮም::

            ሕጂ ድ ኣ ወጋሕታ ዝብኢ ኣብ ዓወንወን:-
            ብርህርህ እንተኢሉ ዓይኑ ተዓሚተን:-
            ረፈድፈድ እንተኢሉ ፍጹም ኣይወዓለን:-
            ሸቀልቀል ኣትይዎ እነሆ ይሕቆን::

  • PTS

    Can some one enlighten us who this Suleiman from the Embassy of Eritrea in London is? Tsedal Yohanes briefly mentioned him and said he defected Ghdeli in the 80’s. Now he is a key figure on one of the key embassies.ካብ ዘገልገለ ዘውደልደለ ዝብልዎ ከምዚ ኢዩ
    He has a really bad manner. The way he treated folks in that exchange is shameful. He had a bad sarcasm “ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ዲኹም ክትሽጥዎ እዚ ቪድዮ” Sooo childish!
    And then we have the old and confused Ambassador Estifanos who thinks what happen last week was a traffic accident. Unbelievable! Eritrea deserves better than the Suleimans, the Estifanoses .and of course the snake at the top.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Selam PTS
      I don’t know if the guy in the video is Suleiman, it’s been 40 years. But I heard A certain Suleiman is a consular officer in the Embassy of Eritrea in Great Britain and Ireland (this same Embassy in the video). If that’s the guy, and it appears the man in the video resembles Suleiman (Gee, I wish I had a software that could regress age to show us the young Suleiman) here are some facts about him.
      1. He was a political teacher in kifli TaElim fitewrari, boot camp for the youth, (mid 70s to late 70s), together with Aster Fesehazion, and Fozia Hashem. Aster has been in prison since early 2000, with G-15, Fozia? Well, she continues to be the minister of INJUSTICE. Suleiman? Let’s see below.
      2. Suleiman changes non-combat units during the reatreat to Sahel of 1978-79.
      3. Early eighties he gets assigned to Brigade 44. Every tegadalay who knew him will tell you that he was just unable to stay in the trench (you know what I mean). The good thing about him, he was open about it.
      4. He is said to have deserted his unit and position during combat, and finally, he was assigned to the rear/support units. Isn’t it ironic that he was dismissing the act of shooting of kids who simply wanted to see their parents when he deserted his units amid fighting multiple times? Again, provided the guy in the video is in fact Suleiman.
      5. The guys had literally consumed and digested the Red Book of Mao, and related Marxist-Leninist theories of revolutions. I remember him for his lectures and long drawn debates. He was also active in literature, and was helping the music group of that Brigade.
      6. Some time in the eighties he deserts the field and heads to the diaspora.
      7. Some time after Independence, Suleiman surfaces. This time, the runaway coward becomes a “hero” tarnishing the names and deeds of the real heroes who held their ground all the years after he had deserted them, endured the pressure he had fled from , put up a tough fight completing the journey of liberating Eritrea. Those heroes, the likes of Aster Yohans (Tsedal’s sister), Aster Fesahazion, Meryam Hagos Senait Debesay and the rest of political prisoners, including the leaders of EPLF, are sullied by a guys who once deserted them amid the thick situation. That’s what we call in Tigrigna: ዘመነ ግርንቢጥ ማይ ንዓቐብ roughly translated: In paradoxical times, it sounds as if water runs uphill.

      • PTS

        Thanks Mahmuday. In the end, it reveals what kind person Isaias Afewerki is. It reveals his destructive and self-serving judgement.
        Nitricc would have done better job in answering questions than Ato Suleiman. Afterwards he releases brief statement on Tesfa News, he probably felt a little uncomfortable with his actions, or the internet-addict Yemane Geremeskel ordered him to issue the statement, having watched the youtube vid. The vid has nearly 20K views at last check.
        Have a great day.

      • tes

        Dear Mahmud Saleh,

        I would like to thank you for such historical narrations. Almost the same narration is also circulating on facebook. Indeed all current PFDJ officers are just like Suleiman. Back home, I remember all offices be occupied either by x-ESEPA (Derg Party members) or deserters. This was done based on PFDJ ideology: the “Yes Sir camp”. Who else better can serve dictators other than these people?


        • Ted

          Hi, tes, what does it make you from abusive PFDJ functionary to hothead Opposition. You are liability either way except the opposition is stuck with you.

          • tes

            Selam Ted,

            The opposition has so far scored tremendousness achievements. Today, the opposition has mastered the art of information diffusion and rebuttal of PFDJ fabricated and disinformation. I am happy and very optimistic on the way we are progressing.

            Today, the opposition camp is able to sit in every International media. We have known justice advocates and negotiators. We have well respected human rights activists and a spear headed on time alerting messengers.

            The justice camp is able to own a Noble Price Nominee and Professional consultants in law, human rights and Economic policies. Not only this, political parties like EPDP are getting stronger in their active members and International relationships.

            One of the strong achievement also exists from the youth camp. Today our youth are able to form a formidable civil (EYSC) and political movements (EMNS).

            Women’s association is more than anytime strong. Our women from Germant, Sweden, Norway, UK, Canada and USA are creating a vibrant advocate group on the women and gender issue.

            What is much more stronger achievement is “our political diversity”. We are so diverse and this diversity is a very healthy progress in the democratic process of nation building.

            The most notable achievement is;

            Today, YPFDJ is not courageous enough to describe himself as

      • saay7

        Selamat Mahmuday:

        When, sometime in the future, historians look at the Rise & Fall of the PFDJ, they will note that the coward accusing the brave is not a bug, but a feature of the system. Every time I heard about such characters, I am reminded of what Haile DeruE told an interviewer when he heard that Mesfin Hagos, Petros Solomon, Ogbe Abraha, Berhane Gebrezgabheir (literally the who-is-who of EPLF’s military elite) were being accused of cowardice:

        Although one can’t say that those who now are at the Central Office have never fired a gun, for them to accuse those who have successfully led many battles during the liberation war of “defeatism” is wrong and indication that they have ulterior motives which, at the very least, is to cover up blunders; or at its worst, to defame people before the PFDJ Congress.

        Indeed, ዘመነ ግርንቢጥ ማይ ንዓቐብ. It is not just at the military level: what can you say when somebody like Sophia Tesfamariam accuses somebody like Mesfin Hagos of treason?


        • Semere Andom

          Cousin Sal, let me translate your own words for MS
          Not a bug but feature means by design;-))

          • saay7

            Ummm iSem:

            Why are you translating for Mahmuday? The man is a multifaceted renaissance man. And of course a founding member of DCC, ahem.


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Sal:
            Just let us say: “it is not a bud, it is feautre”, nbel tray;-)

  • dawit

    Dear All.

    Today sakit I visited Asmarino.com, and I read an article (report) by a Journalist called Martin Plout, “Eritrea: naming the dead and injured conscripts in Asmara shooting”. He claimed he received from ‘reliable source’ inside Eritrea. This is the list:

    These are the names of some of the 18 wounded in hostpital:

    1) Dawit Mickael

    2) Abraham Fessehaye

    3) Habtom Girmay

    4) Mehanie Gebremedhin

    5) Biniyam Zeray

    6) Yonas Teame

    7) Seare Welday

    8) Yonatan Andemeskel

    9) Basiliyos Zemhiret

    10) Samuel Tekie

    Then he added two more names who died in the hospital; including the name of their fathers and work places

    1) Che’ay Haabtesilasie Gebremeskel the son of Mr Habtesilasie
    Gebremeskel who resides in Adi Guadad and works in a textile factory.

    2) Yafiet Fessehaye Mengesha the son of Mr Fessehaye Mengesha who is
    from Mai Temenai Asmara and works in the transport industry.

    Why is this ‘Seber News’ not reported here at Awate? The report has been posted 4 days ago. Checking the names it does not represent ‘Eritrea’ 50% Christians and 50% Moslems, 50% Men and 50% Women. Are those names real or fiction? Do people in Eritrea have Cellphones or Mobiles that take pictures and videos? If not I suggest Diaspora opposition should donate immediately Cellphones equipped with digital camera to Arbi Harnet (freedom Friday) group in Eritrea. It is shame that we don’t have a full coverage of the killing field of EDF in Asmara backed by pictures and video.

    • Semere Andom

      Did you apply econometricks to reach on this analys?
      I think the easiest way to prove it if this is fiction or truth is to call Asmara, if you have some relatives and ask them if they know “Che’ay Haabtesilasie Gebremeskel the son of Mr Habtesilasie Gebremeskel who resides in Adi Guadad and works in a textile factory, Yafiet Fessehaye Mengesha the son of Mr Fessehaye Mengesha who is from Mai Temenai Asmara and works in the transport industry.”
      And since your cousin Sal truly says the degrees of separation is about 2 or 3, you can verify that for your self, why are you waiting for Awate to verify for your, self reliance my friend, self-reliance, self-reliance, clinch your fist and repeat after me

      • dawit

        No econometrics, just simple logic, some thing your illogical planet is devoid of. Only the truth makes you free. How can you prove something which is not true? With another lie..

        • Semere Andom

          I agree, if someone is a lie from head to toe, telling Ethiopians that he was Ethiopian before they knew they were Ethiopian, and breaths lies he cannot distinguish between truth and untruth. ” nsu zbela Zerebana, nsu ztetsahafo qellemna”:

    • ‘Gheteb

      Selam Dawit,

      What Martin Plaut’s reported on the tragic and unfortunate incidence or episode claimed a total of 29 injured and shot dead. Here is the link


      Another report on Assena dot com, , alleges 23 dead and injured. This report is issued by a front that calls itself “United Eritrea Democratic Front” that Assena posted it is exactly the same to that of Martin Plaut’s report except this one is in Tigrigna.

      ” ኣብ ኣስመራ ዝተፈጸመ ቅትለትን ተወሳኺ ዝርዝራቱን: ቁጽሪ ምውታት ናብ 11 ክብ ኢሉ – 23 ቁሱላት ከምዘለዉ ተፈሊጡ ” Per Assena report.

      Otherwise, the names were first cooked up in Tigrigna by U.E.D.F guys whose leaders have just completed a trip to Addis Ababa just at the end of march and then they passed the information to Martin Plaut to put it in his report in English which was hoped it will be picked up by the BBCs, the Guardians and the likes international news outlets.

      No wonder then, what the Eritrean Embassy guy in the UK said rings so true. He told ጽዳል ዮሃንስ and Co., who were heckling the Eritrean embassy employess with made-up and imagined accusations. Here is what he told them:

      ” ኣብ ኤርትራ ሕማቅ ነገር ንኽመጽእ አትምነዩ ሰባት ኢኹም። እስኻትኩም ብዛዕባ ኤርትራ ትፈልጥዎ ነገር የሎን”::

      Otherwise, all the accusations that they peppered the Eritrean embassy employees with without merit or was NOT based on factual basis. Here are some of the outlandish accusations they leveled:

      (1)ናይ መንእሰያት መቕዘፍቲ ሰብ ኣብ ሓዘንን ጓህን አዩ ዘሎ::

      (2) ቀቲልኩሞም::

      (3) ኣብ ውሽጢ ኣስማራ ስለትፈጸመ ኩሉ ሰብ ሪእዩዎ::

      (4) አዚ መቕዘፍቲ ምስጢር ኣይኮነን ኣብ ኣስመራ ኩሉ ሰብ ሪእዎ::

      Accusation and more accusations without offering any supporting evidences.

      While all the exchange was going on, Sulieman was very quiet and calmly was responding to the inflammatory heckling questions while using his cell phone. Mind bogglingly, Sulieman is now finding himself at a receiving end of an ad hominem attacks by people who should know better.

      But what all the charades have demonstrated is that all those who have tried to cynically manipulate the tragic and unfortunate incidence or episode in Asmara have ended up only exposing how bankrupted they are. Actually, they ended up…

      ” ማይ ሓቋኖም ልኻይ ከም አተጸበዩ ጥራህ እዮም ሓቢሮም” and nothing else.

      • Semere Andom

        ” ኣብ ኤርትራ ሕማቅ ነገር ንኽመጽእ አትምነዩ ሰባት ኢኹም። እስኻትኩም ብዛዕባ ኤርትራ ትፈልጥዎ ነገር የሎን”::
        You know who said this? He was a defector, who was in EPLF then defected, then was rewarded with a post.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hi Sem,

          Does it matter to him? No, because he is a run away like him. Look, ብህድማ ዝልለዬ ሰባት ንሐጥያቶም መታን ንምክልኻል ምስህልው ስርዓት ኮይኖም ክጣማጠሙና ናይ ግድን እዬ:: ዕርድታት ቃልሶም ከአ በሐሰት ስለዝተነድቁ ፈረስቲ እዮም::

          ሰናይ መዓልቲ
          አማኑኤል ሕድራት

  • tes


    It is not because I didn’t trust for what you said but I see a betrayal within you. I see your uncle been betrayed by his son. However this betrayal is typical character of PFDJ & PFDJ cult followers. And you are not an exception.

    Shame on you!


    • Hope

      Like the one you did to your PFDJ Bosses.
      I rather ‘Betrayed PFDJ” for making me its victim but, you are what now?
      A PFDJ Victim or BENEFICIARY?
      Get it real and have some decent Counseling…and focus on your Ph.D Program rather than wasting your time with empty rhetoric and bravado about this and that.
      The best you could do is to join us OFFICIALLY those in the Progressive and Organized Parties like the EPDP and the Forum like Medrekh.

  • Semere Andom

    Hi Sheba:
    Do you mean you will have more respect if the opposition relinquished its cyber cry, slowly allowing it to dry and instead pursue military attack against PFDJ?