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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

PFDJ Toronto Mourns Its Tax Collector

The  moqSel Gibri[i] Collector was dismissed, today members of the Toronto Chapter of the PFDJ gathered to lick their wounds and to counsel each other. They showed brave faces by invoking old PFDJ slogans such as: “the more we are challenged the more defiant we become and the more our victory is assured against our enemies.” They addressed each other as “btsay” or comrade, reminiscent of the armed struggle generic title. PFDJ has long stopped using “btsay“, but lately this term and other revolutionary adjectives are slowing re-emerging. To my mind this is a harbinger at redefining the issues that are bedeviling Eritrea.  As PFDJ slowly loses support abroad, it is trying to re-frame the problems not as democracy and justice matter, but as territorial integrity.

The subtle message being: Ethiopia, supported by sell-out Eritreans and foreign countries, will occupy Eritrea if PFDJ is not in power. They hope that this will help rally all Eritreans in support of the PFDJ as a sole protector of the Eritrean sovereignty. The songs, singers and the tone were set during the May 24 celebration this year. They are counting on a precedent during the 1998 border war with Ethiopia, when all Eritreans, including long time opposition members, denounced Ethiopian’s incursion into Eritrean territory and stood by the Eritrean government. Times have changed, though, and Eritreans are debating whether to celebrate or mourn Eritrea’s independence as in its wake has ushered sufferings that pale in comparison to what the thugs before PFDJ have inflicted upon them.

True to its roots, the PFDJ Toronto Chapter celebrated its tragic failures, many of the devout yes men and women stood-up and delivered hate mongering speeches against Aaron Berhane and Ghezae Hagos, members of the Eritrean Human Rights Group who worked tirelessly to make the dismissal of the money-laundering PFDJ agent happen. They accused both Ghezae and Aaron as paid agents working on behalf of their bosses in New York.

They also asserted their Eritrean Canadian right to stand-up against the bullying of Canada and the UN. One by one they took on the microphone to preach to the converted why Canada is targeting them while they are paying the 2% voluntarily after they have involuntarily paid taxes to Canada. They invoked their legal right to fight not only against the “sell-out” Eritreans but against the Canadian government who they said has targeted them without hearing their side of the story. They pledged to fight as it is in their DNA to do so as it has been proved during the long Eritrean armed struggle.

Mr. Semere Ghebremariam O. Micael was asked to give remarks by YPFDJ member and below is the gist of his remarks:

Without mentioning Aaron Berhane by name, he said that he is a sell-out working for someone else and this is nothing new to us and that we will persevere as we have done before. Our enemies know that we are strong and they know that we can create miracles so they are so afraid of us. If I have worked against the rules of my host country my government would be the first to discipline me. As the government of Eritrea said in its statement, this is nothing except an infantile bully. Eritreans are united during such moments of trials, but we can be complacent during times of peace. War has been declared against us and the gloves are off. Let us stop being complacent he sheepishly said. He lamented that the world that was silent when Eritreans were slaughtered in Ona is accusing Eritrea of supporting terrorism.

When Dawit’s turn came to speak, he said that what Minister John Baird said was so humiliating that he would have slapped him if he was physically near him, even if it meant that he would be arrested, to which the crowd responded with supportive cheers and clapping.

Several people collectively pledged over $10, 000 to help hire a lawyer to fight Aaron Berhane and Ghezae Hagos, who they said were hell bent to tarnish the good name of the Eritrean Community and Eritrean government.

They have struck a new Canada-wide committee that will speak on behalf of the PFDJ. This committee will be named CECCO and comprises members from 7 Eritrean Communities across Canada and will expand to include Eritrean business associations to make it robust to withstand the assault from Hidmona Eritrean Human group and Aaron Berhane.

Ahmed, the former PFDJ representative in Ottawa, who said that he was dismissed by George Bush, mentioned that he issued Ghezae Hagos an Eritrean passport when Ghezae was in Montreal studying financially supported by the 2% Eritrean contribution. He did not have problem then; now, he has a problem with the tax that Eritreans are contributing with their own volition. He also accused both Ghezae and Aaron as agents working for remote bosses. He added that Aaron Berhane is just trying to pay back what he is owed while he was in Eritrea. He came here with the payment he received when he was in Eritrea by Eritrea’s enemies. Ahmed, of course, did not mention that Aaron Berhane was shot at while escaping his country to avert the crackdown of the journalists or the well-known fact that all his peers and friends have been disappeared for the last 12 years.

Listening to the speeches by the supporters, YPFDJ and PFDJ leaders you would not think this is an epoch 22 years of independence, it felt like the mid-eighties. It was a call to arms, bombs and bullets according Temesghen Haileab, who was the master of ceremonies. But he quickly retracted his line of “we want guns and bullets” by saying we cannot have guns and bullets here, but we need money to fight the bully that Canada is and the paid agents.

The overriding theme of all the speakers was that the fight has started, the gloves are off and that the Eritrean-Canadian Community must rally to defend its dignity. The irony in this meeting was that everyone who spoke invoked their right as Canadians to defend themselves, their reputation and their legacy. A woman speaker even said we cannot punch or kill Aaron here so we have to legally fight him and silence him. We have to take action to silence and to even confine him in his residence. The speakers were angry that their human right was violated by Canada when it humiliatingly dismissed Semere Ghebremariam O.Micael. I immediately remembered those Eritrean languishing in jails for decades.

There were also contradictions: while they asserted their Canadian right that no bully can take away, they also lectured the audience to teach their kids the Eritrean culture and history and to tell them to stay in school to milk the opportunities that the Canadian system affords them. “Our kids will be Kings and Queens in Eritrea because eventually we will all return back to our homeland”, said a speaker who they called Gebar.

The ugly reality is that the Eritrean kids born here will stay in Canada, will marry into black, white or Chinese Canadians and the “pure” Eritrean blood that triumphs over every problem will be no more. I would advise Aboy Gebar to teach his kids truth, fairness and he is not doing them any favor by grooming them to be members of YPFDJ, Africa’s version of Hitler Youth.

Last but not least, thanks to the label popularized by the Ghedli-Romantics, all the opposition were referred to as Andent, who are trying to give Eritrea to Tigray. Also conspicuously absent from the stage was Estifanos Negussie, the long-time PFDJ representative in Toronto. He quietly sat as if he was a regular supporter and never appeared on the stage. Lately, he has been pressured by family and friends to do the right thing and resign. Even a close friend went as far as telling him that history will be haunting him as an enabler of the suffering of his people. A decent man, corrupted by PFDJ, he finds himself between a rock and hard place. The gathering was held in the premises of the Eritrean Canadian Association of Ontario (ECAO), an organization that receives funds from the tax payers of Canada, while it is hosting and supporting PFDJ.  It is also alleged by many that it collaborates with the Eritrean government to collect the 2% taxes that Canada categorized as illegal.

[i]  In Tigrinya language, antonym of “Mohway Gibri” (healing tax). The 2% tax that bleeds Eritreans.

About Semere Andom

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  • Judging by the tone of his report and the extent of childish satisfaction he seems to get out of the sad situation, he could be a disguised woyane agent. But if he is a true Eritrean and did it 100% convinced that by so doing he would advance the Eritrean democratic cause, he must be exceedingly shallow and that he had not learnt anything from the lessons of the past.

    When woyane decided to stir up border incidents as a means of engulfing the two countries, Eritrea and Ethiopia, into war, it invited to Addis Abeba many former ELF senior officials, the officials, whom, only fifteen years before, it had collaborated with EPLFs in the disintegarion of their organization.

    Fours after the disintegarion of ELF, convinced that the Eritrean liberation was weakened and that the people of Eritrea were divided, woyane attempted to futher accentuate the problem by painting EPLF as Petty Bourgeois organization that did not represent the interest of Eritrea.

    Woyane as an organization is weak but since it has become proxy of the interest of the Western powers, we have to understand that it is a potent threat to the very existence of our country. unfortunately, our home front is not safe either. Isaias Afewerqi does not seem tyrant for tyranny’s sake; day by day, it is becoming more and more apparent that he is woyane more than Eritrean.

    Recall Adolf Hitler was not a German, he was Austrian.He joined Germany in the Frist War and as a German Chanceller, he annexed Austria with Germany. Secretive Isaia Afewerqi may be playing Hitler.

    In the context of all these intertwined problems, the question we should all ask is: How do we extricate our country? Should we painstakingly forge Unity and foil the conspiracy of woyane and Isaias, or bicker like children , in the manner of the reporter, and let the conspirators drives wedges between us? We must choose.

    • Asmara Eritrea

      Let’s stop blaming others, including Wayane who have created a nationhood in 20 years whilst Eritrea has been shredded to bits by a brutal regime. I ask to people who cheer from the comfort of western cities, why are you not in Eritrea? The obvious answer is because the godfather would kick the hell out of you and lock you up in one of his shipping containers. People such as Dawit think they are smart but they fool no one but themselves – if you are so proud of the Eritrean regime go to live there. You would probably try to find an exit route out of the country in a matter of days. People who support such an oppressive regime need to have their brain tested – I fail to see how they can be normal and support such brutal dictator. That’s why people, including lone 10 year olds, are fleeing the country in huge numbers. Why would people flee their country if things are normal? Have you heard of any American, German, British fleeing their country? NO!

      I write the truth – call me Agama, Wayane or what ever [x]….. label you wish to give me. I know who I am – a [x]…. .. proud Eritrean and will always be.

      Eritrea for ever, death to the dictator.

  • Semere Andom

    Btsay SAAY:
    It was delusional, they all believe they have been wronged and they committed to make it right.
    Also Dawit’s comments (the guy who was saying, EPLF searched a lost magazine for a month) said he would have slapped the minster even if it meant he would be arrested is edited, so is Temesghen, master of ceremony, who first said we need guns and bullets and then retracted it by aying we cannot have guns we need money, but message was delivered.
    The speakers were pre-selected and the fund raising was choreographed, when a lady who was given a chance to speak instead said everything has been addressed, but I want to donate $500 to help fight then several people followed, including the nephew of Hagos Kisha, Solomon Asfaha, who donated $200 after advising members that our strength is our weakness, the strength been our love of Eritrea and weakness being not voting in Canadian elections as we are so consumed with our love of Eritrea.
    The consul was disgraced and there was no neqfeta, gemgam, the world is not our world said btsay Semere and he quoted Michael Fessehaye, who was head of transportation and died few years, who reportedly said that if he can find only one Eritrean he can do miracles, cuss one Eritrean is like thousands.
    And there was Tiebe, the wife of a martyr who called Canada belaEti klte siga for not recognizing Eritrea during the armed struggle, but recognized it now after independence and deported Semere to Eritrea, while they told here there is no country called Eritrea when she was immigrating to Canada.
    Also one speaker (Gebar) who always complained that Ethiopia deported Eritreans said that let Canada deport all of us, we are going to our country
    Semere A

  • This article along with the video link made possible by one of the readers is valuable. Listening to the short speeches made,including one by the deported official, remind us how much the Eritrean soul has degenerated. Rather than addressing the core issue of the 2%, explaining what led them into a collision course with the Canadian Government and telling others how to remedy such a grave situation, almost all of the speakers take the audience into a detour to bypass the reality and the truth.

    Speaker after speaker, including the deportee, labeling the two activists, who campaigned against a taxation they deemed illegal, as hired agents. Hearing several of them promising to fight the host country, denigrating it as a whole and not the particular office holder is alarming to they the least. Some other speakers sounded rationally challenged, when they tried to argue that Eritrea asks a lot less than Canada, clue less of the fact that the host country according all the quality of life they enjoy has an inherent right to tax its citizens, while Eritrea, as a foreign country lacks authority as well as right to tax citizens of another sovereign country. The so called 2% they pay can only be disguised as a conscientious act. And we all That is not the case.

    • Salyounis

      Selamat Tsige and all:

      Here are some observations from the video of the farewell party that PFDJ Canada held for Comrade Semere Ghebremariam O. Micael (we “live blogged” the video at awate’s facebook page and called it”Greatest Hist from the Wailing Party”):

      1. Cognitive Dissonance: There was a sentiment that this (expelling of an Eritrean diplomat) would not have happened “if we were more unified.” But there was also a sentiment that what we need now is to declare war (a “counteroffensive”) on Eritreans. (unity, in PFDJ parlance, means conformity.)

      2. Cognitive Dissonance II: A speaker said, “I pay 15% tax against my will to Canada…I stopped working overtime because I am overtaxed. It is my right to pay 2% voluntarily to Eritrea.” Wrap your head around that, if you can.

      3. Cognitive Dissonance III: We will start a new organization to combat the attacks against us. In normal countries, it is the embassy that does that, of course: you don’t need an organization to deal with citizenship issues. But here, they are not talking about problems associated with being Eritrean; they are talking about problems associated with being the financier of a renegade group.

      4. Comrade: As has been noted by others (including Seyoum Tesfaye’s reportage at Asmarino on Yemane Gebreab’s meeting in Atlanta), the PFDJ are pulling the EPLF card. Of course, in Tigrinya, the two organizations have two shared words (hzbawi gnbar) and the PFDJ had been milking the goodwill towards EPLF by referring to itself as “hzbawi gnbar” or “gnbar”. But now that PFDJ is known by its tigrinya accronym as hgdef, it is clear that the reference to hzbawi gnbar is to EPLF. Add to that meda, Hafash wdbat, and btsay, then, clearly, they are going back to Sahel 2.0 (Just in case there is doubt, one of the speakers, Ahmed Imam (more on him below), referred to Mozambique, Samora Michel and “a luta continua..Qalsna yQxl.”

      5. Gulbub Mrqa: Ever since PFDJ discovered that “blessing in disguise” can be translated (Gulbub Mrqa), it has been using it to label every disaster as a victory. We are at war? Well, it turns out, this is not a disaster: izi gulbub mrqa iyu: this is a blessing in disguise as it solidifies our unity and teaches Eritrean youth patriotism. In that vein, here’s what Ahmed Imam said about Semere’s expulsion:

      (a) I used to be stationed in Oakland and my wife (in Canada) used to appeal to Yemane and Hagos to end our separate lives, but they told her this was a national call. But then George Bush ended her misery and she was unified with her husband.

      (b) The expelled Semere has a grown son in Asmara from whom he has been separated and won’t even recognize him. Now, he can be re-united with him.

      Absent in this gulbub mrqa is that the George Bush administration closed the Eritrean consulate in Oakland because the Isaias Afwerki regime mismanaged its relationship (by arresting American Embassy employees in Asmara, by opening diplomatic pouches.) Absent in this discussion, also, is that the reason Semere’s son lives in Asmara, separated from his dad, is most likely because he has not been able to sneak him out as the Isaias Administration requires one child (at least) to be held as a security deposit in case Eritrean diplomats overstay their visits.

      Chances are, right now, there is a PFDJ official thinking on how to deal with this Gulbub Mrqa: we will just tell Eritreans to include in their remittances to family members in Eritrea, a 2% remittances, then we will get it from their families in Eritrea. We can make this work to our advantage: we will get it from everybody including those who didn’t use to pay…

      The thing that got me in the whole video was one guy saying “its not easy being Eritrean”–but he wasn’t talking about Eritreans perishing in Sinai, or Eritreans who are being tortured, made to disappear, or whose lives wasting away in Eritrean prisons and fields and deserts. He was talking about the “harassment” that host countries give PFDJ apologists like him when they are out and about breaking laws. How did Serray put it? It is the parasite complaining about his right to suck on the host without any molestation.


      • Semere Andom

        Also absent from the video is when the speaker Dawit said he could have slapped the minister and when the master of cermony, said we need guns, but then retracted it by saying we cannot have guns, but we need money to fight.
        Also, the consul has been disgraced and no questions were asked “kem neqfeta”
        It was delusional as they all believed that they were wronged.The speakers were pre-selected and the fund raising was also a Choreographed, a lady who was given a chance to speak replied “zbehal klu tebahulu eyu, gna $500 yewfi aleku kem hagez” and then others followed including Hagos Kisah’s nephew Solomon Asfaha controbuted 200.

      • haile

        Selamat saay,

        nice read:)

        I just want to point out, since the vid has been “live blogged”, that one of the things that I can’t sleep well with is suspecting that I might be credits for something I am not duly entitled for.

        The video was posted on (nay qedem gezawtkhum:-) ) on the following link;

        So, I only forwarded it to serray to save him time, and didn’t have to do my special somersault to get it.

        If you already know, please ignore…else thank btsot nay dehai everyone.


      • Selam Saleh,

        It is satisfying to be able to elicit a critical thinker’s take of a thought provoking event. I have hard time taking my mind off these degenerate phenomena you rightly painted. Perhaps, it is the result of the unrelenting dose of propaganda style brainwashing that pervaded our generation over the decades, before and after the gedli.Once more, one could easily generalize that all active participants were hypocritically animated.And they have no idea, to their detriment, if the content of the discussion was translated and made available to the host country, how much of their state of mind it could reveal.

        As usual you did a wonderful job of coming up with an expanded, lucid observation.


  • Selamawi

    What an excellent reporting!!! Bravo Semere.

    Because of the courage of the reporter and people such as Ghezae, Aaron…etc, PFDJ has started crying out foul and systemically cracking. It’s so amazing to see how fast the tables have started to turn! The trick to this is to keep on denting a hole where it hurts them the most and that is what exactly Ghezae and et al have done. In due time, these individuals will be remembered as Eritrean Heroes even though for now they seem a bit of a villain to the hard core retarded supporters.

    I hope this action will be replicated all across the globe where PFDJ seems to have a grip. However, the more PFDJ starts to bleed, the more they will cause harm not only to the proponents of change but also to their family and associates. So some vigilance will be required here. It’s also worth remembering that from now on more name calling, labeling such as “traitor”, “sell-out”, “agame”, “CIA agent”, “ELF”, “Andnet”,…etc will be commonly used and if you are an activist just be cognisant of this reality and do not give up to their cheap labelling.

    Change is coming but we all have to effect it…

  • Serray

    Thanks Semere,

    It is sad to read the indignation of self-sufficient parasites, “it is my to suck as much blood as I want to” mentality. As good as the reporting is, I wish someone put the meeting on youtube and provide a copy to the canadian officials…these countries need to see what goes on behind closed doors to really appreciate the evil stocking citizens like gezae and hagos.

    • semere Andom

      Hi Serray:
      We are working on putting our hand on the videos and putting them on youtube, but in the meantime we will give a written notorized affidavit to the Canadian government to let them know what goes on the meetings of PFDJ
      Semere A

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Serray:
      We are working on receiving the full video to put it on youtube as you mention, in the meantime we will be giving a written, notarized affidavit to the Canadian government sot they know what goes on in these meetings.

      Semere A

    • haile

      Selamat Serray,

      Here a video of the event


      • Haile,

        I looked hard to see if I could find you in the crowd. Where were you sitting? It’s a big crowd. They may have been a friendly crowd for you. Were they not?

        • haile


          Please don’t look or search for anything. It might kill off the few remaining brain cells you have left:) Statistician, Historian, Linguist, Anthropologist, and now municipio, what is next…aray beles?

          • Zegeremo


          • Mr. Haile,

            🙂 Unlike you who made a grave error when attempting to illustrate the ideological divisions among Eritreans using a very basic statistics, I have basic knowledge in many different disciplines.

            To add insult to your injury, you told everyone that you used practical application of statistical tools at your work on a daily basis, perhaps to test seeds. When you told us what you do for a living to prove that you were right, I said to myself:” Wuhatiyo tebeluwas tugosmo”:-)

      • Serray

        Thanks Haile,

        The sense of entitlement is impressive…you will think, if you don’t know this is about 2 percent, they are meeting because a member of the front was killed by the canadians. Shaebia is desperate to import medda to diaspora. The idiots have no idea they are speaking on behalf of a government that kills if they exercised what they exercising the freedom afforded to them by canada. These are enemies of canada. I wonder how many of them are on welfare.

        • haile

          ha…serray, interesting angle to look at it. V.Good observation!

  • T..T.

    Thanks Semere for the report.

    We all know that Higdef is represented by thugs and predators in outside world. Even their Higdetfies fish hate the Higdef’s predator fish. So everyone is happy that the Higdef’s predator was thrown out of Canada. The opposition should keep punching and faster in other areas. Their thugs (Higdefites) are re-organizing themselves; they should not be given any space for counter-punching.

  • Mr. Semere Andom. a quote from your article, “they also lectured the audience to teach their kids the Eritrean culture and history and to tell them to stay in school to MILK the opportunities that the Canadian system affords them.” What a racist statement. Your message to us; to the youth, we should not take interest to learn Eritrean Culture & History. You want us to abandon & forget the people & country our parents & we left behind. We know who you take your orders from. Inciting the authorities againist decent patriotic Canadian Eritreans & the institutions that serve them will not break us. Wala temerere we will persevere.

    • Semere Andom

      Dear Ertreanseb:
      It is good that you learn your culture that you left behind, but have respect of the values of your country of choice and live by rules of the country that is helping you get educated, keeps you safe. Try to take the rule of law, justice and democracy back to Eritrea instead of becoming servant of the mafia regiem in Eritrea. The young people like have ample opportunty to be champions of justice, peace and democracy in our country, do not listen to the pfdj, they do not wish good for all of us. Can you do that?
      Do not believe anyone just learn what you people are going through with open mind, I am sure you are smart enough to discrimate between right and wrong. Good luck on your quest.
      Semre A

  • Araya

    @Semere Andom AKA EX-ELF
    Semere why can’t you let go and accept that ELF dead? It has been over 30 years and you are still carrying the grudge on your body. PFDJ or YPFDJ or any normal people have moved on with that part of history. Now, let it go and try to be positive and productive with ever years have left. No one cares about Canada, just you know.

  • I am still waiting a comment from comrade Haile on Semere Andom’s report. The report looks like it was written for comrade Haile (who I cannot yet categorize to which group he belongs), the Ghedli romantics, and the PFDJ loyalists. 😉 (I like to pick on haile until I find out which group he belongs to)

    Comrade Haile and some of the Ghedli-romantics, and almost all the PFDJ loyalist have a near sighted view of the world. When it comes to Eritrea, they put the cart before the horse. This myopic refusal to put things in order indicates that they are more concerned about “the land” than about the “people”.

    The PFDJ world is now a new ballgame. Here are the new scenarios that are being posed by PFDJ:

    -PFDJ wants to reclaim EPLF as was witnessed at the meeting held by Mr. Moneky. Mr. Monkey was reported to have never mentioned PFDJ. Instead, he reportedly kept calling his party EPLF.

    -The big turnout at DC demonstration, and the declaration of the consulate of Eritrea in Toronto as persona non grata are forcing PFDJ to reconsider its strategy. Such strategy as rousing apathetic PFDJ loyalists by frequently mentioning key terms is one among many. These key terms include: “Hager tewerira”, “Badime is still in the hands of weyane”, “merietna aytehanxexen”, “Neo-andinets are rising”, so and so forth.

    • haile

      Btsay Dawit,

      I was just waiting to be invited, so that you don’t accuse me of interrupting your party:-). I have already my point the day the news was announced to Semere Andom. If this event forces the PFDJ to mend its ways or the opposition to make head ways it is a good thing. I believe those individuals working to effect this are smart and dedicated, and should have been able to easily bear the fruits of their hard work and see their dreams realized. They have valid arguments, intl. support, a great many Eritreans looking for change and better future. What do you think is slowing the process down? Tesfay Temnewo made a commendable speech in DC, let’s hope we are paying attention. I am of the view that some one/something is holding us back. You know very well who/what…

  • rezene

    The camel …… While the woyane dogs bar….
    Viva pfdj

  • Tewolde Tesfamariam

    Good job brothers and sister! The more HGDEF barks the more we realize that they are hit hard. It is indeed an essential indicator.
    Thanks semere for updating us what is going on around canada!
    and thanks Canada for standing with the people of Eritrea.
    We hope the other countries will follow suit.

  • Hagos

    Good report. Well done Ghezae and Aaron!

    In the mean time, I invite you to watch a very funny interview with a PFDJ supporter woman:

  • mrbig

    Losers caught lieing. I heard there were lots of Eritreans at the farewell party and this belies the claims by the two wet blankets, Aaron and Ghezai that Eritreans are pressured into paying taxes! Now it seems the argument is changing to “Canada says its illegal” or that its because Eritrea is a dictatorship. The foolish minority angering the great majority thinks its winning points somewhere somehow. A truly sad spectacle!

  • Dear Semere Andom,

    Excellent recap-report from the vampire of PFDJ’s gathering.Keep up. I salute for Ghezae and Aeron in particular and the Canadian-Eritreans in the forfront aginst EPFDJ in general, to evict and expel successfully the EPFDJ representative for the criminal money extortion case. Good job you make us proud for what we are thriving.

  • Mashi

    for immigration fraud call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (1-866-347-2423).

    • Araya

      Wey gud, you will be the first one to be deported. 99 % of you lied to your teeth to go to the worthless place called Canada. Who wants to lie to go to Canada? People just go crazy with this nonsense staff.

      • mashi

        Did I mention where i live, why did you think I am from Canada. I mentioned Green Card, that should been enough clue for you to figure where i live. I guess what happened in Canada is killing you, wooy goooooooooooooooooood.

  • Mashi

    Next task should be to organize and report to those who trashed Eritrean Government to secure Green Card and once they get go back to their old ways of supporting the dictator who was the main reason that they got the asylum, what a double standard, once it is proven it can result immediate deportation. Believe it or not some even go back to Eritrea to visit. Time to send them back to the dictator once and for good.

    • Kokhob Selam

      that is good idea. but where will they go? i don’t think pfdj will agree to receive them. people with double stand don’t are not respected everywhere.

  • beruk

    Great report! Also kudos for Aaron & Gezae for their successful effort. You guys are true lovers of the Eritrean people. You are truly feeling the pain of our people. Hope your exemplary work is adopted in all other countries so as to deny the vampires a ground once & for all. As to the gullible PFDJ supporters, we pray to God to help them see & understand the unimaginable suffering of our people. God bless Eritrea & its people.

  • beruk

    Great job Aaron & Gezae for their your tireless effort to

  • Viva Canada

    Aaron and Ghezae, I am so proud of you guys and others involved to bring this about. Thank you, for hitting the Eritrean monster where it pains most. I hope, your effective approach to bring some tangible results will be emulated all over the world.

    miS-buzuh misigena.
    Tsifuw hawikum

  • F.M.

    Not able to see the writer’s name when reading articles on iPhone .

    Thank you for the good reporting. The Eritrean government supporters gathering seems to me was a call for violence . The guy named Temesgen and others made what in the US is called a terroristic threat. Canada better watch them closely before they carry out their threat.

  • M.Ali

    Congratulations to Eritrean Torontonians who demonstrated in front of the consulate, who walked through Nathan Philip square during independence day carrying slogans against PF(JD), who went to Ottawa in cold season and made their voice heard in front of the Parliament.
    Thanks Canada!! Canada is with our people who suffering in and outside of Eritrea.
    Again…Asey Asey, Mabrook,

  • Semere Habtemariam

    Excellent report, Moksi.

    Great job Ghezae and Aaron–you represent the best of activism.

    Personally I object the “taxation without representation” and not the 2% per se, but, in the context this fight was waged, I take my hats off for both Ghezae Hagos and Aaron Berhane.

    In appreciation and admiration

  • efriem

    nice job aron birhan

  • efriem

    enough is enough we lost our young generation in sehra sinay .ppl wake up its time to stop the dictatoral regiom isseyas .stand up stand up for your right ppl

  • Canad still sees Eritrean a once secessionist province of Ethiopia as illegitimate good for nothing bunch of rebels. interestingly 23 years on Canada is yet to be proved wrong..Given what it tool, What has Eritrea brought to any one other-than a tacky piece of ID?

    • nurhussein s

      Brother lay the blame on your master dictator!!!! wake up smell the coffee!Isu’s ship is sinkinng fast than you imagine!

  • Hagos Berhane

    It’s unfortunate that these poor souls are unable to see the suffering our people are going through, I read the article and I felt as if I was there, I have a neighbour who harbours the same attitude. God help Eritrea, I wish I could say the end was near and that there is light at the end of the tunnel!!! These people will not rest until Eritrea becomes another Somalia. PFDJ supporters, if you are reading this, please; take a moment, think and look around you. How can you support a regime that is systematically killing our people.