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I came across this story long time ago, when a knowledgeable man, an Eritrean, was using it as an allegory to a real life-situation he was delineating. In the context of his topic, the story seemed to lock to the situation firmly and portrayed its details in a true and revealing analogy. The story, though funny and looking superficial to the uninitiated , simple and single layered in its implications, is, to the contrary, subtle,  complex, multidimensional and comes in many shapes and forms. This is the story as told by the old man:

There was, once, a tramp who couldn’t afford the money to eat shish-Kebab in a restaurant, but have enough ingenuity to find a way to eat what he can afford (that is dry bread with no gravy or meat) and eat that with sticks of juicy Kebab that he may pay not a dime for. It was a brilliant idea and above all no blood would be shed for it.  He goes there nearer to the cook doing the sticks, and stands taking a position, getting busy eating his bread on the smell and aroma coming out of the meat grilled beside him. The restaurant manager, observing the drama since its inception from afar, decided, at last, to have a role while trying to make profit for his business. He jumps to the tramp’s throat asking for the price of the smell and the aroma which he included his bare bread meal. The tramp, confused as he should be, was not entirely friendless however, for there was a third man, with a wider perspective of the theatre, observing, at the same time, the whole episode from its beginning, including the manager’s moves and advances. He, at last, jumped from his table and came swiftly to the center of the drama and tossed a few ringing coins to the floor. Distracted by the jingle of the coins, the manager turned to look at the coins on the floor and then at the man who tossed the coins standing close by, smiling.  Taking one step forward closer to the manager, the man, giggling, said to him: the jingle from my coins you just heard was the price, including the tips, paid in full for this man’s full meal of smell and fumes of your shish kebab, and that settles the matter once and for all.

Now, you may be doing well if you started scratching your head, searching for a parallel to this story in meaning, applied to your experience of reality, but I, I propose to you a perfect looking analogy to reality, in this story.  Doesn’t your self- appointed president, IA, looks as if he is in the restaurant–manger’s position wherein the Eritrean people are asked to pay for a merely descriptive and unsubstantiated  Independence? You have the right to argue this and say why, our independence is not theoretical and certainly is not unsubstantiated, you have also, at your disposal, a juxtaposition of facts supporting your Feelings and warm temper:  we have a flag, you would say, and we have a national anthem! a seat in the United Nations and in the AU, we have a national currency, Ambassadors and Embassies around the world and we have, above all, an Army, a big army. All grand and stuffy assuring things, especially the flag and national anthem, and the army segments. The flag and the anthem are good for  serving as our mirror of necessary narcissistic self-projection, the army for satisfying the condition of the old league of nations’ definition[i] of a nation as being that of an entity capable of waging war. And, oh, boy what a ‘war waging’ entity is our nation! No one nation could rival or surpass our newly invented nation in the ‘war waging’ industry except that 19th century small landlocked nation of Paraguay, who, in 1864, started a war ( curiously enough dubbed as “El Guerro el Mas Stupido” )[ii]   on all three countries surrounding it, at once, and lost two thirds of its male population in the process although it almost managed to beat all its foes, together and at the same time, before being ground down and damn near wiped out at last.

The particulars of the 19th century Paraguay with its super-macho psyche is indeed depressing and weighs heavy on the heart of even a remote spectator watching through the 21st  century aperture. But, lucky him such observer, the law of association and contrast is here to rescue him from grief and bail him out of bemoaning and lamenting the human condition by pointing out and revealing, in the spirit of consolation,  a bright spot shining now in that neighborhood of gloomy past. Perhaps, it would be perceived comfortably if the story of this glittering spot is wrapped in familiar terms, tangentially close to our environs, that is why our version of the story starts with yet another story which took place sometime ago under the roofs of the Security Council of the UN. The story involved the Representatives of the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of Costa Rica in a not so cold an altercation[iii]. It is important, here at this point, to remember that the Republic of Costa Rica has, since early in 1947, dismissed and abolished its army and further made it, constitutionally, illegal to resurrect it.  This seems to have happened in response to objective reasons, but considering even the narrowest mundane rationale makes it seem, indeed,  a wise and clever move from a country bordering two relatively huge neighbors, the only ones it can, theoretically, go to war with, and which however strong it may get, the venture to take part in a war with either of them may be suicidal in the last analysis. So why have an Army which will, always, be expensive and, surely, lose against the bigger brothers any way? Additionally, that country may have, correctly, figured out that in our modern world no one dares waging  war on nations without armies, it may have thought so, and so it dissolved its army forever.  The Sudanese representative, angry at Costa Rica for backing the council’s resolution on Darfur, thought that he got the hyena by the jugular, and threw the B word to the floor. He branded Costa Rica and called it a ‘Banana republic[iv]‘. The Ambassador of the banana republic didn’t get mad or anything near, he just referred the Sudanese Ambassador to ‘the United Nation’s Human Development Index‘ of the year for revision before blabbering. I don’t know if the Sudanese Ambassador followed the Costa Rican’s advice and checked the index, but if he did, he wouldn’t find a classification of republics based on their association with fruits or vegetables, he will not find there any state marked as a banana or a ‘Onion republic’. For that, he should dig deeper into the figures and even then he is would surprise himself by finding the great Republic Of  Sudan not at the head of the list of banana republics but, probably, at the foot of the of beles republics’ list. The ambassador would have further surprised himself, had he chosen to amuse himself and go  much deeper, by discovering that the country he labeled a Banana republic is not the country hosting the  headquarters of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights only but also the home of the United Nations’ University of Peace.   And now, even after three years or more since that altercation during a security council’s session, The Sudanese ambassador could  have been surprised to find the banana republic of Costa Rica, among few other countries, mostly without armies, standing at the forefront of countries pioneering and achieving a  100% dependence on renewable energy sources. Most importantly, the Sudanese Ambassador may have discovered, had he heeded to the Costa Rican advice, that from the 187 countries listed in the united nations human development index in that year the comical Republic of Costa Rica ranked as No. 69 while the great Republic of Sudan was at a bottom rank of 169.

It seems, however, that the Sudan Ambassador didn’t follow the Costa Rican advice, or, perhaps, he has done so but felt it trivial as to share the news about the status of his country vis-à-vis  “the united nations Human development index”  with his bosses in Khartoum. One is inclined to believe this, by only watching and listening to what the Sudanese officials say about themselves and the rest of the world:

in  November 2012, Mr. Mustapha Al Tayyib, Omar Al Bashir’s maternal uncle, an influential politician and journalist, tried to water down and trivialize the Eritrean people’s struggle. He wrote in the ruling party’s paper Al-Intibaha, that Eritrea was a country exclusively created by Sudan, preparation and cooking! On top of its falsehood the Sudanese presidential uncle’s raving is, no doubt, provocative and obscene, but   provocativeness and obscenity seem to be an inherent nature running in the family! The nephew, president Omar Al Bashir, himself  have been so insensitive as to say this, according to the Sudanese Journalist Sayyid Ali Abu Amna, who related, the later deceased, Hassan Al-Turabi’s narrative concerning Al-bashir’s reaction, when it  was reported to him and briefed on the rape of women in the context of atrocities and war in Darfur: “The black Darfurian should feel honored on being raped by an Arab”. This seem to be the customary obscene demand by a haughty oppressor requiring that his victim should not only keep quiet and mum on being trampled upon, but also feel grateful for the aggression and humiliation she/he suffers. The victim’s emotional state in relation to the oppressor indolence was powerfully expressed in the literature of the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky in this fragment from one of his novels: ” is it not possible to simply eat me up without insisting that I should sing praising my devourer?“. The same obscenity and indolence is also clearly displayed in the situations of the officials of ” Nevsun Resources”– the predatory mining company, who, besides enslaving the Eritrean youth, is in a thief- fence[v] relation with the Eritrean dictatorial Kleptocracy–,  Mafiosi seeming officials of the company, officials like Serge Solomonogov, the technical service manager, who have the audacity to imply the demand that the Eritrean people should feel grateful for the company’s shameful plunder, exploitation and torment affected on them citing the bogus claim that the company is making the favor of transferring knowledge to Eritreans and training them. Wow! What shameless, audacious ugly grinning faces they have!      

[i] From Aldous Huxley’s book “The Human Situation” – the chapter on war and Nationalism.

[ii] The “Stupid War” in Spanish

[iii] This story was told by Ustaz Faisal Babikr of  the Sudanese on-line Newspaper in 2013 in an essay (Arabic) under the title of “The Jurisprudence of priorities: The Costa Rican wisdom”.

[iv] A pejorative term for a country with a Kleptocratic government, often with a primitive economy. Originally the term was used to refer slanderously to any small country especially in Central America that is politically unstable and has an economy dominated by foreign interests, usually dependant on one export  such as bananas. (

[v]  According to Wikipedia A fence or a receiver is an individual who knowingly buys stolen property for later resale, sometimes in a legitimate market. The fence thus acts as a middleman between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods who may not be aware that the goods are stolen.

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  • Abraham H.

    Selam Awatista, Trump is surely going to be a man of action: he has already started delivering on his election promises no matter how outrageous they might be.
    -Mexico border wall to be built soon
    -Obamacare to be undone
    -Ban on all refugees from Syria indefinitely
    -Ban for 30 days on entry to US from nationals of these countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Somalia
    -Refugee cap of 50000 for 2017, from the previouly planned 110000
    -Suspend refugee admission from all countries for 120 days
    -Register and make public all information of all non-US born persons in the USA who’ve been radicalised and engaged in terrorism related acts. No spesifications given as to what constitutes radicalization or terror related acts, meaning people could be implicated in droves
    -In-person interviews for all persons who enter the US
    -Suspend visa-issuance to countries of ‘special concern’; list to be prepared within 60 days; i guess countries like Eritrea and Ethiopia could be included here.
    More to come from Trump, fasten your belts folks.

    • Dear Abraham H.,

      You seem to be worried about this person as i am. It is difficult to imagine that he is not paranoid. Dictatorship is coming to the usa and people seem not to care much. Dictators always attack first the weakest targets to the satisfaction of their supporters, and gradually their own people, because in the end people are forced to say NO to their dangerous actions that negatively affect the people and the country.

      Up to now he is confined to issues within the usa. If americans continue to endorse his outrageous policies, it is up to them. What he will try to do with the rest of the world remains to be seen, and it is much more important. His love affair with Putin is not going to work, uk always follows in the footsteps of any leader that comes to the white house, but she cannot give legitimacy to Trump however she tries, China is not going to be intimidated, the arab/muslim world is on its feet, europe is scared trumpism will overrun the continent, the third world is becoming fearful and hopeless, anti-americanism that was quelled by Barack Obama is growing again, etc. It seems as if he came to bring an armagedon to the world. If we see the matter with religious spectacles, it looks like the antichrist is already here, and the world does not seem to be aware of it. Last time he was saying that he regrets that the usa did not control the oil in Iraq, and he is waiting for another chance to do so. That means, in the future he will go into any country and take anything he likes.

      This man is dangerous, and few americans seem to care. God save the world.

      • Simon Kaleab

        Selam Horizon,

        You do not like the Democratically elected American president. To borrow from ‘comparethemarket’ advert, it is ‘simples’ really … You can return to your beloved Ethiopia.

      • Kalihari Snake

        Good afternoon Horizon (GM+3): Should you not be concerned with the TPLF dictatorship in your own backyard instead of worrying about the U.S.A. political scene? By the way, how much of the US$ 948 million humanitarian assistance that an economic vibrant Ethiopia has recently appealed for are you banking an evil Trump administration to foot the bill for?

        • Simon Kaleab

          Selam Kalihari,

          An allegedly ‘evil’ administration to foot the bill.

          Ethiopia is burning and this chap is crowing about Trump 24 hours a day. Amazing!

        • Selam Kalihari Snake and Simon Kaleab,

          It is unfortunate that about 15 yrs after the last war, still your world revolves around tplf and badme. This has made you unable to see the political, economic and social stagnation in eritrea. Tplf is an ethiopian problem (one african country’s problem), while trump is a world-wide problem. You should have understood the difference.

          Unlike you, ethiopia does not hide her problems. Contrary to what the UN says, you deny that eritrea is affected by el nino that has affected most african countries. Eritrea hides that two-third of the children under five are malnourished and stunted. Malnutrition affects brain development as well, and you should have worried about the future generation. Ethiopia does not hide the problems of her people for political reasons. Ethiopians do not accept to suffer in silence, and the government knows that very well.

          Nothing unusual that people who support dia support trump as well. If you feel the trump tsunami, may be at a certain stage in the future, be sure you will have a rude awakening.

          Finally we ethiopians have a country to return to any time. The problem is with you people.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Horizon,

            If you think Ethiopia is doing well, good for you and good for Ethiopia. But this not the key issue here.

            The two relevant issues under consideration are:

            1) Trump is democratically elected into office by people to address their economic and security concerns. You need to accept this.

            2) Ethiopia needs to abide by the border decision of the EEBC. It had entered into the border negotiation willingly vowing to accept the outcome of the decision.

            You seem to always divert from one issue to another. You need to stay on topic.

          • Millennium

            HI Horizon:

            If the report about the stunted under 5 Eritrean children was hidden, how is it you know abut it? You heard about it recently does not mean that the concerned did not know about it either. You learned about it from the recent presentation by Dr. Berhane. That is the only fact about this. The information was out there.
            the Tone you used talking about that case betrayed some sadistic pleasure in the misfortune of others. For your information we are all in the same boat; Ethiopians, unfortunately, are not faring better. So, this should not give you a cause for celebration. Consider the following reports by WHO before you go any further:

            1) According to the WHO, in 2015, Eritrea’s neonatal and under-5 mortality rates (per 1000 births) were 18.4 and 46.5. In contrast, Djibouti’s measures were 33.4 and 65.3, respectively, while Ethiopia’s were 27.7 and 59.2, Kenya’s were 22.2 and 49.4, Somalia’s 39.7 and 136.8, South Sudan’s 39.3 and 92.6, Sudan’s were 29.8 and 70.1, and Africa’s were 28 and 81.3.

            2) according to the WHO, Eritrea’s TB incidence (per 100,000 population) for 2014 was 78. By comparison, Djibouti’s incidence was 619, Ethiopia’s 207, Kenya’s 246, Somalia’s 274, South Sudan’s 146, Sudan’s 94, Africa’s 281, and the global average 133.

            3)According to the WHO, in 2013, Eritrea’s malaria incidence (per 1000 population at risk) was 17.4. By comparison, Djibouti’s incidence was 25, Ethiopia’s was 117.8, Kenya’s 266.3, Somalia’s 78.8, South Sudan’s 153.8, Sudan’s 37.7, Africa’s was 268.6, and the global average incidence was 98.6.

            You may not know what if there are any of the Ethiopian children under 5 are stunted, but the above data might give you some picture.

            We are all poor and we all have stunted children


          • MS

            Dear Millennium
            You are simply the best of the best. Few facts speak louder than the most deafening propagandist.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam MS,

            It seems to me that Horizon is like an empty barrel making the loudest noise.

          • MS

            Hey Simon
            He never fails to exploit any crack he finds to tell Eritreans how terribly deformed they are. Problem, he always steps on thorny ground while looking for the lures of insulting Eritreans. Millennium is one of hour young people who are well armed with the tools it takes to remind people like Horizon and their cheering crowds that what they dream may not be based on reality.

          • Selam Millennium,

            You need not bring all, these statistics. We are aware of the real situation. we know ethiopia is no better than eritrea. nevertheless, when asking for humanitarian aid is brought up to make a point, one has to show why it is asked for in the first place.

            When some of your people call us beggars overtly or covetly, they should know that we do it exactly to minimize malnutrition and stunted growth of our children. Saistic pleasure comes from some people on your side of the isle. There are those who call us beggar ethiopians, we are the lice-infested Ethiopians who use ddt, people with loose moral values, there are some who watch the ethiopian sky continuously to become the first who saw egyptian jets coming to bomb the gerd, etc. This is what you may call real sadistic, and not repeating what the UN statistics said.

            We are not ashamed, because we know that one day climate allowing ethiopians will be able to feed themselves. Therefore, you should know that ethiopians and eritreans are equals in their poverty, and they are not known for their riches, unfortunately.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Good morning Horizon: Seems that you are quick to label anyone that criticizes the TPLF controlled Ethiopian Government or who raises the issue of Ethiopia continued illegal occupation of Badme as a PFDJ/PIA supporter for which I am . And contrary to your assertion, I have never said that Eritrea is not suffering from the effects of El Nino or that it does not have problems with malnutrition for I believe that it does. You say that Ethiopia does not hide it problems for political reasons? Then why does it continue to summarily and without due process continue to imprison major political opposition leaders and why does it completely control internet services and severely constrain free press? And, what has been the real reason behind the (to be extended) State of Emergency other than arbitrarily round up more than 10,000 of its citizens, lock them up, given them TPLF pep talks, then release most but not the top opposition leaders amongst them? You call that transparency? Yeah, I can see why you would rather talk about Trump rather than the mess that you have in your own backyard.

          • Hi Kalihari Snake,

            in my last comment i was responding to the US$ 948 million humanitarian assistance ethiopia asked from the world community, that you brought up. i know very well the tone and spirit under which it came to the discussion. my response therefore, was on this issue. if people are unfortunate enough to need help, it is not a shame to ask for help.

            as much as the eprdf/tplf government is concerned , i do not remember supporting it on its illegal, undemocratic and criminal actions (as in the case of killing unarmed demonstrators), curtailing human rights, ignoring the grievances of the people, etc that have taken place throughout its rule.

            at the same time, and as a citizen of the world, i have an obligation to speak out when the world leader is paranoid, unprofessional, he is against everybody and everything, denys climate change while human beings already live under its effect, or when he says that torture is effective, muslims are no more welcomed into the usa, and so many other outrageous things.

            you do not think that one should raise his/her voice, when he says he would move the usa embassy to Jerusalem, thus legitimizing jerusalem as the eternal capital of the jewish nation, ignoring the rights of millions of palestinians who have lived in the region for millennia. Don’t you think that this is a recipe for the worsening of the situation in the middle east, that will affect the countries of the horn of africa as well. After all, jerusalem is the international city of the three main world religions, judaism, christianity and islam.

            if you do not speak now against his bizarre behavior and you give him a free ride in case he might do this and that that could be to your advantage, it might be difficult to react at the last second before the doomsday clock strikes.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Horizon: What I say depends upon where I am. Am I not correct in that you have before said that you are now in Ethiopia? If you are, then why would you first not be more concerned with the mess in your own back yard? Regarding humanitarian assistance, yeah there is no shame in asking for it when you really need it, but Ethiopia has been well know habit of always asking for more aid than they need for which they frequently divert and misuse. When discussions of Food Aid and Dependency Syndrome come up, Ethiopia is always given as a prime example. Ethiopia, the self-proclaimed Great Lion economy of Africa, following years of double digit economic growth, still has to ask for US$ 948 million in humanitarian assistance? Trump would likely say ‘that’s sad…real sad….shameful…’..

          • Hi Kalihari Snake,
            C’mon my friend. do not bring up what i have never said. i never said that i live in ethiopia. you should know, whenever i discuss politics in the country i live, there are times when i support the government and there are other times when i criticize it. i do not have a biased partisanship feeling towards any party.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Horizon. My bad as I had before thought that he had said that you were living in Ethiopia.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Horizon,

            You waffle too much on many irrelevant issues you know nothing about.

            Use your head to think with it.

        • Legacy

          Hi Kalihari Snake,
          Two minutes drive from the border of Tigray/Afar and you are in Eritrea. Pretty much the same topography and climate (Sahel.) Yet, as you noted a $948m relief assistance was sought in one place an not in another place. Was hoping to get your input, why the variance?

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Legacy: Molla MItiku, Head of Ethiopia’s Disaster Risk Management Commission, recently stated that critically impacted areas of Ethiopia appear to be South Somali, Borena, Guji and Bali in Oromia as well as South Omo zones; not areas close to the Ethiopian-Eritrean border.

      • Abraham H.

        Selam Horizon, yes, indeed the man is dangerous not only to the external world, but also to the USA as well. People have voted for him out of frustration towards what they call the elite and the Washington establishment. But howTrump is doing things is exactly the same way as previous adminstrations have done, i.e proceed through the Congress-the Washington establishment. Many have also fallen to his empty promises of milk and honey in the US land, a falsehood they would soon find out to be a hoax. Trump represents the few hundreds of world capitalists that control the entire wealth of the world, and what he will be doing as president is to consolidate the domination of power and wealth by these few individiuals.
        The hauks that he placed in his cabinet, especially those in the department of foreign affairs would soon spark yet additional crises in the middle east, obliterating what is left of the region. I’m very sure that the lopsided Trump policy that favors and openly supports Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would soon spark yet another Intifada from the Palestinians causing the massacre of the civilian Palestinian people by the Israeli war machine.

    • Legacy

      Hi Abraham,

      What I find fascinating is the absence of protests of Muslims from around the world. However you look at it , this was indeed religious ban under the guise of geography, which is in sharp contrast to the spontaneous riots and protests that erupted following a release of a supposedly ‘unti-Muslim’ video in 2012 associated with the Benghazi attack.

  • said

    Donald Trump: Crippled Presidency even before the Very Start.
    Donald Trump’s Presidency is already not to a good start. Rather, with women marching in mass demonstrations across many American cities and across major world capitals only one day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, protesting and vowing to actively resist Trump’s national programs and policies, Trump’s audacious initiatives and lofty ambitions of an “America Great Again” look doomed to failures before the start.

    Princeton University Noble laureate Professor Paul Krugman forewarned presciently in his column in The New York Times as a syndicate columnist, more than ten months ago, long before the ongoing Primaries showing any signs of potential winners, that Republican Contenders unlike Democrats tend to skim over the facts avoiding addressing substantive relevant issues and intelligent arguments in the advancing of their platforms. Professor Krugman aptly elaborated on Republican Contenders techniques of resorting to simplistic common man rhetoric that arouses the attention and find appeal with the general masses. Donald Trump proved a master of Reality Show techniques selling simplistic empty promises to mostly simple-minded crowds. That was then; now, it is the time of reckoning coming to haunt the American people.

    Undoubtedly, with a terrible showing at the polls of the lowest ever approving rate of a new President on inaugural day, Donald Trump, as all significantly compounded with the Women’s March of yesterday, is into an uphill battle to prevail and succeed on delivering on his ambitiously ridiculous programs as could become fairly apparent in the coming months.

    Besides the highly controversial nature of Donald Trump’s ambitious programs, lacking full support among many Republicans in the Legislature made the more certain with the huge demonstrations in the Women’s marches yesterday, Donald Trump’s presidency and success of pushing forward towards implementation his programs now will start facing true difficulties inviting further divisions, confusions and wide disruptions. Democratic legislators are equally emboldened by the Women’s March as many of them will start wearing the hat of activists cementing increasingly closer ties with the grassroots American electrotates.

    Suddenly, everyone is speaking loud across the aisles, “from where will Trump come-up with the money to spend on his ambitious programs?”

    Yes, Donald Trump did not won the popular vote only with a very slim electoral margin; now, with the reality show is over and he is now the President of the United States of America, it is suddenly dawning on surprised American Statesmen that Trump’s promises and call for action cannot hold water; they are not adding up. With a deeply divided nation, it is so difficult to bring to fruition outlandish programs in the absence of a wide consensus. Rather, dissent and continuous disruptive protests seem likely the order of the day for the foreseeable future all along the first term in office of Donald Trump.

    Here are some of the apparently self-conflicting projects that Donald Trump is trying to put on a fast track for implementation in the hope he could be assured the full support of a Republican controlled congress:

    • Repealing the Obamacare Program: President Trump and the Republican Party have not worked out an alternative program for the replacement of the Obamacare Program as risks to leave more than 20 million people without health insurance should the congress succeed in repealing the Obamacare. That would end up causing disgruntling and risk of causing public unrest in the US at large.

    • Building the Wall on the Mexican Borders: Much like kids in kindergarten, and with some estimates of the total cost running into as high as $25.0 billion, the raging debate who would pay for the wall is reminiscent of futile Byzantine arguments over the gender of the angels. Playing the macho – no brainer this joke of a President – the Trump Administration with the support of Republican legislators are now talking of starting construction of the wall and that in due course Mexico will end up paying for it.

    • Deportation of 11.5 million illegal Mexican Immigrants: this is humanely and logistically formidable of a task that would fire back and cause wide protests and violence that the Americans are ill-equipped to handle.

    • Causing American Muslims to Register: Much reminiscent of FDR’s program of the internment of the Japanese Americans after the attacks of Pearl Harbor that the Americans in posterity admitted was a stark violation of human and civil rights, forcing 6+ million American Muslims to register according to the plans of Donald Trump is a draconian act that the general American public when it comes to implementation will strongly and noisily, even violently protest against to prevent its implementation. Not an easy task to carry out.

    • Banning Muslims from entering into the US is totally impractical and is hard to implement. Now with Supranational Organizations (the World Bank, the IMF, etc.) and the UN offices are located in the US, how the American Administration will cope with such a strange rule. This besides the fact that many investors of the Muslim faith, including Muslim countries with huge investments in the American financial markets would need to attend to their investments and meet with their financial institutions and advisors, including the American Treasury the depository of hundreds of billions of dollar worth of financial instruments owned by Muslim investors.

    • Lowering the Income Taxes: As Trump promised in his Campaign that one of his very first acts when entering the White House would be to push the American Congress to lower Corporate and Wealth taxes from current 35% to low of 15% amounting to the equivalent of the immediate loss of $4.1 trillion by the US Treasury at the strike of the pen. This without guaranteed offset to generating commensurate revenues except of promises of tax revenues generated by the economic growth enticed by the stimulation of lower taxes. This, as the Administration of George W. Bush discovered could wind-up as a wishful thinking in the same exact example with a similar move by the George W. Bush’s Administration that the lowering of the taxes never resulted in higher economic growth and higher employment.

    • Engaging in Trade Wars: There is a wide consensus among leading economists that engaging in Trade wars, the US will face high inflation and cause the loss of high paying jobs. Loss of jobs in manufacturing cannot be solely attributed to foreign trade as other technological and inevitable competitive factors come to play. Manufacturing in America represents less than 10% of GNP as the US remains generally competitive in the manufacturing of high value items in the example of Boeing, car manufacturing and the high tech industries.

    • Building America’s Infrastructure: the assumptions by the Donald Administration that the lowering of Corporate Taxes would encourage possibly trillions of Corporate Profits parking in Tax Havens abroad to be repatriated that would be funneled to investing in American infrastructure. However, should that for any reason not materialize, Donald Trump’s promises to rebuild the American Infrastructure would remain just that, an empty promise in the absence of the availability of the matching investment funds to back it up.

    • Building the American Military: while many military experts ridicule Trump’s call to significantly increase the military budget, the highest as is among all the countries of the world; however, the question remains, from where Mr. Trump will come-up with the money.

    • Confronting China & Iran: Something that does not add up listening to Trump purportedly calling for America’s withdrawal into isolationism while simultaneously wants to increase military spending and prepare for potential confrontations with both China and Iran. Truly, Trump’s China and Iran’s policy could very well lead to heightened tensions and potential military showdown with Iran in the Gulf and China in the South China Sea.

    • Moving the American Embassy into Jerusalem and Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State: All the signs are in place of Donald Trump acting immediately to moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem as he already nominated an ardent pro-settlers Zionist, Bankruptcy lawyer, Friedman, as the new American Ambassador to Israel. Besides, Donald Trump appointed Mr. Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, husband of Trump’s daughter as his senior advisor in charge of the Middle East. Mr. Kushner has no experience holding public office or experience in diplomacy. However, Donald Trump’s initiative to moving the American Embassy signals America’s abandonment of long-established American commitment to the International law and the UN Resolutions. In consequence, the American interests are bound to greatly suffer in both the Arab and the Islamic Worlds.

  • jordan

    Is it just my computer or is Awate shut down? I cant access the website but have to write this through disqus.

    • Peace!

      Hi Jordan,

      I had the same issue.


    • GitSAtSE

      Selamat jordan,

      Yann Martel Life of Pi fishing in the deep Sea all by his lonesome.

      As you know by now Ajit Pai has been picked as the next Chair of the Federal Communications Commission.

      “The FCC could prove crucial to Trump, who is known for his obsession with the media. The agency has the authority to block major media mergers, revoke broadcast licenses and regulate Internet providers.
      Pai is known for being an outspoken critic of the net neutrality rules. These are intended to keep the Internet open and fair by preventing providers like Comcast (CCV) from speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites and apps.”

      Upon closer examinations of Khann Academy, Logarithms, which is not an ism ski-sims to be taken lightly, going forward Bollywood cinema and not Hollywood’s will be utilized in these lands of our Decentralized Unitary Republic of USA.

      According to Awatista of the Year, Chairman Pillar, Three is the Natural Logarithm to his perfect TEN (H)Abesha peoples of EmbatSion constituency/BASE that legitimizes his rule by the whip to shut, open, and, or, nor, nan gates of 10 10 10.
      Chairman Pillar defines Logarithms POWER play thusly:
      “a quantity representing the power to which a fixed number (the base) must be raised to produce a given number.”
      In a free and fair casting of Up votes, Pillar has reached the Trinity Logarithm to reach GRAND, the magic number of Supper Delegates to reign as the EmbatSion Pillar the I and I. As I and I is equal to X, hence forth, the Chair of EmbatSion will be referred to by his this proper title: Pillar X.
      His opponents namely, EzgiMsana Wedi Hidri(at) of Gobez TelAAlu H.I.D.R.I (Trust Fund) and Ismail the First Ibn Ibrahim the Living Khalifa of PB CREAM fund. The popular vote saw through their BASE TWO States DOA Republic vision. Rejecting, Base Two Hisab/Hasab/Mathematics of 101010 equaling to 22, and choosing to not be dammed when they do or don’t do, the people have overwhelmingly given the PILLAR X the GRAND UP VOTES of 10 X 10 X 10.
      Pillar X First plan to Habesha prosperity was to name Wedi Tiller or Tillerson of ExonMobile as Secretary of State in order to steel of the the black gold from UAE and have it flow out of wells of the lands of EmbaTsion.

      “May The Logarithm POWER of TRINITY be with Pillar X” said the ShiHeth vote caster

      • Amde

        Selam mr. no more exጻጸ

        አንተ ቡዳ

        Just the other day, a bored IT guy and yours truly were playing with possible xml/html tagging schemes for tagging the base of a given sequence of numbers. In browser non base10 arithmetic and such.

        But logs aint got no rythm. You are off the logranch and hogfarm on that one.


        • GitSAtSE

          Selamat Pillar X,

          Ehhmmm. You just cross the two Is and get the X . Thats how I and I is X. Also do a little permutation and land back to the future SEVEN years ago on 010110. I think you might land on J D Salinger’s Catcher and a Rye–Catch 22. See, Awate is now up and roaring with Awatistas leaving no rocks upturned on Mr. Levine the Swede–Checkout “Smoking Aces” and awate’s “The Black Hole that Devoured Light” archived SEVEN Years ago. 010110 is on the hog and log Ranch 22.
          Speaking of “Devoured Light” and “Dimed Gaslight”…. Its all “Smoking Aces” Oh Pillar X.
          Psychedelics Sonnet 29
          “When, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,
          I all alone beweep my outcast state,
          And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
          And look upon myself and curse my fate,
          Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
          Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
          Desiring this man’s art and that man’s scope,
          With what I most enjoy contented least;
          Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
          Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
          (Like to the lark at break of day arising
          From sullen earth) sings hymns at heaven’s gate;
          For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
          That then I scorn to change my state with kings.”


    • Abraham H.

      Selam jordan, i aslo couldn’t access this website in the last few days; i hoped it was just down for some maintenance purposes, though i was affraid it might have been hacked by the anti-liberty, anti-freedom of speech pfdj hooligans.

  • said


    Trump Inauguration Ceremony: & the Denigration of American Muslims
    To begin with as a disclaimer and a reminder attesting to one’s objective thinking in relating to general observations; as a born Muslim, a freethinker and ty to be objective who believe in theology of peaceful faith
    While this prologue frees me from the unnecessary hypocritical renderings of apologies and expansive justifications, it sure gets me to the point in the straight line metaphor, of professing and confessing my original mind and clear intentions.

    Watching yesterday morning, Friday, the inauguration and swearing ceremony at the Washington Capitol Hill for the new American President, Donald Trump; I could not help not to overlook certain obvious messages in the presentations of political discourses and religious reciting addressing generally misinformed attending public. The Political Discourse as entailed in the new President’s inaugural speech seemed to elicit by association racist insinuations and embedded negative stereotypes. That sure bodes ill for the starting of a new political era, of a sworn in President meant, as true of all his predecessors, a President for All the Americans.

    What struck me first is the absence of a Muslim Clergy in line with other Clergies of the Monotheistic faiths reading suitable Quranic verses to the occasion, blessing a new President and the ushering in of a new era. That would have perfectly been in line with the presence of other clergies offering short sermons representing two of the monotheistic religions: Judaism and different Christian denominations. This, besides the nice religious hymns sang by especially flown in Cholars for the occasion from different parts of the country.

    Interestingly, had a Muslim Clergy been added to the collection, that would sure have represented, at these delicate divisive times, a message of inclusion and reconciliation towards an American constituency, the patriotic and hard-working 6+ millions American Muslims who are comparable in number to their brethren of the Jewish faith in America. It sure would have been a correct gist that would have sent to the American Muslims and the Americans in general as a one nation a message of recognition of the stark differentiation of law abiding American Muslim community and the anomalous none representative extremists and religious fanatics. Failing that, Trump message was divisive and alienating to an important constituency of the American public especially when addressing generally simple-minded audience singling out – while deserving of condemnation – of “Radical and exstremist ” signaling a tacit association of Islam and radicalism as borne in the minds of the less informed of public audience.

    Interestingly, American Muslims aside, Donald Trump in including a Muslim Clergy to bless his new presidency on equal footing with his brethren of the other invited clergies of the other monotheistic faiths would have sent a message of reconciliation and good will to the 1.7 billion Muslims around the world representing one fourth of the total world population. This, in contrast to inclusion of a Jewish Rabbi to read verses from the Old Testament while a perfectly fitting gesture of inclusion, however, the total number of Jews do not exceed the 20 million mark all around the globe.

    How, what really struck me was the invited Rabbi invited for the occasion to bless the new President veering into politics reciting, quite purposefully, selecting verses from the Old Testament, Psalm 137.5, that are hardly befitting the occasion but purposefully intended to relay and emphasize a political message. To a savvy observer the Rabbi readings seemed intended as a preamble to connect the indisputable holiness of the recitation in the Bible and Donald Trump’s intended next step pledging to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem as a gist of recognizing Jerusalem as a United Jewish City in violation of UN Resolutions 181, 242 and 338; the international law and the Geneva Conventions,

    The Political Rabbi, Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean of Simon Wiesenthal Center, brought Zion and Jerusalem to the discourse at the Ceremony as the inseparable truth of religious professes found in the millennia-old Bible. Quoting Psalm 137.5, Rabbi Hier read:

    “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill.”

    To me, the verse appeared out of place, irrelevant to the occasion, however, with a stark message intended in the service of a narrow political agenda especially when Rabbi Marvin also chose to single out America & Its Allies in his blessings, thus secluding possibly more than 4/5th of the tiny Earth’s inhabitants.

    • blink

      Dear Said

      Are you dreaming or stating what you truely believe , come on a muslim clerk in American persidential ceromony , ow ,You have obama and his middle name is hussien and that was it . I am sure the ME will be far better under trump than obama , i am hoping to be better.

      • said

        Dear Blink
        You seem to defend Trump ME world views and as his faithful you can celebrate your man’s victory.
        Just consider George W Bush – in his second inaugural said that “the survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands”. The best peace in our world, he added, “is the expansion of freedom in all the world”. Bush even mentioned the Koran. Back in by gone time in 1957, Eisenhower told Americans that only in respecting the hopes and cultures of others will we practise the equality of all nations. Kennedy’s call for a struggle against “the common enemies of man” (tyranny, poverty, disease, war). Toping John Kennedy in 1961. Who will ever top “Ask not what your country can do for you…?” The Master showman ,an entertainer president ,A TV star a business magnate-cum-reality TV mogul,President Trump – vain, narcissistic, self-obsessed , the 45th President of the United States as he placed his hand on the Bible and took the oath to become America’s 45th president . he declared, “We are one nation … We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.” “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first,” he said, “America first” America will start winning again! In his campaign insulting swathes of the population, often with vulgar and violent language and in his Inauguration day, downgrading and slamming the record of his predecessor and depicting a bleak American dystopia. After Islam, Trump went and He spoke of “American carnage”, of gangs and drugs, crime and decay.
        With no knowledge of policy, with not a day’s experience in public services. Too many Americans already knew that about him but voted for him did not matter anyway. Trump appealing to voters’ worst instincts .He spoke to his own white men raciest voters. But so repellent to so many millions and one of the reasons Mr Trump had been able to win the election. Too many people have not participated. while millions of Americans were about to lose their healthcare. boycotted by as many members of Congress (50 and counting) from the opposite party – in this case led by John Lewis, the civil rights hero.
        No president has taken office with lower favourable ratings .A bumper crop of pre-inauguration polls tell the story of how deeply unpopular the 45th president is already. His personal popularity is as low as 32% compared to 61% favorability for President Obama. Approval of his transition shows him trailing Obama by an even greater margin: just 40% like the way Trump has performed since November, compared to 84% for Obama’s

        • blink

          Dear said
          I do not believe Trump policy will bring economic glory to most Americans, as we all know it will only benefit the 1%. some lives will be saved due to his international policy of anti internvention . I believe obama did not play his role in syria , yemen and other places of the world . What ever you try to say about his bad mouth and lies , for example the way he paint Mexicans , muslims and other people . I am not supporting his rigid policy of protection on trade , tax and so many ,nor did i vote for him but he will be better than hilary . She is a very hawakish politician . Most of the time only one quarter of the population participate in election . we all know about the polling thing ,so we only have to hope he will be a better president . we have enough problem and if Hilary was elected as president , i am 50% sure she would have started war in the developing world .

          • said

            Dear Blink
            In John Pilger’s excellent article below, signally the Trump Phenomenon is but a continuation of long chain of recurring crises of Capitalism emphasizing that the Obama Administration played the role of the Weimar Republic in paving the way for the rise of Trupmism and the advent of the Fascist Trump Administration. I quoted below some excerpts of Pilger’s long article that highlights the essence of his message narrated as below:
            “In 2014, the Obama’s administration oversaw and paid for a fascist-led coup in Ukraine against the democratically-elected government, threatening Russia in the western borderland through Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, with a loss of 27 million lives. It was Obama who placed missiles in… Eastern Europe aimed at Russia, and it was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize who increased spending on nuclear warheads to a level higher than that of any administration since the cold war — having promised, in an emotional speech in Prague, to “help rid the world of nuclear weapons”.
            “Obama, the constitutional lawyer, prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other president in history, even though the US constitution protects them. He declared Chelsea Manning guilty before the end of a trial that was a travesty. He has refused to pardon Manning who has suffered years of inhumane treatment which the UN says amounts to torture. He has pursued an entirely bogus case against Julian Assange. He promised to close the Guantanamo concentration camp and didn’t.”
            William I. Robinson, professor at the University of California, and one of an uncontaminated group of American strategic thinkers who have retained their independence during the years of intellectual dog-whistling since 9/11, wrote this last week:
            “President Barack Obama … may have done more than anyone to assure [Donald] Trump’s victory. While Trump’s election has triggered a rapid expansion of fascist currents in US civil society, a fascist outcome for the political system is far from inevitable …. But that fight back requires clarity as to how we got to such a dangerous precipice. The seeds of 21st century fascism were planted, fertilized and watered by the Obama administration and the politically bankrupt liberal elite.”

            The seedbed is Obama’s Weimar Republic, a landscape of endemic poverty, militarised police and barbaric prisons: the consequence of a “market” extremism which, under his presidency, prompted the transfer of $14 trillion in public money to criminal enterprises in Wall Street.”

    • Simon Kaleab

      Selam said,

      What is your opinion of the following? Some prominent Muslim organisations seem to disagree with your view.

      [ “Muslims Angry Over Imam’s Decision To Pray At Donald Trump Inaugural Event,” by Christopher Mathias, Huffington Post, January 20, 2017:

      A Virginia imam’s decision to take part in an interfaith ceremony for recently inaugurated President Donald
      Trump has sparked outrage among some American Muslims who believe Muslims should boycott the event.

      CNN reported Thursday that Imam Mohamed Magid of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center, also known as the ADAMS Center, in Sterling, Virginia, will deliver the Muslim call to prayer at the National Prayer Service this Saturday at the Washington National Cathedral.

      Magid will join 26 other faith leaders in addressing an audience that will include Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

      Ahmed Rehab, executive director at the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, wrote in a Facebook post on Friday that he was “thoroughly disappointed” by Magid’s “unilateral decision” to join the prayer service, which “goes against the consensus of our community’s leadership and grassroots.” ]

      • said

        Selam Simon Kaleab
        Muslim who disagree with my stance make their own opinion and argument, there is no central authority or structure, when one imam makes his decision, he take full responsibility for his action .
        For those who oppose reality television star, President Trump .It is all about him. and to understand why, it’s worth keeping in mind that the chief worries about Mr. Trump strictly could be ideological; temperament and character. He thrives on creating disorder, He is unlikely to be contained by norms and customs, and has continued to demonstrate impulsivity and narcissism, an affinity for conflict and vindictiveness. As a known fact reality television star not only spent much of his life stepping outside of traditional custom and morality; he seems to delight in doing so. Some will oppose him for political reason Mr. Trump is that he simply isn’t up to the job of being president. reality television star will not address the alienation, frustration and anger that exists within Muslim community in America.

        • Simon Kaleab

          Selam said,

          Why is there so much “alienation, frustration and anger that exists within Muslim community in America”?

          Isn’t it better for Muslims to keep their head down and prove that they are capable of achieving in Mathematics, Science and Engineering? They should keep on working hard and start winning some Nobel Prizes [Science], Turing Awards [Computer Science] and Fields Medals [Mathematics], and so on. By doing these things they will earn recognition and respect. By the way, that is the way the Jews overcame hardships and gained acceptance in America.

  • Abraham H.

    Selam Awatista,
    It was a chilling feeling to see dictator Trump surrounded by some military personnel at one period of his pompous inauguration speech. I wonder what it was meant to be.

    • Kebessa

      Selam Abraham,
      Today marked the day a military regime assumed power in DC. Fasten your seat belt!
      Years and years will goby before decent people like Barack and Michele occupy the White House again. No scandal, no corruption. The two made the African American community in particular very proud. It is no accident Americans gave the Obamas a very high mark.

      • Abraham H.

        Dear Kebessa, let’s hope that this day is not going to be the beginning of the death of democracy in the US and the world in general. I think there must be something fundamentally wrong with someone to believe he is the saviour of the people, that he is the only one righteous while all the others are wrong. Trump is a splitter not a unifier; a society pitted against each other cannot achieve any success let alone the miracles that Trump is preaching on.

        • Dear Abraham H,

          This I think is the first time that both economic and political power become the property of few people. For the first time wall street and washington are controlled by the same group. In the age of billionaire politicians, politics can no more control capital, and it will have a free ride to exploit everybody and everything in its way. Poverty will be rampant and social benefits for the poor, the sick, jobless and the weak groups in society will be curtailed. unrest will only be too common.
          The decreased role played by the usa in world politics and economy will open the way for china and russia. If the usa is confined to its small shell, then, neo-globalization will be driven by china, the next world power. Weak and greedy rulers are the people who bring about the fall of an empire. Americans have spoken, and i hope that they would not regret for their choice in the future.

    • blink

      Dear Abraham
      He is elcted by the people and you have zero crediblity to even point a finger. He will be far better than the evil hilary .

      • Abraham H.

        Selam blink, “he will be far better than the evil hilary”, Hillary has never been president, so it remains to be seen if he would be better than his predecessors. One thing i’m sure, the Trump adminstration would be refered to as the “Lying adminstration” in history books.
        PS. Hitler was also elected by the people. By now it should be clear to anyone though free and fair elections are a path towards good governance /though the last US elections were marred by destructive interference from Russia and Wikileaks favoring the Republicans/, they do not guarantee democracy.

  • Amde

    Selam Simon,

    So according to you, there are American Citizens, and California Weirdos, and never the twain shall meet. Hillary won the weirdo vote, Trump got the American vote.


    • Simon Kaleab

      Selam Amde,

      The g-benders and a-bandits who are destroying the youth and the family, and the illegals together with the anarchists, are violently protesting, right now, against Trump opposite the White House. Would you like to join them?

      • Amde

        Selam Simon,

        Oh no. Time to bow to our vulgarian overlords.


        • Simon Kaleab

          Selam Amde,

          Your pals are still smashing windows, it is not too late to join in.

          Do you have any message for them?

          • Amde

            Selam Simon,

            Let’s face it. You and I probably have more similar values than Eritreans and Ethiopians back home. I don’t know how you extrapolate Ethiopian moral values from Amde’s comments.

            I can guess “g-benders” means “gender benders” I don’t know what you mean by “a-bandits”. What does it stand for?

            Congratluations on your happy day.


          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Amde,

            I do not have similar values to yours, it is clear for everyone to see. I know the dominant values in Ethiopia [loose morality, hypocrisy etc.] since I had lived and worked there for many years.

            If you go further back and see my posts, you will see what I mean by some words I used.

          • Amde

            Selam Simon

            Have an upvote and hug an Ethiopian.


  • Millennium

    Selam Burhan Ali:

    Nice piece. Much of the content of the piece looks like a critic to the government of the republic of Sudan. The little you added regarding Eritrea did not fit into the narrative smoothly. The part you added regarding Nevsun for example did not jell well with what you claimed was said by Sudan officials.

    Sudanese officials saying their victims should be grateful for being raped by them do not in any way compare to a Nevsun technical manager claiming Eritreans should be grateful for the know-how transfer [their country] is getting.

    If the evidence you have regarding the Sudanese official saying what you claim he said is as tenuous as the one you presented regarding Nevsun working condition, then this kind of casts a shadow of doubt on the veracity of the other details in the article.


  • Amde

    Selam Awatistas,

    Speaking of obscenities..

    One more day to the Imbecile-In-Chief

    Word is the new guy in charge of nukes failed a course called “Meat” while doing a degree in Animal Science.

    Tighten them belts folks…


    • Dear Amde,

      Is it really possible that the only world power is to inaugurate to the highest office the dumbest president-elect ever, a racist, a bigot, a misogyny, and with all the attributes as the wrong person for this post? Emperor nero was a lunatic, a pyromaniac and a femicide, and his rule was followed by a civil war that ended in the the fall of the roman empire. Don’t you think that trump is a bad omen for the usa and the world?

      • Amde

        Selam Horizon,

        Bad omen indeed. You know, we discuss a lot about democracy but it is quite shocking to think that at least the form in western countries are really sensitive to being hacked. One estimate I read said there might have been 7000 – 8000 people deployed by Russia to skew news and put in fake reports. There is a piece on NYTimes about a guy in Maryland who just made up fake election stories about Ohio for the money. Maybe Donald will be a Nero.. but we hope the institutions can moderate him.


      • Simon Kaleab

        Selam Horizon,

        All the names you call Trump have no basis in fact.You are simply having an emotional outburst. Relax, Trump will be here for the next 8 years.

        By the way, the man who should have been the first Black President, Dr Ben Carson is now Secretary for Housing and Urban Development.

        • GitSAtSE

          Selamat Kaleab,

          I miss that name Kaleab. He was my BASE player….Speaking of Base Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr, Ben Carson???

          Oh Boy!!! Ben on the Hill with Trump Towers. Yeah! There is a lot to celebrate in the Benni Hill show. The housing Czar to build the Ghettos — Our own Poles lampadina solidarity. Heeerrrrreee is Johny CarsonSKI.
          Silas nKhid nAdina-er nCanada…


        • Selam Simon Kaleab,

          One can understand why you are supporting a person despised by the majority of americans. You find him the perfect antithesis of the person who slapped dia with sanctions in 2009. Nothing is going to change under Trump administration.

          When a country has done its homework and the world community believes in it and it is ready to help, that country can come out of sanctions. Case in point sudan, which with the help of Qatar, ethiopia and others, sanctions are going to be lifted soon.

          When women come out and complain about his pejorative behavior towards them, you approve his actions and you say, what is so unusual about Trump groping women, all alpha males do it. When people accuse him of racism and bigotry, again you have a simple explanation, that he did not invent racism, he is not the first nor the last racist. You deny the plight of the people of Palestine and your justification for it is that might is right, and therefore the two-states solution is not a solution that serves the interest of Israel. You do not seem to care about Palestinians born in refugee camps and are now in their seventies, and most probably, not even for eritreans who are not allowed to return to their country and continue to live in refugee camps in sudan.

          You are trying to put side by side two completely different personalities, Trump and dia. Be sure, you will not say the same thing a year or so after his inauguration, when you read about his policy for the horn of Africa and the way the white supremacist handles the case of black people in the usa.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Good morning Horizon (GMT=3): Get the idea that there must be a lot of California posters here. However despised Trump may be, especially amongst California liberals, he won the election. You mention to Simon that ‘You find him the perfect antithesis of the person who slapped dia with sanctions in 2009’. Thing is, the US pressuring of the UN Security Council to slap sanctions on Eritrea in 2009 was simply a travesty of justice, for UN sanctions should have instead been placed on Ethiopia when they refused to respect the EEBC ruling. In terms of the Horn of Africa, Eritrea and Red Sea countries, Barack Obama has been a huge disappointment; his strategy towards Yemen for example has guaranteed that 25 million Yemenis will live in squander under an institutionalized failed state for several generations to come.

          • Dear Kalihari Snake,

            Yes, Trump won by getting 3m less popular votes than his opponent. How such things happen is a different story.

            Why should Barack Obama be responsible for the criminal actions of saudi arabia and the gcc, countries that believe that they are regional powers and can do anything they like. He is not responsible for the formation of the coalition in crime against yemen, organized and financed by the saudi and gcc officials, in which eritrea is a participant.
            More than 10k civilians have already been killed and schools, hospitals, wedding celebration festivals, etc, bombed indiscriminately by the coalition airforce. What do you expect Barack Obama to do? How do you characterize the actions of dia, who chose to be part of the crime against yemen by sending soldiers and facilitating the bombing of a sovereign country, by allowing its land and air space to be used, instead of staying neutral?

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Horizon: You are missing a very basic element of the American democratic system and the rational for electoral votes, which is, to ensure that the interests of one or a few states do not unfairly take advantage over the interests of a majority of states. Take away California and one can see just how big Trump won. In regards to Yemen, the USA’s military, contrary to Obama’s overtures of being a reluctant partner, has from the very beginning, very actively supported Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen. Also Saudi-Leakes cables have clearly demonstrated that Obama was behind the invasion in the first place as Obama felt that he could not allow a government allied to Iran to take over one side of the strategic choke point Baab Al Mandeb, the straights between the Indian ocean and the Red Sea.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Kalihari,

            This chap is all emotions, and allergic to facts.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Kalihari,

            Trump won the popular vote as well if you discount California’s weird types and illegal immigrants.

            “UN sanctions should have instead been placed on Ethiopia when they refused to respect the EEBC ruling.”


            People talk about pressing issues such as the economy, unbalanced trade agreements, uncontrolled immigration and border security, but Horizon is stuck in the rumour mills of the loony left.

            Obama/Obozo never had a proper job, has never done an honest day’s work in his life. He was a pot smoking street corner protester. He was unfit and unqualified to be president. There were many well qualified blacks compared to him.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Horizon,

            You write too much nonsense. Use your head, think with it.

    • saay7


      Is it Amde? [audience boos] what kind of name is that? [audience boos louder] He probably heard it from the dishonest media…so dishonest. They are so dishonest, they don’t even show how large this audience is, I have the best audience, do I have the best audience of what [cheers] but the dishonest media won’t cover it.

      This Amde guy, is that a guys name? [laughter] he called me imbecile can you believe that? I am very smart, so smart, by the way I went to Wharton [cheers] some of my teachers said we have never seen a student so smart. Would an imbecile, by the way, I wonder if Amde is a reporter? His name sounds like that of a reporter [jeers]. He does doesn’t he. We are not going to have many people named Amde in my cabinet, I can tell you that. Believe me. Believe me.

      Would an imbecile create a fantastic company like the one I have which by the way one of the honest papers Forbes says is one of the greatest in the world. Thank you Forbes. I wouldn’t say one of the greatest but actually the greatest [audience laughs] and I wouldn’t have this Amde work as a valet there [audience applauds] ….

      Saay channeling Trump

      • Amde

        Hey Saay,

        That was tremendous, just tremendous. But completely unbelievable, believe me. Would he know what Imbecile means? It doesn’t even exist in the original Rooskian. Ask my friend Putitin. He has the best intelligence, maybe I can get us a deal so we can get their best intelligence at a fair price. I know how to deal believe me. All about the deal of it and the art of it. Even wrote a book about it straight out of my fantastic brain.


        • Fanti Ghana

          Selamat President Elect Amde,

          We, the forgotten blue collars, hear you loud and clear. Please make Awate great again!

          • Amde

            Selam Dottore Fanti,

            Do you know who

            የ ጓድ ፕሬዚደንት ትረምፕ የ ርአዮተ-ኣለም ጉዳይ ሃላፊ ማን አንደሆኑ?

            ጓድ ስቲቭ ባነን ናቸው።

            ጓድ ፕሬዚደንት ትረምፕ በታንክ አና ሚሳኤሎች የታጀበ ታላቅ ወታደራዊ ሰልፍ ተመኝተው፣ የ ዋሺንግተን ከተማ መንገዶች አንዳይፈራርሱ ተብሎ በመፈራቱ ይለፍ ተብልዋል።

            በርቱ ጓዶች።


  • Kalihari Snake

    Good morning all (GMT+3): Slow and gradual deterioration goes less noticed. Just spoke to an Italian friend who just returned from vacation in Eritrea; he had last been there in 2001. He mentioned how Asmara and Massawa are now barren and lifeless with very few people on the streets. He talked of old memories of the times that he had spent at Casa de Italia which is now closed. He mentioned that he could not find old friends as he normally would on the streets and would instead have to specially search out people. He could not believe how life in Eritrea had not only been frozen in time for it had regressed. For someone like me, that frequently travels to Eritrea for short jaunts, though I clearly know with less impacted eyes that conditions of life for average Eritreans have for some time been falling apart, I have been reluctant to admit so. For me when I now walk the street of Asmara it is almost deja vu early 1991 just before the fall of the Derg. Answers and solutions are few and hard to realize at least in the short-term.

    • Burhan Ali

      Welcome! seat on the seat just near me!

    • jordan

      I don’t really know how it was before the independence of Eritrea but I just find it so amusing how I hear so different things depending on where I read stuff. From another eritrean Asmara has apparently changed very much, etc many new taller buildings. My mom has friends who moved back to Eritrea and my parents plan too when I and my brother graduate high school. It can’t be that bad or are they just blinded by the love of their own country, by patriotism?

      Eritrea has made remarkable achievements in other areas such as healthcare and preventing diseases. It’s bad in Eritrea but I don’t really like the hopelessness some people here have about Eritrea. Inshallah Eritrea will be great.

  • Ismail AA

    Hayak Allah Ustaz Burhan,
    Excellent and engaging as always.
    Thank you.

  • GitSAtSE

    Selamat All,
    Speaking of individual liberties Vs. the common good or democracy reminds me of Gattaca the movie with Ethan Hawk and Umma Thurman. (As I give EmbaSoira, Emba Tokhilo or Adal for a Mt. Rushmore equivalent to carve out an amphitheater with natural acoustics and sculptures of Wad Amir and Wed Tukul on either side of the stage…..I have to edit the EbaSoira Vs. Mt Rushmore later submission in laymen’s term that leans/tilts more to straight talk )

    In the mean time this Science fiction movie with Ethan Hawk and Uma Thurman, I believe is a nice entertainment piece to complement all the fiber diet. Individual liberty Vs. The common good or democracy.

    here is the:

    “In the not-too-distant future, a less-than-perfect man wants to travel to the stars. Society has categorized Vincent Freeman as less than suitable given his genetic make-up and he has become one of the underclass of humans that are only useful for menial jobs. To move ahead, he assumes the identity of Jerome Morrow, a perfect genetic specimen who is a paraplegic as a result of a car accident. With professional advice, Vincent learns to deceive DNA and urine sample testing. Just when he is finally scheduled for a space mission, his program director is killed and the police begin an investigation, jeopardizing his secret. Written by garykmcd”

    I realize some people rather do enjoy a long visit or holiday stay at the Castle of Butroe Basque country…. Well, who would’t? Borders the Chateaus it is far from the Andalusian plains where the Alchemist crosses into north Africa to build a liberal republic? Go figure.


  • GitSAtSE

    Hey Abi,

    There is no record of my nsa nsu, nsu nsa in the spam or deleted file….. first it said pending then it poof it disappeared! I don’t know but don’t think any mother has the desire of giving birth to the some offspring. Oh well… I will have to resort to deductive logic I suppose. Was it NSA or NSU? Its got to be that dude Fukuyama!

    • Abi

      Hi tSAtSE
      Do you hear voices? Just curious.

      • GitSAtSE

        Hey Abi,

        That is affirmative. “Whoever has ears let them hear.” Matthew 11:15.
        Now, you have got to come up with a real good excellent one liner. It took you a week and you come up with that. Now I know the grumpy P Abi with no gift of macking that you are, I will help you out for a better comeback to my “You remind me of Sandra Bullock in Ms. Congeniality.”
        Abi:”Hi tSAtSE, You remind me of Halle Hale Berry in Gothika.” And Yes, to what you are alluding too as well. I do hear paranormal voices.
        Now you and tes can sip on Chateau and Bordeaux Merlot in Gattica Spain and watch Halle Berry naked in Gothika as well as your favorite Deme in Blame it on Rio.
        I heard your and woke up to check on you! Goodness man! it’s three thirty in the morning. Thanks a lot!

        • Abi

          Hi tSAtSE
          I’m still grumpy. My neighborhood Starbucks is not open yet.
          Well, you remind me Russell Crowe in the A Beautiful Mind”. How about that for a comeback?
          A mathematician who hear voices

          • GitSAtSE

            Hi Abi,

            You are Moonlighting awate Mr. Willis. You could have gone into one of those twenty four hours Greek diners after you helped closed Alibi Bar and Gentlemen’s Club. Buna ye agereh Titeh lemindernew ye leboch Kobokhbe-Bir tfeligal?
            You are a lot like ye inatie eHit lij Balki Bartakomous. Always quoting our grandmothers in the old country Gidey or Abrehet.
            Vet iMaHmuday is the Beautiful Mind trying to heal your HEARING loss despite causing it with ye IAfom Regiem Gurade. demmo zefen “BeliH Gurade AytiteAmet..” yezefene. Jorehn inde Qoretow restot neww,
            Russel Crow in both a Beautiful Mind and Gladiator(Boroque country Spaniard and Andalusian Plains rout into North Africa) were your blind spots in not recognizing Vet MaHmud as The Crow! my dear Cousin Abi-Balki.

        • Abi

          Hi tSAtSE
          I’m still grumpy. My neighborhood Starbucks is not open yet.
          Well, you remind me Russell Crowe in the A Beautiful Mind”. How about that for a comeback?

  • GitSAtSE

    Selamat Burhan.

    ” Doesn’t your self- appointed president, IA, looks as if he is in the restaurant–manger’s position wherein the Eritrean people are asked to pay for a merely descriptive and unsubstantiated Independence?

    Welll you know IAfom is a lot like E.F.Hutton Sir. “When he speaks everyody listens.” Think not of Serge Solomongov as some one mining mineral riches from the Eritrean landscape. All the gold they have mined thus far has been from inside IAfom’s mouth. (Just ask the PFDJites to quote you the late MelesZenawi of how an hour with IAfom is like earning a four year degree from Awate University–NOT) Forget the mantra chant of “NiHna nsu. nsu niHna.” Going forward, it will be amended to “nsa snu, nsu nsa.” A certain Pillar gave the rational for this timely mantra. As “nsu nsa, nsa nsu” is nearing to inevitable departure for Hades, nSA nSu, nSu nsA IAfom must leave intact his legacy, i.e. the system of PFDJ rule. As all the gold mined is from nSA nSA, nsA nsu IAfom, it is only natural for nSu nSA to half of the mined gold into his mouth where Solomongov and Company are aesthetically very pleased to view their fruit of their labor in its entirety, inside IAfom’s GRILL. Flava Flave of Public Enemy was heard shouting “Daaaiaiiimmmmmmm!” as he jaw dropped and spat his gold plated grill in discuss. Chuck D simply just abdicated the title Public Enemy to Nsu nSa, nsa nsu IAfom.
    Who would not listen to IAfom? Where is E.F.Hutton now? Probably in Federal Prison with Bernie MAIDoFF.

    John Paul Satre (Satre pronounced like Farbrererrrrrr like the Cheese Head Fabre) got it wrong when he said “Hell is other people.” Clearly Hell is IAfom the nSa nSu, nSu nSA. Visit Eritrea (nSA nSu) now for a hell of a great time. Zura nHagerka….and nSu Habti in the form of a Grill Temita tAzeba.

    back to Mt. Rushmore and EmbaSoira! Cheers.


  • Abrehet Yosief

    Hello Ustaz Burhan,
    An Oinon Republic aptly describes our nation. A nation that never fails to make us cry.

  • Brhan

    Hello Ustaz

    I enjoyed reading your article.

    The typical obscenity that we have had is that when you look for the disappeared loved ones in jails. There is a PF(JD) protocol for that. The guards of the jail ask you of who told you that your loved one is in a jail?! Another obscenity that jeopardizes the lives of citizens just simply for asking about the disappearance of their loved ones. The protocol allows the guards to mock and say” look for the loved ones in the Sudan”.

    The other obscenity that the PF(JD) is specialized is ” I will kill you and make an accident” ,

    Sawa an obscenity by itself: I will take your sons and daughters and you the moms and the dad send them tiHni or as in one of downtown Asmara shop has displayed the Sawa Kit!

    The list goes on and on