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Negarit# 9. ነጋሪት ቁ 9 – ፍሉይ ሕታም : ዒድ ሙባረክ

ነጋሪት ቁ 9 – ፍሉይ ሕታም : ዒድ ሙባረክ

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  • iSem

    Hi awate:
    SY vs YG: It was not
    When brother Beyan alerted the forum that SY and YG have been interviewed by SBS radio, I thought it was a debate, the much anticipated debate that Beyan was supposed to arrange, that SY was supposed to decline, that YG was supposed to accept. But it was not a debate.
    Both SY and YG articulated issues from different angles. E.G about who PFDJ abused the most, both were right.
    SY unconscosuly uses “sewrawi” Tigriniya while YG used the language more traditionally. Example SY opted for ዘላቂ for durable peace while ነባሪ would do. Also SY made a mistake with a use of a word, that one day will be included in iSem’s common mistakes in Tigriniay: ሳላ instead of ብሰንኪ. When the outcome is negative the correct usage is ብሰንኪ.: eg ብሰንኪ. PFDJ people are drawing in the sea If the outcome is positive use ሳላ: eg: ሳላ ሳልሕ ጋዲ ብዛዕባ ከረን ፈሊጥና ፡ ብሰንኪ ህግደፍ ከረን ርሲ ከተማ እርትራ አይኮነትን

    • Beyan

      Selam iSem,

      Sal Y. must have not seen this. I am certain he will have a convincing rejoinder that will dissuade you from entering it into the “iSem’s common mistakes in Tigrinya”, because that will be a taint he will never forgive himself for not seeing your comment in time for. At any rate, four days late going on fifth, but better than never. It’s kind of interesting to see a quick Tigrinya speech analysis you’ve done here. Well, I tried to do the same with PM Abiy and Nsu’s recent speech on Martyrs’ Day. Needless to say, it went way over the word limit to qualify for awate article and certain unsuitable to be truncated in a comment section.

      As for the SBS Radio interview between YG and Sal Y., well, debates are becoming passe, thanks to PM Abiy who is now convincing us all to go for adding and not dividing. So, debating sounds subtracting. So, as you can see they have already heeded the suggestion and opted for adding their input targeting so their fierce debating skills will be directed toward the regime, to bruise it until it is annihilated from the helm of political power. You may have already seen it, but Ghezae’s first point speaks to this succinctly in more humanized way than mine: “1. First of all, let us bypass blame game of who was right or wrong; who won or lost. No one has won until we introduce rule of law and democracy in Eritrea.”


      • iSem

        Hi Dr. Beyan:
        God forbid!, making debates obsolete;-)
        But it is passe in PFDJ land any way from the beginning. We know the border issue has nothing to do with the internal problems we have. Sal mentioned that 124 out the 190 countries have border issues but they do not take it on the people and if we had a debate in Eri and asked the people if they want their solve the border issue or implement the const, the choice would be crystal clear. If we had an election and a candidate was running on th platform that that I will leave the Badme issue and I will focus on other issues
        PFDJ prescribes for us, does not diagnose us and by diagnose I mean running opposing ideas asking us.
        And just to be on Sal’s nerves, the have prescribed us that we need vocational education of the plumbing college of Taba Fornernello:-)

  • Haile S.

    Saleh and Saleh,
    መለሊኽ ኣባዕከ ዓቲረ ምሳኹም ዘይ’ወድዓዊ ኩነታት ከዕልል ደስ ምበለኒ። መን ይፈልጥ፡ ኣብ ዝመጽእ ዒድ ነተግብሮ ንኸውን።
    ዒድ ሙባረክ!

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam the “Duo Saleh”,

    Eid Mubarak guys. I am glad to hear you having fun and jokes, touching all cultural and non cultural issue including the “ጭርምራም መሬት ንኢትዮጵያ ዝለገስናላ” ዕላል ግዜ አምጸኦ:: You gave us a prelude for our debate on the “ጭራም” and “ጭርምራም”:: Thank you, it was an early morning laugh for me.

  • Ismail AA

    Selehein, Id Mubarak,

    Correct Beyan. It is wonderful to hear these two guys exchanging jokes, and the interviewer Saleh laughing to his heart’s joy. Don’t think he would ask for more on this Id occasion. I have no doubt in my mind that history will grace them with a page they rightfully deserve when the truth sun shall rise on the sky of Eritrea for all they have done, and are doing, to keep an

    Id Mubarak to all.

  • Beyan

    What a wonderful Eid tribute from two creative minds who brought us Now, shooting a breeze on a joyous occasion – Such a joy to watch and to listen to. ፊስካ ሓዊስና ቢስ ከይንብል ረፕለይ ኢት ክትብሉ ኢኹም:: How about part two, this time, reverse the role…roll the camera on Sal Y. and SGJ pepper him with questions about Sal Y’s – weddi Camboni – Asmarino experience. Now, that would be one great comparative point for us viewers to see if Sal Y. can rattle off one block of his childhood names in the hood.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Yes Dr. Beyan,

      Nice to see our Eid enjoyed by our great minds..


  • Jamal Ibrahim

    It is great to see two Salihs having great time in relaxed atmosphere. Eidakum Mubarak.