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Negarit #10: ኣምሕርኛ ትዛረባለህ? ውይይት ከእናት ኣገር ጓደኞች

ኣምሕርኛ ትዛረባለህ? ውይይት ከእናት ኣገር ጓደኞች

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  • Hit

    Excellent Amharic…Did not realize you speak the language as a native..

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam Gash Saleh J
    Excellent comment and nice accent, u sound gondera, for real.

  • ሰላማት የሁላችን ወንድም ጋሸ ሳለሕ ጆሃር ጋዲ፡

    ኣስር ስለ ደረስክ፡ ኢኔ ሚለው ራስዋ ኣንድ ቃል “ኣሰር” ስለ ሆነ፡ “ኣይ ዛሬ ሚለው ነገር ወይ ኮመንት ኣስፈላጊ ኣይደለም” ቢየ ማለፍ ኣሰብኩት። ቀኑ ግን ኣስር ከ ኣስር አንደ ያንተ ዛሬ ኣስረኛ ዝግጂት፡ ኣውራው ሳኣቱ የደረሰ ና ሁኔታ ያመጣው ኣንድ ሁለት ሶስ ታኝሾት የኔ ኣስብ በጣም ታልቅ ውይም “ጃያንት ሊፕ ፎር ማንኪንድ” ነገሩ ላካፊል ካንተ ጋር ና ይ “አናት ኣገር” ወንድሞች ጓዶኞች ፍቀድልኝ። (ኖት!!! ኣንድ ሰመስተር ባፈሎ ሚባል ኣገር ከነ ሚልዮን ዘሪሁን ብርሃኑ ሚባሉ ስማቸው ኢትዮጵያውያን ተምሪ፥ ኣማርኛ101 ክራሽ ኮርስ በመስማት ቢቻ የኣገኘሁት ቺሎታ ሰለ ሆነ፡ ቀድመ አቅርታ ኢየ ጠየቁት ነኝ። ከዛ ኦፍ ካምፐስ ሃውዚን ያመጣ ኣማርኛ ኦፖርቱኒቲ በፊት ወይ ብዋሃላ ስለ ያልነብረኝ፡ ኢኔ ኣማርኛ ቋንቃ አንድ ማይችል ነው ሚቆትራ ነፍሴ። ግን ወንድሜ ሳልሕ አንደ ምታውቀውና ኢያልከው፥ ለኛ ኣፋር ኩናማ ሳሆ፨ ትግራዎት ባዛ ወዘተ,,, ኣማርኛ ቋንቃና ኣማራ ሰዎች “ኢትስ ኦል ግሪክ” አንዳይሆነ በርግጥ ልንገር።)

    ዛ ዛ ዛዛሬሬ ,,, ዛሬ ስድስተኛ ወር ሁለት ኣስር፥ ሃያ ሰነ ኦር ዕስራ ሰነ ነው ኢንጂ፡ ኦን ዘ ኦካሽን Please allow me to forward this message to Ethiopians and Eritreans on this occasion of day of remembrance or Memorial Day 6/20:

    Let us remember all of Ethiopian Children Heroes who fell in battle in the Eritrean lands. Let us remember all the brave Ethiopian souls who gave the ultimate price in defense of their nation and people. Let us remember all the Ethiopian Sons and daughters who fell heroically in battle during the Eritrean-Ethiopian war of Liberation and equally remember the brave Ethiopian Soldiers killed in action during the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border War (Badume) of 1998. May the payment and solace for those brave Ethiopian soldiers lost in the Eritrean theater’s survivors be near and at hand in the form of an ultimate peace between Eritreans and Ethiopian. May PMAAA find success in the gifting that is closure peace, security, and tranquility for those Ethiopians who have lost their dear ones be the order of the day in the coming days.

    Speaking of “Its not all Greek to me…” or us allow me to add a bit more thoughts about the founder of Cynicism Philosophy or its founder named Diogense.

    Diogenes was captured by pirates and sold into slavery to a Corinthian. And upon being aked for his trade, he replied that he knew no trade but that of governing men, and that he wished to be sold to a man who needed a master. In fact, this was a pun. In ancient Greece this would sound both as “governing men” and “Teaching values to people.”

    Not quite a ho-minim but this definition supports your point of the Red Sea has thousands years old owners. … of rock solids and sediments. Diagenesis is the change of sediments or other sedimentary rocks in rock formation (/lithification) at temperatures and pressures less than that for the formation of Metmorphic rocks.

    What is this metaphoric metamorphic rocks you may ask? Don’t really know but it i Diogenes’ (akin to you diagenesis visa vis ቀይ ባህራችን) who molded himself on the example of Heracles and believed that virtue was better revealed in action than in theory.

    የኛ ኣክሽን ሁሉ ህዝባችን ኣብረው የ ቱና አሳ ጥረ ስጋ ብስም ኣምላክ ቢስሚላህ በሰላም ይብላ! ሰላም ይሁን ብቻ የ ፈልጎ የ ኣማራ ሊጅ በ ቅቤው መልቶ የ ከብት የበግ ስለም ግዜ ከ ጎረቤቱ “ኣይ ላቨ ሱስሂ ብለው” ለምን ኣይጎስሞ?
    ነገሩና ያንተ ፖይንት ሳለህ የሀው ነው፡
    “የ ጤንነት መንገድ ኣመት ተጓዘው/ሂዱ!”
    መንገዲ ጥዕና ዓመት ተጎዓዞ!
    ኤንድ ኤንድ ኤንድ ኤንድ ኣዝዝዝዝዝዝዝዝዝዝ ኦልዋይስ ዓሸራ! (ሎምስ ከኣ ተመሓሩ በምሓሩ ቋንቃ ኣምሓርኛ፨ ኢት ኢስ ኦል ግሪክ ቶ ሚ!”

    ኣቡ ዓሸራ መሳርያ ዓሸራ።
    ዘክር ስዉኣትና


  • Abrehet Yosief

    Selam Ustaaz,
    You haven’t truly lived until you enjoy “brndo”. I suggest you start with sashimi, then caprese, then try kitfo and finaly “brndo.”