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National Security Team Discusses TPDM Role in Roundup

In the late afternoon of November 5, Brigadier General Tekle Kifle “Manjus” presided over a meeting to discuss, among other things, the fallout from the youth round-up that was conducted on the weekend of October 26th where, for the first time, it was disclosed that an Ethiopian opposition group based in Eritrea, the Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM/De.M.H.T), was engaged in altercation with civilians.

The meeting was attended by top security officers including Colonel Fitsum, Colonel Wedi Qeshi (Police Department); Colonel Wedi Isaq (Central Zone (Asmara) police); Colonel Wedi Afwerqi (Office of National Security); “Lenin” (National Security Office); Colonel Ghirmay (station unknown); and, Major Wedi Halima, battalion leader.

Here’s a summary of what was discussed as disclosed to our source:

  •  Major General Philipos Weldeyohannes, who was supposed to attend the meeting, declined on the grounds that Tekle Manjus is his junior and cannot call him to such a meeting.  Tekle Manjus indicated that the meeting was being called under the directive of President Isaias Afwerki.
  • President Isaias Afwerki, reported Manjus, wants a detailed report as to how the “sensitive case”  of TPDM was exposed to the public;

In the meeting, Colonel Wedi Afwerki explained that he didn’t have sufficient time to organize the youth round-up (giffa) given its unusual urgency and deadline.

He also noted that, for days before the operation, there was no electric power in Asmara and, therefore, radio batteries were not charged. This, he explained, resulted in lack of communication with the command center. Therefore, he explained, units were not able to ask for additional forces from the command center especially when a riot erupted near Hamasien Restaurant.

Speaking for the police, Colonel Wedi Qeshi and Colonel Wedi Isaq explained that they did not have advance information about the round-up; that they only heard about it when the owner of Bar Mesob Werqi called the police to report the riot.

For his part, Wedi Halima, in charge of the battalion that was involved in the roundup, indicated that although his commanders had given clear instructions to TPDM/De.M.H.T. to stay in the background and to have his battalion engage with Eritrean youth,  his agelglot (national service) disobeyed direct orders to round up youth, and that’s when the TPDM got involved actively.

The attendants of the meeting were stunned when Brigadier General Tekle Manjus informed them that President Isaias Afwerki said that he learned about the incident through informal channels.

Following the conclusion of the first agenda item, Tekle Manjus moved on to discuss other issues of concern, namely:

  • How to control the civil disobedience that is growing, particularly in the Ministry of Health (especially with the doctors) and the Sports Commission;
  • The importance of sending a strong warning to all secretarial staff, particularly those assigned to senior posts, to refrain from leaking confidential information to the public;
  • That the ministries, particularly Education and Agriculture, should be reviewed carefully as they are disproportionately stacked by individuals from a narrow geographic region (a specific geographic region was mentioned.)

Throughout the meeting, “Lenin” (nom de guerre) listened but didn’t comment on anything; while Colonel Ghirmay took notes of the meeting.
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  • Yodita
    • Papillon

      Dearest Yodita,

      What seems to be problematic with these otherwise bonafide humanitarian organizations or NGOs is that, they seem to lack the basic knowledge of regimes like the one in Eritrea where the victims are at the centre stage of the whole conundrum. For instance, you can see how naive more often they (NGOs) can be where in this particular reflection says, “…we should promote migration paths from Eritrea to reduce underground channels and promote inter-country cooperation while treating victims humanely.” This clearly shows us that, the person is taking the regime in Eritrea for an entity where rational dialogue can prevail as if one can actually approach the regime to address or redress the prevailing issues concerning the refugees. That is precisely the reason, the issue of Eritrean refugees is taken for any kind of issue that is not too different from the issues of refugees that are flocking out the other parts of the world. The Eritrean refugee issue is unique of the fact that, not only the return of the refugees to Eritrea is detrimental, even the dead can not make it back as the recent horrifying tragedy of Lampedusa painfully attests.


      • Yodita

        Dear Papillon and Ghebre

        I most certainly agree with your comments and I thank you. What compeled me to attach it was that the attrocities Eritrean refugees are facing made it to the Huffington post in a rather longish article describing the attrocities and that may mean that our predicament will be reported by a higher level of media outlet.

        Where I live, there is such a poor cover of our tragedy, I consider it a shame!

    • Gebre

      Dear Yodita,

      The problems of the refugees suffocating in the camps are not psychiatric. May be there are very few who were tortured by the half-human dogs of the dictatorial regime for no reason or for trivial reasons. The main reason for all this human suffering is the regime itself and the ultimate solution is to dismantle it once and for all; the sooner the better. For this, the opposition has to say enough is enough and step up its struggle even to the extent of the opposition leaders and others to go to the proximity where the struggle can be fought effectively. It is time that they full-time commit themselves to the struggle by leaving their comfort zones in Europe and elsewhere around the world.
      The refugees are the super young , Saay said sometime before, just 20 years old on the average. Such young people have no psychiatric problems for NGO like CVT to get involved on a large scale. Read the following:

      The stress and frustration that those young people are exposed is simply the result of their exposure and coercion to do things they do not want to do. Keeping these young people in those camps for a long time is another reason for more frustration and stress. Here is some suggestion to do to alleviate their sufferings and keep them busy and healthy while the opposition is intensifying its struggle.

      1. All the youth should be sent all over Tigray and attend ordinary schools in Shire, Axum, Adwa, Adigrat, Mekelle, Abiy Adi, just with their cousins. If the NGOS like CVT are really genuine, they can finance the youth’s education. Other countries can help too.
      2. The opposition can go there and organize all Eritreans to fight the regime in Asmara.

      When the youth is busy this way or another there could not rise any psychiatric “health problems”. They have now some goal ( to finish elementary school, high school etc. , even to some university). They don’t have time for frustration. Remember the saying. Idleness is the devil’s work shop.

  • Sabri

    Selamat Awetawyan,

    I don’t have different opinion about those 22 signatories of the letter. PFDJ is not reformable. How can any person who call himself intellectual miss this point?

    What is mostly worrying at this moment is what will happen if the regime in Eritrea collapse suddenly? unfortunately we don’t have organized body who is ready to take over. In my opinion what is needed at this time is to establish an exile government who will pave the way for transitional government in post PFDJ Eritrea.


    • haile

      Selam Sabri

      Let me throw my two cents here:)

      I have always believed that those inside Eritrea have tremendous resource and know how to fill the gap once the regime falls down. We need mass uprisings in the diaspora to completely push back the regime into the embassy holes in the wall:) A large council of diaspora Eritreans for democratic change could be set up not only to co-ordinate the activities here but also be a medium of sending all the support and concerns of the diaspora to the homeland. Unlike to the mainstream fear of lawlessness in the immediate aftermath of the fall of the regime, my main concern is the collapse of basic provision of services and salaries and what what have you because (mark my word) you won’t see a penny when the PFDJ make the run. The diaspora is in poor shape right now to assist is such situation (other than individually), and hence the diaspora council for supporting the transition period would be essential. For governing tasks, there are people already doing most of the civil service (which I presume would continue after the regime too) you will need the leadership level team that would oversee the running of government services and preparation to multiparty elections following implementation of a constitution and formation of political parties based on the constitutional operatives.

      As diaspora Eritreans, we have the right and reason to have a diaspora council, however we lack the representational and mandatory rights as well as entitlements to set up a body as “government” or something intending to run the governing structures of the country. That can only fall into place from the manner in which PFDJ meets its fate and whoever happens to be close by at the time. What is your view of the call made by wedi vacaro, I haven’t read any literature about his activity, but only heard the general call he made on assenna radio?


      • Yodita

        Dear Haile (the Great)

        “I have always believed that those inside Eritrea have tremendous resource and know how to fill the gap once the regime falls down.”

        This is and has always been my core belief too. I always argue along these lines when sceptic friends hammer on the prospect of the doom and gloom that might follow (when and if the devil and cohorts escape to their nests and niche).

        As a people, we do have our weaknesses just like others. However, wanton destructiveness and excessive cruelty (new attributes introduced and enhanced by pfdj, already manifested during the struggle) are not prominent!! I believe as a people, we are work-oriented, frugal, attentive, constructive, respectful of the other, and with a very high sense of right and wrong, both collectively and individually, inculcated into the psyche of the very young from the onset. It may not seem so at this point in time, but our pluses by far outweigh our minuses.

        I believe the suppressed, oppressed and abused collective wisdom will be unleashed and freed from a grip that is diabolic. PFDJ has specialized and excelled in how to extinguish these collective treasures and is doing unimaginable damage. In order to curb and destroy this embedded collective noble behaviour of the people, pfdj, in the process, is destroying the whole country.

        To put it in a Marxist context, right before our own eyes, there is an accelerated quantitative dissent rearing its head both inside and outside our most beloved country. I think we all realize that saying NO to the tyranny is gathering momentum and is increasingly pointing towards the (CLICK) transformation into a qualitative one, thus changing the nature of what was into what it will become, irrevocably.

        It is then that what our Haile (the Great indeed!), believes “…those inside Eritrea have tremendous resource ..” will come into play, unleashed and freed as it will be from bondage and an iron grip that suppressed and oppressed it for at least half a generation!!

        A vital aspect of what makes us suffer the most as a people now, I believe, is the loss of our collective “tremendous resource” to work, to construct, to be fair and to be just , among the many noble and just attributes of our legacy.
        With much respect and regards, Haile may God bless you.

      • Hailat,

        Are you really sure that the inside has “the know how to fill the gap?” Show us the subject factors that fills the objective reality where the nation is partitioned by the generals who do not trust each other, and where the human capital flight (brain drain) drastically changed the face of the nation and its prospect. I believe the know how is with in the diasporan Eritreans to strategize the exit strategy from the mess we are in. Eliminating Issayas only is not the solution to our torn social fabrics. There are no formidable leaders in the horizon of our political landscape, at least in the current situation. Based on our current reality, if you have different reading on the general picture of Eritrean politics, what are the tangible facts that override the worry of the public as we speak……not on wishes haile, but on deducted logics based on the reality.

        • haile

          Hey Aman and Yodita

          I think what Yodita described about the nature of the Eritrean is true and easy to feel and experience on the ground in Eritrea. This takes me to Aman’s apprehension that may be there is no one left. For starters, let’s be strictly factual, the body of governing structures are in Eritrea. They are populated by Eritreans. There are many other highly experienced Eritreans from economic, social and political walks of life who are sidelined by the regime and (owing to other factors) haven’t left Eritrea yet. If you go to the ministry of health for example almost all of its staff will be there after PFDJ. The minister may be removed and possibly face charges, other political attache in that ministry may also face similar fate. The remaining 90+ percent will be there to run the sector. Now how you are going to fill the top posts are open to many considerations. Can you promote from middle leadership to senior leadership, can you work in collaboration with a diaspora organization/council that can coordinate nominee for appointment…. But the whole objective is to run the sector pending the election of a party that would form a national government. Once this party wins an election, I have little to suggest because they would have their own people and their own decisions who would lead what till end of their term.

          The same argument can be extended to all core departments of government. The armed forces and intelligence units are unknown quantity. Those military and security leaders are perpetrators of huge crimes and hence would either run, killed or apprehended. The question is how would the bulk of the forces act? to stabilize the situation or indulge in pillage and mass killings? We don’t know for sure but hope that it would be the former. My belief is that the core evil drivers of the regime are really few (at home and in diaspora) when we get down to it.

          I know a lot of ifs but the practical case scenario is unlikely to result an inflow of mass diaspora to a tense and volatile situation. Aqli waga beqli 🙂


          • Hailat,

            Well, here is my take and with that I will close my case:Our nation will not have a good prospect without upper hand of the diaspora intellectuals to chart the exit strategy from the current predicament. The internal factors can only be used for stabilizing the security of the nation…..otherwise I am sure that they will be completely in uncharted political waters. What I may called it an action packed adventure like the regime we have. And I think we don’t need a journey-walk for try and errors. Hailat if you are waiting for a nation to redeem from the current crossroad with a depleted human resource of know how in its belly, it is a dream or a good wishing from the thin air.

          • Yodita

            Kbur Amanuel,

            In all government, military and public sectors, there are the junior persons totally disgusted by the seniors who are running the show. They are on the job experiences persons who were left in a suppressed mode because their decency excluded them from the limelight. They thoroughly know the ill of the killer system and the needs of the country. They are the key players, in my humble view, of the transition period.

            The contaminated ones in the top(by Isaias), be it generals or otherwise, are much dispised, albeit feared for their wanton cruelty, by their juniors and the rest in the pyramid. Most likely, all or most of them will abondon the ship when the click happens. Some of them have properties in Africa (Uganda) awaiting their escape. We have all the needed resources for Eritrea to show the world that it will calmly, wisely and with determination handle its transition period and thereafter.

            With all due respect, the Diaspora could give very valuable support and some personalities may and or should serve in the process of transition. But, to let the fate of the people in the hands of the Diaspora, with its history of the last decade and half, leaves me scared.

          • Yodita

            Please read they are on the job trained and experienced persons

      • saay

        ሃይል ዓቢ ሰብ፥
        ኣብ ዝመጽእ ዘሎ ቐረባ አዋን ሓደ ውሩይ ኤርትራዊ ንመልእኽቲ ወዲ ቫካሮ ደገፍ ዝህብ መግለጺ ክህብ ኢዩ::

        We will see, said the blind man 🙂


      • Sabri


        I fully agree that there are many capable Eritreans in Eritrea who can govern. But the question is we don’t have organized body either in Eritrea or in diaspora who is capable to take over in case the regime falls suddenly. Those in Eritrea have very little chance to be organized at this moment. That is why I propose exile government. Urgent issue needs urgent solution.

        I understand your concern on what will happen to the minus zero economy direct after the fall of the regime. That is a problem but that is not the main problem. The most urgent issue who needs immediate solution is to have an organized body who fill the gap. Once we have an organized body who is ready to take over, there will be many issues on the agenda to be solved. The subject of your concern can be solved within this arrangement, I believe. But I’m not saying it is easy.

        The movement of Wedi vaccaro and other movements are good. But we need an organized group whose task is to take over direct after the fall of the regime. Those who will be included in this body don’t need to agree on all points. They can have many divergent opposing views. This need not to be a hinder. It is enough if all agrees to establish temporary government whose task is to prepare for election.

        • Sabri

          High military officers in Eritrea they have a reason to be worried at this moment. They know what their fate will be. That is why they do their best to save their life. If all of them agreed that overthrowing Issayas can save their life they will not be hesitating to do that. Incase they choose this line it is likely Eritrea will have a military government. This is another reason why we have an alternative organized group.

  • Papillon

    Dear Haile,

    I actually see it differently. First of all, they deserve a credit for coming out to the fore as real people in a space-time as opposed to some sort of shoddy letter signed by ግዱሳት ኤሪትራዉያን. Secondly, I suspect most of them had been supporters at best or else neutral citizens who had opted to remain mere spectators as they got completely assimilated with their respective adoptive countries. I trust you’ve read the letter in its entirety and as you can see, it strikes a chord where the most critical issues are posed to the sadist as the main factors are singled out succinctly that have turned the nation to what it is today.

    It is understandable for one rather to be surprised the fact that, the authors wrote a letter directed to the sadist and his rubber stamp cabinet where it is a done deal that the sadist and his regime are dead rotten to their neck where it is simply laughable to expect it to redress the issues and reform itself. However, the authors sure are cognizant of the fact that the regime is beyond repair but they elected to address the letter directly to him in a bid to expose him that incorrigible and recalcitrant that he is. It is a psychological blow directed at him and his supporters as well.


    • haile

      Hey Papillon,

      I would understand that such would be considered positive for ordinary citizens to do. However, to have 22 intellectuals gather together (they can possibly cover the nation’s entire needs of Minster’s and what have you) and to simply turn around to write a letter to a “regime” that doesn’t really exist in real sense is somewhat preposterous. Wedi Vacaro has demanded the resignation of IA and his henchmen, these 22 could have joined there and helped in the preparation of transitional administration of the country till fully fledged multiparty elections are carried out (many things to consider on practicality here, but can go a long way in that direction).

      These guys actually are inadvertently misleading the Eritrean diaspora (that is already hell confused) into believing that there is a responsive government in Eritrea. Hell no. IA is a fugitive from the law with blood in his hands, the armed men are raping the nation and its people and their selfish diaspora operatives (few but paid) are hard at work confusing the population with make belief and recycled photoshop Eritrea! If the so called intellectuals are lost on the basics like this, what chance would the everyday Joe have to see trees from the forest?

      I do respect their interest, but it is not in commensurate to their standing as “intellectuals”. At any rate, riesa kenetensE kab belu, Ewa’e yhagzom mbal’yu…


      • Selam

        Haile Korayi,
        Sorry to spoil your daily wet dreams about the demise of PIA and his mighty army! Saleh Gadi- oppps sorry, I meant Haile Korayi- The good news I want to tell you is that -the failed nation is about to achieve three of MDG ahead of schedual:-) And, UN resident offcier in Asmara told the world that Africa and the rest of the world could drive lessons from Eritrea on how to achieve a lot with meager resources:-)lol

        • haile

          ሰላሚና ዘይትኹርይ ፡-)

          ስርዓት ኢሰያስ ኣፈወርቂ፡ ብሓሶት ዝዓብለኸ፡ ብቅጥፈት ዝናበር፡ ብገበን ዝድለ፡ ብደም ንጹሃን ኣደታት፡ ኣቦታት፡ መንእሰያት፡ ዕሸላትን፡ ህጻናትን ዝጨቀወ፡ ካብ ዓለም ብዓለማ ፎእ ኢላ ዘሳጎጎቶ፡ ብድንግርግር ዝተዘነቡን፡ ዋንንነት ሃገርን ክብርን ከምዝብጸሖም መንቋሕቋሕታ ዘይብሎም፡ ጠፋሽያን ከም በዓል ሰላም ሸሸ ዝብል ዘሎ ጊዜ ዝሓለፎ ሬሳ እዩ። ሰለስተ ሸቶ እይኮነን፡ ቅንጣብ’ውን ኣይገበረን። ሕዝቢ ኤርትራ፡ ጥሙይ፡ ዕሩቕ፡ ጽሙእን፡ ድፉንን ኮይኑ፡ boat people ተባሂሉ ዝፍለጥ፡ ድራር ኣራዊት’ዩ። ድሕሪ ምውዳቕ ደርጊ፡ ኤርትራዊ ዝኾነ ይኹን ክብሪ ሰብ ዝተነፍጎ፡ ሕሱር ናይ ሕሱራን ኮይኑ፡ መጦሪያ (ጡረታ) ዘይብሉ፡ ክሰርሕ ዘይክእል፡ ክንግድ ዘይክእል፡ ሓሪሱ ክሸይጥ ዘይክእል፡ ክምረጽን ክመርጽን ዘይፍቀደሉ፡ ድምጹ ተዓቢሱ ፍቆዶ ጎዳጉዲን ምኽዘናትን ከም እንስሳ ተዳጉኑ ዝቕጥቀጥ፡ ኣብ ሪጋ ውዒሉ ብሪጋ ዘምስይ፡ ሹቅሩር፡ መስተማሰሊ፡ ኮይኑ፡ ኣብ ጸልማት ይርከብ። ሰብ ሓዳርን፡ ኣደ ቆልዑን ፍቆዳ ኣንጎሎ ብኽቱር ስእነት ኣብ ምንዝርና ተዋፊረን፡ ኣቦ ዘይብሉ ስድራን፡ ቀባሪ ዘይብሉ ሬሳን ዝተደርመመት ሃገር፡ ሰለስተ ኣይኮነን፡ ሚሊዮን ሸቶ ወቂዓ ክትብሊ፡ ዓይኒ’መን ብመርፍእ ከተንቑሪ? ሓሶትኩም፡ ክድዓትኩምን፡ ጥልመትኩምን ውዱእ ኩነት እዩ። እዚ ሓቢጡን፡ ረሲኑን ዘሎ ረዚን ሓዘን ኤርትራውያን ድማ፡ ብጀካ ሕልፈትኩም፡ ካልእ ዘበት! ኣይትኾርዪ ሕራይ፡ እዛ ተሰኽቲታ ዘላ ግን ሕሰብላ፡ እዝያ ሓደገኛ እያ። እንተ እተን ሰለስተ ቆሎ ግን፡ ኣብ መኸተኹም ቆራጥምወን፡ ዝዓጅቦ ኤርትራዊ (ብጀካ ሃሱስ) የለን። lol 🙂

          • haile

            z riga is for bus by the way not bread:) in the countryside it takes days and nowadays it is just walking between towns!!!

          • haile


            Here are your fellow Eritrean sisters you can meet up and break your three magic bullet none-sense of PFDJ lies to 🙂

            “The women who travelled on a migrant boat that sank off the coast of Italy have claimed they were covered in petrol and raped in front of their tortured husbands before boarding the doomed craft.”


            መሬታ እምበር፡ ኣየድልየናን ህዝባ! ግርም ፈኸራ ጃንዳ ህግደፍ – ተዓገስ ጥራይ ወዲ ሃገር ዶብ ክንባጻሕ ኢና…

        • Haqi

          selam, u obviously never been to Eritra

      • saay

        Selamat 22 Intellectuals*

        It’s a mixed bag.

        1. When you write a letter to a regime demanding that it reform itself, there are two possibilities:

        A. You think it’s reformable.
        B. You don’t think it’s reformable; your purpose for writing is to serve your conscience: when the country goes to hell in a hand basket following Godena Siad Barre, you want to say “I warned them!”

        If you are one of the co-signers to the letter and you are not sure whether you belong to the (A) or (B) camp above, ask yourself one question: suppose I get an invitation from Perpetrator Isaias Afwerki to visit Eritrea to discuss the contents of my Open Letter: would I go?

        If your answer to that is, “yes!”, you are not smart enough to call yourself an intellectual. If your answer to that is “hell no!”,and you still wrote this letter, you are not honest enough to call yourself an intellectual.

        Consolation Prize: you are better than those who are still quiet or supporting the outlaw regime. Here’s your gift: a toaster. And the phone number to the last group of intellectuals (G-13) who met in Berlin in 2000 and called on kubur president Isaias to reform himself.


        22 Eritreans signing a document… Haile, synchronize your watch: the disclaimers from 2-3 of the signers claiming that they don’t agree with everything on the letter begin in 9..8…7..

        • Papillon

          Dear Sal,

          Let me jump on to the band-wagon of cynicism but my cynicism springs not from the fact that some of them would probably dissociate from the group rather, the entire body will disappear into oblivion where the G-13 comes to mind. Hope they will prove me wrong by writing a sequel where the letter demands the resignation of the sadist.


          • saay

            Selamat Papillon:

            My cynicism begins with the fact that the letter* was addressed to Isaias Afwerki and all the ministers. My position on this is well-known: the ministers are so powerless** that, if it were up to them, they themselves would sign the petition demanding the change, if they were not living in a police state that could disappear them within minutes. So the letter fails on the first test of writers: it does not know its audience.

            I guess the bigger question is this: on balance, is this letter a good thing for the cause of justice? Is it a net positive or a net negative or neutral? Let’s say that VOA Tigrinya edition covers the news of the petition. How will it be received by the “silent majority” in Eritrea? ab wexae zelewu muhuratna debdabe xHifom bHgi teQeyed ilomo. (The learned, in the Diaspora, petitioned the government demanding rule of law.) And the answer will be, I think, “izi dea seb zeysemeE: ashunqway do neziom ab wexae zelewu: ay nmeQalstu indiyu aysemEn ilu Dwaginuwom zelo?” (This man doesn’t listen; let alone those in the Diaspora, he didn’t even listen to his decades-long comrades and has arrested them.) For the “Silent Majority – Diaspora Edition”, I think it is a net positive: it is one more straw on the back of the camel.


            * By the way, for those of you who are not following what we (Sabri, Haile, Papillon, Aman and I) are discussing: this is the petition filed by “22 Eritrean intellectuals”

            ** My favorite story of the powerlessness of the ministers. An average Eritrean is teasing his minister friend and says, “well, when I see you on TV, I don’t hear your voice, but I see you moving your arms a lot and I feel so good thinking, ‘well, he is definitely advocating on my behalf.'” The minister laughs so hard (at his friend, at himself, at the state of the country) that he collapses laughing and starts crying.

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    ዝኸብሩኩም ዕውታት ጋንታ ዓዋተ:

    ሓደ ከም ሓያት ኣደም ዝመሰለ ምቕሉል ባእታ ካብ ‘ዚ ጥዑምን መሃርን ኣማዕብልን መርበብ ከልግስ እንከሎ ክናፈቕ ግድን እዩ። እንታይ ድሃይ ኣለኩም ጋንታ ኣዋተ?

    I miss you Hayat Adem.

  • Thomas

    Opportunists like Nitricc, Meron and other diehard supporters of the dictator have stern pogrom against my people. Just will soon prevail and these people will pay their due.

  • Abe z minewale

    Since we have established people’s party I as member of the party giving Saay Nai HiliNa mEktsaeti for not accepting the position of president

  • Thomas

    It looks like my recommendation/choice Eritrea’s future leaders was not agreeable to all. It seems no one is interested to lead the Eritrean people. I see everyone has determined to see a civilized and advanced Eritrea. I know every Eritrean citizen is a leader as long as the current barbaric regime is wiped out once and for all. We all are an independent and very hardworking people. We can govern ourselves. The only thing that is left is to weed out people like Nitricc, Meron and some other mafia cheer leaders. This is the time to filter out the good for nothing criminals. Our number one job should be removing criminals from the surface of Eritrea. Our number one priority is going to be very easy that we all can handle. As I said, we are all leaders as long as those blood suckers are gone forever.

  • semere andom
    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      ኣይገርመን? እምበኣር እዛ ሃገርሲ መንግስቲ ኣለዋ እዩ::

    • Dear Semere Andom,

      If they don’t come to the open to know them who they are, they aren’t serious. They are simply like those who came under the pane name “muktar” who BTW claimed the think tank, but they are nowhere and gone like a blink.They will come as “bilich” and will go as “tifea” in no time.

      Amanuel H.

      • Papillon

        Dear Aman,

        The PDF format is posted on including the authors’ names of the plea to the sadist and his rubber stamp cabinet as well.

        • Dear Papillon & Semere,

          Papillon – thank you. I don’t know how I missed it. I just tried the links only.

          Semere – Though I don’t agree with their plea – a plea to dictator is a plea to a wall. They should know better. But they came to open with their names and hopefully to more engagement with the rest Eritreans rather with despot and his cohorts.

    • haile

      Selamat Semere,

      I have seen their list of names on asmarino, most seem to be new to me. In any case, it is pity that they lack the basic minimum understanding of the current predicament of Eritrea and Eritreans and they went all out for a humanitarian appeal to sooth themselves to sleep:)

      It is puzzling that they think the regime would help to remove the sanctions by opening up its books to let UN investigators to swarm its offices and intelligence centers, that it would allow the rule of law to prevail there by letting out so many destroyed people and corps from its dungeons, that it would compensate the NS youth and demobilize them and launch various economic ventures for them to go to with its magic wand. They also hope that the regime would implement the constitution and give the people the tools to kick it out. They think the regime would suddenly rain in the broken economy, broken society and broken dream that once was. These intellectuals are great people but don’t know the score.

      They could have helped and organized a transitional leadership and DEMANDED that IA hands over power. They still haven’t waken up and realized that mom ha long left home:)

      They did achieve in their individual lives, but they are not street smart and are better off reconsidering the content and addressee of their letter:)

    • Ermias

      Well, their intention is good. I happen to know five of them personally, which are in their mid to late thirties…my school mates in Asmara. One of them is my first cousin but last I spoke or saw him was over twenty years ago.

      The problem in Eritrea is a very fundamental humanity problem. The IA and all the cowards mentioned have utterly and miserably failed our people at every level. There is only one and only one solution – complete overhaul and uprooting of this government. They then need to be tried for crimes against humanity. Anything short of this is no solution whatsoever.

      The five that I know came to the west after 2000. What a shame for them to not call a spade a spade. They should simply say, PFDJ and IA just step aside. They should condemn them directly for our peoples suffering and the atrocities being committed.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Eritrea’s youngsters become like a care taker of ‘old mama eritrea’. The story is like this. One large Family 9 of them in Ethiopia have left for USA one by one leaving at last the old father, mother and the last sister. Nobody says openly but all wants the last sister shall remain at home so that she takes care of the old parents. Money is out of question. All of them send more than the Family at home needed. All most all of the Family member went to usa the moment they finshed high School. And the little sister studied hard and graduated with high gread for joining university in usa bcause it becomes a customery in the Family. But to her surprise not only her old mother and father but all the diaspora sisters and Brothers in one voice said it is good for her to finish university in Ethiopia. She asked honestly ‘why me, all of you went to usa the moment you finished Your high School?’.

    It was not that the end of the world that she finishes her university in ethiopia. But she had never thought that way.After a while when she thought of her old mother and father love for her and their lonlyness she joined the university at home. Every body was happy, she got more encouragment gifts, took the Family car for her trasnportation and enjoy the love of her Family with endless blessing. Finaly the girl graduated from psycology Department with the good gread. And she asked her diaspora Family that she wanted to continue her master in USA. As if they have discussed it before all of them they asked her back why not in Ethiopia. She found it strange. And she told them she had to work a couple of years to continue masterate. And now the diaspora Family they are so used to it ‘ok, you can come, but who will take care of ’emyaena abayen’?. She felt bad, sad, and betrayed at the same time. She was not cheated to end up in prison or streat life. She was cheated to end up a university graduate with high gread. But she was furious why in the first Place? Why the lie?

    So all oppositions who are concerned, the Young in Eritrea have done their best so far. So choose diaspora representative from all well to do countries and arive to Asmara air port (at least 200) of you and give a written Message to the dictator what you think of best for Eritrea right now. He can not harm you the way he does the helpless natives. Before you take the charter or what ever make the Whole international media know Your unique Journey. He wouldnt dare to therow 200 People in jaile.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Money out of question shall be replaced Money no problem

  • Papillon

    Dear Haile Z Great,

    I am sure Isaias the menace would have “Unperson(ed)” you if I could use Orwellian jargon for he has an aversion towards great and analytical minds. Sure enough, we all are not self-sufficient where we depend on each other by virtue of our specific trainings and talents. As such, it will be a colossal waste and loss to have you cut the grasses of the Presidential Palace (for a living that is). When I say this however, I don’t mean to demean or degrade the profession (gardening) for it will be done by people not only passionate about it but by people the world would be messy with out. Every profession is equally respectable and dignified. No doubt.

  • semere andom

    I thought you did not read Tigrinya as you were born in the USA and so I thought your mother’s tongue was English, so I had planned to write Working Tigrinya for dummies 🙂
    You are so wrong about the cabinet
    Sal: minster of romanticizing, a ceremonial position in deference to the romantics 🙂 
    Gadi: power broker minister, as he intimately understands the nuances of Eritrea and to that effect he can troubleshoot /broker fair allocation of power
    Haile: minister of sports, as a former champion on a boxing match, he brings good knowledge how to defeat bluffers
    Emma Hidrat: Speaker of the house, so he can keep the likes of Haile focused on the debate at hand
    Serray: minister of prison wards, to oversee the very few, but important prisons in post pfdj to make sure that some notorious “acid” does not corrode the doors so the beasts do not escape after subjecting our people to the untold bestiality 🙂

    • Serray


      If I am given the power to shoot them if they misbehaved…in addition to when they attempt to escape, I will gladly accept the position. First rule, NO VISITORS, EVER!

    • Nitricc

      Semere, can you be right at something? You got it all wrong.
      First of all take Gadi out of that position. I heard once that Gadi has a soft heart for Kerenitis
      If you are from Keren, Gadi can’t help it but to cut you some slack and will let you cut corners and that a no no in the republic of Nitricc.
      SAAY will stay at the ministry of Eduaction, only if can admit and acknowledge that Histroy and culture are two entirely different things. His nomination is pending till rectifies the issue.
      Haile position will stay the same as I have mentioned. If you make Haile sport minister no one will be back from a compition aboard. Look what happen in awate, Haile never went back to Jebena to face Nitricc.
      Leave officer Aman alone.
      And Sarray, I agree with you. Since he live in a self created prison why not paid for it, right? Right.
      Semere, we opening for police officers if you are interested, Aman needs some company 🙂

  • rodab

    Yemane G/Meskel finds it easy to throw a sentence here and a sentence there in Tweetersville town. In reality, despite being the government’s spokesperson, he never in hs life granted interview to any Eritrean media/journalist. Never ever. [Send me a link that proves me wrong and I will appologize.] The same goes with the other two spokespersons, Yemane Gebreab and Ali Abdu (former official, that is). What frustrates me is VoA and other international media outlets have a much better access to the Yemanes, Ali Abdu, any minister, any public figure they like to interview. Neither EriTV nor dimtsi Hafash have such previliges (forget oppostion media). When was the last time you watched/listened to the state media interviewing either of the three spokespersons? Never! When was the last time an Eritrean journalist raised the issue of the disappeared journalists, the G-15, the constitution, election…? Never! Have these issues been raised by foreign journalists? Plenty of times! And what does it tell you about a regime that has no respect to its own journalists and media? Nothing good.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It seams you Wake up in Your dream around 2000!

    • saay

      Hey Rodab:

      Yemane Gebremeskel (“Charlie”) was interviewed by Dimtsi Hafash when the Ethiopians captured Barentu in May 18, 2000. Sorry, I got no link, but I remember it distinctly. He told Dimtsi Hafash the Ethiopians had temporarily occupied Barentu, but have since been beaten back by our gallant fighters. The Ethiopians recaptured it–there was no strategic reason for it; just to prove Yemane wrong. Charlie was one of the chief accusers of the G-15 whose grumbling (and criticism of the Isaiasists war strategy) intensified after noting how relatively easily Ethiopia captured the strategic town of Barentu. The one who lied about Barentu is in power; the ones who expressed deep concern about the fall of Barentu have been given a death sentence.*

      Now, are you sure you want Yemane Gebremeskel giving interviews to Eritrean media?


      * it is a death sentence when you throw someone in jail and wait for him/her to die of neglect.

      • You are good in defending your brother Ali. According to Danconle it is your brother who betray the G-15 (in you language). Check it in Asmarino comments of this week. Try to be impartial, though you claim to be.

        • saay

          Hi Meron:

          If we are talking about the same thing, I saw it a couple of days ago and responded to it. Dan Connell can write an entire essay about Ali, no problem. He can even write a book. But he wrote his comment on a thread dealing with Ciham Ali (a 16 year old girl), I thought it was beneath contempt because it was a horrific case of guilt by association. And I wrote so. If I were an intemperate man, I would say that Connells post “registers very high on the scumbag scale.”


          • Selam Saay,

            Sal my point is not about anything else but your partial attacks to some person while your brother has said and did more than any one else on the same subject. You tried to explain Yemane G/meskel as a betrayal to G-15 while Ali was the one who talked most about that Issue. Connel already wrote a book with the G-15’s account on Ali. This is not only partiality but parochial act.

          • saay

            Selamat Meron:

            That is a fair criticism. But please note the context: Rodab made a categorical statement: Yemane Gebremeskel has never allowed himself to be interviewed by Eritrean media. And I said yes he had: and the rest (Barentu, G-15, etc) was just details.

            My position is Eritrea belongs to all Eritreans: the G-15, the alleged victims of G-15, the alleged victimizers of G-15, their sons, daughters,etc, etc. If Yemane Gebremeskel or Yemane Gebreab or General Philipos leave the regime tomorrow, they become my instant comrades: I will not spend one second asking them to atone for their sins. I will not even demand that they do the obligatory “kab lomi nnyew: ane ab godni hzbey….” All of that will come later, when we have a government with a rule of law.

            The priority, to me, is getting a government that is seen as legitimate and representative by Eritreans AND the international community. And in that fight, in that cause, well, I think those who are on my side will have to take a lot of swallow-your-pride bitter pills because international acceptance to the agents of change is NOT going to be based on seniority (how long have you been opposed to the regime) but relevance (how much do you know of present-day Eritrea and its challenges.) And it is going to be stacked by people who are recent converts. That is life, that is politics, and I TRY to have a long view.


          • rodab

            Dear Sal,
            I didn’t see what the both of you are talking about since Asmarino doesn’t show comments. But Dan Conell has ‘documented’, if we can call it that, the association of Ali Abdu in the imprisnment of the G-15. On his book that was published in 2005, here is what he wrote quoting Haile Duru’e:
            “People, for example, Ali Abdu, who is the head of the television department in the ministry of information – him and another, Tadessay or something like that – they were the ones who raised their hands and said “the government should take action. It should imprison them.”
            It was orchestrated.
            But they didn’t know that people would be talking about who said what.
            So the same people, Ali Abdu and the other guy, Aron Tadessay went to another meeting and they were the ones that raised their hands there and said the government should imprison us.”
            They went to several different meetings, but they didn’t know that people would tell me about it – that Ali and Aron Tadessay have said the same thing in another meeting.
            So it was something orchestrated”
            Source: Conversation with Eritrean Political Prisoners.

          • saay

            Selamat Rodab:

            1. The article is in Asmarino: Eyewitness Account: An Alarming Trend in Eritrea – Elderly and Child Prisoners

            2. Comments to asmarino articles can only be posted by first signing on to social media sites (Facebook and yahoo, mostly.)

            3. Despite the fact that the entire asmarino article was exposing the “alarming trend…[of] elderly and child prisoners”, this is what Dan Connell wrote:

            I remember the last round of PFDJ meetings before the big crackdown of 2001 that were held in Embatkala that August to pump up the party cadres for the arrests to come. Ali Abdu and Abraha Kassa went from one session to the next to fire people up against the G-15, calling for immediate action against them to “cleanse” the party and the country. Always a firebrand, he led the charge. He has a lot to answer for.

            And this is what I wrote:

            Oh boy. Dan Connell, what does any of what you wrote (notwithstanding its veracity) have anything to do with a 16 year old girl, Ciham Ali Abdu, which is the topic here? Your guilt-by-association to a MINOR is beneath contempt


  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas

    Here is the game played by the PFDJ

    – You silence and repress the Eritrean people and tell those abroad that if it had been so bad in Eritrea the masses would have risen up.

    – You hijack diaspora communities through operatives and control their activities and tell those at home that if the regime was so bad all the diaspora wouldn’t have supported it!

    Now one side has to give way. Either those at home should rise up or those in the diaspora [operatives] must be silenced. If one has a close family or loved one either being tortured or killed by the regime, they need to think carefully what it means for someone to move freely in the diaspora and tell you they support the killing and torture of your near and dear. Would it be reasonable to just demonstrate in front of a PFDJ center that is raising funds for the killing and torture of your very brothers and sisters? Is this safe thing to do for those PFDJ operatives? What if something goes wrong????

    Let’s think about this carefully, because in the end this is a matter of lives.

    • Hailat,

      Don’t be surprised if one’s family member is imprisoned and the family still keep their stand with the regime. Just to give you an example, when the Swedish-Eritrean Journalist Dawit become imprisoned, his brother have accused to those who made demonstrations and asked for the release of his brother “Dawit” at Stockholum sometime ago. You will see many from PFDJites to act in a twisted logic to clubber with the regime against their family members.

      • haile

        Hi Aman

        I think those (Dawit’s family) seem to be wrongly calculating that you could be reciprocated by the regime by acting ‘behaved’. They probably don’t know the skunis nature of the regime and you can’t interact with it in civilized manner. The world had long figured that out and simply slaps it on the face every time it shows it 🙂

        Regards violence, it results in obedience or aggression from the recipient. In my estimation, the type of Dawit’s family are far in between, i.e. those who opt for obedient response in the face of a sukunis peeing in their head. The type of the family of Petros & Aster, they fight back and have made PFDJ terrified in the diaspora where it has to invite parties using posters that don’t disclose locations! and humiliating PFDJ in every corner. The score speaks for itself. The dangerous turn of event would be when the pro regime keep coming up here to rub it in their face, and in a moment of a loss of control anything thing could happen. In such case scenario, the actions of one individual could be so devastating and shake the world! Let’s hope things don’t come to that and the pro regime tone down their pronouncements here, as we are essentially talking human life both ways. Responsibility and care is sought.

        There are those also who are part of the regime’s crime syndicate and actively participate in doing the violence upon their families, these are another set. There is a case I know of where the halewa sewra system had caused a young man to have spent months guarding the cell his own father was locked in and only found the facts out after his father’s execution. So, those are a separate case.


        • Sabri

          hailat and emma
          Just for your information, Dawit has many brothers and all of them are against the government of eritrea except one. Particularly his younger brother Essays is very active

          • Selam Sabri,

            Thank you for the info. When I mentioned him , it was just to give an example that some family members of imprisoned citizen still failed to defend their family. Who couldn’t defend his/her family at least to call minimum to face the court of justice. Unfortunately there are many in Eritrean politics, who failed to defend their family members when they are thrown into a jail and held incommunicado for decades.

        • Abe z minewale

          sorry so for interfere between two intelectuals. to bring the whole society to stand the so called regime is unthinkable. As recently visited home the people are waiting for messiah to come and save them from the misery they are in. That can the reborn of Abraham Tekle. Let us stop shenkolol. Enough is enough

    • MTYohannes

      ዝኸበርካ ሃይለ፡

      ከምዚ ከማኻ ለባማትን ምሁራትን ድቂ ሃገርና ይነግሩን ይመኽሩን አለወሞ ንስማዓዮም ዳሕራይ ከይንጠዓስ። እቶም ሕጂ ጊዜኦምን ፍልጠቶምን ስዊኦም ዝነግሩና ዘለዉ ጽባሕ ንጉሆ ምናልባት እዚ ድሕነታዊ ምኽሮም አይንረኽቦን ንኸውን ሕጂ ንጠቐመሉ ንበረያ ነበረ ከይንኸውን። ነገራት ክቕየር ጊዜ አይወስድን እዩ። ምስ ምልካዊን ሓርገጻውን ምምሕዳር ህግደፍ ውድቀት ኤሪትራ ዘይተርፍ ተርእዮ ኢዮ።

      ዓቢ ምኽሪ ንህገደፍን ጥሪቶምን (ኮራኹሮምን) ምናልባት ናብ ልቦም እንተ ተመልሱ፡

      ዕድመ መዋእልኩም ኣዝዩ ይሓጽር ስለ ዘሎ፤ ናይ ምውዳቕኩም ዜሮ ስዓት ከይኣኸለ ተናዘዙ፤ ተጣዓሱ፤ ዳሓን ኣነ እቲ ዝድለ ናይ ጣዕሳ ኑዛዜ ኸምዚ ክጽሕፈልኩም።

      በስሰዔናን፣ ክፍኣትናን፣ ዕሽነትናን፣ ድንቁርናናን ምኽንያት ኣብዚ ሕጂ እዋን ጭንቀትን ዓቐሊ ጽበትን ወሪዱና ኣሎ። እቲ ዶብ ዘይብሉ ክፍኣትናን፣ ተንኮልናን ኣስናን ሓርገጽ ፈጢሩ ንኽዘጋግለና ይፈታተነና ኣሎ። ነዚ ንኽንብደህ፣ ከም ዝቖሰለ ነብሪ ንህዝቢ ኤሪትራ ኣጥፊእና ክንጠፍእ፤ ሕላገት መከራኡ ዘይውዳእ ናይ መቓቒልካ ግዛእ ዝሕመረቱ ኣተፋናንን (ባእስን) መሰረት ሃኒጽና ክንከይድ ኢና ንደሊ ኔርና። ግን ዝኾነልና ኣይመስልን። እታ መሸንቆቓ ገመድ ኣዝያ ትጸብብ ኣላ። ስለምንታይ እዚ ኩሉ ብድሕረይ ሳዕሪ አይትብቆላ ኢሉ ንዝሓትት ሕልና፤ እቲ መልስና ብሓጺሩ እዚ እዩ “ነዚ ኩሉ በዲህካ ጠጠው ናይ ምባል ደርማስ ሓይሊ ካብ ውሽጥን ንግዳም ከነገነፍል’ ስለዘይ ካአልና እዩ። ሓቂ ይሓይሽ እቲ ዝድለ ዘሎ ደርማስ ሓይሊ እውን የብልናን። እቲ ተሪፉና ዘሎ መከራ ህዝቢ ኤሪትራ ንኸይዛዘም ንጥቀመሉ ናይ ተነኮልን ሽሕጣንን መኽዘን እዩ።”

      ብፍላይ ንህዝቢ ኤሪትራ ምውት ሓሳብ ወኒኑን ከም ልሙስ ህዝቢ ኮይኑ ሰጥ ለበጥ ኢሉ ባሪያ ኮይኑ ክግዛኣልናን ክምዝመዘልናን ስለ እንደሊ ለይትን መዓልትን በዚ ክፍኣትዚ ንሰርሕ ኔርና ግን ኣይታዓወትናን። ህዝቢ ኤሪትራ ስጋኡን ነፍሱን ኣጣሚሩ እንተ ኣህጢሩዎም ሕልናኡ ተግባሩን ማዕረ እምባ ወጺኡ ንዓና ከልግሰናን ከጥፋኣናን ስለዝኽእልን ዝያዳ ዓቕሚ ከምዘህጥር ስለዝተገንዘብና። ብሕም ዝበለ እንዳሓጎምና ንሰርሕ ኔርናን ኣሎናን። ሰብ ሓሳባት ክሞቶ ከምዝኽእል ንዓና ድማ ንህዝቢ ኤሪትራ በግቡእን፣ ርትዓውን ከምኡውን ዲሞክርሲያዊን ኣገባብ ከነማሓድሮ ክእለት ብኸቢድ ሓጺሩና
      ስለምንታይ ኣእምሮና ብጀካ ክፍኣት ካልእ ሰናይን ሰነፍለጠትን ክቕበል ብቕዓት ስለዝውሕዶን። ክፍኣት ስለ ዝጋረዶን ሰለዝነበሮን ዘሎን። ካልእ ምኽንያት የብሉን።

      ዝተፈላለዩ ሓሳባት ኣብ ዝራጸምሉ እዋን ሓደ ተዓዋቲ ኰይኑ ጸብለል ዝብለሉ ኣጋጣሚ ኣሎ። እቲ ሓሳቡ ዝተረትዐ፣ ከም እተረትዐ እንተ ዘይኣሚኑ ሓደገኛነቱ እናዓበየ ይኸይድ። ንሕና እህግደፋውያን ድማ “እወ ተጋጊና ካብ ጌጋና ድማ ክንማሃር አሎና ስለዘይንብልን ብፍጹም ስለዘይወጻናን፤ አነሆ ካብ ጥፍኣት ናብ ጥፍኣት ተነቑትና ንንቈት ድማ ኣሎና። እነሆ ሕጅስ ብሰነኪ ድንቁርናናን ዶብ ዘይብሉ ክፍኣትናን ዝረገጽናዮ ኩሉ ረመጽ ኰይኑና። እቲ ዘገርም ሳላ ዕሽነትናን፤ ድንቁርናን ውድዓዊነትን ሓቅነትነ ዘይብሉ ስነሞጎት ስለዝተኸተልና እነሆ ሰብ ዋዕዋዕታን ሆይሆይታን እምበር ካልእ ብዘይምግባርና ንነብስናን ንህዝቢ ኤሪትራን ኣብ ገምገም ጸድፊ ኣብጺሕናዮ። ብፍላይ እዞም ኣብ ወጻኢ ኣብ ዘምናዊ ጊላነት ተዋፊርና ንነብር ዘሎና ኣኻልብ ህግደፍ ካብ ዝኾነ ጊዜ ሰምቢድናን ርዒድናን ኣሎና። ዋእ እታ ኣይነበርኩን፣ ዋእ የለኹሉን፣ ንብለላ ናይ ንስሓ ጊዜ ድማ እንዳቐረበት ትኸይድ ከምዘላ ይስማዓና አሎ። ሐጂኳ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ካብ ድኽነት ከውጽኦ ዝጽዕረሉን ዝሰርሓሉን ደኣ ‘ምበር፣ ከምዚኽማና ፍለሖ በሊዑ ንዘብርሶን፤ ንዘዋርዶን፤ ንዘድክዮን፣ ንዘንዕቖን፣ ከምኡውን ንዘደንቁሮን ክህውትት ዝውዕል ዝቕበል ሕልና ከም ዘይብሉ ድሮውን ከመስክር ጀሚሩ አሎ።

      ኦ ህዝቢ ኤሪትራ ይቕረ በለልና ናብ ንቡር ናብ ሰብኣውነት ክንምለስ፡፡ ኣቱም ላባማትን ፈላጣትን በጃኹም ምኸሩና። ኣብ ምንታይ ጉድጓድ ክምንኣቱ ኣንድዒ። ኣቱም ካሎኦት ንዓና ሪኢኹም ተቐጽዑ።

  • Zahra

    Hi Nitricc,

    Terms of presidency are like rolls of toilet paper. When elected to office, the roll is full with many squares of toilet paper to unravel and be used. Imagine at early beginning, the roll is heavier with more inertia. Of course, the roll is designed to end by the end of the term. Unless replenished, the roll is gone and has nothing to give.

    Nitricc, how do you define the roll of your Isayas? Is the roll gone or near-gone? I think the roll is gone; yes it is gone and has nothing to unroll. That is why they are saying: WHEN YOU UNROLL FULLY, THE GAME IS FINISHED.

    The game is finished but your Isu is there and the Eritrean rubbish is piling up and is all over. You can’t hide it.

    • Nitricc

      Zahra what is your facts for predicting that PIA is Callapsing? Of course one day PIA rule will end. The fact is even a broken watch is correct twice a day. So when you people keep telling me that PIA is going down, what are your facts?
      Let me tell you something, first figured it out why PIA is standing in the first place then you can tell me your toothless prediction and wish full thinking. Do you believe in prayers? May be you should try that for PIA to collapse.
      Now what do you think The reasons Still PIA is standing? Tell me.

  • Thomas

    Hi Nttricc,

    You just exposed yourself that you are one of those disconnected/lost Eritrean. The section Haddas Eritrea (favorite section just a copy of “kebmifash” comedy) that you are fun with is very old and it was one of the comedy shows. Trust me, I feel so bad to see you arguing with a highly professional writes and analysts such as SAAY, Haile and SGJ. To help you catch up with things and so as to have more fun (to avoid Haddas Eritrea and to claim your Independence from the government run news paper), follow the below link and have fun:

    If I was given a chance to choose my leaders, I would have the chosen the following to administer my country:

    1) SGJ – Foreign minister – he knows how to represent and protect Eritrea’s interest
    2) Haile – Information minister – he understands the Eritrean people desperate need for democracy and freedom of speech.
    3) SAAY – Interior ministry because he understands and is humanitarian.

    After seeking an Amnesty, you could give you a chance to go to SAWA and finish your military services and work there for 8 years (we are doing a favor here or you would have to served for 18 years since 1995 – 10 years cut and that is really a big favor on our side).

    • Haqi

      I want sal y to be the president

      S.g. justice minister

      Haile Vice President

      Ema hidrat. Education minister

      I will take hagos kisha job lol

      • Papillon

        That’s funny.

      • haile

        oy oy oy 🙂

        I see two problems right away:

        1 – Aren’t we supposed to have a multiparty system, this looks a coalition government to me 🙂

        2 – Saay the Presie and me the VP….ahhhh…do you know saay never smokes, never drinks and exercises regularly? How long am I going to hang round in the shadows…. OK OK I’ll just go and water the plants in the Presidential garden till kingdom comes… so much fo a job thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Haqi

          Pap hAftey

          I will take you as the minster of health. Something tells me you might be a real dotere, or you can be my secretary; I will have all $$$

          sal needs smart guy around him at all times plus he will a good influence on you as far as smoking and drinking.

          I will make nitric presidential wardiya.

          • Haqi

            Presidential palace wardiya lol

          • Papillon

            ሓቂ ሓወይ

            ኣኽቢድካለይ ናይ ጥዕና ምኒስተር ንኣማኒኤል ሀቦ

    • Nitricc

      SAAY education minister
      Gadi national security advisor
      Haile victims representative. He knows how to hide with Brocken nose 🙂 SAAY, if wondering I am using PFDJ logic
      Papillon memorial minster, she knows how to go Banana when people die 🙂
      Amaniual Hidarat police officer
      Beyan the king 🙂
      Yoditta never bend minster

      • Papillon


        ኣታ ርኹስ. You’re killing me. That is pretty funny.

      • haile


        So your politburo positions will be composed of:

        Minister of national security
        Minister of Victims
        Minister of Memorial &
        Minister of Never Bend

        Wowwww…really scary bunch 🙂 I suggest the HQ be by the national cemetery!!

        • Nitricc

          Haile why are you leaving out my educational minster SAAY? Hmmmmmmmm
          Anyway I have left my religious mister too, Gezaei, Eziwin Kihalif Eyu minster.
          Papillon, I will never forget how you went all out ” Higdef mendef deqi sebeyti. That was classic 🙂

          • Haqi

            Lol nictric
            Ewa seb Dika wedey, that was funny. Haka hgdef mendef deki sebeyti lol

          • Moyte

          • Papillon


            I am still laughing particularly on the Amanuel for Police Officer and the cold joke on Ghezae for Eziwin K’halif eU minister. I guess we all need a hiatus and a lighter moment for the otherwise intense moments can sure take its toll on all of us. I never thought I would say this to you but heck I say thank you.

          • The news above is equally funny to me.

            Ezi semun nay Sehak semun iyu gidi

          • haile

            Nitricc ma man the Minister of Impaired Drivers 🙂 your sober observations in the past:

            “We the supporters could have hit PIA but the opposition are really careless … PIA has nothing new to offer but the best change for Eritrea is to let him run his course… how can we preserve Eritrea that was realized through the enormous suffering of their forefathers to the next generation haile?… let it burn down :-)” [//end paraphrasing]

            has earned you the portfolio, it is all yours now… 🙂

          • saay

            Selamat Haile (the great):

            First of all, I will, to paraphrase Lyndon Johnson, “I shall not seek, I will not accept” any of the nominations for the ministries or presidency.* Some of the ministries suggested (information, for example) shouldn’t exist in post P Isaias Afwerki presidency. And by P I don’t mean president but perp.

            If you guys want to create a Ministry of Talent Discovery, you can talk me into it 🙂 I would like to be paid on commission: based on performance. My two discoveries at this forum are Haile (the whole world knows his talent now) and Nitricc ( not many, including Nitricc himself) know his potential. Yet. But that guy is the prototypical Eritrean. Just give him time to blossom.


            PS: stop your animal testing and football clashes.

          • haile

            ሰላማት ሳልሕ የኑስ – ከመይ ወፊርካ እቶ። ግርም ግይርካ ሕጂ! ቀደሙ እንታይ ዝዓብስ ፕረዚደንተ’ዩ ፡-) ንዓ በል አዛ ማይ ናይ ጀርዲን ተቐበለኒ፡ ከመይ ኣጠስጢሳትኒ’መስለካ ፡-) ሓውና ‘ሓቂ’ በል ተርሲን እይትሕመቕ፡ ኣትየ’ለኹ ናብቲ ቤት-ጽሕፈት ፕረሲደንት – of course ብመሰረት ቅዋም ምኽዋኑ’ዩ፡) እንተ ሳልሕ (ወዲ’ዝጊ) ስራሕ ጀርዲን ደሓን’ዩ፡ ምእንቲ ርእሱ እተን ቦጥ ኣብ ወርሒ እንተተመጺኤናኻ’ዩ። ሸመረ ሓወይ፡ እታ ናይ ስፖርት ዝሓዛእካለይ ደሓን ዋላ ንሮዳብ ሃቦ (እዚ ቕነ ሓዘን ላምፓዱዛ፡ ኩዑሾ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ኣብ ዋንጫ ኣፍሪቃ ክርእይ’ዩ ሓሊፍዎ)። ሓደራኻ ናተይ እይትንገሮ፡ ቅድሚ ሕጂ’ውን ናብ እንዳ ዓዋተ ሓንቲ ኣቤቱታ መረረ ኣእትዩለይ ነይሩ’ዩ። ፓፒሎን እቲ ናይ ትማል ሊስትሮ (ህግደፍ ትማል ለይቲ እንተ ዘይኣሰሮ) ጸውዕለይ ግዳ’ዛ ሓፍተይ – እንተን ናይ ጀርዲን ኤስቲባሎኒ ምስ ሳልሕ የኑስ ብኾዮ ትቓይርናየን ኢና። ላሜክ ድማ ናይ ባራክ ኦባማን፡ ተወልደ ወልደገብርኤልን ተሌፎን ሒዝካ ኢድካን እግርኻን ናብ ጸትታ ቤት-ጽሕፈት ፕረሲደንት ኣረክብ ፡-)

          • saay

            ኣንታ ሃይለ
            በዓል ሳልሕ ደኣ “ወሪዱኒ ጕዋል ቀሺ” በለት መሓዛ ሰመረ ዓንዶም፥ “ኣንጭዋ ሓለፈት: ድሙ ተዓንቀፈት” ኢልና ግዝና መሕለፍናዮ:: ጉዳይ ፕለቲካ ንዋናታቱ በዓል ሃይለ፣ ኣማንአል፤ ሳለሕ ጋዲ ሓዲግና ምስ በዓል አዮብ ቪደኦ ባ ሙሲቃ ባ ፋሺን ባ ምበልና። ተካል ግዝየ ኮኦይኑና አምብር።

            አቲ ጉዳይ ናይ ሹመትን: ናይ ጵሩራን: ባሊቃን ኣይኮነን፥፥ ከምቲ ሓውና ሰብሪ ቀደም ዝሓተቶ ጵባሕ ወግሒ ስርዓት ተኣሊዩ ምስ ሰማዕና አቲ መኸተ ከመይ ክንገጥሞ ኢና? ምኽንያቱ ከምቲ ዝበልካዮ አንዳ ህግደፍ ዘሚቶም ኢዮም ክሃድሙ:: እቲ ኣረስቲ ኣቡ እንተ ኣድሃበ ዶ ኣይምሓሽን?


          • rodab

            ሃይለ፣ ሃይለ
            እንታይ ደኣ ጉዳ እዛ ሽምጠጣኻ?
            እወ ሓቅኻ ጸወታ ኢትዮ-ናይጀርያ ተኸታቲለ ኔረ፤ ግን ክሪኣ ኣይቀነኹን ሓንቲ ጸወታ እያ ኔራ – 90 ደቓይቕ።
            ካብቲ ዝፈራሕናዮ ኣይወጻናን Moderator ጌሮሙኻ እንዳ ዓዋተ 🙂

  • meskerem

    Hi Islamist website, you are hoping this is a good time to confuse with fabricating stories. And you are to distract the suffering of Eritreans at Agame camps. Your anscestor land.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም
    • Papillon


      PFDJ goons and zombies ናይ ፖለቲካ አመንዝራታት ብጀካ ምሕማይ ካልእ ዘይብልኩም I hate you!

      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        Dear papillon, do you read in Jebana the poem ዘይከሓድ ጠቐነ ? please don’t forget to open Jebana always.

        just part of the poem.
        ……..ዘይከሓድ ጠቐነ………..
        ሓደ ካብ ሜላታት– ናይ ፖለቲካ ገበነኛታት:-
        ምጥቃን ሓርበኛታት– ምጽላም ጻዕዳታት:-
        እንተስ ብጥሩፍነት— ቀታሊ ጅሃዳውነት:-
        እንተስ ብጸቢብነት– ብብሄር ቀቢላውነት:-
        እንተስ ብከበሳውነት– ስግር ባሕሪ ዓርብነት:-
        ምትንካፍ ክብርታት — ምጥቃን ብሕሰረት::

        • Papillon

          ክቡር አያይ

          I will definitely read it. Hope one day you will compile your great work into a book so that many people could benefit from it and many more young people get inspire as well.

          • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

            ክብረት ይሃበለይ

  • Nitricc

    My favorite section on Haddas Eritrea is “Entay Timekruni” it lets you in to the mind and life standard of the people in real time and place. And my favorite story so far is when a young male asked for advice. His problem, well, he couldn’t make up his mind.
    He explained that he does not know what to do with his life.
    ” Ane Gud Rekibe,
    When I hear some one is victories on marathon, then I took of running the whole time. Then I hear some on is victories on cycling then I stop running and I ride my bike the whole time, then when I hear some did good song and it is all over the radio and Eri tv, then I pick up my Kirar and I try to sing to my heart out.
    ” Bejakum Mikrukum Habuni”
    Normally the advisers on Entay Timekruni are to the point but that time they sounded like my good friend Beyan 🙂 they were all over.
    The moral of the story is, the above story reminds me the so called opposition.
    When Forto Happened they over killed with sensations and clips to death. And the dictator was callapsing within days. The movement was on from UK, USA, Africa to Australia. We saw all the clips and then ” Eziwin Kihalif Eyu” took over and the beat to death that term. Then the tragedy of cost of Italy happened. You guessed it, the toothless oppositions run with it and they termed it as a tragedy to the biblical proportion . And they told as this is it. Then here it comes the TPDM fake story. They forgot even the tragedy to the biblical proportion and they are talking about TPDM.
    Is it sad or funny?
    So let me be like the advisers on Haddas Eritrea and let me give you advice.
    This TPDM thing is brilliantly orchestrated. At first I thought it was the work of the anti Eritrean government, stupid me, how could I thought those people are crabapple of thinking on this magnitude?
    Well, PFDJ knows the clue less opposition and they decided to feed them fake news and they knew the opposition will run with it. 🙂 funny.
    How about you stick to one story and try to drive it home?
    Even more funny, We were told nothing happens with out the knowdgle of the dictator yet, this one happened with out his blessing? Okay which one should we believe?
    Do you see why no one with the right mind won’t take you for real?
    Where is my love,Rahwa? 🙂

    • Sami

      In blind pfdj supporters world anything is fake unless they see the report on ERITv. When Wedi Tqabo had interview with last week, the supporters in their paltalk room were saying. the interview is fake the voice isn’t the singer:)

    • Selam

      One who pays the piper calls the tune! TPDM is becoming very detrimental to weyane’s existence! So it was TPLF that directed “agar dehere getsoch” to launch an orchestrated campaign against TPDM and true to the direction given by Getachew Assefa-Assena,,Tigrayonlnlie and affiliated pal talks have been beating the story to death? The TPDM campaign was punctuated by Getachew Asfa’s warning aired via Ethiopian mass media that TPDM is about to do something. So nitric, it is TPLF that calls the tunes!!! 🙂

      • haile

        Haha Selam 🙂

        So let’s see:

        Ethiopia that told the world it can attack IA’s army anytime of the day at will.
        Ethiopia that just did that in March 2012
        Ethiopia that went on to attack again and again after announcing its previous attacks and calling the IA army more or less qomishti
        Ethiopia that is armed to the teeth
        Ethiopia that doesn’t have to rely on forcefully conscripted hungry and low moral army
        Ethiopia that is the current chair of AU and full UN and US backing

        …has according to Selam 🙂 🙂 decided to employ its chief of intelligence to work with eri website owners to mount a challenge against a regime that is :

        – rejected and despised by the international community

        -has no means of arming itself legally or financially

        -rejected by its people to the point of itself and its supporters are considered a proper “ENEMY” in the minds of the Eritrean masses

        -a regime that is purely based on pretty pictures it disseminates through the www and nothing else on the ground

        – currently experiencing mass outpouring of its population into neighbouring refugee camps

        … 🙂 🙂 🙂 never thought that you guys were going to end up comedians like this!!!

        • Ermias

          Selam = Sophia

      • Nitricc

        Really, well in am lost on this one. I thought some Anti Eritrean government elements behind this drama and then I realized in the Gedeb news, the chronological of it and the Half detailed information being made public. I mean when was last time went public some thing the PFDJ talked in a meeting?
        Take two, has been fooled
        Too much detailed
        You know I mean
        Tata 🙂

    • Ermias


      Let me correct you. When Forto happened, we were not all over it because we knew full well that IA was very capable of foiling such attempts. What will deal him with a final blow is an uprising from the Eritrean people supported by the entire army. Not a colonel and a couple dozen soldiers. If you look back at the articles written with that incident and the comments thereof, you will not that it is not even close by any stretch of the imagination to Lampedusa and this new TPDM saga. TPDM is real because even Eri-TV brags showing them on TV and having concerts around Eritrea.

      The most important thing I noticed in your comment is that for once you wrote quite coherently. You used moderately big vocabulary words.

      Awatawian – I think we gave Nitircc plenty of time to change his views with respect to IA and PFDJ. We had high hopes for him to the correct side of issues and side with suffering Eritreans but it seems like he is a lost cause, too far gone. Let’s all ignore him completely from here on. I, for one, am done with Nitricc. Too much of a hard head.

      • Nitricc

        Ermias don’t let the door kick you on the ass.
        There is a saying in Amharic
        , Amed Be-Duqet Ysqal.
        Amedam. Who the hell do you think you are?

  • L.T

    Papillon Hafteye “Entay iye kikonelki”it’s pain.That’s all it is.It’s your of life.You wouldn’t believe what the Tigria peole suffer during the change from Menelik to Dergue….On the streets of Addis Abeba”Nibret wede Kebele,Tegaru wede Mekelle”.Day came Papillon.You heard a snatch, a twist.You was sleeping in and your door was open.All that’s none of you concern.´’So you don’t follow it-all that…Papillon Haftey”Entay Eritra kitkonelki tdeliya?Why are you in Eritrea or don’t you know about Ertra?”So?..Papi,you being very naive.See,Weyane’s top girl.

  • Thomas

    Countries from East Africa spearheaded by Kenya and Ethiopia are working hard on how to bring down the regime of PIA as it is the main source of instability in the region. The spread of the terriost activities of Alshabab both in the region and beyound has become a concern not only for these two countries but also for major western powers.

    PIA is seen to shoulder ultimate responsibility as the sole financer and supporter of Alshbab and other anti-peace elements in the region.

    • L.T


      ‘your champagne’s on,its way,sir’

    • Asmayt

      Dear Thomas

      Did you think that the Ethiopian government has a desire to bring down IA from power. I do not think so because they are using as a means for their political unity, diplomatic relations, financial sources and the like. Ethiopians are growing at the expense of Eritrea, if a democratic government comes in power in Eritrea, the attention given to the Ethiopian government will be minimized. So what the Ethiopians are doing is in no peace no war with Eritrea and holding Eritrea as hostage and means of gambling. And the poor Eritrean government is also fighting with its people for no reason.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    The reasons why pfdj dictatorship has prvailed for such long time and it still continues at least till it rules for 30 years equall to its accumulated potential for sitting in Power are:

    1) Eplf uses its same strategy and principles before and after 1991 except name change which reflects the change of rolles.

    2) Its supporters are much more than what the diaspora oppositon claimes (opposition at home are either in prison or dead), spread homoginiously inside or out of home, are United and well organized. Most of the New Commers are the result of the pfdj system since young age and easy to joine pfdj with the well coordinated ‘well comming comitte of pfdj’ while the opposition Groups are bussy in writting open letters.

    3) The oppositon media have come to a point where an unorganized people get frustrated and confused what to do with daily horrible events due to the consquence of horrible policy of pfdj. (Demonstrations and open letters from all over the world except in Eritrea wont bring Down even a democratically elected government leave alone a government in a Caliber of pfdj)

    4) The opposition Meetings, statements on current events etc are not on any media. There is no doubt that there are oppostion parties, but do they have enough members that could worthy of taking the attention of the oppostion media or any media at all? What we hear from the mass media is only pfdj. Some times it is too frustsrating to understand weahter they mean pfdj change its policy or pfdj is too destroyed to be corrected. Or has the opposition started for R E A L just now?

    5) pfdj has a bizzar economy policy ie any one between the age of 18-50 surves his or her nation and this policy could have been in ruine from the very beginning but in 1991-1997 thanks for the cooperation with Tplf and after wards thanks to the remittance pfdj saved itself from embaracement by embaracing the mass and the nation.

    6) Eritreans live all over the world litteraly speaking and their solution towards eritrean problem is influenced by the countries they are living in (the middel east eritrean Group vs the North America for eg) while pfdj is fabricating the same type of brand by all possible means (read YG). Before Fronto the moto for pfdj was work hard to build Eritrea as much as you can and if you tired of it go abroad continue the sacrifice and the hard work and send the remittance to build Eritrea.

    7) Some of the oppostion mass media exagirate the ability of isai to the extent of super man and anybody who are influnced by these media have no Choice but only to paralize their Family at home.

    • L.T

      Tamrat tamrat yeah.Guiss a uh,give us a-
      What’s up with you?..would you like a drink before your meal,Gashe?Weyane thinking you off to the boxing with DUke of Eritrea!No they ain’t!they laughing at you.They know you the Tamrat tamrat the Lotto lout!smoothed it over your lap,Ou.A whole page of Ababba Jan-hoy!

  • Hameed

    First of all the meeting was held after ten days. How on earth such a sensitive issue took such a long time to discuss. I think the whole meeting is a drama to show the dictator is guiltless from the entire story that caused rage of civilians, military and security personnel. Secondly, the regime is in a rash to bring back his tight security control which it seems it has lost a lot of it.

  • berhe

    What security team are you telling people? These people that you are talking about are just simple security guards trained to serve DIA, and eliminate his opponents.
    These guards may be discarded at any time if DIA is unhappy with them for any reason.
    They are there to be used and discarded.

    • L.T

      He didn’t meet up with his mates Meles(He didn’t have any mates.And he didn’t want any mates:-)BerihlKa do BeriHu?

  • all kind of diversionary lie,which is not a recyclable garbage!!That is not a strategic way to fight dictatorship in eritrea.The truth shall make u free!!

  • Kebessa

    This is pure nonsense.

  • dawit

    This looks as a diversion of Eritrean opposition groups from the atrocities that Eritrean refugees who are suffering under Ethiopian army in the so called refugee camps a concentration camps to those Eritreans mislead to leave their country under false promises. When meles zenawi was seriously ill and dying, a diversion was fabricated that ‘Isaias is dead’. How is it possible to get such insider information from a government dubbed as the “North Korea of Africa” known for its secrecy? You need to bring someone who was station as a guard and ear droping to collaborate with the fictional story.

    • Tekeste


      If you think that there is a Government in the real sence of the word you must be naiv.The Isaias regim only exists in name.It organaisational structure is almost dismanteled and its security aparatus has been compromised.I would be very surprised if this regim makes it to january my lips on this one.

      • dawit

        Tekeste, I have read so many lips like yours. Since 2000 those opposing the Eritrean govt. have been predicting its collapse, but the government stands firm and moving forward. If there is no EOG why not you walk in and take over. To dream is free, but you cannot help it, as long as the majority Eritreans support the government it will stay governing.

  • asmayt
    Please use your common sence. the regime is trying to divert the attention to DMHIT and you are following his direction. It is very difficult to get information about their secret meeting unless and otherwise they deliberately misinforming you. Further youmentioned that PIA knows via other source, unblievable. He knows each and every movement. So please do not be foolished by the disinformations you receive from PFDJ.

  • I believe the whole DeMHiT fiasco was created by PFDJ deliberately to divert attention from issue of Lampedusa and the like which could be flashpoint for public revolution. DeMHiT issue they feel they can control easily–It was a mistake will never happen agin, period.

    • L.T

      Dear Samuel;
      Here we have flashpoint Weyane revolt news from Asmera–

      “Hamed nab Massawa yikyed alo kab Sawa”


      “Tahrimu amahadari Gindaa”

      Sammy “EnTay ina emo kinblekum?I like Weyane style

    • haile

      Selamat Samuel

      To divert attention from Lampedusa? If only 🙂 I think the demhit saga is about defining a new low for our country by IA. They would be a switch to ignite IA’s stupid and foolhardy decision to hang on to power regardless the cost and run in the very last minute. It is not possible to divert anything away from Lampedusa, it had sealed a future isolation and bleak diplomacy. Eritreans have switched sides en mass and the PFDJ camp had firmly been exposed as a truly inhuman and anti-Eritrea enemies in the eyes of many Eritreans. Lampadusa is way too big for the demhit boys and girls.

      Kaddis and Tamrat

      Let me give you an insight into the regime’s giffa industry. There are three components to this:

      Conscription: happens at the age of 17 where students finish high school and join at 18. Thousands of underage children are fleeing to avoid this.

      Draft-dodger search (kublalia): this activity is conducted by the military itself and simply involves going to wherever the draft-dodger is located and bringing him back. This is a lucrative operation, the draft-dodger would usually pay money to be left to run away again and would be caught after sometime again. Usually those who escape and come to their families have some business or family work to deal with or some newly arrived contraband stuff that needs working with:) Now they do this from a location by default, so you don’t really have to go far to find them. They instead have to pay money to be ignored for a while! Others only run away from it for leaving the country all together sigre-dob.

      Giffa: is a politically motivated, targeted at the population in cities (DD searches are equally applied in cities and the countryside). Its purpose is to round up everybody and take them to holding places as stadiums and suchlike and go through their papers there and release them. The process is made in such away so that it administers a sense of psychological terror of the youth, then inconveniencing and discomforting them by holding them up all day to show you a piece of paper to let them go, thus creating that total sense of disillusionment and brokenness in them to either leave or simply be mentally and morally broken and wasted there.

      Conscription and DD searches have an in-built lucrative corruption built into them. Giffa is a senseless act of abuse on the civilian population and only serves the political purpose of the slow and insidious distraction of Eritrea (which has actually been achieved to great extent).

      The regime and its supporters are in a marriage of convenience. It needs them to fool itself and they need it in their futile hope that the DEAD regime would somehow comeback to life and prove them that they were right all along.


      • Papillon

        Dear Haile Z Great,

        I find it a bit of a melodrama when you say, “Eritreans have switched sides en mass…” Would you please elaborate on that for it seems to me that, the rather increment in number of the people who oppose the regime is because of the newly arrived as opposed to a change of heart of his erstwhile supporters.


        • haile

          Selamat Papillon,

          The regime defenses have collapsed to mere arguments that if we don’t let it go one the country would be Somalia!! There is no longer anyone left to argue for anything that the regime claims to do, the later has nothing to offer in any of the pertinent matters:

          1- It wouldn’t/couldn’t allow SEMG investigators hence it has condemned the nation to continued sanctions

          2- It wouldn’t/couldn’t allow UNSR on HR investigators hence it has condemned the nation to continued isolation and more sanctions to come

          3- It wouldn’t/couldn’t implement the constitution to the letter hence it has condemned the country to imminent civil strife and disintegration

          4- It wouldn’t/couldn’t reduce (but increase) repressive measures at home, as there is nothing it can provide and only has to rely on controlling more

          5- It wouldn’t/couldn’t justify any of its past nor future as it has finally run out of gimmicks, this has now become clear to everyone and is only defended by its inhumane accomplices in the diaspora.

          The fear factor hasn’t dissipated fully but irreversibly degraded. Remember that it took about two years from Afabet to massawa and and almost close to that from massawa to Asmara and independence was made reality. Let’s not count with days and hours, in fact things are going much much faster than anticipated. The whole drama that transpired with regards to Lampedusa is a live testimony to that 🙂


          • Papillon

            Dear Haile Z Great,

            I should be honest with you. What bothers me the most is that, there are people that I know of who pretty much travel to Asmara frequently and the kind of impression they give me about their stay in Asmara is as if every thing is dandy where what we discuss here seems to stand in a sharp contrast to the kind of image they project.

            I often shrug it off as a mere pretension on their part where they fully know that I abhor the regime but more often it really gets me thinking that, if the regime is in fact on a fast approaching slippery slope, why is that the said people are not pulling out what ever vested interest they have with the monster regime? what is your take on that? I am sure you don’t know these particular people but what is your take on that in general?


          • haile

            Hi Papillon

            I would have been bothered like you do if one of the following people tell me everything is dandy in Eritrea:

            1 – People living in Eritrea

            2- People in refugee camps of Ethiopia, Sudan and detention centers of Misrata and Israel

            3 – People who were deported to Eritrea and ended up in the hands of Sinai kidnappers on second try …

            There are many reasons why some one who travels from the west and comes back here after utilizing the services of an economy that is run entirely by black market (ERN 55 per $1), who witness complete black out for days, complete lack of water provision for months, continuous hunting down by giffa, total ban on freedom of information, disappearances, a whole civil service of monthly pay ERN 700 where a kilo of red meat is ERN 240, where a single bread is ERN 3 in the market, no dairy products as simple as milk in the capital city, a whole city continually on standstill due to black out or giffa, may tell you that things are dandy. In fact, you worry why that person had decided to leave their family behind in a dandy place where they could have lived dandy ever after.

            Papillon, chasing individuals may sometimes leave us chasing the wind. Look at what is coming out Eritrea in reality than what is said about Eritrea in fantasy. To me, such people are everyday encounter, and sometimes told me candidly that it is better to pretend nothing is happening to preserve whatever they think are gaining by holding on to lies. I have spoken to many people ranging from tegadelti, serving colenels in the army, ambassadors and key PFDJ operatives. I believe I tend to focus my perspective to the overall direction of events rather than individuals from boonies. 🙂


          • Papillon

            Dear Haile,

            Many thanks ሐወይ ናተይ. You’re probably the only person that I have come to know of who have a clarion understanding about the regime in Eritrea. My wish is to have a coffee with you in post-tyranny somewhere in Asmara. For real.

          • haile

            Hey Papillon

            ጸገም የለን፣ ክበርቕ’ዩ 🙂

      • Kaddis

        Haile – thanks for the elaboration ..

        I was just trying to alert the regime’s supporters that there is another way of life than being harassed on every step you take as a normal person …regardless of the wealth or poverty around you, whether you live in Porsche cities or the ever chaotic Addisaba, or Asmara…some people just want to be left alone…just be whatever they want …they could be successful or just a guy who seats around a corner shop to admire passer-by’s. Bozene. Specially the current young generation ..they are so independent, creative ….they want to improvise life …. Let them go..

      • Abe z minewale

        Missed the action by just two days. I would have sung a song dedicated to Manjus “Tekle EweRie kezawereka Do KalaShiney GeRe.”my friend Wuchu as the master calls you KenTiba I hope and pray to be in good health to see the change of of command you are facing. And Mustafa can make a mocke on you the way you mocke on him from his grave. Not did I liked Mustafa but at least he put his life in history book. Wuchu, your salary is less than 5000 Nakfa and your expenses is a million Nakfa. I hope Nakfa would for give you the way you don’t forgive Hagerawian with or with out HIV

    • [Moderator: Dawit, you have ignored our call twice. Your nick should be Dawit1. This is the last time we are correcting it. From now on, anything that comes from “Dawit” without 1 added to it will be deleted.]
      One of the many explanation is this: the DeMHIT thing is an excuse to introduce curfew. Consequently, Eritreans are now asked to carry two cards: menkesakesi & Mewesawesi. One makes a decision which card to flash based on the accent (lahaga) of the “agelgilot” or “so called DeMHit”. Asking “menkesakesi” or “mewesawesi” card will now be routin thanks to the curfew.

      • Moderator: I have been using “Dawit” for many months, perhaps for more than a year. Howver, I have recently seen some individuals posting comments using the same nick: “Dawit and dawit”. If you should decide to terminate , you should do so to those individuals who are posting using my nick name. BTW: it’s my actual name. If you don’t agree with me , well, have fun with your site, enjoy. I will move to other web sites: Ethiopian websites preferably.

        • Araya

          It is not your real name. You said, it is your nick, and then what in god’s name are you arguing for? Just change the dam thing and be over with. Some people are just stubborn.

          • Okay, smarty-pants, you tell me how to address my complaint. All of a sudden, the moderator is asking me to change my nick. He may have confused me with someone else.

            Like you said though, a nick name can’t be a real name , in the true sense of sthe word. I give you credit for this one.

  • Munir

    Well said ! saay it makes sense that the number of Eritreans claimed to be the same every year since the last 10 years, but those who defected never been deducted. In my opinion, half of those reluctantly conscripted army have gone. Besides, DIA has lost trust on the remaining.

  • Mohamed Edris

    Thanks Awate for the information. It would be better if you can find out what the Ethiopian government saying about this? Do they acknowledge that there is DMHT in Eritrea? Or is the government of Eritrea sending a message of provocation to the Ethiopian government?

  • Petros Teklu

    Volks! ‘We can not longer afford delay, as the potential for majority disaster becomes more real every day.’ The system in Asmara, imposed by unknown personalities, today represents the most serious challenge to the international community.How can foreign armed forces administer a sovereign nation’s capital city Asmara. We are humans too. We said once FREE at last! No more again. Freedom for Eritrea!

    • L.T

      giTmi GetaMi(Halay);
      This case as you know has an unususual history and there’s no evidence to suggest that your Wey-Ane are around Moseb Werqi Hammasien.gItMi GteM and say what you like about our hero Isaias.”Have a nice day”

      • L.T

        Halay means poems in Akologuzay area and Halay are also a small town in Akologuzay-the two things don’t sit easily together do they.

  • thomas

    Is it national security team or NATIONAL TERRORISM TEAM.

  • Gebrielle

    ” The attendants of the meeting were stunned when Brigadier General Tekle Manjus informed them that President Isaias Afwerki said that he learned about the incident through informal channels.” – Simply laughable …PIA missed such big round up in Asmara !!! C’mon Awate team

    • awatestaff

      Gabrielle, Wedi Ere and all,

      From the following:

      The attendants of the meeting were stunned when Brigadier General Tekle Manjus informed them that President Isaias Afwerki said that he learned about the incident through informal channels

      one can make the following interpretations: The attendants of the meeting were:

      1. stunned that Isaias Afwerki didn’t know,
      2. stunned that Isaias Afwerki claims he doesn’t know,
      3. stunned that Tekle Manjus actually believes Isaias,
      4. stunned that Tekle Manjus actually thinks he can fool them.

      Now, what is Isaias Afwerki’s past reaction: what does he do when the you-know-what hits the fan?

      1. Take full responsibility for it
      2. Pretend that whatever is happening is really not happening
      3. Offer categorical denial: “it is a lie”, “it is a fabrication.”

      Sometimes, as a bonus, there is the “ane bzaEba zi: zfelTo yeblyen” (I know nothing about this) or the “ane bzaEba zi: bzuH kzareb aydeln iye” (I don’t want to say much about this issue) but then go on to talk about it for 45 minutes anyway.

      Anyway, we are reporting what happened. We comment about what happened not in Gedab News but elsewhere:)

  • Sami

    Thank you awate and your source.

  • ER

    If you want give us a news. Please give us the whole new but nothing the whole news. Why are you omitting or censoring some in formation? What is the purpose?
    Awate: “(a specific geographic region was mentioned.)” What was said here? Say it, or you will lose your credibility.

  • Haqi

    Awate staff
    Why did you allow another person to use my name I’ve using for a while.

    Thank you

  • zhaile


    Are sure the source of this message is not using you ( to send his own message?

    “The attendants of the meeting were stunned when Brigadier General Tekle Manjus informed them that President Isaias Afwerki said that he learned about the incident through informal channels.”

    • thomas

      “Are sure the source of this message is not using you ( to send his own message?” That is briefly what I want to say.

      There is nothing wrong with This is the website that fights against the dictator since the first day of operation. However we have got to be careful with every news because some of the news are meant to send the message of the dictator which is he knows nothing about what is happening to the country even though he did it purposely. So lets be vigilant.

  • L.T

    Dear Awate;
    See,we was only six or seven when we started
    “Ho Ye Na
    Ho ye ho
    Aba Weyane Ti Tu ho
    Kgoyi TeriTu”
    Ho yeZybele,then,Kabana yifele,then,this is how we grow.power power power….well awate,you just closed you eyes and hoped for the best.´´´´
    then comes “ho yee na hoye ee ee..then came maturity so.we had our careers to make.hooyeena ho and ringing all the neighours even Enda’dey Winesh old home and fire bomb in under the slime light the fuse,then nip round the corner,affectionate tut-tutting ‘Bang*and escapes.There,Weyane Tegaru on the tank.`

  • Gedefay

    The allegation that DMHT forces are involved in the round up of Eritrean youth and its zany President is simply preposterous. It doesn’t make sense for many reasons:

    1. Even at this critical junction of young Eritrean’s history, the great majority of Eritreans support Isaiah rather than the opposition. You want a proof? Call a meeting to denounce shabia and very few show up but when the government does the same thing, thousands show up. The fact is that when it comes to the problems in Eritrea, only Eritreans in Diaspora and in inside country are to blame. Many readers of this website support shabia. The majority of the opposition groups (including the were at some point indifferent to the abuse and killing inside the country.

    2. There is no DMHT army in Eritrea. DMHT only exists in name. All the so call DMHT army EriTv talks about are Eritreans masquerading as Ethiopian opposition groups.

    3. Ethiopians of Tigraian origin are the most hated and abused people in today’s Eritrea. The very few Tigrians who still live in Eritrean for one reason or another are under strict curfew. Anyone who found past the 7 p.m. curfew is subject to abuse and imprisonment. The bottom-line is that shabia doesn’t trust Tigrians to live in the country let alone depend on them for its security.

    4. Even if there are 100 or so Ethiopian opposition rebels, why should shabia depend on them rather than its strong (300000) army? After all, the army is a beneficiary of Isaiah’s government and the rank and files of the generals are working for the longevity of the government. They are loyal participants and executioners PIAs policies: the killing, arbitrary arrest, corruptions and illegal trades., please stop this nonsense and stop blaming an army that doesn’t exist. Shabia carries its abuse with a full support of Eritreans, not Tigrians or Sudanese. You have to fight the devil among you people (Eritreans) rather than pass the blame to non-existing rebel groups.


    Godefay (Ethiopian)

    • Elihude

      Childish reasoning and even more childish conclusion of point No. 1. Where have you seen a society showing up to oppose the ruling party, let alone a totalitarian. That said, points 2-4 are correct. Thus you get 75%.

    • saay

      Selamat Godefay

      1. You can’t make a judgement that Isaias Afwerki has the support of “the great majority of Eritreans” based on crowds he draws. These crowds are a combination of the threatened, intimidated and duped. Prior to any meeting where the regime wants to show crowd-strength, there is a massive undertaking by the embassy and the “community centers” to telemarket people and tell them failure to appear in this meeting is the equivalent of deserting an army or failing to enlist when the enemy is at the gates. You need a level field, an environment free of intimidation and a secret ballot to determine whether Isaias is still supported by the people.

      2. The people who make it their business to know how many foreign forces Isaias hosts in Eritrea–that is the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG)–have told us De.M.H.T is in Eritrea. If Isaias is prevented by sanctions to have Ethiopian opposition force in Eritrea, his incentive is to have Ethiopians masquerading as Eritreans and embedded within the Eritrean army; it is not in his interest to have Eritreans masquerading as Ethiopians. The only purpose the latter would serve is to give hope to his supporters that he has assembled a mighty Ethiopian army that can overthrow the Ethiopian government. It certainly would not scare the Ethiopians, whose intelligence about Eritrean forces is superior–thanks to the desertion culture Isaias has promoted.

      3. The issue is not trust. Just like there are Eritreans who follow the orders of Isaias Afwerki, there are Ethiopians, Sudanese and Somalis who do. The Ethiopians, Sudanese and Somalis who do that happen to be people who want to change the systems in Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia. The Ethiopians may be trapped and may have no place else to go (terrorism charges and a long prison sentence probably await them in Ethiopia.) The Somalis escaped and based themselves in Djibouti.

      4. The “300,000” army is history. It has been severely degraded thanks to desertion by the thousands. If you want a clear example of this, consider this: throughout the military forces of the world, air-force pilots are considered the elite of the elite: they are coddled and pampered because heavy investment is made on them and they possess rare skills (Standard HR management.) In Eritrea, from our very modest Air Force, two pilots defected to Saudi Arabia and then, the pilot that was sent to retrieve the plane, also defected. That is 3 out of 3. To Saudi Arabia, of all places: a place where it is next to impossible to get even a work permit, much less permanent residence. If the morale is this low in the Eritrean Air Force, how low do you think it is in the army among the conscripted infantry?


      • Mengag Dmu


        Godefay duped and played you in the sense that, that was exactly what he wanted to hear from you as he gets a gratification out of the sorry state of Isaias particularly when it is narrated by an articulated Eritrean like you. Lbi Tigrai tw’tway as they say.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar


      You wrote,”The majority of the opposition groups (including the were at some point indifferent to the abuse and killing inside the country.”

      For now, let’s leave the opposition groups aside, but when was “indifferent to the abuse and killing inside the country.”?

      Please explain because your claim is a lie; was never indifferent to abuses and killing.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Hi Godefay!
        From all explanation of this Ethiopian army in Eritrea Yours is a more reasonable based on the relation and history of tigrians in the eye of eritreans. May be the pfdj soldiers used the wrong uniforms for unkown reason. Other wise fro for a militrary junta like pfdj it requires a hell of chalenge from the socity befroe it uses ‘tigrians slodiers’. But from what we are witnessing there is no Challenge at all.

        The ‘oppositon’ web sites wanted the Demhit News badly because after the Lampedusa tragedy (i think all of them have done a great job) they dont want Things become business as usuall. It is more of a wish that folk at home rise up against the regiem but that has not materialized.

    • Dave

      You claim the government attracts more Eritreans to its meetings than the opposition does, and used this argument to prove the government is more popular than the opposition. This logic is flawed in many aspect. The attendees of a meeting called by the regime can be one of the following.
      1) Regime supporters to show thier support. This supporters are not a sample of supporters, they are the entire population of PFDJ supporters.let me put this in prespective: If a natural disaster strike the meeting hall, the regime will lose his entire supporters in that country.
      2) A member of the opposition might attend to observe the meeting. The regime is an enemy to the opposition,and so a meeting called by the regime makes it handy to the opposition to collect and analyse raw information.Remember, the meeting is for all Eritreans to attend.
      3) A member of the silent majority would attend a meeting to know the current situation of his country and any future trajectories. The regime is running the country and it’s makes sence to attend and know the situation of your fellow country man back home. Remember again, the meeting is for all Eritreans to attend.
      4) An Eritrean who has no position in the Regime-opposition camp may attend the meeting as it creates a perfect condition to find a potential girl/boyfriend. The meeting is most of the time followed up by gig: perfect apportunity to flirt. I admit that the PFDJ girls are cute but ignorant.

      On the other hand, the fact that the opposition attract few attendees doesn’t prove the regime is popular.It could be one of the following reasons:
      1) It could show disencahntment with the opposition . I personally fall into this category.
      2)There is a real or percieved fear that attending such meeting might hurm loved ones back home as the regime is well known in practicing guilty -by-association law.
      3) there are more than a dozen of opposition parties, and so party affiliation explains in part for the few number of attendees.

      In short ,calling a meeting or a demonstration usually doesn’t prove popularity of the cause: In the final days of the Mubarek regime and Gedafi regime managed to take hundred thousands of supporters to the street. Does this mean they were popular? Not at all. History proved as wrong.If we let common sence dictate our reason and logic, humanity opposes persecution- except the few who suffer with the “Stockholm syndrome”.

      The only way that any given government can prove its popularity is to hold a FREE AND FAIR ELECTION.

      You also claimed that Ethiopians of Tigray origin are mistreated by the government. Everyone is msitreated by the regime regards-less of ones origin: the regime practices equal apportunity in its harassment. Contrary to your assertion, the overwhelming majority of those in the helm “happen” to be Eritreans of Tigray origin.

    • Hameed

      George Orwell’s Squealer.

    • Abe z minewale

      Godefay hawey, improve your playing skills from KaraMbula to Billiardo

  • Wediere


    For the agelglot to refuse, they must be in a big number….or it is an information thrown is to keep the opposition in suspense waiting for an action from within.

    And the – only new from a secondary source – a pure cover up from a coward and then you get a General refusing to attend, it is like he is telling them – it your mess go sort it out.

    Third, good that you did not declare the specific region discussed.

    Call me too skeptic….the meeting feels more about sending out a message than actually knowing what really happened. If you sources are few, just watch out….as with a number of reports they may try to isolate the source of leak. We’ll it is declared in the news.


    • Sami

      I the report Isias is shown as he has no knowledge of the incident. the report may be a setup.

  • birhane

    I lost it there guys *a specific geographic region was mentioned* ?????

  • Yerhwo

    Let’s say the dog dictator DIA is informed informally as professor Brigadier General Tekle Manjus (the blood sucker) informed them! What consequences has DIA taken against his brothers AGAME-Demhit yet? They must be expulsed from Eritrean soil. If they want they can run their oppositional operations against TPLF from Sudan or Somalia – period!
    Didn’t they (AGAME) perished our youth (officially only 20 000 golden youngssters) in the ‘discovered’ Badme war just only a decade ago?????


    Note that this is not emotional. It is only the mirror of the state of our heart!

    We need now only a tight solidarity and UNITY to build our country. We Eritreans are the most blessed Africans who have enough menatal and capital potential that is not utilized yet!

    • Yonus

      What a Pathetic and sad person. Why are you the cursing the whole Tigray. Isaias Afwerki is the person committing the crime against the Eritrean people with few tigrean thugs. The Tigreans are the one humiliated Issaias not you. Don’t also claim “you are the only country with enough mental and capital potential that is not utilized yet!” You can’t even create a country with a decent government in Africa. Not even a constitution! Tigreans are the one giving the Eritrean refugees a chance to go to universities. Your are very small and you will die small also.

  • L.T

    Thanks awate to its stark ” rational organization (Wegahta Were asmera)an excellent quality and elegant touch news:-).
    This highly individual design paper of technological research by Wey-Ane news are both simple and contemporary.This unique collection needed more care products and thanks to the new culture of geometric shapes wey-Ane news:-)

  • Dawit

    What is the particular region?
    DIA and his generals destroy the whole nation.
    They are good to nothing.
    Now they give our nation to DEMHIT:
    Whom they need to blame America or Weyane did they gave Eritrea to
    Demhit or they need to say as usual the region which they mention is Akaleguzai.

    Dawit wedi keren

  • nice try

    what geographic region?? be open Awate…

    • Haqi

      Nitric riesi tanika for once I agree, awate pls be specific. We need to know

    • Dave

      We don’t need Awate team to go all the way to bits and pieces of a every information as they need to be politically -correct . They implied a hint though.As the Eritrean saying goes ” Nilebam amutelu ni asha dima derguhallu”. Hint: Awate team told us who attended the meeting. We cannthen infer that three top security officers were apparently absent at the meeting: Wedi Kasa,Colonel Simon Gebredingil and Colonel Tesfaldet ,and those trio happen to be from that specific region. Bingo! connect the dotes now.

  • Kaddis

    Giffaa will soon be Afessa. The most surprising part – Eritreans seems to be concerned with who is doing it and in what language ( Menkesakesi vs Metawekya). For me the idea of giffa is very frightening…what about my family, my kids ….I am still in the giffa age group ..god

    Imagine …the hot discussion in Addis is the temporary suspension of travel permit to Saudi for maids vs whether its against the constitutional right of the right of movement..You guys are in trouble.

    • Papillon

      Dear Kaddis,

      It sounds too alien when you talk about Constitutional rights as it is interpreted by the Supreme Court Justices if any law that is passed is consistent with the highest document on the land–on your land. Remember, you’re talking to us–Eritreans. All we know is a decree of a man who is too bored with us like a big fish suffocated in a small pond. You and I would need two separate and opposite indices to measure political, economic and social realities against. You and I as in Ethiopia and Eritrea. And of course we’ve been in trouble like forever.


  • mehari

    Only Tekle manjus and issayas have the power to order DMHIT unless they want to blame others.

  • Truf Dhri Degim!

    Pssss Atum Sebay,

    Why all this headache? Next time please CHIW ZIbelu Eritreans should do the job. Period. The message is loud and clear. They don’t mind being tormented by their own so do exactly that. As for the Diaspora, they will shut-up if DEMHIT is not poking their pride. The bottom line, just use the good old warsay to do all the giffa’s – as usual. Gereb BiHakla! This incident should not happen again.

    Trust me, the tigers in the Diaspora will then focus on the refugee camps in Tigray till that show is over. Tekle Manjus- believe me deep inside them they really do love ya guys–but whats up with messing with thier ego? You know well how much they hate “The u know”—Mewesawesi–Metawekia–etc are now the new buzz words. Remember Adi Abeto- God!That was not even this scandalous and outrageous for these patriotic Eritreans in the Diaspora.

    So, listen to me. Stick to Enda 44, 525, 71 what have you!

    Neyay Selam belo kisab dewel tidwel emo kulatna niberarber!

    • Yerhwo

      @Truf Dhri Degim!

      ” …Why all this headache? Next time please CHIW ZIbelu Eritreans should do the job. Period. …”

      Why by the way GIFA at all? How long? Doesn’t Eritrea or DIA has any other better thing to do other than GIFA m FA? The youth needs FREEDOM, they have to fight for it endlessly ! This is the only existing problem the youth has.

      The young people are human being like you and me, but not rats or dogs to hunt! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GIFA/SAWA at all???????? This serves only another mission /purpose, but not the country at all! May be the set of ignorant leaders with an ignorant BOSS who aquired a chrismas graduation knows no other alternative than disturbing activities that bring no gain to the country( if I can call it a country).

      Whether Agame or quasi-pure Eritrean :

      STOP GIFA at any means!!!!!!!!!!

      The youth must come back home and do their homework awaiting them – period!

    • Haqi

      Turf Dhri degim,
      Stop your elitist correct logical principle loaded argument. It does not help a needed momentum. This academic exercise does not work on the ground. Many Eritreans, specifically the police force & commands during the era of emperor were ardent pro-Ethiopia in the days of gedli until the DERGUE killed an Ethiopian hero who just happens to an Eritrean. They switched in an instant. What you fail to understand is the many supporters of Issayas and even inside his security apparatus this is a tremor and most of all the card he uses of the enemy Woyane becomes a joke/r.

      • Haqi

        Turf Dhri degim,
        That Ethiopian hero I refer to was General Amman Andom.

    • Danny

      Very good point. It sucks to be an Eritrean these days.

  • Berhe Tensea

    What national security team is this^ These officials just puppets of the dictator. they are just organized to obey orders and terrorize the Asmara youth,
    The demhit group is there to protect their brother. The nominial and hopeless army officers will one day be arrested and vanished by demhit.
    Eritrea is under new colonizers and Isu is not yet finished with us yet.

  • Ermias

    [Moderator:point well taken. Thank you, we appreciate your vigilance]

  • Danny

    A typical meeting at Animal Farm.