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National Congress: List Of Attending Parties and Organizations

The Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC) is on the verge of finalizing its quota allocation for political parties and organizations that will attend the congress scheduled for November 21, 2011 in Addis Ababa.

553 conferees are expected to attend the congress that will discuss four main agenda items, among which are a draft political charter and a road map for transition to democratic rule in Eritrea.

Eleven EDA members were assigned eight representative each while older organization who were outside the EDA during the formation of the national commission were assigned five each. Organizations which were formed/applied recently have been assigned two reps each.

Gedab News will provide the complete report when it is finalized. For now, the following is a list of the political organizations and parties attending the congress:

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  • eman

    Observer:When someonem see this large number of parties and organization can really be confused and can ask : are these parties are real parties ,I mean they satisfy the standards of parties? and what are the standards that the NCC used to register them as parties?.If we examine most of these names we find them represent ony themselves ,I mean they are cheating.cheaters and liers cannot lead a nation.It is impossible that thieves and liers to solve nation crises.

  • baynor08

    The problem with our opposition groups is the thirst for power. We have to forget self interests and work together to stop the suffering of our people. We heard that they have allocated seats for various political parties and civil societies from abroad. How about from within Eritrea? how about Eritrean human rights activists?

  • awatestaff

    Additional Information/Clarification:

    Last year, the ENCDC was mandated to organize a congress within a year and that the makeup of the congress should be 60% from civil society organizations and 40% from political parties/organizations. Using a soft target of 500 participants, it was aiming for holding 200 seats for the political parties/organizations and 300 seats for the civil society organization. The published list above is for the political parties/organizations.

    The balance (60% of the seats) is allocated to the civil society organizations. For the last 12 months, each locality (US, Australia, Canada, UK, etc) has been electing its delegates from the civil society organizations. Election means winners and losers; election means individuals you may not like were elected–but freely and fairly. So while everybody has a right to complain that “their guy” or “their gal” was not elected, that is called democracy.

    The delegates from the civil society organizations (whose names will be published when it is made available) and the delegates from the political organizations (which are listed above) will be attending the national congress in Addis on November 21.