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Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali Awarded the 2016 Hummed Neberai Scholarship


Friday, December 30, 2016

Contact: Norai M. Ibrahim, Spokesperson and PR Officer Neberai Foundation, Hummed Neberai Scholarships (HNS)

Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali Awarded the 2016 Hummed Neberai Scholarship

The Neberai Foundation, administrator of the Hummed Neberai Scholarships (HNS), is pleased to announce that Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali of Ala-Bolsoto, Eritrea has won the first Hummed Neberai Scholarship award of cash amount 5,000 US Dollars ($5,000).

Mr. Sied competed with 32 highly qualified applicants from Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa to win the 2016 HNS scholarship. Mr. Sied is a second year student in the Tibilisi Medical Teaching University in Tiblisi, Georgia.

Brief biography: Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali was born in the village of Ala-Bolosto, near Dekemhare in Eritrea. His elementary schooling was at Ala. He left his hometown and family to continue his education at the Dekemhare Comprehensive Junior and Secondary School. He completed twelfth grade in 2007 at the Warsay Ykealo Secondary School, in Sawa.

Mr. Sied passed the 2007 ESLE (Eritrean national secondary school leaving examination) with distinction scoring 3.8/4.0 and went on to join the Orotta School of Medicine in Asmara, Eritrea. He is currently enrolled in the Tbilisi Medical Teaching University, in Tibilisi, Georgia.

The Hummed Neberai Scholarship was launched in July 2016 as a perpetual charitable fund in commemoration of the life and legacy of the late Hajj Hummed Ibrahim Neberai of Keren, Eritrea.

HNS is fully and exclusively funded by the children and grandchildren of Hajj Hummed and aims to foster academic excellence and leadership development among Eritrean youth and students.

HNS is administered by the Neberai Foundation Inc., a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Illinois, USA. Further information about HNS and the Neberai Foundation can be found at the websites: foundation.neberai.com, www.neberai.com  or www.neberai.org.

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  • Ibrahim M. Omer

    First of all I would like to say May Allah ( God) accept Hajj Humed Neberai and all our parents and loved ones who passed away in Jennatel Alferdous ( Paradise ) . May the Almighty also reward those who founded and funded this scholarship Ameen. This is a great example of Sadaga Jaria ( charity) .
    Finally I would like to congratulate the winner Mr. Sied and pray for his success.
    This is a very noble thing to do and as Eritreans we need more of this. Thank you !

  • jordan

    Hey everyone
    Who is this Hajj Hummed? What has he accomplished that made him (I guess) rich in Eritrea? Just curious.

    Also, such a great thing he is doing and for education aswell. The most important thing our youth needs and fortunately receives.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Jordan

      You can google and you will find the information you need.

      • jordan

        Hi Saleh
        I actually did but didn’t find anything that really answered my questions. It says it was funded by Hajj Hummed but I wonder who this person really was, and what role he had in the Eritrean society back then when he lived because I would think he was pretty succesful.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Jordan,

          Indeed he was a successful businessman, farmer, merchant and real estate owner. He was a respectable elderly in Keren, and a philanthropist as several of his brothers from the Neberai family were. Also, he was a champion of education, and one of the main actors in promoting girls’ education. A stern disciplined man, he raised many sons who share a doctorate, two medical degree (one of them my friend and classmate through high school, and the other the late Gemal Neberai who served in the ELF health department during the struggle era), and the rest acquired at least decent education if not to first degree. His daughter was among a few girls at the time, who went to the school I went to. That shows you how dedicated and disciplined Hajji Hummed was. This is just a snapshot of the late Hajji Hummed Neberai that I know of.

          • Paulos

            just a test

          • jordan

            Selam Saleh
            Thank you for telling me, I don’t think I would be able to find this information on the internet.
            Also your last sentence, reminded me of my own grandfather who was a rich man in Asmara. I guess it was their plan to jail all rich and powerful men in Eritrea, though that was in 1981 so it couldn’t be Haile Selassie but the Derg Regime.

  • MS

    Selam All
    Much appreciation to the foundation and the family that endows it, the family of the late Hajj Hummed Neberai. Congratulations and good wishes to the recipient, student Seid M.Ali.
    Having said that let me bring this up because an explanation is in order. Nitrickay, what in the world was going on through your mind when you wrote this: “Hi all, this news can not be true. How is that possible from a slave comp AKA Sawa could produce such high caliber student? It fake but nice try”
    1. What makes this fake? There is a foundation established in the memory of a loved one by his surviving family members. I guess, in such a situation, any family would ask nothing but the respect of its deceased member and his/her memory. The foundation has announced the news. How do you tell us the family is faking it? Or you are saying Awate is publishing an unauthorized news? I need an immediate explanation.
    2. I understand what the beef of your comment is. However, sometimes, the deeds of BIG HEARTS silence the most politically inclined person. Naturally, we tend to place more emphasis on humanitarian deeds and triumphs than on politicking. What’s going on? I demand an immediate explanation.
    3. I have no connection either to the family or the foundation.

    • Nitricc

      The Greatest; I was shocked to read the product of Sawa in a positive news in our awate.com front page. Normally we hear that they were shot while tried to escape; they were drowned while to trying to cross to Europe. They were arrested by Eritrean security forces trying to escape from the country and soooooo-on! so, when i read such a positive and refreshing news, i just reacted instinctively; without even adjusting to the shock. my point was when i said fake is, i was being sarcastic and taking cheap shot at AT for this particular news. may be there is a new year resolution on awate-team to be fair, balance and just on their reporting. which that is my dream for Awate-com future to be.
      so, i was just sarcastic to the point of shocked when i made that comment, that is all Mahmuday.

      • MS

        Selam Nit
        Thanks for the reply, and I hope it will be a teaching moment. What’s important is that there is a philanthropist family that we should commend, and there is a beneficiary student that we should wish him success. And Awate is spreading the news and it deserves appreciation. You may differ where you politically differ but I don’t see any politics in this item

        • Nitricc

          Mahmuday the great; my jab and sarcasm was at AT for reporting such positive news and i have to admit i was pleasantly surprised. it had nothing to do with the good and graced family who are doing the noble deeds. i have never heard of them but i am very happy and thankful for what they are doing. Nothing but respect for the family and respect for AT to report such good encouraging, for the youth news. it is really great to see Awate.com coming out the outdated “we are the opposition” and nothing matters menatlity. i hope the site is going to the new vision and journey with this kind of start.
          At least that is my hope, my vision and my desire for this site; to be fair.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Nitricc,
            Don’t celebrate too early less you get disappointed. Awate will never be your type of opposition, NEVER! If you get this excited by a mention of Sawa, then you are in for a big surprise. Nothing absolves the PFDJ goons, and it is not about them. It straneg though how you read what you want to read, or you wish and you read something as if it is your wish coming true. Sorry for breaking your heart. 🙂

      • Brhan

        ሰላም ኒትሪክ
        ቅድም ኢለ ንዊስ ረሊዝ እንታይ ምዃኑ ሓቢረ ነይረ። ማለት ነታ ዝሓጨጭካላ። ነባራይ ፋውንደሽን ነዚ ንዊስ ረሊዝ ቀሊዓቶ (pitched it) ጠቓሚነቱ ዝተገንዘቡ ከምኒ ዓዋተ ኣሰና ድማ ቆሊቦም ሓቲሞማ። ቲ ምንታይ እንተበልካ ..እናሃልካ ራእሲ ..ዜና ስለዝኾነ…በዚ እንተዓጊብካ ግርም…እንተዘይኮነ ግዲ የበልካን

  • Nitricc

    Hey AT and the modas, if there is any difference between the two: I had a comment posted under this thread and it is deleted or removed. I hate to start your new year with argument but what was the reasons for the removal of the article? Do you think you have the obligation and respect to your forum participants to explained the reason why? Or just you have the right what ever you feel? Now, can you tell me why you have deleted my post, please!!!!!!

    • Nitricc

      GREETINGS MODA, apology! last time I checked, i saw “removed” in a red color, normally disques hold it up and does not show up for hours and ultimately shows up and that was the reason i asked for explanation. I am sorry, by bad.

  • Nitricc

    Hi all, this news can not be true. How is that possible from a slave comp AKA Sawa could produce such high caliber student?
    It fake but nice try.

  • Abi

    Congratulations Mr Seid
    Nothing exciting more than to see young people excelling in their education.