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Mayday, Mayday! Eritrea is sinking!

Dear Eritreans, I am the son of Eritrean bred parents. I was born, raised, and educated in Ethiopia until my college years. During my childhood, I was sent to visit Eritrea for a few months. For all intents and purposes, I did not know Eritrea and its people very well. Later, when I started forging relationships with Eritrean communities in my adult years, I could not understand their politics. As far as I was concerned, many of the political views held by Eritreans defied all logic. Today, I have made it my goal to address the issues that plague the country, as the nation of Eritrea and its people are faced with an unprecedented dilemma that the world has ever seen before.

I would first like to mention a few things that make the country of Eritrea unique:

  • Eritrea is the only nation in the world whose president requested the leader of another nation to lead his own.
  • Eritrea was the only country in the world that paid over 150,000 lives to attain independence.
  • Some 50 years ago, Eritrea once had a democratic government system that included a parliament in a time in which 80% of African nations had yet to achieve freedom. Today, more than half of Eritreans around the globe support a man who has shown himself worse than a dictator to lead their nation.
  • It remains one of the only countries in the world in whose population is decreasing so sharply that the possibility of extinction is a tangible threat.
  • It is a nation in which its people are so out of touch with reality, they engage in deluded conversations that compare Eritrea to the likes of global superpowers.
  • A country that breeds communities for dangerously high esteem for themselves, yet low for others.

Now, if we ask ourselves why Eritreans have found themselves in such a perplexing situation with the current state of the nation, we can state the answer very simply.

  1. Entrusting the nation to those without proper verification and credibility
  2. Failing to learn from history, which has been shown time and time again to repeat itself

Given that neither a) or b) was followed by those in charge of leading Eritrea, it is no surprise they have found themselves in this predicament.

The Eritrean whom they followed for 45 years is a psychopathic man. He has a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy, and no remorse. He doesn’t have the capacity to understand or to feel bad for what another person is experiencing. This man is interested in placing himself at the core of the world with no concern for others, including loved ones or those considered to be close to him. In short, he is an egotist who has an overwhelming sense of the centrality of the “me”.

Fellow Eritreans, as much I do not want to write anything about him, as just about every possible thing that could be said or written about him has been done, I must explain why I call the said individual psychopathic.

  1. He murdered many freedom fighters during the earliest period of formation of EPLF, claiming they were leftist or rightists. The truth was, he thought they were potential threats to him and his rule. Therefore, he needed to get rid of them and instill fear in the rest. How could one murder in cold blood the very people who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the future of Eritrea? Had the people in leadership at the time (some were members of the G-15) been resolute and unwavering at the first sign of danger, they may have been able to save the country from the disaster that we are witnessing now. A stitch in time saves nine.
  2. He murdered and wounded disabled people in wheelchairs. These were not ordinary Eritrean citizens. These were people who gave their body parts up for the sake of the rest of their country. Who failed them? Was it not the G-15 and the rest of society? Did he, Mr. Issayas do anything wrong? He didn’t. He is psychopathic. Therefore, he cannot be blamed. Can we fault someone for being sick from liver, kidney, and lung cancer? This man was similarly sick in the mind.
  3. This person put underage children in jail if he thought that their parents wronged him and parents in jail if he believed their kids wronged him. Here there is one thing he forgot. The Ethiopian military Junta did not put his father in jail for his (Mr. Issayas) actions. In fact, they were paying his pension and let him retire with dignity.

I hope the three statements mentioned above can wake up any normal individual, except his agents of course. Since all humans are not the same, some might need more dosage of shock treatments. I hope the following will do the job. If this did not do it, nothing can be done. Maybe one should try holy water. Like they always say, you can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep.

You know, in many parts of the world a dead body is very much respected.

  1. Issayas is a person who fought tooth and nail with a dead person. What is worse than this? Can somebody be sicker than this? I hope not. How low can someone go? Mr. Isaias fought the dead body of Mr. Nayezghi Kiflu (may his soul rest in peace), his henchman who was a member of his gang and was his loyal employee in nefarious criminal activities.
  2. Recently professor isaias (remember, he is everything) had the audacity to lecture 100 million Ethiopians and 4 million Eritreans in his 101 African studies class.

“If anyone thinks Eritrean and Ethiopians are two different countries, he does not know about history.”

The sad part is this poor fellow spent 40 years of his prime life wandering the wilderness of Eritrea. Goodness gracious, it would have been tragic if he were killed while he was looking or in search of this truth he has claimed. It took him 40 years to come up with this conclusion. Do not be fooled. If it suits him Isaias will tell you 1 +1 = 100. For him, the end justifies the means. Mr. Issayas is a Ph.D. holder in speaking with both sides of his mouth. He’s a specialist in this.

There are two qualities of Mr. Issayas no one can take away from him.

  1. He is not a dictator. He’s a psychopath. At least a dictator benefits his/her family members and cronies financially. The reason I say this is I have seen some of his family members.
  2. He does not discriminate. Mr. Issayas eats anybody who trespasses his property or domain. He is an equal opportunity eater. Just like an Amur tiger eats anybody that enters its den. No discrimination, no mercy.

My fellow Eritreans, let me beg you a million times to please stop telling stories or reading poems. Eritrea and the young generation whom we failed have declared an SOS. Mayday! Mayday! Listen to the distress call and come up with the solution

  1. Some people say, “Oh! In 1980 he mentioned federation or confederation with Ethiopia.” I raised a question and after that he never mentioned it. So what? Can this be a solution? What am I going to do with that, sir?
  2. When Mr. Issayas gets drunk he says, “You guys go home and you call me Agame.” Sir, please tell us a solution.

Anybody who thinks he/she has a solution to get us out of this quagmire please put it forward so we can discuss it. There is no time. This is an SOS May Day call.

When I was in college my professor once told me if I am looking for a solution to a problem, the first thing I have to do is to identify all the problems regarding the issue and to go to the solution I believe is correct. Build a hypothesis and create an experiment.

Friends, we are in a situation from which extraction is very, very difficult. We are confronted with an unusual situation. Such a thing has never happened before in the history of mankind: a leader of a nation putting his country up for sale.

Now let me identify the problems. (This is my interpretation. Anybody with differing opinions is welcome to present them for discussion)

  1. Save the country, which means Eritrea and Eritreans, from extinction. At the same time, we keep the promises we made to our fellow heroes and save the young generation whom we failed from wandering everywhere like a ship without a compass.
  2. How to get rid of the person responsible for our problems. (If possible, without any violence. You do not engage in violence with a sick person.)

Right now, the priority must be how to stop the exodus of the young generation. Without them, the fight is completely meaningless. The second one is not a major issue. This shady salesman with an F political rating will go very soon because of his age. That is the law of nature. We should go fast to contend him before he causes more damage. He seems in that kind of route. We should not sleep on the switch; we’ve already done that. That is not enough. You fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice shame on me.

We should come with a solution with lightning speed. We are doing damage control. Eritrea is making a distress call.

To accomplish my mission I have to approach the issue from the following angles.

  1. Externally- the diaspora, especially those over age 45
  2. Internally- elders living within Eritrea

The diaspora and the elders can accomplish only two different things each given the situation. In order to fulfill this mission, I want to remind folks that we have to break from the past.

We must have a new outlook and awakening of our surroundings and situations if we want to be successful in the struggle. For example, we must begin to see Issayas supporters as opponents rather than enemies. We have to cross the line and welcome them back into reality by shaking hands. When they go low, we must go high. They are the biggest losers. They have been betrayed, embarrassed, and demoralized.

We have to remember that we are facing the possible demise and extinction of Eritrea and its peoples.

We must recognize that nobody will carry this burden except us. We are responsible for helping to find a solution for our national issues. If we continuously pass this issue onto others and expect them to do the work, nobody will ever do anything and nothing will ever get done.

We must do what we promise to do. Our bond is our word.

Our enemy bordering us has an agenda that they’re spending millions of dollars on. They are actively working to corrupt the new generation. The social fabric of the younger generation has been destroyed and they have become vulnerable.

I want you to think a little critically. Why does Ethiopia have a navy? Presently, most nations, nevertheless Ethiopia, do not need a navy. They cannot conduct naval warfare. So, do they need a speedboat to control pirates along the seashore? Ethiopia cannot even feed its people. They have had many famines. 1/3 of their yearly budget comes from the European Union. Their nation is practically at the mercy of their donors. Today, it is the navy. Tomorrow, it will be the Air Force and the military. Later, intercultural marriages. Their agenda is not what they are presenting. Their agenda is to integrate Eritrea into their nation smoothly, with the blessing of the psychopathic man. This man has been working for Ethiopia for over 40 years.

Role of the diaspora

  1. To form an Eritrean International ad hoc Committee or government in exile
  2. To organize demonstrations in front of their embassy every four months against those who are against the wellbeing of our nation and the young generation, such as
  • Ethiopia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Arab Emirates

And to support, encourage, and appreciate those who support our cause, such as

  • State Departments
  • Human Rights Organizations
  1. To represent Eritrea in hearings in various countries or organizations regarding Eritrea and Eritreans
  2. To follow, organize, educate, and fundraise for the younger generations whom we have failed

Currently, those who fight for our causes are “others”. This does not make any sense. If we do not organize and give a synchronized response, our enemies will continue to do what they do and our supporters will be discouraged, thinking we are agreeing with what is going on.

Role of the elders living in Eritrea

  1. Try to keep the young from leaving and reestablish the social fabric
  2. Clandestinely organize the people to cross the fear line, because Isaias rules by fear.

As far as I am concerned, we have two great big problems but the solution can be endless. Everyone can help to come up with a possible solution. We must think critically about these issues in order to come up with something. We must not betray our fallen heroes and younger generations.

How do we achieve this? Let us focus the upcoming months of November, December, and January on preserving Eritrea and Eritrean efforts. Let us designate one Sunday in these months for meetings to be held all over the world in which we focus on identifying problems that debilitate our nation and work to come up with possible solutions. For example, Sunday, December 16, 2018, at 3 o’clock, let us focus on saving Eritrea and young Eritreans. The meetings should be mentioned via outlets such as mosques, churches, social media, word of mouth, etc. All Eritreans over the world must come together on this day to address what we must to for our common problem. They can conduct this meeting roundtable or choose a leader to lead the discussion. The topic must be simple; how to save Eritrea and young Eritreans, with no other agenda to save us from any complications. Anybody who does not participate (unless illness or death), I consider that person

  1. Morally defeated, motivated by self-aggrandizement who cannot rise above self-interest
  2. One who gives stones to our young when they ask for bread
  3. One who above all, ignores the call of our fallen heroes
  4. Issayas’

We’ve heard from Eritreans in academia, telling us to unite. This is a good concept, but unite and do what exactly? They should be more specific when addressing these issues.

The following are some conclusions that I have generated from my own experiences and knowledge. I want to call on readers to understand and think critically about them.

  1. Many years ago on a Saturday afternoon, after Issayas left the fields with the EPLF, he held a conference at American University (USA). In this conference, one woman presented a question to him in Arabic. Similarly, Mr. Issayas responded in Arabic. Despite the fact that many of the fellow guests were Highlanders who did not speak nor understand Arabic, Issayas’ response was greeted by the audience with a round of applause. After the claps settled down, Issayas spoke directly to the audience and said, “you don’t know what I’ve said, yet you’ve clapped for me”. The audience responded to this statement by laughing childishly. I gathered this interaction to be a foreshadowing of the future. Mr. Issayas did not think highly of Eritreans before, and he does not think so now.
  2. I personally did not vote in the referendum because what was listed on the ballot was something I consider to be idiotic and degrading. “Do you want slavery or freedom?” You cannot ask such a question without silencing the valid critiques and opinions citizens have about their government. No sane person will respond to such an idiotic question with “slavery and/or death”. This, again, confirms Issayas thoughts of Eritreans being imbeciles, from moderate to several intellectually disabled peoples. Sir, this is not correct. Eritrean a good people who forgive and forget. It is not apart of the Eritrean dictionary to trust, but verify. That’s why they are paying a heavy price right now. It is not your smartness Mr. Issayas; it is our willingness to trust.

Mr. Mesfin please reveal yourself and who you are now and tell the truth to the Eritrean people. Instead of saying Isaias saved in 1980 federation or confederation, etc., it is much better for you and your cohorts to be quiet. As far as I’m concerned, you always appear to the public when something happens. I guess you try to divert the attention of the public. For example, tell the people what you told the 9-10 people on the 7th floor of a building in Crystal City, VA.

  1. Badme was given to the TLF for their help fighting ELF and it was signed by Sebat Ephraim by the order of Issayas.
  2. When TPLF broke the siege Isaias ordered all documents to be burned and was ready to take off with the airplane that was stationed in Asmara Airport.
  3. Once you claimed Issayas sent you to get medical treatment to the USA. For 8 months, I never saw you not even once going for treatment. You claim you were with the G-15 but when you left the airport it was the ambassador who escorted you. How come if you were with G-15?

Recently, the ex-finance minister Mr. Berhane B denounced and ridiculed Mr. Issayas. In the process, he took some heroic action as well. Shortly after him, a religious leader in Segeneti echoed and took the same stance.

I admire what both did. I am very curious and want to ask especially Mr. Berhane why now and what was his purpose in doing so. Similar questions were asked 40 years ago by some progressive people and as a result of their questioning, they were accused as leftist and rightists and were executed by Mr. Issays and his accomplices. This also occurred to the members of the G-15.

Mr. Berhane, I need an explanation for the following:

  1. Why ask the same question as before when the end result is always death or jail?
  2. What new events occurred to trigger you to make such statements?
  3. Why didn’t you ask such questions when our veterans were wounded and executed?
  4. Finally, what part of Issayas does the Eritrean people not understand? He is a sick man. What Mr. Issayas is saying and doing is not what he wants. He is a sick man. He wants to rest, he is asking for a mercy killing. Deliver it so he can rest, or do not bother him at all.

Long live our fallen heroes

About Tesfu Berhane

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  • 1eritrea

    You still don’t know Eritreans.
    Drugs are bad for you…makes you do ,and say things that you have no knowledge what so ever.
    Just collect your SS check for a mental retardation.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Hope,

    You covered a lot of areas, I will focus only on a couple of topics.
    Your statement of (….”in-born” pessimism, negative attitude and misconception ….Eritrea and Eritreans.) must be a misconstruction of a sentence. I don’t think you meant it.
    However, I will accept the criticism of me in regard to my perception of PIA. Fair enough.

    Would you say the below statement is closer to an opinion or fact.

    PIA caused the death and maiming of 10s of 10 thousands of Amharas and Oromos. Arguably the 2nd largest number casualties in his career, 1st being Eritreans themselves.

    Mr. K. H

  • Haile S.

    Selamat Hope Nitricc & all,
    Since independence to present, Asmara is no more the capital city of Eritrea. PIA is the capital of Eritrea, the head, the minister and the bureau of all ministries, the chief of all activities internal and external, the import and export officer, the chancellor and chancellery. Asmara has been abandoned from the aura it enjoyed for long before 1974. At that epoch it had quasi-embassy consulates of the powerful nations, international flights landing and taking off every day in broad daylight. Now only PIA’s plane lands and takes off during daylight. PIA has been the center of eritrean activities, its capital for so long. Time to move the capital from PIA to Asmara, to our historical and beautiful city to the deserving city. Asmara at least exist, based in written records since 5 centuries ago. It wasn’t for no reason. It is because it is the first fresh highland and convenient safe place and passage coming from the sea to inland Abyssinia.

    • Hope

      Selamat Wedi Abeyti and Abi Seb,Haile S:
      Thanks for the input.
      My feedback was NOT political but about the economic potential of Eritrea with or without IA.
      Granted, I second U and endorse your Agenda of removing the “capital” of city Eritrea so as to achieve what I listed above as that Capo of everything in Eritrea will not work for the best Interest of Eritrea based on history.

      Bit I still give him some credit for his positive contribution for “The shaping up” the Struggle of our Liberation Movement along with other elite Eritreans, unless we believe that his “destructive contributions” out-weigh/over-ride his “positive contributions”.
      I hope you have read HOPE all along about what he has said ,way beyond what have said above.
      Please enjoy Yohanes’s latest Article as to how to remove that ugly devil and evil as well as the Cultist Capital City” of Eritrea.

  • David Samson

    Selam All,

    According to Radio Erena, GOE’s securities have kidnapped several Eritreans from Ethiopia, including underages and are now in Adi Quala’s prison .

    Since the invention of ‘Fake News’, I am always hesitant to trust any sensational news and double check with a second source. I heard this news: 25 tracks carrying GOE’s security travelled to Ethiopia about two-month ago. As with many other news outlets, Radio Erena seemed to have suffered from lapse on its reporting lately; therefore, I am reluctant to tell my friends as it might turn to be false. But this news seems to stick and has left me with many unanswered questions:

    Why is Ethiopian government allowing the criminal regime to do its dirty work on its territories? I can only assume the regime is operating with the blessing of the Abyi’s government.

    The tracks are going through Tigray’s kilil and the Tigray’s admin knows the modus operandi of PFDJ and why is not protecting these innocent Eritreans.

    Where else Eritreans could safely live if Ethiopia is no longer able to provide them protection?
    This development is really disturbing.

    • Consolation

      Selamat David

      ትግራዋይ ዝ ኣመነን ማይ ዝ ሓቆነን ሓደ ዩሞ ኣብ ቲግራይ ተዓቂቦም ዘለዉ ብ|ጾት አንተለዉኻ ብቅጽበት ካብ ትግራይ ኵወጹ ምዓዶም፥፥ ለለቂሞም ንሻዒብያ ዘረኪቡዎም ግዘ የመጺኢ ኣሎ፥፥

    • Kaddis

      Hi David,
      There are reports Ethiopian security services are being accused of organising Eritrean oppositions in recent past? What do you make of that? Your fear could be true.
      Our mainstream racist noises (hard to call them media) are mute assuming Tigray will be at the recieving end. Little they know

  • said

    Tesfu Berhane.You seriously wrote great article in examining Eritrean situation, its soul and heart, One wonder what makes this small nation ,it is so murderously detrimental to Eritrea freedom and peaceful people , and while we are at it rediscover what is this todays Eritrea really is all about.
    But the ugly realty IA and EPLF/PFDJ are Eritrean as saying goes American mom and apple pie with twisted mind. You alluded to IA and history of Eritrea is there to verify it. Eritrea are being deeply brutalised under IA and his comrade, the same regime that liberated Eritrea have more damage than one can dream off.
    From the earliest stages of the rise of IA in field of liberation the mole was planted buried underground and you have You mentioned rightly so and that contrary to the few EPLF liberal contingencies of todays and former opposition to IA brand of blunt and fascistic politics he is the real NUS of Eritrean politics stripped to its bare essence his manifesto , shorn of all its democratic pretensions and niceties is there was any .
    Eritrean welcome and are very happy as they should be that change of heart of last minute, a few moderately progressive Eritrean are jumping leaving the regime to die on its weight. of which they have being part and parcel in an equally horrid history of EPLF/PFDJ. Eritrean are hoping of liberating themselves from the shackles of this gridlock of EPLF/PFDJ
    seem to rest on the assumption that the “Eritrean heat and Soul” is something quintessentially good and even noble, sublime, and beautiful to behold, the realty is dark forces of IA/PFDJ took it over and spoil it. Eritrea might it be that exactly the opposite proposition is true: That this “Eritrean soul” might, in fact, be precisely what we now see in IA and PFDJ, institutionalised not just in the heinous history of 28 years of subjugation. but even earlier than that – the whole EPLF some segment dark force sustained history of in the 70th and 80th IA and his minion were waging wars on patriotic Eritrean heroes and toppling all Eritrean fronts. It was its natural manifestation to remain sole custodian of Eritrean nation. from the get-go IA has his plan and his creation and participation was to steer EPLF to great degree to his personal manifesto and written and an written something entirely diabolical, perturbed, vicious, vindictive, monstrously worked at end against Eritrea people at large? what IA has done and is doing it is what EPLF/PFDJ is all about today, the result is in. Naïve Eritrean got betrayed and screwed. There was no real human and justices’ values and principles like the rule of law and respect for human rights and to build democracy and the notion of the inherent dignity and worth of every Eritrean individual was pipe dreamiest .History don’t stop ,there is hope and hope is what is all about
    Only by giving up hope can we become present in the moment. This has continually been best expressed among Buddhists. As Pema Chodron writes:
    “As long as we’re addicted to hope, we feel that we can tone our experience down or liven it up or change it somehow, and we continue to suffer a lot. In a non-theistic state of mind, abandoning hope is an affirmation, the beginning of the beginning. You could even put ‘Abandon Hope’ on your refrigerator door instead of more conventional aspirations like ‘Everyday in everyway, I’m getting better and better.’ We hold onto hope and it robs us of the present moment. If hope and fear are two different sides of the same coin, so are hopelessness and confidence. If we’re willing to give up hope that insecurity and pain can be exterminated, then we can have the courage to relax with the groundlessness of our situation.”

    I do not mean to project pessimism here. There is no easy answer to that question you raised because, more likely than not, at this stage nothing will happen in short time. Your ideas that are unpalatable to most of people in the face of a country clearly lacking a democracy, and the limits of Eritrean activist’s reach and the lack of coherent, and well organized progressive social movements in diaspora, the deck is stacked against them. Is it geographic distance is one major issue? The more troubling issue is that the sheepdog effect was working. It would seem to be a mixture of all of the above you mentioned. Yet many Eritreans still are able to see through the mendacities inherent in IA regime, in our collective cultural death-wish. Eritrean Activists and opposition must reconsider their approaches in light of the repeated failures of progressive organizations. In short, part of the failure lies with the leadership and with our silent majority. Eritrean Activists and opposition the type of Eritrea view they adhere to. For one, unstable vertical hierarchies are reproduced, with not enough feedback from concerned Eritrean at large. With regime like Eritrea. showing progress and rather than arriving at any original prescriptions for changing regime, and many are looking for a real model that works. The diagnosis has been made countless times. Eritrean are ready for an alternative prescription.
    Endless petitions and protests that took place over years and as mentioned above to be planned which do not lead to fundamental change. scream, “Rise up!” and “Wake up,” and shout “Speak out,” is not enough. I am not advocating not speaking truth to power. Minority Eritrean and Activists and opposition, time to reflect new approach in organizing the endless running around from protests or events or conferences or speaking engagements are just a series of distractions and with nothing to follow-up that does not contribute real action.
    These maladies contribute to the false consciousness and false hope. some Eritrean if not most are stuck on treadmills and attached to their egos and personas of yesterday not moving forward.
    Change will come towards new Eritrea a saner society of free association and mutual trust of unity and mutual aid which could end much unnecessary suffering. It was well known by know many Eritrean believe the lack of rigor and effectiveness. serious and radical activists and honest intellectuals who believe they are sincerely committed to revolution and to bring real change has being materialized.
    Most Eritrean discovered liberation and independence of Eritrea, it did not live up to the expectations from their victory, it become nightmare and it is difficult if not impossible with present regime to make any change in regard values of justice, human rights, and freedom. Despite all the passion for our love of our country and hate and rancour for Asmara regime – and, yes, the fire and fury, It is a measure of how screwed we are. IA ruthless power grab, repression of potential challengers is well known and crackdown on all opposition. That Eritrea is significantly more critical than any one person, IA who has ascended to the apex of EPLF/PFDJ power structure by intimidation and imprisonment. I don’t know what it will takes a major seismic event an Earthquake, Stormy seas, Tsunami. to change the contours of our history. The struggle for justice has never been easy. This one certainly never has been. IA/PFDJ keep making it harder. But as they have failed to silence Eritrean in the past, they will fail this time, as well. That is to say, only by looking in recent past, backwards in time can we assess the damages of the present time. History “is not even past”, The struggle continues. Most of Eritrean activism goes towards wasting time attempting to change the minds of adults who’s have being conditioning from old Era of liberation and set of mind, a social infantilization they have already reached epic proportions and golden age . There is no systemic approach a plan for engaging Eritrean youth. This is ridiculous and a severe oversight of by the opposition. And life force of future generations in an era where information is at our fingertips as never before. This will not be solved easily, until Eritrean youth are in powered and gifted the freedom and opportunity to pursue their passions unencumbered by structurally power centred policies which enforce hierarchy and war mongering persist. without a fundamentally redistributive model and inclusive policies. Require a major paradigm shift, can overturn this momentum, in many leveled of struggle, which would require inner work to be done on a mass scale inside Eritrea and outside “interlinking”. . This would necessarily coincide with the dissolving IA dictatorship state power.
    George Orwell would have appreciated. Patriotism, he suggested in his Notes on Nationalism, expresses “devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people”. It is “defensive, both militarily and culturally”. Nationalism, on the other hand, “is inseparable from the desire for power.
    We shouldn’t grant to the PFDJ their own argument that they are somehow more in tune with the essence of patriotic and nationalism of Eritriness as experienced through recent history, which Eritrean risk doing if we think they are helped by ghosts of EPLF from the past. It is not a reflection on the realities of Eritrean life, of the present or of the past. For the only power IA/ PFDJ have is to make Eritrean much poorer, crusaded and succeeded to inflict self-harm on the economy, and to damage further what little reputation Eritrea as nation have. Delusional as well as deluding, these IA/ PFDJ conmen and conduits for enriching themselves, IA/ PFDJ want Eritrea with all its potential rich national and human resources to trap us in a historicised never-never land of poverty.
    But as reality hurt and bites, the day will come IA/ PFDJ cloth will be cut to size and done with, delusions dispatched, and the puffing and huffing and the party will soon end.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei All.
    20-22 years of Pfdj and Tplf fight has over with the premature of ”Game over” from pfjd. Pfdj sustained many huge loses but won the war. These two parties were the sole owners of Eritrea and Ethiopia and the advantage tplf got concerning resource and material advantage has been too enormous. They started their fight how to control the wealth and politics of the none Tigrinya Ethiopians. Imagine Metec plus pfdj-tplf controlling the Ethiopian import export and deciding the price of living of 100 million people. Could it be worse, i dont know right now what tplf has done is shocking us as if we dont know it all. We are shaking in shock what Metek has done with the money collected from millions and millions Ethiopians, tax they have paid, money they borrowed. We are trembling what EFORT has might done and its sisterly companies.

    Back to pfdj and tplf, these two started their fight with a polite latter exchange, declaring a full scale first world war like eliminating 100 thousands young peoples of ours. After UN came in between they took their war in proxy from Somalia to the streets and their respective ambassadors all over the world. Started arming opposition groups to change government.This has costed both in billions dollars. I know how the west poured the money on tplf God knows where Eritrea got it. Many blamed pfdj not allying with the west but it lost the fight for tplf in fighting ‘terror’ in East Africa a free access for billions dollars and unlimited war armaments form US. Pfdj got vindictive on this lose of lucrarive business and went hard on US policy. The repurction is another gain for tplf ie sanction. After the sanction tplf started to bomb selected area in Eritrea whenever US or tplf wanted. During those days pfdj days were numbered. What is expected was to coordinate UN, US and tplf to make a change pfdj with a new government in Eritrea. The five hundred pages document against pfdj wring doings compiled by UN was read and supposed be accompanied by tplf invasion the same night. Instead the same night there was a small scale fight. Here i have no idea what happened. I dont want even to speculate. But since that day US dont want to see tplf.

    What was pfdj was fighting for?
    1) a change of government in Ethiopia
    2) Ethiopians government acceptance of the border agreement
    3) the lifting of the sanction

    Pfdj won the war in the exact order it wanted. I hope Pfdj wont try the relation it had in the beginning or in the middle with tplf. Tplf is a criminal organization. Regardless what tplf is pfdj must have an honest relation with Ethiopia based on bilateral development. The money spent on war against tplf could make both of our countries better place to live in.

  • Natom Habom

    selam Mitiku
    I have no word brother ,you said it all
    GOD bless you ,we are going to help you burry them to the last of them

  • Selam Kim Hanna,

    When i heard that ethiopia had foreign currency reserve that will cover only two months’ import requirements, soon after PMAA came to power and an unstable situation in the country in the new pm’s hands, i said to myself, there we go, ethiopia is going bankrupt like venezuela, and ethiopia is between a rock and a hard place.

    Out of nowhere uae came to the rescue, followed by the world bank, possibly the imf and may be europe too, that gave at least political support to pm Abiy.

    Just imagine what could have happened if ethiopia went bankrupt. Internal situation could have been chaotic, egypt could have dictated her terms in relations to the gerd, the bait being a loan from egypt and other arab countries, and a string of demands as you mentioned above. I think that there was some sort of move behind the scene coming from the west that ethiopia should not be left alone, and uae’s approach is not to be seen as exclusively as its initiative, but a push from behind, again from the west.

    The geopolitics of the region has played an important role as well. Iran-turkey-russia -china working together to influence and control the horn, is not welcomed by the west and arab nations. If ethiopia was left to go bankrupt, she would have fallen into the lap of the above group, and i am sure that the other group (the west + arab nations) do not want to see that happening.

    I do not think that this ancient civilization and religious culture are in any danger coming especially from the west. Fortunately, diaspora ethiopians and eritreans, have introduced to the west the tradition, culture and the tewahdo orthodox christianity, (oriental christianity as some westerns call it), and the moderate Islam that is characteristic of ethiopia and eritrea.

    Who would have thought a year ago that pm Abiy and team Lemma, both oromos, would have become guardians of ethiopia’s unity, its history and culture? Therefore, maybe ethiopia’s future is not as depressing as it looks. There is a chance that she could be a regional power, after all.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Horizon and Mez,

      I appreciate your take about the promising future of Ethiopia. It is a much better hopeful outlook.
      I am glad to hear it. It helps to dilute mine.

      Every time I read PIA is in Addis, Gonder or Awasa, I cringe. He is not a trust worthy human being, in fact you can assume bad.
      Nothing good can come from him. I just can’t help it.

      In any case we will keep watching all the visible movements on everyone’s part to connect the dots.
      Thanks again.

      Mr. K.H

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei Horizon..
      Ethiopia hasnt gone bankrupt as long as Tplf doesnt declare Tigray republic. All most all the our wealt is under Tigray. Most of us forget how Tplf has started with Tigray development robbing our banks and what the communist derg owned ie Ethiopia, then with tplf democratic revolution meaning control the economy until Tigray and Tigrians and declare free economy policy ie let tigrians compete economicaly while the millions daily laborers of non tigrians begging for job for getting their daily bread in the middle income Ethiopia.

      That ambitious project of Meles couldnt go the way it was planned since the the god of tigrians has left them for good. The life size picture of Meles couldnt scare Lema, Degu, Abiy to mention few. The rest is history.

      We couldnt get all the money we lost. But we get the money which is planned to set fire on Ethiopia in each Killil. We get more if Tigrai people wins over tplf and join Ethiopia. Right now Tigray is an independent country with out the blessing of the rubber stamp eprdf parliament.

      • Selam MM,

        I wish tplf had looted ethiopia for the sake of tigray, but that is not the case. They robbed ethiopia out of their insatiable greed, and the hate they had for ethiopia. They did it for nobody else but for themselves, for the two decades they spent in the guerrilla warfare they carried out, for which they wanted to be paid and enrich themselves. They were robbers who believed in the winner takes all. Indeed, ignorance and arrogance without a limit. Now that they have been caught stealing they are telling ethiopians that it is their own money they brought with them from the bushes (you can refer to sebhat nega).

        Moreover, they want to ameliorate the burden of their human rights and economic crimes by saying that they are not alone, and there are others as well, those who were their puppets and were given the licence to do what tplf their master was doing. They do not feel even the moral responsibility of the fact that they ruled ethiopia over the last 27yrs, and every evil happend during this period. They do not accept the fact that the minions from other political parties who are not spared fortunately, graduated from tplf kleptocratic and dictatorial school.

        Tplf was a mafia group that traded in the name of the people of tigray without the benefit going to the people. That is why the masses in tigray are no better than other ethiopians. The most outrageous thing is that some tplf criminals are hiding among the tigrayan society and telling it to protect them from the law that is after them, the federal government. Tigrayans know very well that, at least this time, they are not going to sacrifice themselves for a mafia group that robbed equally tigrayans and other ethiopians. Tplf should not be allowed to insult the intelligence of tigrayans. If they are hoodwinked and they try to protect the culprits from the law, that means they have become complicit, they have annulled their membership from the federation, whatever that may implicate. They cannot be part of the federation for its benefits only, but for the obligations as well, as dictated by the federal constitution. The federal government’s decisions should be respected by delivering the rotten package to the federal court of law. Justice should be done for the sake of the people of ethiopia, for the crimes committed against them over the last 27 yrs of tplf dictatorship. Simply, they cannot go scot free.

        The damage tplf has done to ethiopia is big, and its legacy is going to last for decades, may be generations. Tigray is not tplf, and tplf is not tigray. Tigrayans belong with ethiopia, where their future is, and not with tplf. Tplf can easily be replaced, but not ethiopia or tigray.

        • Mitiku Melesse

          Hei Horizon.
          I wish i believe you. I wish Tigrians accept the revolution and take it to street to demonstrate against tplf.

  • Mez

    Dear Kim H,

    1) “Once the nations economy is …”

    What/which economy are you talking about?

    2) “…Renaissance Dam is altered in its construction and capacity …”

    Most likely the civil part is done; not much to alter. Here is a basic science not to ignore: hydropower generation. This will have minimal impact on Egypt.


  • Ismail AA

    Selam Danny A,

    A nation that gives up hope due to harsh challenges it faces in one stage of its existence does not deserve attainment of statehood. The Eritrean nation won well-dserved statehood, which its people had proven through struggle. An episodic set back cannot undo this fact. The reality you took for an assessment to make up you view relates to the setback, namely, the era of the current despotic regime. This anathema is not an indelible fate.

    Sooner than later, it will have to end with demise of the despot at its helm through work of nature or other intervention. Moreover, who said those who sacrificed in the past and their offspring should be burden by the cost of liberation? Eritrea’s womb was not limited to reproduction of the category of youth you have mentioned. The Eritreans who still are inside are more than those who left or intend to leave. Having said that, sir, allow me to stress that I will be okay sounding nostalgic rather sounding fatalistic awaiting the “unkown” and “most likely disastrous” as you opined.

    • Danny A

      Selam Ismail AA,

      I still wish your optimism about Eritrea was contagious, and I wish you all luck for the sake of the Eritreans in Eritrea, who either did not have an opportunity to pave a way for a better life elsewhere the way you and I had done, or who believed and are waiting for the emergence of better days in the statehood they fought tooth and nail to achieve.
      Kudos to you for believing all our social and political ills for the last 50 years are anchored on the existence of one despot. My “fatalistic” opinion about Eritrea is based on end results of other statehoods that were similarly ruled with despotic individuals. I am not so certain what makes you feel the Eritrean people and their status is better than that of the Somali, Iraqi or Libyan people to fair a soft landing and to have a brighter future. Again, best of luck to your nostalgic optimism.

  • Reclaim Abyssinia

    Selamat all,
    Apology mod, for posting on the top of the thread, this long post…

    Lately, there has been a number of talks on entrepreneurship innovative and critical thinking, more than any other years in the past. For the last 5-10 years, innovative idea and entrepreneurship are embraced among the civilised world. Speaking of the civilised world, civility also caught my mind, what is that really mean by civility? Since English is my fifth language I just googled it to make sure it will align with what I’m about to write, and here’s my finding, ‘good citizenship or orderly behaviour, the sense of politeness’.

    It’s understandable that it has been a very difficult couple of decades for Eritrean and Eritrea. After overcoming 30 years of war, there was a great hope and dreams for the majority of the Eritrean people which short-lived by things that are not of their fault. This repetitive faulting on the people of Eritrea has been unbearable.

    At one stage of my life, one of my Eritrean friends ask me to join the opposition, it didn’t even cross my mind to reject his idea immediately, and he just looked down and said, of course, you have a choice. I said what do you mean? He said he only has one country but you have two, even three countries! The sadness and disappointment on his face hit me and I still remember it, and surely, I have more than one country in spirit but only one country on the paper. But the good and bad time I spent in Eritrea is the make of what I am today and my Eritrean enthusiastic feeling can easily be understood by all Eritrean.

    To share some of that memory, I remember the time I spent in Asmara as a kid, I used to spend the school holidays (Kermet) in Asmara. One of the best times of my life during my stay was the two months I spent after grade 8 ministry exam. During that time, I was taking training in ground tennis almost every morning. So why I’m I getting this flashback as it happened today? Here’s the scenario that gave me the courage to start writing this post.

    I was watching my son playing his tennis competition, and I was spewing(not literally) when I see him missing some basic shot. As you all know, parents are not allowed to interfere with the children matches, and I am expected to show some civility on the tennis court club. So, I suck it up and walked away from the court. So once again, sitting as far as I can from the court, jumped Awate from my phone and rereading the article “mayday”. I was swamped with the memory of my childhood and remembered where all this commitment of tennis begun, and the source of the love for this lifestyle.

    I have become tennis enthusiastic by traditions, inherited from my family, and that is the lifestyle I am passing to my children on the other side of the world. These important value of lifestyle started in the city of Asmara as a kid, the city of my loved ones that shout me ice-cream for the first time in my life, the city that contributed towards my being; and I am passing what I have been given in Asmara to my children; those days have gone, new days has come, day in day out I am engaged with dropping off/picking up the kids from tennis training, and the weekly competition we involve was seeded in my DNA by the great city of Asmara, and my child that has never been to Asmara, now has become tennis enthusiastic that want to take on the world. I wish all of those people, including my cousin and family that I outlive them were alive to see how far this seed has grown.

    I can’t be wrong to say the implication of that war has taken its toll on every member of the Eritrean family. It has taken away someone important from every singgggggle Eritrean family, the price paid by Eritrean for Eritrea in the last half a century is frightening to imagine.

    Imagine that, if we were not drowning in war;

    Imagine that if the world cared a little about us;

    Imagine that if the Nazis won World War II (What is that mean for Eritrean?), Would we have become helpless and unable to climb out!

    When is the time gone come to ‘AnEnd of Avengers’ to the Infinity War!

    ‘what if the crew of the Starship Enterprise were all bad guys?’ 

    You probably wonder why I am rambling about all these and that. Well, if you probably still didn’t get my points maybe it’s better to break it down in pieces.

    Coming back to my subject of entrepreneurship, innovative idea and critical thinking, I must say the writer of this article has demonstrated a critical thinking, innovative idea by correlating the “death by wish” as an alternative solution to the people that have been denied of their God-given right to the life in their hometown to grow old and die with their loved one without a fear, without threat and without becoming a prey of the internal-external forces of extortionists.

    Does our past have a great deal of influence on our critical thinking? Do we get influenced by what we experienced in the past? Is our past in our way to think outside the box? Kill, death, eliminate, discriminate and association (supporter), is only way out of misery?

    Fifty years of misery upon the Eritrean people is imposed by external powers. Those power with the short and long hands are the main players who can stretch their hand to every corner of our city, town, village and home in order to benefit themselves at the expenses of the miserable life of the Eritrean people. Let’s call them the vampires.

    There are also people out there who march left, right, centre and preach that Eritrea is on the right path; with the right future; and their association is the absolute divine to its people! I can describe these people as,

    prejudiced by ethnic without the benefit;

    Prejudiced by religion without the benefit;

    Inhuman to their own family, friends and fellow citizens without the benefit;

    Wannabe superior with an archaic mentality;

    Willing to pay the ultimate price to undermine other people right and liberty;

    Impose a lifetime exile against their own members of the family if they are found on the opposition. What surprises me is, I do not know any Eritrean, that doesn’t have a member of a family in the side of the opposition, in exile and unable to return, missing or died in a war, and possibly under arrest. But these people still have the guts to speak up with their heads up supporting every action of the government.

    People that play left, right, centre, as opposition, as a supporter, as neutral, need to get the conversion started! A conversation of enough is enough, inside and outside the country, family, community and among friends. Supporters, need to stop their imaginative personal interest that never comes. They are only getting some kind of spiritual pleasure without actual any benefit. I don’t think I need to break down any further of the delusional people who think they are part of the progressive team. They somehow get some kind of sense of belonging to an archaic organization that doesn’t benefit them, their family and anyone within their circle of love in any way, but they are delusive by the sense of belonging, and most of them that I know of are broke, joke and a pathetic hoax.

    No one should be subject to intimidation, threat, and exile from their own country because of the vampires. There cannot be any more of killing, eliminating and exiling required to bring change. The big question is how could we break out of the traditional way of thinking? Remember, “imagine that” at the beginning of the post.

    What makes a country?

    Is it its people?

    Is it its land?

    Is it both?

    Can you make a country with a virtual land and be legit?

    If we cannot be a country without a land then can we ask the world to be given a land?

    Since we are recognised as a country but without a land. Should we hold those people responsible for financing and aiding to keep us off the land?

    Is it ok to kill another man for the right of your ancestry land? It’s a big NO for me. Someone said it’s the 21st century!

    Time to brainstorm, collectively, we have the right to ask, to mediate, to demand, to pursue our dream and we shall win without a doubt, without the bloodshed!


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Brother Reclaim.

      What about writing an article..In this site!! Just to remind you..With this wonderful idea you could have written an article… expand it please and do it..


      • Reclaim Abyssinia

        Dear kokhob,
        You are so kind, your comment means a lot to me.
        I don’t think I have the Knowledge or political understanding of the subject, but I will be very happy and also proud for you or anyone else to take it further and possibly turn it into an article furthermore, to a working document, if you think the idea is any good.

    • Reclaim Abyssinia

      ኮፌ ለኩም
      ሰኒ አለኩም
      If the theory of six degrees of separation is true, then you might be able to find your friends, or family on this beautiful young Eritrean cultural event.



  • Selam

    Selamat all

    Sanction is lifted, in my opinion it is a good news for all Eritreans. For PFDJ helps to spread their empty proud to keep up supporters with empty promises until they will get another excuse. For justice sicker it is good because the last excuse given by the supporter not to have a reform in Eritrea is lifted. Now they will say ዋላ ትንፈር ጤልያ if they are stubborn to change their mind or they will change their stance towards DIA.
    Now is the best opportunity for justice sicker to make pressure on DIA and his supporter and to show Eritreans that DIA and his intimidate assistance are using sanction and the no war no peace situation as an excuse, but in reality they do not want to make reform. We should show to Eritrean people our unity by respecting our differences.
    Most of the time we are complaining about differences. We say; we are divided by religion, ethnic, region and etc…How do we think to have a democratic nation if we are not respecting our differences. How can we establish democracy, if we are not exercise our democratic right in democratic country with tolerance.
    Let;s start to practice the democracy where we are. We are always accusing DIA that he did not implement the 1997 constitution. Why don’t we implement it where we are and show to Eritrean people practically how it works. In many countries when they have an election they facilitate an opportunity for their citizen to elect whom they choose in diaspora. In our case will be the opposite, those they are living in diaspora will elect whom they choose and the people in Eritrea will see it through different means of media. This may encourage them to take action. This is the first advantage. The second advantage will be; we will have a ready organized transition government that accepted by most Eritrean in diaspora in case of a sudden change in Eritrea. DIA is old he can die suddenly from disease or accident. Some disparate individual can take an individual action. A military coup may happen. As we all know there is no an official successor except a rumor about AI.
    If tomorrow something happen we have nothing except chaos. It will be ግር ግር ለሌባ ያመቻል. A sudden change could hijacked by another opportunist, to avoid this risk we need to be ready always.
    All Justice sicker agree in three points, there is a problem in Eritrea, cause of the problem and constitutional Eritrea after DIA. What we are not agree is; on how to bring these change. Let’s respect our differences on how to bring the change and work on our similarity together by attacking the cause of the problem with different method or through different process to achieve our identical goal (Justice, freedom, equality, and etc.. in Eritrea).
    Let’s elect our leader in diaspora by inviting all Eritrean individual and political parties in diaspora based on our 1997 constitution. Some of you may have concern about the constitution. ጤል ክንገዝእ ኢና ናበይ ክንአስራ ኢና ከይከውን ነገሩ። let’s start with what we have and we will amend after all Eritrean have a chance to participate.
    I know all what I said is an idea and it is always to have an idea is easier than implementing the idea.
    I am asking politely all of you if you agree on the idea to bring a mechanism how to implement it and if you have another idea you are welcome.
    From now on please at least our 80% of discussion should be about solution rather than showing or describing the problem of DIA and PFDJ.

    Have a nice day

  • Berhe Y

    Dear Hope,

    Thank you for the kind words. You know sometimes you call your self “naive” in self depreciation way but you know a lot, since you were in the intelligence :).

    I am covienced this guy, IA, his main purpose was to drail Eritrean people ambition all his life. He just was riding along the struggle to man the ship to his own desire.

    I never believe anything that this man is changed after he come to power and now he got corrupted (for example, like Mugabe).

    His total disrespect and hate of anything that benefit Eritrea and the Eritrean people is unparallel. The business people, the professionals, the students, the development (even by individuals), all the industry (allowed it to decay) and the know how to die or exile and the country set back tens of years and kill the knowledge and know how in the process.

    Dr. Kibreab Fre wrote a fiction book called “Babylon”, where the story is about people who wanted to destroy Eritrea from within after its independence. I wonder if that’s IA all along plan.


    • hagos

      Salam Berhe

      Dr. Kibreab Fre wrote a fiction book called “Babylon”, where the story is about people who wanted to destroy Eritrea from within after its independence. I wonder if that’s IA all along plan.

      Babylon and Luukhat Satnael ( which is part two of Babylon) was written in 1995 and printed at Awget at the peak of our independence. my question to you and others do you think Dr Kibrab is the Author or he has been used as a pen name. what i want you know i am not discrediting the good Dr. of his ability to write, but on these books it has been debatable.i asked people who know him and former tegadelti no one accepted that the Dr authored it.
      these books are the blue print of what was/is happening.

      • Berhe Y

        Dear hagos,

        I knew Dr. Kibreab just from a distance and he knew my father. I use to go to his parents house to buy milk. He was arrested during Derg time something to do with raising money for EPLF from people who use to buy milk, if I remember the story right, during DERG TegaleSu campaign.

        I didn’t know he had authored any books before, and I was surprised she I saw the books. But honestly, I don’t think it makes to doubt the authenticity of him, unless he said he was not the author or someone else claims that he is.

        I have not read the second book.


  • Selam All,

    In my opinion this article should have been written more than a decade ago, and as always ethiopia should not have been blamed for what happened and continues to happen in eritrea. Otherwise, it ends up being the usual rhetoric to soothe one’s disappointment and frustration by bringing the old and known rhetoric about ethiopia: famine and handouts, budget support by the west, etc, as if eritrea is the richest country in the region. Ethiopia is not the main reason why eritrea is in this predicament over the last two decades and more. Ethiopia is trying to tackle her problems by herself.

    The eritrean regime used the same problems to demean and hoodwink eritreans, and diaspora eritreans are doing the same, as if it is the medicine that mitigates their disappointments, while those living in eritrea and feel the pain on a daily basis are doing exactly the opposite; fleeing to poor ethiopia as they are being shot at from behind; women, children and the old.

    Why diaspora eritreans remain blind to the reality on the ground, it is a mystery. What is the use of all the rhetoric, when they do not have a clear cut plan yet to depose the despot, more than 2 decades later. They will not return back to eritrea to live, let alone fight, they can’t give a solution and they don’t allow a natural solution to take its course as it comes, etc. It is like people who take pictures and videos with their mobile phones, of an old drowning person who fell over into the sea as he walked, and they share and comment about it, and none of them dipped in to the water to help. Tplf was deposed with a big sacrifice, and it did not happen by itself.

    It is mind boggling how diaspora eritreans could still be at the stage of identifying the problem and searching for a solution. Something must have gone wrong on the way. Both the problem and the solution have been there and vociferously shouting to everyone for at least two decades, and everybody knows, i hope. (Sorry for being too blunt).

    For sure ethiopia is not spending millions to attract eritreans to flee the country, but the 2% economic support that diaspora eritreans are paying to keep the dictator strong and unrepenting, and the pfdj supporters within and outside eritrea.

    As is always the case, we are damned if we work with ethiopia and equally damned if we don’t. That is the dilemma of being a poor small country, next to a poor and bigger country. If next to a richer country, it would have been even worse. Eritreans should make the best out of the new situation. It is the time of building bridges and not tall walls. Eritreans are telling with their actions to the wall builders that they would not allow the dividing wall to be built.

    Funny, the list of the enemies of eritrea has grown, and now it includes ksa and uae.
    No amount of advice and ‘holy water’ can change the situation, but the economy, freedom and the implementation of democracy, that can keep the people in the country. One has to work for these in practical terms, which includes first and foremost deposing the despot, yesterday and not tomorrow.

    Finally, i should thank the writer for answering one important question i always had in my mind and doubted a lot, and that was if, “Do you want slavery or freedom?” was the main question of the eritrean referendum or not.

    • Berhe Y

      Hi Horizon,

      Without spending too much time responding to all what you wrote, I think it’s suffice to say it’s really, really difficult to fight a regime like what we have in Eritrea. The reason is it’s very hard to identify and target who the enemy is. The regime is blended at every level of the society and not a simple task to focus / target.

      I will give few example and I hope you can see a parallel. Castro of Cuba, Assad of Syria (the father), China, the former Soviet Union, Saddam of Iraq, Qaddafi of Lybia, and few in Africa.

      As to the exact question asked for referendum:

      “Do you want Eritrea to be an independent and sovereign country?” Yes/ No.

      I have read many times, specially Ethiopians interpret the question in different ways as in a choice between freedom/ slavery.

      I think the question was legitimate and it’s within standard question in similar situation.

      For example the Scotland Referendum was “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

      This is the question asked for Quebec referendum.

      “Do you agree that Quebec should become sovereign after having made a formal offer to Canada for a new economic and political partnership within the scope of the bill respecting the future of Quebec and of the agreement signed on June 12, 1995?“

      It can be criticized for what ever but I don’t think the sentiment / results would have been any different.


      • Paulos

        Selam Berhino,

        It would be like preaching to the choir for you certainly know more than I do about the historiography of Canada. Here I am trying to see if there is any parallel at all between Quebec’s demand for independence and Eritrea’s long history as part of Ethiopia and the demand for independence.

        Canada’s evolution to a statehood was shaped up by a rather dynamic and at times intense choreography between the foundational pillars as in Aboriginal Canada, French Canada and English Canada.

        French settlers ceded most of the land [What is now Quebec and Ontario which was then called Lower and Upper Canada respectively] that had been under them to Great Britain after the seven years war and Great Britain used the land for strategic purposes to contain any threat that would come from the south as the 13 colonies were revolting against Great Britain where it eventually led to the American Revolution.

        As a side note, when the war broke out, Americans under later on the command of George Washington, first attacked the British garrison in Quebec and when the Quebecers pushed back, the victory gave them a sense of national consciousness which later on took a life of its own.

        Most importantly however, Britain stood in a sharp contrast to what the French settlers were in Quebec. The French were Catholics and politically more into Absolutism under the reign of an absolutist King. The British on the other hand were vehemently against Papacy who confessed Protestantism instead and politically adhered to Parliamentarism. British however, to their credit and in a politically astute move, allowed the French in Quebec to practice their Catholic faith and to observe their law as well short of recognizing them as a distinct society.

        I brought the above thread up to highlight that, their respective differences seemed to glare more but in an extraordinary political maturity and in a common believe in civility managed to create a statehood of a remarkable standing.

        Eritrea’s historiography however dectates a whole lot different scenario where anything and everything about Eritrea can not be seen in isolation from Ethiopia. That is to say, Eritrea and Ethiopia have always been tied with common history, culture, tradition, religion and language as well. That could be one of the reasons at least to Ethiopians, the questionnaire for independence was a bit problematic. When Eritreans saw reasonable objectives to opt for independence given their horrific history with Ethiopian leaders right after the Federation was abrogated, Ethiopians on the other hand reasoned where blood was thicker than water.

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Paulos,

          You are a walking encyclopedia so you know a lot more than I do.

          I was responding to the actual question that was voted during the referendum instead of what was suggested.

          Did Ethiopians had enough say in terms of the question asked, or did they have enough to campaign and “show us love” and urge us “to stay” as they did it in Canada and more recently in Scotland, probably not. I think if referendum was done when Eritrea was asking, and Ethiopia agreed upon then it would have been possible. But EPLF had driven Ethiopia out completely then, I think it make sense that things took their natural course.

          Have you seen FaNus Network latest vblog, titled “Eritrea: ደፋር ጻጸ፡ ጎንደር ከይዱ ይላጸ (Isayas Afeworki gonder visit)”.

          Highly recommended to MS and AH.


          • Paulos

            Selam Berhe,

            ኣኽቢድካለይ በርሀ ሓወይ፣

            It was a classic scenario where history is written by the victor where EPLF didn’t even give the courtesy to the very least for Ethiopians to weigh in about the referendum and later on the dejected feeling morphed onto holding grudges against the Weyanes for selling-out.

            Again thanks for those kind words and for the recommendation.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            You are right about Dr Paulos. He is one of the few people we have, who are endowed with tremendous knowledge (multiple disciplines of knowledge) in this forum, so to speak.

            On the referendum: The winner has always the upper hand on the choices of the voting. So is, with EPLF on our referendum who decided the choices to be only “Yes” and “No”. If Ethiopia would have accepted the call for referendum, say suppose the proposal of EPLF in 1980, before they are totally defeated in the battles, then surely, the options of the choices will be different. But despite of that, I believe the outcome of the referendum, wouldn’t have changed, simply because already the Eritrean people are rallying behind the cause of the struggle. So in short, it doesn’t matter if the Eritrean people were determined for their causes.

          • Selamat Denmarkino and Berhino yeErukhtey profesorat,

            Entay zgebere iyu izi tSAtSE defarr do telatSE endabelkum n gonder tetSdeifuo?


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Brother GitSAtSE.

            This is your friend Bee..it is just not about you..Dear..Ha ha ha..


          • Berhe Y

            Hi iSAtSE,

            We are talking about Defar tSAtSE not the peaceful one:).


    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Hi Horizen,

      When any creature feels danger he/it runs to any direction from the four directions. My friend, this doesn’t mean they fall in love with the direction they flee to. The Ethiopian soldiers who were stationed in Asmara during the defeat they flee to Sudan though the border of Ethiopian was very near to them. Though travelling to Libya through the desert has many dangers, they go to Libya. This doesn’t mean they have chosen Libya to stay at for the rest of their life. Your analogy lacks sense. You want to stuff by force that Eritreans are in love with Ethiopia therefore they are crossing the border towards her. You are totally mistaken, my friend. I heard a few days ago that many Eritreans are paying 2000 USD to move to Sudan. Of course, Sudan is not their last destiny.


  • haileTG

    Selamat Ayneta,

    My bad! I didn’t know it was supposed to be funny! Honestly, I thought it was a serious article. That is why I sounded the alarm. Now re-reading it with the fun intended, it is hard to stop laughing:) But c’mon, mercy killing isn’t the greatest solution put forth ever. Again, casting doubt on people like Berhane Abrehe and Mesfin Hagos’ opposition activity seems unnecessary. But hey, this is just one opinion, it needs many more opinions from others to make it a balanced verdict.

  • Acria


    Selam Tesfu Berhane,

    I did enjoy reading your article. Nevertheless, Eritrea will be part of Ethiopia whether we like it or not. We paid dear to liberate our country and at the end we got nothing. We declared peace with Ethiopia and we still have to see any change. The UN Sanction has been lifted! So what? Are we going to buy more armaments? Are the PFDJ elites free to use their frozen money, if any? Are they going to move freely? You see, it is all about the PFDJ elites and their sycophants. Everything is about them and nothing is about the poor Eritrean people. I think Eritrea is sold to the highest bidders: Isaias and his sycophants, Ethiopia, UAE, and KSA.

    Don’t expect anything from the diaspora. We can talk, but we can’t act. Why? We are not oppressed, we live in a democracy, and we live comfortably. So, why jeopardize our life and standard of living? Nostalgia about Eritrea is not a big enough impetus to force us to fight for Eritrea. This is one major problem we have.

    On the other hand, our youth are demoralized and all they are thinking is leaving to join the diaspora. I don’t blame them. If you can find freedom somewhere else, why bother fighting for it in a place that is unattainable? Why do you think the youth and everybody else is fleeing to Ethiopia? This is another conundrum. Thus, don’t expect any change to come from the youth. We haven’t seen any movement from them the last 27 years ( except the Al-Diaa School in Akrya).

    Yet, the elders can’t force or encourage the youth to stay behind. What for? To languish in conscription camps? They want the youth to go abroad to help themselves and help the remaining family members back home financially.

    Moreover, as you have mentioned it above, the Eritrean population inside Eritrea is decreasing. As the saying goes in Amharic: Der Bi’Ya’Der Anbesa Ya’Ser. This is significant in terms of our numbers and our togetherness. We seem to be divided along religious and ethnic bases.

    As you can see bother Tesfu, your ideas are encouraging, but they are too late. Thus, OROMAI my nostalgic Eritrea. Or, is it? Well, I believe the only solution to our problem should come from inside Eritrea, and mostly from the insiders of the PFDJ ranks and their supporters….”opponents, not enemies”…..well said, by the way. To what end? Hopefully, in a better direction.

    • Saleh Johar

      Selam Acria,
      It’s natural to hit the bottom and be so depressed that you give up. However, if you hit the bottom, it’s not wise to call others to join you there. Be brave and stay there in solitude and reflect some more. Otherwise, it’s out of character to spew demoralizing messages The litmus test is: ask if your message and that of those you despise is any different. I hope you find the answer on your own.

      With concern, saleh

      • Paulos

        Selam Ayay,

        Italians say, sfogare or as we say it in this part of the world, venting. We all have those kind of low moments and we let the steam out particularly when things get stuck on us. Thing is, tomorrow, they say is a new day, a new life and a new experience where we get back up and say, things will be ok including in Eritrea. Hope is a beautiful thing!

      • Acria

        Selam brother Saleh,

        Sorry that you felt this as a demoralizing message. I really believe this to be a true sentiment of mine and the sentiments of many Eritreans that I have encountered throughout the years and recently in Ethiopia. I think people ought to express their true feelings regardless of their political or cultural position. It is only then that we can challenge or direct their energy to a commonly meaningful purpose.

      • Ismail AA

        Ahlen Saleh Johar,

        No surprise here. I do not know how much our good brother had paid in the struggle. So, I deposit in advance with him an apology if he had paid dearly. But, time has showed many of us that who paid less give up hope much easier and earlier on what is dear and precious as freedom and independence than those who paid more. I am afraid my dear brother Acria fits in the former category. A bonus surprise is that he took for logging to this forum the name of the home of the staunch fighters and hopefuls ever and sacrficed the utmost a person can such as martyr Said Beshier and Hajji Musa M. Nur had done.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Ismailo,

          The young generation have given up for the country we have paid hefty price to realized it. Just reminisce the fighting spirit of our generation both in the “field “ and “urban cities” even in the belly of the enemy, far and close, are gone for good. Very Sad to witness in our lives. Two generation different in their fighting spirit. But, there is a nagging question in my mind that bothers me, on off and on, even if we get rid of the despot. Watching the seemingly irreconcilable interest of our Eritrean political elites, observing the frightening polarity of our society, learning the apathy of our erudite to the concern and marginalization of our minorities, losing our “common interest” in the bid of individualism and individual interest, can we govern ourselves maintaining the equilibrium of our social make up? If yes how? If no why not? I don’t want the history of our fathers and forefathers, I want based on the current generations who are in conflict to each other and unable to govern the divergent interest of the society in general. I am questioning our ability to govern our people generally. The top notched of Eritrean mind are invited to share their views.


          • Ismail AA

            Dear Aman H.

            Your and my generation were lucky for two reasons. The first was the generation immediately before us was committed to a call that entrusted them the fate of a national polity history had bequeathed on them. When that fate of a polity of the nation was subjected to violation and illegal annexation, their commitment became reinforced by the challenge that diminished the value of any sacrifice when compared to the value of the most precious in the collective future of a nation, namely freedom in an independent and political nation. It was this collective consciousness that made the youth of the time choose to pay anything including precious life for the sake of restoring national identity in an independent state.

            Their purpose and idealism was anchored on the stipulation that we sacrifice today so that future generation could enjoy freedom to work and live in a free society prospering in an independent polity. The reason why we were lucky was that we had also committed and selfless generation of leaders and fathers and mothers who took initiatives to sacrifice which taught us freedom had price. That was what Kebire and Said Beshier did through through martyrdom; and Ibrahim Sultan and Wel Wel did through exile. In a word, your and my generation never expected to live and enjoy the fruits of our contributions.

            But the post liberation generation found themselves in predicament. What was promised to them by us became burden. Instead of enjoying the fruits of the price your and my generation had paid for their sake, the found themselves in situation in which modern slavery, humiliation and incarceration became normal policy of a police state. Trying to rationalize not sharing responsibility for their dilemma by our generation is unwarranted shortcoming because a monster thrived and matured under the watch of our generation. We could do what was needed to do to stop him. Instead we were divided and shortsighted due to curtailment social, cultural and religious imposed on us.

            The elites became promoters of those social defects rather than becoming forces of enlightment. It was this that the monster who is serving as ruinous scourge of the current generation has been effectively using. Nonetheless though the generation of our youth should not give up hope because a society that is committed to value of nationhood and the cost it paid for its attainment would never exchange anything for freedom in an independent nation. Sooner than later, the scourge will be removed, and the sun shall rise on the eastern horizon of Eritrea.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Ismailo,

            Thank you for the response. Can you go a little bit on your explanation to address my dilemma in the question I put forward? I am worried on our capacity of governing our people with equitable justice without coercion. Please do, as you are one from the high regard intellectuals of ours.

          • Ismail AA

            Ahlen Aman H.,
            Sorry, that point escaped my attention; I was a bit in hurry. I will get back to it later.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Aman H,

            The issue of governance and capabilities to govern are crucial to continuity of an organized society in an socio-political structure be in its rudimentary pre-modern or post-modern setups. The philosophical and practical essences of this has been preoccupation of the sharpest minds humanity had produced at the various stages of historical existence of societies. At the center of attention were fairness and justice in managing the affairs of peoples on various levels of societies. I am sure there are many in this forum, including yourself, and Eritreans in general as well who can teach and enlighten us on this matter much better than me.

            Regarding the worry you have expressed about whether we Eritreans could and would have the capacity to run the affairs of their socially, culturally and religiously diverse society in fairness and justiness. In my view, this would be informed by two factors. The first and essential one would be if there would be reasonable opportunity available to the society to gather capabilities and produce leaderships equipped with the necessary knowledge about the society that entrust them to govern and manage its affairs fairly and equitably.

            The second factor is whether the elites in our society will be able to gather their acts and produce opportunities for themselves to utilize the resources and potentials our society possesses to help themselves to develop competence to help the society to evolve state instruments and institution in a legal system whose salient purpose will be ensuring fairness and equality that would constitute bedrocks for national unity which will be sole fertile field on which elements of citizenship and duties would be sown and nourish to supersede parochial social fault lines while preserving the beauties and wealth cultural-religious mazaic of the country will provide. I hope I would sound naive idealist. I am aware of the reasons that underpin your scepticism which under the current circumstance is rampant especially among the bewildered youth. But, one should not be overcome with pessimism because a society in a nation is much bigger than one phase of predicament it faces in its existence which the current despotism and its beneficiaries represent. The elites I am alluding to are the like-minded segments among Eritrea’s elites. It’s in the nature of things that a few start a viable and noble role in a society that can develop and become source of emulation and rallying to others. Here, it suffices referring to our own recent history to understand the point I am trying to make. As a matter of fact, the current conditions in our country pose real challenge to liberated and broad-minded part of the elites to smash the dilemma and scepticism you have raised and embark on useful work and create opportunity for themselves to be in the proper place in their society and give opportunity to their people to lay down foundation to govern themselves.

            Needless for me to revisit, it is known to us all that our people had had no opportunity to develop state infrastructure to govern themselves if we exclude the brief period between 1952 and 1962 when the elites of the time got opportunity to embark on laying down an autonomous state of law governed by institutions flowing from consensual legal instrument: constitution, which was interrupted by illegal annexation. The only opportunity the people got was the squandered opportunity that exit of the annexationist forces had provided. The decades thereafter had opened the stage for imposition of despotism and lawlessness that no one among us, especially the elites, can escape sharing responsibility for not stopping the growth of a political beast when we could. At this difficult time, too, Eritrea has (I believe) many Kebires, Ibrahim Sultans, Wel Wels Betewodeds, Hamed Idris Awates, Ali Hijays and Haji Musas who can be capable to shoulder responsibility and lead the way to liberation from despotism and provide the society an opportunity to govern itself in unity and peace.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Ismailo,

            Thank you for your effort to tackle my “dilemma” and my “worries” on our ability to administer and govern our diversity, as a compact of “Eritrean society”, in an era where (a) the “Eritrean common interest” is eroding an giving way to individualism (b) where our center of gravity is weakened to let us scattered in multiple of oasis of our comfort zones (c) where our consciousness of nationalism fades and gives way to global interest of big powers (d) where the “fabric of our society” and “units of families” are decimated by the policy of the regime. The nation and the Eritrean people are in a dire situation

          • Ismail Ahmad

            Selam A man H,

            I can understand the intensity of the ordeal facing us as a nation. It is worrying challenge. But it is not all-is-lost scenario that gives up way to hopelessness. This time is not more difficult than the cirmstances the first 13-man pioneers of Martyr Awate had gallantly confronted. Their most effective weapon was hope that the nation shall rally. Not the several absolete rifles they had; and giving up hope serve the despot and his objectives.

          • Senay Zer

            Dear Amanuel – Strongly disagree with your assessment of how the current generation is fighting the regime in Eritrea. Why do you think there are thousands and thousands of Eritrean youth in prison at the moment? Clearly, it is not because they support the regime. I think it is an indication that people are fighting and resisting…not winning (yet), but the youth are fighting and resisting Every.Single.Day.

          • Mez

            Dear Amanuel H,

            Just I want to reflect on your two basic phrases below;
            The definition of “intelligentsia”, or “elite” is very illusive, almost always quasi unstable, and easily misusable; with this it is almost always possible to coock, mix, and serve: dogma, scientific reasoning/approach, ideology all in one–a terriable thing.

            In both cases I wish to replace “elites” and “intelligentsia” with the phrase “political clases”, or “political interest groups”, or some equvalent phrase in its definition for the Land Eritrea.

            1) “…irreconcilable interest of our Eritrean political elites…”
            1.1) as a political class (representer), or political interest group member, the dynamism of “irreconcilable interest” is generally healthy for the nation–we just need to work hard and let them be openly practiced back home.

            2) “….Consider the divided intelligentsia…”
            2.1) in the spirit of 1.1) above, I see (in the most basic social process of Eritrea) currently less sociopolitical dynamism–but no stagnation/perpetuated division.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mez,

            As far as there are “elites” and class of “intelligentsia” in Eritrea, I will use them in any political argument applicable to them visa-vis the Eritrean socio-politics. These political terms are neither elusive nor do they carry unstable meaning. They are clearly defined in the discipline of knowledge applicable to them. If in case you are alluring there are no “elites” and “intelligentsia”, then we can argue and debate on the existence of those class of our society. I am very comfortable to use them as far as I know who they are, their role in society both in negative and positive contribution in the lives of our society.

            Dear Mez, If you are not comfortable with those terms and their application in the context of Eritrean politics, you are welcome to use your own terms as far as you made those “terms of preference” are well explained to your readers and for those who tries to engage you. As simple as that,

            Your opinion, on the Ethio-Eritrean Peace and friendship agreement, I will simply pass it, by saying time will tell as to wether is realistic or not. I don’t expect from you to characterize it “realistic” when no one knows the details of the package, except the designed proxy leaders of the two nation in the geopolitics of the Horn. Am I right Mez?


          • Mez

            Dear Amanuel H,

            1) From the get-to-go the terms such as political- “interest groupps”, -“paries”, -“movements”, -“organizations” will deal more focused with the sociopolitical problems at hand than using the more broader terms “elite”, or “intelligentsia”. And the two terms were more widely used in the era of east-west conflict, especially in the left leaning political groupings; which may not be the case today.

            2) my word use of “realistically” (in the last paragraph) was refering to the point just discussed above it–not really about the “Ethio-Eritrean Peace and friendship agreement” itself.

            3) Apropos your mentioning of “proxy leaders”, it had been always almost the same since at least the end of the WWII. Why you try to pretend as if it is a new phenomena? Are not all the political classes in Eritrea and the region products of the cold war? That without exception.

            4) regarding the “Ethio-Eritrean Peace and friendship agreement” itself, i will argue it to be a very firm foundation “as a declaration of good political intent to end the war and start living in peace” from the two governments as of today. The politics of our region–over the past thirty years–was vivedly characterized by the remanences of the global east-west coldwar fragments. That may start to change now fundamentally.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mez,

            Let me start to rebut your points in the sequences you put them, in order to help our readers understand our position on the subject at hand. First, from the get go, regarding the political terms, I told you to use your “choice of preferences” however they explain exactly your views on the subject we are debating. Now back to your points:

            (1) There is no “parties” and “movements” without “elites” and”intelligentsia” in their make ups so to speak. There are no “parties” and “movements” eithe not lead by these political class or “social groups” not represented by them.

        • Acria

          Selam Brother Ismail AA

          You don’t need to be surprised and analyze me. The discussion shouldn’t have been about me. It should have been about the article that Mr. Tesfu Berhane presented. How could we make a progress if we can’t accept reality as it is? We tend to digress and ignore the subject matter and often go after the person. If you have time, I would like you to point where I went wrong when I kind of refuted Mr. Tesfu Berhane’s article. To satisfy your curiosity, I am real wedi Akhriya ( alias E’bai Mebekol Sew’Ra ). Yes, Acria has a meaning to me because I’m part and parcel of the same courageous people you have mentioned above and more.

          • Ismail AA

            Hayak Allah Acria we haya Allahu ahli Acria,

            I hope my apology in advance didn’t escape your sight. My comment was in fact on Saleh Johar’s point of encouragement of our youth not to weaken their spirit. I did not intend to make you of point of departure for the comment. Anyway, I would like to assure you of my intimate consideration for you and you contribution, and withdraw from my deposited apology if you felt dismayed by my comment.

          • Acria

            تحيات اخو اسماعيل

            Thanks for your confidence and no need to apologize.

          • Saleh Johar

            Selam Acria,
            I suspect you do not realize the damage such posts make on people. The wisdom should be to weigh what you write and say. Let me blunt with you–would you not consider our post as one calling for capitulation, and trying to convince people to throw the towel? If that is so, (You have made it clear) what is the added value of your post? Then, you showed us how proud you are of Acria. Wold you consider your position a characteristic of Acria? And that is what Ismail alluded to.

            I don’t think anyone has ignored the subject as yoi claim. We are on the subject but the subject is yours, we annot talk to it but to you who carried it. I think many would agree your post is one of giving up and you seem to be the one giving up and trying to make people join you in that situation. That is why you are the subject because it is your product. That is why I think your person is the subject matter. And in such cases, expect to get what you give because you are not talking of personal issues but national. And I honestly think your position is not representative neither of Eritrea nor of Asmara, and certainly not of Acria. The Janhoi and Derg lots were had one message to Eritrean patriots: give up. The PFDJ had the same message: give up. Do you see how painful it will be coming from you?

            My advice, in such cases, if you have nothing positive to add, think twice before you post damaging posts. And if you have given up, totally, stay away from people who haven’t. National Freedom and Justice invaluable and you cannot take it lightly and expect people to look the other way. Just consider the weight of your remarks and you will see the problem clearly.

            I apologize, but I do not think I can add anything to this thread. I am out.

    • Haile S.

      Selam Acria,
      ኣንታ ኣኽርያ፡ እዚ ዝበልካዮ፡ ዝወሓጠልና እኳ ኣይመስለንን፣ ምእንቲ ክሕየኸልና ግና፡ ‘ኢትዮጵያ ናብ ኤርትራ ክትሕወስ’ እንተትብል ምሓሸ። ከብቲ እንተወሰድወን’ሲ እቲ ፈኸራ ንምንታይ ይተርፈና? ናህና ዶ’ይኮነን። ሕሰበሉ።

      ዘይ ገዝእቲ ኤርትራ ኮይኖም እዮም ብኮፍ ዝሰብሑ
      ..ብርእሶም ሓንጎሎም ገዲፎም ብጽፍሮም ዝሰርሑ

      • Acria

        ኩቡር ሓውና ሃይለ

        አቲ ስጋ እኮ ቡሱል ነሩ ንሕና ኢና ኣስናን ዘይብልና።

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Brother Acria.

          …እሞ ኣስናን ዘይነጥሪ …


    • Nitricc

      Hi Acria; the future never been bright. All Eritrea needed to do is demarcate the border and Eritreans prepare to deal with economic boom. My problem is, Eritrea needs modern capital city, because we can’t touch Asmara. Where do you think I should establish the new modern capital city of Eritrea?

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam Nitricc
        Like Cairo, old cairo and new cairo , economic wise building new asmara next to asmara more advantages. Or in messewa.

        • Nitricc

          Hi Teddy; next to Asmara is not good idea. remember what happened in Ethiopia? all started with Addis expansion plan. The Oromo came out and that is all she wrote, so that is not a good idea. Regarding Massawa; it is a port city and I heard it is too hot during many month of the year. How about Keren?

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Nitricc
            Eritrea don’t have ethnic federalism problem, what happened to the expansion around addis is the problem of ethnic federalism.
            but i heard keren is same hot like massawa, it will be my 3rd chose.
            It is easier to industrialize port cities like massawa and industrialization will lead to build a modern city next to it.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Teddy; it is true there is no ethnic federalism but I heard Eritreans will die before they let you take their fathers land. So, all confrontations must be avoided. I don’t think Keren is that hot. it is not that far from Asmara so can’t be that bad. How about Mendefera?

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Nitricc
            The gov has to let the people to sell Thier own property on thier own with fair and best price, that even will lead the farmers to urbanization. Mendefera will be my 4th favorite.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Teddy; you said the 4th, which once are 1 to 3? I know you have said Massawa; but can you list them in order one to four. The next great problem for Eritrea is housing. high rise apartments must be built but where? Eritrea is entering to the most economic boom and housing will be a problem.

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Nitricc
            1, the new asmara(like i told the new and old cairo), 2nd, massawa. 3rd, keren and 4th, mendefera.
            Access to water and location has to be considered and its very important to build a great city.
            Once the basic infrastructure is done, by creating bank loans, high rise apartment and building will not be a problem to build, since eri has a lot of diaspora and knowhow.

      • Acria

        Selam Nitricc,

        Although it is important to know where you stand, it is even paramount to know which direction you are heading. Simply, if PFDJ will not use this peace stance in the Horn of Africa and the lifting of the UN sanctions by immediately establishing democratic and economic reforms, the future of Eritrea will be in vain. Do you think an administration that haven’t done anything the last 27 years will suddenly have a change of heart and work for the people? I’ll give them a maximum of two years to implement the desired reforms. Otherwise, the PFDJ and their supporters will be even more emboldened to rein on their people and strengthen their shackles on the poor Eritreans.

        I will give you examples of future capital cities of Eritrea: the combination of Hadish Addi, Geza Berhanu, Aba Shawl, EdaGa Arby, Geza Tanika. Not only that these townships are the outskirts of Asmara, they need to be modernized as well.

        • Nitricc

          ” I’ll give them a maximum of two years to implement the desired reforms.” Acria here is the Spirit. I think it will take about four years but if they have everything played down and start within two years and conclude there after, I am fine with it. And you said
          ” Do you think an administration that haven’t done anything the last 27 years will suddenly have a change of heart and work for the people?” You see Acria this where the problem is. You have completely being unfair in here. once we lose our sense of fairness, we lose our sense of judgment. There is a very good reason why the last 27 years nothing was done. I am not going to preach for you but when you located where Eritrea is and you go war with 100 million people; well all I can tell you is that it is not easy. If anything I am just surprised the country is survived to be honest with you. However; it is all over now and the country should move forward. a good start will be for a new year to release all prisoners. I think it will happen. Believe!!!

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      SeIam Acria,

      Fake Acria says, “I did enjoy reading your article. Nevertheless, Eritrea will be part of Ethiopia whether we like it or not. …”

      Lifting the arms embargo have overjoyed Acria to announced it bluntly that he is part and parcel of Ethiopia or an Eritrean for sale in the slave market of QESSO. However, he has to conceive that Eritrean freedom fighters don’t inherit defeat and prostration to their youth or coming generation. The moment they feel weak, they withdraw calmly from the scene. Mr. Acria, your masters have only Qesso. It is very sad to see you dream Eritreans to be the slave of a poor country that still crawls and fails to stand on her feet.

      Note: You can visit my reply to you before a month when you alluded about the Qesso that overwhelmed the Eritrean market and you were happy about it.


  • Maburro

    SELAM! Excellent statement, I can hear the Asmara tin foil hats cringing in their despot-reliant extinct ideology costumes.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei All.
    The rise and fall of Tplf is not a surprise for most of us who followed the Awate.com in its best times. To many dismay Awate.com is sinking with the sinking of Woyane both in content and focus on Eritrean matters. Ten years ago there was a brainstorm how inconsiderate was the Eritrean government for not knowing how it is easy for the UN to sanction any nation and how difficult time consuming process to undo the sanction. Those scholars have left the forum now thus the sanction lift is not even worth an article. Now is all about disgracing Ethiopian revolution in the name of ”what brings the revolution against Eritrea”.

    • Brhan

      ሰላም ምስትኩ
      “ዓሻ ሓደ ደርፉ” It is an Eritrean proverb!

      • Consolation

        Selam Brhan,

        Actually, the Tigrigna saying is ጸማም ሓደ ደርፉ amd it applies more to people like you who have been singing the same song for the past 40 years.

        • Reclaim Abyssinia

          Hi all,
          I have to make a quick reply to this before I go, to spice up the collection of the proverb, here’s one in Amharic.
          ደንቆሮ ከመዶንቆሩ በፊት
          የሰማውን ዘፈን እያፉጨ የሞታል!


  • AMAN

    Do you hear me ?
    Thanks God !
    So now I can resume my studies at
    at the post graduate school of Economics.
    Actually, I started taking classes last week.
    Congratulations to you and to me !!!!!!
    Now I feel happy and am busy studying
    and sleeping better !

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Dear Tesfu.
    This is Mayday, Mayday! Tplf is sinking!

    • Selam

      Selamat M M

      The Germans are saying ” The panic of the TITANIC” The Titanic of TPLF already starts to sink and high level operational personal of the ship also starts to die or sink, however there will be a survival to keep the legacy of the ship.
      ነገሩ ጏደኛህ ሲታማ ለኔ ብለህ ስማ ነው። The iceberg that cause to sink titanic of TPLE is not stop there, it will go to their old friend and today’s enemy EPLF (PFDJ).
      ጊዜ ለሁሎም መልስ አለው። like the Chinese said ” May I live in the interesting time”

      ቸር ያቆየን።

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei Selam.
        ወያኔ እጆችዋን ወደኤርትራ ዘርግታለች.
        But for all of us the remedy could have been if the tigrians say no for tplf. Just the way Ethiopians have done against derg. There is no doubt that elf, eplf, and tplf got the lion share of toppling the derg. At the same time the Ethiopians rejection of derg made the process quicker and uncomplicated.

  • haileTG

    Merhaba Tesfu,

    Thanks for sharing this opinion piece. There are points that we’ll agree on, but with due appreciation, I felt this was a comment grade piece rather than an article level. I would suggest my unsolicited advice to you to read people like Amanuel Hidrat on the model awate level articles. It is not easy to reach Amanuel Hidrat’s standards as a basic requirement. That would exclude the great many people with engaging topics. But we can take his style as a general model to aspire to. If this was Shingrwa, well ዝሓሸ ስራሕ ሒዝካ ኣብ ዝመጽእ ክትምለሰና ተስፋ ንገብር። ሕጂ ግን ኣይሓለፍካን 🙂

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Haile TG,

      I actually thought Tesfu article was great in terms of its content. I know my English is not better but I though he has done a good job in exploring and suggesting what they call in project management – Actionable Items.

      Based on my long time at AT, fir the most part, I say even over 90% articles that appear, do not have Actionable Items. They take very neutral stand and they are good at telling / counting HaTyat HGDF but no substance in terms of advising / coming up with a plan focused on fighting the regime.

      With all due respect, AH, Saay as an example, they are amazing writers but I hardly find anything in the conclusion of their article that show / guide how to fight the regime.

      Sorry I didn’t mean to discourage you from criticizing but I think some one of your calebare and talents if you could help formulate your thoughts with the likes of Saay and build s frame work/ Manifesto document that helps / shows the people how to fight regime would defiantly go a long way.


      • haileTG

        Hey Berhe,

        I think your idea of manifesto between Saay and Emma specially is interesting. One needs to consider the democratic coup vs. institutional change coming together. Emma has equitable social justice to all social groups as a starting point, saay starts from “let’s stop the bleeding first and implement the the 97 constitution and amend it as we go forward”. For saay IA is the 80% problem and for Emma the regime and its institutions of repression are 100% of the problem. If we expand to include other view points, it is as vast as can be. So, given this reality and that we have no time left and the regime has no excuses or cover ups left, we are way past articles. A general uprising must gain momentum in Eritrea and IA must be held to account for his crimes.

        On Tesfu’s case, I hope you are not suggesting to give him a pass for this round of shingrwa, are you? 🙂 If he had shown a little more effort to skirt his disdain of the the Eritrean society (I know he said he was born in Ethiopia – hence Ethiopian by birth) I would consider it. But as his article stands,it is failed on substance, structure, organization and slogan (what does Long live our fallen heroes mean? They’re dead right?)

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Haile TG,

          Honestly, the debate between Saay and AH method is for academic reason and I don’t see any practical difference. For example, both agree in removing IA, then we can all start on that first. What happened after that would be something we can learn, as we go.

          But if someone wants to insist we have to remove IA and all his institution and agree on this before hand, then it doesn’t help anyone. What ever it is that we need to so, it would be nice if it can be started some how and support it, refine it, learn and adjust as you go along.

          For example, I saw this on BBC a couple of days ago (bye, bye Mr. President – La Lucha) from activist in the Congo. It seems very similar to what the Kerro have done and I think sooner or later that will happen.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mr. Berhe Y,

            You remind me that genius smart and bold Saay7. Where is he those days? What about the gentle Dr,Beyan.? what about Abie the Gondere ,,, I hope they are reading,,lets hope for them the best,,,

            Let me wish they will come very soon and direct our journey,,


          • Berhe Y

            ዝኸበርካ ኾኾብ፡

            የቐንየለይ፡ ግን አብዚሕካለይ፡፡


        • Paulos

          Selam HaileTG,

          If the article was a term paper and if you were the instructor, I see you slapping it with red ink all over. You need to give the guy some slack. The article ain’t that bad at all. As for the oxymoron, if one finds his or her name in history, one owns immortality so do our fallen heroes. He probably had that in mind when you went pedantic on him. My suspicion has come true for I have always suspected that you could be a tenured Prof. with a bowtie who huffs and buffs a Pipe holding it with his left hand.

          • haileTG

            Ha ha Paulos,

            Not at all! I hate to judge, but sometimes it is just as bad to withhold truth in order to let it be or “meEnti Mogogo tihLef anchiwa”. Do know when people are testinc mic on stage Hade Hade Hade… in other words they are not really interested about the meaning of “Hade” as a numeric or conceptual meaning, only the sound is what they listen to test. There are others who go up to the stage and go Hade, Klite, Seleste, ArbaEte, Hamushte… haha. You just wonder why really! Because Hade and Hamushte are identical in the context of the task at hand. I felt Tesfu, when enumerated 34 occasions of 1,2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1,2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2,1,2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13 bullet points including two without content and it turns out that it is all at best doubtful, at worst unfactual statements (referendum was Yes or No, not as Tesfu says -), it reminded me the guy testing his mic but forgot what he was meant to do and started counting instead 🙂

    • Hope

      Selamat Haile TG:
      I thought the same way you did,but who am I though to say or to do so?
      But remember that the AT, at times,has upgraded comments of some Forumers to Articles.
      Probably it is NOT the best idea to compare and contrast Authors on this issue even though your constructive feedback should be well taken by the Author in question so as to do better n the future.
      The Amanuel Hidrat style of articles are more of an Academic-oriented style papers.But one can also argue differently that Ustaz Amanuel Hidrats articles have NOT been solution oriented where as Tesfus’s one,at least, tried to forward some solutions based on the problems identified,which we have been behind on and I give him a credit for trying to clearly ID our problems and for trying to give some suggestions..
      I I may add few things,here are few of my naive feedback and opinion:
      -I also see that the Article could or should have required a basic “proof reading” before it was posted,which I NEVER do but learning to do so.
      -Most of the contents do not reflect the topic or the choice of the Title sounds to be NOT the best,in my opinion.
      Eritrea is NOT sinking but RISING compared what it has been for the last 15 years,relatively speaking even though we have a long way to go but the new starting does not seem to be the worst.
      -His approach to the specific personas and the way he criticizes them does not sound to be the best way of doing so.
      -He claims that he does not have enough knowledge about the Eritreans,their politics and history,and yet,he attempted to present himself as if he knows better than them or has enough knowledge of all.
      Granted,t my best knowledge and recall, I have never read an article by you even though your comments are worth than articles.
      Can you take over Tesfu and come up with an extensive Realistic and Practical Solution-oriented Articles,if I may ask?
      I know the AT gave you, at one point,if I am correct and my memory serves me well,a special privilege and “Immunity” to write articles just using your nick ONLY and without providing your private and confidential Info.

    • Acria

      Selam haileTG,
      I didn’t expect this comment from you!

  • Selam

    Selamat Ameche,

    BTW I am also Amech. What is your scale to measure a good government?

    ቸር ያውለን

    • Reclaim Abyssinia

      Selamat Selam & All,

      Just a quick kind of question…, at what stage do you think Ethiopia and Eritrea are in
      1- ባርያ & ጌታ
      2- ጪሰኛ & ባላባት
      3- የገዥው መደብ & የተገዢዉ
      4-የወዝአደር & አርሶአደር
      5- የግዜው & የዘመኖ ሰዎች
      6- የሰራተኞች & የአሰሪዎች ማህበር
      7- ካሊዕ (other) please specify


      • Berhe Y

        Hi RA,

        I don’t know your line of thinking for the questions, and Selam will be able to give you what you are asking.

        How ever, why should our relation be like that. Why can’t be just equal partners. If we break down at individual level (for example, Eritreans/Ethiopia’s) and even other Africans e.g. Somalia abroad, we are pretty much on the same scale in terms of our achievements (education, wealth, political involvement etc).


      • Paulos

        Selam RA,

        Not sure where to start but let me say this: This is 21st Century and none of the above not only should apply to the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia but it should never be for the future as well.

        Both Eritrea and Ethiopia are sovereign nations where their palpable commonality dwarfs their differences if they have any for they are tied with common history, culture, tradition and language inter alia.

        It is prudent to step back and examine the nature of nations in a broader context where philosophical and historical underpinnings lend a hand so that the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia could be understood.

        Nations have inbuilt interests where in principle they advance their interests at the expense of any nation not only the nations with in proximity but any other nation for that matter. That is to say that, nations by nature have not only hawkish but a paranoid perception toward and about each other. This kind of worldview of course is known as “Realism” with in foreign policy lexicon or parlance where Rocheleau, Bismarck, Kissinger and now John Bolton come to mind. Realism however has serious limitations for the following reasons. If nations own a hawkish temperament toward each other, they will be bogged down in a perpetual war to advance their own unique interest but obviously perpetual war is not only not feasible but is not practical as well for it is a huge burden and economically exhausting for any nation including man power as well.

        If history is any indication, European nations got bogged down in a perpetual war that lasted for thirty years where none came out a victor. And in the Treaty of Westphalia, in 1648, nations not only agreed not to interfere in each other’s affairs but also a new collective policy was designed to discourage any nation which intends to overpower any other nation in Europe. And of course, the policy is otherwise known as “Balance of Power.” Particularly, Great Britain because of its strategic geographical location played a pivotal role in containing Napoleon and later Hitler as they both arose to disrupt the “Balance of Power.”

        Right after World War II, European nations, cognizant of the crucial need of co-existing in mutual respect and to discourage any kind of war, came up with the idea of economic cooperation and founded the European Community for Coal and Steal and the community later on graduated to European Economic Commission in the 50s. The EEC had two fundamental purposes: One was to create trans-national community with in Europe so that parochial Nationalism could be discouraged as it was one of the main causes World War I broke out and the other purpose was based on the idea that, if nations are bound with common economic interests, are very unlikely to go to war against each other. And of course the other salient factor was to pre-empt any threat coming from the then Soviet Union. In the early 90s, Europe had a common currency in the hills of European Union which was an offshoot of EEC.

        Now the question is, in this day and age, how do the Horn Nations envision their relationship with each other? By going after each other or a proxy war to weaken one at the expense of another where Isaias the lunatic as a partner or with a vision where economic integration and mutual respect for each other so that posterity can live in a peaceful coexistence? The choice is very simple. First, every nation ought to put in place political institutions including constitutionalism and respect for human rights. The rest will be a walk in the park so to speak.

        • Reclaim Abyssinia

          Dear Paulos,
          Thank you very much for this enlightening post. Yes, indeed its a 21 century and that questionnaire that I posted is way out of touch. I need to go back and fix it.
          I had a Marxist stage theory in mind when I posted that question under fatigue.

          • Paulos

            Selam RA,

            Glad you liked it. In my opinion, Confederation is the best way forward for the Horn Nations. One of the case-studies more often cited in Confederation is Canada’s gradual transition to Federal system from the early form of governance it espoused as in from Confederation to Federation. Perhaps, the Horn Nations, say, in 30 or 40 years time can evolve into a unitary state.

        • David Samson

          Hi Paul,

          You have a good grasp of history. Excellent knowledge on EU. Just a small point. The Euro was launched towards the end of the 90s.

          • Paulos

            Selam Dave,

            You are right. Sort of jotted down the comment when I saw RA’s comment. Thanks again.

      • Abrehet Yosief

        Selam Reclaim Abyssinia,
        It is the relationship between an aging fool and a young seductress.

        • Nitricc

          Hi Abrehet; I have no idea why peace bothers you but peace is nothing but the result of courage. Why oppose the peace though?
          “Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace”

          • Abrehet Yosief

            Selam Nitricc,
            I have no idea what gave you the impression that peace bothers me.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Abrehet; it is obvious you have issues when you describe the peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia as ” the relationship between an aging fool and a young seductress” I just picked on you but there many, I say most people on this forum have problem this peace process between Eritrean and Ethiopia. I just don’t get it why all those people have an issue about this peace.

          • Abrehet Yosief

            Selam Nitricc,
            Considering the situation in Eritrea and the way things were going, I believe the current change is the best option for Eritrea. The other possible outcomes were much worse. I am happy that Eritreans have found some relief and I hope that there will be possibility to gradually build on it.

            Nevertheless, t is still a relationship between an aging fool and a young seductress (or An old seducer and a young fool if you prefer). But it doesn’t mean it isn’t better than the previous relationship.

            On both sides there is a lot of assumption on what the other party is about and what they will get out of it. There is no clarity or formal agreement. (No qalkidan so to speak).
            I believe my people will be able to build strength during this infatuation period (as President Isayas put it “ab fisha ina zelena”.

            I believe the spin masters will have the wisdom that a stable future cannot be built without the consent of the people and will not impede gradual transformation. This is my most optimistic opinion and I can assure you have not issue with any peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Abrehet; Like I have said you just happen to be I picked on but many people are not happy and thanks for explaining your stand. The situation that was between Eritrea and Ethiopia was not normal nor was it sustainable. I think it is a good move for both countries. It is true Eritreans suffered the most but it is time for Eritreans to think big. I know Eritreans are at disadvantage when it comes to investing and anything private sector. While the Ethiopians were perfecting investment and private sector businesses, Eritreans where either on the border with the gun or anywhere in the refugee comps. I understand there going to be uncomfortable times but at the end Eritreans are resilient, they will overcome it. So, let’s get to it with open mind. Regarding PIA, I don’t believe he has that much time to screw around. Now he has anew with sense of victory, he will do the right thing and step aside. However; every sensible Eritrean should demand for the demarcation of the border. That is the main thing. Demarcate the border!!!!!

      • Selam

        Selamat R A

        To Eritrea matches No. 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 to Ethiopia No. 5

        Have a nice day.

  • AMAN

    Shalom ! Shalom !
    So what do you say now ?
    All what said was this….
    Only non violent voices and democratic way
    of struggle is the way to succeed and that wins.
    The rest is hiding, running away or mediocre
    standing. The end justified the Means . Lol

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Hi Tesfu and Awates,

    In the beginning of the Meddemar hashawiye, I commented in this forum that the citizens of Asmara one morning will wake up to find their city full of TORSERAWIT.

    Dr. Meddemar is making all this go around to swallow Eritrea. His meeting with Isaias in Gonder on 13th of November that corresponds the 13th of November 1962 when Haile Sellase annexed Eritrea to Ethiopia was an intentionally made date. Formajo of Somali is simply spice to the cook of Dr. Mddemar and Isaias.

    I think you have summarized the swallowing process in the following;

    “I want you to think a little critically. Why does Ethiopia have a navy? Presently, most nations, nevertheless Ethiopia, do not need a navy. They cannot conduct naval warfare. So, do they need a speedboat to control pirates along the seashore? Ethiopia cannot even feed its people. They have had many famines. 1/3 of their yearly budget comes from the European Union. Their nation is practically at the mercy of their donors. Today, it is the navy. Tomorrow, it will be the Air Force and the military. Later, intercultural marriages. Their agenda is not what they are presenting. Their agenda is to integrate Eritrea into their nation smoothly, with the blessing of the psychopathic man. This man has been working for Ethiopia for over 40 years.”


  • Natom Habom

    selam Tesfu
    let me tell you ,you smell the dead corp of tplf
    you know nothing about eritrea ,go play on paltalk
    the game is over ,while you people busy barking missed opportunity
    this is the kind of thinking that kept opposition weak
    instead of engaging Eritrean based on reality ,they kept twisting word ,insinuating
    think didnt happen ,lying in daily base ,this is why no one want you
    and that your faite is tied with the dying tplf regime not to Eritrea

  • Hawaz Tesfom

    Selam Tesfu Berhane,

    I admire your positive attitudes and ideas. But your statements are too naive and theoretical. You seem to be novice to Eritrean politics. In order to put your ideas in practice, you need in depth practical knowledge about Eritrean politics. My friend, it is easier said than done. Look around you how may opposition groups do exist and for how long? Do they have any effect? NULL effect! Thank you for the article though!

    • Brhan

      Hi Hawaz:

      It is the opposition which made the regime in Eritrea to be accountable in front of the international community. If you do not read Human Rights Watch 2017 then you are novice to Eritrean politics.

      The opposition revealed to the international community that the regime

      practices Indefinite Military Service and Forced Labor
      bans Freedom of Speech, Expression, and Association
      bans Freedom of Religion
      has become the source of Eritrean Refugees

      It is the opposition which made the 2% illegal in North America and Europe.
      It is the opposition which made the regime representatives to be kick out from some western countries.

      The Eritrean opposition like any other opposition groups has weak points. But it has also strong points. And there are persons within the opposition who work day and night to get rid off the weak points.

      Hawaz when you pointed your finger , you forgot that three fingers were pointing at you.

      We dahan kun

    • Selam

      Selamat Hawaz Tesfom,

      You think the opposition did not have effect. Where is the problem and what is the solution to make them effective? we need your and all Eritrean participation. Critic is good but solution is best. For example I strongly believe the following action will be a solution.
      ነቲ ሰብአይ ቀጭ ሕርሙ ጌርካ ቀጭ ምባል። ነዚ ንምግባር ገንዘብ የድልዩ ስለዚ አብ ምውጻእ ምንጣፍ።
      What do you think?

      Have a nice day.

      • Selam

        Selamat Moderator,

        Sorry if I used the word against the law. Will not happen again. I believe in rule of law. Just I want to say he (DIA) should go to have peace and stability in Eritrea. Sorry again,

        have a nice day.

  • Selam

    Selamat Tesu Berhane,

    You are right if we repeat his biography again and again wouldn’t be a solution. We need an action plan which leads us towards the solution. you mentions some of the peaceful solution but as a Roman General Vegetius said in his book ‘if someone want a peace should prepare for war’. To make the war shorter sniper is a solution. Sniper in parallel with the solution you mentioned will reduce the risk aftermath the sniper solution.

    Have a nice day.

    • Natom Habom

      dont give us idea how to hunt you down filthy woyane
      we enough trained to used sniper against you ,but you are already dead
      your empty bravado mean nothing ,

      • Selam

        Selamat N H

        Please decrease your anger. Just i gave my version of solution. BTW I am Eritrean that is why I am concerned about Eritrean internal problem. You are welcome to bring better solution. I know we have a lot of man and woman shooting on target. I witnessed it when I was in Sawa. They defend the country from out side enemy now they should defend from internal enemy of the country. What do you think?

        have a nice day.

      • Natom Habom

        selam moderator
        you must also be reported as an extremist fanatic that work to brink chaos
        in a peaceful country

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Tesfu Berhane,

    “He is a sick man. He wants to rest, he is asking for a mercy killi. Deliver it so he can restng”. Mercy killing is legal in several countries in Western Europe. Since you have found him mentally sick, and Eritrea should be redeemed from his madness, there is no reason why, the Eritrean people would not consider it expedicious for the sake of saving a whole nation on the verge of extinction as you have stated. But the irony is that his surrogates insiste that his is not pschopathy, but expression of heroism the country and nation require. Having said that,moreover, let me applaud your coverage, which I think could be good notes to further develop to an anction plan. Thanks you, sir.