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Leaked List of PFDJ Diaspora Task Force

On May 21, 2018,  Gedab News reported that it received a leaked document with a list of operatives in the Diaspora which the PFDJ created to operate within “a new strategy to combat media that sheds a negative light on Eritrea”. The task force is part of the many affiliate organizations in the Diaspora.

The list shows the first, second, and third tier of the propaganda arm, which was assembled by Yemane Gebreab, the political advisor to the president who also acts as the real foreign minister, chaperoning Osman Saleh, the acting foreign minister in all his travels.

According to the document that Gedab News received, the strategy involves bi-weekly talking-points that Yemane Gebreab delivers to the task force through Paltalk sessions in which operatives from several PFDJ affiliate groups attend.

As reported previously, the aim is to counter the growing objections and misgivings inside Eritrea as well as in the Diaspora regarding the Eritrean alliance with Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the aggression on Yemen, a position that has aggravated the PFDJ support base.

Reports indicate that the discontent among the supports of the PFDJ base has been growing following the undisclosed peace agreement Isaias Afwerki reached with prime minister Abiy Ahmed of  Ethiopia. However, according to PM Abiy, no agreement has been reached regarding the border, a serious issue among the PFDJ support.

After being told for almost two-decades that the demarcation of borders and the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops was a prerequisite for peace, PFDJ operatives are finding it hard of to explain to the supporters that the border issue is secondary to Ethiopia’s stability.

The activities of the task force known as “Mekhete 2” (Defense) is the second largest media campaign, after “Mekhete 1” of 2001 that was launched following the arrest of PFDJ officials and government ministers. “Mekhete 1” was chiefly conducted by former Eritrean Ambassador  Andebrhan Weldegiorgis and Ambassador Beyene Reesom. The main message of the Mekhete was an attempt to explain to the Diaspora supporters of the PFDJ that arrest the G15 was due to the risk they posed to the Eritrean national security. This time, “Mekhete 2” is directed by Yemane Gebreab in collaboration with the task force to combat “negative media.”

The list of names that Gedab News obtained identifies the following individuals as the members of the task force that is briefed by Yemans Gebreab on Paltalk every other weekend.






















1. As an additional measure for proper identification, we have provided age and location information.

2. we apologize for several errors in the text that are now corrected.

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  • Acria

    Selam @george,
    No problem. We can always agree to disagree. One thing should be clear though: the absence of war by no means implies peace. Without freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and free and fair elections, it is anything except peace. Why are we so paranoid to give our Eritrean citizens the peace they deserve? I’m hopping that the PFDJ will implement the above elements and more, soon. This will require cooperation by the core supporters of the PFDJ to change the status quo.

  • Acria

    Selam Awatistas,

    If this list is true, it is very damaging to the moral of the PFDJ. That is not a large group of supporters. Moreover, you can see that 69 % of the PFDJ supporters are older than 50-years; 13 % are between the ages of 40-50; 10% are between the ages of 30-40; and 8% are less than 30 years old. I know the pool is a very small portion of the PFDJ supporters; nevertheless, an important inference to show that they don’t have a large support among the youth. Now we know why there can’t be any change in Eritrea without the participation of the youth. The youth can’t participate in the change because they are running away form the old system that is supported by the older generation. Time to harness and mobilize the youth to make real political changes through peaceful demonstrations and civil disobediences all over the world that peace with neighbors should start peace and democracy at home.

  • Acria

    Selam @george,
    ” Shortsighted and uncreative” due to the lost opportunity of not making peace with Ethiopia, yes! We could have accomplished many economic advancements by proving the fastest growing economy in Africa, Ethiopia that is, with resources and materials. But, we Eritreans are not lazy.

    You don’t need to blame yourself. What is important is to push the leadership to change its ways of handling our country or give way to the new generation of leaders. This time we all need to work together to improve the living conditions of our Eritrean people. I am a huge proponent of democracy. Hence, without real democracy, without real rule of law, and without real participation of all Eritreans, it will be another lost opportunity. The last 27-years weren’t supposed to be part of our history. Let’s learn from our mistakes and all work for the betterment of our people.

  • saay7


    I guess I wasn’t clear. The options A, B, C were supposed to be a multiple choice question for Eyob (that’s why I said bring your number #2 pencil.). I changed one word in the correct answer (Andargachew said if there has been a gap of 5 Years and I changed it to 1 year) so that even if Eyob picked it, I was going to say “wrong!” But people are interpreting it as if Andargachew said all A, B, C. When all he said was B.

    The Andargachew perspective is the generic Ethiopian view (have heard it hear for years from our awatista Ethiopians) and doesn’t surprise me. It surprises me that his fronts host and benefactor, Isaias Afwerki, is very comfortable with it. It surprises me even more that the supporters of Isaias Afwerki just shrug it.


  • @george

    Dear nitric

    IsreaHELL is a fraud country. A fake country. A coward country. Do not believe anything they say about there technology…most of it is given to them or stolen from hard working and creative people of America and western European…Jews control the financial system of the western world. They use that to influence politics…media which by the way is totally controlled by them (globally). Except the drip irrigation system..just about everything you guys mention is a copy cat technology.

    IsreaHEll is also a welfare queen. Every year they get automatically 3 to 5 billon cash…not that is what is publicly mentioned…but they get a lot more. The actual total amount is 15 to 20 billion. Read beyond the head line and you will learn the truth.

    Finally on cyber security you guy are silly…98 % of the billing for cell phone in the us is done by Israeli owned company…think about that for a sec. And every electronic devise worth hacking is made/designed with a backdoor..so it can be hacked…CIA share the information to IsreaHEll and they make an industry out of it and brag how good they are…

    • Nitricc

      Hi gorge; I see what you are saying and I can understand where you are coming from. I don’t like Israel but I have a tons of respect and many their ideas to implement in Eritrea. However, Eritrea and Eritreans are start-overs. Sure, during the Italians, Eritrea was modern and Eritreans were industrious but what followed is sad. After what Eritrea went through and the blood payed for, Eritreans must create, invent and if necessary copy the good things even from the devil itself. I really don’t understand why many Eritreans are worried about this peace deal. I understand, for a few years, the Ethiopians will have the advantage over Eritreans in the business side of things. Ethiopians were practicing and participating all kinds of economic activities while Eritreans were in in fronts with a gun or leaving the countries by the millions. I get it but we have start somewhere. Eritreans have a huge advantage due to their creativity and work ethic. What EPLF did with those Russian war equipment’s, the way they modified them were simply amazing. Even the other day I seen college students in Eritrea made Wine from cactus. This it shows you the potential and the creativity of the people. I am very confident, Eritrea will be worth of all the blood that was shade in the name of her. Of course you have to make some changes, like humanizing the national military service, respect for the rule of law, practicing clean election process and implementing the constitution then watch Eritreans make it happen. The future is in Africa and Eritrea future is nothing but brought.

  • Blink

    Dear Nitricc
    Do not be offended if I told you these Habesha singers most of the koboro for smiles are being dragged to one people thing. These guys has been the obstacle for most part of the peace process long long time ago from Alula time. At one time they tell us they hate each other and asked us to die for their fight at another time they tell us they are brothers . I am not anti peace especially not now but deep in my thinking I wish we can create the biggest wall ever constructed in any social engineering culture ever. I wish these all zuriatism to be settled in Gash barka and Sahel and these around barka come to senafe and Adi Keyhi so that Eritrea can have peace or ship all Tigrians from Tigray like 7 million of them to far away near South Sudan and bring 7 million Oromo to Tigray , what do you say ? This is good dream for peace at least on paper . Not bad comparing to Ali Salim or YG.

    Don’t take me wrong or call me racist but pls understand these two so called brothers are costing Eritreans dearly from generation to generation. We need new resettlement by choice for big money .

    Aman Andom
    Bereket Habetessilasie

    Many more danced for hailesilassie
    Many others for Dergi dancers ( sirnay)
    Now issias and his pals dancing….

    • @george

      Dear blink

      I pray everyday for that wall…lord jesues pls bring build a wall…i am still mad at pia with that comment he made…i like him though..

    • Nitricc

      Hi Blink; interesting point. I have talked may young people in Israel. By the way, now I understand why the Israelis are complaining. Looking at number of young people, from Eritrea and Ethiopia; you will understand Israel’s position. Anyway I was talking to this guy and he told me he was in a refugee comp in Ethiopia and three years ago made it Israel. So, I asked him why small children and old people leave Eritrea and go to the refugee comp. His answer was quick and simple. ” Oh for the Aid” What Aid? ” there is 10 K.g wheat every month, cooking oil and other things too.” I was having real difficult times why those children and old people doing in the refugee comp. Now it makes sense. Eritrea is trying to teach self-reliance and self sufficiency but look what the Ethiopians are doing to reverse the hard work Eritrea trying to establish. I do believe working together is good but if you that can kind of crippling differences among those two people.it is not good!!!!
      Build the well and Tigray will pay for it.

  • Amde

    Selam Gash Saleh,

    I thank you for your endorsement of my knighthood sir.

    I don’t think Charles is ever going to be King. Or maybe we will see a “king for a moment” thing, where he will be crowned, but nary a moment after the crowning he snatches it and puts it on his Diana-looking young Princely son.

    So then – are you proposing we ditch the idea of Sir Dave and go straight to King David?


  • Blink

    Dear Nowinc
    Are you suggesting I don’t know the story you are telling me ? I mean aren’t you making more of the same again. Challenging is why away from the way heritage finder saying below.