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Its Not True–But At Least It Is Coherent

Well, when you say nothing happened, you can’t explain what happened.  But the world knows something happened and you know you can’t go on saying nothing happened.  That’s the quandary of the Eritrean regime.  But it is not its first quandary, and it always stumbles around for an answer.  It feeds its surrogates some misinformation but because its surrogates are not experts at misinformation, they always screw up.

Case in point: the story told by and  As we explained in a previous blog, according to, the soldiers who took over the Ministry of Information were just a “handful” of people.  Terrorists who threatened to kill their hostages.  Nonetheless, the Eritrean government allowed them to leave the building.

Of course, the problem with this story is that (a) the whole world knows the soldiers were not a handful; (b) the Ministry of Information employees know they were not terrorized and (c) there is no government in the world–least of all a totalitarian one like that of Eritrea–which will just allow terrorists to just leave.

That’s where “Tesfai Germen” comes to the rescue.  Who?  He wrote an article in Tigrinya for the rabid pro-Isaias website,  Who is “Tesfai Germen”?  Well, if you are familiar with the Tigrinya diction and style of senior Eritrean government officials, you will know who he is.  If you are not, well, let’s all pretend Tesfai Germen is a composite figure of the Isaias regime.  His story patches all the holes, and fixes all the mess that the amateur propagandists at madote put out:

According to Tesfai Germen, why, yes, there was an organized army (not a handful) present at the Ministry of Information.  But they were innocent people (not terrorists) sent to the Ministry of Information because they were told there is work to be done.  Who initiated the campaign?  Why, just some sell-outs who were apprehended in less than 10 minutes.

See how it is done now, Learn from the master of disinformation “Tesfai Germen.”  He is telling you that, in the business of disinformation, you do not have to be truthful (that claim that “it was all over in less than 10 minutes” is, of course a lie). You can be truthful, if it serves your purpose. He is teaching you that truth is optional, but coherence is not.  You don’t have to tell the truth, but you must be coherent: that is Disinformation 101.   So all you and contributors: if you have chosen misinformation and disinformation as legitimate means of “protecting the nation”–and you have–please try to be coherent.


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  • Abe

    Change is needed now not talking. Let us support our NDF’S action now. Forget Tesfay Gemen because he has blood on his hand the same as his masters.
    Thank you

  • Selam Kidane

    Thank you


    Dear Awateans,

    when it was reported that PFDJ was detainning people “involved” in the FORTO 2013 ,mostly with Moslem names……I just taught ,maybe PFDJ will spin this one as Islamic Terrorism cause ,but I did not say it ,because this is not the time to show my wisdom & sophistication ,that is an open secret ,specially to Awateans & Assennas.
    Well ,PFDJ is sin verguenza (shame less) and Yemane monkey said it ,it was Islamic terrorist ,i guess one of them is Amanuel Hanjema ,I guess Col. Osman will be charged as Pentecostal /CIA religion ???

  • tsorona

    Merhaba guys keep up the good work and good news keep it coming. I never saw higdef so scared and devastated, it seems they all have one simple cloned brain with faulty programming.


    I Quote GULF TIMES,….(HE the Chief of Staff of the Qatari Armed Forces Major General Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah holding talks with Ethiopian Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Samora Yenus in Doha yesterday. Talks dealt with means of boosting ties especially in military affairs. A number of senior army officers attended the meeting.)…end of QUOTE…
    Fellow citzens,
    Ethiopia is stealing our friends, should n’ t this be the time for another Mekhalif 2 invasion ,we are l left with Iran only ,come on ,it is time for invasion ..Eritreans.

  • hi awate we heard that the solders are there to demand that the mistry infomatiom BRODCAST THE REALSE OF PRISIONORS so wich one is the true aljezzira report it to let me ask you something WHO IS GEBRIHIWET the leader of the solders in ferto acording to the report he try to run & get shoot now he is in his way to E RAERO


    Awate staff,

    You almost know that I do not get personal, but is this Germen guy a resident of Edmonton Canada ??? If the reply is positive ,I will just laugh & say nothing .Please, let me know ወዲ ጎዶቦይ ።ሃ ሃ ሃ !!!

  • haile

    Good to see you back!

  • What ever they call it, truth will never come out of the government therefore what ever they do does not matter. True, you can not ignore this one and expect to get out of it without an answer. For what I understand, the regime has decided to confront the masses with violence and violence should be the answer in the next move. It so seems to me that removing the regime by force has become the only choice of resolving the Eritrean crisis.

  • Ahmed

    There was no coup attempt. There will never be a coup attempt. Eritreans are far too civilized for that. Eritrea is not a banana republic.

    What happened last Monday is that a group of soldiers that number about a dozen took complaints about their officers to the MOI building in Asmara. That’s all.

    • Sami

      Are you kidding me ?

  • dawit

    remove the dictator DIA for once and for the way what happen i couldn’t access it.

  • henok

    Dehaykum ayitahAbae!

  • biyan

    Hi Awate Team,

    Well done and excellent for providing us with timely updates. Your news are a great hope for all who care about the “coming Eritrean revolution”.

    However, we need “instant news even if even they are not completely filtered.