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Human Rights Watch 2013 Report: Eritrea

Eritrea is one of the world’s most repressive and closed countries. The government of President Isaias Afewerki has effectively banned the independent press. Journalists languish in detention, as do officials who question Isaias’s leadership; many have died in jail. No civil society organizations are allowed to exist. Arbitrary arrest of citizens is rampant, and torture in detention is common. Leading religious institutions – Orthodox Christian and Muslim – are run by government-appointees; adherents of other religions are jailed until they renounce their faiths. Nearly all men and many women over 18 are conscripted into indefinite “national service,” which exploits them as forced labor at survival wages.

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  • please all Eritrean youth movements members, awate readers, salvation & freedom seekers all off us let us get the link of this report and post it every where in all websites that we can reach, official sites of all civil and govt org in Europe and USA , Canada and all over the world , in all governmental sites especially external affairs site and Human rights and all national high courts and every where we feel that can do some thing about it , please forget about those blind follower of PIA and PFDJistas and concentrate to distribute this report any where we can.. and please let us post it in website of the mining companies that feeding PFDJ with hard currency to survive and lengths their days ….. please let us do this , its very easy do that if we can compare it to what our heroes tried to do on 21 jan …..

    thanks all….

  • Harestay

    You people are out of your mind,
    We love Isaias Aforki.
    Anbsa eyu zey kemakum

    • power to the people

      You must be out of ur freaking mind to tell us u love PIS. Soon u will have decision to make between the eri people or the murdered. Should be easy choice because at the end people always win . Power to the people.

  • Kokhob Selam

    “….which exploits them as forced labor at survival wages.”
    PFDJ lost everything. this is the end of unplanned journey. they use to tell us we are working for tomorrow. where is today to talk about tomorrow.

    • eyoba

      we never had yesterday, we do not have today, and we defienetly will not have tomorrow with ditatorial regime. pfdj changed our country like concentration camp of ww2, world must act before it gets out of hand.

    • eritrawi seruy

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk grumina alo why gud tibil neberet abye kimzi mis rayet.

  • Hakote

    At survival wages is an overstatement…the pocket money is not close by any stretch to a survival wage.