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Hajji Musa’s Historic Funeral Procession on March 3, 2018

Below this introduction is a recording of the funeral procession of the late Hajji Musa who died in the PFDJ regime’s prison and was buried on March 3, 2018. This video clip will inform Eritreans for generations to come, how a 93-year old patriot defied injustice and chose to die for his rights.

Though we wish such a historic funeral was recorded professionally and aired freely, we take solace for having this copy despite its poor quality. Yet, we know the risk of recording and sharing this video clip–if the person behind the camera is found by the regime, that person, his relatives, and friends will face severe consequences. We applaud the brave of the person who documented the funeral of the defiant hero Haji Musa–and we applaud the wailing lady in the background who understood the importance of documentation and kept appealing to the people to record the event with their cameras.

The video is pulled from Youtube courtesy of AAN

The grieving lady wailed in the Tigrayit language–here follows a simple translation of he her wailing, what we managed to capture of it:

You reached your home,
Sleep and be content
Your children and brethren
All are bidding you goodbye
You reached your home
Accompanied by the old and the young
By your children and brethren
May heaven welcome you

Sleep contently
They will do that for you.

The Mountain has fallen
The mountain has fallen on its way
May God hold them accountable
Oh God may they face the bad as their deeds
Oh, those who did this to you.

Record it from above
Record it from below
A Martyre has died
All Eritrea has died
Oh, Hajji Musa. oh Hajji Musa

This is one more testimony that is recorded posterirty, to remind Eritreans how a 93 old patriot can defy injustice and die fighting.

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  • Lebam

    May god reward you for standing up against oppression, Hajji Musa! It costed you your life, but you’ll be forever remembered and we forever grateful for the strength you’ve shown. MashaAllah!

  • Beyan

    Selam AT,

    What can one say other than thanks a million for giving us the essence and the spirit of Aboy Musas’s funeral procession in general and the background voice that one hears of a wailing woman in Tigrayit, which you humbly translated to English. This is the Eritrean spirit at its finest. People have not only killed fear, but they are showing the regime, its time is numbered. They may have buried Aboy Musa’s body, but as the wailing woman said it succinctly and poetically on everyone’s behalf that Eritreans will do what has not been done yet “for you…the mountain has fallen…May God hold them accountable/Oh god may they face the bad as their deeds/Oh, those who did this to you”.

    The spontaneous lament kept coming from her voice because she understood that nobody else was going to do this, so she urges them all to historicize this important exit of a giant who should’ve been bestowed an honorary burial; of course, unless it is recorded, how would the following generation know, or the present, because the woman knew the regime is on project of erasing the people’s history, the people’s identity, the people way of being. She kept urging to no particular person necessarily, but for all to do their part and frame this moment in space and time, framing it they did.

    She said thus, “Record it from above/Record it from below/ A Martyr has died /All Eritrea has died/Oh, Hajji Musa/oh Hajji Musa”. The regime may have tried to diminish Aboy Musa towards the end of his long and proud life, but his exit was as grand as the 93-years he managed to out-survive those who wished him ill. Eritreans who are fighting for justice, we got the first gift four months ago at the regime’s ineptitude when Aboy Musa stood his ground and refused to hand in a community school key to the lackeys and we now got the last laugh through the way in which Aboy Musa pulled the rug of tyranny right from beneath their feet – all while he was resting in peace. Rebbi Yirhamelka Aboy Musa and Rebbi Eman yahab nkhullu Eritrawi, for we lost Eritrea’s father, Eritrea’s great leader.


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Beyan,

      Yes ended What can one say, except Thank you awate team,,,,

      “You reached your home,
      Sleep and be content
      Your children and brethren
      All are bidding you goodbye
      You reached your home
      Accompanied by the old and the young
      By your children and brethren
      May heaven welcome you ”

      Hailat, can you translet and put the same In jebena page we will thank you for the same..

      Thank you in advance..