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Eritreans Stranded in Indonesia

Eritrean refugees en route to Australia are stranded in Indonesia after their smugglers abandoned them when they learned Australian coast guard had intensified patrol of the seas.

The Eritreans, who originated from Ethiopia, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, are mostly youth escaping “National Service”, the mandatory military service which was originally designed as an 18-month service but has been extended for indefinite period of time.

Reached by telephone, the refugees said that some of them “carry several wounds” from the Eritrea-Ethiopia wars. Asked to account for all the Eritreans who were on the boat, they provide the following information:

At least five of the Eritrean refugees drowned in the Sea on their last leg of the trip attempting to sail to Australia;

18 Eritreans remain in remote places in Indonesia, 300 kilometers away from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia;

indonesiaSome, who ran out of money, have turned themselves in to authorities and are detained 1,700 kilometers away from Jakarta;

A woman (name not given) and her eleven year old child are now living in a camp 2000 kilometers from Jakarta after they were released from jail a week ago;

A certain Mehret Woldu (age, description not given), has disappeared.

Indonesia is a large country composed of 17,000 islands and a population of 238 million.

Australia is quarantining illegal migrants and refugees in a remote island.

Persons who want to assist the refugees in Indonesia can reach them at the following numbers:

62 857 1561 0341 or 62 878 8023 3023.

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  • Nitricc

    You think you are the only one chosen defender of Gehdli ?? You believe any one who doesn’t believe in Gehdli should be stoned , this is how mature you are ..so pathetic

    Yes I am the defender of Gedli. It is not a religion you have to believe or not believe on it, it is a factual even that happened by incredible brave people. You don’t have agree in Gedli, but you are going to respect it. No one has the right to trash the great Gedli, not you not your job-less friend and anyone for that matter. Again you don’t have to agree but you will RESPECT GEDLI. It is not negotiable!

    His idea is simple “we have habesha identity and we should keep it”
    Wow, so how exactly would you debate with a person who dismisses half of the population? Aman, the guy has too much time in his hand, he bored with his life. No sane person will go back and present such absurd argument. Regarding he writing ability, I wouldn’t call that talent, simply a work of job-less person who is seeking attention by presenting every other peoples idea, be it philosophers, took the idea and he manipulated it to fit in his preposterous argument. Again, the man has no idea, he is nothing but attention seeking job-less bum.
    Sorry for telling you the truth

    I said I read him a couple of times and it didn’t took me that long to know
    He is a border line plagiarize, insane, attention seeking bum and a job-less. There is nothing you can learn from that guy. Trust me, I should read everything so I can learn but that guy offers nothing but toxic to the mind of the young.
    A lot of people are fooled by his writing skills, I don’t see it. Do you want learn and observe writing skills, read Akilu Zere, Read SAAY read SJG, read Gezae. What they write what it comes from their own idea, experience and thoughts. So it is rich in content and you can learn and think. To give you analogy, what your job-less friend writes is like a processed food to the body, you eat it but more harm than benefit.
    and what the likes of Akilu,SAAY write is like organic food, rich and good for the mind.
    You seem to enjoy your job-less friend and good for you.

    • saay

      Nitricc (the independent):

      saay appreciates that you think he is a good writer and I am sure so do Aklilu, SGJ and Ghezae… but..

      If you are going to retain your Mr. Independent title, you really cannot echo whatever you heard the PFDJites say. Ergo:

      1. You have no way of knowing whether Yosief Ghebrehiwet (YG) has 5 jobs, 3 jobs, no job.
      2. Whether he has a job or not is entirely irrelevant to what he writes.
      3. Just because somebody is able to write long articles in a short period of time does not mean he has a lot of time on his hands. Some people are gifted writers
      4. YG is a gifted writer. As an independent man you know that the best validation for somebody’s skills is when a peer says it. For example, you would give a lot of weight to a great athlete complimenting the skills of another athlete, right? Similiarly, most (all?) writers recognize YG’s talent
      5. There is zero evidence that he has ever plagiarized anything. What does “borderline plagiarize” mean by the way? Enda hgdef are always inventing new crimes, don’t be like them. That is a serious allegation; don’t make it unless you can back it.
      6. how is your fantasy football team doing? 🙂


      • Asmerome

        Thanks I hope he listens to you and matures from his fellow Eritreans advice thanks again Saay

      • Nitricc

        Hey Sal I hear you and thanks for taking me to tasks. Respect my man
        Okay hear me out. You said the following and I answered according

        1. You have no way of knowing whether Yosief Ghebrehiwet (YG) has 5 jobs, 3 jobs, no job.

        dear Sal how do you know I have no way knowing the job-less is just that,job-less?

        2. Whether he has a job or not is entirely irrelevant to what he writes.

        True, I just want to stick that there. But a person who respect for time, can’t waste his readers time by writing that garbage. So, the end analysis is he has no respect for time because he has no job

        3. Just because somebody is able to write long articles in a short period of time does not mean he has a lot of time on his hands. Some people are gifted writers
        Agree, but the way he writes , it is very refind and processed and it must take time. I may not know how to write I assure you I am an excellent reader 🙂
        4. YG is a gifted writer. As an independent man you know that the best validation for somebody’s skills is when a peer says it. For example, you would give a lot of weight to a great athlete complimenting the skills of another athlete, right? Similiarly, most (all?) writers recognize YG’s talent
        Agine I disagree. I wound not call that talent. You can’t sell processed food with an organic leble
        I have a reason for my comments. Well read? Absolutely, I have a reason
        5. There is zero evidence that he has ever plagiarized anything. What does “borderline plagiarize” mean by the way? Enda hgdef are always inventing new crimes, don’t be like them. That is a serious allegation; don’t make it unless you can back it.

        Not yet, you are right but I am reconstructing one of his articles he has written. I am amazed.
        to find it out that the diference between plegerism and research Is one degree Figure that out:)
        I will share my finding. Sal, I hope you drop that Higdef things. I say things as I see and analyse it. I don’t give a flying hoot what Higdef say or what PIA say. I am not wired like that.
        When I finish my reconstruction of his article, you will see the border line plegerism. Trust me.
        6. how is your fantasy football team doing?
        Lol, I am doing very well. Last week my kicker saved the day. I have Feely, Arizona cardinals kicker and he made me 19 points and I won by 0.5 point. It was unreal. I will make it to play offs
        It is fun. Hey sal do you follow collage foot ball? I am praying Ohio state to lose. The most undeserving # 3 team ranking.

        • saay

          Hey Nitricc The Independent:

          I only follow Stanford and Cal games because it is fun to watch the elite with their elite problems 🙂 I will start watching them when they stop the marching band music– anything large and choreographed turns me off.

          Now college basketball… That’s fun. Wish I had more time for it.


  • rodab

    I know you know traditional stories. So tell me the story of the legendary Nugusse. Who was he and what did he do? what about the beautiful Wuba? And Ayte Ghele?

  • Nitricc

    Hey Aman-H
    let me respond point by point. you said…….

    “Don’t attack the personality attack the argument or the idea.”

    What idea? That is the whole problem. There is no an idea worthy of learning or arguing what that Job-less writes. I challenge you to summarize one idea that came out of YG. His writings are galvanized from different corners of idea and worst are so refined to make his point, there is no real point or real idea you can take home. If he has an idea, you are right, for me the right thing to do was attack his idea. i.e I am attacking what is there, him. And telling the truth is never personal attacks.

    “Everyone has the right to bring his/her idea to entertain the public and it is up to the public to scrutinize the idea and the validity of their argument.”

    He has no right to trash Gedli. He never broke a drop of sweat or a drop of blood. Who gave him the right to trash the Gedli he knew nothing about? Don’t start me.

    “If someone can win the argument does he need to despise the personality?”

    There is no argument to argue. For argument or discussion or debate, there must be an idea. Again, tell me one Idea YG thought you?

    “Second it is none of your business how that individual is living.”

    You better believe it this one is! If you are coming to destroy the one that means everything, the Gedli, then, you are going thru me. Gedli was none of his business and he is attacking it, you don’t have a problem with that? I do the big one.

    “Third don’t try to read only of those you could agree with.

    It limits the scope of your knowledge. So read everything for there is always something you could to take if not all.”

    Aman, I have never learned anything from the people I agree with. So I am more interested with the people I don’t agree with. But what can someone learn from this good for nothing job-less creature?

    “Just one to give you example from YG: Even we don’t agree with his premises we could learn the debating skills and the way he put issue into pieces at the same time the way he synthesize the parts into a whole. He has amazing skills. As to his idea you don’t have to agree.”

    Again it is a collection of concepts; ideas and circumstances’ put together to fit in to Eritrea trashing mode. You seem to be impressed with his ability to put words in to places. The difference between plagiarism and research is the scrambling of the words, pay attention how his words are so refined. If you got the time like he does, what is so hard to do what YG is doing.

    Anyway thanks for the advice

    • Tesfamariam


      From the get go you said YG’s article is a garbage and you don’t have time to read his garbage, so how on earth did you find out that his articles have no idea to argue with .are you not contradicting yourself ? If you don’t read it you don’t know weather his article has an idea or not, and you are asking Amanuel.H to summarize it for you, Your arrogance is way beyond limit
      Gehdli is our history and any one can right in defense or against it, no body has to be censured on what topic he or she has to write or on what he believes or doesn’t believe. The right thing to do is challenge the argument and convince people with your own argument that whatever was written was wrong, and this way the audience can learn and be the judge.
      Please stop asking people if they have a job or not it is ridiculous

    • Nitric,

      You stated “His writings are galvanized from different corners of idea and worst are so refined to make his point.” This in in itself is “an ability” you should strive to be a good writer. His idea is simple “we have habesha identity and we should keep it” and our idea is we have “an Eritrean identity we built it, we will maintain it”. Isn’t these two different independent ideas at opposite ends. These are the argument between him and us. Can’t we win against his argument without disparaging him.Though the premises of his argument is flaw there are many thing you could learn from him. Nitric Hissebelu de’A. As I see from our debate if we disagree about something with him everything he said is trash even his personality.That is sad and that is what you are doing. A little decency. We will defend Ghedli as part of our history with all its shortcoming especially those who went through it.

      Nitric you have to understand what debate means. When you are on debate respect those who debate against you irrespect their view.

      Amanuel H.

    • Asmerome

      You think you are the only one chosen defender of Gehdli ?? You believe any one who doesn’t believe in Gehdli should be stoned , this is how mature you are ..so pathetic
      You are being so macho that anybody who says anything against Gehdli should go thru you , are you serious do you see how absurd you sound . People weather they believe or not believe in our Gehdli have the full right to express themselves and live equally like the rest of us as far as they abide by the law of the land . Gehdli is not something abstract supernatural , we have the right to believe in it or not believe and criticize or not criticize it, you Mr . Nitricc are not going to stop anybody from doing that . I wonder what terrible thing you would have done had you been in power just because people don’t believe in Gehdli . Stop being emotional and learn to argue in tolerance and respect to others views . You can’t make people believe by force that will lead to destruction you can only change people thru respectful communication and thru progressive teaching from a different point of view . Try to listen and understand other peoples grievance and respect there point of view and deal with them in a constructive manner that benefits everybody involved.

  • Belai

    Pls read as, There was no point to like YG,if we hate the Kebesa people.

  • belai

    Haqi, U said _ “Why do tigrian love yg so much? Is it because he insults the proud kebesa in every article he writes,…” Dear Haqi,  how is a proud Eritrean YG insult The Kebesa Eri? YG is not on denial,he saw the cause of the disease well ahead,while others hanging on the symptoms. The proud Kebesa people are victims of of their own success. It is beyond nobody’s imagination  these, particular people have to suffer, for handing in, what was demanded (independence).why is Isayas (Negram) creating war after war for them and caging them in Sawa? and systematically driving them out of the country they librated? Do you realy blame YG to think what he thought? I understsnd why people are on denial mod but YG chose to confront the reality and exposed it.Tigrayans may like YG, but not for the wrong reason,as U put it.That defeats the purpose.There is point to like YG, if we have hate our Kebesa people.But i understand, truth some times hurts.I myself want to believe that was not the case,but YG seems close to the Truth Haqi.you should be open minded as U seek Haqi,Mr Haqi. I wish u good luck and no hard feelings. With Respect.

  • Abinet

    TieTie,thank you for the translation .i believe more and more people understand YG before it is a little bit too late .besides,not every one in Eritrea should think the same way .to agree with him doesn’t make some one an Ethiopian.it is better to have a broad mind than a blocked one .You see every one followed IA in every aspect ,and look what happens to the country .”if two people agree all the time ,one is not thinking”(Reagan ).

  • Amanuel


    They don’t love their country and culture. They are only loyal to the regime and its culture. Actually they are the enemy of the people as the result of their affiliation to the regime who is destroying Eritrea as a country and its culture. How do you measure brightness? For God sake most of them live in the west with all available date to analyse freely and yet they can’t see the wood from the tree. They allowed themselves to be coerced and live in life of cult culture.

    • Nitricc

      There is nothing cult about getting together a bunch of young people and learn from one anther. What exactly is your problem? Believe it or not, there more to it than what you are talking about. Are you a member of YPFDJ? If not how do you know? If your answer is yes, then you are telling stories. You know it.

      • Amanuel


        I am not a member and my problem is that these young people (most of them) have been brian washed and coerced for one purpose only,i.e, to serve as the first line of defence for the crimes of the regime in Eritrea. Like I said before I speak to a lot of them, some already left. They are bright when discussing other issues but when it comes to Eritrean politics they stick the cult line,”because of Weyane and USA” even if the issue is about long queue at commercial bank in Asmara. Do you think the regime cares about the development and promotion of the youth? My answer is NO. Give me one minster or higher official of the regime who is under 50, even the people who lead YPFDJ are all over 40.

  • Lula

    The only people who come here and talk about YG are Tigrayans. Eritreans simply ignore YG. But Tigrayans come here and literally beg us to engage him in a debate. It’s ridiculous!

    Eritreans want nothing to do with this YG fella. We just ignore him.

    I don’t know how many times we have to ignore YG before he moves back to Tigray and preaches his bull to a friendly audience in Makele or Adigrat.

    • Nitricc

      You are so kool and spot on.
      Don’t worry YG and his Ethiopian friends are nothing but BS

      The only Eritrean who reads aYG is the messenger of doom and gloom Serray
      AKA a minster of dooms day

      • sara

        why is yg despised while ali salim is cheered here at awate.com? aren’t they both alien to eritreanism as represented by the patriots who made our country free, starting with elf…eplf and of course haraka in between.

        • Nitricc

          Sara, there is no even close comparison between Ali Salim and the disgraced job-less YG.
          Ali Salim is advocating the people of lowland who are wronged and mistreated by the highlanders. We can deny all we want but till we admit and address the problem that the lowlanders and Muslims are suffering at the hand of the Asmarino’s then you can forget about building viable nation. So, even though Ali Salim went the wrong way in addressing the issues, that it does not mean, he is wrong. He has a point.
          While the job-less YG, I don’t even know what his point is? I read him a couple times few years ago and there is no way I am wasting my time reading that garbage.
          What is the point trashing everything Eritrean? Even the Eritrean names were not spared. Like I have said I don’t read YG but when people talk about he writes, I get a pieces of it and I couldn’t understand the point of it. One thing is for sure, all the Tigryans are loving him for obvious reasons. Let me ask you this, can you tell me what YG’s point is?
          I can tell you what Ali Salim point is. Tell me YG point and I promise I will write you what Ali Salim’s valid point is.
          Sara,Bonus Q Do you know what YG does for living?

          • Hey Nitric,

            Don’t attack the personality attack the argument or the idea. Everyone has the right to bring his/her idea to entertain the public and it is up to the public to scrutinize the idea and the validity of their argument. If someone can win the argument does he need to despise the personality? Second it is none of your business how that individual is living. Third don’t try to read only of those you could agree with. It limits the scope of your knowledge. So read everything for there is always something you could to take if not all. Just one to give you example from YG: Even we don’t agree with his premises we could learn the debating skills and the way he put issue into pieces at the same time the way he synthesize the parts into a whole. He has amazing skills. As to his idea you don’t have to agree.

          • Tesfamariam

            Dear Amanuel Hidrat

            Thank you , you said it all I don’t think Nitric really understands what a civilized argument means I hope he takes your advice
            YG has all the rights like anybody else to bring his argument up to the public and it is anybody’s right to challenge him in a civilized manner instead of trying to call him names we all learn from civilized arguments.

          • sara

            YG, is i think an ethiophill and wants to turn the clock back to 1950th

    • L.T

      Bellooo bello Luala…….

    • abel

      That makes everyone on this forum proud Tigrean including Sal, haile,Semere,yourself…etc,In a way you are absolutely right.

  • rodab

    Selam deqi Eri,
    Last week, Assenna interviewed Ato Kibrom Dafla former manager of the Eritrean Airlines. The focus was on the current crisis of the Airline. I listned to it attentively and found it to be timely and worthwhile thus recommending it to the Awate community. The link follows….

  • Abinet

    Ato Haqi, yes I am an Ethiopian .i don’t know any Tigrinya .

    • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

      Haqi said -(YG) Ende SeT MecheQaCheQ YweDaL. It is not good to say that and that does not direct into YG point. At the sametime it is shortcut attack. Rather than Label YG that way Haqi need to respond to YG point saying wrong or right with clear details way.
      Awate team also need to filter such meaningless labels or address it as saying it is not good point under the commentator name. While it is not harmful it is not constructive because it go to different point nothing to do here at all.
      YG is intelligent according to his ideas but he is also radical – overly blown up ideas a type of KemDlaYeY. KemDlaYeY idea and stance may bring more opponents than supporters because it does not address both sides rather favor one side or just the KemDLaYeY himself.
      However it should not be discouraging to our brother Haqi I am trying to be true brother to Haqi and YG. I hope you Haqi understand me.

    • Haqi

      Why do tigrian love yg so much? Is it because he insults the proud kebesa in every article he writes, it’s strange why people north of the mereb don’t like him while people south of the mereb love the man.

      I didn’t insult any woman, but I think yg is tokato negram

      • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

        Because he is AnDneT persuader/advocate and rejects Awate revolution, including these 60s 70s youths called them Asheberti/ clueless youths who loved violence for nothing. He may be right for the youths such as esayas, sbhat, wuchu, flipos all these were trash youths that they sucked tens of thousand Eritrean mothers. But for Awate rejection, he need to correct it. Overall he is from Seraye that I encourage him to come with some acceptable points so we can be fully around him. You know seraye has been victim by some high placed people.
        All these in power will be reprimanded to ordinary citizen after they are arrested or destroyed.

  • Haqi

    If yg is like john the b then pls accept me as Jesus. are you Ethiopian by any chance, for some reason people south of the border love the man. Yg is a good writer but he is like tokato sebeyti who has welfi qoyoka. I blame sal for making yg crazy, he was until sal exposed him.

    • Haqi

      Pls read he was ok untill sal exposed him.

    • belay

      Hmm,You said tokato kemsebyti.
      Was it ment to be a complement or what?If not you have insulted the Briliant ladies in this forum,also your mum,which I believe you have one.
      Haqi Haqiqa enda….

  • Abinet

    Eyob,YG is like John the Baptist .Most people are ignoring him.they don’t even finish reading his articles no matter how many pages they may be .in my opinion every one should read him without prejudice .specially the last two articles make so much sense .he is showing the root couses and consequences of Eritrean problem while others are dealing with the symptoms and manifestations.considering the magnitude and scope of the problems ,It is amazing to see the time and energy wasted discussing language and accent.

    • wediere

      Abinet ,

      You comparing apples with pears those Prophets who called to God had simple message to connect their people with the Almighty and warn about the vices of the day, all this was done simple terms. Assuming YG is the prophet that wants to deliver us Eritreans or Habesha from our current ordeal and save us from destruction why all the long winded way of saying a simple message. Let’s assume we need much convincing and repeated reminders….now imagine about the readership. The English readers are not many and I bet the few paragraph readers are much of the little audience. Sometimes I find it funny with the SAAY summarise it for us bunch or the any rebuttle to that…

      But then the target are the intellectual, maybe they do the cascading of information….good luck with that.


    • Nitricc

      you must be job-less too. you have nothing better to do than reading that garbage.
      Abinet find something to do. Oh, i get it you are from Canada. never mine read YG to kill your time and mind.

      • Asmerome

        Let alone to read YG analysis people are reading your garbage comments n trying to respond to you . If you are capable try to challenge YG instead of trying to belittle

        • Nitricc

          Hahaha tell me what YG does for leaving? Please?
          You must be another job-less freak
          The guy is nothing but garbage

          • Tesfamariam

            Hummmm, you are really blessed in name calling typical graduate of HIGDEF honestly you are narrow minded please get a life.

          • Asmerome

            Yes mr good for nothing could you please find me a job ? You are just talkato with no substance

  • Nitricc

    SAAY, sorry for the late response and I agree, it was a bad thing to say I should not called the Africans, lazy, monkeys and all that bad words. I know I was wrong but I can not help but to be depressed how the Africans think that the white man is better than them. I just can’t understand it. To be honest with you, I don’t believe in racism. Racism is the excuse lazy people choose to use. Of course there is intolerance; of course there is unfairness but nothing to do with your color of skin. If a white run 5 miles, I am running six. If the white man 95 % in an exam, I am getting 99 %; if the white man worked eight hours, I am working nine hours. In other words, that is how you fight the perception, the intolerance and the unfairness. Once, you go neck to neck; dust for dust with the whites, they have no choice but to acknowledge and to pay you respect. This is what I believed and once your toothless friend Semere Andom started me going, I ended up making bad choice of words and promoted me to call the Africans lazy and monkeys. I agree I shouldn’t have used those words no matter what the circumstances were; I stand corrected and thank you sharing your wisdom with me.
    apology for my derogatory words towards Africans.

    • Hey Nitric,

      Don’t forget intolerance is the product of prejudice and bigotry.Hence these social behavior becomes the barriers to the efforts you are talking we should make. So it isn’t that simple when you start to exert efforts to encounter those barriers. Check all the dimensions of the barriers holistically to have an educated judgement. Besides don’t engage with futile languages that makes you to regret constantly.

      Hawka or Aboka

      • Amanuel


        You are confused like all the YPFDJs. In one hand you talk about being a black man and at the same time you talk down to Africans as you are not part of them. Regardless of what you have been lead to believe Eritreans are Africans and Eritrea is at the heart of Africa.

        • Horizon

          Unlike Arabs and S. African whites, who call themselves Africans and yet they do not believe in it, Ethiopians and Eritreans are indeed blacks and Africans, and they should learn to be proud of their Africanness if they are going to have any self-respect.

      • Nitricc

        Aman-H, I have no idea what dimensions you are talking about but ask any white person about slavery and the harm that was done and he will tell you right in the eye
        “ what does that got to do with me” “ it wasn’t me”
        Meaning, they are telling us to move on. I am not saying harm wasn’t done or there is no intolerance, yes there is but only if we excel we can overcome it. So, we can talk all we want and justify our failures to the white people but that is not the way out. Look at Africans, instead of picking up themselves and go to work, every misery they have they blame the colonizers who left 50 years ago. It equally true, the colonizers left through the door and came back through the window because Africans respect and admire the whites more than themselves.
        So, Aman what dimension am I missing?

        Aman, why do you have to blame the entire YPFDJ for what ever I have said? It is me who said it and blame me. I am saying sorry for calling them monkeys.

        • Selam Nitric,

          My advice was strictly to you. I didn’t mention YPFDJ in my comment. But let me bring your statement which says “we excel we overcome”. You see you do not want us to compete on leveled plain field on equal basis. It is only when we excel them then that we have a chance, but when we are equal the priority is to them. Is that what you want to say. If you read the first sentence in my comment it addresses the barriers to compete on equal level. If the hardship to success is different for respective races (whites and black) then there is something truth Nitric to swallow, there are always subtle discrimination. Yes Nitric!!

          • Nitricc

            Hey Aman-H
            There were two Aman’s responded to my post and I addressed you as Aman-H and I addressed the other Amanual as just Aman. I know you did not said anything anything about YPFDJ but the other Aman did and I was replying to him..
            I hope that clear it up

        • Amanuel

          I didn’t blame the entire YPFDJ. What I said was they are all confused and I am right. I speak to a lot of them on a daily bases and when it comes to African identity they have similar attitude to yours. I hope you have been to Eritrea and noticed that most people admire the Italians but during the Italian colonisation there were parts of Asmara Eritreans not allowed to inter. No one talks about the cruelty of the Italians and I assume it is the same in the rest of African. My problem was not about you calling African monkeys as it wouldn’t been seen as racist insult as you are black but my concern is your writing gives the impression that you are not African ( it is not inclusive).

          • Nitricc

            Aman what is so confusing about loving your country, culture and people?

            I will tell you this much I see bright people in YPFDJ. Give them a chance and you will see how bright are those people. They just love their country and I have no idea what part you find it confusing?

  • Eyob Medhane


    I would not know what YG would write, had Eritrea been a federal state of Ethiopia, as I would not know and do not want to guess what YOU would write, had that been a reality. I don’t do well on hypotheticals. But I know what he wrote, and what I read NOW, and I happen to agree with him very much. It is becoming very obvious by the day that Eritrean Kebessa is being made to look the other way, to talk about something else to focus on irrelevant matters, while the rug is being puled under them. They are leaving the villages in droves, their number dwindling with both the current and future generation. The fact that many of the young are dying, not starting families or having their families elsewhere, their faith and millennial old culture is decimated are creating a great deal of demographic change. That fact is becoming evident by the day. Yet, with all these happening around them, they seem to be made focused on hating Ethiopians or or to be outraged at Ethiopian words of “mewsawsi and metaweqia” Last time, during Lampedusa tragedy , I promised to call you out on something. I think it is long enough now to do that, and I am going to do so. You have a list of survivals and you managed to make an interesting statistics out of that list.

    Here it is.

    Of the 153 survivors, all but one (Tunisian) are Eritreans.
    Of the 153 survivors, 5 are female and 148 are male.
    The youngest of the survivors is 11 and the oldest is 44.
    The median age of the survivors is 22.
    The mean (average) age of the survivors is: 22
    The mode (most frequently appearing) age of the survivors is: 20.

    You had how many Eritreans
    You had the age groups of survivals
    You had Gender of survivals

    Do you know what you missed? How many were Kebessa, how many were muslims and how many were Christians. Well let me help. Other than the Tunisian guy, there were THREE muslims out of 153 people. That would make over 98% of those people Christians and largely Kebessa. Yet, you skipped that. The likes of YG and I however, worry about that. We see the extinction of these population, and we feel they are getting distracted with other trivial issues to be aware of it. That is the point. It is not about YG being Ethiopianist or him wanting Ethiopia getting reunited with Eritrea. He is worried about the survival of his people. He is noticing that his people are willing accomplices of their own extinction and he is whistling the blow.

    • Eyob Medhane

      Correction:- Whistling the blow..

      Please read blowing the whistle..

    • saay

      Selam Eyobai:

      Who is this Sal you are addressing and what did he say, cause it’s not this Sal.

      You would not make this mistake if you follow the chron. Not every posting has to take the “sebari zena” top post. Just follow the vertical line and hit “reply” then people can have a conversation and not post-it notes on a bulletin board.

      Whoever you are debating with has a different take from you on what YG wrote, I take it? I happen to have read it and my opinion of it, my opinion of DeMHT, how the menqesaqesi/mewesawesi made it to Gedab News, and many more would surprise you. And I will get to it time allowing. For now I don’t want to get in the way of the Sancho Panzas enjoying their Don Quixote 🙂


      • Eyob Medhane


        Damn it. I am so sorry, goitana 🙂 I saw the letter S and the letter A and jumped the gun. I assumed it was you. I was actually responding to SA? If you scroll down a bit you would see the discussion between rodab, Gash Saleh, Aman, SA, Yodita and I. I started a new one because the chain was full and the ‘reply’ button was no longer there. Anyway, Thanks for the correction…

    • SA

      Hi Eyob,
      Thank you for your response. Nobody questions the great suffering of the highlanders under PFDJ, but he uses it to explain how our suffering stems from our search for an alien identity. He even accuses the “elites” of using the Demhit saga to drive a wedge between the peoples of Tigray or Ethiopia and Eritrea. He writes, “The Demhit case was one of those rare opportunities that the anesthesiologists would never pass by, given that it aims at the very cleavage between the two Tigrignas across the Mereb River. The pan-Arabists have always believed that if their colonizing mission is ever to have a chance to be enacted in Eritrea, the wedge between the habeshas across the Mereb River, in general, and between the Tigrignas, in particular, must be kept alive. So anything that drives this wedge deeper is always welcome to them.” He is accusing others of what he is actually doing. In my opinion, the Demhit case is the perfect opportunity for a Unionist like him to remind us yet again that we would have been better off with being an Ethiopian province. It is a guy like YG who can not pass up an opportunity like the Demhit case because he has to object when some people talk about some distinguishing feature between soldiers from Tigray and Eritrea. He may cloak his objection by arguing that giffa is giffa whether it is conducted by Tigrayans or Eriteans, but I suspect that his objection to the use of “mewesawesi and menqesaqesi” was probably inspired by his firm belief that Eritreans do not have a different identity form Ethiopians.

      • Eyob Medhane


        I am sorry for confusing with Sal in my earlier response. (I don’t know how the confusion happens, I bet you are much better looking than Sal. 🙂 )

        Apparently, we disagree about YG’s writings and their purpose. His article, which you have quoted from actually is clearest and trying to show a way to Kebesa, before it makes its children countryless and landless. I have no idea, if YG is a unionist or a separatist. And frankly, I care less. I admire his courage to point out a clear danger and trying to make his people aware of it. (Of course at the risk of being called, “agame”, “neo andinet”, “mewesawesi saying Ethiopian”….

        It is not about searching an opportunity to remind you that you actually are Ethiopian. If it were that, YG would have written an article a day. May be twice a day, because Shabia is creating that opportunity for him by the hour. But he is not doing that. You quoted him saying that “…The pan-Arabists have always believed that if their colonizing mission is ever to have a chance to be enacted in Eritrea, the wedge between the habeshas across the Mereb River, in general, and between the Tigrignas, in particular, must be kept alive. So anything that drives this wedge deeper is always welcome to them…”. When he said that he was not accusing a non entity. He was like yelling at a man that is standing in the middle of the road

        • Eyob Medhane

          continue…to tell him that a track is coming and to get out of the way. I pointed out to you in my previous response that Sal wrote an article that came up with list of Lampedusa survivors that diced their demography, except telling us how many were higlanders and Christians and how many were lowlanders and muslims. If you look at it again 98% are Christians. The ones that perished also have the same ratio. Why do you think that? Have you ever considered to ask yourself and find answers why this is happening? That is what YG does. When Tigre Eritreans are encouraged to abandon their Abysinian roots and their language (one of the world’s oldest languages) and adopt Arabic, the Tigrigna are constantly kept apart from the Tigray people culturally and socially. That is what YG was explaining about Pan Arabists hard work to isolate and make the Tigrigna people of Eritrea powerless. I know you disagree with me, but thanks for letting me say my mind. (Assuming you are reading what I wrote) 😉

          • SA

            Hi Eyob,
            Of course, I am reading what you are writing and I learn from your writings. Besides, although I disagree with your point, you write with a beautiful prose that is enjoyable to read. I do appreciate some of the good points YG expounds on, but reading him sometimes feels like it is the 1950s (I was not born then though).

          • SA

            …..or the 1960s, 70s, or 80s.

  • rodab

    Sal (the inclusive),
    At the risk of instigating, I ask you what your thoughts were on YG’s latest article “Mustache”. The article is too long and I only read few paragraphs but I think I got the picture. His focus is on the four scandalous words: menqesaqesi, tasera, mewesawesi, metaweqya. YG sounded as though the identity/survival of Eritrea was at stake due to these fateful words and you (the Awate Team) are at the forefront of this urgent crisis. This is not me saying, just as a reminder. One of the things he seems to complain about is that while tasera, an Italian word is taken to b as an Eritrean, metaweqya, an Ethiopian word didn’t belong there (in Eritrea). To that I would say yes indeed tasera is an Italian word but that’s what we use in Eritrea. We also say ‘wereQet meninet’ but taser comes short and handy. So it is not about originality, it is about what or how the average citizen uses words. One example I can think of is the way we use the clock. Midday is 12pm, midnight is 12am. That’s how most of the world counts clocsk. That’s how we count too. But it is different in Ethiopia. 8am for example is 2am (“hulet seAt keTwatu”)….Now, how did we end up counting differently from Ethiopia? I don’t know but One possible answer could be because the Italians introduced it to Eritrea. But I don’t think YG would argue about this the same way he is argueing with tasera. The point I am making is originallity is less important compared to how people are accustomed to using things…. Peace!

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Have I done something to you? A dictionary describes a word in not more that a dozen words. Mewesawesi, menqesaqesi is described in 14 pages (14 pages Rodab), and I changed my mind after reading two chapters… and you want me to read that? What crime have I committed? I think you summarized it very well. No one was debating linguistics, it was just one sign or proof that it was DMHIT doing the gffa. How that would go to 14 pages beats me.

      • Eyob Medhane

        Gash Saleh, Rodab,

        The premise and jest of YG’s argument is. While, a debate rages about ‘mewesawesi, menqesqesi, metaweqia’, the main purpose why these words came to use to begin with (giffa) has been set aside. And that is by design. Instead of making Eritreans think and inspire to oppose (giffa), they are being made and fight with their southern of mereb kin by instigating and inspiring prejudice and perpetuating old stereotypes to keep particularly the Kebessa decided. YG also was chastising the Kebesa on focusing on trivialities, instead of the main issue, which is their own extinction. Though it’s long, I managed to read it in three days. (I always take three days to read YG:-) ) I agree almost all of the points he made.

        • Eyob Medhane

          Correction ‘Kebessa decided’

          Read Kebessa divided.

          • SA

            There is no debate raging about ‘mewesawesi, menqesqesi, metaweqia’ as far as I know of. It is YG who is trying to make a debate out of it. People wrote about those words in reporting about the role DMHIT played in the roundups, and YG is using these words to make his larger point that Eritrea should have been part of Ethiopia. Let’s assume for a second that Eritrea was a federal state in Ethiopia and there was a roundup (giffa) in Eritrea conducted by soldiers from Tigray. Do you think YG would write multiple pages about ‘mewesawesi, menqesqesi, metaweqia’? I doubt it.

          • Yodita


            Giffa and asking for an identity document in Eritrea has become a part of a lifestyle so no surprise there. What stood out during the last giffa was that there were paid mercenaries doing the dirty job. Eyob, you may not have related it, but hoards of our youth are facing death as a result of the giffa and conscription. It has indeed gone beyond protesting and it has reached very tragic proportions.

            I think what Awate reported was the fact that there were paid mercenaries who can only be distinguished that they are so (paid brutal mercenaries) by the words they use to ask for identity docs. I consider this tantamount to Ruwandan mercenaries going down town Kinshasa and asking the Congolese for their IDs. Mind you, I dream of a healthy and close ties with Ethiopia as a whole and our cousins the Tigreans, in particular. I abhor, however, the disrespect this mad man in our country is yet showing the people by using DEMHIT to add insult to injury, testing how far he could go!!

            I read YG’s article and did not (somebody correct me if I am wrong) detect that this single outstanding factor that DEMHIT is a paid mercenary outfit that could do untold harm at a command as a new and disturbing phenomenon. Personally, I felt it was a great warning and threat to the Eritrean people. Awate simply reported that as factually as possible, i.e. as Isayas’s additional dimension to intimidate and offend the people.

        • Hi Eyobay,

          Excellent summary in a nutshell. You should have waited to put this summary in order to encourage people to read it. Otherwise they will take yours as a take home message without reading it. As to myself, despite we are on the opposite argument, I read his writing it seriously.

          • Eyob Medhane


            Yay! I guess you and I are at peace now 🙂 I felt bad that we sort of squabbled last time. You’re one of those people I choose to pick their brain. Thanks 😉

          • Thomas


            I think of Amanuel as a teacher who expects everything clarified. He seems to dislike people who makes judgements based on assumptions within their comfort zone. He is just a tough grader in a good way, because he anticipates people to work harder to back up their statements. Some have started calling him a police officer because of his questioning methodologies. Well, I am talking too much, he might get his merciless stick……….as well:)

      • Dave

        You read only 2 pages out of 14 pages of YG’s satire and then you concluded the whole article is all about menqesaqesi vs mewesawesi. You reached at a wrong conclusion Saleh. YG used those two words as a tool to tell us the whole essence of Eritrea, Eritreans and Eritreanism: the premises on which the nation is built ; the convulsed logic of martyrdom ; the irrational regime and it’s Capo; the incoherent opposition which most of the time outsmarted by the regime; pundits who doesn’t understand the state of affairs we are in; etc….In short , he condensed all his previous articles into this brilliant piece of literature. I read this satire in its entirety and it proved the other side of YG: Hillarious sence of humour. YG’s masterful literature to date!

    • Hi Rodab,

      You can’t have the picture without reading the whole piece. Go ahead and finish it to have full picture. You can’t find the core message without reading the entire article, especially if the writer’s style uses both analysis and synthesis at the same time in one lengthy prose. YG has the habit to show you things in its parts and in the final analysis he put them together to show the core message. So don’t stop to do your homework – to understand him distinctively.

    • L:T

      A whole page of Giefa of DMHET from Daily awate news.Everyone knows that our Tegaru were and are in Eritrea.No harm in it.Just a bit of fun.Everyone knows that….What’s all this then?

    • abel

      Slavery comes in different forms.

      • L.T

        If any Tegaru like you come to our home Eritrea it’s our job to send them away.That’s what the man of the house is there for.So we will come that keep the chain on the border door and locked up so the Tegaru can’t get in:-)Ajoka Abie..Isaias’ll stand in front of you to protect you.

        • abel

          That is very unwelcoming.Don’t worry the man in my house will receive u with open arms if and when u give up and decide to ask for Asylum/Ukuba.Besides, What is there for me worthwhile making the trip? I see everyone is dieing to get the hell out of there by air, sea and land.

    • L.T

      The Philo/sop/her Yossief always say it back.He don’t care.when you says it he say it back to you.

  • Zahra

    TIETIE and explorer,

    I think each person, here on awate.com, is entitled to expressing his/her opinion and each has an opportunity to contributing constructive discussion, preferably. Identifying Eritrean concerns locally and globally and promoting awareness on how to address those concerns are only done by very few Eritreans, like TIETIE. Information is important and powerful for those who can use information as bases for action. But we are not those people because Eritrea has a weak and non-caring government.

    TIETIE, thanks again for speaking out on behalf of those who are victims of Kefala (sponsor) system. I wonder if EXPLORER knows how it feels when a parent has to pay 7,000 Saudi Riyals yearly per a member of his family. It seems like Isayas has an agreement with those sponsors in zeroing or emptying the Eritrean families to zero savings.

    Now, when we speak of Eritreans in Eritrea and Saudi Arabia, it can be said, that: if what you see in Eritrea is what you got in Saudi Arabia, there is no difference and the Eritrean youths in both are tomorrow’s Lampedusa’s victims.

    • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

      Zahra – I Thank you
      ZteZareKyo QeleM – ZreGeTsKyo LemLem YgberelKi.

      • belai

        Dear Tie Tie Shero buble,
        The river continuess on its way to the sea,broken by the wheel of the mill or not.
        (don’t know,who said it)
        Please do not get distracted,you are one of the dedicated.And I can see from your comments,you are a free man.Only a free man can librate others to freedom.
        Keep on the good work.

        • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

          belai – Enjera Alem Bla’E
          I know that there are many eritreans especially muslim Eritrean majority of them Jeberti, Saho, and Tigre slaved in Saudi Arabia since 1960s and they dumped them with nothing. this happened in the late 1990s. Some of them worked in dangerous jobs that permanently affected their health – lung cancer. It would not happened this to western employed in Saudi, they prefer reward these westerners generous tips above fat payment than treat them as slave.

  • belai

    Dear Hayat Adem,
    belay Agame here,
    Once a patient said to his Nurse,”tell me what to do to fell better,i want to feel better”asked for guidance.The Nurse said “mind over matter”in jentle compassinate way,to the patient.And it made all the difgerence in reliving the patients discofort.The patients delibrate focus of the mind over the situation made a difference.The guided thoughts in to a feeling of peace,tranquility and feeling better and better .
    Good luck Hayat Adem.
    Thanks Awate website,if it wasn’t for Awate website we will never had a chance to learn from great personalities like Hayat Adem.

  • Tzigereda

    Dear Hayat Adem,
    great news! Temesgen!I wish you quick recovery.

  • Abate

    How do say Abyssinia was just 20% of the current Ethiopia? How do you define colonialism to label the current state of Ethiopia as one that resulted from a colonialist Abyssinia?

  • Hayat Adem

    Selamat team members and all in the awate community,
    I don’t want your attention to be distracted from all the important discussions you are doing now, but I thought I owe you an update on myself. After an intense situation at the hands of health professionals, I am so happy to tell you that a positive progress is underway, much more better than even the best scenario that had been mapped for me among the would-be outcomes when I broke the news to you in that “personal announcement”. In 2-4 weeks from now, I am told, I can expect to regain my normal health and strength. This was considered initially a very slim chance and might even require years to get there. I would never be able explain the contrasting feelings when two emotions- despair and hope- ride the same person in a stretch of exactly one month time. I am glad now that it is nearly all of a hope and almost none of a despair.
    I am totally grateful to the Almighty. I also thank you, my friends at awate, for the love and prayers you showered me with.

    • Tesfamariam

      so great news I hope everything will work out the way you planned it and I pray for your full recovery and to see you back soon .
      with love

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hayat Adem! Excellent! You are a real fighter! Keep on fighting. God Bedring! (it is in Norwegian)

    • Gebre

      Dearest Hayat,

      Nothing could be so inspiring and encouraging than to hear the good news from you. No doubt you will fully and completely recover to the best possible health conditions, and be with us very soon. This good news is the best Christmas present we all have received from you this year.

      Thank you very much for all the courage you have shown to recover.

      You are always with us!

    • L.T

      Hayat,Tieana yihebeley!
      I am like you.I worry about alot of things but i am praying god can help stop worrying.When I can’t sleep i get up and I read my bible and pray.It helps.And lauhter is also the best medicine.I love to be around people who make me laugh and sometimes I watch comedy on TV,so, I can lough.God’s words gives life and the advice God gives’s practical and makes alot of sense.
      HaWuki L.T

      • L.T.

        You said “When I can’t sleep i get up and I read my bible and pray”

        For me, when I can’t sleep I get up and swallow a couple of sleeping pills and go back to bed. 😉

    • Yodita

      Dear Hayat Adem

      This is wonderful news!! Miracles exist. You were sorely missed and like me, most Awatawians must have had you in their thoughts and some in their prayers as well. We can now enjoy your extraordinary contritutions to this Forum.

      Please accept a basketful of virtual flowers.


    • Ermias

      What a great news! Amlak mulu mhret ygberelki!

    • Hyat,
      This is one of the best news of all news. I can’t tell how excited I am to hear the good news from you.

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Great news dear Hayat…Hoping complete recovery.

      All the best,
      Ghezae Hagos

    • Dear Hayat,

      Good news are rare and this one is one of them. You are blessed especially with circumstances of your health you explained. We wish you a fast recovery to join us.

    • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

      Welcome – we happy to hear you doing good. I wish you fully healthy. you were source of good – ideas we love it and we love you.

    • Dear Hayat,
      I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to have you back.

    • rodab

      Welcome back and thanks for sharing the good news.
      I wish you full speedy recovery gual memhrey.

    • Dear Hayat:

      Thank you for sharing with us your condition and Thanks God for your quick recovery. Be positive; keep your head up and live for NOW! Enjoy each day as if it is a NEW and SPECIAL day. I will continue praying for your full recovery.


    • Kim Hanna

      Dear Hayat,

      What a great news! Wishing you all the best.


      • Serray

        Selam hayat,

        Happy to hear you made it! I am sure you will be an even better person for it.

    • haile

      Great news Hayat Adem. I hope you continue to make smooth strides to full recovery and God Bless.

  • Kaddis

    Interesting read – apart from few factual mistakes – common among ferenj writers


  • L.T

    The relationship between Sport and Generals are one of the central concerns in Eritrea today like “Znar and kirar”ab zebene Gdli and this section will transformed to Isaiasim institutionalization with “Shabia scientific disipline”like”Wefri sgr dob”by Solomon Berhe book and “Wefri Warsia Yi’kalo”book by Isaias:-)

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    the truth about Ahmed gragn.
    mother muslim father orthodox priest.
    the night his priest father gone to church service wearing his moms Hijab ( it was all by accident – he switched with his own NeTSela). The church priest scared of him or thought him as devil so they killed him by the church MeQomYa. When Ahmed grew up he stood to punish the church and the priest. His last church attack after Mendefera and could not succeed was Debrebizen. that area was too tangled with tropical rain forest that made him unable to pinpoint the exact location of the church including deadly GebeL were infested all over the area.
    this is purely revenge not religious. It seem the priest always targeted the muslims for wrong reason or misunderstanding. even to King Yowhanes the priests were the one advised him wrongly to persecute the tigrayan muslim that also lead the king to his ruin. Infact king yowhnes asked genuine advise but the priests took it into their advantage all to end the tigrayan empire.

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    Why Saudis are expelling foreign citizens, eri and etiopian.
    For the last 15 years the oil revenue they enjoyed in the 70s 80s and 90s gone down or could not cover their needs. The worst is about 890 – 1 trillion oil dollar is in foreign countries Banks – Newyork, London, Switzerland and Hongkong. This 890 -1 trillion dollar is owned by about 15,000 princes and is in individual/personal accounts. The 15,000 princes are not only took the money they also jealous and rival at each other. Slightly the Saudis tried to blame the west for their economic let down but they should know that it is themselves to blame. The next few years there will be no money from petrodollar.
    the Saudis are trying retake the menial jobs these poor foreign workers did for years.
    The other thing that wasted Saudi money was carefree fun by its king family around the world especially in the west. Mantcarlo, lasvegas are some examples the Saudis love to have full blown up funs.
    Recently several Saudi poor women seen waiting in line for handout lunch at the home of the wealthy Saudi prince. He hired the most expensive western Chef that he pays them about or more than $500,000 a year for each.

    • ُexplorer

      Shiro bubble
      I think you will eat shiro forever due to weak and sick mentality you have.
      You say: “Why Saudis are expelling foreign citizens, eri and etiopian”
      The Saudi government announced for months and gave 7 months period to all expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia who DO NOT have official documents and residence permit to correct their situation or leave the country (7 months grace period given) otherwise they will be deported. This applies to all expatriate workers in Saudia from all over the world and mot only Ethiopians and Eritreans. The Saudi government or any government in the world has the right to deport illegal immigrating from its country… I do not understand why people are making all these nonsensical cries.However, I do not agree and accept the harsh and inhuman way of handling the issue of deportation of the expatriates. I do not accept the rough and unprofessional way of handling the procedures of deportation but I do not have issue if the Saudi deport illegal immigrants from their country.
      TiETiE… I think it is none of your business to talk about how the the Saudi princes spent their country’s money (you are not a Saudi citizen). Please can you tell us about the riches of your country? How is it spent? Who owns it? Why do or your people go to Saudi Arabia if you hate them so much. The things you wrote reflects your envy and hypocrisy towards the Saudi people and I advice you to work hard and be richer than the Saudis instead of talking and analyzing about their money and how they spend and exploit their people.

      • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

        you do not know me and you should not insult me. this is my right Awate allowed me to express my opnion. If I said bad to you , then you have reason but do not insult me. know that I am not supporter of Saudi.I would tell you a lot but I do not want.

  • rodab

    As you stroll down Godena Harnet and you get to Awget bookstore, you can see “Wefri Sgre-dob” among a variety of books. Wefri Sgre-dob. Traveling the extras. The book made us feel no one was unsure back then. Everyone knew what to do, everyone worked hard, and everyone was eager to come back home.
    Today, the sport commission is managed by a General and time hasn’t been on his side. He has overseen several high profile soccer defections. The outcome was a bad publicity that prompted a blanket sanction on every team, every player. Hade tenkes keybl! keriekn’ye sraHkn! It’s been long time since then. Now, as memories fade and the General contemplates sending the squad back to Kenya to face the cecafa fellas, he realizes the stakes couldn’t be higher. The last thing he wanted to do is to break it to the boss yet again,”ezen begamindo aytemelsan, kab meErefi bota hadimen” If this happens again, it is a sure thing soccer will be outlawed back home…Meanwhile, pencils have been sharpening to sequelize “Wefri sigre-dob” and to undertake undiscovered genres. The renaissance of Eritrea’s art works. Comming soon… ab qereba metsaE, ab TiQaKum nab zelewa abyate cinematat. Time just wouldn’t cooperate. The ground is not conducive. wey gzie deqey. As one mourns the loss at dehai, he/she is reminded of the delicacy of life. Anyone can be no more in a blink of an eye, in a split of a second. The urgency of acting is not lost in the minds of the pencil sharpeners, yet no one knows what plan B is there to finally launch the long awiated sequel of “Wefri Sgre-dob”. Matrix re-loaded. Peace….
    Courtesy of google: http://www.ephrem.org/dehai_archive/1996/march/0079.html

  • Zahra

    Hi explorer,

    They (the Isayasists) are feeling the pinches of their failure slowly and surely.

    As much as the relationship between the abuser and the abused is very abusive, and as much as the disappointer (Isayas) is daily failing the disappointed (all pro-tyrant), our youth and people will keep suffering. What the pro-tyrant do not understand is that Eritreans as humans are inherently social that respect their rights and others’ rights. But these people are suffering from lack of knowing their rights and that is why they don’t respect others’ rights. As people we believe in freedom of speech but they don’t. We believe in government’s transparency, accountability, and reliability but they don’t. They believe in reciprocity but they don’t (they have given everything to Isayas and not a cent from him to them: not every respect). We believe in positive relationship and collaboration among neighboring countries but they don’t: in fact they are weaving plans day and night to plow the whole of East Africa along with their going down the drain in failure). In short, they depend on lies and conspiracies to stay in power.

    • TheTruth

      Nice fairy tale. Do you even believe half of what you write?

  • Rahwa G

    Selam SaliH Qadi,
    You are raising interesting stories/history. Of course, we see them according to our understanding of them. Anyway, you are mixing up 12th Centuries events to those of 16th Centuries. Ahmed Gragn rose 400 years after Yikuno-Amlak. I think it was Emperor Serxedingl who fought with Ahmed Gragn. And also do not forget our recent history of the Islamic Union of Somalia used to boast they would invade Ethiopia within short time as what one of their kin (Ahmed Gragn) did 500 years back. This is to say that there were/are outsiders who claim that Ahmed Gragn was one of them.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Thanks Rahwa G.
      Right, I meant to say Lebne Dingel… It is not Sertse Dingel. In fact I have a chapter in that on my last book “Of Kings and Bandits.” Thank you.

      In the times of Gragn, there was no Ethiopia but Abyssinia which is roughly 20% of present Ethiopia. Gragn’s homeland was incorporated by the colonizer Minelik a little over a hundred years ago–something not acknowledged by many Ethiophile Western scholars and their local equivalent. The Islamic Union was another crazy organization and I suggest you don’t mix their political statements with history.

      • Abdu

        How is it confusing to understand nation creation/building vs colonization? Is Venice an Italian colony? Just look at the history of every other country for God sake! I don’t think Europeans has to come and delineate our boundaries not to be called ‘colonizers’!

        • abel

          Dear SGJ;

          I think you need to quit history, especially Ethiopian history.Your hidden hatred against Ethiopia is often coming on your way.FYI See my comment below.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar


            I would quit Ethiopian history if it didn’t make part of my history. Tough luck, I am not quitting it.

            Your prejudiced take aside, how to you unearth a hidden hate? Can you tell me what you found when you unearthed my hidden hate of Ethiopia? If you mean my hate to Haile Sellassie and Mengistu, don’t expect me to apologize for that. By the way, many in the Ethiopian government of today might hate them more than me. Take your problem somewhere else, no apologies from this side. Another one that irritates you is the fact that I say Ethiopia in its present form is less than 150 years old and Minelik is a colonizer. Ethiopia before that, was composed of about 20% landmass of its present. Refute that if you can. Forget Canadian history, it is all available everywhere for everyone to see. If you said the Canadians destroyed the native population, no one would call you Canada hater. They would debate instead…that is, if they have a differing opinion.

          • abel


            Why 150 years ?whynot 22 years.
            Why is Minelik a colonizer? colonized who?
            Can you give me a single nation on earth that was not created by force? USA,Canada,the entire European nations… where all created by force.Should i call it a double standard or hatred? you choose.

      • Abdu

        @ SGJ
        I don’t think every other European country has come and delineate our African boundaries not to be called ‘colonizers’!

      • abel

        Dear all,
        Please read the following and see if the same logic applies to Ethiopia too?
        “Originally three provinces of British North America, New Brunswick,Nova Scotia and the Province of Canada (which would become Ontario and Quebec) united to form the new nation. Since then, Canada’s external borders have changed several times, and has grown from four initial provinces to ten provinces and three territories as of 1999.”

        It was canada with only three provinces only,and still Canada with much bigger member ,i.e 10 provinces and three territories.Canada is celebrating its 130th years not 14th since 1999.Why is it any different when it comes to Ethiopia? i read a few very conflicting views of Ethiopian History by SGJ,Haile,and the confused not just the nomenclature of abyssinia vs ethiopia but its very existence,its history, the well over 2000 years of proud history.Because Ethiopia’s external territories have changed many times does not justify denial of its very existence.By the same logic u would tell us that because Eritrea left in 1991,Ethiopian history is will have to be only what?22years? FYI the proud history of Ethiopia is that of the present day Eritrea too, muslims and christians alike should be proud to embrace as their own.You need to get rid of your colonial mentality.

    • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

      Gadi and Qadi are different SaliH Gadi is not SaliH Qadi.
      Qadi is probably Abat Nebsi in Christian orthodox.
      Gadi is as Gada in tigryana.

      • Rahwa G

        Selam T’Um shiro,

        Some years back I heard a journalist calling him SalH Qadi. I thought he was perfectly calling him. After all SalH has not objected they way I spelled his name. Do you remember names like Ogbazghi (note that it is not Uqubazghi!), and the like? You know that they were not rightly spelt, I guess it was the same with Qadi. I am happy that big brother SalH has not hated my way of spelling his name.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          I do not mind you calling me Saleh Johar, or saleh Gadi. “Gadi” is a name I borrowed and used for many years. Since I regained my real name, I have used Saleh “Gadi” Johar. If you prefer Q, go ahead though I never spelled it that way, but with a G. In Arabic, the name means judge, and it is spelled in both ways, with a deep K as in the Tigrinia Qetri or Ketri (noon) or with a G as in Ganta.

          • Rahwa G

            Thanks SaliH for this. I will follow they way you spell it here at Awate.

  • Eyob Medhane

    Gash Saleh,

    Wait, wait. Wait a goddamn minute. I just learned something from you. Compering Alexander Pushkin’s story to the First Hijra, and also the Sudanese claim to the first Hijra. Are you telling me that, we actually have the option of disowning that history? There is actually a controversy about it? Really? I think Ethiopian history writers should rush and grab that opportunity and hand the claim over to Sudanese, pronto! At this point I really don’t think we want to claim anything that connects us to Saudis….. (Of course I am kidding about handing over the claim to Sudanese, we don’t give up anything without fighting for it, would we 🙂 )

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Lij Eyob, being angry is fine, it is human. Being___ is not cool.
      Unfortunately you cannot disown the first Hijra without disowning half your population. You cannot be a racist retroactively on behalf of the ancestors of Abyssinian. By the way, you attitude towarda the Arabs and Muslims is exactly the attitude of most Eritreans towards Ethiopians throughout the 60s to 80s. I think, however angry we may be, it is not wise to be too racist and chauvinist.

      • Eyob Medhane

        Gash Saleh,

        I can not deny my disdain to Arabs. (Especially these days) That of course has nothing to do with Islam and Muslims. Unless you tell me that Arabs and Islam are one and the same, I have no problem with the faith. Never have and never will.

        As for the Arabs, particularly Saudis, well, I would like you to see read here what they think of me and probably what they think of you, too. Very short articles, put it tells you EXACTLY what their mentality is.


        The headline of the above news says,
        “38,000 Ethiopians now legal maids; not sorcerers, says ambassador”

        Here is another one.

        On this very “lovely” short news, There are some quotes I would like to give you.

        “…Sultan Bin Mashibah, the father of a child whom some violators tried to kill about four months ago, expected the illegal immigrants who took refuge in the southern mountains to fight back fiercely like “caged animals”….”

        “…He said: “These Africans have been cornered and pushed to the limit.

        “They will therefore be more vindictive and ferocious.”

        Mashibah expressed confidence in the ability of the security forces to protect the country but warned citizens to be more vigilant.

        “We should all be careful from the dangers of these people who will not hesitate to commit crimes, especially as they are full of vengeance against us,” he said….”

        “…”These people are usually vindictive with black hearts. They do not easily forget or forgive,” said one citizen, who did not want to be identified.
        The citizen said these violators were known for carrying out attacks against Saudis….”

        So, Gash Saleh,

        My “Black heart” tells me that, I should have any consideration to some one, who thinks of me this way.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          Quoting an individual through Saudi Gazette is similar to someone quoting you through awateforum and extrapolating your views on all Ethiopians. You can do better.

          Your disdain to Arabs, (300 million of them) is outright prejudice and racism, no way out of that.

          There are many Ethiopians and Eritreans whose irresponsible mutual pronouncements are similar to your Sultan Misbah… some are even worse. I disdain all of them, your Misbah, his Eritrean, Ethiopian equivalents, and any other racist.

          Go back and check the time when Eritreans were expelled from Ethiopia and tell me if you can draw some similarities.

          People get angry, react furiously, but nothing is an excuse for racism and bigotry.

          I despise the policies of the Saudi Government and its clerics for the culture of intolerance and xenophobia they inculcated in their society throughout the years. I lived there for God’s sake and I know it very well. But that should not push me to racism.

          Try to be objective, Eyob. This is in the link you presented to support your argument: “The ambassador said most Ethiopians are either Muslims or Christians and said their beliefs prevent them from practicing sorcery”

          Really? Really Eyob! Ethiopian beliefs prevent the people from practicing sorcery? I will let you be the judge if that is true. But nitpicking is by no means objective argument. I do not condone how the Saudi Government deals with sorcery and other social vices; it is too medieval for me. But try to learn more on the involvement of some Ethiopians, Eritreans and many others in the social vices in Saudi Arabia, they are not angels either. But regardless, even a criminal deserves to be treated humanly, not in a savage way the Saudis deal with illegal (and legal) migrants.

          It has nothing to do with Islam and Muslims, you say. Yet you want to uproot and erase the most important starting point of Muslims in the region, the Hijra which you want to disown. Sometimes walking carefully is wise if one is to avoid landmines 🙂

          • Eyob Medhane

            Gash Saleh,

            Two things then I will stop.

            Please re-read about what I said about “disowning” first hijra. In fact, I will quote it to you. “..Of course I am kidding about handing over the claim to Sudanese, we don’t give up anything without fighting for it, would we?…” See now, who is nitpicking? As far as the “wholesale hate”, I thought you know me better than that Gash Saleh. My I “disdain” to Arabs expression is a response to the articles , which I provided to you. To hate people in wholesale is tiresome and requires too much effort, and I ain’t got that. But I have to be somehow mimic Saudi Gazzate to let out my frustration their style.

            The ambassador allegedly says 97% are Christians and Muslims, he did not confirm or deny that the 3% could or could not be sorcorers. (I think they are responsible for the Ryadh flood last week 🙂 )

            Honestly though Gash Saleh, weren’t you proud of your people Habesha for the last few days? The unity. I am impressed that they got coverage on BBC, CNN and even the little Sioux Falls media, they managed to shame and name the Saudis.






            All these sort of drove the Saudis crazy they have started this


            They also started a counter twitter hashtag to our #someonetellsaudiarabia

            My point is with all these outlets, when we say stuff on these outlets that may sound wholesale hate, racist and bigoted, we’re just letting our anger out. At least on our side… 😉

        • Horizon

          Reading the links, I was surprised to see that still today there are people in Saudi Arabia who believe in the power of black magic and people with black hearts, despite the fact that we live in the age of the internet, globalization and exploration of our solar system and beyond.
          Characterizing Ethiopian women as sorcerers shows the backwardness of some Saudis and the hate they have towards Ethiopians. It is similar to what some Ethiopians out of ignorance believed of our Falasha people during the feudal years. Therefore, one is forced to conclude that as a nation saudis stand in two worlds at the same time – with one leg in the 21st century and the other in the dark ages. Given their wealth, it is a big shame that they have failed to educate their people, emancipate their women and change their world vision.

  • ُexplorer

    I pity those naive people who try to distort facts in order to defend oppression and criminal system like that of DIA in Eritrea. When some sycophant writes the following: “Eritreans are the only refugees in the world that can pay a lot of money to join western countries in order to ” avoid military service” in their country.”
    But what are the facts:
    1- Eritreans are not the only refugees in the world who pay money (here exaggerated)to join western countries… we have refugees from all over the world e.g. Iraq, Syria, Sudan etc…
    2. The military service in Eritrea is open and UNLIMITED… so a person cannot serve an illegal regime and criminal party mafias all his life… that’s the reason Mr. submissive authoritarian people escape from the hell of Higdef. Many countries in the world have limited military service (usually 2 years or less) and then he is done. In DIA Eritrea it is UNLIMITED and INDEFINITE… it is “youth slavery” and not “national service”.
    I hope when people write to present the complete picture and not just select part of the story and neglect the truth.
    3- Eritrean history clearly describes people who collaborated and submitted to Haile Selassie people like Asfaha Woldemikael who kissed his shoes and sold Eritrean independence to “mother Ethiopia”. We are familiar with those people who are born to be subordinates and submissive and are justice blind and worship their rulers… history is repeating itself… today we have people blindly and unconditionally supporting oppression and subjugation… it seems we are destined to live in a country manifested with such “submissive justice blind” creatures.

  • Sabri

    Dear Awate Team,

    In your posting guidelines you wrote the following statement.

    3. Use proper posting protocol: address your audience by name. Do not use abusive language.
    4. Use appropriate, family-friendly language. Foul language is not allowed.

    I don’t understand why you allowed to post Araya’s post. He clearly violates your posting guidelines.

    • Gebre

      Dear Sabri,

      You are absolutely RIGHT. The staff itself, in sheer hypocrisy, violates its own guidelines. It says it rejects articles “full of ad hominem attacks”. But it openly uses denigrating ad hominem attacks on others (me). It allows cyber quacks of psychology (like Kim Hanna) to attack the personality of people whom they realy donnot have the slightest clue on their traits.

      This is the place where we should learn inclusivness, maturity, civilized discourse, etc. When we get to office after we dismantle the dictatorship, it will be too late to learn; it will be highly likely to make the same mistakes they are making today under dictatorship and arrogance.

      No to Asmara street or Addis Ababa Arada mentality and language!

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    Hacker Ambushed me through that lexilogo Amharic alphabet I got from someone posted on Awate visitor.
    The hacker took control of my computer while I was using the alphabet at first I sensed the computer gone to slow then he changed my computer screen to Red. Next he showed me practically he had the control of mouse and the keyboard. Unless I paid him through credit card he warned me I would lose the files and the computer.
    these tigryna users do not be victim like me do not use it and delete it from your history.I also suggest Awate team to remove it from the previous articles.

  • Araya

    I am disappointed
    I came to this new thread and there are forty tow posters and I was expecting seven to eight posts to belong to the spine-less Haile. To my dismay there is only one post. How? The guy is here 24-7 claiming to know it all, yet, on this thread, he nowhere to be found. I know the reason. Interesting!

    what do you do for living? Why do you think you are the only smart, brilliant and bright?
    The reason I am asking you so I can tell you mine, sometimes,
    Qomata Qomata-n- Kalalut Abre Lifetfit Ylal

    Haile does not have the courage and mettle to know but in reality you are insulting degrading Haile to the lowest end. Again, he doesn’t know it. To know, it takes courage and a bone to stand. Ask I shall explain.

    Maqateru Min Ametaw
    Achebchabi Atuhun.
    You can believe all you want but Haile, stop it. Agafari

    Amaniual Hidarat,
    nitric was right to call you a police officer, who make you to police my posts?
    Again, it is your right to bow and bend to the gutless Haile, but please don’t tell me.

    • Ermias

      I have made one observation about the pro-regime commenters on this site. I could be wrong and I will stand corrected if somebody corrects me. My observation is that a number of the pro-regime folk here throw in Amharic sayings from time to time or they curse in Amharic. Nitricc called me “amedam” in the past among other things. He also throws in Amharic proverbs occassionally so do a few others but their names skips me at the moment.

      The other thing is, Meron = Selam = Sophia. I just see some trends but Meron is doing great disguising it but Selam is a total give away.

      Rodab, not sure if you saw or not but just to help you, I dubbed Nitricc as Nitricc “the entertainer” for you.

      • sara

        you know why, because they know many of those who are agitating against eri
        are Ethiopians mainly eprdf cronies or andnet propagandists. the easiest way to explain to them is by saying those Amharic words, instead of writing a whole page.

    • Birhan

      Araya, you say,

      I am disappointed
      I came to this new thread and there are forty tow posters and I was expecting seven to eight posts to belong to the spine-less Haile. To my dismay there is only one post. How?”

      You just proved yourself wrong and you didn’t have to expose yourself but “seraki mobaesi ba’elu y’lafalef” y’bahal.

    • Araya,

      Can you stop these two liner diatribes.Try to write some substantive arguments.By now you should learn from the suvy debaters Saay, SGJ, Papi, Tzegereda, Yodita Ghezae Beyan, Sabri etc.From the other side (though truth in it) Meron. Meron can debate except the facts is not on his side

  • media man

    I love Eri-TV! Love it!

  • rr

    Isayas has a habbit or disapearing when the pressure on him is higher. That is what he did when the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia broke out and many other times when Eritrea needed his statement as a leader of the country. The system worked for him very well but this time around it is different. Eritreans are deeeply wounded and are watching every stape he takes. They are hopping for his heart to soften and aknowledge our loss and he will never aknowledge anything. This then will lead to the end of his history

  • Ermias

    I was watching Eri-TV last night, their ‘hafeshawi filtet’ program, which I have to admit I do like because of the dozens of excited kids in the program. That young journalist (Osman…last name skips me) is extremely talented and in a free country, he could break all kinds of records – just my opinion.

    In any case, I learned one thing from that program – Islam made its way into Africa via Eritrea as the first country, I guess through traders by the port of Massawa. I have no reason to not believe this jsut because it came through Eri-TV but it is really something to be proud of as Christianity also dates way back before most communities in the world.

    • Belay

      Hi Ermias,
      Was there Eritrea as a country then? Just curious.

    • Belay

      I see a contradiction between your explanation (as well as EriTV explanation) and the two Muslim scholars on the issue you just mentioned. Just see the first few minutes analysis of the two scholars from two different countries, apparently from USA and an Asian country.



      • Birhan

        Hi belay. The video you linked didn’t play for some reason. But I have absolutely no prior knowledge of the claim made on Eri-TV that Islam came to Eritrea before the rest of the African countries. It is not important what was Eritrea part of or called at that time. If it came through massawa, then that’s Eritrea as we know it now. I am pretty sure Gadi will know something about this, well rounded as he is but not simply because he is Muslim. I hope he enlightens us. I am curious and I am proud to have that honor as an Eritrean although I Christian.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          Birhan, I will try.
          If we want to move the creation of Eritrea and Ethiopia a little over a thousand years back, we can imagine that, but we will become a laughing stock. Just like they did with Pushkin whom both Ethiopia, Eritrea (and a host of other countries claim). The Sudan also claims the first Hijra sehaba landed in Sudan….

          My opinion: Ashama/Armaha was the king of Abyssinia (Habesha) and his kingdom was the highlands of Eritrea and North Ethiopa with its port anywhere between present Massawa and Adulis. It is more probable they entered through the port of Adulis since Massawa and Dahlak grew much later after the destruction of Adulis. The First Hijra was headed to Weqro, a place in Tigrai and presumably the seat of King Ashama/Armaha. So, claiming they came to Eritrea and Ethiopia is simply chauvinism–both were not conceived let alone created. And in Eritrea, there are some of us who claim we embraced Islam since those days, way before the ancestors of the present Saudis who were chasing the prophet. Islam spread by traders is a lame explanation because it implies it was established by traders. No, it was established the moment the refugees landed in the Area in question–roughly 300 years after Christianity was introduce in the region-also way before Europe and the rest. That is why our church doctrine is Tewahdo as in the Muslim Tewhid, unity of God–this cannot be understood unless one reads about the nature of Christ in Christian doctrines, “El Al Lahut” in Arabic. Finally, please note that most of present Ethiopia and Eritrea (and the rest of Arabia and Africa.. and the erst of the world) embraced Islam at a much later stage that Abyssinia. That is why Eritrean Muslims do not take any superiority attitudes from other Muslims, mainly the Saudis. So, all the Muslims of the area should ask one question: what was the faith of my ancestors before they embraced Islam? If they were believers (ahl AlKitab) they were either Christians or Jews or pagans. I like to believe my ancestors were not unbelievers, but Tewahdo.

          • Ermias


            “That is why Eritrean Muslims do not take any superiority attitudes from other Muslims, mainly the Saudis.”

            That is a powerful statement. Every Eritrean should know that and see the Saudis and Arabs for who they really are.

            I brought this whole thing up because I was really struck by the fact that my sister (converted to Islam by virtue of her marriage to an Eritrean Muslim in Asmara) lived in Saudi (since the late 70’s) and is now seeking a way out for her kids to the West. The kids only have Eritrean passports. Their oldest son is 30 or so years old. It really broke my heart when she said she wants me to help her with her daughters to bring them to the USA because they do not have a place there. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia and they have no place there. She said, “nhnas eten ziterfa edmena wela ab adna kedna miswedaenayen.” We see what they are doing to the Ethiopians, I would bet the Eritreans are faring they same fate because how can a Saudi tell the difference between an Eri and an Ethio? Anybody can say that is their country and they have the right to kick anyone out. I am fine with that but the fact that they think they are better than a black person is aggravating. The other immigrants or visitors have not complained of any mistreatment.

            The whole thing ties to the unfortunate situation in Indonesia. If we had a home country where people have as a viable option to go back and lead a normal life, the suffering would not be anywhere near what we see.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            My statement is clear and specific, I do not know how you would see all Arabs (from Morocco to Bahrain, 300 million of them) for what they are without crossing into the land of outright racism. I suggest you be specific and not to condemn an entire race. I should also rephrase my statement as “some Saudi”, not all 16 million of them.

          • In addition to “Christians or Jews or pagans” , our ancestors may have been atheists or agnostics.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            Yes, that is what I said, Daw!t. But I like to believe my ancestors were believers…I can do that, can’t I?

          • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

            It is interesting – all the time we were told thin and faked story that Islam and the history of eri and Ethiopian muslims always excluded. I hope more people tell us broad stories like this.

          • Abe z minewale

            What a right timing for me and my Turkish friends. There is a debate among us whether there is a difference between Allah and God?time permits

          • Birhan

            Thank you Saleh Gadi. Great explanation. I will look for further reading on the subject.

          • Dear Saleh Gadi,
            You said, Ashama/ Armaha was the king………
            Do you mean Abraha/ Atsbha or you believe the above name is correct.
            I am just curious

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            Meretse, the Axumite king of the time is reffered to by those to names depending on the source. It is not Abraha or Atsbaha simply because they lived in pre-Islamic age.

          • Birhan

            SGJ, I stand corrected and I sincerely apologize if I implied that you made such general statements. You absolutely did not and neither was I purposely accusing all Arabs for discrimination.

          • Ermias

            SGJ, I stand corrected and I sincerely apologize if I implied that you made such general statements. You absolutely did not and neither was I purposely accusing all Arabs for discrimination.

          • Dear Gadi,
            Since we are talking about a long time history one cannot be damn right or damn wrong. I agree with your overall information that you have stated above, but the name of the king. And in this case, I have chosen to agree to “depends the source”

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            Indeed, the chronology of Islamic history in the region is very poor. Starting in the 15th century, the Abyssinian kings went on vilifying Islam and Muslims for centuries after the saga of the Jesuits and the Portuguese (too long to include here, but suffice to say they are the ones who insisted on baptizing the Tewahdo again at their hands because they thought they were not Christian enough). That was exasperated in the great Ethiopian civil war between Libne Dingel and Ahmad Gragn. Both being Ethiopians (to use a hundred years old appellation of the country) Ethiopian scholars treat that civil war as if it was between an Ethiopian and a foreigner–in this case Ahmed Gragn is treated like an foreigner invading his own country! Therefore, until the era of Haile sellassie, there was no mention of Islamic history apart from passages of vilification and promotion of the “Solomonic Dynasty”. That went a little further in the era of Yohannes whose bigotry had no limits. That has damaged the scholarly endeavor of Ethiopia and the schools, text books and narrations were full of ant-Islam vitriol for centuries. That is why names like Armaha/Asbaha sound alien to many. By the way, one of the first demands of Ethiopian Muslims was the establishment of an Islamic Institute in the Addis Ababa university–which doesn’t have one until now.

            It might be old history, but history is written by using modern tools, research and archeology for example 🙂

        • Belay

          Hi Birhan,
          I am sorry that you couldn’t watch the video.
          The two articulate Muslim scholars who are neither Eritreans or Ethiopians are not politically biased favoring one group or claimant over the other on this issue. The video is created by some Ethiopians who seem to have used video mixer to make their points basically to defend immigrants who are suffering in the hands of the Saudis. Thanks

          • Yonus

            Abyssinian king was Negus, Aṣḥama ibn Abjar, also called al-Najashi, (Arabic: النجاشي). I have taken the picture of the place and the burial place of most of the followers of the time.
            I have all the picture I took in 2011, my dad was one of the contributor to the mosque. Saleh, if you want the picture I could post them some where.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            Yonus, Please post them on facebook and notify me or you can send them to me at: gadi at awate.com.

        • belai

          Hi Berhan,
          The video posted by Belay works only if you keep pressing again and again,on the black screen it display.It is interesting but do not expect a better enlightment than Mr Saleh G Johar’s.
          Forgetting politics,we christians in Ethiopia feel proud very proud to be associated with Islam and its histroy,and PBUH Prophet Mohammed praised our country and he said leave them alone,we believe that is a word from God through the great prophet PBUH Mohammed.
          Saudi for Ethiopians should have been a home from home,atleast respect humanley evicted to their country.
          But the Saudis will never take our belief and respect to Islam and Prophet Mohammed away from us Christians.
          We Christians in Ethiopia feel more Islam and asociate more to Islam than The Saudis,at least me anyway.l know,it may sound silly but it is not,when one part of this great thing.
          Anyway Areb and Islam are different.
          Thanks for listening and sory to be emotional.

        • abel

          I personally saw the 8th graders question and answer,the poor girl was in dilemma for the present day Ethiopia the then Abyssinia was not part of the multiple choice and choose Egypt instead of Eritrea.
          The good news is that most Eritreans are coming to their true sense, from complete rejection and denials of their Hambesha,Abyssinia, Ethiopianess to more acceptable
          co-sharing of our common ancestral history.

    • L.T

      And the little boy-does he look like you?is he too so very remarkble?You passed your hand over Eri-Tv,made a little wincing grimace.Osman is extremely talented–talented”.
      Ermias,All your short comment story here had held us round”Eri.Tv,”hafeshawi filtet,Isalm.Massawa.you call attention.And yes-tomorrow he sprnag to his feet again”Bisha,Oreta,Fish…..You’ll all meet them here.Everybody will stay!

  • L.T

    Meron meron,,I understand though “Hasabat endher alo dekas yelen”try kamemela tea.I got to sleep when I drink kamemela tea.

  • abel

    Who is Meron?
    Could it be Sophia Tesfamariam with new Ip address? I don’t think any other Eritrean would have the audacity to justify vivid in justice.The recycled terminology is colonization? i am lost!!!are we saying Issayas and HEGDEF leadership and its members are Woyane from Ethiopia? or indirect colonization by CIA?Please clarify, i am sure u have more diatribe to vomit.

    Yohanes on the other hand is intentionally deviating from the root cause of the desperate mass migration.Yes people of all color,religion and nationality migrate legally and illegally,but what is the reason Eritreans exodus by sea,air and land? blaming facebook pic’s is I think a lame excuse if not an Insult to everyone’s intelligence.

    • Thomas

      abel – I think you might be right on your assumption that Meron could be Sofia. I know Meron is mostly a ladies name in Eritrea anyways:)

      • Meron is a gender neutral name as far as I know. King Meron is an example a name given to a male.

        • Thomas

          Well, I said mostly and in Eritrea.

          • King Meron is Eritrean. And, I am talking about your mostly, and in Eritrea too.

          • Thomas

            I never new that Eritrea had any king. I guess you are telling me something never heard or read. Again, Yes I was born and grew up in Asmara. You can say asmara was the most populated and with diverse people than any of the other cities in Eritrea. I know so many lady Meron’s (heard teachers calling for attendance purposes). I also know that in rare cases that we have some Meron named guys. Again, this name is very popular among Eritrea women than many. So, whenever this name is used as a nickname in the cyber world, I first assume the person behind this nickname is a woman. I hope this helps you to understand my position on this discussion.

          • Thomas

            Again Correction: popular among eritrean women than eritrean men…

  • Sabri

    Immigration is there always. But that is not the issue. What you knowingly or unknowingly omit is Eritreans are forced to leave their country in a mass. It is worrisome when people are leaving in a such huge number. If this doesn’t worry you I question if you really concern about Eritrea.

    • Sabri

      The main cause why Eritreans leave their country is 1. Forced labour and 2. Limitless conscription. The government untill now refused to accept the main cause. And you deny this glaring fact.

      • Forced labor and indefinite conscription are the same therefore you have only one cause for immigration. The other reason for Eritreans to emigrate is the high unemployment; they migrate to places where they can get employed. These Eritreans are economic migrants. Those who are politically conscious emigrate to other countries motivated primarily by political interests. People may migrate for a combination of reasons.

        • yohannes

          high unemployment rate,i cant deny there is very high unemployment rate in eritrea,its the same all over the world,did you see recently one intelectial,when he explain about how dangerous its going to be for european youth after 10-20 years,its alarming,look saudi arabia the richest country 23% unemployment rate,look in USA, asia all europe, its very difficult to find any country without high unemployment rate,soon even europe going to do the same like saudi arabia, arresting detaining youth from another countries and deporting them

          • Globalization and capitalism are to blame. Wealth is concentrated at the top 2 to 5% of the population. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. The population of the world has also continued to increase exacerbating the unemployment rate. There are few jobs to go around for the ever increasing population of the west due in part to the illegal migrants.

          • Zahra


            What Dawit is saying that Isayas and his cronies are getting richer, while the other Eritreans are getting poorer. Should you want to know, here is the fact: (1) All proceeds of sales of gold and other metals into their pockets, (2) all the proceeds of Eritrean refugees internal organs (kidneys and other parts) into their pockets, (3) all Eritreans’ trafficking proceeds into their pockets, (4) all collections of 2% into their pockets, (5) and all the monies in the pockets of their supporters are their standby wealth.

  • woldai Russom

    President Isaias Afwerki Disappears from the Public Once Again!!
    The last time the dictator was seen in Eritrean media was in Oct 11, 2013

    • Amanuel

      Asmarino is saying that he is nursing his liver. Ali is not there any more. Who will come out this time and tell he is as fit as young man.


    So fastly advanced, in its 20 years of birth Eritrea could produce Mig fighters and started to export. Already 3 of that are delivered to SAUDI ARABIA. Those who think this as an absurd can come to Jizan to see it.

    • It’s about time that Issayas be forced to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet. He has become such an elusive president that monitoring system is our last resort to get a hold of him in time of crisis or major occurrences like the Lampadusa incident. At least, we need him to be the grief counselor in Chief in times serious incidents.

    • sara

      you are wrong there is 1 mig and the others two were different, two are already back in massawa while the third one is returning soon just to keep you abreast with the latest news.read sherkalawsat arabic news paper of last week…

  • It is another chapter in the Eritrean youth tragedy. This particular case of Eritrean youth fleeing Eritrea and passing through Indonesia on their way to Australia has been extensively covered by the tigrinya program of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) of Australia. They have been appealing for help for quite a long time now. Please lets highlight their case and offer our help. Good job Awate and SBS. This too shall pass! Here is the link to the interview done by SBS with the Eritrean asylum seekers in Indonesia.


  • Zahra


    I call on you to make some senses in your opinion. I am sure, Dawit was spontaneously called you “liar” and you didn’t like it.

    Indeed, I first read your input and then I read this: “Yes poor eritreans. They pay 20’000 dollars to go to Australia through Indonesia. Eritreans are the only refugees in the world that can pay a lot of money to join western countries in order to ” avoid military service” in their country” (Ali Hassen).

    I know you are defending Isayas. But the truth is, Eritreans are spending a lot of money to get to any place. While the others (Ethiopians, Egyptians, Yemenis, etc. etc.) have passports and are heading off to their selected destination.

    Now let us see: an Eritrean spends $20,000 to only cross borders, be it land or sea. That $20,000 is equivalent to Nakfa 1,000,000 ($20,000 x

    • sara

      i read in a certain NGO report that some chines immigrants paid 50,000 euro to reach continental Europe, before they came to the UK.how about that …

    • yohannes

      hello ZAHRA,you said ethiopians yemenis travel with passports, its wrong wrong all this ethiopians cross yemen by boat,and all those ethiopians in saudi arabia(tied up together like a lamb with a rope tortured and deported without shoes)you are telling me they came to saudi arabia legally with passport, by the way can you explain to me why people flee ethiopia in bundles to yemen saudi arabia, usa,the opposition claim ethiopia is democratic, with rule of law,rich booming country,can you please why its citizens leave their country?????

      • Zahra


        I know that you know all the cause but let present my ABC lesson:

        In Ethiopia: You got money, you can buy any thing that money buys including air ticket.

        In Eritrea: You got money, you can’t buy any thing because legally are not available. So, those who got money they have to plan they purchases because it is illegal. Firstly, find a safe middleman to buy you a “promise to get where you want.” Then negotiate until they empty what you got. Once you cross the border, you send your SOS to your family member to send you money. Then, you have to deal with Isayas’s agents in Sudan for plans beyond Sudan. All is money and money but not certain about your destination.

        On the part of the Ethiopians, Sudanese and Somalis, they destination is known: Saudi Arabia or this country. And those border crossers have no money, they going to their destination to make money. The Eritrean got money and can get money; all what is wanted is to flee Isayasism. And because most of the Eritreans are abused by Isayasist, they always go back to them to get the blessings – we call that the abuser and the abused relationship is based on fear.

        • yohannes

          ZAHRA,take it easy, you are going to blow up, like that FROG on SHREIK part one ,and you are accusing every one supporting isayas, dont forget every body have the right to support whatever they think its right, thats what the opposition fights for, you are fighting against your principles, may be you are mad,and you are accusing the government supporters of putting 2% money in their pocket,organ money on their pocket,and more, but you didnt mention how ,who, when, you dont have any proof,or if you have any proof can you share with as please, and calm down ,take it easy

  • sara

    good reporting , and hopefully generous eritreans around the world will heed your call for assistance, in the same manner i wish you also report/call for the eritreans in ethiobia… weyane land.

  • yohannes

    dont try to politicize it, immigration started before i born,its not only from eritrea,look ethiopians in saudi arabia,yemen, how many ethiopians egyptians in usa,how many palestinians in usa,look all this minimarts owned by yemenis,people leave their poor countries for better life education money,people are not leaving eritrea because there is military conscription,what do you think if some one get lucky made it to israel worked (minewale) day and night collect money send it to his family and his family build with it a nice villa,then the others from his neighbour or friends are going to try to do the same,i mean immigration in eritrea started long time ago before military conscription started even during haileslassie,again try to report facts,dont try to politicice every thing, that is what hurting the opposition camp

    • Dawit

      Lier do you know what you are speaking.
      Eritreans are escaping from brutal,tirany,merecyless,dictator
      arogant,faithless,tourcher,warmongerer Isias Afeworki.
      There is no other reson.

      Dawit wedi keren

      • yohannes

        camon,we all know why we leave our country, most of as when we see a picture of our friends in facebook in green lake shores ,beach mall highway etc,,, with nice clothes,we dont know the risk,also some have a good reason(long conscription)we just want to go,we dont think about the risk , and the reality is immigration didnt start this year last year,20 years ago,it starts hundreads years ago,even in eritrea if conscription stops people not going to stop from leaving the country,people are leaving from all africa asia to western countries,ethiopians(your lords)kenyans sudanese yemenis egyptians tunisians nigerians they flee from their countries in bundles,and i dont know who you are i am writing my opinion in awate its stupidity to call some body you dont know a liar,you just put your opinion and confront me by putting proofs,and i like to thank AWATE STAFF for letting me put my opinion on their web site,iraise my hat to awate staff

        • haile


          መቸም እዚ “ማንም ይጠፍእ ኣሎ፡ ካብ ማንም እንታይ ከይከፍኦም” ዘስምዕ፡ ርእይቶኻ ኣይመልሶም፡ ኣይድብሶም ንጋዶ’ዩ። ግደ ሓቂ ኣሕዋትካን፡ ኣሓትካን እዮም ነይሮም፡ ኮይኑ ግን ዳርጋ’ዚ ጓና፡ ካብ ማንም እይቀርቡኻ፡ ኣይርሕቁኻ ገይርካ ካብ ተፋነኻዮም ደጊም’ሲ፡ ሞት ርሕቕቲ፡ ነቶም ዘለና’ምበር ንዓኣቶም ኣይንታዮምን’ያ። ዓጽሞም ኣይውጋእካ እምበሪ፡ ዘረባኻ’ስ ኣበይ ኣርኪቡ ክወግኦም ኢልካዮ ኢኻ።

          ንሕና ምስ ኩሉ ዝስደድ ምስ ተሰደድና ኢና። እቶም ኢትዮጵያ ትብሎም ዘሎኻ፡ ካብቲ ዘይርጉእ ከባቢታት ኦሮሚያን፡ ኦጋድየንን ዝነቐሉ’ዮም። መወከሲ ከቕርበልካ ይኽእል እየ። ምስ ዒራቕ’ውን ተሰዲድና ኢና፡ ምስ ሶርያውያን፡ ሶማላውያን፡ ቱኒዝያውያንን፡ ግብጻውያንን ውን ከምኡ። እቲ ናቶም ውሽጣዊ ኩነት ዝግ ብዝበለሉ፡ ስደቶም ክሃድእ እንከሎ፡ ናትና ሞትን ስደትን ግን ፍጹም ዘየባረየ መቕዘፍትን ህልቂትን ኮይኑና’ሎ። ንሳቶም፡ ካብ ርኡይ ነውጺ፡ ህልዊ ኩነታት ሃገሮም ከምልጡ፡ ንትና’ኸ? 95% ግዳያት ሲና፡ 87000 ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ፡ 125000 ኣብ ሱዳን፡ ልዕሊ 40000 ኣብ እስራኤል፡ ኣሽሓት ኣብ ልብያ፡ ግብጺን ካልኦት፡ ማእከላይ ምብራቕን፡ ደቡባዊ ኤውሮጳን፡ ርሑቕ ምብራቕን፡ እዚ ኹሉ ንልዕሊ 15 ዓመታት ምስ ምንታይ ይቑጸር?

          ብደምን፡ ህይወትን፡ ኣዕጽምትን ህዝብና ኩርባ ባቢልዮን ኣበሪኹ፡ ብመልሓሱ ሰማይ ክኹሕኩሕ ዝመጣጠር፡ እንትርፎ ቅጥፈትን፡ ምጥፍፋእን፡ እልቢ ዘይብሉ ሓሶትን፡ ካልእ ቁምነገር ክገብር ባህሪኡ ዘይፈቕዶ መኻልፍ ስርዓት ስለ ዝወደቐና’ዩ። ሕጂ ግን ክወግሕ’ዩ፡ ሓንሳብ ስለ ዝተቖማጣዕኩ ድማ ንዓይ ምሰሉ ዝብሉ ምስሉያት’ውን ኣይክሰኣኑን እዮመ።

          ቑሩብ፡ ሰብኣውነትካ እንተቀስቀሶ፡ እዚ’ኣ ሃየ ጀባእ፡


          እንተ ነዊሓካ፡ እታ ቐዳመይቲ ግጥሚ ስነ-ጥበባዊ ፋሲል ትኣክል’ያ።

          • Hailat,

            Twist ans twist. You know Eritrea is under invasion. You know it is required to defend it self. You know now one want to be in military for an extended period. You know everyone want to have life where he/she can own his/her life.

            The violated sovereignty first displaced around one million people, takes 19,000 life, and required everyone to be vigilant and contain any farther advance of the enemy. This is not a period of normality as you want to express it. It is period of occupation and sanction. Thus one can leave the country to avoid military and to earn more money. Had it being otherwise everyone would have been fight back no…

            Another point, modern migration is at least half century years old in Eritrea. particularly since late 60th then to 70th and continued till 91 due to insecurity and in search of better life. To your surprise huge number of youth were flocking to Ethiopia from 1991-1997 to facilitate process for farther migrations. In 1995 this was one of the high discussion on Eritrea’s national media… there was very popular radio drama dedicated to that called ‘process’ at time. It tells a lot.

            Haile when 55,000 fighters demobilized from the army and thousands of nationals were left their job due to the 90 restructuring of the public sector, the rate of migration have also increased. Do you know when the following 3 popular signers of that time left the country… Tefono, Wedi Zagir, Bergade? off-course you know.

    • Kidane Berhe

      You started out asking Awate not to politicize it, but then true to form, in the same paragraph you sneaked in “people are not leaving Eritrea because there is military conscription”. Consistency is not your forte!

      • yohannes

        kidane,i mean even if esayas gone, even if an angel leader replace him,even all those opposition group control eritrea, immigration is not going to stop, even chinese people are being refugues(do you see toronto CHINA TOWN)do you see new york city,i dont mean every thing in eritrea is good, there is a lot injustices among soldiers, some they get vacation to see their families, some denied even to visit seek parents, every country have its own problem, no country is 100% but when some bad thing happened trying to blame the whole government to gain your political agenda is nonsence

        • abel

          ur intentionally deviating from the root cause of the desperate mass migration.Yes people of all color,religion and nationality migrate legally and illegally,but what is the reason Eritreans exodus by sea,air and land? blaming facebook pic’s is I think a lame excuse if not an Insult to everyone’s intelligence.

          • L.T

            The rain about Isaias are stopped a little now.Isaias is one of the fashionable man in the world to talk about of this moment.Meles read his novel and talked about him to all,Susan finshed his story,,,, Ayate Isaias,Ato Isaias,Biitasy Isaias,Hawuna Iasais,Welqi melaki Isasais, pappa Isasais ,,Isu…Nusu .the same faces every morning and every afternoon on awate…meskerem,aiga,media..anseba,geza tegaru,azmarino weghata..they greet him like the Zion of babylon.
            Prof Asrat,mesfin,Harer-wrqe Mokonon,Soleme Tadesse,Sophia,Sibhte Nega,Siye,A….all they hang their nostalgic harps up on him-

            Our friend Isaias needs rest for awhile.

  • Ali Hassen

    Yes poor eritreans. They pay 20’000 dollars to go to Australia through Indonesia. Eritreans are the only refugees in the world that can pay a lot of money to join western countries in order to ” avoid military service” in their country.

    • ُexplorer

      I pity those naive people who try to distort facts in order to defend oppression and criminal system like that of DIA in Eritrea. When some sycophant writes the following: “Eritreans are the only refugees in the world that can pay a lot of money to join western countries in order to ” avoid military service” in their country.”
      But what are the facts:
      1- Eritreans are not the only refugees in the world who pay money (here exaggerated)to join western countries… we have refugees from all over the world e.g. Iraq, Syria, Sudan etc…
      2. The military service in Eritrea is open and UNLIMITED… so a person cannot serve an illegal regime and criminal party mafias all his life… that’s the reason Mr. submissive authoritarian people escape from the hell of Higdef. Many countries in the world have limited military service (usually 2 years or less) and then he is done. In DIA Eritrea it is UNLIMITED and INDEFINITE… it is “youth slavery” and not “national service”.
      I hope when people write to present the complete picture and not just select part of the story and neglect the truth.
      3- Eritrean history clearly describes people who collaborated and submitted to Haile Selassie people like Asfaha Woldemikael who kissed his shoes and sold Eritrean independence to “mother Ethiopia”. We are familiar with those people who are born to be subordinates and submissive and are justice blind and worship their rulers… history is repeating itself… today we have people blindly and unconditionally supporting oppression and subjugation… it seems we are destined to live in a country manifested with such “submissive justice blind” creatures.

  • Haqi

    Miskinay hizbi Eritrea, is there any country in the world that doesn’t have Eritreans.

    • Ali Hassen

      yes soon Eritrea….

    • Confused

      The only country that doesn’t have Eritreans is Eritrea.