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Eritrean Women, March 8 And NUEW

March 8, the International Women’s Day is approaching. Invitations for numerous upcoming events have been published in “governmental” and opposition websites. International Women’s Day is celebrated since the mid seventies (in ELF and EPLF areas) and was established as a public holiday after independence of Eritrea. On SHEMONTE MEGABIT (March 8) many Eritreans top styled with their ornaments and dressed in colourful LUWYET or bright ZURYA showcase the beauty and diversity of traditional celebrations at festivities organised by the NUEW (National Union of Eritrean Women) or the several Women’s Organisations of the opposition parties. After a brief concluding remark by a NUEW representative (or brazenly a male government official) on the participation (making up to 35%), sacrifices and achievements of  Eritrean heroines in the armed struggle, expressing resolve “to foil external conspiracies” and confirming “readiness to any call by our government” the stage is clear for the key event – GUAYLA dance. On the Eritrean opposition campInternational Women’s Day is celebrated in a similar manner (though widely and mainly used to concurrently convey “organisational messages”).

What is worth to honour and celebrate? Do these celebrations dignify and render due homage to our heroines – the female TEGADELTI who were part of the very initial movement for change in the 60s, the sacrifices of the 35% of the armed Liberation Forces, the numerous brave Eritrean mothers? Do these events hold the spirit of International Women’s Day alive and growing for the young generation? Do we gain any inspiration from them?  NO, absolutely not!

I asked myself why Eritrean women as a driving political force, and particularly our heroines, are apparently “invisible”… and went searching. I was struck by the obvious scarcity of literature on the issue. In search of personal history of Eritrean women with extraordinary touch the first name that came to my mind was one I heard years ago – Martha. She who was  part of the hijacking attempt of an Ethiopian Airlines plane. I didn’t even know her father’s name, and I found this: few sentences in More detailed description is published in:  

 Here is the title and some quotations:

”The Martha manifesto: An Ethiopian woman’s dream”

 “Martha was the daughter of a brigadier-general who hailed from the province of Eritrea (Eritrea was then part of Ethiopia). She was a beautiful and intelligent medical student at Haile Selassie I University (now AddisAbebaUniversity) back in the 1970s. She entered college when she was only 15 years old… Martha was born in Addis Ababa and as a young girl she had a chance to study in Nigeria and to visit the US as an exchange student…The night before the hijacking attempt she wrote:
”…We, women of Ethiopia and Eritrea, are not only exploited as members of the working classes and peasants, we are also victims of gender inequality, treated as second class citizens. Therefore, our participation in this struggle must double the efforts of other oppressed groups; we must fight harder, we must be at the forefront”.

Martha has never been honoured by any Eritrean (political) organisation!

I further found some information in, published in March 2012, devoting half a page to the story of “some of the first Eritrean women who took active part in the revolution in the 1960s and early 1970s”, namely Nisrit Kerrar, Jumaa Omar and Almaz Woldu.

In you find a photo of Alem Mesfin- the first woman martyr in the armed struggle – and an “unsuitable” poem dedicated to her.

The “government’s” Haddas Ertra with its huge capacity and accessibility to the necessary source files here and there extraordinary biographies; seldom devoted to the merit/history of the “unknown” heroes and heroines. In any case the mismatch of comprehensiveness of the documents to the disadvantage of the latter is very noticeable, such as in the series of BeAL NEZELAN BETRN with up to 52 parts; making it longer than the exciting Eri-TV movie series.

I continued searching. I looked for books and study papers. I was lucky to find some, e.g. at (listed below).

Then it was time to look at what the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) presents and how it defines its aims. The NUEW is the only “non”-governmental organisation in Eritrea, as proclaimed by itself. In its website it states … “continues to play key role in advocating for, monitoring, and evaluating the formulation/planning and implementation of government policies and programs from a gender perspective.” (Emphasis mine). As far as “advocating for” is concerned this is admittedly true – as the apparently one sole purpose. Numerous statistical data protocols regarding mortality, reproductive health, education and female circumcision prior to 2002 are depicted. You find further details on ongoing seminars, training income generation … contact … on “page not found”. Abundant information about festivals/MEKETETAT is available on the NUEW FB.

In a 65-page special report presented to the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in February 2004 the sole NGO in Eritrea states ”… The mission of NUEW is to ensure that all Eritrean women confidently stand for their rights and equally participate in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres of the country and share the benefits.” … ”Eritrean women were adequately represented (over 40%) in the ECC, a body mandated to draft the first National Constitution thereby becoming part of the National Law making process. Which National law? Which Constitution? What an irony! Did Leul Gebreab, the Chairperson of NUEW, as a special emissary of the government, not make a plea “to staunch the conspiracies of January 21” at a NUEW seminar in Germany last week?

There is no written record or platform for discussion regarding sexual harassment (translated in Tigrinya it sounds harmless and inoffensive: REBISHUWA…INDAHATETE MOK ABILUA, DELIYUW, ) during -when most female Tegadelti were at the age of 15-24- and post Ghedli era. Many former Tegadeltis could fill entire books on this subject. Life was less “romantic” than depicted in the film series TIMALI. Asia Abdelkader has still more to tell about sexual harassment/abuse under the current “government”. In how far is rape/sexual harassment prosecuted in reality in Eritrea? Read Asia`s presentation.

What is the current state of play and where are we headed? What has been achieved in the last 20 years? Have the promises been kept? What chances and shares do our sisters in Eritrea have in “equal participation in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres of the country” (beyond the “equality” in  “Agelglot”) ? What is the future perspective for the women in Eritrea?

Given their specific biography the majority of the female recent arrivals in the Diaspora belong to the less educated and disadvantaged. Women being the majority of the victims of war and injustice we witness a huge number of single mothers with the double burden and responsibility of raising children in a new (and often hostile) environment and supporting family members and relatives. We are currently witnessing the horrifying and ugliest form of human trafficking in the Sinai with an increased incidence of murder, sexual abuse and rape.

Has criticism or even concern ever been voiced by the appointed 30% women in the nominal National and Regional Assemblies? Do we find any female name among the few advisers and policy makers around Isaias Afwerki? Where did the assumed mouthpiece of Eritrean women, NUEW, now celebrating the International Women’s Day in its 34th year of existence, stand in the light of the current misery? We don’t expect the Women’s Organisation to solve the problems alone. But the least we can demand from it is to identify and conduct open discussions on these serious issues from “a gender perspective” challenging the “government” (in post-Isaias Afwerki era equally!). It should have raised its voice and campaigned against the atrocities in the Sinai. The prefix “non-governmental” is a farce. Needless to say, the NUEW – just as little as other “mass organisations” – has never been more than a loyal political tool to enforce and secure the government’s policies. It degrades itself to a charity at best.

There is no record of any open dispute or disaccord between the NUEW and the “government” regarding gender specific issues so far. Imagine an open discussion in Eri-TV, Leul Gebreab  challenging Isaias Afwerki regarding the rights of women and social justice! I think Isaias Afwerki would not even allow to be interviewed by an Eritrean woman – I mean he never did this in the last 20 years.

The aim of the arduous struggle for independence and why many women and men are either disabled or have lost their lives was not to inherit sacrifice of lives to the next generation. NO! It had the sole aim to put an end to it and allow every citizen to join a peaceful civilized life.

Things are taking a turn, an irreversible turn, for change. We have many educated and talented women. A number of them in the Diaspora are participating in several ways to bring about justice and the rule of law, doing away with tyranny. They are present anywhere and everywhere – in the political parties, civil societies, in websites, blogs, FB and at demonstrations. These brave women are fearless, dedicated and are acting as genuine advocators of the victimized and voiceless Eritreans. A few of the names that stand for this cause are Elsa Chyrum, Asia Abdulkadir, Meron Estifanos, Selam Kidane, Dr. Alganesh Fesseha Ghandi, Sister Azezet Kidane, Aida Kidane, Alia Gabres, Feven Solomon, Gergishu Yohannes…

And still the participation is low and limited. You don’t find a single woman at a leading position (as a chairwoman). The political organizations and civic societies are obliged to address the possible reasons and find a solution. The Eritrean woman has been betrayed once, twice…she will not go for one more disappointment.  I believe, she is not ready to join any movement before she ascertains the goals are clear and is convinced that her participation in that group is not a means to an end. There is no substantial attitudinal shift in the society towards (in)equality of genders.

In order to change the current balance and ensure that women are not condemned and confined to clean the mess done by men (men as political actors and warriors on one hand and women engaging themselves as human rights activists on the other hand) political power must be shared by women. Then, and only then, can tyranny find an end and wars be avoided!

Habtom Yohannes wrote last week in his FB that it is time the leadership goes to women. I fully agree with him. There is wide recognition of their organizational talents, ability in peaceful resolution of conflicts (at least they don’t rush to take up arms!) and their communicative skills. And after all a woman president would never ever give a boring eight-hour interview. SILUTAT INA! If we (and the other side of Mereb) had a woman at the head of state, I think, many a hurdle and a mischief would have been avoided. Just an assumption!

I firmly believe that we have a huge backlog of (home) work in every aspect compared to what was already on the ground 30-40 years ago. We are a long way from achieving the goals and ideals we had, a long way from an independent country with the rule of law and social justice, equality of gender, liberty of the individual…

On March 8 of this year we still have every reason to mourn, mourn our sisters and brothers who are in Eritrean prisons, mourn the victims of human trafficking. I hope it will be a day where every sensible Eritrean woman will stop denying flatly the mischief and atrocities in Eritrea and do her bit to challenge it. The current regime is abusing the basic human rights of the whole Eritrean population regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity making the demand for CHANGE indispensable.

Thumbs up for FORTISTAs everywhere!

Happy International Women’s Day

List of books:

1. Abeba Tesfagiorgis, A Painful Season & A Stubborn Hope: The Odyssey of an Eritrean Mother. The Red Sea Press, 1992.
2. Francesca Zamperetti & Giovanna Franca Dalla Costa, Sharing Trust: Women and Microcredit in Eritrea. The Red Sea Press, 2007.
3. Tesfa G. Gebremedhin, Women, Tradition, and Development in Africa: A case study of Eritrea.Red Sea Press, 2002.
4. Amrit Wilson, Women and the Eritrean Revolution: The Challenge Road. Red Sea Press, 1991.
5. Tanja R. Müller, The Making of Elite Women: Revolution and Nation Building in Eritrea (Afrika-Studiecentrum Series). Brill Academic Pub, 2004.
6. Fana Asefaw, Weibliche Genitalbeschneidung. U.Helmer, 2008.
7. Worku Zerai, A study of femal genital mutilation in Eritrea, Norwegian Church Aid, 2003.
8. Asia Abdulkader, Staat und Gewalt im Geschlechterverhältnis in Eritrea, University of Bonn, Germany, 2006. 
9. Ararat Iyob, Blankets of Sand, Poems of War and Exile, Red Sea Press, 1999.

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      እቲ እታ ¨እስላማዊት¨ዓማ ንቻይና ሰዲዳ ዘምሃረቶ ዘልኣለማዊ ፕረሲደንት ሃገረ ኤርትራ, ነታ ¨ሓቀኛ¨ውድብ ካብ ዝምስርታ ኣትሒዙ እቲ ኣብ ሃገረሰባትን ንኣሽቱ ከተማታትን ቅድሚ ናይ ጉንበት 1991 ባርነት ኣትሒዛ ትገብሮ ዝነበረት ኣብ ኣስመራ ምስ በጽሔት ክትገድፎ እያ ኢሉ ዝኣምን ስሑው ¨ከምታ ካብ እንቋቝሖ ተመን ርግቢት ክትጭጫሕ ዝተጸበየት ገልዒ ሰበይቲ¨ዝገልዔ ክኸውን ኣለዎ ። ትልምኖ ፍለጥ ክበጽሕ ስለ ዝኽእል ተጠንቀቕ (becareful what you pray for) ይብሉ ጽዓዱ።ከምታ ክሳዕ ክፍሊት ዩኒቨርሲቲ ዝውድእ ነብሰይ ሸይጠ (whoring ጌረ) ድሓር ክገድፎ እየ ኢላ ነብሳ ኣታሊላ ሂወታ ምሉእ ኣመንዝራነት እናሰርሔት ትኣርግ ጽብቕቲ ፣ሽፍትነት ኤርትራን ሽንትን እንተቐነየ ብዝበለጸ ይጨኑ እምበር ናብ ጨና Calvine Kline eternity ወይ Obsession ኣይቅየርን።
      1) እታ ንውላድ ሰብ ካብ ሕቝፊ ወለዱ መንጢልካ ብዘይድሌቱ ናብ ሓዊ ምእታው ክሳዕ ሕጂ ኣላ፣እኳ ድኣ እቲ ህዝቢ በቲ ዝደልዮ መጠንን ዓቐንእታ ንውላድ ሰብ ካብ ሕቝፊ ወለዱ መንጢልካ ብዘይድሌቱ ናብ ሓዊ ምእታው ክሳዕ ሕጂ ኣላ፣እኳ ድኣ እቲ ህ ዝቢ በቲ ዝደልዮ መጠንን ዓቐብን ስለ ዘይሞተሎም፣እቶም ዝልኣኹዎም ግዲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ቀልጢፉ ኣይጠፍእን´ዩ ዘሎ ኢሎሞም ግዲ ኾይኖም ንኹሉ ህዝቢ ብረት ዓዲሎሞ፣ኤርትራዊ ግን ስሑው ልቢ እምበር ክፉእ ልቢ ስለ ዘይብሉ ሓዉን ጎረቤቱን ክቐትል ኣይጎይንዩ።ብዓለገ ባህሊ´ውን ሸፋቱ ምስ መጹ ኣልሚዶሞ እምበር ጽያፉ ዝኸተተ ህዝቢ ምዃኑ ታሪኹ ይምስክረሉ።በቲ ዝተዋህቦ ብረት ንዕኦም ከይልክሞም ግና ፣እሙን ከልቢ ሕያዋይ ጎረቤት ይነክስ እምበር ጨካን ዋንኡ ክነክስ ባህሪኡ ስለ ዘይኮነ፣ነዚ ክብረት ከም ሕስረት ፣ሕስረት ድማ ከም ክብረት ጌሮም ተጋላቢጦሽ ¨ንቕሓት¨ ሂቦም ዝሃነጽዎ ህዝቢ ሞራል ኣውዲቖሞ ዝቐበራ ዓጽሙ ጠፊኣቶ ዓወንወን ከም ዝብል ከልቢ ጌሮሞ።ካብ ኩሉ ዘሕዝን ብደቂ 50 ++++ ብዘምጽእዎ ሰበብ ንኣሽቱ ክግሃሱን ክእሰሩን ክቕዘፉን ክትርኢ፣እቶም ንኢሳያስ ወርቆምን ጨርቆምን ሸይጦም ¨ንዓጋመ ኣብ ሳልስቲ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ከእትዎም¨ንኣሽቱ ብባሩድ ክቕዘፉ ዶላራትን ዩሮታትን ክራውናትን ፓውንድታትን ዝለገሱ ናይ ደም ሸቃጦ ዘወርቲ ታክሲ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካን ኤውሮጳን፣ ሕጂ ኢሳያስ በይኑ ተሓታቲ ኣምሲሎም ከቕርብዎ እንተ ደለዩ ፣ኣነ መላእኽቲ ካብ ሰማይ ወሪዶም ´ውን ተጋጊኻ እንተበሉኒ ኣይተጋገኹን ኢለ ክሳደይ ንሴፍ ይህብ።እግዚኣብሄር እባብን እግር የነሳው የልቡን ኣይቶ ነው ይብሉ(ንህዝበ ትግርኛ)ደቅና ኣምሓሩ። ትርጉሙ (እግዚኣብሄር ንተመን እግሪ ዝነስኦ፣ ናይ ልቡ ክፍኣት ስለ ዝመርመረ እዩ።Go figure !!!
      2) እታ ሓለዋ ሰውራ ኣብቶም ተጋደልተይ ዝብሎም ባርያታቱ የዘውትራ ኔሩ።እቶም ኣነ ዝሰማዕኩዎም ዝተፈተኑላ ውሑዳት ሻዕብያ ነበር ከዕልልዋ ከለዉ ___ከምቲ ብሉቕባሻት ኣቦታቶም ጣልያን ኣጎምቢሑ ክገርፎም ከሎ ¨ኣያ ጣልያን ዝሃቦም ስምብራት ከም ምልክት ሓበን እናዞሩ ንኻልኦት ኤርትራውያን ዘርእዩላ ዝነበርሩ መቐመጭኦም እዚ ኦም ´ውን ራዛ ናይ ኣቡኡ ሓዛ ከም ዝብሃል ሓለዋ ሰውራ ከልዕልዋ ከለው¨ዝውዓሉላ¨ዝስምዖም ሓበን ኣብቲ ባርያዊ ኣተሓሳስባ ዝዓብለሎ ገጾም ክትርኢ፣ከምዚ ኸማይ ብኽብረት ተወሊዱ ብኽብረት ዝዓበየ ሰብ ንኽሰምዖ የሰቅቖ !!!! ሕጂ …ሳሕል ከለዉ ዝቑጸየሎም ዝነበረ ህዝቢ ¨ነጻ¨ኣውጺኦም ባርያ ስለ ዝገበርዎ እታ ¨ሃገር¨ ዓባይ ሓላዊት ሰውራ( Giant prison)ኮይና ትፍለጥ ኣላ።ናይ ነጻነት ባርያ ካብ ምዃን የድሕንኩም ከይብለኩም..It is to let..Kids thank your air heads parents….make sure you learn eskitishm tigrinya dance when your airhead parents put on Fihira´s or wedi tikul´s song or if your parents are hip & young there is Korchach..etc…poor Eritrean kids the only country with useless role models.
      3)ምግሃስ መስል ደቀንስትዮን…. ዝወርደን ዘሎ ግፍዕን እንድሕር ተንቲነዮ፣ጽባሕ ብታክሲ ክኸዶ ዝግብኣኒ ሓኪም ርእሲ ብኣምቡላንሳ ክኸዶ ስለ ዘይደሊ ብጀካ ከም ኣቦን,ሓውን ከም ንእሽተይ ቆልዓ ከልቅስ እንተዘይኮይነ emotionaly handle ክገብሮ ይጽግመኒ።ሓዊ ውግእ ንኽበልዔን ገንዘብ ዘዋጻእናለን መሰለንን ክብረተንን እናተጋህሰ ግን ሓንቲ ኣኼባ ዘየካየድና ድኣ ፍቕሪ ሃገር ድዩ ጽልኢ መንነትናን መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያን እዩ ዝዓዘና ???ሓቢርና ነብስና ንመርምር በሃላይ እየ ኣነ።ኣብ ዓይንና ዘሎ ጉንዲ ምርኣይ እናኸልኣና ከሎስ እታ ኣብ ዓይኒ ኢሳያስ ዘላ ሓንቲ ጨንፈር ከነላግብ ግብዝና እዩ።
      3) እታ ናይ ውላዱ ዝሃደመ ጠላዕ ጎበዝ, ጥሪት ሃጊርኪ ሓሪድካ ምብላዕ ¨እቶም ከም ጀብሃ እንቋቝሖ ዘይበልዑ¨ሓቀኛ ውድብ ካብ ቀደም ዝገብርዎ ዝነበሩ ሰውራዊ ፍግሪ/ስርቂ እዩ !!!!Now that they have worthless money that the bandits themselves undermine by black marketing it ..they are fining innocent parents 50.000 naqfa.
      4)I am done sexy brain said ..enough until may. ከም ጥሪቱ እምኒ ምድርባይ ከይጀመርኩ እንከለኹ

  • haile

    Let’s congratulate the citizens and leaders of the Republic of Kenya. They have set an example for the rest of Africa to follow and have given a strong message to the west that what the west thinks of their man is irrelevant.

    Eritrea can only do well to learn from our big brother Kenya. After the massacre of election 2005, woyane went for the 99.9% win for election 2010 (the way some people like to have us emulate here) where as, Kenya learned to truly heal itself from its 2007 disaster, avoided western crisis escalation tactics by throwing in intl. legal case into it and attempting to derail Kenya’s peaceful path. Today, Kenyans responded in a way that would make Africa Proud (unlike woyane that encumbered itself and ended up selling its soul).

    Viva Kenya!!

    Viva Uhuru Kenyatta!!!!

    Peace and prosperity to the brotherly people of Kenya!!! muda kuishi Kenya.


      Brother Haile,

      Only unrealistic people think that Ethiopia is the pearl of democracy..although it should be admired for the stable fairly democratic(based on basic rights)administration. Kenyans are not new to limited free speech.As democracy is not given in a plate like birthday cake I hope Ethiopians will push for it.Kenyans have had enough of the bull crap.Governments are oppresors by nature.People are being governed according to the crap they are willing to tolerate.Relatively speaking Ethiopians are fairly satisfied how things are going in their country.But, as education advances people will demand more.I admire your principle that people should shoot for the highest aim.

    • sara

      it true the people of Kenya should be congratulated for the peaceful conduct of their election unlike what happened in 2007.
      having said that, i don’t think Kenya is a role model for Africa
      i prefer to give such recognition to TANZANIA.

  • belay

    I wish people UNDERSTAND that the best thing ever happen to Ethiopia was Eritrean independence.The war was started to keep Ethiopia undevelop,believing Ethiopia will never let Eritrea go INDEPENDENT,and use Eritrean blood and life for their own proxy war with Ethiopia.
    Now are they helping Eritreans?appart giving weapons as usual for their own proxy?again.
    Now that is gone,and we are both happy with what we achieved and we are still brothers.

    • Habtegiorgis Abraha

      Dear Belay
      Would it be possible to give more and clear info about your claim of ” … their own proxy war with Ethiopia”? Appreciated.
      And cheers

  • sara

    why not helping the awatistas steer back the discussion towards march 8 issues. your only entry is to thank the participants for their feedback and critical comments. i see all or most of the comments made are not about march 8, then where is the feedback and critical comments. thank you for your efforts to write such a piece in honor of women in general.

    • Habtegiorgis Abraha

      BiEwnet net nayti Ilet kibri, we need to focus on any particular messages of any articles! Auguri, Sara!!!

  • belay

    Why is not Eritrea a country?Any independence struggle was started as bandtry as the enemy call it or freedom fighter for the people involved.
    Please don’t confuse Eritrea with the Supporters of Eritrean President,even them have their own worries and concern to rally behind him,I don’t believe no more they are stupid Zombies.
    Why did I say that?because, I start to lose confidence with the opposition,I thought they were ok for Eritrea,but,only time will tell.I remember during the GEDLI era,Eritreans use to say,E’za Hager Te’ray Hara Te’wsaamo! Dahraay….kind of attitude.But know,I agree any thing will do to replace the monster.
    Is it my business? Yes,because stable,peace full and prosperous Eritrea will accelerate the development of Ethiopia.
    HGDEF, but I agree with you if what you ment was Mr Issaias Afeworki is a fake president.

  • Ziggy

    Dear Awate Staff:

    It’s true that no one died and put me in charge of It was still fun to play a bouncer though. I felt like grabbing the guy by his collars and throwing him out. I would have done that had he said those words to me in person about Eritrea. I did what I did because it seems like awate staff is on vacation these days. You’re letting comments go through unedited. Might as well have a sign posted: “Gone Fishing.”

    • HGDEF

      Dear Ziggy
      Sorry for those ugly words. They are not mine. But of people so known to this forum. People Like Mehretu (also calls himself many other names) have repeated these words a million times. So my intention was to remind Awate staff about people here who undermine Eritrea, its people and its struggle for independence.

      It is a sad reality of the people in the so called opposition camp that they tolerate people who undermine Eritrea and its people as long as they are anti-HGDEF. They don’t even care if the one talking ugly things about Eritrea is an Eritrean or some one else.

      I can write so many bad things about the opposition people. But I cannot insult my country and people. It is like a believer insulting his God. Can you believe in God and at the same time insult Him? Never! So, those who are insulting Eritrea and Eritreans cannot be Eritreans. So I understand you when you said go to Aigaforum!



        Have a back bone & stand on your own brain.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO AIGA FORUM .For starters I am not sure if you qualify with your wishy washy character.
        Ziggy wants to take away your Eritrean Citzenship & then you conform with your tail amongst your legs cuddling to fake Mama Eritrea.
        I never underestimate a Sewra of people, but when a Sewra turns in to banditry by killing intellectuals and destroying society as a whole it is a bandit movement only supported by mindless identity less bitches whose citzenship could be revoked by a single undesirable comment.
        If you call your self HGDEF ,have back bone like HGDEF..not like spineless opportunist opposition.Remmember ,if they take away your citzenship they do not refund the $75 dlls..Go pay 2%.


    Eritrean revolution for independence was banditry.
    Eritrea ia a fake country.

    Delete this if I am the fisrt one to say it on this forum.
    Post it it if others have said it before on this forum.

    • Ziggy


      You need to leave right now and go to aigaforum. Take Mesqela Wiqato Tigray (a.k.a Yodita) with you.

      Tigray people don’t belong here. This is an Eritrean website. Go to aigaforum and write about how you miss Meles the Kedami/Lemani.

      • Papillon


        The more you showcase your stupidity, the more you’re exposing Isaias for what he is as he is left with people like you. Moreover, it is an insult to as you make it sound like you belong to it. Your stinky presence is unbearable to say the least. Pathetic.

      • Aware Staff

        Dear Ziggy, true is an Eritrea website, but no one appointed you a gate-keeper and you do not have the right to expel people from this forum.


        Dearest Pappilon ,

        I have respect for Ziggy,not to his opinion to his stand …he is the is the spineless hos that apologize so that they do not have to go to Aiga Forum.
        Can you believe it sis.I do not get personal and I even advice you to avoid responding to every ¨opinion¨that is personally offensive to you..But ,I mean read HGDEF´s spine less ….misinformed .response.

  • Tzigereda Haile

    Dear Sisters and brothers,

    Thank you for all the positive feedback and critical remarks!


    • hizbawi

      Dahan tizgena ba-al TRACY CHAPMAN alewa gin eski qurub nay bahlina Natna

      there are two kind of Eritrean women, one that gave everything and the other who took everything. happy March 8 for those gave everything. I stand with you.

  • belay

    Do you know what,politics is a sexy name for a lie.
    Trust no body blame nobody.Never point your finger on weak ordinary people like yourselves,that is cowardice.
    RESPECT WOMEN,Their heart is not over ridden by their mind.
    Happy Eritrean Women’s day.

  • Ziggy

    Dear Tsigereda:

    I have already debunked your erroneous assertion that PIA has never been interviewed by a female reporter. I posted two video clips where he was indeed being interviewed by female Eri-TV reporters (one in Tigrigna and one in Arabic).

    Let me also disagree with your other assertion that had we had female heads of states in both Eritrea and Ethiopia that the war of aggression by the Kedemti Weyane would never have happened. The fact is, there is no evidence to suggest that women in power behave any differently than men. The problem with Weyane was the subservient (kedami) role they play in destabilizing the region and doing the bids of the Great Powers. Essentially, playing the role of useful idiots.

    Once more, Happy Women’s Day!

    P.S. Lady Wiqato Tigray – You will have to go to aigaforum to pick-up your flowers for women’s Day. You will find them labeled with your first and last name “Mesqela Geretsadkan.”

    • Yodita

      DIA mentioned his wife by name only once in 20 years that he has been a self proclaimed president: Last year when he was trembly and uncertain. He is never been seen with her at his side anywhere in the globe, even when very few countries extended an invitation. In all the tribunes he presided in Eritrea, she who was a fighter like him and very much appreciated by those who knew her closely,has never been seen on his side. DIA gives no honour and respect to anyone but his throne. Even those who are busy lick..g day and night like your goodself are disposable. Even Ali Abdou had to abandon him because he must have seen what an egocentric monster he is. I bet a dollar that the next to do so is Kisha because the hatred he faces from all around except DIA is not humanly sustainable.

      Weyane are becoming the envy of Africa in concrete terms. You can call them all the names you want, they are too busy meeting their appointment with history; they are transforming lives to the better. Kedami is the one who has tried his level best to be accepted but failed big time and therefore, like you, coins insults ad infinitum. How worthless!!

      • Eritrea2

        Yodita (whoever you are)

        I think you miss the whole point here. And I think you are out of touch with what Eritreans wanted before and what they always wanted. Regarding Ethiopia, that is.
        Eritreans do not care if Ethiopia’s economy shoots up the sky. Actually we would be happy if it does. We don’t care if Ethiopia reached the level of the developed countries. Actually we would be happy for them.
        What we care most and what we don’t understand is why Ethiopia needs to be obsessed with Eritrea. Why do they need to hold on to an Eritrean sovereign land (which, according to you is something they don’t need in their quest for fighting poverty) illegally!. Why do they need to be the reason (or be the excuse, if you prefer that) for hindering any economic and political progress in Eritrea, if they are marching towards prosperity? (Well, the marching is of course according to you. We will take your word for that and again, that is not the point here and besides, like I said before we don’t care). SO, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO US, ERITREANS, WHY DOES ETHIOPIA NEED TO HANG ON TO OUR SOVERIGN LAND ILLEGALY, AGAINST A RULING, FOR A DECADE (AND COUNTING) if it is actually making strides without Eritrea? Please don’t insult the Eritrean people by making this to look as if it is only the Eritrean government’s issue. Have some respect.
        For your information, Eritreans waged their fight and struggle for independence, knowing fully well that, if a good leadership is to come, Ethiopia is blessed with: Natural resources, huge population, and a tool they can use to unite their people (their claim for rich history, Adwa and all that jazz)
        And we knew, more than the Ethiopians themselves, that if only they start to count their blessing, they could go somewhere.
        Right now, if they want, they can benefit from good neighborly relationship with Eritrea and use our ports if they want. That is why we say, the only reason they are holding our sovereign land and CHOCKING the whole Eritrea is: THEY DON’T WANT ERITREA TO MAKE IT ON ITS OWN IN ANY WAY OR FORM.
        So, please don’t preach about any Ethiopian progress to us Eritreans. We just don’t give a HOOT!

      • Kim Hanna

        Dear Eritrea2,

        Thou protest too much.


    • yegermal

      Where is DIA nowadays he hasn’t been seen since February 18 The count down is on.. susa alata!

      • yegermal is trying to coverup DIA’s absence with recycled news presented as top secret leak of “weyane’s plot against Eritrea”, complete with meeting dates to fit the Forto uprising. Hilarious!

  • Merhay

    Does any one know how march 8 is chosen to celebrate our women, Eritrean women. What is the significance of this day to specifically our women.

    For those of you who truly celebrate this day, “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!”.

    • haile


      The first national Women’s Day was observed on 28 February 1909 in the United States following a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. Inspired in part by the American socialists, German Socialist Luise Zietz proposed the establishment of an annual ‘International Woman’s Day’ and was seconded by fellow socialist (and later communist) leader Clara Zetkin.

      In 1913 Russian women observed their first International Women’s Day on the last Sunday in February (by Julian calendar then used in Russia). In 1917 demonstrations marking International Women’s Day in Saint Petersburg on the last Sunday in February (which fell on 8 March on the Gregorian calendar) initiated the February Revolution.

      The February Revolution was followed in the same year by the October Revolution, bringing Bolshevik rule and a change in Russia’s social structure, and paving the way for the USSR. Although the second event is generally referred to as a revolution, it was in fact a simple coup d’état, the revolution overthrew the Tsar, and the coup instituted the Soviet regime: a new form of government.

      Following the October Revolution, the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai persuaded Vladimir Lenin to make it an official holiday in the Soviet Union, and it was established, but was a working day until 1965, primarily in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet bloc. Now days, in most countries, the day lost its political flavor, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

    • May be the date 8th of March is chosen by men as most of them are obsessed with a women with number “8” shape. Just joking!!

  • Yemane Johar

    Dearest:MEHRETU HABTE “An Eritrean genies yet to be discovered” I agree! You are uniquely gifted and talented comedian. I have read and enjoyed the three master pieces of your trip and experience in USA. Witty, hilarious and educational at best!
    @ Tsegereda I am proud of you and hope to hear more from you! Happy women’s day!


      Respectable Yemane Johar,

      As per my promise ,I am hanging on until this weekend ..when I read your comment appreciating my contribution I was flattered ,I do not doubt that you get the intended message behind the satire too.

      thank you

  • Ziggy


    I found the video clip where PIA is being interviewed by a female Eri-TV reporter in Arabic at an airport. It was during his trip to Qatar, where he received a red carpet welcome.

    Below is the link. The interview starts at the 4:08 minute mark.

    • Merhay

      Well done! That even says it all. You have been digging until now just to find a small clip not even a formal interview. Our women were given their equality only on the fire line. No where else

    • haile

      Thanks Ziggy nebsi,

      That was exactly the one I was talking about.

  • Ziggy

    Happy International Women’s Day to all of Eritrea’s female warriors. We salute you! We honor your service to Eritrea and the Eritrean Defense Forces.

  • T..T.

    On the occasion of March 8, redefining Eritrea of Isayas:
    1-Empty head (leader), empty body (fans),
    Evidence: head talks emptily and fans participate in finger pointing blindly.
    2-Stability by suppressing the rule of law, even the generals and higher officials are not spared.
    3-Hade Libi through open air prison, where empty stomach of our people suppressed.
    4-There is an end to everything, viva Forto comes daring the oppressor to free the oppressed.

  • wediere

    I saw the below post on the arrested and changes since jan 21st….it is not well written but it gives some interesting news [xxx]

    • haile


      We’re around Women’s day and not April fools day! Some one calling themselves “Ethiopianism” had you for bonkers. CNN’s iReport is a public journalism initiative. The idea evolved from their ‘fan zone’ that allowed for the public to post videos and pictures in connection to the 2006 FIFA World cup. The idea behind iReport is fancifully conceived to “increase news gathering capabilities” by allowing citizens to post breaking news events as they unfold. Unfortunately, they are not edited, vetted or screened. They are simply plug and play by signing up with an email account. There are others with similar provisions as ‘ohmynews’ and ‘Indynews’ that you can try your hand on. The most respected (as far as you can do so outside of professional media) is wikinews. Wikinews is the best for those who would like to try their hand on citizen reporting. CNN iReport is open and any one can write anything, with in the general rules of the internet.

      As to bringing this up as some sort of news, don’t. The Eritrean diaspora opposition suffers from serious credibility issues and this doesn’t help!

    • Papillon

      Dear Wedi-Ere,

      Of course these kinds of news are made up stories for they would have been picked up by credible Eritrean website(s) had they been accurate. Having said that however, the question is not if anymore rather, it is when. That is, the implosion waiting to happen can not be face-lifted either by the opportunists and confused souls lurking amongst us masquerading as bonafide Opposition or by the good for nothing PFDJ zombies whose sole preoccupation is the mortality of Isaias the menace.


      • wediere

        Selamat Haile and Papillion,

        It is not that I believed it, especially seeing the staunch DIA supporters on the house arrest list………but the update is long overdue and it one way of shouting to Awate for one of two Gedab news on the matter :).


      • Eritrea2

        Ah, Puppyloin

        Here you are! Back to your useless self. You couldn’t resist throwing insults and showing off the disturbed inside self, could you?
        Well, it is March 8 and all and in the name of the brave and courageous Eritrean women (Nah! not in the name of that Vandal and terrorist, selam kidane, dummy! She and her likes give a bad name to Women and March 8), we will let it pass.


    (ተሪር መልእኽቲ ካብ ኤርትራ ዘለና ኣህዛብ፣ናብ ወጻ ኢ ዘለኹም ዌብ ሳይታትን ውልቀ ሰባትን)
    c/o በቲ ሓቀኛ ወድናን ሓውናን ኣቦናን ዝኾነ፣ምሕረቱ ወዲ ሃብተ ቓውሎስ____ይብጻሕኩም
    Date march 07/2013

    “ዮሃና ዲኹም ዝበልኩም ??? ከመይከ ´ታ ማርያም ኣስመረይቲ ሃን ኣቢላ ትውሰድኩም,ጨካናት ደቂ ወጻኢ” !!!

    በቶም ተጋድሎ ሓርነት ኤርትራ /ጀብሃ ዝነበርኩም እስከ ክንጅምር, ነቲ ቃልሲ ኣቋሲልኩሞ ኬድኩም ኢልና ኣይሓመናኩምን፣….ምኽንያቱ እሰያስ ምስ ኣዝማዱ ኮይኑ ምስ ኣውጽኣኩም እሞ, ሃላይ ህዝቢ ብጸርፍን ምድሃልን ምስ ኣባረረኩም ባህርያዊ እዩ___ንጀርመን ፣ካናዳ ፣ኣሜሪካ፣ኤውሮጳን ኣውስትራልያን ክትከዱ።እቶም ለባማት ተሓጕስና።ማለት ንዓኻ ዘይከውን መርዓ ፣ቀዳዊኻ ዝኾነ ቀብሪ እውን ስለ ዘሎ ፣ደቅኹም እናምሃርኩም ንርእሴኹም ኴንኩምሲ ንስድራኹም ምሕጋዝኩም ኩላትና ኣሐጕሱና ኔሩ።በታ ዝኸድኩማ ብሰላም ከይትነብሩ ድማ ኣብ 1998 እሰያስ ብዝኣጎዶ “ብናይ ዘብልዓትካ ኢድ ምንካስ ዝጸንሔ ባህሪኡ” ፣…………..
    እቲ ኣንዳዕዲዕኩም ትፈልጥዎ፣ብሰንኩ ካብ ሜዳ ምስ ወያነ ዘዋግኣኩም ፣እሰያስ ኣሕሊፉ ንወያነ ዝሃቦ መሬት ባድመ እሞ፣ ንኻብ ሜዳ ምውጻእኩም ካብቶም ቀንዲ ረቛሒታት ምኽንያት ዝኾነ ፣እናፈለጥኩም ተጋጊኹም ነቲ ምሳኹም ዘሎ ሃላይ ህዝቢ ከተታልሉ፣እወ ተወሪርና ኢልኩም ግንባር ቀደም ኴንኩም ንጥፍኣትና ዶላራትን ፍራንክታትን ክሮናትን ሊረታትን ከተዋጽኡ እናፈለጥኩም ንማሕረዲ ዘውረድኩምና ንስኹም ስለ ዝኾንኩም ታሪኽ ክሓተኩም እዩ።ከመይከ ምንክኤል ከምታ ንዓናን ንደቅናን ንማሕረዲ ዝፈረድኩምና ኣብተን ትዝውርወን ታክሲታት ሓራዲ ይፍጠረልኩም…..መታን እቶም ኣብኡ ዘለዉ ወይጦታት ዘይሃገራውያን ዝብሉኹም ልኡኻት እሰያስ ኤርትራውነትኩም ክኣምኑልኩም ኢልኩም ዝገበርኩሞ ድዩ ??? በታ ዝወጻእኩማ ኢድኩምን ኣፍኩምን ጠርኒፍኩም እንተትቕመጡ ክንደይ ግርም ኔሩ።ሕጂ ድማ እሰያስ ፈሊጡ ምስ ኣስዓረና,ነቶም …”ዓጋመ ብሳልስቲ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ከነእትወክን ኢና” ኢልኩም ትፍክሩሎም ዝነበርኩም መሳኪን ተጋሩ ዘወርቲ ታክሲ፣ እሰያስ እዩ ኣጋግዩና ኢልኩም ጉምብሕብሕ ክትብሉሎም ከለኹም ነቲ ብጾትኩም ንሓቀኛ ኢሎም ዝኣመኑሉ ዕላማ ዝወደቝዎ እዩ ብላሽ ዝገብሮ።እስከ በሉ ሃገራውያን ጀብሃ እቲ ካብ ሰኸርም ኣኪብኩም ዝረኸብኩሞ ገንዘብ ታክሲ,መዋዳደሪ ጌርኩሞ ንጥፍኣትና ፣ኣነ ሽሕ ዶላር ሂበ ኣለኹ, ኣርባዕተ ሽሕ ክራውን ንሃገረይ የወፊ ኣለኹ፣………እንድሕር ፈተውቲ ሃገርኩም ኴንኩም ናይዞም ሲናይ,በደዊን ዝጋሰሶም ዘሎ ሰብኣይን ሰበይትን ድኣ ሓንቲ ዋጋ ዘለዋ ኣኼባ ዘየካየድኩም።ሓሙሽተ ቅርሺ ሂበ ኣለኹ ውን ኣይሰማዕናን።ኣበይ ኣሎ እቲ ሓልዮት ህዝቢ ???? ኣብ ሜዳ ከለኹም ብተዛማዲ ሓቀኛ መርገጽ ዝነበረኩም ንስኻትኩም ኢኹመ፣ወጻኢ ኬድኩም ግን ናብ ሸፋቱ ተቐይርኩም።ወረ ገሌኹምሲ ኢትዮጵያ ዝሓሸ መንግስቲ እንተቖምኩም ሓቢሩ ክዋሳእ ዝኽእል ጎረቤት ደልያ እንተተሓባበረትኩም__ንስኻትኩም ግና ንስልጣን ብሕጓ መእተዊ ክትጥቀሙሉ ደሊኹም ዕንክሊል ኢልኩም ንሓድሕድኩም ትብኣሱ ።
    ዝኸፍኤ ድማ ትያትሮ ቆለውዕ__ብጥሜትን ,ማእሰርትን, መግረፍትን, ቅትለትን ጾታዊ ዓመጽን ካብ ሃገር እንተወጻእና ውን እሰያስ ናብ ራሻይዳ ይሸጠና ፣ራሻይዳ ናብ በደዊን ይሸጡና፣በደዊን ንሓድሕዶም ምስ ተቓባበሉልና __ሰብኣይናን ሰበይትናን ምስ ተጋሰሱና መብዛሕትና መኽፈሊ ስለ ዘይብልና ኩሊትና ኡይ እንዳበልና ይውሰድ፣ሬሳና ተደርብዩ መጻወቲ ኣሞራ ናይ ሲናይ ኮይኑ ኣሎ።ጉንበት 24 ምስ ኣተወ ድማ ካባኻትኩም ደቂ ወጻኢ፣ካብ ወብሳይታትኩም ይኹን፣ ካብ ውልቀ ሰባት ናይ “ዮሃና ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ” መልእኽቲ ትሰዱልና ።ዋእ ጥዑም ትምኒት ፣እንቍዕ ሓጐሰኩም መልእኽቲ ስለ ዝኾነ ነብጽሖ ኣለና___ደቀይ ሃበርም …………….
    ኣታ ኢራ ኢሮ ተኣሲርካ ዘለኻ ኤርትራዊ ወዲ 9 ዓመት ቆልዓ ፣ ኣንቲ ኣርባዕተ ደቅኺ ኣብ በረኻ ሞይቶም ጓል ጓልኪ ናይ ደቂ ኣርብዓ ኮሮኔላት ናይ ጾታዊ ርክብ መጻወቲ ኮይና ዘላ ደቂ ወጻኢ፣ዮሃና እንቋዕ ሓጎሰኪ ትብሉኺ።ኣንቲ ሓውቲ ናይቲ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ዘምሃረቶ ሃገር ኢትዮጵያ ጸላኢተይ እያ ኢሉ ክወግኣ ምስ ወጸ።መንካዕ ኢሎም ባዕሎም ዘጥፍእዎ ሓደ ሓውኪ ዮሃና ፣እንቋዕ ሓጎሰኪ ይብሉኺ ደቂ ወጻኢ።ኣንቱም ኣቦኹም ኣስላማይ ጥራይ ስለ ዝኾነ እሞ ተሪር ሕቶ ስለ ዝሓተተ ጂሃድ ኢሎም ክሳዱ ከም ደርሆ ዘኸስተንዎ፣ዮሃና ይብሉኹም ደቂ ወጻኢ___ኣንታ መሬተይ ባዕለይ ክሓርሶ እየ ስለ ዝበልካ ቀደሙ ´ውን ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ጽልዋ ኣለካ ኢሎም ካብ መሬትካ ጸሪጎም ዘጽነቱ ምስ ኣጽነቱ ንስደት ዘገደዱኻ ኩናማ፣ኣብ ዘለኻ ሃሊኻ ዮሃና ናይ ደቂ ወጻኢ ተቐበል__ኣንታ ዓሰብ ሒዝካ ን ኢትዮጵያ ክት ኣቱ ደሊኻ ኢሎም ሓውሲ ጀኖሳይድ ዝካየደካ ዘሎ ዓፋራዊ__ኣይተዕዘምዝም__ጥዑም ዘረባ እዮም ዝዛረቡኻ ዘለዉ ደቂ ወጻኢ፣___እንቋዕ ብሓጎስ ተፈንጫሕካ ፣ሓረድትኻ ኣብ ተስዓን ሓደን ዝኣተዉልካ ይብሉኻ ኣለዉ ደቂ ወጻኢ ።ካብ ጀነራል ናብ ኮረኔል እናተቓባበሉ ዝጻወቱልኪ ዘለዉ መንእሰይ ጓል፣ ኣብቲ ሞንጎ ምዕማጻት/rape ንእሽተይ ዕረፍቲ ክትረኽቢ ከለኺ የቐንየለይ በልዮም ነዞም ደቂ ወጻኢ።ሓብስዮ እንታይ ንብዓት ትማሊ 7ጊዜ ተዓሚጽኪ ሎሚ ግን እቶም ክልተ ኮሮኔላት ናብ ካልእ ቦታ ስለ ዝተቐየሩ ብ 5ሰብ ስልጣን ጥራይ ኢኺ ትዓሚጽኪ___ንዒሞ ንብዓትኪ ሓብስዮ__ዮሃና በልዮም ነዞም ደቂ ወጻኢ____……..
    I can´t do this anymore..I am literally getting nauseated. I wish I was raised by your banda loving parents. I curse my parents for giving me the sense of right & wrong….as an Eritrean ,I feel lonely & alone.
    My psychiatrist has ordered me to stay away from emotional ,the next time I comment will be may 2013. However I will be following until this weekend to reply any criticisms or clarifications. i want you to pray for me.I do not comment for the sake ,I TRULY FEEL WHAT I TYPE.
    See you in may

    The Brilliant Mehretu Habte

  • Papillon

    Let’s throw an evolutionary curve ball into the ever intense competition between women and men to have a full control of the steering wheel of life. Evolutionary forces could as well be equalizers where a woman would have had an immense power over man, if a woman had an infinite number of ovaries when she comes to life as a fetus right after fertilization. Here is the deal: right after the fetus is determined to be a female, she carries finite number of Oocytes (immature eggs) where they become mature at a time of puberty right until menopause where they degenerate through the process of apoptosis.

    Even though a woman is not aware of the finite number of eggs in her body, it creates a consciousness on its own where a woman naturally becomes too calculating and goal oriented and most of all, she invests her eggs cautiously as she selects a partner. This unlearned awareness creates a sort of race against time where she has the upper hand over a man roughly between teenage years through mid-thirties. Simply because with in the stated range of years, she cautiously selects a man to invest her eggs to get reasonable rewards. In the mean time, men struggle extra hard to appeal to her needs and wishes so that they could be attracted to her. But of course, when the stated time frame starts to wear out, evolution sympathizes with men and they start to have the upper hand as women who have not invested their eggs yet become “desperate” and would “settle for anything”. Imagine, the kind of power we would have had, if we had infinite number of eggs at our own disposal, we would have made men chase us ad infinitum for a man can father a child potentially from every woman around the world in his life time so long as he is healthy. And then the chauvinistic term “His-tory as in History” would have been “Her-story”. A thought to digest of course.

    • Eritrea2

      I guess I am going to burn in hell, as this is the first time that I felt Pappilon knows what she is talking about. I mean, ACTUALLY know
      Did I say I might get it for this? Yea, I guess I did

  • haile

    Here is the how the Eritrean reality is so twisted… please read the following headline:

    “..members in Brisbane city express readiness to enhance participation in State affairs.”

    now choose the right one:

    a) This is a news item about Australians who are resident of Brisbane and their local issue

    b) Brisbane is in Eritrea

    C) This is about Eritreans in Brisbane talking of their participation in the Australian state affairs

    d) This is too complicated, I will go to shabait instead

  • Zegeremo

    Dear Papillon,

    Please stop veering to DIA whenever you wish to avoid giving a direct response. I am not defending brutal dictator Isayas. In fact, you are contaminating your well-written comments every time you mention his name.
    Now, no matter how creative you are, you cannot change the fact that Meles committed heinous crimes and was an embarrassing puppet. And to add more humiliation, his illness and death were shrouded in mystery. I am sure you would have prayed for him had you knew he was critically ill,or his body was stored in a refrigerator for over a month, right? Does that ring a bell?

    Finally, yes puppets do good things, but at what cost? Could they do it without being a puppet? The answer is a no brainer, yes.


  • Habtegiorgis Abraha

    The Historic Day

    March 8, International Women’s Day, a commoration of women’s struggle for human dignity, … equal pay, … !

    In this day, we commomerate and honour historic heroines and especially the heroines who fell in the war trenches during the Eritrean Liberation War from the corner of our world. And more appropriately, as Tsigereda Haile has put it and many of you have rightly feedback your comments, we commomerate this day to keep alive the unfinished purpose of the struggle for which they sucrificed their preciouse lives: To quote Tsigereda, ” … The aim of the arduous struggle for independence and why many women and men are either disabled or have lost their lives was not to inherit sacrifice of lives to the next generation. NO! It had the sole aim to put an end to it and allow every citizen to join a peaceful civilized life.”

    So a day in which together, we, reaffirm [may I say] our unreserved commitment toward an Eritrea, a region, and a world without oppression, discrimination, violence that women and men could live fairly, equally, and peacefully.

    A day we commomerate historic heroines from our region, like Martha Mebrahtu, an Eritrean Ethiopian heroine, and every heroine from the world. .
    By the way, I would like to underline one of the questions Tsigereda has asked. It says: “Do these events (events held in Eritrea, and by Eritreans elsewhere) hold the spirit of International Women’s Day alive and growing for the young generation?”

    No wonder her answer is clearly “No”. I agree and share the pain she and many Eritreans women and men alike feel about our ‘INDEPENDENT ERITREA!’.
    … In this lawless, abusive, … national situation … the only way that we can begin to be effective is to join efforts and work together. And as of Martha’s plea, ” … women’s participation in this struggle must double the efforts of other oppressed groups; they must fight harder, they must be at the forfront of the struggle … ” … as they have done it in the war trenches during the liberation war … on issues that affect us all.

    Let me include some name I read in one of the comments – Hafti Lemma. It is just in our memories that she was a sfifta some time in her life to … a revenge. I still remember some of the songs about her. Partly it goes on like: ” … wedne’Qa zeyblka …”. A himulating, insulting, and degrading message to her and to women in her time as non-existing beause she was a woman. After all these and similar provocative air, she raised her voice high and loud and took arms into her hands against the dismissive male chauvenism, insult, … and managed to change the air there and then: from ” … wedne’Qa zeyblka …” to ” … teTenQeQu belwom …” So do we see any relevance in the pieces of songs and her action apart from taking her simply as a shifta??? Whatsoever, she was one of the rare women of all times!

    And spare me to conclude repeating Tsigereda’s conclusion: “On March 8 of this year we still have every reason to mourn, mourn our sisters and brothers who are in Eritrean prisons, mourn the victims of human trafficking. I hope it will be a day where every sensible Eritrean woman will stop denying flatly the mischief and atrocities in Eritrea and do her bit to challenge it. The current regime is abusing the basic human rights of the whole Eritrean population regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity making the demand for CHANGE indispensable”

    Viva la lota, Eritrea!
    Viva March Eight!

    Habtegiorgis Abraha

  • rodab

    Why don’t you guys get together and settle the Meles debate once and for all.
    We are getting bad treatment when you let your regular infighting spill from one blog to another.
    While I am there, my advise is when you start a debate about a given issue, end it there at the blog of origin and bring new issues, new ideas to new blogs.


    ¨ሰብኣይ ፣ ናይ ጾታ መለልዪ እምበር ናይ መንፍዓት መቝጸሪ ጌርካ ምዝራብ ንደቀንስትዮ ምቍንጻብ እዩ።¨

    ¨ብዘይ ምትሕብባር ናትካ፣ ሰብ ኣይንዕቀካን¨

    እዚ ማለት፣ሰብ ሰነፍ ኢሉ ንኽንዕቀካ፣ናይ ብሓቂ ሰነፍ ክትከውን ኣለካ ። ሰበይቲ ከም መመሰሊት ድኽምትን፣ኩርምሽትን___ሰብኣይ ዝብል ጾታ ግን ፣በንጻሩ ከም መመሰሊ መንፍዓትን፣ጅግንነትን (ዋላ ንንፍዕቲ ሰበይቲ) ፣¨ሰብኣይ እኳ እያ ሰብኣይ¨ዝብል ኣድናቖት ይስማዕ።እቲ ዘጕሂ ድማ፣ደቀንስትዮ እውን ነብሰን ምጽራፍ ከም ልሙድ ጌረን ወሲደንሲ ንሳተን ብዝበለጸ ክጥቀማሉ ክትሰምዕ ይድንጹ።እቲ ጅግንነት ወይ ስብእነት ድማ ነቲ ተብኣሳይ ተዋቕዓይ ውግእ ዝፈቱ እምበር ፣ነቲ ሓላፍነቱ ፈሊጡ ብዓልቲ ቤቱ እናኽበረ ብትሕትና ደቁ ዘዕቢ ፣ወይ መምህር ኮይኑ ንናይ ብዙሓት ሂወት ዝቐየረ ሰብኣይ ዝውሃብ ክብረት ኣይኮነን___ካብዚ ተላዒለ እየ ድማ እዘን ኣብ ወጻኢ ኮይነን ንሓራዲን ዓማጺን ባባ ኢሳያስ ስእሉ ኣብ ካናቴራ ለጢፈን ኣንበሳን ነብርን ጌረን ክደርፋሉ ምርኣይ ካብዚ ዝተበገሰ ክኸውን ይኽእል ።
    ስለዚ እቲ ቻሌንጅ ናይ ብዓል ጽገረዳ፣ኤልሳ ጭሩም፣ሜሮን እስቲፋኖስ፣ዶክተር ኣልጋነሽን ካልኦትን ትምህርቲ ዘለክን ኣሐት ንደቀንስትዮ ኤርትራ ነብሰን ከኽብራ ምንቃሕን ምምሃርን እዩ፣ምኽንያቱ ዋንኣ ዘንኣኣሰታ ኣቕሓ ገዛኢ ኣይትረክብን።

  • Eritrea2

    Every time pappilon and the likes praise Ethiopia’s economic progress and try to tell us that we need Ethiopia and not vice versa , one scene from the movie the Dictator, always comes to my mind. On that scene sacha baron cohen is seen in a racing track, wearing shorts and all. Once the race started, though, sacha starts to shoot anyone who tries to overtake him. If Ethiopia did any economic progress, it is done at the expense of Eritrea – because the cruel, Meles was holding Eritrea in a choke grip, holding our border and all. I mean, how can an individual with a superb English mastery tell us without any shame that Ethiopia doesn’t need us or our ports. I mean, if they are doing fine on their own, why on earth are hanging on to our land and our country?

    Just shooting darts at the Eritrean president doesn’t answer or solve anything. There is no justification for Ethiopia to choke Eritrea.

    Papillon, use your good English and your love for Meles – to try to influence and make Ethiopia abide by law. Otherwise, you are useless

  • Zegeremo


    If you are a puppet, your job is to serve your masters for few million dollars. Meles and Hamid Karzai are the best examples: they pursued secterian mechanism, destabilized their neighbors,institutionalized corruption, let their own people victimized by Drons, and of course they didnt mind to sell their souls. Not surprisingly they both were praised by The world Bank, The Economist, The New York Times, and other mouthpieces of hegemony. But the ironic is to Amanuel, papillon, Yodita, and others, who are victims of similar crimes, it is a big accomplishment. I think it is fair to ask them why they oppose Issayas: is it because Issayas fail to become a good puppet like Meles and Karzai regardless the crimes he has committed? Or, he wasn’t praised by World Bank which is the worst nightmare of the developing countries?


    • Zegeremo

      Continuation …..Or, he is in fact a brutal dictator?

    • Papillon

      Dear Zgeremo,

      If my memory serves me right, Isaias practically begged the Western powers to have them use the ports of Eritrea including the mountains of Eritrea when “Coalition of the Willing” was the buzz word of the day. Of course, he was right out rejected where he still holds grudges against them as they opted to work with Ethiopia instead. If we are to visualize events in a context however, we can attempt to see the validity of Meles’ practical desire to prioritize the interest of his own people instead of taking on the Western powers with an empty bravado.

      Sure enough, he came of age in his political life when the world was polarized with two formidable political persuasions where the then Soviet Union and the US entangled in a fierce race to dominate the world with in their respective spheres. With in this backdrop, Meles and the Front he led took a rather rigid turn as they rejected Russian communism but instead opted to formulate the Front with in the tutelage of Albanian high-priests. Of course, when the pillars of the Dergue crumbled partly due to the melt down of the Soviet Union, Meles and the Front had to recalibrate their political outlook including economic policies for a new world order under a unipolar world was taking a rather acute effect. As such, Meles was left with no option but to work with in the family of the nations (read: West) as opposed to riding the high horse in an empty field where it was not only a licence for a full fledged disaster in the making but a tag of name with a pariah slapped on it as well.

      Moreover, he didn’t subscribe to the “One Fits All” or “Cookie Cutter” modus operandi concocted by the IMF or World Bank since Breton-Woods as it is the very blue print of Neo-Liberalism, instead, he formulated a Developmental-State as a working policy to engage the peasantry as the main driving force of economic trajectory. Of course, hindsight could as well be 20/20 but if anything, the results of his political will to morph from a staunch exponent of Albanian communism to a liberal in its wider sense reflects what is on the ground as his country is waking up from a long and painful slumber. It is not only an intellectual dishonesty on your part to label a visionary a puppet, it adds more to the vivid shallowness of your scope when you try to bring Karzai to the fore.


      • yegermal

        Thank you, “recalibrate” is the operative word that has been missing in DIA’s vocabulary for quite some time. In his demented mind, DIA confuses rigidity for valor and starvation for self-reliance. His equally deranged and selfish followers are out in numbers to defame Meles. Yet they present their idol’s record of evidenced failure as “success” while they refuse to subject themselves and their families to such “unprecedented economic and social miracle”. Meles may have had his faults and missteps but to the chagrin of DIA’s cronies, history will be very kind to him as a result of his stellar performance as a rebel turned Statesman. The same will not hold true for DIA . He will be remembered as a charismatic psychopath who turned the hope, dream, hard work and untold sacrifices of generations of Eritreans into despair and mass exodus.

      • Zegeremo

        Please stop veering! Issayas is a brutal dictator,end of story.


    • yegermal

      You can try to rewrite history in order to give a face lift to your idol. But Mr. “the sky is the limit”, aka DIA, is a rejected errand boy of the west who was outsmarted by his shrewder counterpart , aka Meles. Here is a reminder for you : . DIA claim of “independence” from the west is nothing but a smoke screen to keep his naive followers docile. In reality however, his foreign envoys are working around the clock to make amends with the US and the likes and I betcha DIA will conceded whatever is asked of him even the “sky”.

      • Yodita

        Dear yegermal

        To strengthen your point, in the HuffPost video debate of last month, Ambassador Herman Cohen said that an Eritrean envoy (without mentioning his name) had told him that he was sent with the main purpose of mending relations between Eritrea’s gov and the US and that he had utterly failed.

        In fact, in the same video, Amb. Cohen makes an appeal to the US to soften its stand on the Eritrean government.

        Even as we speak, the regime in Eritrea is probably knocking all doors to be a Kedami of the US, albeit without any success.

    • Tesfamariam

      Dear Zegeremo
      You don’t have the capacity to understand what Papillon,Yodita and Amanuel are trying to tell you. You are consumed by hate and you just want to see and read what’s not there, first and for most clear your head from hate and see the reality as it is not as what you wanted to be

      • Zegeremo


        I usually don’t waste my time responding to junk comments, but I’ll make an exception. My question to you is does your bible say accusing a puppet is considered a hate, or what is it called when a puppet is accused for crimes?


    • Dear Zegeremo,

      If you start with cool head and understanding the new economic order, as oppose to the political order of the 20th century, we will stride in our debate cogently in the right direction. We can’t live in the old history of hatred and scratch the wounds now and then. we have to proceed with the new paradigm of our era, focusing on economic relationship with our neighbors and beyond, where the global community is striving to compete without restricting the flow of capital to their nations. Eritrea of today is an isolated pariah nation under the regime of DIA. I don’t think we disagree on this reality of our nation.

      Besides, A nation which makes a relationship for its interest or mutual interest with others is not a puppet as you described it. Rather to use the resources of others for economic development to their people is indeed wise from tactical and strategical view of progressive economic development. Look for instance South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore or generally the South East pacific nation. Don’t they depended on the flow of capital of the west to reach where they are know my drift.

      The political sovereignty of Eritrea is irreversible…though the regime is exploiting the border issue and using it as an excuse for hanging in power and enslaving our young.As smart as you are to comprehend the reality (aside your hatred to Ethiopia and the man of change) you could debate on the vision and strategy to extricate our people from the pit of oppression and isolationism. If we speak the development in Ethiopia it is reality and like what our adage says..”zeykena’e ayweled zeblu abotat” we are envy to their achievement. Didn’t we lost a lot of opportunity the last 21 years to change the fate of our nation and its people…please visualize the potential of our human resource and know how, and how we would have been changed our nation…this is the cringing pain we are feeling these days…and I am sure you do too. If we have the mutual pain which I believe so, why are we try to denigrate our own, who otherwise think the prosperity of their people but posses different approach to deal with our reality? Aren’t we debating on the possible choices to alleviate the pain of our people? Let everyone ventilate his/her feeling all the possible solutions and concerns in the market of ideas and in our debating centers “our websites.”


  • T..T.

    The article is in celebration of the international women’s day and in recognition of their fight for equality and other achievements. If Isayas failed to recognize the past, present, and fallen heroes of Eritrean women, you don’t have to cover up by impeding the celebrative discussion or distracting the focus on the topic or by bringing up irrelevant issues. Like your Dehai used to remind discussants to “add up or shut up,” here on the discussants are welcomed to “add value” to the day and nobody tells the derailers of the spirit of the day to “get out or shut up.” Add value to the great day is meant to say something that appreciates the role of the Eritrean women in our political, economic, and social fight of taking the whole nation/people to the next level. So, we need to focus, focus, focusssssss on the topic and celebrate the Eritrrean women. We will have time for name calling, we will have time for leadership comparison, and we will have time to shout on each other.

    • haile

      ha! T..T. I see ya pulling your hair out!!! There goes your women’s day for you!!!

  • Papillon

    Dearest Merhay,

    Many thanks for those kind words. Of course the props goes to for providing us the platform to engage on ideas that make us better people than we were the previous day. As much as we appear to be mere characters on the screen with set of beliefs, persuasions, moral values and distinct personalities, we have love and respect for each other in real space-time as well simply because we are looking into a prism that fits best into the greater interest of our nation Eritrea. In the mean time however, more often charged up emotions get the better of us and we run into unnecessary name calling and mud slinging but again at the end of the day no malicious intentions are intended.


    • Eritrea2

      What ideas? day in and day out, your subordination to woyanie and also the way you bend so low for Meles and his junta is so suffocating, to tell you the truth. It just shows your heart is far far away from Eritrea.

      And the low regard you have for the Eritrean people as a society and the scary intensity in your desire to link Eritrea to Ethiopia is beyond limit.

      Trust me, keep your love for meles to yourself

      • haile


        I have no respect for Melles, and that is that. Hmmm…. pathological?? and Ethiopian Review in me??? These all couldn’t get further from the truth!! The man is dead, and zmote aykeses… However, hatela tariku dma ayneGuas’s! All that I can say is that the spirit of the Ogaden women and children that were torched alight inside their huts, the spirit of those innocent youngsters in Addis Ababa who were cut down with machine-guns in broad day light, the spirit of the Eritreans whose life belongings snatched and thrown for dead across mined front-lines under barrage of bullets from behind, the spirit of the Oromo families who were forcefully uprooted from their lands for it to be sold for cheap Indian ventures, the spirit of all those given over to CIA rendition camps for torture and death, the spirit of all the mothers who had to sell their babies for adoption in anguish and despair against a mother’s instinctive love, the spirit of the 21000 peaceful Mogadishu residents massacred on a mercenary mission….will torment him for eternity.
        As to you, yodita and Amaniel Hidrat’s attempt to make a saint out of a filthy demon, it is dead on arrival. On a second thought, if you have vested personal interest it is understandable. But it still would be dead on arrival, as far as Eritreans are concerned.

  • Papillon

    It looks like is on “Auto-Pilot” these days so to speak. We haven’t “heard” from the editors in a while. Hope everything is well with them.

  • Ziggy

    I just one to say one more thing on Meles. Meles was a man who panhandled and begged in every Western capital. Essentially doing the modern day version of “Sile Mariam, Mariam Tihabkum.” Whereas Hugo Chavez? Well, let’s just say Hugo Chavez was neither a panhandler nor a puppet.

  • Ziggy

    I have OD’d (overdosed) on comments regarding Meles. This website is named not, which means it is an Eritrean website. All these Meles worshipping comments from Tigray people should be posted on aigaforum. I’m sure they would be happy to have them. Otherwise, if you are a Tigray person talking about Meles on an Eritrean website, you’re wasting your time. Eritreans don’t like Meles, for he is the man who confiscated the property of innocent Eritreans living in Ethiopia, separated them from their wives and kids in order to inflict maximum pain and made them walk across minefields simply because he didn’t like the “color of their eyes.” Nuff said!

    • Zegeremo

      Hypocrisy at best! It is ok to committ crime and to be a puppet as long as you outsmart Issayas. How pathetic is that?

  • Lemlem

    Meles was a servant (kedami) of the West. He was a boot-licker.
    Chavez was not!

    • Yodita

      I think in the horn of Africa there is a real big Kedami of the West who offerd his butt but was REJECTED. I will let you figure out who that person is, if you have a drop of honesty that is. I don’t even know why I write this knowing the likes of you, who would not blink to call a great man who changed the lives of millions to the better in a mere couple of decades ‘kedami’. Did Meles become so in order to put all the gold into his private unknown coffers? Kbur PM Meles was an accountable man whose governance was democratic and transparent. The Parliament and the Ethiopian people are kept abreast of the Government’s rule. They don’t hoard money from mining firms and without any accountability put it in unknown coffers.

      • Dearest Yodita,

        This is beyond their comprehension and some other classes must be given to them before we talk about the horn, the contemporary geo-politics and regional economic development.The Ethiopia today is not in the old politics of expansionism. The great leader has changed the psychology of the young generation of Ethiopia from the old generation that Ethiopia can survive and thrive without the ports of Eritrea. Everything on the ground speaks itself. Look the highways that join Ethiopia and Sudan just inaguerated recently to speed the commerce activity between the two countries. Look the two railways on construction to extend to the northern Ethiopia and to Addis. Look the Mega dams constructed and on construction to boost their economy by selling electrical power to the regions already started to Sudan and Kenya and will extend beyond…..and many others that alleviate poverty and improve higher education in the country.

        The man had a strategy and a vision to change the continent. One who read his proposed dissertation for his Phd could admire him how farsighted genius intellectual he is. Please read the document is in the internet, the title is “African development:Dead end and New beginning.” Though incomplete you could understand the gist of it. Beside also read Habtamu Alebachew’s review to his thesis. Habtamu indicate how he challenged the theory of Adam Smith, fredman, and Ayn Rand economic theory that include limited government and rent seeking… particularly when applied to the developing or under developed countries.By the way the IMF and World Bank took Meles’s theory as economic formula for economic development in Africa.Please make a glance on it to absorb the man and his intellect.

    • yegermal

      So is DIA , but you’re too dimwitted to notice. DIA is a mole of western intelligences and his job is and has been to empty Eritrea of its population, ultimately reducing it to a country incapable of surviving on it sown. Now imagine in a few years arguments being made at the UN … they were in the 50s. You can draw your own conclusion from here…if you use some logic, that is.

    • Yodita

      Dear brother Amanuel Hidrat,

      Just to say how much I value and appreciate your comment. I shall endeavour to visit both the thesis and the review thereof.

  • Papillon

    Dear Zgeremo,

    Meles was a student of Realism. He new his limitation as such he played the game in the international arena fair and square. To his credit, his country has thirty three universities and colleges to show for and clinics spread out practically in every villages where they had been absolutely inaccessible in the ancien regimes. The striking difference between Chavez and Meles is not only centered of course in their respective political philosophies if you will rather when Chavez is blessed with the dark-water at his own disposal, Meles inherited a nation plagued with famine and its dire consequences. The power of dark-water gave Chavez tremendous leverage to maneuver things around as he takes on powerful nations where he knew he was too indispensable to be counted out as any leader of the third world.

    When people like you read Meles’ impeccable diplomatic finess and astuteness in the game as being a puppet, his genius dictated the reality of his nation where the country had to play an under-dog ’till it consolidates its economic power. I hate to bring Isaias to the fore but as he brandishes “self reliance” in tandem with berating the West year round, he is left with nothing for he doesn’t have anything to show for (read: indispensability). As the Tigrigina adage has it: “Z’bEi (Hyena) k’sab z’Hiz y’H’nkis”.

    • Zegeremo

      Dear Papillo,
      As William Somerset Maugham famously said “Money is the string with which a sardonic destiny directs the motions of its puppets.” It would be morally dubious to praise a puppet just because he built universities, appears on the front page of The Economist or The New York times, or he was better than dictator Issayas. It is unfortunate that Meles had committed unjustifiable heinous crimes; consequently, a lot of lives had been lost. Are those lives of the innocent people who had been victims of Meles’s intrusions, Drons, executions, and his sectarian mechanism not worth of the few building he had built??? I mean where do you draw your moral judgment?

    • haile


      Politics doesn’t work best when solely used for “ich hanfefkum” type of advocacy. In any case your conclusion that “his genius dictated [you probably meant to insert the word ‘by’ here??] the reality of his nation where the country had to play an under-dog ’till it consolidates its economic power.” is an equivalent application of the logic that “constitutional governance should be held off till demarcation”. Principle is not something you commit to for some ‘future time’. It is a now and here thing. You either have it or you don’t.

      Secondly, dark-water, murky-water, uncharted-water are terms that refer to uncertainty, often dangerous. Heavy water is deuterium oxide that propelled the allied forces to descend on Sweden to stop Hitler from transferring it to the then Germany. The phrase you are looking for is “Black gold” and not “dark water”. The entry for ‘black gold’ in Wikipedia reads “the term coined during the outbreak of the Industrial Revolution beginning in the 1850s which concerned the value and usefulness of oil”.

      By the way, to me Melles lived as small time criminal and died as such. During his reigns, Ethiopia descended into deep poverty, over a million homeless in streets of Addiss alone, HIV sky rocketed, child export to so called ‘adoption agencies’ sky rocketed, Ethiopians divided along ethnic lines, the nation given to CIA for conducting torture and extra-judicial killings of so called terror-suspects and [rendition of the same], Ethiopia is totally exposed to all sorts of danger under Meles. non-Tigraway Ethiopian never attends diaspora meetings called by the junta that Meles run for a government. I will leave his more hideous crimes for another day.


      • Papillon


        I sort of improvised the term “Black-Water” for oil. Many thanks for the lesson though. As for the canvass you “Jack Pollocked” Meles here and there, the only thing I say to you is, have some courage to go to Ethiopia and see it for yourself before the “Ethiopian-review” in you gets pathological.

  • Eritrea

    Ah!, Mehretu, (That is Amharic or Geez, right?)
    Don’t get us wrong here, you are funny and all. That is the positive side of you. As for substance, well you said it yourself. Your teacher is none other than puppyloin. You don’t believe on our Eritrea, you don’t believe on our struggle for independence, you call us shefatu. That is so familiar. Oh, you worship Meles; you always tend to throw in your praise for Woyanie. All in all, like teacher like student. Well done PuppyLoin!

    • Haile,
      then what is word in tigrgna for someone who harasses and abuses civilians (young and old), believes he/she is above the law, takes what does not belong to them by intimidating rightful owner, uses force to do whatever he/she wants, has no ethics, no emotion and no compassion for others? someone who is not governed by any law. What would you call them. Enlighten us.

      • I meant to call you ERITREA not haile.


        Mehret ,

        You really understand my term Shifta,our brothers & sisters did not go to ¨Meida¨to advance banditry ,they went to supposedly liberate us. But, in reality they functioned under a shifta organization called EPLF
        One can not be advancing the work of God going to Satanic matter what the intention of the person was.

        Brilliant Mehret ,you remind me of me…(without the bipolar)



      Let me appreciate you for disagreeing without being disagreable, with me
      .While Pappilon deserves the strongest criticism on her times it gets personal & appears to be well orchestrated by PFDJers ,…not by you or Haile.While I learn a lot from Pappilon ,there are things I view totally the opposite..,case in point would be HUGO CHAVEZ ,..I think (may god rest his soul)CHAVEZ WAS A BAFOON & BABOON..If Venezuela was not a rich country..we could have seen a country that is worse than Eritrea.HOGO CHAVEZ did not know his limits & taking away from the successful to give to the poor economically & poor mentality bums only leads to slow poverty .Thye poor are poor ,because they do not know how to invest & lack discipline ,yet they wanted share iof the pie they never had to sweat for. Well, Meles is a man who transformed the TPLF and ETHIOPIA..from the useless MLLT (Marxist Leninist league of Tigray) ideology that would have turned Tegaru of Tigray from wearing Sandals (Tilam /agerhn iweq) bare footed.He left the stupid ideology & realized Ethiopia would only advance by adopting market oriented economy & because of that Ethiopia is advancing at miraculous speed. Now, as an Eritrean ,I am envious without being jealous. If Tigray & then Ethiopia could be lifted from the dark ages to beating columbia as number three cofee exporter..etc..why can not colony advanced Eritrea follow the example & advance as twice..I assume ,you must be angry why Eritrea has to follow a foot print of Agame. Well Agame Rocks & Agame rules.¨YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BEY THEIR FRUITS¨

      As far as banditry is concerned , I do not believe ,I have ever called you /(Eritrea)¨shifta…I do not know what you have done to be called a shifta.If you obliged peasants to feed you by force ,using Quadere as a pimp, if you snatched Eritrean kids and forcefully conscripted them to be combatants ,on the struggle they never wanted to participate, turned them in to dimu dimu alcoholics & entered Eritrea to destroy the society..then until I find a better name would be termed a ¨shifta¨.
      I do not undertand the word ¨us¨ your sentence.???Who is ¨us¨ & who asked the ¨us¨what they want ..or are you being paternal ,to people that never asked you to speak on tgheir behalf ???
      I believe in the Eritrean people,our people…and their free will. I never advocated for Eritrea to be reunited with Ethiopia…..I also care about Ethiopians as our fore fathers & neighbours,bringing Eritrea in to the Ethiopian family would be a great disservice to the Ethiopian people…And if the Ethiopian govt…accepts such request (even from Eritreans)..then I will advocate for the overthrow of the Ethiopian govt. as crimews against Ethiopian people. Ethiopian people have lost many precious uncles for a useless war in Eritrea. Let them have their peace without the distructive Eritrean factor , So, I do not know where you got the idea I do not believe in Eritrea.I wish there was regional federation between Eritrea & Sudan but, also specisally with Ethiopia..for the sake of our people….When you find a better name for the bandits ,let me know..If I call them liberators ,then ,I must despise the Eritrean people.

      But to you I call my brother with a different view.


  • Eritrea

    Is it just me or the pappilon is going wacko on us?


    Dearest Pappilon ,

    Some people are given to personally harass you & demoralize you ..from exposing ..I will not defend you ,let your record defend you .As it does..I believe that women have supperior intelligence & strength ..only if I patronized women would I stand up with my proverbial BAZUKA…No, you are more than enough to deal with it.But, Remmember sticking to your issue and avoiding toilet flies is the best way.Just showing my solidarity to my techer.
    Please say it ain´t so ..I believed in you..You gave me the impression you were Special breed Singaporian…..No ,baby..don´t do this to me.

    • Papillon

      Dearest Mehretu hawey natey,

      You’re a genius waiting to be discovered. Your witty remarks marinated in jest carry my day as you put a smile on my face. I learn a lot from you as well. Of course, I speak Tigrigna. I eat Habesha food more than I have to in any given week. I talk, walk and dance like any Eritrean woman. You should see me with my traditional dress (T’lfi K’dan or Zuria) with albasso hairdo. Strictly speaking, I hail from Kebessa but of course we often times get hard pressed to draw the line between us and our immediate neighbours down-south where we not only share a lot in common but our differences recede into triviality as well. As for PFDJ thugs, I sure don’t take them serious. Our differences is not only our aspirations for a better Eritrea, when they see the sun-set we see the sun-rise as well.


      • Merhay

        Dearest Papillon, I just want to say every time I open I look forward to read your comments. You are not only brilliant but you are also hard to believe you grew up in our conservative culture with openness of your world view. Keep on writing, you have silent admirers like me.

        @Mehretu the brilliant, keep on feeding us your funny and fresh contents



        That is what I admire about Papillon too, said it better…such a free bird..of course you were more than right to admire me…ha..ha..ha…I am flattered.Please let us know ,so that we can weigh our opinions.

        Thamks Merhay ..It takes one to know one


    “ካናዳ፣ ንመንእሰያት ኤርትራ፣ብዘይ ኤርትራዊ ባህሊ እናሓጸበት( BRAIN WASHING) ጌራ ፣ተባላሽዎም ኣላ፣ኣሜሪካ ዘለዉ ይሕሹ ከም ወለዶም ብዙሕ ኣይተቐየሩን¨
    3rd & last part,

    እቲ ሃነን ዝብል ዝግኒ፣…..እቲ ኣዒንቱ ኣፍጢጡ ¨በጃኹም እንዶ ብልዑኒ ዝብል ___ሓኸለ ድምበዛን ፣(ድንሽ´ውን)ምስቶም ከይርኣዩ ዝሓፈሩ ዝመስሉ ብድሕሪኡ ተሓቢኦም ብጎቦ ዓይኖም ዝጥምቱ __ካሮቲን ካዎሎ ካፑቺን ግንባር ቀደም ኮይኑ ምስ ርኣኹዎ፥ ፥ብራዎ ሓሻካ, ዘሕፍር የብልካን ወዲ ማይ ዓምበር ፣ወዲ ማይ መብኣሲት፣ወዲ ማይ ወዘባ__ዋላ እቶም ካልኦት ኣታኽልቲ__ወገናውን ኣውራጃውን ይበሉኒ እምበር ብኣኻ እየ ዝጅምር ኢለ ___ነቲ ብቕመም ኣልጫ ብጫ ዝተለኽየ ድንሽ ፣ከምዝኖ ድዩ እናበሉኒ ….ደይትኣደነ/ክንዲ ኻላእ ዝኸውን ኣፈይ ክኣቱን በቲ ታንኪ ዝኾነ ኣስናነይ (ዝርካቡ ሓሻካ)ክጥሕኖን ሓደ ኾነ ። (ህግደፍ ክፈትወካስ ክልተ ካብ ሚእቲ የኽፍለካ)__ኢለ ሓሲበ ድማ በኳላልሳይን ብመስተውዓሊ መስሓቕ ምዃነይን ነብሰይ ኣድነቕኩዋ.
    ኣብ ኣስመራ,ወዲ ሃብታም ኮይነ ብዙሕ ዘይተላለኽዎ እውን፣ ስቱኮ ዝመስል ውዑይ ብጫ ርግኦ ከተፍ በለ።ምፍላጥ ስለ ዝስኣንኩዎ፣ሽሙ¨ሽሮ¨ ምዃኑ ኣላለዩኒ።ፍልይ ዝበለ ጣዕሚ ኔርዎ፣ብኡ እዯ ነተን ሰራሕተኛታትና ክሰርሕኦ,ማማ ዘይኣዘዘተን ኢለ ተረድኣኒ።
    ቅድሚኡ ኣብ ሓደ መርዓ ድማ__ቫኒላ ኣይስክሪም/vanilla icecream(ጀላቲ)መሲሉኒ ምስ ልሓስኩዎ ገለ ገለ ዝጥዓመኒ ኔሩ።ንሱ´ውን ¨ሕልበት¨ ሽሙ ምዃኑ፣ሰባት ኣብ ኤድመንተን_ ካናዳ ነጊሮምኒ።እቲ ምስኡ ዝቐረበ´ውን ስልሲ ምንባሩ እምበር ስትሮውበሪ ኣይስክሪም/strawberry icacream ከምዘይነበረ ተገሊጹለይ።በቲሓደስ ወዲ ድኻ ምዃን ዓቢ ጸጋ እኳ እዩ።
    ምግቢ ብወጃዕጃዕ ተወዲኡ።ኤርትራዊ በቲ ጭዋ ዝኾነ ጠባዩ (ጉዳይ ሸፋቱ/bandits ስለ ዘይተላዕለ)___እናስሓቐ፣ናብ ቡን ተኣተወ።
    እቲ ካብ ካናዳ ዝመጸ ወዲ ፣ዘረባና ንቐጽል በለኒ ማለት..So, whats up sir ?በለኒ።
    ኣነ ድማ ንኽምህሮ,ዘረባ ተወጢጠ ስለ ዝጸናሕኩ___ነታ ዕላልና ብምቕጻል..Look son ,I will give you another example ..of another old ,yet not that old ¨tradition¨….I am sure when your parents watch Tv & the news comes about child molesters..they shiver with disgust ,as I do & I am sure you do too __it is beyond emotional comprehension that it makes every Eritrean (including Assasins)..shiver with disgust mixed with vengeful anger…ምስ በልኩዎ
    ገጹ እናጸወገ..of course sir , … በለ።
    ( ኣነ´ውን ገጸይ ሊትሮ ለሚን ዝሰተየ እናምሰልኩ።)….it is disgusting, son,We are beautiful people who respect eachothers culture (meanning inter-ethnical relations.
    If other people of other countries ..were injected with the same hatred & intentional regional & international division the way Eritrean people have been subjected since the inception of EPLF BANDITS ,other peoples would have started slaughtering their neighbours..just like as in the Balkans & Rwandese people. BUT NOT US ERITREANS …THAT DOES NOT EXCIST IN OUR FIBER , son….ኢለ ዘረባይ ከየጣቓለልኩ ከለኹ….
    Sorry sir ,What relations does it have ,with the subject you started…about..child abuse & Eritrean nationalities unity & good character…ኢሉ በቲ መስተውዓልን መንእሰይን ሃንደበቱ,ድቦላ ሕቶ ኣቕረበለይ ?
    __It is because I am getting into a sensitive issue of ………በቲ ክዛረበሉ ዝደለኹ ቴማ ቀጨውጨው እናበለኒ ___
    Do your Dad and mom talk about their parents (your grand fathers) ???ኢለ, ናይ ባዕለይ ናጤባ ሕቶ ሓተትኩዎ.
    All the time sir,በለኒ።
    ኣነ ድማ ኣስዕብ ኣቢለ..Do they ever tell you ¨how old were when their parents married¨??? ኢለ ምስ ሓተትኩዎ____ከብዱ ሓጎጭጎጭ እናበሎ..
    No, sir it could n´t be….ኢሉ.. እንቅዓ ምሰተንፈሰ………………………….
    My mom does not say much,..but, my Dad,I used to think he was joking….. says when his dad,my grandpa, married ,he was 18 & my Dad´s mom grandma had 9 years old…………………………..
    oh no sir…….that is messed up..Our people must be the most hypocrites in the world.ኢሉ ፍንፋኔኡ ከወድኤ ከሎ…
    Son, we never know when the…you know….between a girl/Child & a man starts……. ኢለ ዘረባይ ከይወዳእኩ ከለኹ:.
    It does not matter when sir ,just subjecting to a 9 years old girl to the idea ,she is itself should be criminal… ኢሉ ተጐድኤ፣እሞ..
    ኣነ ብጌጋ ከየጋግዮ ኢለ Son ,This things never happens now ,& it must have been rare..but, It was there..the point I was trying to make is..that a good number of Eritreans do not know ourselves & tend to be judgemental of others….In the west also they had some ugly cultures ,they still do..and like other societies ..they are we ..Eritreans ,too……Actually we Eritreans(of Tigrinya stock) ,as we are always trying to run away from our Abissinyan/Tigray identity…it does not take us time to adopt Sudanese ,Italian ,Singaporian…inclinationNow, I ´ve got to go son… ኢለ ¨ዘየደቅስ ነጊሮምኻስ ድቅስ ይሓድሩ¨ከም ዝብሃል ንሜክሲኮይ ክዕዘር ተበገስኩ ,እሞ,…ድሓን ኩኑ ኢለ ክወጽእ ከለኹ ወዲ ካናዳ መጺኡ ……………………
    ኣብዛ ጥቓ እዝነይ ቀሪቡ ¨I think you should be the PRESIDENT of Eritrea¨ በለኒ, እሞ ፍሽኽ ኢለ ጥራይ ወጻእኩ።
    _ብውሽጠይ ግን.. ወይዚ ወደይ, ሰብ ብዘይ ኣበር ኣይፍጠርን እንድዩ።ናይ ዶብ ስምምዕ ክግበር ተባሂሉ
    ምስ ኢትዮጵያ ምስ ንእከብ …በዚ ቕድመይ ቅንጅሕጅሕ ዝብል ዓይና ጓል ኣዲስ ኣበባ፣ፍሽኽ እንተይላትኒ ¨ባድመ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ፣ዓሰብ ውን ከፈርሙኒ ስለ ዝኽእሉ____እቲ ፕረሲንድነትሲ ወይ ንሓውቲ PAPPILON ወይ ንሓው KOKHOB SELAM ይውሃቦ ኢለ ንኤንሰናዳ ዝብሃል ቦታ ክዝውር ማኪናይ ጀመርኩ እሞ እንታይ ኮይነ ነቲ ሹፌረይ ዘዊሩ ኤንሰናዳ ባሃ ካሊፎርንያ ከብጽሓኒ ኣቐዲመ ዘይደወልኩሉ እናበልኩ ___
    __እዋይ መሬተይ፣መሬተይ ኣሆይ መሬተይ __መዋረዲተይ።
    __እታ መሬተይ ዝብላ,ኩሉ ዝሽቅጠላ ፣ኩሊት ሰብ ዝንገደላ፣ኣዋልድ ዝዕመጻላ__
    ሞይተ ድየ ዝሞተላ__
    __መሬተይ ኮይና መዋረዲተይ ___
    እናደረፍኩ ጉዕዞይ ጀመርኩ።
    The Brilliant Mehretu Habte..(All 3 parts were fiction & in the composition of the fiction no ,Eritrean was harm..not even Yemane Monkey !!!
    The Brilliant Mehretu Habte

  • Papillon

    Cancer cells triumph at age 50. Meles died at 57 and Chavez died at 58. Chavez won the hearts and minds of the down trodden as he rose up to utilize the tremendous wealth of Venezuela for the betterment of the poor as he joined the panteon of the leftist deities swamped the Americas in the last decade. It sure is redundant to highlight the colossal achievement of Meles where he also left the world scene as the champion of not only the poor and marginalized but a leader who inducted a tectonic shift into the age old archaic system where the political system and economic policy remained the main thorn to be for many years in the past. Armed with Developmental-State as an economic tool, the country is staying the course as it graduates into middle-income nation in few years time.

    When in fact their respective differences in history and outlook outweigh their similarities, in a rather curious way, they met in in a mid-point when Meles parted ways with the teachings of raw Socialism and Chavez opted leftist leanings as his new found karma in his otherwise short lived and yet intense life. If anything, the mid-point they both crossed paths is their love and unwavering stand for the wellbeing of the poor and they both died as such. A life time sure well spent.

    • araya

      Wiqato, lol
      You are still crying about Melles? Lol, he is dead and gone, good riddance. I guess you are hurting like every follow Tigryans.



        With all my respect to Meles…& not to make jokes about him ..but..about our situation ,that we have to look at it lightly..
        we prayed ,for god to kill our leader…& I guess just like PFDJ & Kinijit ..god does not believe in Eritrean ¨Independence¨so ,I guess ,god believed we were still Ethiopians,..& by mistake killed Meles….
        Mind you ,I am using god ,not God…because the latter one is a real God that no one should blasphem.

    • Zegeremo


      I think you are polluting your logic. There is a huge difference between a puppet and a democratic Socialist leader.


    • Eritrea

      Let me see if I get this right: Chavez is your idol now? ummmmm, interesting

  • Ziggy


    If it quacks like Tigray, walks like Tigray, and loves Meles like a Tigray, guess what? It is Tigray.

    Am I right or what?

  • Ziggy

    Does anyone realize that Papi-loon and Yodita are the same person. Right down to the punctuations and salutations. She’s gone off the deep end. She’s lost it!!!

    • Yodita

      Ziggy Zag

      Although by your own admission you married one of our women, I guess she did not impart some legendary good Eritrean manners. We do not practice stepping on people’s toes with whom we have no issue. You so sound like thomas mountain, the only mad man we know married to one of our women but becomes increasingly ‘mushmush’.

      Papillon is my idol and being considered one as her makes my day!! To say that we are one and the same to the last punctuation, reveals that your observation capacity, at least in this case, is a big 0. Her knowledge of the language is equalled by none (not even the great SAAY – let alone me), as far as I am concerned. Flattered as I am, I do not own the same merit. You mr. ziggy zag, however, you are no scholar, your attention to what you read is mighty SUPERFICIAL! Poor Isayas is surrounded by your likes: kedemti who because of blind servility step on people’s toes! Come out with arguments if you have any, otherwise, do shut up!

      • Kokhob Selam


        you have said it, nothing to add. i have said it also “Gerimini” how much our sisters and mothers similar are i even am imagining the fighters who paid their life are around me again. i hope you and my sister Papillon have enjoyed my poem in Jebena. don’t forget to open Jebena.

  • Papillon

    Dearest Yodita,

    Many thanks for those kind words and of course the feeling is mutual. Becoming a woman in Isaias’ Eritrea is unbecoming for the obvious glaring reasons. If anything is to stand out however, the rather heartbreaking story of Bitweded Abraha’s mother where she practically waited for Isaias at his door steps everyday to implore him to have mercy on the lives of her remaining sons where he looked at her with abject indifference to her perennial agony. The unbearable pain took its toll on her and she left for a better place with her undried misty eyes. When these stories are the tip of the ice berg, Aster’s story takes the ultimate cruelty of Isaias in its raw manifestation where she was snatched from the sight of her children as they were waiting for her at the airport to find a comfort in her otherwise warm arms. The horror is too appalling to narrate let alone to articulate.

    In this rather trying and terrifying times, we find a sense of consolation and a sliver lining as we see the resolve of our gallant sisters(Selam, Meron, Elsa among others) stand up for justice and stand to the man with insatiable and devouring menace to see pain and misery in the Eritrean people. Moreover, Tzigereda mentions something seemingly trivial but profound insight on her part when she said, Isaias was never interviewed by a woman. What’s more, even though he has a couple of women (read; lackeys) in his “cabinet”, it is also amazing to notice that there is no a single Eritrean woman with a rank of one star general let alone two or three even four stars.

    Amidst of our giant sisters, my place or if I dare say my role to bring about change is obscure or diminutive at best. Sure enough, PFDJ zombies hurl their attacks on me where they are running out of anything of a substance as Isaias is left with leagues of their own (read: thugs). As I see it, the reason I seem to be more often the center of their attacks has a lot to do with the fact that, I invariably state the injustice and maltreatment that had befallen on our brothers and sisters from Ethiopia particularly from Tigray when they had to roam in the streets of Eritrea in search of a better life as they were forsaken by their leaders (the King and Mengstu). The interesting thing is, I don’t even have a single drop of an Ethiopian blood in me even if I trace my genealogy back to seven or eight generations. I am as a full blown as an Eritrean anybody can be. But I remain true to the sense of justice and courage where it is more than the “purity” of blood that makes us Eritreans.


    • Habtegiorgis Abraha

      Excellent contribution! …. It is not important at all; but ‘kabeydiA Koenki tefeTirki Habtna – Haft’khi’? Cheers!!!

    • haile

      “Tzigereda mentions something seemingly trivial but profound insight on her part when she said, Isaias was never interviewed by a woman”

      That is not quite correct. “Doesn’t frequently held interview” would be reasonable. Off the top of my head, I can point two cases 1) he was discussing the history of the armed struggle, sitting by the beach in Massawa. I don’t remember the title to search it, but the interviewer was the woman from Dimtsi Hafash. 2) on his return from a trip some where, he was at the Asmara airport, and the interview was held in Arabic with a female member of Eritv. My be awate can do their trick and pull them out for us. So, Never, is not correct.

    • Sis Papillon,

      When you say ” I remain true to the sense of justice and courage where it it more than the purity of blood that makes us Eritrean” you are standing for the creed of “humanity”rather than narrow and shallow of group or self-interest.You understood the social call of your people and take is as your motto. your critics are the store owners and distributors of Issayas’s social engineering. In fact they are what Marx calls them the “false consciousness” of the opposite argument.So don’t take them serious and stop responding to them.

      • Eritrea


        At some point you need to come down to mother earth. The world is classified according to groups and according to nations and countries. That is a fact. With the same token, we are Eritreans and Ethiopians are Ethiopians. We died and bled to have our right place on this earth. Deal with it

        Stop trying to staff your confusion and identity crisis down our throat.

  • Besedira

    We failed our mothers and sisters .We are deep in Ethnic religion awraja division Kulu Hataf .We should have learned from Awate the hero he never complained from Cairo. He went to Mt Adal sparked the armed struggle.

    • Papillon

      Dearest Aman,

      I take your advice to heart. I sure don’t take them serious for they are not worth it at all. We often run into a risk as we compartmentalize a society with in the lines of class, intelligence, aspirations for self-worth as we are tempted to see a seamless pattern on those who push through the crowds to kiss Isaias’ extended hands. The woman who kisses Isaias’ hand as she is carrying his framed picture in her left hand comes to mind. And of course, the guy who asks Isaias on how many hours of sleep does he get in a day as well. Hope you got my drift.



    ¨ዝኸበርክን መስተዋሊትን ሓፍቲ ጽገረዳ¨

    ክብረተይ ምስ እድያቱ ይብጻሕኪ።ጓል ኣንስተይቲ ኤርትራዊት ከም ኣብ ሓዊ አንተእተኻዮ ክንዲ ዝሓርር መሊሱ ዝኹላዕ ወርቂ ብሓቂ ብተግባራ ዘመስከረት እያ።ኣብቲ ኣነ ዝዓበኹሉ ገዛ ¨እሂ ድኣ ወይዘራዝር ናይ ጎንደር ___(ድምበዛን ደቂ ንጉስ ደምቢያ ፣ጎንደር ስለ ዝኾንና)__ኣዋልድ እየን ለባማት እናተባህላ ስለ ዝዓበያ__ኣብ ናብራን ትምህርትን ስራሕን እንተማዕበላ ዘገርም ኣይኮነን።እተን ወለደይ ዘየዕበይወን ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ግን፥፥ልቢ ጓል ክንዲ መርፍእ እቲኣ እኳ እንተስዓምካያ ትጠፍእ___ሰበይትን ኣድግን ኣይትምሓር___ናይ ኣንስቲ ነገር ክኣ___ኣንስትን ቆልዑትን ክኣ____ዝብል ጉሓፍ እናሰምዓ ዓብየን ግን__፡ሸፋቱ ኤርትራ ቅድሚ ምእታዎም እኳ(ቅድሚ ተስዓን ሓደን )፡ __ሰላሳ ካብ ሚእቲ ኣስናን ሓኪም፣ ደቀንስትዮ ምንባረን ጋዜጣ ካናዳ ኣብቲ ከባቢ እቲ ጊዜ ገሊጻ።ሰላሳ ካብ ሚእቲ እውን፣ካብተን ብረት ሒዘን ኮለል ኢለን___ እዚ ሓዘን እዚ ኣምጺኤናልና ዘለዋ ተዋጋእቲ ምንባረን እቲ ጋዜጣ ይትርኽ።ኣነ ከም ኣነ እኳ፣ ካብ ክቐትላ ዝወጻ፣ እተን ዝተማህራን ጨቖቕ ኢለን ደቀን ዘምሃራን ደቀንስትዮ የድንቕ።ሰብ መምርጭኡ ኣለዎ።
    ኣብ ኤርትራ፣ኣብ ዝተፈልየ ዳይሜንሽን ስለ ንነብር፣እቲ ብጊዜ ኢትዮጵያ ዝነበረ ተዛማዲ ነጻነት ፣ባርነት ተሰምዩ።እዚ ሸፋቱ ዘምጽእዎ ጉሓፍ ግሃነም ባርነት፣ድማ ናጽነት ስለ ዝኾነ ኩለን ዌብሳይታትን ወጻኢ ዘሎ ህዝብን____ጉንበት ዕስራን ኣርባዕተን__ዮሃና ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ይብሃለሉ።ጉዳም፣ወይ ኣነ ወይ ኩሉ ኤርትራዊ ተጸሊሉ ኣሎ። ስለዚ እዚ ኤርትራዊ ጥዋይ ሓንጎል ብምጥቃም __
    ተጋደልቲ ናይ ጀብሃ ዝነበራን፣ምስ ሻዕብያ ብረት ሒዘን ኮለል ዝበላን ደቀንስትዮን __እተን ምስ ¨መድሓርሓሪት¨ ዓማ ዝነበራ ደቀንስትዮ፣ብተዛማዲ ዝበለጸ ምዕባለ መሰል ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ኣርእየን ።እተን ምስዛ መጒሃይትና ¨ገስጋሲት¨ሻዕብያ ዝነበራ ግን __መፍላሕቲ ቡን ናይ ኮረኔላት ተቐይረን__
    እቲ ድሙ ድሙ ጸሚቝካ ፣ዓወት ንሓፋሽ ኢልካ ዝተገብረ ናይ ስኽራን መርዓ እውን ኣስመራ ምስ ኣተወ ከምዚ ሰቲኻ ምስ ወዳእካ ትድርብዮ ኩባያ ስታይሮፎም፣ምስ ሸውዓተ ደቀን ተራሕሪሔን እቲ ¨ተጋዳላይ¨ዝነበረ ፍሬሽ ደቂ ኣስመራ፣መንደፈራ፣ደቀምሓረ ተመርዕዩ___።እቲ ብወዝቢ ዝጸንሔ ድማ ንጉሆ ንጉሆ__፡¨ብዘይ ማዕርነት ደቀንስትዮ ቃልስና ሸቶኡ ኣይወቅዕንዩ¨ ኢሉ ዝጭርሕ ፣ምሸት ምሸት ድማ ሰበይቱ ዝወቅዕ ወራዳ ሳኽራም ኮይኑ ተሪፉ።
    እቲ ብዘይ ድሙ ድሙን ፣ብዘይ ሓሳዊ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ ዘይኮነስ መቓልስቱ ኣፍቂሩ ዝተመርዓወ ኣብ¨መድሓርሓሪት¨ዓማዊ ዝነበረ ግን ምስ ብጸይቱ ካናዳ፣ኣሜሪካ፣ኤውሮጳ፣ኣውስትራልያ ኣትዩ፣ ወዘተ___ብፍቕሪ ምስ ሓዳሩ፣ደቁ ብሰላም እናዓበየ ይነብር ኣሎ።እዚ ጀብሃን ሻዕብያን ንምባል ዘይኮነስ፣ኣብ ኤርትራ እቲ ኽፉእ ጽቡቕ፣እቲ ጽቡቕ ድማ ክፉእ እናተባህለ ክግለጽ፣ብዘይካይ ዳርጋ ኩሉ ሰብ ከም ዝዓበደ ኢዩ ዘመልክት።
    ሓውቲ ጽገረዳ፣
    ብዛዕባ ማርታ መብራህቱ ናይ ደቀንስትዮ መሰል ዝሓዘለ ኣብዮት ከም ዝነበረ ኣይፈልጥን ኔረ።መስዋእታ ንሓቂ ስለ ዝኾነ ክብረተይ ደረት የብሉን።እዚ ኣይፈልጦን ኔረ።ሱቕ ኢላ ኣድቬንቸሪስት እያ ትመስለኒ ኔራ።ገለ ሰባት ደቀንስትዮ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ምባላ ደስ ኣይበሎምን ፣ጽሒፎምልኪ ኣለዉ።ማለቶምሲ ኢትዮጵያ ጸላኢትና ከላስ ኤርትራውያን ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ጥራይ ዘይትብል ማለቶም እዩ።ኣብ ጃፓን ዝተሳእለት ጻዕዳ ሰበይቲ፣ኣደይ ማርያም ኢሎም ክሳለሙ ዝጓያዩ ጠረጥቲ፣ኢትዮጵያ ስለ ዝተሓወሰት ኣጒህይዎም።ቅርሺ ናይ ጃንሆይ ክቕበሉ ምዓኮሮም ዝርህጽ ዝነበረ ኢዮም፣እዚኣቶም።
    ብዝኾነ ኣነ ዘድንቐን ደቂ ኣንስትዮ፣ማዕርነት ንምምስካር ብረት ሒዘን ኮለል ዝበላ ዘይኮናስ፣እተን ደቀይ ክሓልፈሎም ኣለዎ ኢለን ጸጒሪ ርእሲ እንቖነና ይኹን ልኻይ እናሸጣ ደቀን ብሕልፊ ደቀንስትዮ እናምሃራ ዘዕበያ፣ብፕሮፖጋንዳ ሸፋቱ ከይተታለላ ፣ሱዳን ሰጊረን__እንዳ ሃብታምን፣እንዳ ብልዒ ቤትን ሰሪሔን ንዕኤን ዝመስል ተመርዕየን ኣሜሪካን ኤውሮጳን ብምእታው ደቀንስትዮ ደቀን ናይ ማንም ፈሳዊ ኢንፈርዮር ከይኮና ዝቕመጣሉ ሃገር ምምራጸን።እተን ተማሂረን መምሃራንና ኮይነን ዘዕበያና ፣ካብ መምህር ሳራ ናይ ኣዚለ (እንዳ ሽወደን)ክሳዕ ኣልማዝ ትብሃል ኣብ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ሃይ ስኩል ናይ ባዮሎጂ መምህርና ዝነበረት፣ _____
    __ልዕሊ ኩሉ ድማ ከምዚ ከማኺ (ጽገረዳ ከም ሽማ)__፡እተን ዝጠቐስክየን ዶር_ኣልጋነሽ ጋንዲ፣ኤልሳ ጭሩም፣ሜሮን ስጢፋኖስን ካልኦት ዘይፈልጠንን___ሰብ ብምቕታል ዘይኮነስ ፣ብምስትምሃር__ከም ሰብኣይን ሰበይትን ኴንክን ነታ ብኮረኔላት ሸፋቱን ፣ብበደዊንን ትዕመጽ ዘላ ጓል ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ወዲ´ውን ጠጠው ትብላ__ካብ ኣልማዝ ትኸብራ ኣሓተይ ክብረተይን ኣድናቖተይን ደረት የብሉን።ኣነ ዘድንቐክን ደቀንስትዮ፣እተን ሂወት ተድሕና እምበር ሂወት ምጥፋእ ድኣ ዝብኢ እኳ ዝገብሮ።

    ሓውኪ ምሕረቱ ሃብተ ጳውሎስ

  • Papillon has been painfully slow lately including with the turn out of comments. Hope everything is well on their end

    • Yodita

      Dearest Papillon,

      Although the Eritrean woman has been a bastion of strength at all levels and particularly during the struggle, Isayas’s misrule has managed to lure some of our heroic women of the struggle to be servile to his tyrannical system by making them believe they are empowered. Those who were brave enough to break from it are sadly rotting in jail. It is indeed very hard to believe, this mad man has four women in his sham cabinet who serve him blindly, deceiving themselves, that they are serving their country and the Eritrean people. It is very astounding that not a single one of them holding a Ministerial position rebelled by abandoning him! Being women [less power driven] one hoped for that!

      In the Diaspora, Kubrat aHwatna Elsa Churum, Meron Estifanos, Selam Kidane, among others, are our beacon of light, our hope and our pride and they are doing wonders fighting the system. They are showing fierce determination in exposing a mighty foe whose primary function and expertise is to control, imprison and yes, extinguish and annul.

      While we remember our sisters in detention this 8 March and the ones that are boldly and openly fighting Hgdef, I wish to record that you, our sister, because of your inflexible rejection of tyranny and misrule, you stand tall making us all very proud. In the cyber world, you are the one who takes the most attack by zombies and diehards and in my book, you are no less a fighter than the sisters mentioned above. I sometimes flinch with shock when I read the attacks hurled at you because you have the clarity of mind and the courage to call an ace an ace.
      More benign power to the woman race!

  • Kokhob Selam

    dear all enjoy my new poem “…….ገሪሙኒ…..” gift for this article

  • Haben

    An Eritrean military source, on conditions of anonymity, told the Sudan Tribune that Isaias’ alleged decision to resign is “no surprise” because of his deteriorating health and mounting discontent amongst the country’s defense forces. Eritrea is witnessing a growing division among political and military leaders following worsening corruption in the poorly-funded military

    • haben, where did you get this news It is not on the sudan tribune of today? more info please?

      • Papillon


        Please don’t pay attention to this kind of out of the thin air “news”. He probably stumbled upon an old news that briefly appeared on Sudan Tribune. I am actually surprised Awate Team let it appear. Again, it is an old news.

  • L.T

    Selam Tsegerda;
    I read the history of Martha 1996 and the title of the book are”Terara yanketekete tewld” and I don’t understand why coming with this topic again.In our long Eritrean struggle we had have manay Eritreans women who are struggled for Eritrea.
    Martha born in Debrezyt not in Addis Abeba by her parantes B.Generl Mebrahtu Fisaha of Hazega and w/ro Ariam Geresus 1950 and her big brother prof Toedros are still in NewYork and was with EPRP.
    The Dec 1972 hijacking by three Eritreans 1,Amaniel Yohannes the brother of Zmhert and Amaniel Fikadu and rest ofcourse Ethiopians.
    W/ro Tsegereda,Did you know 30% of our Tegadelti were Eritreans women in EPLF? Hafti Lemma was also Shifta to replace his dead brother for 100 yrs ago.

    • wolde ab

      as info,
      Martha’s brother is back home, in Addis Ababa.

      • L.T

        Who cares much if he is even an Ethiopian mean point what have done Martha to Eritrean struggle?just for fashionable 70s Vitnaim politic she die with her Ethiopian boy friend Walelign Mokonon for Ethiopian case not for our generation.
        The group of Tihisha like Memher Berhane,Zerazgi Debesai,Pawlos Kahasai…helped them to crush Haileslissies kingdom for always.

  • rodab

    Time to remember our heroens like Aster Fizahatsion, Aster Yohannes, Senait Debessay, Miryam Hagos and much more. It’s unimaginable the regime would simply disappear such humble women with inpunity.
    Here is one of Senait’s meda songs:

    • Ziggy


      No one likes the fact that these women you mentioned are behind bars. But what is the government supposed to do when people commit high crimes and treason??? The government can’t be expected to look the other way.

  • Ziggy

    Eritrean women are the best. They were both warriors and nurturers during the liberation war. They killed and got killed. One could argue that Eritrea’s independence would not have been achieved without the full participation of women. In today’s Eritrea, women can be found in leadership positions in all of Eritrea’s instituitions (army and civilian). Eritrea’s women have earned their seat at the table and we salute them for it.

    Please join me in your raising your glass in honor of Eritrean women: To Zeinab and Akberet!

    Below is a video clip of Eritrea’s women soldiers staging a fashion show. They are easy on the eyes. Eritrean women are among the most beautiful in the world in my opinion. But of course, I am biased since I am married to one.

  • ክብርቲ ሓፍቲ ጽጌረዳ ሃይለ
    መጀመርያ ሰላም ንዓኪ፡ ቀጺለ ሓደ ክልተ ቃል ወስ ክበል፡-
    ጽሑፍኪ ንዝጸንሔን ዘሎን ሓቕታት ዝትንክፍ ዘይኮነስ ዘቓልዕ እዩ። እዚ እቲ ቀዳምይ ዕማሙ ኾይኑ ጎድናጎድኑ’ውን ገለ እዋናዊ ሕቶታት ክልዓሉ ዝሓትት እዩ። ከም ኣብነት ዝጠቅስክየን ኤረታውያን ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ሓርበኛታት ካብ ባሕሪ ብጭልፋ እኪ እልኪ፡ ብወገናይ ኣማን ብኣማን ዝብል መልሲ እዩ ዝርከብ። ስለ እዘኤን፡ መሓዙተንን ዝሓለፋ ጀጋኑ ሓርበኛታት ንምንታይ ዘይተልዕለ? ኣብ ዓምዲ ታሪክ እጃሙ ንምንታይ ንኣሰ? ንዝብሉ ሕቶታት፡ መጀመርያ ባይታ ህግደፍ ክለዓሉ ኣይፈቅድን ፡ ነዚ ዘይምፍቃዱ ከኣ ኣብ ውሽጥን ደገን፡ ብዕልልታን ጠቃዒትን፡ ክስነ ምጽንሑን፡ ገና’ውን ይስነ ምህላውን ትዝንግዕዩ እኪ ዝብል ግምት የብለይን። እብ እቶም ህግደፍ ዘይእውዶም ተንቀሳቀስትን፡ ጸሓፍትን፡ ተረክትን ከኣ፡ ዓይኑ ዘይኣንቖሐ ፍርሒ ኣሎ። ንኣብነት፡ ማለት ኣነ ብዛዕባ “ስቲ” ፈሊጠ ፡ ተቕላሲት ስቲ፡-
    ካብ ግዜ ቑልዕነታ ጀሚራ ክሳብ መጨረሽታ ከምዚ ነበረት ኢለ ከይጽሕፍ፡ ዝክልክለኒ ነገር ኣሎ። ኣይትህለል “ስቲ” ኣይኮነትን “ለቲ” እያ ዝብል ቅጽበታዊ መደራጉሕ ከምዝቅበል ኣይጠራጠርን። ዝሓለፈ መስከረም ዝነበረ ኩነታት ዓቢ ኣብነት እዩ ። እንተኾነ ግን ንዝኾነ ግዜ ኣሎዎ፡ እቲ ግዜ ከኣ ሎሚ ይምስል። መጋቢት 8፡ 2013 መዓልቲ ጓይላን ፣ ጠቓዒትን ፣ ሳዕሳዒትን ዘይኾነስ ብፍላይ ደቒ እንስትዮ ነብሰን ዝፈቅዳላ መዓልቲ ክትኸውን ይትምነ። ብዝተረፈ ነዚ ዘሎ ቃልሲ ብሕብረት፡ ገጽንገጽ እንተገጥምናዮ ዕድምኡ ንምግማት ኣየጸግምን፡ ሰናይ ቕነ!

  • Papillon

    Dearest Tzigereda,

    It could have been a speech delivered by a Valedictorian. It could have been a speech of a final argument in a court of law. It could have been a speech in a parliament dominated by XY. Simply brilliant. In a still male dominated world, we are invariably taken for “a chicken is simply an egg’s way of making another egg” or if I can borrow Richard Dawkins, a smart design of the “Selfish Gene”. If I can reduce the issue into popular pulp-fiction, we could as well be from Venus where our reality is a world apart from men, but if history attests anything, we have excelled not only in altruism but in political leadership as well. The said resolve to bring about change hits home where the personalities you mentioned come to mind. They are the most vocal personalities (Elsa, Selam and others) where they are Aung San Suu Kyi in the making. Again, well done.


    • Abe

      I appreciate the participation of our women in this forum.i wish my wife would part of the discussion then I would end up eating Big Mac.the little one would been taken care every 4 hours instead every second.cheers to u gals