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Waiting For An Eritrean Spring Or Making It

Between waiting for the Eritrean spring and making it: An attempt to find a new approach to change in Eritrea


More than two decades after the liberation of Eritrea, it seems that the chances of change in the Eritrean political scene is diminishing, not because there are significant new conditions in favor of the regime or against the opposition, but because the promise of change by the latter did not go past the concept of hope to reach the concept of action. This is because the difference between hopes and wishes on the one hand and actions on the other is considerable. Hopes do not require an effort more than unlocking the imagination, while actions needs a real conscience that prompts an accurate knowledge of the details of the action, mechanisms and methods in a possible timeframe. Given these understanding, I think change does not exceed being a desire or a wish that the opposition would rather have than an action that could see the light in a specific timeframe. I hope that this article would not be understood as a cause for inhibition of determination or pessimism because I seek to set the facts in their proper context, especially since expectations of the masses who are hungry for change are heightened when there are signs coming from a new party or organization: a conference, or a council. Knowing that all these is emphasized in the media, it gives the indication that the life of the regime is approaching its end, that the time for change has come, and that the fruit is ripe awaiting picking.

Perhaps some repeat these phrases and believe in them without exerting any effort to find how realistic they are or identifying factors on which they are based; but the presence of a certain action of opposition does not necessarily mean the fall of the regime within a determined timeframe. Dictatorial regimes do not fall on their own, they are overthrown by people who realize the consequences of what they are doing and who are willing to bear the sacrifices and consequences for their choices. Accordingly, this approach seeks to examine the scenarios of change as talked about or wished for by the opposition forces, and how applicable they are in reality as well as the possibility of converting them into actions that can determine whether they are feasible or wishful.

How do I see change

The term change in the dictionary of the Eritrean opposition constitutes a vast area starting from a full radical change, meaning the removal of the regime with all its structures, symbols and laws, and replacing them with an opposite regime that conforms to the agreed upon values ​​among most of the Eritrean opposition and its allied entities. It is a change that seeks to create a democratic regime that takes into account values ​​of justice, preserves diversity, and balances between the center and the peripheries. The concept of change advances putting pressure on the regime to present substantial concessions through external or internal pressures that would create a conducive environment for negotiations which can lead to a transitional phase in which everyone participates, or change of the regime itself through moderate forces at home that could negotiate with the opposition forces to reach a compromise. Between the option of a radical change and a partial one, so to speak, extends other options that approach or move away from one of these options.

Change scenarios

Change is the norm of life, and nothing is eternal except the Almighty creator. According to the laws of extinction, the situation in Eritrea will change sooner or later. Nevertheless, questions remain: how and when will that change take place, and what is the alternative?

It is difficult to have definite answer for such questions since there remain possible scenarios for change according to the realities on the one hand, and human experiences on the other. These are two factors that guide us to guess what tomorrow holds for us owing to the fact that knowledge of the unseen is exclusive to the creator alone. The more the knowledge of the reality and all the factors forming it is accurate and truthful, and the analogy of human experience throughout history is realistic and objective, the more accurate the results of extrapolation of tomorrow becomes. School curricula and theories are created based on this science, but this should not distract us from the subject of this article.

If the change in Eritrea is inevitable, scenarios of change can be limited to two major ones each of which constitute scores of details. This article focuses on two main subjects: external change (external forces) and internal change (Eritrean national forces). I will attempt to clear these two scenarios by focusing on the latter which pertains to the internal forces for its significance to the current phase and also because this is the preferred option since it would lead to results that we aspire: the creation of a free, democratic and inclusive homeland.

External change

Here, the external change means that which is mainly achieved by the interference of external forces even though there would be national forces whose role would not exceed a supporting or secondary role; but the effective and key player in realizing that change would still be the external force. To make the picture clearer we can give several examples from recent history: change that occurred in Panama and toppled president Manuel Noriega in 1991; overthrowing of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2001;  overthrowing the Baath regime led by Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2003.

If it is hard to imagine such a scenario taking place in Eritrea, we can imagine the U.S. as an active agent if its vital interests are exposed to danger, mainly the  Bab El-Mandeb strait which is passage of oil from the Gulf region where the US and its allies have strategic interests, or if violence escalates in Somalia led by AlShabab and implicates Eritrea in fueling this conflict, and if that conflict becomes a direct threat to the interests of the United States and its allies. It is also a possibility that there would be a French intervention if the Eritrean President suddenly decides to attack the state of Djibouti that has the largest French military presence in Africa in its territories, and has a defense agreement with it. But the most possible and palatable intervention, considering the realities of the region, is the Ethiopian intervention. This is due to the fact that Ethiopia is the only country which has declared its desire to see the demise of the regime in Eritrea and publicly supports the opposition forces. Moreover, Ethiopia had previously penetrated deep inside Eritrean territories and occupied many Eritrean towns during the 1998-2000 war between the two countries. Such a scenario remains valid and potentially more probable than the other possibilities. This is because Ethiopia has a direct interest in changing the Eritrean regime which in turn also makes no secret of its desire to remove the minority rule in Ethiopia as it describes it. It is for that reason that Eritrea embraces and supports the Ethiopian opposition with its various military wings. What supports this scenario as well is that Ethiopia agrees with the United States on reducing the phenomenon of extremism, especially that which is growing in Somalia. The Eritrean regime’s connection with that phenomenon renders changing it an Ethiopian-American joint desire. The U.S. prefers to support regional powers such as Ethiopia and Kenya to deal with the terrorism in the Horn of Africa rather than intervening directly; the U.S. assumed this attitude after what happened to its forces, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia in 1993, under the umbrella of the United Nations.

Ethiopia has repeatedly stressed through its top governmental officials that changing the regime in Eritrea is not its business but that of the Eritrean people, and that it supports the right and choice of the Eritrean people in determining the authority that rules them. Moreover, the events on the ground demonstrate that at this stage Ethiopia prefers draining the Eritrean regime through a no-war-no- peace approach, especially after it became certain that the regime has become too weak to fend off any attack let alone pose a military threat. The best proof of that is the clear failure of the Eritrean regime in dealing with the Ethiopian intervention deep in Eritrea in March last year. Most probably that is the reason behind the deteriorating health of the Eritrean President who entered in a severe state of depression as a result of his conviction that his army lacked the ability to respond to the incursion. However, the chances of the occurrence of such an intervention is diminishes at least in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, such an option is not considered as a preferred or desirable by the majority of the opposition forces, and its consequences are not guaranteed. Ultimately, the external change scenario remains in the hands of other forces, a fact which denies the opposition the right to accept or reject it.

Internal change

No doubt that the national forces that wish to change the Eritrean situation are many and spread over a large area. Some of these forces are political organizations; others are civil organizations as well as sect, youth and women organizations some of whom are declared while others are undercover. Some believe that change should be pursued militarily while others adopt peaceful means. Despite the fact that all these powers agree on the indispensability of changing the situation in Eritrea, and are working towards it, yet at the same time they differ on the means and manners by which they should carry out that change, as well as the shape of the desired change, and the alternative to that change. This is the area addressed by this article in an attempt to define change, noting that almost all of the powers agree that the change must include, as a minimum, the relinquishing of power by the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, under whom the state has become akin to a kingdom totally controlled by an individual. Moreover, most of the forces that believe that the relinquishing of power by the President is perhaps the solution envisioned by many opposition elements with an Eritrean People liberation Front (EPLF) background. But this vision is also shared by many others who had worked with the Eritrean government after liberation.

Perhaps the optimism that swept the opposition forces in all their structured or unstructured forms by the rumor of the death of the Eritrean President, or his chronic illness, is an expression of the longing of many who consider the president as a stumbling block on the road to change. Furthermore, his exit is seen as an international magic formula in treating the peoples’ revolutions.

The above formula is similar to the Yemeni model where domestic and international pressures had led to a combination of concessions whereby the strongman of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, handed powers to his deputy while in return ensuring his immunity. This is also one of the scenarios proposed to solve the Syrian crisis with variations in details. Change brought about by national forces in accordance with human experiences in modern history does not exceed specific and known scenarios. Change might take place when the opposition overwhelms the regime militarily and consequently defeats it, or pressures it and forces it to fully or partially give up power through political solutions; at least that is if the opposition is operating from outside the country. However, if the opposition is publicly or secretly working at home, the most prominent scenario is that a people’s revolution will take place similar to what happened in the Sudan in 1964, or during the Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia. Change can also take place through a coup d’etat from within the regime, a military or a civilian coup, peaceful or violent; or more than a scenario might integrate to accomplish change. Importantly, the opposition forces that seek change should know which scenario to adopt, and work hard to accomplish tasks according to a specific schedule and subject to assessment and evaluation. But, does that apply to the Eritrean opposition? To answer this question one needs to look into the circumstances in which the Eritrean opposition was established and within which it operates.

The nature of the Eritrean opposition

The Eritrean opposition is essentially a force which has disagreed with the EPLF before the liberation, based on the two schools of the Eritrean Liberation Front: ELF and the EPLF. Such differences still manifest in many disagreements within the current opposition. Islamic organizations, whose roots are in the initial Liberation Front, joined the opposition at a later time. The more prominent aspect, however, was the one which appeared in the late eighties as a reaction to the practices of the EPLF which was classified on sectarian basis according to the interpretation of this opposition whish started its violent struggle against the EPLF before the independence of Eritrea. At a later stage, nationalist movements joined the opposition. These movements were formed as a reaction to the practices of the EPLF as the governing party that controls the state and controls its resources and its distribution. At a later time, forces from within the EPLF joined the opposition, including a number of its historical leaders after the split of the EPLF in the early years of the second millennium. If these are the most prominent movements that form the opposition, it should not be overlooked that there are large factional sectors that have joined the opposition which are not included in these movements as a result of geographical location, or age groups that cannot be classified under these movements. The most prominent of such movements are some intellectuals or youth who left Eritrea due to various reasons which can be summarized in a single reason:  lack of hope in Eritrea due to practices of the regime. A large number of the nation’s youth left for exile and Eritrea recorded the highest rate in creating refugees in comparison to its population. This is the new state’s opposition generation; and it cannot be considered part of the previous categories. The above background is necessary for the identification of the means that would be pursued by the Eritrean opposition in its quest for change.

The common trait of all these movements is that their links and communication with Eritrea is very weak, if not non-existent altogether; the influence of these movements is almost up to the point of nothingness. Here influence is mean as an organizational influence that operates through a specific plan. Perhaps the reasons for that are well known: the historic opposition did not enter Eritrea in the first place or that it entered Eritrea but for very limited periods and then left. Furthermore, later generations left Eritrea on a journey to save only themselves, not to save their homeland. The difference here is clear; for in seeking to save the self, one exerts all his effort and is fully focused on leaving without thinking of returning. Leaving the homeland to save it, on the other hand, requires orderly exit which is something that did not occur in any of the sectors or individuals who make up the Eritrean opposition. In addition to that, Eritrea has not witnessed the formation of parties or elections, and thus there are no grassroots forces except those of the ruling party. If political trends existed, they are of factions that were considered to follow the ELF school of thought that is something that had taken place long time ago; nearly three decades separate us from the time the ELF exited from action.

There are also Islamic trends that reject practices of the EPLF in principle; but the EPLF was able to hit them in the first days of its rule. What remained of these Islamic movements was eliminated by the Islamists themselves as the result of their internal differences and divisions which rendered them hopeless and unfruitful. There was hope on the opposition that came out of the EPLF to have bases; however, due of its unorganized exit from the scene, as well as demonization by the regime as mischievous, weakened its impact on Eritrea. The absence of internal opposition as a result of historical circumstances of the formation of the opposition, and the weakness of influence be it in words or deeds, makes the chances of the opposition in causing an internal people’s revolution closer to impossible. Moreover, changing the regime by force and the exerting pressure that compels the regime to give up power or forces it to the dialogue table, is something that is not reinforced by the reality of the opposition. Furthermore, in light of the opposition’s inability to bring about change peacefully or through violence, using known as well as proven methods and scenarios, their talk of bringing about change does not exceed being dreams and wishes rather than action as I have previously  mentioned in the preface.

An attempt to probe the roadmap

As the aim of this approach is not to cause any discouragement, or implant despair; it is important to conclude it with an attempt to penetrate through walls of objective conditions, that make change by Eritrean opposition as the central actor, an elusive matter and as difficult as trying to square a circle. At the same time, we must bring along positive factors such as the steadfastness of the opposition in difficult conditions, and the opposition’s principle in confronting the regime regardless of its ability to bring about change. In addition to that, there is the existing state of hate and discontent towards the regime which is still in its passive phase. Finally, there is the international isolation of Eritrea as a result of the regime’s practices and not as a result of the opposition’s strength of argument or its diplomacy. All those positive aspects can be built upon to find a way towards change, in spite of building a comprehensive plan, is not a possible matter in this approach.

The People at home are the mainstay in the process of change

Obviously, the change required relates to the political situation in Eritrea with its known geographical boundaries. Because we have not reached that degree of development which enables us to found a device that can remotely control the destinies of country and people, it must be recognized that the required change is within Eritrea. Therefore, change must take place from within Eritrea, whatever the form of the scenario.

We have excluded the scenario of a military invasion because of psychological conditions related to the Eritrean people who hate to have any more wars, and other structural conditions concerning the opposition and their logistics capabilities, and a third type of objective conditions related to regional surroundings. Moreover, there are no indications that the scenario that says that the regime would suddenly come to its senses and call for a constitutional state for and by everyone would ever happen; this has no precedent in the history of dictatorships. It therefore follows that change must be imposed on the regime through the will of the masses. Nevertheless, it is not easy for this simple fact to be recognized in the dictionary of the Eritrean opposition and it will give scores of justifications by which to support its point of view, starting from the tight security grip of the regime, the lack of internal organized forces, the absence of an effective section of the society–which is that of the youth who are either being pushed to the trenches in battlefields, to labor camps in Sawa, or are in exile–in addition to other reasons. The fact is that even more objective justifications can be quoted, but the essential fact that remains and cannot be disregarded (no matter how many justifications there are) is that the Eritrean people about whom we are talking are at home (in the scene of events) and are the ones suffering the most from the existence of the regime and its continuity, and they will be the ones who will most clearly and profoundly benefit from the demise of that regime. These facts are the cornerstones of any revolution and they are sufficient incentive for a revolution.

There are certainly other factors, such as the revolution’s program and its leadership, which are factors that can be created. What cannot be created is people who have the sufficient motive to carry out a revolution in the scene of events. Based on this foundation, what is needed is completing the factors that lead to the success of the revolution;  this is a possible matter and can be proven by evidences from the political history of other people;  nations of the Arab Spring may be regarded as fresh models of that matter. However, so as not to fall into the trap of comparing between the people of the Arab Spring and Eritrea, let us return to the Eritrean people and remember that in more difficult conditions than those they live in today, they managed to create a comprehensive revolution and were victorious. Relying on this foundation is not only because the people are those who will most suffer from the continuation of such a regime, that they are the party that will most benefit from such a change or because they are in the scene of events, but because there are many indications that show that the seed of revolution has began to grow in the womb of that people. We find that the Eritrean people at home have moved beyond the phase of euphoria caused by victory and liberation and reverence towards the regime, followed by a phase of fear, and eventually into that of hatred which is the phase of passive resistance. By going beyond that phase, there are several signs that indicate that some sectors of the people have begun positive resistance which, albeit being unorganized, is certainly a step to the right direction.

Opposition abroad as an integral factor in the change process

The features that people at home lack are the ones available to the opposition abroad. The Diaspora opposition has the potential and flexibility of movement, experienced leadership and can communicate with the outside world. Furthermore, they have the potential to influence the lifeline on which the regime breathes: finance. Above all, they have the principle of opposing the regime and adhering to that principle despite situational variables. The opposition, however, lacks precise definition of its role which it can comprehend and is within its capabilities and it determines for itself goals that cannot be achieved; the goals are simply unrealistic therefore impossible. The opposition, moreover, carry slogans which raise the bar of public expectations, but in time, people discover the truth, and then lose confidence in the leadership, the program, and the organization. It is, therefore, imperative for the Diaspora opposition to have a clear and precise role: It will not bring change to the Eritrean people at home, but will help them plan for change if they take the lead. This intellectual step followed by an action program that is entirely different from what is seen on the Eritrean opposition scene. The matter, however, is not that simple. The people at home who have withdrawn themselves from taking the responsibility, and are waiting for a savior represented by the Diaspora opposition, will not easily accept this burden. Rather, it will think that it is not worthy of that responsibility for dictatorships first targets the peoples’ confidence in themselves, limiting their interests to everyday breadwinning issues till they reach that point where they think that even the air they breath is a grant to them from the regime which is able to give or take it from them as it wishes. People feel grateful to the regime when they get their minimum demands without comprehending that these demands are at the heart of their rights. People in such a phase will not shift their thinking overnight to issues pertaining to freedoms, the constitution, and welfare. This is, therefore the path to which the Diaspora opposition should lead the people at home; but the following steps needs to be done: –

1)       Communicating with the people at home through a thoughtful media work and  informational messages focusing on exposing the regime and uncovering its practices, as well as motivating the active sectors especially the middle class (college students, state forces, middle or low ranked state employees, middle or low ranked army officers middle class of national capitalism). This should be a media message based on the truth and on accurate information from sources; gaining the confidence of masses can only come through experience. Talking, for instance, about imagined events or details of events based on inaccurate information from a certain city, causes the loss of the confidence of the people of that city since they live there. But if the information is accurate and timely, it would not only win the confidence of the people, but it will also to give them a sense that the opposition’s eye is watchful and is monitoring all events. Certainly, information sources will be limited in the early stages, but the list of volunteers who would provide news will increase amaze the the institutions. Many sectors of the people at home need people they can trust and those who give them hope and who interact with them not only by listening but by participating in the exchang of information which can developed.

2)       The media message must focus on the responsibility of the Eritrean people at home towards change and that no one will carry out this task on their behalf and that the history of these people testify that they are able to accomplish the task as they have achieved the liberation task. The message must focus on the points of strength that characterize the Eritrean people, and bring up all forms of peoples’ resistance in whatever form or geographical location since  people imitate each other–if that is on the level of nations, then it should certainly be effective within a single country.

3)       Focusing on the emotional side since peoples are aroused by passion more than numbers. This could be done by reminding the people of the tragedy they are experiencing since sometimes people get used to a situation and need an outsider’s eye to show them the extent of the humiliation they are suffering. In this regard we have stories and horrors that, if used well, can draw tears from a rock and raise the dead.

4)       One of the tasks of the Diaspora opposition is to block all external sources of funding for the regime, working towards criminalizing the payment of the 2% tax through the national laws of all countries in which Eritreans reside, especially Western countries, and reduce the regime’s social base through the use of all social relations. The achievement of each organization or committee in a certain area should be equal to the number of those who have stopped infusing blood to the regime through their financial contributions. Moreover, it is necessary to stop all forms of aid, grants and loans provided to the regime through closely monitoring and following and then carrying out protests in front of any country or organization that offers something similar.

5)       Since the regime relies on the gold extraction project, this must be the most prominent target of Diaspora opposition which must communicate and put pressure on all companies, especially Western companies, through demonstrations, letters, and legal procedures, and through other means of pressure such as winning over members of parliaments and local governments. If the opposition succeeds in doing this, it would really contribute towards bringing down the regime. In the incident of the arrest of the employees of the British security company, Britain threatened to criminalize the 2% tax collection, and the regime could do nothing but free the detainees, despite the serious accusations of the detainees by the regime, which warranted sentenced of eternal prison terms. This only reflects the weakness of the regime that the opposition has not been able to exploit.

6)       The Eritrean people at home need to see opposition parties that have put aside their absurd differences as well as their struggle on a tiger skin they dream to hunt down. Speaking in a unified voice gives motivation to those who are at home to resist positively. It also gives meaning to their sacrifices that they will get what they deserve for their sacrifices, even if what they get is only moral honor.

7)       The opposition must not win over the masses abroad or at home with false glamorous slogans like those related to the approach of change, and they should be realistic in their slogans and programs. I cannot understand how a political organization or leadership presents a plan or a work program and then comes a year later to say that the plan has not been implemented for lack of financial resources. The plan is not a real one if it does not contain its own sources of funding and time frame; it explains that it was nothing but a wish and the leaders of the opposition have to stop playing with the emotions of the masses.

8)       Despite the repeated talk about transition, yet there should be a consensus about this sensitive phase among all sectors of the opposition. Consequently, what has been agreed upon should be marketed to give the people at home a guarantee that the demise of the regime does not mean the demise of the state and that the opposition will be able to contribute to the stability of the state and can overcome its differences. Leaders of the opposition have to stop their power rivalry; opposition is not the seat of power; those who want power should seek power in a government in a country. Leadership positions should not be considered as recognition or favors; but should be entrusted to those who can work and perform. There is a confusion within the opposition: a concept of leadership between the leaders of a specific work, and a ceremonial status for someone who has sacrificed much and in recognition of his former favors and therefore he must be acknowledged and given a leadership position. The issue of honoring and recognition because of favors done by the former leaders should not be a definitive criterion in determining who should lead.

9)       As the Eritrean people at home are the main pillar in any change, they should find themselves in all the opposition’s literature, not as marginalized, quite helpless forces waiting for a savior to come from abroad, but as active forces in all what is issued out of the opposition at the resistance phase, then the transitional phase, and what follows. That is a very important matter in breeding leaders at home and allurement of the middle rank leaderships in the regime to change their positions from being on the side of the regime to the opposition as long as their interests will not be harmed.

10)   A timeframe must be determined for the change project through a specific plan. That plan must be subjected to evaluation and then to adjustment or alteration for it does not make sense that the opposition repeats the same activities and speeches over twenty years without noticing that the road in which they are moving will not take them to their target. As long as targets are clear, the ways and means might obviously change.


It would not be fair to deny the existence of that Eritrean opposition, and that most sectors of this opposition have a sincere desire to change the political situation in Eritrea. But these two factors are not sufficient to bring about change. Moreover, betting on the time factor have no guaranteed consequences as it is a double-edged sword that might benefit  the opposition or not. Perhaps the Cuban opposition model is the best to demonstrate the effect of the weapon of time. The Cuban opposition found sympathy and support in the U.S, and a base abroad, since some 10% of the Cuban population lives in America. Opposition leaders, however, who had sufficient incentive to resist the regime and who came out in the mid-fifties of the last century, moved to the other world or to the world of memory loss because of the time factor. New generations who were born and lived abroad and boasted of their Cuban origins, but were not considering returning to Cuba, regarded the policy of the U.S. blockade against their country as unjust. Therefore they lobbied until the U.S. started changing its policy to become more lenient and humane. The case is similar in Eritrea. Most activists living abroad do not find sufficient enthusiasm in their children to continue the struggle against the regime in Eritrea. Moreover, prospects for return of the generations born and brought up abroad is minimal; the factor of time should not to be considered an asset. In addition, the reliance on external pressure, despite its importance, was not and will not be a decisive factor for change, bearing in mind that Eritrea is not an appealing state with vital strategic sources for great powers to fall upon. Furthermore, political regimes do not fall by foreign pressure alone, and Western pressure on the regime in Eritrea will not be more than it is on Zimbabwe or North Korea; these regimes are still holding up. It is, therefore, necessary to make the change and in a limited timeframe. This will not happen except with the support of those who reject the regime at home through a strategy that would transfer them to positive action, and transfer the neutrals to the stage of regime hatred, and neutralize the regime’s supporters, leaving behind only those who get direct benefit from being on the side of the regime and, those are not many. This is only possible through a new approach to change, without feeling embarrassed to admit that the opposition does not have clear strategy for change and that if it does, then it must have failed to lead the opposition to the target. Whoever says or thinks otherwise, should be reminded of the proverb mentioned by the Eritrean President in his famous interview after he came back from the dead: Follow the liar till the door steps. As twenty years are more than enough.

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*This article was originally written in Arabic and published in June 2012.

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      Actually something happened to her, she is crossing on the combative area and her depth is becoming shallower by the day–I wouldn’t call it digression.



      As you have been following my brilliant comments on Awate, I do not get personal (mostly),unless the person is a papa Isaias,Mesfin hagos ,Weldeyesus Amar,Yemane monkey (with all due respect to all the monkeys in the world )ምንም ውሕጅ ካብ ባንግላዴሽ ተሰኪሙ የምጽኣዮ እምበር ኤርትራዊ እዩ።እንቋዕ ጥራይ ¨ትግራዋይ¨ኣይኮነ እምበር።
      ናብ ቁም ነገረይ ክምለስ፣መስተውዓልን ወዲ ሃብታምን ምዃን ጥዑም´ዩ__ስለዚ ሕጂ ይረስዓዮ እምበር ስዋሂሊ´ውን ሓደ ንጉሆ ኣብ ሽንቲ ቤት ኮይነ ኣንቢበዮስ ባዕሉ ኣብዚ ሓንጎለይ ድርግም ኢሉ።
      ስዋሂላውያን ክምስሉ ¨ዋጂንጋ ቲሲኒ፣ዋናሺንዳ ሞጃ¨ይብሉ። ንሓንቲ ለባም ተስዓ ዓያሹ ይስዕርዋ__እዩ ትርጉሙ።
      ስለዚ ናይ ሓውቲ ፓፒሎን/PAPPILON ፣ ካብ ዝተኻታተልኩዋ,ከም ሓንቶ ሮኬት ሳይንስ ዝተማህረትscientist ኮይና ንኻልኣይ ክፍሊ lectureስለ እትገብር እሞ, እቶም ካልኣይ ክፍሊ ፣ ድማ ሓንጎሎም ስለ ዘይበጽሖ STUPID ይብልዎ እምበር ፣ፍልጠት ዝጎደሎ ከምዚ ከማይ ካብዛ ምንጪ ፍልጠት ዝኾነት ሓውቲ ይምሃር። OR MAYBE I AM DOUBLY STUPID…ha..ha..ha..I WOULD BE HONOURED TO BE CO-STUPID WITH PAPPILON THE GREAT:

      • haile

        Respected Mehretu,

        Do you know that an eagle trains her young the art of flying, by throwing them off the highest cliff it can find. That is why eagles are the kings in the art of flight. So brother Mehretu, I love your composition when you make your comments, but to tell us we are classe seconda compared to papillion, who has yet to cut her teeth in holding basic dialogue without here emotional outbursts and shallow arguments, smacks a joke of the century. Peace to Mehretu the best!


        Respectable Haile,

        Although I used this incident to make my 2 cents ,I did not separate the wheat from the weed..,not that weed Haile..the real weed.
        Of course Pappilon should be criticized ,if not ,she should just sit at home & keep her opinions to herself.
        I was reffering to the Stupid ,tigraweyti (which should make all of us proud)…and some personal stuff by PFDJers..Not ,legitimate strong words by ,decent people like you ,Haile.
        I know Pappilon gets a little emotional at times..but ,,she also offers a lot to the table..worth critically thinking & criticizing her too.
        Please accept my renewed respect & You are different..and original .You are another rocket sxcientist that is criticizing another scientist. My hat tips of for you.

    • Yodita

      Gumare and Eritrea,

      You die-hard zombies, when you spew your venom, you only highlight how a great warrior against tyranny and dictatorship Papillon is! You hateful mercenaries, your days are getting numbered! The more you get agitated and insulting like you are now, the more it is clear that this cancerous system gripping our country, together with you small tumours, are about to get extinct. Every passing minute is tilting the balance against tyranny and in favour of justice and freedom. Obviously this fact is piercing you all over your being and instead of swimming at Dehai Dmb, you come here for a breath of fresh air but are unable to control your poisonous ‘nature’.

      You know, in present day South Africa, there are a group of people who still believe in apartheid and although they are loathed by the majority, the system allows them to freely and openly indulge in their unholy credence. As a person who aspires to be a real democrat, I dream of a free and democratic Eritrea that would allow zombies like you to indulge (within the rule of law) in worshipping DIA even long after he is gone. But I must confess it will not be easy, as deep down I believe the likes of you stand in the way of humanity to evolve to the highest form in its expression of freedom, justice and compassion. You are the dark side of the light!!

      If you have not done so, please go the youtube smerrr and listen to Part I, II and III of Tegadalay Tesfamichael Tekleberhand (Qusun) and Hgdef and Isayas are EXPOSED.

      • Eritrea2

        I sense some deep anger and hate here. Cool down, relax, Will you?

    • haile

      Mehretu….you’re the great, love you!


        Brother Haile,

        Well,that makes us 2. I love me too.On a serious note, my love for you is double .I hope one day we will wipe the tears of our mothers´ & sisters´faces.

  • Araya

    The Eritrean spring; lol it was one on sometime middle of January. The spring goes like this…
    PIA, writes the scripts and orders the solders to act. A bunch of solders, move from Deke-Mahare all the way to Amara, not on foot, but trucks and tanks. All the way to Asmara, and they went all the way to Forto, the ministry of information. The actors spend the whole day in the ministry of information and with out anything left during the night and PIA, said that the end of the “movie”
    The stupid oppositions, never miss a day to tell you how PIA is cruel dictator, how he controls everything what goings in Eritrea, evidently, PIA has no idea when a portion of his army traveling from Dekemahare all the way to Asmara, armed with tanks to challenge his rule and hid dictatorship. He has no idea. How stupid are you people? If there was any chance for uprising, then PIA killed it in a simplest way. So, there is no spring, there is no summer and there is no winter. Issaias will do whatever he wants.
    What amazes me the most is the act of the likes of Selam Kidane and our own WIqato and the rest of the so-called educated oppositions. Issaias out smarted you in one act. Think about it. Wiqato and Kirar you will be waiting till the second coming.

    • rodab

      PIA couldn’t have written the script unless he enjoys being called all sorts of names in the world media: “the most repressive regime”, “Africa’s North Korea”, “the one-party, one-man system”, “never held election”, “thousands youth flee the country”, ppl demanded “to implement the cnostitution and release political prisoners”, “human rights organizations emstimate political prisoners between 5000 and 10000″…..
      So you are telling us PIA engineered the move because he loves these kinds of bad publicity?

      • Papillon


        No sweat. You’re dealing with the-world-is-flat society. You can never instill logic into their liquefactive brain.

      • Eritrea


        Now you are insulting one whole society. I think time for you to seek help before it is too late


    ¨ንሓሳዊ ደርጊ ኣራግሙኒ ፣ምሳይ ኴንኩም ኣቃልዕዎ¨

    እዚ ሓሳዊ ፣ቁጥሚ፣መዳናገሪ፣ ደርጊ__ ህዝቢ ብምጥማይ ኣይሕመን። ብጭካነ ውን ፍርቂ ናይ ሻዕብያ ህግደፍ ከማን ኣይበጽሕን፣ብዲሞክራሲ እውን እንተኾነ፣ ብዘይሓሶት ብጊዜ ደርጊ ዝሓሸ ናይ ሓሳብካ ምግላጽ ኔሩ።እንተተኣሰርካ´ውን ኣብ ጥጥቖ ትሕቲ መሬት ብሽኮርያ እናሞትካ ሕክምና ተኸልኪልካ ትሞቶሉ ኣይኮነን ።ብኹሉ ሸነኹ ካብዞም ኣትዮም ዘለዉ ሸፋቱ ዝሓሸን፣ሕልና ዘለዎ እውን እንተነበረ ግን ናይ ሓሶት ኣመል ኔርዎ።ንሱ ´ውን ከምዚ ናይ ህግደፍ ሸፋቱ ጻዕዳ ሓሶት ኣይኹን እምበር ፣ምስቲ ¨ባዕዳዊ¨ገዛኢ ምንባሩ ሓዊስካስ ኣጽልኢዎ።_በቲ ሓሳዊ ኣፉ እዩ ዝኣምኖ ስኢኑ ኢዩ እውን ዝወደቐ ።
    ካብቲ ሓሶታቱ ምሳሌ ክህብ ይፈቐደለይ ።

    ፩)በሃሺሽ የሰከሩ ወንበዴዎች ፣የኤርትራን ህዝብ ሊያታልሉ__ትርጉም__(ብሓሽሽ ዝሰኸሩ ሸፋቱ፣ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከታልሉ)______
    ሓሳዊ ቁጥሚ __ይብሎ ኣነ፣___እቲ ሸፋቱን፣ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከታልሉን ዝበሎ ሓቂ እንከሎ__እታ ብሓሽሽ ዝሰኸሩ ትብል ኣጋላልጻ ግን __እቶም ሸፋቱ ፣በቲ ካብ ሓሽሽ ዝበርትዔ፣ድሙ ድሙ ድኣ ይሰኽሩ ኔሮም እምበር ብሓሽሽ ኣይሰኸሩን።
    ፪)___የኤርትራን ህዝብ በፔትሮ ዶላር ለኣረብ ሊሸጡት___ ትርጉም (ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብፔትሮ ዶላር ናብ ኣዕራብ ክሸጥዎ)_________
    እንደገና ፣ሓሳዊ ቁጥሚ መዳናገሪ __ይብል ኣነ።እታ ነዕራብ ክሸጥዎ ትብል ሓቂ እንከላ ፣ሸፋቱ ከምቲ ደርጊ ዝበሎ ¨ንፔትሮ _ዶላር¨ ዘይኮነ ዝሸጡና ዘለዉስ፣ ንኪድኒ ዶላር (ንናይ ኩሊት ዶላር)__ይሸጡና ምህላዎም ናይ ደርጊ ሓሶት የጋልጽ።
    ፫)ኤርትራን ከኢትዮጵያ መቁረጥ ማለት የኢትዮጵያን ኣንገት መቊረጥ ማለት ነው__ትርጉም__(ንኤርትራ ካብ ኢትዮጵያ ምቝራጽ (ምግንጻል)ማለት ክሳድ ኢትዮጵያ ምቝራጽ ማለትዩ___ኢትዮጵያ ክሳዳ ተቖሪጹ ብድኽነት ክትመውት´ያ ማለቱ እዩ)።
    _፡ሓሳዊ ፣ናይ ሓሰውቲ ሓሳዊ፣ነገር ጠዋዊኻ ምሕሳው፣በቲ ምግንጻል ምኽንያት ኤርትራ እያ ክሳዳ ተቖሪጻ ብጥሜትን ድኽነትን ትመውት ዘላ እምበር ኢትዮጵያስ ከም ዑፍ ትውንጨፍ ኣላ።
    ፎእ ብሓሶት ዶ ትጨኑ ኢኻ፧ ___ኤደድ።ንሎሚ ኣብዚ ይኣኽለና እምበር ሓሶት ደርጊ ድኣ ዘርዚርካ ዘይውዳእ።ራግሙኒ ፣ምሳይ ኴንኩም ኣቃልዕዎ !!!

    The Brilliant Mehretu Habte


    Brothers Hizbawi & Daniel ,

    While Hizbawi´s comment could be taken slight improvement in his ¨logic¨, I am truly disappointed by Daniel Teclegiorgis´s comment. I expected Daniel to understand the intended message..not literally take it, ..that deep down I would be truly wish Derghi as a solution to EPLF/PFDJ´s unspeakable crimes against Eritrean Humanity.
    The people that call this independence, must not only despise the Eritrean people ..but have unresolved hatred against this gullible yet wonderful ,kind ,people.
    Although it will be as useless as writing on water ,trying to reach to HIZBAWI ,I will try to adress the emotional bull c**p by brother farted by him ,
    Derghi was supposedelly our enemy while EPLF/PFDJ is our liberator….
    Let me tell you what I imagine,… I imagine 800 My kunamas being herded like cattle(in one event) to an undisclosed place & being showered with PFDJ bullets…not one surviving ..
    I imagine ,My Afars being semi -ethnical cleansing style massacred & pushed to Ethiopia…9 year old kids imprisoned at Ira Iro…a good portion of the people underground,50++ degree celcius.
    I imagine.. My Metahit people being prohibited from claiming their fresh blood ridden land ,because some tewelije from Canada is going to develop the land, plant tomatoes & export it to Italy.
    I am imagginning that rape does not even require Dimu-Dimu anymore ,it is the trade mark of Eritrean govt.
    I am immaginning an Eritrean husband & wife being raped by Bedeuin, because they were unable to come up with the blackmail money ..that could have been paid to Bank Of Eritrea on its´way to China..I KNOW WE ARE HARD ON THE RASHAIDA & BEDOUIN …BECAUSE THEIR NAME IS ABDELLA & AHMED..NOT as much by the ¨BROTHERS ¨NAMED ISAIAS, TEKLE MANJUS,Andikiel..etc..their name is sexier.
    You guys must really despise Eritreans to the brim to speak about underminning this ïndependence¨. BRING THIS INDEPENDENCE ,I WANT TO PEE MY SUGAR FILLED DIABETS URINE ON IT, Because ,I love my people.
    ነቲ ጮማ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ድማ ብገንዘብ ኣቦይ ይገዝኦ።እቶም ማሕረስ ጸሊኦምን ፣ኣፍቃሪቶም ጠሊማቶምን ፣ጀነራል እንተ ተሪፍካ ገዛ ከይትኣቱ ተባሂሎምን፣ ካብ ኣፍ ቆልዑ ሓረስቶት ምግቢ እናመንጠሉ ዝሸፈቱ ብነጻ ይተምነይዎ።
    ሰማይ ዝሃገርኩም መንግስቱ ነቶም ኣብ ምዓኮሮም ዝውግኡ ወትሃደራቱ ¨የጀግኖች ኣምባ¨ዝብሃል ቦታ ኣስፊርዎም፣ሸፋቱ ኤርትራ ግን ንመቓልስቶም ኣካለስንኩላን ብጥይት ይድብድብዎም፣ኣስመራ ጻዕዳ ኣትዮም መታን ነቲ ቆራጽ እግሮም ከየርእዩ ፧ እዚ እዩ ነጻነት፧
    ኢሳያስ ባዕሉ እኮ ኣይረሸኖምን ፣ጠጠው ኢሎም ዘረሸንዎም ካልኦት ሸፋቱ እዮም

    ሞት ንሸፋቱ፣ዋላ ደቅናን ኣሕዋትናን ይኹኑ፣ሽፍታ ሽፍታ እዩ
    ዓወት ንህዝበ ኤርትራ (ዓፋር ኩናማ መታሕት ውን ቀንዲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ እዮም።

    • Daniel Teclegiorgis

      Dearest Mehretu:
      Our sphere has more than enough of unwanted air of despair and disappointment. So in case if my deliverance had a force of sense that raises the mercurial level of its present tense, may bad! And appologize Sir. Or the baro meter may need benchmarking!
      Guess what, one more eye may render it versatile. ደሓር ከኣ ተራማጅ ኣያኮርፍም ይብሉኮ ኔሮም’ዮም ጓድ መንግስቱ፡ ክቡር ብጻይ ምሕረቱ።
      Above all I love your style and admire your fierce determination to come out with new composition. You own the flavor.


        Respectable Daniel ,

        It is out of respect my strong reaction , I want you to own the flavor & I the meat of the issue.It is all in bonafide ,One man´s liberators another man´s criminal. I mauy have been harsh on the ones committing crimes by labelling them criminals. I need to use euphemism.

        with lots of respect

        The brilliant Mehretu Habte

  • Papillon

    Dearest Mehretu,

    Who would have thought Mengstu would be missed twenty years after the fact not of course by Ethiopians but ironically by Eritreans and only Eritreans. Entay kingebir Tigrigna z’zareb kab Mengstu zgedede rekhib’na is the talk of the resigned tone and spirit in any given day and in any given ellal. As much as I hate Mengstu, I abhor anything and everything about the sadistic leader in Eritrea. I remember back in the early 2000s, there was so much mud-slinging and vilification directed at the Opposition parties for conducting a conference in Gonder where it was taken for an absolute treason by foes and friends of the regime alike.

    Gone are the days to sneak into Ethiopia incognito for conferences and meetings, instead people are expressing openly their disgust with the regime in Eritrea and their long lost love for the Mengstu era where he was giving them at least a semblance of normalcy where friends, siblings, couples and families trusted each other and loved each other. In a sharp contrast, life under the cruel hands of Isaias, families, friends and couples are suspicious to each other to the point of concealing their true feelings instead shower Isaias with praises till the praises are turned into lyrics. Moreover, during the Mengstu era, a prisoner had the right to be visited by loved ones where as in Isaias’ Eritrea a prisoner is as good as a dead horse as he is rendered missing some where in unmarked dungeon. Oh my Eritrea, my own private Eritrea, what is happening to you?



      Pappillon my dearest sister ,

      You have been following my comments & I know you could guess what is in my heart .YOU & I DO NOT WISH FOR MENGHISTU TO COME BACK..We love our people & want 100% peace & order..however to make a strong point ,just like the Eritrean people ¨miss¨ Menghistu..not because they miss him ,but because it is a way of extreme lamentation.IT IS FRUSTRATION..that makes people say this. THE NON EXISTENT OPPOSITION makes one despair more.
      Are some people really this stupid or it just makes them better Eritreans by purposelly shedding crocodile tears for the people that they despise .
      Janhoy´s Tor Serawit commited way unspeakable crimes in Metahit…Yet when I remmember Janhoy giving Education to Eritreans (true)..and pocket money ,I am not trading my people´s blood for education .I am making a point.
      I love you my sister ,for not being literal. Who would like Menghistu ,an inferiority complex ridden idiot….Keep up your intelligent input my sister.

  • sara

    call it spring,summer there will not be any of what is professed here by the writer, in fact there is a wise saying in germany..
    revolutions foretold never happens.

    • Asmara Eritrea

      I think you have got the wrong end of the stick and suspect you lost it in translation. Probably difficult for you to appreciate what is happening in our homeland whilst endulging yourself in German frankfurter and caretfol (potatoes). But moving away from the travesty of personal politics, what has now started in Eritrea is unstopable, even the godfather cannot stop it this time. Freedom shots have been fired and it is clear all Eritreans (except you perhaps – unless you are pretending) have had enough of the misrule of their country by a group of mafia.

      I will eat my boots if the dictator lasts this year. There are still ten 21 January left and only one needs to be successeful.

      Eritrea for ever, death to the dictator.

  • Sis Papillon,

    Ghezae and his colleague have succeeded on two fronts against PFDJ in Canada…They are going for “three-peat” (winning three times consecutively without loosing). In my book Ghezae has joined the pro-active and productive activist the “trio” Elsa Cherum, Meron Estifanos, and Selam Kidane who in their own choice of activities have done tremendous achievements. We were excelled by our sisters… here now Ghezae joind in the pantheon of achievers. God bless him doing to emancipate our people.

  • dear Awetas, my apologies for drifting off the subject but this update on Eritrean refugee crises has been circulating for days yet there is no sign of you showing any interest, is that because the offenders are in a word of the Radio host “Arab gangs”?


    ” ብሸፋቱ ተኣሲረ፣ ተዓሚጸ፣ተቐቲለ፣ ጥሜት ምኽኣል ስኢነዮ፣
    ዚምባብወ ክድውል የ ፣መንግስቱ ሃይለማርያም ናፊቐዮ”

    ባቄላ ቀረ ፈስ ቀለለ
    እኔ ባልፈልግህ ማን ተበደለ፧
    ዘፈንህ ኣማረኝ ቋንቋህ የት ኣለ፧
    ከየወንበዴዎቹ ባዶ ጉራ ሽላሌ
    እኔስ በተሻለኝ ያንተው ከፍተኛ እና ቀበሌ !!!!
    ኣስጠንቅቀሄኝ ነበር የወምበዴዎቹ
    ሳህቁብህ ኣሾፍኩብህ ___በቀለ፣ገመቹ
    ኣሁን ተዋረድኩኝ፣ኣልደረሱሁም እንዴ ደብዳቤዎቹ፧
    የነ ደቀ ኣርብዓ መሳቅያ ኣረግከች፣የነ ማንኪ ውጩ
    ኣንተ ከዚምባብዌ ተመለስልኝ፣እነርሱ ከሃገር ይውጡ !!!!
    ክስዕሙኒ ኣብየስ ከጒስጡኒ
    ከኽብሩኒ ኣብየስ ክጸርፉኒ
    ንሓሙሽተ ስድራ ሓንቲ ባኒ
    ደቀይ ብሽዖኡ ዘግድፉኒ
    ጓለይ መጻወቲ ኮረኔላት ጌሮም ኣሕኒኾምኒ
    ኣንታ ሕያዋይ መስጣኻ ዶ ኾን ወሪዱኒ
    ደቀይ ተልኩዎምሲ ፣ደቂ ሕድርትና ኮይኖም ጸኒሖምኒ
    እንተዘየድሒንካኒ ካብ ተቓወምቲ እንታይ ተስፋ ኣለኒ
    መንግስቱ ከተፍ አንተደዪልካ ኣነስ ክንደየናይ ከይቅኒ
    ኣምሓሩ ምስ ወጹ ዝረሳዕኩዎ መሲሉኒ
    ኣቦታተይ ዝፈጠርዎ ቋንቋ ባህ ኢሉኒ
    ንሶም ይማዕብሉ ኣነስ ምስ ጥፍኣት ቆጸራ ኣለኒ ፦፦፦፦፦፦፦፦፦ !!!!

    ዚምባብወ ክድውል የ ፣መንግስቱ ሃይለማርያም ናፊቐዮዕ

    ተስዓን ሓደ ምስ ወጹ ኣምሕርኛ ዝረሳዕኩዎ ዝመሰለኒስ ለካ ___በሊሕ ምዃን ይጠቅምዩ !!!

    The brilliant Mehretu Habte

    • Daniel Teclegiorgis

      ጋሼ ምህረቱ ይሄ’ማ ጮማ ነው ያስጎመዣል በ’ውነቱ፡ ኣባባ መንግስቱ እሕሕሕሕሕሕሕሕ! የሚል ድምጻቸው ቢሰማ ከቢሸፍቱ፡ በ’ሳህልዋ ቅሪላ ፍንዳታ ኣያድራቸውም ነበር ቅሬታ። ኣዳም’ውን ኣብ እንዳኣ ተጸጊዓ፡ ተወንዚፋ ኹታ፡ ምበልዐት ኔራ ብርኩታ፡ ናይ ብሓቂ ድማ ኤርትራውነት፡ እንዲህ ኣትዘፈቅም ነበር በሲናይ ኣሉባልታ።
      ስለ’ዚ’ሲ…. ህ’ሞ በሉ ኣያ ምሕረቱ ደገ-ሰላም ድዩ ጸልሚቱ ሰንበት ምድሪ እዝግዮ ሰጊርኩም ናይ እንዳማትኩም ገዓት ጠስሚ ክትፍፍቱ ክሳብ ሃራረ ትህውትቱ።
      ክቡር ምሕረቱ ኣፍኩም’ባ ገዝቱ፡ ብናጽነትን-ሱቕታን ኣይትጻወቱ። ኤርትራዊ’ኮ ኣይዛረብን’ዩ ብኸብዱ።ንሱ’ዩ ምህሮ እንድዒ ናየ’እምሮ ኣብ ዓውድና ዘሎ።
      በሉ ምሕረቱ!ቆልዓ እናበኸየ ጥራይ ከብዱ እዋን ረፊዱ ሃየ ቀልጥፉ ባኒ ርትዓዊ ድኳን ከይትሓልፈኩም ደሃይ ሪጋኹም ግበሩ ዝናን-ባህታን ኣይተደናግሩ። …… ዓውድኻ ከም ዘርእኻ’ዩ ኣዓየኹም!

    • hizbawi

      Gashe Mehretu,
      Close your eyes and imagine this, picture about 400 people most infants and elders and imaging the people being run-down by tanks, think the blade of a tank smashing the infants head and think all the 400 of them died that way. Now open your eyes and read your great poem how you miss the Gemehu’s and the Bekele’s.
      Lebam Mehertu, Ageb!

  • amigo

    Eritrean spring was on the 24th of May 1991. Don’t
    hold your breath.


    “ካናዳ፣ ንመንእሰያት ኤርትራ፣ብዘይ ኤርትራዊ ባህሊ እናሓጸበት( BRAIN WASHING) ጌራ ፣ተባላሽዎም ኣላ፣ኣሜሪካ ዘለዉ ይሕሹ ከም ወለዶም ብዙሕ ኣይተቐየሩን¨

    (ካልኣይ ክፋል)______

    …… ካብ ሽንቲ ቤት ምልስ እንተበልኩስ ወዮ ካናዳ ዝዓበየ ቆልዓ ነታ ኩርሰይ መታን ካልእ ኮፍ ከይብላ ጃኬቱ ኣቐሚጡላ ጸኒሑ ብናይ ኣድናቖት ገጽ እንዳርኣየኒ ኮፍ ንኽብል ብዓይኑ ኣሰነየኒ___እሞ ኣነ ድማ ከየተንፈስኩ___Look son ,I will start with the Eritrean Sewram, that was more of a banditry than Sewra….massacred almost all intelectuals ,divided regions ,religions…Made Eritrean youngsters airhead with an alcoholic drink called Dimu- Dimu….that is pure poison..made the female warriors into promuscious baby machine objects…that do not know the process of mating that a she-goat has more resistance …making the He goat to wait for intimacy…This liberators blackmailed Eritrean peasants to support them… by snatching their kids & throwing them into literal fire…baptizing their tragedy ¨MARTYRDOM¨..Son, I added ,how can you be forced into combat & then be a martyr, Son ,in that case the sheep we slaughtered on Christimas or Idd was also a martyr.
    ????? The f****ing sheep had no choice ,neither did 100 s of my relatives…..& I started crying like a small girl.
    …ንብዓተይ ሓቢሰ እንደገና ሽንቲ ቤት ከይደ ኣብዚሔ ቆዘምኩ።ኩሎም ደቂ ሓወቦይን ኣሞይን ተራእዩኒ።ነቶም ብድሌቶም ክሳዕ መወዳእታ ሰብዓታት ዝተሰውኡ ኣዝማደይ እናድነቕኩ፣ነቶም ብሓይሊ ተወሲዶም ከም ገንሸል ዝተሓርዱ ግን ብዝበለጸ ኣእወኹሎም።
    He ,nodded to show his support.እንደገና ካብ ሽንቲ ቤት ተመሊሰ ኮፍ በልኩ፣ድሓን ዋላ ግደፉዎ___ክብል ዝጀመረ ቆልዓ____ኖእ ክቕጽል´የ በልኩዎ….እሞ,ኣስዒበ___¨now does that sound like a liberation movement son ??? ኢለ ምስ ሓተትክዎ…. ከየማሳመሰ…..
    ተጸይፈ ፍሽኽ እናበልኩ..You see son ,this is the time you get in trouble with Eritrean logic… በልኩዎ እሞ,
    ..I am not following you sir በለኒ።
    ..Exactly my point son ,for your own sanity ,you are deficient on Eritrean logic…. ኢለ,ዝቕጽል ሕትኡ ብሩህ ስለ ዝኾነለይ….
    ጽን ኢሉ ክሰምዓኒ ድሕሪ ምጽናሕ,..but sir ,why do you keep on reffering them as liberators…???…
    ኢሉ ኣስዒቡ ¨eventhough ,I am hardly religious ,does not the bible say ,…The false prophets ..YOU SHALL KNOW BY THEIR FRUITS & NOT THEIR INTENTIONS… ኢሉ ከይወድኤ ከሎ…Son ,read the Eritrean bible ,I am sure it¨reads ,….¨YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR INTENTIONS, NOT THEIR FRUIRTS¨….. ኢለ ናይ ሕርቃን ሕጨጫ ምስ ተዛረብኩ ፣ንሱውን ተረዲእዎ እናደንጸዎ….ፍሽኽ ኢሉ….. እዞም ሰብኣይሲ ፈላስፋ ክኾኑ ኣለዎም ዝዓይነቱ ናይ ኣድንቖት ኣጣማምታ ጠመተኒ።ኣነ´ውን ነቲ ንነብሰይ ካብ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ዘድንቓ ብዝበለጸ ኣድነቕኩዋ እሞ … ኣብዚ ድሕሪ ክሳደይ ገለ ክንቀሳቐስ ተሰምዓኒ እሞ__ኣብቲ ቅድመይ ዘሎ መስትያት እንተርኣኹስ ለካ ካምቻይ እዩ ንዓይ ኣድናቖቱ ክገልጽ ነቲ ኳሌታይ ባዕሉ ጠጠው ኣቢልዎ። ናይ ኤርትራ መለስ ዜናውን __ፕረሲደንት ቢል ክሊንተንን ምዃነይ ትዝ በለኒ እሞ ሓበነይ እናስተማቐርኩ፣በሉ ያላ ኣእዳውና ንትሓጸብ ምግቢ ክቐርብ´ዩ ተባህለ ።……continues
    It will continue ,on part 3 ,stay tuned..

    The brilliant MEHRETU – HABTE

  • haile

    Dear Awate,

    Where is that article from the pro “Zionist” Human Rights activists Vs Sophia T/Mariam. After deliberation, I can only say that the state of “Israel” is in fact terrorizing and has been terrorizing the Palestinians, for its survival. It is a Terrorist to its victims. Is Ghezae Hagos behind this? (It is rhetorical question, because I know so). All I can say is that the man has graduated a bit, hasn’t he? After successful banishment of former EPLF from travelling to the West, to single handedly getting the 2% banned in Canada to being #1 defender of Zionism! What a talented young man (pun intended).

    • Papillon


      You’re the most confused person I have ever come across to in the cyber world. The issue is about her (Asmara Rose) branding the Jewish people as evil which is a done deal bigotry. And she should be held accountable as such. You and your boss the sadist leader in Asmara are number one enemies of the Eritrean people. Pathetic.

      • haile


        …ah I forgot, the end justify the means, in this dog eat dog enterprise. Right? Since the world is all about and only about you, that makes pretty everyone else ‘pathetic’ and ‘confused’. At least, some of us, are not trying to switch careers from life sciences to politics, it would have made us look terribly amateurish with that sort of trigger happy mouthfuls, like the kinda you specialize in.

      • Hayat Adem

        I said the same thing the other day. There is a little chance you can make any good at all when a guy is that much confused and he doesn’t know that he is. There seems to be there is something that urges him to protect the status quo and be part of the change at the space and the same time. Stagnation is bad enough, but there is nothing worse than to live in contradiction between keeping it or ridding it.

    • Haile,

      Yes Ghezae is one of the hopeful young generation Eritrea has in its store, if you could able to swallow it. He has not time to argue with you as he is in the forefront to fight the “edebeza” of the despot Sofia and Gidewon.

      • Papillon

        Dearest Aman,

        Isaias is gasping for air and barely surviving because of the bunch of lekhbata’t and aqaterti he has stored under his sleeves. The young brilliant and brave Ghezae fights for justice to prevail not only in Eritrea he is as well exposing those who are determined to serve the very man who is suffocating our people by spreading fear and mistrust. Asmara Rose’s incriminating comments and its consequences doesn’t end there, she will have to face the Eritrean people once her boss is out of the political scene which is around the corner. That is the day of reckoning we all are waiting for in earnest.


      • haile

        Amanuel Hidrat,

        “mengedi TiEna’s amet kido” [as in better delay and arrive safely, than rush and never ever get there at all…sorts of how I see it] is what your elders (or my great grand parents) would have put it. To me, bankruptcy amounts to when desperation pushes reason aside. Your new found magic of intellectual dishonesty may or may not bear the intended fruit for you, but my respect to your courage for doing it without being bothered on how others would value you.

    • Zegermeow


      I hear you bro! Ghezae seems to have found a sympathetic ear in the Canadian Government. He is intoxicated by the success he’s having. What is he going to do for an encore to burnish his anti-terrorism credentials???? Spit on an Arab?

    • hizbawi

      Amaniual Tejaharay; the government of Canada, division of taxation will greatly disagree with your characterization of Gezae. Go ahead check his records. You are one of the confused one. By the way when are you going to Ethiopia, Amanial?

      Haile, don’t worry once Issaias is out of power, all human shopping centers will be out of business, including hudmona of Gezae. Many people will be out in the cold. Amaniual won’t get his paid air ticket to Addis Abeba by the Ethiopian government is also gone.

      • Papillon


        You claim to be in rolled in higher learning but evidently you don’t even amount to a kid in Kindergarten. Why don’t you lay off the old tired intimidation and vilification intended to put people in a perpetual silence. Don’t you feel shame at all? What’s wrong with you people? When Eritreans are searching for a better life roaming the world over, they are being lost in translation where they are neglected by their country men like you here on Earth and rendered mere statistics on TV screens. In this rather morbid and macabre reality, courageous souls such as Ghezae, Selam, Elsa to mention but a few are standing up for them as people like you are determined to turn the light into pitch darkness when you intentionally interpret their resolve as personal gains. There is nothing for them to gain but they remain true to their noble calling as they speak up when their brethren fall prey to the inhuman merchants of human organs and remains. People like you disgust me.

  • Horizon

    One plausible scenario at the present for the emancipation of the Eritrean people from the worst dictator around is an Ethiopian incursion to depose him. This could have two possible effects. It could set in motion external and internal Eritrean opposition forces, or in the worst-case scenario, it could complicate things. PFDJ and anti-Ethiopian Eritrean elements would exploit this as an Ethiopian invasion to rally the Eritrean people to support the dictator, instead of fighting for their freedom. Dictators always exploit the patriotic sentiment of their people, and they are very good at it. Unfortunately, there seems to be no other power than Ethiopia.

    The other scenario is for Eritreans to wait until the natural demise of DIA. What would happen then, nobody knows.

    Ethiopia has two main reasons not to commit herself for an Eritrean cause. The country is in the middle of an economic revolution and nobody wants to squander this great and unexpected opportunity. Secondly, Ethiopians fail to understand why an Ethiopian blood (an enemy’s blood, a medieval colonizer’s blood) be spilt for an Eritrean problem, which is of their own making, as the result of their hatred towards Ethiopia.
    Even if Ethiopia makes the blander of intervening in Eritrea, as she did in Somalia, she would never hear any gratitude from the majority of Eritreans. Therefore, as things are today, asking for an Ethiopian blood for an Eritrean cause would be too much. It is extremely difficult to imagine bringing to power a regime that hates Ethiopia to the same extent as DIA. The disappointment for Ethiopia will be too big to bear.

    Nevertheless, can Ethiopia be completely indifferent if Eritreans want to achieve their freedom? No, she should not be. There are ways Ethiopia can help. I can think of two things that should not be a lot of burden to Ethiopia. Ethiopia can organize, train and arm Eritreans who would want to fight their own devil. In addition, Ethiopia can secure the Eritrean skies so that the regime would not be able to use its airforce against its own people, during the liberation war.

    Under such circumstances, what is required is Eritreans who truly aspire and want to fight for the emancipation of their people. I am sure that there would be desertions within the Eritrean armed forces, and they would even turn their guns against the dictator. An armed, trodden and disappointed people would also do a similar thing. Therefore, the thing that is required is an Eritrean force that really wants to fight and sustain the war as the Syrian opposition is doing today.

    If there are Eritreans who want to carry out their war from the comfort of their homes, and want a free ride on the back Ethiopian soldiers, they had better forget it. It is an Eritrean problem and should be solved by Eritreans themselves. It is better to give to Eritreans the responsibilities that belong to them, i.e. fighting their own dictator. Ethiopia should never make the foolish mistake of taking such responsibilities.

    One major question in the minds of Eritreans, I believe, is whether to renovate or demolish the edifice called DIA. There are many who are still infatuated with DIA, even though they accuse him for the evils that have fallen upon their people. Their hate is only skin deep, and it can easily change. These people would like to see a renovated and changed DIA, even if that change is only on the outside. On the contrary, there are the few who say that he has crumbled beyond repair and must go, and Eritrea should start a new chapter. Finally, there is also the young generation inside and outside Eritrea, who have not lived the free-Eritrea dream, and many have squandered their youth for a cause they cannot completely understand, and have become disappointed, disoriented and indifferent.Therefore, there is no unity of opinion and there could be no unity of action. Unfortunately, under such circumstances, things are going to remain the same.

    • Zegeremow

      Not Respectable Horizon:

      You make it sound like Weyane is capable of beating Eritrea. It is not!!! It tried before.

      Weyane is a beggar who lives off a handout from the West. A beggar absolutely can’t defeat a proud nation and warrior people like Eritrea.

      Eritreans are a warrior people who live off the sweat of their brow. Not off foreign aid handouts.

      By the way, its handout is being reduced since Uncle Sam is having budgetary problems and can’t underwrite an invasion as it did in Somalia.

      With what money is Weyane going to invade anything or anybody, much less a strong nation like Eritrea?

      • Habtu

        Zegeremow Haway!

        You are right the people of Eritrea are proud and warrior but this is when they really think or believe there is threat to Eritrea as a nation and History also confirms that. However now days I doubted that people will pay with their blood for the hijackers in Asmara whom deceived the Eritrean people from having of a government which truly represent them after long years of suffering. Believe me brother mafia in Asmara have already killed the ambitions of all patriotic Eritreans.

    • Papillon

      Dear Horizon,

      Brilliant analysis. Again, you’ve brilliantly identified the main sticking points arresting the Eritrean populace at home and in diaspora from rising up against the sadist dictator. If I can add a point or two, it would be about the confused souls who keep harping on the border issue when the pink Elephant in the living room is the sadist leader himself.

      These confused individuals claim to be anti the dictatorial regime but they are being defeated at Isaias’ own game as he sets the tone and gauging point where he berates the Weyanes and they parrot it like there is no tomorrow. As you’ve aptly put it, the Weyanes can not afford to get enmeshed in a rather precarious situation where the majority of the Eritrean people still hold grudges against them even when the Weyanes are extending their much needed generosity as they accomodate basic needs when Eritreans are flocking in droves to Ethiopia.

      Moreover, the rationale or psychology is based on a twisted logic that, not standing up against the sadist leader according to them is taken for denying Ethiopia or the Weyanes a gratification as an abused woman hides an abuse in a bid to deny neighbours a gratification who are eager to help her. As I see it, the only hope is a replica of Wedi Ali to take matters into his own hands so that Eritrea can claim once again that she still owns the badge of standing tall against all odds.


      • Horizon

        Dear Papillon,

        The problem always lies with the so-called elites, the supposedly educated and yet ignorant, the know-it-alls, the power-mongers with over-inflated egos, and the insensitive, who can easily declare war with no second thought, who can speak of identity and dignity to mothers and fathers who see every day their hungry and stunted children going to bed on empty stomach, or dying from measles, diarrhea and so many other infectious diseases that could easily be avoided. After so many sacrifices, when they have eventually brought them up to be adolescents they dream to relish, their dear children are snatched from their bosom and are dumped in trenches at the borders as if they are garbage.

        The mass madness and its destructive results that have lasted for so many years as the result of our elites (especially the power-mongering wolves) are beyond imagination. I hope, there would come a day when ordinary Eritreans would come out to the streets carrying the banner, written on it Emile Zola’s “J’accuse”, thus condemning the selfish, deaf and blind elites, who have seen for so long the ordinary people as sacrificial lambs for their ascent and stay in power.

        Two poor countries at the lowest level of human development, who cannot feed their people, and on a continuous war footing for over fifty years, when the whole world is holding hands, shows how pathetic and insensitive our elites are.

        My friend, dignified is the woman who begs to feed her child, because she cannot feed him otherwise and does not want to leave him to die, dignified are men and women who are sensitive to the plight of their people, dignified are those who have the least hate in them, and much more dignified are people who have at the center of their world philosophy, the poor and the weak.

        The ordinary Ethiopian and Eritrean are dignified. Unlike our elites who aspire to be Presidents, PMs, Ministers and high government officials at the expense of the people, Ato Abebe (Ethiopian) and Ato Berhe (Eritrean), in their hamble and humane way have no problem to sit together, drink coffee and chat about their farms, animals, the weather etc. They see no hidden meaning in the words they exchange and no difference whatsoever between them. You see, unlike us, they have not yet lost their innocence bestowed on them by God.

        Lastly, I believe that we should all pray to God so that the deaf-dumb-and blind elites can have some humanity in them, their egoist nature would give way to humane sentiments, and a bright day would shine for Ethiopians and Eritreans as well, as it is shining for all the peoples of the world.

        Have a good day!

      • Kokhob Selam

        dear Horizon,

        …………..የበጎቹ ተረት……………..
        ድሮ “ ኣባይ ቢሞላ ቢሞላ መሻግርያው ሌላ”
        ሲባል ጥንት እሸቱ ና ማሩ በነጻ ሲበላ ::

        ጠባብ መንገድ ነበርች ሁለቱን ያገናኘች:-
        ከዚህ ማዶ ወደዝያ መተላለፍያ ነበርች::

        ኣንድ ተረት ነበር: ለህጻናት የሚነገር:
        እና ከ ኣባይ ባሻገር : የሚወስደው ጎንደር:
        ከ ኣባይ ወደዚህ ባህርዳር:- ተፈጠረ ችግር::
        የጎንደሩ በግ የባህር ዳሩን “ኣታልፍያትም” ሲለው
        የባህርዳሩ “እንዲች ነች ና” ብሎ ገፈተረው:
        በለው በልው ሆኖ በቀንድ ተፋልመው:
        ወደ ወንዙ ወደቁ ና ቀሩ ተከስክሰው::

        ከወራት ብኋላ:-

        ልጆቻቸው ተገኙ በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ:
        ከተመላለሱ ብኋላ ይፍቅር ሰላምታ”
        ይለፉ ይለፉ ተባባሉ ያለምነም ቅሬታ:
        ህይወትን ገጠምዋት ሃይላቸውም በረታ::

        የሃብሻ በግ እንኳን ኣውቆበት መኖርን:
        ተፈጥሮን ለመግጠም ሲመርጥ መተባበርን:
        የሃብሻ ልጆች ሰላም እንዴት ይጥፋን :
        ልዩነትን ለጥቅም ለእድገት ማዋልን::

    • Horizon

      Dear Kokhob Selam,

      Thank you for your great poem. I believe that you are enriching by attracting other talented poets to this site.
      It is a good thing that all of you are trying to heal the wounds of the two peoples of the horn, contrary to those who try to keep their wounds open.
      Blessed are the peacemakers, especially when peace and love are so much needed.It is a good thing to give peace a chance, after so many years of pain and misery.

      Thank you again!

    • araya

      Miskin Horizon,
      I don’t where you went school but ask for refund, get your money back. I assume you went school because you do write decent English. However, get this to your head. Whenever there is external force acting, no matter how bad the power holding government is, it is a jack-pot.
      I am sorry you wasted your time. Dedeb.

      • Horizon

        Poor araya,

        Usually, I do not respond when I see foolishness in people. Nevertheless, this time over, I am going to make an exception.
        You and your likes can say anything you like out of utter frustration. I cannot fall to your pathetic low level. Nevertheless, be sure, the fate of individuals like you who brought the people of Eritrea to this predicament is predetermined. Without any doubt whatsoever, you are destined to fail, you and your lunatic dictator.
        The world is saying that you should not be allowed to take Eritrea with you to the abyss, when you end up there. You and your likes are swimming against the tides of the times. Don’t you see; even the stones in Eritrea are fed up with you, let alone the people. Eritreans are running away from you as if you have contacted the Plague. FYI you are walking on a one-way street that will surely take you to a sinkhole.
        Try to read the signs of the times. ADIOS!

    • YAY

      Dear Horizon and Papillon: Your narrow thinking takes you to a dead end

      Your objective is to remove “Dictator” (commander-in-chief) Issaias Afwerqi, President of a no-war-and-no-peace Eritrea, from office. You are imagining that Issaias is just an individual supported only by self-serving few and the great majority of the masses of the Eritrean people do not support him. What is needed is, you are assuming, for some force (Weyyane-Ethiopia with U.S. backing ?) to overthrow this individual. That is a very narrow goal.

      We the Eritrean people do not want foreign invasion or civil war. We want the Ethiopia-Eritrea war to be finalized, maintain our nation’s sovereign independence in peace, improve our people’s safety, security and standard of living, and reform/develop our political institutions (with unity with justice and equality under the law as guiding principles)with all those factors put into the mix.You are talking about overthrownig Issaias as if doing so is divorced from the consequences on our every/overall affairs.

      You seem to be disrespectful of the sound reasoning of compatriots, those you often disparage as “blind supporters of DIA”, etc., (even if and especially when they have different views than yours). You have failed to identify any common ground with Issaias or his “blind supporters”or other patriots who have different assessments than yours. Eritrea has gone through extreme hardship after 1998 and many may have complained and cursed about the hardships and some have tried to escape from them by physically leaving Eritrea while others have stayed to withstand these hardships and doing the essentials to ensure the continued and better existence of the Eritrean nation (people and government). You don’t even put into consideration in your calculations if it could be better for the nation for you to give him critical support and cooperate with Issaias in certain matters and oppose him in others, and bring about continuous reforms within Eritrea. You keep complaining about others but yourselves or own commitments. You don’t need be subservient/dependent on Ethiopia to free Eritrea. Given the current circumstances, these two (being dependent on Eritrea’s adversary and free Eritrea) are contradictory in essence and terms. Eritrea invaded by its adversary could not be free, even if Horizon and Papi wrongly and truly believe so. An Eritrean patriot, even if (s)he has huge differences with Issaias could not support such strange an idea/strategy. Issaias and his “blind supporters” are significantly relevant to the broader objectives I mentioned above.

      What we need(at least theoretically-speaking)is change that both Horizon and Papi, on one side, and Issias and his “blind followers, on the other side,could agree to. Forget all your other mental gymnastics, and try to identify that common ground. All the other alternatives are hard, if not impossible, to accomplish you or your likes, and, more important, harmful to the Eritrean nation.

      • Horizon

        Dear YAY,

        One of the reasons for the moral failure of the modern world is that it is completely deaf and blind to the agony and pain of Eritreans in the Sinai, and to those languishing in prisons in Egypt and Israel, etc. Some Eritreans and the world community alike do not heed their desperate call for help and they are lost in a limbo. Especially today, when many sites are inundated with videos of the horrible things that are happening to innocent Eritreans, one cannot help but say that the responsinility lies fully with DIA.
        Independence that kills the nation is a mockery of independence. As you know very well, the majority of African revolutions bit the drum of justice, equality and sovreighnity, and they end up being no better than their predecessors are. That is the fallacy of their presence in power.
        From what I remember, neither Papillon nor I have entertained any outside force to overthrow DIA. I have said explicitly that it is up to Eritreans themselves to do it, at the right time in the right way they think appropriate. This is the responsibility of Eritreans. With whom one sleeps is ones business. Nevertheless, an abusive husband should not go scotfree and cannot hide from the eyes of world scrutiny.
        I have done my best never to use vulgar and street language, mainly because it is not in my nature. I have never ever been disrespectful to the trodden and suffering Eritrean people, who deserve all the respect in the world. Nevertheless, I have said freely my opinion to distinguish between those who are on the wrong side of history and those who are the future assets of Eritrea (i.e. the Eritrean people).
        Eritreans have put up with DIA for too long. He was hopelessly incorrigible over the last twenty years (may even be more), and expecting him to change his skin and reform is beyond anybody’s expectation, and it is a big blander. I supported Melese on his economic achievements and not on his democratic credentials. I believed that he was a benevolent dictator. DIA has failed on both measures, the economy and democracy, and therefore, there is no ground for support.
        How can we deny our eyes and ears, and say that after all DIA is not a bad person? One has to look at the different videos that are circulating, to understand the damage done to the people of Eritrea. It does not take to be an Eritrean to be abhorred with the plight of thousands of innocent Eritrean men and women in the Sinai, at the borders, Sudan, Egypt and even Israel.
        Yes, I agree that it is sometimes difficult to sleep if one is afraid of a nightmare. To a certain extent, this is the thing that is revolving in the minds of many Eritreans, the chaos of a thunderstorm. However, in the mean time, Eritreans are suffering beyond imagination. When at last they decide to face their nightmare, I am afraid that it might be too late.
        When HS was in power, Ethiopians were made to believe that if he goes, Ethiopia would disappear with him. The same was said when MHM and MZ were ruling the country. Of course, the same holds true for DIA. My friend, there is no person in the world that is irreplaceable, and DIA the nightmare or the boogeyman should not scare anybody anymore.

      • YAY

        Dear Horizon: I urge you to just be simply reasonable

        If “today, … many sites are inundated with videos of the horrible things that are happening to innocent Eritreans,” that shows the world is working as expected. You or I didn’t report it, “the world” did.”The world” might not be acting as morally and as fast as you’d have liked it, but “morality” is still there. And please don’t combine facts of different nature just to condemn Issaias. PIA is as guilty as you and me in this case. PIA cannot be, by any measure, responsible for what is happenning to Eritreans in Sinai. It is the greedy traffickers, not President Issaias, who are the cause of the sufferings of the victims.

        You also said that, “Independence that kills the nation is a mockery of independence.” This seems to be sheer exaggeration on your part. I see no “Independence that kills the nation”. Because some Eritreans fled Eritrea and some of them died or were victimized did/does not kill the Eritrean nation. Just because a woman bleeds when giving birth to a baby does not mean the mother is dying. Eritrea is bleeding but also working on its own future. The existence of different views about its bleeding, working, or future among its citizens does not change the fact that Eritrean independence is not “a mockery of independence.” It is an undertaking in progress.

        Do not assume that Africa and Eritrea are interchangeable. There are general similarities and differences among African countries. Judge Eritrea about what Eritrea’s goals are regarding independence, justice, equality and sovereignty over a stretch of reasonable time period and the obstacles it has faced in its journey. We could always learn on what to not do/do from other countries, including African countries. What have gathered so far is that dependence on others could diminish your nation’s independence.As it is often said,”ካብ ሰብ ዝደሊ ከም ሳእኒ ይበሊ”.

        You also said, “From what I remember, neither Papillon nor I have entertained any outside force to overthrow DIA.” It is at times shocking how people like you try to deny what the wrote down in black and white alphabets. If you go back and read what you wrote above, you said “One plausible scenario at the present for the emancipation of the Eritrean people from the worst dictator around is an Ethiopian incursion to depose him.” [See your March 01, 2013 post]. It is only because you believed that Weyyane Ethiopia would not do it for you that you discount that scenario. You did not show that you are against Ethiopia invading Eritrea to depose PIA. And Papi characterizes your analysis as “Brilliant analysis” and further adds, “As I see it, the only hope is a replica of Wedi Ali…” The fact is that both of you are advocating for either foreign invasion or Eritrean vs. Eritrean confrontations (including civil war). In my judgement, both proposals are not to the best interests of our nation.

        You and Papi are disrespectful of some patriotic Eritreans who support the Government of Eritrea just because they have sets of principles and reasoning different than yours. She says things ” about the confused souls who keep harping on the border issue” And you, our Horizon, go on a tirade as follows: “The problem always lies with the so-called elites, the supposedly educated and yet ignorant, the know-it-alls, the power-mongers with over-inflated egos, and the insensitive, who can easily declare war with no second thought, who can speak of identity and dignity to mothers and fathers who see every day their hungry and stunted children going to bed on empty stomach, or dying from measles, diarrhea and so many other infectious diseases that could easily be avoided. After so many sacrifices, when they have eventually brought them up to be adolescents they dream to relish, their dear children are snatched from their bosom and are dumped in trenches at the borders as if they are garbage.” I hope you do not believe that such statements are respectful to compatriots who have views different than yours.


    Dearest Awateians…

    This beautiful poem was by “HGDEF” & makes an excellent point…he does not go far enough in his historical hierarchy I believe we can all learn..because ,I always indicate..that I make it clear the reason I stand up for Tigre,Afar, not merely because they are my fellow Eritreans,but because I do not want the same crime to happen to my relatives.
    Hgdef’ s poem is this…
    ግጥሚ Mehretu , Singapo Eritrean, Hmam Libi….. etc
    ሽሕ ግዜ እንተ በልካ ሕማም ልቢ
    ልብካ እሞ መኣስ ናትና ልቢ
    ኪድ እሞ ንመገዲ ከረን ቅድሚ ባልዋ
    ኣብኡ ኣላትካ ግርም ጽዋ
    ትውይዋይ መገዲ ስም ዘለዋ
    ሲንጋፖ ኤርትራዊ ዘብሀረ ኣክሱም
    ብዘይ ሻሉቅ ማሉቅ ድርግም ንገሽናሽም
    ትገምገም ነከለ
    ውርድ ጽንዓደግለ
    ትቅጽል ንባሕሪ ክሳብ ኢራፋይለ
    ከይትዛረብዶ እሞ ዘረባ ወሓለ
    ንሓድነት ህዝቢ ንሰላም ምዕባለ
    ዕረ ዝመልሕስካ ከም ሳጥናኤል
    ብእከይ ቅንኢ ከይደቀስካ ትሓድር
    ይኣዪ ክትፈላሊ ኣከለ ገሽናሽም
    ከይተረደኣካ ታሪክ ናይ ቀደም
    ሻሉቅ ማሉቅ ምኻኑ ናትና ደም

    It is beautiful ,he is my brother in blood too.But since he started the FaluQ,MaluQ ,ChaluQ is only fair I complete the home work, as it would teach as all ,atleast we could be as half as braves as HGDEF ..admitting our identity.
    So, here was my take enjoy,
    ” ሻሉቅ ማሉቅ ምኻኑ ናትና ደም”
    I really love it. specialy the historical fact of faluq ,maluq….our brothers ” mereta sebene”in Akeleguzay. I truly love the poem ,I am not sure I deserve such an attention..but, go further to the origin of the true history you mentioned….. ንሕና ኩልና ፋሉቕን ማሉቕን ሻሉቕን ደቂ ንጉስ ሜሮን፣ደቂ ንጉስ ደምብያ ኢና።ጌጋ ይኽልኣለይ እምበር፣ ንጉስ ዜን እዩ ጎንደር ደምቢያ ዘምሓድር ዝነበረ ሓወቦና ድማ (ሓዉ ነቦና ንጉስ ዜን) ሓውዜን(ትግራይ) ተባሂሉ ዝጽዋዕ ዘሎ ኣምሓዳሪ ኔሩ። ብኡ እዩ ሓው*ዜን፨ሓውዜን ተባሂሉ እቲ ቦታ ።ምስ ኣሕዋትና መረታ ሰበነ መጺእና ንገሊኦም ኣብ መረታ ሰበነ ገዲፍና ንሕና ድምበዛን መጺእና። ድምበዛን ፣ዝተባህለ ብመሰረቱ ደምበዜን ማለት ፣ደምበ ናይ ንጉስ ዜን ማለት እዩ።ስለዚ ንሕና ድምበዛንን መረታ ሰበነን ኩሩዓት ዓጋመ ጥራይ ዘይኮንናስ ፣መኳንንቲ ጎንደሬ ኣምሓሩ ውን ኢና።ኣነ እኳ ንህዝብና ቀስ ኢለ እየ ክነግሮ ሓሲባ ኔረ።ምኽንያቱስ ዓጋመን ጎንደሬን ሒዝና ዲና ድኣ ኤርትራ ኢልና ንቃለስ ዘለና ከይብሉ ኢለ፣ግን ንስኻ ካብ ተሃወኽካ እቲ ምስጢር ክድርጉሖ ተገዲደ።ኣጆኻ ኣይንፋላለን ኢና ።ብጌጋ ተረዲእካኒ እምበር ኩልና ኩሩዓት ደቂ ስባጋዲስ ፣ኣቢሲናውያን፣ግንከ ኤርትራውያን ኢና።እምባሕ በል ህግደፍ።ፈላዪና ይፈለ።

    • YAY

      ዝኸበርካ ሓው መብራህቱ ሃብተ፤ ናይ ዋዛ፡ ወይ ዕብዳን ወይ ሓቂ ምዃኑ ንምንጻር

      ዓሻ መሲልካ ድራሮም ወድኣሎም ከም ዝብሃል ናትካ ድማ ዕቡድ ተዋዛያይ መሲልካ መካትዒኦም ጉነየሎም እዩ ዚመስል ኣወዳድቓ ጽሑፋትካ።

      እዚ ህግደፍ ወ እስኻ ዝቕረብኩምዎ ታሪኽ ሓቂ ምዃኑ መረጋገጺ ከተቕሩቡልና’ዶ ትኽእሉ፧ ሓቂ ስለእትፈቱ ደስ ዘብል’ዩ። ኮይኑ ግን ዝተዘርበ ወ ዝተጻሕፈ ኵሉ ዝተረጋግጸ ሓቂ እዩ ብሂልካ ትኣምን ስልዘይመስለኒ ዝተረጋጸ ካብ ዘይተረጋገጸ ሓቂ እንተትፈላልየልና ንኡድ ምኾነ። ንዋዛ ወይ ዕቡድ ስለዝኾንኩ እየ ከምኡ ብሂለ ዝብል ምኽንያት ንዓኻውን ዘዕግብ ኣይመስለንን። ወልድተይ ንሓቂ ከምዘላታ ኪገልጻ ከምዝኽእል ገቢሮም እዮም ኣዕብዮሙኒ ካብ በልካ፡ ሓቂ ከኣ ዘሕብረና መበገሲ ስለዚኸውን፡ እቲ ታሪኽ ዝተረጋገጸ ሓቂ ምዃኑ ወይ ዘይምዃኑ’ዶ ምገለጽካልና፧

  • Zegeremow

    Respectable Abdulraziq:

    Not sure if I agree with you on the Cuban analogy totally. The Cuban-American community has changed in the last 5 years, but they were hard-liners for a long time. They were rabid anti-Castro individuals. But there is a generational changes as you mentioned. Candidate Obama was able to tap into that and is the big reason he won Florida twice in a row, a very important swing state.

    Eritrean-Americans are the exact opposite of the Cuban exiles. Eritrean-Americans are rabid PIA supporters.

    The younger generation (YPFDJ) born in the West are even more protective of the Eritrean State in general.

    • Zegeremow

      Zegeremow paging Zegeremow:

      I would just add to that, you should see how livid the younger generation (YPFDJ) born in the West get when discussing the illegal and unjust sanctions put on Eritrea by the UN.

      They are very, very protective of the Eritrean State.

      So, yes, time is not on the side of the “opposition” folks.

      I agree with the author on that.

  • Daniel Teclegiorgis

    ክቡር ዓብደልራዚቕ! ስርናይ ዝመልኦ ሰናይ ዘረባ። ሕንቃቐን ምሕሪ ጥንቃቐን ዓድን ዓውድን ኣባዲሞም እንታይ ገዲፎም መሲሉካ። ጽሑፍካ ድማ ከም ዓለሙ ጥንቃቐ እንተዘየበዚሕዎስ እንታይ ክወጽኦ። ማለት’ሲ! ደሃይ …….ስርሒት ፎርቶ ….. ፍታሕ ሕልሚ ወዲ ዓሊ ወይ ድማ ….ንባብ ለበዋ ኣራሚ ምንቅስቓስ … ብዝምልከት ጥዑም ወረ የብልካን’ዶ ማለተ’የ።
    ክቡር ዓብዱ እንዳ ዝናን-ባህታን ዝባኖም ቀሊዖም፡ ኣብ ቅርዓት ወጺኦም ሕጎሙና ይብሉ ከምዘለዉ ዘጠራጥር ኣይኮነን። እቲ ጸገም ኮይኑ ዘሎ ዝባኖም ጎቢጡ ሓጓሞ፡ ካብ ዓደ’ቦ እንተተዘይተረኽቡ፡ ካብ ጎደቦ፡ ማለት’ሲ ብዙሕ ከይረሓቕና ካብ ስግር ሩባ መረብ ካብ እንዳ መዓለቦኦም ንመራሕትና …ሓጓሞ .. ዝርከቡ ኣንተኾኑ ሃሰስ ምባል ከይደቀስካ ምሕላምዶ’መስል’ዩ?
    እንተዘይኮነ ግን እዛ ዓለም ዕዳጋ ትሕቲ ዝምባብወን ሰሜን ኮረያን ክትሰርዓና እንተኾይኑ ሕልማ፡ ከም ኣራሚ ምንቅስቓስ መንግስትና እቶም ብሂወቶም ዘለዉ እሱራቱ ፈቲሑ፡ ቅዋሙ እንተኣዊጁ ይርሓሰና ካብ ምባል እንታይ’ዩ ኣማራጺ’ና።
    ምናልባትከ ታንኪ ወዲ ዓሊ ንኢሳያስ (George MacGregor ናይ ኤርትራ) ኣብ ፎርቶ ከም’ዛ ስርናይ ጥሕን ጥሕን ኣቢላቶ እንተዝበሃል ኔሩ፡ መእሰሪ ምተረኽቦዶ’መስለካ ንኤርትራዊ ማእዶ? እዚኣ’ውን ከይደቀስካ ምሕላምዶ ትመስል?
    ዝኾነ ኾይኑ ሕልሚ ኢሳያስ ኣብ’ዚ ዘለናዮ ኩነታት ኣብጺሑና፡ ንሕና ድማ ከይንሓልም ብሕልሚ ኢሳይስ ድቃስ ስኢና ስለዝለና፡ እንተበዚ እንተበቲ ንእሽቶ ድቃስ ዘምጽእ ለውጢ ይፍጠረልና።


      Brother Daniel ,

      I know a good number of people are literal & may miss your golden expression of things.I like your style ,bravo.I may hit people on their face with my brilliant yet harsh style….I believe yours is litterature style & delivers the intended message effectively.
      I respect you brother.


    • Abdulrazig Kerar

      Dear Daniel Teclegiorgis
      Many thanks for you comment, This article was originally written in Arabic and published in June 2012.and that was of course before Forto Jan 2013.

  • Amanauel

    The writer of this article says we should not despair, I cannot help it but despair after reading it:-) We have a long way to go

  • Paulino

    My comment will probably not sit well with many in the opposition, but, for what it is worth, here it is: The ONLY hope for change to come from within are “deki metahit.” Kebesa is too coward to bring change.

    [From moderator: Paulino, read our posting guideline here and you will learn that your posting doesn’t sit well with the guidelines:
    “5. It is ok to criticize a political ideology but it is not ok to attack a collective identity (race, ethnicity, tribe, region, religion, etc). Doing so will result in immediate suspension/ban.” You are suspended.]

    • Petros

      Dear moderator: I respect your decision, but I still stand by comment. Only time will tell us if my statement was wrong.

      • Petros

        Moderator: I had to use a different account, just to respond as you have suspended my account. Thanks!

  • Henock

    That is why we need more like Wedi Ali. I remember Wedi Gebeya asking for contribution in the street of May Temenai to buy a suicide bomber from Iraq or Palestine to kill ayte issayas. He blamed agelglot for not bringing change to the misery of Eritreans. He sarcastically insulted them by saying, ” Eway hizbi Eritra, kula kalashin tesekima enkelas kab TanTu( mosquto) tesfa tigebr?!” RIP Wedi Gebeya, wedi gezawutey.