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A UN Human Rights Inquiry Commission For Eritrea

Resolution A/HRC/26/L.6 which was tabled by Somalia at the 2014 Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Eritrea was adopted by the UNHR in Geneva.

Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Ismail, the head of the Somali delegation who made the introduction to the session stated that, “Since the tabling of the draft resolution, a number of countries from different regions groups have co-sponsored it.”

The resolution for, “'[t]he establishment of a commission of inquiry to investigate all alleged violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Eritrea….” was mainly based on the report by Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth, the UN special rapporteur on Eritrea. It included, “first hand accounts and testimonies.”

The Somali ambassador stated that, “Somalia has been a supporter of Eritreans during their struggle for their self-determination.”

In her latest report Ms. Keetharuth stated that every month 4000 Eritreans flee their country. In Italy, which is the gateway to Europe for many refugees, 32% of the refugees who arrived there are Eritreans.

Syria, which has a population of around 23 million compared to Eritrea’s estimated 3 to 5 million inhabitants, has been going through a devastating civil war for the last three years. But the exact population of Eritrea is unknown since the government never carried an open census since it came to power in 1991.

Though Syria has a population of between four and seven times greater than that of Eritrea, its refugee population in Italy is outnumbered by Eritreans.

According to the statement read by the Somali ambassador, Eritrea was given the chance to respond to allegations leveled against it and to disclose the whereabouts of prisoners and their conditions but it didn’t respond. The violations of Eritrea against its people was feared to amount to, “Crimes against humanity.”

The allegations included a long list of human rights violations by the Eritrean government against its people including disappearance of persons, extra-judicial killings, torture, forced labor, and a host of other equally serious violations.

Responding to the allegations, Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerahtu said that the draft resolution is totally rejected by the Eritrean delegation. He added, the draft resolution, “violates the basic principle of the council.”

In defending the record of his government, the ambassador highlighted the, “prevailing harmony, progress, peace and stability of the society” in Eritrea, which is going through, “political, economic and social transformation.”

Concerning the UPR recommendations, the Eritrean ambassador stated that it, “will be integrated [in Eritrea] to drive development in general and human rights in particular.”

Reinforcing his rejection of the resolution, he said that the resolution is, “intended to divert attention of the council and indeed the international community from the just struggle of the Eritrean people against the continued occupation of its sovereign territories, the UN sanctions imposed on Eritrea, and the belligerent stance to destabilize the country.”

He further noted that the resolution is, “based on the biased report of the rapporteur” and as such, “It doesn’t enjoy the support of the concerned state and undermined the UPR process.”

The Eritrean ambassador accused the US by explaining that, “Eritrea has become a target of the US hostilities for geopolitical reasons, it has become apparent that this draft resolution is also part of Ethiopia’s strenuous efforts to maintain the UN sanctions imposed on Eritrea.”

Emphasizing the Ethiopian role in the “fake crisis” that Eritrea is going through, Ambassador Tesfamichael stated that a copy was being passed to the delegates, because he wants to “share with the council and other members states the recently leaked Ethiopian document circulated to its embassies.”

The document in question has been on the Internet since March 2014. It included information issued by the Ethiopian Ministry of Information concerning the UN sanction imposed on Eritrea and was apparently circulated by Tedros Adhanom, the Ethiopian foreign minister, to Ethiopian embassies and consulates around the world.

All members states except China, Pakistan, The Russian Federation and Venezuela voted for the adoption of the resolution.

Mr. Chen Chuandong, the delegate of China stated that his country is, “not in favor of imposing so-called external mechanism of inquiry,” without the consent of the country concerned. While Mr. Aamar Qureshi, the Pakistani delegate, said that “country-specific mandate without the consent of the state concerned is not productive.” But his main objection seemed to be the “duplication [of tasks] specially in a time of financial constrains faced by the OCHR… and additional burden on the council.”

Mr. Andrey Nikiforov, the Russian delegate, stated that his country “does not support this country resolution under item 4 of [the] agenda…[and] consider that human rights matters in any given country should be discussed at the UPR which was set up explicitly for this purpose.”

The last of the four objectors to the resolution, Mr. Félix Peña Ramos of Venezuela, said that his country believes the, “Council should be promoting and protecting human rights on the basis of an authentic dialogue and the basis of cooperation…[and] should involve the country [Eritrea] involved.”

For several years, the UPR [Universal Periodic Review] has been reviewing the human rights situation Eritrea. In 2008, at the request of Human Rights House of Norway, had the honor of compiling a comprehensive report and leading a coalition that presented the document in Geneva. The delegation that represented was composed of Mr. Amha Domenico (Europe), Mr. Abdulraziq Kerrar (Australia), Mr. Semere Habtemarian (USA), and Mr. Yassin Mohammed Abdella (Sudan).

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  • AMEN

    Sometimes you make me laugh you really make me laugh from my heart. And that is when I see you waste all you r time spying me and employ you entire intelligence only to come up with
    the information I already gave you long ago .

  • Alem

    The blood of our brothers and sisters in Lampadusa is still wet. Here is the e-mail I sent
    to the city of Bologna city council members to stop the dictator and his thugs from
    celebrating in BOLOGNA.

    E-mail of Bologna city councel officialls

    If you need more
    information go to

    Dear Madam or Sir, the dictatorial regime of Eritrea is getting ready to hold a huge festival in your city of Bologna, for
    the sole purpose of collecting money for the regime. Please do not allow your good city to be associated with a ruthless dictator and murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI. He is the reason why you are receiving thousands of our Eritrean migrants including those in Lampadusa, running away from slavery tyranny and hopelessness. Eritrea under ISAYAS ruthless leadership became huge prison and a concentration camp, thousands of our bright men and women are behind prison bars and thousands of our kids are growing without their fathers and mothers. He converted our country into Stone Age society. He is as worst as Hitler, pol pot and Kim-Jung of North Korea.

    I beg you not to associate your beautiful city
    with this tyrant.

    Thank you

  • sabri

    Three attorneys who have been working to free Dawit Isaak, a Swedish-Eritrean journalist imprisoned in Eritrea since 2001, have reported Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki to the police.

    They have also reported three Eritrean ministers (justice, defense, foreign) and the president’s advisor for committing a crime against humanity and torture, according to news agency TT.

    This could be the first time Sweden’s new law on crimes against humanity would be tried in this country, writes the Swedish arm of Reporters Without Borders in a press release.

    The law, which was voted through in May and takes effect today, allows Swedish courts to try such cases, regardless of who commited the crime or where.

    Jonathan Lundqvist, chair of the organization, explains that the police report means that Swedish authorities can intervene if the person comes to Sweden.

    “The president’s advisor, Yemane Gebreab, has visited Sweden many times throughout the years,” says Lundqvist.


    • Alem

      Thank you for sharing this good news and hopefully next
      1-They revoke all their travel privileges.
      2-Freeze all their assets (stolen from Eritrea and stashed in foreign banks)
      3-close the embassies and deport the stooges in there (It does not represent Eritrea)
      For now lets focus on the task on hand. STOP THE DICTATOR AND HIS STOOGIES FROM CELEBRATING IN BOLOGNA.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Sabri,

      Yahoo is making news of these criminals.

      Eritrean leaders targeted by Swedish crimes against humanity law


      • Eyob

        I think we’re making something out of nothing. The Swedes have no jurisdiction over Eritrea and quite frankly building a case will be nearly impossible because no one truly knows about Dawit. So yet another useless law that will not be enforced and seems more symbolic than anything.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      And here additional from Aljazeera

      Eritrea president targeted by new Swedish law

      Swedish law firm reports Isaias Afewerki and several ministers to the police for crimes against humanity.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear AT,

    Tesfamichael Gerahtu askorkiru.

    He never imagined Somalia will fight against their dictatorship and humanitarian maltreatment. I hate, but I could not get the recorded audio in other sites. Take time to hear what he is saying. And more, PFDJ is now ready to file case against people who got asylum in different countries. He has ordered his followers to go after all files (as usual spying), Mesakin ab kemzi do wedikum hgdefawyan.

    Wedi Gerahti starts his shock speech on paltalk recorded after 29 minutes on


    • Hope

      While I agree that the PFDJ contributed to this sad situation where Eritrea is being used and abused right and left,we should all work hard to protect the Sovereignty and National Interest of Eritrea; and those who ae using and abusing the name of Eritrea and Eritreans should be brought to justice where ever they might be and as Eritrean Nationals and concerned Citizens,we have to do our BEST to make sure that those Aliens should be reported to the respective Immigration Offices where these abusers are asking for Asylum in the name of Eritrea and Eritreans.
      Haile Tg and pappi told us that there are so far about 400,000 Eritreans ,who have left Eritrea in the last ten yrs but they are shy to tell us that a big number of this figure might belong to other countries,alebit knowingly and deliberately.
      here are few FACTS taht we all know:
      -The TPLF, at a Governemnt level,has been involved in resettling Tigreans in the name of Eritreans,to Europe,the USA,Canada,Australia,etc-
      -It has been a well documented FACT that tens of thousands of Tigreans have been crossing to the Sudan through Humera and have been registered by the UNHCR as Eritreans and have been resettled in the best organized and diplomatic way to those mentioned third party countires.
      -Eye witnesses from Shimelba and other Refugee Camps in Tigray are filled with Tigreayns and most Refugees who have been resettled to Europe,USA , Canada and Australia are Tigreyans; and if any Eritrean Refugee succeeds in going to these countires, he or she will be forced to “marry” a Tigreyan so as that Tigryean will resettled to those Countries.Not to mention the financial gain the Tigray State is getting from the corrupted UNHCR in the name of Eritrean Refugees
      -Out of these 30,000 to 40,000 Refugees in Israel,it has been estimated that an average ,only 10,000 to 15,000 are said to be original Eritreans.
      _The same applies that many of those who cross the Mediteranean Sea are Non-Eritreans,as witnessed and confirmed by an Ethiopian Jouranalist ,who himself survived the High Sea Waves and succeeded in getting Asylum status in Europe as an Eritrtean
      Hence, considering the above issues and facts,the Eritrean Gov and its Consulates have a Legal and National obligation to do what Amb Tesfamichael Gherhatu has threatened to do,which is past due to do so.
      N.B. This is a noble cause and every concerned Eritrean Citizen should be involved for the best interest of Eritrea,not for the sake of PFDJ.
      Have a safe trip to Bologna.
      BTW,if you are serious that you are going to Bologna,make sure to attend the Fora,meetings,discussions,etc.. to be held by the the “Special High Level Eritrean Delegation” so as to challenge them face-to-face in a very diplomatic way and with civility,rather than picking up slogan and standing in front of the Hall.
      Please relay my message to this Special delegation as following:
      -Now that the Border is virtually demarcated,why is NOt the ratified Constitution NOT being implemented and why is it now being dumped and a new one is needed?
      -About 300,000 Eritreans were said to have left Eritrea in the last 10yrs and 70% of these are said to be Young/National Service Members: Why is that?What has been done to prevent this? What is the plan of action for the near future to avoid this?
      -Why is the Private Sector blocked in Eritrea,which is aggravating the situation in Erittrea?
      -Why is the GoE NOT transparent about the National Budget/the Mining Income,etc–
      -Who/what is DEMHIT and why is it involved in the Internal Affairs of Eritrea?
      -Why are thiose in jail NOT being brought to the Court of Law/Families NOT allowed to talk to them and to see them?
      -What happened to the National Assembly and the EPLF Charter of 1994 and the previous one?
      Dima demay(i) naika we huka/Kudan..
      Eritrea and Eritreans will prevail!

      • Hope

        Please read:”here”/taht as Here are few FACTS that we all know; and “;alebit”, as “albeit”.
        With apology!

  • Alem

    My dear brothers and sisters the final solution for our country is not on UN or OAU resolutions but on our finger tips.
    This is an Eritrean problem which requires an Eritrean solution. Don’t get me wrong UN setting up human rights abuse inquiry on Eritrea is a good thing but it will never be our solution. So lets strap up, getup from our sleep and END this murder, rape, torture and detention of our innocent people by unelected blood thirsty manic (ISAYAS AFEWORKI) and his criminal thugs.

    My dear brothers and sisters the solution for our country is on our hands, we need to rise up and get rid of this blood thirsty dictator (ISAYAS) and his criminal thugs. Because of this maniac.
    1- Thousands of our youngsters are dying, getting raped and jailed everyday.
    2- Thousands of our men and our women are behind bars in their own country.
    3- Our Economy is in shambles.
    4- Our government -non existent we don’t have one.(hijacked by criminals)
    5- Higher education (chained locked and educators fired)
    6- Transportation (might as well lets start using live stock)
    7- Freedom of anything (what freedom?????)
    8- Healthcare (our people are relying on garlic and ginger)
    9- Law of the land (according to the tyrant we do not need one he is the law)

    My people, our country with all its recourses and highly driven and motivated people we are not taking our place in history rather we allowed one single clueless manic (ISAYAS) and his criminal thugs dictate and chose how we live our life as a society. Most of our youngsters are jumping from jail to jail, boat to boat and begging in the streets of Israel, Libya, Yemen, Greece and Rome and our families in Eritrea are living in a stone age and still we are SILENT.

    • Kokhob Selam

      very clear. thank you, I will not read anything today except memorizing your list also I have it in my mind but I can’t put it as such. Love it.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Salam Nitricc;
    Good points. This is the month of Romadan when we try to be our best, so stay clean. No, foul language even if tes and Semere irritate you.
    Just a comment on the Aid part of our discussion; you are absolutely right that the traditional aid has made Africa paralyzed, increased corruption, and created NGOs whose budgets are bigger than the sovereign nations. However, I was refering to a different type of aid, mainly grants and development funds. Most of the projects we hear being accomplished are funded by these types of funds ( schools, hospitals..dams…roads…etc). That’s not bad if domestic production was rehabilitated. The reality is clear. You do not need me to tell you that if you are labelled as a pariah, live in confrontational posture with the international community, capital flees your country and you do not attract foreign investment. If you keep most of the labor force in public projects the result will be as good as the productivity of those projects ( you don’t need me to elaborate on it); private sector is the engine for sustained development. It is killed, in the first place, by economic policies that don’t encourage it, and secondly, by the total control of the productive force. I would not bother so much about democracy if there was the state of rule of law and imrovement in the lives of the people. I understand the complexity of the matter, but for citizens, the deterioration of living conditions is enough to call their government to change or call for its dismisal. On the rule of law..meaning justice, we are on the same page…you said it better. At any rate, you said you’re going to f/u with another part; I will wait for that one and give you my take; but I do not down play the role of external forces. My take is that the more citizens are repressed the more they will be disgruntled and the more foreign forces get an entry port to our nation. So, the best thing one can do is to call for a governance where citizens own the system and are ready to defend it. I will expand it when I read your next installment, very strong argument, though.
    Happy Romadan, and stay clean.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Mahamud, what ever the choice might be, the first thing is to have the nation. the nation that has reasonable administrator. we don’t have to talk much before that nation emerges. sorry, for me nation is not the land it is the people. you are discussing about something which is not there, what aid? to whom ? how? no question can be answered unless you have a leadership. “knbrkut keynuburkut ab may nbtsah”. don’t you think so?

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Salam KS
        I agree, I was responding to Nitricc where in the thread we reached a point which made me respond the way I responded, KS the great poet.

    • Nitricc

      Mahmud: let me tell you a story about the rule of law in Eritrea and my take. I had a discussion with Gezae Hagos. I am telling you this, to tell you my ignorance I went through and when it comes to rule of law; I have learned my lesson.
      Few years back I had heated argument with Gezae Hagos. The point of the discussion that turned in to argument was, I posted stating that PIA can’t be a dictator. I argued, if PIA was a dictator, then, who is to say no to him if runs fake election. As any other African leader, rig the election and electing himself and be a president for life.
      . If PIA was a dictator, who is stop him from implementing the constitution and shred it, chop it and slice to pieces all the way and do what ever he wanted to do just like other typical African leaders. If PIA was a dictator, why is he not sending his kids to Europe and the USA to be educated like other African leaders? I was asking questions right and left and quit frankly no one answered me and I was asking question I truly felt made sense to ask at that time and moment. We want at it with Gezae.
      Gezae said, “listen, I can’t answer your question because no one knows what that mad man thinking and I don’t care about election, constitution and all that. There are a little things that needs to be done and what I care and should must have is we have to have a rule of law. Issias can stay in power but we need to have a rule of law.”
      And to my rigidity and stupidity I would not get it. I keep repeating the same question and he tells me the same thing and he gave up on it.
      Even though our discussion ended without any conclusions but I played his concerns back in mind and I kept thinking what Gezae argument was and I was on the look for the validity and evedence of Gezae’s comment.
      The more I follow on that take; the more I dismissed Gezae’s point. Because no one ever has come with clear and present evidence about the absence of the rule of law! All I hear is there 10000 prisoners and Eritrea. The number never changed. It is never under 10000 and never more than 10000. It is always at 10000. So, when ever I hear that it was easy to dismiss some legit concerns. I have heard some so-called prison guards and other many of it and all had some ax to grind. So, I dismissed it and I stack to my gun. That is till Dejen came and told me everything I need to know. so, i am with you when it comes to the rule of law. and thanks to Gezae who tried hard to educat me long time and sorry for not

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Thanks for the story, you are genuine, man; unpretentious.

      • Tesfabirhan WR


        Still miles way to go. Dump you are to hear your heart. Marxist -who only learns through tortoise walk, experience not of other people’s experience.


      • Thomas

        It is clear you problem is because you were never exposed to eritrea and don’t know how the eritrean go on with their lives. You see if a single person jailed/detained/killed, the entire families, relatives and friends of that person suffers. We are only 5-6 million people and even jailing 1000 people without justice/law can affect millions. You can say it is because we sacrificed more than enough fighting the ethiopian to liberate and we believed we brought a government of ours. However, we found out that colonolization was better than the one we have now. You don’t know this because he only know Eritrea through awate and other website. You learn more you need to go to sawa and do the national slavery for 15 years.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Nitricc,

        If minds are open there are many lessons we learn from each other. I salute you, that you gave credit to Ghezae’s effort who tried to show you about the need of rule of law. I salute you also that when you learn, you acknowledge your mistakes. It is good for your soul and your conscience. Keep up that virtue and remember always “Dejen” as the turning point in your political life. For every one there are someone or moment who played a turning point in his/her life.

        Amanuel Hidrat

  • haileTG

    Selamat all,

    I think Mahmud’s question requires thorough treatment by the lawyers in da house 🙂 This is why I wouldn’t attempt to answer it directly as I don’t qualify in that area. The standard, layman type, understanding of Commissions of Inquiry is however readily available from various sources. It generally says that there can be one of two types of Commission of Inquiry. One mandated under UN Chapter VII or by the UNHRC. Both of them are intended to investigate, impartially, an identified issue of interest. The objective is identify responsibility for acts investigated and hence lend the bases for persecution of those found to be responsible in order justice to be served. Unlike the first one, empowered under Chapter VII, the UNHRC initiated Commission often encounters problems of cooperation (under Chapter VII all necessary means might be taken to ensure cooperation including armed intervention). Again, unlike the other UN mandated investigations, Commissions of Inquiry carry much weight of impartiality and are only funded by the UN itself (member states can’t directly fund them). The findings and determination of guilt are grounds for ICC charges to be laid, however this step may only be taken by UNSC. The UNHRC doesn’t have powers to persecute offenders as identified in its investigation.

    Members of IA regime will be investigated for various violations of rights of citizens, arrest of decedents, forced conscription, shoot to kill and much more. The aim is to identify who should be held responsible. It is not expected that it would improve the regime’s conduct that is increasingly getting erratic. The likely scenario, following the current strong condemnation, is to escalate matters and the UN “demands” cooperation of the rough regime else be faced with stringent measures.

    I do understand some concerns regarding that of “outsiders” taking advantage of the situation. But the reality on the ground is that the IA regime is the worst mortal enemy of the Eritrean people and the “concern” subtly makes an erroneous implication that the current regime is “protecting” any of Eritrea’s interests at the moment. That simply defy logic.


  • haileTG

    Mengie, that is cooked news, don’t fall for it. As far as manjus, we’ll believe it when he confesses who he sold the Eritrean kidneys to.

  • Truth

    So basically the human rights inquiry will have three people delivering a report that one person did before. I agree with the various UN representatives. Waste of time and money especially because Eritrea will not let them in. People are celebrating a bit too early.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Salam Awatistas; As Eritreans, I know that we feel sad to find ourselves in this predicament; to see the country that we dearly fought for being the subject of repetitive enquiry and ending at becoming one of the worst corners of the earth where human dignity has los its lowest value. feel sad to se it paraded by Somalia, a country which is not eligible and able to stand as one let alone to speak of human rights

    • Hope

      My daerest ONE,
      Could NOT agree more.It is pitty that we are being treated like a ball where every one is kicking us including Somalia!!! Did I say it right,Somalia?
      You see my frustration now how the West/US/State Dept is abusing us?

      • Hope

        Read as DEAREST ONE!

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dearst Hope,
          As usual I would say my hope is one day we will start to notice and accept that problems are from within and solutions are from within. if you read my poems regarding inner change as first and most important you may come to see the truth. you don’t need knowledge on this but just watching the self first. when the thinker starts to observe within, he will find the solution. I am not saying others are not playing, but they are not the cause- they are still the result. imagine now you have a legal and democratic government who can find a way to play on you? none, because you have managed to have read blood cells and white blood cells the outsider germ will not have chance at all.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Mahmud, you have already said it. it is the same, opposition my use the card to the maximum. and they should, but change real change will not come by outsiders pressure. in fact this kind of outsiders decision may not be for the advantage of the change forces if they don’t use it properly as you have seen some innocent saying it clearly ” why others are interfering in our case, why they want to destroy our nation”. so it is how you use it means it is always you who should work for your case.

    • Nitricc

      Mahmud my man.
      Don’t despair. It will pass and out of this; the finest Eritrea shall emerge. I have always maintained I rather have no Eritrea than having a typical African style Eritrea. If you going to have a typical toothless the likes of African style Eritrea, then why pay all that sacrifices? Why all the suffering? We could have just stayed with Ethiopia and have the same miserable life with rest of them.
      Don’t get taken by the doom and gloom. It is not as bad as you think.
      Sure when you read what some people are writing it is human to panic and feel lost.
      The involvement you see by the westerners is for obvious reason.
      For one they are trying to stop the flew of refugees to their respective country. Second this is a good opportunity for them to get back at Eritrea for Eritrea’s long standing ” leave us alone” mentality. You know they have to dip their nose at any African country. They have felted insulted when Eritrea told them to get lost. So their involvement is not becouse they are concerned about Eritrean refugee; they don’t give a flying you know what rather they are helping themselves.
      Change is coming and it is coming from PFDJ themselves. There is no other way. So, Mahmud chill my man. It is going to be alright.

      • saay7

        Yo Yo Nitricc:

        Let me take you on the wayback machine…to October 2013. When Eritreans were in a state of shock and grief, and were consoling themselves with “iziwn kHalef iyu” (this too shall pass), you mocked it and ridiculed it. You said the toothless opposition’s slogan is “iziwn kHalef iyu.”

        Now, I see you are using the same slogan to console yourself. You see, Nitricc, what you and all the Isaiasists forget is that all the positive attributes you can list about Eritreans (tenacity, bravery, single mindedness, volunteerism) wasn’t invented by EPLF and it doesn’t have sole monopoly of it. It exists among the entire population including the opposition. So this policy that the Isaiasists have pursued–that they can outlive, outlast the Eritrean people and their just cause–is a dead-end. Ab lbkhum temelsu:: Your friends at the PFDJ and YPFDJ may console themselves that this is a minor setback, the enemy quarters are going to be demolished, “you will never set foot on Eritrea”, and all the other Mengistu Hailemariams slogans (“inashefalen!”) but they are just fooling themselves. The drip, drip, drip will continue until the Isaiasists are defeated or see the light.

        Say it with me: No Eritrean Left Behind.


        • Nitricc

          Hahaha SAAY. Do you have to go there? Lol

          SAAY buck then my minster of ” this shall pass too” was” in the crazy stupid bus. You know the bus that is driven by you know who. But since Gezae got of the stupid bus, I got show some respect my man. Now Gezae is my friend and I am not going to behind his back.
          So that why I sneak it there.
          You have to expose me like that huh. Cool. I will get you.

        • Truth

          The opposition has been saying this for how many years. I just came from Eritrea and I can attest to the fact the opposition has no following in Eritrea or significance. I agree with Nitricc that change will only come from within PFDJ and the thought they’ll be removed is far-fetched. You can look at it as being similar to Egypt’s predicament. The military there has and will always hold sway in politics.

      • Papillon


        Do you know what you remind me of? I am sure you’ve seen “Titanic” the movie. This particular scene in that movie is overlooked where its significance is overshadowed by the romantic flare in it. Here you have the musical troupe kept playing music as they had been entertaining the passengers where the rest of the people were in a complete panic state and run to get the life-savers while the ship was sinking. It was later on when the ship was half capsized they stopped playing all together. The captain may have hit an unforeseen ice-burg, your captain however is in a suicidal mission.

        • Nitricc

          Get this; Eritrea either will be the country worthy the blood and the suffering that was paid or a bust.
          So, what I said wasn’t a joke.
          If you going to be a nation that is similar what we see in Africa; why fight? Why pay all that sacrifices? Why go through all the hell? Why?
          Eritrea will be worthy of the suffering and blood paid.

          • Rodab

            Citizen Nitricc,
            Do you know what you remind Papi of? The conductors at Titanic.
            But do you know what you really remind me of? The character “Nugusse” on radio Erena’s “Elal ms Nugusse Arkey” series. As you can imagine, Nugusse is incapable of seeing any shortcomings in the regime or its leaders. His latest targets are the now celebrity bishops. In his eyes, the bishops are playing politics and they should be refraining from getting involved in something that is none of their business.
            Are you Nugusse by any chance?

          • Nitricc

            Rodab I don’t know who “Nugse” is and I have never heard to
            the radio station you are describing. One thing everyone should know is that I only
            visit and sometimes when you guys talk about what is in; madote
            and tesfanews, I check them out. for instance, I heard Dejen’s story on
   other than I go nowhere and very much I don’t know anything else. Don’t
            give me wrong I don’t mind to visit other web-sites too but time is very critical
            for me. As is, as much as I am having
            fun in; I am mindful the time I am scarifying on this great forum. So,
            what I am saying is that I am very much at Nowhere else!

            by the way i never said The Eritrean government has no shortcoming. In fact, the short
            comings are so dumb so stupid and so bone headed; you can kind of lose your
            sense of commonsense. However, the
            country must come first and the country is, you like it or not, it is under the
            government of Eritrea.

          • Papillon


            Do you know that Africa is in a much better shape than it was anytime before? Before you jump into pulling South Sudan or CAR on me, I suggest you see it in a general context where the nations in the continent which are being showered with an envious accolade are shining against a stacked up—structural or institutional challenges. The sad thing is however, Eritrea with all her highly disciplined and hardworking people and strategic location, she would have been shining above and beyond all the nations not only in the region but in the entire continent as well. But of course, Eritrea hasn’t been too lucky for a cruel and menacing leader is determined to turn the people into your likes and the nation into a laughing stock of friends and foes alike. I am sure you will reflexively say, we would rather be where we are right now than being like a “beggar” Ethiopia, the only thing I can say to you is–ከምቲ ኢትዮጵያ በጺሓቶ ዘላ ደረጃ ኣበይ ዕድልና ክንረኽቦ. If it is any news to you (bad or good choose one), Ethiopia is in a speed of light to be a middle income nation with in the next ten years and I hope and pray that my own private Eritrea will catch up sans a tyrant but a nation at peace with herself.

          • Nitricc

            Obviously you are not aware the 87% budgetary assistance by
            the international community on the top of thousands of NGO operating in the
            country under incedeble corruptions and what
            it means to the future of that country. again If Eritrea to become another typical African nation then our
            hero died in vain! Hell no!
            you don’t seem to understand that


          • Hope

            Dear Pappi,
            My apology for my interjection.
            Please be so kind and honest and tell us about the other side of the coin.
            We know the PFDJ Factor for Eritrea NOT using her miraculous and abundant resources and strategic location.
            But tell us the role of your “fast growing Ethiopia and her masters”,please.
            This is not the “Weyanization of Eritrean politics” as your partner,Haile TG claims,but based on the Public facts that you know well.
            The leaked memo by the Ethiopian MoFA

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Mahmud,

        Ok, I will be patient enough. In fact your question is beyond my capability hence I prefer to read answers given to you. (Cheers!!!). We are almost now on the same page dear ayay Mahmud.

        Your brother

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Salam Nitricc; While recognizing your Harbegna zeal:

        I’m not despaired; but I can tell you, I am deeply disturbed and distressed. I will believe you’re too concerned about the future of our country. You raised to important points; a/ that we should not repeat what other African have gone through; and b/ that we should be the deciders of our destiny, or as you put it “leave us alone.” Both of these points were the aspirations of a dedicated generation. Now, if you examine them and see if we stayed true to the aspiration of our martyrs, meaning we have performed better than other African countries and that we kept our independent and self-reliant line, then you have a point. Problem is: and this is confirmed by Ambassador Andebrhan, we are performing below most African countries and the trajectory is not promising; we are more than ever dependent on foreign aid (again courtesy to AA); I encourage every young Eritrean, and particularly those interested in politics and economics, to read that book (half of the book is dedicated to nation building and the mismanagement of our IA). On the “leave us alone” that’s what any petty dictator does. He’s dependent on foreign aid but because foreign aid comes with accountability, he tries every possible way to circumvent the red tapes, if impossible he starves his own people to death ( AA gave it the subtitle of ” The shame of coupon economy…”) rather than open up. So, you know there is a problem, I know you care for your people, your replies should be consistent with that. You said, ” So, Mahmud chill my man. It is going to be alright.” I wish it was that easy my friend Nitricc. Your fear of the Ethiopians should not blind you from sensing the agony of your people. Ethiopia as a country will be there, people of both countiries are ahead of the politicians; they are healing the wounds; that’s good. Comments of some irresponsible individuals should not drive you crazy. ( By the way Harbegna T.Kifle is not one of them; he is a gentle man, send him the entire interview of Romadan Awlyay, look how humble AND respecting of the EPRDF the man is in the interview, YES, HE WAS A HERO then, regretfully, today, he is a member of the small circle causing havoc, you may disagree with me here, but that’s OK). The bottom line is: it’s good if the argument you make is not based on your perception about the person you are responding to but rather based on the topic or the substance at hand. For instance, I know where serray stands on issues I feel dear to me, but if he is engaging me on a subject that concerns both of us, my reply to him will be based on the information exchanged and not open to preconceived bias. The reason Why I am going at length with you is because I see a fine young man full of hope and zeal. I would like that energy and zeal channelled towards reflecting the reality on the ground; if Issayas was once a liberator, he is now a menace, and PFDJ is just a personal instrument; it ceased being EPLF in1994, and the founding PFDJ in 2001.I know you care about the legacy of tegadalai, the legacy of EPLF, and a strong and vibrant Eritrea. It will require you to tell PFDJ, it has been a disgrace. PFDJ has squandered the sacrifice of our people and has become void of its founding priciples, period. It’s hurting the country and the people we love. This is a personal conviction. And it does not mean you have to subscribe to the “toothless opposition.” But because you find the opposition bad does not mean PFDJ is good; both could be bad. Time has shown me the best and the worst of Eritrea, Nitricc, and it’s my conviction that PFDJ has been a disaster; reasonable people find a way of getting in to each others’ soul, and learn from each other. Only politicians act partisan wise, ordinary people, like me and you, benefit from listening to each other; our only goal is to see the people in Eritrea leading an ordinary life. You may read some comments that suggest their writers intention is political ambition and that may bother you. The people in side the country have leaders, Nitricc. They will take care of themselves. So no fear of external Chalabys if we help the people’s effort in anyway possible short of violence and armed conflict. Remember: the more repression continues inside, the more external interference will get excuses and foothold.

        • Nitricc

          Greeting my Mahmud.

          I thank you for well-articulated and thoughtful response and
          I do appreciate it. I have read it twice for deeper understanding and while agree with most of thing you have said but I will be insincere if I did not tell you that I disagree with some of your
          contentions. For instance; “You said foreign aid comes with accountability”:
          boy do I have a major beef with your take. Foreign aid is the mother of
          corruption and while crippling entire society. One of the greatest tragedies in
          Africa is this Aid mentality. There are three major problems in Africa bad attitude, corruption and lack of work ethics and all of them are the direct outcome of foreign aid. So, your remarks that
          foreign aid comes with accountability is incorrect, you are way out of the reality. If any; the only accountability foreign aid brings is the African eaders that show unlimited love and respect to their donor community. The westerners throw a sack of grain and they tell them to jump the African leaders the only question they ask is how high to jump.
          As far your explanation about EPLF; PFDJ and PIA is right on the mark. Although; I differ with the thinking of that PFDJ destroyed Eritrea and distracted the Eritrean social fabric. Eritrea and the Eritrean people more than that. It is true they have gone through tough times for the last 15 years
          and the Eritrean government bone head actions did not helped the matter. For instance; have you ever ask yourself the point of keeping the G-15 in prison for this long? What is the point? They are old and they can’t be any danger to anyone but the government is keeping them in prison, why? You could make the same argument about the journalists. This means nothing but it shows you the true picture of the government of Eritrea. The point I am trying to make here
          is that, we know what kind of government and its competence is but what choice do we have? If insulting and writing about PIA will solve anything, well PIA would have been gone long time ago. So, what is needed is sober soul searching for the solutions we are having. We have to be smart and patient till the day PIA is out of power. We have to make sure that we receive the country in one piece and intact. The only person who can do that is, PIA himself. We can
          bitch, we can call all the names we want the truth and the reality remains that Eritrea is as good as PIA wants to leave her.
          I am afraid you are down playing it the danger of the external forces. I will share my thoughts on my next post to you but, TPDM will complicate immensely in any change or any forceful attempts to exit PIA from power. That is why we got to be smart and patient.


      • Alem

        You must be out of your mind that you expect change from ISAYAS, after 24 years of reducing our country into stone age society, with no elected government and no law of the land, our people living in a destitute miserable situation. Do you think ISAYAS need another 24 years, so people can have their basic needs like electricity and water in full service and their basic rights respected?
        you don’t think the situation in Eritrea is as bad? Three to Four thousand of our bright Eritreans youngsters are fleeing away monthly from our country, from hopelessness, running away from endless national slavery to seek their chance at any cost and you think it is not bad?. More than 10 thousand of our men and women, moms and dads ,brothers and sisters are behind bars in their own country just for having a different opinion and you don’t think it is bad?.
        We need to stop blaming the US, European countries, our neighbors, UN, OAU and the rest of the world for our problems. it is the sheer stupidity and self serving nature of our unelected dictator ISAYAS and his criminal goonies pushing our country into brink of disaster. As a father and leader of my family, I don’t have to have a good will or permission of my neighbors to make life better for my kids and my wife. I work hard and diligently, work in harmony with my community and prepare my kids so they do well for themselves and contribute to society. What I will never do because of a conflict with a neighbor I will NEVER NEVER abuse and neglect my wife and my kids. Believe me what we have in Eritrea is so bad it makes Cuba, Russia, China, and Zimbabwe look better countries. We deserve better, we have bright men and women, we have a society known for hard work, We need an elected government which can bring unity in our society ,we need an elected government with good economic policies, we need a government which can secure our border and we need our government which protects our precious recourses as a nation our PEOPEL.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Mahmud,

      Ok, I will be patient enough. In fact your question is beyond my capability hence I prefer to read answers given to
      you. (Cheers!!!). We are almost now on the same page dear ayay Mahmud.

      Your brother

  • Mengag Dmu


    Forgot to include the link in the first post. Thanx.

  • Mengag Dmu

    The Generals have gone cannibalistic. They have started eating each other. I wonder if the diaspora lackeys are for desserts.

  • haileTG

    Selamat AT and awatistas

    This reporting seems like counting for the floored PFDJ to get up and continue the boxing round. Of 22 paragraphs 12 were devoted to summarize the views against and 9 the views for and 1 a miscellaneous paragraph regarding what happened in 2008. I would say the PFDJ should take it and run with it because in the actual place where this whole thing happened, it was roundly [strongly] condemned in a manner only fit for a beast.

    Where it said ” All members states except China, Pakistan, The Russian Federation and Venezuela voted for the adoption of the resolution.” I thought the resolution was passed without a vote?

    On a separate issue, the world bank issued its latest CPIA scores. CPIA scores assess the quality of countries policy and institutional progress using 16 development indicators in four areas: economic management, structural policies, policies for social inclusion and equity, and public sector management and institutions. Eritrea and South Sudan scored the lowest and were said to be “struggling with deep policy challenges”.

    This shows what we said all along that the regime of IA is the sole responsible party for strangulating the life out of the nation. Its end is almost here that there should be no complacency or self doubting (with shifty posturing) at this late hour of the dictator.

    No one has the mandate to dictate who should struggle in what way or where in. All means of of struggle, in all ways and places must be marshaled in the final push to bury the evil PFDJ for good and re-assert the dignity of the Eritrean man, woman and child who are going through untold miseries and dehumanization. All members and senior cadres of PFDJ are faced with their last call to disembark the ship poised to sink anytime soon. Otherwise, they will all end up getting what they deserve.


    • Truth

      Based on your comments, it’s obvious you haven’t a clue how the World Bank or any Bretton Wood organization operates. The World Bank will always give positive reviews to those that engage with it and hammer the developing nations that don’t. You may want to read a book or two about such hegemonic organizations.

  • Hope

    In my opinion The should have included either SJG and/or Salih AA Younis,specially SAAY as he was an expert witness at one time, besides the others,unless it is an issue of a Country based quota.

  • Rodab

    The irony of Eritrea’s prison system is the common criminals like thieves and murderers get family visitation rights, their prison locations are officially known, they get some sorts of education as is shown on EriTv, and most importantly they have their days in court and they know how long they will serve.

    Compare that to the conditions of thousands of innocent prisoners who are made to disappear. I listened to yet another must-listen interview on the revelations of these prison sites. This time the victim is a young man Tseghay MeHari who was a contributor to Radio Bana. Yeah, not even a member but barely poem and short articles contributor. One of the things he said is he read, while in prison, how even the worst jailers, the Aparthied system in S Africa allowed prisoners to send letters to family every six months. But in their case, says Tseghay, for four years they were in total incommunicado with no visitation, no letter or anything permitted. One of the striking things Dejen said is being innocent prisoner is the worst because there is no case to notify you, no verdict, no sentence and you don’t know when you will be released, if you will be released at all. How true!

    These extreme abuses and violations have been and are trickling out, but my feeling is nothing has been told yet compared to what has taken place. And these overwhelming evidences are what people like Ambassador Wedi Grahtu are openly denying at the UN forums. Fortunately, the oppressors’ voices are becoming more and more irrelevant. That’s why nobody listened to their plea to abandon the idea of establishing the UN inquiry commission. It appears their favorite adage is turning against them: the dog barks but the camel marches on.

  • Papillon

    Where is that toothless, useless and night-shift-PFDJ Saba? How do you like them apples as the famous line goes? I dare you come out and wiggle your pathetic self and flash your one-liner-downer “Cyber-Opposition.” The tyrant is done so are his zombies.

    ዓወት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ
    ውድቀት ንፋሺሽታዊ ስርዓት ኢሳያስ
    እግዚኣቢሄር ንኤርትራ ይባርኽ

    • Kokhob Selam

      ትማሊ ኳ ዘይክኣለት ብዙሕ ተጣቢባ :-
      ሎሚ ዶ ገጢማ ተውሳኺታ ሳባ::

      ምሕረት እዩ ጽቡቕ ይቕረ ቢሊ :-
      ንፈጣሪ ይጥዓሞ ሓብተይ ብዓል’ቲ ዓቅሊ ::

    • ghezaehagos

      “ዓወት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ
      ውድቀት ንፋሺሽታዊ ስርዓት ኢሳያስ
      እግዚኣቢሄር ንኤርትራ ይባርኽ.”
      Amen, Kibrti Hafti. Change is gonna come! Let just hang in there.
      Yours truly,
      Ghezae Hagos

    • Nitricc

      Hahahaha Pappi
      Throwing some smacks huh? Funny.
      I will say a word or two when I am done with my slavery. In the mean time why are people on the opposition easly celebrate about nothing to toothless so called victory? This thing It does not mean a hoot
      A hoot and here you are taking some smack. Pappi Pappi Pappi don’t you learn enough from your toothless good for nothing oposition?
      If PIA to say to them come and take the power; none of them will agree to take it. They will finish each other.-:)
      Then I have stap up and assume the power. Lol

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Nitricc,

        Don’t worry. Here I am even to take the power. Are you afraid of being a leader? Don’t worry we will not vote for you.


      • Papillon


        Obviously, you have a lot of maturing to do. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise for the tyrant is left with people like you and the two high-priests (read: Abay and Tesfamariam) whose rabid incentive is their unabated hate towards down-south and guilty ridden shoddy background as well. That said however, the issue is not—cover-everything-up-so-that-the-enemy (read: Weyane)-is-denied-gratification anymore. Rather, it is Eritrea’s unprecedented invasion of TV-sets in every household around the world where the horror hitherto has been sadly eclipsed by other world events. The uniqueness of Isaias’ Eritrea is that no leader of a nation with in the continent (Africa) has done so much cruelty to his own people where what happened in Uganda (Amin) and in Rwanda is of a different nature all together. Isaias is the most cruel leader Africa has ever known for a reason only known to the heavens where the rest of us here on Earth wrestle with the transcendental question as to why heaven wanted to sent a leader like him to the people who are known among other things by their warming kindness.

    • hope

      Dear Pappi,
      Please be so kind, to be kind and respectful.Wether Dr Saba is toothless and/or useless,she is entitled to her opinion as much you are,no matter what!.
      If you believe in hatred/hate /do not love your neighbor,then you are against LOVE;and if you are against Love,then you do NOT love God/Eghzei’a-biher and if you do not love God,then you are failing in one of his Commandments:”Sim Eghizi’a-Biher bi kentu Ait’tsewi’i.
      God bless Pappi–and all of us,of course.,
      Hope,the “Preacher and the “Doctor”–to use your own words/nicks you babptized me with…