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Eritrea 2015: Feels Like Eritrea 2002

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) just released its annual Human Development Report and Eritrea is ranked third from bottom, next to Central African Republic and Niger, in Human Development Index (HDI).

HDI is a qualify of life index which measures factors that contribute to developing human capacity and the conditions for their development: how long and how healthy the lives of citizens are; the quality of their education system; their standard of living; their participation in political and community life; environmental sustainability; and, finally, human security and rights.

Of the 188 countries listed, Eritrea is ranked # 186.

What does that mean? I mean the UNDP, and its country representative in Eritrea, is the same one that has been telling us MDG MDG MDG MDG, come and see. This is what the numbers say:

Children born in Eritrea are far less likely to be born to an adolescent mother than in the rest of the less developed world. Compared to children in the rest of low human development countries (mostly Africa), the Eritrean children also have lower than average likelihood of dying as an infant, as do their moms. They are far more likely to be immunized to DTP and measles, far less likely to contract AIDS, and far, far less likely to die from malaria and TB. They have a higher literacy rate, and live a bit longer than other Africans. On the other hand, the children are more likely to be malnourished and have stunted growth; will have far fewer years of schooling than their peers in the rest of Africa, will be far poorer compared to even the poorest countries of the world, will have exiles equaling those of nations-in-war, and will be nationals of a country that is developing at a much slower rate even in comparison to the poorest of the poor.

At 18.5, their median age is comparable to the rest of low development countries, which is 19.5.

Male and female, Eritreans are much more likely to enter the labor force than their counterparts in Africa, although there is a great deal of evidence that the labor force is compulsory. They belong to a country whose government has signed the convention against forced labor in 2000, so it will contradict itself endlessly on the subject: the convention does not apply to conscription of soldiers, so they are soldiers; no, they are not because Eritrea is an oasis of peace, they are in a national development plan, a Marshall Plan which is necessary (but, unlike Marshall Plan, not voluntary), and they are only serving, on average 5 years and we have “quietly” demobilized many, so it is voluntary, really, next question.

Speaking of conventions, whenever Eritrea is joining one, it points out to its non-existent constitution and non-existent proclamation on political organizations and labor laws (because they are written, dammit) as evidence that is a country governed by rule of law and it allows for freedom of assembly.

Africa, as a continent, has the lowest suicide rates than any other continent. But, for male Eritreans, the suicide rate is 25.8/100,000, higher than their counterparts in Africa (15.2/100,000.)  These are, no doubt, the “collateral damage” of Eritrea’s national development which, again, is (in)voluntary and hey, did you see the rows and rows of shiny new trucks and buses that were imported? Hager tHmbeb ala.

How about the gender gap? How are Eritrean girls/women doing compared to Eritrean boy/men? It is all good because Eritrean shares of seats held in parliament by women is 22% which is higher than the African average of 20%. At this point, you might be asking, “what parliament?” This demonstrates your lack of imagination: we don’t have a parliament, but if we did, women would make up 22%. If you persist on using facts-based argument, we have the ever-ready argument that will shut you up for good: women made up 33% of combatants in the armed struggle. So there.

There was an article in either madote or tesfanews which argued that Eritrea is “country run by women.” I tried to argue that we have 18 ministers; only 3 of whom are women; that we have 30 consulates/embassies: only 1 of whom is “run” by a woman; that we have 6 zonal administrators, 0 of whom are women. That we have dozens of Directors, a tiny number of whom are women. This after the EPLF/PFDJ has had a total monopoly of Eritrea’s politico-economic power for 35 years. But my battler won by implying that something about my background (wink) disqualified me from commenting on women’s progress in Eritrea.


This took me back to 2002 when the Field Marshal of the first “hzbawi mekhete”, Dr. Mussie Misgina, suggested that the Awate Team complaining about girls getting abused at Sawa is because we are against equality for women.  He accused us of being jihadists because we are opposed to girls being raped at a military camp.

So, this takes me to Eritrea 2000 according to UNDP.  Back then, the expected year of schooling was still 4.5 years.   The GNI per capita was higher, at $1,445.   Stagnation and regression, in the PFDJ? Yes. But, it is the same stagnation and regression in the Opposition.

Time for Change: 13:11

I have been part of the Awate Team since 2000. As we approach our 16th year, it occurs to me that all the things I used to say about the PFDJ when it was 15 years old (2009), all the things I used to say about the ELF-offshoot opposition when it was 15 years old (1996), and the Alliance opposition when it was 15 years old (2014), apply to me.  I have been lampooning African leaders who refuse to give up the post–Musevini, Kagame, and a dozen others.  It is time to apply “term limits” to myself.

It’s time to move on. With this post, I am announcing that I am no longer a member of Awate Team, an agreement reached-upon mutually with my colleagues. What that means is that, going forward, Awate Team and Pencil articles will not reflect my views. The median age of an Eritrean is 18.5. I am, um, significantly older: and the sum total of my experiences barely reflect those of the median Eritrean.   I will retain my post at my rarely-updated Alnahda columns and my jousts at awate forum.

What does my official separation from Awate Team mean?  Let’s see: I will no longer have an excuse not to write the Great Eritrean Novel.  I will no longer have an excuse not to write an anarchic blog about nothing. A, reloaded.  An African Huffington Post.  A Las Vegas wedding.  A Mexican divorce.  A youtube channel of The Daily African Show. Translating Monty Python movies.  Translating Kung Fu Panda.  Translating that unreleased Tigrina book I am not supposed to have but dear God it is so good.  Learning Geez.  Unlearning Geez.  A documentary on Eritrean cycling.  The long-promised “Ashekhkat Alem” video game.  Translating “Mi Do Tseba”.  A Royal Carribean Cruise with Yosief Gebrehiwet.  Streamed.  Getting funding for my Ella Ero Liberation Commando Unit. Translating Egyptian play “Shahed Ma Shafs Haga” to English.  Starting “Arabic for Ethiopians” Roseta Stone. A Kuenti-based online supplement store. (Supplements are unregulated.) An uber-service for Qat.  Finding the Eritrean Neo. A movement to eradicate swords from Tigrayit dances. A stand-up comedy tour based on stuff Girma Asmerom says. A dabo kolo delivery service.  The secret recipe of Hajjia Mororo explained.  Interviewing all most some Eritrean opposition leaders to show you that they really are smarter than you. Why Chinese architecture is gaudy.  How Eritrea can leapfrog to a Medium Development Country.  A win-win exit strategy for PFDJ.  Building a website that lists all terrible phrases like win-win.   Why Eritrea has two youth movements,YPFDJ and NUEYS, that don’t speak for youth. The Collected Insults of Getachew Reda.  A podcast with Eyob where I list everything Ethiopian government does wrong and listen to him spin it. Why Everybody should listen to Frezghi Mesmer, dammit.  An Eritrean wiki.  Why cats dance when they hear Kris Kross’s “jump jump.” What compels Isaias Afwerki to give a 12 minute answer to a single question. Why do Americans giggle when they hear “Djibouti”?

Will I do any of the things I listed? I don’t have a clue. But with this vacancy, I am hoping that one tiny reason from the gazillion reasons that is holding back the youth from rightfully claiming their place in Eritrean history will be removed.

May your road be white.

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Aby,

    Here is the link, and it cannot be faked.

    • Abyssinia

      Hi Fanti, see my other comment too. The point is there is some time (maybe months, depends on the website’s traffic) between the launch date and the time it starts to be archived by Also, there are gaps of days (for some websites longer) between different snapshots when you might for example have a logo that is then not captured by the snapshot. For example in the link you have linked, the next snapshot for is Nov 19, 2000. That simply means you can have a different logo between Oct 18, 2000 and Nov 19, 2000.

  • Abyssinia

    Hi people.
    Just a rant and more 🙂
    I am unhappy about my comments being arrested for moderation for like hours before they are posted on the forum. I see this as an intentional design to make my comments less read.

    Just now, to my surprise, I found out that Saay has upvoted (liked) my comment where I congratulated others on his departure ( I know he will never depart, but whatever) and criticized his foxy, and diversionary approach to disrupt debates whenever the debates reach a level where the Nitriccs, Teds, Tes’s and hopes can not comprehend. So I am really confused as to how to take this ‘like’. Maybe Semere Andom, as he seems to know every bit of Saay, can produce an article analyzing this ‘like’ from all dimensions including its relationship to the “wisdom” and “intellect” of Saay, its implications to Eritrean and the wider horn Africa politics and how this special like can be preserved for posterity. It might also be wise to request Mahmud to analyze it from the Eritrean revolutionary and medda-culture perspective. We really need to understand this ‘like’ in all ways possible in order to move the Ethio-Eritrean politics forward.

    In the mean time, since I already feel indebted for this mysterious ‘like’, I was racking my brain as to how to start to pay back, and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon one. At the beginning of this article, it reads “HDI is a qualify of life index which measures …” The “qualify” should be “quality”.

    • AOsman

      Dear Abyssinia,

      After complaining here and there, you got the attention – he like you :).


      • Abyssinia

        Hi AOsman,
        This is not something that can be explained with one line. You are bringing the quality of the forum down 😉 By the way, your name is difficult. Can I call you Aman ( AOsman) ? This is not to mention that it sounds alien to my Habeha ears 😉

        • AOsman

          Dear Abyssinia,

          Until I find a citizenship to become habesha and comply to the habesha names and norms, make little effort and call me AOsman. I was trying to save you time, now am eager to read the next article by Abyssinia ‘Why the foxy SAAY likes comments that he is supposed to hate”


          • Abyssinia

            Dear AOsman,
            ኣፈይ ኣጣሚመ ኣዖስማን እብል ኣለኹ፣ እምበኣር። I like the title, but I think I am not fit to write it. That is why I called on Semere and Mahmud. Help me call on them. Or can you take on that task?

          • Amde

            Selam AOsman,

            You are really a cool dude.

          • Abi

            Hey Amde
            Why do you think I like him? Have you noticed you and AOsman sound alike? Both of you are cool as cucumber.
            His citizenship application is pending…
            Fanti multi is the coolest, Hayat yene embet is always the HOTTEST!
            Happy Holidays for All.

          • Amde

            Lij Abi,

            Ahun isti indih tiseragn? You caught me in the middle of last minute christmas shopping (the best kind by the way – too late for to many choices .. almost bought the Hillary Clinton Nut Breaker), enna yemisgana giTim indalSifilih techukuyalehu. Qoy bicha Tebiq!!


            Indew be ferenju Jesus sim, Tes’n tinish fata siTew. ye abeshaw eyesus simeTa demo enayalen.

            Merry Christmas

          • Abi

            Lemin zefen atmerTilignim?
            Melkam Awde Amet

        • tes

          Hi Abyssinia,

          When ever I read your comments I read your inner disturbances of missing the great feudal lords of ancient Abyssinia ever remembered as a land of bandits and war lords.

          Cool down and learn a piece of wisdom from great forum.

          Else I am ordering you to have two weeks holy water bathing in the hearts of Eritrea Abune Teklehaimanot’s holy land, Fishey Mirara.


          • Abyssinia

            Dear Tes,
            I am exposed! 😀

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Abyssinia Anbesa,

      Until the mentioned experts analyze the mystery behind that “like,” Let me try.

      Your directness about your delight and your congratulating us on his presumed departure was very impressive. To be honest, I almost up voted you too, but I didn’t for fear of misunderstanding my motive by others. You didn’t try to go around the bush, you didn’t try to “speak kindly about the dead,” and you stayed true to all of your positions. That demanded respect, and Saay saw it cleary; which in itself adds to the pool of reasons why some of us worship him in the first place.

      How did I do?

      • PTS

        in so many words, Fanti is saying you are stubborn and Jimmy likes that.
        p.s. thanks for that wsj link. I don’t have subscripion though.

        • Abyssinia

          Hi PTS,
          I do not know how you read what you read, but that is ok., never mind. I did not think you were the same guy; you have two different names. I too do not have WSJ account. I think if you google it, you might be able to access it for free.

      • saay7

        Hey his Fantiness:

        Years ago (my god, every story I have begins with years ago), my friend SGJ was ridiculing the PDFJ and he had one devastating line: “Why are you so reluctant to admit you have an opposition: even God has an opposition and they are called atheists.” I would add to that list “agnostics.” So, God, the creater and sustainer of the universe has an opposition who do not think HE exists and/or HE has the powers the believers says HE does and/or are not sure about it.

        Abyssinia’s post was a validation of that. This guy you call saay is not all that, he is terrible, good riddance and don’t let the swinging doors hit your butt on your way out. How can you not like that and upvote it? So, Abyssinia, that was a real upvote, not me playing three-dimensional chess with you:) Only think I didn’t like is that Abyssinia thinks I don’t like Ethiopia, but even that is good because it is saying, “no matter how great a communicator you think you are, you aint.”:) Slay the dragons.


        • Hope

          Hey Professr:
          I would like you to hit back with FACTS and DATA about the TN/Madoet/Amanuel Biedemariam thing as you cannot just ignore for ever such a kind of -keidi-albo DEFAMATION.
          “Silence” might be considered as a sign of weakness by some.
          They deleted my attempt to counter-attack.

          • Semere Andom

            You and I think the same about Amanuel B’s defamation was thinking the same, now that Sal unlocked some time he can do exactly what he did when defending Eri during the war.
            Also he forgot two things in his to do list, running the Marathon and opening and herbal tea farm in Fishey Mirara, but the unit for freeing the Ela-Ero prisoners was classical and Amanuel B mentioned

      • Abyssinia

        Hi Fanti,
        Haha. Thank you for seeing my “respectable” position. Very typical of you, you tried to be nice to every body in one comment. 🙂 And I must say this hypothesis is beautiful and tempting, and I hope the experts take it into consideration when producing the work. The question is how this hypothesis can be bent to account to Saay’s character with regards to his ways of interacting with people whose views he does not agree with? Remember how he tried to intimidate Hayat for months (year?) by refusing to acknowledge her presence in the forum, let alone engage her?

      • Nitricc

        Greetings Sir Fittness; There are two things i don’t like about the hard liner Tigryan Absiniya. first why use Absiniya as nick? why not use something you belong to? like Golagul the great plaines of Adi-grat. no one will respect you till you respect yourself. 2nd, he said to PTS loving Eritrea means hating Ethiopia. well, does it mean to love Ethiopia is to hate Eritrea? this kind of thinking that shuts me down. I love Eritrea but I don’t hate Ethiopia. true, I hate TPLF. the reason i hate them is not what they did to Eritrea, anything can happens and it happens in war; my beef is the how the people of Tigray got screwed. not only TPLF betrayed the people of Tigray but TPLF made sure that the rest of the Ethiopian people to think the people of Tigray are the beneficiary of TPLF rule. nothing further than the truth.

  • Abi

    I’m glad your picture is removed from the article. If someone reads only the comments might think that you are not with us any longer. Your picture said ” Ato Saay egnih neberu”.
    Imagine Ato Amanuel reads the comments and say “enen yasqedmegn, wendmen, wendmen….”

  • Pass the salt

    Hello all,
    In the fresh-from-the-oven report of the Guardian from Asmara (link below), one can feel the deterioration of our beloved city, Asmara. The cinemas are collecting dust, the iconic FIAT Tagliero is closed and covered with dusts. This is a snapshot of where our country today is – closed and covered with dust. With each passing year, it is becoming clear Ghedli has brought to Eritrea nothing but regression. Eh dea HGDEF chew egrom…

    We are going to have to assemble national conference of scholars to examine where things went wrong and on ways moving forward. Our people paid heavy price to have an independent country AND an independent country that treats them better than the occupation forces they kicked out.

  • ttlon

    AA Younis – by any standard a proficient writer and commentator, jack of all trades with an amazing depth in
    almost every field known to humans, coupled with the deepest love for his people and justice is right to disassociate himself from the latest two articles by

    the two articles that I am on about areas follows:

    1. Ethiopia and the Ghosts of the Ancient regime.
    2.UHURU, An Eritrean Cry From Nairobi

    Great timing mate

    Your admirer…. From London

  • tes

    Dear V.F,

    Indeed it is crazy. Can you explain it more why I am as you said? And where is the word I invented? Your elaborately explanation is appreciated in advance.


  • Kalihari Snake

    Romanticizing Ethiopia: Haile Selassie was buried under a toilet in the Imperial Palace. One day the toilet became plugged-up and the bathroom for which it was in was closed off. At the request of Bob Marley and the greater Rasta community, Mengiistu Haile Mariam allowed the plugged-up toilet to be filled with soil so that it could be used by the Rasta community to cultivate marijuana. Hence, a variety of marijuana to be thereafter known as skunk-weed emerged.

  • sami

    where is Salih Gadi hiding and seem not to care about his right eye?
    Say something even faking it. 🙂

    • Saleh Johar

      I am not hiding at all but I am waiting for the trolls. I could say ten times the good things that people are saying about Saleh Younis but Hecis here, going no where. He just is not part of the Awate Team , meaning he will not be part of the editorials. That is all. Admire his skills that he rightly deserves, but don’t make it sound like an eulogy. I will write more in due time, in the meantime I am enjoying the good words about my friend, my colleague, and my blood brother.

      • Music Novice

        Greetings SGJ,

        What a cool reply!

  • Millennium

    Saleh Younis is a man in a class of his own; notwithstanding the difference in our political opinion, he remains one of the real Eritrean inspirations to me. Thank you Saleh.

  • Tesfaldet B

    ዝኸበርካ ወደባት ሳልሕ ዮኑስ

    ካብ ጋንታ ዓዋተ /Awate Team/ ምግላልካ፡ ጽቡቕ ዕድል እትምነየልካ። ይኹን ደኣ እምበር፡ ሓደ ካብቶም ኣባላት ቦርድ፡ ናይ ትካል ዓወተ.ካም፡ ከም ምዃንካ ዝብል፡ ዘይ ተረጋገጸ ሓቤሬታ ስለ ዘሎ፡ ኣባልነትካኸ ስሒብካዮ ዲኻ፡ ወይስ ኣይ ሰሓብካን?

    ዓዋተ.ካም፡ ወርሕን ሰፍን ከም መለለይ ኣርማ ናታ ኣምበልቢላ፡ ምስ ጀመረት ደሓር ግን፡ ኣብ ወርሒ መስከረም፡ ዕለት ዓሰርተ ሓደ፡ ናይ ክልተ ሽሕን ሓደን ዓመተ ምሕረት፡ ኣብ ከተማ New York: ሽበራዊ መጥቃዕቲ ምስ ኣጋጠመ፡ ብድሕሪኡ ግን፡ እተን ናይ ወርሕን ሰፍን
    ኣርማታት ተሰዊረን።

    እተን ክሳብ ሕጂ፡ ደሚቐን ዘምበልብላ ዘለዋ ክልተ ተገራጨውቲ ፈኸራታት ከኣ – 1) Reconcilation 2) Fearless ዝብላ እየን። እታ ቀዳመይቲ ከም ገነት፡ እታ ካል ኣይቲ ከኣ፡ ከም ገሃነብ ኮይነን እየን ዘስምዓ። እቶም ኣይ ንፈርሕን ኢና ዝብሉ፡ ኣብ ውግእ ዘይ ወዓለ ሃጥር ደኣ ከይ ከውን እምበር፡ እንታይ ክሳብ ክንደይ፡ ከይ ፈርሑ ክገብሩ ዝኽእሉ፡ ከም ምዃኖም እዝግሄር ዋንኦም።

    ሳልሕ፤ ኣብ ዓመተ 1998 – 2000ዓም፡ ኣንጻር ወራር ወያነ ሰሚድካ ትምክተሉ ኣብ ዝነበርካሉ ዓመታት፡ ናይ መጀመርታ መዓልቲ፡ ብኣካል ዝረኣኹኻ፡ ኣብ ኦክላንድ ካሊፎርንያ፡ ዝተገብረ ህዝባዊ ፈስቲቫል እዩ፡፡ ኣብቲ ሽዑ ዝተኻየደ ህዝባዊ ሰሚናር ንበሎ፡ ሓደ ካብቶም ዓይኒ ህዝቢ፡ ወዲቑዎም ዝነበሩ መደርቲ ኮንካ፡ ክትምድር ከሎዃ ይዝከረኒ። ክሳብ እታ “ትውጋሕ እሞ” እልካ ዝፈከርካላ መዓልቲ፡ ከም ሓደ ጎብለል ጸላዊ ጸሓፊ፡ ኣብ ቅድሚ ሓፋሽ፡ ሳልሕ! ሳልሕ! ዝብል ዝና ኣጥሪካኻ ከም ዝነበርካ ትፈልጥ ኢኻ። “ትው እሞ” እንክትብል፡ እታ ናይ ወራር ወያነ ውግእ ትሕለፍ እሞ፡ ብድሕሪኡስ፡ ዝገብሮ’ሎኒ ከም ማለትካ ምዃንካ እዩ ተረዲኡና። ልክዕ ከኣ ኮይኑ፡፡ ውግእ ተደምዲሙ መሬት ምስ ወግሔት፡ ከም ፈኸራኻ ናብ እንዳ ዓዋተ ተሓዊስካ፡፡ ዝስመዓካ ዘበለ ኩሉ ከኣ፡ ከም ተቓማይ ትሃብብ ኣሎኻ።

    ከም ካልኣይ ኣጋጣሚ ድማኒ፡ ኣብቲ እዋን’ቲ ኣቢሉ ይኸውን፡ ምስ ክብርቲ በዓልቲ ቤትካ፡ ናይ ስድራና ምትእኻብ /family get together/ ኣብ ኮንኮርድ ካሊፎርንያ ንገብረሉ ኣብ ዝነበርና መዓልቲ፡ ናይ ክብሪ ዕዱማት ኮንኩም፡ ምሳና ከም ዝነበርኩም ይዝከረኒ። ሽዑ፤ ህግብግብ ክብለካ እኳ እንተ ፈተንኩ፡ እንቶስ ስለ ዝተጋየሽካ፡ ኢንቶስ ሓናኽ ኬንካ፤ ኢንቶስ ስለ ዘይ ትፈልጠኒ ግዲ ኬንካ፡ ከበረይ ኣይ ወሰድካን። ብድሕሪኡ ግን፡ ብዘይካ ደሃይካ ኣብ ዓዋተ.ካም፡ እንተ ዘይ ኮይን፡ ተጓንፍና ኣይ ንፈጥን። ንጽሕፈታትካ ዝምልከት ድማኒ፡ ብወገነይ ይሰማማዓሉ ኣይ ሰማማዓሉ ብዘይ ግድሽ፡ ኩሉ ግዘ ምስ ኣድነቕኩኻ እየ።

    ልክዕ ብልክዕ ኣዚኻ ጥቁው ዝኾንካ ጸሓፋይ ኢኻ። ኣብ ኣሎቛቑማ፡ ኣብ ስኑድ ዝኾነ ኣሃዛት ዝርከብ፡ ጨለ ዝኾነ ክእለት ኣሎኳ። ትሎቁም! መንከ ሎቑሙዎ!! ብኽእለትካ ብዙሕ እየ ዝቐንእ። ሓቅነቱ ወይ ክብረቱ ብዘየገድስ፡ ካብዝን ካብትን ሎቛቑምካ ንተቕርቦ ኣሃዛት፡ ንኸምዚ ከማይ ዝኣመሰሉ ገርሂ ልቦም፡ ከም ካረሜለ ተመጻያይ እዩ። ንገሊኣቶም ከኣ፡ ከም ቀይሕ ቪኖ ብብርጭቆ ምስ ድራሩ እዩ። ንፉዕ ‘ዚ ሓወይ! ።

    ካልእ ኣገዳሲ መለለዩ እውን፡ ዘሎኳ ኮይኑ እስመዓኒ። ኣብ ዝኾነ እዋን፡ ሰብ ከይብለኒ ኢልካ እምንቶኻ ንኸተመዓራሪ ጸገም ዘሎካ ኣይ መስለንን። በቲ ንስኻ ትኾርዓሉ ትኸውን ኢኻ ኢለ ዝግምቶ፡ ቋንቋ ትግርኛ ተጠቒመ፡”ወዲ ሓራም” እንተ በልኩዃ፡ ተደናቒ ከም ምዃንካ ዝሕብር ደኣ እምበር፡ ጸርፊ ከም ዘይ ኮነ ተረድኣኒ። ሓደ ሃላው/ፈላጥ ከም ዝበሎ ግን፡ ጀበርታይት ዝበሃል ቋንቋ ከም ዘሎካ ሓቢሩ። ኣታ ጸኒሕናስ ገለ ክንሰምዕ ኢና። ጀበርታይት ዝበሃል ዘረባ ሰሚዕና ኣይ ንፈልጥ። እንተ ኣሎ ኮይኑ ዝሰምዔ እንተ’ሎ ይንገረና። ወይስ ከዋስነካ ስለ ዝደለየ እዩ? ወደሓንካ።

    • Dear all,

      In case you do not read Tigrinya, in the above comment Tesfalidet claims that was launched with a “Crescent and Sword” logo (and you know what he means) but that was changed to the present logo and slogan after the New York attack of 911 .

      In case you do not know, such bigotry is what we have to deal repeatedly. Particularly by those who prefer gossip and prejudice to proper research, or even a simple google search. We do not think such bigoted comments deserve a reply, but we will be generous and provide the following link which is the first screen capture of on October 18, 2000–please help him find the “Crescent and Sword” in the page. And if anyone has a cure for the malady, please offer your help.

      Awate Team

      • Abi

        Hi Awate
        How is life without Saay?
        Limedew , limedew hode
        Engdih qerech zemede…( efrem tamru)

        What “A Beautiful Mind “

      • Abyssinia

        Hi awate,
        I can understand your disdain for accusation of something you did not do. However, it is an irony that you recommend proper research for finding out something on one hand, and you end up defending yourself by citing a web archive snapshot. This, I am sure, will convince many for many are not meant to be able to think critically. For those who think, it is below respectable for we know that websites are not archived the day they are launched. It is much better to state that you did not launch with “Crescent and Sword” than using dubious methods.

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello Again Abyssinia,

          Just in case others are also misreading it, let me point out what they said:
          “we will be generous and provide the following link which is the first screen
          of on October 18, 2000.” It is possible they took a screen shot of their first day online as memorabilia.

          • Abyssinia

            Hi Fanti,
            To make it clear, is a thrird-party web archiving platform. does not have the access to upload their own snapshot there.

    • PTS

      ካብ ኣጸሓሕፋኻ መልእክተ ዮሃንስ ዝወዳእካ ኢኻ ትመስል። ይበል ኣጸሓሕፋ፣ እንተ ሓቅነት ትሕዝቶኡ ግን ኣይግድን።

    • tes

      Dear Tesfaldet B.,

      You waited 15 years to write this. What a tragedy? Thanks saay7, you let people to resuscitate. This is impalpable though predictable.

      I normally don’t say Happy New Year but for you it is a real New Year.



      • Abi

        Hi tes
        Tell me more about resurrection. You are the expert . Kind of ” been there , done that “.
        Marry Christmas and Happy New Year, Tes.
        Sorry for confusing your original name with your resurrection name.
        I wonder if Jesus changed his name to jesus.

        Jesus is hope. Jesus is light. Jesus is hope of light. Jesus is Tesfabirhan. Tesfabirhan resurrected! Hallelujah!
        Now don’t shoot. It is a Holiday.

        • tes

          Hi Abi,

          Do not forget that a reactor is ready for you. I will bombard you there when ever you pass the red-line.


    • Kokhob Selam

      ኣቤት ኣቤት ! ትቆጻጸ እሞ – ትደቢርካ ድማ ክትዘልል ትፍትን :: እቲ ጸገም ሓሳባት ኣብ ክየና በጺሖም ዝኾነ ተገን ወይ ሽብለላ ቃላት ክሓብኦም ዘይክእሉን እንተተሓቢኦም ድማ ትርጉም ዝስእኑን ምዃኖም እዩ :: ኣብዛ ንኡሽተ ጽሕፈትካ ከተመሓላልፎ ዝደለኻ ቀንዲ መልእኽቲ ኣሹንባይ ብቃላስን ቁርቅስን ኣዝዮም ዝመጠቁን ንኹሉ ላቄባታት ዝተጋፈጡን ጋንታ ዓዋተ ንዓይን ወዲ ከማይን እኳ ክስወረና ኣይከኣለን :: እዚስ ንስለ ሓበሬታ ድኣ እምበር ዋናታቱ ሰናፋት ብዝየምዃኖም ባዕላቶም ክምልሱልካ ክገድፈሎም ::

      እቲ ኣነ ኣብ ቅድሚኻ ዘገተረኒ ጉዳይ ግን ነቲ ከም መትከል ዝኣምነሉ – ፍርሓተ ኣልቦነትን ዕርቅን- ዝብል ኣምር እዩ :: ከመይ እዞም ክልተ መርገጻት ተጻረርቲ ኢልካ ክትገልጾም ከምዝኸኣልካ ብስርዓትን ባህልን ዓደይ ደው ኢልካ ክትምክተኒ ይግዘዘካ ኣለኹ :: ዕርቂ ናብ ሰላምን ፍቅርን ዝመርሕ ፈላሚ ጎዳና እዩ ንዝብል ሓሳብ ዝጓነጽ ኣብ ስነፍልጠት ዝተሞርከሰ መግለጺ እንተልዩካ ድማ ሃየ ማይካ ሰቲኻ መክት :: ሕጂ ‘ውን ዕርቂ ብፍርሕርሕን ነሓፍነትን ድኣ እምበር ብፍርሓት ኣልቦ ዕቱብ ኣራሚ መርገጻትን ብጉልጽነትን ኣይኮነን ዝርከብ ዝብል ሞጎት እንተልዩካ ድማ ሃየ ቅረብ እሞ – እንተስ ቃልሲ ሰብ ልቦናን ሓቅን ተዘግዚጎም ካብ መንኮርኮር ሰውራ ከልግሱ እንተስ ምስሉይነትካ ክቃላዕ ብሓደ ክንርኢ ብድድ ኢልካ መክት :: ኣብ መስመር ይጽበየካ ኣለኹ ::

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Selam Saleh Younis,

    Sad to learn that you’ve chosen to end your contribution as member of the Awate editorial team. It will be a huge loss for the AT first and foremost; but also your readers would miss your balancing force towards the Pencil editorials and other AT news analyses. But, at the same time it is good to learn that you would be continuing with your Al-Nahda articles and the discussion forum. Whatever your next endeavor might take you; I wish you success wholeheartedly. I also wish that your dream of leading a laid back life selling cigars from a lush hillside shop at Nefasit, while writing to your favorite Eritrean newspaper, would soon be realised.

  • YMB

    Dear Sal, I have always been your fan since the heydays of
    dehay; it was your Tiwgah’mo series which bewitched me first. I will miss you
    although you indicated that you will be contributing with articles. Wish you
    all the best my dear.

  • Abyssinia

    Hi V.F.
    “Amanuel Hidraat, Hayat Adem, Haile TG, T. Kifle, Serray, Pappilon, now Saay”. They all left because of Saay. Hayat’s pre-departure post was has these lines at the beginning: “I’m so disappointed when the debate shifts and degenerates to
    non-mattering issues. Much more disappointed when men in the caliber of
    Saay resort to such silly issues and go on linguistic profiling people
    whenever the debates assumes some higher quality.” Haile TG, a brilliant man, was exhausted with debates on plagiarized expression and labels such as “Amen corner”. you can find the frustrations of the others yourself.

  • senay

    Dear Younis,

    Though it gives me comfort that you will still sticking around and continue to write on your column “Alnihanda” (and will remain active on the forum), I always thought that the duet Salihs are synonymous in spirit and tenacity. Regardless, I am happy for your decisions and wish you all the best on your next challenges. Thank you for all your services keeping professional, informing, and a house-hold name in the fight for justice.

    Over the last few years, every new year, I have been anticipating a ground breaking interview by AT with former mister Ali Abdu. I haven’t given up on this yet. Now that you have more free time, may be this one should be on your to-do list.

    I have an employee who is so literal and this phrase would send him on a tail spin “May your road be white.”, what happens if you are driving on freshly paved asphalt :(.

    look forward to reading your column more. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.


  • PTS

    Why now, you asked. By now you should know secrecy is part of the Eritrean identity. So we don’t know why or why now. But if we had tabloids, the headlines would be all over the place.
    – Saleh Younis (YS) parts Awate to take government position in Asmara
    – SY & Awate collision spills over prompting SY to resign
    – SY leaves post at Awate to form PAC with brother, Ali Abdu
    – SY retires and moves to a village in Eritrea to spend remaining time writing books
    – ……

  • Dan


    I have been reading most of your post since 2000, staring from Twgahmo. I have always been impressed by your insightful, and most of the time comedic articles. You have the ability to write serious insightful articles with comedic flavour.

    Now that you said you have more time for new adventures, I suggest you write scripts for comedy series TV shows like Two and Half men, The Big Bang theory, Mom etc (Chuck Lorre is my favourite Director). I am sure that you will be a very successful Script Writer.

    Wish you all the best

    Merry “Christmas” and happy new year

  • saay7

    Selamat all:

    The only answer to this announcement was one, and it should have come from Nitricc. Disappointed, Nitricc:) And the answer is: “ is bigger than all its members; I don’t know why you are leaving but don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

    What has not changed

    1. Still have moderation duty.
    2. Will still be part of Awate university (forum) where I will be espousing what Professor Tes called “chauvinist school”
    3. Will still be contributing articles to my column which has, of late, been of low productivity.

    What has changed

    1. I will no longer be part of the Awate Team which sets the direction and editorials of
    2. Since 2000, other members of Awate Team both public (Dawit Mesfin, Ararat Iyob) and non-public (none of your business:) have joined and withdrawn to make room for others. Otherwise, will be like the Somali parliament/cabinet of the early 2000s, which had 500 members.

    With the advent of web 2.0, and use of tools like Disqus, the editorial direction of a website is overpowered by its readers. For example, I could write a well-research article on Eritrea’s “Human Development Index” and if you, the readers, do not want to discuss it and would rather discuss anything else you want, that is what happens all over uncensored websites all over the world. This is what used to drive our friend Amanuel Hidrat crazy, so I blame the internet for that.

    There are now two articles at awate, one by me and another by Semere A, with my pictures on them. One of them has a headline with two dates. A picture, two dates? This is usually done when somebody is dead. One of the pictures has to go:) I still have the keys to the Awate building and I will change it.

    Beyond that, thanks to all of you for all the superlatives. Come on, guys. What am I Stephen Curry who will be destroying the Cavaliers on Christmas day?

    Also, iSem, I left Asmara when I was 15. What the hell does a 15 year old know about a city other than that it is the greatest in the world:)

    Also ( I am saying so many “also” I feel like I am Sarah Palin): my article says that Eritrea’s Gross National Income Per Capita (GNI/Capita) is 1/3 that of the average GNI/Capita of the poorest countries in the world. Isn’t somebody going to take this on and argue?:) Nothing from Nitricc on why UNDP is a toothless organization whose reports shouldn’t be trusted—except when it reports on MDGs in which case it should be trusted?


    • Nitricc

      Hi SAAY; you know I always believed that this web-site will withstand any one and anybody and I have also witnessed people come and people go predicting the demise of this web-site. But reading your announcement; not only caught me off guard but for the first time, I am not sure if this web site could withstand in your departure. I wouldn’t know the feeling when parents divorce; but your announcements made me feel like my parents are divorcing. I spent more time and arguing in here with you and SJ than I did with my own parents. So, the feeling is real and not easy. I have a lot more to say.

      • tes

        Dear Nitricc,

        Let me define for you what a cult system is:

        But first I (dammit – have many topics to write and yet doing nothing, Gogo, I didn’t forget my promised article – hope 2016 will be my year. MS – I think it is time to take your advice to concentrate on policies and enlightenment) am still thinking to write on “PFDJ followers Cult System”. Here are some of the characterstics of Cult System.

        – A charismatic founder, leader or leadership.

        – Have a structured central bureaucracy.

        – Simplified goal or aim structure, such as to save something or introduce something to everyone.

        – A society history, most new initiates are invariably required to learn and respect the founding figures.

        – There is a degree of intellectual limitation, so outside ideas or interaction with non members are not encouraged

        – There is also a system of repercussions, such as shunning, “time out” or isolating or demotion.

        – There is a system of development, so a person may be groomed or encouraged to go towards certain roles, or assist in various ways.

        – There is a tithe, membership dues or other system of getting money from members, rather than earning it externally.

        These being some of known characters Cult System, Cult followers believe that once the cult they believe is gone, they have no other way to see beyond. Their world is locked and are better to be called “dead soul people”.
        This is so common among Nhna Nsu followers, aka, DIA Worshipers. Nitricc is not free of these Cult Systems.

        For Nitricc, saay7 (sorry saay7 – this is just to provoke Nitricc) is god and his departure – even the news – is beyond shocking. They see nothing else. His world is shuttered and the walls are broken – just like the broken pot. Without saay7 – is a destroyed temple. Nitricc’s presence here in this forum solely depends on the presence of saay7, aka Saleh Younis.

        Wo Nitricc, at least you could have taken his role by now. For how long are you going to worship? Stop worshiping. If you believe that generations are replaced by generations you could have stopped thinking about the non-reformable PFDJ and think beyond.

        I believe that you were a lost soul student of saay7. I admit to say saay7 is not lucky to teach you. He believed on you. Nevertheless you disappointed him. I am suspecting that saay7’s resignation from the AT pencil is his constant clush of opinion with his best student, the dump Nitricc. Worse Nitricc disappointed saay7 by sending his shock.

        Aha, Nitircc, that is your head which I call it, “a spoiled head for good”.

        Anyway you are lucky – I have enrolled you in my school of thought – “the white cloud’s way” and liberate you from any cult system. I believe that I am the perfect teacher for you as I found you that you are interested on Food and Food Nutrition. However I will better give you a lesson on how to nurture a damaged brain.



        • Nitricc

          Hi Tes, lol you are funny. i never knew you had it. by the way there is a difference between wanting a man with SAAY caliber, experience and integrity to lead us to a true change and for me acting like i know it all, which i don’t. and let me clarify for you. I am proud to call SAAY my mentor and now my hero! a real man has to know his limitations and he does. something you should learn from SAAY!

          • tes

            Hi Nitricc,

            Aka spoiled head for good man,

            You said, “a real man has to know his limitations and he does.” You are dead wrong.

            Let me give you a penny from my prepared lesson class 100.1 for you.

            Only a wise man knows his limit not a real man. Real man has no limit. He is a free, just like a white cloud without any taboo.

            As calling SAAY your mentor or a hero no problem allas he is for me. but what I am questioning is: “what a penny have you gained from this great man? It is shame for saay7 when you say that. Saay7 was not only surprised by the shocking vision he saw from the PFDJ ruling system but he reacted. He relentlessly ashamed and exposed PFDJ bad system and he despised their leader, DIA.

            And you nothing. Every morning you get surprised. Though a mind that can not be surprised is un-productive you broke this natural law and you became unproductive for the last 10 or more years of your presence here.

            Shame on you to say “saay7 is your hero”. You have none of his quality.


          • Abi

            Professor Tes
            Can I enroll in your philosophy class 100.1? I like to know how it feels to be a “white clouds with no taboo “.
            You are a wise man.

          • AOsman

            Dear Abi,

            Leave Tes alone, Nitricc needs a whole department to deal with…Tes is generous and is shouldering a heavy responsibility that made SAAY resign after 15 years. It is calculated and well timed intervention, Nitricc needs to go the white cloud for full detoxing job and he knows Tes will be the right mentor to save him from PFDJ.

            Stick to the “chauvinist club” until you show sign of further regression.


          • Abi

            Say whaaaat?!
            AOsman Really? Are you suggesting Nitricc and Tes one on one? I like them both to entertain us. I don’t like your chauvinist idea at all. We don’t need a bloody nose. Who is going to be in the ring with them. Would you volunteer?

          • tes

            Hi Abi,

            Nitricc is a teenager (Junior School -even not high school) for me. I won’t fight with him but teach.

            Sorry to say that I don’t have any lesson for rotten headed people like you. As AOsman suggested you just stay in your chauvinists club.


          • Abi

            Anta Tes, you are really mean. Entay konka? Ewayyyyy!!!!
            I guess i have to stay at
            the school of chauvinists sponsored by the “foxy” Saay. There is life and fun over there .

          • AOsman

            Dear Abi,

            Last time I entered the ring to pull you out, Nitricc’s upper cut did not miss me, one tooth gone and two wobbly front teeth I have decided to stay away. At least let me keep my long straight nose intact …no more pulling from me.



          • Nitricc

            Hi Tes; do you know why? the way i see it, for SAAY to walk away from this in which he invested everything, his time, resources, energy and most of all his name. what could go that wrong for the man of principal as he is, to walk away? the way I see it is one way.
            SJ went to Addis and met some Ethiopian leaders and some kind of deal down and upon SJ return to US shared the deal with SAAY and SAAY said i am out. everything pointed to that way.
            SJ trip to Addis
            SJ having meeting with TPLF leaders.
            The current toothless and butt kissing article about Ethiopia.
            SAAY’s departure for awate
            all this indicates is going to different direction. what and which direction; time will tell.
            what ever the direction the web site is heading; SAAY is saying I disagree!!
            only hero’s have the strength, the will and the discipline to walk away from what they heavily invested. that is why i told you SAAY knows his limitations some thing you have no clue.
            i know i am wasting my time.

          • tes

            Hi Nitricc,

            Conspiracy is torturing you.

            Ok assumme that everything is as you said. What makes you then to be shocked when saay7 decided to be free man from the Awate editorial team?

            Do you know what an editorial means? I will forward MS to explain it for you as he is the Master of editorials, hateta.

            Editorial is a reflection or opinion. It needs discussion, analysis, consensus, conspiracy, deep thoughts, mission, objectives and vision. It is really time consuming and very exhaustive. Since is a political web what is posted as its editorial reflects the collective decision. For this reason may be saay7 wants a free time to be his own. Just a free man and concentrate on his remaining life projects.

            saay7 is a CEO, he is an entrepreneur, a man who runs his own company. being part of AT is additional task. En plus, he has family.

            What a wise else can do rather than saying “Oh I need my own time”? He is brave to say this.

            But his articles and moderation roles will be here as usual.

            Why then you are conspiring?

            SGJ is a principled man, equally responsible like saay7. they both were able to form a perfect harmony despite their line of thinking. SGJ was in Ethiopia before, even interviewing the highest official of the country and now as usual had a working visit.

            I know you are wasting your time trying to enlighten an already enlightened man. Just stop doing to give me any clue rather take the lessons I am offering for you.



            *Just got inspired by saay7 to use it every now and then when I encounter people like Nitricc and Hope.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Tes, i was shacked because the man has touched my life more than anyone on this forum. as a person i am row, unrefined, a student of life and dumb. SAAY did not try to tell me, he engaged me and from that i have benefited greatly. now, i am not saying what i have speculated is true, but for SAAY to walk away from what he spend 15 years of his life, must happened something that can’t live with. now, say you are SAAY and you scarified everything for 15 years on; what will take to Tes to walk away from so much you invested and love for? i am putting you on SAAY shoes but i am sure you will let me down. i will give you a hint since you are slow, SAAY is saying i am still here but my name and my views won’t be in the name of can you chew on that and get back to me? please!

          • tes

            Dear Nitricc,

            I won’t be surprised when you say, “now, i am not saying what i have speculated is true, but for SAAY to walk away from what he spend 15 years of his life, must happened something that can’t live with.”

            Dammit! A spotted PFDJ mindset, got you, you unrefined dump and spoiled headed man.

            Ok, this is why EPLF did not transfer his power to people. EPLF leaders had a discussion on whether they should transfer the people to the people or not. DIA was chairing it. majority agreed that the people should take over. DIA said, “ok but then he warned them. if you hand your power no one will take care of you for what you invested for the last 20 – 30 years*” Then the already spoiled EPLF cadres (most of them were members of the secret party and hence DIA was their god) shrugged and awakened “Oh Nsu (to use Aklilu Zere’s term**) is right”. Haku, men kulih kiblena siltan arekibna dea, who will dare to take care of us after we submit our power” and took the “BUT” side of DIA and established what Eritrea has today, PFDJ.

            Do you think then a regime established to guard the needs of greedy cadres can transfer power again to people? I know Nitricc will say “lets reform it” assuming that saay7 is talking an ordinary reformation.

            Wo Nitricc,

            Justice loving Eritreans are lucky to have great people like saay7 who spent their precious time persistently and well principled for more than 15 years. Saay7, as a co-founder of awate is not a one day invent. It is a continuation of his fight for a just and sovereign Eritrea. He was there before and he is after. Do not count saay7’s struggle starting from 2001. It is way before.

            Wisemen say, “Oh this is what I can do” and greedy people say “This is what I own and no one can take it”. saay7 belongs to men of highest caliber and wisdom. As you used to say, saay7 knows his limits, he then exactly knowns his limits. Time has come for him to say, “Oh this is enough, let others take my role and me enjoy with beauty***”.


            You were once calling him saay7 as man who knows his limits. And now you are just shocked to see him saying enough; What a paradox is.

            Or when you say that you were using your PFDJ mindset that limits man’s boundary on politics?

            Wo Nitricc,

            saay7 has no limit when you come to politics. He is not an ideologue. He is man of reason gifted with great analytical mind. His pen is big enough to capture all world politics while injecting life even to the hardcore political line of thinking.

            His limits not as your mistakenly understood. His limits are his wisdom.


            take my lesson. This is 100.11.

            You a spoiled head for good lost soul man,

            The second proof reading of your PFDJ mindset is your mastering skills of conspiracy theory. Dammit how can a PFDJ stationed in Asmara spoil your natural gifted mind? Why you allow such virus to damage your brain?

            Albeit DIA had a small drops of wisdom. he could have said, “enough my people I killed what I have to kill but enough for killing. I want to stop it.” Unthinkable, how can a brutal and world’s deadlist dictator utter such words. He is a canibalist and wants power to satisfy his greedy eyes of seeing people tortured and killed.

            Saay7, one of our beautifully gifted citizen has set his limits and said I am done with giving editorial opinions. But he is still around to pursue for the cause he stood from the very beginning. Saay7 did not start to fight for justice when his families became the target of the killer regime. He stood tall when he saw injustice reigning Eritrean people.

            Now what he can do within the last 15-20 years has done it succesfully. He mobilized the youth, UN, UNSCN, Human Rights, etc.

            Unfortunately he just one unlucky student to be around him and this is Nitricc. saay7 assumed Nitricc is a reformable innocent citizen. Unfortunately he took it wrongly. But not bad attempt. Now you are in the hand of a fearless teacher, Prof****. Tes.

            Can you read me, you damn spoiled man of Awate Forum house?


            *DIA counts starting from 1970 as time span for struggle era but extends it to 30 to use his dirty tactics.

            **Read an article written by Aklilu Zere “How About then –

            ***Is a philosophical term. Contemplate on it.
            **** I don’t know why saay7, Abi and Hope use it.

          • Abi

            Professor Tes
            Your use of ” dammit” as a chorus shows you are really wise.

    • Guest

      Hey Saay,
      Let me be the first to say congratulations then. Sure, don’t let that swindling door hit your butt :). But by leave what I have in mind is break away from this website and open up your OWN! An Eritrean website, with no qualifiers and no nothing – Just an ERITREAN website, and do your thing. You broke away from Dehai after all. So that is not a new thing to do.

      I have said time and again, it is absolutely wrong to call yourself as opposition and put unnecessary confines/constraints on yourself. Be free. And I am sure you would bridge lots of gaps and do something good.
      It is not a secret that most if not all sane sounding people in this website come because you are here, otherwise think about it, who in his right mind comes here to read what weird creatures such as Semere A, Amanuel H, Kokeb S, Gad – all those broken souls write or say? I mean, seriously?

      Strangely, I kind of expected this or kind of predicted it. Particularly after the Woyanie – ass kissing post (Ethiopia’s unrest) written after the “me, me” old guy came back from a free vacation in Woyanie land, and also after a series of articles from the “broken at 15” kid, Semere A, I said: Saay can not be part of this…..but that is just me. What I mean is, I was not surprised. You might have your own reasons

      So, go ahead do your own thing – open your own website

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Guest
        Nice try, Guess, But I do not think Sal has difference with AT or me regarding PFDJ. Read his articles.
        If the kid Semere A was responsible, let me hear ti from Sal and I will be glad to stop commenting, stop writing to give way to Sal.
        I am asking Sal to reply to your comment. I believe your allegation is false and my guess is right, and my guess is that the world had called. In a typical Sal style he playfully listed what he would like to do with humility and humor. He is too young to retire and not in power to surrender power, as he said he left Eri when he was just 15 and I know that he came to USA before he was 18, so he is an American, that he believes in resigning, he resigned from Mekhet committee, stopped writing in Dehai, because he believes in a renewal, self renewal. But he told you, he will be moderating, commenting and like former USA presidents who have access to nationals security and CIA briefing Sal will linger, as founding father of Awate and editor emeritus. Think about it, when the president or politician puts his assents/invetments in blind trust under his kids’s name so that he does not get privileged info by virtue of his power, it does not mean that over dinner, over a golf game his kids do not brief him about their assents and investments and does not mean he does not offer them inside info to subtly infuse in their decisions. So do not be giddy about his resignation. He will still be writing against PFDJ, he will still call IA lunatic, he will still agonize about the disappeared, he will still appear on some UN meeting to testify on behalf of his family, he will still be a man of his own, untethered by any dogam whethere from PFDJ or any webite

        • saay7

          Hey iSem:

          You don’t have to respond to every provocation, cousin.

          The second thing that makes me most proud of Awate is that we have been able to attract Eritreans AND Ethiopians to have a normal debate the way God intended us to.

          The thing that makes me most proud is that has had the most diverse Eritrean readership, writers and commenters. Everywhere else you go, oppo or gov, it’s total segregation and monochrome.

          And in that regard, it is the multi-cultural people like the two Sems, Mahmouday, SGJ that will hold the fort against politics of domination and exclusion. So stay strong, cousin, and do not be baited.

          In December when the Isaiaists party appears ascendant–German minister visit, Qatar visit, 200 million Euros, joining the Saudi coalition “without any reservation” and its fans are having the first December since 2009 when they are not cursing the world– remember Serrays Golden Rule: whatever PFDJ touches turns to ashes.


      • Hope

        Dear Guest:
        It is ok to guess,speculate and opinionate but I thought you want a bit extra mile.
        But I agree with you that this man should use his brain FULLY,NEUTRALLY and INDEPENDENTLY.
        I doubt that he will “compete ” with the but he has a Right to do what he wants to do…..
        I want to see this genius just to be himself and an Independent Think-Tank.This guy could be way better than the ICMG,the so called International Crisis Management Group by being part of it and/or independently.
        I like all but more few of his Plans of Action:
        “To work for an Exit Strategy for the PFDJ”.
        “To work for and SAVE the Confused and the Lost Eri Youth”.
        These are some of the Major Eri Problems and of Utmost Importance hot issues from National Security Interest Point of view that need to be tackled on an URGENT Basis.
        That vacation thing has become very interesting topic eventhough Wedi Gen Goitom might have crossed the ” red line” as usual but lots of unnecessary Controversy and rumors are going on.

    • Ted

      Hi Saay, Curry, don’t sell yourself short,? Our lady Christine N. Umutoni, has done her job, may be some one in editorial position in UN need to get relieved from duty for character assassination. What does it mean to have 3.9 yrs schooling with Literacy rate doesn’t equate. “On the other hand, the children are more likely to be malnourished and have stunted growth; will have far fewer years of schooling than their peers in the rest of Africa ” Malnutrition is a real problem-100% agree( i watched it in ER-TV). The money/capital of the country hopefully be up by now after the government coerced the people to deposit it in its coffer.
      If cavs lose on christmas day, i will be listening ” “Goats Sing Christmas Carols For A Good Cause”

      • saay7

        Hey Ted:

        Enayalen, ylalu yagerh sewoch:)

        Christmas is tomorrow. That’s when Curry will school your boy, just like he did in the NBA Finals last year. When he does, I want you to concede the point instead of giving me 1,001 excuses.

        On our malnourished youth, somebody is responsible. Prime candidate is the guy who said that Eritreans don’t need 3 meals a day; they should be content with 2, remember that dude? He is the nutty head of state.


        • Ted

          Hi Saay, , could it be nutty genius?;-) If we are known to live longer in Africa, may be the 2 times a day meal has some thing to do with it.
          The results seemed to confirm one of the longest-held beliefs about aging: That eating less—a lot less—will help you live longer.

          Tomorrow is happy festivus for me, you have no idea how much luck an aluminum pole can bring.
          You are doomed, did you watched how Nicks got nipped by the King.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam SAAY,
      All I can say is I am glad I graduated from Awate University just in time. I have sometimes agreed and sometimes disagreed on some points you advanced but for the most part I simply absorbed and learned. It was free to boot, I can only say thank you for the privilege.
      You are a busy man and you will always be a busy man, because too many people anxiously look, seek and demand to hear from you.
      It might be a blessing in disguise to have your complete freedom, and conserved energy so that you can choose your own time and make your own unfettered contributions.
      It was so funny you mentioned you and Yosief Gebrehiwet on a cruise. You don’t know how I always had that hope where both of you, after some heavy lifting and time, will present a joint white paper for the journey forward. (Where else could I look for sanity)
      There is something else on a lighter note I want to say. In looking at your picture, that accompanied this article, before it was taken down. I saw few white hairs; I presume the sign of the last 15 years. But….But I took a closer look at the picture and something compelling unnerved me. What I saw was a strong family resemblance between you and the last King of Ethiopia, at about the same age. Holly Moses! I am wondering if 4 or 5 generations ago somebody was somewhere else where they shouldn’t be.
      I am also wondering if anybody else saw the family resemblance.
      I will be looking forward to your public contributions, as I have done in the past decade and a half. Whether I agree or disagree on any subject, you always have my utmost respect.
      Mr. K.H

      • saay7

        Erre Tew KH:

        The kiddie websites Tesfanews and have an aritlce about me about how I, overwhelmed by the guilt of treasonous behavior called it quits:) Somewhere in the comments, somebody wrote that this is unsurprising given that Samora Yonus is my brother (which would make my dad as old as Metusellah:) Also, they said that one of my to-do-list, going with YG on a cruseline is very gay. Obviously, they don’t know this, but to be fair to the that is running Eritrea, they don’t know this:

        Ha! I don’t know what I am going to do next but one thing that I will not do is a Paltalk room. Most of Eritrea’s Diaspora problems could be traced to Paltalk.


        * Is Samora Yonus related to Haileselasse I?

        • tes

          Dear Saay7,

          I agree with you that paltalks are the source of chaos.

          I don’t listen anymore. The only time I spent full time was the debate done between A-Sayeed Bohasheem and YG. Else I sometimes listen a recorded audio on youtibe via FB.

          Thanks all I say and all I can say and all I will say will be in written form. not else! Where somebody writes, he lives an immortal legacy and when he talks he lives a dead surprise.


          • Ted

            Hi All.

            Is there anyone here taking Tes’s philosophy class ” when he talks he lives a dead surprise.” ?????

          • tes

            Hi Ted,

            Abi hates philosophy class and Nitricc has no clue about it. And you, you are just knocking a closed door.


          • Abi

            Never a dull moment when you are around.

          • Ted

            Hi tes, let me try again, it is not about the typo. There is a thing called the medium is the message(philosophy? where is Amanuel H when i need him) “The medium is the message” , which is that the medium through which we choose to communicate holds as much, if not more, value than the message itself. Eritreans use different channels to communicate, mostly ,politics. Some use paltalk, others use website forum like this one. Each one of these channels, or media, has its own unique characteristics, much like the people who use them. If i can use your term “leave dead surprise” for those use paltalk, how do you explain those individuals who choose paltalk. Is it the channel(paltalk) itself you don’t like or the people who use it.

        • Kim Hanna

          Selam SAAY,
          Samora is not, just trust me.
          In my above comment above I said in brackets “Where else could I look for sanity”. Just now I went to these other websites and that bracketed statement came alive.
          I stopped visiting the vast majority of Ethiopian and Eritrean websites because each time I opened their big doors, it felt like I went into an asylum.
          Those who are talking and those who are commenting in Queens English are not necessarily sane individuals.
          If they are sane, you could tell that they are trying to sell a snake oil medicine to the public.
          (I must do a thorough research on an old statement of a religious import that says “Sementegnaw shi” is around the corner when such events take place.)
          Mr. K.H

  • Hope

    Hello Few Cowards:
    Cool Down.
    As the Chief of Staff,Major Genereal Nittric, said it boldy and confidently,the Awate University will stay stronger and will belong to where it deserves to belong and its GATES shall be tightley secured..
    Here is why:
    Field Marshall Mahhmud Salih will be in the lead.
    Gen Ted,the Elite Commando and the Fedayeen Commander will be at a Constant Watch
    Gen Peace,the Vice Chief of Field Operations and the Elite Commando will over-see and monitor all activities.
    Colonel Tsatse,the Chief of National Security, will operate and monitor all codes and decode the enemy messages.
    Of course,the Chief of Staff,Major Gen Nittric will double his Operations while further attending underground his advanced Level Training with his Mentor,Prof SAAY.
    Hope will keep and strengthen his Double-Agent-ship and coordinate things with the Double Agents and “Medrekh” Insiders at Home.
    Did I hear rumors, that Prof SAAY will join the new Medrekh as a Consultant and Top Think-Tank?

    • tes

      Dear Hope,

      And the “Weed’em” camp will be there to clear all these aforementioned hiccup makers. No matter how Awate University will always remain a battle ground of different school of thoughts.

      A broad explanation of “Weed’em Out” to come soon.

      Aha, Hope, did you read what saay7 wrote about the Human Development Index? You flattered PFDJ jjunta for their achievements. however none of the parameters mentioned talks about you constantly advocate for. Gosh, won’t you get tired of your flaw? Do not deceive yourself?

      By the way, you told us that you were part of the Esepa (Derg’s political party) youth member. Well what then makes you different from Abi, the Derge leftout?

      It is very sad to know that all the community court installed by PFDJ since their birth – 2008 after, are run either by former Derg officials of Esepa members”. Who better can serve a dictatorial court system than a trained x-dictatorial cadre?


  • Solomon Haile

    Dear SAAY,

    Americans giggle when they hear “Djibouti ” because you forgot on your list your plans to open a club you will name “Shake Your Boody.” Malekk ya Shiekh? Inta ma’ Ashiet fi Djoubouti? Okay name the club “Sheik Djiboody.” Speaking of yo boooody, where you gonna shake it this New Year’s Eve? I might just hop Bay Area’s events…and Dear Morpheous, I have followed the mazzungu rabbit once… I know where neo is. (Will there ever be Matrix4-reloaded^2? You betcha you are saying, I know. “Igri igrikha.”)
    Thank you for all the lessons as well as the great reading materials you have left for all.

  • Nitricc

    “Throw one more punch my way, then you will see.”
    Hi Ermias; I don’t throw punches at dead people.

  • betri_weyn

    Dear saay7
    You are a great commentary, writer and justice seeker… To be honest the awate community Will miss you in each articles are a brilliant debater but personally I agree 99% of your tactics & skills of writing but I would like to say about the 1% disagreement. The unresolved border issue. In my take you and wedi afom are the similar stand towards the great @Weyanay# I hope in future your “al-nahda” articles,statement and debate you will reconsider your stand to this great people and expecting fruitful articles towards reconciliation and a win win solution for these two nations.

  • Abyssinia

    Dear all,
    I would like to congratulate you all well-meaning people in this forum on the early defeat and riddance of the fox in the long march of life. After having made this forum unhealthy and uncoducive for great minds to discuss and debate ideas with his shallow, myopic, sectarian, ignorant, accusatory, diversionary and foxy character and tactics for a long time, he has finally fallen. That is a good riddance! The art of pretending knowledgeable by copying American pop culture jargon, vocabularies and expressions has come to a halt. Maybe the forum will now enjoy the grace of great minds.

    • Nitricc

      Hi Abissinya; First of all show some respect but if you think SAAY was all that what you have said, then you have no idea what SAAY left behind to carry his
      “shallow, myopic, sectarian, ignorant, accusatory, diversionary and foxy character and tactics”
      Yes, sir! SAAY is a great teacher who inspires and an awakener. So be careful SAAY is leaving behind inspired and awakened young people. Good luck dealing with them..

      • Abyssinia

        Hi Nitricc,
        That is right; he has many disciples. I do not know if you are thinking of the same disciples as I am, but what do you think of the quality of this man as measured by what he is leaving behind, his disciples? By their fruit you will recognize them, says the bible.

    • V.F.

      Abyssinia, I never cared for the pop culture, sports, music, etc either. If anything, I always thought it was diversionary. But if you look at it from a different angle, that’s what made Saay a great writer. He never lost his cool. If you corner him, he will ask rhetorical questions. He will often say even South Africa has a higher probability of state failure than Eritrea. There he goes, he escapes. He is very slippery and shifty. I admire his writing skills, respectful demeanor, and command of the English language but I have been growing concerned of his unfounded fear and aversion towards Ethiopia. That extremism is what we need to defeat first before we defeat IA.

      • Abyssinia

        Hi V.F.,
        Indeed, extremely “slippery and shifty”. That is why I liken him to a fox. A fox is a very cunning, sly and evasive creature. But it has no depth of character. This man has been here for 16 years, nothing of substance in this long time. No substantive hypothesis, theory nor any enlightening contribution. Just a pile of contradictory, gibberish, inconsistent articles that, taken together, make no sense except in one dimension: hate and aversion to Ethiopia and anything Ethiopian. You seem to see a quality for a writer in his evasiveness using American pop culture, music and sports. I am sorry, but in my book that is downright contemptible.

        • PTS

          Let me put it this way: as far as Ethio-Eri political discussion goes, the typical Ethiopian won’t be happy with SAAY’s views. So your frustration is understood. But here is the thing: Eritreans may have a thousand different views on lots of issues. One thing the 99.9% of us unite is our strong support for our Eritreanism. That’s why the regime uses the “anti-Eritrea” accusation card. That’s why the first obstacle opposition grups struggle to overcome is their loyality to Eritrea.
          When someone tells you ‘oh they are just lowlanders with Christian names’ don’t believe them, they’re misleading you. If anything, the Kebesa Christians position is stronger than the lowlanders when it comes to the Eritrean nationhood. Don’t take my word. Visit any Eritrean website and observe the mood.

          • Abyssinia

            Hi PTS,
            You know what? This comment is so telling of the Eritrean understanding of Eritreanism. V.F. and I mentioned Saay’s hate for Ethiopia. And you started talking about Eritreanism, unconsciously . Because we know that Eritreanism is an euphemism for hate of Ethiopia. And I know you will deny that, but one way or another, the truth will surface as it just did in this comment.

          • PTS

            First of all what is considered ‘hating Ethiopia’ isn’t black and white. For example, for some, defending Eritrea against Ethiopia could mean hating Ethiopia. You will have to elaborate. Of course this is not to deny there are foul-mouthed individuals. Every country has that.

            Secondly and more importantly, since your “Eritreanism is an euphemism for hate of Ethiopia” conclusion is based on what you read on the internet (unless you convince me otherwise), what percentage of the Eritrean population writes on the internet? Of those who write, what percentage do they talk about Ethiopia? Of those who talk about Ethiopia, what percentage do they disparage Ethiopia? So if you break it down like that, you end up with a tiny portion – insignificant number compared to the population at large. Based on that, is it reasonable to conclude Eritrean identity is based on hating Ethiopia?
            Speaking of hate, is it your view that Ethiopians have nothing but lovefest toward Eritreans? Do you deny that you a significant number of anti-Eritrea hardliners?

          • Abyssinia

            Hi PTS,
            Well, I replied to you for the comment above. Unfortunately, someone (most probably Saay) is holding the comment under pending. I do not think it will be released, but in case you got curious, you can probably check it by clicking on my discus name? I have many removed posts for no reason.


    SAAY, I was thirsty for your articles/comments on Tamim, Trump and Tripartite: Qatar’s King vis a vis PIA, Donald Trump and PIA in relation to Saudi, Turkey and Qatar led coalition. SAAY May Astyena!

  • Amanuel

    Hi Saay,
    It is very sad news to hear that you are not any more with the Awete Team. I wish you all the best on what you have decided to do next and definitly you will be missed.

    It is your choice however you want to continue your struggle for justice, however i disagree with the comparison of your self with African leaders like Kagame and Musevini. They are elected leaders under their constitution rules, which one of them is Term Limits, however you are a freedom fighter who has no Term Limits until he accomplishes his goal or dies.

    I hope this is not as the result of the Eritrean opposition syndrome, where every disagreement ends up on split or separation.

  • Music Novice

    Greetings Saay,

    Thanks for the memories and here is Pink Floyd’s ‘The Final Cut’:

  • Solomon Haile

    Take your medication. You never know with all the sales from “dnisH from Karneshim”, perhaps we will make AT an offer they can’t refuse. Take over with stock options for Steve Job’s foundation. SAAY will drop the eight and just keep Seven Million dollar man Steve the Bionic man. close. Now half of two SalaDees will be like Tupac without a nose ring. I wonder if the book “A rose that grew out of the concrete” had something to do with it? Hey SaliH Ghadi you took a peak of that book when you drove me half way to “godena Harinet.” If you do recall the moment, go with this offer. “Kombishtato” “godena Harinet Libbey marikhato.”
    Nat King ” although it has been said many times many ways…”
    Eid Mubarek.

  • Yohannes

    Dear Saay,

    I am not an active participant here at Awate, still, if I make the time to visit opposition websites, Awate is my most favorite. You have been the main artist and the ‘laza’ giver of this website on top of your intellectual contributions. Heartfelt Thank you. If the reason for your decision is for the need of a greater accomplishment, I do completely like it. Because I do believe that you have a big capacity and talent to help your people and yourself in other even bigger ways. I just hope it is not pessimism.

    Finally, I bet you will enjoy your royal Carribean Cruise with Yosief Gebrehiwet. After all, I know you two guys would have a great understanding and appreciation of each other if you were on your own.

    By the way I really like most of your to-do lists. It seems jumbled up, but I have a feeling you mean most of it. If u need a
    volunteer… you know.

    GBU big bro,
    Happy New year!

  • AOsman

    Dear SAAY,

    A quick glance at the article and the MGD and statistics, I decided to park it for morning reading. It was a surprise in waiting, I am not the kind of guy that enjoys sudden change….you were blamed for the anxiety caused by the yearly tweaks on awate forum, to eventually understand and appreciate the tangible improvement. I hope this one is also for the better.

    I have always wondered how you guys manage to become so productive with the little support that you get, add to it the burden of moderation and participation on the forum (God help SG and AT). Now your exit from the team will surely be felt on the frequency and quality of the Awate Team and Pencil articles. The last article on Ethiopia was a sign that the critical commentary on Ethiopian government that comes from your end was missing, it was a flavor on what will be missing.

    I am also looking forward to your new interests and inputs, we all need a break from politics (intaE emo zeydekhmu mengisti seb mockh abilom ember, kendey kab bolotica mis rehaqet nera). Anyway, is the website that had a Starbacks looking logo….it was fun reading it, bring it on. Also that you mentioned a novel, you will be getting some nagging on that (no more procrastination).

    Sad to see you reduce your input, but happy for you. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do and thank you for the years of free education that you provided.


    • Solomon Haile

      Dear Mr. O!
      Chilax! Unwrap the gift that keeps giving that is SAAY. I get these advertisements from time to time that states: “are you still doing spreadsheet?” Now you know the Chief Justice will be greatly missed in that capacity. If the next admin does not appoint a justice that fits the shoe, then ChA Che will give the UN a heads up on the “guerra” before taking Badme back.
      Did I confuse you on purpose? Yes. How about you applying for the position?

      To The East.


      • AOsman

        Dear Solomon,

        I saw a new member with “Ant” as a nick, I realise it is not you and I was expecting you to welcome him home…am chilaxing as I look forward to unwrapping the gift coming from SAAY for 2016. You will also be fine no need for “guerra”, just chilax like me and wait (breath in breath out if needed) when your comment goes awol. 2016 year of change, bring your actuarial skill minus the zagol and coded message and am looking forward for the year of tsatse…marching To the East.


  • Fanti Ghana

    Dearest Saay,
    Oh my God, this year has been strange: a colleague gave me scissors as my Christmas gift this morning. I was surprised by the lack of ingenuity because everyone at work knows that I have at least half a dozen scissors of varying colors in my office. It was hours later, when I got home, that I remembered that was the guy I had accused of stealing my blue scissors a few months back.

    Just a few years before was launched, Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder (ASAD) was being recognized as diagnostic mental disorder. Just in time for me, wouldn’t you say?

    According to Mereley Me (it is not a typo. That is really her name, as in Miss Me or Mrs. Me), a patient herself and a freelance writer at, one of the main symptom of ASAD is “extreme anxiety and fear when separated from major attachment figures.”

    Well, Mr. Saay7, thank you very much; I am officially ill now.

    Miss Me or Mrs. Me continues “this anxiety may manifest in the form of full blown panic attacks” which means if I, hence forth, show any sign of being especially nice to Mahmud Saleh, then we will all know why: won’t we?

    Brother Saay, thank you for all the brilliant lessons, the laughs, and your warm friendship. It will hurt not to have you here as often as I am used to, but to know that you will be out there teaching us mortals in one form or another is a major conciliation I will hang on and look forward to. Thank You!!!

  • Nitricc

    Hi PTS you are wrong. first of all SAAY is going nowhere and to answer your take; in fact SAAY is holding us back from unleashing our no marcy attacks. if it wasn’t for SAAY those toothless’s you have mentioned wouldn’t be here. Besides; Mahmuday called us off and said ABRUK when we were ready to bury Semere Andom for good. especially Ted, was on it to finish Semere once for all. true, Ted never went after VF; how can he? there is nothing to go after. when Ted is on watch out. so, those people you mention needs to thank SAAY. my point; you got the other way around.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Ahlan PTS
    ክንደይ ከ ትረግም ወደይ!!!! ሓዘንና ከይዛዘምና ኣብ ባእሲ ክተእትወና ደሊኻ….The good thing about TBS is that every unit is built to fight independently, while each independent punch results miraculously into a Grand Punch..haha… I like V.F., but, to the disappoint of our esteemed TBS seniors (tsk, tsk), I would never place Semere A in that same basket. Semere will just need to fill up a TaEsa wereQet, and repay us for the goats and sheep he ate at the resort of Hishkeb when he came to the field in 1989. He will be fine.

  • Ted

    Hi PTS, funny. Saay is awesome, i hope we are ready. Shaking TPLF doesn’t hurt either ( two birds, one stone).

    • Solomon Haile


      Come on maaannnn! That’s “two birds one””kerfess.” Do you know which bird the mazzunguu settler at Baratole environs bought and ate? It wasn’t the pigeons. I wonder if iSEM knows the word “kerrfesss?” Do you know this word TED?
      RHuss beAl.

  • Ted

    እንታይ ትብል አታ የኑስ፣አይፋልካን. I wish i have something to say or do to make you change your mind. It was a year ago when i decided to join this University and was pleasantly surprised how well the awate was managed/moderated to become one of the best, if not the only, were well versed people come to discuss Eritrean and world matter. You my friend were in the thick of it for every opinions, observations and suggestions. You provide an environment where our good side shine while gently guiding to see the perspective of all sides . Your knowledge of culture, politics and contemporary is immense and we have benefited from it with your humor, wit and respect. You have every reason to be bitter at PFDJ for what happened to you and your families. You are not, it takes a great man to see Eritrea’s politic beyond personal grudges and grievances. You are the Eritrean epitome of tolerance, reconciliation and reunion. You have touched many minds even as” chauvinist”” jihadist”;-) if you ever decided to go cruise, please take the terrible Eritreans, find shark infested ocean and do what might naturally come to me;-)Don’t stray away from the good fight and please show up here more often, in between your qat uber service, to joust the misguided, misinformed and misplaced. . Now TBS chairman can relax. No more coup edta. The Greatest ,Veteran EPLF, MS will be chairman for life, what else is new:-)
    To the friend moved away, you will be missed.

  • PTS

    Dear SAAY,
    Great move on moving on. Moving on is good. Change is good. We need the entire HGDEF leaders to move on and enjoy whatever life they have left too.
    Good luck!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Saay7,
    none among awate participants here agree with your decision. I am sure still there are a lot of people who didn’t read this page and are going to protest. Yet, we all know people like you will have much job to do and they will be forced to leave some and go beyond to do the important jobs. I still stay protesting and saying NO, Awate dot com is incomplete with out you. I can’t see the “inform” “embolden” ” inspire ” and under those words the base “reconcile” without watching and imagining in my mind the most intelligent man of our time – Saleh. I will send my massage also in Tigrinya.

    • Solomon Haile

      Kokhob Selam,

      I don’t know if I can agree with you when I consider Kagame at -16 and Obama are+8. The guy knows how to make a decision. Yes you are right not a single person can look the man in the eye and say “buy via…I mean via Libertad may pronounce it “bi bias. I just think I can think the song “Dorho neQewe ab Emba Derho ab zey seAtu.” I can further state I was treated to “Karneshim” deQui Teshim potatoes.)

      You ain’t seen the best of SAAY. I asked him earlier: “why was six afraid of seven?” I know SAAY’s replie to this question would be: “because seven ate nine.” This takes us to July 89. Seven’s hunger devours 9. Blame it on line coding. Seven has ample Idaho potatoes I am certain:)

      KS, I received this classified file not too long ago. The file speaks of an Eritrean scientist who discovered a miraculous cure that has been incorporated or “tehagira.” He is apparently in the Netherlands on a walkabout in Narnia. If I may ask you Kokhibai:
      Did seven really eat nine and as a result six is afraid of seven? 123…6…7eightnine. So what would it mean for tourism in Eritrea if “I come once a year and twice a week?” I suppose BY would say you have learned time management. The real question I want to ask you is the following. Have you ever heard of a Dutch tradition called “Black Pete?”
      Well I don’t know if I will be getting a wrapped jumping rope for Christmass. I am mostly naughty and not nice. And arround the time of winter solstice, I enjoy caroling. The rope is for double Dutch. Think Mr. Trebek. Peace Bridge spanning all the way to the North Pole.

      Is there a Dr. In the house? Dr. iSEM.. Dr. LT..,, okay Mr.T from the ATeam: “I pity da fool!”



      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Sele,

        what if I only wish you Happy New Year and say -BononNatale- only for now! I think that is enough. to the east, to the east bro.

  • Amde


    I don’t know what brought this about – perhaps there are institutional issues within Awate? Astaraqi yasfeligal?

    I understand from your statement that you will still be here in the comments
    section and occasionally writing, so from the point of view of a
    typical Awate consumer like me, you make it sound like it is not a
    goodbye, and that things are going to stay the same except you won’t be on wardya duty anymore. I am grateful to Awate’s staff for creating this wonderful
    space. I have learned so much from you, and it is always refreshing to
    read someone who is willing to be a bit more free of dogma. I hope to continue to read you in the Awate pages.

    Your statement “The median age of an Eritrean is 18.5. I am, um, significantly older:
    and the sum total of my experiences barely reflect those of the median
    Eritrean.” says a lot. First of all, how can I not appreciate someone who uses the truer measure of “median” rather than the pedestrian “average”? Secondly, it is a useful reminder to all of us to question the relative value and relevance of each of our experiences when we declare statements on behalf of “the people” etc. Hopefully, just remembering that we can all chill out a little bit with our opinions.


  • Semere Tesfai

    Hey Young Man

    The only thing that looks GOOD in this article is the photograph of the sexiest man that ever lived – frozen in time :))

    But seriously…. “It is time to apply “term limits” to myself”? Really? That can’t be the reason. People (arguably the best and the brightest) are here at Awate (including you) as:

    A. Opinion Makers

    B. Catalysts for change (or as defenders of status-quo)

    C. Defenders of their respective national interest

    And today the demand for opinion makers, catalyst for change, defenders of the voiceless and defenseless, is as urgent as it has ever been. There is no “term limit” in this endeavor; at least that I know off. You stop when the job is done. You stop when you are able to say “we did it”. You stop when you say “mission accomplished” (whatever your mission has been). Or simply, you stop when you win all. And I don’t think you’re claiming victory.

    I’m willing to be corrected but you’re just bored, frustrated…… by some of the never-ending bickering about trivial issues here at Awate and the “one step foreword two steps backward” “progress” in the Eritrean opposition camp.

    But for sure, you will be missed by all; because even those who disagree with you, still respect your mighty brain.

    Semere Tesfai

  • Solomon Haile


    “Let it snow Let it snow!”

    That’s what I said. In this new front, I have been assigned to your department. Annalytics command, we can all comprehend. Isn’t it a wonder then, Data Science is where the young should flock to.

  • Abi

    You know what you are doing? You are taking away many people with you. Because as I said it before, you are many extremely intelligent people in one. You are the whole package. Thank you for all the good times and long laughs.
    You are the best. God bless you!
    If you reconsider your decision, I promise to learn Arabic. Deal?

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selamat bxay Saleh
    It’s a bomb shell; very sad to read that you have decided to depart AT. It’s you decision and I wish you all the best. What that means (at least to me) is that the firebrand Saleh Younis will reinvent himself. I hope to see you coming rejuvenated and well oriented. It’s very agonizing to see that our country has not benefited from the talents of people like you. Bu,t knowing that you defended your country when it needed a defense, and then stood against injustice beginning with your famous “TwgaH’mo”, you have been the jewel of Eritrean thoughts and literature. May Allah help you with your next mission.
    PS: good luck with entertaining any of the things you listed doing in your “retirement” except forming a movement that bans the swords’ dance of the Tigre people.
    On more thing: You are allowed to have an extra hour of sleep tomorrow, you can join the TBS emergency meeting late. Actually, there is no emergency about it; it will be a meeting of exchanging emotional supports and chitchats aimed at uplifting the spirit of TBS members ናይ ምጽንናዕ ኣኼባ። I know you will not be able to be at the front seat, but you will remain an ctive member. I think the sun has felt it. It has been gloomy all day. I wish AT success.

  • Amiche

    Good Bye and Good LUCK

  • aklilu zere

    Good day Good brother Sal.

    Because you are a Good man, without an iota of doubt, I shall out-rightly take your decision to be Good. But because Good is immortal, you will always be in our hearts and minds.

    Of course proximity matters and that is why we already started to feel naked, shaky and vulnerable.

    First thing first: may the almighty God bless you and your Good family with abundance of Health, Happiness, Hope, Faith, Wealth, Peace, Love and Success in all your dreams and aspirations.

    Not only are you a Good man [you worked for it and you deserve it] you are extremely gifted person. You are genius [literally]. And the good thing is you never wasted your gift!! Good men never waste Good deeds.

    You are the spark that set and kept the eternal flame in this Good website. This website became our beacon of hope [because we were the lost sailors] because of you and Brother Gaddi. I don’t have enough words to admire and describe your contribution to our struggle. Without you we would have been stumbling in darkness.

    Like the Good woman you are also a direct person. No evasions, no dancing. What we got [ and what we expected] from you was WSYG: what you see is what you get.

    Yes, Yes, Yes ! to some you were the bitter pill. But what those who swallowed it forgot was it is the bitter pill [TRUTH] that Heals and Redeems. If I were them I will read all your articles even if it takes me 16 years to finish.

    Sincerely yours
    Aklilu Zere

  • Gogo

    Dear Sal,

    It is really painful to read that you are retiring from the Awate team. But it is also equally relieving to learn that you will be around through AlNahda and you will ultimately bless us with a bigger treat- a novel. For those of us who visit the site for inspiration, guidance and education you were a professor of par excellence. Your broad scholarship straddling across dazzling categories of knowledge, penetrating insights, principled position, sharp sense of humour, unassuming and engaging persona made you irresistibly attractive and distinguished you from the legion of snobbish, obscure, charlatan, humourless, dogmatic apologists and spin-doctors who frequent the site.

    Your relentless struggle for democracy, human rights, and reconciliation was edifying and I hope those of us who look up to you for a model will follow on your footsteps.

    Your unwavering confidence in the capacity of the Eritrean people to bring change on their own amidst the deafening cacophony of opinions which try to impress upon us that we are hopelessly beyond redemption unless we prostrate ourselves before other forces will be unforgettable.

    You have done a good job protecting the uninitiated from the disingenuous barrage of misleading historical revisionism which tries to feed up on our existential anguish and confusion and cunningly sneak in their otherwise course and all too familiar ideas.

    It was always fun learning under your feet.

    P.S. Chairman Mahmud you are duly called upon to call an emergency meeting of the TBS

  • Rahwa

    Dear Saleh Younis,
    You described the current Eritrean condition and added a little entertainment. Academics who
    write as academics but reason as illiterate, former tegadeltis who think that
    they know everything but can’t even organize constructive meetings, lackeys who
    are lying unhindered to beautify the true picture of Eritrea, students who walk
    out from school without real knowledge for their Level etc.

    I remember reading MussieMisghnas article during Badime war at Mussie wrote that while our soldiers are women and men consisted of teachers, students doctors the Ethiopian
    soldiers are analphabets or something like that. I remember being so ashamed
    and thought what is the world going to think about us.

    Sometimes Eritrea’s future is too worrisome and I wish that I am as care free as those without the insight of the damage that has been done.

    Saleh Younis , I have learned one thing in the country that I live in which is that no one is
    irreplaceable, but on the other hand they constantly train successors .

    Let’s hope that you will be appointed as development controller after dictator in Eritrea.

    Good luck.

  • Tzigereda

    Dear Saay,
    It would be a lie if I dont say that I feel frustrated. I hope that this article will be an ” warning” ( or a ” tipping point”) for the opposition camp to reconsider the way they ( we) have been acting yet (“… Stagnation and regression, in the PFDJ? Yes. But, it is the same stagnation and regression in the Opposition.”).
    You are one of the fewest greatest asset of Eritrea, losing you in Awate Team will have a gross negative impact. Your presenence will be much more needed than any other time! Please dont let us down!
    Thank you!

    • Gogo

      Dear Tzige,
      I do not know if Saay can be dissuaded from his decision to quit the team. But if it helps I join hands with anybody in calling him to reconsider his decision.

  • tes

    Deaar Saay7,

    Awate University is composed of two school of thoughts. This has given a life of sustainability and readability. If you believe the school you belong is maintained after your resignation well all I can say is thank you. If not stay. I can not write more than this as it is a bad news to read this.


  • Nitricc

    SAAY; I didn’t know you got jokes; lol incase you are serious, let me say this..
    You can not change ways of your- self unless the journey you started to bring a change is completed.
    I .E. Until there is a change in Eritrea; your resignations from the Awate-team is rejected by the people of
    I Nitricc reject the resignations of SAAY!

  • Yoel E

    well Congratulation UN BS sanction on Eritrea ppl. You achieve your goal.

  • Asmerom

    Dear Saay
    It’s not a right decision but should be respected we are going to miss u and I hope this will be a wake up call for the rest of Awate team to control and make Awate the Awate we used to know

  • Eyob Medhane


    Ok now we can start a riot here to demand Sal to not abandon us…

    What the heck?! This is unacceptable. Protest! Protest! Protest!