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This article has been pulled out of awate.com pages for serious publishing violation. We will take necessary action to rectify an ethical violation. //Awate Team

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  • Alan W. Jankowski

    I will say that I am not particularly happy with whoever this person Bereket Yohanes ia, who tries to claim he wrote this “Tribute Poem” as he calls it, but has only taken my poem and rearranged it…
    I am respectfully asking that he please remove it…
    Alan W. Jankowski

    • saay

      Dear Mr Jankowski:

      We are not happy either; we are mortified. As writers and advocates of writing we take plagiarism very seriously. Appropriate measures will be taken. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

      For awate.com

    • semere Andom

      Dear Alan:
      Please accept my personal apology for what transpired when I inadvertently attributed your poem to Bereket. I am embarrassed and am sure all my friends including the Awate Team are.
      When we were working to publish the calendar that features the political prisoners, Berket Yohanes, whose is an activist sent us this tribute poems as his own. We have already printed 3000 of the calendar and now we are talking on how to rectify his unfortunate incident.
      Semere Andom

  • nibu

    May father use to tell as about the evil nature of this regime.

  • Papillon

    Dear Haile,

    As they say it, “Awaridom or tewaridom yewar’du’Kha”. Your assessment of the opposition is right on the money. As usual that is. One can’t help but wonder if the Opposition particularly the cited website is under the impression that, its audience doesn’t possess a savvy acumen if you will where it is taken for a sort of garbage that takes anything with out critical inquiry. One wonders.


  • Semere Andom

    You will believe when DIA changes his mind and admits that there AI overly under estimated the number of prisoners geGatat tegeru eyu. DIA will humilate all of you. You will change your tune later.
    You and your PFDJ cannot even provide the standard that the so called colonizers had like running water,.PFDJ will out cruel them all by massacring the people that will show up to challenge the PFDJ in Godena Harnet.

    You have to be ashamed to support government that has over seen the construction of a neighborhood refered to by Eritreans “enda kolalit”

    History is quietly recording all the words of PFDJ supports.

    • Nitricc

      Dear Semere people get off the subject when there is no evidence. That is exactly you are doing.
      I ask you, Geaze said over 10000 and you are saying 66.
      Who is right? You or Gezae?
      This is why you people in the opposition lose your credibility. You never get your story right.
      I don’t know about you but there is a vast difference between 10000 and 66.
      Again stop going banana and answer me.

      • saay

        Welcome back Nitricc:

        Over at the boxing ring in Merhaba I learned two things from the bio you shared with us:

        1. You were very smart at school
        2. You believe in self-reliance

        From an earlier post, we learned that
        3. you not only find the truth, but you defend it.

        If I add all these three, I get a profile of a smart man, who has a passion for truth and defending it, and wants to rely on himself and not others to dig out the truth.

        For a person who fits the profile above, there really is a simple way* to find out, almost precisely, how many Eritreans are in prison for political reason.** All we have to do is pick a sample of Eritrean population and ask them, “how many members of your family or friends are political prisoners?” This is how you get the sample size:

        1. Assume the population of Eritrea is 5,000,000 and this is 1,000,000 households. (Typical family of 5), so Eritrea’s population is 1,000,000 households.
        2. Assume you want a 95% confidence level. That is: you want to be 95% sure that the answer you get from a small sample size will be identical from what you will get by asking the entire population.
        3. Assume you want a 5 confidence interval, or margin of error. That is, you want to have no more than + 5 or -5 difference in the answers you would get from asking a small sample and your much larger population.
        4. Plug this in your calculator or your formula and you get your minimum sample size: 384. Let’s call it 400 even.

        All you have to do is ask 400 Eritreans this question: “do you know a family member or a friend who is in prison for political reasons?” Get the name, eliminate the duplicates (you and I may have the same friend) and, voila, you can predict with nearly perfect accuracy the total number of political prisoners in Eritrea. Now, where do we get the 400 Eritreans who are a representative sample? Well, since the Eritrean government does not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, age, (as you supporters always tell us) it doesn’t even have to be representative: just ask a sample of 400 Eritreans; they just can’t be from the same family household. Where do you find 400 Eritreans? I suggest at the next YPFDJ meeting:)

        Then you will find that the 10,000 is most likely an understatement. Because, to translate that to the sample of 400, only 4 would have to answer, “yes.” (4/400 is the same as 10,000/1,000,000). But you and I know, it would be more than 4. Maybe 6, 7 or 8. But, I think you (in pursuit of truth, and in exercise of self-reliance) should find this out and report it to awate forum. Make a liar of Ghezae and Amnesty International. Defend the truth, etc, etc.

        And, oh Nitricc, have you seen the iconic picture of Eritrean Tegadelti planting the EPLF flag on a mountain top? The five Tegadelti in shorts? Does that mean Ghedli had 5 fighters?


        * math majors, statisticians, feel free to point out the flaws in my calculation.
        ** the opposition can and do this research but meA men tegrae Yassin. Of course, the Isaiasists can also do this calculation and prove the opposition to be liars but they don’t because they are afraid of what they will find out. In any event, their position is, “if you are arrested, you deserve to be arrested.”

        • haile

          Selamat Saay

          Here is a list that may start you off. http://www.farajat.net/en/archives/4001

          Nitricc has delivered as promised, I better go, tidying up round II 🙂 See ya all in M.J. soon 🙂

          • Papillon

            Dear Haile,

            How would one know whether the list of prisoners is authentic or not? Anybody can throw random names laced with supposed or alleged year of imprisonment. What say you?

          • haile

            Selamat Papillion

            You’re right, even the website doesn’t seem to indicate how the database was developed. Looking closely, there are repetitions, incompleteness and what have you. This is why the provisio “here to start you off”. I goes to show that how far away we are from institutional form of opposition. This is what would have a sane person to shudder at the thought of the impending chaos once the regime (that has run out of fuel) abruptly comes to an end 🙂 Institutional form of opposition would have given a full rage of data that can be used in all sorts of ways. The regime goes by 03 and the opposition seems to follow suit 🙂

          • Hailat,

            As you know and as you stated it above, we have no institutional opposition.But also we do not have institutional government and institutional state. What does this show you? Now Hailat, don’t only accuse the opposition for it has to do with all the population that whether at all we believe on “institutions.” Forget about the slogans, I am talking on practicing institutional work. That is a big question to all of us by the way. In any case, something you brought to accuse the opposition, in fact could be a subject of study for the nature of Eritreans as a whole if so far we don’t have an institutional government, institutional state, and institutional opposition. Don’t you think so Hailat? It is not rhetoric question, rather it is a question pondered based on our reality… the way we act and the way we practice. If time permits I will make “dehsesa” on the question of institutionalism in the Eritrean proper.


          • haile

            Selamat Aman,

            I know what you mean, and would await to read what your dahsas would unearth. In this particular case, I also believe that lack of institutional approach as an instrument of discharging the work of an opposition movement is one of the key contributing factors in that lead to the current state of affairs.


  • Selamat Nitricc,

    we have lot’s of ghost prisoners. It is difficult to find them in the actual world but in the documents of some hypocrite organisations.

    With plus or minus Semre could be right.


  • Nitricc

    Graze told us there were over 10000 prisoners but Semere is showing us, with evidence 66 prisoners. Which one is true. Count the faces on the picture and there are 66.
    Who is right?