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Brigadier General Tekeste Haile: Background On January 21

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  • !Hatati

    neti des zeybeleka akalat Hayltat mkLKaL Eritrea demHt eilka mtqan tejemiru! Ala Tekeste Haile! berniente BG!

  • Abousaid

    I hope that I am not dreaming!!

  • Abousaid

    People it is really disgusting to learn that still there are some who carry with them the idea so called Regionalism. Proven to be throughout world history it is a hide and seek game which no one in the whole region would enjoy complete peace as it always comes with guilt because it come with the oppression and at the expenses of others. So why some are going along with it whiles it totally proven to be a failed mission. Besides, the oppressed will not rest until retained his right by any means necessary. It is time for Eritrean people to be an open minded do not go along with these kinds of ideas rather cooperate to build a strong nation which every citizen regardless of his background will enjoy his basic citizen rights and for sure that would be the nation of Utopia.

  • len ford

    What is the future of PIA?

  • I am afraid, Eritrea is on a verge of collapse, poor Eritrea!! we Eritreans need Unity and work hard to bring about a change, a change that can let us get rid of DIA!

  • Gobez

    Hi…. Tekeste haile From hero to zero. Thats all what I have to you.


  • better to say some thing than to say nothing,not bad evaluation,he talked much about him self than the situation,I heard one Eritrean more than 3 times wounded this guy.but I respect about his history on the liberation day .

  • Yacob Cali

    Selamat Wedi Haile. First of all, I would like to tell you that I ain’t PFDJ supporter. I listened to your story thoroughly. Iexpected to hear from you about PFDJ’s leaders of power corruption, however I found out that you are still stuck in the sentiments of MenkaE movement which is Hama siEra, Akele tsoma hadira, Semhar tederira and Seraye rekisa bara. In contemporary Eritrea, this destructive idea doesn’t have a place. You mentioned the victim of rape from Tedrer. She is not the only victim of rape in Eritrea. You and your likes how many young vibrant Eritrean girls raped in Sawa. Victims of PFDJ are all over Eritrea. The main reason that I don’t like to join any opposition group is because it is infested with individuals like you that oppose the PFDJ for theri ulteorior motive. Please, refrain from playing division and religion games. Otherwise you gonna ended up to the former PFDJ club.

  • hizbawi

    Wedi Haile?
    Gedifeyo! Alem Blash.
    Warsay Gele gberu Ezi neger TiEina zelewo neger Aykonen.
    Zigerim neger Eyu.

  • Selamawi

    The good General comes across as knowledgeable, cultured, and nationalist beyond question.

    We are being led by mindless beastly man called Isaias and his blind followers and conspirators.

    Forget about regional matters – it is secondary.
    Forget about religious differences – it is secondary
    Forget about your bihereseb that is secondary too.
    Forget about your group/mahber…that is peacetime issue

    The PFDJ capo has decided to decimate our people. Let’s save them – that is primary issue.

    The wild PFDJ organization is working hard to dismantle Eritrea and make it incapable to survive without foreign intervention – hey dependence again! Let’s avert this – that is primary issue.

    The lowly and cruel self appointed shameless president, so called, clearly thinks Eritrea belongs to him. He will dispose it as he wishes after he consumed his strong alcohol or drugs. We should stand up against him and stop him.

    All Nationalists should make the project of defeating PFDJ their urgent task: united under one banner TO SAVE ERITREA FROM THE ENEMY WITHIN CALLED pfdj.
    Then we will be able to think about secondary matters individually or as a group. Then we will bring to justice those rapist animals, the killers, the criminals Eritrean and the guests who are committing crimes with impunity.

    God bless all Eritreans.

  • Focus

    This si what I see:

    1. The mining started to make an impressive progress and it is kind of time to reep the “Tsama” of hard work
    2. The Eritrean gov showed an initiative to share the Eritrean wealth to the Eritrean people through this new investment program
    3.There were other signs and indications that clearly indicate the Eri. Gov is reviewing its ways and also kind of decided it is ok to start some changes not related to national security, and Eritrea’s well being
    4. The majority of Eritrean people 99% of them realize the need for securing our nation and also clearly understand the continuos threats that come from foreign elements and their anatsus – but at the same time they want to see some flexibility in the governmesnt. Some reforms, if you will with out interfering the vigilance required to tacle the threat. The obviously want to see some accountability, smooth systew with stric measures against corruption. They also want to see the Warsay Yikealo – to be compensated and to benefit. And if possible – establish a mecansim by which to repatiete some – at least the 1st round of national service (of course – these are basicaly thoe ones who would replace the aging yikalos – at the leader position)
    5. One of the items on the drafted constitution is ilections for multy party. The Eritrean people, at this stage never care for any election – because one of the things they ahte more than anything – is to give a free entry to those very enemy of Eritrea, who worked day and day with our Enemy – the woyanie and other – to come to Eritrea. They want the genuine opposition, who stood and are still standing along their people and the Eri gove when Eritrea is under a foreign agression – the ones who genuinly are standing for Eritrea. They want a way to pass these so called opposition through a refined sleeve – so as remove the weeds.

    The above reasons are the real cause for all the loosers anti Eritrea elements – to have their migrane to kick in – and create any, I MEAN ANY THING, to disrubt any progress or hint of progress the Eritrea government or the Eritrea people might do.

    So, all these cry out going on by all these Eritrean (including and mainly and non Eritrean medias – is just that A PANIC CRY!

    So, now Selam Kidane cares for Eritrea? sweet

    • GM


      Focus only on why your boss the TEMBIENITE MAFIA DIA Is allowing the tembienite DEMHIT to do everything they wish inside Eritrea.

      If you have a little brain you will find the answer.

      And don’t use the word goverment because the meaning of this word is out of your mental reach.

      It is proper instead if you use the word Mafia like cosa nostra, Dictatorship, PFDJ ect ect……

  • Edmonton

    Tekeste Haile, are you regionalist? Do you think one region is suffering more than the other, why can’t you tell the suffering of other region? Eritrea is suffering, not only one region as you describe it. There is no court of law in Eritrea, Injustice to one is injustice to all. Therefore, we are all victims not only one region as you said.

  • Speed

    I find it disheartening to learn the fact that people are still talking about their regional alliances!!!! People wake up, we are literally walking into a Somali mode, none ending civil war. PIA destroyed our contry and no one gas benefitted, the people who are dying trying to leave Eritea belong to every religion, region and tribe. Eritrean people, wake up before it so late

  • Focus

    1. No mention as to why and when he left Eritrea
    2. How on earth would be know what transpired if he lives outside Eritrea like us? Even if he happens to have a source, it wod be impossible to know what each individual or party is did or intended to do. He even narrates what Issayas was thinking, or what the generals (all of the , mind you) intende to do or what they did.
    3. Let alone military set up, even the set up and working of your own house changes in a few months. So this dude left Eritrea 4 years ago, so he had no clue what is changes in four years. So why the hell is brought as am expert?
    5. He just told us the military leaders and their military solve things by discussion and agreement. That a very good, isn’t it? I mean, complaints can happen in any place and anywhere, but solving them that way shows that we have a very andvanced DEFENCE force. As Issayas is the leader, he gets the credit. Beside, if the generals can decide on their own in the absence of Issayas, then it means we have a comedable division of work. So, where does the dictatorship of Issayas lie? I mean, all these shows we have a great leadership

    All in all this dude is full of shit. But that should be apparent, who in his right mind and go to SIMERR room and opens his mouth? On top of that palTalk is an open to all web- meaning you can not tell who your audience are. Hence you don’t go around empty your countries gut out in such places.
    I say, this dud is just an attention seeker good for nothing ex military fool

    • Yodita


      Smerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr room exudes of liberty and justice!! Hgedfite that you are, it would be like what holy water is to a vampire.

      That you are so harshly defaming B. General Teckeste Haile is an indication that DIA and Hgdef hate this man. Logic would dictate that, therefore, he is on the right side of history. If nothing, your trying to demolish him speaks volumes! Only had you praised him would we have had to question his integrity as you would like us to believe.

      One who calls Isayas a great leader not because he is obliged or fearful but volunatrily like you has either a huge reb’Ha (money money) or is incapable of thinking right.

      You hide (cause you are scared shit) and you may be monkey himself writing, who knows?

  • !Hatati

    The actual mutiny was when warsay realized how their presence was being presented as part of an uprising that they didn’t sign up for and did what comes naturally to them – turn their guns on those who tried to exploit them for their own narrow objectives.

    Warsay doesn’t take up suicide missions. Warsay is a soldier for Eritrea. Warsay has his own mind when it comes to it! Warsay goes on missions he understands and knows of. Warsay is not a mercenary! Warsay is not a pawn! Warsay is a patriot and a nationalist!

    Warsay has spoken! Warsay has made their position clear! Warsay stands for Eritrea!

    • hana

      The best description of Warsay ever!

    • sarah

      I love this!!!!!!!
      Eritrean depends on warsay!!!!!!

  • rodab

    Is there part II of the video? They mentioned the presence of Q&A, I think.

  • !Hatati

    The Birgadier general is irredeemable! What a filthy none sense!

  • !Hatati

    This guy is talking to you guys as if you were a little slow! Very funny! He has an exaggerated view of himself! phew!

  • shakazulu

    This is response to brother BEN, Please wise up, even our enemies feel bad for our future, if we continue in this path.The man has gone mental for sometimes.If we sit idling we going to end up like our Somalian brothers.So please with all do respect remember our fallen brothers and sister, this is not how they wanted us to end up like. peace to all

  • !Hatati

    The problem with people such as Birgadier Tekeste, with all due respect to their remarkable Ghedli era military credentials, is that they lack credibility when they start talking about “wide spread internal opposition” with in the army and the front (ginbar) once they have left the army, front and country to live in the west. I would bet my last dollar that while he was inside Eritrea he was never involved in any type organizing an opposition from with in. It is to hide this fact that he now talks about his arrest in the 70s suspected of being ‘menkaE’. That is exactly why he also claims he took part in the 1993 Tegadelti mutiny! People who came in contact with after the arrest of the G15 accuse him of being vocally in favor of the action taken by the GOE. May be he was keeping up appearances at the time but the least he could have done was keep his mouth shut! Like some others, young and old, who leave Eritrea but start acting all high and mighty opposition once they have secured their residences abroad, Tekeste Haile is only paying lip service to a a halfhearted cause. Opposing GOE from with in doesn’t have to take a form of a direct confrontation. As was done during Ghedli Era where Eritreans residing in enemy controlled cities and villages did, opposition could take an underground form. If you think the GOE is denying quality education to the young and you are a University professor, you do your best to give the young the education they deserve. If you are an officer in the army and you think the young are being wasted, you organize clandestinely to raise their consciousness and rise up. But no! What everyone does is look for the easy way out and the ‘Ashad’ye’ exit looking greener pastures that will serve me, myself and I. If that is your attitude, you might as well go and shut the hell up! Therefore, Tekeste Haile- Shut the hell up! Nobody cares about your menkaE story and the other self serving narratives!

    • sarah

      that is it! what was he doing all this time. if he is genuine then with people like him who have contacts and capacity to bring about change change should not have been so late. But no they have to see where thing are going and when they think it is right they come out and preach. I do not trust any thing he says. Eritrea’s hope are the youth in and out of it! not the thugs and opportunists there.

      • Yodita

        Hatati and Sarah

        I am just wondering if we have to continue our habits of slicing to pieces any and everybody and at all times. I know very little about B. General Teckeste Haile but I listened and re-listened to him most carefully and thought that having his testimony was like manna from heaven at this point in time. Are we going to be inclusive and broaden our platform or are we going to be hair-splittingly critical and exclusive to the delight of DIA and hgdef?
        Is there such lack of evil that we have to go after those who want to be part of the right thing even if they were tinted by the system? What about us? What do we do to help bring change? hide behind a nick and critisize everything?

  • sarah

    I really doubt general Tekeste assertion that the generals and military officials would would think about the people’s peace and stability. These are the ones who have been riding on its back, ones who have been transporting people to boarder for money, people who were ordering shoot to kill along the boarder. Is he saying that our enemy is issayas and few others? I doubt it. I also doubt that there have been discussion on concerns about the state of eritrea and its well being among the military. If so then issayas would have rooted it out everyone who expressed concern as well as those who listened as always. Or is he questioning issayas’s intelligence. who is he trying to credit? if these guys were organised they would have known where the transmitter is.They did not even consider posters and flyers as alternatives.There are a lot of questions yet to be answered.

    • MEHRETU HABTE aka Yugoslavo Eritrean


      You are getting warmer ! Short of indicating ..that it does not pass thge smell test.
      Take that thought farther to a bipolaric point.

  • Papilion,

    Is that a summary or political “tintena”?

    Anyways, I am listening to an informative yet monotonous analysis. May the most-high, and glorious one give me the patience to sit and listen.

  • Ben

    I heard his analysis…but his analysis on DEMHIT was just trying to plant seed of doubt that PIA is not Eritrean and he is loosing phase on Eritreans and he is building a Tigrayan defence forces…now this plain idotic and that erodes all his credibility!!
    Does he think Genral Sebhat and other generals would sit idel and do nothing? General Tekeste I am sad that you end up becoming paltalk junkie!! Sad indeed!!
    If you remeber your months ago opinion on Demhit contradicts your current stand on the Demhit. The reason you changed your stand is not because you have acquired new information but you were trying to feed into the current rumor being spread by the so called opposition to isolate and reducle PIA as non-Eritrean and he is trying to build Tigray-Tigrigni…you also tried to exploit the Akeleguzai thing to the limit when you attributed to teklai Manjus’ comment on the akeleguzai people….first Teklai is so shrewed he would never openly say those things because he knows the consequences of such an open declaration of war on akeleguzai. So Tekeste you problem from the begining was regionalism and that is why u left Issaise and also your record in passing military secret to weyanes that resulted in failure in badme war is well documented and that is why you run away…under your watch weyanes acquired all inteligence reports thate nabled them to defeat Eritrean army in Badme front! You were the comander and you conspired against your own army that reuslted the death of 7000 eritrean youth! You will be questioned about this one day for now spread your weganwi politics in europe and paltalk land!!

    • Papillon


      You need to tame your cluttered “imagination”. The point he is trying to underline is that Isaias would resort into anything should a circumstance serves a purpose. I didn’t pick up in the narrative anything that even remotely alludes to the trumped up “Tigrai-Tigrigni” run-down conspiracy. Typical of your type, instead of discoursing on the issue at hand, you jumped onto accusations which doesn’t have any bearing again on the highlight of the day where Isaias the sadist is the sole person who is responsible for dragging us into a war which has costed the nation more than twenty thousand precious souls. If your finger is restless to point onto somebody, it needs to be directed onto the sadistic leader whom you’re traveling an extra mile to venerate him. Pathetic.

      • Ben

        Neashan dergaHalu nebelebam ke ametelu endeyu- if you carefully listened his alaysis on PIA vs. Demhit – he was insuinuting that PIA is putting more faith on Demhit than his own defence forces…
        First of all the whole Demhit thing which the general tried to link is non existent. The FORTO incident doesn’t require any outside forces. Even by his own admisssion, the general mentioned that Wedi Harogot’s squad was told there was need for their involvement and he had to halt its journey to Asmara. Wedi Hadish’s 525 was more than enough to squash the so called incident. By inserting the Demhit and Akeleguzai thing Genral Tekeste was targeting certain audiance…now the competition between Gneral Tekeste and AWATE is that one is trying to give the minor incident an islamic uniiform while genral tekeste is trying to give the Drue Camp uniform!! Ezi wedhanka!!

        • Asmerom

          To Ben,

          If you are questioning Brigadier General Tekeste Haile facts on DEMHIT? Why aren’t you questioning the motive of DIA with same zeal and energy? It seems that you are giving a free ride to DIA. And this the major problem with Eritrea. Thus far, we have been very trusting of DIA to the extent that we worshiped and idolized him. We let him to decide all our country’s affairs without check and balance. What did we get? What we got is what we see in front your eyes? Collective shops, forced labor, isolation, mass exodus of youth, brain drain, business fleet and sky rocket prices. Needless to mention, the gross human rights violation and the arrest of innocent people, religious groups left and right. These are the outcome of DIA leadership over the last 21 years. So what do you say?

          • Ben

            General Tekeste is as regionalist as he could get! Period!!
            Yes he is libration era hero and I am appreciative of his dedication but his regionalist tendency nullifies his track record.
            Peope like General Tekeste are the main reason why Eritrea finds itself in the current predicment.

            Personally I long for change but not the one that comes from people like General Tekeste and Elks….Abeden!!

        • Maekele

          History is repeating it self Ben
          EPLF used weyane to eradicate ELF
          so why you fail to see similarity in the current situation.

        • Sam

          What the hell is regionalist?? Eritrea is in East Africa whether u like or not….America is in the Americas whether u like or not….nonesense talk.


        This is Mehretu with his bipolaric wisdom .I do respect your potential & multi faceted ability to analize things.
        You do not have to accept my conclusion of the issue , ie. the whole issue or at least 93.7 %was staged by Papa Isaias…but ,please use your intelligent & wise outlook to include ..what does Isaias has to gain from this ??? Please ,sis, the whole issue does not pass the bipolaric smell test.
        I know you will be the one to remmember ,saying IT WAS BROTHER BIPOLAR THAT FIGURED THE *&%$”.

        • Papillon

          Dearest Mehretu,

          It is great to ‘see’ you back. We sure all miss your touch of funny stuff as you put a smile on our otherwise not so happy face. Your bipolar ought to be a unique manifestation where I have never “seen” you on the manic depressive episode where you are more often seem to be on the other side of the pole as in hyper-active with tremendous energy (bi-pol(e)-ar).

          I sure don’t see any reason for Isaias to stage the kind of event we witnessed on January 21st. For what or to what end? Really. As Awate team aptly put it, when he is show-casing a “bonanza” of investment in Eritrea, it would be counter-productive to stage an unstable image for stability is the main factor where potential investors put in to consideration as they prospect in investing. As I see it, the critical mass has reached its imploding point where no inertia seems to stop what is already spilled unless otherwise Isaias recognizes the danger hoovering around his reign and heeds the blowing wind.


          • MEHRETU HABTE aka Yugoslavo Eritrean

            While I stick to my bipolaric analysis ,I really hope you are right.
            So much respect for you ,that you need a big truck to carry it.
            Hawki ,Bipolaric genius

    • daniel

      Please….if you know these people better than him why do not you come out and educate us. Attacking him does not make you a hero.

    • sam

      Ben the truth hurt, you are a very few people calling DIA as PIA which doesn’t excist, will see each other.

    • Mun

      I think Ben, you seem to have tried to pinpoint the weakest link so to come up with your own pro-PFDJ ideology, people like you have always agenda in exploiting other people’s opinion and spread the ugliness of your plan openly. Grow up, wait for a second, and think of of stopping the dynamo your dirty brain get washed up by the expired slogan of PFDJ.

    • GM


      Gen. Sebhat Efrem is not only sitting idle, it is public opinon that he is since long time a good for nothing, a coward serf to IA the tembienite.

      Sebhat Efrem is a toy in the hands of IA and a traitor to his comrades.

      Remember the G15???

      I wonder what you expect from such individual??

      Also please big mouth Ben, don’t speak about Akeleguzai the land of heroes, you are not worthy even to mention.

      Ashaaa REGIONALIST.

    • Two Way Street

      It has no credible content that I can comment on.

  • Papillon

    I just finished listening to General Tekeste Haile’s a rather condensed overview of what triggered the event on January 21. Obviously, Tekeste comes with a wealth of military experience and a reasonable take on the political realities with in the PFDJ as well. What seems to stand out with in the narrative is the affirmation of Isaias’ total control where a commette is assigned to assess the situation and deliver a recommendation. Again, the commette doesn’t seem to be a neutral body where it is most likely to drag on its “findings” and “recommendations” ’till Isaias cleans up the mess with an extended offer the rebel-soldiers can not afford to refuse. Moreover, when Isaias doesn’t have any qualms about civil strife that could possibly ensue after any eventuality, the ministers and army generals are weighing-in and opted to stop the rebels so that the “peace” with in the society would not be disturbed. Evidently, when luke-warm minsters and army generals are terrified by the prospect of a civil war, Isaias on the other hand capitalizes on the apparent Achill’s heel and comes out shining one more time. Why is the adage or maxim “You have to think like your enemy” falling between the cracks? Beats me.

    • i like to comment about the so called tekeste haile.its true that the man is one of the heroes of eritrean war one would deny that if u try to deny that u could see his body its obious that the man is a fighter.what u would have problem to see is that the man is highly narrow minded indvisual is.he is a man who believe i nepotism(wegheninet) he is a man who priotize awraja than doasnt matter how hero or how long he been in army struggle he is highly nepotist.he in heritate this toxic desease from his ancestors no one would clean him from that desease at all.if he would cry about the imprisnment of the so called G15 who had contact with weyane during weyane invation(now they are in jail) mr. t-haile would never cry for al of them.he would cry for 2 people for haile weldesae (derou) and the thief of 09 okbe abreha.he is not a thinker.a thinker would think about eritrea and its people all 9 tripe.people like tekeste haile and hi clique never think about would they think when they ask where in eritrea are you.if you tell them i am an eritrean.for them its not enough u have to be clear.clear means for them i am from barka.sahl.semhar.hamasien.seraye.logchiwa.etc.they are the son of nepotism.they will always remain to be son of nepotism.people like them are cancer in eritrea and eritrean society.dont even try to heal them.becouse if u try.u are trying to act god.(allah) these indvisual who abush eritrean embassy in uk are the result of t-haile who always ask and think whay okbe abreha and haile durue are i jail.11 people are in jail g15 but the son of nepotism are crying for 2 of them. so dont fool yourself about indvisuals like tekeste haile.thyey are goal is simple to lead eritrea in wedi haweboy(my ancles style) nothing more nothing less.think like eritrean.eritrea for eritreans.awet nhafash.vitory to the masses.

      • yonas habte

        This is really idiotic statement. Based not on fact.