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Beware Of Warmongers

(Due to the never-ending bickering concerning the Nile River (more accurately, the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam), today we decided to republish this archive content from June 17, 2013)

If you notice, most fires of war are fueled by those who would not be burned by it. To them, it is just like a movie, you cheer one side against the other and no matter who wins, you forget about it the moment you see another movie. The violence in movies is make-believe, the people who die actually never do, therefore, producers include gruesome violence to satisfy the viewers. However, in actual wars people die, properties are destroyed and families fall apart. It is unlike the fake wars of pyrotechnics that actors fight, earn millions, and laugh about it.

Most Eritreans and Ethiopians would remember the time between 1998-2000 when a few pretend knights sat around a table in a coffee shop, analyzing battles on tissue papers. They were busy drawing attack lines and cordons around dots representing enemy forces, that they would finally decimate by drawing arrows and star-burst signs. At the end, the tissue-and-pen generals who led armies sitting at a coffee shop declared victories, while at the battlefront, people were being killed and mutilated. Thus the agitators planned and waged wars from safe places, thousands of miles away.

I came to America in the middle of that despicable border war and I was shocked by what I found–many people getting a kick out of the gruesome war. Where are they now? Did they lose anything at all? Nothing. Those who were young now probably have children going to schools; those who already had children, probably danced at their children’s weddings, and the children are most probably working and earning–the agitators of yesteryears are peacefully retired in the West. Mind you, those were the warmongers who made me enemy number one for opposing the war.

The casualties of the war are remembered by their families, while the pen-and-tissue generals never remember the unlucky who lost their lives in that ugly war. At the end, all the blood was shed to satiate the egos of monsters. Worse, some are still at it, cheering the PFDJ government to continue tormenting Eritreans. And we know most of them in the Diaspora. Unfortunately, over ten years later, Eritrea is suffering from the repercussions of that war that is still damaging our region.

The Nile Card

To the hyper-nationalists, both Ethiopians and Egyptians (and some Eritreans included), the political squabble over the Nile is another opportunity for a pastime, for an ego-massaging, when they should know better.

Though there were occasional outbursts and bravado, so far the Ethiopian government has generally been cautious in making official statements; the attitude of the Egyptian professional politicians is disappointing except for some level-headed people.

It is important to remember that the Nile is not a local stream; there are laws that govern the use of international rivers. Ethiopia has the right to use the river to develop its territories just like any other Nile Basin country. If successfully completed, the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is an ambitious project that would contribute to developing Ethiopia. The right of Ethiopians to benefit from the Nile is natural and it should be supported.

On the other hand, no one should question Egypt’s right to use the resources of the river, and it does; it has been using it extensively since creation. And in modern times, since 1964 when it built the Aswan dam which irrigates millions of hectares of farmlands and produces over 2 Gigawatts of electricity. No doubt the Nile is the lifeline of Egypt. If Ethiopia would unilaterally block the river (which it can’t do legally and technically), or drastically decrease its flow in a way that would have adverse effects on Egypt, I will support Egyptians in their outrage. But that is not the case here. Actually, the Nile water is not the case, because properly managed, it is enough to contribute towards the development of the entire region and would alleviate food-shortage in the famine-prone Horn of Africa.

Major Stakeholders

Egyptian chauvinism worsened after Sadat came to power and since then, Egyptians act as if they are the sole holders of the title to the Nile River. They forget there are immediate stakeholders to it: Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda–with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea as observers. Ethiopian chauvinists also act as if they are the sole owners of the river, and as if the river has a tap they can shut at will. Chauvinists and bigots from both countries (and others) should be shamed and challenged.

In my opinion, though, Eritrea and Congo have nothing to do with the issue. They can go ahead and use all the water that is produced in their territories before it reaches the Nile–I don’t think it would make that much of a difference to the volume of the Nile. That would help, particularly Eritrea, to use the water more productively. We are now left with the real stakeholders of the Nile: Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt.

1. Uganda

In a brief interview with an Egyptian journalist, president Museveni of Uganda stated:[i] After he took power in 1952, Gemal Abdul Nasser started to support all the liberation struggles in Africa, and they all established offices in Egypt, therefore, the National Ugandan council was among those who had an office in Cairo. He said, “There were other offices, from Zambia and South Africa, all of them were there.” Then commenting on Egyptian relations with the rest of Africa, Museveni said, “I told the current president [Mursi], there was no Pharaoh, Turks, or the family of Mohammed Ali [Egyptian rulers] who ever visited the source of the Nile.”

President Museveni mentioned how the ex-UN Secretary General, Boutros Ghali, wasted his time when Uganda wanted to build power generating capacities on the White Nile. Butros Ghali said that “Egypt will be affected.” But Museveni had an environmental argument: if Ugandans (and others) do not find energy in the form of electricity, they will cut the trees to use as fuel and that would interfere with rain in the region and the Nile would be affected. Therefore, it is in the interest of Egypt to have power generating capacities in the upper Nile region.

Uganda needs to be helped to build dams to generate power.

2. Ethiopia

When I interviewed the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (April 13, 2011) this is what he said:[ii]debate on distribution of The Nile issue, was really a bogus issue… because if you were to treat the Nile basin–and the most sensitive part of the Nile basin is the so-called eastern Nile, the Nile that goes from Ethiopia to Sudan and Egypt–because 85% of the water that goes to Aswan comes from Ethiopia. This part of the water, Nile, which is supposed to have a shortage of water, doesn’t have a shortage of water; it only has a shortage of money. Ethiopia is structured to be the power generating center of the Nile, geographically. Sudan is, geographically, created to be the main agricultural producer of this region. Only the delta part of Egypt is supposed to produce goods, agricultural goods. And so if you use the Nile water in a rational manner, there would not be any shortage of water… if you build dams in Ethiopia and removed Jebel Awliya from Sudan, it is useless; it generates 17 megawatts of electricity but exposes Nile water to evaporation in unheard of proportion. So you don’t need the regulation of Jebel Awliaya because the water would have been regulated [in Ethiopia]. And reduce the operating level of Aswan Dam, you would have enough water to irrigate more than a million hectares in Ethiopia, and 4 to 5 billion cubic meters of additional water for Sudan, and Sudan can use the water better than anybody else. The Egyptians themselves have a water conservation project which will end in 2017. And their plan is to save 8 billion cubic meters of additional water. Now, unless they want to take this water and let it evaporate in the desert, they don’t have land that requires 8 billion cubic meters of water. So it is not really about water, it is about politics and power.

Meles’ economic vision makes sense: Ethiopia produces electricity, Sudan food, and Egypt becomes an industrial hub. Everyone benefits.

3. Egypt

So far, the best articulation of the Egyptian position (the sane Egyptian side) was made by Abba Daniel of the Egyptian Coptic Church: “There is an effect that no one talked about: the psychological effect on Egyptians. Historically it is known that the Nile River gives stability, and security, and the people enjoy peace because the water is guaranteed. I think the water problem is the fundamental problem and this will cause psychological instability to the people because if the water [flow] is affected, the people [would be] agitated: would the water come? Would we drink, would we [be able to irrigate] our farms? This is a psychological point. I think one of the important solutions is dialogue with international guarantees–containing the crisis through international organizations that [should] participate with us in the dialogue to convince all parties. It is important for the common interest of all the states.[iii]

I think Egypt suffers only of artificial hysteria created by partisans for political benefit; the hyped noise should not be taken seriously.

4. Sudan

Until recently, Sudan’s position has been, let Egypt and Ethiopia fight it out and tell us the result. Now it seems it has become proactive. “Sudan’s information minister and government spokesperson Ahmed Bilal Osman insisted … that Sudan would benefit from the controversial Ethiopian renaissance dam and stressed that Ethiopia has engaged Sudan in all operations associated with the dam building.[iv]

In what seems to be a regret, the Sudanese minister said, “… Sudan sacrificed 22 villages and a million palm trees and an entire civilization in the far north in order to allow the Egyptians build the Aswan dam in 1964.[v] That social and environmental disaster has been forgotten except by the inhabitants of Halfa whose region was buried under the Aswan dam reservoir. They moved them to Halfa AlJedida.

The recent Sudanese statements (and the gossip of Egyptians politicians behind closed doors that were not closed) testify that the Sudanese subscribe to Meles’ vision.

5. South Sudan

South Sudan has not made any noise so far, but if it did, I suspect it would be related to the Sudd swamps covering an area between 30,000 to 130,000[vi] square kilometers, depending on the season. The Jonglei canal project that was supposed to bypass the swamps to control water flow and use the swamps efficiently, was stopped during the Sudanese civil war decades ago. Given the tension between the two Sudans, I do not think its construction would restart anytime soon. If it did, the canal might have adverse effects on the pastoralists of the region but the water in the Sudd (and the land) would be efficiently managed. It would be an ideal solution provided the interest of the pastoralists is put into consideration. Until then, South Sudan is not even successful in exploiting it oil fields, the only meaningful source of income it has. The Nile doesn’t seem to be their priority at this moment.

South Sudanese leaders are busy consolidating their grip on power and practicing the recipe that worked for the tyrants in the region: controlling the economy of the country

Facts: Volume of Nile water

Ethiopia will fill the dam, but once the dam is filled, it cannot keep filling it indefinitely. For the turbines to run, the water must flow. Otherwise, there is no point in building a hydro-electric dam. There might be a shortage of water, about 55 billion cubic meters (BCM) spread over the period it takes to fill the dam.

The Aswan Dam, with a capacity of 132 BCM, is twice the size of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and it took 13 years to be filled to capacity. Thus, the Ethiopian dam might take 5-6 years to fill depending on the filling plans and amount of rainfall. But water shortage would be offset by the evaporation it would save; Ethiopia says its dam will conserve 6 BCM while the Egyptians plan to conserve 8 BCM by 2017. If that turn out to be true, the volume needed to fill the dam would be offset in less than a decade.

In the late seventies and eighties, Sadat of Egypt was even entertaining the idea of selling Nile water to Israel through pipes that would run under the Suez Canal. He reportedly told the Israelis, “Why not send you some of this sweet water to the Negev Desert as good neighbors?[vii] Sadat considered himself a Pharaoh who can dictate his terms on the use of the Nile. For example, the Toshka agricultural irrigation scheme of upper Egypt was initiated because there was excess water in the Aswan Dam reservoir. Go to Google Earth and search for, <Toshka lakes, Egypt> and you will see the excess (wasted) water that created the useless lakes. Egypt has excess water and it misuses it; the evidence is the creation of the Toshka lakes. Mubarak didn’t fare any better, maybe worse than Sadat.

The insane Egyptian version

Historically, there were always forces that worked hard to control Egypt through the Nile; always busy conspiring to choke Egypt by using Ethiopia as a proxy to control the flow of the river. For years that had been the cause for tension between the two countries; the bigoted entities are still working to escalate the war of words, or to make it continue. One such entity is MemriTv (and several like it) that is run by a group whose sole mission seems to be tarnishing Muslims at any opportunity.

Politically, after the fall of Mubarak, Egypt is still unstable. There are gangs who still wield influence, those are people who enriched themselves during the reign of the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Mubarak. They are using the Nile politics as a rallying cause to agitate the people against the ruling Islamist government. That is why in the last demonstration those who harassed the respectable Ethiopian Ambassador Mahmoud Derir and his embassy staff, are actually an alliance led by an Egyptian Coptic political action group.

There is an ancient spiritual connection between the Egyptian Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Tewahdo Church. Until recent history, the Ethiopian Church was under the Egyptian Church to the extent that it had influence in internal Ethiopian affairs. That shows the noise is targeting the elected Egyptian government, and the elected president. At the end, it is all politics.

On the other hand, there is nothing that arouses many hyper-nationalist Ethiopians as the cry of the “Arabs/Muslims Are Coming.” This prejudice has been entrenched in the Ethiopian (Abyssinian) psyche for over a century, since the days of Yohannes and Menelik, and because of it, the region had been paying dearly. When there is a difference with any Muslim or Arab country, all the ugly Ethiopian racism pops up. The good thing is they are in the minority, though they keep agitating for a confrontation with Egypt and proposing foolish ideas that are un-doable but can spread to the common person, and create havoc.

In such a situation, what we have to wish for is that cool-headed Egyptians and Ethiopians do not be swayed by the noises of political agitation, instead, they should think in terms of development. After all, no dam, however large and impressive, can develop a country marred by wars. Dams are supposed to function and produce results, in an atmosphere of peace, not war.

Egypt, after it was the torch of freedom that sponsored almost all of Africa’s anti-colonial organizations–from South Africa to Libya, from Somalia to Congo–Egypt, that was focused on Africa under Gemal Abdel Nasser, was defaced by Anwar Sadat who severed all its ties with Africa and the Arab world. His economic policies were a disaster that made Egypt a basket case after it was developing fast in the sixties. Sadat’s successor, Mubarak, had no policy, he just followed in the footsteps of Sadat and destroyed what was left of the Egyptian persona.

When Sadat came to power, emboldened by the victory of the 73 war (which was planned under Nasser), he immediately spread arrogance in Egypt, looking down on Africa. The entire political atmosphere of Egypt towards Africans was poisoned… that is why you hear Egyptian politicians saying “I talked to the Africans” in a belittling tone.

Back to my main issues, just like Sadat introduced bad politics to Egypt, Isaias has done the same in Eritrea by introducing vulgarity and arrogance in our politics. That is how Eritrea is being damaged under Isaias; our political discourse is now based on derision and belittling of others.

At this moment, some Egyptian are contemplating emboldening Isaias, to use him as a proxy to get at Ethiopia. The way they want to play Eritreans as foot-soldiers for their own agenda is not what many Eritreans would appreciate. Why would they?

Sadly, I am personally enraged by the practices of some Ethiopian officials who think of the Eritrean opposition the same way the Egyptian politicians think about it–for example, the way Dr. Mohammed and Dr. Tariq Nur do. I am wondering: if someone would smuggle out a recording of a closed meeting of Ethiopian officials discussing issues in relation to Eritrea, would it be any different from that of the Egyptians?

In conclusion, we Eritreans have become pawns because we failed to remove a brutal regime at home that keeps endangering the people and exposing them to such cheap blackmail. I urge level-headed Egyptians and Ethiopians, not to be guided by the emotions and egos.

[v] Ibid
[vii] Washington Post, 7 Sept. 1979.
Other sources:
Google map search result for <Toshka lakes, Egypt>
Hard wear… It is Hardware one word.

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  • Selam Hope,

    It is really very difficult to believe that after more than half a century of wars and destruction you still see ethio-eritrean politics from the point of view of a never-ending confrontation and readiness for the next war, of course, without asking the eritrean people if they want peace or war, and if they choose to live in perpetual insecurity or safety.

    Why is it so difficult to understand that eritrea is a small nation of about 5m, its economy and landmass is one-tenth of that of ethiopia if not less, and she is not in the position to engage in a protracted war of destruction or politics of attrition with a much bigger neighbor, does not choose the way of peace and neutrality, which is the best way towards survival and prosperity? Eritrea will never be a regional military power like israel, either.

    The remaining scenario of ethiopia disintegrating, which may not benefit eritrea, would never happen, because there are many who want her to stay around for geopolitical reasons.

    Therefore, why don’t you choose the way of peace and neutrality for a change, so that this exhausted nation will at last breath the air of freedom and security? Existential threat exists manly in the minds of some people for different reasons, and not in reality.

  • Mez

    Dear Hope, I wish I have one.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any; what I have is a perpetual headache caused by these unresolved contemporary challenges.


  • Mez

    Dear Hope, right mix of activities is needed.

    The line item you mentioned alone will not solve much of our problems.


  • Saleh Johar

    I didn’t notice you were interrogating me. Now I see your cross examinations. Sorry for the oversight. But believe me this time I have the time for you and I will step down to your basement office holding my nose. I will also use your language and attitude to be able to communicate with the walls around you. I hope no one will blame me because nothing works and I have complained so many times to the Awate Baito about your provocations. Now I have to do it myself. And here is my first sentence for you to digest until the next portion or potion. Whatever suits you:

    With opposition like you, no wonder the PFDJ is still around. Opposing the PFDJ is not proven by pretending to be an Ethiopian opposition. That is not an Eritrean position It’s simply not. Even if it was contextual, you might claim, focusing on Eritrea is what bonfire Eritrean opposition elements do. Unless it is the Debessay syndrome which I will explain next after you digest this. Aurevour. For now.

    • Hope

      Selam Ato Salih:
      No need to ” degrade” yourself to that low level of Hope but just address my concerns and questions without THREATENING Hope.

      • Saleh Johar

        Selam Hope,
        My apologies–you considered my comments a threat. How and why I do not understad, and it’s not important.

        I am glad you have come around a changed man. That is what I have been trying to convince you to do for a long time. But now that you posed specific (I am not sure) questions, I will give you specific replies. The underlined part if yours and that’s what I responding to.

        Eventhough U R entitled to your own opinion,U are NOT entitled to your own facts and truth!

        This redundant. It is an established fact that doesn’t need repeating

        The Article is biased for openly favoring Ethiopia .

        Yes it is. I favor the Ethiopian position as opposed to the Egyptian position. I believe I am allowed to state that.

        The Egyotians might have a ” Negative and Rotten ” attitude towards/against Africans in general and the Ethiopians in particular but they are entitled to protect their interest by all means possible.

        Indeed they do. But I do not agree their interest is at risk—read my arguments again and refute it if you can.

        I wonder why u don’t say anything about the American reckless hegemony.

        My topic was the Nile and I do not see any connection with “the American reckless hegemony”. Besides, I decide on what to write.

        I am more so wondering and amused more than ever as to why you have never written an Article close to this one about Eritrea’s Geopolitical and National Security Interest vis-a-vis the Ethiopian reckless hegemony against Eritrea in particular and against that of the Horn in general.

        I didn’t write? Then you must be a newcomer to the Internet, or you chose not to read my writings. Besides, Eritrea has nothing to do in the Nile-Ethiopian issue over the Nile. The PFDJ is trying to find a space to squeeze itself in that crisis and I oppose its gambling.

        You R obsessed beyond our imagination with ” Weeding out the PFDJ” without giving due consideration about how Eritrea as a Nation has gone thru HELL coz of the TPLF and its Masters.

        I am not sure who the “WE” is, but I believe “Weed Out The PFDJ” is enough concern for Eritrea. TPLF? I do not have to mention TPLF in everything I write.

        This is NOT to tell u what to do but to legitimately challenge U about your silence in ref to the DESTRUCTIVE role the TPLF ,fully supported by its Masters,has played in weakening Eritrea.and making Eritreans miserable.

        You see! This is the main problem I have with you. Above I explained I do not blubber TPLF-TPLF unnecessarily. That I leave to the PFDJ to do. Not me. And I cannot be goaded to say what I do not wish to say. But generally, I have written toms on the politics of the region but do not expect me to be an encyclopedia that contains every subject on earth.

        I know u will tell me that the PFDJ is solely responsible to our suffering but NO SANE Eritrean will buy u.

        Yes. That is what I will tell you. Good you remember it. So, what is your problem with that? It’s my belief, but I do not expect everyone to agree with me—certainly not the PFDJ and its satellites. They are free to disagree. And I am not for sale though I wonder (according to you) who the sane Eritreans are!

        Please,be so kind to balance things and to be a bit objective and neutral.

        Hope dear, if you fell down you would certainly fall on the laps of the PFDJ. Objective and neutral on whose judgement? On yours? We know we disagree on many issues, so, your request is not objective in itself– and you can’t ask me to be objective by using subjective arguments.

        Dear Hope, the above is my honest replies to your questions. I kindly ask you to continue that way so that we can be saved from heartburns. Thank you

  • Mez

    Good day Josef,

    1) there is a nile river, type of, consortium. Since 2010 there is also CFA signed by upper Riperian Countries. That pitted effectively Egypt againest the others.

    2) …forming independent body… is at least for now, impossible to form one. The stake is too high, and the problem at hand is extremely clear for any one.

    3) considering the news, of the three leaders meeting in Addis to solve the Nile use impass from past week, I am wondering how significant the impact would be on Eritrean regional and foreign policy.


    • Josef Says

      What is not clear to me is has an independent organization done an impact study? Does a Egypt have a report or some study to oppose the dam?
      What are all these leaders reacting too?
      In terms of Eritrea- unless they have nothing better to do or unless to gain some visibility.. I don’t see..
      Ethiopia is going to build the same start electrification in country, its economy is going to grow… they have done remarkable things with Telecom sector… It was very shrewd business move.. and I think they will start selling electricity to neighboring countries..
      They have done their homework…

      • Mez

        Hi Josef,

        Your question ” independent organization done an impact study?” reminds me about a concept of “being exact”–in sciences there is no such a concept. Every thing is approximated and weighed againest the base data you used in the study; it is really a sort of chicken and egg–except that you try your best by deploying all sorts of statistics and probabilities. So much so about studies on Nile River equitable use by all parties.

        Regarding Eritrea, my question was how it would react to the new regional trend and build its economy, Broaden its middle class citizens. As of now the middle class is being squeezed to the maximum, which is unfortunate.


  • said

    Greeting Hope and alike,

    Yes, Badem belong to Eritrea, but witnessing the brutal, bloody war between the Eritrea and Ethiopia that left thousands of dead, and much many civilians suffered. Hopefully no war again or rekindled the war and not to be stirred up again. All this will be a huge, dangerous mess for both side. politicians on both political sides play their game to their personal and political advantage, it is all about staying in power side using war as pretext. Each confident of its ability speedily to dispatch its rivals, at huge price. as ordinary citizen, for me at least It seems crazy to me that anyone would want to fight over this farm is not worst it and the potential lost and dangers involved is incalculable. Eritrea army forces are now at rifle’s shot from one another and are nearing confrontation zone. We have not recovered yet, Eritrea needs decades of peace, progress, and to be part of global civilization, in which Eritrean rights is fully respect, Eritrea are dreaming from domestic repression and oppression, to be a free and Civil Rights restored, Genuine reforms espousing respect of civil liberates, transparency and accountability Must be instituted to unleash the Eritrean’ potentials and Capabilities. but no hope with the current regime of PFDI it had not grown up. the failed state failed in every field, economical, culture and a political system is in full total decline, the dictatorial regime of IA and the government and the individuals who populate governmental institutions are inherently corrupt. Eritrea is still Wretched, largely devastated, Eritrea should not now face more fighting. Think of the suffering of Eritrean s people and not turn this once lovely and beautiful peace-loving people and its great geographic land into more a giant cemetery, that all-out war, however it started, any new war by any reason, the cost of a comparable of the past war, today might be literally incalculable – if there’s anyone left to do the tally. in a word, unthinkable. As newly independent state it has a long way to go. If Ethiopia waged war of aggression and invasion, or conquest, if it is the case, which then seemingly would continue indefinitely, instead would soon descend into a horror of large -scale slaughter, Yes Eritrea should defendant it is border only if it being bluntly attacked. War and intervention is part of some tiny hard-core Ethiopian, the hunger for war grows. or for that matter west s partner plan to fragment Eritrea and accuses to the see and gobble up its fertile land resources but this my farfetched imagination. we know what happen in South Sudan and Somalia, feeble mini-states. What is the real cost of the war? War between two neighboring countries can be the most dangerous war you can imagine, civilians are the first causality and many deaths in vain, what rewards do their families expect from such a sacrifice? Nothing in our case. Eritrean refuge forgotten and still, third generation anguishing in Sudan refugee camp just one example and the new wave of youth refugee leaving Eritrea. war is awful. I’ve always felt uneasy about the word “martyred” – about any soldier, or civilian. The opposite numbers claim has the fact and truth with them. – and they took their chances in battles, cruel and fair, on the side of the aggressors or the liberators. Soldiers from both government receive more public notice than the civilians of either side. For dead Soldiers but regarded inside both side, respect to the martyred with all the reverence or hatred, depending on your point of view, humans bestow upon a political painting. In the war, both side will try to crush their enemy and will do the same to each other. But how should one contemplate such barbarity? And go on accepting, in the kind of nonchalant, easy way war, we do in our part of the world, The enormity of the figure od suffering still fresh, it is only obvious when you realise that the war takes place near small town and village and they will carry the burnt, for the future stability and strength of Eritrea Must present a well-thought through Reforms plan touching on the very core, the depth of the Eritrean ’ enormous potential capabilities, resilience and staunch commitment to the Security and the Nationalist vanguard role always played by Eritrea . This is the best guarantee to forestall the counter-forces’ conspiratorial plans and intents on compromising Eritrea ’s Security and future leadership in influencing of the regional geopolitical realities.

  • Mez

    Dear hope,

    if so, then you have to look for it south and west of our borders–however unlikely it seems. Due deligence and hard soul searching is needed.

    Probably doable with the new (after ghedli-era) generation?


  • Saleh Johar

    Hello Ato Hope,
    I am not a psychiatrist, but I can suggest a cure:

    The moment you stop equating TPLF and Ethiopia, and equating Eritrea with PFDJ, you will be sane and be admitted out of the cuckoo ward where we’d stay indefinitely. Everything outside that cursed ward is heaven, almost. Try it and I am sure you will not fancy the ward.

  • said

    Greeting Hope,
    Brotherly advice by SG, nothing personal. For moment forget TPLF and PFDJ Be the voice of peace. War and Violence is still sold as a necessity of security .Eritrea need long period of peace .As Eritrean you know what it means war. The reality of war transcends all description, all outrage.with a lot of winners and only a few, easily ignored losers. The losers include most of the population of our people in region which has become an abyss of hopelessness, with faced famine and infectious disease intensifying the hell they are being forced to endure, we are pone as international players struggle for regional domination. This sort of insanity has been going on since the dawn of civilization. But the voices crying out against war remain as marginalized and without political clout as ever. War is too useful politically and economically to be susceptible to a moral challenge. We Eritrean are truly a victim of long war for independence, in her book Barbara Ehrenreich, Blood Rites. Our understanding of war . . . is about as confused and unformed as theories of disease were roughly 200 years ago.
    The common humanity everyone shares should be the epicenter of the moral universe. Not geography,not country ,not ethnicity ,not religion. Our major religious founders ,have different beginnings and beliefs, but all of us share similar birth stories, and at the moment of birth we are most alike. We have different faith traditions, but the same universal need to be loved and to love. We speak different languages, but laugh alike. We may look alike or may not We don’t look alike, but our facial expressions tell the same story – of surprise and pleasure, frustration and anger, joy and sadness. We sing different anthems — with the same pride. We may regard each other as foreigners, yet we love and grieve the same. Anywhere in the world, when people are oppressed, their innate human response is to struggle for justice. Everyone bleeds human. Thus the common humanity all people share is the frame of reference for the moral universe. And our common humanity is powerfully expressed in most religions’ shared belief in The Golden Rule: “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7: 12)

    • Hope

      Selam Said:
      -Who said that Eritrea is looking for war?

      -And who is provoking day in day out and who is threatening who?

      -Who is being patient ?

      -Who is occupying whose sovereign territory?

      -Who is sabotaging and sanctioning who?

  • Saleh Johar

    Hi Joseph,
    Don’t make a mistake and think I am sane 🙂 The entire region is traumatized and insane though most of us do not know it. How else would we accept the life that is imposed on us unless we have gone cuckoo? Don’t you see enough exhibits we are insane? I am a member of that nation that is cursed to have so many insane people whose egos are so huge they think they call the shots to the extent they wish to impose their weakling and unprincipled stands on others. I don’t think we have enough Mai Chelot to cure the insane among us. Smile and move on dear.

  • Asmera

    Dear Hope
    Asmera is my real name which I like it. so no chance to change and no reason.
    just to give you some good argument for your conclusion that Eritrea has to join GCC and Egypt group, I think you and your government made the same mistake for which you will pay the big prices for the coming 200 years if Eritrea will existing. Ethiopia supposed to be the best alternative for Eritrean people. Ethiopia is a country where all Eritreans have been enjoying as 1st class citizens. It is the country with which you shared cultural values. you do not have any similarities with GCC, But you most likely very similar with me an Ethiopia. however, you and your government always designing to destroy your home which is Ethiopia. I do not understand your logical arguments.

  • Saleh Johar

    Thank you, Said,

    Your expanded take on the geopolitics of our region is what those who are not obsessed would like to read. Now our friend will be mad at you–why didn’t you mention the TPLF! Why?

    Now, please try to explain to our friend Hope that people do not have to recite TPLF seventeen times a day, he might be thinking TPLF stands for AlFattiha 🙂

  • Saleh Johar

    Ahlan Hope,

    Thank you for the comment.

    1. I would like to humbly suggest to you that the universe doesn’t revolve around the topic of the bitter divorce of the PFDJ and TPLF. If you miss that back-stabbing alliance, convince those you apologize for, to make up with the TPLF. I was not in their wedding party and I was not part of their divorce–I have nothing to do with your love affairs that ended in violence for which many of us paid dearly.

    2. Not every topic is supposed to squeeze in your favorire partisan TPLF.

    3. I suggest you read the main message of the content you read before you jump needlessly–there is no mention of TPLF in the article (which by the way is topical and a few years old) It’s about the NILE which was there long before any of the present rulers saw the light of the day and it will remain long after they are gone. Therfore, remember, not everything is about the TPLF.

    4. When you are venting your hate for the TPLF, and your apology for the PFDJ, why do you want anyone to be a broken record like you do it? Believe me, not many are treading your narrow thinking. Do what you like to do, and say what you like to say, but do not expect all of us to turn into echo chambers of your slogan.

    Thank you for the wisdom you provided.

    • blink

      Dear Mr. Saleh
      I thought you said enough about Eritrea and the region in general , I just can’t get enough of the explanation about war . I think the things you said about War and these few warmongers should be in your next book if you are thinking about writing again. Thanks for the Golden stand. I wish we could have more people like you in Asmara in 1998 it would have mattered a lot and could have saved a lot.

      • Saleh Johar

        Merhaba Blink,

        Thank you. I needed that, especially when people like Hope would rather have me scream TPLF this TPLF that in everything I write–I take solace in people like you to remember what I wrote over the long years–unfortunately for some, I will never settle for anything less than weeding out the ugly PFDJ and its dirty stain in Eritrea. It’s painful to have regime apologists berate you for not going all Papagallo, repeating TPLF day and night.

      • Hope

        Selam Blink:
        Sarcasm or Newly converted Evangelist?
        Who said what /enough about Eritrea?
        I know that endless defamatory campaign has been going on -about Eritrea.
        Is that enough,u mean?

        My point of debate is NOT about who said what but as to why some of us area disregarding and ignoring what Eritrea has gone through coz of the other Warmongers besides the PFDJ,which is struggling for its own survival and for the survival of the Nation,encircled,contained sanctioned,sabotaged and isolated as well as threatened daily by endless and countless enemies???!!!

        Don’t tell us that is coz of the PFDJ?

  • Mez

    Dear Hope,
    you mean long live the Alliance?

  • Nitricc

    Hi Aman and Blink. The reason I ask Aman if still holds the same opinion or not. it is simply indicate that for a system to be judged positively or negatively it is going to take some time. Just five years ago, everyone was saying how Ethiopia was transforming and all the talk. As you can see, my comment on this subject is not present because that year was the year I was banned. So, reappearing subject gave me the chance to say something. The moral of the story is; don’t judge about the quality, prosperity and vision of any leader till you see the results in a few years in the future.

    • Mez

      Greetings Nitricc the great,

      Of course banning is always a Wrong subscription.

      With this you are erasing job titles called FORECASTING.

      You want to live in it in order to know it.

      How fascinating; have you heard the word approximation?


  • Kokhob Selam

    Hi all,

    I read all the way to the comments ..How we were thinking ? That is still valid ..


  • Hawaz Tesfom

    Tazabiand and Saleh Gadi:

    I don’t understand why Saleh Ghadi is getting emotional when he reads Arabs and Muslims vs Christians/Habesha. Everybody knows that Arabs are racists towards Africans. Ethiopians are not racist and never been. They are proud Africans who have never been colonized. Naturally Arabs have inferiority complex toward whites. Since they feel inferior, they look around where they can feel superior, and this happens to be toward Africans. It is very sad, ignorant and stupid. Arabs in all their history have accomplished ZERO. They have nothing to show and they contributed to our global development/humanity ZERO.
    My question to Saleh Ghadi is: Do you feel yourself Arab or African. But please be honest. We know that you are Muslim and you speak perfect Arabic language, but I don’t know if that qualifies you to be an Arab. I do respect whatever you want to be.
    Ethiopians and Eritreans can be Christians or Muslims, but they are Africans and not Arabs at all.
    That is why I wonder when I see some Eritreans pretend to be Arabs or feel as Arabs. I don’t have anything against Arabic language, far from it. Any language is always a plus. But since we are leaving in a Nano Technology era, why don’t we teach our kids languages which they need to survive in this highly competitive world. Languages like English, Chinese Spanish etc. Arabic language is a backward language. It is not developed/updated since thousands of years. Arabs themselves must learn English in order to develop.
    I prefer to be a proud African than a backward Arab!
    Thank you

  • Selam SJG,

    Thank you for the great analysis.

    On your point “no one should question Egypt’s right to use the resources of the river (nile)”, what we all know has always been the exact opposite, that it is egypt that never acknowledged (accepted) ethiopia’s rights over the nile throughout its history. Even today, (directly and indirectly) by creating all sorts of excuses, egypt tries to abort ethiopia’s prospects of using the river. Emperor menelik ii had declared to the british that ethiopia would never put in danger the people of egypt as much as the nile is concerned, despite the military incursions into ethiopia by egypt with the aim to control the source of the nile. Nevertheless, however we examine it, what egypt wants is the continuation of the lopsided arrangement we are all aware of, and to sustain her lion’s share until kingdom come.

    One may find difficult to explain what “adverse effect” means to the egyptians, and what “equitable use and no significant damage” mean as much as ethiopia is concerned. For egypt it may mean sustaining the the lion’s share of the 80:20 ratio between egypt and sudan, a self serving arrangement, ignoring the main party which is ethiopia, and leaving her out of the equation.

    Even today by inviting the world bank to arbiter the differences between the two countries concerning the gerd, (wb) an entity that had stood with egypt against ethiopia with the help of the usa government against financing dam construction on the nile in ethiopia, shows that egypt will never let down easily her opposition on the use of the nile by ethiopia, even at this late stage.

    More or less, it could be said that the gerd is exclusively an electricity producing dam and it is not meant for irrigation, hence why it was constructed near the sudanese border. Does egypt know that? Of course, she does, and one expects that she should not have reacted the way she did. This shows that egypt’s problem is geopolitical hagemony rather than the availability per se of water for her people. This was the reason that it found no support from west other than arab countries.

    Another point i would like to say few words about is the sudd swamps. I remember very well what our geography teacher told us in high school. If this swamp is drained and a canal is constructed to convey the water, it will have two opposing effects. Yes, it will increase water availability to egypt at the begging, nevertheless in the long run, it could result in decreased water flow to egypt. The reason being that water evaporating from the swamps is caught by ethiopian highlands, precipitates and becomes rain. If this chain of events is severed, rainfall in ethiopian highlands and in sudan could decrease resulting in decreased blue nile water flow, that could be compounded by climate change. This shows that water conservation, tapping into underground water in egypt and desalination should be on egypt’s agenda as well.

  • Selam

    The arab-israeli war and Eritrean highschool sentiment favoring israel is still lingering on your head:-) You rememebr when students used to say to echo Israeli’s victory over arabs- Gerenalen:-)

  • hilina

    Ethiopia has the right to build the Dam,Eritreans has the right to remove the dictator,but both of them are late.

  • YAY

    Dear All The critical issue is Control of the Natural Flow of the Nile River waters

    Egypt and Ethiopia could use the Nile waters based on international law or bilateral treaties. Existing treaties do not prevent Ethiopia from using the Nile waters. The only requirement is that Ethiopia may use in in consultation and agreement with Sudan and Egypt. It seems that nobody is making it clear that Ethiopia has started constructing a dam for whatever reason without acquiring the consent of Egypt and/or Sudan as is required by the existing treaties or new understandings between them. If that is the case Ethiopia’s action may be unnecessarily provocative.

    We should not be guided by the wrong questions like AdHanom Fitwi’s “ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝቐርቦ፡ ግብጺ ወይስ ኢትዮጵያ?” I would like to incorporate my response to his question here:

    ዝከበርካ አድሓኖም ፍትዊ፡ ፍትሓዊ መርገጺ ምሓዝ ድዩ ዘድልየና ናብ ዝቀርበና ምዝዛው፧እቲ ናይ ርሕቀት መዐቀኒ እንታይ እዩ፧

    ከም ኤርትራውያን፡ እቲ ንግብጺ (ወይ ምስሪ) ምስ ኢትዮጵያ ዘገራጭው ቀንዲ ነገር እንታይ እዩ፧ ከመይ ዝበለ መርገጺ ወይ መምርሒ ኪህልወና ይበልጽ፧ ወዘተ ንዝብህል ሕቶታት ምምላስ ደኣ እዩ ዘድሊ። ኣብ ነፍሲወከፍ ሕቶ ግቡእ ሓቀኛ መረድኢ ወ ሕጊ እተመርኮሰ ፍትሓዊ መርገጽ ምሓዝ እዩ ዘድልየና እምበር ብቀረበይ ቀረብካ እንተኮይኑ እሞ ፍርደገምድል ኣድላዊ ዘይፍትሓዊ መርገጺ ኪኸውንዩ።ብ መን ይቀርበና ወይ ይርሕቀና ምኻድሞ ወገናውነት እዩ። ካብ ፍትሒ ርሒቅና ናብ እታ ትቀርበና እያ ኢልካ እትኣምነላ ኢትዮጵያ ምዝዛው ቅኑዕ አይኮነን። ኢትዮጵያ ብዛዕባ ኣጠቃቅማ ማያት ፈልግ ኒል፡ ምስ ሽዑ ብብሪጣንያ እትግዛእ ዝነበረት ግብጺ፡ ኣብ ግንቦት 15, 1902 ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ፡ ዝፈረመቶ ውዕል ኣሎ። እሱ ድማ ከምዚ ዚስዕብ ይብል፡

    “His Majesty the Emperor Menelik II, King of kings of Ethiopia,engages himself towards the Government of His Britannic Majesty not to construct or allow to be constructed, any works across the Blue Nile, Lake Tsana or the Sobat, which would arrest the flow of their waters into the Nile except in agreement with his Britannic Majesty’s Government [in Egypt] and the Government of the Sudan.” [Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. “The Nile Treaty”, OCCASINAL PAPERS, No.9:East Africa, p.7]

    ኢትዮጵያ ምስ ግብጺ ብምልዛብ ዶ እያ ሓጽቢ ክትሃንጽ ጀሚራ ወይሲ ከይተረዳድአት፧ ቅድሚ ኩሉ ነዚ ሕቶዚ ብግቡእ መልሶ፡ ድሓር ርእይቶኻ ትልግሰልና። ፈለግ ኒል ቅድሚ ኢትዮጵያ ወይ ግብጺ ከም ሃገራት ምምስራተን ዝነበረ እዩ፡ ንዘልዓለም እውን ኪቅጽል እዩ። ናይ ሕጺር ግዜ ጥቕምኻ ብምቍጻር ጥራይ ንነዊሕ እዋን ዘገልግል ፍትሓዊ መርገጽ ስለዝረሳዕካዮ ጽቡቕ አይገበርካን። ንግዜኣዊ ጥቕሚ ቢልካ ንሓደ ወገን ምድጋፍ ካብ ፍትሒ ርሒቅካ ናብ ወገናዊ ኣድላውነት (partisan prejudice) ወ ተበላጽነት (opportunism)ምዝንባል ስለዚኾነ ውዒሉሓዲሩ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣይኪድግፎን እዩ፡ ከም ዚመስለኒ። ንህዝብታት ኢትዮጵያ ወ ኤርትራ ሰላም ዘድሊ ድማ መንግስታት ኢትዮጵያ ወ ኤርትራ ኣብ ምርድዳእ፡ ውዕላት፡ ኣህጉራዊ ሕግታት፡ ሕቀኛ ሓበሬታት፡ ወዘተ ዝተመርኮሰ ዝምድናታት እዩ። ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝቀርበና እቲ ፍትሒ ዚኽተል ደኣምበር ብድፉኑ ኢትዮጵያ ወይ ግብጺ ኣይከውንን።

    • hilina

      u r non-sens the rule also belongs to Egyptions,but they dont inform Ethiopa what ever they did.SO WHY U need Ethiopia to informe.go to heel.Ethiopia has the right to build and we Eritreans support this right.

    • mario

      Half information is not complete subject to waste your time. The document you inserted do exist, but wastified and signed buy king Minelik. It doesn’t have amharic or tigrigna translation hence it’s invalid.that why even Egypt never brought the case forward. When to parties agree internationally it would be a treaty that both parties should abid, here it is only the beneficiies are the signitories. Can you imagine that the Egyptian agree on giving asem to Yemen without the Eritrean people consent. That’s what happened here.
      If you intentionally brought this to question our intelligence, forgive yourself. If it’s humble information, it lacks evidence and resources to make it complete.
      But also I Thom the debate matters to all African and the world. The writer has a good point, and thank you the rationale prospective of it; regardless who’s the actors the whole region would be harmed if there is no peace.

      • mario

        # was never ratified

    • Mez

      Dear Yay,

      You are fundamentally dead wrong on, most of, your nile related discussion points.

      Even the Sudanese, and Egyptian are closing in in finding nile water use consensus in the the latest episode of intergovernmental discussion.


  • Tazabi

    “On the other hand, there is nothing that arouses many hyper-nationalist Ethiopians as the cry of the “Arabs/Muslims Are coming.” This prejudice has been entrenched in the Ethiopian (Abyssinian) psyche for over a century, since the days of Yohannes and Menelik, and because of it, the region had been paying dearly. When there is difference with any Muslim or Arab country, all the ugly Ethiopian racism pops up. The good thing is they are in the minority, though they keep agitating for a confrontation with Egypt and proposing foolish ideas that are undoable, but can spread to the common person, and create havoc.”

    This article as a whole is whitewashing Egypt’s conduct. True among Ethiopian Christians there is suspicions of the intention of Arabs. This is not to be condoned but we have to put matters in prespective. In the long history of Ethio-Egyptian relations, when was Egypt friendly to Ethiopia. It has always sided with anti Ethiopian elements. They also tried their hands on invading Ethiopia twice 1872 and 1874. When did Ethiopia attempt to invade Egypt. Even attempt to harm Egypt in any way. The racism Arabs in general and Egyptians in particular show to Ethiopians is not matched by Ethiopians. We are witnesses to thousands of Ethiopians who perish in Arab land. Treated like animals in the Arab countries. Their body parts sold as spare parts. This is happening in our own times. Just listen to the talk of the Egyptian parliamentarians openly threatening a sovereign nation. When we talk of Ethiopian suspicion of Egypt, we have to see it in this context.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Hi Tazabi, I don’t think you did any Mettazeb on your own comment. You mentioned context and you asked me if listened to the Egyptian talk. I did listen to it, in its original Arabic.. so you can rest assured nothing was lost in translation.

      White washing Egypt’s conduct?

      My friend, you are an exhibit of my claim, some of you lose your rational the moment face Arabs and Muslims. You get me a hundred years old Egyptian conduct–Egypt is a foreign country and things could be seen in that conduct. What were your Kings doing to their own Muslim citizens at that same time? Be open minded my friend, go a little farther than simply Metazeb, read your own history.

      • Tazabi

        How did this degenerate into Christians Vs Muslims issue. What Ethiopian Kings did to Ethiopian Muslims is not Ethio-Egyptian issue. You are talking about Ethiopian baise towards Egypt/Arabs. There is a long history of Egyptians attempt to dominate Ethiopian affairs. Subverting the Ethiopian state. In the recent issue of the Nile Egyptian press was full of very offensive remarks since 2010. Non from Ethiopia. Even on the cyber room discussions where things go down to the gutter – Egyptian arrogance and racism was not matched by Ethiopians.

        How am I an exhibit of your claim. Did I say anything racist about Egyptians. Or just pointing out that on the balance Egyptian attitude in general about Ethiopia is more racist is considered racist.

  • Zererom

    I believe “Andnet” is the best and only option left for Eritreans.Because,even if Isayas Afeworki leave office and the rest PFDJ implements the Constitution,yet Ethiopia will never stop from provokating us now and then..Literally, we will be another Israel.But,at least Israel has the back of the West any time( That damn Religion is yet a factor)…So,instead of entertaining some sort of empty slogan like” Eritrea for Eritreans”, we should see the big picture merely for the Interest of the coming generations…The weyane Gov’t should recover the Ethiopian citizenship of the Eritreans and eventually.we will be one strong Nation….Forget those fake Historians like the one from Dallas…

    • From DC

      We ethiopians don’t need, we need you to be peaceful, apart from that what we have seen was destruction after medri-baheri comes back with new name “eritrea”. We don’t need that anymore, you chose to be independent you got what you want no going back now. There will be legal issue on border and port that is all. To much of our blood on that soil. With egypt, Italy, even some askaries who sided with enemies.

  • Araya

    Melles, “Visionary “ I don’t what you think the likes of Haile but, can someone call out this guy and knack some sense to his deep and thick reptilian part of brain. How ignorant can you be to call a brutal dictator a visionary leader? Here you have it, which is all the Eritrean opposition has to offer. You wonder why the oppositions are in a million pieces, well because they contain people like Amanuel.
    Amanuel how come you never gave a credit to your good friend Bereket Simon? Please come clean and call him a visionary too. You must be suffering from some inferior complexity or some form of dementia.

  • asmara

    Haile said:

    “…Now, flip the page at the neo-andnet and some (albeit in tiny numbers) fanatics in our side of the border! Even an issue that concerned Ethiopians and that they were handling superbly necessitated them to attack their nation’s core values, history and identity of its founders. I am lost, where on earth can you find such pricks…..”

    Where indeed!

    He also said

    “….Even Somalis, after bleeding for decade and beaten to the ground, mustered to rally around Somalia when they sensed Ethiopia was invading them. There is no parallel to our lot, who were given a fully fledged and independent, in all sense of the word, nation on a golden platter made out of precious bones of its best and brightest…..”
    The mention of Ethiopia and Somalia here is merely for comparison and to make a Point.
    The point being this “ I hope they learn the real lesson here. Regardless of the temporal suffering, the nation comes first…..”
    Supper! So beautifully said! Thank you Haile.
    Now please look at what the Tourism Minister of Woyanie- Land, aka the Hidrat dude replied (Hilarious! Just could not stop laughing)
    “…..We have said many times to remove the conspiracy shadow from your cranial nerve to read Ethiopia of today correctly. The Ethiopians of today are completely transformed their political and psychological way of thinking…. all attributed to the visionary late PM Meles zenawi……”
    Then he goes on with his usual woyanie kissing ass routines and concluded with a tourism message (I guess the 13 Months of sunshine is not working anymore or may be died with Deg)
    “….Seeing is believing and those who are doubtful about what we are saying they might need at least on trip to change their mind. Welcome to the sane argument…….”
    This dude must have invested so much on Woyanie on a personal and higher level so much so as to fill obligated to defend Woyanie at every corner (Even when it is not necessary and no matter how out of context it is)
    But – How can individuals who go by Eritreans found their head up deep in Woyanie’s behind is beyond me. Sometimes, I really feel sorry for them. Well, their eyes are covered with woyanie’s sh**, so they cannot see clearly – but what happened to their brains? What happened to common sense? What happened to Eritreanism? – well, silly me, if they have brains, they wouldn’t place themselves in this position in the first place.
    Oh, by “Us” he means the other members of the ANW…, the Sirrays, the Gezaes, the Hayats – and the Meskelas….etc

    • asmara

      Correct “ feel obligated…”

    • haile

      Selam Asmara

      The concept of a nation is sacred. It exists outside of temporal issues and is the main source of energy that defines a group apart from other groups. If one is devoid of this energy, they become weak and unable to support even their own weight. SG had made a very insightful observation when he asked “What would motivate you struggle for a nation you don’t believe in?” (my own paraphrasing). In deed, nothing would or could give you the needed energy to do so.

      Here is a video, a section of press conference during the EPLF-Derg peace talks, that can help you how someone who is estranged with with his nation’s soul and heart could look tired out old wood. Look at the Eritreans there (peace be upon them) and compare them to the other Eritreans we are remembering today. Both sets of people have left us, the question is with what though?

      One point of disagreement that I have with their defense is the current situation. But who said the current situation is going to be the only situation that the nation would ever be in.

      Also, look at how zelaqi selam or durable peace, was used as a decisive card to weaken our side. Hope you’ll be able to draw many more parallels. Watch, don’t go anywher:-)

  • asmara

    Eternal glory to our martyrs and mercy!

    Kibrin mogosn ni sematatna!

    Awet Nihafash!

  • haile

    Kokhob Selam

    Thank you for presenting a great and touching poem!

    Sema’Etat wet’ru y’zekeru!

    (Optional: awet n hafash 🙂 )

    • asmara

      (Optional: awet n hafash )? Really?

      Compare that to “Segud”, “Simerr Teserer…”, “Down Down…” all these idiotic things coming out of idiots

      • haile

        Selam asmara,

        I was once told that that there are people who never touched suwa or awet n hafash for many years, or even their lives, as is the case with some 🙂

    • Kokhob Selam,

      beautiful poems…keep on and don’t forget to compile all your poems in a book form.

      Amanuel H.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Sure Amuni it is done already for all old poems. Thank you.

      • Kokhob Selam

        HI Amanuel Hidrat,

        Do you remember my poem under this article? that was synergy …which explains, What can you do with one hand? “What can you do with two hands? Twice as much? No! You can do much, much more! You can do absolutely new things, for example, play the violin. That’s synergy! ”


        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Kokhobay,

          Yes I do. How are you doing with your health brother?

          • Kokhob Selam

            Yes Amuni,

            Nice, ,,,No single person can recognize the difference the condition..Before and Now that is complete change..I was completely gone and now .I am completely the same as before..Now just my friend Belete sent me a congratulation massage in what is up of the family group.. Thanks God and let me extend my application to you also for continuously asking about my well being.. This is for all awate community too..


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Good to hear that. You are a blessed person.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Thank you Amuni,


          • Haile S.

            Selam Emma and Blink,

            ንስኻ መለስ ዝባሃል ሓኸለ ነኺስካ
            ብሊንኪ ንኣኻ ንሓውና ሓሲቡልካ
            ውሒትጥካዮ ከይትሕነቕ፡ ቅርቅር ክሳድካ

            ቀሊል እኮ’ዩ እዚ ጸገም መድሃኒቱ
            ንስኻ ጽቡቕ ጌርካ ሓይኽ ፍለዮ ኣዕጽምቱ
            ብሊንኪ ምርንጋጋ ኣይትሓዝ ክጥቀመሉ ኮራርምቱ

            ኤማ ፍርደ-ገምድል ዳኛ ከይትብለኒ
            በርሀ ኣገዛዝኣ በጊዕ ሎሚ ምሂሩኒ።

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            ሰላም ሃይላት,

            ሐወይዶ ይሕሸካ ብጻየይ? ንዓኻ ክገድፎ::

            እምበአር ሃይላት አነ እኮ “መትከል ዝዓተረ አይብልን ጸጋም የማን” እንዳልኩ ይምህር ነይረ ከመይ ኢለ እየሞ ንመትከል እምነተይ ከዝልቅ:: ፍልስፍናዊ እምነት ሐያል እዬ:: ብኡ ትልለ: ብኡ ትኸብር:: ዓጽሚ ምንካስ ዘይኮነስ ጽንዓት መትከል’ዩ ነገሩ::


    • Kokhob Selam

      Thank you very much Haile.