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Mai Ule (ማይ ኡለ) : A Play — ACT (II)

ACT (II) CHARACTERS  Ahmed Mohammed Nur Hillal  (ኣሕመድ መሓመድ ኑር ሂላል) — Abu Hillal Abubaker Mohammed Hassen Gadi (ኣቡበከር መሓመድ ሓሰን ቓዲ) — Abu Fanun  Hassen Hummed Amir (ሓሰን ሑመድ ኣሚር)  — Abu Hassen Ahmed Saleh Alqeysi (ኣሕመድ ሳልሕ ኣልቀይሲ) — Abu Ahmed  Sulieman Hindi (ሱለይማን ህንዲ)  — Abu Hindi MihreteAb (ምሕረተኣብ)   —   Al Assed (The Lion) …

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Mai Ule (ማይ ኡለ): A Play

ACT (I) CHARACTERS  Ahmed Hillal  (ኣሕመድ ሂላል) Abubeker Mohammed Hassen (ኣቡበከር መሓመድ ሓሰን) Hassen Mohammed Amir (ሓሰን መሓመድ ኣሚር) Ahmed Alqeysi (ኣሕመድ ኣልቀይሲ) Sulieman Hindi (ሱለይማን ህንዲ) MihreteAb (ምሕረተኣብ) SETTING:  She’eb (ሽዕብ)  and environs, mid to late 1971. SCENE: Mai Ule (ማይ ኡለ) river and the hills, mountains in its …

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Abreha The Adulisian And The Soi-Disant Agazians

As an introduction and in an effort of rendering a general overview, here is a thumbnail account of a man named Abreha who ruled Yemen sometime in the time span 531-565 AD. The Abyssinian historical mythology claims that Abreha was an Axumite Abyssinian who  led a military campaign of King Kaleb of …

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Adulisian Narratives: Standing Athwart The Abyssinian Paradigm

The ancient port town of Adulis or Aduli buried in a helluva of sand is not standing. You may not see its ancient monuments displayed in books and magazines. Its artifacts may not be as ubiquitous as some other historical places.  It may not have been thoroughly excavated and studied by archaeologists and historians like other ancient …

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