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Aljazeera: Family Says Colonel Abdurahman Mahmoud Jasser’s Death Mysterious

Abdurahman JasserThe Eritrean government’s official website disclosed on Saturday that Colonel Abdurahman Mahmoud Jasser had died on February 2nd “following his recent sickness” and that he would be buried in the “Martyr’s Cemetery” on Sunday.  The government passed its condolences to “the family members and friends”.  Now, family members are saying that his death is a mystery and that the government had denied their request for an autopsy, according to Aljazeera (Arabic website).

Abdurahman Mahmoud Jasser, a veteran combatant who joined the Eritrean revolution for independence in 1975, worked for the National Security Office.   His family says that he was in good health and he had been seen publicly on January 24 in the televised celebration of Mewlid Al Nebi, which is often attended by government and party officials.

The government report does not have any details on his illness other than to say that he had been “under intensive medical care” and had been hospitalized.

While it is impossible to ascertain which version of the story is correct, the following facts are relevant:

1. The government’s decision to bury him in the “Martyr’s Cemetery” does not mean anything.  As we disclosed in the “Martyr’s Database” which we published following the 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia border war, it is very common for the government to name as “martyrs” even soldiers that it had executed.  It can also deny the honor of “martyr’s cemetery” even to Eritreans with long contribution to the revolution, as was the case with Taha Mohammed Nur, who died in prison in Eritrea.

2. There are no norms, nor consistency, in the government’s decision to disclose or fail to publicize the death of the veterans of Eritrea’s revolution.  The regime waited for days to publish the death of Ali Said Abdella, and it is yet to publish the death of Naizghi Kflu, who was buried in England after it denied burial rights to his family.

3. The announcement of the death of Colonel Abdurahman Mahmoud Jasser and the decision to bury him the next day seems highly expedited, in relationship to the death and burial of other government officials.

4. Following an uprising by members of the Eritrean Defense Force to lay seige on the Ministry of Information on January 21, the regime has arrested many government officials, including senior members of the ruling party and the government.  As part of its attempt to deny Eritreans the right to information, it is blocking Aljazeera broadcasts to Eritrea.

5. Following every “mysterious” death–or assassination attempts– the regime always promises to conduct an investigation and disclose the results–and it never does.

inform. inspire. embolden. reconcile.

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  • Abdulkamil

    we eritrean shoud be one to face dictato regim in my country.we should end partation among us .we shouldnot care about who will be the leader .moslem or christian dont care .only we should care about our rights.our rights are

  • If you support Ali Abdu?I believe you are as guilty as him. I thought you were struggling for democracy & the oppressed people in Eritrea.

  • Guava

    Mr Jabber was HGDEF or MANDEF he is a bad dictator as his boss and he is gone, the regime in eritrea has a hiden agendas you keep guessing.

  • Asmeret

    May God bless his Soul ! Time will tell if there were any intrigues behind his death. If he had anything to do with the Forto mission, they would have simply put him to jail like they are doing with many others. This is only my personal openion as many unimaginable episods are happening right infront of our bare eyes . In a unique state like Eritrea it won”t surprise me any more if there will be many such cases to come.

  • teAzabi


    The truth of the matter is Awatistas have no clue as to what transpired on Jan 21 or any of the days in the past 22 years of Eritrean independence.

    They are your average attention-seekers, period!

  • sara

    awate staff, how about the news coming from ethiobia, is it true what BOKO HAREM are creating instability there,could this have any thing to do with the government of eritrea (shaebea) the same as
    what was thought has happened in somal.

    • Ya, PIA is mostly behind such destructions, but dont worry, we manage them here. They are under control. We in Ethiopia set examples of peaceful coexistance between Christians and Moslems and we both fight etreemists and we are very successful.

  • Haregot

    “Nah, you don’t come here for “entertainment”–you come here because you are in the dark, clueless, ill-informed. And we are happy to keep you informed.” Nice reply to !Hatati. Lol

  • Kaddis

    Serray –

    I never said they should neither foresee woyane will intervene. If it decides to put pressure; you will notice, may be before I do, it will treat it as a regional issue. If you let me improvise – issues like Djibouti POW case can be overblown to attract in’l call for intervention. IGAD brings it to the AU, UN – France could threaten to intervene and IGAD member states offer assistance…… Imagine the noise and pressure they can create – without boots on the ground.

    When you say Eth gov is capable of overthrowing Shabia – I wish you are not talking about military hardware. If you see the Somalia intervention in 2006 – Eth took the heat alone until it convinced and replaced by AU troops and int’l money. But Eth had the Somali transitional gov (very weak and corrupt) to rely on . Why do you think they should take the heat for Eri ; for an opposition who are still undecided about Shabia.

    I can’t speak for Eth gov but the Eri opposition, from my limited reading of Eritrean issues in the trio webs, all start with A, are not convincing and capable of peaceful existence post-Isayas. For a starter you are 100% sure Woyane’s are out there just to chock Eritrea. Do you think you can fool the whole UN Security Council and the AU (unprecedented) to go along with the chocking exercise? How do you ask – what more you want (from the opposition)?- while being against the sanctions ? Let alone on the border issue. May be you are right – the difference b/n shabia and woyane looks closer than the Eri oppositions and woyane.

    • Serray


      Your response seemed bungled but I will try to respond. The eritrean regime is under sanctioned and isolated. The putting pressure phase is past….it is time to deliver the blow.

      The opposition came to ethiopia united…during their first meeting in 1999 they created an Alliance. The next year, the woyanes decided to pick a leader for them from a party created a few weeks ago by wedi tedla bairu. Since then, the cat and mouse game between your government and the opposition didn’t stop. Every time a united voice is heard, the woyanes elevate a nobody and try to shove them down the throat of the rest. The woyanes always pick a party least capable of doing the job. They talk about division of the opposition but they more or less cause it.

      Let me give you an example on how sinister they are. Back in 2010, the woyanes called a meeting of eritrean intellectuals at Ghion hotel. This meeting was sponsored and fully paid by woyanes. It was opened by Meles himself. The only agenda on the table (or the main agenda) was whether shaebia is an ethnic regime. Now, tell me why your government flew a bunch of eritreans all the way to ethiopia with all paid expenses to discuss the ethnic nature of a regime? But contrary to whatever they want to achieve, the attendees decided shaebia is not an ethnic regime.

      Arrogance has a limit, the woyanes thought they can do to ethiopian muslims what they did to our poor opposition: pick leaders. Like all sinister plans, this one blew on their face. They saw a small opening among your muslim population and they tried to exploit it by imposing religious leaders. Imagine the arrogance of atheists picking religious leaders. You know the rest…poetic justice I call it?

      Here is my problem, just because we are down, some of you think we lost our senses too. People like T. kifle and their echo chambers here never stop harping about meles apologized to the people they looted and deported. The woyanes deported the most successful eritreans; do you know they specifically exclude the people they deported from returning and claiming what’s left of their wealth? Stop for a minute and think about it instead of thinking a response and you will see what I mean.

  • Mark

    What do you expect from liars? To tell the truth?

    • who are the liars? we are lost in between. please clarify who are the liars? thank u

  • Kokhob Selam

    ……ልዕሊ ህልዋት……
    እታ ህጻን መዓንጣ ዘይቛጸረት:
    ሕቶ እናሓተተት ሕልናይ ቀስቀስት:
    “ሞት እንታይ እዩ ባባ?”:
    ኢላ ትሓተኒ ኣእዛና ቀሪባ:
    ሕቶኣ ከጥፍእ ይስዕማ ይስሕባ:
    መመሊሳ ትሓተኒ ተጣቢባ::
    “ሕራይ በል እንታይ እዩ ምንባር ?”
    እላ ትሓተኒ ገልቢጣ ንነገር:
    ገሪሙኒ ሜላ ኣ ክምልስ ይጅምር:
    ‘ዛ ጓለይ ሽኮር እናበልኩ ይዝርዝር-
    ኣብ ምንጎ ድቃስ ወሰዳ በለት ዕዝር::

    እዛ ህጻን፥
    ሕቶ ግልቢጣ ጉድ ገይራ :
    ትርጉም ምንባር ኣዘኪራ::
    ወይ ጉድ፥
    ሞት እንታይ ምዃኑ ካብ ዘይፈልጥካዩ:
    ምንባር ውን የልኻን መዓስ ነቢርካዮ:-
    ሰብ ድኣ መዓስ ኮይንኑ ነባሪ:
    ዓጽመ ስጋ ዝተሸከመ ተስባሪ:
    ምንባር ‘ሲ ብስርዓት ነዛ ሓጻር ዕምሪ:
    ኣብ መሬት ኣቡኻ ተወልድካላ መድሪ:
    ብግብእ ፈጽምካ ናይ ስው ኣት ሕደሪ::

    ሞት ክኣ‘ሞ ክብረት እዩ ንስለ ነጻነት:
    ንስለ ክብሪ ህዝቢ ንሙልእ ሓርነት:
    ህያው እንደኣልካ ልዕሊ ቶም ህልዋት:
    ልዕሊ ‘ቶም ኮራኩር ሊዕሊ ‘ቶም ወሽላኻት::

  • Mohammed saeed

    يجب علينا العمل من اجل :
    ١/ اعتماد التيقري بدلا من اللغات الوافدة العربية والتيقرينية .
    ٢/ نقل العاصمة الي اغوردات او مصوع او نقفة اي ان تكون محاطة بسكان من التيقري
    ٣/ اعطاء ابناء كبسا والعفر حكم ذاتي ، ونرتاح من وجع الدماغ

    • Funny you advocate the use of Tigre instead of Arabic using Arabic, ha ha ha you made my afternoon Ya Sadik Alaziz Al Muhtaram.

    • Hagherawi

      Another stupid guy with malicious ideas like Iseyas …

    • Hagherawi

      يااخونا خلبك عاقل …..

    • وهل التغرى تكتب.؟ بل تكتب بالقئز اى التفرنيا. وقئز هى التقرى عليك مراجعتها.اما ان تقول التقرى تكتب بالعربى. فهذا مستحيل. اخبرنى كيف تكتب كلمة شيوا اى ملح حرفيا الى العربي؟ مع تحياتى لك.

    • اذا كنت تعتبر ان العربية والتقرنيا لغات وافدة فلا تنسى بأنك ايضا وافد.فالاريترين مسيحيين ومسلمين وافدين. المسحين من سلالة قريش والمسلمين من الجزيرة العربية. فأى لغة اذا تختار؟ اما انا فكلا اللغتين العربية والتغرنية كما اقرتها الامم المتحدة فى الخمسينات.لك منى الف سلام. وهما اللغتان اللتان تتماشيان مع ما نحن فبه

  • Mohammed saeed

    ابناء قبائل التيقري الكبيرة بصراحة مضطهدين ليس من افورقي فقط بل من بقية الاقليات ابناء القبائل الصغيرة والاسر مسيطرين علي اي شئ في المعارضة والمنفي واللجوء .

  • Mohammed saeed

    معاناة الشعب الاريتري سببها نظام الاقلية ومعارضة قيادتها من الاقليات . مشكلتنا ابناء الاقليات يحبوا ان يسيطروا علي اي شئ ، لا اقصد التيقرينية فقط حتي في التيقري ابناء القبائل الصغيرة والاسر هم من يتسلق للقيادة بكل الطرق الشريفة او غير الشريفة . هنالك قبائل كبيرة موجودة في كل اقاليم اريتريا من زولا الي تسني مثل الالمدة الافلندا الاسفدا الرقبات الدوبعات …. الخ لا وجود لابنائها علي المستوي القيادي . لكي تحكم اريتريا بنظام ديمقراطي يجب ان تمثل قيادة المعارضة من الاغلبية ، يجب ان تكون القيادة من التيقري ومن ابناء القبائل الكبيرة يعني ود عد وود اصل .

    • اين هى الاقلية والاكثرية.اقولها بصراحة الكلام هو فى السلاح وهو الذى يقول انا الاقلبيةوانا .الحاكم. اما القبائل التى تتكلم عنهااحسن لى ولك عدم ذكراه.لك تحباتى ايها الغيور

  • Papillon

    It is really interesting. You can call it a mini-psychological study if you will but the responses or comments or follow up inputs after Forto incident are scant compared to the ever heated debates on the nation-hood of Eritrea or the issue of identity where the number of responses at times were over two hundred when in reality what should matter the most to all of us is the practical solution that has gone into motion at MoI.

    • Kaddis

      Lady Papillion –

      Forto 2013 actually surprised the opposition, the awatistas included, more than Shabia. Some have been saying for long that the opposition sounds the least informed about the current Eritrea and relied too much on their knowledge of the past. Same outdated premises are used to analyse the current Ethiopia and Woyane ( and its sugar daddy?). That is the same reason the opposition could not use Eth as a potential ally.

      Serray, a top commenter here, said (not the right words) ‘ waiting Ethiopia to intervene is like waiting the Eri military to do a coup. It won’t happen”, in one of our last conversation. Few weeks’ later Forto 2013 & Ali Abdu case immerged. Imagine if the opposition was in a position to persuade Woyane to assist to keep the Forto momentum and increase pressure on Shabia? Too bad the oppositions see the Woyane not much different than Shabia.

      • Serray


        My exact words were, “waiting for woyanes to overthrow the regime is like waiting for the generals to have coup”. You might have a point if this was a coup attempt by the generals, as it is, this is similar to the G-15, people asking isaias to do something that his very nature doesn’t allow him to do. But it will be foolish of me not to acknowledge the difference between this incident and a coup is very little, specially given the price paid by those who led it even if they happen not to be generals. I hope the next group will correct their mistake and take it directly to isaias.

        For the record, I love nothing more than to be wrong on woyanes and a military coup by the generals but I pin my hopes on those armed sleeping giants serving the the generals as slaves.

        You and T. Kifle have an obtuse way of putting things. A poor guy with absolutely no means comes to your house for help and you took him in and then complain that he didn’t ask for your help. Kaddis, your government has the means and the opposition wants to overthrow isaias; what more you want? My friend, the reason the opposition based in your country is weak is not because people like me say the woyanes have a policy of chocking eritrea to death (not overthrow isaias) but because your government has a only one policy and that is choking eritrea to death. If you don’t believe me, check the first subject discussed in your government sponsored website…whether you are better off under isaias. The woyanes would rather provide a helping hand to isaias than the opposition; he is after all making them look dignified and diplomatic.

        But you are right about one thing. We in the opposition don’t use every opportunity we got. Take the murder of Colonel Abdourahman, instead of galvanizing us it is dividing us. Another example, Ali Abdu. His defection should have been top and center showing the hallowing of the regime even at the very top; but he is quiet fearing the worst…the worst that has already happened. The only group that was determined to get rid of regime is sitting idly in addis abeba because, according to you,

        “Imagine if the opposition was in a position to persuade Woyane to assist to keep the Forto momentum and increase pressure on Shabia? Too bad the oppositions see the Woyane not much different than Shabia”. An opposition is sitting in AA with one goal but it is no different than shaebia to you. You know what mean by obtuse.

  • mihlela

    who was the ONLY from metaHit at the office of the president!

  • ahmed saleh

    The person died while he was serving his MASTER . At the same time if he was a member of
    HGDF national security we better find out his reputation . Because he is Muslim , do not mix
    things up to politicize . We sympatize with good people but not with bad spoiled ones . I
    know JASSER familly but that doesn’t mean nothing on national issues .


    As the Egyptians say: Ataluhu wa mashu fi ganaztu( they killed him and followed his funeral) and more the PFD honored the victim a martyr and buried him in martyrs cemetery to completely distance themselves of any suspicion.
    As for islamization the 21st January, ISYAS is no different than GADDAFI. When the brave Libyans attack him, GADDAFI was shouting the “Mujahideen and Al-Qaida are attacking” and when the NATO bombard his Alazizia compound, he was shouting “the crusaders are coming” So, we will hear more of this from ISAYAS “TELA’AL TA’ATEK KETET HIZBI KRISTIAN MEZUKA ASLAM” for which we all shouldn’t give an ear.

  • sara

    it looks is competing with assena in its news/akhbar
    releases,what happened to saleh and salih of, is there any change in the ownership of the website?

  • This killer dictator should be hanged in EDAGAHAMUSS

    • alem

      Berhane are you eritrean? I do not think so. What I think we should focus on is that what can we do for Eritrea to head toward progress? what will be our contribution in building the Eritrean economy? Killing does not solve the problem.

  • rodab

    John Kerry assumes office as the 68th Secretary of State.
    In its first 16 years of independence, Eritrea has seen 6 of its secretaries of State. Most of them are deceased (RIP).
    The first one was Mohamed Said Bareh.
    He was replaced by Petros Solomon.
    Which was replaced by Mahmud Sherifo.
    Which was replaced by Haile W/Tinsae (Dru’e).
    Which was replaced by Ali Said Abdela.
    Which was replaced by Osman Saleh.

    The minister of Justice, Fozia Hashem holds record of serving in the same position since independence. The minster of Energy, Tesfay G/Sillassie, who was reshuffled recently comes second record-holding. All others went thru various ups and downs, shuffle-reshuffle, frzoen-refrozen, moved-removed….

  • rastaman

    The Colonel that mysteriously passed away knew too much as being DIA’s Secret Serviceman. As the going gets rough, people that are felt to know too much have to go, before they are kidnapped or escape. The Colonel may have nothing to do with Jan 21 incident, but know s where all the skeletons are burried! You know what i mean?

  • Sele Haqi

    The courageous attempt to bring about real change in Eritrea by members of the Eritrean defence forces has now been labelled as an attempt by religious extremists (read Muslims)  to bring instability and chaos to the country.

    Those who are accused of religious extremism now  are / were members of the regime who worked day and night either to suppress the right of Muslims for the last 20 years or pay no attention whatsoever when Muslims were persecuted or deprived of their land for no any other reason but for being Muslims.

    Now the same members of the dictatorial system who were loyally  serving the regime to achieve it’s ethnocratic  hidden agendas are accused of being religious fanatics.What a loss.This is worst than death.Accusing them of attempt to over through the regime is one thing and accusing them of religious fanatism  was totally a different matter.Neither the regime they serve nor the people they hail from recognise their contribution,the former unjustifiably and the latter rightly.Most of those who are arrested now have done everything  to convince the regime that they are not Muslims let alone fanatics.They have to drink more alcohol than their Christian counterparts.Marry a Christian woman And speak the Tigrinia language more than the natives and in some instance be the main actors in the disappearance of their own Muslim brothers.After all these they are accused of religious fundamentalism.what shameful act.

    These individuals who happen to have Muslim names have long been disowned by vast majority of Muslims simply because the spectacularly failed to  raise the concern of  Muslims.On the contrary many of them  were justifying the actions of this chauvinistic regime,and finally found themselves being accused of the same  crimes labelled at other muslims.What a cruel fate.

    Obviously every justice seeking Eritrean support what they have tried to bring to the country but no doubt there will be no special or different sympathy from Muslim Eritreans  for they have not done this to benefit only Muslims but the whole country.

    On the other side of the equation is the lack of any Christian names who cooperated with them with the exception of one,I think.Why is that there are not Christians in this attempt.Yes the whole story is not yet public. But from what we know up to now there seems to be no known Christian name in this righteous  endeavour to bring about change.And this is very much worrying indeed.Are all those who are serving the regime such a narrow minded bunch of idiots who will sacrifice everything including the country in order to achieve their chauvinistic or narrow nationalistic agenda- the dominance of one ethnic group(even within that group some are more equal than others) at the expense of the rest.

    I only wish I got it wrong but it seems to me the regime is hell bent to divide the country on religious lines the consequence of which would be difficult to predict.You can only hope on the mature culture of the people to understand this Orwellian plan of the regime.The diaspora Eritreans by large seem to understand this cruel plan which was employed by Issias for so long.

    Hope some sharp minds,the likes of two Salehs and Aklilus will shade their thoughts on this.

    Almighty God save Eritrea and Eritreans from more misery please.


    • btmerhawi

      in replay Sele Haqi, First and formost you have to understand about the regime or basically issias what he does and how he functions rather than talking by emotion.your relegious outburst tainted the aim of you message. musulim and chiristians are suffered and instead of united and fight against the dictatorial regime you are taking rubbish.

    • haile

      sele haqi (hasot)

      For me, at least, I stopped reading your comment after the line “… persecuted or deprived of their land for no any other reason but for being Muslims”.

      I have no clue what you wrote after that, I had to vote with my scroll down button on you.

      • Sele Haqi

        Haile (Halay)
        It is absolutely your right to read or not read.Or agree or disagree.I have tried to explain the objective reallity as it was and is in Eritrea.Many people agree with me and many others scroll down afraid to face the reality and this is not surprising coming from people like you.

    • Please read the names in awate list of whoare captured by the regime on January 21

    • samuel

      Don’t even bring religion to this brother. This is a regime who would use any card to stay in power. Muslims n Christian has been a victim of this ruthless regime for a long time. Please stop been emotional and think of ur countru as division is a recipe for disaster. If we don’t learn from Somalia we are as bad as isiaias

      • Thanks dont dvid ertrian all of us suffer undere isayase

    • mihlela

      even though I agree with your truth 80% but you mentioned something that was supposed to be talked behind closed doors. molslems have suffered systematically the last 21 years; some of them were blames as 5y mesriE, jihad and alqaeda. I can mention at least 18 moslim who are educated, secular and loving that have been perished….I do not really expect any change after the fall of issayas, the suffering of moslim will continue! you need proof, read and its comments.

    • araya

      what is wrong with some people. you are very outdated and DHUR!
      Miskinay. it is 2013.

  • Zoo

    Hey, there was heavy rain in Massawa and there were few deaths and destruction to property and animals. PFDJ kept secretly for fear of repraisal. Last year, there was volcano in the southern red sea and the mysterouse PFDJ kept it secretly. They sould be accountable for the active god and the destruction they are causing in Eritrea. Now the Eritrean people are in fear and living with terror as the PFDJ may ban raining in Eritrea for this summer.

  • mokkta

    I suspect his death is attached with the Forto 21 issue.He might have nothing with it but now it is clear isseyas is clearing everyone he wants to get rid of by that reason.This blood sucker Isseyas has killed him for sure.Lets unite people.It is when only we all are united that we can overthrow to hell these bastard and his puppets.

  • denden

    I though Al-jazeera are out of Eritrea, how did they meet the family perhaps naive question this is with out delving to what others are high lighting the authenticity of the article.

    If is is hear and say, well typical of awate shooots first and excuses later.

    • Jasser cousen aljezra reporter we the saho we will find out who kill our be love brother working figjtng for ertria we find out soon

  • Hagherawi

    Eritrean Embassy in UK issued a statement saying that Forto 21 incident was about religious extremists (translated as “Muslim extremists who wanted to destabilize the country”). It says that the National Security Agency will take all the necessary steps to deal with the matter.
    This is another divide and rule tactic by the dictator. Iseyas played this game for 40 years. Fortunately, those who believe his malicious propaganda are gradually becoming a minority. You cannot fool people all the time.

  • Debarwatay

    Death is many times unpredictable. I have a doubt if the family have contacted the Aljazeera just to complain about the timing of their son’s death. It is very unlikely in our tradition or faith. The only reason will be if they were pushed or done on their behalf to politicize the incident in connection to what has happened on Jan 21. I belive the government has little interest in killing some one who has anything to do with the incident of Jan 21. It would have saved him for many reasons instead of killing him and lossing whatever he could have shared willingly or unwillingly on the incident. It is only a matter of time. ZEYWOGIH MESILUWA …. as our proverb goes, so many things are being speculated, confused and spinned by irresponsible agents like Awate and the like to volatile situations at any cost and at any lies. I feel bad for you all. AWAT NIHAFASH WIDKET NIFESFASH.

  • Ambassador

    Built in the master-lackey relationship is injustice. It is counter intuitive to expect honest investigations on extra judicial killings. Remember the report on a certain government official who allegedly committed suicide; and the report came out as a manifesto of character assassination… “Alkolizato geba’eku”… It was a catch phrase back then. It even had variants like the modern day meme. Unless we are longing for a similar phrase that we crack a joke with after every tipsy night, expecting meaningful investigations from the junta is futile. If you ever dare to ask, before your imminent demise these are the phrases you would get –gizie’u ay’akelen, bahli hizibawi ginbar aykonen, defa’e elina kinri’o ena, zezimliketena nigiber, mengisti medeb awutsi’u yiserhalu ‘lo…etc

    The fact that these phrases haven’t utilized yet makes one thing apparent. The victim must have had an extremely prudent life. Otherwise, we would’ve seen the puritanical face of PFDJ as part of producing a deserving victim….Like: meste endiyu abzihu, awalid endiyu abzihu, bibilshiwuna endiyu teqomaTi’u…etc…

  • Ethiopian

    Hero of aseb?lol.

  • shabait

    this is weird. his families said he was in good health & the government said he was sick. Well I will take his families word than shabait.

  • !Hatati

    Here is a conspiracy theory for you:

    A group of conspirators and their foreign sponsors come up with a plan for starting unrest in Eritrea (Dan Connell calls it an attempt to start a discussion)

    1. Pick a person the army can rally around. Saleh Osman, the man who allegedly defied Issayas’ orders to withdraw from Assab, and heroically defended it was a natural selection. Their theory goes that he is so well respected by his troops that he can not only defy Issays but would also not be easy for Issayas retaliate or arrest him.

    2.Send units lead by this mythical figure and take of state radio and TV stations to broadcast calls for an uprising.

    3. Others will follow this and take over other institutions! Some might even take out the man himself.

    4. There will be a media blitz to go hand in hand with this. The names of officers, number of troops involved and the messages to be read where already in the hands of people who would pass them on the the media for the blitz!

    5. Given this is Eritrea, if this fails make a bigger hero of the Hero of Assab and claim he has withdrawn to his base in Serejeka still being defended by his loving and loyal troops, in a bid to push other army units to join in.

    Well, that was the plan but contrary to their expectations of the myth that they tried to create around the Hero of Assab, not only did the rest of the army not join in but the 200 allegedly loyal troops he brought along with him actually never joined him and failed to defend him in the moment of truth. In fact, when he ordered them to shoot, the alleged famous line from one of them was, “ktukus entekoyne nAka’ye r’esika zbtineka”. Unfortunately, for our hero the only choice available was to put down his gun and head to ‘halewa sewra’ and possibly eraEiro. In Eritrea where even heroism is a collectively claimed ‘sega’, picking an individual hero to rally potential mutineers was the first mistake of this plan. The second mistake was not letting the “loyal” troops into the plan. Telling them they have been given an assignment at ‘eda zena’ is not exactly making them part of the plan.

    Given the diversity of the army it is down right impossible to discuss an uprising openly and to make a move collectively. That is exactly why Saleh Osman and the planners never discussed their plan with the loyal troops.

    How about that?!

    • awatestaff


      Not bad as far as conspiracies go. We particularly like your “In fact, when he ordered them to shoot, the alleged famous line from one of them was, “ktukus entekoyne nAka’ye r’esika zbtineka” Now, that is some story telling: a line nobody has ever heard of (and probably uttered by nobody) all of a sudden has the distinction of “alleged famous line.” Well done, sir.

      But, Hatati, while we poor exiled opposition can only piece together the story, why is a fine upstanding patriotic Eritrean like yourself, who presumably has access to information from his transparent and open government resorting to conspiracy theories? Why not just tell the story: names, places, time, etc? Oh, we forgot, it is under investigation and the government does not want to tip the conspirators (who, living in a cave somewhere, have no idea at all that the plan may not have gone as they planned.)

      And the difficulty in planning a mission in secret has nothing to do with Eritrea’s “diversity” but the fact that Isaias has a mole planted in every unit. Given that reality, it is actually quite a surprise that they were able to get as far as they did.

      awate staff

      • !Hatati

        It feels great to be graded by the master himself!

        So, you think I was making up lines that nobody uttered? Do you think you were not inventing lines nobody uttered when somehow you end up being the fly on the wal in the secret meetings held by Issayas and the few trusted advisers, and report what was actually said? Don’t tell me you have sources there! Don’t tell me your brother was in one such meeting and passed on the information. Do you remember when the president “died” and there was one such meeting in which moves against “the powerful generals and colonels” were laid out such as confiscating their cellphones? May be that is why Saleh Osman showed up at the MOI without telling anyone! He didn’t have his cellphone with him! He couldn’t even call “his troops” who were surrounding the MOI to tell them he was sneaking out the back door!

        Looking back at those really laughable stories, you know you were inventing things that never happened! You didn’t stop there did you? In the recent event, you were doing more of the same. According to you Saleh Osman had been in discussions with Issayas on changes he wanted to see happen in Eritrea. His actions on Jan 21, were a continuation of that “discussion”. According to you the man who arrested Petros, Sheriffo, Drue etc., the biggest wigs in EPLF, was negotiating with Saleh Osman. In fact, you made it sound that not only was he negotiating, but also he was a tad bit intimidated by the Hero of Assab! ( I swear I din’t snort at this point). So, Saleh arrives at the MOI takes hostages and makes demands, again negotiations ensue. Here again the man you accuse of ordering the shooting of unarmed wounded veterans, is mysteriously negotiating with an officer who seems to have taken it to his head that he can jump start a rebellion against the president. According to you the negotiations ended when the president agreed to heed the demands of the “rebel” officer and let him and his units (plus tanks) “retreat to Serejeka” (‘mizlaq forto dina kinblo wala mizlaq SerejeKa?). Does that sound like a thing that actually happened?

        But your “news” is an entertainment that I have come to love (as you can tell how I grace you with my presence here:) But for some reason you have denied me the pleasure of knowing what transpired between the rebel officer and the 200 men at the end of the siege! Where are the 200 men? Indulge us!

        • awatestaff

          Any time, Hatati:

          Well, we are just a ragtag little media outfit, remember. We are more interested in hearing the answers from you since you swear by Eri-TV and Ministry of Information (Serving The Truth.) So, pray tell us what are they saying about the events of January 21, will you? All we have heard from your side so far is from second and third-stringers about what somebody told somebody they know about what he overheard somebody else saying. Of all the tall tales told on your side– from they were only a handful terrorists (Madote), to it was all over in 10 minutes (alenalki), to the alleged death (“tekhariju dikum tblwo”) of one of the occupiers of Forto (Oakland PFDJista Alazar Abraham), your invention is an instant classic “ktukus entekoyne nAka’ye r’esika zbtineka”. Well, it is a runner up to Alazar’s claim of what happened to the 200 soldiers (zakl m’engad tegeyrlom.) Whenever you guys make up this stuff, you really should warn people not to be eating or drinking because they may just choke or spit out whatever is on their mouth.

          When our side (awate, assenna, Erena and the tons of writers at facebook, tons or speakers at Paltalk–the entire opposition that, according to you, doesn’t exist:-) discuss this issue, they informed you before your government did that something happened on January 21 at 10:00 am at the Ministry of Information. (Date and time.) We told you that people like Saleh Osman, Wedi Ali, Wedi Suleiman were involved–we even told you they were from enda 42 (specific names, titles); we told you that Abdella Jaber and Mustapha Nurhussein were arrested (more names), we told you wedi Mokye was injured and hospitalized (more names.) We told you that those who were involved in or sympathetic to the January 21 incident have been crossing the border to Sudan. And then we told you there is much we still don’t know but we will share when we know.

          What does your side have? Officially, nothing. Nothing on Eri-TV, nothing on Dmtsi Hafash, nothing on Hadas Ertra. But, through its wahyo and belatedly, it told you something happened on January 21 (why? who knows), that it involved five people (no names), and that Abdella Jaber and Mustapha Nurhussein have been arrested (Why? who knows.) Nah, you don’t come here for “entertainment”–you come here because you are in the dark, clueless, ill-informed. And we are happy to keep you informed.

          awate staff

  • !Hatati

    I have been waiting for this for a couple of days! So, the government killed the colonel and decided to make a news out of it? How about a simple disappearance? In a nation where it is alleged that the government would harass family members for a non-payment of 2% tax by relatives abroad, the family of the deceased colonel some how decided to speak to Aljazeera expressing a contradicting account of his death? By disclosing this Al Jazeera doesn’t fear for the family’s safety?!

    Haqu d’a!

    What is strange about you guys is that I would have expected you to be writing more about the Jan 21 incident now than you did on that day. Given your sources inside Eritrea one would expect more ‘tulul’ information from you as things become clearer. But all you have done so far is sensationalize the incident, backed up by Al Jazeera, for a day or two and fall back to your usual sarcastic self. Why do your sources dry up like that in the aftermath.

    Unfortunately for you, the prologue seems to be the story. May be you should have called it a short story.

    • rodab

      You are raising a valid point about family members notifying Aljazeera and not getting arrested. This is a regime that could arrest you for sneezing (a bit exageration there, but the point is clear), so I am suspecious about this news.
      The othe thing is how does a family in Eritrea contact Aljazeera? Or did the network phoned the family upon hearing the news on the state media? I also like a link of the report to google-tranlate it and see the full content.

  • tesfai

    Dear friends,

    Good 20 years of a rule of terror after 30 years of a war of attrition against Ethiopian occcupation and ist foreign supporrters

  • zaki

    Dear Gedab news.
    There is nothing mysterious about it. Obviously, the man was killed following last weeks forto uprising. The regime attributed the uprising to Muslim elements. Since, paranoia is getting the best out of the regime, the knives are out to settle the score once and for all regarding high ranking Muslims within the army and security of the regime. I hope Awate can bring attention to this fact.

  • Yesterday was posted in an HGDEFawyan supporters paltalk which they mentioned one of the colonels (not mentioned name of the colonel)shot dead ( tekharija )during the seige in information minister office so he could be the one

  • Hagherawi

    It Iseyas is terribly upset that a group of soldiers managed to come to Asmara and make their voice heard without the so-called National Security Agency either not knowing about it at all or ignoring it purposely. What were you doing … till these people reached the gates of Forto ?, was may be his question to those in charge of NSE. Most probably this was the reason for which Col. Abdulruhman Jasir was killed and others at the top will disappear when the right time comes also for them. Iseyas is in trouble because he is running out of options as who is to be taken as reliable and among his yes men. This particular case shows that the regime is in deep crisis and it’s end is not years away.

  • Abdu Suleiman

    That was my instinctive response on reading the news,
    No surprise same suspicion is also shared by others, negeru… neger wedi dimu eyu…

    This has been my expectation, I will not be surprised if I see more mysterious
    deaths and disappearances … I guess the regime has become quite too predictable now
    a days.

    As predictions go now.. it looks the end is being predicted, and arguably the regime will follow suite.

    with the mercy of the Almighty I hope to see the end of our “Sidet”!!!
    (I have no better word to replace “Sidet” it is very different to us… translation in other words.. other languages would fit the context we speak of “Sidet”!!!)

  • haile

    Dear Awate;

    The following, from your article above may not be accurate either:

    “The government passed its condolences to “the family members and friends”.

    According to the statement you referred to (shabait):

    “The National Security Office extended condolences to family members and friends of Col. Abdurahman”.

    So, technically, it was his “colleagues” not the “government” that “passed its condolences”.

  • Papillon

    Dear Gedab News,

    Mario Puzzo would have been delighted and certainly fascinated with the person of Isaias as Puzzo gained a literary fame in his imaginative skills in bringing about the dark world of La Familia (read: Mafia) to the smoke-screen. Don Corleone is a child’s play in the foot steps of Isaias as the latter is an epitome of what a Cosa Nostra is all about. As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise as Isaias makes an offer to his enemies they can not refuse* where they are rendered disappear into the thin air should they opt to refuse to dance to his tune. It is an absolute disgust and immoral to refer him as a president and the syndicate he runs as a government. No kidding.

    *A famous line in the movie, “The God Father”.

    • Haregot

      I can not wait for your next great comment.

    • Kokhob Selam

      perfect. now shall a gang take over the family by killing the father and be (considered) father?

      the best thing is I think first to describe the word government. and we may put all rulers as governments including kingdoms and even fascists. HGDEF? what is the mission of this group? that is the reason I expect the group to kill himself. if they do so, that will be the best thing done in history. if not change should be inevitable with less possible price.

    • nurhussein s

      Dear popillio;May God bless u for emlighten :Issayas never presides over anything .he always dictatet things to his yes men.Please my compatriots let’s call a spade a spade;he is a DICTATORE !!!!!!

  • Aman

    I think his next day burial can be attributed to his faith. I would have been more suspicious if his death was described as “weki-libi” (heart attack)….then again, you never know with this a*******. Anything can happen.