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2020-Eritrean Prisoneres’ List

Read the entire list in PDF format here:  Eritrean prisoners’ list: 2020

On 17 July 1991, barely seven weeks after liberation day, state security arrested Mohammed Maranet and took him to an undisclosed location, not to be heard from again. Thus began the plight of one family in Keren for which the dark side of our post-Independence reality unfolded much sooner than for many of us.

Nearly 30 years on, his children, now grown up men and women, and their bereaved mother, are still waiting for answers.

Mohammed Maranet, born on the banks of Anseba river in a village north of Keren, was a teacher at Keren Ma’had, the Islamic school attached to the main mosque, from 1970 to 1985. Thereafter, and up to the day of his disappearance, he served as a judge (qadi) in Keren, Ghindae and Agordat.

Maranet was not new to incarceration. In 1969, in his final year as a student, he was arrested at the main bus station in Keren, moments after receiving a letter from the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) secretly

delivered to him. He was subsequently sentenced to 1 year in prison which he spent at ‘Karsheli’ in Asmara.

Mohammed Maranet ––Teacher, judge.

Abducted by the Isaias regime on 17/07/1991 and still missing


Following his release, he continued his ELF work in the town and soon after became a key organizer of ELF’s underground activities in Keren. He was once again arrested in December 1973 together with scores of other members of ELF’s clandestine cells in the city (mostly Keren Secondary School students). The arrested received varying prison sentences, the harshest of which was reserved for Maranet, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison with hard labor. He was set free when the EPLF1 entered Keren in July 1977, after serving three and a half years of his prison term. Mohammed Maranet is one of thousands of Eritreans languishing in the dictator’s jails without any charges being brought against them. Their families do not know their whereabouts or whether they are alive.

Read the entire list in PDF format here:  Eritrean prisoners’ list: 2020

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The Q & A:

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Awatistas,

    Dr Jelal Yassin have studied about the relationship of Pushkin to Eritrea and Eritreans. He also translated one of Pushkin’s poem “ከመይ አለኻ ዘርኤይ” ዘርእስታ. Pls moderator this is an important lesson and give it, its special importance to the link, despite it is not a weekend. In the mean time, I would like to thank Dr Jelal for the well done job. Enjoy the story of one of our own.



  • Amanuel

    Thank you Ahmed.

    I have more details about Kidane (Wedikeshi) as he was a friend. He might be the driver of Petros at some point in the past (not sure) but before independence he was a radio operator for Petros and after independence he worked for General Auditor office as a civil servant.

    • Ahmed Raji

      Many thanks Amanuel. The file will be updated regularly reflecting new info, corrections and updates. Feedback such as this one is crucial.
      I take this opportunity to appeal to anyone who has relevant information on anyone who is unlawfully detained or disappeared by the Eritrean regime to contact the “Eritrea’s Disappeared” page on Facebook.

  • Desbele

    Thank you Ahmed,
    I personally know two mentioned on the list. Dawit Habtemichael who has disappeared since 2001. He was my class mate in UoA . Sociable, athletic (he was a member of the university volley ball team) and bright student. He was 25 at the time of his disappearance.
    Emnet Woldai, mother of 3. Detained at Mai Sirwa since 2014.
    I hope one day the perpetrators of these heinous crimes would face justice.

    • Ahmed Raji

      Thank you Desbele for the feedback and for the additional information.

  • Haile S.

    ሰላም ኣሕመድ፡

    Catacombs ሃኒጽካ ብስእሎም
    ንሶም ተሳኢኖም ተሪፉ ምስሎም

    ሃኒጽካ ዓቢ ሓወልቲ
    ናይ ህይወት ተሰዋእቲ
    ዝታዳጎኑ ዝጠፍኡ ምእንቲ
    ዝቃወም ህዝቢ ኮኑ ኣምለኽቲ
    ሃገር ተሓዋዊሳ ምስ ገዛእቲ
    ኰንና ተሪፍና ተዓዘብቲ
    ከምኡ’ውን ዘንጋዕቲ
    ሓሊፍና’ውን ገሌና ረሳዕቲ
    ጽሑፍካ እዩ ናይ ብሓቂ ሃብቲ
    መዛኻኸሪ ዓቢ መዛግብቲ
    ክሳብ ዝህነጸሎም እምነ-በረድ ሓወልቲ

    ጩራ ብርሃን ስኢልካ ኣብ ድቕድቕ ጸልማት
    ዝበርህ ይግበሮ ጽባሕ ድሕሪ ዚ’ኹሉ መዓት

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ሰላማት ኣሕመድ
    እዚ ሰፊሕ ናይ እሱራት ሰነድ
    ቆቢዐይ ኣውጺአ ይንእደካ

    ስጊንጥር ግዜ በጺሕና
    ኣብ ግዝኣት-ህግደፍ
    ተቐቲሉ ተኣሲሩ
    ስደት ኬዱ ተሰዊሩ

    ኣበይ ኣለዉ ከይትብሉ
    ህዝቢ ብዘይዕላዊ መስመር ተነጊሩ
    ኡስ ኣፉ ሓቲሙ

    ትሕቲ ዕድመ
    ካብ ዕድመ-ጡረታ ዝሰጎመ
    ከም ዓለሙ ተሰጀነ
    ወሪዱዎ ግዝኣት-ቱርኪ

    ሰብ ጨሓማት ይስየሙ
    ከዳዓት ይሽለሙ

    ባዕላቶም ወንጀልቲ
    ሕጊ-ዘይፈልጡ ፈረድቲ
    ካብ ኮኑ

    ብ ኣልማማ ሰብ ይእሰር
    ኣብ ግዝኣት-ህግደፍ

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Ustaz Ahmed,

    Thank you for this valuable work.
    Further, I hereby witness that Ahmed Raji is a national hero for the priceless contribution he has made in the way of exposing through concrete facts and events the injustices inequalities the Eritrean people have been subjected to under a totalitarian regime at whose center sits a ruthless despot.

    For me and many others, this is a second most important work Ahmed has done in the service of justice. After reading Ahmed’s works, one remains lost in thoughts pondering how callous and with dead conscience can compatriots among the Eritrean people become to defend a regime that commits such cruelty and its cruel leader.

    • Sultan

      Selam Ustaz Ismael:
      I SECOND you.
      I equally wonder as to why those of us, who are anti-PFDJ and its crimes have not done enough to save those innocent patriots, heroes and heroines as well as their families and to have taken swift actions before it was too late.
      Those, whom we claim to be supporters of the regime are not really supporters of the regime but also the victims of the regime .
      Both sides from both aisles are to blame/ to be blamed for and to be accountable for as well.
      Remember that this evil action by the evil regime is not new but as old as our armed struggle and we have known and noticed these evil actions for the last 50 yrs.
      The major issue is NOT about knowing those crimes but about NOT ACTING against them since they have happened and are happening on a day light and in front of our eyes.
      We should worry about this , not about the alleged PFDJ supporters!
      It is COMPLICIT from and by both sides.

      That is how I see it.
      Btw, Berhe Y accused me for allegedly disrespecting you, which was not my intention at all and I clarified myself and apologies if if u felt that way.

  • Brhan

    Thanks Ustaz Ahmed Raj,
    This is a great work. It is a record that shows crime against humanity committed by the dictatorial regime. It is also a call to the international community to make this dictatorial regime accountable like the other dictatorial regimes that committed crimes against
    humanity against their citizen.

    Thank you again

    • Ahmed Raji

      Absolutely, Brhan. We should use all pieces of evidence documented over the years to build a legal case against the regime. I am sure the various human rights organizations and activists are capable of accomplishing such project.

      • Sultan

        Selam Ya Ustaz Ahmed:
        As usual, one of its kind compilation . Thank you.
        This file itself was, should have been and should be more than enough and solid case against the regime and to get rid off it.
        When I saw an old picture of the Central Committee members of the EPLF , there are only 2 people alive or surviving and I made it go viral declaring that we have more than a solid case to go after the regime and get rid off it.
        There is/was a huge compilation by a certain Negassi or so based in Amsterdam, Holland, who has been doing a great job of compiling such historical documents of utmost significance since our struggle started.
        Even though politically incorrect,Prof Amanuel Hidrat is,in fact, right on the $ when he declared that we Eritreans as a people in general and the ones at home in particular, are but “coward”.
        But it would be politically correct for me to blame more the Eri Diaspora in general and the Opposition in particular .
        I know people here will attack me mercilessly and call me with names for saying so.
        “ To make a Legal Case”!???
        When ? After every body is dead and detained?
        I know people here will keep telling me that am insulting the Opp since the opp has been doing its best and that people like me are the obstacles but I tell them that doing the best with no success of any significance is more than doing NOTHING.
        There should be something we are missing.
        Hope we are not doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Ahmed,

    Thank you for compiling our prisoners who are languishing under the PFDJ regime. Your ability to document things is amazing. This one and your “Rainbows” are big historical contributions in informing and enlightening our people. I can’t appreciate you enough my distinguished compatriot. Stand tall, always.


    • Ahmed Raji

      Thank you Emma.

  • said


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    • Sultan

      Ya Saidna:
      -Deadly Fear-mongering
      -Supremacist Agenda
      Are some of the most dangerous strategies for political success .
      They used it effectively in 2016 and they are using even sophisticatedly and effectively now.
      There is a high prob and likelihood that they will succeed.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Awate,

    This article is not displaying at all. Thanks.

    • Nitricc

      Fantish; don’t you get it? there are NONE. that was the whole point. lol . It must be true that the government of Eritrea has released prisoners.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Selamat Nitriccay

        A good one!

        • said

          Greeting Fanti Ghana, the good Ethiopian and you should be the witness to truth and you know better. There is no Prisoners in Eritrea , second to north Korea . Just like Ethiopia all Prisoners are free?

          As you might know Mother land Ethiopia is facing bloody conflagration of fratricidal interethnic war and it must be contained peaceful and address the justices issue head on. The present government need also consider the greater bloodbaths that could follow and it must avoid break out. Ethiopia is facing destitution, war and weaponised stupidity were all commonplace, A genuine domestic discontent would erupt any time . The free speech warrior, PMAA,a self-identified and the self-styled “centrist” any article and pieces would have to go through the censoring scissors of the service. What is challenging is bound to be offensive . This comes terribly close to having no opinions politicly what happing in Ethiopia , or at least the sort you can legitimately express with no fear . There is no Freedom of speech in Ethiopia . Freedom of speech is fundamental to a thriving, secular democracy. they claim that he is for freedom, he just a nice, rational guy responding to a chaotic Ethiopia ,he has lost much of his credibility with his people, turn people back to passivity and obedience and A heavy dose of hypocrisy ,he had not achieve desired outcomes , Ethiopia under PMAA has its faults ,in the land helped in maintaining the delusion. his insufferable brand of Optimism, that had made him a star in across Ethiopia. but it must be conceded that real intelligence and guile is necessary to convince some millions Ethiopia living in their poor village. It surely takes skill to shift the attentions of the masses and mass incarceration and ethnic -ideologically-driven slaughter. domestically Ethiopian needs to have the freedom to resolve the crisis and “Free elections,”

          What happened to Christian heritage of love and peace of Ethiopian Orthodox Church

          Christianity of Greco-Roman that contributed to the advancement of the West. heritage theologians of the Church who spoke of the infinite worth of the human soul and prepared that ground for the revolutionary idea that all human beings – no matter how great or small – are entitled to equal considerations and rights. And Protestant ethic of hard work and fuel the forces of free market capitalism which generated unprecedented levels of prosperity for western countries at very least and their ordinary people.– both of the Catholic and Protestant strain – shaped and advanced Western civilization. Do think we will see Ethiopian renaissance soon with PMAA on the top

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat said,

            My apologies if my response to Nitricc sounded as confirmation to his “there are no prisoners” claim. I thought that he was joking and I thought it was a clever joke although, as Ted correctly reminded us, it is not a joking matter.

            You are right the situation in Ethiopia looks grim and I hope it gets better soon. The sooner national dialogue takes place the better it will be for the country, but if PMAA sees that as the beginning of the end to his power the drama will continue and the country will sink even deeper.

          • said

            Salam Fanti
            I want to see Ethiopia united in peace
            Today Talk of a ethnic and sectarian politics that is emerging in Ethiopia and in the rise of all sort of movements across . The “Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)” ethnic-based movements fought for recognition of the Oromo people in Ethiopia and they have become increasingly political and demanding more rights within Ethiopia, the country in transition to democracy and its federal constitution allowed for more autonomy among its regional peoples. TPLF have benefited enormously from considerable autonomy with their own powerful regional Province and strong force and in many regards they benefited most , this has emboldened and exacerbated “ethnic nationalisms” and political movements are unlikely to go away any time soon. Ethiopian ethno-nationalist movements will remain political movements, always yearning for something more.
            Ethiopia is easily and often criticized as a naive exaggeration or a misguided historical analogy. In the age of PM AA, such objections feel like reckless efforts to deny the growing relevance of the term and the danger posed by a Ethiopia society and for same time staring into the abyss of a menacing and ruled authoritarianism for all long time. In fact, the case can be made that rather than harbor an element of truth, such criticism further normalizes the very ethnic it critiques, allowing the extraordinary and implausible, if not unthinkable, to become ordinary Ethiopian citizen . Under such circumstances, Ethiopian history have a lot of graveness by many ethnic group to start with ,which never being addressed ,is not simply being ignored or distorted, it is being erased. Almost every ethnic group have being mobilizing passions of ethnic fascism have been unleashed unlike anything we have seen
            In long time , some for political reason have being propagate social divisions, tear apart social harmony and bonds, destroy little reaming social contract, many ethnic group for historical reason are against Amhara supremacy and same are against supremacy of TPLF. In doing so, they have not only tapped into the growing collective suffering and anxieties of millions of people in order to redirect their anger and despair into a language that operates in the service of violence, they have also turned critical ideas to ashes by disseminating a toxic mix of ethnic fascism, civic ignorance, and propagation of a culture of lies and the elevation of emotion over reason and logic The entrepreneurs of hate are with us once again producing dystopian fantasies out of the decaying Ethiopian communities and landscapes created by tens of years of a feral feudalism lord of kings and commonest militarized Derge and replaced supremacy of TPLF with corrupt feudal capitalism that benefited few ,rampant cronyism, a disdain for dissent and intellectuals .All this group the have one thing in common and unprecedented convergence includes. a complete hate of justice, equality and disdain for human rights. and the rule of law . Absent of democracy and Ethiopian state used and endorsement of violence against their political enemies.

            All this group of a different variation and version produce were of same Wolof cloth , they propagated ,shaped , and sustain their ethnic and political ideas, they desired , and social relations that contribute to the disintegration of what ever existed social bonds and promote a form of social Darwinism in which the large fish eat the small fish ,it is misfortune , and is seen as a weakness and the Hobbesian rule of a war of all against all others ’
            replaces any vestige of shared responsibility and compassion for others who are different ethnic . The central power of Addis Ababa as we have seen it plate prejudice and hate, ethnos centric filled eco chamber in the cultural and political sphere cannot be underestimated in terms of the venomous poison it produces and the minds it colonized of other ethnic group for century . Ethiopian are lives at a time in which every group is for themselves and Ethiopia state should avoid violence and a culture of cruelty ,that being used for long time and it is not badge of honor, should not become normalized, and echo a past that appears to unleash new horrors adapted for the current historical moment. PM AA should be very carful in unchecked militarism ,In this historical monument and ascendant age of unapologetic brutality that is emerging , learning to love peace and justice and be human becomes more is more difficult in Ethiopian context , especially when many ethnic feel they being victimized historically and a others were considered disposable in past and all social problems are clearly individualized and actions are divorced from realty and moral consequences.
            In Ethiopia harmony will not come easy ,sadly ignorance becomes the breeding ground not just for hate, but for a culture that represses of century of historical memory, Ethiopian makeup ,need to understanding of the importance of shared values, and to make tolerance a non-negotiable element of civic rights and dialogue. What Ethiopian are witnessing is a shrinking of the political space and moral and objective Ethiopian should deal with Justice for , thoughtful reasoning and collective resistance for injustice . Ethiopian should be on guard and to never reallow or re-emerge again after the horrors and death inflicted on millions by previous kings and recent dictators.

      • Ted

        Hi Nitric,
        This is never a joking matter. Countless children have lost their fathers or mothers or both. Mothers and fathers have died from crying and sadness from loss of a family. In Eritrea three are thousands of families who do not know the whereabouts of their family members, as the government you worship and defend day in day out have kidnapped and dissaploperd them. You and the likes of you are laughing at our despair. But it won’t be long……

        • Nitricc

          Hi Ted; So what don’t you go and fight the PFDJ? Sitting in here and complaining about won’t do you good. You people are funny. When it suits you, you will say, the system is repressive, no free speech, no free press, no one knows what is going, no information then you turn back and say there are thousands are in prisons and there are hundreds of prisons; how do you know? you see how fake this is. Every government puts citizens in prison.

          • Brhan

            Hello Nitricc,
            You said:
            “Every government puts citizens in prison but the due process is a must. that is where the Eritrean government goes wrong”
            At least you are here at awate.com opposing the government , if you have said that at PF(DJ), you would have been in the list of the prisoners above”

          • Sultan

            The most dangerous thing besides lack of due process is indiscriminate kidnapping, detention and even extrajudicial killing, an old new deadly culture of the armed struggle!

          • Nitricc

            Hey Sultan; i am not saying all is good and there are no problems but since everyone who opposes the government tells you everything is doom and glum, everything the government does is wrong, everything can’t be wrong and i never heard any positive thing from them. Now, why should i believe what they are saying? it is fake news.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Private nitricc, sole-cell man,
            There is nothing positive in the hgdf’s world. Nothing.

        • Amanuel

          Hi Ted,
          Don’t waste your time to convince this Nitricc account. It is a robot created to defend the PFDJ gangs.

        • Abi

          Hello Ted
          Welcome back. It has been a very long time since you last commented.
          I hope all is well with you.