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Monthly Archives: April 2013

‘Eritrean Unity’: As Power Over Life

The Unconscious Eritreans We are the worst of the worst; ask any fellow. The global biopolitics has put us in the worst of 1%. Imagine any human parameter of normative value, at a global scale, and line individual values in a curve, and you observe Eritreans falling under the lowest 1% of this normal curve…

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Yosief’s Circular Journey In Search Of Ethiopia

 Yosief’s Circular Journey in search of Ethiopia: an identity Crisis or just plain mischief? When I suggested ignoring Yosief Ghebrehiwet in my last article[1], I had no idea that he had already netted quite a few disciples or that his views were spreading. Since then, I learned from many quarters including from comments on my…

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The Report Card On Eritrea’s Turtle Economy

What is the role of governments? That is: when should a government’s coercive power be used? The answer is on a continuum: on the one side is a classic libertarian view which argues that the only time a government’s coercive power should be used is to protect the private property of citizens (Locke) and/or to…

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Human Trafficking & the Single Focus on Its Inhumane Aspects

Since 2001, Eritreans have added new words to their exile vocabulary. They have new words for new destinations and new graveyards: Lampedusa, Italy.  Calais, France.  Almeria, Spain. Tel Aviv, Israel.  They have new entry points to further destinations: the Tijuana-San Diego border.  The Quebec-Vermont border.  The Buffalo-Ontario border.  They have traveled to countries no Eritrean…

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Evaluating The Performance Of The ENCDC

Evaluation of the work of Eritrean National Democratic Council (ENCDC) up to the second regular meeting Eritreans for Democracy, Justice and Equality (EDJE) Introduction: The ENCDC represents the last link in a long chain of developments achieved in the course of the Eritrean Opposition’s struggle to improve its mechanisms and capabilities. It was the culmination…

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Wise Barber, Ravens And Machiato…

Usually, I report to my readers immediately after I return from a travel or an event. This edition of Negarit was delayed a lot, first due to the pressures of making up for lost time, then attending to stuff as result of the server breakdown that had to be fixed (archives still in the process).…

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Djibouti and Isaias Afwerki’s Secret Visit To Qatar

Barring any last-minute changes,  Isaias Afwerki is paying an unpublicized visit to Qatar on Tuesday to meet with its Emir to discuss the stalled Eritrea-Djibouti border agreement. According to our sources, Djibouti’s president, Ismail Omar Guelleh, who was also invited, has indicated that he will not show up unless Qatar provides assurances that Isaias Afwerki…

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Canada: FM John Baird Warns Eritrean Consulate

10 Jul 2014 Gedab News Comments (51)

In a strongly worded statement, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird warned the Eritrean consulate in Canada to stop collecting taxes…

Gissen, Germany, Bans PFDJ Festival

10 Jul 2014 Gedab News Comments (4)

Following the example of the belated decision by the Italian city of Bologna to ban Eritrean government sponsored festivals, Giessen,…

Betrayal And Predicament Of An Eritrean Artist

09 Jul 2014 Beyan Negash Comments (4)

“During the struggle era I was also painting, telling the story of the struggle, the culture of the people…

Italy Still Serenading The Eritrean Dictator

08 Jul 2014 Awate Team Comments (12)

On July 2nd, 2014, Italy's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lapo Pistelli, met President Isaias Afwerki in Asmara, and Ethiopian…



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