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Melbourne Rally 2012: For How Long Can We Tolerate Oppression?

So, why should we stop raising our voices on behalf of the voiceless and oppressed people in Eritrea?

As in previous years, we call on the Diaspora communities living in the free world that have chosen to be silent in the face of oppression and the ever growing injustice committed against the Eritrean people to fight for the people’s rights. We remind you that you are morally obliged and duty bound to speak for the Eritrean people and to stand-up against injustice. We remind you the freedom that you enjoy are the outcomes of sacrifices paid by people who believed in liberty, freedom, justice and democracy. So, why don’t you demand for the Eritrean people the same civil rights that you are relishing? We encourage you to be part of the struggle for democratic change?

Although you are aware of the dire situation inEritrea, we remind you of the following:

  • Our youth have been denied the right to proper education and are forced to serve in the military for indefinite period; they have wasted their youth, future and valuable time in trenches
  • Our elderly have been arrested, fined a sum of money well beyond their financial capacity and humiliated being accused of assisting their children to flee Eritrea.
  • Our religion leaders and teachers arrested without any charges and fair trial; Many of them disappeared and their whereabouts are unknown to-date.
  • Our politicians have been incarcerating for demanding the implementation of the constitution.
  • Our people’s land have been confiscated
  • Our farmers have been ordered not to sell their produce and to hand part of their produce to the Eritrean regime
  • PFDJ refused to accept any form of humanitarian aid while the Eritrean people are in desperate need of assistance

These are some examples (the tip of the ice berg) of the sad situation in our home country. If these atrocities and irresponsible acts by the Eritrean regime don’t move your conscience, what else? If the drowning of Eritrean youth, women and children in high seas doesn’t move your conscience, what else? If human trafficking and the slaughtering of Eritreans for their organs don’t move your conscience, what else? Finally, If the people’s uprise that toppled dictatorial regimes in North Africa doesn’t empower and inspire you to fight for justice and democracy, what else?

Enough is enough, fight for the people’s rights.

MelbourneRally Organising Committee

4 January 2012

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  • Wey gud

    Congratulation! now you fools have evolved from thugs into fully grown terrorists!. And you keep on shooting your own foot, by going further and further away from the Eritrean people. Pass that to your old Doctor – By the way, he falls under number 5 of my list above – pass that along to him too. And, tell him to be careful because, anti-Eritrean hooligans are set out and may hunt him by mistake…..you know? fools are fools. And hooligans are hooligans. They don’t have sense of direction. They don’t know what is what. They don’t have brain of thier own. Normaly they are lead by somebody or somthing (For instance – Woyanie – whose sole purpose is to distabilize Eritrea, destroy the Unity of the Eritrean people). And above all, hooligans are hollow deep inside, and work hard to destroy the core values of Eritrea, to destroy the very sense of Eritreanism. And, like you and your good Doctor, the always PROJECT SUBORDINATION!!!. THEY HAVE TO HAVE A LEADER FROM BEHIND (WOYANIE). THEY NEVER LEARN TO STAND ON THEIR OWN. – Pass that along to your good Doctor. May god protect him from the Hooligans of his creation

  • kubur

    Thanks the almighty God, I am out of the brutal life I have exprianced for the past 7 years. Now I can live with out fear and help my self and my family. And I can only wish the same thing for my friends who are suffering under the meciless inhuman leadership. Mr. Wey Gud why do u go to serve the counrty and report for us from the cave rather than “hiding behind a PC” in a confortable life. IDIOT.

  • The_Truth

    Maybe if you got rid of the Jebha flags people would join you. It just seems like you idiots are still holding on to a grudge that many Eritreans have long forgotten. This is why the opposition is so weak. A bunch of old men who continue to hold on to a bitter and divisive past.

    • Kokhob Selam

      why is it that flag important? If you are allergic of that blue cloth don’t worry it can be changed. what we can’t change is the principle. the principle of the people who hold that flag was and is to have a free nation call Eritrea with its democratic system. so even the flag can be the same what PFJD is using if you like it. now the story of EPLF has ended this way it has become history the same as ELF’s we are proud of both but that history already. they have done what they can and we admit the historical mistakes of both. Now there is a party call PFDJ governing with our rule. everything is bad. Staying with PFDJ is all negative and shameful. locally and internationally rejected group. we need to clean it and we have done most of the work.you must do your part with us.

  • It is great that the Melbourne Rally Committee has started organizing Eriterians in Australia to make the VOICE OF THE VOICELESS MASSES heard on the mainland. All democratic forces throughout the world should back this attempt as was done in the other countries and continents. BRAVO! We shall win! We shall build a democratic Eritrea over the grave of the PFDJ. Keep it up!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Honestly speaking this awatestaff is expected even more than this as this is the only fearless and that represents all our people. Today for example we have heard from Wegahta/Salina Radio that there are 13 young men under bedewin and this is the site we expect to push the opposition leadership to move and take action. The new leadership is busy at this moment in solving Eritrean case from the root but the temporary solution for those urgent problems should be seen also.
    To save the life of those 13 Eritreans is possible by contacting the international community and if operation needed I think everybody is ready to pay his life.

    • WEY GUD

      “I think everybody is ready to pay his life.”…..he says…LOL
      I bet you are a burned-out, x-ELF old fool, who already died in 1981. You are fooling no one old chap!

      • Kokhob Selam

        Wey Gud, why care even about me more than the mass. I am just one man but ask the people. Those 13 men in Sinai are yours and mine brothers and sisters or children. They are Eritreans. As for me the death of one soul among them is painful and to be honest even you the guy who is supporting PFDJ die today of tragic it pains me because cause you are my brother. For the story of 1981 or Ex-Jebha or other just the subject is closed as EPLF is also gone. I think if we had been hearing the voice of democratic elements we could have been in peace since ever.
        Today there is one new Era. Don’t worry if you have committed crime in the past just come and join us. This is good chance for you to be an Eritrean. Or else better to be quite and don’t stand in front of the mass. Smerrrrrrrrrr

        • WEY GUD

          Kokob Selam
          This is getting more and weirder. Are you guys delusional or what? Join you? Who are you again?
          By the way, you people should stop crying crocodile tears for those who lost their lives in Sinai deserts, may God rest their souls. That is a tragedy. But is also more sad because you fools are trying to take ownership of this, and shamelessly are using it as a pointing finger at our government
          But, Eritreans know that “a youth in Sawa serving his country is far, far better than a dead brother in Sinai desert” don’t you agree? (May be not, you are a selfish xxxxxxx after all). I wish all those who perished in the desert were alive and serving their country right now!!!. I hope it will be a good lesson to other youth who might be misled by fools like you and flee their country in search of unattainable, imaginary heaven. And, you know fools like you would be accountable for all the tragedy, as you are luring and misleading innocent guys. Your mentor, (woyanie with the help of US) have also created a “Migration Corridor” through which they lure our young. But hey

          • kokhob selam

            easy sir, the problem of supporters is that they can’t admit their mistakes and go in blaming others. why don’t you just relax and say things that serve you and me and others. I only said Smerrr. only be part of the people, by being honest first with yourself. till you stop supporting PFDJ still we will see more crime in deserts. and you see you are part of the crime by supporting the group. so don’t burn and be angry for old mistakes and we will forgive you as you were only lost. but do this before we won. catching you on PFDJ’s camp will be very bad for you. smerrrrrr

        • WEY GUD

          Kokeb Selam,

          You better wake up and stop with this “We” staff. Here is a check list for you. Please apply which ones apply to you.
          1. You are a Woyanie, hiding behind a PC pretending to be an Eritrean, working hard to destabilize Eritrea and trying to shake Eritrean Unity.
          2. You are a one of the “ANATSU WOYANIE”, a Woyanie Sell-out fool, like the owner of this website, Amanuel Eyassu, Michael Abraha. These ANATSU give a squat about Eritrea, and would not hesitate to sell out their mother, let alone Eritrea, for a mere selfish benefit. The Eritrean people are watching out for these ANATSU patiently and calmly. Watching till the right time ……patiently…Among these are the ones, who are in Ethiopia since 1991 (Like Tewelde….), and become one and the same as the Woyanie, and who simply know more about Ethiopia than Eritrea.
          3. You are a burned- out x-ELF old brat, who doesn’t know east from west. And the only thing in your mind is VENDETTA against Issayas, at any cost. And you would not hesitate to fulfill your dream at the expense of the Eritrean people, at the Expense of Eritrean sovereignty, and at the Expense of Eritrean Unity. You are one of the fools who shamelessly say “SHABIA KEDEM MIS WOYANIE KOINU SIGANA BELIUNA IU IMO, HIJI NIHNA MIS WOYANIE KOINA NETI ATSMI INTEBELANA INTAI ALEWO”. See, there are a couple of problems with this saying. 1. SHABIA HAD TO DO THAT IF OUR INDEPENDENCE WAS TO BE GAINED, but YOU FOOLS ARE DOING IT AT THE EXPENCE OF OUR SOVERIGNITY. 2. IF BACK IN 1981, YOUR SOLE OBJECTIVE FOR FIGHTING WAS TO LIBERATE ERITREA, THEN LIBERATION IS OBTAINED. SO, YOUR OLD IDENTITY SHOULD BE VOID. 3. DO YOU (FOOLS), EVER HEARD OF A SAYING THAT GOES LIKE THIS “TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE IT RIGHT”? SO EVEN IF WE ASSUME, SHABIA WAS WRONG IN BRINGING WOYANIE TO KICK YOU ELF ASS, THEN REPEATING IT NOW (WHEN ERITREA IS A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY) MAKES IT ANOTHER, BIGGER WRONG. But, hey, you don’t give a shit about that.
          4. You are one of those “SEB SHARPA” sell-outs, most of which are either suffering from “narrow reginionalisim”, or “religious fanaticism”. These people would not hesitate to disintegrate, these small country of ours, by dangerous regionalism, religious boundaries etc. And, there rest are cheap sell outs, who went there to eat “KITFFO”, Buy “BERBERE” and “Ethiopian TILFI” etc. Shameful!! . And we all know most of you are ones, who were defeated in their personal life and are in no position to lead a family let alone a country. And we know most of you have never been to Eritrea in the last 20 years and do not have any firsthand information or experience about Eritrea. Simply you are a FAKE
          5. You are one of these so called educated people, with PhDs (In what? Not in politics?), deafening us these days – Oh, yea. These ones are interesting and could be misleading if you are not paying attention. These selfish fools are, all of a sudden popping up now, due to the so called “Arab Spring” and the “Eritrean mining boom”. They are dreaming for “EASY GRAB OF POWER”. They see, most of the new leaders of Somalia, Libya and Tunisia, etc. are all implants, so called educated people who used to live abroad in Western Countries. See a pattern here? Unfortunately, these Eritrean fools are unlucky in that, the Eritrean people are strong. And the Eritrean government, unlike all the corrupt selfish leaders of the world, is firm, dedicated to their people and to their country. All the members of the Eritrean Government, from Issayas, down to the brave youth of Sawa, are sacrificing their energy, time and life in re-building and defending their country!. No corruption!, no stealing of the country’s wealth! TALK ABOUT LEADERSHIP, TALK ABOUT CARING AND WORKING FOR YOUR COUNTRY<…all is in Eritrea. So PhDs – NO CHANCE OF EASY POWER FOR YOU!!!!
          6. Or you are one of the THUGS – Who are biting (and stealing ornaments of) Eritrean Women, shamelessly calling Eritrean mothers all kind of names, terrorizing Eritreans participating in their cultural events, threatening and Terrorizing Eritrean Musicians. SIMPLY – HULIGANS AND THUGS!
          7. And, there are people like the “Selam Kidane”’s also. Now, I always wonder about this woman. I hate personal staff, but let me do it for just once. This woman, for God’s sake is raised in Ethiopia , lived in Europe most of her adult life. And on top of all that, she is married to an ex-Derg. Right there is CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!And shamelessly, she opens her mouth to call the honorable head of the state of Eritrea, PRESIDENT ISSAYAS all kind of names. That says it a lot to me
          So, when you say “We” which one of the above are you referring?

          • Kokhob Selam

            hahaaaa, Do you have more to say? let others read it before I answer. or may be if some one want to add or answer to you.

          • Kokhob Selam

            My dear brother Way Gud,
            Allow me to ignore the above post. Instead let me give you brand new information that will help you. Wegahta Radio has done one interview with Dr. Yesuf Brhanu (your and my new leader that was chosen by the congress) be lucky and listen to him. You will become free of all confusions you have in the past and now. As for me, personally I have given 2nd place all may tendencies and make all my priorities to work with them. If you have some confused friends who are serving their enemy tell them to listen with you. You will clear all doubts.
            You know my friend; those guys in Hawasa have cleaned all the past problems and are working for freedom, prosperity and democratic Eritrea. Enjoy the interview and tell us honestly what you feel. if you are for truth, I am sure you will work more than me for your nation after hearing what Dr. is saying.

          • Wey gud


            Ignore? why? you can’t find where you belong? well, you are free to ask the owner of this webside – aka “Anchiwa Woyanie” to help you.
            By the way, the Eritrean people and the Eritrean government know what you fools say, what you do and who you get your instruction from (Who else, Woyanie). Actually we know where you shit. So, don’t point people to any interview done by any sell-out , “Woyanies-sidekicks”. All of you belong to one or all of the lists I have above.

          • Wey gud

            And, you should tell us which one of the list above describes you best – I mean, on top of the fact that you are “Brain dead”, ..that is. We already know that.

          • Kokhob Selam

            You don’t want me to ignore and my answer seems important to you . Imagine I will come down to your level and say who you are tell me what will I gain? Say, I will tell you most of the supporters of PFDJ are one of the following categories. Either the man or the man’s father was from Andnet,or from those who were with Derg who got a warning letter from ELF and when ELF went out of the field who got a chance. Or the ladies who serve in hotels to spy for EPLF during derg and PFDJ. Or komarit and wedikomarit. And those who were with ELF with bad history of spying or those who commit crime in different countries in killing the real Eritrean heroes, or those who cooperate in transferring money to Al Shabab and get their part and also mixture of the above etc. are supporters. Others are those whom I call them TEBELETSTI (opportunists) who are having their children in good countries and come to Eritrea to see after their villa or building once a year. Few grouped as cheated are innocent men and women but everyday they are coming to my camp (democratic). I don’t mean the place remember we are everywhere including inside Asmara and even in the office of your boss. I don’t know from which category you are but you can’t be out of the above. The Opposition wants to gain more people even the wedi komarit one as far as he is Eritrean. Even the most criminal among you are received with all respect as far the film is not over. This is very wide ground which can handle everyone except the PFDJ’s lawlessness.
            I am for peace and development and my principle forces me to invite you and show you the truth. the camp where you are don’t care about peace and you have been totally programmed. Healing and curing you and your likes is not easy we have been told by our leaders. We will do all the best and save you and take you from that deep dark camp. You see because you are part of us. We don’t blame others for your sickness we know the virus is within us.
            Now you can see the difference. And enjoy the following Selam Kidane’s words including video (it seems you are interested about her.) for me she is an ordinary citizen but a bit strong in challenging your boss. We have more of that type armed ready to fight which are not visible to you and soon every mother will stand. Enjoy… Selam Kidane:-
            Eritrea: the politics of food security by Selam

            what about listening to here voice (Serving the Truth). That is the real Eritrean lady. Where did EPLF found the ladies who are not respectful dancing here and there?
            LOOK the respected lady

          • Wey gud

            so, does that mean you chose number 6 from my list?
            nah…actually you are more “denkoro”, and more “Wako” than I have imagined.
            But thank you for the nonsense (At times, confusing) you tried to outline above (With a very broken english). It shows exactly who you are and what you stand fore.
            “Deki komaro” says, this fool! keep on insulting the Eritrean mothers!, THAT iS EXACTLY A REFLECTION OF WHO YOU R

          • Wey gud

            kokeb –
            Or, may be number 7 describes you better. identity crisis…..??

          • Kokhob Selam

            I have tried to come down to your stage thinking I can take you up but it seems you need more help. you know for some who fully support dictators it is difficult to save them except show them the last day . in your case I bet you are far away and you will not save your leader during last moment.
            I am sure you have enjoyed the articles of Selam and you can read Awate writers article for more knowledge. I would like to advice you once again to listen the voice of Dr. yesuf that will help you a lot.

            sorry if I have burnt you during classifying supporters and it seems the Komarit and wedi komarit was the word that makes you upset. don’t mind I was only showing you how much cheap your camp is.

            regarding me say and label me in any group you want except PFDJ. Yes, the party that tells me he care more about Badme, the land where I fought in 1978 under my ABAY JEBHA against Weyane till they run to Tekezi and even far to Begemder. today PFDJ/EPLF don’t want to perform normal political procedure because of Badme. But Shaebia was not for freedom of any type and this is the result. Thanks God today everybody knows the truth except you guys.

  • I couldn’t have said it better. What else? Do we need to help us weak up and speak for the voiceless. let’s not allow history repeat on us………Eritrea is been lost to a dictator while we are all watching with our eyes wide open weak uppppppppppppppp. thank you MelbourneRally Organising Committee
    Thank you Awate.com