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Isaias Shrugged: And The World Rolled Its Eyes

In 10 short years, Isaias Afwerki has achieved the status which took Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez longer to accomplish: an annoying loudmouth just tilting at the windmill. In 2007, Spain’s king famously told Hugo Chavez: “why don’t you just shut up?” after he kept interrupting, over, and over, and over, the Spanish prime minister. Isaias’s “why don’t you just shut the hell up” moment will come (and my bet is on Oakland’s fearless Eritreans Youth for Change) and when it happens, again this is just pure speculation, but Isaias Afwerki, at last confronted, will submit to the new Alpha Male. But for now the world will just roll its eyes every time Isaias thinks he is saying something profound but, to the world, simply sounds pedantic.

(By the way: if you want to see how Isaias behaves in the presence of a bigger alpha male, just google the image of Isaias Afwerki signing the Algiers Peace Agreement in December 2000; or Isaias Afwerki visiting Kaddaffi in one of his tents; or Isaias Afwerki hosting US Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld in Asmara; or, more recently, Isaias Afwerki attending the 66th General Assembly in New York when he was confronted outside his hotel by Swedish media inquiring about Eritrean-Swede journalist Dawit Isaac. Hell, no, I am not going to do that for you: remember, I listened to 6 (six!) hours of Isaias Afwerki interview on New Year’s Eve: I say you lift your share of the burden.)

The World According To Isaias Afwerki: It Is All America’s Fault

In 1992, Francis Fukuyama wrote “The End of History and the Last Man” where he postulated a theory that now that the Cold War is over, what we may be seeing is the world actually ending the debate of which sort of governance is best and finally accepting that the so-called Western liberal democracy is suitable for the entire world. Fukuyama theorized that we may be seeing “universalization of western liberal democracy as the final form of government.”

In 1992 and in 1993 or 1994 or, hell, all the way to 2006, Isaias Afwerki had NO PROBLEM with this formulation. He was eagerly courting the United States: he was part of the “frontline states” combating Sudan’s Muslim fundamentalism, he was OUR MAN in the Great Lakes, he was OUR MAN (one of only a handful) joining the Coalition of the Willing and he was OUR MAN arguing that Eritrea, not Yemen, not Djibouti, should be the Red Sea base for America’s Perpetual & Endless War Against Terror.

This is a reality that Isaias Afwerki and his fans now want to conveniently forget. So, this interlude of “reality sucks” is brought to them by Alnahda:

Isaias Courts The US To Establish A Base In Eritrea:

Isaias Envoy Girma Asmerom Courts The US To Establish A Base In Eritrea:

Eitrea Eager For U.S. Military Partnership. by Anthony Sipher Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), 5th July:

Donald Rumsfeld in Eritrea

The reason the world rolls its eyes when Isaias Afwerki now complains about American hegemony is because the world knows that the Isaias Afwerki junta was actively lobbying to be an agent of American hegemony and was rudely rejected by the United States who, to add insult to injury, chose Yemen, Djibouti and Ethiopia as its base for its so-called Global War Against Terror (GWAT.)

The PFDJ complaining about the world prostituting itself to serve the US is a lot like the street whore complaining about the “escort services” provided by others: the objection is not on moral grounds but on inability to compete. You can’t have your ambassador (Girma Asmerom) eagerly and shamelessly inviting the US to establish a base in Eritrea because Eritrea’s topography resembles that of Afghanistan and THEN, when you are rejected, pretend that you never invited the “hegemonic powers.”

The second reason that the world rolls its eyes when Isaias Afwerki speaks is because he has sophomoric understanding of how American foreign policy is developed. In the Atlantic article I linked above, Robert Kaplan, a great journalist who is (was?) also an admirer of EPLF, gives him helpful hints on how to attract the United States but Isaias, as usual, is too stubborn to understand it. Kaplan says that Isaias Afwerki “…analyzes brilliantly what he knows, but he gives in to paranoia about what he doesn’t know. He did not seem to understand that U.S. foreign policy is often a synthesis of what the State and Defense Departments are comfortable with.”

Here’s where Isaias Afwerki gets lost:understanding the synthesis between how the Defense Department may have an upper hand at times, and the State Department at other times. Isaias is given to comparing Eritrea with Saudi Arabia and China and asking: “these countries have human rights records worse than Eritrea’s: so how come they get a pass and Eritrea doesn’t?” Then, failing to understand that, he “gives in to paranoia about what he doesn’t know” and starts talking about Huntington, Fukuyama.

Of  all the articles I have written since 1995, the one that I have received the most response to is my review of the god-awful book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.” In it, I talk about Isaias Afwerki’s very, very, very late discovery of American hegemonic policy which I will now quote (I know, I know, don’t you just hate it when writers quote themselves?):

“You’ve no doubt heard President Isaias Afwerki talk about some secret American plan to control the world in the 20th century and much of the 21st century. This paper is not “much-studied” and has to be studied, invites us Isaias. The paper he is referring to was produced by something called the Project for New American Century. I am not downplaying the organization; it included all the luminaries of the so-called “neo-con” movement. My problem is that President Isaias Afwerki seems to have surrounded himself with people who have no understanding of how American policy is developed. Shouldn’t the Organization of Eritrean Americans (OEA) give the presidential staff and the Eritrean foreign ministry a crash course in how American policy is developed? If they could find their voice, I am sure they would not cost as much as the 50,000/month lobbying firm that Jack Abramoff worked for and Isaias hired. The OEA’s first course could be entitled: Sir, It Is Not A Good Idea To Insult America When We Are Trying To Organize A Petition To Influence Them. But the OEA has developed into a monomaniacal organization, a one-pony show (the pony is called Demarcation), so let me volunteer my services for free:

“First of all, the document Isaias Afwerki is alluding to is not new: it was published in 1997, when Isaias was the darling of the United States (remember the “new generation” label?)  It was one of hundreds of competing scholarly works produced by American intellectuals about what American role should be post Cold War.   Remember Fukayama’s End of History?  There were intellectuals arguing for American isolationalism, there were others calling for American-European axis, there were some calling for Pax Americana.

“Second, the document is not only not new, it is not a secret either. Isaias presents the paper as if it is some sort of Protocols of the Elders of Zion but you can read it here for yourself:

“Third, the paper was hardly earth-shattering or influential or a blueprint for American foreign policy. The election and re-election of George W Bush in 2000 and 2004 by one of the smallest margins would tend to argue that the document, far from being the blueprint of American foreign policy, was just one of many competing viewpoints; [PS: You can add the election of Barack Obama as further evidence that the US uses the swinging pendulum approach: left, right, left, right—when choosing a path.]

“Fourth, in the United States, the only people who even know that the paper or the organization exists are those in [the] hard-hard left who blame George Bush and his neo-cons for engineering the war on Iraq, long before 9-11–in fact, as early as 1997. And, in fact, the paper did argue that the US should conclude the war in Iraq, the Gulf war of 1990. But, as I recall, Isaias Afwerki was one of the first volunteers enlisted in the Coalition of the very, very willing, wasn’t he?

“Fifth, PAX Americana and American domination of the world cannot happen if there aren’t countries who are willing to provide their countries as military bases for the US.  Wasn’t Isaias Afwerki asking—begging—Ronald Rumsfeld, a co-author of the document Isaias is now condemning, to establish military bases in Eritrea?”

Not much has changed since Isaias was first alerted in 2006 about what was written in American think tanks in 1997. In his New Year’s interview, Isaias Afwerki talks about how the United States controls all of the world institutions to engineer hegemony, by controlling cultural, economic, military institutions. And the reason the world is going to roll its eyes at this is because the whole world is thinking: “NO F&*@ing kidding, we already know this: what took you so long to wake up, jackass!” If you had been asking, pleading, begging to be a partner in the campaign for American hegemony, why would anybody care now that you are on the losing end of that? Virtually no African country enlisted in the “Coalition of the willing” campaign: you did. Why would the rest of Africa listen to you now? Virtually no African country agreed to the United States having an African military base. Not only did you not oppose that, you actively courted to change Eritrea into an American base pledging PUBLICLY that “the sky is the limit” on what you would do to accommodate the US. You said, PUBLICLY, “I share the strategic view of the Americans in the region. French forces in Djibouti have been a stabilizing factor, and U.S. troops will add to that. You need outside powers to keep order here. It sounds colonialist, but I am only being realist.” (refer to The Atlantic article.)  So: why would any African country, why would the US now listen to your very, very, very late protestations?

The North African Revolution

Isaias Afwerki was invited by Abbe to give his predictions about how the North African revolutions would turn out.  The question that should have been posed (but wasn’t, for very understandable reasons) was: “You and Qaddaffi were very close. He is dead now. What is your opinion about how his demise came about?”

The thing is that the North African revolutions were about overthrowing the status quo: where self-appointed leaders come to power and refuse to leave for decades. They refuse to acknowledge the existence of any political pluralism; they refuse to acknowledge the people’s right to hire and fire their governors; they refuse to acknowledge their people’s right to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of worship. Qaddaffi was swept away (actually, blown away) because he was from the old guard—and Isaias Afwerki was his soul mate. The PFDJ was very impressed by the Qaddaffi metrics of improving Libyans “quality of life”–infant mortality rates, literacy rates, access to clean water, paved roads, subsidized fuel and the “fact” that the Qaddaffi family did not have secret Swiss accounts—none of which impressed the Libyans, who were chaffing under Qaddaffi’s brutal rule, one bit. (Again, I am not going to google image a pic of Isaias Afwerki in Qaddafi’s tent looking very deferential, like in the presence of a king—you find it—it is pretty embarrassing for Eritrea, actually.) There was a Libyan guy, Nouri al Masmari, interviewed on Al Jazeera asking African leaders like Isaias Afwerki: “how do you feel now? How do you feel now after you bowed down and after you kissed his hand in the tent.” As Qaddaffi’s head of protocol, Nouri Al Masmari had a front-row seat to watching African tyrants slobbering all over the Libyan tyrant. And the “proud” Isaias Afwerki fawned and slobbered the most at Qaddaffi. So, yeah, how do you feel now?

And this is one more reason why the Rest of The World rolls its eyes when Isaias Afwerki, yet another corrupt president-for-life, tries to present himself as a revolutionary.

Israel vs Palestine

Isaias Afwerki is not a big fan of the Oslo Accords. In his view, the Palestinians agreed to go into a “dark tunnel” (geleria atyom), ultimately agreeing to a state without congruent borders (tebejajele geography) simply because, for public relations (hzbawi rkbat—really? We are calling PR: hzbawi rkbat?) purposes, they jumped in to a deal and trusted their ability to show flexibility to yield for them a better result. And now they are screwed.

Ok, so far so good: one can’t argue with this: it is actually pretty accurate. Now, here is where Isaias Afwerki jumps the shark and geleria atyu:

On February 16, 2011, Isaias Afwerki gave the Swedish media Aftonblade a wide-ranging interview and  along with telling the Swedish media that Dawit Isaac will never be brought to a court of law, this is what he is quoted as saying in regards to the Israeli Palestinian issue:

“Israel needs a government, we must respect this. The Palestinians also need to have a dignified life, but it can not be the West Bank or Gaza. A two-state solution will not work one day. It’s just to fool people. The ideal solution that Israelis and Palestinians living in the same nation will never happen for many reasons. One option that may work is a Trans-Jordan. Israel may be left in peace and the Palestinian and Jordanian peoples are brought together and can create their own nation.”

I don’t know which is more amazing: that Isaias proposed this “solution” for the Palestinians (essentially uprooting them from Gaza and the West Bank and moving them to Jordan) or that Isaias is surprised that he received a lot of push back from his Arab friends for proposing this. Even in the United States, even within Israel, this idea of moving entire people is considered extreme: when presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, a man who has a long history of saying controversial things, described Palestinians as an “invented people”, there was a massive uproar—in the United States! Even Israelis, even Likudniks within Israel, would not propose uprooting Palestinians to Jordan. And here’s Isaias Afwerki proposing it casually and then being surprised at the reaction. All this because Isaias Afwerki is yet to appreciate the beauty of these four words: “I do not know.”


Kbur president, you had talked about African Renaissance, could you tell us how you hold on to that view given its civil war, tribalism? According to Isaias Afwerki, there are two problems with Africa: inferiority complex imprinted by decades-long colonialism and the external interference of the US which wants to divide Africa into four sections (North, South, East, West) and administer it using anchor states (South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Egypt.)

Administering Africa requires penetrating and owning all regional and international organizations (IMF, World Bank, AU, IGAD, COMESA, etc): which is the theory espoused by Huntington and Fukuyama, according to Isaias (never mind that all these institution’s predate Fukuyma’s End Of History book.)

It is not that the analysis of Isaias Afwerki is wrong. In almost every case, it is actually right: for example, the analysis of the Security Council—there are technically 5 permanent members, but it is more like 3 because 2 of them (UK and France) are just appendages (“laqeba iyen”).  And of the 3, Russia is recovering from its post Soviet Union breakup and China is a “large but silent power—for now”, leaving only 1, the United States, with disproportionate power. And in the discussion of how to reform this—5 permanent members and 10 rotating members—those who were for reform once (Brazil and India) are more inclined to pursue permanent membership for themselves as opposed to leveling the field.

The reason that the rest of the world just rolls its eyes is because EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS. A junior foreign office representative of any country receives this tutorial in his/her orientation class. Yet Isaias Afwerki talks about it as if it is truth revealed to him by God Almighty, boring the rest of the world with his hubris. And this is why, even when he is right, he is so arrogant about it, and so full of himself, and so incapable of communicating in any mode other than the lectury professor, he turns people off—and they just roll their eyes at him and can’t wait for him to “just shut the hell up.” And when they have a chance to avoid him—as they did at the 66th Session of the General Assembly—they leave: giving him the satisfaction of addressing an empty hall. And it is Eritreans who have the burden of compensating for the neglect the world gives him.

Next: Isaias Shrugged And The Eritrean People Sighed

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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  • Mussie

    Ah! At long last a bulwark of wisdom from an Eritrean!
    You bedwarf all the evil, and pompous but self-degrading pens from the “pseudo hagerawian/higdefawian”. For the most reason, I visit awate, to find your incisive writings. I’ve been a consumer, and I just wrote this to react to your pricking of “I did my share” in this article. In essence, to beg you to continue oozing out hope, enlightenment, and spark-off ideas.
    For one feed-back (especially positive ones) posted as feed-back, there are thousands of appreciating “silent readers” of your most coveted articles.
    Please keep the light continue to shine! YOUNIS!

  • Ordinary4rueloflaw

    well said! nevertheless, give the man his due. The man, no doubt, had countless sleepless nights to write countless articles siding with his people & nation at those difficult years 98-00. How can you forget his tit-fot-tat endless cyber-pen fights with the Ethiopian prolific writer called Dagmawi? As Dagmawi himself became an arch critics of the “weyane” . But during that HOTTLY savage time .. they both blindly (like the rest of all of us) supported their people & nation. Even us in the middle sided with one.

    The sad reality about SAAY is that the fact that many of us had thought that he was one of a kind. For instance, gauging Meles’s scale in equilibrium with Isaias’s is like a person standing on Earth looking up onto Orbit with his bare eyes would say oh the Satellite is sitting up there in a Stationary state. The fact of the matter is one that is exposed not just to Physics, Atmospheric physics, space science, Engineering but self-teaching books, would realize that the Satellite is orbiting earth along the earth orbiting itself every 24 hour.
    so for the naked eye that Satellite is Stationary! and for Sal, his like-minded, Meles = Isu.

    so perhaps not knowing what Ethiopia (although Eritreans portray they know Ethiopia and its politics and its people while they (one well travelled, well articualted in Eritrean politics admittedly wrote at as early as 1993 that he travelled to Ethio and paid a taxi $100.00 from Addis’ Bole airport to Hilton Hotel a less than 4 miles distance for fearing of Addis’.. imaginging Addis was was like the Harlem in the thickest darkest wee hours… we laughed .. እወነትም እቺ ፋራ ትግሬ .. we said… reminding us of us Africans how we, engrained with new attitude and altitude … denying what & who we were .. when we return from where we are totally swallowed and saturated to the Original state that molded & shaped us… then we fear the environs that was Original to us …whew .. … .. ).

    TPLF & the people of Tigray (~5mil.) with the guidance of their slick son called Meles (no matter how beast he is to other tribes & eritreans) in just 20 years short time HAVE BEEN able to flexibly navigate the murky Ethio water and embedded itself in the the very complex MainStream of over 70 milllion hateful eyes, disdainful Hearts of Ethiopians (in particular the PLUTOCRATS, Feudals in Addis ababa from all tribes: Amara, Gurage, Muslims, Oromos, sell-out Eritreans that benefited from the Emperor & dergue..) . This, in itself, is my friend is, nothing but an ART-OF-ችሎታ ! … This exceptional capability that the people of Tigray & meles pose and the people have exhibited that they are endowed frugally in controlling their ego and sudden immense power to control immense nation & wealth. And the Eritreans? with a population of < 5mil ? what has happened? Neither the leaders, nor the intellectuals, the educated, the elucidated, the learned… gracefully treated the immense success with Humility. have they? have you?

    In the end the ordinary, as expected, are the carriers of the burden. so, isaias & EPLF & PFDJ have succssfully transformed eritrea not only into rubbish but also its moral dimension is Ghettoized to a point that it would never revert back to its originalty!

    Meles could be, like any human being, an egomaniac, beast YET he has gracefully covered it with his slick diplomatic skills that the world exercises and plays with (remember what Berculssoni ? he kissed Gaddafi's hand in Gaddafi's heydays… and when the wind blew Gaddafi.. the kiss was blown with his head too.. That is what Meles has been able to exhibit where Isu flatly faild on his face.
    Has Isaiais for the sake of Eritrea and himself done that? Not a chance. He is too Narcissist!

    Meles still carying his TiGray people's future and is still in the fight for solidifying the survival of his people. He is Neither sane in his actions and nor his opponents and foes. He is fighting like a man tooth-N-nail ! and for that he desrves hats-off by those of us who closely grew up with our TiGrayan friends in the street-of-Addis, not knowing all these ugly politicized psychic of Eritreans' (Agame,… TiGraway ..etc ..) . The land of TiGray is a witness of those starved millions of the 1974 & 1984. Those who knows real Ethiopia's politics wouldn't dare from afar gauging meles' action and inaction in his & his people's survival. Yep, he kicked us out, incarcertaed us, stripped us off, dep[orted us… but … boy by Isaias standard, Meles is Heaven.
    I wish Eritrea was blessed with Meles.

    Not a single Ethiopian leader or politician DARED to navigate thru the old-orders politics and challenging the Nile pact that was signed between Egypt and its powerful protectors. Neither the emperor nor Dergue rulers regardeless of .. "the era wasn't allowing Ethiopia to challenge" excuse, did it. Meles, being a smooth operator, is an absolute CHECKER player and a good one at that! He is playing it safe! He is mortal, yet he will leave the future Ethiopia what No Ethiopian rulers (the Amaras) succeeded to do. We envy him. I wish he compassionately think of our Eritreans' Hero/ines mothers that gave 2/3/4/5 of their off-springs.

    Meles has given (who cares if you lavishing in the West politicized it) the despair Eritrean refugees a future whether 10 or 100. a Higher institution that Eritreans in Eritrea can dream of. Does Higher Institution in Eritrea exist by the way? will hit ever .. poor Eritrea – no urgency or concern from any corner of Intellectuals.. for 20+ years excruciatinly beautiful politics is analyzed but .. you wonder if Eritreans are just gifted and in love with political analysism? … Mercy me ..said Marvin Gaye!

    Comparing Meles with Isaias !? – … Ignorance is bliss… ተብሎ ይታለፈው እንጂ!
    …..እንታይ ጉድኩም አንቱም ደቂ'ሥመራ …ካን ፅልኢ ወያኔ ነቲ መነፅር ኣእምሮኹም ዐጊትዎ !

    • Ordinary,

      I for one this time, will support your argument. Without doubt anyone who equate Issayas with Meles is, like what you aptly put it, “is an ignorance in bliss.” It is a befitting phrase. What Meles has done to his country and Issayas has done to our country could be congruently (side by side) shown in a linear graph, one sinking to the bottom and the other rising up incrementally. It is an eye witness we saw on the ground. Seeing is believing!!!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Thank you Saleh,
    This is how it should be. Things should be presented with proof. (Ade Wlida,). You always come with evidence. Yet, we still need you and people like you to dig more as few like you have enough muscle ,energy and brain and the light that penetrates through the hard rock covered secrets. I am sure the game goes back during struggle days although I have no the ability to bring it to light.
    let the innocent know what PFDJ is (ZEY FELETE YEFLETOM).

  • Sarcasm

    Ah yes, Saleh Younis- having spent much of the former part of of his otherwise unremarkable career, as cheerleader extraordinaire of Eritrean hyper nationalism, and by extension its out of proportion arrogance, he now presents himself as the face of reason and humility. It must have been the rather unpleasant dose of reality during the 1998-2000 war. Such wisdom, such insight. If only he had been just as sane as you now are during the war, maybe then he would be considered a little more credible.

    • Answer

      LEt me see,what negative thing can I say about this man who written nothing but the facts in this article? Oh yes,I got it. I will just use his support of his nation in a time of war.

      • Sarcasm

        By the same logic you would admire a German who supported Nazi Hitler’s aggression, and then would go on to profess his innocence. Spare me. He is still infected by that over inflated ego that characterizes the Eritrean psyche.

    • Sarcasm,

      Any human being has his/her bad judgement especially in politics at any given time and space. We always learn from our mistakes. Credibility only lost when a person has a continuous bad judgement and didn’t admit when he/she know the mistake. Sal may argue about his position on the border issue, but he was proved wrong on the position he took at that time. But myself, as I always keep saying it…..”there is no Eritrean whom I heard from, any admission of wrong doing or any wrong positioning taken at any given time.” Anyone who doesn’t do that extra mile to admit, always comes the question of credibility. Sal, since he dissociated from the war drama though, has showed an extra-ordinary and rigorous effort to expose the regime with credible argument backed by factual assertions. I salute for that.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Isn’t that man call PIA the result of our mistakes? Who can deny this? PIA is not a super-nature to handle all that. Some may have supported him without knowing the truth but most? Better not to mention here. In 1991 there were only few people who know and oppose and only few among them know the truth again few among those who know the truth took stand and face EPLF.
        If we see the supporters although it is difficult to know the real population but we can remember back the quantity was too much to extend you may think (if you are against) you are crazy. Doctors, professors, men women young old all have been dancing. By the way still there are few who say the truth that Eritrea is not free and all those years were nothing. Listen to yourself and the opposition how they try to tell us about the result “Eritrean is only free not the people” and some “it is only half freedom” in here there is a big lie. We may say the sacrifice our people paid will have meaning when we remove PFDJ and start a democratic journey. But we can’t cheat ourselves of 30 years struggle and death just to make happy our ego. The truth is that nothing has been done. If EPLF has brought you freedom you just keep quiet and let them do what they want. Dividing the land has no meaning at all since you are suffering more than when Eritrea was under Ethiopia. What makes PIA different from Mengstu? Just because he was born in Eritrea? What makes PFDJ different from Derg? Just that because the name of the people is different?
        People my divide countries or unite countries in both case what matters is building democratic nation. So our people have chosen a separate nation call Eritrea just to have free democratic country. and if we do that only we can be proud of all long struggle. I think PIA use to know better than you and me that he is a dictator. In our history no single man is free of the cause and no one is free of the consequence but only the degree differs.

        the past has gone for ever just the lesson remains. the question is are you for truth today?

        • Dear Kokhob Selam,

          My point is, Eritreans must learn how to admit their mistakes. I was ostracized for being telling them to withdraw from Badme when the mad man ordered his troops to capture the strip of land after leaving for TPLF since 1981. For the record, this was what I told them in the government sponsored official meeting: If you proceed into war, in the end, you will come to the table, loosing the respect and all the accolades we earned during the liberation. War does not solve border issue but negotiation in a round table is. Issayas and the war drum bitters faced a swift defeat and forced to the round table which then ended up into the International court of arbitration. Did we need to pay the lives of our young in that senseless war, the mismanagement of our resources for it, the displacement of our people, the destruction of citizen’s properties, and just at the end to sit at the court for arbitration?

          The bygone is bygone. If we are to learn from that, it start with admission of our mistakes. Otherwise all the rest are excuses and shows the arrogance of our people swallowing the bitter pill behind the curtain. We heard all the excuses, the intervention of US technology, the overwhelming number of Ethiopian forces… all in an attempt to reserve their myth “the invisible Yekalo” and “Ethiopia is a living enemy for generations”…. ahhh we are still entangled in that and other myths created in the mountain of Sahel.

          Now there is no more yeke’alo. There is no such myth as such… and is proved in the border war…the word yekealo “kulu zekealo” is only given to “God” as the holy book tought us. In war you lose and win depending on the circumstances around the cause.

          Now again those who live on the old story, and who couldn’t forge their thought with the dynamic of our time to adjust their position, will inevitably face the same truth…..that is, Ethiopia and Eritrea as two independent nations will come into terms to live peacefully and will cooperate mutually to eradicate their poverty. These two nations are not a living enemy to each other.

  • wed. garza

    Thank you saleh
    I think the people of Eritrea seem to have a short memory of the past because we don’t study our fundamental problems thoroughly to avoid repeating it again. And the rulers exploit this weakness. Combined with fear and terror and blocking informations regarding; how and why things happened that way, make Isayas’s way almost easy even in tough times. through exposing his lies we make our rogue naked and hopefully ashamed. A liar is always a liar. we need more of the matter, documented as you did.

  • Zegeremo

    Brother Saleh

    He, Issayas, may palpably evil and hypocrite now than he’s ever been, but as long as he continues to destroy the country and the people, such distinctions do not matter.

    “Politics is not about yesterday; it is about tomorrow.” Bill Clinton

  • sara

    some Eritreans have no love for their own leaders…. they prefer aliens rule, they are nostalgic to the Italian..Ethiopian, even some go as far as to the Turkish rule .all what we read this days are we Eritreans
    are incapable of running our affairs and wants any of those hegemonic powers whether regional/global to
    come forward and take care of us……..

    may god protect these heroic people (Eritrean)…from enemies within.

    • Zegeremo

      I hope you mean elected leaders.

      • sara

        it true… when wedi tukabo…. said “yegermena alo” was about zegermom…

        • Kokhob Selam

          When there are some who think there is a leader in Eritrea today ENTAY KOYNU ZEYGREM ?

    • Saleh AA Younis


      you wrote: “all what we read this days are we Eritreans are incapable of running our affairs and wants any of those hegemonic powers whether regional/global to come forward and take care of us…….”

      Can you provide one single link, one source of a single Eritrean saying that? Just one.

      What some of us are saying is Isaias Afwerki surely is not credible when complaining about US hegemony when he, just recently, was begging the United States to establish a military base in Eritrea and was actually, more than that, saying that “You need outside powers to keep order here. It sounds colonialist, but I am only being realist.” Here’s my link for that:

      Now, back to you: give us one link of any Eritrean, besides Isaias, calling for America or European return to Africa.

      • sara

        Mr salih…..
        i admire your writing abilities in the English language, and i know you are wise enough to understand no one will openly say that, save few who are in direct pay of the enemies of Eritrea.

    • Gual b’Alti dragon w’qatto (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      Sara could as well be one of those PFDJ brats who vowed to deny the existence of the pink Elephant in the living room. She went on to use the word “some” in a bid to undermine the ever increasing rise-up mood against the Don in Asmara as she is terrified by the prospect of his zombies turning to minority from a decade long majority. Having said that however, I am a bit taken aback by your rather bold assertion as you throw the “Meles and Isaias are twins” (as in kltiOm hade eyom) way off the chart comparison.

      I am sure, you don’t mean phenotypically as Isaias is halengaay as opposed to Meles who is not so halengaay. Here is the deal: if I have to be generous to you, would you care to give us at least two reasons why you think or believe that they are fraternal twins let alone identical where Schwarzenegger and DeVito come to mind.


      To those of you who are saying that, this chick smelled like a Weyane all along, I ain’t a Weyane. I just happen to believe that, it is tantamount to comparing an onion with an orange as one cares to draw a parallel between Meles and Isaias.

      • Wedi_Hager

        You must be the last person left to have been worried of being labelled woyane. It would be very hard to find a single Eritrean that hasn’t been called ‘woyane’ at some point in his/her life. Even PIA hiself have been called ‘woyane’, I am pretty sure 🙂 The word ‘woyane’ is so repetitive and so abused I don’t even thing people notice that any more when called woyane. Even EriTV got tired of using it and called it quits.

        • Gual b’Alti dragon w’qatto (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

          Wedi Hager,

          The present day high-tech red-shirt “Gestapo” otherwise known as Y-PFDJ are armed to the teeth to hurl a “Weyane” at anybody with a slight dissenting views as they finished a seminar over looking the plains and mountains of Naqfa.

          It is not that I am “self-conscioius” about it (when I said, I am not a Weyane), it is intended to widen the space so that we could all have a free flow of ideas without a preconceived judgment.

          Sure enough, the era of intimidation and coercion is a relic of the past if you will where the infamous Halengi Sewra is reduced to a leash on a Kitten. If I have to digress for a bit, the derogatory remarks we invariably use have taken its toll on us where the last July incident “Monkey-chasing-from-a-bar-to-a-hotel” left a bad taste as the otherwise brave young Eritreans got carried away with a spoiler of the scene when they called him “Agame”. Hope you got my drift.

      • sara

        i thought you knew what weyane is meant , when an Eritrean say it….. it means … regionalism… tribalism… racism … ethnicity… etc

        • Gual b’Alti dragon w’qatto (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


          The word Weyane could have a life or a history of its own where a considerable segment of the Ethiopian society takes a pride from. If you ask an average Eritrean if there is a difference between a Weyane and an Agame, I am sure, the answer is no. Simply because, the word Weyane as a derogatory remark replaced the word Agame when Isaias and Meles parted ways after the Badme war.

          If the word Agame was used for uncivilized, beggar and a twisted mind, Weyane is used for a back-stabber and a deceiver. If we have inherited from the Italian colonial masters an illusion and a delusion of grandiose, we sure have inherited an illusion and delusion of Spartan from the Gedli era. The irony is, when the very people whom we look down to take a strength every time we underestimate them, we are left with bare hands when our delusion is turning into pathological. The elixir is rather simple. We should remain true to ourselves.

      • ALHAGIGA

        Dear Gual b’Alti
        Your comparison of Isaias to Meles amazed me to say the least, we are not in a modelling business to compare their physical attribute; comparing their achievement since taking office in 1991 is the right thing I believe.
        To same extent Meles is heading a nation with constitution, parliament to represent the people and to a degree an independent judiciary, free press, and the freedom of association. There are many challenges facing Ethiopia, no doubt, but at least they have the rule of law and a growing economy.
        what did Isaias achieve for Eritrea, created dictatorial system by which his words are the law of the land, he employes and fires as he want, imprisons and frees citizens as he wishes, national service from cradle to grave, kept the constitution in the drawer, citizens have no right only responsibilities.
        Eritrea today is nothing more than a farm, run by cruel owner which owns dogs, foxes and hyenas to terrify the peaceful cattle, how many Ethiopians are fleeing to Eritrea in comparison to Eritreans fleeing to Ethiopia. We Eritreans we have big problem in our hand, on daily basis young Eritrean are fleeing the country out of desperation and hopelessness ending in the hands of criminals who demand cash or their organs, it is our moral responsibility to stop this criminal act .

        • Gual b’Alti dragon w’qatto (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


          Obviously either you’ve hasted to give a comment or you haven’t taken your time to read my question to Saleh. You’re missing the whole point. If I have to brush off my Biology 101 course, phenotype is defined as the physical attributes or traits of a species as opposed to a genotype. Having said that, I truly understood that, when Saleh made the twins remark, he didn’t mean Isaias’ and Meles’ physical appearance. He meant to draw a “striking” similarity between them on their political life. That was where I came to disagree.

          I challenged him to give us at least two reasons why he thinks they are twins where the reality dictates that, let alone for them to be twins they are not even close to be siblings again not about their respective physical appearance but in their mind set or political philosophies and aspirations.

          As you’ve aptly put it, when Meles is trying to seed a culture of democracy, freedom of speech and press, the right to worship among other ideals of democracy, in a sharp contrast, Isaias is taking Eritrea down the hill by destroying the very spirit of democracy. Let alone, to aspire for the sublime ideals of democracy, he hasn’t even implemented the Constitution whereby any given healthy nation-state builds its pillars on. Moreover, when Isaias is still stuck in his Sahel mentality, Meles is shining on the world stage where his country is making strides by leaps and bounds to come out of a chronic backwardness.

          • Saleh AA Younis

            b’Alti dragon w’qatto:

            Thanks to the exceptionalism (FM will kill me) of the Tigrigna language, you don’t have to use “Gual” in front of “b’Alti” since the latter is, by definition, gender specific. (you really have to check your yahoo account email for our treatise on this.)

            I will give you more than two. Both hate independent journalists. Both believe in vanguardism (their front has to lead the country for a time specified in their head: it could be decades or centuries), both tried to cash out the “anti-terrorism” bandwagon (only 2 of half a dozen african countries to enlist in the “coalition of the willing”), both are ruthless with their opposition, both treat their countries as if it is their personal real estate…

            The difference is in degrees and the grey matter that the two have in their heads. When getting rid of troubling journalists, Meles will go through the motions of the court system, and they will be tried and sentenced. Isaias will just make them disappear and then pretend he never heard of them (“I don’t know Joshua. If I don’t know who he is, how can I tell you where he is.”) Meles will arrest, pardon, arrest again, pardon opposition leader Birtukan; Isaias will just make critics (not even opposition leaders) disappear and then say “we have our own culture of dealing with things.”

            In short, one is smarter than the other.

          • Kokhob Selam

            I agree with you more in this case. there is a big different. Meles is not only smarter than PIA. Meles is heading to ward development of his country. and I think the man is more educated and not confused. yet perfection is for god and he has his weakness. SORRY TO SAY THAT you can’t compare the two at all. Meles is human. but there is also one important point that we should remember. Meles has advanced people around him from all ethnic groups. poor PIA has monkey and donkey around him.

          • Anachew Daniel

            mr. or mrs. kokhob selam (forgive me but im not sure if you are a male or female as your beautiful name can be used for both)

            how is meles human after all the atrocities he committed not only to eritreans but to ethiopians. he oppresses all the ethnic groups in ethiopia except for the tigray group. he commits genocide, village burnings, fake court proceedings, rigged elections, claims that everyone he opposes is a terrorist and jails or convicts anyone he pleases with the very controversial “anti-terrorism” law, the list goes on and on. development is only concentrated on the tigray region while the rest of the country is left to rot especially the ogaden and oromo regions. how much aid does ethiopia receive? more than any country but why is ethiopia still the poorest nation? that is because the population doesnt get the aid. meles gets it and uses it for personal interest such has personal luxuries, purchasing weapons and tanks to use on his own population, and for tigray development. the things he has done is ridiculous! and the foiled bomb plot (according to independent reports and local population) that 3 ethiopians where kidnaped by him, tortured and then thrown into a house and bombs were detonated, and then saying it was the work of eritrea. its ridiculous. instead of further destabilizing ethiopia he should be helping it. he definitely has the resources to do it. he should switch his focus from creating lies and incidences and blaming eritrea to helping his poor people (and he spends a lot of time doing this as you can see with the lie of eritrea flying ghost planes to somalia was just recently proven to be untrue and coincidentally the very next day 5 europeans are killed and before anyone knows what is going on, eritrea is automatically blamed without facts or proof, when it is evident that either ethiopian rebel groups in the region or the govt itself is behind this). ethiopians deserve better than this! on top of that thousands and thousands of eritrean ethiopians were stripped of their businesses, properties and finances and expelled from the country just for being eritrean. that is as hitler as it gets, and you are glorifying this man? mistakes are one thing but this….this is outrageously and demonically horrible. I just want to understand how you can glorify this man, even just a bit. I just dont see it….miskinetat ethiopians…75 million getting treated like dirt because 1 man favors 5 million others…. i do not want to start a fight I just want to understand why it seems you are holding this man high. I am not talking about Somalia or Kenya or Libya or Nigeria or Eritrea or USA or any other nation. Just about this sad little man and the poor country that is suffering because of his existence in power. Thank you 🙂

      • sara

        me…. brat, wow what a lady, i thought a brat is word stack to chauvinist who dine on blood of their people..sorry sis you are lowly person who deny her gender.

  • NB.keren

    the problem with the opposition groups and individuals like saleh have always been talking about day to day events: what others have been doing/saying or not doing/saying but never have their own policy and a strategy spelled out to win people. They have been counting and reporting for years for example how many young people have been leaving the country, but no plan to organize them and creat a poletical force which could evanctually influce or force change…. my suggestion would be since the opposition has been a failer so far, why don’t you all join the rulling part and work for change from with in; may not be easy but at least for the first time you would have a clear gool to work on which I think it is something people could easly understand it and even get some support from…..

    • Saleh AA Younis


      The problem with readers like NB.keren is that they always flip the book to Chapter 17 and blame the author for not explaining things in Chapters 1 through Chapter 16:-) When you say the opposition “never have their own policy and a strategy spelled to win people” you should qualify with “to my knowledge.” Just because you didn’t take the minimum initiative required to look for it does not mean it is not there. Dear God, the Eritrean cyberspace is full of “policies and strategies.”

      Your suggestion that we “join the ruling party and work for change from within” is beyond absurd: It shows, once again, that you are disconnected: can you tell us what happened to those who were part of the ruling party who were trying to change things from within? Have you heard of Eira Eiro?

      • NB.keren

        I mean a real policy and strategy that can lead and guids people to fight not against something, but for something.

        those who are series about achieving change are those who are ready to pay the ultimate and stay in the battlefield to continue the struggle from which other left it.

        I may flip to chapter 17 but I go back and finish the rest; i enjoy reading yours.

    • Kokhob Selam

      The guy wasn’t even kind to those who try to reform. And who are they? They are the people who work with him in cold and hot. Do you think he will agree for complete change of his system and principle with the people who were not with him?
      I notice after congress the opposition had build the base and change is inevitable. We have to handle it carefully by the way as we my surprise if change comes accidentally. (I mean few men in Asmara can hit the office and the film might go over for PFDJ but we might suffer with other emotional group) PFDJ is going comma slowly.
      Let me tell you that change is just a must but only we have to think of minimizing the price. I am fully confident that PFDJ is paralyzed by now and we need only to start our congress road map. Smerrrrrr

      • NB.keren

        kokhob Selam

        it is not even wether he (don’t know who you are refering to, but assuming the president) does or doesn’t agree for change with whoever demands it; what is being discussed here is much bigger than a single person or group of people: it is a country and its future. Change, you don’t ask for it, you demand, work and fight for it.

        In my opinion, there are two group of people: those who want to know what happen and those who make things happen. If change is needed, I can assure you it would only be possible by those who make things happen.

        I may or may not agree with some of the demands and timing of those who tried, but have lots of respect….. change should only be driven by the people of Eritrea in Eritrea. The further you are from the place of action, you would have less and weaker impact…… now stop pretending that you are doing something; have workable, practical and achievable poletical goal, and join to those who make things happen…..

        • Kokhob Selam

          Read the above and see the reality. I don’t have to tell you here detailed, as far as I know we are doing fine. I never see this type of practical struggle in our history. All instructions passed were done properly and everyday there is a great development. I am optimistic to see the change soon. If you are not feeling you should knock doors and find the line to give your part.
          The management is managing properly and I don’t think we need more Ideas since this is doing fine.

          • NB.keren

            understand the frustration….. people are going through tough time, but at the end of the day when the dust settles down, Ertirea will be made to be owned by its own people. For now, the government needs time to continue to confront the secret war (economic, diplomatic, poletical….) which has been underway for years to crack open the unity of its people and break the spirit of the nation.

            There is also undeniable developments and changes taking place in the Country; not because of the outside pressure, rather people inside eritrea, who make things happen, are working on it.

            what you and I want to see happen inside the nation can only be done from within the nation. Ertrean people are too sophisticated to accept foreign prescription solution to our challenges.
            thank you and good luck!!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Wishing you long health and long life, you and me has one aim to see Eritrea advancing. Yet, your way is to continue with the same group leading our country. I have never even a single day thought this group will bring peace not only for the groups’ backwardness and ignorance but I am among the people who are unable to accept the crime of the parties’ history. I wish we work together but Principle is principle and in mine and yours only the win-lose style works.

  • BUS ZONE, Sorry ,you were quoting ,I guess, I commented before I read carefully . My bad.
    On another point , Selam Saleh , do you remember when President Isaias …. teased the Arabs …..Exhibit A”…” ” If an Arab student fails in his studies…the Arabs would put the blame on Israel..”while, he is doing the same f%$#”/%g thing himself . But , it says more about us ,AIR HEADS than about COMMANDER DIMU-DIMU/ISU ..of accepting his garbage anallysis that is not fit for a toilet.

  • why are you giving your time writing about the worst president on history Isaias Afwerk, he is just an old school non changing same all same guy. but i enjoy your writing do you have dire on meles too?

    • Saleh AA Younis

      Handa fanda: (really?):-)

      Ah, Meles. Now, there is the perfect teacher’s pet. Remember when he and Kenya’s Moi came to the White House to meet with George W Bush in 2002 at the height of the Global War On Terror stuff? He memorized all the buzzwords of Jihadists wanting to take the world to the 10th century, etc, etc… It was music to W’s ears.

      Many of us say that Isaias and Meles are twins and we are just upset that we got the dumb twin:-)

      • Kokhob Selam

        Handa fanda,
        Why ask about Meles when you have abig subject. you know what? I have a question pending. How on earth some one can be PFDJ supporter? if 20 years back I may say some one is cheated, but know and today how the hell some one can be cheated?

      • FM

        SAAY: I am confused here, which is it… Meles is either dumb, “the perfect teacher’s pet”, one who only “memorized all the buzzwords” or “smart”, the direct opposite of Isaias? Would I be wrong to say that you/”many of us’ seem to be more upset with Meles only for thwarting the false notion of Eritrean exceptionalism–hubris if you will– or for confronting other regional designs on Ethiopia?

        • Saleh AA Younis


          Hmmmm, this is worthy of an article, but here is the truncated version:

          We (royal we) are upset with Meles Zenawi for the same reason we are upset with 99% of African leaders: that they don’t live up to their promise. Journalists are endangered species in their countries; they practice crony capitalism; they have no respect for property rights; they are very selective about their understanding of human rights, they want to rule forever and will amend constitutions to enable them to do so, and they cynically cash in whichever chip is in fashion (global terrorism, capacity building, NGO, etc.) The list is long, but I will stop here.

          There is nothing false about believing in the exceptional-ism of your country. I happen to believe, for example, that if the Battle of Adwa had been, say, the Battle of Lilongwe, the outcome would have been vastly different. What made Ethiopia prevail over Italy was something special, different, what’s the word, EXCEPTIONAL about Ethiopia in 1896. And there is nothing wrong in being proud about that. To state the obvious, there is something exceptional about Ethiopia if, for example, just last weekend the first place finishers for men and women in the half-marathon and full-marathon (all four) were all Ethiopians. The only thing some people have is love of their country which requires, by definition, belief in its superiority–even if this belief is, analytically seen, irrational.

          Chill, bro.

          • Anachew Daniel

            I couldn’t agree more with your first paragraph. If you were to continue you would need hours to list them all….

  • Quote

    “The PFDJ complaining about the world prostituting itself to serve the US is a lot like the street whore complaining about the “escort services” provided by others: the objection is not on moral grounds but on inability to compete”

    • BUS-ZONE ,

      I love the analogy .When ever I think of PFDJ , I picture as a WHORE that acts like a PIMP.
      I love it . Bravo/brava Bus Zone.

  • I remember Setit locol news in Eritrea 1999 asked neDeyee Atiya”Why Woyane always used to say ” Isaias is Welke Melaki”? The ADeyee Aitye answer was “Aye Melikiwom Iendiu”Yes He is above them and thay are right to say so”
    You are nowere salih and the old dumn your trick are gone.I are Tigringna and muslim like Metehat said Salih Salim one time/ Eaye kabti Eaye kabzi Dmr Bado
    Isaias is your welki melaki
    Iti zsehik tigringna kolewu ne beher Tigrigna miXloeom eyu!Entey ena’mo kingebrom?haha
    This is my best citat in my world.Entay ena’mo kingebrom?What can we do for their serve?Shire , Axum or Yemen or Bedewin?
    Why shoudl we care?

  • Malick

    i always find Isaias Afwerki talk boring because he is full of himself and like to lecture us what we know already and in that lies the secret of his fame among his supporters most of them they don’t know this basic facts of life and they think Isaias invented/discovered this old information that should tell you a lot about his fun base intellectual ability. Being smart is not about knowing great deal of information but the manner how you use that information, Sal as usual you did a great job at pointing that out. Gadafi was blown away by a bullet and you blinded Isaias Afwerki with your sharp pen.

  • ኡይ….ክብልየ……ክሳዕ ኤርትራ ይትኣወ
    ሰብ ወጻኢ ብሰንክኹም እንድዩ ሰሎሎ ዝኣተወ
    ኣሜሪካ,ካናዳ,ኤውሮጳ,ስዑዲ…ንስኻትኩም እወ
    ንሳ ኣሕዋታ ተውጽእ,ሰብኣያ ኣሕዋቱ እናመርዓወ
    ደቂ ኤረይ “ውግእ ዶብ” ደሞም ብላሽ ዝተኻዕወ
    ደቅኹም ከተምህሩ,ደቂ ማትኩም ብባሩድ እናጨቀወ
    ህዝብና, ካብ ካምቦ ስደተኛታት ክጭወ
    “!ብዓል $2000 ዶላር ሂበ´ለኹ” ወያነ ኢዱ ክጥወ
    “ነጻነትና” ፈሪሙ,ቡንን በርበረን እኽልን ዝመጽወተ ኣንታ´ወ
    ንኵናት እምበር ንክብረት ኤርትራውያን ገንዘብኩም ዘየርሃወ
    ጁባኹም ድኣ ሕጂ ንምንታይ ተዓጽወ ?????????????

    ወስላታ hypocrates, ኤርትራ ኣብ ባር ክስቶ ኬድኩምሲ …….ብዓል ኣልማዝ ደቂ 18 ,ፈትየካ ኢለናኹም ። Don´t you dare hide your “misatakes” by blaming the president. There would never be a Htler without Germans ,there is no Isaias without us. Oh, I forgot , how about if the other religion came to power ! What about….?ሃገር ከምቲ ናይ ቃኘው ሃገርን ስልጣንን ንበይኖም እንተገበርዎ እቶም ሓደ ! You make me sick !!! ደርግ ብሎታል እኮ ፣”እርስ በራሳቸውም ይሄ ኣውራጃ ያ ኣውራጃ ይላሉ እንዴ ? ፣ ኣሁንስ ጠበው ጠበው ከመርፌ ቀዳዳ ሊጠቡ ነው። እዚ ርእይቶይ ምግላጽ ኣይኮነን፣ የእዊ እየ ዘለኹ። ኡይ …ኡይ ….ሕልና ዘለዎ ኤርትራዊ ዝርኣየ…? በጃኻትኩም ኣሕዋተይ፣ ነብስና ንመርምር ፣ ጌጋና ንእርም፣ ። ነዚ ዘሕዘንናዮ ህዝቢ ንኽሓሶ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “ሃተፍተፍ ኣይኮነን፣መከራ እዩ ዘይወጽእ ሓዘን”

    Sinai ከይደ ኣጣል ክገዝእ
    ቀቢጸ ስኢነ፣ ኣሜሪካይ ክመጽእ
    ብካይሮ ኣቢለ ብLuftnansa ክወጽእ
    ኮላሊት፣ ልቢ፣ ኣብ መዝሓሊ ደም ክነዝዕ
    ሃነን ኣቢሉኒ ፣ ከይበላዕኩዎ ክጎስዕ
    ንኺሎ ክንደይ´ዩ ?ኢለ ካብ መኪናይ ክትስእ
    በደዊን ስሓቑኒ፣ ነብሰይ ክሳዕ ዝጸልእ !!!!!!!
    ስሓቖም ደንጽዩኒ፣እንተመርመርኩ ጉዳዩ
    ለካ፣ ናውቲ ኣካል ኤርትራውያን ዝተሓርደ እዩ
    ልበይ ጠሊሙኒ ንብዓተይ ተዘርዩ …..
    ኣይትብከ ኣጆኻ,ዋጋ ኣይውጽዕን´ዩ
    Check ጥራይ ጽሓፍ,ባንክ ዘለልዮ
    ናብ “ህግደፍ” ዝብል ኣስመራ´ይሽረፍዩ……
    ምስበሉኒ, ባህረርኩ ለካስ ሃተፍተፍ´ዩ !!!!!

    ብሩኻት,ሃተፍተፍ ድዩ,ብሓቂ…??? ንዓኹም ይገድፎ
    መልሱ ።

  • Wedi_Hager

    Kbur president, You had predicted that China’s influence in Africa will grow significantly and you had said that this is good for Africa to counter America. Recently, China has built a $200 million building for the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa despite the fact that the servant, minority, tribal woyane regime is the government over there. What is your reaction?

    PIA: this is nothing more than a PR drama staged by the Woyanes and their masters. It shows how sleepless and how desperate Eritrea’s achievement is making them. No one can be surprised if Langley is involved in twisting China’s arm to help the servant minority regime in Ethiopia. As I’ve said it before, Eritrea has an opposition party and that is the sleepless CIA whose sole mission is endless hostility towards Eritrea. America has always been a historical enemy of the Eritrean people since world war I. Nothing is new and nothing has changed. Despite all of these, we will march forward with our resilience , with our independent positions, and no power in the world can stop us from doubling our development efforts and national rebuff. Nikid tiray.

    • Wedi emba galiano

      Bull sh**t !!!!!! Keza……

      • Kibrom T.

        What was that galiano? Neither you in your short speech nor Isaias in his long and unbearable diatribe is making any sense. I am sure you two understand each other. God help us all!

    • Anachew Daniel

      THUMBS UP!

  • Selam Saleh,

    There is no body who can analyse Issayas’s make up and way of thinking like yourself. I am sure he is nodding to your intellectual ability in excavating into his cranium, way into the Dura mater, Arachnoid and Pia mater, to reach into the grooves of his cerebral cortex…..all in an attempt to read his memory to update him and the public at large what he had said then and now. As you aptly put it, Alnahda took us to the interlude of “reality sucks” and all the links to check out our memory of what this mad man had said in his past interview. I have no doubt, whenever Issayas made an interview, he expect somethings that your mighty pen has to say. In that regard I for one check with Gadi what I expect from you. Good job as always and keep up the flow.